Welcome to the July Gathering around the Pond Sunday July 5

Dear friends!
We have entered the month of July. Can you feel it? To me, it is as if everything and everyone are holding their breath. “Something is afoot” is what I hear when I tune into this silence. What a perfect time to come together for a Gathering around the Pond this upcoming Sunday! Not only will it be just after the time of the Full Moon, we also have a Lunar Eclipse that day. A very potent mix indeed!

Earlier this week, while visiting my parents, I was woken up at dawn by a blackbird singing on the roof. I just had to tape it. As an extra bonus, I also got the sound of a swan taking flight from the nearby bay. It was a magical experience, and a reminder of how LIFE is expanding and unfolding all around us.

Afterwards, these words came:

“Do not be fooled by the outward appearance of night.

For just as it is with any dawn,

the light might seem very distant just before it truly arrives in full.

And so too it is in this.

So join in the jubilant choir,

like the birds do every day.

They herald the dawn, no matter how dark it may seem

to the unseasoned eye.

But the heart knows, and the heart already sings.

So come on out and sing to your heart’s delight,

and feel how that helps shift the hearts of your fellow men.

This is not a silent dawn.

Rather, it is one roaring with light.

So much light in fact,

it might deafen your ears to its true impact.

So listen well, and you too will hear this wondrous song of light.

A song that penetrates all the way

into even the darkest of corners.”

I invite you to join me for a 30 minute “song of light” meditation at 21:00 Norway time (UTC +2) this Sunday July 5. Let us connect and “sing to our heart’s delight” so we can help to lighten the way for all those still standing in their own shadows.

With love and gratitude from me, Bente/Aisha

PS: This time, I will not be hosting an online Gathering, as I and some friends will have the Gathering here at our house.

PPS: you can find the time that corresponds with 21:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the July Gathering around the Pond Sunday July 5

  1. Dear brothers and sisters! Thank you so much for this powerful Gathering! I saw us floating just above the ground, holding clusters of crystals. Out from every point on the clusters, light cascaded out, like from a fountain, flooding the whole planet with light ❤

    1. Looking forward to today’s meditation… and the energies are indeed “potent.” ❤ +++

  2. Dear Bente, THANK YOU for this video of birdsong and bird flight. Beautiful, soothing. Btw, blackbirds in Native American culture = Abundance. 🙂 The accompanying words (with energy) felt like a warming salve and are very welcomed. I will join you all on Sunday in Spirit. Blessings to ALL. xox Lin ❤ 🙂

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