A short update on the energies

So here we are once again, ready to impart another message into your system. And yes, we do choose these words with care as we want to remind you all that these missives come in many flavours if you will, and even if the words we deliver are the most prominent ones to your human mind, what lies between them is in fact the main ingredient so to speak, the main vibration that will affect you the most. And so, know that whatever it is you think you see, it is once again merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and even if this will not come as a surprise to any of you at this stage, we know it is important for us to keep reminding you all of everything that is taking place behind the human facade. Not just in you, but in all.

For now, what may look like a relatively tranquil pool of light is in actual fact a deep pocket of intensely charged super conductive energy, one that will help you not only to literally move mountains, but also help you to jump ahead in ways that will elevate you above any obstacles that may still seem to clutter your intended path. And the way it will do this, is by helping you to see that there are indeed alternative routes ahead, routes that may not seem obvious at a cursory glance, but will show themselves to be a much more viable option in the long run.

Once again we seem to move around the topic in a rather obtuse way, but let us simply say that once again it behooves you all to go within to see where it is you are actually heading. For as we have told you on many an occasion, the path ahead is not set into stone, and now, this will be more evident than ever before. For now, everything is in flux, in a very literal sense, and so, just like a glacier in motion will show itself to be cracking open one day for then to close again the next, so too is this journey ahead for all of you. In other words, do not get stuck with any ideas of just how your next phase of this journey is supposed to BE according to your plans, for now, it behooves you all to be as flexible as possible in the time ahead, the better to take advantage of any unexpected opportunities that may come your way. And so, the old advice of not letting your mind get in your way is once again essential, as the incoming light will sear through so many old connecting pathways and establish some very new ones by forging energetic alliances where there before were none.

And so we say, stay flexible and stay open, but most of all, stay connected to YOU in every sense of the word. For you all carry with you a deep knowingness of the totality of this journey, but in order to make this journey doable for you in your current human incarnation, you cannot access any of this information until it is beneficial for you to do so. And as usual, any sudden glimpses of something new and intriguing will set off your imagination in such a way, it is apt to follow in the habitual ruts when it comes to thinking ahead.

For as we have told you again and again, what is coming now, is unlike anything you have ever seen before, but still, the human part of you will try its hardest to make sense of it all. And so, it will try to digest it by presenting you with some ideas that will fit nicely in with the way you are used to perceiving things, and then, act accordingly. But now, you must all do what you can to extricate yourself from any old habits of acting, reacting and indeed perceiving.

For now, you must stay open, and yes, we do mean that in a very literal way. For you must stay open to the very idea that any ideas you might have had previously as to where it is this journey will bring you and what it is you see yourself doing in the near or indeed more distant future, now is the time to allow all of those old ideas fade away, the better to give room for the much, much wider spectrum of options that will be made available for you.

Remember, a human mind finds much comfort in what is already familiar and so, thinking and living outside the box may sound like a wonderful concept, but when it comes down to it, many will still feel more comfortable stepping back into the tried and true confines of said box. But now, it is indeed up to each and every one of you to truly take to heart what it really means to finally step completely away from these old ideas that used to define your dreams and aspirations, and to let them all go so that you can allow yourself to fully embrace whatever NEW it is that will be coming your way. For come it will, and so the question is, are you ready for it?

So again we say, take some time to BE with you, and to BE with you in a way that is truthful enough to allow yourself to see beyond even the most distant shores in your imagination. For remember, you are so much more than what you can even begin to think about at this stage, so do not let yourself be hemmed in by your own inability to break away from what you think you see before you. So set yourself free from you, and allow the enormous potential that is already here begin to seep into your heart, and then, you will finally see that the more you see, the more you will know that you are in fact limitless.

So allow your own ideas of limitations melt away, and allow all of your former expectations to do the same and then, watch what happens. For we venture to guess that even in your wildest imagination, you would not be able to predict just where it is you will be going next. For you are heading for a destination that you cannot even begin to describe with your current vocabulary, whether that be in words, images or in any other way you can think of. But remember, the only way for you to venture beyond your wildest dreams, is to allow all of them to melt away, for only then will the truth of your New world finally begin to materialize.

So sit with yourself for a while, and allow yourself to do what you may have thought you have already done, but you have in fact not yet done to the extent that you need to do now; think BIG, think beyond anything you have ever done before. And then, let the full force of your co-creative imagination take you even beyond that. For then, you will begin to come a little bit closer to the full truth of your journey, and then, you will get the first real taste of what it is you are actually doing and why it is you are doing it in the first place. And so, once again we bid you all Godspeed on this, the next and perhaps most exciting part of your journey, we do hope you will all find it in you to go further than any of your former expectations.


Aisha North Series 1 - 5

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  1. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

    This song is very inspired / in-spirit. Many writers, oh heavens, many humans are inspired with wisdom that they themselves sometimes don’t even know the significance of, at least not when first inspired.

    Are the words satanic as so many seem to think? I’d say not. Are they occult? Could very well be, whether Robert Plant was clued in or not, there’s that inspiration thing. But most people wrongly associate the occult with satanism.

    The meaning of the occult has been lost to most people, as has the word origin / the true vibration of many words. Human language, along with many other parts of human life had gotten corrupted over time. Some would say occult means “that which is hidden.” Well, it did indeed become hidden because there were power hungry people who did indeed want to use the power of the occult, but don’t want others to do so. So, they wanted to hide it away for themselves and they would literally kill anyone else who knew of it, so that was plenty enough reason for everyone else to hide it away down through history.

    But the origin of the word “occult” means the “cult / culture” of “oc / ak”. “Oc / ak” meaning “light”. Occult means the culture of light. Sad indeed when the culture of light had to become hidden in this world.

    And yet, even Life itself tends to reserve the disclosure of occult meaning only to those who truly want it. They may not even think of the culture of light as going by that word “occult” but if people truly desire and intend to get to the truth of life and this world and beyond, then such will over time be revealed to them.

    But if someone does not truly desire to know and understand, then not even the truth knocking at their door or provided on a silver platter will get through to them.

    This is a world of duality and this song flat says it itself – two paths to take – so either you are moving towards the light or away from it. One way to think of light is knowingness and not necessarily in a logical sort of way (although not denying that either) but more in an intuitive knowingness. And the complement would be darkness, which could be interpreted as ignorance, which ultimately results in disempowerment.

    So, with this as a back drop. I’ll interpret these song lyrics.

    There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.
    When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed
    With a word she can get what she came for.
    Ooh, ooh, and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.

    In this context “gold” refers to materialism. This lady is trying to buy her way into heaven, basically trying to buy her happiness and joy through material things and lots of them.

    There’s a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
    ‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.

    When it comes right down to it, these lines are as much for the listener of the song as for the character in the song. They tell you that that is exactly what is going on here – same words having two meanings. And the lady of the song knows this too – is the “sign” she is seeing telling her one thing or something completely different, is she interpreting the “signs”, the subtle divine guidance, correctly?

    In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings,
    Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven.

    In this world of illusion and darkness / ignorance / unknowingness, it’s easy to have doubt and apprehension.

    There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west,
    And my spirit is crying for leaving.

    The west is associated with endings or death, “my spirit” is crying to leave this world. This is not the spirit’s natural world but is an illusion for the sake of experience.

    In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees,
    And the voices of those who stand looking.

    I’ll say I’m not sure of exactly how to interpret these lines but I’ll go ahead and say that the divine has many ways to send you messages and I’ve often joked that for those who refuse to “see” the signs, who deny the guidance, I’ll say, “How many more ways can the message get sent to you? What is left? Smoke signals?”

    And it’s whispered that soon, if we all call the tune,
    Then the piper will lead us to reason.

    If we ask for guidance, we will get it. “Ask and ye shall receive.”

    And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
    And the forests will echo with laughter.

    A new day, a new creation will indeed manifest for those who commit themselves to its creation, then there will indeed be much joyous laughter.

    If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now,
    It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.

    If there is a stirring beneath the surface, inside you, it’s a chance to clean and purify yourself. Flow with it.

    Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
    There’s still time to change the road you’re on.

    In this world of duality, a free-will realm, you can move to the light or away from the light, but even if you’ve chosen darkness, albeit perhaps unconsciously, you can always choose again and turn back to the light.

    Your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know,
    The piper’s calling you to join him,

    When you catch the “spark”, when you get some clue of the divine message, you just can’t shake it, it does indeed make your head hum and the divine is calling you to follow its guidance.

    Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know
    Your stairway lies on the whispering wind?

    The divine guidance is often subtle. Are you tuned in to catch that subtle guidance?

    And as we wind on down the road
    Our shadows taller than our soul.

    Sometimes as we move through our earthly lives, we move further into darkness / ignorance / disempowerment and further away from our conscious awareness of our souls.

    There walks a lady we all know
    Who shines white light and wants to show
    How everything still turns to gold.

    But someone / something / the divine / life itself wants to shine the light for you and show you… gold! And in this case, here is a word already used in this song, which now has a different meaning, just like the lyrics told you some words have. Early in the lyrics it meant money and materialism, but now it’s more to do with alchemy, with turning lead into gold, which is a metaphor for changing a mundane level human into a god, which is their true essence. And “Hu” was a god and hence “hu-man” means “god-man”.

    And if you listen very hard
    The tune will come to you at last.

    If you learn to recognize the divine’s subtle guidance you will indeed hear it.

    When all are one and one is all

    When you again realize your own personal wholeness and unity, then also see your unity with all else, but this order is significant – unify all parts of your own individuation first – recognize and reconnect with your soul and your creative powers – then you can truly unify with other beings.

    To be a rock and not to roll.

    Be committed, firm, diligent in knowing the truth, in knowing your true divine and powerful self, be a rock…and in not getting caught back up into the world of illusion and distraction that wants to keep you from being your powerful and divine self, do not roll back into ignorance and disempowerment and separation from the divine / spirit / your soul.

    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.

    And that is the true way to heaven.

    1. Yeah Rick….over and over and over…..even the most close-hearted low frequency individuals always seem to connect with Stairway to Heaven.

      There walks a lady we all know
      Who shines white light and wants to show
      How everything still turns to gold.

      “But someone / something / the divine / life itself wants to shine the light for you and show you… gold! And in this case, here is a word already used in this song, which now has a different meaning, just like the lyrics told you some words have. Early in the lyrics it meant money and materialism, but now it’s more to do with alchemy, with turning lead into gold, which is a metaphor for changing a mundane level human into a god, which is their true essence. And “Hu” was a god and hence “hu-man” means “god-man”.


      YES, going beyond the metaphor of just alchemizing lead into gold — check out my posting on the transmuting Alchemy Energies of the Violet Flame, here at this link, bottom of the page:


      The Alchemist’s Dream

      “The violet flame is a tool of self-transformation.
      Physical experiments in alchemy whereby base metals are transformed into gold are symbolic of what the violet flame does. “

      My post gives you all the physical details, on how this is actually happening at the quantum level.


      This is the Stairway version I put up on this blog a while back — still haven’t found a prettier video presentation of Stairway yet (this one is a little old now), but keeping an eye out…


      1. Kiera, I was guided to use rays and flames back in 2011 to assist in Gaia’s transmutation of age-old icky energy. I don’t, at a lower-mind level, remember much about rays and flames and don’t really care to as I am not guided to in this moment (just being frank). Higher aspects of us can and do utilize such all the time.

        But I follow divine guidance to where it takes me and, as I said, in 2011, it guided me to, at a more lower-mind level consciousness, utilize the rays and flames for Gaia’s ascension work. I would have no doubt that prior to that time I had already utilized the rays and flames for my own transmutation work and yet was not aware of it at a lower mind level, nor did I need to be. I did the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection work that is required of mundane-level me and let my higher aspects take care of the higher aspects of this process, both for my own personal evolution and for Gaia’s. I pay attention at a lower-mind level to what I am guided to. I research only as much as I am guided to. I then Trust and Flow. It has all worked out.

        Thank you for responding and posting information about such. I will not be looking at it, but perhaps someone else may be guided to it and our exchange can help them… or help the divine help them through its guidance.

        1. And so I did the very same thing you did. The exact same thing, in fact.

          To be Frank, Rick, we are well past the point of describing to each other our levels of spiritual accomplishments…way too far past the point of feeling a need to respond back with our Spiritual Portfolios on display, in the threatened, Egoic assumption that the person interacting with us is looking down at us from a more lofty, patronizing height of awareness.
          Thus making you feel that you need to promote and elevate yourself back UP again.

          That was not my intention. My intention was to EXPAND upon your theme.

          That is how a Collective Unity Consciousness Group interacts with each other. With Spiritual Equality.
          When you automatically view everyone else as an “Equal”, you are bypassing these lower duality superior/inferior personal disempowerment Ego issues.

          And of course you are free to happily reject my fascinating information, and continue to impose self-limitations.
          And I, on the other hand, will continue to investigate everything.

          I want to see where THAT goes….

          1. Nor was that my intention. Nor have I rejected anything. I am imposing no limitations on self or anyone.

  2. Got a dream message to check your blog and indeed here was the message! Amazing. Much melting going on. New light pathways being created in my brain. Exciting times. ❤ thanks for channeling! ❤

  3. You know the series ‘True detective’. There was so much about dark meditating about it I can’t but bow the makers of it. Like the whirlwind pattern of the birds in the sky like the phenomenon when Obama was given the Nobel peace prize. Over the Norway!

  4. It’s like this christianity/lightworking compacted graphically. Seize the mind, memorize and play the dimensions. Wtf?

  5. You know, search youtube sverdlovsk 2014 video and turn the picture of the video 90 degrees, and do it 4 times which is 4×90=360 and you have a dimensional travel of religion, dimensions and time. LoL personal travel here, up there, if you get it give me a notice pleare. You know how the tunnel opens.

  6. Another good one from Matt Kahn

    Energy Update – Demystifying the Ascension: Part 1
    by Matt Kahn

    What a true joy to watch an entire world open up to its absolute potential by remembering the divine origin that unites each heart as one. With such a precedent, comes much confusion and misunderstanding in regards to what is happening on the planet, as well as the events that will come to be throughout the cosmic rebirth of humanity. As an emerging leader and tour guide of a new spiritual paradigm, it is my honor to share with you everything I know from my open dialogues and ongoing conversations with the Universe. I offer you these updates to ease every worry and assist you in resolving each fear, so you may step forward as a fully liberated light bearer of a heart-centered consciousness.

    From the very first moment I began to learn about the global awakening phenomenon known as Ascension, I intuitively knew it had nothing to do with escaping a dying planet and arriving somewhere new. I always had a sense that everything that can be spoken about in a literal fashion is always bound to unfold in a more quantum and metaphorical way. Whether it was being captivated by the notion of the rapture, or watching the final scene in the “Celestine Prophecy” movie many years ago, I saw the disappearance of beings as the dissolving of a separate self. In the collapsing old paradigm of 3D beliefs and concepts, beings expressed their individuality through the personification of “I”. While in the higher dimensions, the “I” exists as a unique expression of spirit in action, it does not compete, defend, deny, negotiate, struggle, manipulate, or coerce, as has become a tendency for many during their stay in the 3rd dimension.

    During this crucial stage of awakening, the competing, defending, argumentative, manipulative, seeking, and struggling I dissolves out of experience. Since the majority of your life was most-likely spent developing, enhancing, defending, or denying the 3D sense of self, when these tendencies collapse, it can feel as if you are disappearing, or that the world as you know it is coming to an end. This is what the metaphor of the rapture, the Celestine Prophecy, and many Ascension paths are attempting to depict. However, when it is comprehended literally, instead of understood metaphorically, it can create a drastic amount of confusion. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of beautiful heart-centered beings who are so worried about leaving their loved ones behind, or trying to fast-track their spiritual path in attempt to keep the tribe journeying together. Let me be very clear – no one gets left behind because we are not actually going anywhere else. As the masters of our destiny, the 5th dimension comes to us –we do not go to it.
    While Earth has always been rooted in a 5D field of consciousness, the veil of our 3D human play is ending to begin a greater exploration of life.

    As the need or tendency to compete, complain, worry, argue, negotiate, seek, judge, deny, and defend are unraveled out of your energy field, a new sense of self emerges; one that is rooted in cooperation, unity, peace, love, gratitude, abundance, radiance, health, joy, and inspiration, which are the natural characteristics of a soul in form. As always, the turmoil you see in the world represents the amount of inner change occurring in the human condition. For many, there isn’t enough motivation to look within and discover a new horizon of existence without tumultuous worldly activity driving them inward to seek refuge, safety, and a greater perspective.

    Perhaps you are beginning to see that when more time is spent exploring the inner landscape of your true self, without replacing exploration for a habitual need to cleanse and clear everything in sight, or fight against what could only be the Divine masquerading in form, you come to notice how differently your world tends to unfold. I say this, because each of us is living in our own unique versions of Earth, while interacting with each other within the same eternal space. Many of you are aware of the concept of parallel dimensions and how there are many possibilities existing simultaneous to the experiences you see before you.

    To make it more clear, each dimension comes decorated as a human being to represent and act out how life on their planet seems to play out. This means every human being acts as a news reporter in the field of consciousness, informing you how life on their planet seems to unfold. Without a need to blame yourself for the ups and downs of their experience — an awakening heart uses the experiences of parallel dimensions or other people like flash cards of evolving consciousness.

    Through the play of polarity, or the balance of opposing forces, when someone reports fear and tension from their world of experience, it is life offering you a flash card to practice anchoring the opposite energy. It’s as if the others you see are merely acting out the old ways of being to inspire you to respond from the new spiritual paradigm, like children using flash cards to memorize state capitals in school.

    To make this flash card process easier to understand and more practical in application, please consider the following strategy:
    When someone is sad, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with happiness.”

    When someone is afraid, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with courage.”

    When someone is skeptical, doubtful, or insecure, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with faith”

    When someone is frustrated, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with peace.”

    When someone is lost, bewildered, or lonely, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with clarity, joy and fulfillment.”

    When someone is hurting, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be blessed with love”

    When someone is in pain, it is an opportunity to say, “May you be healed.”

    And, if these 3D tendencies arise in your experience, you can become your own flash card of practice, inviting you to bless yourself with the opposite energy.

    As you can see, this is not about pretending to be what you’re not, nor does it have anything to do with blaming yourself for the experience unfolding in each parallel dimension or human being. The truth is, the conditioning existing in others is not a reflection of what is unresolved in you. That would be like the Buddha questioning his enlightenment since his students always seem confused about the truth, or Jesus doubting his loving heart in a world of judgmental beings.

    Instead, infinite worlds depicted as the life and times of each individual act as your ongoing practice of anchoring heart-centered consciousness by offering blessings to whomever comes your way. Whether offered silently, or spoken verbally, the path of eternal blessings replaces the need to spend time doing endless rounds of purification or spiritual gymnastics, since you are the Divine here to transform an entire universe by the grace, ecstasy and perfection of your eternal heart space.

    This is how you hone your skills as an angel in training. Each moment becomes an opportunity to further your path of initiation to become the spirit guide for those who are set to be born in the future. This is why I refer to Earth as the Angel Academy. It is a holographic reality occurring within the dimension of Heaven, only appearing exactly the way you see it to help you anchor new energy by the blessings others inspire you to offer.

    As far as the Ascension goes, it would be more accurate to no longer wonder when Earth is ascending, but to contemplate when your Earth will ascend. The answer is found in your willingness to view each interaction with parallel dimensions or other people as flash cards that assist you in silently or verbally responding to worldly chaos or personal turmoil with blessings of the opposite vibration. From this space, you are not interfering with the experiences of others, but allowing their feedback to raise the vibration of your planet. As this occurs, you will appear to be the first person in your world to embody a new frequency of heart-centered consciousness. As your blessing spree continues beyond that point, your energy field expands to allow others to reflect back the 5D energy you anchor on a daily basis.

    While the Universe gave me the date 9/27/15, as a marker in time, signifying when the first wave, or 1/3 of the planet would be aligned in 5D consciousness, many interpreted this through older ascension models and created literal meaning out of a metaphorical journey of expanding consciousness. Others assumed it to be a date when the world in view begins to become the Heaven on Earth they yearn to discover. As a way of clarifying what I’ve been told, 9/27/15 signifies a moment in time when 1/3rd of the planet will be aligned in 5D consciousness. When you are aligned, it signifies your readiness for entry. This means, as of 9/27/15, 1/3rd of the planet will begin a rapid ascension into 5D consciousness. It won’t be a dissolving into a different planet, but an emerging into a new spiritual paradigm of experience.

    Because we are living in accelerated times, I will be offering another energy update this week focusing on entry into 5D consciousness, including signs of 5D awareness, and what you can expect as you enter this new climate of reality. In the meantime, please allow this energy update to inspire your most heart-centered practice of offering blessings to yourself, others, and the world in response to whatever arises. We are way past the point of waiting to be rescued by the forces of light, or hiding from life until it miraculously changes. Instead, we are stepping forward as the new graduating class of initiated angels, who are fortunate to each live on our own planets of experience that transform into higher vibrations from the inside out, once the offering of blessings remains our ongoing response to the activities in view.

    Remember, you are not the cause of anything you see, but the solution awakening in every heart. With greater faith in the metaphorical implications of your highest evolution that leave you nothing to fear, and no one to deny, I am honored to call you deeper into the integrity of conscious action, so you may come to see how brightly you shine and remember, once and for all, exactly how far your angel wings can spread.

    To support the healing of every heart, please forward this energy update to everyone you love and re-post it in your favorite discussion groups and forum pages. For those seeking additional support, I invite you to participate in Angel Academy 4, as well as join us at our October, “Awakening True Happiness” 5-day retreat.

    To sign up for these and other events, please follow the links on our calendar page: http://truedivinenature.com/calendar.htm

    On behalf of the Universe, I congratulate you on your incredible journey so far, as you have successfully survived a past that never had the power to do anything, but inspire brighter spectrums of greatness within you for the wellbeing of all.

    As always, further instructions will follow. In the meantime, bless everything in sight, until only the light remains.

    Many blessings to all,

    Matt Kahn

  7. & one more bit to share as I’ve been having lots of downloading info coming in these past several weeks……Anna Merkaba recently mentioned again (Thanks for the sharing ‘B’) about anchoring our energies to Mother which is so very important !….but I have been shown a new perspective in these ‘Anchors’ of ours…& actually are evolving to a higher energetic means. When we have reached a point where we have full connection & knowing link to Mother she knows completely who we are & our compassionate energy for her & in return our anchoring roots become no longer stationary but like Free Wheeling Ball Bearings that are able to move anywhere upon her & she knows wherever we are & go…a wonderful new link of communication ! You could think of it, like Light Workers / Earth Keepers on roller skates ! In this transformative way we can more readily move upon her surface & help, secure, heal her energy grid lines & bring more ‘Unity’ to her overall strength & stability ! Takes a bit to get used to but I really Love it & feel more of a physical connection in making a difference !
    just thought I’d share to those that may be interested…..xoxo Bev

    1. Roller skates – I like that!! 🙂 But it can be exhausting until one gets the hang of it!! ❤

      1. Thanks ‘B’ & Caroline !….& ‘Roller Skates’ are more of a visual metaphor !….She is just trying to let us know that our energy links to her are going to be much more ‘Mobile’…& surface tactile… no more deep rooted anchors !….also faster smoother, & more efficient multi tasking connections !…..”We are Evolving Together”…xoxo Bev

  8. Lee Harris on Facebook

    21 hrs ago

    “Do not be hard on yourselves. Some days you will have more energy than others. Some days you will feel more capable than others. So go with what occurs in you and trust that.

    The greatest destructive habit we see in humans is trying to change themselves against the will of their energy, rather than just allowing themselves to be where they are. And to trust that perhaps your internal body’s tiredness that day is exactly where you are supposed to be.
    We wish you all great peace and great love in these times that are challenging, yes. But also exciting and very, very different to anything that has gone before. Consciousness has never been so available. Drink of it wherever you can and you will always feel full.”

    ~~The Z’s through Lee, from A Conversation with The Z’s in ‘Energy Speaks – Volume Two’

  9. Thanks Aisha ! I have been feeling them & feel we are in for some sparks & some surprises ! I would Love to See the Auroras in person !….

    & I wanted to mention this as there is a connection….
    an interesting channeled message recently posted on Georgi’s site by ‘Anita Kuttner Kroll’….possibly Jahn’s new replacement as he was excommunicated from the site…a shame really, but not a new thing as so were many before him. Anyways it is a fine message, most we know all ready, but she does touch upon ‘Compression’ & ‘Expansion’ & I just wanted to add that this strongly relates to our own expanding energies tied into the Earth’s spherical magnetic expanding energies & the building up of incoming Light energies. I was shown a different version of ‘Compression’ a while ago & that this would at some point peak & have an expanding transformative bursting effect & was shown the example of a balloon being filled with water & when it reached the compression maximum it would burst !
    We each in our bodies, as well as the Earth herself are & have been within a contained 3D field….so we shall See what’s next…..
    here’s an Excerpt~
    The more you open your own being, the more you can see the expanse. All limits are cancelled, which have never existed in reality. You have created your own limits. Each one of you has created his own limitations, your own world. Each one of you lives in his own world, which he has created by himself by setting his personal boundaries. And here lies your power.

    Now you have actually reached a turning point. Because until now you have drawn your boundaries still closer and closer as a Whole, until the highest possible compression was achieved. Since your whole world could not continue to contract because you have reached the absolute degree of highest possible compression, a counter-movement had to commence. There was no other option, but to go back into the expansion. This process is also referred to as “the inhalation and exhalation of God”.


    LOve to You & All …..xoxo Bev

      1. Hmm like a light-bulb exploding on the inside but not on the outside, which did just happen xD

      1. maybe too strong a word ?….let us just say they no longer see Eye to Eye. There have been no shared channel messages from Jahn for months. Kiera most likely knows more details as I only pop onto his site once in a while…..it is a shame…I liked Jahn & his son Noah…….xo

      2. Did you miss the time in 2011 where he literally “Demonized” one lightworker who decided to disagree with him.

        Because of her own issues with suicide, she started thinking ahead and suddenly did a huge turnabout on Georgi, and instead of continuing to stroke his Ego, she began to claim that when no 2012 mass ascension would manifest, that many in his group would pull a “Jim Jones” style mass suicide due to the potential resulting depression/disappointment.

        Immediately many in Georgi’s group followed the Pied Piper’s negative “Demon” slander, backing him up that she was indeed, a paid CIA agent from Hell, in demon form.

        He also took her name, and demonized it, as well.
        He was backed up in this ongoing demonization at that time as well, by the then unmarried Callista (from the now Cosmic Awareness with Will Berlinghof)

        A few of his followers were totally shocked by this behaviour, said so, and left his group.

        What I did, was track down this lady, I found her small Blog (now gone) and I wrote to her my thoughts on what was happening from a higher vantage point (minus all the emotion).
        At the same time, I tried to make her feel better about it all…..and from reading her blog, saw what Depression/Suicide issues she had, that she was currently projecting onto others — which had started all this hullaballoo with Georgi and his crowd.

        She thanked me, but continued with her strong and stubborn opinions, refusing to look outside of her own perspective and her own emotional issues.

        So I knew there was no point going any further with her…..until she herself was ready to go further.

    1. This sounds good. I like the image of boundarys and compression/expansion.

    2. I love this balloon analogy.

      It’s even more comprehensive than the “Rubber Band” effect that has been used so far in the lightworker community….the pulled back rubber band that can be pulled back no further and snapping BACK — gives you the sense of speeding forward out of the darkness — and the exploding balloon reflects your Bubble Reality expanding outwards like mad.

      Both are great.



      “There have been no shared channel messages from Jahn for months. Kiera most likely knows more details as I only pop onto his site once in a while…..it is a shame…I liked Jahn & his son Noah…”

      Yes, the situation with Jahn.
      Lovely man. Amazing father. For me all that is like watching a fantasy.

      Jahn was a very malleable source for Georgi…and he once told me that he deliberately “molded” Jahn, (fed him information)…so that he could provide more higher dimensional intel, than he was providing.

      Now this worked for a while….I would say….this was working for about 2 years, before Jahn himself reached a plateau in his development, and stayed there.

      He wasn’t able to move past his issues, which were strongly reflected in his channelings.
      For instance, he had issues with MONEY….he kept focusing on “Lack”, didn’t realize this, and kept attracting scarcity of money.
      So his financial issues and woes started turning up in his channelings.

      Another one of his unresolved issues, was FEAR and “fighting”, expecting battles with others around him.
      (a main reason why he connected with George in the first place)

      So he would always attract confrontation and “attacks”, and didn’t realize what he was doing.
      Like a reverse Pollyanna he went around looking for the BAD, and that is exactly what the Universe gave back to him.

      Jahn had a few more low frequency issues which he didn’t move past, and he became STUCK. All of this would show up in his channelings, as a constant, repetitive theme.
      His channelings became more like preaching tirades after awhile.

      But he was preaching issues that most of Georgi’s followers had long since left behind them, and they were becoming bored, and then irritated with Jahn’s preaching repetitions, which also offered no constructive advice on how to continue forward in soul development.

      Georgi let this go on for a long time, although even he noticed that Jahn had reached a developmental plateau, and it was as if Jahn was repeating Grade 1 of spiritual school….while Georgi’s group had already reached Grade 4 level.
      Pressure from Georgi’s followers plus his own irritation that Jahn wasn’t moving forward with them, caused him to finally act and criticize Jahn for not dealing with his own crap and not moving his ass along.
      Jahn did not react positively to this criticism and dropped communcation.

      A fantastic example of the discrepancy is to compare one of the most Beautiful Beings in Georgi’s group — Jerry R. James, with Jahn.

      Even at the beginning of Jahn’s reign, Jerry had surpassed him to such an extent that he would conduct very gentle, amusing analysis of Jahn’s channelings…showing indirectly where Jahn needed to work on himself.


      And it DOES appear indeed that Anita is the replacement for Jahn.

      As long as she continues to ass kiss and Ego stroke George in this way, she will be a permanent fixture in Georgi’s world:

      “Therefore, it is quite true that Georgi serves as a link to the source. He has indeed accepted this duty and is of service to all the human beings, who do not even realize that they are All and therefore do not have the connection to the Whole. Of course, very few people are aware of their true greatness on earth. Therefore, Georgi fulfills a very important task here.”

      ~ Anita Küttner-Kroll


      1. “Of course, very few people are aware of their true greatness on earth. Therefore, Georgi fulfills a very important task here.”

        ~ Anita Küttner-Kroll


        Another note on this observation of Anita’s — Georgi IS instrumental in getting people who are attracted to him, to SEE their own greatness.

        Many who are attracted to him, are looking for a Father figure leader to lead them, due to their own low Self-Esteem and sense of Powerlessness.

        So his main job here, ironically enough, is to move them from Low to High self-esteem.
        His main task is to empower all those who have dis-empowered themselves.



  10. Dearest Vinny ❤

    I visited my therapist today – the incarnated angel 😉 I do not know what she does with me, just know that she's quite magical 🙂

    Here are some pictures to you ❤ ❤ ❤
    B to B

    DSC02951 (3)

    IMG_6398 (2)



  11. Update from http://www.spaceweather.com:
    “CME IMPACT, SEVERE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Arriving earlier than expected, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on March 17th at approximately 04:30 UT. At first, the impact sparked a relatively mild G1-class (Kp=5) geomagnetic storm. Since then, however, the storm has intensified to G4-class (Kp=8), ranking it as the strongest geomagnetic storm of the current solar cycle. This storm is underway now. Before sunrise, bright auroras were sighted over several northern-tier US states including Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakotas and Washington. “The auroras were insane,” says Marketa who regularly runs a photography workshop on the Arctic Circle. She has seen a lot of auroras. “I have never seen anything like this.”
    This storm could continue for many hours to come as Earth passes through the turbulent wake of the CME.”
    Hold on to your hats, everyone 😉
    Aisha ❤

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