A short update on the Gathering

Once more we want to thank you all for the contribution you have given to All of creation. For as you once again pooled your resources during that mass gathering you convened for a few hours ago, you also helped to serve up a massive injection of light to this entire community of souls that have come together on this blue planet to a part of this mass uprising. You see, every single soul gathered here at this moment in time is here because of what is taking place now. For you have all come here with one purpose in mind, to literally be on the ground during the period when everything about this place will change for something very different indeed than what it has been for the last eons. You see, even if still only a minority of the current souls here are what you define as awakened at the moment, you are all cut from the same cloth. In other words, every single one of you carry the same potential, and as such, there is no one that will be “left out of this”. That is, they all have the choice whether or not to decide to join forces with the likes of you and help to push this momentum ever forward ever faster, or they can choose to dig in their heels in order to experience the thrill of having to literally battle with an ever increasing pressure from the incoming light. For that is their choice to make and it is their right to do so, so some will continue to choose that option.

For this too will be a “once in a lifetime experience”, to use a phrase you are already familiar with, as it is a rare occasion indeed to be a part of a group of entities going through such a monumental shift as the one you are partaking in, while at the same time choosing not to be an active part in the proceedings but to stand there and be battered by higher and higher octaves of frequency in order to learn how it is to literally embody such a high degree of resistance. And remember, these individuals are also a important component of this heady brew, for they are the ones that will add another invaluable point of view to that collective manifest you call the Akashic Records. For as you already know by now, everything you do will become a part of this collective memory that can be accessed by every single individual aspect of Creation, and as such everything you do or refrain from doing will be recorded there and through that, you as an individual will serve to widen the scope of experience for All.Β  So make sure that you do not hold anything against any one at this moment in time, for it will all be added to this same gargantuan library of knowledge that will help to enlighten us all – you included.

That said, know also that none of these individuals that choose to go against the flow will hold you up in any way, for just like the water will always find a way to keep in motion, so too will this ever increasing flood of light help to transport you all ever onwards to that destination of a much higher elevation that everything within you is seeking towards. So no matter how many of these boulders that might clog up your vicinity, know that you will still be allowed all the leeway you want to move freely forwards. That is, unless you choose to waste any of your own momentum on trying to heave any one of these boulders out of your way. For that is another important reminder we want to share at this stage: your task is not to clear the way in any manner of fashion, your task is simply to allow the light to propel you forwards, and then it is up to you to find the way to utilize this forwards momentum to fulfill your tasks at any given time. And remember, it is easy to accomplish this if you at all times remember to follow your own inner guiding. For that voice will tell you beyond any measure of doubt when to step to the side and when to charge forward, when to hold back for a little while and when to grab on to an opportunity that approaches you from any given direction.

For this is not a monotonous road you are traveling on, where you can just sit back and slumber in your seat while someone else takes care of the driving. No, in this, you are the one behind the steering wheel, and even if you have been given a description of the target you are to head for, you have also been given a set of preliminary targets to complete in order to not only assure your safe arrival, but also to ensure that you will fulfill all of the appointed assignments that you have come to fulfill on behalf of the collective. For remember, this is an individual journey for all, but the reason you are taking it, is on behalf of All of creation, so even if this may seem to be a solitary journey at times, it is also one that is intrinsically linked to everyone else’s. For as we have told you again and again, you are all cogs and wheels in a complex mechanism that is depended on every single component to be able to run smoothly, and as such you all carry a responsibility for the way that you comply with the agreement that was made before you came. Again, this is not said to instill unease or perhaps even a fear of inadequacy in any of you, for you are more than capable of not just fulfilling you own tasks and you are also vastly more skilled than what you have come here to accomplish as singular individuals. For you are also highly skilled at this kind of co-operation where you at large intervals of the journey will be “working in the dark” as it where, unable to fully see not just your part of the accomplishments, but also the parts of those that you are in fact actively co-operating with.

Which brings us back to the collective task you have just completed, for it is a good example of such a case. You see, this time it was an even more complex co-creative task than the former ones you have already completed, and yet again, it was more than a resounding success. For not only did you complete the stipulated list of targets that was set down for this very time frame, you even managed to add on a few extra measures that will serve to unite you in ways that you will once again have little ability to search the full depths of just yet, but it will literally begin to seep into your consciousness by and by as this upcoming period starts to unfold. For the intricate web of connections between you have been strengthened in such a way, it will literally begin to pull you closer and closer into core groups of various sizes, groups that have a certain variation of frequential signatures that will serve to enhance the signature of the individuals in such a way, the combined output of your energetic fields will be improved many fold.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to say is this: you are no longer like those fleeting, floating singular particles floating in the void, awaiting to be called into action by a conscious thought interacting with them. For now, you have started to coalesce into different forms of energetic “molecules” if you will that in turn will help to form all kinds of “matter” in the form of actions, ideas and also some very concrete events. So know that as of today, you have all moved to a new class of order so to speak, one where you will bring about change in a very tangible form by uniting your personal field with that of others in order to form a very new class of manifestation, based upon these very new energetic frequencies, and based upon your own newly awakened abilities to form these co-creative clusters of truly enlightened and activated souls. So yet again we extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of All of creation, for you have truly recreated yourselves, and now, you will begin to put into action in a very tangible way the lessons you have learned through this reintroduction of the idea of ONEness.

For as you allowed yourself to become attached to others in this energetic manner to begin to form these energetic “molecules” that in turn will coalesce into larger and larger conglomerations of “spirit and body-matter”, you will literally give new life to this planet, through your actions, through your reactions and through your very manner of existence, and it is through this that real change will come about. For again, this is done BY you, not FOR you, and now, you stand united in clusters great and small that again will serve to pull in so many other eager souls so that they too can add their formidable weight and light to the continuation of this reconstruction process. And soon, you will see the matter created from these brilliantly enlightened minds of yours begin to appear around you, in the form of not just ideas, but also some very defined actions that will breathe so much more life into the process of re-establishing the paradise you all thought you had lost, but that you are in actual fact just about to reinvent.

339 thoughts on “A short update on the Gathering

  1. thank you Vinny
    I awoke with words that told me today was yet
    another new beginning πŸ™‚ ❀
    there were interesting things being done
    in our ether states. More clear and aligned
    with not as much turbulence around – as we
    were 'protected' for our duties to be accomplished.
    thanks to All

    1. A tribute, a thank you, and a big fat furry hug to my Spirit Guides, who once upon a time came to test me…. disguised temporarily as 6 giant indigo blue Bengal Tigers:


    1. So that is why it is so cold here.
      To feel the snow angels heart!!!!!
      Brerrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeesssyyyyy too!!!
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  3. WOW – thank you so much for this and for everything, dear Vinny! I just posted my account of the night below, it seems our “working hours” match up πŸ˜‰
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

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