Message from the September Gathering around the Pond

Dear brothers and sisters! Thank you all for the energy you brought to yesterday’s Gathering. For me, it was a deeply personal experience as well as a collective one. As I guided us in, I saw us entering the calm waters of the Pond. We drifted slowly down to the bottom. There, in the depths, I saw the whole expanse of the Pond floor covered by immense crystal clusters. They were clear, like perfect quartz crystals, and they were glowing with a whitish light. I heard the word “amplifiers”, and that these crystals would “redistribute” the light that we anchored in. During the meditation, this message came through:

“Go deep, deeper than ever before.

Connect with the vibrating cone of light

shimmering there in the deepest recesses of your soul

and speak out loud.

For you have a voice, a voice that at some times may feel as if it is faltering.

But this is your true voice. It may be an untried voice.

But it wants to be used.

So sing out loud

in a joyful vibration that will shake others awake

and alive in every single cell.

Feel the connection that goes from your heart center

and out into this shimmering void.

This empty space that longs to be filled

with the love that they have missed for such a long time,

where fear has taken the place of love in the hearts of so many others.

So sing the song of freedom loud and clear

so they too can hear it

and shake themselves awake and join in this jubilant choir.

For you set the tone, you set the pace.

So go forth, and spread a little happiness

with every step you take, with every breath you take.

Gather yourself, and then, simply sing.

And so it is, and so it will be.”

Your true voice can be many things. For me, it is also this; singing out loud in colours.

Thank you for BEing here, and for adding your voice to this jubilant choir!

With love, light and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha


10 thoughts on “Message from the September Gathering around the Pond

  1. All those in Northern California, Oregon and Washington state are being held in Love during the wild fires currently mowing down the West Coast. I think of Doritt in Portland, Oregon, and Doug also in Oregon holding Light during this wild ride called a Shift. The sky/air here in Southern California is a mild version of that deadly, unbreathable orange haze north of us. I refuse to add worry energy to the Love energy that I’m sending. If possible and if you feel so inclined, thank you for letting us know that you’re all “okay” (I didn’t know what word to use). Also, if you need anything that we can provide “some how,” let us know that, too. Be safe. ❤ Lin (not laughing yet holding on to Light)

    1. My thoughts have often been with you lately Lin ❤ I join you with my love for you and all concerned and have also asked people on FB to send a loving thought to all concerned ❤

      Love you all ❤

      1. Hi, B!! Thank you. We’re doing fine here. Like you, thinking of all the people/families, firefighters, animals, birds, etc… and Mama Earth. A wild ride, this Shift… even beyond all the “stuff” we all endured previously (for experience! and like-wise, karma–for experience). We won’t ever have this “opportunity” to awaken so deeply again; pain does that. We ALL are rising above slowly. Truth, Strength and Peace to each. xo

  2. Hi, Bente, All…
    My experience this time focused on the breath vs the heartbeat in the last meditation. It began with the humming meditation vibes of us all emanating from within a very active round beehive-like creation with both sound and size growing until the vibrations became undulating, enlarging bubbles (like soap bubbles), the original bubble enlarging and enclosing another birthed-and-growing bubble and another and another+++ that rippled outwardly into all of Space/Dimensions+. The “bubbles” remained connected in Oneness within one another and embracing the ALL with the focus on inclusivity. Even those beings who were of a lower vibration and did not wish to be included were still embraced, but left to be enclosed in their own little protective cocoon so as not to be forced to participate, yet still protected for perhaps another time to join in. With every inhalation and exhalation the undulating bubbles continually expanded into multidimensionality, again the focus being on the breath and inclusivity. The feeling was that the manifestation of the Light&Love is currently taking place, one All-That-Is breath at a time—across our wonderful globe and beyond. Alive and unstoppable. Powerful. Everyone, everything is participating as they so comfortably choose. I felt you all and all the old Ponders were there.
    P.S. I don’t know what became of the beehive creation after it became the source for the bubbles. I was watching and experiencing the magnificence of the bubbles!! ha ❤ 🙂
    P.P.S. I'm a "color" person who enjoys and absorbs colors… funny that I haven't yet had colors included in my meditations. So, THANK YOU to you, Dear Bente, for including your beautiful new Life painting. I Love red! xo 🙂 ❤ +++

    1. Dear Lin! So bee-autiful – I can feel the vibrations from your experience ❤ Such an organic, free flow of LIGHT! What I see when I read your words is Light as sound, building structures that nurture ALL as we grow into the New. Thank you for seeing and sharing this ❤ ❤

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