A short update on the energies

The invincibility of light

is filling you up

as the winds of change

continue to blow.

But you will not be swayed from your path.

Because you just know.

You are here to help anchor the joy of freedom,

and this ongoing storm will only serve

to deepen your resolve.

So delight in your light

and revel in your freedom,

as this will help so many others

to reclaim theirs.



10 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

    1. Hugs and thank you to you too, dear Birgitta! I took this photo last summer when my sister and I went to the Jotunheimen mountains to do ceremony. We went for a drive late one evening, and we just had to stop when we saw this spectacular sight. To our delight, others followed our example. I LOVE seeing others in awe of Mother Nature!

  1. “… joy of freedom…” Yippee yay+ words. We’ve worked hard for so long; fast-fading sad memories being replaced with the pure JOY and FUN of endless, limitless Freedom. Blessings with ❤ , Bente. Gratitude. xo

  2. “You are here to anchor the Joy of Freedom and the ongoing storm will only serve to deepen your resolve.”

    This is indeed what is happening. Within me, within those around me. As the spirit of freedom rises, more and more Joy is released into the world. It seems to be a perpetuating cycle. The more Joy that is expressed, the more humans awaken to the scent of Freedom in the air. One whiff of this Freedom and life appears differently. Some rise in anger but this is only a transition to Joy. In the end, all is forgiven and Light bursts forth from even the darkest corners.
    Blessings Aisha for bringing this message through, Alia

    1. “In the end, all if forgiven…”. So true at the end of this experiment. Thank you. xo

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