A short update on the energies

As many of you have already noticed, some very new energetic landscapes are opening up now, and we do think you will all find that they are best surveyed in silent contemplation. In other words, so much is going on energetically now, it would behoove you all to take time to just BE with all of this new, without too much external interference. For what is actually going on within you can be very much likened to as if all of the tectonic plates of your energetic environment begin to shift at the same time, so that those carrying the imprints of yesteryear will be pushed out of the way by those announcing the arrival of the New.

Again, we choose to speak in convoluted terms, but again, the explanation is the same. For this time we will once again encourage you to seek beyond the words, and to take into consideration the seemingly open spaces in between them. For as we have already told you on many an occasion, that is in fact where the seed of this message has been implanted, and as soon as you allow that seed to benefit from your light, it will begin to expand to its proper shape. And we do not refer to shape as in a defined spatial way, more as in the vibrational pattern that this incoming energy will form as soon as it begins to interact with your own private space, to use a more informal description of what is in actual fact an extremely complexly formatted structure of energetic impulses being presented both ways.

So again we say take time to just be with you, and take time to allow that inner landscape not only to continue to expand, but also to continue to reveal itself to you in all of its technicolour splendor, for this is not a crude sketch made in simple lines. For even if it is a fully functional construction, it is also a thing of beauty in every sense of the word. And the reason for that is because the building materials it is made up of, are the overlapping areas where the incoming light interacts with your innermost space, and as such, you can rightly describe this as a creation made from the heart.

And so, we once again urge you all to look away from those things in your surroundings trying to engender as much noise and confusion as they can in order to lure you away from you. For as we have told you on more than one occasion already, outside is not where you will encounter this huge shift first. No, that will happen within, and it will happen in ways that will defy description. For the shift you are materializing now, is one that has never been seen before, not with your eyes, nor with anyone else’s, so do not think you can even begin to envisage the magic that will begin to unfold in your lives. For remember, even if the first signs of this shift will be internal, they will begin to become outwardly manifest as soon as you manage to truly connect to that inner center of change. For you need to be a conscious part of this process in every way, it is not something that just happens. No, this is something that needs your presence in every sense of the word, and so, you need to stay present in your inner life now, probably even more so than what you have done before,

And we do not mean this as in a sense of becoming a recluse, for this is not about copying the examples of those hermits who seeked the solitude of the wilderness in order to sit in silence to be with their own sense of God. No, this is all about being a conscious participant in this inner unfolding of the magical landscape that is the true you. Remember, it is you who set the pace and who manage the different stages of this process, it is not something you can leave for others to decide. And so, you need to BE here, in every sense of the word. And when we say BE, we know you all will know exactly what we mean. For this is all about truly connecting with you, with that very center of your being that is now expanding at such a rate, it will soon literally cover the entire globe on which you all live. For that is why you are here, to allow that inner center of your being, that God spark that has always been there but compacted and hidden away so it has been invisible even to yourself, to allow that to literally fold out its wings so it in turn can help to elevate ALL.

So once again the mantra is the same, go within, and feel the change that is occurring now, for it is indeed a monumental one. But it can only happen if you allow it to, by being an observer to this amazing unbundling of that incredible package of truly life-changing “software” that will help you to restore not just yourself, but everything around you to the vibrational condition you all used to sing to.

And so we say, make sure to connect with these hidden depths within, lest they should stay untouched by your curiosity, for this is for you to explore in every way you can. For as soon as you focus on it, it will begin not just to stir, but to unfold at an ever increasing rate that will more probable than not put so much that is already in your life in to a very new light – and indeed in a very new way. For when you begin to fully interact with whatever it is you have been carrying around within you for such a long time, you will begin to see the life that awaits not just you, but everyone else on this beautiful planet. So make sure to be present within you, for that is the only way to bring this gift of love that you have given yourself out to every single being present on this planet at this time in space.


Aisha North Series 4 - 2

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    1. Thank you, B. This is beautiful. I love his voice, too, along with the message and his face. ❤

  1. It takes a lot to get me up at 3:30AM
    First time and I will do my best to do justice to the message my heart gives.

    ~All hearts must melt~

    ~Shower thee people you Love with Love~

    ~Never break the chain~

    ~3 ❤ 4 ❤ 5~

    I see it as telling you all about it in stories perhaps.
    and now, funny but not, Kelly comes down to accuse me of whatever this getting up this early in the morning means! Oh boy.
    so. thats part of it too though. suspicion. lack of trust. not truly seeing with and through the heart. folks being scared about ?…. continuing to be scared/scar-ed so scabs keep the heart from truly completely opening.

    I can tell a Love story first. It could be taken in different ways. Say that the man who's mother I am caring for tells me he is falling in Love with me. Say also he has been writing to me and telling me of how he has not allowed himself to be open like this in many years. Mostly since his son passed away from cancer 7 yrs ago (Mar. 22). Say his son on 'that side' has been telling me things – one of which is tell my father 'never break the chain'. The day I awoke in euphoria and pressed my body against the sliding glass door at my house – melting with the sun in its and my glory – This young man, Eddie, also at that moment came to me and said: 'Pour this all over my father" – Eddie Sr. His sons favorite song, btw, is James Taylor's 'Shower Thee People You Love With Love.' Eddie Jr – or as his Dad told me yesterday – he would say to people 'He is Eddie, I am Ed. So I feel he does not like the Jr. LoL. So, Ed has been wanting to get the message across from where he is just as much as other young folks whom have departed from so many families….my own niece, Kimberly being one as well. She and Ed are together now since Eddie and I met – or perhaps before 😉

    It is not easy to get this story or message out without taking up a lot of space but believe me, I am focused to do the best I can because it holds very much great importance. And, on this date especially. Lots going thru my brain all at once. Please bare with me. I am getting it back to coming thru my heart.

    So – Eddie falling in Love. Opening. That is the best part. The tricky part will be my explaining to him that it is not about me. It is about him. His Love. Allowing his heart to melt. Showering himself with Love – pouring it all over himself – remaining open so he becomes yet another conduit to keep doing it for All! This is the main message!

    If you are stirred up in whatever way, think of the All Of It. If I seem to be here once in awhile yelling and screaming about pain and suffering – Pour Love From Your Melted Heart Upon Me – AND Upon All I Am Screaming And Yelling About.

    If you feel the need to put up the armor, Please dont. The melted heart cant make its way through that.

    If anyone who has left this pond – in either just posting here – or entirely, Please I invite you back with All Of My Heart to say: Love Is Here To Stay. Everyone Is Doing The Best They Can At Any Given Moment. I Love You. I can not miss you for you are always in My Heart and Our Hearts Are forever linked – That Chain Of Love Never Broken.

    That Chain: I woke up with all this and seeing that chain as DNA. That DNA Love Chain.

    I saw the date: 3-14-15 as 3D – 4D – 5D. I put the hearts around the 4D for the very important reason of this message. 4D can really screw things up. LoL. Some know that very well – all too well. So the 5D folks came here for the quantum leap – the bridge. Lets get that done today. Yes – TODAY. Lets complete it and surpass the mixed up 4D haze and craze. Love IT though~! Hence the hearts around it! 3D ❤ 4D ❤ 5D
    you can also add today's date up like 3, 5, and 8 infinity.

    Anyway. I hope I got something across and its worth what it Is.

    There is quite a bit more – like sitting again with Jesus The Christ in the Garden Of Gethsemane. Feeling that anguish – knowing you must keep your heart open all through it! How I see myself sitting with him…. sitting with All Of It. ❤

    back to bed. Love To All with hugs from All That My Heart Contains and Gives Freely and Openly as ever possible. I will not go back re-read or edit. cause, dang it, I am dog tired. LoL. and Full. So Full for this little body. I will lay down and pour it out. Its All Ok.
    Yours, Areeza – here for so so long, and remaining until It Is Done

    someone please put that James Taylor song here ! 🙂 thanks! see you

    1. Areeza, I hear you, I feel you, my melting heart is blending with yours, oozing with love, dripping tears of openness. Thank you, dear one, and bless you forever. My deep love to you, no more armour, ever again. Margarita ❤

  2. “DO I GO OR DO I STAY?”, March 8, 2015, channeled by Brenda Hoffman



    “Do not fret if your world holds no joy, as if bleak is the only word to describe your feelings. But then, it is likely difficult for you to move or think beyond that when experiencing such lows after expectations of ongoing highs.

    Ongoing highs would probably have been true if you had not opted for the streamlined action plan that these most recent energy bursts have visited upon you. Perhaps you do not believe such truths. You have the freedom to believe and feel as you wish. BUT the energies raining down upon you now are much deeper and yes, heavier than any you experienced to date.

    Rather then prolonging this phase of your transition a few months, you opted to complete this phase now. So it is that you feel overwhelmed with emotions from giddy happiness to deep sorrow; or you feel aches and pains you have not felt before – at least to this extent; and/or you question the validity of this transition. For indeed, you believe you would not suffer so if love were the answer, if the Universes/God were truly of love.”…

    1. .

      “DO I GO OR DO I STAY?”

      “You are part of a transition team that moved you and those entities interested, including earth, beyond 3D.

      You have cleared eons of fears and related emotions in a few years or months – almost an impossibility.”

      Months. Cleared it in a few months.
      Since nothing’s impossible — the question is always whether or not it’s *probable*….depending on the “rules” of the reality matrix you have stuck yourself into.

      “But then, you have forgotten how uncomfortable the first energy bursts were for you a few years ago.
      Even though you thought you could not survive some of those past energy bursts, you found yourself at a different and more comfortable place after.”

      I’ll get back to you on that, after these months-long 1st & 2nd degree skin peelings and bleeding inflammation over 50% of the body, all following the Energy Conduit “lines”, dissipates enough to be able to live again.

      And I haven’t forgotten, how uncomfortable anything has been. It’s been gun-eating BAD. With NO BREAK. Skin thing has been the worst.
      All of it still fresh in the mind — still automatically cross-connecting to the memories from these other parallel realities.

      For those downloading the Diamond frequencies,

      (years of observation now is that the highest frequencies cause itching and constant energy burn)

      ….for anyone needing relief from this type of incessant torture, and wishing you could sit in the bath or shower for the rest of your life / become a mermaid or dolphin and bask in the buffer protection of water….this actually helps:


  3. .


    Supporting Jim Self’s assessment that most people are not ready for the Mastery required of 5D…

    From Georgi Stankov’s site today:

    (The article entitled, “The Knight and the Troll“?)



    Life as a Divine Synchronicity of Cosmic Humor



    Questions about you

    Hello George,

    I’ve read a couple of articles on your website. I don’t quite get some facts.

    Are you saying you actually created the new Golden planet, in the new universe ? (which you describe as a timeline in your articles). Have you already travelled to this new planet in your holy spirit, using wormhole-like technology?

    I am wondering what do you say is necessary for one to consciously ascend to this new planet? You give lots of informations here and have to say am quite confused, so what is essential to achieve first for one to achieve physical ascension?

    I am asking theses questions to find out who you are, as you say you would be the first to ascend you must be an important personality in this end time scenario.

    How is that you don’t even speak about Ga Ra, Za Ra, Jesus Christ work (Jeshua) and wisdom? Lots of informations here I’ve been following for a long time, but never learned anything that would actually helped for ascension. Not negatively criticizing though, sure you do know.

    So do you know who is Ga Ra and Za Ra ?

    Thanks for taking time to read me.

    I wish you well,


    Dear Gaspard,

    if you have read only a couple of articles on my website, then it is no wonder that you are confused. I have published more than 2000 articles and 15 books. I think that it is fair that you read some more and then you can come with some precise and more educated questions and I will be ready to answer them.

    With love and light




    It´s unfortunate you don’t even know who is Ga Ra. If you don’t know who he is, I think you will never ascend. That´s my point of view.

    But you really are not a person I would wish to follow to such a new adventure. You just seem cold, ego oriented, still have much darkness and emotional baggage to work on.

    If you are truly an ascended master you would take time to help other in the proper way. You are just waiting there, observing this dying planet and people from above. That´s so nice.

    Such a close minded individual, incapable to respond to simple questions, and that will probably already have thoughts of angers by the end of this sentence.

    I’m not pretending anything about ascension, maybe you’re right maybe i am and you will never ascend. But at the end, what I see is an old man who is just tired of helping others, and just serve his own egoself

    Have a nice day my dear,


    I would say that you are the classical New Age idiot of whom there are so many and all of them have stopped bothering me years ago as they know how I respond. You must be a new idiot that needs his lesson.

    Read this article:


    Dr. med Georgi Stankov



  4. Thought this interesting:


    “Stabilization of this new aspect shall take approximately 4 weeks’ time, during which many are being shifted to new territory and physical domains on Gaia as she is moving you, akin to chess pieces, to the spot most advantageous for the next dispensation of Light Activation.”…


  5. First off, I wanted to make it clear that I simply *LOVE* your messages and eagerly await them, especially the ‘short updates on the energies’ [though you might considering numbering them as well, or including a date in the title, so as to differentiate them, as all of them sharing the exact same name is rather confusing].

    Secondly, I just want to impart to Aisha and/or the Constant Companions that your messages are _NOT_ convoluted or difficult to understand, #EXCEPT# when you [frequently] break the flow of the message in order to characterize your own message as *BEING* convoluted! Those insertions themselves are the *ONLY THING*, from my perspective, that make your messages a chore to read, and I would consider simply omitting them in future channelings.

    You don’t need to constantly apologize for using metaphor. Metaphor is one thing that humans are actually very good at understanding [although it took me a while to realize this myself, as I am not (normally) a human].

    In summary, I would encourage you to simply say what you have to say and resist the temptation to editorialize upon what you are saying, and I believe that your messages would be all the more clear and comprehensible for it.

    In Love and Light,

    1. Dear Daemon! Welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! I always write these messages down just as they come through, and I never “edit” them in a conscious way, so I guess we will just have to see if the CCs choose to change their style or choice of words in the upcoming ones :-]
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  6. https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/author/eireport/

    “Ambrosian energetics awaken in the Gaia field.

    Fraternities of Light collectively assemble.

    Formations of Higher Conclaves now become apparent.

    Satisfactions of lower egoics becomes low priority for all hu-manity.

    Energetic enhancements affect and effect everything.

    Partnerships of Light form at accelerated pace.”

    – . – . – . – .

    “the food of the gods.

    “So they have a special drink called nectar, and they eat food which is ambrosia , which is immortal.”

    Thanks Google Translate 😉 🙂 ❤

    B to B

  7. Because I noticed in the yesterday missive of Ray,
    I tried to READ a picture of Aisha
    by “Circle of Witchcraft”.
    I have read 3 dreams last night.
    1) Semicircle1 (The treasure will be on top of the semicircle building)
    The 3 or 4 buildings stands in the water depth a few meters of water. Shape of the building was a form similar to the following link.
    I was looking for a treasure. Other two people were looking for a treasure, too. One person seemed quite familiar, he was moving/jump freely/easily from the top of the building to the next building.
    2) Semicircle2 (Pizza is the part of semicircle)
    There was one piece of pizza on the ground. In order to obtain permission to eat the pizza, I went to the tent of the boss who govern the area, and asked the meeting to boss. I obtained the permission of the meeting with the boss. Since “I want to eat pizza” was too direct say, I chenged the question by devising, “Could I benefit in this area?”.
    3) Semicircle3 (Semicircle that now contains different characters from the original character)
    There was a semi-circular plastic case. Like this.
    Arranging the text like a puzzle in it. String that fits in the case has been settled, but the perversed man is arranged another text in the case. The strings is not expected, but it was combined with the plastic case. The strings is found by chance.
    Semicircle ???

    1. The last link gave me an ideal about something I’m working on with an electric device I want to make.

        1. For the electric device has to do with two of these and how they hook together so you can change the vibration from low to high or high to low vibrations. Are have many vibrations at the same time. You need to be able to match them to the vibrations of what you are trying to affect.

          1. Like something helped you. Thank you Ray. 🙂
            A man who have made the leap of consciousness came out from the Ponder. A question like “Is it really love/light ?” becoming increasingly nonsense. The truth is got to fruition at the end with something like these. It must endure in winter uncertainty in-progress.

            1. ❤ Bravo to both your genius brains. My brain isn't lacking, but it doesn't work in the same way as both of yours. I enJOY reading both your posts and absorbing what I can. 🙂 Thank you. ❤

      1. What you see on the top is only for you as all 3 levels. I only gave you the two levels I saw and wrote about. What I see on top Is what the bottom two levels can make. Each level can make many different things. By mixing these in different ways and interacting with the top many more things can be made to help mother earth and life on earth. To me its all a work of love. I will never think love is nonsense. Others may that is their choice. As far as light to me this is just another very special form of energy that can be used in a positive or negative way. I do know that without this energy there would be no creations at all.

        This energy is the life of all creations. I simply call this energy Father for without it I would not be here. I call my personal energy bubba or brother of light. This is just the way I do things. Everyone has a different version of these names they wish to use. Bubba ties me to Father or My soul ties me to source. Names for this type of thing never have meant much to me. It is just a tag used in different ways that mean the same thing. If you wish to write a science paper everything has to have a proper name. Just know that everything is just different forms of energy. What one can see with human eyes is not the only thing that is alive and all around us and waiting to be interacted with. When we reach this interaction all things will change.

        Love and blessings to all

        1. To me a name is like a tag on a car made by many different factories. This tag is used to represent the vehicle that has a very special being within it.

          1. ❤ Dear Light Bubba… These two sentences went straight to the center of my Heart and left my Heart smiling. Beautifully and purely said. Thank you. ❤

  8. The shift just happened within me (like the CC’s said it would, haha I concur). There are no words to describe it, bug I’ll try a few. At one point I went into the centre of Earth, and expanded everywhere, igniting all. Much more “happened”, again there are no words.
    L O V E

    1. Thank you Sister B!

      Just wanted to say, I love ALL your photos of Mother. Thank you for sharing those.

      : ) ❤


      1. Thanks Ann 🙂 ❤

        I have a whole bunch of pictures but I think they are stuck in the birth process;) When I get up the doors they will be flowing full 🙂


  9. .


    Groundcrew Forerunner Jerry R James, March 12, 2015


    “When I first began this process I would have vertigo so badly that I could not stand up and then I would vomit and have diarrhea. Now my nights are by far more intense than my days…
    Then I spend time with Anita in different scenarios. By morning I am completely exhausted and my head is clogged and eyes are very blurred.

    It takes about an hour to recover to a normal but exhausted state with often headaches.
    I haven’t lately had a problem with intense vertigo but mostly lightheaded.

    I thought I would have died by now and of course wish that I had. I am just stubborn enough however not to ever quit.

    I once begged in a dream to be released from this process but the answer from some being was no. You are too important to the process and the process is too important.

    I guess that is true for all of us that are still standing.

    I must have made the choice to work from this side, while Anita decided to work from the other side, but I still wish that I had not.”


        1. you know, one problem about my art is there is no right way up
          if you rotate them the message changes
          i do not make them in any effort to explain anything
          real life gets complicated

            1. you didn’t see the lion drinking from the stream
              did you/ when i posted it the other way and yet there are still 2 more

              1. Both ways I see (fast) ascension into the vortex. (Especially the first way). Great stuff, thank you for sharing!


            2. I like your bird house and rose paintings. I think you could sell any picture you make Otmn. I really love your paintings.

              Love and blessings to all

      1. Dearest Brother ❤

        It really is about time that you stand up and say "I AM GOOD ENOUGH – because I AM GOD"
        Just LOVE your painting ❤

        PS……shrug….. 😉

      2. Otm, this art is So beautifully multidimensional. I seen a figure in it, almost like an echoscan they do to look at the fetus.

    1. I love you dearest Jerry R James for your words (though I NEVER wanted to die! )- and I LOVE you dearest Kiera for bringing them to me ❤ ❤ ❤

      I will NEVER EVER GIVE UP !!!

      B to B

    2. I can relate. I’ve wanted to die many times along this road of clearing for the collective. Going into hell and back repeatedly, without a support network in the physical – just the opposite at times – is not a life I would imagine for or wish on anyone. Recently I heard, you know you could have pulled out at any time, but what was the option? That others would go first. Haha! Hell no. I’ve known all along that I was truly built for this, even in those darkest hours. Now, as true joy starts to percolate from deep inside, I can say I’m glad I stayed for the realization of what has already occurred. No more work, efforting, rules to follow, lessons to learn, judgements to make, beating myself up or berating myself. Simply allowing every single bit of what is.

      This morning I saw every moment that passes as a bubble floating up in the air. I have the choice to perceive the moment from any perspective I want to experience. The moment is whole and complete. I can do with it what I want. So cool!

      With deep appreciation to all at the Pond. ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. ❤ ❤ <3!

        Thank you, so helpful to hear that perspective, so close to my own. Funnily enough, just yesterday that realization really struck me; to curl up and die was never a real option. Though certainly I used to think I was not built for this cruel world!



        1. P.S. LOVE the bubble visual! I’ve been trying to get my head around that concept for a while, that’s perfect! Especially when you think of the swirling, incandescent colours…


        2. What a team we make! 😉 ❤ I have been carrying the story of being afraid to die while dying to do just that… it's been exhausting! And I've known all along that I am going to live a long life. What a weird and wonderful storyline! Done that, been there, seen that. Hmmm… slurp slurp… on the hunt for new flavours… yummy for the tummy and all that. YES!!! ❤

      2. Your creation is pristine and glorious, precious and glowing, perfect and gilded. Thank you for pulling your weight to the very end and now allowing yourself to know your job is done. It’s been awesome. Chapeau! ❤ Now onto new story lines, fresh flavours! Yum yum!

      3. Hi Anita, I too can relate to what you’ve read and said and you have given me the perfect opportunity to drop in with you ‘pondwise’ if that’s ok? We can use labels until the cows come home but they won’t change the fact that – what each and every one of us are, is just that. Forget perceptions, opinions and onions. We are what we are. Nought will ever change that but our ability to look and feel deep inside. I’ve never lost something from the moment I was born and I believe it was my ‘onion’ (no different than anybody else I guess?) It has taken a lifetime to know my onions though ( you’d better believe the skins have been peeling off one by one). When we stand raw and open, small and brave we have learned trust and what will be will be. I’ll be sixty two in May and next week our new band will debut at a bar in Alicante ‘Lucky Star Band’. Our Spanish bass player thought of the name and I thought “hmmmm, I like that!” I’m not going to tell you about the negatives that are also happening to me right now because I know my onions and I’m not gonna stop singing. Rock on brothers and sisters in any way you know how ***** Stew

        1. (popping in… interesting gravatar and bio, Stew. At 62, hope you’re aiming for 120+ while reverse aging like our Kiera so that when you are ready to drop your robe, you’re just a young pup ready for new spiritual adventures. Go Lucky Star Band! Have FUN, sing away. 😀 )

        2. I salute you as a fellow 62-year-young one. We are, after all, youthing now. Much more palatable than ageing, ¿cierto? Rock on! 🙂

      4. Hi Anita
        after I woke up in a hospital (after operation), first thing I said without any thinking was: “I want to die”. The result was not pleasant- they sent
        a psychiatrist to talk to me. He asked what is the reason I want to die.
        Even if I wanted to answer, I had not a idea why. It come out as natural as a breath. But I don’t know what happened to me this 4 hours in limbo… No memory at all. And it was 1992…Much later I figured out what possibly was a reason. I woke up to the truth in 2010. Looking back, it is possibly that the cleansing process for me began much earlier…and I was just blind and deaf to it… Well – we all are different.
        But one is for sure – dizziness ( I’m through now), is as normal as all other symptoms that other people experiencing. So everything is fine…
        Hugs of understanding from me

  10. .


    The Perspective of a Long-Suffering First Wave Groundcrew Forerunner


    by Jerry R James, March 12, 2015




    At this “late” date it is amazing how little the “basics” of ascension are understood.

    Ascension is not about receiving channeled information and informing others of the judgments and pitfalls of being human from entities that are either malevolent or don’t have a clue about living as a human.

    Ascension is also not about Sherina, Jahn, George or Jerry being right.

    It is not even about showing love toward others. Showing love toward others is often a new age entrapment, which often stems from “disillusionment” that we are advancing our spirituality.

    Ascension is about raising our vibration high enough to escape the matrix.

    As informative as it might seem, channeling is not a tool to raise ones vibration and neither is mediation.

    Ascension can only occur by route of the light body activation process or LBP and if you are experiencing you will know without a doubt that you are.


    My symptoms or side effects of this process have changed somewhat this year.

    When I first began this process I would have vertigo so badly that I could not stand up and then I would vomit and have diarrhea.

    Now my nights are by far more intense than my days. I am so busy. Teaching, taking classes, fighting etc. Sometimes I meet people in my dreams from the past that I barely knew but I tell them my whole life story including ascension.

    Then I spend time with Anita in different scenarios.
    By morning I am completely exhausted and my head is clogged and eyes are very blurred. It takes about an hour to recover to a normal but exhausted state with often headaches.

    I haven’t lately had a problem with intense vertigo but mostly lightheaded. Then there is the intense trapped gas pain in the intestinal area. To my surprise I think I am in rather good shape physically.

    I thought I would have died by now and of course wish that I had. I am just stubborn enough however not to ever quit.



    entities that … don’t have a clue about living as a human


    I must have a role to still play but this process after over 15 years still remains much of a mystery to me.
    I no longer meditate, visualize, decree or anything but the process still continues unabated.

    I once begged in a dream to be released from this process but the answer from some being was no. You are too important to the process and the process is too important.

    I guess that is true for all of us that are still standing. I must have made the choice to work from this side, while Anita decided to work from the other side, but I still wish that I had not.

    I have met with many people this last year that seem to be the “second” wave, whatever that is.
    Some of them are massage therapist, acupuncturist, holistic vets etc. So many are now interested in “conspiracy” type theories that they bring up and I talk with them about the state of the world and then if they are interested move on and tell them about the false matrix, my experience of LBP and of giving up everything and loss of all possessions and everyone in my life even pets.

    But while they can relate to the fraud of 911, Obama care, banking scandals etc they just don’t have any personal experience with LBP. All of them of course meditate and are on a health regiment.

    They just can’t grasp that LBP, as horrific as it is with the accompanying loss of a social life, is to be embraced not cured.

    All of them want to cure me either with diet, special homeopathic remedies, reiki.
    I was into these practices long ago and because I take no medicine and despite my symptoms am dizzy or not still able to perform rigorous hikes.

    Of course the cure for all social ills is to get into the scene again. Meet new people, start dating again develop a network. How can that happen for someone who has to take a nap and be in bed by 7 each night.
    Then of course there could be medicines and psychological evaluations.

    I really haven’t seen much progress in the understanding the ascension process and all it entails.
    Perhaps there will not be until and unless we return as teachers in a new world, but if we have a choice I probably will opt out.


    1. Synchronicity!!! I just wrote to a friend on Facebook: “Sometimes we have to go straight through hell to get out on the other side”

      Will read your whole post when it is possible…. <9
      Thank you ❤

      1. The way TO is THROUGH. The road to Heaven goes through hell… and when going through hell, it’s best to keep going.

    2. Kiera, thanks for posting Jerry’s message.

      I could add to it… most folks don’t know about the ascension process because most folks are not even “up to” the ascension process yet. What I mean is that most people are not even that far along, not through their “general healing” yet. The ascension process, or what Jerry calls the LBP – Light Body Process – comes after the general healing.

      Then, even if someone has been through the “deep clean” and intense upgrades of their own personal ascension process, they may still not be able to relate to those of us who were on it early and often, we forerunners.

      And Jerry speaks of sacrifices made. I was guided / urged, oh hell, flat out forced to release ALL 3D level activities 5 years ago, things that did not directly involve keeping my vital signs going and many people would be amazed at just how little it takes to just “exist” and that’s pretty much all we forerunners have done for over 5 years now and gotten energetically ab-used the whole time.

      And I was someone who many 3D things never ever appealed to me in the first place, and other things that did for a while, I had no problem releasing. But yes, about 5 years ago, all 3D doors were slammed shut for me, never to open again. No job, no money, no people, no physical energy to use for myself, to even take a walk to visit the planet I am helping to ascend.

      And one of the worst things for us forerunners to have to witness is how many who think they are “light workers” have completely dirtied up the word ASCENSION. Most won’t even utter the word, as if it’s the latest taboo. And this from souls whose sole / soul purpose in this lifetime, their assignment here was to get this planet ascended and many of them won’t even get themselves ascended.

      Thanks again Kiera for Jerry’s message.

    3. Sorry there Jerry old buddy, but haven’t you gotten the memo? Kiera said, “…we are well past the point of describing to each other our levels of spiritual accomplishments…”

      And Jerry, since there is nothing at all for anyone else to gain from yours and my spiritual accomplishments, that’s probably the reason why folks like you and me were out of here many years ago.

  11. http://www.oraclereport.com/

    “Today, the main dynamic is to think before rushing into anything. Knee-jerk reactions and recklessness are the tendency, so we want to moderate that as much as possible. Double check things because there is a “double promise” element of today’s energetics. This does not mean that it is wrong to proceed; in fact, there’s a good chance that it is exactly what you need. Be bold AND wise.”

  12. Hey All !
    I just recently came across this post by ‘Jim Self’ & thought it a good one to share as it explains really well, in basic layman terms ‘The Shift’ & what these dimensions are ! I thought it was quite well written & simply put, ready or not, the Shift is coming so it is in our best interest to avoid future bumps, blockages & pot holes in our path if we continue to choose to focus, honing & practicing our thought processes, intentions, wishes, desires & dreams now in a positive & beneficial way !
    ‘Vertical Expanding Dimensions of Consciousness’
    Love to All !…..Bev

    Excerpt –
    “….some basic information about what the Shift is, and what ‘dimensions’ are, and with simple tools to help manage our thoughts and feelings, everyone has the ability to evolve their consciousness and move gracefully and joyfully into these higher-vibrational realms.
    If you don’t know what dimensions are, you are not alone. Most people playing the game of life as we know it in the third dimension are playing without a ‘rule book’ that would explain what the game really is and how one can play it successfully.
    This article provides these basic, missing rules. It explains what the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions are, and why they are the most important consideration of your life right now.
    We use only about 5 to 10 percent of the brain’s capacity to play the 3D game. Most of us suspect the rest of our brain must do something but have no idea what it actually does and how it functions.
    In fact, what the rest of the brain enables us to do is function in the higher 4th and 5th dimensions, and beyond.
    We already have the potential, all the necessary equipment and wiring, right now, to be fully conscious in all these dimensions. But our habits of thinking and feeling, grooved over many lifetimes, dumbs us down and limit us to 3D experience. Our left-brain, rational mind, only knows what it knows, and doesn’t know what it doesn’t know, and it works tirelessly to keep us within a thin range of objective 3D thinking and possibilities. And we, for the most part, have gone along for the ride. But no longer.
    The increasing light energies and frequencies of the Shift are rewiring our brains to allow us access to a much wider range of information and possibility than is available in the 3rd dimension. These light energies are preparing us for 4D and 5D experience, even as they are clearing the rigid 3D ‘rules’ from our consciousness.”

    complete article –


    1. .


      I read this great article a few years ago….


      “Brian: This appears to be a recent reworking of a 2011 Article.

      The author made two points that I think are no longer true: 1) that most people are not ready for the mastery required of 4D & 5D (I think we are),”


      I don’t think that “most” people are ready for the mastery of 5D.
      Have to agree with Jim Self STILL, on that one. I agreed with him in 2011…and it is still nearly the same, today.

      Every single site on the Internet communicates the opposite — that people are not ready. All except for Sandra Walter’s.

      Sandra herself was still playing the 3D game to a certain extent, up until a year ago.
      Now she has bypassed all that. She is now a definite contender for 5D. Or higher.

      All the rest…..they are ready for the Upper 4D worlds. Where they can continue to play, and continue to hash out and roll around in their 3D issues until they are ready to drop them all for good, for the 5D unity experience.


      “and 2) that we will be in 5D this year. My sense is we’re closer than ever, yet still on the cusp.”


      Same feeling.



      1. Thanks for adding the extra clarification !….Yes a 2011 article that re-appeared & interesting & still relevant info for many today….& always too, good to remember that some, when sufficiently awakened can be Fast Learners…& with the aid of the internet’s energy information transfer highway, it’s quite amazing how a thought / idea can reach so many instantaneously to spark change, motivation & quick activation !

        I think he still makes a good point on how as we change, the ‘Now’ also changes from day to day, & sometimes so quickly & drastically…what we can think to be certain today, can change in an instant tomorrow with these new energies…
        “No borders…Limitless potentials & possibilities”…..
        but always best & most appropriate that we keep sharing our ‘Now’ moments as best we can & if tomorrow that too changes….it is not wrong, or a crime, just a learning experience….all great inventions have failed many times before they succeeded…..xoxo Love, Bev

    2. Thank you dearest Bev for this link. It is very easy to understand and I appreciate it very much. I can can refer to lots of it – for instance:

      “When our attention point becomes present-time awareness, choice becomes possible again. We can observe any and all events with a sense of detachment, merely as information to consider, and from that still, uncluttered platform we are then, and only then, free to choose our response. In the higher 4th dimension we become response-able.”

      “Fortunately, the second wave of Shift makes it easier and easier. When we release the heavier energies which we are not, the light rewiring us, get us up in a higher 4th dimensional vibration where less thoughts and feelings is not such a distraction in our general experience.”

      “Or you can choose your thought and feeling in every moment, with focus and awareness, and to live the fullness of the experience.”

      I have practiced this a lot during the latest 24 hours 😉

      Much love & gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤


  13. Dear Aisha, Thank you for the reminder to go within, that we may express without. Your art – A beautiful expression of water in pigments, colors.
    This feels to me a smoothly flowing, mixing of energies, a merging of Soles.
    Love and Light to all.

  14. I started to play chess after this. I got so into this game. I would dream about it at night to come up with new moves. I could memorize if a piece moved to a certain place what would happen later in the game. Chess to me is all pictures in my mind. My brother memorized names and I could memorized pictures places and faces. We didn’t want to compete in these things. I still have a block on names and words because of this. The good thing I can’t get lost in the woods and never forget a face and place I saw the face if I choose to remember it. My brother told me how he could remember names and words. He took the alphabet and with each letter made a picture of a object that would be a symbol for the each letter of a name. The make a sentence from the symbols from the letters of the name. When all the symbols were memorized it got easier to do the more you did this. I could read people so I used feelings, moods, fear, love and what they liked. and the places these were done or where I saw them. I look back at the place and the face is there. The place is very important because it has feeling, moods, fear, love and likes and dislikes to.

    Everything expresses what it feels in the reflection that I see. I am very affected when around a lot of people. To learn how to deal with this I use to go to a airport and sit in a place away from the groups of people. As time went on I would get closer and closer to groups of people. Then a day came that I learned to block out parts of what I was seeing and feeling that was coming from groups of people. Then I could watch the positive or negative and block out one or the other. I sense the mood of groups of people and who is in charge of the moods people are in. There is always one or more people that makes the moods of groups of people. They just make the environment that they wish to express upon the people. The group responds to this environment it is either positive or negative. Happy or sad. It is a form of mind control used but unknown by many but used in all things.

    Did you know your eyes uses white light to see. You can’t see this white light but you see the reflection when it hits a object of reflection like the body of a person that is in a field of reflection. The only way you can see in outer space is through a reflective shield. Without this you can’t see the stars or even the sun. Our atmosphere is the earths reflective field that allows us to see what we see. Without this we would see nothing. When you shine a flashlight. You can see the white light as is goes through the atmosphere that is reflected back to your eyes. If you use a Laser light that gives off a particle like our sun. You can only see where it hits a reflected field.

    just a few more thoughts from the old man

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Ray, I just had the realization that I can sense that NOW in people also, the positive or negative moods. I am conscious of my awareness that I can respond to it or not. Everything seems to be making sense to me in my life now, the eternal NOW. I could always do this and would pick up these energies but internalize them as mine. Oh how funny to see that now with these new set of eyes 🙂 Every experience I have had or will have are gifts of Grace.
      Also, I did not know that about white light. The more I try with my human mind to understand the VAST divinity of expression we live in, the more I feel as if I’m traveling within a dream, which I am, just so in awe of it ALL….Much love and light to you and ALL DIVINE BEINGS ❤

  15. My mother loved to paint. I did to when I was a child. I won an award when I was in the 4th grade in school for a painting I made. I was amazed at what people saw in my painting. They put my painting so when you walked into the school it was the first thing you saw. It was like they could read my mind as I was painting. I never painted another painting in my life after this. But learned to read paintings of others. I love all paintings because of the stillness from within needed to paint from the heart.

    Love and blessings to all

  16. Hello everyone.
    This is my 140th favourite Japanese song from ~http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    SweetS – Love like candy floss (Released Date : Feb.11, 2004)
    Lyrics : ~http://j-lyric.net/artist/a005711/l00243d.html

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    Telling one’s mind it does not need to think about it all the time to avoid but rather to let it be and forget.
    === We can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ~https://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    === We can “READ” the meanigs of each Crop Circle ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  17. Dear family of light! The stillness is calling me, as is Mother Nature, the water and the colours 🙂 You are all a constant presence for me now, like a multicoloured shimmering haze of loving iridescent light that I inhale with every breath I take. My gratitude knows no bounds, nor my love, and I thank you all for YOU. I wish you all a wonderful day, may it be one brimming with love, with light and with creativity in every way!
    With all my LOVE – always
    Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Dear Aisha ❤

      II would not have coped with this process if I had not had nature around the corner. This afternoon I walked around, talked to and thanked Mother wherever I walked, sat in the sun and photographed the most amazing cloud formations that you can imagine and caught the afternoon's low sun rays everywhere. The sky was so clear blue and the clouds seemed to be happy – like if they wanted to do their best to satisfy me and thank me for being who I am and what I have done for Mother and the Universe. It gives me immense satisfaction to be able to perpetuate the experience of nature in this way :)))

      Hope you can recover well dearest Aisha. Myself, I still feel very tired in the body, fragile and in need of tranquility as well.

      Much love and gratitude to you my dear Sister ❤ ❤ ❤

    2. Oh Aishsa, such sweet words and gentle beautiful energy…thank you sweet soul sister 🙂

      Blessings and Beauty,

  18. Dearest Light Family ❤

    My body feel squeezed but my soul is REJOICING 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    I sat down on my yoga mat to try to stretch my vessel but was so sore that I was not able to do that. My tears were falling like a soft but overwhelming rain in the spring, I just sat massaging my sore legs and felt an enormous gratitude for my vessel, my beautiful and amazing Avatar (nod to Bixie 😉

    This is the first day of the rest of my life ❤

    Infinite Love & Gratitude to ALL of you and All That IS ❤ ❤ ❤
    B to B


    1. I’ll actually see a physical therapist this morning to assess especially my left upper arm and my other bodily symptoms. So thankful for it ❤

      1. Nice crystal Gravatar you’re using B.
        Pleasant adjustments to you.
        Sending calm warm golden crystal light. in-Joy!!!!!

        1. Thank you for your appreciation Michael 🙂 It actually was not easy to get a good shot of it – many trial and errors. The black in it is a reflection of my dressing gown…. ;)…..shrug…. as Otmn use to say…. 😉
          Love & joy ❤

          1. Hi B,
            to take photo’s of glass, the reflections are so mighty, so photographers use a way to make all angles of light soft and rounded. They encase the subject in white or they use mirrors placed around the subject to highlight the edges.
            Thank you for letting your inspiration flow!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

        1. I was a bit suspicious when I got a big bruise on my upper arm but it’s probably a rupture that occurred last Sunday when I shook my small bathroom rug out on the patio. Felt that it ripped into the upper arm muscle.

          Anyway, I met a wonderful young physiotherapist who swallowed my whole story about energy work 🙂 She was a healer herself, which I told her too. I could really feel that when she held her hands on me. She noted that nothing seems to be broken, muscles and tendons in place so I was advised to do some gymnastic movements with both arms and legs. I have not been able to – or even been motivated – to be physical like i used to be in the past year which probably is the reason. I have mostly been walking with the camera which is not particularly heart-pounding despite the enthusiasm for Mother 😉

          This morning I also realized that I already have two rocks situated near my bed to the right and in the window a few meters to the left near the computer where I – unfortunately – have often found myself sitting too long in the last couple of years. Anyway I have many stones both here and there in my apartment 😉 There is still ice on the lake so I can not access any more stones along the lakeshore yet.

          Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

          1. that’s great news ‘B’ !….a bit more exercise, bending & stretching added to your walks should help & glad you went to see the therapist to be sure !….Love, Bev

            1. Yes – I guess so….though this evening I have a terrible pain in my legs. I walk around and stomp my feet to the floor to get vibrations in the legs – feel really miserable….Any advice would be appreciated….

              Love ❤

              1. Dear one,
                Do you know anything about acupressure?
                My acupuncturist showed me where to apply pressure on the bodies meridians. ❤

                1. Yes…good advice….& I do mine with…are you ready ‘B’…beach stones ! (about 2-3lb size) I lay on them at the pain points or press them into the points…& lots of stretching helps too & I lift small hand weights….works for me anyways ! Hope this helps ! maybe try heat or cold (ice) whichever feels best….you’ll know as one will help & the other you’ll feel worse…you have to experiment….I seem to know now at what times my body wants heat & other times it wants cold (usually cold when there is inflammation)
                  Hope you are able to have a good night’s sleep dear ‘B’ !…xoxo Bev

                  1. Oh – very good advice – thanks – most appreciated!!! Why didn´t I think about my rocks….which I always use for different purposes?….
                    Yes – I look forward to have a good nights sleep too ❤

                    Much love & gratitude ❤

                2. I heard about it and I know it is about applying pressure… Will try it. I guess I’m pretty spoiled by having a body that always worked fine … until now 😉
                  Thank you Michael ❤
                  Love ❤

                    1. THANK YOU dearest LIn ❤

                      I want to thank you and everyone who has been helping me during the nigiht because I felt so much better in the morning when I got up.

                      However – after having been awake for a couple of hours my headache is appearing BIG TIME and my legs became much worse again. I realize that my legs are my sensible antennas during this match 😉

                      Much love & gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. B, a couple things.

        I’ll just rattle things off. If you feel you already have them covered, then nevermind, but see what might resonate and I may be offering suggestions, but don’t give authority of your life, health and choices to anyone, myself included. You “B” your best judge of what’s best.

        First of all, physical level…

        Yep, water and sea salt. 🙂 Also for sore muscles, take milk thistle and L-glutamine. These help your liver process out lactic acid which is what causes sore muscles. I always think it’s good to also take a good multi-vitamin / mineral and perhaps extra antioxidants, even just Vit. C is good. Best of all – whole, organic, pure food. All other things being equal, the better our nutrition level, the faster we can heal and also recover from / ease the batterings of energetic / light inpourings.

        And you can use arnica. I suggest the topical form (B &T brand is best, least amount of crap in it). There is oral arnica also, but eh, I just am not fond of that. And hey, if you use it and it doesn’t agree with ya, then listen to your body. But we’re talking homeopathic stuff here. To me, what such does is kinda amplify the owie, like a big fat arrow going “body, aim here with your healing energies”, so then it’s wise to support your body with the nutrition it needs to actually make a step up in healing something. So that goes back to what I said in prior paragraph and supplements / nutrition.

        And, energetically… you can essentially perform an “energetic massage” on yourself. It’s the same concept as a physical massage, ya know, where you have a knot in a muscle and the massage therapist digs in their thumb or elbow and tells you to “breath into” that area. Well, instead of using someone else’s thumbs 🙂 use your own mind’s eye to go pinpoint that sore spot and ask for an energetic level release there. This pinpointing thing can be a bit of a trick. You can sometimes sense that you’re close and yet not quite or hit the spot but have a tough time holding your focus on that place, but just keep after it.

        I find that when I hit the spot, I have a bit of a convulsion, which is real quick and short-lived usually, but most definite.

        You might be surprised with where the actual blockage is. Don’t forget the holographic nature of things in this regard. I’m not saying this is actually the deal but it gives you an example – every vertebra of the spine holographically represents different parts / regions of the body and organs also, etc. So, you might find that focusing on the correct vertebra may release something there and find that cures things out in your extremities. It may be chakra related. Either way, your mind’s eye ought to be able to “find” it.

        Don’t be surprised if you have success with clearing blockages like this, you may have an emotional release and have some memories surface or whatever.

        Love to hear how any / all of this works for ya.

        1. Thank you for taking your time for suggestions – always appreciated 🙂 Time will tell how to act with these symtoms. Right now my own massage of my legs helps a great deal.

          Love & gratitude ❤

    2. Hello, dear B – ing 😀

      As I searched the internet what the term AVATAR actually means, I found astonishing:

      1. „Avatar is a term used in Hinduism for a material manifestation of a deity.”

      2. „In Hinduism, an avatar … is a deliberate descent of a deity to Earth, or a descent of the Supreme Being (e.g., Vishnu for Vaishnavites), and is mostly translated into English as “incarnation”, but more accurately as “appearance” or “manifestation”. …

      Since then I feel multiperspectival 😀

      I AM BIX 😀

      1. OMG my dearest Bixie!!! Thank you so very much for your very powerful sharing and your research :))) ❤ ❤ ❤

        Take my hand you always light shining Avatar Sister – I am deeply honoured ❤ ❤ ❤

        B to B

  19. Spirit awoke with me in saying things about the timeline shift coming up.
    I had expressed concern about it.
    It was told to me that this intervention may be necessary most probably and because so many are not awakening enough to their most true essences. Our frequencies do shine brightly – yes – for some it is enough of a boost.
    And there is a push for All to be expressing their true essences at this time.
    There are those of us who do not need to ‘forget in order to remember’ I was told. (We know who we are.) I was feeling sad at anyone forgetting I suppose. That had me feeling a bit disconcerted. Yet, now I feel the sense that there are a few of us who shall Always Remember The All Of It. History shall not repeat ever again because of that – and we are able to withstand holding The All Of It. These record keepers, if you will, shall also be the ‘constables’ of the new Gaia as spoken of recently at Gaia Portal. This gave me great relief so I wanted to post about it.
    I have been quiet yet much has been stirring in and around me.
    Again, things that I offer here may not to be taken as truth by everyone unless you feel it to be so. It’s all ok. I share what comes as always….in the way I feel to.
    This offering is the truth as I received it this morning in my own beingness.
    Blessings All ! ❤ good day/night

    1. We don’t forget, since we are multidimensional beings, we can always return to a time in history, because there is no time. Time is the illusion. Spirit is aware of the eternal now and we are part of spirit. Blessings and much love and light to you…<3

  20. ~all hearts must melt~
    Spirit has spoken this to me for days 🙂 ❤
    and so be it
    this morning – and thru the day, I so enjoyed 'the great melt off' as i call it – with the 60+ degree weather we had here ~!

  21. Aisha – I was in awe of the multidimensional ‘bowing’ beings in your painting!!!
    very endearing.
    Namaste’ ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. I think enough of it to save it to my misc pictures on my laptop –
      called it “Otmns leaves of joyful light”
      very dreamy
      😀 ❤ thank you. I Most Love it!!! and those black sharp lines absolutely
      set it off too!

      1. thanks i have lots of them
        some tell me i could sell them, but i have no idea how,
        i give you another season

        1. I like this golden even better ❤︎
          I do my little arts too someday I would like to share them ❤︎

        2. I just finished having a conversation with my wife about this very thing (selling art). She was showing me this site


          Apparently it’s as easy as posting a picture, which I can see you are already able to do.

          They will then produce a variety of products on demand, and ship them to the customers, and pay you a commission for every sale.

          I have no affiliations or relationship with this company, but it seemed pertinent.


          1. Thank you, Paul for showing the art-selling site. I’ve been looking for a site like this to sell my photographs. Do you know if there is a European site like this? 🙂

        3. Nice paintings Otmn. I love your paintings. You have much more passion than you lead people to believe about you. Nice to see you showing some of this passion about yourself. A sharing of love about anything is received with the same love and passion.

          1. i did not think i was leading anyone to believe anything
            who do i think i am, to tell anyone anything
            maybe it is just because my family does not recognize the artist in me,
            they are all ‘christians’
            they think i ‘fell away from the church’
            not true,
            i just out grew believing in ancient superstitions
            but they all agree and concur with one another
            they think i am addle brained
            i think they cling to the illusion with all their might
            i am out numbered, they all agree with each other,
            how may i tell the truth when no one listens?
            thank you all for the support and encouragement
            i do not get much of that, around here.

            for example, take the christian’s ‘sacrament of Communion’
            i think you have to be a primitive from Papua, or Amazonia, perhaps
            darkest Africa to believe that you can gain someone’s power by eating their flesh
            only dracula or some weirdo in lala land will believe you can gain power by drinking someone’s blood
            the whole idea creeps me out

            1. ❤ O, Continue to bring "you" to us where you're appreciated and Loved. It's difficult to be rejected by one's original family… and with such contempt. But it's just ignorance/unawareness out of fear on their part; it takes adventuresome strength to walk into new territory while bound by nothing
              and holding on to no-thing. If they felt indifference towards you, then they'd be able to walk away and dismiss you 100% completely as if you were a piece of unwanted furniture. I'm sure some of them might just feel some respect down deep, but they call it by another (resentful) name in order to survive. You came in strong for a reason. 🙂 Continue to be well, hopefully with less and less physical pain. ❤

              1. BEAUTIFUL dearest Sister ❤ ❤ ❤

                Deepest respect to you and to Otmn for daring to show your right colors ❤ ❤ ❤
                Infinite LOVE ❤

                PS. Something wrong on YouTube so I send you this link instead. It is song # 3 that I want to play for you ❤

    2. There is so much light in these pictures and the colours are startling! I love them! Good luck with your venture.

      Love & Light

  22. Dear Vinny! Thank you for sharing this – no wonder I was feeling “knocked out” just like B a couple of hours ago … 😉 Yes, it does feel like we are in another dimension now!!!
    Aisha ❤

      1. Garlic is most poison if it gets in a wound. Like he said if you drink snake poison it won’t hurt you. But if a snake bits himself it will kill him, This man has a IQ of 180

          1. I agree he doesn’t explain himself well enough for many to understand. He like many like himself with a high IQ that just takes a lot of things for granite that people know what he is talking about. He has spent most of his life designing and making machines for hospital use. Some of his creations are used all around the world in hospitals. He has a PHD in electrical engineering and has degrees in several other things. He is limited to what he can say by laws placed upon himself and others like him. Hope this may help to understand what he is trying to do to help people of the world in his later years of his life. He knows much more that what he talks about but can’t talk about it or he will go to jail.

            Love and blessings to all

            1. Well physically each person is different. and after years of building up an immunity to this poisson WE LIVE!!!!!!!! :0)

            2. Hi, Ray… have you ever entertained the thought of building at least one of the little devices mentioned for use by yourself/your family? And if you did, would you be open to sharing the results? I understand if you do not want to share. Thanx in any event. xo Lin ❤

              (I've called the number listed and am researching further)

    1. WOW, Ray. This video is fascinating–with 40 more min. to go yet. THANK YOU! Forest Joy (and Aisha, Caroline, Bev and maybe Kiera) might be interested in it also. With Gratitude & Love, Lin ❤

      [Whenever I see your name attached to a post, I pay attention]

    2. Thanks so much again Ray !!!….a great video & makes so much logical & practical sense…I enjoyed watching it & am sure many more truths like those he speaks of will be revealed this year ! This is what the Light is doing & will continue to do so as it increasingly expands & embraces this world !
      Love, Bev

  23. Spaceweather.com:

    X2-FLARE AND RADIO BLACKOUT: Sunspot AR2297 has just unleashed a strong Earth-directed solar flare (March 11 @ 16:22 UT). Extreme UV radiation from the blast, which measured X2 on the Richter Scale of Flares, is causing HF radio fade-outs and other propagation effects on the dayside of Earth, primarily over the Americas: map. Meanwhile, natural radio emissions from the sun suggest that a CME might be emerging from the blast site at speeds exceeding 1,400 km/s (3.1 million mph). Stay tuned for updates. Solar flare alerts: text, voice

    1. Thanks! Can feel that blast along with the other stuff from the last 3-4 days. This lead up time to the Equinox is certainly filled with all kinds of goodies. I was going to say “better button down the hatches”, but then decided I am leaving mine wide open for more of the blast! Woo ei!

      1. …. goodies??? OMG….;) well guess you are right dearest Forest Joy – I´m just too exhausted right now 😉

        Good night folks ❤
        Love you ❤

    2. Thank you for sharing Cosmic Bear ❤

      I was led to join Mother late this afternoon almost exactly the time for the solar flare. I had a GREAT need to go out. I haven´t really joined Mother for about a week and it felt like I was drained. I walked around in familiar places and just cried, thanked and hugged the trees all the time. It was such an intense meeting so I feel completely knocked out tonight. Feels like I am in another dimension….

      Love & light ❤

      1. Sjoooooo, and from here swoosh.
        Rest your body and rejuvenate your mind.
        Soul’s ready to march forward, or dance which ever you prefer!!!!!

  24. Omg, YES things are happening…this is incredible! Aisha, your painting has taken on a new depth that is quite beautiful ❤ Thank you Aisha, The CCs and mt Brothers and Sister's in Light. Wow, how does it get better than this? We are all going to find out :)!

    Blessings and Beauty,

  25. “Anything that attempts to be imposed upon us that is does not feel right (or does not feel good) will not work today. The old imprint tries to bring things down on us, to clamp down on us, and restrict us. Anything along this line will not work out well. Disallow any attempt to control your mind, beliefs, and feelings.

    It’s Disseminating Moon phase, the time when we share our ideas, projects, and thoughts with others and receive feedback. What comes back enables us to see the bigger picture and modify things so that they can be better. The universe naturally delivers feedback during Disseminating Moon phase, too. Background conversations, symbols, and synchronicities bring confirmation. An increase in confidence is the goal.”


    1. Thanks ‘B’…I like it !…& the disseminating moon fits with Aisha’s new sharing of ‘Perception’ in her paintings….’Tonik’ had just made a wonderful responsive comment confirming this new exercise in expanding ‘Perception’ is indeed working !…..I’m so pleased she has decided to let her creativity flow once again…certainly it is & I know is part of the plan in creational energy expansion to touch & benefit All !…..Love, Bev

    2. Yeap B to B, seems as if the oracle report is spot on….I would take one step in the heart and my mind/ego/beliefs/feelings would move me two steps back to take control…Had to accept the good, the bad, and the ugly ~~surrender to all of it…Love and light to all ❤

  26. I was flying in a dream last night. I was flying in front of others who were walking.

    In Aisha’s painting I see a bear with a dogs head.
    I love the little crack of yellow golden light where I see the jaw.

    1. Dear CosmicBear! Thank you for showing me YOU in the painting 🙂 And thank you for helping others to lift their hearts and spirits by flying free above them 🙂
      Aisha ❤

    1. Yes !….put it on the ‘Update on the Gathering’…but doesn’t hurt to post again & again & again…….then March 23rd is ‘Earth Hour’ ! Love, Bev

    2. Do you know the Japanese food natto which is fermented soybean.

      We can purify the water by own-developed water purification agent(PGα21Ca) from sticky component of natto. It is “easy” and “cheap”. It can purify one ton of water by 100g of powder.

      The water purification agent was developped by POLY-GLU SOCIAL BUSINESS CO.,LTD.
      PGα21Ca as for waste water treatment plant, has been widely used in automobile and steel industry. Currently, the company is shipping to 40 countries, in the sales of one billion JPY in 2011, 50% are overseas.
      The company, flocculants remembering magnetic material to polyglutamic acid “PG-M” are also released. Since having magnetism, if used together, such as electromagnets, and it can be recovered attract contaminants. By using the PG-M zeolite, that cesium radioactive substance can be almost 100% removal revealed in Tokyo Institute of Technology study. Ukrainian government is also interested in PG-M, is that the company is going to cooperate with the removal of such strontium flowing out from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident site recently, was decided.
      The president Oda speaks,
      “Both executives of TEPCO meet, Fukushima in sewage purification of first nuclear power plant I talk to use this technology was going, but then stalled, we’ve run out of any contact. We not only, in Japan there are many small and medium-sized companies that can save this dire situation. National crisis Even though I do not understand why not try to tackle in the All Japan”
      Currently, it has succeeded in mass production of PGα21Ca.
      The page where I referenced is,

      1. The patent of this product was invented by Keshe. He is a man well beyond his time with his insights that are not taught in schools.

        1. Really ? In the first YouTUBE video, sais inventor is Mr.Oda who is the president of the company.
          I think there are opaque military movement about Keshe.
          1) US military unmanned reconnaissance attack aircraft Predator was captured intact by forced landing by Iran of radio operation.
          (US military pride collapsed ?)
          2) Was bombed Iran by feeding the US military made of triangular UFO “TR3B”.
          (Iran military pride collapsed ?)
          3) And Iranian scientists(Keshe) start to claim that Iran have developed a Disk. Keshe Foundation is seen as came out as an extension of such military series.
          (US military pride collapsed ?)
          How far I cannot convince whether it is a truth.
          However, because Keshe is came out even in the message of Sananda, he is likely to have a certain degree of credibility. (though through Kathryn E. May)

          1. All of Keshe patents are open for anyone to make and use as they wish. I have copies of all his patents that were gave to me.

      2. Reverse osmosis membrane technology is cutting-edge from Japan. The principle is simple. Membrane pass only water molecules. It can get the fresh water from sea/salt water or sewage that was added to the pressure. 1986 founded the original salt removal rate was 96%. Now 99.8%. It takes about 20 years to increase 3.8%. So simple. This is the simple video. (though Japanese)


  27. sorry i could not find one that did not lead to more
    shut if off as you please.
    btw tom paxton wrote this song
    even though most everybody from paul simon to johny cash took a turn
    i like doc watson’s version the best. he put some ‘bluegrass’ into it

    seems to me there is nothing new about any of this

  28. It is truly astounding how many times repetitive vacuous words and phrases can be re-combined.
    That in itself is a miracle of creation. No beginning and no end to them…


    First, I came for the pie….but now I can “come” for the paintings — THANK GOODNESS


    First thing I saw is a baby sitting cross-legged in a Yoga pose, leaning forward toward the golden figure.

    The baby represents the “baby” ascending Masters, who have just FINALLY reached beginning master levels.

    Baby is green (sorta — good enough) and operating from the green Heart Center energies.
    Baby is also accessing what the Enlightened Beings use…the transmuting Violet Flame energies usually associated with the crown chakra.

    The golden figure initially “felt” like a continent, before morphing into an animal.
    The animal morphed into a variety of animals, but all from the BEAR family: weasel, wolverine, raccoon, panda, a baby bear.

    It ALMOST looked like a lamb, but made a very weird looking lamb — perhaps a mutated bear/lamb.

    The golden colour represents the golden “Christed” ground-level Soul energy that is prevalent right now….the one that Lisa Gawlas has been “going off about” in her readings, this past week.

    CONTINENT + BEAR = Russia

    The “Russian Bear” right now, symbols the divine light energies who are counter-acting and neutralizing the dark energies of the Western Cabal, and foiling ALL their attempts at WW3 and the implementation of a New World Order hegemony.

    The newly enlightened baby is leaning towards and projecting its divine Christed Light support towards Russia for support and faster ascension.

    The Violet Flame energies are used to transmute all negative energies, into Golden Light.


    1. .


      The Violet Flame of Ascension: The Alchemist’s Wet Dream


      “FOR CENTURIES, alchemists have sought to change base metals into gold. But the transmutation of metals like lead into gold is symbolic of a higher and more noble alchemy — the alchemy of self-transformation.

      SELF-TRANSFORMATION was the goal of the most spiritual of alchemists. They sought a way to change the lead of negative human energy into the gold of divine energy, and some of them achieved this by using the violet flame. But first, let’s explore what the violet flame is, what it does and how it works.

      The violet flame (also called the violet fire) is a unique spiritual energy that can help you in all areas of your life. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve your relationships, help you to grow spiritually, or just make life easier.

      The flame is the essence of a unique spiritual light. Mystics of all ages have glimpsed a “spiritual spectrum” behind the physical spectrum.

      Radiant colors, more pure and rare than those found on earth, emanate from a brilliant, “inner” divine light. Just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism refracts into seven colors, spiritual light splits into seven colors, or “rays” – each of which has specific divine qualities.

      The violet flame comes forth from the violet ray, which has the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation.

      The color violet has long been associated with spirituality.
      Having the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, violet is at the point of transition to the next octave of light.

      To the ancients, this transcendental color was a spiritual rather than a physical phenomenon.

      Saints and adepts throughout the ages have known how to use the violet flame, but it was only released to the public earlier this century by an Ascended Master called Saint Germain.

      Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once walked the earth like you and me.

      They balanced their karma (paid their debts to life) and fulfilled their reason for being. They then ascended, or reunited with God. You probably already know the names of a few Ascended Masters – Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Krishna.



      How the Violet Flame Works

      The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”.

      In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom.

      The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level.

      Atoms are mostly empty space. The empty space between the nucleus and the electrons is where negative energy and karma can become stuck.

      When the atoms in our bodies and auras become clogged with this negativity, the electrons whirl slower and slower, and we begin to resonate more with negativity, and less with light – we have a lower vibration, and become less spiritual.

      The violet flame transmutes this negative energy.

      It does not simply surround and remove the energy, but transforms it into light.

      Because there is less density within the atom, the electrons whirl faster and faster, thereby raising your vibration.

      When you have a higher vibration, there is more spiritual energy in your body.
      Acupuncturists and yogis know that optimum health comes when this spiritual energy flows freely throughout the body.
      The violet flame frees up this energy and re-establishes harmony and equilibrium, propelling you into a more spiritual state of being.

      The Alchemist’s Dream

      The violet flame is a tool of self-transformation.
      Physical experiments in alchemy whereby base metals are transformed into gold are symbolic of what the violet flame does. “

  29. Uncut Astrology W/ The Leo King EP 10: Saturn Retro, Mars Meets Uranus/P…:

      1. Yes, hes so incedible impulsive and shouting in his daly astrology videos xD

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