Eclipse message

You have reached the point of no return.

There is no way back.

Because now, the light is everywhere.

Even in the darkest of corners,

you see the first glimmers of hope

emanating from within the deepest recesses of mankind.

Life is unfolding.

Light is exploding.

Bringing forth the most profound change

in the history of mankind.

So stay true to your path

for you are amongst those who have chosen to walk ahead

of the multitude of beings

wanting to be led out from their own shadows.

And it is by walking in your light

that you will help them see theirs.

It is like lighting a lamp with every breath you take.

So walk with joy in your heart

and lightness in your step.

And know that by simply being you,

you will help to shift humanity fully into the sphere of light.


Dear friends! The Eclipse energies are definitely picking up, I can feel my whole body vibrating. Sunday’s Gathering around the Pond will be a powerful one indeed, as we come together as ONE to help to anchor and balance all of this “exploding light”. I am very much looking forward to our connection, especially to have the opportunity to SEE some of you live on Zoom. If you feel like joining me, just send me a message and I will send the Zoomlink. May we all have a blessed Eclipse Day!

With deep gratitude and joy from me,

12 thoughts on “Eclipse message

  1. Hello Everyone:
    Part of the latest message from the CC’s said:
    Life is unfolding. Light is exploding. Bringing forth the MOST profound change in the history of mankind.

    As I see it, everything works to the Good over time and the protests, sickness and death that Humanity is currently experiencing are a necessary step during our evolutionary journey toward a New world of Love, Light, Compassion and Understanding. From my perspective, at our “core” we are All Immortal Spiritual Beings and those that have experienced the death of their bodies due to the Corona virus will be reborn in a New body and a New life at a future time.

    In an effort to clarify and expand the current message from the CC’s, I have posted some excerpts from a prior message sent by the CC’s which was titled “The History of Creation”.

    The History of Creation:
    As you know, the actions of the atoms are NOT random, as they have all been preprogrammed to display different characteristics from the outset, and as such, they all behave in their own distinctive manner. Preprogrammed from the outset, so that they can enact the Roles they have been given. For this is indeed the TRUE SECRET behind the seeming appearance of mass, for Mass is NOTHING but a shimmering haze of particles coalescing in such a way, they seem to conform into a solid object. But they are NOT, neither are YOU, as YOU are ALSO composed of different units of these EVER BUSY little carriers of light and energy, all Working Together in Unison to form a thing called ”Aisha” or ”Peter” or what have you. They are ALSO busy at work forming objects such as ”stone” or ”chair” or ”tree”, and everything you can care to label, and then some.

    And so it is with everything, as NOTHING is by chance, and EVERYTHING has been PROGRAMMED to act in a certain way. Yes, it is indeed the ”God in the machine” we are talking about here, the force behind the so-called natural forces, the force behind the so-called laws of physics, and everything else also. For it all comes back to One single thing, the One single operator if you will, the governing force behind it all, namely that distinctive voice of the Creator. And, as you know, YOU TOO are a Part of this Voice, just like You Are a Product of It, so again You Have the Duality that this whole Creation rests upon. So let us just continue a little bit about the other sides of this Creation. As we were saying, it is all governed by ONE Single Voice, a VOICE that is Taking on an Infinite Number of Voices, as it can be broken down in to every single component, or rather fraction, of what it has created. This may sound like the recipe for chaos, but it is indeed the One and Only recipe for Creation.

    For You are the ONES becoming the NEW, the untouched, the untried, the virgin territory if you will of uncounted possibilities. And You are all set to thrive in every way in this brand New energetic environment that has been put into place in order to make Your living condition as these brand new beings optimal. For YOU are Merely the First ONES of a veritable army of a Brand NEW Species, Humanity vol 2:0 if you will, the ONES that have been accumulated anew in order to make this whole environment BECOME NEW. For you are here to play out the games of PEACE, the ONES that will give New LIGHT to the World Learning TO LIVE from LOVE. For this is not what you have been made accustomed to in your old form. For then, it was all about learning by living under a superimposed Yoke of Fear, a yoke that now has been dismantled to the point that it has Lost its Powers over you.

    For in order to be allowed to create from this fountain of possibilities, You need to be in Harmony with the pervading frequency that RULES over it all, the GOD Frequency if you will, the ONE that can allow, the ONE that is Allowed to Beget, and as such, you needed to come a very long way indeed before you were able TAP into this frequency. For that is what ascension/evolution is about, it is all about setting up the modular frequency that Your BEING can carry, and as you all know, the lower the frequency, the less ability to interact with the higher ones.

    Remember, this is a COLLECTIVE process, one where Each and Every One of you have a DESIGNATED PART. For what YOU WILL CREATE, is Very much a part of a HUGE and Complex Creation ALREADY Designed, and as such, the blueprints have been drawn up, and YOU have all been thoroughly briefed on what part is on Your ”to do list”. This may sound like you are not in control of anything at all, that is not the case, but what it does say, is that this is not something that has been or will be left to chance. You see, You came to BE here at this exact time in order to make this whole process come about, and as such, you are like small pieces in a huge machinery, all set to create a Version of Humanity and of this planet that can only be likened to what you have seen in your Wildest dreams. And the reason you have seen it in your dreams, is because you have already SEEN it come true. For remember, TIME is ALSO a Malleable ”thing”, and as such, this WHOLE process has ALREADY taken place, BUT for YOU, it is Only JUST beginning. We hope this will NOT take away the JOY of it ALL, rather, that it Will Help YOU to Understand that YOU Cannot GO WRONG here, for YOU have ALREADY DONE this. But again, this process must take place at this exact time for YOU in order to make it come about for YOU, for you are the ones that will make it happen, and YOU are the ones who are in control of it all. For NOW, you have all been hooked up to this ”multi dimensional machine” that Will create whatever it is that Your Consciousness will ASK IT to Create. And remember, as you have already done this, you will NOT be ABLE to order something to be created that is literally ”Out of Order”. For you cannot fail, and as such, we will Simply Ask YOU to Revel in the Thought THAT YOU Will BE Creating Your OWN Dream, and NOW, that Dream WILL Finally Become Reality. Not only for YOU, But for EVERYONE else “Hooked Up” to this magnificent grid of the NEW

    As we were saying, the Time has COME for You ALL to really STEP into this Vast Ocean of Creative Energy, All Lying and WAITING for YOU, to BECOME whatever it is that is NEEDED for this WONDERFUL World of Yours to START to RETURN to its ROOTS.

    For its ROOTS are Deeply embedded in Quite another SENSE of Being than the One YOU have ALL been Experiencing up until NOW, and the Word that can BEST describe it, is Paradisiacal. For PARADISE awaits YOU Dear Friends, BUT it will ONLY come at YOUR Beck and Call, and as such, the Creative Forces that are about to be unleashed are the Ones that THROUGH YOU Will Engender it ALL. For as We have told you Again and Again, this is NOT done FOR You, BUT BY YOU, and NOW, the TIME to Have FUN creating it all is ABOUT to COME UPON YOU ALL.

    And, as you know already, this “process” is SIMPLY about Letting YOUR Consciousness INTERACT with that Force Field of Possibility, the SOURCE, the material that Engenders Matter at the Insistence of YOU. And YOU are a “God”, as we have said Again and Again, and Even if Humanity has a LONG History of Burning People at the Stake whenever Anyone has BEEN BRAVE enough to Claim this same fact, THIS TIME there will be NO repercussions for Doing the same thing. NO, this time, You WILL be Told to Repeat this message as Often as YOU CAN: ”I AM GOD, and SO ARE YOU.” For this is the HIDDEN Treasure that Humanity has been TRYING to Find for EONS, BUT THIS TIME, there will be No MORE locked doors or tricky passageways standing between YOU and this TRUTH. For this time, You Will BECOME the TRUE WONDERS that YOU Really ARE. For you are US, and we are YOU, and NOW YOU will Show the REST of Creation the WAY to the FUTURE by UNLEASHING That TRUTH upon Yourselves, and UPON Everyone ELSE in this World.”
    ——end of summary

    I hope the information posted above is helpful. Take Care, Norman

  2. Hi Aisha,

    I don’t know how I got on your list but I do find your emails uplifting. So I thought I would try your Sunday Gathering, especially because of the times we are in.

    Love and light,


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  3. YAAAY… JOY!… 🙂 We Lighthouses of the NEW. Will join you in Spirit on Sunday. ❤ +++ 🙂

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