A short update on the energies

So here we are once again, ready to impart another message into your system. And yes, we do choose these words with care as we want to remind you all that these missives come in many flavours if you will, and even if the words we deliver are the most prominent ones to your human mind, what lies between them is in fact the main ingredient so to speak, the main vibration that will affect you the most. And so, know that whatever it is you think you see, it is once again merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and even if this will not come as a surprise to any of you at this stage, we know it is important for us to keep reminding you all of everything that is taking place behind the human facade. Not just in you, but in all.

For now, what may look like a relatively tranquil pool of light is in actual fact a deep pocket of intensely charged super conductive energy, one that will help you not only to literally move mountains, but also help you to jump ahead in ways that will elevate you above any obstacles that may still seem to clutter your intended path. And the way it will do this, is by helping you to see that there are indeed alternative routes ahead, routes that may not seem obvious at a cursory glance, but will show themselves to be a much more viable option in the long run.

Once again we seem to move around the topic in a rather obtuse way, but let us simply say that once again it behooves you all to go within to see where it is you are actually heading. For as we have told you on many an occasion, the path ahead is not set into stone, and now, this will be more evident than ever before. For now, everything is in flux, in a very literal sense, and so, just like a glacier in motion will show itself to be cracking open one day for then to close again the next, so too is this journey ahead for all of you. In other words, do not get stuck with any ideas of just how your next phase of this journey is supposed to BE according to your plans, for now, it behooves you all to be as flexible as possible in the time ahead, the better to take advantage of any unexpected opportunities that may come your way. And so, the old advice of not letting your mind get in your way is once again essential, as the incoming light will sear through so many old connecting pathways and establish some very new ones by forging energetic alliances where there before were none.

And so we say, stay flexible and stay open, but most of all, stay connected to YOU in every sense of the word. For you all carry with you a deep knowingness of the totality of this journey, but in order to make this journey doable for you in your current human incarnation, you cannot access any of this information until it is beneficial for you to do so. And as usual, any sudden glimpses of something new and intriguing will set off your imagination in such a way, it is apt to follow in the habitual ruts when it comes to thinking ahead.

For as we have told you again and again, what is coming now, is unlike anything you have ever seen before, but still, the human part of you will try its hardest to make sense of it all. And so, it will try to digest it by presenting you with some ideas that will fit nicely in with the way you are used to perceiving things, and then, act accordingly. But now, you must all do what you can to extricate yourself from any old habits of acting, reacting and indeed perceiving.

For now, you must stay open, and yes, we do mean that in a very literal way. For you must stay open to the very idea that any ideas you might have had previously as to where it is this journey will bring you and what it is you see yourself doing in the near or indeed more distant future, now is the time to allow all of those old ideas fade away, the better to give room for the much, much wider spectrum of options that will be made available for you.

Remember, a human mind finds much comfort in what is already familiar and so, thinking and living outside the box may sound like a wonderful concept, but when it comes down to it, many will still feel more comfortable stepping back into the tried and true confines of said box. But now, it is indeed up to each and every one of you to truly take to heart what it really means to finally step completely away from these old ideas that used to define your dreams and aspirations, and to let them all go so that you can allow yourself to fully embrace whatever NEW it is that will be coming your way. For come it will, and so the question is, are you ready for it?

So again we say, take some time to BE with you, and to BE with you in a way that is truthful enough to allow yourself to see beyond even the most distant shores in your imagination. For remember, you are so much more than what you can even begin to think about at this stage, so do not let yourself be hemmed in by your own inability to break away from what you think you see before you. So set yourself free from you, and allow the enormous potential that is already here begin to seep into your heart, and then, you will finally see that the more you see, the more you will know that you are in fact limitless.

So allow your own ideas of limitations melt away, and allow all of your former expectations to do the same and then, watch what happens. For we venture to guess that even in your wildest imagination, you would not be able to predict just where it is you will be going next. For you are heading for a destination that you cannot even begin to describe with your current vocabulary, whether that be in words, images or in any other way you can think of. But remember, the only way for you to venture beyond your wildest dreams, is to allow all of them to melt away, for only then will the truth of your New world finally begin to materialize.

So sit with yourself for a while, and allow yourself to do what you may have thought you have already done, but you have in fact not yet done to the extent that you need to do now; think BIG, think beyond anything you have ever done before. And then, let the full force of your co-creative imagination take you even beyond that. For then, you will begin to come a little bit closer to the full truth of your journey, and then, you will get the first real taste of what it is you are actually doing and why it is you are doing it in the first place. And so, once again we bid you all Godspeed on this, the next and perhaps most exciting part of your journey, we do hope you will all find it in you to go further than any of your former expectations.


Aisha North Series 1 - 5

298 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Okey inner landscape so close to steadying it… push… it’s gonna be a beautiful new place… push… Nice to have such a big family witnessing this beauty. Russians and U.S. securing the area and all that. Such a proud moment.

  2. The old saying clean up your act. It isn’t a cleaning of what was done. It is seeing what you did and move on to more positive things. You can’t clean the negative you understand it.

    Love and blessings to all

  3. Dear brothers and sisters! If you feel like the intensity has increased yet again, this is perhaps the reasons for it:
    “Arriving earlier than expected, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on March 17th at approximately 04:30 UT. The impact sparked a G1-class geomagnetic storm, which could intensify in the hours ahead. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras on March 17-18.”
    Godspeed to us all!
    LOVE, Aisha ❤

    1. They took out all the real pictures in google maps in many places in the world. I have a lot of the older pictures that show much more. They can no longer be looked at with google maps. All the older things were air brushed out in the new maps. None of the north and south poles can be seen in real time now.

      1. oh thanks girl,
        but there is still no way to tell which way is up with whatever it is that i am doing,

        rotate my images, anyway is all right

  4. I had an amazing dream:

    I live in a group of human beings, that is genetic upgraded.
    From the outside, in 3-D, the extension is not visible.

    We are the first earth humans, which have not just ordinary human skills, we also can fly.

    I AM BIX 😀

  5. Wow! You all never cease to amaze me. My love to each and every one of you! I have been experiencing the same as so many of you here. Crazy mother situation going on. Releasing many past hurts and letting it all out and letting go of all relationships that are not working. Very hurtful and yet freeing at the same time. Needing sleep again like before. I do feel a moving apart. Clearing out all things that need to go. 😉 Had dreams of lots of the cutest bunny rabbits. I was told there was a gentle energy about me so I guess all is ok. More releasing, more cleansing, more cleaning out. Oh, yes…the low carb diet idea went out the window. Pasta, pasta, bread, crackers, muffins…. Peace to each of you and thank you for all the words, pictures, paintings, songs, music, etc. that you all post. Truely wonderful! Big hugs, Sunflower Within

      1. Ahhh…extra adorable! Always beautiful pictures you find Kiera! Don’t know how you do it. Thank you! Always enjoy what you post! ❤

      1. Interesting combination of hummingbird, fairy and bunny rabbit.

        Kiera, Elven, Anyone ~~~~ Does this fairy/baby bunny combination theme have a specific meaning attached to it??? ( yes, this is a serious question, Kiera ) I had a shaman freak out on me once after he “saw” me surrounded by newborn rabbits and tiny winged entities (his words). I sat there thinking “WTF, dude, they’re just baby bunnies???”

        Oh – and Kiera, Happy Belated Pi / Pie Day!!! Loved the blueberry ……. and I’ll take some of Jenson’s pie any day!! 😉

        1. Nothing comes to mind right away Caroline, except for …. last week HS was prompting me to watch ‘water-ship-down’, saying that the film is based on a certain theme we may understand now. I never did watch it as i had forgotten about it until now.

          P.S on the theme of dogs and cats and dogs being cats and cats being dogs, I had a interesting sync today. A lady was randomly talking to me about ragdoll cats and how they are the closest a cat can be bred to being like a dog.

          1. Rabbits i think have a ET connection. Like dogs and cats do. They tend to gather around very active spots. That one place that had the mantis beings was also very populated with bunnies, even albino blonde bunnies!

          2. Oooooh – now you’ve peaked my curiosity!!! Methinks I will be renting the film to explore this further ….. TY!!

            1. Wonder if it’s connected to the pagan mythologies of the resurrecting Spring mother goddess – she’s depicted with rabbits, if I remember correctly. Then the Catholic church replaced her with the resurrecting male figure of Jesus for the Easter season.

              1. Bunnies are very celtic! Very good symbology!

                I can’t believe I missed all of this conversations! You all are right on! ☺️

          3. Haaaaaaaaaa!

            I was just dying to put up “Watership Down” for Sunflower Within as part of the bunny medley — but didn’t want to dilute/neutralize the cutesy bunny theme, with the stunning, gorgeously horrible DARKNESS and Horror of beautiful Watership Down.

            When I read it as a little kid (it was one of my uncle’s favourites….in fact I think I stole/borrowed the book from him — no, wait…he lent it to me, actually wanted me to read it)

            ….. it had the same effect on me as reading the book version masterpiece of Bambi, by Felix Salten.

            The absolute horror of the lives of these animals, has your Empathy levels strumming at beyond Maximum.

            YouTube is determined to continue taking the full movie down…else I would have put it up for you:


        2. The specific meaning is for you, since your HS is using us to send you this message.

          But if you really want me to serve as your HS, I could give it a go (that also works).

          So taking what Elven said, “…last week HS was prompting me to watch ‘water-ship-down’, saying that the film is based on a certain theme we may understand now.”

          And the fact that the Watership Down message was also relayed to me, yesterday, for this baby bunny situation….I’ll go with the theme that Elven’s HS was hinting at.
          Since I read the book, saw the movie (a couple times)….and pretty much understood the theme when I first read the book as a child.

          Main theme being, the search for a Shangri-La, or Shambhala-like home (see my connecting “Lost Horizon”/Shangri-La posts, and Lisa Gawlas’ continuous Heaven on Earth Shambhala mentionings), in order to raise oneself out of the basic horrors of an existence of mere “survival”.

          Other themes within the story are exile, heroism, leadership, political responsibility (escaping a Police State), and the creation of a Self-Sustaining community.

          The “baby bunnies” are highly significant in the story, since one theme was the total lack of FEMALE rabbits to produce baby bunnies for a self-perpetuating community. Which was resolved.


          I also want a huge piece of Jensen’s pie…..but not in the way you are thinking, heh.
          And I literally was sucking on Blueberry Pie that day.

          1. Thank you Kiera for expanding on this theme. I will be reading the book soon as it has come up here and with two others as well. Love the fairys too!! ❤

        3. As for tiny winged fairy-like entities like the Hummingbirds… (Hummingbirds have been a huge theme connected to me my entire life)…particularly with their “humming” vibration…here are some associations:

          “Hummingbirds have iridescent feathers, so it looks like they glimmer. For this reason, some people associate them with fairies, jewels and rain.
          Thus, they’ve earned various names such as the ruby-throated hummingbird or the purple crowned fairy.

          According to Native American legend, hummingbird colors are said to aid in healing or in finding balance.

          Interestingly, their “humming” quality is something that humans can do.

          When we “hum” as opposed to “whistle,” it can help with health and balance, as well, because it allows us to soothe our insides from the massage of the humming action.

          For the Pueblo Indians, they used the symbolism of the hummingbird in certain rites. Their colors, expert flying skills and the way they visit flowers allowed the Pueblo to carry these ideas over to human needs.”


  6. Weee… Inner landscape is fun to play with. I had a frosty lake and some black pulsating dot in the distant horizon on it. It was fun to watch because turns out I can basically fly soon to Tahiti when I get my subconscious to go wild. When I tried something else I had a reply: cor 1020, which I deciphered 1 Corinthians 10:20. As a pagan I immediately went to see what that verse says and it said about worshipping the demons; pies, blueperrypies and bees and happy babies and what 3ls3 there is in your dirty minds. So is my higher self allergic to pies and stuff? And I should give pies and babies to God instead of hungry demons? Doesn’t make a sense but what does in the land of free mind.

  7. Additional channelling to Anna Merkabas earlier message:

    “Dearly beloved children of the universe,

    Let go freeing yourself of a painful moment in the eternity of bliss. Let your body, mind and soul bathe in the loving energies of the creation that indeed you are! That indeed you are becoming, that indeed you have always been. Allow the magnificent energies of purely divine intensions to wash over you.

    Let your higher self, take you by the hand and lead you through the door into infinite possibilities of creation. Allow your mind to release the thoughts that it is so desperately trying to let go of. Explore your feeling and allow them to pass through and out of you. Imagine for a moment that you are like a bottomless cylinder through which water flows and flows. Open all of your chakra for healing and loving energies, and behold the new you.

    Behold the new you, in the anticipation of BEing. In the anticipation of the grand changes unfolding lovingly all around you. Let go of the preconceived notions and ideas. And allow the new magnificent energies to bathe you in a parade of glorious accompaniments of the heavenly abodes.

    Stand tall as a pillar of pure brilliance that indeed you are. Stand strong and flexible in the winds of change making their ways rapidly into your present reality. BE in the NOW moment, and frequent the healing room of your chosen momentum. Remember the divinity that you hold within your heart and within the DNA structure of your BEING. LET IT ALL GO.

    Climb a mountain in your mind’s eye and shout form the top of it that you are free! Completely and utterly free from all the programming of the past, from all the programing of the future, and all the programing of the now moment in time.

    Free yourself, and through the freedom that you will create for yourself, you shall create the freedom for others. Walk. Walk with dignity and understanding in your stride, true understanding and compete surrender to all that shall come onto the path of your chosen momentum.

    Understand that you are supported by all that is, and allow the supportive energies to embrace you in eternal infinite love of your creator self.

    And when you let go, anchor your newly found identity, your newly found understanding of self, into the new earth energies, into the energies of the fifth dimensional creation of that which you are. Anchor said energies and anchor yourself into the moment in which you wish to remain. Be in that moment and savor each drop of said energies. Savor each moment, and you shall create with might and vigor all such moments.

    BE. LOVE. NOW. !

    That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.”


    I have to say that I really would like to climb that mountain and shout out my feeling of freedom – because that is a GREAT feeling in me :))))


  8. Hi
    First day in two weeks without head pain! Yay!
    B to B: I have been thinking of you. I know you had the head pain a few days ago as bad as I did. i asked my sister to check the pond to see. 🙂 I
    had been sleeping a lot. BEing with my empty vessel – so ready for complete change in to the Light Body. I was never one to be comfortable with whatever ‘familiar’ was so this is all so welcome – these energies and frequencies that Are familiar.
    Feeling more stable than ever even with the body energy shifts and such.
    Ok – off to see how tax attorney can save my ars. between reg earnings and severance pay and our selling parents home all last year, would be travesty to put out 10k in cap gains at the same time my unemployment runs out. And, when Kelly still has zero coming in for disability — they said maybe next year for him (when he turns 50 – next March). LoL. what a f..d up system we have crumbling apart. Glad to see it go as I sit back and keep with my heart melting in the sunshine of true Life. We keep smiling and the humor and Love abounds and surrounds!
    So blessed in the ones you know have your back and hold your heart ~!
    Love to you and to All ❤

    1. Hi Areeza
      the same here. After a week or so head pain I slept constantly. And now I feel dizzy. I just wondering: for how long…
      Hug to you and all

    2. Dear Areeza ❤

      Days are swishing around in a fast speed these days – but I remember I had a horrible headache all the day last Friday. We would have to switch on a spare fuel tank now … 😉
      Love ❤

  9. Gentle floating down, flowing cool water.
    Sending intended feelings of hugs, and more hugs, with soft pillowy cotton balls to squish upon in a soft feathered embrace.
    Peace within you in this turbulent times. ❤ ❤ <3.

  10. Dear family of light! What a weekend this has been, an endless stream of activation, integration, cleansing and clarifying. My body has been like “can I have some more carbs, please? And then some? What about some more rest? Sleep – I don’t think so!” My brain has mostly been like “?????”. Today feels a bit lighter, at least enough for me to go to the store and buy some more carbs 😉 This is definitely a period of massive transformation – on all levels. I just found this amazing film taken of one of the many recent solar flares on spaceweather.com, and to me, this is what the current energies feel and “look” like:
    I send my love, my light and my gratitude to you all! I have a feeling the next few days will be rather turbulent as well, but as always, it helps to know that we are riding these rapids as a team 🙂
    Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thanks Aisha !…I Agree…transformative – triggering – clashing – turmoil of Energies !….leaving one tired, numb & hungry ? & more on it’s way…..the living elements as well as the magnetics are kicking in & kicking back with new found fury….All necessary & must be welcomed & accepted as part of Mother’s Sacred Flow….intentions of All Earth Keepers, requested, sent out & received….(& not all were humanly requested – the voiceless ones have intent request abilities as well, but beyond our understanding )…
      Be Well Dear Sister….LOve to You & All…..xoxo Bev

      continuing In some quiet time….& I hope that All are including intense compassion spirit time bonding with Mother-Earth during these influxes of energies….so important now. ‘B’ posted a very appropriate video at the end of the last missive !

    2. LOL! I’m totally trying to summon the energy to buy more carbs today. I’ve been doing massive emotional cleansing, having to confront every wrong thought that leads to unnecessary pain…through having that pain triggered over and over again until I’ve traced every old thought and yanked it out by the roots. Why can they still make me cry? Guess I have more weeds to yank out before the equinox. And I’m tired, down to my bones, after having energy last week. But yeah, can’t quite sleep a lot of the time, just lie there and absorb some sound healing and let ‘them’ work on me. Thank you, dear sister, for sharing news from Home and helping us all know we are not alone. ❤

    3. Oh yes, carbs and chocolate and sugar is all my body wants like crazy lately. Infact I have never been able to eat much chocolate without feeling sick, or much sugar without getting reactions (sores in my mouth, ect) but lately I am defying these odds, I’m wolfing down things in quantities that should be making me sick and it is not! lol!!

      1. It’s a sign that when your vibration is high enough and your alignment is aligned enough that whatever ‘you’ consume into your body is alchemised to your vibration and alignment, instead of having the undesired effect of altering and dropping your vibration and alignment.

          1. An increase in nasty body odor has been experienced by many of us and comes with the ever-increasing frequency levels as your body adjusts. It may come and go. That’s why God made soap!! 😉 ❤

        1. Thank you for this validation, Elven!! 😉 I can eat so many food (and drink) items again that for about 15 years would have made me quite ill. ❤

        1. Grins 😀 Hugs B ❤

          Another thing, I stopped feeling bad about eating 'bad' foods now. The negative associations are fading. I sense a greater purpose to this with food going on.

          1. Well – who fucking cares…if I WANT candy….then I´ll have it…Does that make sense …..;)))
            ❤ ❤ ❤

            PS…..will never understand how to use those swearing words – in English – anyway…. ;)))

    4. Dear Aisha ❤

      Since I left the weekend's chaotic energies I have had a fantastic day with so incredibly powerful energy. Back to business again 😉 The apartment is thoroughly cleaned, patio likewise, our common laundry room got an extra round (I note that my bottle of detergent that I left there is hardly used. Wonder if it's because I designed a big, red heart on it? If it had been a ordinary bottle with detergent it would have been consumed by now ;), wrote a rather assertive email to our property managers with requests for new dryer in the laundry room, courtyard was swept clean of winter gravelling of the miserable ice, and I almost shouted hallelujah to my left arm, my legs and whole body that felt GREAT today. I have been in a fighting mode 😉

      Until a few hours ago when my legs ache so tremendously again. I have to take a foot bath with salt and lichen from the forest, sound meditation and so on. I've been working almost frantically for 10 hours before I steeping down on the couch after dinner – totally exhausted. All-or-nothing-B has been driving her race today, as always when there is any opportunity given 😉 Realize that I gallantly could run a cleaning business these days; "Download & Randomly Cleaning Company Ltd." ;)))

      Have ordered and received buckthorn oil, locally grown, which I'll mix in my calendula ointment that I have thought to fulfill at least for the past six months ….. but it never seems to be time for that – for some reason. My days are so full of activity all the time and it is about to create, fix, organize, and so on. There is a huge flow occasionally 🙂

      Thanks for the video of the Northern Lights and info about what's going on. According to report from my legs, it's a lot going on this evening 😉 Here we go again… Take care dearest Sister ❤

      Love, Light & all joy you can muster to you and All my light family ❤


  11. .


    “You know it was Buddha, who said something along the lines of, If you KNEW, just how PERFECT everything was…you would throw your head back, and laugh at the sky.”

    ~ James Goi Jr.



    How to Attract Money Using Mind Power – James Goi Jr. :


  12. Anna Merkaba on Facebook
    1 hr ago

    “Greetings Everyone! I hope you are all doing FANTASTICALLY AWESOME! With the solar eclipse fast approaching I know I have found myself in an insanely turbulent moments. I was plunged back into 3D and had to find my way back, over and over again, and when I finally did, I would realize that yet again I was being showcased what the rest of humanity will soon be going through, and prepared to assist everyone by knowing what it feels like to have “been there”. I know that ALL of you are experiencing this more or less, as we are being taught various “tricks of the trade” so to speak, to assist others to move through these changes with ease.
    My computer crashed and decided to stay with the old earth energies (hence I haven’t been replying to any of your messages, because I was disconnected.. literally from the grid Smiley wink , and after miraculously recovering my files, I have acquired a new computer. I found this occurrence to have been beautifully orchestrated right in time for the major changes to occur.
    I feel it’s a great metaphor for what is happening to all of us at the moment, just as I mentioned in my latest message to you, we are being transferred onto a new grid system, into a new reality and a new way of being, hence everything that we no longer need will be left behind.
    March 20th opens up a phenomenal gateway for all of us to take a GIANT leap forward. So for the next 5 days I invite all of you, to go deep within, cleanse everything out, re-examine where you are in your life. Throw out everything that you no longer need. As well as any and all physical possessions, if there are clothes that you no longer wear, give them away to charity, anything and everything that is no longer of use to you should be released, both physically, emotionally and mentally.
    We have a fantastic opportunity to tidy things up as we move forward into a new reality. Let it all go, and start fresh! Smiley smile
    Sending all of you waves of peace, abundance, health, love, BALANCE, PATIENCE, and everything and anything that you desire! But above all JOY, LAUGHTER, LOVE, AND HARMONY!!!!! xoxoxo”


    Well – guess I know what she is talking about 😉
    Love ❤

    1. Thank you! ❤ clearing i am. Can some one tell me what is ment by "going back to 3d"? Just interested because i have not so far. All sticky and thick and frightening?

      Love you all!

      1. Can some one tell me what is ment by “going back to 3d”?


        Here’s an example from my experience — suddenly after almost a year of nothing happening, the lawyers contact me again regarding the newest litigious actions/attacks from my surviving brother (and his wife).

        Then the lawyers ask me to transcribe the recording I sent them last year, (with me completely unaware they had not yet transcribed it)….and it took me 27 hours straight to do it, which killed my body.

        Right after this, I’m contacted by Realtors out of the blue with an offer out of the blue for the dilapidated house I’ve been hanging onto for a year due to the litigation, then they show up at the door and I need to suddenly spend half a day playing the “Counter-Offer” game with these unexpected, Universe-orchestrated buyers who are “flippers” and consequently don’t mind the litigious situation or other pitfalls of the property in question.
        The decision to do a FSBO, or sign with these Realtors must be researched rapidly and thoroughly within a few minutes.

        When finally a deal is struck (that evening), I am constantly again contacting the lawyers over the litigious interference involved with the sale of the property and Trust accounts that need to be set up now according to the legal Big Brother controlling system in place.

        At the same time, I’m also being contacted out of the blue by a BASHAR follower currently working with Shaun Swanson (Ishuwa channeler) who wants to use my Yahyel portrait and my possible illustrative future services for the Yahyel books currently being planned.

        All this, and still being taken “down” by these ultra-strong incoming energies.

        And still singing the Happy Happy Joy Joy song, all the way through it all, having everybody (especially the Realtor ladies) laughing their asses off at every opportunity.

        That kind of thing? That’s all 3D.

        And it was a 3D “DUMP” — nearly all at once.

      2. “Frightening”?

        Hell NO.
        Nothing is frightening. Ever.

        It’s a joke. All of it is a silly play, a dream, an illusion. We are driving around these “Avatar” meat suits, in this biggest-ass-ever virtual reality Video Game.

        This dream reality is a “game”, Johannes.


          1. Not only playing it constantly, but have you noticed the constant WHINING?
            (I know that this is something that you pay particular attention to excessively ;D

            Well I’ve been charting this, as well as everything else. The Whine Chart.

            The First Wavers, the long-term daily physical sufferers, do not bother talking about it anymore except to bring it up perhaps once a year….

            But as soon as the Second Wave lightworkers start to feel the more intense energies — which occurs no more than 3 or 4 times a year so far — then all you hear is a back and forth comparison game of who had what pain / exhaustion and where and for how long.

            It makes them feel better if they can find others suffering the same things at the same time. The validating factor of this game.

            Misery loves validation AND company.



            But very seriously, you do get to the point where you are playing this game from a very detached viewpoint.

            And you are observing yourself from outside of yourself, with no emotional investment other than a shaking of the head at the ridiculousness of it all, the ever-present Humour, and the background signature frequency of highest Joy.


            1. Kiera, you are great. You make me laugh in a world that is far too serious. As a point of interest, I had these ‘symptoms’ but they went three and a half years ago, does that mean I am not ascending now then?

            2. One of my grandmothers best words were. No whining or I’ll give you something to whine about. She never did do that but I got the meaning. My dad never showed much anger at all when we did something wrong. He talked slowly to us. Had us pull our pants down lay on a bed and give us from one to six hits with a razor strap. He had rules and we knew if we broke the rules how many hits we would get. When I was 13 years old I got six hits and I laughed at my dad and told him he could not make me cry by hitting me with his strap. He smiled and looked me in the eyes as he closed his fist and placed it against my nose. Then said son your too old to spank. Next time it will be with this as he shook his fist. As long as you live in my home you will go by my rules. When I was 15 years old I left home and never went back to live. I always loved my dad and he loved me. We just had different ways of doing things.

              Love and blessings to all

  13. Just read Eliza’s channel, Blue dragon Journal.
    subtitle Angels,
    “All that divides you, from self, from others, is what divides you from knowing, feeling, sensing and experiencing your own true nature. What frees you is the awareness that you contain everything that you need for your journey within yourself. You do not need to seek a master. You may go to others for a healing or an activation, but you truly carry the keys to your own freedom and mastery within, only waiting for your permission to awaken the sleeping gifts of your true divine nature.”

    With activation comes responsibility,
    and we have the courage to Be, that!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. The first sentance of the quote hit me softly. May be an activation xD… ❤

  14. Probably I am keeping myself outside of this flux, this pool of light… I don’t feel good but then again at what point of this journey I felt good anyway. So if feeling good was supposed to be some sort of guidance, I am not sure I am on the right path. Allowing the old dreams to drop, well when did they become reality… did I have any say on this? I haven’t noticed if I had.
    And about the new reality/ world… After reading so many spiritual messages that say that our higher selves wanted to experience suffering and lower vibrations and hence we are here… albeit this message sounded quite like to age old vengeful god teachings… I am a witness to my own misery. I am having a hard time to believe that there will be a happy ending for me, either way… I let go or hold on to the past. Cause if I am given an option it is between suffering this way or suffering that way.
    So my mind reads this message as: “you will be held where you are for some more time so be patient and try to explore your inner self as if you do we promise sjfhfiortoahvjk.” What? I missed that what do you promise? Oh they’re already gone. So let go of what you cannot hold anyway for a cause that is totally obscure and more likely to involve more suffering.

    1. Sunny Day!

      Yes, thinking the thoughts that feel good is your inner guidance letting you know that’s the way to go. You are supposed to feel good!!! The negative emotion is the feeling of disconnection from your higher self. If we didn’t have the “bad”, we wouldn’t know which way to steer. It is no wrathful god; We are the god-creators of our lives, dear friend. You get what you put out, so don’t look for the suffering!!

      It is very simple, just not always easy. I’ve been working on this for a few years, and I do know the better I feel, the better it gets. (And it’s getting really really good.)

      Perhaps try listening to (more) Abraham, or Bashar, they have been conveying that message lovingly for a while now. (I also love the peaceful and empowering Pleidians meditations chanelled through Solara An Ra.)

      You are on the right path, or you wouldn’t be here. Chin up!

      Much love and light to you,


        1. Like to add her wise words here:

          What Does It Mean To Be Allowing? – Teal Swan:

    2. “…so be patient and try to explore your inner self as if you do we promise sjfhfiortoahvjk.”



      Sjfhfiortoahvjk!!!! And then we promise you even more sjfhfiortoahvjk….

      That certainly sums it up! haaaahahahaAAAAA!!!

      Yeah, hooboy….feeling good physically, you mean? Well if you are one of the constantly downloading Groundcrew forerunners, if you are one of the first wavers…..then good luck ever feeling good physically.

      But although we seem to have no control at all over the High Frequency downloading damage done to our bodies, you STILL can feel good mentally/emotionally/spiritually.

      THAT’S the test.

      The ones going the highest, are suffering through the most physical shit.

      But if you can go through that much incessant suffering and STILL not let that interfere with your intended and practiced Frequency of Highest Joy…..

      ….well, then at some point all the physical suffering has to stop, and from that point on you will instead experience the ever-longed for, blissful — sjfhfiortoahvjk.

      1. ❤ Thanx for all, especially the laughing Buddha. Glad you're dealing ok with litigious family. 🙂

  15. Dear Friends ❤

    There is a HUGE transformation going on in my earth family last night and this morning on my father´s 109th birthday !!!! I would have celebrated him with the best cakes in the world if he had been left on this side of the veil 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    Love, awe and gratitude ❤


    PS. Some pics from my walk in the sun yesterday

    IMG_0894 (2)
    1. Thank you B The love we share never dies but only grows in strength and understanding.
      One of my grandmothers lived to be 107 years old the other lived to be 93. I love and miss both of them. They were my teachers and much of the love I have for all. I learned from them in my younger years. I will always be thankful for the years I spent with them as they shared them self with me.

      love and blessings to all

      1. My mother has made herself felt several times times recently while my father has been very quiet. Until today – as he broke through with his full force and poured soothing oil on the stormy waves that occurred yesterday ❤

        For every storm that I can manage without doubting my ability to stand firmly rooted in Mother and without letting fear in – the bigger step forward I make. I have felt like an immense, wise, loving but very vibrant giant today and I am unspeakably grateful for all support I get when I test my ability to withstand severe storms ❤

        Thank you dearest Ray and All my Light Family for your support ❤ ❤ ❤


          1. Thank you dear Ann ❤ I just LOVE to take pics in nature because it brings me so much joy, and if anyone else like them – I am so pleased as well 🙂

            Love ❤

          1. Yes dear tomo – there are big dragons here and there in the forest and I am always drawn to their mighty energies.
            Love ❤

  16. Hello everyone.
    This is my 141st favourite Japanese song from ~http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    SweetS – LolitA☆Strawberry in summer (Released Date : Aug.27, 2003)
    Lyrics : ~http://j-lyric.net/artist/a005711/l002136.html

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    Telling one’s mind it does not need to think about it all the time to avoid but rather to let it be and forget.
    === We can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ~https://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    === We can “READ” the meanigs of each Crop Circle ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  17. Yesterday at night I had felt Ron’s hair. At first I was confused about this dream.

    I wondered about that except Ron and me, 4 other people were in my tiny bathroom, watching me silently. (Two were in the shower cabin).
    Then, after many hours, I noticed that my perceptions were expanded – it was about bodily sensations.

    Earlier in my dreams I could already hear and see, then I could taste lemon juice and delicious soup, then I felt inner feelings of joy and I felt very significantly my soul associated with Ron – and now my sense of touch is enabled.

    I could feel the texture of Rons hair as clear as in the matter. It took only a few hours until I realized what this dream meant.

    This morning, someone said to me: „Soon you’re back home“.

    I AM BIX 😀

        1. Yes…..would need to raise it up one dimensional level from where it is now, in order to expand oneself and play around with symbiotic technologies…


    1. through the above beautiful picture somewhere in me remembered that they said the place I was is at shambara. they were ceralbrating in a castle & I was part of it. Later on someone said it is underground name, but i felt like the castle exists in space❤︎

  18. I have been writing all day trying to find a way with words that explains how the body and mind works with Energy. When I find a easier way to explain this I will post it. In a way that isn’t a book to read. I know the proper intent and the cause to create the effect. This is where it gets hard to explain. To understand you have to have a understanding of cold fusion not just how to make plasma. You have to know how energy is able to interact with all the elements and thoughts of a human while in a body of choice. The choice is the hardest part to explain in how it works with energy. The choice of a person affects everything and the outcome of the interaction. A person has to be very different than what you may think for this interaction to take place.
    Maybe later I can understand this in a easier way to explain.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Thank You Michael !…& Yes I do know !!!….but have not read his book, but much of what he speaks about is all familiar & very real for me !…
      LOve to You !….Bev (having a quiet a few days)
      here’s one of his lectures to those that may be interested…& very important that this master switch is tied within our own body fluids…almost 100% same saline (salt) composition as the ocean ‘Water’ !

  19. Dear sister Bev,
    found this from a Ted, talk, on the amazing reaction our body has to water.
    talk by James Nestor. ❤

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