A short update on the Equinox eclipse energies

Once again you stand before a momentous occasion, one where you will benefit greatly from a coinciding of two celestial events. For this time, at the time of the year when the placement of the celestial body that you inhabit relative to your Sun’s seems to put everyone in a state of perceived balance, you will be visited by another event that will affect the impact the energies that these two simultaneous events will have, not just on you, but on all. You see, this upcoming instance of the Moon covering the entire width of your Sun will have a profound effect on all, as it will greatly enhance the amount of beneficial energetic missives that will be able to penetrate all the way into your system.

Again our words may seem to be unduly convoluted, but what we are trying to convey to you all is this; it is not by accident that this upcoming solar obscuration will coincide with the date that you call the Equinox. For on this day of perceived balance, the Moon’s obscuration of the Sun’s disc will serve to ignite quite a few energetic connectors within you all, connectors which have been lying dormant waiting for just this moment to arrive. Again, this will not be news to any of you. After all, what is this journey if not a seemingly endless succession of such ignitions and activations? But this time, it will be a series of events that in turn will serve to put everything into a very new perspective indeed – and yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word.

You see, as the Sun’s rays will seem to be lessened by the encroaching presence of the Moon, what will in effect happen, is that all of the energy that does not constitute the visual part of the sunlight will be greatly enhanced. This may sound counter intuitive in many ways, but this is indeed what will happen. For as you are perhaps aware of already, what comes your way by way of the Sun does not necessarily originate there. Rather, it comes through the Sun, and so in this instance, it would be more fitting to think of the Sun as a portal for added enlightenment rather than as a singular specimen of celestial matter defined by its outer limits and its placement in the fabric of space. For the Sun is a multi-dimensional receptacle for all sorts of energetic transmissions, and as such, during that phase when the self-generated energy of the Sun herself will be dimmed out by the helpful intervention of the Moon, all of these other and more remotely engendered missives of energetically enhanced information will be able to come through much more efficiently, rather like the clear sound of a bell will be easier to perceive once all of the background noise has been brought down to a minimum.

So too will it be during that period of hush that will be generated during the time of the solar eclipse, and even if this blocking out of the light will only be visible from a small part of your globe, the effect this will have will indeed be a global one. Nor will it be confined to the period of the obscuration itself. Rather, that can be seen as the period of the actual inception, and so, all of the beneficial effects this advanced acceleration will have on you may not be immediately noticeable by all, but we do venture to guess that you will all in some ways feel the effects these two closely interlocked events will have on your physical system. Again, any discomfort will only be temporary, as by now, your physical vehicles are well up to par on every criteria. But as always, the perception you will have of this may differ, as the outer layers of your being may still be more perceptive to disturbances than that by now rock solid core of yours.

So again we say know that all is well even if the incoming swells will be more than enough to knock quite a few of you off your feet for shorter or longer periods of time, so just allow yourself to be taken to a point of utter stillness at times. And remember, even though your physical vehicle is indeed an extremely resilient one, it still needs all the support you can give it during these extra strenuous times, so make sure to listen well to any suggestions it may have as to what you can do to assist it, whether that be in the way of dietary needs, physical exertion or lack thereof.

So once again we say stay centered, and stay calm, but stay alert to the needs of your body, because that is the best way to ride these swells that you all have ahead of you. And again, remember that no matter how high the waves may become, they can never disturb the total equilibrium that is always there within you, under the seemingly endless undulations of the more shallow parts of you that constitutes merely the uppermost crust of what is in fact a resonant, compliable and indestructible crucible that is you in all of your glory. So fret not, even if you at times will feel almost reduced to the faintest whisper of who you really are, for now, you will all soon find back to that mighty voice that IS you, and soon, you will all find out just how it is you will be called to let it all out, in the mightiest, most magnificent of roars that will serve to awaken All.

Aisha North series 3 - 1

316 thoughts on “A short update on the Equinox eclipse energies

  1. I have been feeling really confused and drained over the past two weeks almost like i want to leave but not suicidal i just hope that good will come from this obstacle resurfacing to my attention….

    1. Dear kerira! Welcome to this Pond, welcome to this family of light! Much is happening on all levels now, and it can be difficult to keep the balance on our own in all of these huge waves of energy. So thank you for bringing your light here, I hope you can already feel the support from all of your brothers and sister gathered around you!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Kerira ❤

      "…i just hope that good will come from this obstacle resurfacing to my attention…"

      I KNOW it is :)))

      Hold on dear friend – just a little while longer… 😉

      Love & faith ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. mother is not lucid, she didn’t know who i am, nor my sister
    she won’t be coming home anytime soon
    a fear threatens, perhaps she will never be able to come home,
    doctors assure us that she is not dying,
    for now she is out of her mind
    today i learned that my brother-in law’s sister has a malignant tumor in her bladder.
    i have no doubt that the christians who always pretend to be afraid, will continue to experience the most difficult situations.
    the ascension is doing it’s best to reach these fools,
    and they all think that i am weird,
    i’m not, but i am vastly outnumbered

    i salute the cc’s for being supportive and grateful
    i don’t get that anywhere else

    1. Dearest Brother ❤

      My dear neighbor and soul brother has lived a tough life as an alcoholic for about 45 years – but now sober since 7 years ago after a car accident that almost was about to deprive him his life. He has been my neighbor throughout my tough journey over the past decade and my shaman friend said many years ago that he will be here as long as I need him. I? – need him?? I thought it was the other way around …;) But it was he who, with his cigarette lighter lit up the darkness in late autumn and showed me the rose that had blossomed on my compost when I was so terribly depressed that I could not be bothered to notice it myself. He moves to another town next month, which is a turbulent event for him in his new life.

      Well – he told me yesterday, with sadness and even fear in his eyes, that another one of his buddies drinkers had died of cancer. Many of his former friends have died like flies around him lately, and many dark thoughts have been hard for him to let go, especially during the winter before the sun returns.

      I asked him to allow himself to remember the positive and happy moments they had together, joy, singing, dancing, girls, Cadillacs – without guilt – even if it was under drug and alcohol influence. I asked him if he could understand why he was so miraculously rescued from so many life threatening situations throughout his life ….

      I am extremely grateful to have had the honor to be one of his best friends that he dares to trust, though he never dared to let me in behind its solid wall that he barricaded themselves behind all his life. He has for me been the truest and most insightful and wise friend I ever had though sometimes we do not talk to each other for several weeks and although his understanding of the Swedish language is very limited – but our souls are in full agreement. He has chosen life's toughest school and reads people via their energies – that´s why he always managed with his numerous car transactions 😉

      He is a fantastic wise old soul with a big warm heart in a chastened body and yesterday he drove me in his nice and always perfect cleaned car to the grocery so I could fill up my pantry that really needed be refilled, and it felt like I was riding in one of his many American cars he owned in his life – it really felt like the best triumphal journey 🙂

      I have two neighbors right next to me as both of them have chosen the toughest roads in this life and who has been extremely important in my ascent – because of their true love and respect. The other one is a woman who – like a "crowning" – had a stroke a few years ago. If someone wants to send a healing thought to both my friends, I would be eternally grateful ❤ ❤ ❤

      I'm sending all my love and light to you my dearest Brother, your mother and everyone around ❤ ❤ ❤

      B to B

      DSC00471 - Kopia

      1. (<3 yes, B, have been sending Peace & Love to Otmn and mom and now to your two wonderful Friends. Where would we be without every single one of us, past and present. Your photo above is delightful, as usual. Loving U xo ❤ )


  4. AND THE FEATHERING BEGINS …. Hallelujah!!!!

    GaiaPortal ~~ March 20, 2015

    Malfeasance paradigms are corrected within individual Hue-Beings.

    Transference occurs rapidly via increased hu-being awareness.

    Foundations of New Time come to the fore.

    Feathering of the ancients leads to Freedom.

    Interspersions of Light continue at all dimensional levels.

    Practical plans are drawn and approved.



    Ahhhhhhh …… the feeling of FREEDOM!!!

    LOVE to All! ❤

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