Welcome to the February Gathering around the Pond, Sunday February 1

Dear family of light! Once again we are about to enter a new month, and once again we have the opportunity to come together and “pool our resources” as the CCs like to say. For this upcoming Sunday is February 1, and at 21:00 Oslo time we will have our monthly Gathering around the Pond. This is what the CCs wanted to share about it:

“Rejoice dear ones, as you have once again elected to be a part of this wondrous collective that is furthering the development of this evolution. For you are the awakened ones, the ones that have chosen to go where no man has gone before, and to do so with your eyes and indeed your hearts wide open. And once again you will do an important collaborative exercise where you will be guided to come together in a very new way, based upon the current level of frequencies that you as a group now represent. And let us simply say that it is more than impressive, for over the last period of time, you have managed to acquire quite a few new strings to your formidable instruments as we have already told you, and we venture to guess they will be more than ready to be tried out as you sit down to engage in what can only be described as a veritable flood of activity.

For as you come together during this upcoming event you call the Gathering, you will all have the opportunity to play to your heart’s content, and when you do that, you will once again set astir this ocean of potential that surrounds you on all sides to such a degree, some very new constellations will be born. We use the word constellation for a very specific reason, for what you are co-creating now, is something that will be literally mirrored in the heavens above. For what you do, you do for All, and as such, your creations will not only have an impact on this planet, but also far beyond. For the reach of your ambitions is nothing compared to your actual ability to create, for that far surpasses anything you can conjure up in your mind, and as such, these get-togethers ring out far and wide, much, much further than your intellectual abilities are able to comprehend at this stage. Be that as it may, for in your hearts, you will know that this orchestra that you are an important part of will create a piece of frequential music that will touch not only the hearts, but also the very soul of Creation in such a way, you will all be hailed as the creator gods you truly are.

For once again your little event will be a major one, not just for the individuals involved, but for All of creation, and even if we know that our lack of details concerning just what it is you actually DO during these get-togethers is more than frustrating for some, let us just say that you constitute a mass of vibrating strings that together is capable of co-creating in ways that no others can copy. We do not say this in order to make you feel superior to others, for that is not the case here. What we are saying is that you are unique, a one of a kind group, composed by a clearly defined spectrum of frequencies that has no match anywhere else, not on this planet, nor further afield, and as such, no others can do what you do.

For you have come together to BE this group of individuals, all bringing in their own individual traits to this amassed orchestra of frequential harmony, and now, this harmonic convergence will once again be called to step up to the stage and perform a piece of what can only be called divine inspiration. For you will follow that inner set of navigational charts that will ensure that the course you take during this event will be perfectly aligned with so many others connecting with your field to do what you do, and as such, the add-on effect from all of this will be magnificent indeed. Not only that, it will also leave tracks that will ease the passage of those coming after you, for they are more numerous than you are perhaps aware of at this moment in time, and so, what you do will once again break open new ground for ALL. It will also serve to strengthen some connections that have already been made, but has so far yet to be fully explored by any of you, so this event will in many ways open new doors and light up some very new corridors, corridors that in itself will help to lessen the strain on the conductors that are already deployed.

We speak in parables as usual, but what we are trying to convey is simply this; this upcoming Sunday your combined output will ignite a vast set of carriers, carriers that will help you all to entrain even better with the new frequencies that have yet to arrive, but will do so over the next few weeks, and as such, this one-time event will keep benefiting you all for a very long time indeed. Not only that, it will also serve to connect you all even deeper together, for yes, you all still have a ways to go before you can fully access the channels that are already in situ. Again, you already have everything you need at your disposal in order to complete the monumental project that this event is simply one small portion of, but in order for you to be able to fully utilize all of the tools and all of the potential and indeed all of the frequential assistance that is here for you, you need to be able to do so without overloading your physical body in any way. Hence, this long line of ever increasing administrations of these new frequencies as step by step, you are getting to the point where you will be able to take it all into full use.

And now, you once again stand before one of those major steps that will help to lift you all – both as individuals but also as a collective – just that much closer to that point. For it will be another one of those pivotal moments that will accelerate your development greatly, so once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation for adding your by now formidable voice to this Gathering. It will indeed be a memorable occasion for us all, and even if your memories from the actual event may be more or less sketchy afterwards, let us remind you that your participation will be no less than 100% no matter what you self think you add to it. For your individual energy is so deeply woven into this grid of enlightened matter by now, you cannot fail but to give it all. For that is what is in your very nature, for you are indeed the changemakers, the ones that have taken it into their hearts to go all the way, and now, another surge forward is imminent for you all, by way of this informal meeting you have given the name of the Gathering. So we bid you all welcome to the next step towards your future, it will be one that will be applauded by us all.”


What a blessing it is to be a part of this amazing group of souls, and to BE a part of this “collaborative exercise” 🙂 Thank you for adding your voice to this event – I am really looking forward to hearing you all “play to your heart’s content”!

With love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

331 thoughts on “Welcome to the February Gathering around the Pond, Sunday February 1

  1. Looking for a pic of a maypole i found this, which for me echoes the scene of the maypole, with the coloured ribbons weaving around the shaft of creation reminding me of the golden spiral (as seen here so many times in beautiful pictures and symbols with the sun (pearl) atop the creation in the style of a capstone on a pyramid. the grand pyramid of life :-)))) and the sun disc 🙂 love in action 🙂


  2. Cor blimey !! you just never know whats gonna come up next :-)))

    So there was me at the pond, with my wonderful twin flame, and i was kind of standing there, sort of mooching about with my hands in my pockets and idly watching what i think was girls dancing, all you girls i would guess, my flame saw something very similar too at that early point, she descibed to me lots of ladies dancing around what looked like a diamond esque maypole (maypole dancing is ancient english festivity (try google “maypole dancing” …

    So there was me idly taking in all this and i glanced around to my right and just beyond my shoulder was what i describe as the vip table :-)) i have seen this table before,, it’s where “dignitaries” and what i guess is invited guests and such sit….

    i saw among the folks sitting and chatting what i would guess looked kind of like how i imagine king Neptune or Poseidon look in regal outwear.

    He caught my eye and gestured with his finger for me to come to him, smiling he said, this is more for us to watch if you would like 🙂 i said hey kool, i was at a bit of a loose end anyhow :-))

    and so i sat and jawed with Neptune or Poseidon maybe both for all i know :-)) throughout the whole show :-))

    out of curiousity i thought i’d do a browse on water deities,,, like Aisha, i originally had a very strong Lyra impulse from the CC’s message (Orion etc )

    and by chance i happen on this ,,,, ” Llŷr (Welsh), god of the sea”,,, know i am quite sure stars are born in the cosmic sea :-)))

    Magnetic Blessings of Watery Seas and Starry Heavens and Humble Thanks 🙂 < 3

  3. Lee Harris at Facebook today

    “You are all very powerful intuitively, but you are also afraid of the level of intuitive power you have. It is not surprising. Allowing that level of intuition into your lives will cause energetic shifts in your body. It will cause you to feel different and to see the world differently – but that is wonderful. It will make you more whole. Do not fear your power for you all have it. You are only asking us to say this to you because you know it yourselves – you feel it.
    Allow yourself to feel the energy that exists right now in this moment in your body. Ask your soul to give you a taste of how much power and energy that body can house for you. Allow your body to be shown a glimpse of how much is within you and how much could be within you if you let it in. Then allow your soul to return you to a state that will benefit you most in this moment.”

    ~~Zachary through Lee, from Personal Power in ‘Energy Speaks-Volume Two


  4. Hello Everybody. I have one question. Feel you today some strange with your energy ? Today I feel sucked from my energy, as if I was riding on the total reserve. Yesterday everything was alright but today it was like after huge effort. Sorry for my english :))

    1. I just can say that – even if I don´t know if I participated in the gathering – I have been swirling in very strong energies all day today. Here we go…. ;)))
      Much love ❤

    2. Hi Jurek, Yes, I feel I have no energy today, and yesterday was fine.… but it’s different than just feeling heavily fatigued… it feels relaxing.
      Good thing I have no appointments today. I have been able to hang around the house. 😉
      Your English words speak clearly…. very nice. ❤

  5. BJ Canaway at Facebook

    #4. Cycles of Victimhood, Enough is Enough, Boundaries & Contracts.

    “What if we consider a different definition to boundaries and contracts:
    What if we view boundaries as being drawn reflexively to hurts. Too often because in our pasts, there were the unspoken agreements or spoken agreements to give of ourselves with undefined or poorly defined limits. Consider them poorly understood or written ‘contracts’… what one would expect at a used car dealer where you pay by the week for a hunk of junk that is better than no wheels at all. Contracts are active choices made. We may modify boundaries or contracts when they falter or fail. We may even abandon the contract if moving in a forward direction, we walk away from the “Cycle of Victimhood” (which is why I said understand that writing) and “Dr Feelgood”.

    What if we make a uniquely new form of contract (of unconditional love.) in our present life?
    In my choice, my contract, (which is not with one person), but how I chose to live my life…

    “My love is freely given without concern for what I receive back, but I will not give it where I am feeding an addiction as defined in ‘cycles of victimhood’ and I maintain the rights to my own body, my strength, my personhood, my own beliefs, my own path”… That is my contract with all others save Creator who I serve.”


    Love ❤

    1. not to support ‘the behavior’ of the person – nor to enable the misguided behavior. Say “I Love you, but I can not support your behavior”. You can step away, but your Love never does.
      To me, always give Love to the eternal Souls because withholding Love will never be a fitting thing to do.
      We came to Love everything into Love
      My sister and I had a conversation that makes me think of this. I think she may wonder how I can step so easily away from my other two sisters. I Love them – their true Beingness always – I do not with to participate in any of the behaviors anymore. There are all types of ‘family’. Just because you are born into one does not mean you ‘have to’ stay in contact with it. I have a couple of great friends since my early years that are family to me for instance – so I have not lost two sisters at all. And, I have many more sisters and brothers here!! XO
      Thanks B ! ❤

  6. BJ Canaway at ‎Oracle Report

    January 31, 2015 -2/1/2015

    “The second day of gravid Wisdom Keeper, the Clan Mother who shows us how to “honor the truth”…

    Her voice is soft in the white moons of silence. The time we have to digest months of teaching. We sit in the solitude of sacred spaces we either journey to or find ourselves in. Here is the quiet of the sweat lodge, the temple, the kiva, the forest grove, the sanctuary or sanctum, the grotto former of rock & sea.
    Solitude… to find our path or journey, understanding our relationship with the Divine or Great Mystery… to understand all we have learned, bring ourselves fully present into that knowledge.

    There is a piece within that knowing so tender, so vital, so tenuous and yet so often violated… it is brutally abused. It is the most precious of our gifts in some ways. We are given the ability to question … who am I? What are my beliefs about what I should be or how I see the world around me? How do I see others beliefs? This is nutshelled into sacred point of view. It is a most precious gift and right now a gift who’s boundaries have not been acknowledged and respected.

    In our efforts to seek ourselves, answer our own question of who I am? where did I come from? What do I believe about the universe? We have trod on the delicate flowers of other gardens of sacred points of view. There is room in the kiva, the church, the forest glad… I do not have to accept your sacred point of view completely to see next to you in complete harmony. My vibration may vibrate slightly different and we create together a beautiful choral piece that lifts the spirit of all.

    Wisdom Keeper says remember the whales’ song. It is uniquely theirs and a thing of majestic beauty.
    Find peace in your sacred places and softly sing you song, letting the vibration fill the air will the love held like a butterfly within and it fill your being with joy and gratitude. alleana”

    Love ❤

    1. Thanks ‘B’…always Love the wisdom found in these….especially Love this part – “that we create together a beautiful choral piece that lifts the spirit of all.” !
      Hope you had a Grand time with The Grand kids !….& certainly I know you did…& hope the trip to New York was fun for your son & his wife !…..Love, Bev

      1. Yes – thanks bev~ I had a most wonderful time with my grandchildren, drew hearts on cars snowed windows where we went past, sang and joked, went sledding, walked and talked and they enjoyed it and had as funny as I had – or vice versa 🙂 Mini-spa with foot bath (and entire body ended up in the very little mini bathtub eventually 😉 foot massage and relaxation music in the evening got them to sleep well. Thanks to them, I passed through this tough week very well 🙂 ❤

        The blizzard did not materialize when my son and his wife arrived in New York. Maybe it was because I enclosed a large dose of love that unfolded on the East Coast when they landed;))) They enjoyed their stay and experiences though I have not talked to them so much yet since they came home today.

        Much love to you dear Sister ❤ ❤ ❤

        1. Imagine we had the real storm yesterday!!!
          Snow snow everywhere!!
          Your son, B brought us a reprieve!

    1. Thank you very much Lysiane ❤ Dragonfly is fully consistent with my way of thinking and how I worked since way back. I have always been fascinated by
      dragonflies 🙂

      "New Shamanism is a way of living as well as a perception of reality that draws on the ancient path of the Shaman. But, in the 21st century, this path is expressed and experienced at a new level of awareness that incorporates higher consciousness, compassion and creativity. This is the ability to transform, to dream and to weave light into Magical Manifestation."

      Much love and gratitude ❤

    2. Reminds me of that black eye insect being some of us saw.

      And vinny metioned a dragon xD

  7. Namaste and thank you to Aisha and All!

    Happily discovered the Pond late last year, after years of consciously being on the path (great thanks to Bashar, Abraham, Pleadians, et al). Attended two other meetings, yesterday was the first that I sat down at the designated time to participate.

    After a few minutes acclimatizing, and just as I started to wonder if/how I’d tap in; I was in the Circle slightly above the earth, All of us holding hands. I started to feel the energy flowing and saw the light around us.

    Next, from a distance I could see how we connected to form the golden veins of many leaves around a giant lotus blossum, made up of (thousands?) of light pink to white/light petals, spinning, and slowly opening, glowing from a powerful white light coming from the center below. Sparks of light started coming out and were also flying around the outside. Then many more lights, some more colourful now, almost exploding out from the centre, which opened, like a great cosmic party present, with much joy and love abounding.

    As the petals opened further, a huge golden white light Being, tinged with pink and trimmed in gold, rose formidably and towered above (best words I can find) but with great love, and reverence, from the white centre. The spirit of Gaia, I thought. She held her hands together in the nameste position, bowing gracefully to all of us, then opening and letting her arms down in greeting. Much Love, Respect and Appreciation was felt flowing from her. The word “benediction” came to mind.

    Then many smaller Light Beings/Avatars of the Earth began rising up, circling around and spirling up, getting larger as they rose. Each with their head bowed to us, and hands placed together in Love and Appreciation.

    This went on for some time untiI I had to tune out, though I could still feel the love, happiness and celebration going on. Then later saw all the Stars in the night sky above. Even afterwards, I had more energy than I’ve had since last year! (Not so much today, after all the excitement, and shovelling out a section of the GTA.)

    Looking forward to reading more of others’ journeys and Co-Creations. I still feel the Love of the Gathering and that image of our Supreme Benediction will always warm my heart.

    Many thanks and Love to All,


    1. Dear Ann, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here and to this Gathering, and thank you for sharing this incredibly beautiful vision 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  8. Thank you Dear Aisha for hosting another wonderful Gathering !….as I read through the comments, I just want to Thank everyone for their energies & joining into forum ! We have come far, but we still have a ways to go in understanding Creation’s ‘Unity’ & not our human viewed definition. While some are blossoming beautifully, others still remain stuck within their own doing & unable to see the forest fore the trees or unable to get out of their own way (great quote from Kiera). For me the energies kicked into gear Saturday night…merging, aligning but also ripping & tearing & left me with a very real flu & cold which is persisting. I was told it was a huge push to gather & sort & sift all energies upon Earth into one energetic mix …from high to low, in all the densities & will remain in a turmoil & flux for the next while to settle & allow time for humanity to adjust their choices & intentions. You see being a part of the great symphony does not mean the greater whole adjusting to each instrument or voice…it means that each new addition must compliment the greater symphony that has been in place, in motion for billions & billions of years…so it is often that the one needs to make adjustments to their instrument & modification to their tune…this is a very natural & necessary occurrence & any that would think otherwise would do so for selfish reasons. There is no ‘Me’, no superiority, no first or badges issued. To grasp the full meaning of Creational ‘Unity’ we truly need to see thru not only the eyes of our own higher part, but also thru all other’s eyes….said here many times before & again recently. (thank you) If our voice is not aligned to the harmonious communication already existing in creation how do we think we are ever going to successfully communicate. Intentions sent out into cosmic creation will only be received & answered when there is communication but also we must have the understanding that answers are for benefitting the whole.
    On another note…Sunday was also ‘Superbowl’ with it’s own charge of energy riding high amongst all, until it divides into winners & losers. Not that I watched it or the half time entertainment, but before the game, Katy Perry was asked what she hoped to achieve with her half time performance & she said “so that everyone was smiling in UNITY”….or to that affect….I really liked that !
    Love to All !…..Bev (& less computer time while I get better!)

    All in Good Time

    just like my Amaryllis beginning to bloom, Nature has it’s own unique unfolding to reveal it’s Beauty…Forcing this inertia would only spoil the end result. Creation has it’s own Perfection & Flow that has been set in motion for billions of years, designed for harmony & balance for unity of the wholeness of Life. If we are unwilling to recognize that it is we that need to change, not Nature….then we will remain stuck, being no more than a bud unable to bloom.

    1. Dear Bev! Thank you for helping us to see the forest AND the trees! Thank you for the wisdom and thank you for the beauty, hopefully your body will be able to find the perfect balance in all of this too.
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

    2. Thank you dearest bev~ for your always wise words ❤

      I have also experienced many strong pushes during the last weeks but noticed how everything works just perfect, comes right on time, etc when I need it the best if I only dare to go ahead and follow my heart's truth and flow of life – without resistance. It seems as if everything is calculated to the smallest detail and everything is flowing freely all the time, at least that's my experience and has been a long time back. I both cheers and whimper in my body at the same time and it really feels magical 😉

      Knock on wood – I've been with snotty and coughing children and adults for over a week and do not even know iota of flu – so far 😉 It really is unusual because I "normally" would have passed out by now. I have spent many liters of frozen water under my stay with my family and even taught kids to like it 🙂 I usually mention you as a reference when I say that it is healthy and beneficial to drink frozen water or slush even though I can not myself explain why ;))) Eating snow lying in branch forks of the trees are additionally cleaner and gives double dose of energy 🙂 I am infinitely grateful for everything you have taught me about water though I could only take me a small fraction ❤

      Sending love and light to you my friend and hope you recover soon 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


  9. Hi all~
    I joined the Gathering a bit before the actual time and mainly saw you/we all interconnected in white light, and a series of glimpses of folks with wings coming out, dragonfly wings in particular. I am always amazed at the detail others share here and it all seems to be about this expansiveness of Light within, through and to all of us as we gather. Thank you to Aisha whom I saw and Areeza too, they were most notable and yes I punned. Lots of others in again a cocoon of white light surrounding the globe.
    ❤ Monica

    1. Thank you for sharing this, dear Monica! So many of us have “seen” that same white light – I think we are all wrapped in the “cocoon” you saw 🙂
      Aisha ❤

  10. Thanks for the gadering around the pond <3. I had a cold but prepared the whole weekend for this incredible event together with you. I could not see you clearly but I am more of an bodily inate intuitiv. Despite the cold I brought my essece together with you through chanting, drumming. The night befor I had an incredible vivid (Lucid) dream. I have not dreamt like that inn a long while, I think because off all the clearings the last year.
    I dreamt I was inn a wonderfull valley with a city close too a flatt area surounded by water and channels with the vegetation on the banks intact and roses an flowers all over. i did not see any cars everybody was walking looked like a lot of tourists. I was guided there by some very happy persons one military that said no it is time for etics inn the force. Sourounded the city was beutifull farms with abundace of vegetables and forest gardens. The forest was beutifull with all kids of species wellmanaged with nut and fruit trees. I notticed a chestnut orchard and though of my beutifull friend Michael hahn that is spreding ecological forrestry all around Europe. I think he lived there. The landscape looked like a combination of Norwgian fjord, Rhine valley, and with a mediterainian light and the clearness of air like inn the desert South west. the light was wery different different from what I ever have seen everything seemed much lighter and everything seemed not so heavy sort of and everybody was happy and vibrant. Seeems like I have made a combination of all the beutifull elements I have seen around the into a new creation. I see it as a sight of great changes maybe it was the new earth, come to think about I have been there inn my dreams before sporadically. Great too be with you to create the new earth and my hearth goes out too you and all off creation ❤

    1. Dear oljens2, thank you so much for sharing this vibrant, wonderful vision of the New world – you really make it come alive in every way 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. ~ Beautiful ~
      sounds like Utopia !
      had a dream a long time ago that your vision made me recall. It was like Earth but so much more fresh and vivid in color – and friendly animals that came right up to you. I never saw any cars either. nor paved roads.
      thank you ❤

  11. My experience began with a golden bell ringing at 3:00 pm. Stayed in the upper chakras for a while, floating amongst them. Creamy white/pale gold marigold unfolding. Bumblebee came visiting. Their legs are beautiful!! She said, “You-Me-Queen-Bee”. Ok….. Then I swirled around a periwinkle blue disc surrounded with golden light. Ahhh! Swooping back down, I found myself driving a really cool convertible, kinda like the one in “Thelma & Louise”. Going down a blacktop road with yellow lines and palm trees on either side heading straight to a snow-covered mountain. Laughing out loud! Threw my hands over my head and punched the gas pedal ……… and there in the passenger seat was Tom Petty. The music began and we laughed and started singing, “Runn’in Down a Dream”. Absolute FUN!!! 🙂 Aisha and Afathon came by in an old Viking ship with a red cross on it’s sail. I waved a greeting to them and laughed. So did Tom. Asked to see Kiera and there she was – a gorgeous great white shark coming towards me with mouth and teeth wide open. I giggled and put out my hand. She observed me and winked, then turned and swam away.

    “It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down
    I had the radio on, I was drivin’
    Trees flew by, me and Del were singin’ little Runaway
    I was flyin’
    Yeah runnin’ down a dream
    That never would come to me
    Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads
    Runnin’ down a dream
    I felt so good like anything was possible
    I hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes
    The last three days the rain was un-stoppable
    It was always cold, no sunshine
    Yeah runnin’ down a dream
    That never would come to me
    Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads
    Runnin’ down a dream
    I rolled on as the sky grew dark
    I put the pedal down to make some time
    There’s something good waitin’ down this road
    I’m pickin’ up whatever’s mine
    Yeah runnin’ down a dream
    That never would come to me
    Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads
    Runnin’ down a dream”

    I know, Tom. It’s time I put my energy into the dream!! Crap! I got BIG dreams. Some sleep is in order now. Past ten days have created a divine zombie!! LOL!!

    LOVE to All! ❤

    1. Dear Caroline! LOL and high-fives – thank you for seeing and for sharing this! And thank you Tom, for that perfect soundtrack to this amazing journey 😉
      Aisha ❤

    2. Thank you dearest Caroline ❤

      You know – it would be really nice to meet you 🙂 What about that picture for your gravatar you were working on last autumn? 😉 ❤


  12. Hello Everyone! I have not posted here before but have joined your Pond Gatherings a number of times. I would like to add my own experience of last night’s gathering. The pond was an actual pond and there were 10 or so people already there. We joined hands and raised them high and light was shining from our hands. Then everyone was tossing crystals into the pond but I didn’t have anything to toss. Then I thought I can take my heart energy and add that to the pond, which I did and a stream of light poured from my heart into the pond. Then the pond exploded with a huge flash and the droplets poured over and down into the earth. We were on a higher level, as if in the clouds. I then was aware of a huge number of other groups each making their own addition to the energy movement and we were all interconnected.

    I thank you all for your and my participation in this wonderful change we are all bringing about together.

    1. Dear Barbara! Welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here and to this Gathering, and thank you for sharing your powerful vision! It really resonates with what others have shared, and it helps to confirm that we are ONE – one for ALL, all for ONE 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  13. Dear Aisha thank you and everybody for this gathering! is was a wonderful event for me. At nine o’clock I was ready to leave 🙂 we were all together again, and a pillar of light rose up and at the top was a big star. This big star splashed in all little stars that fell on us. We changed into light beings and everyone went to a country on this earth. I met a male from Syria and he was very surprised. He said you’re an angel and I answered that he was an angel too he doesnt belief it but when I say we are all one we are love he smiled and say i’m going to tell my family this. At that moment a light pillar appears at that place and from every continent all over the world a light pillar appears too and all these pillars bow to each other and form a crown. At the top of the crown creates a large bubble and we all sit there and enthusiastically tell our stories to each other and agree that we are all one!!
    a lot off light and love for everyone!!!!!!


    1. So amazing !!! The one experience after another is as fascinating and I am so grateful to take part of your story too. Thanks 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. dear fish in the pond thats why i love this gathering every time amazing and wonderfull things happens to everyone : ) ❤ txs

    2. Dear all…usually I don’t ‘see’ (I feel) but this time I saw some images, which is a mix of Madelief’s story and some others I’ve read. I was at the ‘beach’/ coastline and all around where goldstar twinkling lights (other attendents). At one moment everyone directed a kind of dotted twinkle beam of those stars towards the middle of the Pond. In the middle all of these beams came together; forming a golden crown in twinkles that rose. Don’t remember anything after that. Felt very happy.

      1. Yes dearest Aisha – my body is feeling lighter today – thanks for supporting it 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

        So amazing things happens around and within me now so I never have time to go in and tell you on the blog until the next major energy download occurs – or so I have been busy with my amazing little angels that I've been together with in one and a half weeks 🙂 I feel like an old fashioned policeman standing in the middle of the intersection and tries to direct the traffic – but have no chance. I have only been able to spin around, watch the traffic flow, laughed and cried with joy and immense gratitude while my whole body has really felt stiff and heavy as lead 😉 But there has really been tough times too when there was no problem keeping myself from laughing, like when I cried out to you and asked for help.

        Before I went down to meet my family, I got some "volcanic eruptions" – the first in a conversation with a neighbor and the next day during my telephone call with my daughter (thanks Stephen for your link

        It was truly "Core splitting honesty" that developed and I began to wonder if there could be any filter that could spare me from my strong need for honesty and truth 😉

        It has been so amazing transformative but I can not describe it all here. Can only say that I have done a fantastic thorough work to heal and balance my entire family – including my ex-husband. Not to mention all the others that I came in contact with (including my grandchild's kindergarten department where I spent half a day – absolutely fantastic !!!) Before The Gathering I just wanted to recover myself and just BE – felt totally exhausted by downloads as well as by joy and immense gratitude :)))

        So – last night when I came home five minutes before the appointed time, I lit candles everywhere, walking around and just BEing with you in thought and in my enormous gratitude that flowed over when I sat down to participate in the Gathering with "Total Praise" singing in me all the time (which I could share with you just before the plane took off;) I really do not know if I was with you at all – I was totally occupied anyway.

        During the night it had snowed a lot and I can say that it was extremely nice to heal and balance myself with freshly fallen clean white snow in the shower this morning 🙂

        Thought about what Otmn said about being "eclectic". I'm definitely non-eclectic 😉

        Infinite Love to you all ❤

        B to B

        1. Dear B ~!
          Keep on with that intent for Honesty and Truth.
          Our resolves are being tested. for good reason! 🙂
          Forerunners have great responsibility.
          Keep saying a strongly resonate YES! to the Light!
          It truly feels Awesome !!! YES!!!
          Much Love and gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. 😀
      Its really coming to a head now folks
      Keep the Light growing! No matter what
      racing up the rungs now
      Electric Light-en-ing Fast

  14. stop me if you can
    it seems to me
    if you look eclectic up in the dictionary you will see my picture

  15. Giant crater opening in Earth and upon the mountain formed around it were many shamans/elders using blankets to make smoke signals… “OM” and “I AM” and last night I kept seeing “I” and “M”. The smoke signals rose about the Earth. Mostly, i witnessed the “O” rings going upward into the atmosphere. Then, a big, deep sounding “OM” came up from the huge deep crater. Upward it rang out into the Universe and a vacuum of some sort was opened or created. I then heard us each singing out our unique frequency tone. Bubbles were formed form these and entered into the OM funnel. I heard and felt the tones all blending and I got excited in ‘knowing’ that there would be a huge release (with the bubbles bursting open with their sound along with the Great Om) at ‘the other end’ – whatever and wherever that was. I knew also it was not going to be during this Gathering that i would experience ‘that part’. I was inside the funnel going with the bubbles. I looked at the stars all around and thought of our connection to them. I saw and felt the moon vibrating too!
    I was just enjoying the ride with the traveling bubbles. I was almost hoping that would be it – the whole experience and i could relax.
    Then, i saw that the bubbles – translucent they were with black and blue hues – spinning clockwise. I saw that their midsections had ‘belts/equators’ and those were bejeweled and spinning counter clockwise.
    LoL – I always seem to get the urge to swallow these things I see and feel! To gobble them up! but no, not this time could I do that.
    I then heard ‘The Heavens Are Ready To Receive’. All of a sudden someone took my left hand and traced the ‘M’ on my palm (I do have a large M there). She raced me ahead and to a pass off space to the right. We entered that funnel and I looked closer at her then. She had on a sheer, white vail – jeweled at the band at the top of it – upon her head. She was looking back at me and smiling and I thought ‘Magdalene’. I also thought of the M stamp upon my hand…. bloodline of the Magdalene. I thought of the ‘I’ and the ‘M’ again. not I-Am – but I-M. I looked past her and saw an Emerald/Golden City. a blueprint? for another light city on Earth? I thought ‘Eden’ and then E=M3. ? I saw the M’s and E’s and 3’s in all directions in their shapes/forms. ‘She’ then said “youre so shy about who you are” – all the while smiling and still holding my hand. She added “You will be here eternally.”
    The smoke from the elders below caught up to us. Purification – Absolution.
    “What was old is new again” – “Star Dust”
    I placed some of this special star dust in my wand – oh, a nice joy in that! A treasure to ‘take home’. 🙂
    I was suddenly pushed back – hard. Head first looking at my feet and what I was going from very fast.
    I came back to sit by the large crater. I lay down and looked up to see a sparkling emerald/blue star.
    A shaman male came over and put something in my mouth.
    As i just lay there under that stars, I felt others around and we were holding hands – side by side. I saw more shamans placing something in others mouths.
    We felt comfort in the Earths vibration beneath our bodies. we rested for a moment in this. We felt her/Earth/Elohi like never before.
    This is where it got really intense and emotional: The tree of life sprouted from our tummies. I saw everything entwining, going upward and I felt confused and disoriented. It was intense and i thought ‘this is too much!’ ‘Its too much!!’. I wanted to ask for another dose of that pill or whatever it was the Shamans had us ingest. LoL.
    I was assured we are always looked after and especially now. I heard ‘Great Deeds Done By Great Seeds’
    Breath, Breath, Breath….and told to drink lots of love purified water…and perfect timing as the meditation i chose ended at just that moment!

    Good night/day and Thanks to All in this, yet another great adventure successfully ventured!

    1. Dear Areeza – I have no words after reading yours – thank you so much for sharing this!!! ‘Great Deeds Done By Great Seeds’ – amen to that!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

      1. It carried on into the night
        could not fall asleep – so just kept on with meditation and play with the Light….
        and its still going on!
        ….and holding in my hue-man body beautifully ❤
        xxx ooo

  16. Thank you dear Aisha & dear everyone ❤︎
    Believing is seeing ❤︎ I am looking seeing smelling touching & appreciate it all ❤︎

  17. Dear ones,

    What joy to be with you all today! I’m in ecstacy—like a kid at Christmas, but so grounded too. I may write more about my experience of the Gathering tomorrow, am off to bed now.

    Gratitude and blessings to all!

  18. I found myself at the Gathering on Saturday morning.

    There were a bunch’a people standing in a meadow…. eating, talking, laughing, and just hanging.
    There were bits and pieces of lawn furniture strewn around. On one of the picnic tables were about 30 black and white birds, marked like penguins, but the size and shape of robins. I walked up to them to take a closer look and when I got ‘bout 6 ft. from them, they all flew and landed on me. I wondered why I didn’t feel prickly bird feet…. it was then I noticed they had fur… and… paws. So after I checked them out then realized they were gonna stay on me for awhile, I walked over to a lady I knew, although I didn’t know her name, and asked her what kind of animals these were. She said they were insects! I told her I thought they were birds then saw they were mammals she said, ‘yeah, they’re all that, but we call’em insects.’

    So the 31 of us all went over to a grassy knoll and just stared at each other in a very quizzical, curious, loving, kind’a laughing/comical way…. I wondered how they birthed babies and they ‘said’ they give birth like I do, they don’t lay eggs. Then a couple got on my face and stared straight into my eyes. Their eyes got big and black and round and did not blink. It was comforting at first, then I wanted to smile and laugh, but thought that might make them fly away, so I let them look. Then I started focusing on their eyes and there was beautiful bold blackness…. Then I started seeing sparks of light here and there. Then I saw reflections of machines… not unlike the machines I saw at the last Feb. Gathering in a fresh water sea…. vertical moving metal platforms. Then I saw big beautiful yellow spiders… I said outloud, ‘is that what you really look like’? They said, ‘we can’.

    I found myself going deeper and deeper into the darkness, having a feeling that Creation started and ended there…. Couldn’t get enough. Then the lady with no name came over and said, ‘this is a newborn’, and it was one of the beautiful yellow spiders I saw in their eyes…

    I hope to continue to ‘gaze in to their eyes’. until I ‘see’ it all…. Even seeing ‘nothing’ was breathtaking. ❤

    1. Before falling asleep i saw some sort of human but with insectish parts and big black eyes. First i was alittle afraid but then i realised i could leave the fear behind and just let it happen. Then i felt confortable with them or her… They/she disapeard verry soon.
      Little later i felt like asking for some healing assistance during dreamtime, it was realised instantly and i felt stuff going on in my whole body.

    2. Dear Sally, dear Johannes – thank you both for sharing this, it resembles very much what my sister shared about her experience! During the Gathering she saw very little, but she had one very clear image of seeing an “insect” that looked like a praying mantis, it was not green more like a pale beige colour. What made the biggest impression was the huge, dark eyes that she felt very drawn to. At first she felt a little bit apprehensive looking into them, just like you did Johannes, but then she felt comfortable being in the presence of this being.
      Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Johannes, Dear Aisha, Dear Sister, ❤
        I love the similarity with the big black eyes…
        I’m sure there’s more to learn from this.
        When I ‘came to’ I had a feeling these ‘mammal/insect/birds’ might be showing me some kind of ‘bio-integration’….. they seemed to be a combination of all the different life forms/energies residing in one lump of flesh, making a brand new life form. A life form that unites all species in one body. The New World just might be full of them… Lots to Ponder here.
        Johannes, so wonderful you ‘felt stuff going on in your whole body’. I hope you continue to feel the healing. Makes me smile out loud!

        1. xD always when i tune in to my heart and allow my soul to be here there goes stuff on my dear.

          Ps check out that link far below about the year of the dragonfly

          1. Haha! Yes, you’re right… there is always stuff going on with the heart and soul! 😉
            Will now find dragonfly link. Thank you.

  19. I was pretty out of it yesterday – and now I know why. My body was overwhelmed by the power of all that’s coming in right now – and the pain in my lower back wouldn’t allow me to do much more than sleep and rest. I did manage to log in today for a little while – and sensed a lot of motion in the background. It felt like a carnival, and I saw myself painting the face of a young girl. I felt my heart open up and party streamers poured out. I’m pretty sure there are more messages coming in right now, but am feeling that I’m acclimating a bit more. Deep gratitude to all for your view of the Pond!

    1. Dear Rose! Thank you for sharing this! This “carnival” has definitely made quite an impression on the body over the last days for me too 😉
      Aisha ❤

    2. Thank you, Rose, for dusting my face with a giant rose petal during the gathering. Did you hear me call your name? Maybe I was the young girl you saw. It was heavenly!
      Forest Joy

  20. to me it was nothing like a party or celebration
    it was more like serious janitorial work
    there is a lot of mess to clean up
    a lot was swept away
    there is still more to go.
    i carried out as much trash as i could
    image the world being clean and it will be
    don’t ask when

    1. if each piece you sweep away, saves a Monarch, saves a BEE, saves a forest, saves a stream….saves any of Mother-Earth & her beautiful creatures…then it is a job worth doing no matter how messy or dirty…I AM by your side !

  21. My Gathering connection started yesterday.
    When I got to the Pond, everyone was playing the bongo’s, drumming away. Then, as they continued the drumming, they stepped out of their body into a raging column of flame and light. As they stepped into the flame, they were swept upwards. Later everyone was playing around in the Pond, and as we did so, the Pond started overflowing out of all these narrow channels, creating a liquid network of light, spreading outwards.
    Today I connected with the Gathering again. It was very intense, but I have no distinct memory of it at this time.
    Love you all.

    1. oh! I had to read your offering dear brother!
      Miss seeing you here though I connect with you
      regularly 🙂
      Much Love and thanks, Your sister Areeza

  22. Dear family of light! This Gathering started early for me, and I am sure it will continue into the night and beyond… 😉 WOW it was powerful and it was such an incredible experience of BEing and DOing this as a group. I saw us gathering into circles of 7, and we stretched out our right hand and placed them all on top of each other in the center of the circle Then it was as if our hands started to glow brighter and brighter, becoming like white hot light and then they actually melted together, dripping and flowing into each other forming a white sphere of white hot light. This white light started to flow up our right arm, like veins of light, and this spread until our entire body was covered by these veins of light. Suddenly, this bright white light poured out of our eyes, and when these beams of light connected, they formed a circle around the white “sun” in the center, spinning first one way then the other, and then, the top half spun in one direction while the bottom half spun in the opposite direction forming a sphere. These two “halves” split apart, and you could see the small “sun” floating freely suspended between the two halves. We continued this spinning by focusing our energy, and after a while, the sphere split again from top to bottom, and the “sun” emerged from the top, floating upwards. I could see many of these “suns” starting to drift upwards, but then, I realized that I was a part of one of these “suns” together with the 6 other people in “my” circle. I could feel the presence of every one of them, and I could see our faces in this sphere of light. As we drifted closer to the other suns, I could see smiling faces in all the others as well. We drifted upwards, starting to come together in what looked like groups of stars in the dark night sky, but then we began to sway back and forth faster and faster, until we all started to form a spinning vortex of all of these “suns” drawing together more and more, until all of these separate “suns” formed one huge, white glowing big “sun”, and I could feel how my small “sun” was in between all of the others. I heard the word “fusion” and I saw how all of these separate spheres started to vibrate, creating friction and even more white hot heat, and then I was looking at this huge “sun” from a distance and it looked like this except much brighter.


    Swirls of energy was being churned up from the surface just like on the surface of the Sun. Then, I was back into my body, the spinning was still very noticeable but it was as if my body had been split in two straight down the middle, literally “making space” by pushing the two halves of my body to each side. Weird but in a good way 😉 Thank you all for BEing a part of this “white hot” creation! Time for me to go to bed and spin some more I think 😉
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤

    1. ~~ ❤ ~~
      Still statically/ecstatically spinning here too! 🙂
      pleasant dreams
      (I dont know when i can write the experience I had for it evoked such strong energies – maybe not before bed? I believe it may have some links to your own – and i am only reading yours for now. This uplifting is so important in keeping the momentum going! XO)

    2. This is really incredible Aisha and it’s resemble what I experienced!
      It started with energy going true my feet and hands and this energy centred in my hart. Then I saw us in a circle where in the middle there was a huge light, I could see All of us as little sprees of light all over the world that where fusing into ONE. Then suddenly I was on a boat but in a other body, still a women and I was peddling in a hand carved boat going true some realy clear water. Then I started to go realy fast and the water turned into light and then I whent under water where breathing was easy, a mermaid came and gave me her hand and showed me a sunken city (Atlantis) then I whent out of the water again really fast (speed of light) and then I was in a reality where we where like water/fluid, reality was fluid. The feeling it gave me was that this was our near future, a reality of fluidness…
      After this they gave me a sphere resembling the sun and I had to put it true my crown chakra, letting it pass my spine, then out again true my basic chakra into Gaia’s core. The earth then turned into a sphere of incredible light, shinning out her light true the entire universe and I could see that all of us where giving light as well! From that point everything, my body started to feel liquified and it gave me a sense of peace and love I never experienced before in my life. Just before I materialised again, I felt the words “it is done and so it shall be, Gaia the light in the Universe”

      And now I still feel a bit of this incredible vast, liquid loving energy, like behind the curtains. Waiting to reveal it’s self as soon as we are ready 😉


      1. Dear Katja, thank you for sharing this – reading your words sends tingles down my spine 🙂 The liquid loving energy flowing you describe also resembles what CosmicBear saw during the Gathering – I so love these confirmations 🙂
        Aisha ❤

    3. “it was as if my body had been split in two straight down the middle, literally “making space” by pushing the two halves of my body to each side”
      This matches an experience I had. I consciously split my body in half down the middle to make space. The need to do this was very strong, I HAD to make space and allow a process of emergence to begin.

      ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. It just reminds me of me sleeping between two of my grandchildren. I gave one half each to them and they together made me become a whole ONE 😉

        Love you ❤

        1. Oh, what a precious picture you described. Warm and cozy, soft and cuddly. ❤ ❤ ❤ (that's you in the middle 🙂 )

          1. Thanks Anita 🙂 My heart has overflowed with love and gratitude for the confidence and security that my grandchildren know with me. It’s a huge blessing for me – and for them too ❤

            Love you ❤

    4. Aisha dear,
      I also saw a “small group” – and I wondered “where are the others?” – … 😉 … and I saw the overlap of the hands resting on each other in the center of the small group.
      Then I saw an immense light …. and … in my head became a “deafening silence” as a kind of pressure in the brain, I felt a slight hiss in the ears … and then …. I fell asleep at 21:10 about !!!!!
      A hug smiling to you and to all Ponders …:-) …

    1. oh man!
      thank you!!
      I have been thinking of this song for days!
      Its absolutely Lovely
      and… it is so helping me come back to Earth
      Blessings! XO

    2. Dearest Johannes,
      Just danced like mad woman all around my living room with this!
      Thank you so much again. I want to give u an idea of how much you
      helped me!
      Ah- ahhh – ahhh- ahhhaah ah – AH!
      xo ❤ xo

  23. ~WOW~
    having to do ‘adjustments’ to get more fully back in my body.
    will be back later with whatever I wrote… looks like three pages full and truly, i did not think it was going to be much at first….and ,,, well,,, just WoW
    INTENSE – most intense ever for me – and I am sweating like crazy.
    ❤ I Love us ❤
    I place a kiss from my heart to you all and giant Hugs and….
    A very special wand tapping (got some added goodies to my wand during 'my trip' :0 )

    1. 🙂 Sweating like a pig Kiera!
      and loving every minute of it!
      pearls, swine, me, you, One Love – UniVerse and all that has it singing its tune and beyond…
      All Of It.
      I will tell you this: My friends who I have known almost my entire life and newer ones call me when they want the selfless Love wisdom to speak with them. They know my heart. You can too if you want to. Still have to use the word ‘my’ because I still seem to be an individual sitting here. Not an ego thing.
      I do not intend to bother you – so I do not have to reference things from you if I feel they relate to me. Its Ok. I will respect that. ❤

  24. $


    More from Kiera, (holy shit….everybody take cover!)



    “and Yes!
    that IS a Pearl in the center of Metatron’s Key Kiera ~!
    My Onion Pearl ”

    …and so on and so forth of other similar themes of spiritual Kindergarten competition camouflaged, decorated, and prettily served up on a platter of ever-present hearts, smileys, flowers and fluff — with the added effect of distorting the point of the original missive. (eg. introducing galaxy Triads)

    Areeza, your ass-kicking lesson was not for the purpose of continuing the seemingly endless old Ego Game cycle of competitiveness, superiority and one-upmanship that still plagues this level.

    (The lesson in retrospect was effective. The Ego however, now requires suppressants, and Higher Self re-direction)


    Your loving ass-kick lesson, was to motivate you to PAY closer ATTENTION to your surroundings.
    And to the people around you serving you as your personal reflections, who are literally sent to you from your very own Higher Self.

    Because the clues have already been right in front of you. Only you will not see them, you will be BLIND to them, you will stomp right over them and grind them into the mud….if your focus is too narrow.

    And too narrow a focus, is the focus mainly on “Self”.

    Expanded focus, Unconditional Heart Focus — is the focus beyond Self, and onto those around you.
    Which, ironically, is also “Self”. But mega expanded “Self”!

    It is the point at which you get out of your singular physical head/Ego mind, move inward entirely into your Heart, and from there, you then project yourself (seemingly) outward and move into the Heart spaces of the others around you, who are ALSO YOU.

    WE are your reflections. We are You.

    The next step, is to Imagine yourself as becoming each one of us, and seeing out of our eyes. Feeling what we feel. Perceiving what we see.

    Always I-Magi-ning, “What is it like, to be that person???”

    Always exercising continuous Empathy with this form of expanded Perception.


    As Arthur Rimbaud once said, “It’s no longer enough for me to be one person, I decided to be everyONE.

    I decided to be a genius. I decided to originate the future.”




    “Shock the Monkey”

    ~ Peter Gabriel


    “You throw your pearls before the swine
    Make the monkey blind

    Don’t you know you’re going to shock the monkey

    Too much at stake
    Ground beneath me shake
    And the news is breaking

    Shock! – watch the monkey get hurt, monkey

    Shock the monkey to life”

    1. Just sharing the excitement of things when they link up my sweet one.
      My Beingness here in this space with its essence Is Excited and its all good 🙂
      I Am One With All…. Look thru my own eyes and you will know that truth.
      I Am Love, You Are Love
      Love To You! ❤

    2. ❤ yep, yep, yep… Holy shit, take cover is right, Dear One! (Couldn't let this one pass without commenting) You can shred the innards just as good as the guys—waaay intelligent, pithy, snappy sarcasm dripping with blood and poison. It usually takes me a good 20 minutes to think of a good comeback,
      lifting my head with furrowed brow, open mouth and readied pointed finger to find everybody's gone! I know I'm setting myself up, sooo go ahead. You've helped me more times than I can count and will no doubt continue to do so. I've got my giant camouflaged umbrella ready to hide beneath with Dickens, my eyes shut tight so I know you won't be able to see me/us.

      So, go ahead and spit the Truth out. You're like an enLightened itch that is always shifting and almost always out of reach. You bug me sometimes!! And I absolutely Love you for it. I Love your Courage. I Love your Wisdom. I Love your Intelligence. I Love your playfulness. I Love your Clarity. And most of all, I Love your irreverence. You wake me up!! And when you bug me, I'll tell you and then either run and hide or enter into a discussion—that is if I can. I'm not scared of you, it's just seems my brain and mouth don't work as fast as yours. 😀

      So, go ahead, Girl, the Truth is I do Love You so very much for who you are. With Gratitude&Respect& quiet JOY, Lin xox ❤

      (and Dear Areeza, Kiera can save us both a lot of time and effort if we just pay attention. Is it "co-incidence" that Kiera's given name is Deborah, also? Yes, her pearls of Wisdom are usually dispensed with a hearty, rapid-fire AK47-slingshot vs hugs, but we can take it. She's not ganging up on us, and I'm not ganging up on you. Kiera plays no favorites; we're all game!! Also, if our sister says anything that you really dislike, then just ignore it. Defensiveness is overrated and a waste of time, usually. So that's why there's chocolate. 😀 Btw, you do know I Love You, too. xox Lin)

      1. Oh brother …here we go again. ❤ What is it you now think "i did" ? Or what I need?
        geez. I wonder this just one more time….because, my dears … I am doing nothing wrong as our Vinny would say. I simply share as everyone does….I do it from my heart , not an ego and it sounds sad now that you know not my heart. So it could be a shame you do not know that….I am better than fine with all on my plate even. So , I its all ok and will continue to Be. I feel as A Miracle of Wonders unfolding and excited in ways I have not been in a long while. 🙂 No Thing can bring it down no matter how hard 'it' trys. Let me say, it did not fly this time because my sister and I made a pact that if more shit hit the fan we would say 'bring it on!' we will take it and more! 🙂 So, if this is some kind of a test then I just simply say No worries my dear ones and thanks but 'no'.
        I could yes – totally ignore – of course. I could and maybe should have just said I Love you and you need some sleep and it can be tiring enough in life to not have to come in here and get pig shit – or whatever judgement of the harsh type thrown at your sharings (the important part of why i respond is: it was a good thing i did not read it before my Gathering time – see that would be the shame of it because we are a team and we keep the lifting going – this judgement is such old crap that I would not have been in the best space for my Gathering had i read it and my participation in a good space was meaningful – no man is an island – we all can have affect – so ? what is the intent? I come to show only Love and then I had a feeling you came in to defend 'it' again. why? It is not my business for an answer….and… truly, dear Lin, it is not thrown at all of us equally ….so I put it back to where it starts…because it is 'there' that it has its reasons.
        XO with Love To All

        1. ‘behavior is not the person’ 🙂
          what is truth?
          Only Love Is Truth and that is all I wish to have come my way for the remainder of this lifetime and beyond. I will repeat that as often as necessary.

          1. correction/addition: Spirit says keep it All coming! I am high (electric/ecstatic) enough to take it and absorb it into Truth/Love/Light.
            And quickly!
            In The Name Of All That Is Amen

        2. Dear Family of Light,
          If the effect I have here comes out as feeding ‘ego’ – or being just for ‘self’ – for anyone who gets that vibe from me – that is their misinterpretation and of course they are allowed it.
          I am allowed not to have to let it stand because it means too much to the essence that abides with my being.
          If you only knew how much Joy I feel when Anything i offer may assist another on their journey….that goes for here or anyplace/space.
          That is and has always been my intent. ❤

        3. A… It’s not about right vs wrong… it’s about reflections.

          “What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

          The quote above applies to me, to Kiera, to you, to everyone. What you reflect to me, and what I reflect back to you. What Kiera reflects to either one of us and each of us back to her. Sometimes buttons are pushed whether we like it (the situation) or not. Even from our Beloveds close to us—usually from them. I don’t like pushed buttons either, they’re uncomfortable and they’re messy and not all hug-gy and kiss-sy. And this situation is pushing my buttons big time. Why can’t we have a discussion. We may end up agreeing to disagree, but maybe even becoming closer than before. There’s no waaaaay we’re all going to end up being alike, Thank God… a world full of duplicate Lins–I don’t think so. ugh.

          I’m estranged from my mother and older sister because it was their way absolutely or the highway… so I took the highway and send them Love long distance.

          You know, A, sometimes we’re not even aware of something that we’re doing until we meet up with a reflection, an opportunity. This has happened to me many, many times and will yet come to me many more times. It’s not about good or bad, right or wrong, making you/me look and feel wrong or feel less than. It’s about Spirit living in a human body and humanity is messy, damn it.

          I still cringe at things I’ve done in the past and had no fucking idea the effect it was having on others around me. And then I think, sooo what. It’s part of the human experience. Get over yourself, Lin. Yes, it stings and sometimes it’s hugely embarrassing… maybe not for some of you who are more sophisticated than I am. But we all stand on the same ground–we’re all equal energetically. This isn’t preaching, I still do things that I find embarrassing, but if I didn’t dare to reach out, I’d still be that young girl from a reeeeally small town and still just a fetus spiritually–a duplicate of my strictly Catholic older sister. No judgment, just simple Truth. Risks carry consequences, and it usually equals growth, with a few bumps and bruises.

          There’s a better way to say all this, I know. It’s the best that I can do. Can’t we just have a friendly, even lively, discussion? And I’m not going to call you “Dear Areeza” or “Dear Kiera”… and don’t call me “Dear Lin”… let’s just TALK. geez. I pee and poo and blow my nose and fuck up just like the rest of you, and just like the rest of you, I’m adorable. Just ask my mirror.

          So, let’s talk. with specifics. now or down the road. In your words, bring it on. We’re graduates now. nitty gritty. pure and clean. Clean doesn’t always mean without mess. but mess with respect. no down and dirty below the belt stuff. Don’t waste “time”. 🙂

          The NEW Lin (that seems to be emerging whether it’s accepted or not)

          1. Perhaps, Lin, we all do not agree with the judgement, if there has even been a sin to be pointed out, or the tactics of delivery of said judgement. What is the difference between a rigid lined so called man of the cloth ridiculing his parishoners and chastising them from the tactics that I have seen used by some here at times. I know former valued ponders who have left this site completely and others who are reluctant now to comment. There are others here that with wisdom, gentleness, and none judgement nudge their fellow travelers to look and study from another angle. If one wants a Mother Superior to answer to, join a convent. This beautiful site that Aisha was lead to create is not a spiritual order. There is not nor should there be a Mother Superior.

            Forest Joy

            1. Thank you, Forest Joy. I’ve always respected your input and still do. I’m not defending Kiera here as I know she is more than capable of speaking for herself. Nor am I defending or attacking Areeza–she is capable of same. And I agree with you about this beautiful site that Aisha has created.

              My point is honesty, reflection (by others to us) and ego. I’ve been on the receiving end of obvious competition here–and it didn’t feel good. I finally responded by saying, “I Love You.” But really I wanted to say, “What’s going on with you?” But I didn’t want to embarrass the person. I was wondering if something had happened during that day to make that person needy/insecure. We’ve all been there, including me. And if gentleness and kindness–and kind humor–do the job, then great. And even in my case when I’m not “getting it”, then I’m saying what’s wrong with talking honestly, person to person, to someone, including me, right then and there, as you are doing now?

              Reflection reflection, reflection. What’s the lesson or the lie being reflected at each of us? We are lead to take a hard look. Yes, my ego can get bruised. OK—it won’t be the first nor the last time, probably unfortunately. But I didn’t and won’t die. And it would be better if those sorts of communication took place privately in an email, perhaps. But that isn’t always available, nor wanted. And yes, the tone of responses is important. However, speaking with someone respectfully—from all sides—even in public, shouldn’t be a problem. Why would it? If we’re truly all One, and we’re learning together (and growing), and we truly consider ourselves family, and we’re being respectful, then cannot we address one another openly before destructive issues develop? What have we/I got to lose? I can only learn from you, or you, from me. I’m refuse to be a victim. We’ve all shared so much here, some of it very intimate that we’ve not shared elsewhere—and we’ve all benefitted to some degree.

              I have only my point of view to date–I’m willing to expand on that via interaction with you and everyone else. We may even find that we agree to disagree as I said previously… but does that mean there has to be hard feelings between any of us because we entered into a discussion rather than speak up and state our truth?

              I believe the initial posting was presented by one person to another because of a perceived behavior that was festering between the two. If it had been addressed up front, maybe it never would have festered. I stuck my two cents in because I had felt restricted previously and respected that Kiera had spoken up… unlike me in my circumstance. I felt called to comment, and maybe perhaps it was because all along I was meant to learn something–from you and/or vice versa? And maybe fellow Ponders are to learn something from our interaction? Or even maybe Kiera and Areeza are to learn something from your and my discussion. Only each person knows. Compassion is absolutely necessary and wonderful, yet so is reaching out/interacting while observing what is being reflected back to each of us.

              Do you have a problem discussing this subject with me openly like this? I don’t feel you do nor should you. I grew up in a household where speaking truthfully wasn’t welcomed—and it was perfect for me and my path at that time. However, that said, I’ve learned more from my fellow Sisters and Brothers at this blog, including the messiness of our individual humanity, than I ever did in my family’s house… and I’ve gained Spiritually, socially and privately. Thank you all, sincerely.

              Following is a Native American linked article that I found interesting and helpful. It may or may not prove helpful to others. It was submitted by Alexander del Sol on Facebook on 1/31/15:


              With Sincere Respect, Lin/Amyrah

              1. Dearest Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

                I would just like to take this opportunity to blow even more air under your wings so you can fly even higher and shine your light everywhere ❤ ❤ ❤


              2. Thank you,Lin, for clarification of your view. How I have missed you. Guess we have been occupied in other areas for awhile. I have no problem discussing this subject with you. Through a thoughtful and respectful exchange of ideas much can be accomplished. By fleshing out and honing our ideals in discussion with each other a greater understanding of oneself, each other, and the world at large is gained.

                I also was not defending either Kiera or Breeze as I don’t feel that was the point. The point was as you pointed out so ably “respect” and showing it to others and oneself. Respect for the dignity of each individual. It is because so many have shared so much here that this becomes so important.

                Dignity: the state or quality of being worthy of honesty and respect (Oxford Dictionary). This term more deeply entered my being upon reading a quote by Ghandi to the effect that all work has dignity and that work helps each person believe in one’s own dignity. Throughout my life I have seen many a soul slumped and bowed over by barbed actions or words directed at them individually or family, class, ethnicity, etc.

                These barbs were so sharp and overwhelming that their dignity was stripped from the soul itself. Indeed, is this not what all this Ascension is about? Is it not about affronting the dignity of humankind, but building it up?

                Wether singularly or as group including myself, each of have been both perpetuators and receivers, wittingly and unwittingly. Perhaps other readers did not view or see any affronts to dignity in any of the many postings here. Perhaps it is because I have worked with so many for so long to help them remove the old feelings of unworthiness and bring in the feelings of self respect and worthiness that I am overly sensitive. I do not know. Like you though I do know each one of us is richer by honesty and respect, by dignity.

                Respectfully yours,
                Forest Joy

                1. Dear Forest Joy…

                  I had an appointment earlier this morning, so I am responding a little late. Needless to say, I’m feeling much better after reading your response, as causing serious havoc to anyone and Mother+ was not my Intent with my earlier postings… or any of my postings at any time, in fact.

                  I am almost always open to discussion with anyone as I have much to learn… and if I can offer anything of value in return, well, that’s a Blessing to me as well. I am unable to think of anyone better to learn from than you all here at the Pond.

                  Kindness and Respect, along with a big serving of kind humor when appropriate–and sweet patience–can ease the process of communication between one another and our different cultures, practices, languages, knowledge and mind-sets. We’re all equal in importance; we’re all One–only our experiences are different.

                  If you were nearby, I’d treat you to pancakes with pure maple syrup 😉 and a serious, tight hug. Thanx for your honesty, your Energy and your “time”… I sincerely appreciate our personal interaction as most valuable. Count me in in any future discussions where you’re involved, and I’m invited.

                  (Before going to sleep last night I had prayed to Source that all 4 of us would be Blessed, individually and collectively–and also if there was a lesson in this for me [no matter how difficult to accept], that it would be presented to me with Crystal Clear Clarity which it was)

                  This forum never fails to educate in one form or another… hopefully, in the future it will be less dramatic where I’m concerned. I can always polish more of my rough edges once I’ve consciously identified them. In any event, ALWAYS my Intentions are devoid of any ill will towards anyone, anything or Mother.

                  Lastly and sincerely, Thank You, Forest JOY, Kiera and Areeza for being my mirror, my reflection. Whether flowery or fluff, I do appreciate each of you… with My Love, always.

                  With Respect, Gratitude, quiet JOY & even sweet, musical laughter, xox Lin/Amyrah ❤

                  1. sorry for not saying a word, but you needed to release this on your own, & you did so beautifully…& it was worth your trouble & moments of upset. All is well my Dearest Lin…..xoxoxox……Love You !…Bev

                  2. Dear Lin,
                    it would be a pleasure to have you around my campfire anytime. Thank you! I can hear that music from here and gives a lift to my day. Funny thing I was just thinking about making pancakes. I would love your company.
                    Love with deepest respect,
                    Forest Joy

          2. Dearest Lin, Areeza, Kiera and anyone else involved ❤ ❤ ❤

            I actually haven´t read what this is all about and as always I don´t understand all what is said here on the blog – and I actually don´t feel the need to go back and read about it either!!!

            My comment is: To LIVE, LOVE and GROW, you have these buttons to be pushed down to the bottom in order to raise up again – sturdier than ever before.

            Remember – the most effective key is pressed by the ones you love the most. It is then your basic love foundation is being tested and The Pond is the best place to perform this test – with love and respect for each other's uniqueness and also vulnerabilities for just being the precious being you all are ❤ ❤ ❤

            Eternal love to ALL ❤ ❤ ❤

            B to B

            PS. Please read the yesterday´s Oracle Report:


  25. Dear family of light! The Gathering is still 2,5 hours away, but I can feel the “booster rockets” beginning to ignite already… 😉 In other words, the incoming energies have already started to make themselves known to me, so I will step back now and prepare myself for “lift off” at 21:00 Oslo time. I am so looking forward to experience this powerful Gathering with YOU by my side, I am certain it will be an exhilarating, amazing, joy-filled ride for us all 🙂
    Love, light and high-fives from me, Aisha ❤

  26. I just found this:
    “Astronomers Discover Ancient System with Five Small Planets.
    Astronomers using data from NASA’s Kepler mission have discovered a planetary system of five small planets dating back to when the Milky Way galaxy was a youthful two billion years old.

    The tightly packed system, named Kepler-444, is home to five planets that range in size, the smallest comparable to the size of Mercury and the largest to Venus. All five planets orbit their sun-like star in less than ten days, which makes their orbits much closer than Mercury’s sweltering 88-day orbit around the sun.

    “While this star formed a long time ago, in fact before most of the stars in the Milky Way, we have no indication that any of these planets have now or ever had life on them,” said Steve Howell, Kepler/K2 project scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. “At their current orbital distances, life as we know it could not exist on these ancient worlds.

    Kepler-444 formed 11.2 billion years ago, when the universe was less than 20 percent its current age. This makes Kepler-444 the oldest known system of terrestrial-size planets, two and a half times older than the Earth.

    To determine the age of the star and thus its planets, scientists measured the very small change in brightness of the host star caused by pressure waves within the star. The boiling motion beneath the surface of the star generates these pressure waves, affecting the star’s temperature and luminosity. These fluctuations lead to miniscule changes or variations in a star’s brightness. This study of the interior of stars is called asteroseismology and allows the researchers to measure the diameter, mass and age of a star.

    The Kepler-444 system is approximately 117 light-years away toward the constellation Lyra. A paper reporting this discovery is published in The Astrophysical Journal.”

    Aisha ❤

    1. Gotta love the name Kepler-444 <3.
      Kryon has mentioned that when a planet reaches ascension status, preparations begin for the next planet to begin its evolutionary process. "It's all part of a beautiful system" :-). Thank you for sharing this, Aisha.

      1. Thank you for sharing this, dear Anita! I agree, the name is just perfect 🙂 Also, the constellation they mention, Lyra, goes well with what the CCs have talked about us having recently gotten some new “strings on our lyres” 😉
        Aisha ❤

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