The waters of love

There is a new sound

being released

into all the waterways

on this planet.

It is the sound of freedom,

emanating from the heart of Creation.

It is sung for you.

A reminder that life

is meant to be savoured

in all of its aspects.

So soak up this sound.

It is a potent potion of love.

6 thoughts on “The waters of love

  1. Growing up in the country, beauty and sounds such as this were a given; now, a city dweller, not so. Your visuals and Nature sounds are medicine for my Soul and refresh every time. Thank you again, Dear Bente, for sharing your good fortune of living in magical–and musical–majesty. Continued Blessings with Love&Hugs. ❤ 🙂

    1. Dear Lin! Mother wants us all to see Her and Feel her, no matter where we reside. I know deep down that part of the calling to come to this place was so I could help share Her magnificence with others too. Thank you for receiving it ❤ ❤

  2. Dear Aisha. yes – what a beautiful release… filled and embraced by these waters of Love…
    I send KoMbo-blessings to you and all of Creation 💗

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