A short update on the Gathering

So here we are again dear ones, filled with admiration and exhilaration for what you have accomplished, as we do hope you are on your own behalf. For once again you tossed any limitations aside and embraced your own divinity in such a way, you stepped out from your shadow and pulled this entire planet along with you one more crucial step upwards on this frequential ladder. For what you did was once again a magnificent feat of co-creation, one where you not only came together, but you worked together in every sense of the word. For the combined effect of all of your energetic outpouring created another vast field of interconnected filaments of light, filaments that can handle the ever increasing “traffic” that will come your way over this upcoming period, and as such, you are all well prepared for what lies ahead.

For you connected what was needed to be connected, and you opened up what needed to be widened, and through that you enabled some very new highways to be taken into use, highways that will yet again increase the velocity of this whole operation. Again, we use phrases that by now are more than familiar to you all, and rightly so, for every single instance of this huge conglomeration of interconnecting energetic events such as these do resemble each other in many ways, although they are all certainly unique in the defining elements they carry within.

You see, this is all about opening the old connections, and realigning you as a collective but also as individuals fully with the network of transformational channels that are already here, but as we have mentioned on many a previous occasion, it all needs to be done in a sequence and in a manner that will fully support you and your physical vehicle in every way. In other words, every single step on this journey rests upon the set of previous ones that have been taken, but for every time you step forward to connect just as you did once more during this Gathering, you managed to widen the scope of your ability to literally encompass another large swathe of this energetic bandwith. And this time, you not only served to increase this ability yet again, and through that, allowed your inner compass to set a new course defined by these new magnetics that you have availed yourself of, you also managed to increase the combined outpouring of your group’s vibrational quotient to such a degree, you once again moved mountains in a very literal sense.

For you set free some old structures previously held back by the old frequencies, and as such, this whole operation was one that increased the number of structural pieces now available to be utilized to reinforce this new structural set you are putting together. For as we have told you before, it is you who are the constructors, the ones that will add piece after piece to this gigantic set of interlocking devices, the ones that will serve as the “inner workings” if you will of this entirely new “playground” if we may use such a word, the playground where mankind will continue their own education under the new rules, the rules that has completely ruled out the old ones of fear, lack, greed and avarice. For on this fertile ground is where the new act of mankind will unfold in all of its glory, and through your actions during this recent get-together, you enabled such a vast number of new structural pieces to be made available to all. And so, this whole set of coordinates that define this New space for you to frolic upon will become operational at a much faster speed than you can envisage at this place in time.

Again, you are all in this for the long haul, that has been made abundantly clear to you all by now. After all, you all know that this is not your first visit to these shores, you have been here again and again preparing for this moment in time. For this is it, this is when everything you have been so studiously preparing for will come into being, and as you continue to increase your abilities to increase you own scope of energetic co-creation, you will see how things begin to fall into place at a very rapid rate. For the foundation is already there, you have already set upon it the first girders that will help to support this entire structure, and now, you have added some very new connections that will further the development of this living organism greatly. For this is not something that is inert or impassive in any way, this is literally a living organism, made up of a myriad of “cells”, cells that again are made up of even more numerous particles, particles made up of energy vibrating at a vast number of specific frequencies, frequencies that together constitutes a whole that is so sound, because the one frequency that unites them all, is the frequency of love.

This may sound to be too simple an explanation for all of these bewildering phases you all go through as you continue to download, anchor and transmit all of these highly charged particles through that physical structure you call your body, but this whole vast creation, this new and infinitely New ground that you have prepared and is now busily working at taking into use to create it All, this is simply a conglomeration of interconnected vibrations, all playing in tune with each other to create this heavenly symphony down here on Earth. It may sound very intangible, indeed, to many of you, it may feel even more so, but again we say simply look around you, and everything you can set your eyes on or even hold in your hands is no more “tangible” than what it is you are co-creating through all of these energetic interchanges that you are going through now.

Remember, mass is simply a defined set of energetic vibrations creating what seems to be “real” and so too it is with this new world that you have already started to make come alive. Just because you do not think you can “see” it does not mean it does not exist, rather, it is because you have yet to become accustomed to perceive it fully. For again, your old version of seeing, touching, hearing and tasting are very limited indeed, for they will only cater to the old version of reality. But now, you have all become fully equipped with this brand new version of your senses, and not only are they far more astute at detecting all of this New, they are also far more numerous than the ones you have been relying on so far.

In other words, you have added another impressive layer to this wondrous construction you are co-creating, but you have also added another impressive layer to the already impressive structure that is YOU, and now, we venture to guess you will all find a way to engage this new layer in ways that will help you to see, feel, hear and taste the New in an incredible array of nuances. For as we told you earlier, you now have access to a much, much wider scope of the spectrum, that is, the energetic spectrum that for you used to be extremely limited, but has now widened. In fact, for you, it has literally been a quantum leap in all directions, and as such, the only one limiting your access to it is once again yourself.

Remember, you need to allow yourself to literally taste the new, otherwise you will still feel the staleness of yesteryear masking out these exciting new flavours. So make sure to rinse out your mouth – that is, your mind – the better to be able to savour what you have given yourself to savour. For you are the ones who are charging ahead, opening the passages into every nook and corner containing the vast resources you so want to tap into, and now, the doors are no more, and the channels are wide enough to ride a pony through to use an old expression. And once again, it is because YOU have made it so. So let us finish off this missive by sending out another round of applause from us all, and on behalf of All of creation, we thank you all, for what you did was beyond words, but certainly not beyond you.

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  1. Dear Aisha,


    thank you a lot for your messages. It is always a great pleasure to read/listen them – even if i cannot verify what i supposedly did during the meetings according to them.

    I participated 3 times in the gatering at the pond. I find these meetings somehow very special – even if i never talked to anyone from the group! 


    Although I have not yet found the way how to meditate – so I simply quiet my mind and try not to think about any specific topics on the Sunday evenings when we all meet.


    This is also the reason why I decided to write to you: is there any way you could recommend I could learn how to meditate? I would like to try to do it with a guidance of someone who is ahead of me. Could you please reccomend someone to me? (I guess there may be other people who are in the same place as me).

    I though it would be so fantastic if we could meet once at the pond via Skype teleconference and meditate together! (i hope i am not proposing to ride a horse when most of people at the pond are driving 4×4 cars :))


    I would appreciate so much your thoughts on this please!


    with lots of love and light,





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    Aisha North posted: "So here we are again dear ones, filled with admiration and exhilaration for what you have accomplished, as we do hope you are on your own behalf. For once again you tossed any limitations aside and embraced your own divinity in such a way, you stepped out"

    1. Dear Michal! Philip Wade, a regular contributor here at the Pond, has created a wonderful Open Source site where he shares the profoundly simple, yet powerful, spiritual gift of Spheres of Light and Infinite Silence, http://gatewaylocation.org/ I think you will find much help there 🙂 . And as he says it so beautifully himself: “This site provides you with both the Gateway and the Location to a deeper experience of your True Self.”
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

    2. Dear Michal,
      When you trust in what ‘comes to you’ it helps greatly. I mean, you dont have to have great expectations on what you think should happen when you sit to meditate. you can use meditations from youtube or just listen to soothing music or just be in silence…. mostly, just ‘intend’ and it happens; An experience. some can be very simple and some can be so magical and lively.
      I am very visual yet it is not like i actually ‘see’ things with human eyes. I dont really know how to describe it. It is something I trust and I write down.
      Consciousness travels. My boyfriend will say, ‘yeah, yeah – you were always right here on the couch the whole time’ – or something like that. My body, yes – but ‘Imagination’ is real – as real as anything else.
      Allow your joy to guide you as you feel it.
      Trust in it and in your Love. Have the fun!
      ❤ 🙂
      your friend and kindred, Debra/Areeza

    3. I dont meditate at the meetings, i just intend to take part and have a nice evening on my owen(as far as i can be conciderd as on my owen xD). Then i do what i feel like. Its a gathering around the pond, it hasnt to be a meditation around it. How ever i allways feel or get insights that link to the gathering so i know i somehow took part.

    4. i’ve sent you an email, Michal … but if i got the wrong address, you can also send me directly: TheChange@yahoo.com
      there are some online meditation groups with people who are all interested in this
      i’m particularly interested in doing this on webcam with a group and have found a few people so far

  2. Dear family of light! WOW – what a ride it has been these last couple of days – or is it years…? The CCs said “the channels are wide enough to ride a pony through” and I have to say it seems like a never ending stampede is coming through me now. As always, Mother Nature is the best place for me to BE when the energies are as intense as they are now, and she is generously dipensing her medicine in the form of sun, snow and a cleansing cold wind. I will be in silence for a while to try to digest everything that is happening now, for like many of you, I sense something “big” going on. And yes, my body is also sending out some rather intense “signals”, and I can see from what you have already shared that I am in good company so I send out some extra LOVE to all those battered and bruised and aching bodies out there. THANK YOU to all my bold, brilliant, wise and wonderful companions, you make this Pond and this world a brighter place for us all 🙂
    LOVE, always, forever!
    Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤
    PS: Forest Joy and B – can you pass the licorice please 😉 ?

    1. Hahaha – it’s really worth hiring a messenger to deliver licorice can I say 🙂 Today I feel really good again – thanks to the combination of genuine love and licorice 😉

      Lots of love & joy to you dearest Sister ❤ ❤ ❤

    2. There is sure alot going on now. Since the gathering i feel my heart expanding. Read and heard about the opening of the heart at this moment due to healing the devine maskulin. There is an interesting card oracle talking about Isis and Osiris witch somehow remindes me on the link posted by oriharu above. But its in german.

      Engel Orakel der Liebe vom 04. bis 11. Februar 2015:

    3. Dear Aisha.
      I thought that you may feel my thought/works/discovery recently. Late January, I noticed that “Crop Circles can read by usage of thought”. I tested 3 crop circles. And it could read. Understanding the meanings is ah-ha moment. For example,
      I saw about one dream of radioactive. There are a few women alive in the room. Almost people died.
      This is the meaning of this circle. There is one “line circle” in the middle which interrupted. Circle means life. Life is interrupted. But the radiation from center point is reverse near outside circumference, and go to inner direction and make 6 circles/lives. This is a few women alives.
      I send e-mail to cropcirclecenter.com and ask to use images for copyright. But no reply. Perhaps they/he don’t believe me. In order to ensure that “use it”, I have the work now.

      1. 🙂 Dear Oriharu… if you feel your discovery is / can be legally protected and then feel comfortable posting more of your info in the future re crop circles, please do! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Thank you it. I would like to post my two e-mails.
          (It was edited partially)
          ★First e-mail to cropcirclecenter at Feb.02(20:39), 2015.
          Dear Sirs.
          Hello. My name is oriharu(Akio Sugaya).
          I found a crypt analysis of the crop circle(s).
          We human race can read/understand crop circles by our unconscious(or higher consciousness?). For now, I have tested 3 crop circles in my dreamings/sleepings.
          The way to read.
          For now, we can use electromagnetics/current/light/magnet/sound etc. To be added to these are “thoughts”. We can use “thoughts”. Crop circles can read by means of thoughts in the state of unconscious(dreams).
          I have gave the soul/life to 3 image(.png) files that I have attached.(CC1.png, CC2.png, CC3.png)
          The usage rule is completely the same as “Circle of Witchcraft”.
          Stated briefly, set “key word” by left hand touch, and set content”What is the meanigs of this fugure?” (or similar question content) by right hand touch.
          Next, say “key word” at least once.
          Next, sleep as usual.
          Then you must be see a dream as usual which is the meanig of the crop circle.
          I have convinced the meanings of a few shapes of the graphics. This was ah-ha moment.
          I have attached 3 png files.(CC1.png, CC2.png, CC3.png = http://oriharu.net/CC/ )
          You can test/read/decrypt it and you must be know the meanings by your dream.
          I hope to try to publish the images of a lot of crop circles in my home page “as read by people”. Can I use your Large Image Files of crop circles ? Then I have to write down/leave the URL of crop circles(like ~http://oriharu.net/image/CC1.png at the bottom of each image file). This is to ensure that it is activated the program/soul/life. There are about 1,200 files.
          I found the 33 pieces of error when I was investigating. I think that trying to inform you about these errors. This is from my good intentions as follows.
          In the list page written “Scotland” nevertheless, “England” is in this page.
          In the list page written “Switzerland” nevertheless, “Germany” is in this page.
          It is turned into “Argentinia”.
          All other pages are “Czech”.
          All other pages are “Czech”.
          Different content page.
          Place name is “Hil”.
          Country name must be “Germany”.
          Place name is now “Inowroclaw | Kujawsko-Pomorskie”, but it must be “Nieznanowice | Swietokryskie”.
          Italy-Vo(2007 May 23) : There is no notation of Addition.
          Italy-Candia(2007 May 25) : There is no notation of Addition.
          In the list page written “August 07” nevertheless, “August 05” is in this page.
          In the list page written “August 07” nevertheless, “August 05” is in this page.
          In the list page written “July 03” nevertheless, “July 01” is in this page.
          In the list page written “June 01” nevertheless, “June 03” is in this page.
          In the list page written “August 07” nevertheless, “August 05” is in this page.
          In the list page written “June 05” nevertheless, “June 03” is in this page.
          In the list page written “June 05” nevertheless, “June 06” is in this page.
          In the list page written “June 10” nevertheless, “June 09” is in this page.
          There is no date in the last circle “England-Essex-Great Wakering(2007 July). Must be “31”.
          Broken link = Canada-Ontario-Shakespeare(2007 late August).
          Broken link = Canada-British Columbia-Duncan(2008 July 15).
          Mistaken link = 2008 September 18.
          Mistaken link = 2009 July 01(Momalle | Liege).
          Mistaken link = 2009 July 02(Momalle | Liege).
          Mistaken link = 2009 July 06.
          Broken link or Double registered ? = England-Buckinghamshire-Bishopstone(2010 July 21)
          Direct link = 2010 June 09.
          Position deviation = Slovenia-unknown(2010 June 28).
          No links? except “2009 August 01”.
          No links?
          No links?
          No links?

          Best Regards,

          ★Second e-mail to cropcirclecenter at Feb.08(15:27), 2015.
          Don’t you think that magic(science technology of thoughts) is REALITY.
          Do you have a question of long-standing unresolved? Let’s resolve it.
          Please display the ‘Circle of Witchcraft’ before sleep.

          The universe has “movement” from the past to the future. Do not you think the energy is enormous? Witchcraft is the technology of TIME. Controlling time is modifying the world.

          First :
          You need to maintain to diplay ‘Circle_of_Witchcraft.png’ while asleep.
          * It need to set “Screen Saver” OFF.
          * It need to prevent automatically sleeping.
          * It need to prevent “eco”, and need to set to “High performance”.
          * It need to prevent sleep. For change the setting click the “Change when the computer sleeps” in the left pane and appear next page there is “Put the computer to sleep”. You have to set this to “NONE”.
          * It need to prevent “automatic updating”. It is OK until automatic downloading. But it is NOT OK automatic installing.
          ・About Windows7 or later
          * In the same page there is “Dim the display”. You have to set this to “NONE”.
          * It needs to turn off “Desktop Preview”.
          * You have to turn “Aero” off.

          Second : Set “incantation or keyword”
          Please touch your left hand to this png image(on your display), and pronounce your keyword(keyword is free. “Open sesame” is OK, too.), then release the left hand. If you fail this prossess, release your left hand from display. Then touch left hand again to png image(on your display), and pronounce your keyword.
          The anything keyword or your favorite phrase, or only pronounce “a” is OK, too.

          Third : Set your “Content”
          Please touch your right hand to the png image(on your display). Pronounce this time content “I want to know the truth of long-standing unresolved”. Or whatever contents OK. Release your right hand from display.

          Fourth : “Start Up” your thought.
          Now you’ve set [keyword] and [contents] to the Circle of Witchcraft. You are now ready to start up. You can start up to say keyword for at once at minimum. Then The Time Loop will be start up.

          Fifth :
          You can see a dream next morning. It will be answer of the question.

          Crop Circles can read by using this energy(TIME). Please USE IT. And please confirm THIS IS THE TRUTH/REALITY. Enclosed 3 png files(these are programmed) again.

          I will create (png)image files depending upon your precious heritage(jpg image files) by blowing the soul(the program of time). I need permission to publish it in order to be able many people use/read it. There are a few ways I think. One is publish/link from cropcirclecenter to ‘alived png files’ on my server(~http://oriharu.net/ or your server[I will send all png files{about 1,200 files}]), Second, I publish it in my server for ready to read by people in their dream state. If there is a labor of problem, the latter would be good. I do not claim the money in this thing. Of course, I link explicitly to the cropcirclecenter. I think that there is more likely to increase the donation by this link. I swear to God that there is no malice.

          Has already begun to be channeling messages.
          “The dream has been dreamt, the illusions have been
          conquered, reality is your heritage and God’s abundance
          is the gift, which I prepare for you now.
          Fulfill the assignment, which has led you here and
          serve mankind until the end of this time. Do not deny
          the world or illusion and accept Life ? unconditionally.
          It is a gift from the Creator, whereby a new world is
          unveiled to you and a new life is revealed.”

          I have done the first test to read a crop circle(UK20130810_A) in Jan.29(thu), 2015, I heare a voice “What are you doing in there(in Japanes)” in my head. So I have reply to it by saying Japanese words to void space.

          Best Regards,

                    1. Funny. People can dance and sing.
                      In the case of Japanese, they are good at withstanding still in silence. But they almost cannot dance and sing while there is no recognition from the surrounding. They cannot act as person generally. They act as a group generally.

  3. Hello everyone.
    This is my 127th favourite Japanese song from ~http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Hitomi Shimatani – Papillon (Released Date : June.27, 2001)
    Lyrics : ~http://j-lyric.net/artist/a000502/l00fb0c.html

    This song is the cover of,
    Janet Jackson – Doesn’t Really Matter (Released Date : May.21, 2000)
    (“Sugar” is written on her shirt.
    I believe that indicates my last name “Sugaya”. Gratitude!)

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    Telling one’s mind it does not need to think about it all the time to avoid but rather to let it be and forget.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ~https://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,


    1. Perhaps you’ve said so before that maybe I missed, but are you a musician, Oriharu? Thank you. 🙂

        1. ok. 🙂 Not sure what money has to do with being a musician?? But I appreciate your Joy for music. 🙂

          1. Oriharu… oh, silly me… I get it (my brain seems to be mush right now). You’re saying you’re not a professional. ok. 🙂 for your patience!! Have a great weekend/Sunday. 🙂 Lin

  4. BJ Canaway at Facebook today


    “It is ‘full moon’, Wisdom Keeper is now mother. Deep snows cover the grass as Gaia dreams. Her dreams are restless. She dreams of a world of peace & harmony, of her children …all of them. She tosses in nightmares of how one group of children, two legged, leave trails of tarry blood, plastics and poison in their wake.

    This moon has many names, Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, Cold Moon, Bear Moon,hen the cubs are born… the hope of new life.

    Wisdom keeper speaks softly from the caves of the clan of the bear. She asks, do you have stewardship over this place we call home. She speaks of our responsibility to care for Gaia, the mother who cares for you? The responsibility to care for all your relations, all upon this place chasing in circles chasing Our Sun, Sol – older brother who moves 70Kph through our galaxy, the stary river we call the Milky Way.

    When do we carry our responsibility joyously and with a glad heart rather than seeking power and greed? If we are as enlightened as the many other intelligent species, where did the road go astray and how do we become Gaia’s loving children again? Time is fleeting to the physical. Endless to the soul. If not now, when is this question answered? Wisdom Keeper asks us what is honoring our truth…”



  5. when i stumbled onto this i realized
    maybe so
    someone needs this now
    i don’t know who
    perhaps it is me, we are all one after all


    Often, when we have an emotional wound, we believe that someone has taken something from us. No matter how hard we try, it appears impossible to retrieve what has been stolen. This search often keeps the wound alive – believing that we have lost something and it must be retrieved keeps us locked in a vicious cycle of perpetual hurt.

    Loss does not necessarily create an emotional wound. We all experience loss – loss of an aging parent or loss of a relationship, for example. Loss is part of the flow of life. Grieving is a natural response to loss and it is the process of letting go. However, if we do not let go, loss can turn into an emotional wound. This occurs when a Traumatic Belief is formed about the loss; for example, beliefs like, “no one will ever love me again,” or “everyone I care about leaves me.” Again, it is the Traumatic Belief that creates the emotional wound and not the loss itself.

    When loss creates an emotional wound, we often close down and cut ourselves off from the very thing that could heal us. If we develop a Traumatic Belief around losing love, we not only block potential new relationships, we cut ourselves off from self-love and even higher love. In other words, we do to ourselves what we fear others might do to us.

    The healing is remembering that the Source of who you really are provides all that you need, if only you ask, allow and receive – by trusting something greater than the physical self, you align with the rhythm of the universe where the idea of loss does not exist. Inherent in all Traumatic Beliefs is the absolute truth of your existence.

    How do we actually heal Traumatic Beliefs?
    Release Identification with the Wound

    When we develop and feed wounds with our attention over the course of years, we begin to identify with the wound, or, better said, we create an identity around the wounded-self. So, now we are not just releasing a wound, we are letting go of our identity. The thing is, you are not and can never be a wounded identity. This is a false belief and a false identity. In order to heal, it is important that you begin to release the identification with the wound, and that you begin to see yourself as whole – not the wounded self, but the whole self. Who are you without this wound? This is who you really are, and this is who you must become again.
    Meet Your Own Emotional Needs

    Emotional wounds are often left open because we continue to look to others to meet our emotional needs. In order to heal, we must take responsibility for our own emotional needs and we must find ways to meet them. So, instead of looking to others for love, for example, we must love ourselves. By giving ourselves love, we fill the wound, and we heal.
    Transformational Forgiveness

    Transformational Forgiveness is not about forgiving another or forgiving ourselves, as much as it is about letting go of the beliefs that keep us trapped – as the prisoner of unhealed wounds. Ask yourself, “Do I want to heal more than I want to hold onto these beliefs?” If the answer is yes, it is time to let go of disempowering false beliefs.
    Allow Emotions to Process Through

    In order to heal an emotional wound, emotions must be able to “process through” until completion. If we allow our emotions to come up over and over again without resolution, we are actually reactivating the wound and each time we do, it magnifies. Healing requires resolution. This means feeling your emotions completely and not pushing them down or away. The healing comes when you allow your emotions space to be experienced until the process is complete. In order to allow emotions to “process through” you must get in your body. Emotional wounds are stored in the body, and therefore the way to release them is by getting in your body and feeling your emotions until the process feels complete.

    Since the mind does not know the difference between real and imagined, it is possible to go back to a past event and revise it in such a way that the wound automatically heals. The key to successful revision is giving your past-self a new set of beliefs that empower him or her to know your worth, power and connection to who you really are. In this way, you can revise your past-self to speak the truth, set a boundary or exercise personal power in a way that allows your past-self to rise up; ultimately avoiding the emotional trauma or responding to the traumatic event in a way that no wound was created.
    Look for a Deeper Truth

    For me, my complete healing came from the realization that the person whom I thought hurt me was actually in my life to save me, by physically demonstrating the emotional abuse that I was imposing on myself. Without him serving me in this way, how would I have been able to identify my feelings of victimhood, worthlessness and powerlessness that I carried from childhood? By understanding this deeper truth, my emotional pain transmuted into gratitude. There is always a deeper truth. If you haven’t uncovered a truth that sets you free, go deeper, and keep going until you find it.
    Rise Above

    Every thought and belief has a coinciding vibration. Fear is at the low end of the vibratory spectrum while love is at the high end. Emotional wounds are low vibratory beliefs about oneself and/or the world. The wound exists at a low vibration and it keeps you stagnated at this low vibration. If you were to consistently raise your vibration to a higher vibration and keep it there, the wound could not exist. In other words, if you turned your full attention toward love and forgiveness, the wound would dissolve because it cannot exist at a high vibration.
    The Commitment to Heal

    Healing requires commitment and consistency. Because trauma wires your brain for disempowering beliefs, emotional healing requires the re-wiring of your brain for empowering beliefs; this involves the development of new conscious thought patterns that are consistently practiced over a period of time.

    Enlisting the help of a healing professional to assist you may exponentially quicken the healing process, but in the end you must do it for yourself. In healing yourself you discover the strength, courage and power to live your life the way it was intended to be lived. If you are here to help others heal, maybe you access the skills to do so, that could not have been acquired in any other manner than going through the process yourself.

    The ultimate healing is the awakening to your power and worth. You cannot remember that you are unconditionally worthy and intrinsically powerful and still maintain emotional wounds. There is nothing that cannot be healed through the power of knowing your Real Self.
    Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad


        1. aw shucks


          So here we are again dear ones, filled with admiration and exhilaration for what you have accomplished, as we do hope you are on your own behalf. For once again you tossed any limitations aside and embraced your own divinity in such a way, you stepped out from your shadow and pulled this entire planet along with you one more crucial step upwards on this frequential ladder.

          oh well
          nothing else to do

    1. WOW!!! So fantastic and beautifully written!!! I shared this on Facebook at once because this is what every single person should read and consider. Is there anyone not having emotional wounds to heal??? 😉

      Big HUG and even a soft and rapid kiss on your your cheek dearest Wise Brother :)))


    2. Wow! I had to come back to this post to say Thank you Otmn!! I too shared this on my fb page a few days ago, and I know myself and at least one or two others have greatly appreciated this article. 🙂
      Love, Gratitude and Blessings,
      Adam ❤

  6. Thank you CC’/Aisha
    In this part, I really could ‘feel’ the experience I had re-lived
    “For this is not something that is inert or impassive in any way, this is literally a living organism, made up of a myriad of “cells”, cells that again are made up of even more numerous particles, particles made up of energy vibrating at a vast number of specific frequencies, frequencies that together constitutes a whole that is so sound, because the one frequency that unites them all, is the frequency of love.”

    and was recalling Michael's question about the Soul Of Creation and I posted something in response about God's Organic Will.
    Big Smiles 😀
    ~ Hugs ~

  7. I can’t get away this duality feeling. It’s almost all or almost nothing. In the void every thought/feeling is separated to an extent where there is but tiny impulse in you. Love on the otherhand is all in, a feeling of love you pump out to others no matter what and the space “speaks” to your inner being. Feeling on the other hand can’t be controlled, like thoughts. If only this was a world where everyone just loved all, all could “see” the space speaking. Everything becomes “magnetised”. I really liked the feeling, it was so awesome. But there was this pain or longing also which bringed the void. Void gave me the voice. And this voice seems to have a duality aspect in it too, a reflection of it’s self, like all consciousness. :O. Time is only a reflection. It’s really you know… Illusion like all reflections. Hehe… It’s really something big! In or out, endless. So in some life, I am you, and you are me? You know… Big!

    1. yes, feelings can be controlled – by you.
      you can set the tone however you want 🙂
      Duality is gone and Unity is here – no more sitting on the fence – middle of the road – It really IS a choice of which Way you want to go with.
      All Is One – since All That Is IS just that. some still have not accepted that so there seems a dual still going on – soon they will be fighting with their own shadows. They may not even realize it for awhile. I am not sure how that part will play out.
      I think of my ex again with his Language Of Healing courses he taught. One person in the audience asked “well, how much fear CAN I have then?”
      He asked her if she liked chocolate milk – she said ‘yes’.
      He then said ‘well, how much feces would you like in your chocolate milk?’
      its really that simple.
      thank you Tonic
      😀 ❤

  8. Is there any more struggling with huge tensions in the body / joints right now? I’m limping around whimpering right now ….

    Love you – anyway… 😉


    1. wand tapping !
      ❤ xo xo xo
      only my ankle tendons seem to be very tight – tapped my own self today 🙂
      and remember… my wand has some new cosmic energies I received at the gathering!

        1. Dear B 1
          what comes out of the wand right now looks very plain – I would say I filled it with pure, organic star dust while on that last Pond Gathering Journey (the shaman’s smoke that lifted up into the star dust… where I gathered it up while enjoying my time with The Magdalene
          🙂 🙂
          ….not as sparkly but unadulterated stuff of the God Head or shall we say more succinctly, The God’s Breaths !! ❤

      1. Thanks dear Brother of Love, Light & JOY 🙂 I really enjoyed it and slept very well all the night through.

        Much love & gratitude back to you ❤ ❤ ❤

    2. Dear B, there is so much going on from the cosmos beyond our universe, from the universal center, from other galaxies, from our galatic center and whatever, from other Suns and our new sun, from other planets, from our new earth and old earths, from comets(I get 5), from asteroids, from fireball meteors, from humans past,present, and future, and whatever else I haven’t had time or energy to ascertain. I have almost given up trying to track it and just deal with the symptons.

      I missed Bev’s missive yesterday or I might have addressed this issue then. Hang in there Bev. You are not alone. And yes, there seems to be a lot of mixing of energies.There has been so much physical maladies happening in this area, I am beginning to wonder if I will ever know what a lunch hour is again. Yes, there has been joint pain, but patients describe it as “different” or “weird”, and “not like I’ve had before.” Even the headaches have been described with those words. Blood pressures are yoyoing again. Kidneys are being taxed. Livers are insulting. Large Intestines are dumping. Stomachs are rebelling, Spleens are needing to be aroused and supported. Sometimes one treatment and a few herbs do the trick. Sometimes many treatments and strong herbs carry the load.

      Yes, I do believe big change is happening. Ray has given a very apt general description of whys and hows. Thank you, Ray. Hope it all balances out and harmonizes soon or this old mare will have to be put out to pasture. Maybe what is needed is a little more licorice. Licorice is a great harmonizer of herbal formulas. Hmmmm, I am imagining a large dose of universal licorice added to the mix!

      Hanging on for the ride,
      Forest Joy

      1. Kidding??? LOL LOL LOL – you really are the most precious gem needed right here and now!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

        Because I like licorice in all shapes I bought a bag at tax-free before I returned by flight last Sunday. Guess what I devoured me last night when I was almost desperate because of dizziness, nausea, and pain and stiffness ???

        Sure – it was chocolate too ;)))

        Smooch, hugs and whatever I can give to you my dearest Gem Sister ❤ ❤ ❤


      2. There’s been an uptake with all of the ailments you describe in my region, too, FJ. Long hospital stays with no identifiable “cause”. Cancers are rising in otherwise healthy older adults and heart failure, too. Seeing it in animals also. Normally hibernating critters are out and about in freezing temperatures. I had an opossum staring at me through the patio door last week. A friend’s cat, which had a healthy litter of three nine weeks ago, died of heart failure with no apparent cause at the veterinarian clinic last night. The general human population is definitely being affected now, along with the animal kingdom. The deer in my neighborhood are acting out in odd ways. Don’t let that pasture beckon you yet, dear soul. Us mares still have some riding to do!! 😉 ❤

        1. been feeding my friendly birds here and they so appreciate it – have not seen much other wildlife but i have not been out much myself.
          My cat, Ink Jet, sits and stares at me. We talk 🙂 He is such a trooper and I just thanked him for doing ‘the good works’ with mama.
          Kelly’s cat, Buddy, has been puking a lot. He is a tree cat – loves the heights – so I put a tall piece of Kelly’s log furniture by the sliding door down stairs – almost same height as his favorite tree! He hardly leaves that space.
          Anyway…. thanks to all for putting up with what they are….and for putting the strong intentional healing into the mix! Feeling fine here and just Being with & sending forth The Love ❤ ❤ ❤

        2. Well, Dear Caroline, I Ld have to find that pasture first. At this time it might prove more that I could muster. Thank you for wonderful words of encouragement.

          1. Dearest Forest Sister ❤ ❤ ❤

            I know exactly what you mean. I just finished an email to Lin where I whine and whimper over this process that I can actually do without at this point!!! However hard I try, it is difficult to be positive now. Mother helped me a lot for a few hours yesterday but afterwards I was completely exhausted and actually cried because of body´s fatigue and exhaustion. Now there is really great need for a good forecast frontwards!!!

            Hang on Sister – warm and soft hug to you ❤ ❤ ❤

            PS. Does anyone know if I can export all my pictures from Photobucket to another site – in a swipe so I can start all over again and share in free space?

            1. Dear B, shaking my head in amazement. I had the same experience yesterday. Pain not too bad, but a sudden exhaustion and fatigue while starting my last patient of the day. When I got home, I put in a Susan Boyle CD for an escape into beauty. I let loose with tears. They were not just for this last experience of mine, but for the whole exhaustive process and the tole taken on so many.

              There was even the venting at the powers that be, not in anger, but great sadness. All the platitudes telling us how wonderful we are doing and how special we are ….yooda ,yooda, yooda…….I threw up (no excuse for this pun) in their face if they have one. There was no place to escape but in my connection with God so tis there I went and of course to bed. Needed that sleep to face another day.

              So here I am in another day with another headache and a wee bit of hope that maybe just maybe a better new day is arising.
              Love to you, dear sister,
              Forest Joy

              1. Dearest Sister ❤

                I actually have to laugh when I read your words – what else can I do? 😉 We seem to have experienced the same exhaustion and a great sadness all over and I am so glad (! 😉 that we can share our experiences. You know in my mind I have often thought of the word WTF lately – a lot!!! 😉 OMG what a roller coaster this is!!!

                After my lament to Lin by email and being on the blog this morning I started to get up on my feet again.

                Suddenly it came to me that I would honor my friend and neighbor (whom I got a headlock of two years ago !!) on Facebook and thank her with a picture of the gorgeous sweater she knitted ready for me even though she is almost blind (and also has multiple physical problems). I also feel that she through this work wanted to compensate me in some way for the pain she inflicted me earlier. I started knitting this sweater in 2004 when I was feeling worst but have not had interest / energy to complete it. She offered herself actually to complete the work. I am not allowed to give any compensation in any other way so therefore, I wanted to pay tribute to her on Facebook (which she actually just entered and can only check out for brief moments on days when she feels a little better). She is an old shaman who never give up and she refuses to identify herself with the handicap her stroke brought her two years ago upon all other problems – you can hardly imagine….!!!

                Afterwards, I made a quantum leap energetically!!! I have never experienced anything like this before during this process. I was filled with an incredible strength and I went for a long walk and took a lot of great pictures of all the amazing cloud formations in the wonderful winter weather today while the washing machines did their job 😉 Absolutely magical!! It felt as if the universe compensated me for my effort and formed the clouds to me in any way you might think of – in cooperation with the sun. That was my true conviction, my interpretation 🙂

                This evening I have in collaboration with her ordered more yarn because she felt really good to knit for me and now she wants to knit half a poncho / shawl for me too 🙂

                Believe me – there is hope dearest Sister ❤ ❤ ❤


                1. Ah, my heart sings with you, illustrious travel companion. What an lovely story. I too feel new strength, more a quiet contentment and relief that Friday work is finished and I actually had another lunch hour. Yea!
                  Hanging in there with you,
                  Forest Joy

                    1. Forest JOY, with all your successful and diligent healing of others, be sure to take good care of and time for yourself, too. With my LOve always, xox Lin

      3. Thanks Dear FJ!
        I Love that you keep us updated on the main stream maladies – Though – of course I would rather everything was just peaches and roses….and licorice.
        I think I will devise a mechanism to keep the wand tapping consistently.
        I also enjoy your take on cosmic activity – always
        many Blessings your way….
        ❤ HUGS ❤

  9. Lee Harris at Facebook today

    “Those of you who are women, it is time to allow your voice. And by the same token, those of you who are men, it is time for you to allow your heartfelt, intuitive voices to be heard not just by the world, but by yourselves. Where women need to speak outwardly, with their masculine, men need to speak inwardly with their feminine. That is the balance.
    A man who chooses to speak inwardly to himself about his feelings and his intuition will experience what it is a woman knows. And a woman who chooses to speak outwardly with what she knows with confidence, with delivery to those around her, will experience what it is a man knows – how to put into action what you create, what you give.”

    ~~Zapharia through Lee from The Power of Women in ‘Energy Speaks’


    1. Every one speaking the Love that they are – and All is better than fine from that stand point 🙂

      Everything since the Gathering feels so much more simple now. Simply Love In The Now. Bathing in Love – pure and simple. I dont even want to look at anything written before or google or research – none of that matters to me right now. For Now, I want to create from this space – looking forward with eyes of Love.

      1. My Sister Areeza,
        You are creating a lot!!!!
        I was driving back from work this evening and clouds were traveling from where you live at about 4-5PM with the sun setting.
        Now…Now… here is the beauty of you. ❤
        it's like those 12 days of christmas, song.
        2 twined large butterfly clouds a flying.
        massive dragon spirit covering.
        A part of a rainbow with no rain cloud in sight. just high dry ones. (cirrus)
        Some thin flying Geese.
        3 lens clouds following the dragon ready to change into……….

        so keep creating in the now, you do wonderful work!!!! 😉

        1. Awww~!
          How Sweet It All Is!
          thanks and we are all creating Together
          Organics of Nature Thoroughly Enjoying Our Higher Love! 🙂
          sounds like a Sun Dog you saw in that part of a rainbow 😉 my good friends, the Sun Dogs

  10. It took me 7 years to find my inner voice. It’s the only thing I really want to keep and cherish from all this spiritual stuff.

  11. Hi everyone! My first time here in comments. Love the gathering, especially the part about all of us being linked at one frequency, that of love, rose colored love energy. Oops, you didn’t say that! Chuckle. bright blessings!


  12. Hi all,
    My buddy Tiny and I are happy to report that final clearings of the plasma field (in the upper layers of Earth) are in final verification before the All Clear is given.

    Tiny is my alternative form come from another space that can suck up any kind of plasma based energy and render it inert by breaking it down with his rainbow laser teeth, really he’s a giant puppy just slightly smaller then the Earth herself. He breaks down the tech there by squeezing the dark matter out of the plasma tech/bombs and consumes it for fuel … he then compresses the remain dark matter into a round pellet that is expelled into the waiting hands of my Angelic buddies who take it into the light for transmutation.

    He’s doing a final once over with the violet flame and the rainbow diamond light just to be sure we scrubbed Mom’s House Clean, getting ready for her Return. So that’s my contribution to the Pond for today .. hope it helps people and anyone who wants to meet Tiny, he’s really a big puppy at Heart .. he Lights up so sweetly when the angels come and gets very fierce when he detects enemy tech …

    and then … !!!

    No more parasitic ankle biter tech! Yay DAys are Here to Stay

    <(") 😛 😀 Love You Large and Big Hugs from me
    – eric

    1. “Nibbler is Leela’s pet Nibblonian, whom she rescues from an imploding planet and adopted in the episode ” Love’s Labours
      Lost in Space”. Despite his deceptively cute exterior, Nibbler is actually a highly intelligent super-being whose race is responsible for maintaining order in the universe. He is revealed in ” The Why of Fry ” to have been directly responsible for Fry’s cryogenic
      freezing. While the size of an average house cat, his race is capable of devouring much larger animals. He defecates dark matter , which until Bender’s Game is used as fuel for space cruisers in the series.” http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futurama


    2. Thanks Eric!
      I hope it in no way offends Tiny but I saw Falkor from The Never Ending Story when I was searching for through images a few days ago. I had no idea way i was so fixated upon him.
      so… I will put the image here and just say thank you again.
      I worked with beings known as “the people of the purple platelet” and it seems they may do the same thing Tiny does – but inside the human body.
      I have not called upon them for a few years now but i still say ‘hi’ to them on occasion. 🙂

      1. Tiny wags (what passes for a tail) 😛 😀 like I said he’s a big Puppy at heart and is off playing with our friends in LI, N.Y. to see how we can shut down the scalar plasma grid here on the surface … he’s real eager and keen to help. I love the Neverending Story .. great movie and nice sentiment. Hugs ❤

        1. was reading last week about how scalar waves can be used for the good …and the not so good.
          more power to Tiny in his good works to better things
          I live only about 1.5 hrs from LI, NY 🙂 will send some energy to assist.

    3. The “All Clear” of All Higher astral, etheric and plasma planes is given as of last night EST ❤ Yay days are here to stay … only one remaining item on the clean up list and that is in progress 🙂 Tiny is on it …

  13. Thank you Aisha & CC*s !….a great encouraging & supportive message to All !….I feel lots of reference here in aiding & assisting our sacred Mother-Earth….like this line…”For the foundation is already there, you have already set upon it the first girders that will help to support this entire structure, and now, you have added some very new connections that will further the development of this living organism greatly.”….& a lot more words regarding this heart pleasing tone for me anyways…fits wonderfully with ‘Ori’s post too & also with another one of my Amaryllis plants that started to bloom today ! I planted several indoor bulbs this year…usually 2, but somehow I sensed I would be needing more of these elegant & perky beauties to help me get thru this year’s cold winter months !…..another quiet sick day at home for me as I am still feeling the flux & turmoil of inter-mixing energies that I spoke about yesterday & obviously others are feeling them too…few more days I suspect before they ease & settle…Hugs to my Dear Friends caught in this…..Thank you Aisha, Lin & ‘B’ for the get well wishes !…Love to All & sending you All a bright eyed visual drink from my new blossoming Light Lady !…..Bev*

    BE Your Own Light

    ‘BE Your Own Light’
    but always respectfully set your tone to work with & compliment the balance & harmony that already exists in Nature….the Mother that has always Loved You & Provided for You.

      1. Thanks so much ‘B’ !…in fact they do help with the healing & I drink in their Love energy & Beauty as often as I can…always interesting how I have this bonding with my little plant children….we definitely have a pleasure-working & sharing-appreciation relationship….have a great evening ! Love, Bev xoxo

        1. As always Mother´s beauty and fragrances are so very healing for me. While it is tulip time now I actually still enjoy the pine needles tree branches that smells wonderfully in melted snow water 😉 in my vases.

          Today I will visit Mother and pick a bunch of whortleberry green which has become my Nordic sage this winter ❤

          Much love and wellbeing to you dearest Sister ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Hey Bev!
      You may be interested in Celia Fenn’s latest from Jan 19. Not at my computer to post here. Gives her interpretion on the effects of comet lovejoy on the orion, sirius and pleiades triad in relation to the planet and it’s inhabitants.
      Stay warm and cozy and snuggle with the kitties!! 😉
      Love to you and yours, ❤

      1. Thanks Caroline for this added snuggly warmth … & the link…must of missed that….just read it & makes sense although I don’t always grasp what these comets are all about & what they do as I tend to remain more focused on Mother-Earth !….but this caught my attention…”As we integrate this new energy, we are also releasing years and lifetimes of “religious” and “spiritual” abuse and domination that has been a negative side effect of some of our contacts with some of the Star Nations…..This release of old mental pain and anxiety is being felt in the physical body as pain, anxiety and discomfort.” Last night I was restless & just as a drifted off to sleep a voice said….”The Voice of the Stars is behind an iron curtain”….maybe it was referring to this, that the new energy is no longer allowing any more control or deception !
        Thanks again….Love to You & Your Girl !….Bev

  14. Definitely slept more than usual this time. I felt an upsurge twice while connected to the gathering, that I haven’t felt that way before. It felt like a jolt of electricity that lifted me twice of my seat. I am sure we will experience many things as we reconnect old connections. All is good, bringing the unfamiliar, back to being familiar. Love and light to all.

  15. Aisha dear,
    I also saw a “small group” – and I wondered “where are the others?” – … 😉 … and I saw the overlap of the hands resting on each other in the center of the small group.
    Then I saw an immense light …. and … in my head became a “deafening silence” as a kind of pressure in the brain, I felt a slight hiss in the ears … and then …. I fell asleep at 21:10 about !!!!!
    A hug smiling to you and to all Ponders … 🙂 …

  16. What I have said is much deeper than many may think. From the release of built up energy in the body to the release of energy od bombs and the expansion of the universe.

  17. We are connected to every subatomic particle that is through out the universe. These subatomic particles can vibrate at any vibration they want. When we vibrate at a higher vibration it starts a chain reaction with everything around us. Humans have created many things that change the vibrations of these particles. A cooling system cools in the way or heats in this way. When you compress air it heats up with a different vibration. When people get mad they vibrate at a different vibration that heats the body. When a cooling system moves a compressed heated gas through a expansion chamber it cools the gas. People when they release stress or anger from their thoughts the body cools down. All things do this in different ways. If you hold things inside that are negitive and let them build up it can cause problems in you and everything around you when this built up stress is released. Learn to release these things in a loving way not a harmful way. Express your love and thanks for this learning experence of life and release it with love.

    With the human it is learning to vibrate or communicate in different vibrations with everything you see touch feel taste or sense around you. This changes everything around you in a way that lets you see things in a different way. It places you in touch with everything around you in many different ways. The only thing that can limit this is you and positive or negitive vibrations that interact with the subatomic particles that can be sent across the universe with just a thought that sends out your vibration of love or hate. It is up to each of us to stay on the love side of this to make a better world to live in and experence life in a more positive way that effects everything.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. yes ❤
      thanks as always Dear Ray
      this reflects what is presented by Mary Magdalene in the link below provided Lovingly by Ann:

      "Love makes up every particle of your Being. It saturates the smallest particle of you, and all of you, to the extent that you allow it. You are a walking, talking entity of Love, a carrier of Love, a perfect example of Love Manifest to all who are awakening.

      This requires you of course to not only demonstrate it to others, but to feel it deeply within your core – in every cell, and every smallest particle of every cell and energy system in your Being at all times. You are a floating, thriving, penetrating, pulsing vehicle of Love."

    2. Hi Ray!

      When you said; ….“With the human it is learning to vibrate or communicate in different vibrations with everything you see touch feel taste or sense around you. This changes everything around you in a way that lets you see things in a different way”, … I was reminded of something else I saw at the Gathering.

      I saw many people standing in a meadow, most collecting in groups of 2 or 3. I got involved w/a lady who seemed to be creating fleshy furry flying life forms, and I was focused only on what her ‘things’ were doing and didn’t pay much attention to anything else. But as I think back, others were creating stuff also. Some creations were small enough to be held with two hands, others were larger and hovered about a foot off the ground.

      At first glance I thought they were human created mechanical units only capable of moving with our instruction…. But now I believe they were all independent living beings made of everything, including the kitchen sink… and that we didn’t create them, they have always been around!… and they were attending the Gathering just as we were… sharing information just like the rest of us!

      Some were invisible in part. I could see right through the middle of the ones that hovered, they had hard silver metal outsides with soft maybe plasmic centers that you could see right through. And that plasma stuff was mostly a white color, but would sometimes change into pastel pinks and limes.

      Maybe I’m vibrating differently now and am able to see things I couldn’t see before… or I’m at least seeing things differently.

      Thanx Ray!

      1. You know, the more I think on this, the more I realize those ‘things’ ARE Beings in their own right… and they were just enjoying themselves at the Gathering like the rest of us…. But because I had never seen anything like them b4, I figured they were nonliving things.. not living Beings.
        The next time I see them I’m gonna treat’em like new friends, and get to know them.. like where they’re from, what they do, how they travel……. are they married… NO! JK!

        1. Love you and your joke dearest Sally :))) Yes – how do we know who we meet these days…Treat everyone like you want to be treated yourself ❤

          Love ❤

          1. Haha! Yes! 😀
            How do we know just who we’re gonna meet, when we’re walking down a busy busy street… hmm… I think that’s the beginning of an old song…
            You touch my heart deeply B….
            Thank you. ❤

    1. Thanks!
      This shure are some intensive words to read. They spoke to me, still dont exactly know what they told me… To do? Be in my heart? Stay loving?

        1. So a lovely hello and a warning for some muddy holes all pointig to an buffet afterwards. 😉

    2. Thanks ‘Ori’ for sharing this !….fits beautifully in respect to All that has recently transpired here at the pond….I think there’s an individual & unique message within for everyone….but the actual message from the Arcturians is my favourite & shines Great Light for me !…..Love to You !…Bev

      Dear Portal Openers,
      We the Arcturians, thank you for returning to our Corridor. You have volunteered to return to Gaia, not for your personal ascension, but to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Therefore, you shall go through your personal initiations within the “sarcophagus” of your won making. Beloved Portal Openers, you have completed your own experiences within the 3D Matrix and have returned to a form to assist dear Gaia to Her experiences.

      Gaia longs to expand into her higher expressions in the same manner that She has assisted the ascended humans within Her long planetary history. Many of you who were able to ascend beyond illusion and return to your higher expressions of SELF have returned to assist the planet on which you returned to Lightbody.

      Just as RaHoTep had to face many challenges before he could begin his initiation process and final ascension, Gaia is facing many challenges before Her initiation process. Gaia has provided you with a physical home for myriad incarnations. It is time for all you who are holding a form within this NOW to think first of the planet that you have used and abused, then consider your personal return to SELF.

      We remind you, our dear, courageous volunteers, that YOU are magnificent, multidimensional beings. You did not come to Earth in this incarnation for your personal gain, but to rescue the planetary Mother who provided you with a home for myriad incarnations. Please remember your pre-birth contract and act upon it NOW.

      Gaia needs you. What are you DOING to assist Her?

  18. Dear Vinny,

    I have had problems with my guts too for many weeks until the last couple of days. A lot of air and ever-pushy as if I never were finished if you know what I mean 😉

    Sincerely hope that our vehicles can be compensated for the wear and tear because of all the hard ascension work – especially done by you my friend. It would be a much needed and appreciated bonus.

    Sending my love & light to you ❤ ❤ ❤


  19. I woke up hard this morning and as I fumbled around in my kitchen I got the sense that we had some kind of party during the night, a big celebration 🙂

    I send love and appreciation to each and every one of my fellow Ponders. Your presence here enriches my life in indescribable ways.

  20. we are
    as we weave our energy pattern
    into the COZMIC tapestry
    we sing our song
    of oneness
    of life
    and so it is

  21. When I am sitting in front of this message and breathe, I can feel you all and so much energi float through me. Thank you to you all ❤ ❤

  22. Thank you once again dearest Aisha and CCs ❤ ❤ ❤

    "So make sure to rinse out your mouth – that is, your mind – the better to be able to savour what you have given yourself to savour."

    Yes – and the best rinser for me is the frozen water 🙂

    Love & light ❤


    1. Ahhh….a perfect rinse…Thanks ‘B’ & Thanks for all your fine comments in the last missive !….just went back to read….Love All you said & Thanks so much for thinking of me as your ‘Water’ inspiration…I’m so honored ! & I Love how you described the beautiful play time & bonding time with your Grandchildren….it All shouts out the sincerest True Love you have for them…bet they hated to see you go at the end of the week !….sending you lots of Love & to have a heart shining day ! Bev

    2. I had some meditative music that I spontaneously decided to leave on in the background Sunday, and at certain points there was the sound of waves lapping. At the time I felt it was washing over and cleansing me/us.

      : )


      1. Dear Ann ❤

        Music is very important to me as it opens up and goes deep into the whole of me. Just making sounds using vocal letters in my own way and with intuitive combinations is also very helpful – especially when energy waves are very heavy like they were yesterday night.

        Love & light ❤ ❤ ❤

        1. Yes B! Sort of like a Soul Song, I guess. (I discovered hahaha, hohoho and so on work nicely : )

          ❤ ❤ ❤

  23. Thankyou for the regular updates Aisha. Your reach is truly international and Adelaide joined the latest Gathering 🙂
    It is feeling like the winds of change for the better are here, it is almost thick enough to touch and glimpse the love and light it carries xxx

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