A short update on the energies

By now, much has been set into motion that will once again necessitate a period of incubation before it can take fully hold, and what we mean by that is simply this: you have once again completed one of many cycles whereby your energetic environment, both on the inside and on the outside, has been reset to such a degree, the overall effect it has on your physical and mental vehicle is so great, it needs to be incrementally digested. In other words, look upon this as a period of more quiet reflection, and when we use the word reflection, we use it on purpose. For now is the time to not only cast your eyes about in ways that will be better suited to take in the inner workings of your own physical vehicle, but also in a manner that will enable you to entrain yourself with what is being broadcast from all the sources around you, both in the way of all of the physical sources for these new frequencies, but also the more esoteric ones.

Again, our choice of words may seem to cloudy up the surface of this wonderful mirror you are all part and parcel of here at this gathering place you call the Pond, but in effect, they will help you the better to see what it is that is in actual fact taking place beneath what is at times a rather stirred-up surface. For even as you come together, your own energetic interactions will set things astir, but they will do so in a good way. For this pattern of crisscrossing wavelets that your outpourings here at the Pond create, will help to engender some very clear and defined responses in those deeper layers – both in you as individuals, but also in this magnificent collective unit that you are all a part of.

Let us explain. As we have talked about many a time before, you all carry a unique frequential signature within your system, while at the same time, there is also a part of your energetic makeup that is a perfect match with the collective vibration that is being engendered here at the Pond. And so, like the more complex musical instruments, you are all polyphonic. That is, you are capable of entraining yourself perfectly by allowing that unique frequential signature of yours blend in with that clearly defined “carrier tune” that constitutes the basic structure for this entire unit. In other words, you vibrate not just in one energetic “note” but in a whole harmony, and even if your signature tune will always differ from that of the others, it will also harmonize perfectly with that ever expanding group of individuals that you are here to co-create with. For just like the basic swirls on the tips of your fingers all resemble each other in such a way, they make a harmonious whole if you compare them individually, they also differ from each other to such a degree, none are a perfect match to another. But still every sequence and combination of swirls and loops are needed in order to make the whole construction complete, and so too it is with your energetic frequencies.

And now, all of you have added another set of strings to your lyres as it were, and just like any seasoned musician, you need time to familiarize yourself with the new sound of your instrument. For even if that instrument is one that you are more than familiar with by now – after all it consists of the very essence of your being housed within that same physical frame you have had ever since you came into flesh this time around – now, that instrument has acquired a whole new range of harmonic potential that you have yet to explore. Not only that, these new frequencies will also allow your interplay with others to evolve to a much higher degree, so therefore you all need time and indeed space to allow this new range to extend itself fully.

So again we say know that all is well even if everything may feel even less familiar than before. For that is why you are here, to keep pushing that envelope further and further out by taking new steps in literally every direction. For every time you receive these emissaries of light into your system, they come to accompany you on that next step of this journey, and as you are all more than aware of by now, every step of this journey will inevitably lead you into uncharted terrain. So take some time to sit and pluck your new strings, and try to listen in to what it is they are telling you. Also allow these new notes to drift out into the ethers, for when you allow these new notes to emerge from you, you will set off the corresponding vibrations in those around you connected to this same “orchestra” and then, you will all help to entrain each other in such a way, the combined output of all of these new chords will reach another quantum level.

Again, our choice of words may seem a bit flowery or obtuse for some, but be that as it may. What we are trying to convey is simply this: now your range has once again been increased, and we do mean that both in a very literal way but also in a more esoteric way. For you have now at your disposal an instrument that is capable of soaring even higher and reaching even deeper than what it used to, so do not hesitate to try out its potential. So sit up and listen to your own inner tune, and do not forget to take notice of what it is you hear coming to you from the at time perhaps still somewhat hesitant strumming from others. For when the vibrations from your own unique instrument is allowed to answer back, your response will set of some very new frequencies in the recipient of your response. And so it will continue to unfold, as these new frequencies begin to bounce back and forth between you all.

So now, it is indeed time to play and time to listen, for this is not a one way process, it is in actual fact a conversation that needs to take place, one where all are invited to say their piece, and one where all are welcome to have their say. For then, the symphony you create will be one that will move so much along with it in its wake. So do not be shy dear ones, for even if you might feel like a novice at this, you are in actual fact an old hand at this kind of energetic conversation, so simply allow yourself to be creative. For you will not be judged in any way by your output, for the main thing is simply this: it is there for you to enjoy playing around with, for this is a vital part of being a creator, daring to allow the pure joy of creating be your guide when it comes to letting go. And only by letting go of any idea of “perfection” will you be able to create, for perfection is not the ideal to strive for here, that is merely an old imprint created to restrict you by setting up a “standard” for how, what and when to do anything at all, a “standard” that only serves to disable any and all thirst for creating. So just allow yourself to let go and enjoy the process of exploring in itself. And then what you will help to co-create will be beyond perfection itself, for then what you create will be as vibrant and as alive as only something coming from the sheer joy of creating from the heart can be.

221 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. this picture Kiera posted caught my attention:

    I said out loud to my boyfriend, “what if we un-split the Atom?”
    I see the 1 and 1 in the Metatron’s above and below the ‘hue-man’ making the 3…and I hear about it all becoming One again.

  2. Omg, thank you Aisha and The CC’s for this message, which i did need to hear, and im still processing many parts of it, but frankly the first few sentences about MORE seclusion make me want to pull my hair out. For whatever Divine reason, my life as it stands right now is VERY isolated. Yes, i have ffriends, soul family even, furry family and two beautiful young daughters with whom my exhubby who is a good Dad(there is mutual strong love between us) has had full custody ever since our divorce lasy April. I see them roughly every 2 weeks, give or take a few days, but i could easily see them everyday like when i was a stay at home mom. I know this seclusion is very important for me so i can focus on me and Spirit knows how easily i can totally bury myself when im acting as MOM, but my heart cries for COMMUNITY. I know i will get joint custody of my babies before the end of this year probably before Summer Im hearing, but i just feel so ready to GO! Thank you Aisha, The CCs and my other Pond members for allowing me this space to share my heart.

    Always with Love,

    1. dear Carolyn,
      know what you mean. my heart crys for COMMUNITY too. we are One…we know… but oh man! you and I and others can just feel how it would be to Be together – all of us! sharing living space and moments together beingness to beingness – essences all joined in that ‘ahhh understanding space’. I Get It!
      Heart to Heart with you and your sweet essence I do know and feel !
      ❤ ~ ❤

      1. Thank you sweet Areeza yes COMMUNITY. This living alone thing, ah yes Im being corrected its called Solitude, is difficult sometimes…im SO used to living with many. Look forward to COMMUNiTY growing, but am reminded by a dear soul sister who is a Shaman, that community begins with self. Suppose ive got more “Work'”…”Fun” to do.

  3. ahh! Nice one CC’s/Aisha/All
    “… for this is a vital part of being a creator, daring to allow the pure joy of creating be your guide when it comes to letting go…”
    Thirst for creation
    Thrust of vibration !
    vibrating ourselves into pure light beings
    this is right up my ally 🙂
    I embrace the unfamiliar ! With Joy! no problems with that!
    will be seeing and hearing you all

    1. Try toning your name, as in “ah-rEEEE-zaaaaahhhh”. I’m noticing that there is a connection between EEEE and aaaahhhh. Bev was toning this in her sleep when she vocalized the word “pizza”. Feeling this may help you when you’re “stuck”. Similar to tonings used in qi gong. 🙂 ❤

      1. Interesting~!
        I was thinking (at the time) of the zz’s in Areeza when I saw Bev’s ‘Pizza’… LoL… then realized there is only one ‘z’ in Areeza and was like duh – where is my brain at?!
        so , somethins up with this.
        And,,, I still have to share my notes on the date I discovered my soul name. Brain fog is still too much a deterrent to that yet. I have the notes right next to me here on the couch! so . soon. I know there is something in them. Ok. gonna look now. 🙂 I already know it has to do with my soul song i have shared before. that may be in the notes too.
        Sheee – ahhhh – yaaah (when I tone that, yes, I come back to center – many thanks my dear one!)
        I’ll be back

  4. just reading back a few days:
    I feel better in knowing i was in such wonderful company! 🙂 ❤
    Hope you are all doing better. I am so, so. Certainly much better than what started on the 20th/21st and on through that week. mopped up a Lot!
    elven: I did not look into Georgi's stuff (I never go there) no worries 🙂
    I like this part from a poem from our Indigo Pheonix:
    "…I sat in front of you with time so we could be as two
    But you don’t see in me so we have always been just one you and me…"
    Thank You !
    dream space has been nicer. early this morning, I was at a farm. I was with a younger woman – she never smiled though – nor said much or anything at all. I spotted a bunch of Iris (in bloom but not in the dirt) and wanted to plant them. All different shades of violet/purple/fuchsia. searched for a shovel – never did see them planted. I also had two tall bushes I wanted to plant. They had no leaves or buds – just a 'nest' on the tops. very interesting i would say. that is all i remember.
    Three good ole, long time friends called me yesterday! One I speak with once or twice per year that I woke up thinking about! What a gift from the Universe! All with good vibes and messages for me. 'Patience' being one.
    This morning there was that familiar dizziness – and sensation of being punched in the gut. Did not bother me much though. Things are stirring in a lighter wavy way to lift on up higher yet again.

    Love us All
    HUGS ~~ ❤ ~~
    (have to catch up on this page now)

    1. Hi Areeza I am glad you are feeling a bit better.

      I am too, and have the same with the gut sensation since yesterday. Ribs feel tight and sore ( expansion) and heart burn / reflux, so went out got a meds for it. HS is back talking to me again and had bouts of impatience yesterday. I feel we are getting ready to push through something fast.

  5. The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life
    One morning like any other
    A new challenge
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    Clopin Clopan in the rain
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    Then one night the curtain falls
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    When certainties crumble
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    Standing but at what price
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    But everything can change today
    And the first day of the rest of your life
    It is providential

    Standing regardless of price
    Follow his instincts and desires
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    You can now explode
    And the first day of the rest of your life

    Yes everything can change today
    And the first day of the rest of your life
    more confidential

    1. I feel time is disapearing sometime 👼
      my clock even going backward now, ha ha ❤︎
      non physical reality is not linear they say.
      am I half dead ? 😄

      1. I thought about you with your clock going backward tomo lol.

        I felt impatience building yesterday but not bad impatience. Maybe it is hs revving my back up. But it feels like we getting ready to move through something fast. Fast and furious keeps coming to mind.

  6. Dear brothers and sisters! Last night between 02:17 and 03:18 I had the most amazing experience of energetic co-creation I have ever had, and it was exactly like making an incredible symphony by “plucking the new strings” the CCs mentioned in the latest missive. For when I connected to the energies, I consciously tried to send out my “notes” and to allow the notes coming in from you to start to “bounce off each other”. And WOW, what a profound effect that had! I “saw” the vibrations as colours, but they were colours that are impossible to describe, the nearest I can come are the iridescent clouds that many of us have shared photos of earlier:

    But this was different, for the combinations and sequences of colours were endless and literally “not of this world”. At first it was like we were playing around, “blowing” into what looked like a billowing cloud of multi-coloured particles shimmering in the light, making all sorts of patterns as we “blew” into this cloud from our different angles. But then, it was as if everything just settled into a very special pattern, and I could HEAR the sound of this particular frequency we had created. It was a steady, rather deep tone, very different from any of the more variable and lighter ones I hear continuously in my right and in my left ear. It is impossible to describe how this felt, for it was like we had all dissolved into shimmering multicoloured particles, all set into that one specific pattern that vibrated at a very specific frequency, and I do not think I have ever felt such a deep sense of having been part of co-creating something so magnificent as this ever before. It was like we had become sound, colour, light and movement all rolled up into one totally New whole. What came to mind during all of this was Cymatics, for that is the best way to describe what I saw, felt and heard last night. Here is is a video that explains the concept of cymatics:

    And here is one that really blew me away, for this resembles even more of what I “saw” us doing:

    Thank you all for BEing a part of this – it is something I will never forget, and I am certain that this is just the beginning of something even more magical 🙂
    With love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. thank you dear asiha ❤︎ for sharing the magnificient experience ❤︎ it sounds so colorful & vibrating so beautifully. When I try to discribe fun experience, I am so glad to realize often that all are so connected & slowly but surely becoming more visible…💙😄

    2. Cool!!!!!! 🙂 I adore that feeling of “disolving” into a gazillion particles! Fun!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. when I lay down for sleep last night, I was thinking of ‘imploding’ – in upon myself. Then saw from a pearl onion core an outburst of ??? (fell asleep).
        I see this pearl onion often in my mind’s eye.
        I do not see thick layers like with the old onion we had to peel away.

    3. Thanks Aisha for sharing your vision !…always Loved these vibrational videos….brings us that much closer to learning quantum energy but also inspires many more questions too !…..This one I’ve posted before & is my favourite….of course because it’s ‘Water’….

      sound is only a part of this (unknown to us) living electromagnetic field vibration…..most of it can’t be seen but in several ways we can feel it & sense it & even sometimes we can create ways to make it visible ! My recent post about the snow storm that came thru (not so bad – about 6in. which is normal stuff for us)….’elven-starlight777′ made an interesting comment about she did not eat the snow, but sensed the taste of eating the snow ! (thanks)….I also have been sensing this especially when I’m interacting with fluid color….like my visual & taste become one….’HS’ had indicated before that as we become more aware of our True Selves there would be more unification within our senses & eliminating the separation, much in the same way of these new energies – dissolving separation & building unification !…always Love this image by Mandy Disher…you can drink it in with All your senses ! (posted this before)
      ‘Pearl Drops’……Love, Bev*
      pearl drops

      1. Thanks Bev! 🙂
        “drink the energies with your senses”
        Our senses are unifying.
        Higher sensory perception

        1. Aisha and Bev, here is another example-

          Yesterday I was walking along the river side while a new batch of snow was coming down. I was admiring the river which was flowing strong and swirling around in circles and up and over boulders due to recent stormy weather.

          I started to ground with the river and the river responded by flooding me with luminous orange frequencies. So vibrant and not an interaction i was expecting! So i grounded in some golden energies to the river to say thanks! ( the parachute perception came back as i was walking ) and the river responded again with luminous pink, it was swirling like crazy around me lol. So orange, gold and pink started to blend and were very similar to the colours in your photo.

          I then discovered an old spring / well in the ground about 5 feet deep with a sign saying ( do not drink the water ) 5 ft deep well is too deep anyway to get into, but i saw it connected to the river so i grounded some golden energies there too.

          This is definitely getting interesting!

          1. These colours are to do with the 11th and 12th chakras / frequencies. I have posted more about the 11 and 12 further down.

          2. Dear Bev, dear elven-starlight777! Thank you both so much for sharing this, for you are definitely stirring up so many of my “strings” with your comments! And that “technicolour trip” by the river resembles a lot what I have been experiencing lately :-). Last week I was taking a walk in the forest. It had been snowing a lot, and I was walking in powdery snow up to my knees at times. The strange thing was, even if I was surrounded by this pure white snow it felt like I was wading though brilliantly hued pigment. I could “see” everything in three vivid colours: bright red, blue and green, and when I got home I started to think that even if it felt like I was walking in something that was very much like a rainbow, I could only “see” those three colours and nothing else. Then I suddenly realized that this is the RGB color system – Red Green and Blue are used on electronic systems to create all the different hues from just these three colours. As a graphic designer I used to work with print only, so I am used to the CMYK system which is very different (blue/red/yellow/black) so my perception of colour is based on this “old fashioned” system that also artists use when mixing paints to create different hues. I was so fascinated by this insight, and I started to try to explore this more, and that is when I found a novel my sister had just purchased called “Breathing in colour” about a girl with synaesthesia: “Synaesthesia is a truly fascinating condition. In its simplest form it is best described as a “union of the senses” whereby two or more of the five senses that are normally experienced separately are involuntarily and automatically joined together. Some synaesthetes experience colour when they hear sounds or read words. Others experience tastes, smells, shapes or touches in almost any combination. These sensations are automatic and cannot be turned on or off. Synaesthesia isn’t a disease or illness and is not at all harmful. In fact, the vast majority of synaesthetes couldn’t imagine life without it.”
            I knew it was not by accident that we had been guided to this book, for I just KNOW that this “union of the senses” or like you say it Bev “unification within our senses & eliminating the separation” is exactly what is happening to us now, and to me this is very much a part of the “added strings on our lyres” the CCs have talked about. Two days ago I went for another hike in the snow, and I “saw” the snow in the same vibrant colours when I tuned into it. But in addition, I saw my own arm in a purple colour, much like in this Thermogram (infrared image) of a small dog:

            And so, when I had that amazing experience during my mediation last night it was very much like I was “inhaling the colours” or rather beginning to “drink the energies with my senses” 🙂
            LOVE, Aisha ❤ ❤

            1. Dear Aisha,
              I have just read this posting.

              I don’t have synesthesia experiences but I worked a lot with the primary colors RedYellow/GreenBlue.

              As a child, my eyes were set on light-dark contrast images, as a young woman I didn’t see them anymore, but since 1991 I always see everything as normal colors and as complementary colors.

              A bright normal color is always a dark complementary color and vice versa. I had already a lot of joy with these color games 😀

              Heart Greetings
              I AM BIXIE ◇

            2. I see colors all the time when I day dream. Right before I refocus my eyes. I see floating colors on different objects. I have learned through the years to stay fixed on this vision instead of refocusing my eyes that make these colors go away or should I say not be seen. These colors are always there it is just learning how to see them. To me they mean different things. People colors is a view of the thought process of their intent or what kind of mood they are in and heat. With some things its how it interacts with light or heat. Some particles go right through the body or any type of mass. Light heats up a little when this happens as it is absorbed by the object or should I say bends the light as it passes through the object. You can set up several panes of glass in a roll> then place objects inbetween the panes of glass and have a show of different lights of color from each object they pass through as the light is bent and obsorbed. If you use plants to do this just talking to the plants can change their color by what is said by you. Every thought process can have a different effect on other things or people.

              Love and blessings to all

            3. Lately, I always see a clear flicker in the air.
              I know that my friends of the higher frequencies are HERE, because I always feel them.
              But now I’m starting to see them.

              A few weeks ago I had a strange experience.
              I looked at the TV and suddenly I saw everything completely black with many small points of light.
              Oops! I immediately went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, if my eyes still look healthy – they did.
              Unfortunately, I never again had this experience since then, perhaps because I was so frightened because of my eyes.

              But the clear flicker of the air is still there.

              Heart Greetings
              I AM BIXIE ◇

            4. Thanks so much ‘elven’ & Aisha for revvviing up your senses & sharing all this….truly is interesting as well as fascinating !….for sure this book you mention dear Aisha from your Sister is not by chance at all & synaesthetes is even so much more then we are led to believe ! The awakening diversifies many streams of ‘unification’ & in so many ways including the joining & aligning of our senses !….These are the things I Love to discuss & as a graphic artist I completely understand the ‘RGB’ as well as the CMYK !….not a lot of time for me here right now…will come back to you a bit later…..Loves Ya both !…..Bev

              1. What a fun conversation! I have time-space synesthesia and, until recently, thought for everyone Tuesday was “over there on the left” and July was “beyond that in the next orbit.” Ha! Funny. Now that I have the other senses like the clairvoyant sparkles, it’s even more fun. xoxo

    4. Vinny!!
      I’ve had those “hits” in my left eye many times, beginning in 1991. I was told it has something to do with being able to heal with that eye without using the hands – this was in 2010. Don’t understand it – yet!!! 😉
      Love to you and all! ❤

      1. THANK YOU, Vinny, Stefan and Big C… ❤ Vinny, I can relate to your dyslexia… how ironic the spelling of that word is chosen to label a process that finds it difficult to spell that word—I'm forever using the backspace key!… and the dictionary. Love to you all. xox Lin ❤ 😀

        (I'm playing catch-up, so late in reading the comments)

  7. The winter solstice my Uncle Willi wrote in my autograph book:
    „Fatherly builds the house,
    Motherly decorates it out,
    child love always shines brightly as gratitude”.

    Heart Greetings
    I AM BIXIE ◇

  8. Last night I thought about my heart center and then I saw again a sparkling, radiant diamond being.
    It looked so impressive.

    Heart Greetings
    I AM BIXIE ◇

    1. gdi
      i messed it up again
      there is nothing so sacred of which i am incapable of screwing it up
      c-sharp will stir your soul if you let it

  9. Thank you Aisha & CC*s for this fine message & certainly ties into the testament of this now very living pond that we All are individual signature tunes but All our tunes so important now to be heard in bringing forth the totality harmony on the pond….as our thoughts & ideas & beliefs mingle we are All contributing to the ever increasing flame of expansion that creation certainly requires from us ! Although this comparison to a symphony is a great one…I’d like to think it’s more like the Oracle Report recently commented about our energies reaching out to anchor out-posts in the beyond distance….& it only takes one to anchor & secure a firm point in which others can more easily attach to & build upon. I reflect on many of the thoughts expressed by the ponders & so many other new agers now have been sent out & firmly anchored….some we All can identify with, some set their anchors quickly while others need more time for others to latch onto but All very important to keep forward momentum to expansion !

    Today marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a time of great death & suffering…a time for All of us to pay homage & reflect on these, so many past insidious crimes made by mankind & still so many others that continue to this day. As we continue to set & mark our out-posts in firm foundations may we All bare witness to these are of good & the best intentions for All life, including our very living Mother-Earth. I always believed that Evil is born from the thoughts of mankind, as we were never meant to or designed by creation to be this way…we are All born in Truth & as small babes this is what we are & what we know in our innocence & beauty…& to grow upwards within this Truth, the way it is supposed to BE !
    So much of what we think now is tied into synchronicities & just watched the movie ‘Maleficent’ the other night for the 1st time…an interesting twist on Sleeping Beauty & a reflection on Good & Evil & the Truth we are born with.

    it’s late here now & the last few nights I’ve felt like a strip of bacon sizzling in the pan…the energies are very charged at this time & I don’t think it is a coincidence with the 70th anniversary & so many around the world reflecting upon this horrific piece of our history.
    Hope to catch up with the comments abit later…..Love to All !…..Bev*

    1. Truth we All are born with never leaves us, no matter how we hide it or things influence us to distort it….there is always potential hope to be our Truth !

      1. Yes, Yes, Bev, I want two (wings) of those!!!!!!
        Then I can walk in the clouds,,,,AAAHHH!!! :0)

    2. Reminds me of my childhood days in Catholic grade school and a not-so-Roman Catholic priest named Father Andre. Another kid was talking about original sin, and he very lovingly announced to all of us, “I do not believe in original sin~~rather, I believe in original blessing.” That one sentence began my awakening. Bold statement from a priest in 1970. I can still picture his gentle smiling face. ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. Since I do most of my “talking” with music, this sings from me to you all, emotionally. ❤

          1. My love to you.
            A bright light of words and high vibrational song.
            Always incorporates that feeling of love. ❤

  11. thank you dear aisha❤︎ & dear everyone ❤︎
    see you all at next fun gathering ❤︎

    sharing❤︎ happy

    sharing❤︎ origami heart box for valentine’s day.
    I know origami boat or frog is much easier but this I didn’t know.
    will I make it ? I might ha ha 💓

  12. I don’t believe that Pleiadian stuff myself. You know you can pump stuff to your right side of the brain and it stays there to pop up in your dreams in right side of the vision of the dreams, visions what ever. It’s like drawing shit from there. Left side is the logical I believe. You can pump some weird stuff and when the two sides connect, tadaa! If you pay attention and notice it. This new age stuff is just the continuation to christianity, like christianity is to roman empire. But the Source/Field-stuff. Ah man excited!

  13. Reflecting yeah. Like a mirage in the dune, don’t jump head first. Yo hey jumping out the field baby that’s my thing. It needs a lot more emotion than this! Big pile of chocolatemilkcans maybe, just something to die for. And somekind of locating system (coordinates) to go by places. This focusworking-system needs heavy militarizing and precision and stuff.

  14. Thank god for this message, I thought I was going crazy. I clicked this website hoping against hope there would be some explanation here as to why I felt so…so…goofy/slightly unstable. Deep breathe. I’m ok. We’re ok. Now let’s hear your tune! 🙂

  15. “Carrier tune” and mirrors of Joy.
    We are reflecting our selves as we see US in the mirror of life!!!!
    Our actions and words with each other builds our higher creation!! 🙂
    See everyone on Sunday!!!

  16. Thankyou Aisha and CC’s as always. This update was apropos especially for me (as it was for everybody else in the pond) so I know this reply is kind of by the by but I would like to express myself regardless i.e. Over the past eight weeks I’ve become a member of a new band and it has come together quite easily and naturally. Last week Tomas, our French Algerian bass guitarist found us a drummer and suggested we call ourselves ‘Lucky Star Band’. All five of us ‘ol boys 50’s/60’s agreed we liked it, me especially! The American acoustic player and I have started some interesting harmonies / we are both used to singing alone. Yesterday I met a switched on guy in the Sierra Mariola while chopping wood at his home (free if you do the work) and passed ‘The Pond’ along to him, “I think you may find this interesting” I said. As I read this latest update a few minutes ago my ears started ringing then stopped then again but at a different pitch, then again. It’s lovely to see and feel things coming together folks. xxxxx to you all Stew

  17. dear aisha and cc’s i’m looking forward to see you all again the first of february in my ‘huge amazing bubble’ : ) thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Well aaam last time I remember I was with someone and I looked upon the stars and aaa I think “I” thought “communist” out loud and someone thought “Pleiadian”. Wtf?

  19. I also may not “show up” here on the site, but do read the messages, which arrive in my e-mail. This one was so nice and was easier to understand, with their metaphor of our having “new strings” and a “wider range” now. Thank you, Aisha and CC’s. God bless all!

    1. Shannon !
      Glad to see you (again)
      I was thinking of you just this morning while making my breakfast 🙂
      I read from the bottom up. I know, its kinda weird maybe, but I have always done that. The cream is the update itself sometimes. I am getting really eager to read it now! and I am only 1/2 way up!
      Hugs ❤

  20. I am plucking my new strings with joyful explosions of rainbow light, and letting them swirl in a crazy vortex of blizzard energy that is currently blowing in and around me here on my little island in Maine. I am envisioning these colorful chords intertwining around and through this beautiful Earth to each one of you at the pond. ❤

    1. So thats where the snow went. Lisa!!!
      All this time allaying folks fears here…. has swayed all the snow up northeast towards you.!!! 🙂
      Stay warm and cozy!! ❤

    2. Interesting – my friend from Rhode Island said of the snow:
      “It is twirling upward like a funnel I want to get into”
      I had a great visual !

  21. “For you will not be judged in any way by your output, for the main thing is simply this: it is there for you to enjoy playing around with, for this is a vital part of being a creator, daring to allow the pure joy of creating be your guide when it comes to letting go.”

    Yes – that is the main reason for me to say “God bless grandchildren” because they really allow me to play around in full now 🙂

    Thank you dearest Aisha and CCs ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. They are highly recommended Michael 😉 They already have all that we seek and work so hard to achieve, and I feel very privileged to take part of their wisdom and grow with them ❤

        Love ❤

  22. Dear family of light! January is almost over, and I find myself thinking both “What, already? How can one month pass so quickly?” and “How can we still be only in January? So much has happened already we must be half way to the summer by now!”. But this upcoming Sunday is February the 1, and that means it is time for our monthly Gathering around the Pond. I know the CCs will give us more information about it later this week, but I am certain it will be another interesting get-together for us all and a wonderful opportunity to try out our newly upgraded “instruments” 🙂 I am really looking forward to see you all and to “hear” what we will co-create!
    Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Thank you, Aisha. I will be there, though in my way, silently, softly, lovingly. I do not share much here, but I do read a lot of what is shared and appreciate being here. If this is still OK with you, I will continue to feel my way through my participation in my way. Blessings to you all. Margarita ❤

    2. Since I barely will arrive home before 9:00 am on Sunday night I might begin The Gathering two hours in advance – because I already find myself in the air then 🙂

      Can’t wait 🙂

      Much love ❤

      1. A conversation between “IAM that IAM”

        By the way IAM I don’t believe in religion and IAM not a religion nut.
        But IAM will use their words against them.

        Arguing a point with a religious IAM is like arguing with a vegan IAM. They can’t see past their dogma 😉 hehe

        There is no argument in me I’m just being who IAM.
        See the stuff I have been putting up on IAM and you will see.
        All Science between you and me
        read my IAM

        Yeah I have. Lovely stuff IAM

        Read my riddles, if so have you worked them out. Who is Lucifer and who is the Antichrist you IAM?

        Neither exist, The riddles are gibberish to me

        Yes they do, Work it out, it will be worth your time, Does religion exist?

        The concept does of course

        Well it must be!

        But it’s not one I subscribe to our give act credence

        But do they? Is it there?

        Personally IAM, I relate far more to the ancient beliefs of traditional societies such as Australia’s Aboriginals then to the Judaism/Christen concepts. So IAM to answer your IAM question no it does not exist out side the human mind.

        IAM it does not matter what believe it is there, That enemy, The Lucifer that Antichrist, is the world fuck, is there someone fucking it,Who?


        The Lucifer,that antichrist?

        Does not exist

        Humans, We are two, Use they words so they will see, That’s communication

        IAM failing to see your point… IAM not on a crusade to change the minds of the globe. IAM will live the change I wish to see in the world and educate those wishing to do the same

        IAM, Be the change you want to see, Heaven on earth or another way to say it, science on logic. And remember there is more than you and me. The IAM.


        Read my stuff and you will see IAM

        I’ve read it and it makes no sense to me IAM

        Look again, I used relations words, you use science words. Communication, bring the two together. So no enemy, And remember not all words are good science, and not all science are good words, so put your science into religion so we can all talk at one.
        IAM then IAM
        IAM that IAM

        IAM, It’s not about science language or religious language its about language that makes sense….and I have no idea what your talking about…communication IAM. The role of the communicator is make IAM understood to the party they are communicating to IAM, and all this IAM crap makes no sense to me at all. I have no idea what your point is IAM. So IAM help IAM understand. IAM, don’t just say read it again. Because IAM it still makes no sense, to that IAM that I see.

        IAM if you can not understand that how can you ever talk to IAM, the with a religion IAM that IAM that.

        IAM, are you saying humans have both inherent good and inherent evil in them IAM?
        Of course IAM
        Yes, IAM
        Then IAM, say that IAM

        If IAM, you can’t talk to a religious person then you have an enemy IAM

        IAM, of course I, I that IAM can talk to a religious person. but i wont argue their beliefs with them because they are inarguable (my use of the word argument does not have negative connotations in this sense…)

        IAM, there is no argument IAM, whether IAM you are right or wrong all along or whether you IAM are right or wrong, it does not matter IAM. The whole point of this IAM is so that we IAM can communicate with them IAM, so there is no IAM argument to see IAM, each other’s pointed IAM is to see IAM.

        There is no point IAM, that’s my point IAM.
        IAM right on IAM.

        IAM, argument means discussion. it IAM means discourse. not fighting. IAM is the bouncing and testing of ideas IAM, IAM ideas MUST be tested.

        IAM, Listen think see
        See the IAM to be, the IAM that is 3.

        IAM, if your content to respect IAM point of view i don’t understand why you are so forceful and adamant about pushing yours IAM.

        Listen in their word IAM, think IAM, in your IAM, and see IAM.

        IAM can just talk Logic IAM at the way you want IAM but then you’re IAM will never learn how to talk about and be up to talk to religious IAM without understanding them IAM or them IAM understanding you IAM.

        IAM, I’m really struggling with the undertones of superiority that comes across with your ‘message’ IAM, like IAM, have something to teach me IAM, IAM sure you IAM do, we all IAM do, have something to learn IAM, but IAM, don’t need a guru IAM.

        IAM, who are you to tell me IAM, IAM, don’t know how to communicate with religious IAM.

        IAM that it’s not me IAM, do IAM in Harmony, IAM not IAM guru or your IAM saviour that IAM is for IAM to do.

        IAM, absolutely, IAM

        IAM, Are you happy, really happy?, IAM.

        IAM, better then ever! IAM

        IAM, So be even better again be that IAM

        IAM, And I do have something I want to share with you not to be a saviour just to share my learning, IAM.

        IAM, I love you and I would never ever hurt you, IAM.

        IAM, I know that IAM.

        IAM, This is about you IAM not me IAM.

        IAM, what does that mean, IAM?

        IAM that IAM

        IAM, We have to be one in the way we communicate so we can be one in the way we love, IAM

        IAM, I will be putting up my learnings on IAM , bit by bit, you IAM don’t have to read it, but IAM, you IAM might find IAM your baby.

        IAM, Are you thinking? Good way to be in, IAM
        IAM, Only way you will ever understand me, IAM

        IAM, and me you, IAM

        IAM, send Our conversation to IAM, and see what IAM thinks.

        IAM, I am using but a few of their words and that no communication here between you and me

        IAM, no conversation between religion and science, IAM

        IAM, and I’m talking in science to science with you, IAM

        IAM, its not about religion vs science its about making sense to your audience. and your making no sense to me, IAM

        IAM, i make my living communicating complex subjects and ideas to people so don’t bloody lecture me about communication, IAM

        IAM, its all about adapting your message to be understood, IAM

        IAM, not damning the listener for not understanding you, IAM

        IAM, its wonderful that you have found happiness and meaning. bloody great. but how about we catch up as friends before you try and get me to subscribe to your beliefs. I’m on my own journey which every bit as valid as yours, but you don’t care about that. its somehow less then your trip, you some how have the answers to the universe and want everyone to know it, IAM

        IAM, lets save this for when we are face to face, not bloody IAM and you IAM

        IAM, apologies for what may read like a hostile tone, IAM

        IAM, but your forcing this shit down my throat and i don’t appreciate it, IAM

        IAM, you haven’t seen me or spoken to me for years and rather then ask how I’m going you want me to come to the 7th dimension, IAM

        IAM, sorry I don’t mean to be any of what you’re saying. I love you. I want to listen to you and learn your journey. So I have been putting all my effort in to being able to communicate with out any of this IAM

        IAM, i KNOW you mean nothing but good and love. but IAM let things evolve a little here. Ill be up there to see IAM in a week or so.

        IAM, its all good IAM, like i said. I KNOW that you only bring love, IAM

            1. remember the bible was around nearly a thousand years before the printing press. in those times new copies were hand written usually by monks in monasteries who needed the good will from the emperor, king, Cesar, pope, and whoever was behind the scenes, pulling the stings behind the power. if they crossed the power they would be destroyed (knights templars, for an example)
              and so the original books of the bible were changed to allow the potentate to quote the new added text, in order to keep his control over his kingdom
              and so now we have a difficult time knowing what is or not true.
              the bible is fine as far as it goes

              my god is alive, what was said thousands of years ago has little to do with now.

              like if the chief knows about trichinosis and other worms in pork and other meats, but the people he leads do not, he has to do something
              he knows he is protecting them from disease and parasites, even though they do not understand. the chief overcomes this by invoking the
              word of the lord
              thus sayeth the prophet

              he could simply say something like this.

              Leviticus 11 King James Version (KJV)

              1 And the Lord spake unto Moses and to Aaron, saying unto them,

              2 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, These are the beasts which ye shall eat among all the beasts that are on the earth.

              3 Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is clovenfooted, and cheweth the cud, among the beasts, that shall ye eat.

              4 Nevertheless these shall ye not eat of them that chew the cud, or of them that divide the hoof: as the camel, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you.

              5 And the coney, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you.

              6 And the hare, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you.

              7 And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.

              8 Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you.

              9 These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.

              10 And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:

              11 They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh, but ye shall have their carcases in abomination.

              12 Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.

              13 And these are they which ye shall have in abomination among the fowls; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination: the eagle, and the ossifrage, and the ospray,

              14 And the vulture, and the kite after his kind;

              15 Every raven after his kind;

              16 And the owl, and the night hawk, and the cuckow, and the hawk after his kind,

              17 And the little owl, and the cormorant, and the great owl,

              18 And the swan, and the pelican, and the gier eagle,

              19 And the stork, the heron after her kind, and the lapwing, and the bat.

              20 All fowls that creep, going upon all four, shall be an abomination unto you.

              21 Yet these may ye eat of every flying creeping thing that goeth upon all four, which have legs above their feet, to leap withal upon the earth;

              22 Even these of them ye may eat; the locust after his kind, and the bald locust after his kind, and the beetle after his kind, and the grasshopper after his kind.

              23 But all other flying creeping things, which have four feet, shall be an abomination unto you.

              24 And for these ye shall be unclean: whosoever toucheth the carcase of them shall be unclean until the even.

              25 And whosoever beareth ought of the carcase of them shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the even.

              26 The carcases of every beast which divideth the hoof, and is not clovenfooted, nor cheweth the cud, are unclean unto you: every one that toucheth them shall be unclean.

              27 And whatsoever goeth upon his paws, among all manner of beasts that go on all four, those are unclean unto you: whoso toucheth their carcase shall be unclean until the even.

              28 And he that beareth the carcase of them shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the even: they are unclean unto you.

              29 These also shall be unclean unto you among the creeping things that creep upon the earth; the weasel, and the mouse, and the tortoise after his kind,

              30 And the ferret, and the chameleon, and the lizard, and the snail, and the mole.

              31 These are unclean to you among all that creep: whosoever doth touch them, when they be dead, shall be unclean until the even.

              32 And upon whatsoever any of them, when they are dead, doth fall, it shall be unclean; whether it be any vessel of wood, or raiment, or skin, or sack, whatsoever vessel it be, wherein any work is done, it must be put into water, and it shall be unclean until the even; so it shall be cleansed.

              33 And every earthen vessel, whereinto any of them falleth, whatsoever is in it shall be unclean; and ye shall break it.

              34 Of all meat which may be eaten, that on which such water cometh shall be unclean: and all drink that may be drunk in every such vessel shall be unclean.

              35 And every thing whereupon any part of their carcase falleth shall be unclean; whether it be oven, or ranges for pots, they shall be broken down: for they are unclean and shall be unclean unto you.

              36 Nevertheless a fountain or pit, wherein there is plenty of water, shall be clean: but that which toucheth their carcase shall be unclean.

              37 And if any part of their carcase fall upon any sowing seed which is to be sown, it shall be clean.

              38 But if any water be put upon the seed, and any part of their carcase fall thereon, it shall be unclean unto you.

              39 And if any beast, of which ye may eat, die; he that toucheth the carcase thereof shall be unclean until the even.

              40 And he that eateth of the carcase of it shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the even: he also that beareth the carcase of it shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the even.

              41 And every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth shall be an abomination; it shall not be eaten.

              42 Whatsoever goeth upon the belly, and whatsoever goeth upon all four, or whatsoever hath more feet among all creeping things that creep upon the earth, them ye shall not eat; for they are an abomination.

              43 Ye shall not make yourselves abominable with any creeping thing that creepeth, neither shall ye make yourselves unclean with them, that ye should be defiled thereby.

              44 For I am the Lord your God: ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be holy; for I am holy: neither shall ye defile yourselves with any manner of creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

              45 For I am the Lord that bringeth you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: ye shall therefore be holy, for I am holy.

              46 This is the law of the beasts, and of the fowl, and of every living creature that moveth in the waters, and of every creature that creepeth upon the earth:

              47 To make a difference between the unclean and the clean, and between the beast that may be eaten and the beast that may not be eaten.
              King James Version (KJV)


              1. The man that wrote the king James version was burn at the stake for changing it from the manuscripts that were stolen in the crusades of the eastern kingdoms. Many don’t know the Romans stole all the manuscripts of the eastern kingdoms. After the christians came the romans took over the churches. The leader of The romans made himself leader of this religion. Killed all the other leaders of the church. Then placed his people in charge of the church all over the known world at that time. Then rewrote the bible we know of today that were written to control the people of the known world. Anyone that wants to preach the bible should study this to know what he is teaching. Other than the morals of the bible the rest is just the opinion of those who came later. None of the new testament was written until 40 to over one hundred years after the people who they wrote about were dead. If you study the dead sea scrolls. Jesus never died on the cross and lived to have two children and was married to Marry. Jesus body is said to be in France. I think Jesus was one of the great people of knowledge. But did you know he never wrote one word about himself or anything else. It is thought that some of the dead sea scrolls were written by his younger brother John. There are thousands of manuscripts that were stolen in the Roman church that have never been released to the public. Is there a reason for this. You tell me why they won’t let people see them. They belong to the world not the church to hide their corruption of the past. I love the morals of religions all over the world. The rest is just an opinion of others and should be taken with a grain of salt. See it for what it is and why it was written.

                Love and blessings to all

                1. Thank you Ray, very illuminating!!
                  And Thank goodness they put Psalms into that book!!!
                  ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Well I’m going to work soon and it will be ( 9 degrees!!!!!!)
        Where those shorts proudly!! 🙂

    3. IAM, I have a great idea but I can’t do it on my own IAM

      IAM I need you IAM

      Ok, let’s give this a go then IAM

      No negative ego then, promise IAM, promised IAM

      Instead of trying to understand 1+1=3, let’s be 1+1=3


      Ok, here is my idea, but first let’s bring another in, another IAM

      Lucifer will fit the plan, but only as a reflection to the IAM

      So in my manifestation let lucifer manifest as a mirror to IAM

      My idea, let IAM be with IAM in reflection and not try to figure it out IAM


      If we are trying to be IAM only talk to IAM

      So I will only post here now as IAM
      So no negative ego IAM
      So no pride IAM
      I would like IAM to do the same IAM
      Only IAM here one/1
      IAM with my lucifer/mirror
      So only IAM
      Love IAM

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