A short update on the Gathering

Once more we want to thank you all for the contribution you have given to All of creation. For as you once again pooled your resources during that mass gathering you convened for a few hours ago, you also helped to serve up a massive injection of light to this entire community of souls that have come together on this blue planet to a part of this mass uprising. You see, every single soul gathered here at this moment in time is here because of what is taking place now. For you have all come here with one purpose in mind, to literally be on the ground during the period when everything about this place will change for something very different indeed than what it has been for the last eons. You see, even if still only a minority of the current souls here are what you define as awakened at the moment, you are all cut from the same cloth. In other words, every single one of you carry the same potential, and as such, there is no one that will be “left out of this”. That is, they all have the choice whether or not to decide to join forces with the likes of you and help to push this momentum ever forward ever faster, or they can choose to dig in their heels in order to experience the thrill of having to literally battle with an ever increasing pressure from the incoming light. For that is their choice to make and it is their right to do so, so some will continue to choose that option.

For this too will be a “once in a lifetime experience”, to use a phrase you are already familiar with, as it is a rare occasion indeed to be a part of a group of entities going through such a monumental shift as the one you are partaking in, while at the same time choosing not to be an active part in the proceedings but to stand there and be battered by higher and higher octaves of frequency in order to learn how it is to literally embody such a high degree of resistance. And remember, these individuals are also a important component of this heady brew, for they are the ones that will add another invaluable point of view to that collective manifest you call the Akashic Records. For as you already know by now, everything you do will become a part of this collective memory that can be accessed by every single individual aspect of Creation, and as such everything you do or refrain from doing will be recorded there and through that, you as an individual will serve to widen the scope of experience for All.  So make sure that you do not hold anything against any one at this moment in time, for it will all be added to this same gargantuan library of knowledge that will help to enlighten us all – you included.

That said, know also that none of these individuals that choose to go against the flow will hold you up in any way, for just like the water will always find a way to keep in motion, so too will this ever increasing flood of light help to transport you all ever onwards to that destination of a much higher elevation that everything within you is seeking towards. So no matter how many of these boulders that might clog up your vicinity, know that you will still be allowed all the leeway you want to move freely forwards. That is, unless you choose to waste any of your own momentum on trying to heave any one of these boulders out of your way. For that is another important reminder we want to share at this stage: your task is not to clear the way in any manner of fashion, your task is simply to allow the light to propel you forwards, and then it is up to you to find the way to utilize this forwards momentum to fulfill your tasks at any given time. And remember, it is easy to accomplish this if you at all times remember to follow your own inner guiding. For that voice will tell you beyond any measure of doubt when to step to the side and when to charge forward, when to hold back for a little while and when to grab on to an opportunity that approaches you from any given direction.

For this is not a monotonous road you are traveling on, where you can just sit back and slumber in your seat while someone else takes care of the driving. No, in this, you are the one behind the steering wheel, and even if you have been given a description of the target you are to head for, you have also been given a set of preliminary targets to complete in order to not only assure your safe arrival, but also to ensure that you will fulfill all of the appointed assignments that you have come to fulfill on behalf of the collective. For remember, this is an individual journey for all, but the reason you are taking it, is on behalf of All of creation, so even if this may seem to be a solitary journey at times, it is also one that is intrinsically linked to everyone else’s. For as we have told you again and again, you are all cogs and wheels in a complex mechanism that is depended on every single component to be able to run smoothly, and as such you all carry a responsibility for the way that you comply with the agreement that was made before you came. Again, this is not said to instill unease or perhaps even a fear of inadequacy in any of you, for you are more than capable of not just fulfilling you own tasks and you are also vastly more skilled than what you have come here to accomplish as singular individuals. For you are also highly skilled at this kind of co-operation where you at large intervals of the journey will be “working in the dark” as it where, unable to fully see not just your part of the accomplishments, but also the parts of those that you are in fact actively co-operating with.

Which brings us back to the collective task you have just completed, for it is a good example of such a case. You see, this time it was an even more complex co-creative task than the former ones you have already completed, and yet again, it was more than a resounding success. For not only did you complete the stipulated list of targets that was set down for this very time frame, you even managed to add on a few extra measures that will serve to unite you in ways that you will once again have little ability to search the full depths of just yet, but it will literally begin to seep into your consciousness by and by as this upcoming period starts to unfold. For the intricate web of connections between you have been strengthened in such a way, it will literally begin to pull you closer and closer into core groups of various sizes, groups that have a certain variation of frequential signatures that will serve to enhance the signature of the individuals in such a way, the combined output of your energetic fields will be improved many fold.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to say is this: you are no longer like those fleeting, floating singular particles floating in the void, awaiting to be called into action by a conscious thought interacting with them. For now, you have started to coalesce into different forms of energetic “molecules” if you will that in turn will help to form all kinds of “matter” in the form of actions, ideas and also some very concrete events. So know that as of today, you have all moved to a new class of order so to speak, one where you will bring about change in a very tangible form by uniting your personal field with that of others in order to form a very new class of manifestation, based upon these very new energetic frequencies, and based upon your own newly awakened abilities to form these co-creative clusters of truly enlightened and activated souls. So yet again we extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of All of creation, for you have truly recreated yourselves, and now, you will begin to put into action in a very tangible way the lessons you have learned through this reintroduction of the idea of ONEness.

For as you allowed yourself to become attached to others in this energetic manner to begin to form these energetic “molecules” that in turn will coalesce into larger and larger conglomerations of “spirit and body-matter”, you will literally give new life to this planet, through your actions, through your reactions and through your very manner of existence, and it is through this that real change will come about. For again, this is done BY you, not FOR you, and now, you stand united in clusters great and small that again will serve to pull in so many other eager souls so that they too can add their formidable weight and light to the continuation of this reconstruction process. And soon, you will see the matter created from these brilliantly enlightened minds of yours begin to appear around you, in the form of not just ideas, but also some very defined actions that will breathe so much more life into the process of re-establishing the paradise you all thought you had lost, but that you are in actual fact just about to reinvent.

339 thoughts on “A short update on the Gathering

  1. I had two huge downloads last night, and once again it felt like I was a part of a “particle accelerator”. The first session started 00:00 my time and lasted for about 1,5 hour, the second one began at 03:30 and lasted a little more than an hour. Both times I was on my back with my hands on my chest, and I “saw” myself in a circle of people, we were all on our backs with the feet towards the center. The energies circulated through the whole group, it felt like it was coming from my left side, and it increased all through the session. During the first round the energies were really “smooth”, and it felt like my whole body was changing shape until it felt like a circular disk, not flat but more like a discus. The second round was even more intense and it took some time before I managed to “settle” into the energies but after I while I actually began to enjoy it ;-).
    Aisha ❤

    1. Dear Vinny! Thank you again for everything you do and for everything that you share! I have just posted an update from the CCs about last night’s events, and it looks like we should all take some time to have some well-deserved rest now, for according to the CCs we do not have to wait for long before we get another chance to have a go at the next “co-creative event” 😉
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    2. A little after 3:45 pm my time (11:45 pm for you) I started feeling so much energy. I could not resist the urge to lay down on my back and flow with the energy. As you say, smooth but intense. I Thought it was strange to have to shut down in the middle of the afternoon. I was there for just under 2 hours, Longer by half than my usual meditation. For me, there is not much interpretation, when I get into the flow but the feeling of what you and Vinny have been talking about resonates in some strange way.

      I was literally sucked into the space of this and out of my day. I am so happy to have been busy and constructive with you guys ❤

    3. I keep hearing ‘the 12 are to become the 13th’
      the 1 and the 3 (and i see the 2 in between being supported)
      I think of the 12 constellations as well…
      and a new 13th ‘to appear’

  2. No targets. I’m a reactive robot in this surrounding of my beingness. Beep-beep! Paradise in your subconscious maybe, but in this advanced school paradises are done through machineguns. Beep-beep! Emotionally unattach that. Hahahaha!

  3. Nightingale

    Nightingale came to my minde a couple of times. I actualy didnt know it was a bird until i googled it. It came to me in english not in german(mother language). I looked up the lymbolism and she is a symbol for love and fun and crativity in ancient roman and persian culture. In northern european culture it is the messenger of love and spring time.

    Enjoy her singing ❤

  4. Hello dear ponders! I tried to get on here the other day and had problems with this site. Things started flashing. Also it gets difficult to read when there are a lot of comments as my pages blank out. Maybe time for a new computer. Maybe you all are just out of this world 😄 !!!
    Anyway wanted to share my experience during the gathering. I meditated a few hours early. It was really wonderful….simple, but wonderful all the same. I was standing by myself looking out over the earth from space. Then hundreds of angels started gathering behind me on both sides. They were there to support us in the coming days. We have back up gang! An army of angels! I don’t like the word army, but lacking in words lately. They aren’t just for me, but for all of you dear people. Whatever we are about to embark on in the near future we have lots of help to get us where we want or need to be. At some point I saw many of you there with me sitting on the grid above the earth looking down over it. We are the info hub, the central point of say star command or captains bridge. Ha! We will be sending out information for others and they will be coming to us for info as well. Later on in my meditation I connected with my twin and we dissolved back into nothingness as we floated into space.
    Well, I have lots of catching up here reading wise. I think of you all often and send you happy loving thoughts. ❤
    🙂 ❤ Denise

  5. GREETINGS TO ALL EARTHBOUND SYSTEMS BUSTERS, i’ve just been RE-MINDED of a truly-pure inspirational essay from KEN CAREY, any book from his series, especially the “STARSEED TRANSMISSIONS” are a must read. GOD IS GOOD-SABU

  6. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that the most used word in 2014 wasn’t a word but the heart symbol also known as an emoji (http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/word-2014-word/story?id=27900799). I wasn’t surprised because I had named 2014 the year of the heart back in February (scroll down to read my 2/15/2014 blog). We commonly associate love, compassion, emotion, passion, and joy with the heart. The heart also symbolizes wisdom and intuition, both feminine qualities. What makes the use of the heart emoji so significant is that our focus has changed from head-centered living to heart-centered living. The world has declared the importance of the heart and all it represents.

    If 2014 was the year of the heart, 2015 may be known as the year we finally get to live our heart’s desire. The heart regains its rightful place as ruler of our souls and destiny. What our heart wants, our heart gets. As each of us follow the promptings of our hearts, we fulfill our role in “heartmonizing” the planet. We create a harmonious new world based on love.

    We can’t just think our way through the enormous problems this world faces – we must let our hearts lead the way. “What the mind cannot comprehend, the heart already knows” is a quote from my book, Hardwired to Heaven. Our hearts are hardwired to the cosmic intelligence and know more than our brains could ever imagine. The Institute for HeartMath has conducted research to show that our heart receives intuitive information well before our brain. Our heart is really mission control, but we have let our brain, the “space shuttle” of our body, set the course. 2015 will bring major societal and individual course corrections to align us with our heart’s truest desires.

    The earth has been aligning with the center or “heart” of the galaxy since 1980. This process of passing through the galactic alignment zone will be complete in 2016. It is time for us to align our hearts with the One Heart that beats for all. At the heart of the Universe is a spiraling intelligence called love. This year, we get to tap into the infinite power of the heart and create our deepest desires.
    I wasn’t surprised when I heard that the most used word in 2014 wasn’t a word but the heart symbol also known as an emoji (http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/word-2014-word/story?id=27900799). I wasn’t surprised because I had named 2014 the year of the heart back in February (scroll down to read my 2/15/2014 blog). We commonly associate love, compassion, emotion, passion, and joy with the heart. The heart also symbolizes wisdom and intuition, both feminine qualities. What makes the use of the heart emoji so significant is that our focus has changed from head-centered living to heart-centered living. The world has declared the importance of the heart and all it represents.

    If 2014 was the year of the heart, 2015 may be known as the year we finally get to live our heart’s desire. The heart regains its rightful place as ruler of our souls and destiny. What our heart wants, our heart gets. As each of us follow the promptings of our hearts, we fulfill our role in “heartmonizing” the planet. We create a harmonious new world based on love.

    We can’t just think our way through the enormous problems this world faces – we must let our hearts lead the way. “What the mind cannot comprehend, the heart already knows” is a quote from my book, Hardwired to Heaven. Our hearts are hardwired to the cosmic intelligence and know more than our brains could ever imagine. The Institute for HeartMath has conducted research to show that our heart receives intuitive information well before our brain. Our heart is really mission control, but we have let our brain, the “space shuttle” of our body, set the course. 2015 will bring major societal and individual course corrections to align us with our heart’s truest desires.

    The earth has been aligning with the center or “heart” of the galaxy since 1980. This process of passing through the galactic alignment zone will be complete in 2016. It is time for us to align our hearts with the One Heart that beats for all. At the heart of the Universe is a spiraling intelligence called love. This year, we get to tap into the infinite power of the heart and create our deepest desires.


    1. sorry, i have no idea why it appears twice.
      as Alice said, ‘things are getting curiouser and curiouser’

  7. Dear female friends ❤

    A pondering this evening….wondering if the problems that have risen recently on my left side of the body (ankle, inside of the knee, lower sacrum, upper arm and shoulder) has to do with the rapidly growing women power in me? I feel so incredibly powerful, happy and satisfied but the body may as well not keep up with me…..anyone else experiencing the same???

    Good night dear ones ❤

    1. Dear B,

      For me, my left side is the side i always feel through. Left shoulder (chakra on the left shoulder front and on the back) is majorly aggravated and painful at times. It started yesterday. Today very uncomfortable with nerve type pain and burning all down my left bicep from it. Left side where spleen chakra is getting a hammering as well. Solar plexus is expanding out in weird shapes and feeling ‘residual things’ passing from left to right, up and down, between my twin and I.

      I can feel a lot releasing and moving through the energy centres on the left. I now know not to be worried about my body when i feel this go on, don’t be too alarmed if it feels like your organs are moving around.

      1. Yup….me too….especially shoulder area & neck left side…muscle & nerve pain…….ongoing for quite some time, but more extreme these past few days….

      2. Thank you dearest elven ❤ I actually cannot figure out why I have so much pain on the left shoulder back and can hardly stretch up the left arm or put it towards the back. Could barely turn around in bed. I have sometimes thought that there are suites from having been sitting too much at the computer last year … I have been much more physically agile earlier. Anyway – everything will work out – sooner or later 🙂

        Thank you for reaching out to me 🙂 ❤

        Much love ❤

    2. Dear B! Same thing here, lots of tension/aches around the lower sacrum/pelvis/upper leg, especially on the left side. It used to be concentrated on my right side, but I noticed it moving over to the left over the last two weeks or so. The lower ribs all the way around from the back to the sternum are also very sore, and my right shoulder/neck is also chiming in from time to time 😉 Like elven-starlight777 I have learned to just allow my body to creak and groan and shift around as much as it want during these intense periods, and to support it in any way I can. I also know from experience that these symptoms can vanish from one day to the next.
      LOVE, Aisha ❤ ❤

  8. Lee Harris on Facebook today

    “As you move through these next few years recognize that one journey is ending and a new one is beginning.

    The coming years on your planet will bring great change in a physical sense. You will see many governments discussing, debating, conflicting. You will see many people throwing in the towel in the old ways they have been living. And for many of you it will simply be to maintain your center while all around you may seem to be losing theirs.

    This is turbulence. Think about that for a second. When you are experiencing the turbulence you know on an airplane, it is only because you are moving from one place to another. Turbulence is part of a journey. It can sometimes be the way you know you are moving.”

    ~~ Zachary through Lee from Crimson Circle Group Channel Hamburg

    1. Dear B! You are right, the spam-filter has a habit of stopping some of the longer messages. I have “set free” your first comment now 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

  9. Thanks Stephan !….she is pretty Amazing & I believe very Spiritually ‘Connected’ !…..most of what she says rings home for me & the ‘Pyramid Energies, the Moon Energies, the repeating 3’s’ she speaks of match so much to my own beliefs, but this always is a perfect fit to me…..”As planet earth then is being reinvented, so are we, for our physical bodies are very much linked to Mother Earth and in as much as we live and breathe on her, we are part and particle of all life form and life organisms on her. As she is a living and breathing cell with billions of other cells all communicating with each other – so are we.”

    Thanks again !……& this, her other post ties in extremely well with ‘The Rupture of the Mother Line’….I think……”the fire of the sacred flame – the woman is the transmitter of this energy more than the man, and he can only step into his fullness of his own power and higher maturity of his mission, with her being empowered totally within. Read that again: SHE HAS TO BE TOTALLY EMPOWERED FROM DEEP WITHIN AND AT SOUL LEVEL…….It means that she stands in her full power – which is there in her womb, her sacred soul self, her emotional center. She has to be fully empowered by the mystery of the Spirit and Soul, and all that is Love at its deepest mystery. She can only transmit the sacred fire via her womb, if she is firmly anchored into the Mystery of the Goddess herself.” (the return of the Feminine & Sacred Balance of Creation)

    1. Dear Bev, thank you for adding so much light to this! This morning during meditation both my sister and I saw something very similar. It was a red shape emerging out of purple field, this happened twice. To me it looked like a funnel coming towards me that was beginning to open up, and when I saw it the second time, I heard the word “cervix”.
      Aisha ❤

      1. I’ve been getting a white spiral moving towards me with the word “uterus” during and since the gathering. And something that is “ahead of schedule”. Don’t know what that refers to, but it’s a significant. ❤

    1. Thanks Oriharu !….this fits really well too with what is being shared here…even the ‘Wings to Fly’ !…..we just need to fully understand better what these ‘Wings’ really mean !….so much more than the human construct….
      Love, Bev*

      1. Thank you bev37 H30 ! 🙂
        So you gave me a message immediately after.
        I noticed it has been pointed out from you.
        And I understood, too. Thank you! 😉 ❤

  10. 🙂 12 central suns 🙂

    that should go nicely with the 5,000 odd planets in our local vicinity, Mind you to have 5,000 habital lifezones in nasa’s model of our solar system would mean nasa’s model of it all would be slightly a few miles off from a line of truth :-))

    Course that might also likely mean no astronaut has ever left terra firma because space is not quite what we think it is :-)) and that they are all part of a massive lying machine hell bent on keeping us mere “mortals” somewhat deluded !! :-))

    and in my humble opinion that would also likely mean “planets” as a great big round ball of whatever, rolling around a newtonian gravitational system with a “sun” at the middle would also likely be wrong, maybe even a habital lifezone is not a planet type of object at all 🙂 in which case maybe our sun is not quite what we think either;-)

    Personally, i like the model that suggests our sun is no more than aprox 3,000 miles away and is actually only 30 odd miles in diameter, just like our moon,, both same size and both a lot closer than what we are led to believe, and in that kind of model we might also be looking at our own habital lifezone as a perfectly flat platform measuring 25 thousand odd miles in width and also that apart from not being round (apart from the dome shape of the sky) the base of our living platform is more likely shaped like a pentagon. :-)))

    hhmmm while i’m at it i might also suggest that our habital lifezone is completely stationary and that indeed as was claimed all those enlightened years ago, it is the heavens which rotate and not Earth :-))))

    as above so below :-))) i kinda like being the center of my own reality :-)))

    anyone for a game of electronic ping pong? :-)) mmmm those holographic games can be sooooo realistic < 3

    Don't take any notice of me Folks :-))) just playing in the garden :-))))

    Magnetic peace and love my dear pond brethren

    1. HEY BLUE !!!
      … agreed on those numb-er approximations = sizes, distances, “stationary” and FLAT ))))

      ThankS for sharing )))


    2. that stalk i climbed up a week or so ago
      lead to a platform version of earth as i
      stated – Plateau is what I called it.
      lyou know, I have to smile in these interesting days
      For my man is right now downstairs in
      the kitchen whistling while he is making
      an apple crumb something or other.
      What special spacial atmosphere have
      I entered
      😀 ❤

      1. Nice one Areeza 🙂 thank you, my understanding is that “new Earth” is indeed a staging platform to allow us some comfort time to debug properly :-)) oh i could tell you a thing or two about the ancient grid structure under the big apple :-)) Thank you :-))

  11. Dear Vinny! “Bold” IS the name of the game at the moment 😉
    From http://www.spaceweather.com/: “UNEXPECTED GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A G2-class geomagnetic storm erupted during the early hours of Jan. 7th, sparking bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. What happened? The interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth tipped south, opening a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere. Solar wind poured in to fuel the storm.”

    Aisha ❤

    1. Thank you for the warning this time, Vinny!!! Last time you started messing around with sun vortices, my body twisted into a human pretzel …. 😉

      Love you, Bro! ❤

      1. Don’t worry about me, Vinny!! I have become quite a contortionist these days … LOL!! 🙂 I’ve learned a lot on how to move my physical body with and through the etheric angles, spirals and tight spaces. You and I have been linked for quite some time now.

        LOVE to you – always! ❤

    2. Dear Vinny, thank you for sharing this! Perhaps this is what the CCs referred to when they told me to “hold on to my hat” in a message this afternoon, and perhaps this also explain why I had the sudden urge to empty my closets, refold all my clothes and put them back in again – always a sure sign of some “incoming energy work” 😉
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  12. OK, I know I’m not the only one experiencing this, but for the record, the last few days have just been flat out weird.

    Love you all, but still…

    Still breathing, still smiling, still being me, now if I could only be still.


  13. Alexander Igoryevich Rybak (Russian: Алекса́ндр И́горевич Рыба́к, tr. Aleksandr Igorevich Rybak) born 13 May 1986 in Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union) is a Belarusian-Norwegian singer-composer, violinist, pianist, writer, actor and presenter/host.

    Representing Norway in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia, Rybak won the contest with 387 points—the highest tally any country has achieved in the history of Eurovision—with “Fairytale”, a song he wrote and composed.

    His debut album, Fairytales, charted in the top 20 in nine European countries, including a No. 1 position in Norway and Russia.



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    1. I See You Kiera.
      And since what we see is a mirror image of what we are reflecting
      Your wings have so much love, especially the swan plus the kissing tree!!!!

  14. Today is 7th of January….I just can’t believe it.
    My family is thinking that I’m losing my memories because can’t orientate in “time”- yesterday, day before…I feel it has no much of meaning to me anymore. I’m really feeling that today is for real. Great to find out for myself. Everybody can tell you but until you find out yourself you just looking like you smelling things through the glass.
    Hello everyone.

    1. I wrote this a few years ago and found it looking back at so of the things I have written in the past.

      There once was a tree that had 4 sides. North south east and west.
      As it grew the tree said to itself. I must branch out to the 4 sides to be strong.
      Now i am skinny and need to grow big and strong. So the tree grew a
      north branch and south branch.

      The north side said I will branch out to the north. So i can protect us from the cold winds in the winter. I will grow moss on my side to keep us warm from the winter snow and wind. I shall grow a branch to the south side to help hold you up when the hot summer winds and heat come.

      The south side said and i shall grow big and strong with lots of leaves to shade the north side from the summer heat so you may bear seed to grow new little trees to help protect us from the north winds. I shall grow a branch to the north to help hold you up as we grow.

      As the tree grew a little the north side said we need to grow branches to the east and west side to fill in the hollow spots with no branches. So the tree split again to make a east branch and a west branch.

      The east side said i will grow many branches because the
      stronger north and south branches protect me. I shall give morning
      shade to my other three sides to help you save your strength for
      later in the day. I shall also grow a big branch for those that come to sit in the morning shade and to place a swing for the little beings to laugh and sing to us.

      The west side said I have it made with the other three sides protecting me. I will be the youngest but I shall grow big and strong to help protect us from the spring wind and rains and give evening shade that people and critters love to sit in. I shall have many small branches because I get most of the rain and wind. My many branches will help catch the hail when it comes in the spring.

      I watched the tree as it grew year after year and said to the tree I would have never thought you would be such a beautiful tree when I planted you. With branches that look like you are hugging from the north and south side of the tree. So I shall call you the hugging tree. I have spend lots of time sitting in your shade and watching my dogs play with a rope tied to one of your branches. I know you are just a tree but you have been my place to go
      when I need a place to just sit and work out my human problems or just enjoy the beauty of all your branches and how you have worked together to work out your problems.

      I thank you for your friendship and what I have gained just watching you grow and sitting in your shade. it may seem silly writing to a tree but someone may learn something from this letter. It would be great if people who live together or work together could always work to help each other.
      Each branch of a tree is a turning point in its life. But a tree knows if it works together to make itself better it will grow to be a strong and beautiful tree. If a tree knows to do this humans should to.
      When you come to a branch in your life go visit a oak tree. Sit in its shade and look at what it did with its branches. Each branch on a tree has a story to tell.
      When I die my ashes will be placed around this tree to give back the love this tree has shared with me.

      To the hugging oak tree

      From Ray

      Love and blessings to all

      1. Dearest Ray ❤

        Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you – you old wise oak ❤
        Infinite love and gratitude to you and your wisdom ❤ ❤ ❤

        B to B

    1. Oooo Baby !
      now thats the one I was looking for!
      I Love The Kissing Trees !
      I Love the trees that wrap around each other
      and Hug too 🙂
      Where I used to rent, there was a ‘pregnant tree’

      1. The spirit of plants, trees, and even rocks always makes a face that can always be found if you look long enough. Some cry and some laugh at you.

      1. For some reason this reminds me of some of the pictures Lee Harris took during his visit in Oslo and shared on Facebook yesterday 🙂 Amazing energies Aisha has around in her neighbourhood 🙂 ❤

        Love ❤

        1. they really are Amazing !…..Thanks ‘B’ for posting them !….I truly Love the realism & the artistic expressive delivery in their poses & connecting energy they release into our eyes & into our souls…..lots of great sculpture all across Europe really…..Love this one from England too as it has included a human-nature connecting quality !….Love, Bev*
          iron man

        1. Love them All…especially the sleeping grass hair woman head…’I AM joined to Mother-Earth…She & I live, breathe, sleep & dream as One’ !

  15. ~ AKASHA ~

    The Aether


    Akasha (or Akash, Ākāśa, आकाश) is the Sanskrit word meaning
    “sky”, “space”, “luminous”, or “æther”, and it entered the language of theosophy through H. P. Blavatsky (1831-1891), who characterized it as a sort of life force; she also referred to “indestructible tablets of the astral light” recording both the past and future of human thought and action, but she did not use the term “akashic”.

    The notion of an akashic record is attributed to Alfred Percy Sinnett, who, in his book Esoteric Buddhism (1884), wrote of a Buddhist belief in “a permanency of records in the Akasha” and “the potential capacity of man to read the same.”


    The Akashic records are a compendium of thoughts, events, and emotions believed to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane.


    Alice A. Bailey wrote in her book Light of the Soul on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Book 3 – Union achieved and its Results:

    “The akashic record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of our planet.

    Those who perceive it will see pictured thereon: The life experiences of every human being since time began, the reactions to experience of the entire animal kingdom, the aggregation of the thought-forms of a karmic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time.

    Herein lies the great deception of the records. Only a trained occultist can distinguish between actual experience…and those astral pictures created by imagination and keen desire.”


    Levi H. Dowling’s Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ offers a version of the youth of Jesus Christ ostensibly based upon akashic record material.

    In The Law of One, Book I, a book purported to contain conversations with a channeled “social memory complex” known to humans as Ra, when the questioner asks where Edgar Cayce received his information, the answer received is:

    We have explained before that the intelligent infinity is brought into intelligent energy from eighth density or octave.

    The one sound vibratory complex called Edgar used this gateway to view the present, which is not the continuum you experience but the potential social memory complex of this planetary sphere.
    The term your peoples have used for this is the “Akashic Record” or the “Hall of Records”.

  16. It is just getting weirder by the day. I get a good control of my dreamenvironment by the day. Saw two pulsing suns in the citysky last night. Felt like armageddon but laughed it all trough. Sceneries are not jumping from place to place anymore that crazily. Pheeew. Focuswork 😉

      1. This is happening around here too, since the fall of 2012, at all times of day. People say it is sun dogs. If you look at pictures of sun dogs, that is not what is happening here. The quality of the sunlight is changing. I believe it is because of what we are doing. Every time I see this around here, it is at the same time/day as an energy increase within me. I always see it before, on, or after our pond gatherings. I think it is physical evidence or new earth arriving.
        Thank you for posting this. It is uncommon to see such a good picture of it. ❤

        1. Jezuz, that’s lovely….

          Human ^^wing^^ fetishes…. Angels are iridescent BALLS, dude — must get over it. At some point.
          Gotcha by the orbs/balls. Even Bev took a picture of one.


          1. Kiera,
            If I’m the dude your writing about, then I accept the ability to put wings on the globe Bev presented.
            What else you inject into my love of wings is a whole other kettle of fish!!!!
            I’m Happy though, to be your muse for all the different images you are presenting.As they are Illuminating and thought provo-king!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  17. ‘The Rupture of the Mother Line & the Cost of Becoming Real’

    The truth is that becoming our real selves involves being messy, big, intense, assertive and complex; the very things patriarchy portrays as unattractive in women.

    Historically, our culture has been hostile to the idea of women as true individuals. However, each new generation of women comes with the hunger to be real.

    The cost of becoming your real self often involves some degree of “rupture” with the maternal line.

    We are being called to become true individuals, women who have individuated from the beliefs of patriarchy and own our worth without shame. Paradoxically, it is our fully owned individuality that contributes to a healthy, whole, and unified society.

    Contrary to what we’ve been taught, we don’t have to heal our entire families. We only have to heal ourselves.

    The rupture is actually a sign of an evolutionary impulse to separate from the patriarchal threads of our mother line, to break the unconscious enmeshment with our mothers fostered by the patriarchy and become initiated into our own lives. The process of healing the mother wound is about finding your own initiation into the power and purpose of your own life.

    Full Article…..worth the read !
    Bethany Webster – Womb of Life

    1. Wow wow wow, powerful words, wonderful read. I fully concur. Thank you for sharing this. Margarita

    2. Very interesting – holding key to understand struggles by becoming more Self. Got new insights to it.
      Thank you very much for posting this!

        1. I went through this process first in the late 80s, when Pluto went through Scorpio – tough time. Nobody could understand what I was going through then. Very good it is so well descibed now.

    3. ❤ Dearest Bev… Absolutely shook me to my toes with Yes Energy! This article put to words exactly what I had been taking action towards re my mother (and an older sister), but didn't fully understand. No one wants to face this wound and the attached ugly feelings… goes against the grain and feels so uncomfortable/ungrateful/guilt-ridden for one who gave me Life, etc. A child/adult child never wants to know that their mother has negative feelings for them and has articulated her contempt directly to that child/adult child. The negatives probably formed in my childhood due to a very wounding and dysfunctional family system which is unnecessary to share here. The point is my mother and my older sister (6 years older)/pseudo mother were threatened simply by my existence because I felt and thought differently, behaved differently at an existential level.

      Although estranged now from both parties for 16 months, not until only recent weeks when I became fully aware that there was still an active ethereal toxic triangular energy (probably lifetimes in place by my choice to become strong) and went into meditation and with Intention completely severed that energy–Lovingly, with Gratitude, minus any judgment–did I become Free.

      That said, Sunday’s Gathering was a new one for me.

      I was shown that “I” am totally Free now.  It seems the Crete SOL / IS seminar (Thank You Again, Dear Philip, for Infinite Silence and your Blessed presence) was the first step and the second was totally, lovingly severing my lifetimes connection to the triangular emotional energy body between my mother and older sister… there was a beautiful person who served as a catalyst–a Gift–for this awakening as that person held the same energy that my mother/sis have. I Love and am deeply grateful for that person.

      At the Gathering I saw a small spinning Ferris Wheel (an entertainment ride) and forming bee hives, plural, in beginning stages.  I also saw myself as no longer an “I”…  essentially “I/me” was no thing and everything… “I” was simply a wave of energy of Light, of quiet JOY, of Freedom that was gently and quietly whirling serenely thru the Universe and around the Ferris Wheel and hives—”I” didn’t cause any kind of negative stir.  “I” was a wave or part of a wave of golden, sparkling Adamantine Particles, kind of like a Milky Way.  I had Intentioned to join the Pond in Infinite Silence.  There were no big to-dos in any of this… it was simply BEing/flowing and observing in total Peace.  There was only Oneness—even as we each went about our individual Light “work”. There were no superior or inferior roles… there was just is-ness. All the cogs serving the One.

      It was interesting after I got up from meditation, still in One-ness energy, as the “I”, now with awareness thought:  “Oh, this is what it feels like to see thru Lin’s eyeballs; to take steps within Lin’s legs; to use Lin’s arms; to feel the 5 senses of Lin’s humanity.”  It was the first time the Awareness made “I/me” aware that “I”’m not my body.  Each footstep, each movement, each everything was/is sacred and mindful, a Gift.  In my daily living, it is usually all taken for granted, and the Magic and the Sacredness of the humanity, of it all, is glossed over in “my” busyness.  

      That was it.  The feeling, the experience of it all is still with me. With my Love to you, Dear Bev, xox Amyrah/Lin ❤

      1. Dear Lin ❤

        You have really have been – and still am – a real light fighter (to avoid the word "warrior"). I deeply love you for all what you are, and have achieved during your journey – and most of all – for your LOVE, sparkling LIGHT & JOY ❤ ❤ ❤
        Love you – always ❤

      2. Lin my dear,
        I am very happy for your “transformation” and the freedom of the “I” that you could re-acquire! … 🙂 …
        I hug you strong strong and I smile with my heart to you, dear sister! … 🙂 …

      3. Dear sister! Thank you for sharing this powerful story! And as the CCs remind us again and again: “everything you do, you do for ALL.”
        LOVE – always, forever
        Aisha ❤ ❤

      4. Oh my !….I knew this would be extra meaningful for you….so very glad that it helped you….really pleased about that !!!…..& certainly has taken a new turn & a new unobstructed opening path for you….so ‘Great’ !!! your Gathering experience sounds really connected too….Loved all of it & especially the BEE hive part !…& it is so true that we are all cogs serving the One….that’s why it’s so important that we try our best to support each other, otherwise the wheel simply won’t be able to turn….but really, I’m happy to help anyone in finding their true self, regardless of the wheel………in fact ‘The Rupture of the Mother Line’ goes even deeper than our human ancestry …..for me it also represents releasing the attachments of the old hierarchy that has kept the feminine trodden down upon & now initiating, activating & embracing the true & powerful Goddess within !….something else too….the ‘Fox’ has a role to play in this, & I’m not 100% sure of all the answers….the painting attached to this article is significant & even ‘B’ posted a story by the Oracle Report including a talking ‘Fox’…..several nights ago, even before I read this article, I was awakened out of a deep sleep & quickly sat up in bed, hearing a strong voice distinctly saying “Look at the Fox” ! ……….sure there’s more to come !….(so…’B’ what does your animal book tell you ?)……Loves Ya !!!…..Bev*

        1. Fox:
          “A creative mind always finds a solution. My gift to you is to trust yourself.
          The fox learned not to doubt myself, my way or my gift. It showed me that foxes are doing so well precisely because they know full trust in themselves and their abilities.” 🙂 :):)


        2. Dear bev~ ❤

          Very interesting discussion here (and an earlier post as well about trusting in one´s own way "…there are no portals, if that makes sense to you…..we are being asked to take, through our intentions, the physical components that is us & around us & meld it with the spiritual living energy of Creation to initiate the birthing of the New World…"


          "in fact ‘The Rupture of the Mother Line’ goes even deeper than our human ancestry …..for me it also represents releasing the attachments of the old hierarchy that has kept the feminine trodden down upon & now initiating, activating & embracing the true & powerful Goddess within !…"

          YES. YES. YES!!!

          Now you are a walking gem as well dearest bev~ ;))) ❤ ❤ ❤

          Very tired now but so throughout happy tonight – just HAPPY, HAPPY, HAAAAPPY 🙂 )) I will go to sleep with a BIG smile in my face :)))

          Love ❤

    4. Wow bev~ ! I read the excerpt and directly shared the whole article on Facebook. This is what every woman in this world should read!!!
      You really are a walking library for me – THANK YOU ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. I Agree with ‘every woman should read this’ !….& a walking library…well, just happy to share & help in any way as we grow together !….
        Love You ‘B’ !….Bev*

  18. Thank you Aisha & CC*s….all filled with wonderful encouragement !….but these are the lines that stand out for me…..

    “your task is simply to allow the light to propel you forwards, and then it is up to you to find the way to utilize this forwards momentum to fulfill your tasks”

    “you will bring about change in a very tangible form by uniting your personal field with that of others in order to form a very new class of manifestation, based upon these very new energetic frequencies, and based upon your own newly awakened abilities”

    trying to catch up with the latest messages, Gathering events & comments, but not a huge amount of blogging time for me today….so Thanks Aisha for your video clip…& ‘Yes’ there is divine order under the common seeing surface of chaos in all aspects of life & matter !…& much of this is beginning to unfold for many of us…..
    Thanks to ‘B’ for posting the oracle report – a great one !….another synchronicity to ‘Words’ & the use of them…Love the story of the ‘Talking Stick’…very meaningful to All I should think, & this is the 3rd time a spirit message has come to me regarding a ‘Fox’…a sort of reminder to me, so I must try to post that link that was sent to me awhile ago of ‘The Rupture of the Mother Line’….shared with Lin before the holidays as it held resourceful information for her on a personal level……….& Vinny….you are always on a roll, or should I say ‘Spin’…..’11’ Mothers is an important spirit visual & interrelates to the levels or layers or dimensions of Creation…we are leaving or graduating from the physical ‘037’ & entering ‘111’….more of a coming face to face with Creation & more clarity in understanding this new Knowing, but the next level ‘333’ is where it will really become interesting !….I appear to be much in a downloading mode from creation these past days, but still need some sorting to attend to it all !……The Gathering was quite identical to what Kelly said above….spot on….with a few extras, like regarding ‘Words’ & Releasing from them as we now know & to BE absolutely Open to Welcome New Meaning….so many words & so much of our history & who we thought we were is all going to change….Be Open & Welcome it…of course a few gasps of surprise are to be expected !……& Kiera, you have been uploading some great images…Thanks !….Love the mountain goat comfortably hanging effortlessly with almost no support on the shear cliff !…..so I’ll wrap up with another great goat photo…this is one of my all time favs from the flickr site ! ……Love to All !…..Bev*

    about the tur baby

    1. also watched a few movies over the holidays….one was ‘Heaven is for Real’
      have you seen it ?….I really liked it & parts within it continue in my thoughts like when Colton meets the Angels……..’Wings’…..are they really Wings or something more….I think more….what do you think ?….think living energy of Creation….the living stream ‘Water’ of Life…..

    2. It is said he who knows the most says the least. But will talk about anything.

      Love and blessings to all

    1. I have the book.
      And the 2 earlier ones too.
      It is a path to activation, from my readings.
      And more books to come, I have heard. ❤

      1. Luck you !…..wonder if one can read online ?….I’m really getting rather attached to them….& would Love to read any new books…..
        Thanks !….Love, Bev*

        1. Dear Bev,
          Paul Selig has a web site where you can become emersed. He has a streaming web site of his meetings.
          I am word through……….(intention)
          Word I am Word.
          We are all that!!!!

    2. BJ Canaway -> Oracle Report on Facebook

      January 6-7th, 2015

      “To walk this road is to sometimes be told a message you carry does not bare speaking of. They don’t meet the needs of the people. Talks with Relations spoke different words she wishes us to hear now. She said, “tell them of those who seek the silence.”

      I sit in cold or heat, walk alone. The forest beckons and the murmur of the brook or the gentle lapping of the water speaks softly. A stone or leaf has a story to tell. So does the spider crawling next to me & the bird unseen in the branches. Chipmunk is too busy to talk. I lean against the cedar and listen to her words that have nothing to do with the windies playing tag in her branches.

      I sit in the darkness of a room or upon a roof top, oblivious to what is around me. Rain or snow may fall softly & either is welcome to speak their own story. Prayer surrounds this moment as all is about the relationship between us & our hope for the best & highest good, to have just enough. To see with open eyes, hear with open ears & do both with our touch, our sense of smell & that form of vision that shifts to see things a camera misses. Am I supposed to be ‘doing’ something right now? I can’t seem to find the relevance of ‘doing something’. It does not fit within the moment.

      Is is day or night now? Am I content? Does it matter? I feel only the presence of the Great Mystery, within & without. I am but a dust mote in the eye of God. I sit in the sunrise, the sunset. I wait upon the moon, letting her beams and the suns rays nourish me. It is good. Oh wait, I am supposed to be speaking words…

      Many peoples have those who set themselves apart. Some call us hermits. Others say we are unsociable and chose to be alone. They are right, but the degree north of center is different for each. Why degree north of center? In ndn tradition, wisdom is found in North, If you are looking for your path, you belong in south. And to sit in this vision of being in the north, you have already found your paths & walked in the dreamworld in the west. We are called eccentric, nuts, crazy. We do not fit in definable boxes. Boxes are for storing some of the things we find or may use, from art supplies, to beads, to journals. They are too small for what is understood as consciousness. Clutter is something only the individual can define. Any one else deciding would put us in a box.

      There are many names. Desert Fathers was one name… they abandoned the cities of Sumeria to live in solitude. Not to perform some secret. To live simply without community, they devoted themselves to contemplation. Contemplation is not meditation. It is to seek a deeper silence whether physically moving or sitting in stillness. One moves within the prayer till they cannot differentiate when they are actually praying because all is prayer. All is sacred. It is found only by removing the noise of living caused by humans. The cacophony is painful. It is a distraction. Many of those we call ‘great thinkers’… reading about their lives, even if they had an apartment in a city. The had found their silence. They were not very socially active people.
      Every group of people, civilization, has us, somewhere. We are not all dressed in rags, smelling like goat herders. We just don’t do well in noise or crowds. We hear too much babel… we see too much neon color that disrupts our quiet. Many more have appeared because when one can not physically work… one has limited choices. Many are not paths to anything remotely sane. They are monotonous, breed violence, hoarding behaviors and worse. Better we learn to live simply, quietly. Things come then, music, art, invention, literature both non fiction and fiction. But even the fiction has a deep morality painted within images and metaphors. Words… are paint used to illustrate the vision.

      We see civilization as a shipwreck we cannot survive in. Spirituality is an individual thing. Sit with one of us for a day. We don’t know these terms for the Divine used. It is the Great Mystery, The “I AM”. I would not insult any pantheon for there is worth in the teachings … a divinity… but even the Clan Mothers do not want a pedestal. They walk among the people and you see them in young eyes and old eyes. The grandfathers are the same. There is only one thing we have in common, even if we are driven spiritually to go to some gathering. You will find us to the side… observing … answering questions of someone drawn to us. We hate podiums… they look like pedestals.

      Most of us, but not all… are what communities would call elders. Why I am driven to write here… is beyond my ken, my understanding. Spirit said put these words or ideas to paper. I would rather retreat to my quiet. If you do not see me, I am there. The noise became to much and in honesty there is much truth in that statement for me.

      There are others here, some of you are pathfinders, some dreamers, some drawn into the silence. Those not in the silence think we are arrogant, know-it-alls… that in itself is funny… we don’t think we know much of anything and discourse is a way to compare notes without judgment of right or wrong. We see the potential. We see the chaos and we no longer believe the norm will facilitate us moving to the next level. It is merely an new ‘dark age’ that worships money and possessions. It will take something special to move us as a collective.

      We do enjoy humor for irony and childlike perspective often hide great truths. So come sit with us for a while; choosing to be alone does not mean we never chose to talk. But we like one on one intimate conversations. Too many becomes a classroom and we really don’t want that artificial authority.
      The ramblings of a sat down elder who wants to return to her silence. Somewhere in here are words someone needs or will benefit from strewn among the beads and scraps of ‘knowings’ upon the blanket before me. If they resonate, take them, they are a double blessing. If not, respect this is an ancient culture’s way of teaching & sharing. Let the blanket pass you by, the scraps were not meant for you and that is OK too. Many blankets lie scattered here.”

      I love the wisdom this woman is sharing – and I Love you bev~ ❤


      1. Oh Dear God…..I soooooooooooooooooooooo LOVE this !!!!….this is so ME !….Thank You – Thank You – Thank You !
        It ALL is so Perfect !….but This is my Favourite……”We do not fit in definable boxes…….They are too small for what is understood as consciousness. Clutter is something only the individual can define. Any one else deciding would put us in a box”…..That’s it !….that’s the base theme being given to me with limitations of words & the no portals, no gateways !….I AM the FOX !

        “A creative mind always finds a solution. My gift to you is to trust yourself….The fox learned not to doubt myself, my way or my gift. Fox knows full trust in themselves and their abilities.”

        A Big WOW from me with Big Hugs & Kisses !….Loves Ya ‘B’ !….Bev*
        (Tagged this & Faved !)

  19. one of these days, I will relocate my poems.
    Part of one just came to me:
    “Release tense heart, all thy bitter sorrows…
    of yesterday’s pains, yield not into tomorrows”

    1. …and a verse from another…
      “I want to be as something lovely
      arising from the depths”
      …you see, I was quite passionate as are all of you 🙂
      I remember now the poet and her passion. Her passion to Live Her Love.
      That passion is rising to new levels… these ever breathing passions in each and every moment until all moments…all passions…. meld into One …one…long….breath of Life….and all Life encompasses passionate truth eternal….complete…..as when Love Completes Itself…and nothing more is strived for

  20. Dear Family
    It is a wonderful thing when you are solid in your core Beingness and sail smoothly with these new vibrating energies….you maneuver well around the boulders as you let go and trust….it IS exhilarating! Remember to remain ‘flexible’ like a reed too. 🙂 I have a vision now of a reed swiftly going with the flow and not getting hung up on the rock and creating a blockage.
    I had jumped ‘in’ when I was not ready a few days ago and got tumbled pretty good. I then blocked myself with fear and discontented feelings of disconnection. I then hung on – out of and above the churning mix of energies. I got more centered again and connected with the ever expanding conscious awareness with more calm, sturdiness and playfulness.
    Fun Stuffs! As Tomo would say ! 😀 ❤
    I think it is important to know where you are and if you feel off center. Do not worry about getting yourself to where you feel u need to be at any time. In the old way, it was a world of competition, judgement and feelings of lack and scarcity. Not anymore. We are all doing great!
    Keep the Abun-Dance going ~!
    Thank you All. If not for you….well, I just cant imagine 🙂
    ~ I Am Blessed With All Of Your Essences That Abide With Me Always ~

    1. want to add…. with my intention to relieve the turmoil….I came to just The Breath. There was only the breathing. That was a constant I could count on and release into as I let everything go. Breathing is a constant and one can always find themselves there. Sometimes, with each in/out breath I would say: “I breath in God’s Love, I breath out any and all turmoil or discontent”…. lately I say:
      “I breath In God’s Love, I breath out God’s Love”. you dont have to use the word God of course – as God and Love are one and the same.

      1. Thanks ‘A’….so important what you said !….I recently watched a documentary on the life of David Suzuki, a Canadian biologist that hosts ‘The Nature of Things’ on CBC…a great show !…& in this film he states that argon is a component of our breath & never dissipates…it remains as a component of the air we all breathe…so in fact we are breathing in each other’s breath present & past sense…imagine that ! Sometimes I put my face right in my little kitty ‘Shelby’s face as she sleeps & closely feel her breathing & breathe in her breath….maybe crazy, but I really like it & feels wonderful !…like a union of our breath bound together & joined in Love !
        Love, Bev*

        1. Bev, I breathe in my cats’ sweet breath, too. It’s delish! And feel I melt into them, blend with them. 😉

          1. soooooo ‘Pur-fect’ ! Love it !….do you ‘whisper yell’ too ?….little Shelby loves that too….she talks & talks back & some days I really know what she is saying….Ha ! I have 5 furry buddies, Love them all, but something about Shelby is different…she is the yougest & the smallest & we have a very special bond……xoxo….Bev*

          1. Oh ‘B’….please get a kitty….you have so much Love within to share & I’m certain you would Love a furry bundle of pur-fect Love purring on your lap as you sit in the evening……just sayin’……Love, Bev*

            1. Yeah – I know – I grew up with cats and kittens all around in the kitchen until my mother one day said enough is enough. “We can not keep all the kittens here – we cannot save them all! I can not walk around here without stepping on a kitten.” So – we got ourselves the task of reducing the number of kittens and I and my younger brother, who had a hard struggle to show his male courage to actually be able to kill the kittens, had a difficult time. There were some wooden cross in the forest edge in that summer… However, I don´t think any of us have any traumatic experience of it.

              My choice not to have a pet today is because I want to feel absolutely free to travel to my children whenever I want without to have someone to take care of a pet. Always choices you know…. 😉 But I just LOVE my brother´s beautiful and very intelligent dog and we always have a “love rusch” around when we meet 🙂

              Love ❤

              1. Thanks ‘B’ !….I understand….no worries….I see so much Love in you that many would be Blessed in any opportunity in receiving it…..
                BE Happy !….xoxo Bev

        2. you want to know something really, really cool:
          just before I read this from you I was breathing with my cat!
          He is sitting behind me on the couch – and he placed his paw upon
          my shoulder – and I closed my eyes and matched his breathing!
          I said to him ‘you are aware of your Conscious Love too arent you – isnt it wonderful!’
          XO thanks Bev
          Intentional Breathing — very nice indeed ! Especially as you brought up – how it affects all around us.

          1. that is cool !….& just thinking that with this argon floating around & never dissipating – a component of our next breath may have come from a dinosaur….that’s cool too ! Love, Bev*

  21. Thank you Aisha for the words you share with us. We are a part of each other in many ways that can be shared with each other. We are also a part of everything that is was or can be. Life is kind of like floating in the water. Many may think your body absorbs the water you float in. Everything tries to find a balance. Everything dissipates to find a balance. The larger always absorbs the smaller to find a balance. The more the larger absorbs the more it changes to a new balance for all things. The smaller becomes a part of the larger and the larger becomes more like the smaller. This is based on a 50% scale for each of the larger and smaller. The larger being the collective and the smaller being us. When we are equal to the larger is where the choice of positive or negative actions make us who we are and what direction we want to go as a collective race of beings. Those that create positive actions that are for the collective lead us to the side we call the light. Those that create negative actions lead us to what we call darkness. The collective can go either way when at 50%. We have passed 50% but still have a long way to go to enlighten more to remain in the light and enhance with all it will bring to mother earth and all life that live on her.

    I have been busy doing a few things but I still read what people say here. I have always been more of a loner in life and have never been dependent on others for anything. I see how we all are a part of life and each other in so many yet unknown ways. I see how the collective works and how others thoughts are tied together not only with people but how it affects earth as a whole by our actions as a collective. I see the pain of others as they are floating in a sea of mind controlling patterns that are placed upon them by others. The only way around this is to learn to think for ourself and see things for what they are not what may be told to us by others. Just look at the negative for what it is and does to us as a whole. Then look in your heart for the positive love we all have so we don’t dwell in the negative that may be a sea of terror to keep us in chains.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. ” learn to think for ourself and see things for what they are not what may be told to us by others “…..Thank you Ray….always insightful thoughts from you in sharing here & whether present or away you are an important part of this pond & the collective ! What I have learned through the years is that the human psyche has a built in ‘seek & yea shall find’…..information shared by others is a great resource, but the True AHA moments can only come when we figure it out ourselves & that includes the union of knowledge with our higher selves….no one wants or appreciates being told what to do…choices we make on our own, revelations discovered on our own are always the most meaningful & long lasting & inspire our own growth to move forward ! When people are told what to do, it interprets a feeling of work….when people choose what to do, then it becomes playful with glimmers of freedom ! Dream seeds can only do so much & hold so much Magic….we are the nurturers to assist these seeds to Life…& when we make the choice to fill them & embrace them with our living soul energies….Great things unfold & come to Life ! I seen the movie ‘Unbroken’ over the holidays…. based on a true story during the war….extremely heart wrenching & makes one feel ashamed to be a human genetically linked & associated with such atrocities !….only just 60 years ago….
      May we All see through, & feel through all this, & choose to rise above all this….let all this horrible past be sealed once & for all & choose to walk forward with All the Light represents & stands for….our choice.
      Love to You….Bev*

    2. Fear/Lack along with Taking/Selfish Greed = backward living
      Love/Abundance along with Giving/Unified Oneness = forward living
      the word Evil (misguided use of energy) reversed = Live
      whatever choices created the backward living can at any time choose
      to go the way of forward living again. We assist by feeding only that fire which we wish to see grow. We chose with every breath we take….every move we make. 🙂
      Intended placement of our essences ❤

  22. I thought I would share some information that I received the morning of our last event.
    “Almost everything you see was created by allowing. With the sole intention to just be. I started the wind and it blew. I am the allower. You are here to add intention to my allowing. You are the true creators, for only you have the tools to add detail, through your thoughts. We intended you and allowed love to express our intention. So many forms sprang into being. Only human had the useful mix of physical form and an interest in spirit. Everything intentional comes through you. Intend well my brothers and sisters in time.”

    1. this is so ‘Perfect’ & exactly what I am being told as well…Thanks Kelly ! now is the time for rising above the limitations that bind us, even in many of the words we use to express ourselves, our life, our emotions…time to ‘Allow’ the Light to fully penetrate us & in all things within this existence & with our full & utterly complete ‘Intentions’….Creation is now full engaged to meet us & work with us….all based on our Allowing & our Intentions ! It is the joining of Physical & Spiritual being brought into fruition ….only our own imposed limitations will hold us back if we so choose……….Love to You…..Bev*

      1. The way I understand it is that the light is coming through us. Everyone is looking for it from the outside. Our prayers have found their home as soon as we speak them because the channel is our own hearts. The world needs us to feel Love because that is the only channel there is for spirit expression in the physical world. We think of God as being out there somewhere, That thought is a form of control. Creation can only access the physical through us. finding God within is the only approach God has to experience all this wonder that she allowed into being. But it requires our invitation and enough space (quiet) for One to enter. the only limitation is our unwillingness to intend our own thoughts. Each and every thought creates. What is our dominant thought?

        1. Yup….so much of what we think including our very own words influence us with controlling limitations….we are being steered now to break free from this line & Yes, all initial activation comes from within with ‘Water’ as the carrier….we open from the inside out, naturally just like it is with nature….why should be think different….Nature is Creation…Mother-Earth is Creation & so are we…All part of the divine plan & blue print !…but individual choice & allowing of intent to unfold from within is the initiator & always has & will be, much like we can’t force a bud to bloom……it chooses to bloom in it’s own scheme of time. Disregarding all the awakening & ascension stuff….The thing that perplexes me at the moment is much that has transpired in so many channelings of the New Age movement these past few years, I being guided to see the lack & the limitations attached to them as well….for instance….portals, doorways, gateways….these words & terms are not to consume our focus as they also are filled with confining limitations……I am being guided to open more fully to feel & experience All Life existing in a expansive state without frames or borders, right down to a single molecule…..there are no portals, if that makes sense to you…..we are being asked to take, through our intentions, the physical components that is us & around us & meld it with the spiritual living energy of Creation to initiate the birthing of the New World….not that I don’t understand this, it’s just that I am still trying to wrap my mind around it, if you know what I mean…..& one more thought….I always found it curious when everyone spoke of Heaven coming from above down to Earth….I always believed that Heaven will come from below….much like a seed in Nature, which is Creation….why would it be any different ?…..Love, Bev*

          1. I agree with you about the limitation of much of what is offered by people. Not just “portals”, but the whole idea that there is anything outside of us that is coming. The whole thing is truly an inside job. I don’t think many people have had and actual experience of it. They are just parroting what they hear. If they did have an experience of it, then they would not say so much. What they did say would be clear; that it is internal and personal. Heaven is coming from within, as an equal partner in our mutual expansion.

          2. just chimin in here 🙂
            I myself see portals and gateways as openings. Not limiting but allowing for the expansion and growth. Like the Bud – it has to go thru that opening in the soil to reach sunlight.
            I dont mind having my borders and seeing others – those are not limiting unless you think of them that way. Frames can be as beautiful and important as portraits or paintings.
            Spirit never left me – it wanted to be me and here I Am
            Things got ‘defined’ as Spirit intended that too. Does Spirit now want undefinition? Maybe it now wants infinition or finition 🙂
            Finition. I like that.
            remember we are ~bottled but not contained~ as spirit told me
            Heaven to me as said to be ‘as above, so below’ just means the evolving ladder — already is the perfection where Source Is and then the Fall and then the ascension journey back to source. I have always seen it as a circle. Source sent itself out intending for it to come back like a boomerang perhaps. Source could have just sat still and intended to stay that way I suppose too. Creation must create I think though. No blank canvas – the brush strokes itself onto the space – and that Feels good. And, It looks good and so it IS good.
            What is defined in just our Universe is so beautiful – and always framed with Love 🙂
            Thanks for allowing my own ponderings to enter the space here.
            enjoying the thread. Whatever we weave has Love as the main matter-ial and so its all good.

        2. Did Spirit Source always breath? did the first breath create a portal or opening? Once something is created, isnt it always there ?
          I sometimes think of ‘the Fall’ and there have been times I think I understand it pretty well. I have felt like I wanted to be separate from a creator that would allow for the suffering. I had gotten so pissed off, I remember thinking I did not want to be a part of All That Is if it allowed for even one more ounce of suffering of any thing. I have thought of not wanting to be part of Any plan… wanting to break free of any and all contracts or agreements. So if a spark with free will had that thought, so it was. The Fall of illusory separation. Then, I recall again and again the Allowance and the constant Love. I do not recall all of the answers to all of the questions. I do recall when I was in another space I occupied – when there were no questions or answers – no plans or contracts. Just All That Is – my source and I as seraph by its side – apart but still part – spark from fire – spark With source fire. Somehow I know I can not make myself disappear because I Am. I Am that Love – that fire from which I sparked out from – and Love never really leaves any thing – the Flame always lit – always conscious – and so the sparks never die out either as they are truly never separate from the flame.
          LoL…. a movie called Greenfingers is on in the background and the song ‘Sowing The Seeds Of Love’ is now playing.

  23. As always I am deeply grateful to you Aisha for your timely missives from the CCs. I woke this morning at around 3:30 and felt total peace. Words fall short when trying to explain the “peace that passeth understanding” but it’s real. I am still carrying that peace today and extend it to all.Thanx.

  24. Dear brothers and sister! The CCs was right to say that this year would start with a blast. Not only that, it is a blast that seems to continue to expand and intensify, and like many of you I feel the need to step back and just immerse myself in all of these churning energies for a while. It is exhilarating, for so much information is beginning to appear alongside all of these off the charts intense downloads, but it does leave the body feeling like I am body surfing through some extreme rapids. Still, I am eager to see what lies ahead, so I think I will just jump back into the flow to see where it will take me next 😉 I wish you all a wonderful ride, and remember if it does get a bit “wild” at times over the next couple of days, just float on your back and let the current carry you wherever it is you are going 🙂

    Love, light and high fives from me, Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Dearest Aisha ❤

      It really goes up and down, on and in the waves all the time 😉 Today it's a little lighter in my otherwise stiff, rigid and dumb body. I was almost about to get some anti-inflammatories, but I hope I can do without them. The old shaman woman is occurring in me all the time and it feels absolutely amazing 🙂

      I send my light & love for you dear sister ❤ ❤ ❤

      "Carbide lamp was the most common four- and railroad lighting for more than 100 years ago but must be managed in order to work. It needed to be cleaned every day. The old carbide would be removed and new carbide refilled as well as water. The burner must also be cleared."

      1. Dearest B One
        I have been taking Curcumin and Boswellia along with Arnica.
        Arnica oils and gels put directly upon the skin are nice too.
        I found a nice blend called “arnica plus” – from Peaceful Mountain – it has white willow bark and devils claw and aloe in it too.
        Helps greatly !
        Love To You ❤

        1. You know – I am the slow kind of human being who can walk around with annoying problems for quite a while before I realize I’ll try to do something about it all 😉 I have used turmeric daily for several years and thought that there is adequate protection against, among other things, stiffness in the joints.

          Thanks Areeza for your coaching – I really needed it 🙂 I will buy some arnica and in the meantime I will use my Tiger Balm – pretty good too 🙂

          Love ❤

          1. my kelly loves the tiger balm but the smell can irritate me sometimes.
            I am not one that fully enjoys being in a body much so i tend to take care of ailments right away. I will take ibuprofen too if i feel the need. I seem to get instant relief with it and as long as one does not take it every day, its ok.
            I bow to those who deal with physical aches and pains on any regular basis.
            wand tapping for your relief B ~ ❤

    2. Sending calming thoughts and intentions to you…./ all who are churning around as we all spin!!!! ❤
      iii 3 faceing 3. turned on their sides and one on top ot the other marries into the infinity sign. Swooshing all around!!!

    3. Hi Alisa,
      I got a message to share.
      Three easy steps to awaken the body.
      1. Listen to the ringing in your hears
      2. When you hear it, then relies how the sound and your heart are working together. Then at will, rise the frequency and see/feel how the two work as one.
      3. Once you feel the connection and you understand it works with your free will then, let the sound travel though out your body. Ever cell will awaking bit by bit at your own pace and will.

      This is how I got told to go within at will.

      1. thanks Indi
        This is something else I have been utilizing too.
        Along with the breathing. The tones I hear (which are much more metallic lately and a soothing mix with one reaching a higher pitch each night when i get real quiet) they can lead you places 🙂

      2. Nice 🙂 I shared about SBF here about a year ago but never thought about combining it the way you describe. Thank you dear friend 🙂
        Much love to you ❤

      3. Hi again, please know this, putting the body into a state of listening as I call it, is only the beginning. Once you, at your own will raise the frequency/body high enough you will discover that your heart will become or more to the point that your heart is a porthole. And yes it does lead places, all the way back to silence.

        1. Wonder if I have patience enough to do that…hmmmm … it’s time to “wrap” my sore upper arm / shoulder with snake ointment with Arnica & graphite which I bought at the pharmacy today and go to sleep.

          Thank you for sharing dear friend ❤


        2. Me again, in step one, “Listen to the ringing in your hears” (ringing/tone/frequency) I did mean “hears” . When every cell in your body starts to rise in frequency tingle/more aware it is like you hear with the body hence “Listen to the ringing in your hears”

          1. Dear Indigo Phoenix! No problem, what matters is what you share here of your energy and your insights, and I thank you for it all!
            Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

        3. and for those of you/us who are
          psychic – you will know that
          you ‘know’ with All of your body.
          Its not like we just get a hunch with our heads.
          I am more psychic than I have ever been these days.
          Some meaningful, some silly stuff.
          🙂 ❤

    1. Dr Hook! Oh Man….
      on the cover of the rollin stone
      Rollin Stone…..
      & Silvia’s Mother said….Silvia’s tired… too tired to come to the phone…
      and the operator said
      geeez….brings back teenage memories
      and my first real boyfriend and first kiss too 🙂

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