A short update on the energies

Inconspicuous, yet fully present, She emerges.

Robed in verdant green.

Earth. Mother.

A frail shroud of forgetfulness

masks her true identity.

Not yet fully appreciated.

She waits.

Knowing that when you finally awaken, Her time will come.

The time of becoming.


With every one and every thing.

Still, you hold back.

From yourselves. And from Her.

Soften, dear ones.

Allow Her presence to fill you up.

That is the only way you can find your way home.

To you.



11 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Good morning from Oregon where fires are burning throughout our state and a thick blanket of fog/smoke gives a eerie cast to the light and a feeling of lock down, a pause or disruption again of “normal” life. Yet I go across the driveway and into the forest and even though the leaves are turning colors and the general physical state is showing signs of autumn’s loss of vitality — the presence of abundance, of virility beyond words, the pure ALIVENESS that I encounter — is visible and palpable everywhere I look. Thank you for capturing this paradox of our situation, as we transition from the old paradigm to the new. Blessings Bente, Alia

    1. I am near you, Alia, here in Portland. Thank you for reminding me that there is vibrant life beyond the toxic smoke I see out my window. It feels like a firewall but I know even this is an illusion.

  2. Yes, I agree. Beautiful, Bente… including the leaf with its perfect imperfections. Much Love&Gratitude to you. xo ❤

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