A short update on the energies

By now, much has been coming to the fore in all sorts of ways as the seeming fog of yesteryear is beginning to dissipate. You see, you are all already breathing a fresher air, and so, the outlook upon your lives should become a more detailed one in the time ahead. Let us explain. As we have told you on numerous occasions, you already carry within you all of the seeds to whatever it is you have come here to sow, and by this, we mean the information that is needed in order for not only you, but this entire planet to unfold itself to its full glory. For you are already everything you want to be, and as such, you only need to enable all of that inherent potential in order for not just you, but everything else to change into something that no longer resembles that almost ruinous version of your former selves. You see, not only do you have access to all of this potential in the form of knowledge, you also have access to everything else you might need to recreate what has been desecrated. For as we have told you before, it is all about vibration, vibration in the form of various frequencies of energy, energy that is and will always be fully malleable in every way. Nothing is written in stone, for nothing is unchangeable, even those parts that seem to be nothing more than inert mass standing in the way between you and everything that you dream of. For little by little you will begin to fully grasp the implications of this, and you will begin to literally rewrite all of the old rules and replace them with just this simple one: everything is possible as long as it is coming from a place of love. For that is what this is all about, changing everything around you by simply changing yourself, for when you do that, your metamorphosis will begin to initiate change in everything that surrounds you.

Remember, we have told you earlier that this profound change that we talk about is taking place on a subatomic level, and as such, it can be impossible to “see” if you use the term in the regular way of perceiving something through those apertures in your head you call eyes. They have their uses, but as you all know by now, they have their limits too, and so what you need to do is to shift your line of sight into one that goes beyond the superficial and quantifiable that you are used to taking into account by way of your five senses. What we are trying to tell you in this rather roundabout way is that this profound change will change it all, but it will do so on a scale that is at one time so monumental it actually encompasses All of creation, but at the same time, it is on a scale that is so small, you have yet to be able to fully detect it even with your most advanced technical and scientific equipment. Yet, some of those bright minds amongst you have found a way to begin to peer deeper and deeper into this seeming abyss of mystical events that constitutes the very bedrock of your existence, namely that hidden mechanism behind the emergence of matter. For you know much already, and there are thousands upon thousands of pages written about this by scholarly minds by now, yet they are still mostly speculations, for the full process and the last small pieces have yet to be discovered.

For everything they have seen so far has shown them that there are still so many questions to answer, but even so, they are undeterred by this challenge of digging deep enough into the tiniest of particles in order to find those elusive answers they so hanker for. Well, let us just say this, the answers will be found, but maybe not in the manner they expect to find them, nor in the locations they speculate they may exist. For the reason these answers will emerge, is because of the likes of you. For you are the living proof of how this mechanism not only is quantifiable, but also how infinitely simple yet how highly complex it really is. For you are already beginning to exhibit the effects from this magnificent shift by the way that you are all beginning to literally relearn to retune your entire apparatus of retrieval and transmission of information, and the reason you are able to do this, is by way of interchanging the old subatomic setup of your entire physical vehicle in such away, it will once again become fully compatible to the much more advanced duplexes of energetic highways that exist in Creation, highways that you have so far in your history been shielded from traveling on.

For you have taken the byways and the detours, more numerous than we can count, and they have been necessitated by your inability to partake of the highly charged bursts of informational downloads that are at all times passing through you on all those levels of existence you have been disconnected from for eons. You see, you are literally swimming in a soup of interconnected forms of existence on multiple planes, all co-existing in the same space in ways that will be hard for you to truly fathom, but that makes perfect sense once you learn to distinguish them all on yes, a subatomic level. For remember, space is a commodity that is even more abundant than you at this stage perhaps can imagine, for when you look at an object, you see what you think is all mass, but what is in effect literally just a whirring cloud of particles held together in such a way, it resembles mass. For what it really is, is energized particles commuting through vast and seemingly empty distances of space, so if you compact it all, very little actual mass would be seen by you. The rest would simply be “empty space”, but it is in actual fact not empty, it is filled with those even more elusive particles that make up “mass” in all of these other dimensions that you have around and indeed within you.

For everything that exists in these designated coordinates in space that you define as “your” part of Creation is all here, hidden in plain sight as it were, not merely right in front of your nose, but on all sides, inside and out, so where you only see you, we see all that is currently occupying the same space as you. But now, you will also by and by learn to consciously interact with these so far elusive “relatives” to call them that, the more esoteric parts of existence that you have so far been unable not just to detect, describe or even imagine, but whom you will now learn how to also connect with by way of your own internal “superconductor”, the one that is in actual fact an integrated part of your very own physical vehicle, and that has been enabled is such a profound way over this last period of time by your collective ability to literally tune into these priming vibrations that have been sent out just for this purpose.

Remember, the potential is there for all, but to really become fully absorbed into this until now hidden stream of consciousness that you are already literally swimming in, you need to fully allow yourself to take the plunge. And this, so many of you have done already, hence that tremendous internal change that is already taking place on this planet. For this can in all aspects be likened to a chain reaction, and when enough of you take the plunge, as the case is now, you will engender such a huge blast of energetic movement on a molecular basis, it will literally go to the very core of your planet, and it will go to the very core of all of mankind.

Again, we understand that our explanation will seem to be more elusive than those fabled particles your scientists are hunting so hard to find, yet, we want you to understand this simple fact: you have accomplished such a monumental change for all of humanity already, a change that is even more profound than if you equate it with the totality of evolution you as a species have gone through from the very first time your ancient ancestors set foot on dry land back in the wee hours of mankind’s existence. And even if this monumental shift is not visible to any of you yet, it is simply because it is what can only be defined as a true quantum leap – an occurrence that happens on that level of Creation where it all begins – with the tiniest of particles, the ones that are the foundation for everything in existence. For on that level, you have made such a huge shift it can be likened to shifting from one side of the visible spectrum to the opposite. Again, our words are inadequate when it comes to explaining this, for you need to literally tune into your very new vibration yourself, and then, you will all see what it is we are trying to tell you in this rather crude and inefficient manner. For then, you will find that the inner view of your very own being will have changed in such a way, you will know that who you were is someone that was incapable of the feats that you are about to embark upon now. And then, you will also know that not only have you successfully shifted yourself fully into a new space of the spectrum, you have also allowed your entire existence to begin to play out under some very new stars.

For you have opened up not just a new doorway, you have also removed the ceiling that stopped you from seeing beyond the obvious, and we do mean this in a very literal way. So now, the vistas that will begin to open up are far more advanced and far more hospitable if you will than the ones you have been staring at seemingly forever. For as you allowed yourself to change, you also enabled this entire planet to do the same, and together you will begin to fully explore just how creative you as a fully integrated union can become. And it will be an exploration that will be fully founded on that one underlying equation of love, for that is the drum that will set the beat, that is the new rhythm that will be literally at the heart of it all, and that is the sound that will make all of your hearts sing in perfect symmetry as well. And together, you will create that symphonic masterpiece not just you, but All of creation have been waiting for for such a long time.

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  1. Dear Vinny! This is what I have been shown again and again over the last 2-3 hours:

    Yes, you are definitely creating “the spark” that sets the chain-reaction going in this “particle accelerator” we have created here at the Pond 😉

    I am also being drawn to this video, take a look from 01:48:

    Aisha ❤ ❤

    1. Dear Vinny! I had a “spinning session” this afternoon, around 17:00 – 18:00 my time. It felt very different from the previous ones, like all of the atoms in my body were spinning separately instead of some defined spots on the body. Weird and very intense, but also something I know I will explore further later tonight 😉
      Aisha ❤

    2. Thank you for reposting this wonderful reminder, dear Stefan! Yes, we are re-creating from what has been created, dismantling the “particles” and putting them together in a way that resonates fully with the New, continuing the cycle of death and rebirth that exists on a cosmic scale 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  2. There was a prophet Baba Vanga of Bulgaria national certified. Bulgaria has announced the prophecy part on 2015. This information from Japanese mystery monthly magzine MU(No.411, Feb.2015).
    “In the second half of 2015, huge number of people flows out from the south side of the North American continent and Canada and Russia, will be moved to another location.”
    “2015 occurs global scale catastrophe. However, this will not impact enough to seriously challenge the Earth civilization.”
    “Spread of the virus occurs, would not able to converge.”
    They say official statements and news you can not trust as a fact.
    “Virus continues to mutation, and will continue to live exactly as another virus. Will win eventually virus. Would all regions except Siberia and Australia are contaminated with the virus.”
    “Another “era of delimiter” appeared in the middle of 2015, a lot of lives will be lost.”
    But her prophecy is also not hit about World War III. This fact I can have hope.
    I think that it is good when you move without believe the news and government.

    1. Florida/Cuba – something occurred in the past 24 hours to at least alleviate part of the situation.

    2. Hi Oriharu 359
      I visited Baba Vanga in March 1990. As a Bulgarian and close to the place where she lived, I know almost all about her. There is something not right about so call predictions they said she made. I can’t say for sure but it can probably has been fabricated. The old lady was a very simple woman, with simple language…and my be made kind of predictions long before the situation has changed, people began to wake up and these predictions were not valid anymore…Anyway, she
      told me what will happen to me even I didn’t want to know and she was right. Reason for visiting her was a girl with a strange illness and she just identified it. The girl survived just as she predicted.
      Happy New Year to you.

      1. Hi Maria.
        The prophecy continue until 51 century. Direct met person is valuable. I think your perspective and experience is important. I think it is better to share information if you can.

        1. Dear Oriharu
          there is not much to share about the predictions they said she has made. I found out it is a copy of the materials from Nostradamus. At least that what is decoded from his writings. As I said I’m Bulgarian and knowing mentality of the people there I think they just put all these “predictions” in her mouth…What about Baba Vanga (Baba means grandma), she was blind woman, much loved and respected not
          in Bulgaria only. A lot of important people looked for answers and received them from her. She never failed…The people lined at her door when she was alive and she asked for the one with the most important causes to come in. She served the people and helped a lot…There was a very strong energy around her. Most people couldn’t remember her
          face or the people around, there are always somebody in the room. I was very calm and remember it all. The mother of the sick girl didn’t. She said she even didn’t believe it was real that we were there, but remembered what Baba Vanga said about her daughter.

          All and all, I don’t believe that this “predictions” are from her. Check out Nostradamus writings and judge for yourself.
          Take care

          1. Dear Maria. I’m sorry for late comment.
            You said that “I don’t believe that this ‘predictions’ are from her mouth.”. The reason is “the mentality of Bulgarian”. But why Bulgaria has published ‘her’ prophecies as a country. Indeed, it seems to have seen some of the prophecy is distorted, but the cause I do not know what it is. Because it is basically unknown area, to change something I think should not change prophecies. It was thought to be a basic stance of Bulgaria. Or, what had already been decorated with “a variety of opinions and Nostradamus prophecies” from the “information source”? There are various possibilities. Or, I Will be better to have to receive by lowering the more reliability become accurate?
            “baba” or “baa” is grandma in Japanese, too.
            Adding polite word “o” and honorific “san”.
            Obabasan / Obaasan means grandma in Japanese generally.
            Obabasan is rarely. Obaasan is generally.

            1. Hi Oriharu
              I’ll finish our conversation about the prophesies with one more note:
              This is not Bulgaria, talking about Baba Vanga. The source of all information are her relatives. As a well known figure the country will stand behind it. But who wants her to be bigger than she is? The old lady will not agree with this. She was an open and true person…

              That is also my opinion only…I’ll never believe it. Maybe she did some
              kind of predictions about what is to come…maybe. Today the energies are so different everything is in motion, nothing is written in stone nobody can guess what is to come and when…So better forget about 51 century and be in peace. You saw for yourself that some of prophecies didn’t come to our reality at all.

              I wish you to be happy and healthy.

              1. Dear Maria, I would have kept you waiting.
                I think the prophecy of Baba Vanga is relatively accurate. Because, there is a prophecy in “Spirit World Story” until 50 century.
                “Spirit World Story” was written by a most great superman whose name is Onisaburoh Deguchi. He has a lot of prophecy track records.
                But about Baba Vanga there maybe any exaggerations.
                Thank you Maria!

  3. Yesterday at 3:00 pm (11:00 pm Oslo time) I was sitting outside meditating. It was -3c and snowing a little. I was a little cold and didn’t know how long I would be able to stay. I dropped into a place, like a dream with no content, a conversation with no words. An expansive void, totally without form yet full to the brim with potential. I was busy doing something with others but I have no clue what.
    I emerged from this place at 3:45 pm. I was warm and comfortable, as if I had just awoke in bed. Snow had fallen all around me but there was no snow on me. I was completely dry. I tried then to return to the place or experience but could not.

    At 9:pm I went outside to meditate again. Thinking of the day, it occurred to me that I could have traveled, transported, somewhere. I have often tried to do this and thought I would make another attempt. I did not physically move but became aware of another location.
    I was in a tunnel or passage between buildings. I was moving along it toward a main street. As I approached the street, the space opened up a little more and I could see the sky, On my right was a wall, about 2 meters high. there was a hedge planted on top of this wall. The plants were trimmed back to their bases for winter. I could see only short trunks and thick branches trimmed almost all the way to the trunk vary neatly. Where the passage opened onto the main street the wall stopped and there was a staircase facing the street, leading up to a brownstone type townhouse. On the right there was another house. This one had an open porch with a roof protruding a little into the ally or passage. Across the main street there was a large park or open space with a rod iron fence around it. The park seemed to take up the whole block or more on that side.

    Anyone recognize this place?

  4. DNA Layer 12


    How to say the Hebrew names for each DNA layer:


    DNA Layer 1 — Keter Etz Chayim

    DNA Layer 2 — Torah E’ser Sphirot

    DNA Layer 3 — Netzach Merkava Eliyahu

    DNA Layer 4 — Urim Ve Tumim

    DNA Layer 5 — Aleph Etz Adonai

    DNA Layer 6 — Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

    DNA Layer 7 — Kadumah Elohim

    DNA Layer 8 — Rochev Baaravot

    DNA Layer 9 — Shechinah – Esh

    DNA Layer 10 — Vayikra

    DNA Layer 11 — Chochmah Micha Halelu

    DNA Layer 12 — El Shadai

    1. ~


      (Peering at image)…..Well I’ll be damned, it’s got those very same upside-down “hearts” surrounding it, same as my yummy Heart Pie:


      There ya go, everyone…it is now official.

      The 12th DNA “God/The God Within” Layer = Love of Pie

        1. There are much older tonal names predating Hebrew. They are the tones of our individual, original soul names. We are the orchestra. Where’s the maestro??? Hmmmm ……

    2. Thanks for all this dear Kiera !….Layer 3 & 7 have more pointed meaning for me….3 is more of the new we are entering into….& hope all see the symbolism of ‘Sunflower’ in 10 !…..Love, Bev

  5. I’m changing it up like Oriharu.
    When I desire to see how my vibration is at, I put on classical music 🙂 🙂 🙂
    If it resonates with me I know I’m on tract, if not the dyktafony hurts , I meditate raise my heart levels and turn radio back on, and it has usually changed to music that fills me up, happier. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Dear Vinny! Thank you for your tireless efforts to explore this “until now hidden stream of consciousness”! And thank you Stefan, for everything you add to this! Last night I also had a dream of flying, there were five of us in a group, and I am fairly certain that the one male in this group was you Vinny 😉
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. THANK YOU!!!

      I’m going to post all 12 DNA images (already up on the ‘net) — for easy access for all the people here.

      See if these DNA visuals stimulate the intended activations in those who are visually-disposed.

  7. “When that is fully activated, in anyone
    You would not be able to stay on the ground, it’s to powerful…”


    YEAH, Baby…..


  8. Hello everyone.
    This is my 120th favourite Japanese song from ~http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
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    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ~https://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,


  9. “what do you think/”

    What I think, is that “it’s about f***ing time”!


    who are youall waiting for/
    it can only be you


  10. ~



    “Storm clouds gather to announce the next phase of Gaia Illumination.”


    “BTW. Jahn has vision / dream (I am not sure nor I remember) that events will start from the turmoil in France. And here it is.

    PS. Keep it up PAT (Planetary Ascension Team). We are very close. :)”

    All the Best,
    Mariusz, Poland



    Dear Mariusz,

    It could be that the events may start from France and I will publish today an article that gives us a clue how this may happen. It will then depend on us to charge this scenario energetically with the Source flames and make it happen.

    With love and light


    Dear Pepe (Josef),

    your dream is indeed very expressive and it vividly presents a global picture of the current desolate state of affairs of the dark ones that desperately try anything possible to create havoc and hopefully install the NWO as to save their asses.

    This will not be allowed to happen, however the law of free will accommodates the world events in such a manner that the dark cabal in power will continue making such desperate attempts to create fear among the masses.

    This time however all such attempts will fail, just as the attempts of the US cabal, particularly of John McCain failed to blackmail the Easteuropean politicians as your PM in Czechia and also in Hungary to cut all ties with the Russians.

    Kerry is now in Bulgaria with the same goal after the Bulgarians said that they want the Southeast stream.

    The false flag attack took place in Paris one day after Hollande officially announced that he wants to end the sanctions against Russia, very much in alignment with the German foreign minister.

    The US and GB darkest ones of AAA are now losing Continental Europe as they already lost Asia and the Third world, including the Near East, and they know that they have lost everything.

    Why do you think that not a single US politician participated in the Paris demonstration with other 40 world leaders?

    Because they were the perpetrators and the ones who already lost the battle.

    Hence anything the dark ones will do in the coming days has the guarantee of failure and depending on the scale of failure the Big Events will stipulate and our ascension will take place. The dynamics is now incredible and we create this scenario in the dream state as Logos Gods as your dream suggests.

    With love and light



    1. ~


      French Police Commissioner “Suicided” After Attempting To Issue Murder Warrant Against President Obama

      By Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers, January 12, 2015



      I cannot confirm the truthfulness of this information but in case it is true, and many indications speak for this alternative, then we may expect a deadly avalanche of revelations, beginning with this false flag attack in Paris that will trigger the rapid demise of the Western cabal and the beginning of our ascension. Hence charge this outcome with the decree using the Source flames independently of the event that will lead to the key revelation that the ruling cabal are the only true terrorists on this planet.



      “An absolutely stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today appears to show why all top US officials failed to join their counterparts in Paris yesterday who marched in solidarity against the Charlie Hebdo Massacre as it reveals a top French police commissioner was “suicided” within hours of his attempting to obtain a European Arrest Warrant for President Barack Obama and other as yet unnamed American leaders.

      Upon Police Commissioner Fredou’s discovery of this “Petraeus-link”, this report further states, SVR signals intelligence data show he contacted Paris prosecutor François Molins and requested that the Cour D’assises (Assize Court) issue an immediate European Arrest Warrant for President Barack Obama and “other” such American officials to be named within 24 hours.

      Within 3 hours of Police Commissioner Fredou making this request, however, this report continues, his body was found by his desk in his office with a single gunshot to the head at 0100hr on Thursday 8 January that was quickly ruled a suicide; and Obama regime officials began flooding the US media with reports that former CIA director Petraeus was in danger of being arrested on felony charges relating to classified materials found in his mistresses possession.

      Though this SVR report doesn’t explicitly state what evidence Police Commissioner Fredou discovered to make his unprecedented request to have the American President arrested, it does allude to a much larger conspiracy surrounding the Charlie Hebdo Massacre which not only involves Saudi Arabia, but also the CIA.

      Most critical to note about the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, this report states, is that it occurred 48 hours after French President François Hollande, on 5 January, stated to the Obama regime that the Western sanctions against Russia must be immediately ended.

      Equally important to note, SVR analysts in this report point out, are that French authorities had, also, been warned about an impending attack upon their nation on 4 January when Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud delivered the warning to French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, and as we had previously reported on.


      …But to who the real terrorist fanatics are, however, and according to the esteemed antiwar American author Justin Raimondo, one needs look no further than the corridors of Washington D.C., and of which he states:

      “My biggest fear is that we’ll all wake up one day to find that the monsters are right here, where they’ve always been.

      By then it will be too late to leash them and put them in their proper place, which is a zoo.”



  11. help me here
    could it be, we are multi-dimensional/
    are we our own higher selves/
    are we the higher self of our other dimensionals/
    i have this notion about communicating with the space within my own atoms.
    i don’t know
    i think i am closing in on a new concept
    what do you think/

    1. Yes, yes, and YES.

      You have a numerous shitload of non-physical Energy Bodies. And who knows how many quasi-physical bodies you are currently inhabiting.

      It is YOU, all the way back, inwards, to Source. Higher than Higher Self.

      Where you are at your most expanded, most aware, most intelligent state of Being. (you are currently in your most restricted, limited, unaware, dumbest state of Being)

      When you move closer inwards to Source, instead of manifesting “shape” in the form of a “body”….you tend to prefer to be a formless ball/sphere of Light again….your Original State of Being.

      We are all balls, merely playing at having different shapes.


      “Just as there are multiple nonphysical energy dimensions within the universe(s), each of us must consist of multiple energy-bodies or vehicles of expression.

      Now I seriously wonder just how many nonphysical bodies or forms this involves.

      I suspect that there must be one within each dimension of the universe and that all of these are inter-related and connected, just as the physical body is connected to its first nonphysical (spiritual) body.”

      ~ William Buhlman, master Out-of-Body Explorer


      “what do you think/”

      What I think, is that “it’s about f***ing time”!


      1. Yes✨I can only speak from my own experience. and it is so true for me what you said.

        ~When you move closer inwards to Source, instead of manifesting “shape” in the form of a “body”….you tend to prefer to be a formless ball/sphere of Light again….your Original State of Being.
        We are all balls, merely playing at having different shapes.~

        & addition to this when I experience it, it all happens in not vague sensation. I am with everything ( non physicals & physicals ) & everything vibrate like C# sound and I feel like i am in transparent sphere like environment but I am with everything communicating without talking. ok…… I said this… i know this is strange but this is how I experience and all are not in dream state, wake state. ….. well….😄

      2. gosh oh mighty!
        I so want to know how to get to there (simple ball of light)
        from ‘here’. no one ever tells of the how. Because its never been done with flesh body perhaps so no one really knows.
        I see my true essence as a ball of light about 4 inches in diameter. I see that essence in anything I want it to be in – water, air, fire, trees and other things here and in outer space. Blessed as a good visual with good imagination.
        It must be here then of course – with the flesh body – It, the light ball, does not have to eat or get warm or work for the stupid system – so man, oh man! Just want it to engulf the whole flesh body!
        F R E E D O M
        xo ❤

          1. thank you ~!
            wow! After reading this from Lisa G
            and the new GaiaPortal msg, I just cant wait until I experience the next thunderstorm here on Earth!! I will really take it in – the vibration of the light and the sound it creates. The strong shifting of particles. The expansion. the wave of air movement. I will drink that High right now in the thought of it!
            😀 ❤

            1. HaHa~
              and you guys should be at my lake house – surrounded by mountains –
              when it thunders!! the first time I was here for it, me and the cats ran down stairs 🙂

          2. Love this part from Lisa Gawlas:
            “The universe showed us a metaphor using carpet. When you first lay carpet you stretch it to fit into place, then you nail it securely into place, these silver (earth frequency) bursts are like the energy of the hammer and nail, binding your new foundation to this incredible earth we landed upon!!”
            and “But know, for the most part, movement has begun and if you are feeling in your gut to do something… flipping do it!! No hesitation, no doubt… just do it!! Put your track shoes on and move into the realm of experience where the unimaginable becomes real!!”
            Just wonderful~ ❤

  12. GAIAPORTAL – Jan13th

    Flashes of brilliance signal the Higher Age

    Storm clouds gather to announce the next phase of Gaia Illumination.

    Essence of Hue-Manity comes forth quickly.

    Lights are manifested for all to see, as Gaia transits.

    Flashes of brilliance signal the Higher Age.

    Ah Yes….the Storm Clouds ! (Lenticular – Mother speaks) …..soon time for GAIAPORTAL to let go of her ‘Portal’ limitations….tis all in just a name of course, but ‘Portal’ will not suit or fit with the arrival of the Higher Brilliance. I have the utmost confidence that she shall choose well…..LOve, Bev

      1. “””ALL””” these photos so very impressive !….certainly their impact would be on a much higher scale if experienced in the REAL !…but don’t think I’d care to experience that ! Mother really doesn’t have to show me how powerful she is…I already know & believe…….Love to You !….Bev

  13. the light can be anywhere Vinny
    I am being creative with it more today
    placing my consciousness in it – well, its really a trick
    because cosmic consciousness IS the light ! So, there is truly zero limitation to what you can unite/merge with.
    Its when we still think in terms of separateness that the blockages occur. We lived in duality so long its not just turning a switch…its being one with the Love/Light in a much more simplistic way. In the density, we made things hard in order to match it. (match game).
    We truly are masters of this light! we just forgot. We do match it! And it matches us!
    With the Light, It does not require much effort in the doing as much as it requires just ‘intending’ and ‘being’ (and enjoying). Since the Love/Light is always on – everywhere – You go to It – merge with it – consciously ‘be’ with it. Your DNA too. Note: I only speak from what my own experiences encompasses.
    Anyway… it sure beats hanging out in this flesh too much!
    As CC’s said, you can ‘see’ much more without just using the flesh body eyes. Use the Light Body Eyes.
    I intend to use my Light Body more and more until I transmute to that again completely. Light becomes Light.
    CC’s also mention changing everything around us by being the change.
    Strike A Match! and yes, have the fun !
    🙂 ❤

    1. and boy !
      what finding this match striking
      picture lead me too!
      This article strings together so many things I have gone through in the last 12 hours.
      including solving energy issues.
      Only The Strong Survive vs The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth — the meek meaning the ones who are willing to let that guard down — meek, not weak — surrendering the armor whatever it may encompass and instead vulnerably showing the light body and matching it with The Light. That inherent inheritance!
      woah. nice day and thanks to Vinny for helping me search out ‘match striking’ and my consciousness nudging me for weeks about ‘the match game’… and get to this link that though quite heavy in content….has a lot of great info offered up!
      ❤ enjoy

      1. and Aisha… you will be reminded
        again of your ‘friction’ feeling 😀
        friction in that match strike there is!
        and the blue lightning it makes !

        1. Dear Areeza! There is so much in what you have shared here that resonates for me, so thank you for everything! Both the words and the images – especially the lightningbolt in the water! – sets off some interesting “tingles” together with what I see others have shared here as well. It is all adding to an ever increasing swarm of “information-particles” I feel I have swirling around me at the moment (many of these bits of information are linked to the colour blue by the way 😉 ) . I guess they will all at one point begin to “coalesce” into something a little bit more tangible and understandable 😉
          Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      2. its this part that really got me
        from the above link:
        “Now- you are in the heart of a lightning bolt- you who are noble as a oxygen probably lost all your valence electrons due to the magnitude of such a high electric field- every charged particle in transit of the discharge current is surely ionized and talks of being a complete water molecule should be erased- the state of this plasma current is nothing more than ionized hydrogen and oxygen and a complete sea of electrons-”
        so…can you all see how we can have our light bodies back?!
        all light, less or no water (the body is what percentage water?)
        charge your particles people !! ❤

        1. I know not everyone perhaps
          wants their light body like I do
          🙂 I’ve been saying it since
          i could first form a sentence in this life.

      3. some more from the link:
        “Thus, in this thought experiment- within this state of dielectric breakdown- I like to say the lightning bolt- can you now see the oscillation of the charged particles by such a large magnitude of the applied voltage plates- can you now see the probability at a certain moment in time- particularly when the applied ac signal is greatest- that all magnetic fields of charged particles in transit can have the power to be magnetically pinched-

        Magnetics have push and pull- it is well known that high frequency causes a constriction upon electrical currents- whether in copper lines and forcing such to the surface- or in plasma and made use to constrict it – high frequency is known to constrict the currents- thus- do you see the forces I am referring to as this dielectric breakdown has occurred upon the most perfect fuel of the heavens- water- this oxygen atom holds the hydrogen for us- we shall apply a high voltage (high is relative- I have stated 750kv in the vicinity of the hydrogen for fusion- I come to this by way of understanding the beta decay of a free neutron- if it can disintegrate- it can come together- made into a deuteron- then made into helium)-
        Thus –we make helium and oxygen is then unbound and must also be recaptured- this is easy in expansion tanks-the byproducts are helium and oxygen-truly noble-

        To increase the q of this system- a simple toroidal magnet as used in tokamaks for plasma control may be used for additional pinching-

        I hope this helps- however- you must always think of the applied electric field and its magnetic inducement upon the charged particles- we will stably run the Tesla coil upon the dielectric of water itself (more appropriately heavy water) and turn up the voltage for greater acceleration speeds and thus magnetic fields- we can control pressure in this vessel- we can control electrode spacing and so much more-“

  14. Good work, Bro!! 😉 Yep – the fun is just beginning ……….!!!
    LOVE to You and All! ❤

  15. From Manuscript 392 from January 28th 2014:
    “For as we have told you before, it is indeed up to each and every one of you to choose the speed and indeed the direction and the duration of your journey, and as such, we can only put all of the available tools to your disposal. Whether or not you choose to pick them up and take them into use, is up to you. But this new tool, this light of many names, is a tool that is eager to be put into use by you all, and so, it will also be eager to announce its presence in your vicinity, so do not be surprised if you hear it knocking on your door. And yes, it might do so during the darkest hours of the night, but again, that does not mean it is a signal of something not of the light, far from it. And when it does come knocking, you will know what it is if you answer the door with your light. For then, these different forms of light will know how to speak to each other in a language that you also will understand. For the light will speak in the language of love, the only language it knows.”
    not sure why, but I choose to look back at one and this was a quick pick. Good one, as i was thinking on the CC’s speaking of ‘tools’ for us after another tool of light showed up for me this morning.

  16. ❤ shout outs to ALee, JJ Cosmic Bear,
    Amy Star, Lady Pink Rose, Michilyn,
    Alex, Nancee, AMA*M*, Faith, Adam, Sally and that other young woman who's name escapes me… she was in command of some star ship.
    And… to all the others who show up but just not as regularly with words here… and who have made this journey so Full and Loving.
    Bless you All ❤

    1. Yep, the same here as I have been thinking of so many. Was wondering if I just missed their post as I haven’t been able to be here much either. Seems to be a time of inner process and transformation….winter quietness and dream work. Spring will be bursting!!! Love to you Areeza and all here and wherever they might be. ❤ Denise

  17. Just heard this quote
    from a tv movie called
    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel –
    which was ending when I got out of the shower.
    here it is:
    “everything will be alright in the end….and if it’s not, then trust me…it is not the end”.

  18. Dear Forest Joy,
    You’re in my heart and prayers …. hope you are well and moving through the transfiguration with ease. ❤
    Love to you, Sister!

    1. Thank you, dear Caroline and Lin,
      Thank you for your prayers and concern as they are very much needed. Just been trying to keep as many as possible alive and thru this. Each and every human body and soul is so very precious. My energies have all been needed elsewhere for awhile.
      Thank you, dear sisters,
      Love, Forest Joy

      1. ~~ wand tapping ~~
        ❤ wish sometimes I could give my living body to someone who wants it and would cherish it more than me. I dont say thats right or wrong as I am letting go of those label thoughts. My heart goes out to those you care for and for You! ❤

        1. Dear Areeza,
          Thank you for your gentle taps from your beautiful wand. Please know that your body specially chosen for you alone is so precious and beautiful. While doing healing Qi Gong last weekend I was asked to invite all I know who desire to be healed to join me and sit beside me forming a healing circle. There one sees their body is so beautiful and to feel one is completely healed. The circle of friends has become larger with each session. I have felt you and Kelly there as well as so many from the Pond. Tis a beautiful Qi Gong filled with love. I am told the benefits from these sessions will be felt in months to come.
          My love to you and to your gentle Kelly,
          Forest Joy

          1. Blessings for this my dear star friend!
            I am humbled and honored to sit with you
            Kelly is doing well too!
            A dear caregiver at the Home my mother resides in took a tee shirt of Kelly’s with her to the Philippines (her birthplace) to have it blessed at a Holy place.
            He was to wear it for two days when she brought it back. He chose Christmas Eve and Day. 🙂 another wonderful intentional blessing.
            >From this moment on, I shall cherish my flesh body more.
            My presence in it is as valuable as it is in any form and any space.
            ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. Oh Breeze, you bring tears to my eyes and a song to my heart by ours and the Associations: CHERISH

              Cherish is the word I use to describe
              All the feeling
              That I have hiding for you inside
              You don’t know how many times
              I’ve wished that I had told you
              You don’t know how many times
              I’ve wished that I could hold you
              You don’t know how many times
              I’ve wished that I could
              Mold you into someone who could
              Cherish me as much as I cherish you

              And I do
              Cherish you
              And I do
              Cherish you

              Cherish is the word

              As my grandmother used to tell me about as you say the “flesh body”,
              “It is a temple of the Holy Spirit”.

  19. and my friend Ray is back right now! He is in the bodiless way for a few yrs now. when he ‘comes around’ he always sings “All This Love Is Waiting For You” ! Thanks Ray! Blessings XOXOXO

  20. also, my dreaming space incorporating parallel universes or lives is becoming more vivid 🙂
    and… the one liners continue in this dreamy space.

    1. by one liners i mean its like sentences spoken out in the middle of my dreams and sometimes even without anything going on.
      they do not disturb me whatsoever. They are all interesting and I probably should be writing them down but I am usually 1/2 in and out of sleep and just go back to deep sleep soon after.
      may joy and peace be

  21. You know I have to confess I am such a copycat. No originality in me in any form whatsoever. Seeing how fast everything just copies to my mind is just… frustrating. Like nothing up there you know but empty bells. Gotta learn visualizing by myself. Seen this side of me long enough. Had to break my own illusion about control or whatever. Don’t really believe my thoughs or that matter much else up there has anything clever anymore, know better how my head works now. Illusion of flying is still fun though.

  22. OK…in keeping my awareness of the blue lightning apparatus i mentioned above, I saw the one point in the center of my Beingness and the other point (of contact) going upward to ? I am not exactly sure.
    The great central Sun !?
    would be nice 🙂
    I believe I do know this: The bolt is a way to ‘travel’… like upon an astral belt in the astral plane. ❤
    I know we all have experienced astral projection. I am not sure how this is different – or maybe just a new awareness to some particulars.

    1. now, i am getting this about it to:
      That it (the small version of the electric blue lightning) exists within all.
      It is just a symbol I received so i can ‘activate it more consciously’.
      See it in your core center… spread it out anyway you like. I was shown how it can be used in one way above – for astral travel, etc. etc etc… 🙂
      Its a tool
      It is also interesting that the electric blue is what the top of my etheric wand has… a round crystal (multi faceted) blue ball. When I ‘use it’…I see electric blue light coming out of it (most of the time)…sometimes I see different colors depending on what the receiver may need at any given time.
      alright. I will keep reporting what I am nudged to.
      as i am about to post, i now see the blue light swirling above my head. will sit with that.
      It is known and understood how very tired and bored and frustrated I was!!
      I am getting help today with being able to hang out in the seat of my soul better – again – in peace. so grateful. Not enough Joy yet to my liking…but i will take the Peace! sunk low. rise high. both are easy places to get to for me. I just have not yet figured out how to be the real me here without the inflicted rules still bugging the f*%k out of me!
      Love, me

  23. Dear Vinny! I had a feeling these “collective events” had become a daily (or rather nightly) feature by now 😉 Just keep them coming, I’m ready for more 🙂
    Love, Aisha ❤

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