Welcome to the February Gathering around the Pond, Sunday February 1

Dear family of light! Once again we are about to enter a new month, and once again we have the opportunity to come together and “pool our resources” as the CCs like to say. For this upcoming Sunday is February 1, and at 21:00 Oslo time we will have our monthly Gathering around the Pond. This is what the CCs wanted to share about it:

“Rejoice dear ones, as you have once again elected to be a part of this wondrous collective that is furthering the development of this evolution. For you are the awakened ones, the ones that have chosen to go where no man has gone before, and to do so with your eyes and indeed your hearts wide open. And once again you will do an important collaborative exercise where you will be guided to come together in a very new way, based upon the current level of frequencies that you as a group now represent. And let us simply say that it is more than impressive, for over the last period of time, you have managed to acquire quite a few new strings to your formidable instruments as we have already told you, and we venture to guess they will be more than ready to be tried out as you sit down to engage in what can only be described as a veritable flood of activity.

For as you come together during this upcoming event you call the Gathering, you will all have the opportunity to play to your heart’s content, and when you do that, you will once again set astir this ocean of potential that surrounds you on all sides to such a degree, some very new constellations will be born. We use the word constellation for a very specific reason, for what you are co-creating now, is something that will be literally mirrored in the heavens above. For what you do, you do for All, and as such, your creations will not only have an impact on this planet, but also far beyond. For the reach of your ambitions is nothing compared to your actual ability to create, for that far surpasses anything you can conjure up in your mind, and as such, these get-togethers ring out far and wide, much, much further than your intellectual abilities are able to comprehend at this stage. Be that as it may, for in your hearts, you will know that this orchestra that you are an important part of will create a piece of frequential music that will touch not only the hearts, but also the very soul of Creation in such a way, you will all be hailed as the creator gods you truly are.

For once again your little event will be a major one, not just for the individuals involved, but for All of creation, and even if we know that our lack of details concerning just what it is you actually DO during these get-togethers is more than frustrating for some, let us just say that you constitute a mass of vibrating strings that together is capable of co-creating in ways that no others can copy. We do not say this in order to make you feel superior to others, for that is not the case here. What we are saying is that you are unique, a one of a kind group, composed by a clearly defined spectrum of frequencies that has no match anywhere else, not on this planet, nor further afield, and as such, no others can do what you do.

For you have come together to BE this group of individuals, all bringing in their own individual traits to this amassed orchestra of frequential harmony, and now, this harmonic convergence will once again be called to step up to the stage and perform a piece of what can only be called divine inspiration. For you will follow that inner set of navigational charts that will ensure that the course you take during this event will be perfectly aligned with so many others connecting with your field to do what you do, and as such, the add-on effect from all of this will be magnificent indeed. Not only that, it will also leave tracks that will ease the passage of those coming after you, for they are more numerous than you are perhaps aware of at this moment in time, and so, what you do will once again break open new ground for ALL. It will also serve to strengthen some connections that have already been made, but has so far yet to be fully explored by any of you, so this event will in many ways open new doors and light up some very new corridors, corridors that in itself will help to lessen the strain on the conductors that are already deployed.

We speak in parables as usual, but what we are trying to convey is simply this; this upcoming Sunday your combined output will ignite a vast set of carriers, carriers that will help you all to entrain even better with the new frequencies that have yet to arrive, but will do so over the next few weeks, and as such, this one-time event will keep benefiting you all for a very long time indeed. Not only that, it will also serve to connect you all even deeper together, for yes, you all still have a ways to go before you can fully access the channels that are already in situ. Again, you already have everything you need at your disposal in order to complete the monumental project that this event is simply one small portion of, but in order for you to be able to fully utilize all of the tools and all of the potential and indeed all of the frequential assistance that is here for you, you need to be able to do so without overloading your physical body in any way. Hence, this long line of ever increasing administrations of these new frequencies as step by step, you are getting to the point where you will be able to take it all into full use.

And now, you once again stand before one of those major steps that will help to lift you all – both as individuals but also as a collective – just that much closer to that point. For it will be another one of those pivotal moments that will accelerate your development greatly, so once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation for adding your by now formidable voice to this Gathering. It will indeed be a memorable occasion for us all, and even if your memories from the actual event may be more or less sketchy afterwards, let us remind you that your participation will be no less than 100% no matter what you self think you add to it. For your individual energy is so deeply woven into this grid of enlightened matter by now, you cannot fail but to give it all. For that is what is in your very nature, for you are indeed the changemakers, the ones that have taken it into their hearts to go all the way, and now, another surge forward is imminent for you all, by way of this informal meeting you have given the name of the Gathering. So we bid you all welcome to the next step towards your future, it will be one that will be applauded by us all.”


What a blessing it is to be a part of this amazing group of souls, and to BE a part of this “collaborative exercise” 🙂 Thank you for adding your voice to this event – I am really looking forward to hearing you all “play to your heart’s content”!

With love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

331 thoughts on “Welcome to the February Gathering around the Pond, Sunday February 1

  1. My experience was coloured by the fact that the day before I developed a big head cold, esp the left side, so my head, eye and ear pain and nose dripping was intense. All my crystals were out in the garden with me, as if they were my entourage joining in, too — some of my multidimensional versions of me. I chose to sit on a rock this time, a rock that the day before I’d noticed was an animal head shape, where my cat often lies. My position was on the crown chakra of that rock, to open up to the energies, in part hidden beside and under a deadly night shade tree. Later I remembered your photo with the rock suspended over smaller stones, Aisha, and made the connection to that. I saw nothing clearly but some diffuse and subtle swirls of colour, and understood they were all of you, gathering and doing your thing(s). 🙂 Thank you, ALL, and blessings to you/us. ❤ Margarita

  2. Aisha dear,
    I also saw a “small group” – and I wondered “where are the others?” – … 😉 … and I saw the overlap of the hands resting on each other in the center of the small group.
    Then I saw an immense light …. and … in my head became a “deafening silence” as a kind of pressure in the brain, I felt a slight hiss in the ears … and then …. I fell asleep at 21:10 about !!!!!
    A hug smiling to you and to all Ponders … 🙂 …

  3. Alcyone in Pleiades and our sun. Hehe, sweet baby star there. I wondered what that Kabbalistic tree of life-symbol was in my dream. Truth. Nice to figure it out in some timelines 😉

  4. Hey all You beautiful Ponders You are Amazing ❤ . It's been a while since I have surfaced. I have moved location from Svendborg to Aarhus to study at the University there 🙂

    I connected as usual by visualizing us all holding hands, then when I received my connection handshake, tears flowing through my eyes, I was there. I received one sentence, that sent ripples of understanding and love through me:

    "You are the Sun, You are the hollow Earth"

    At first I thought is that all ?

    Since it was all I received, I just kind of repeated it as a mantra or a prayer

    This triggered a new understanding of this concept for me, How the Sun is both on the outside and on the inside of the very fabrics of reality.

    This goes out to all the You Beautiful People here, Love You Stephan

    1. Dear Stephan, so wonderful to “see” you again 🙂 Thank you for adding your light to this Gathering, and for sharing your insight from it!
      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

  5. hi Aisha, have read your channelings and have participated a few times at the gatherings, just wanted to say thank you to yourself and the CC’s for all that you do…peace

  6. Dear Aisha and C.C. and all the magnificent beings who make up this amazing pond;
    Thank you so much for sharing all your beauties and uniqueness. I wanted share a little of what I remembered from the gathering. When I first arrived, I only saw few people around the pond, then when I focused a bit more, I saw hundreds and hundreds of you were present. Then I saw amazing white sparkling light with rainbow color blended in. Then all the people are dancing in joy under many strings of lights. Then I noticed there was something glowing in middle of the pond. When I focused, there was this free formed structure made of multiple shape and size and origins of crystals perfectly fit together just beginning to take a form. Each crystal represented each of us with each of our signature resonance and vibration. When I went inside, I was told this structure would tune us whole.

    Many blessings and love,

    1. Dear Aleiki, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here and to this Gathering, and thank you for sharing your powerful vision! I can “see” that beautiful “tuning structure” you describe 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you, B for your kind reply. It is so lovely to be able to come here, listen, resonate, share, inspire and encouraged by all the light and love everyone brings this sanctuary.
        All Blessings,

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