A short update on the Gathering

By now, you will all have begun to settle a little bit more into these new tracks that you laid down during that ever so impressive get-together that you staged just a few days ago, and even if the first stages of this new part of your journey may seem to be somewhat shaky for some of you, you will all find yourself steadying into this new rhythm, or rather, vibration. For as you came together and pooled your formidable resources of individual frequencies into this already deep reservoir of light that has been collected here in this space, you also set off some very new frequencies, frequencies that were engendered in the meeting points of your own individual tunes. In other words, your singular currents created some very distinct patterns wherever they intersected with those of the others connected to this Pond through their own individual vibrating string of light, and through this process, a vast new tapestry of light was co-created by you all.

Once again, this will sound as if old news to many of you, but what you might not be aware of, is that this time, you not only created a very new tapestry of light, you also in effect disconnected the old one. And so, you have left your old training wheels behind, and now, what you stand upon, is ground that you have literally created from scratch yourselves.

For by now, nothing of the old systems will be here for you to fall back upon, and the reason we choose this phrase, is to say that now, you do not have the option to “fall back” into the old in any way. And the very reason for that is simply this: it is because you have chosen it thus. You see, you have all given yourselves the permission to graduate fully from the old, and through this last endeavour, you sent out a signal not just to yourself but to ALL, that now, you are ready to finally stand tall and proud in an energy of your own making. And now, you need no longer rely on the supporting structures that were created during the initial stages of this process, for you have all found the sufficient presence of mind to stop looking about you for something to lean on. For now, you know that what you carry within is more than enough to carry you wherever you go, and from this day forward, you will begin to truly embrace the truth in these words.

This does not mean that from this day onwards, you will stand alone, far from it. For what this means, is that from this day onwards, you as a collective will be an even more impressive co-creative unit. For now, what you feed each other will be a very different kind of energy from what it was before. Earlier, you all needed to literally lean on each other for some extra support at one stage or the other during the journey, and this task of support was one that was taken to heart by so many of you. And so, what you have managed to create, is a one of a kind group of self-supported souls, all powerful enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other in the next stage of this ongoing process of making the rest of mankind as sovereign as you have managed to re-create yourself as.

You see, you all needed the others in order for you to find the real you, but now, you will all rely on yourselves to further this process outwards. For now, so much of the energy that ran between you earlier will be sent out into the ethers, outwards to help even more souls begin this process of empowering themselves, just as you have all done by coming together to assist each other through this process of rebirthing your own inherent powers.

And no, this does not mean that you will all go back to square one again to relive this process again and again through the lives of those around you. For we do not refer to a process where you will be feeding the rest of this planet from your deep reservoir of light, and thereby emptying out your own resources. No, what we refer to is an entirely different process, where you will find yourself drawn outwards in the respect of beginning to utilize your own inherent powers in such a way, they will not just sustain you, they will also ignite the “motors” within others so that they in turn can begin to draw on their own reservoir instead of feeding off of that of others.

You see, as this new age dawns you will all at one stage find yourselves opening up to something that has been waiting for just this moment to arrive, and what we refer to, is an inner ability that you have that now will be put to good use in the world that still surrounds you. Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but let us just say that from now on, you will all find that no matter where you go, you literally carry the connection to this Pond of energy with you. And like an extra tank of oxygen this huge reservoir of light that you have all been so instrumental in collecting will enable you to literally dive out into the still dense soup that surrounds you to do the things that resonate with your energy, even in such an environment as the remnants of the old world has to offer. For you will be able to take what has become apparent to you and bring it out into the world in a manner that will give you all reasons to rejoice in more ways than one. First of all because your actions will be guided by your heart, so you will know exactly what your role is to BE, and secondly because you will find that your enlightened actions will set alight the center of the hearts in those people that will be drawn to your light in the first place.

Remember, what we are referring to, is not for you to become a group of proselytising zealots delivering your message to all and sundry, for you are not going to go out into the world to “save” anyone. That is not the case here at all. No, what you are to do, is simply to BE the you that you have now become, and to DO the things that literally make your entire being sing from joy when you do them, and then, it will be like setting off a shower of sparks in anyone you may come across.

For you are here to lead by example, and now, you have clearly shown to yourself and to the rest of Creation that you have finally become YOU by allowing that inner light to come fully alive. And so, it is your task to BE that light, not to run around telling everyone around you how to be theirs. So go out into this world with your head held high, and go out with the knowledge that now, you stand firmly on your own two feet, within your own exceptional light, fully anchored to a living grid of interconnected pathways of light that you have been instrumental in setting up. And now, you need not rely on others to breathe freely, but thanks to the very fact that you have all allowed yourselves to become a part of a collective of enlightened souls again by casting aside the old notion of your own unimportance, you have all become complete, and so too this very new grid of life-sustaining pathways of light.

So once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation. You are magnificent indeed, and now, we venture to guess you are far more inclined to agree to this very fact than you were only a few days ago. And for that, we could not be more pleased, both on your behalf and for the rest of Creation. For it is in this capacity as complete and sovereign beings that you can help others around you to attain that same stature, and only through that. For you have shown it to yourself that it is indeed possible, and now, that is all that anyone else need to see. And if they allow their own heart to see this, they will surely follow in your footsteps into their own way of BEing themselves fully for the very first time in their capacity as a human being. And then, this transformation will indeed be complete, not just for you, but for ALL.

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  1. ❤ 🙂 You motor on Vinny… perhaps we will get to meet one day soon. Things have been very busy with lots of green energy measures at home and much more to transform our living space 🙂

  2. Count me in, Vinny!! I’m still trying to get my bearings straight from all of that downloading and moving and repositioning from Wednesday night and all day yesterday. ❤

    1. Dear Caroline
      I red your blood pressure is skyrocketing at the times…Please tell me what you doing about it. I’m walking with 196/105 and 85 pulse. Until
      now all I do doesn’t help much. Forget the chemicals, I threw them away.
      Hugs and good wishes from me

      1. .


        The frequencies in most of the videos are based on the ‘Cross Reference List of Rife Frequencies’.

        Rife = Royal Raymond Rife

        “The carrier frequency of 304 Hz which is useful on headaches and pain relief, and more importantly, to lower blood pressure.”



        1. Hi Kiera
          I’m very grateful for your help. It’s nice to know this side of you.
          I appreciate it very much. BIG thank you.

        2. Hi Kiera
          I’m grateful for your help. Nice to know this side of you. I appreciate it very much. BIG thank you.

        1. I take my blood pressure several times a day. I found that just by taking deep breaths through my nose and breathing out the mouth then relaxing the body and clearing the mind lowers my blood pressure 10 to 20 points.

          1. Hi Ray
            I’ll try this, thank you. Everything what was suggested here is of help
            and I’ll follow.
            Take care.

      2. Both Kiera and Ray are spot on, Maria. Always keep fully hydrated. My blood pressure has been steady for several years. At the time it was spiking, I used L-theanine. A natural amino acid extracted from green tea leaves. It has a calming effect on heart muscle activity. I used a supplement that also contained inositol, which supports brain and nervous system functioning. As always, make sure that whatever one takes will not interfere with other supplements or medications. And remember, your body is evolving.

        1. I have taken enough blood thinner to kill a million rats. Many may not know a lot of the blood thinners that are made from a snake venom that thins the blood. It has been used for years for rat poison. It makes them bleed to death inside. I may be immune to this snake bite by now. Enough to thin the blood and not kill a human is used this way. It can still cause many problems if not watched and checked by your doctor. A lot of other meds can’t be taken with this. I like to research the meds I have to take and look who came up with them how they make them and who makes them and who has done studies on them and what they say. Many doctors don’t have the time to do things like this. I have gotten my doctor to change some of my meds to other Meds that have less side effects and stopped some altogether and use natural plants or food to replace them. I was taking six different meds now I’m down to 3 and weaning off one more now. Then will try to stop all but aspirin.

          Love and blessings to all

        2. Hi Caroline
          I’m very grateful for all suggestions, you can be sure I’m
          a good listener…Until now I’m taking cayenne pepper only. I red that
          it’s “cleansing the plumbing”(meaning arteries).
          Thank you.

  3. ❤ Vinny, Deepest Thanx from my Heart for your incredible dedication and perseverance (and sharing)… and your Love for Mother/for All. ❤

  4. If you take the proper elements or groups of particles and put them in the proper place they create an environment that will interact with what you call Adamantine that has its own source of energy. You don’t command it to do something you create the environment and it does it on its own with its own power that creates what the environment ask it to do. Change the environment and the creation is changed by the laws of its environment. Love is what is felt and shared when watching the creation come to life and can be used with a love intent. Things created in this way is a love of creation that should always used with a love intent. Those who misuse this form of creation for ill intent does harm to its creation and its environment. So you can say that love intent is the power that this creation should always be used. Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but from itself. It is the most powerful force in the universe. It keeps everything in balance. I love to sit and talk about things like this. Finding someone to talk to about this type of thing in person isn’t that easy some times.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Dearest Ray, This is so beautiful what you have shared. I would love to be that someone. Thank you so much for speaking this love filled truth in your amazing way. So much love and more to you.

    2. Dear Ray this here i do understand and feel. It is wonderfull!
      “Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but from itself. It is the most powerful force in the universe. It keeps everything in balance.”

      Thank you!

      1. Many may not understand that without love their would be no free choice. Some may say without hate there would be no free choice. In the beginning there was nothing to choose from. All was void and without form without choice. So it was decided by some not all to let the creation choose which way they would go when life was created. So the school of choice began to see life in all its ways to see if life would ever find its way back home to the bliss of life before creation while in life form. How will they master the elements with the desires of greed and power over others as they try to decide between love or hate for all life. Only true love can get you back home. All the other things are just a lessen in grade school that must be known of before they can be over come and let go. Who has the power to over come all and be left with nothing but true love for all life step forward and shine this love to the world. When this day comes Mother Earth shall shake with a new tone of love for all life. All life shall feel the present of this true love of life like never before. All shall be humble in the present of this love and give thanks for this blissful feeling of love. It is so much fun to write about what a person feels about life. It is the window to all life.

        Love and blessing to all

  5. You can’t force someone to love you. It you try this. It is nothing but a failure in the long run and does harm to the nature of things. Anything can be created with the love that is given and received with love between particles That flows with the laws of nature. I call this cold fusion.

    Love and blessings to all

  6. People use many names for this. And yes love is a part of this it is what some call cold fusion not force fusion. Love works with all things in cold fusion.

  7. Each particle has a nucleus that has its own vibration. Each nucleus has a smaller particle within it that has it own vibration of creation that has made the larger particle that it is within. This type of creation keeps getting smaller and smaller until you get to the god particle of all creation that we know of. Everything in creation is a creation of this very small white light god particle. That interacts and is connected to everything that is. These small god particles are everywhere in space around us and within every cell in our creation and everything that is created. The essence of this god particle is the core of all creation that we know of. Does this god particle have a smaller vibration within itself like all the larger particles have. That is not for us to be known at this time. We can’t even see the god particle yet in our present form. We know it is there and this can only be seen down to a limit of how small the human can see with the tools we have to do this.

    An essence of this white god particles of pure energy lives within everything. This uses the body of the human to see life as we know it through our eyes. Each human has its own essence of of this energy that some may call the soul of the human that lives within and without the body and is connected to everything. This essence looks at life through our eyes. We look at life of this essence through our minds eye. We can’t see it through our eyes unless it wishes to be seen and takes a form we can see. It can take any form it wishes. It can go through any and all forms of matter. It is always here and knows not of its own death but knows of the changing of form of the body in what we call death. It is pure energy that is alive and uses the tools of its creations to create anything it wishes within the laws of its creation.

    All creations have laws that came with its creation and can change with the use of these laws to make other creations. The Earth we live on has its own set of laws of creation. You might call this our environment. Earth and all the elements of the earth and our solar system can be used for creations that are bound by the laws of its creation. The main elements of Earth are. Earth, water, air and our sun with the solar winds. When you take earth, water and air with gravity and the magnitic fields mix it with the suns particles. It can interact with the god particles to create life and new elements through this interaction with our god particles.

    Everything is created in the image of the god particles. Nothing is created without this. We are the essence of the god particles though the interaction of the laws of its own creation. I’m going to stop here as you see many books can be written about this. I don’t want to try to wite a book in this forum of awaken souls.

    I will add some to this later a little at a time. I hope some of you will understand what I am trying to say and what this means in how one becomes awaken to this energy of white light that we are always connected to. It is truely unlimited in all ways.

    Love and blessings to all

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  9. Dear brothers and sisters! Lisa Gawlas’ latest posting is well worth a read, here’s an excerpt from it:
    “Now let me explain the set up, as I am currently understanding it (as always, subject to change with more information.) The oval itself I really thought was the energy of March, nope, I was wrong. It is representing our little collective I call Shambhala. My view is the, or at least was, the long view, seeing the whole oval itself, jogged off to the right (which I am still feeling represents our immediate future.) The scalloped edges (which we started seeing mid to end of February via the readings and I had no idea then what it represented, I do now, kinda,) represents us, each one of us biologically holding this new amazing life force together. OMG, I just got it!! Thank god for a good nights sleep and clear brains in the morning!! lol

    So the border itself that I see and see quite small (about an inch tall from the ground) is our human self, together, connected shoulder to shoulder if you will, closing off any gap energy, anything parts that would release this sacred, heavenly energy outwards. We have truly bonded this field together, into life BECAUSE of our incarnation here!! The inside (no etchings inside, the image I used is of a bathroom mirror) is the pure heavenly energy of earth and spirit combined as one.

    The biological matter individuated only by an indent, or the scalloped energy shown above. There is no face, no identity associated with any of it, but the people showing up yesterday, holy heavens batman!!! Altho each were human sized, in relationship to the way I am seeing this field, giants!! Pure light bodies in the shape of the human Being. Three were radiating this amazing combination of yellow, creamsicle orange and white. All in pastel huge, vibrant, but pastels. At least pastels are remaining the same in interpretation, brand new energy never imbued before in this plane, radiating thru their light body. These three ladies were in movement. (The colors representing soul energy, spirit and a merged community of empowered others coming together.)

    Wait, before I get ahead of myself (forgive me, I am really just understanding yesterday as I type,) I could no longer see the whole oval, field like I did before yesterday. Instead, I seen a quarter of it … and the scalloped border was actually moving… incredibly slowly, but moving clockwise. I have no idea why…. yet. Those with the vibrant pastel colors in their Light Bodies were in movement too, much quicker than the scalloped biological movement and what spirit kept saying was “seeking their new creative notch.”

    The one thing I do understand, not so much in application yet, but just given the inflow of energy yesterday… the field of Shambhala, created, held together by the humans that stripped themselves bare and did all the inner work (yeah, that’s us lol) is being held together at the biological level of earth, by us and is contracting into the vibration of full on creative living. Our lightbodies, now fully merged with the biology (hence it looking so human like) expanding and seeking its perfect placement in the field of creation creatively creating!!”

    You can read her full message here:
    Aisha ❤

    1. Thanks Dear Sister !….”created, held together by the humans that stripped themselves bare and did all the inner work is being held together at the biological level of earth, by us and is contracting into the vibration of full on creative living”…..”each one of us biologically holding this new amazing life force together.”
      all this of what she said sounds much like what I seen in your painting….different colors but the same theme…no wonder you resonated with her post. Love to You !…..Bev

  10. Dearest Beautiful Sisters and Brothers ❤

    Thank you for your support ❤ I send you my deepest gratitude and all my love and strength ❤ ❤ ❤

    I limped out to my patio with my herbal tea in the morning and burned my Nordic sage, greeted light welcome back (though -1C outside 😉 Took some pictures – partly of my creation with my grandchildren´s painted stones from last summer, juniper twigs, pine cones, snow and water, as well as a picture of the sky above the treetops and put them on Facebook and invited my friends to lift their eyes above the treetops and enjoy the wonderful sky. Breathed the life-giving rays of the sun glimmering between the trees into all of me, feeling the expansive joy and gratitude in my heart ❤ ❤ ❤

    Today I will take part of Sami weeks here in the museum campus, visit a horny, maybe take part of a yoik etc and I already know that the leather pouch that I desire for my healing stones is on its way – as well as relief is too :)))

    Infinite gratitude to Mother Nature, Mother Earth, for you and me ❤

    B to B

    PS. Everything is alright and fear is never on my agenda 😉

    PPS. My blessed drink made from snow waters became clear today – tastes D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S 🙂 Cheers my beloved friends! All my life is ABUNDANT ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. mostly
        i feel pain
        you really don’t want to feel
        broken windshields
        or gun shots or falling rocks
        please don’t try to be me

  11. ok…thats all i can read from the past post. LoL
    I am really glad to know our screaming and yelling about the situation here is being heard! K and O and others. I have been demanding that whatever can be done, be done to end All suffering along with slavery and misguided untruths full of the most boring, stupid crap. Completely. How can we be open and even more and more open with the shit that goes on still? The more that any being opens, It just opens up to more of that as well as long as it is here still too. There is pretense in turning a blind eye for those that wish to on this planet. I would wish All the pain and suffering away in an instant if i could. I have stated over and over, If I could have it fulfilled that I die and take All Of It away with me right then and there, I would do that in less than a millisecond! Just be done with it already! I am a part of All. I am not here to be separate so…..
    Came in this life a blessed angel being. Lived in a bubble like beautiful, joyful, care free environment… yet… I always cried myself to sleep knowing of the worlds suffering. Cant keep it from the heart that knows all.
    So…lets see what gets done… Soon! I am all for it. Divine Intervention.
    good day/night now ❤

    1. ps, they also know they will loose a lot of light anchors here if something is not done soon. no more back tracking on this one. ❤
      Fearlessness helps to stick it out. I would much rather just get on to a more joyful and fun existence and i can see myself there and they know it. Pulling out is the easy way. not that I am against it …but again, I have never left a friend or foe behind…and, they know that too. They keep counting on us staying put. Either way is ok …and i have my preference.

    2. A, if you were allowed to be a martyr and interrupt God’s plan and kindly remove each Soul’s karma aka *chosen* life’s lessons in order to grow spiritually–the only reason to come to a lowly 3d existence such as this one we’re in–then what would be the point (that’s a rhetorical question) for such a 3d (inferior) existence. The Loving Creator of All That Is would not allow that.

      If I had not chosen (before incarnation) to be a child of incest, I wouldn’t have learned to Love beyond it (with professional therapy of course). Truly and deeply Love my father with Agape Love. I wouldn’t have grown as strong as I have. I wouldn’t have learned all the multitude of ways that that instantaneous act can effect changes in the life ahead. I wouldn’t have learned that those instant subconscious changes equaling new life patterns are almost always identical templates for all those who have experienced incest… and possibly more for boys/males. Etc., etc., etc.

      Now, multiply that by all the different chosen hard “lessons” (murder; racism; prostitution; sexual slavery; veterans of wars; hate-driven genocide, etc.) of all other Souls on this beautiful Earth. Look at what was learned–and gained. It may take countless lifetimes for each Soul, but the usual destination is boundless Love and Understanding, Kindness and Respect… and Tolerance for all those still in the writhing dark pit yet still to arrive at True, Limitless Love, a depth of Love that can finally only be experienced by slogging thru thick, sewer-type sludge. That path is not straight and there are many slippery slopes/fall backs, dusting one’s self off and try, try again. I’ve slipped many a time and still may be slipping… and again dusting it off.

      I don’t pretend to have all the answers, not even some in fact. But I do know gentleness and tolerance are not born, they are hard won, especially during times of difficulty. I’ve seen those qualities + more in a few Blessed people around me, and I marvel at my good fortune to have them in my sphere as examples. I signed up for a hard, tough job this time around; my Intention is to complete this Grand Opportunity with as much Grace and Gratitude as I can manage.

      You’re / we’re at the finish line, Areeza. Let’s take a deep breath and together–with so much Love for one another, for All–push past the threshold into our reward: Ascension while still inhabiting our bodies–along with Mother. We’ve earned it. We’re Goddesses and Gods now thru OUR OWN CHOSEN opportunities.

      If one has the Power to change the rules for the Game of Life, great! Do it! If not, then let’s work together to move this wagon train along with focus, determination, perseverance… and JOY whenever we can muster it.

      1. Your loving word to Areeza inspire this found song.
        I SEE YOU,,,,,,Lin ❤ ❤ <3,

        With you in tears of an angel.

      2. i hear you
        my father’s brother was also his uncle
        nothing new about suffering on this little blue orb

      3. ❤ Bless you, SiStar. Bless you for your wise and wondrous words and your compassion and consideration, love and light. ❤

      4. Power to You for Soldiering on Light Sister!

        It ain’t always easy, as you know. If I have learned anything, it is that we cannot help anyone, until we are have helped ourselves. I too wished to take the suffering upon me, and suffered for it. Now I love me, and everyone else enough to want to feel good. Then of course feeling good feels sooo much better…

        (And I do, for the most part, but I sometimes I still have to work at focussing on positive things, like the last couple of days for example : )

        But I know it will better if I stick it out here, and when I think about it I would much rather stay here, I have come too far, and because when it’s fun, well it’s too much fun to miss. (And dammit, I want to enjoy that new house I so richly deserve, NOW! And I do.)

        Better than Magic! Yummier than Yummy…

        Onwards and Upwards, Brave Soul Brothers and Sisters, Hang in there Areeza, the best is yet to be…

        Much Love



        1. I do too!!!! And certain people really need to pay attention to that one right about now ………. just saying …… ❤

      1. ❤ As always, Love your colorful, whimsical "bumper sticker" pictures, Kiera. Great way to dispense Wisdom/Knowledge which is needed for those of us in ADD+ mode right now. ❤ 🙂

          1. It is just waiting for the snow to melt. Around here…….it will be next week!!! 🙂

    1. AAAAAAAAhhhhhh I’m running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Boats and Cars, and house.

      Small tiny house, and a bike, and a row boat. aaaaaaahh.

      1. ………. yes, with trees and dogs and goats and natural, organic sounds of nature. Hello neighbor!! 🙂

  12. hey… I was just getting an insight after reading the older page here.
    Margarita and Ann and maybe others (me included) seem to have had a Gathering this time that seemed non-eventful — in comparison to others.
    So. Spirit says to me: “Thats because you all journeyed ‘inward’ this time!”
    🙂 and this makes me again think of Aisha’s paintings pointing to our ‘true innards’ if you will.
    so interesting!
    Love this ❤
    glad we are all here too as I had same thought of leaving as some others did but decided to check in again today and see what I felt out.

  13. Dear Aisha,
    in this painting, I scrolled from bottom up (as i usually do on the pages)
    I saw burning pieces of paper – rising upward with the smoke.
    At the top, the conjoined hearts is just so beautiful too! and meaningful.
    Heaven and Earth – Water/Ice and Fire. Confirmation of the full connection made! oh yes and Thank you! ❤ XO
    Just now I heard, 'hearts on fire with heavens waters to sooth'
    We surely are experiencing the Burning Fire of change again these days and it is going upward in release like your pieces of paper…. as I see them…they are lite so that indicates things are moving upward easier now…..and it is good to know of the soothing balm from above and mostly the meeting that takes place gloriously from All Of It!

  14. Thanks All
    I hope the freedom part follows soon.
    I have always done what the CC’s are saying here. All my life. The only difference Is the grid with more or new light and therefore also more openness in the exchanges.
    I love what I am doing in the care-giving atmosphere yet I only make currently 1/4 or less of what i did in the busyness world. what i made then i was able to live on. so? I know i wont go back to working full time either. The universe still has yet to show how we will be supported while we do our light work. I mean without the old debt/bill stresses. will be interesting i guess and either way, i feel pretty much ‘retired’.
    The folks I have met in the new situation (visiting nurses/therapists, etc) has been interesting and full-filling as well. One therapist especially. She is even making sure to come on Saturday when I will be working so she can see me one last time – making that her last visit. She said in all her years of working, she has never been treated so well by people (me and the son and mom I care for). I offered her much as I naturally do and she shared much that was enlightening as well. Very good stuff. 🙂 ❤
    ~body/head aches and fatigue for days now. anyone else?

  15. what the fuck
    bring me all the chaos you have
    ain’t no thing to me\
    i will be dead sometime, but until then
    i will simply do the things i do

  16. Dear Birgitta!
    All of which you speak of is quite normal for the energies of March, particularly THIS March! The “highs” and “lows” are to be expected. Anything that you can do to soothe the physical and emotional symptoms are quite appropriate, although at times you may feel some things in “extremes”. KNOW THAT IT WILL PASS!!! It is different for everyone. I went through the worst of the “peaking” last year and am quite smooth and fluid this year. Many of you have chosen to “peak” in 2013. Others, like myself, have the experience of having “peaked” in earlier years. Those “highs and lows” will eventually even out, but will always be in a moving rhythm similar to the tide. It’s the natural and organic “flow” of the universe. I suspect that the pain in your lower legs/feet is from your energetic and magnetic connection pulling you downwards to the earth’s core. It’s a good thing – just annoying and will ease up. You are not alone, although it is typical to feel that way in this part of the individual process. Don’t judge what you are feeling either – observe it all and remain in your center and balanced.
    I love you! ❤

    1. And by all means, if you or anyone else feel the need to visit a physician – then please do so!! For many years, my blood pressure would skyrocket and vertigo may set in. Again, everyone is different. If you feel an “emergency” coming on, then go to a hospital. ❤

  17. Dear Light Family ❤

    What is what and who is who? That´s my question nowadays!!!

    I have been longing for years to get a caring and loving massage but I did not know who to turn to. On Monday morning, I suddenly understood who would give me this – my massage teacher from 2004. Of course !!! How could I forget about her in this context? I called her and got an appointment yesterday.

    I just can say that I got a wonderful treatment and confirmations that made me melt down in more than one way. She has many skills, she is very intuitive and I told her too decide to give me what I need right now – and she really did – by far !!! I suppose she must be one of those incarnated angels who came here to support us in the best of ways. And guess what she said? "I'm not going to charge for this treatment because you are doing such a great job – I want to give you this treatment completely free" !!! I just broke down and cried…

    Afterwards I stopped at the grocery because I really needed to fill my pantry.
    With great effort I took the bus home with four grocery bags and I was totally exhausted. Stopped in the food in the refrigerator, ate and crashed totally on the couch the rest of the evening (until Vinny sent some elixir of life to me 😉 It was the worst crash so far and it felt like I had been run over by a tracked vehicle and then passed through a mangle. Could not get up from the couch without moaning and groaning and managed to sleep on and off. I stood barefoot in the snow to ground myself, drank lots of icewater, breatheed with different affirmations and so on. I actually started to wonder if I should call my therapist and get some soothing healing. Slept, however, well last night but the body felt very sore and vulnerable in the morning.

    Then I saw the first sunbeam shining in through the kitchen window and then followed several hours photographing the sun, snow, water, my drink that is made of snow water, aronia, and much, much more – my creativity never finished – I was quite lyrical 🙂 When they played "Just a Gigolo" on the radio it went at full volume and I ended up in a swirling dancing vortex on the kitchen floor 😉 Euphoria !!!

    In the afternoon I went a long walk in the sun back and forth to a shopping mall (one hour each way) to retrieve a parcel. I enjoyed to the fullest, took a lot of pictures, greeted strangers I met with joyous shouts and thought that life is absolutely wonderful.

    In the evening I lie and whimpers on the couch again – really whimpers, moans, massages, make footbath with lichen and think that I must have severe circulatory disorders in my legs – they ache so terribly much. I feel totally exhausted – again!

    So – I'm totally frustrated. Is my body completely eliminated so I can not tolerate long walks anymore? Is it old age that come into play? Do I have to call the doctor – or is it this ascent batting every now and then – back and forth from euphoria to total crash down?

    This ascent is not for faint-hearted – that I really understand now …

    Much love to you all ❤ ❤ ❤

    Well…. 😉

    1. gee ‘B’ I hear Ya !….I wish I could give you a perfect answer or the perfect pill to make you feel better ! sending my Love anyways…but I know you are looking for more right now…..just keep doing what you continue to sense is best for you & with all that you have been doing….walk when you are up to it, & rest when you need it & ‘heavens’…if you feel something is very wrong, do go to your doctor for sure ! These mixings & turmoil of energies will be continuing for a while yet so just try to continue melding with them, it’s all we can do for now…so much is going on under the surface of our human awareness & it must continue this process…& yes not easy for most of us ! just know in your heart it is for the higher good & we will get through it & I am, many of us are with you…you are not alone !!! It certainly is a roller coaster ride….but if you stay truly trusting, & confidently anchored in your soul seat & your heart joined with Mother it will find a way to lessen the turbulence for you….find the points of ‘Joy’ mixed with it & hold on to them as best you can….you are strong & a survivor & Love shines in & out of you ! warmly embracing your huge caring heart & soul Dearest ‘B’ !!! Love, Bev

    2. Hugs B
      I so get it. I never have aches and pains.
      My whole body hurts. Legs especially. and upper arms.
      Headache mild to really bad for about 5 days now.
      not in a good mood mostly.
      had a night just like yours too! did not get off my couch for hrs when my head finally stopped hurting – i just froze in that position and slept a bit, then woke up fatigued… on and off, etc.
      Love to you with wand tappings for us and All who need it in greatest healing capacity !

        1. Dear B this song came to me, and for all those that have to look for love “out there”. ❤

          1. Oh – what a lovely song….I´ve heard it before but didn´t know the lyrics.
            Thanks Michael ❤ ❤ ❤


            …..just "til we´re seventy"…???…..oh well…. ;)))

            1. later in the song it says you are evergreen. I say eternal!!!! Numbers are relative anyways!!! :0)

    3. Dear B,

      Perhaps this new physical condition has to do with the new grid lines and your new nervous system. They may not be in full harmony yet. Here is a suggestion that may help the process along. About one half kilometer West of your domicile there should be a white rock close to the size of 3 soccer balls. It may have been in one of your posted pictures and may have a slight pinkish hue.

      This rock may help regulate your Extra Ordinary Meridians which help to balance us with the electromagnetic fields around us.You could help yourself by being in the proximity of this white rock for 15 minutes every day for the next 5 months. However, there is an easier more convenient solution.

      Find two of same type white rocks, but carry home size within one meter space of the white rock. Place one to the right of your bed within a 1/2 meter. Place the other in a study, meditation, prayer type area (where you spend quite a bit of time) so that it would be to the left of you within 1/2 meter. Leave them there for at least the next 5 months.

      Also remember since you had not had a massage for quite some time all kinds of things could have been stirred up. For 3 days following it took a lot of qi to transform and transfer those “things”. Even though your long walk was happy and fun it took quite a bit of energy. This was all at a time when your body was and is going through some heavy changes. While the rocks will help some, please try to schedule your high energy use days with a little more rest between for the next 5 months.

      Hope this helps. There could be other disharmonies associated with this leg pain. If it continues or gets worse please consider consulting with a medical practitioner.

      Love to you,
      Forest Joy

      1. Dearest Sister ❤

        I feel honoured for you taking time to care for me – and by your words too ❤ Thank you!!!

        I suppose you mean a rock in my neighbourhood where I live NOW – not where I grew up (my home village). I so very much would like to know which rock you mean and I cannot precisely know which rock you mean – as you say it is white….

        Do you mean this one? (though a very heavy one – more than 3 soccer balls 😉

        or this one – maybe….?

        I actually cannot recall a white rock… though I have asked to be led to it 😉

        Anyhow – thank you very much! I really appreciate your caring message ❤ ❤ ❤


        1. Dear B,
          I think it is the rock in the second picture. I cannot be sure as to size and distances and even color as we are a long way physically from each other. I believe it is near where you live now, but perhaps not. The information just came to me as I was asking if I could be of help to you. Since we were so successful with the reindeer moss I thought perhaps we might be with this also. Perhaps your dream world will lead you there. Watch for it.
          I have used rocks large and small to set up various fields near myself, our home, family member homes, and my clinic area. Every morning and evening I check to see what may be helpful and even necessary to keep me balanced throughout all this. Tis amazing where I have been lead to find and then use various rocks. Even my fossil collection has come in handy. One day my husband was walking along the river bank and found some very ancient marine fossils. Sure enough a piece of shellfish conglomerate came in very handy.
          Here’s trusting it will all work out.
          Love to you, dear sister,
          Forest Joy

    4. Thank you dearest Stefan for your touching words ❤

      Yes – guess you are right. It is kind of all-or-nothing for me – has always been – but now completely which now are leaving nothing to chance – whatever comes up…. It really takes a lot of forces but as usual, I'm not aware of this until someone confirms me, as my therapist did …and it wasn´t even massage…she hardly touched me at all…Love really works in mysterious ways 😉


      1. Dearest Sister ❤

        Yes – as you mention it – it IS the rock in the second picture – I just feel that now :))) It is right near where I live, down by the lake.
        Deepest gratitude my friend ❤ ❤ ❤

        I also use lots of rocks – "in every sense of the word" 😉 each one for each purpose which can differ from time to time, but I can always feel which ones I will use for different purposes. I clean and energize them in the snow every now and then and they mean a lot to me. Especially the rock which my oldest grandchild painted last summer. I don´t now if I mentioned that I happened to lay one of my smaller rocks upon his rock a while ago – and they harmonized perfectly 🙂 😉

        My deepest love and gratitude to you ❤ ❤ ❤

        PS. I was about to buy some of the stones that Anna Merkaba mentioned earlier, but it actually feel no need now. I have the stones that I need 🙂

    5. Dear Stefan ❤

      I cannot find your original message to answer (sometimes it is like searching for a needle in a haystack) so I answer to this one 😉

      Guess these awaken nights have a mission anyhow 😉 Now I have "decoded" the message and as I did it I share it (though fragments – like I get it) if anyone else want to take part of it – because it is so very important!!!

      Astrology for the Soul, March 3, 2015

      …about shame and guilt…about what??? …our sexuality..
      …a new connection with the masculine and feminine in connection with Aries
      …three Mars and Venus conjunctions going on this year…very powerful…travelling together through September/October…
      …it is time for a new definition…a new recognition…a new understanding of the masculine and the feminine connected to Aries….Aries is our animal instinctive, impulsive, spontaneous self…we are spiritual multidimensional beings…beyond our imaginations…beyond our capability to comprehend that we shrink ourself to a third dimensional experience – masculine and feminine…. we squeeze ourselves into three tiny little dimensions…and we give ourselves an ego …we are spiritual beings in an animal body…an old paradigm is being broken, a new understanding of – first of all our sexuality – with our body…. in order to be spiritual…and it is now it is happening…a new paradigm we are coming into this age of Aquarius…and Aquarius is air

      …let us get real, be honest, let´s get down….we are sexual beings…be what we are in this body…we are men, we are women…we are either or…and we are here…time of Kyron…healing of our rooms…as a result of religion, shame, guilt, separating masculine from the feminine…and we can heal these wounds…BY FACING THEM…face your body and face your issues around your sexuality.. issues of being in a human body with desires, with instincts, with impulses that we are not just a talking head…we are emotional physical beings

      …if you avoid it…not see genitals…maybe they don´t exist….and you don´t have to deal with issues around genitals…let´s cover up hide things….uncomfortable of bringing up past memories…now it is time to be slapped in the face…no more avoiding, no more denial…this month of Mars is intense

      …but breakthroughs are not given, we have free will, we can avoid them, we can deny them…it is like learning how to bike….fall…scrape your knees….up again…I want to avoid these things…We are now in the school of planet Earth…it is time to wake up now…facing our issues…we can say that when we come to enlightment we don´t have any issues…nudity is not an issue for me. We make issues out of fear and guilt and shame and judgements…

      ..it is a time of being pushed, life is pressuring us, pushing us, making us irritable and tired so that it throws up these layers…when you are feeling good it is easy to deny problems and issues…exhaustion and everything…it is like sleeping on a bed of nails these days…and everyone is bothering you until you get angry
      …your anger can be an issue

      …connection between beliefs…it is a great awakening – but it hurts sometimes …and we don´t know we have that issue until a person piss us off…

      …we have to mirror this so we can leave these old issues in the old paradigm and walk into the new paradigm
      …it is great…but not easy…but coming out of the tunnel will be so liberating and so outrageous

      …a boot camp is what this month of Mars can be …it will be pushing your freaking limit…how much can you take…how much can you stand before you fight back, before you loose temper…push…push…push…look at yourself…look at yourself…look at yourself…OMG :))))

      Be who you are…fully expressed…as woman or man…being an example for the next generation….it is gonna come up in order to go 🙂

      Throw the burdons of the past!!!

      GREAT!!! :))) ❤ ❤ ❤ Kaypacha – is it his name? Guess I love him for what he is doing and what he says…and in a way that I can hear and understand it all 😉 🙂

      Great sharing Stefan 🙂 😉 ❤ !!!

      Much love & gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤

  18. GAIAPORTAL ~~ March 5, 2015


    Firestorms of Gaia energetics dissolve firewalls of obscuration.
    Hue-manity and hu-manity complete necessary processes for removal of blinders.

    Higher Assistance compels the ultimate sacrifices from egoic humanity.

    Inner freedom notes are heard and expressed.

    Light ampplitudes increase exponentially.

    Gaia communities revise prior pathways.

    The Flowering begins. ( HALLELUJAH!!! )



    Hi All! Yep – the energy has exploded “exponentially”!!! Spent many hours throughout the night in “data input mode”. Be prepared for a little bit of chaos (ok – well maybe a LOT of chaos). IT’S FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL!!!



    1. yes, feeling the huge chaos since yesterday afternoon.. hoping to see the confirmation here. thank you for this.

    2. Really Great Caroline !….no chaos here yet…but the ‘Inner Freedom Notes’ – ‘Removal of Blinders’…lots of that & the synchronicities !…hmmm….well I’ll just have to post those 2 songs again !!!
      Love, Bev xoxo

      ~I Feel Free~

      ~I can SEE for miles & miles~

    3. just an observation in regarding ‘Perception’….wondering if you noticed how she enjoys & purposely chooses puzzle word pieces to instill ‘Perception’, as we enter this game with her, & I really don’t like to use the word ‘game’…let’s just say ‘experience’…our exploring the riddle is a tool in itself in expanding ‘Perception’….the enjoyment part for her is in reading our interpretation comments (which she does) & in her own way she reciprocates parcels of our words into her following message. I sense this a lot from her, & actually is the intent & part of the process & she would get no enjoyment or sense of accomplishment if no one read her messages or responded….just another important ‘Perception’ component of ‘One’ & working & growing together…we need each other in a most profound symbiotic way in order for the Light to successfully unfold in the best & possible way !…..xoxo Bev

      1. & I probably should clarify that when I say ‘parcels of our words’ I also mean that it also includes things we say that are not related to her previous posts….in her own way she is also an intricate part of this pond in many ways !

  19. Hmm Aisha,
    This one has me thinking that the colors or the ice water, colored, is
    A bridge from one dimension to another. And it is watching me…………… look at it!!!!!
    I wonder if it sees multiple colors when it see me?
    Thank you for being the conduit of all these emotions. ❤

    1. Dear Michael! Yes, you are multiple colours and multiple dimensions, and yes, I think it is visible to ALL 😀
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  20. Dear brothers and sisters! I have been guided to share this, it is the second painting I did just before the Gathering on Sunday, using the meltwater from the snow that had fallen during the night.

    Aisha ❤

    1. What a beautiful painting dear Aisha 🙂 First think I was was a map of our world. Then a curious dog who stepped in with his nose through the veil to check what it is all about 😉 I see the forest behind, water that flow and lots more. You really are stirring my imagination 🙂

      Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Thank you, dear B! Keep letting your imagination flow freely – after all, that is the tool we will use to create the New together!
        Aisha ❤

        1. Yes dearest Aisha – my imagination flows freely nowadays and I enjoy it – though it gets a bit damped after a night of hard work 😉


    2. wonderful color & form from your mind made visible on to paper ! I think you are beginning a new learning & activating exercise here with the ponders. A tool of expansion regarding your paintings & with perception. I always find it interesting, just as in the same way a photographer walks into the garden comparison, many walk through the same garden but each see something very different…a nice experience of comparison I think…not only seeing & saying your interpretation but experiencing that of others & when we share these, our perception expands ! I guess it’s something I have evolved with as being an Artist too & Photographer.
      For me…I See at the top, the Heart of ‘Water’ (Spirit) freely flowing into the Human Heart where it mixes, transforms & thickens, then these condensed Heart fluids drip & merge to solidify with the denser shapes below….& what does that mean……’Manifesting Heaven on Earth by means of the Earth Children that choose to receive, carry & anchor the Light’ !
      xoxo Bev ( I like the vibrations from this one the best !)

      1. Thank you for sharing this, dear Bev! Yes, I also see this as a “new tool in my toolbox” and I agree, it is to help to expand our individual and collective perception and also to literally light the creative fire in all of us. And wow, what a wonder it is to “see” this picture through the eyes and hearts of all of you, through so many individual lenses that all add their layer of narrative to it!
        Aisha ❤

    3. The picture touches me, but I can not really describe it mentally.

      I see several hearts.
      The blue heart and the red heart are connected in the center.
      But it’s much more feeling than seeing.

      I AM BIX 😀

    4. Dear Aisha,
      What I see in your lovely water color is in a little more material form than some of the others. I see 5 geographic continents, albeit in slightly different global positioning than present times. There is the long peninsula of SE Asia with the island of Borneo and Australia SW of there. Off the Asian coast North and South America appear bridged by Cental America with the Carribean islands included off its east coast. In the NE corner I see the Horn of Africa.
      I am still looking for more.
      Love to you,
      Forest Joy

    5. This one is wow! Not sure how many you have posted. Would love to see them all on one page. Bless you Aisha! ❤

  21. This morning I woke up with several cognitions:

    I saw 3 beings: Black, Pinkred, Lightblue in a row and a Goldenyellow in the middle ascended to the top.

    ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞

    Abraham: „By Default, I Could Have Attracted Unwanted Relationships… Many of the relationships or experiences you have attracted you would not have deliberately attracted if you had been doing it on purpose, but much of your attraction is not done by deliberate intent, but rather by default. . . .
    It is important to understand that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. And chronic thoughts about unwanted things invite, or ask for, matching experiences. The Law of Attraction makes it so.“

    (Excerpted from the book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships #61

    Bix: Since yesterday I have noticed how much my thoughts still (!) glide on Autopilot.
    Nothing bad, because I retrained my mind since many years. But bothersome.
    If I’m not really careful, my thoughts glide in all kinds of memories from which my mind wants to make more scenarios.
    Examples: ‚Shopping in supermarket’ – experiences and alternative experiences. ,Meeting the neighbor’- conversation and alternative conversations.

    „Infinity and Eight” means for me: „Infinity needs attentiveness”.
    (Pun in German: Acht = 8 and Acht–samkeit/attentiveness).

    ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞

    Power of Love:
    Love is not hearts and ribbons on Valentine’s Day. These are symbols of love and affection.
    Love is not sweet and cheesy. Love is not a gentle cuteness and restraint.
    Love is Power. Love is clarity. Love can move mountains. Love is creative power.

    I AM BIX 😀

    1. Dear Bix! When I saw your words after having posted my picture below, I just smiled and said YES!! Thank you for sharing this!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  22. I feel the ebb and flow of life. Some days I just need to BE and other days I have to DO. It is called living in the NOW. I have come to this place in my own unique way, but it is wonderful to share in the energies by this POOL. I never feel alone now, so this message resonates within my heart so well. I wish to thank you Aisha and the Constant Companions for this message. With Love and Peace

    1. Thank you for sharing this, dear Barbara! Keep letting the flow of life carry you forwards! And because of you and all the other wonderful souls here at this Pond, this pool of light will never run dry 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  23. Yesterday evening I experienced that I can perceive the immediate future.

    I sat next to the window and looked out again and again, I could perceive a glow.
    But through my 3-D eyes seen, there was no shining, on the contrary, there were dark clouds and it was raining.
    I felt that shining and saw it with my inner eyes.

    5 minutes later it was ,reality’.
    There was the shining sky with the rainbow ❤
    Hurray – I can see 5 minutes in the future 😀

    I AM BIX 😀

    1. Wow. Awesome!


      (I'm working on that too, at night before I go to sleep I sometimes get images, flashes of beautiful things I may collect in my future : )

      1. During the night I felt 2 times this strange feeling in my body, previously I had already experienced this a few times, but I don’t know what it is.

        It felt like be lifted up. Perhaps a kind of light-training?

        I AM BIX 😀

        1. Sounds like it! Well done! I was just looking at the Daily Tarot card; I think it applies All-around;

          6 of Wands

          Victory is finally at hand. You’ve won the game and everyone’s cheering. It wasn’t always easy so the win is that much sweeter.

          Have a good time and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to master.

          Your good fortune probably has a lot to do with staying true to your heart. Keep it up.

          This isn’t an unexpected gift from the skies, it’s acknowledgement for doing something special. Good work.

          1. Thoughts are forming, largely hidden of myself.

            What shown to me is: „My body is in the light” –
            and there’s something that I can not even capture. It has something to do with the term „the whole

            I AM BIX 😀

    2. I wake every day with a greeting to our SUN and GAIA. I have been amazed at how much the SUN has been shining up here in Northumberland over the past few weeks! I feel he/she calls to me and the clouds part so I can see our SUN. I send all this LOVE and LIGHT to all of you.

      1. Yes, dear Barbara,

        sometimes I experience also that the sun is talking to me.
        I think a thought or have a cognition and it shines brighter and stronger, as if to confirm.
        That always gives me a lot of fun.

        I AM BIX 😀

  24. Just for a moment imagine that you live in a magnificent ethereal world of indescribable beauty. A world consisting of magnificent subtle energies, where every though you create molds and shapes the immediate environment around you. Imagine a perfect world where your thoughts create any reality that you choose. Whatever your heart desires is manifested before you. A glorious land overflowing with unlimited abundance and joy, where failure and limitations are nonexistent Imagine yourself in an ideal world where everyone is free to explore and develop their creative pursuits and experience their unlimited potential. Does this sound like heaven?

    Imagine what one immature or undisciplined being could and would do in this ideal thought responsive world. Picture the chaos and destruction that a single primitive mind could create. One undisciplined mind could wreak complete havoc destroying the perfection of the subtle energy environments and the privacy of all inhabitants. A group of primitive minds could create disastrous conflicts and devastation destroying the reality of everyone in their path.

    Now for a moment imagine what kind of educational environment would be the perfect r#training ground for this undisciplined mind? What kind of school would be created to educate this primitive state of consciousness? What kind of lessons would be created to educate this primitive state of consciousness? What kind of lessons would effectively train this disruptive, juvenile mind to coexist in the thought responsive heavenly dimensions?

    Welcome to the slowed down molecular training ground of consciousness. Welcome to the dense school of matter where focused thoughts are required in order to create, survive and prosper. Welcome to the ultimate virtual reality, a powerful thought responsive matrix where you shape and mold your surroundings and your life with the focused energy of your own thoughts and actions. Welcome to the ideal training environment where the young and undisciplined mind can learn by trail and error without contaminating the pure realms of spirit. Welcome to your physical life.

    Author unknown.

  25. Hi Vinny,
    I have been thinking about the flowing of that energy you’re sending.
    It is action ,it is emotion, it is water, it is love, and….
    Love is like a river.

    so I have a saying I mumble under my breath.

    Flow = flo = Full Light Opened. Or Full Light Opened Wide.
    Brightens my moments through the day, believing I Am. ❤

  26. so many people live only a few above the sea
    when Gaia makes her shift,
    of course, the water will slosh around
    please move uphill before this happens to you

  27. .


    !!! BREAKING NEWS !!!

    Laying Down The LIGHTSABER — The Star Wars Saga of Georgi Stankov



    “War exerts a strange fascination on the human mind, and even an ascended master is not completely immune from such a negative influence.

    We are first and foremost light warriors of the first and the last hour and our nature is to combat darkness.

    That is why we have incarnated on the earth at this auspicious time.

    At the same time the greatest virtue of a true warrior is to know when the point in time has arrived when he has to lay down his lightsabre and leave the battlefield.

    ~ Georgi Stankov, March 2, 2015



    1. Darkness need not to be fought but to be understood for what it is. As a lesson in life that is no longer needed.

  28. Hi VInny,

    You really are a true explorer on this journey – and I love to share your discoveries 🙂

    Think you got an energy boost now – lovely 😉
    Love ❤

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