A short update on the Gathering

Once more we want to thank you all for the contribution you have given to All of creation. For as you once again pooled your resources during that mass gathering you convened for a few hours ago, you also helped to serve up a massive injection of light to this entire community of souls that have come together on this blue planet to a part of this mass uprising. You see, every single soul gathered here at this moment in time is here because of what is taking place now. For you have all come here with one purpose in mind, to literally be on the ground during the period when everything about this place will change for something very different indeed than what it has been for the last eons. You see, even if still only a minority of the current souls here are what you define as awakened at the moment, you are all cut from the same cloth. In other words, every single one of you carry the same potential, and as such, there is no one that will be “left out of this”. That is, they all have the choice whether or not to decide to join forces with the likes of you and help to push this momentum ever forward ever faster, or they can choose to dig in their heels in order to experience the thrill of having to literally battle with an ever increasing pressure from the incoming light. For that is their choice to make and it is their right to do so, so some will continue to choose that option.

For this too will be a “once in a lifetime experience”, to use a phrase you are already familiar with, as it is a rare occasion indeed to be a part of a group of entities going through such a monumental shift as the one you are partaking in, while at the same time choosing not to be an active part in the proceedings but to stand there and be battered by higher and higher octaves of frequency in order to learn how it is to literally embody such a high degree of resistance. And remember, these individuals are also a important component of this heady brew, for they are the ones that will add another invaluable point of view to that collective manifest you call the Akashic Records. For as you already know by now, everything you do will become a part of this collective memory that can be accessed by every single individual aspect of Creation, and as such everything you do or refrain from doing will be recorded there and through that, you as an individual will serve to widen the scope of experience for All.  So make sure that you do not hold anything against any one at this moment in time, for it will all be added to this same gargantuan library of knowledge that will help to enlighten us all – you included.

That said, know also that none of these individuals that choose to go against the flow will hold you up in any way, for just like the water will always find a way to keep in motion, so too will this ever increasing flood of light help to transport you all ever onwards to that destination of a much higher elevation that everything within you is seeking towards. So no matter how many of these boulders that might clog up your vicinity, know that you will still be allowed all the leeway you want to move freely forwards. That is, unless you choose to waste any of your own momentum on trying to heave any one of these boulders out of your way. For that is another important reminder we want to share at this stage: your task is not to clear the way in any manner of fashion, your task is simply to allow the light to propel you forwards, and then it is up to you to find the way to utilize this forwards momentum to fulfill your tasks at any given time. And remember, it is easy to accomplish this if you at all times remember to follow your own inner guiding. For that voice will tell you beyond any measure of doubt when to step to the side and when to charge forward, when to hold back for a little while and when to grab on to an opportunity that approaches you from any given direction.

For this is not a monotonous road you are traveling on, where you can just sit back and slumber in your seat while someone else takes care of the driving. No, in this, you are the one behind the steering wheel, and even if you have been given a description of the target you are to head for, you have also been given a set of preliminary targets to complete in order to not only assure your safe arrival, but also to ensure that you will fulfill all of the appointed assignments that you have come to fulfill on behalf of the collective. For remember, this is an individual journey for all, but the reason you are taking it, is on behalf of All of creation, so even if this may seem to be a solitary journey at times, it is also one that is intrinsically linked to everyone else’s. For as we have told you again and again, you are all cogs and wheels in a complex mechanism that is depended on every single component to be able to run smoothly, and as such you all carry a responsibility for the way that you comply with the agreement that was made before you came. Again, this is not said to instill unease or perhaps even a fear of inadequacy in any of you, for you are more than capable of not just fulfilling you own tasks and you are also vastly more skilled than what you have come here to accomplish as singular individuals. For you are also highly skilled at this kind of co-operation where you at large intervals of the journey will be “working in the dark” as it where, unable to fully see not just your part of the accomplishments, but also the parts of those that you are in fact actively co-operating with.

Which brings us back to the collective task you have just completed, for it is a good example of such a case. You see, this time it was an even more complex co-creative task than the former ones you have already completed, and yet again, it was more than a resounding success. For not only did you complete the stipulated list of targets that was set down for this very time frame, you even managed to add on a few extra measures that will serve to unite you in ways that you will once again have little ability to search the full depths of just yet, but it will literally begin to seep into your consciousness by and by as this upcoming period starts to unfold. For the intricate web of connections between you have been strengthened in such a way, it will literally begin to pull you closer and closer into core groups of various sizes, groups that have a certain variation of frequential signatures that will serve to enhance the signature of the individuals in such a way, the combined output of your energetic fields will be improved many fold.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are trying to say is this: you are no longer like those fleeting, floating singular particles floating in the void, awaiting to be called into action by a conscious thought interacting with them. For now, you have started to coalesce into different forms of energetic “molecules” if you will that in turn will help to form all kinds of “matter” in the form of actions, ideas and also some very concrete events. So know that as of today, you have all moved to a new class of order so to speak, one where you will bring about change in a very tangible form by uniting your personal field with that of others in order to form a very new class of manifestation, based upon these very new energetic frequencies, and based upon your own newly awakened abilities to form these co-creative clusters of truly enlightened and activated souls. So yet again we extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of All of creation, for you have truly recreated yourselves, and now, you will begin to put into action in a very tangible way the lessons you have learned through this reintroduction of the idea of ONEness.

For as you allowed yourself to become attached to others in this energetic manner to begin to form these energetic “molecules” that in turn will coalesce into larger and larger conglomerations of “spirit and body-matter”, you will literally give new life to this planet, through your actions, through your reactions and through your very manner of existence, and it is through this that real change will come about. For again, this is done BY you, not FOR you, and now, you stand united in clusters great and small that again will serve to pull in so many other eager souls so that they too can add their formidable weight and light to the continuation of this reconstruction process. And soon, you will see the matter created from these brilliantly enlightened minds of yours begin to appear around you, in the form of not just ideas, but also some very defined actions that will breathe so much more life into the process of re-establishing the paradise you all thought you had lost, but that you are in actual fact just about to reinvent.

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          1. i saw a lotus in the pond at the last gathering a big one which filled up the whole pond, it was beautiful with vast petals in magnificent hues of first magnetic blues then golden and evolving into rainbows of crystalline white gold shimmering in opalescence. It looked so beautiful and delicate yet i was beckoned to aproach it and step onto the leaves which i did and they were delicate and flexible yet sooo very strong 🙂 i spinned around and beckoned to my flame of love to take my hand and join me which she did.

            We walked to the center and stood among the golden stamen and dustings of crystal pollen. We embraced tenderly and a spinning golden helix came down from above which resembled DNA and as it encircled and bathed us we became as golden dust and intermingled as one with it.

            mmmmmm The Dharma Door is Open 🙂

              1. Many sincere deep and heartfelt thankyou’s :-))

                Yes it’s all apples and twin flames and lotus’s,,, lol quantumly speaking :-)))))

    1. Walking, waiting
      Alone without a care
      Hoping, and hating
      Things that I can’t bear

      Did you think it’s cool to walk right up
      To take my life and fuck it up
      Well did you

      I see Hell in your eyes
      Taken in by surprise
      Touching you makes me feel alive
      Touching you makes me die inside

      I’ve slept so long without you

      It’s tearing me apart, too
      How’d it get this far
      Playing games with this old heart

  1. OOOOOOOOOh – GanG !!! – )))

    … under construction riGht NOW !!!
    a ‘working’ model of ONE-n-ESS … bl-ESS-ed ))))
    … a re-NEW-ed WAY of u-SING InneR-G )))

    such a ‘meaningFULL’ kNOWinG … OOOOOOOOoooh boy )))

    i’m so …. ELECTRIC ?? … on PHi-RE !!!! – ))))
    … i can’t wait to s-HOW .. YOU .. ALL )))

    i LOVE you ALL so MUCH .. ))
    … dang )
    … i feel so bl-ESS-ed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ha ha … we are … i AM ))

    … sitting … reACHIng OUT to YOU ALL duRING meditation ….

    again and again ….

    i’m a valued member of the … ” PonD AlignmenT ” ))
    ? ? ? ? ….
    … kind of like … x-men … ??
    SUPERNATURAL !!! – )))
    … but unlike the movies ….
    WE don’t bother with ” THE BOULDERS ” ))
    ha ha !!!
    … thanks CC ))

    … and, experienti-all-Y .. i k-NOW the value of ‘OUR’ memberSHIP ))
    simply beCAUSE, … if ‘my’ sense of value were ‘un-warrented’ ??
    … IT would n’t BE so EASY (!!) to “VALUE” YOU .. HERE !!! – )))
    ha ha !! – )))

    i LOVE the simple mathematics of MAGNETISM )))
    … a.k.a. “LaW of AT-tract-ion” … ha ha ))

    … and, … THE s-Pi-N-nI-g = WOW )))
    … i’m with YOU t-HERE sister AishA )))

    well … i’d beTTer g-ET back to IT )))
    i have a ” BE-a-U-ti-FULL gift for YOU friends !!!!!!!!!! – ))
    … two weeks, ‘maybe’ less )))
    ha ha ))))

    WE’RE SO … LIGHT, AMAZING, LOVE-D !@! – )))
    HA HA )))

    BE HAPPY !!!! – ))
    … and, DREAM BIG !! – ))
    … or, yOUR ‘doors’ may BE b-LOW-n OFF !!! – )))
    ha ha HA HA ))
    however, … i hope t-HERE are some “doubters” ??? – )
    hee hee )))
    = when the ‘doors’ BLOW hard enough … = f-LIGHT !!??!! – ))))
    HA HA HA ))
    … don’t be SURP-RISE-D … when i CATCH A LIFT )))))))


    ps … ONEnESS … thank YOU )))

      1. YiP YiP YiP … ha ha ))

        … so wHAt is the ‘pUSh’ ?? – ))
        … as t-HERE neVer wAs any ‘time’ ))
        ha ha )))

        LOVELOVELOVE )))

        ps … LOVE maGic CAR-PET’z !!! – )))

  2. Two Suns In Hawaii
    so…. I was just thinking how I may just catch something really cool on this
    Right now it is 5:50 in Kaloa, HI. Nice setting sun scene….and to the far, far left of the screen is what looks like another Sun…smaller. Our usual Sun is to the far right of the screen.
    I decide to google ‘two suns in Hawaii’…. yup…. guess others have been seeing this for some time now.
    Keep watching. I think other ‘things’ are going to appear for All to see.
    and btw, its 75 degrees in Hawaii ! ahh…. and there is still a surfer 🙂

      1. yeah… i see that
        i was able to bring it up at least right after i posted
        by clicking on the link
        oh well.
        it was a cool PEACE graphic she made

      1. Well I’ll be (bee)….I was going to put up a “blue” version of that golden water lady pic a few weeks ago….now I see why my HS stopped me


  3. Go to the Woods!!!

    “These characters have to figure out how to deal with their emotions, their selfishness, their disappointments….everything that it means, to be Human.”

    ~ Chris Pine

  4. also… my back has been hurting. i just found out that the two sisters i do not have much of a relationship with were in bed with back problems the past few days too. And all of us seem to not want to get out of bed. Just tired and sleepy. At least my chest congestion cleared up. Allergies still an issue.
    God Bless! ❤

    1. Areeza,
      Is that where my balls went!!!
      But I think it is a metaphor. Being that they were huge !!!🙈🌰🌰

      Possibly all our courage, ready to be used?

      1. ooo…those cute little bees!! coolness
        my birth name means ‘bee’ 😀
        I dont know about the Balls exactly but I took it as a metaphor to bee strong in 2015 – stand our ground in who we are no matter what.

        Beeing Me Is All I Truly Have To Do

          1. Yes…. you did not know? I knew u were from a few months back.
            I am “Debra” – short version
            Debby not Debbie too 🙂
            Debra Jean Mitchell is my birth cert name

  5. Ah…Hi Lin ~!….Marina del Rey Cam is on right now 😀
    looks like u have a nice afternoon there. sky looks really clear.
    So…. I will relay some stuff from yesterdays long days journey into night.
    Energies just all over the place.
    I finally grabbed onto a tree in the middle of the tsunami churning energy soup. I saw it go up like the bean stalk and there was another platform I got
    up onto. Was like another Earth but a much clearer atmosphere. I then started cutting everything away with ‘etherial scissors’. I used to use that technique from my ex year ago ! forgot all about it until now. Used some really large scissors and just cut anything that i felt ‘tethered too’.
    But… my twin flame appeared and there was simply no way i was to cut him away ! It was very moving for me as we twirled together in a spiral of Love.
    I told him about it today and he was not amazed because he awoke at about that time (2am) and could not get me off his mind he said.
    I had a dream that seemed very long afterwards. It seemed to encompass overlapping timelines. I was with a large – round bellied man – named Jonas. He seemed to know me and he wanted to have me as his new girlfriend. Jonas was 29 yrs old. I asked him if he knew how old I was. He said 60. LoL. I said no, 50. He did not care of age difference. I was not sure I wanted to hook up with him and asked if he would walk me back to my car – which was at my friends house up the road. the friend is one i know since the 3rd grade. He knows her too. Well, this is her house from back then. We dont seem to find it though it should be ‘right there’ up from his. Then the atmosphere seems like we are at the sea shore. And a church is on large tires~! really odd. it was all candy striped red and white. He seems frustrated and turns around to see how we missed her house. We never do find it. And, my car that is supposedly there is my very first car I ever drove… LoL… my parent’s Volare (ugly cars they were). so, all mixed up. I had a calm night thereafter. And today is just like Vinny said… cant seem to grasp hold of anything. Its Ok.
    Love to All…. Ride It ~! Ride Wind Horse 😀 ❤
    Oh, I also managed to pull a few onto the bean stalk who were flying around last night. We all made it up to the 'platform' above.
    And… one other thing before I forget it again:
    Upon awakening on Jan 1, I saw two huge brass balls. LoL. whatever That means ~! 🙂 gotta have em to get thru these times ? And,,, I could not see the past like i used to… it seemed just 'gone'. 2015 completely new atmosphere type feeling.
    hope u enjoy my silly dream stories. 🙂
    I also told a friend today to untether and get to their core – whats floating about lately is not something to want to attach to… in my opinion.
    wait a few days until it settles and lets see whats what then.

    1. “I finally grabbed onto a tree in the middle of the tsunami churning energy soup. I saw it go up like the bean stalk…”

      Synchronicity update:

      Synchronicities now occurring in under a minute (of illusory 3D Time).
      As of 2 days ago, some synchronicities appearing within 5 seconds.

      1. and get this:
        Yesterday our friend was coming to visit. We were downstairs in the kitchen when I went to the side door and looked out and I could swear I saw him and put up a ‘peace sign’ with my hand. Then all of a sudden, i see no one is there…..Then… in a second… He came around the corner! Looking just as he did a second ago when I ‘thought’ I saw him (same clothes). He never comes down the back steps but he had a hunch we would be downstairs.
        And tonight my sister calls me to tell me of a house burning down – the man who purchased my Dad’s Tavern a few yrs ago. Well,,, I said ‘ok, you told me that already though’. (I was not surprised at all and seemed to have it all in my head already). She said, but it just happened yesterday and I have not spoken to you in 4 days.
        Its all cool with me 🙂
        hey…. they have Bourbon Street on the cam …. and before that, there was a karaoke place in New Orleans called “The Cat’s Meow” and some dude singing.
        I think I am addicted. LoL

    2. ❤ Hi, Breezie… yes, it was a wonderful day/afternoon. A couple of days previously, it got down into the mid-50s daytime, low 30s at night… Brrrrrr weather for us. 😀 Today the high will be 82 degrees F. Love the crisp-er weather at night. ❤

  6. Hi Folks, what a wonderful pond gathering friends 🙂 thank you so very much for once again facilitating such a wonderful Tour De Force of rainbow crystal beings Aisha Light Of Heaven 🙂

    I sincerely hope folks won’t mind me sharing this small aspect of a personal vibration 🙂

    you know, this business with folks in the spiritual community using the term “unawakened” as “opposed” to “awakened” etc ?…

    It seems to me that the use of that particular terminology is rather conflicting and constricting in it’s entire syntax and energetic approach.

    i have been reading Pamela Kribbe just lately and the Yeshua channelings and i i personally find his analogy of us viewing ourself’s in our quieter moments as blending effortlessly with our own central sun as highly inspiring in this regard, (i expect many others here know of this analogy allready) and if we might chose, we can further see this as our own heavenly sun (if it’s easier), and we can lay back and basque in the warm loving energies at the very center of that safe and sacred space inside of us, and we might bring our focus to the rays of sunlight emitting from our central sun and indeed catch a glimpse of our self’s playing amongst those beautiful golden rays of light.

    We might also happen to chance across others like us doing the same thing, reaching into their particular ray of golden reality which they also view as coming from their own golden internal sun, and we might also notice every one of them, as every aspect of them, is playing and dancing and experiencing all creation at differing distances from the center of their own personal sun. Just like me and you 🙂

    That way we can maybe choose to reflect the light of love on an aspect of separation that is (in my humble opinion) accidentally and unwittingly, practiced not only in the physical sense as with popular culture but also we can observe (especially in this instance) how it is weaved into the majjic of our words and every day language ;p-) and that observation i think, also allows us to rewrite the energy of the whole aspect of seeing another in complete equality and learning to understand their path is truly sacred and humble and that we also walk that same path in other golden dimensions and timelines.

    Inlakesh < 3

    Magnetic Blessings of Peace 🙂

  7. I stood in the middle of El Riu Serpis and directed energy through both hanging arms ‘aikido’ style for fifteen minutes then sloped wearily the fifty metres back up to my house ,my two campo dogs following. I then sat in front of the wood stove and meditated. A new experience: my closed eyes seemed to track rapidly across with each other then the left side of my face started twitching big time, thankfully I live alone and the dogs didn’t feel anything amiss! Thankyou Aisha and CCs, a great event. Stepping lightly, StewxxxxxALL

  8. BJ Canaway, OracleReport

    January 5, 2014

    “We spoke of respect which is one of the grandfather teachings. “Talks with Relations says;

    “YOU are a loud race. Close your eyes, almost anywhere in our mother and listen. You hear planes? Autos? a humming halogen light? TV, music, people talking? Do you ever shut up? It is no wonder you can not communicate with each other, let alone hear any of your other relations….”
    Her eyes were cold black as the stars danced in them. Tears curved gently, not quite ready to fall. She stood, arms wrapping her robe closer. It would be easy to just walk away, let her robe drop and vanish… the two leggeds could not hear over their own voices. They were always out shouting each other… how could they hope to learn any truth without closing their mouths to let others speak.

    Beech trees reminded “Talks with Relations” of the medicine of softening criticism. Aspens spoke of clarity of purpose while Birches spoke of new beginnings, cleansing and truth. She remembered how hard learning their languages were. She was too busy and too loud. She glanced down, there stood Coyote & Fox silently watching her. Wolf had dropped quietly in the brush opposite her. Jaguar lazily stretched in the tree above. She plopped down on the rock before the many relations…

    Fox walked over quietly, sat and waited. She might be the master of camouflage but in the snow, red was not a working color. She was concerned as this frustration was inhibiting the Clan Mothers ability to effectively communicate with all her family. Jaguar knew the lack of regard had offended the woman’s sense of integrity. Wolf knew getting past this challenge was going to require humility and that does not come easily when one’s feeling are hurt and they feel the victim.

    The Clan mother stared off unfocused in her pain. She did not want to return to the village of people where everyone had to have the last word , criticized each other and were always right even when it was obvious they were not.
    Coyote finally stuck her nose in the grieving angry woman’s face and licked her. Started, Talks with Relations focused on Coyote as if seeing her for the first time. Coyote quietly said… “Words are tricky things, mother. what you hear is not what they meant. They let their ego and emotions rule their words.”

    Jaguar lazily licked his paw … “Tell her the truth, they lie because they feel inadequate so they can look superior. The Clan mother is no one’s fool. Two legged lack integrity.”

    Coyote turned on Jaguar and replied, “I was trying to spare her feelings!”
    Fox rolled in the snow and mumbled, “Anxiety or ego, they are trying to protect themselves by camouflaging their intention.”

    Jaguar snapped “It still shows no integrity regardless of there intent.”
    A pine cone dropped squarely on Jaguar’s head reminding him to keep the peace.

    Beech dropped a branch to remind them to soften criticism and birch added a smaller branch to remind them of new beginning can be found in the truth.
    Wolf walked over and pawed the branches while pondering the idea slowly forming.

    “What if only one could talk at a time and the others had to remain silent, respecting their words and considering them?”
    Coyote, sat, scratched an ear and looked at Wolf. “You mean they would have to take turns?”
    “They might begin to remember their real intent and not what they are trying to hide.” Fox noted.

    Jaguar walked over and looked the Wolf in the eye. “Whats to keep them from lying; to make them honor integrity?”
    Wolf thought for a minute. “We each put out best medicine into the sticks. Fox puts in consideration of family, Coyote puts in how one’s owns words can trip them up, I will put in humility & keeping the group whole and you, Jaguar, will add integrity. Beech already softened criticism and birch brought new beginning. Each of the tree people bring their own gifts.”
    The Clan mother watched as the four predators chewed and clawed the branches to a shorter manageable length.

    She looked at each of them and smiled. “I think I understand. The speaker holds the stick till he or she has finished their words and allowed them to be considered. No one will talk over them. Then they will pass the stick to the next person to talk.”

    “Talking stick, I like that” …said Wolf, dropping the last stick in front of the Clan Mother.
    Talks with Relations picked up each of the four sticks, one each from Aspen, Pine, Beech and Birch. She felt the strong medicine in each stick.
    Hawk flew to a low branch and dropped some feathers. “Tie these with a piece of your hair, Mother to each stick and they will carry forth the message of the speaker.”

    The Clan mother excitedly added the feathers to each stick. “Thank you! Thank you all she said as tears of joy fell from her face.”

    Talking sticks, … ‘you have the floor’, what ever way it is done, that tradition has great value. Honoring each other’s words, letting them finish before we interrupt by talking or texting over them would effect dramatic change in the world. Adding the ‘medicine’ of each … softer criticism, truth, humility, care for our planetary family, integrity and just being polite. Why, we could change the world… alleana”


      1. So nice dear brother ❤

        We always use the talking stick in our shamanic women circles too. It works perfectly in its purpose.

        Later I might show you my own beautiful "talking stick" that showed up to me near a lake during my first shaman course far up in the north.

        Love & light ❤

  9. I am watching EarthCamTV and its cool because I can see where some of you reside 🙂 Its a neat thing to just leave on in the background so see live sights and activity all around the globe.
    if you have a SmartTV or WebTV, you will most likely have this available.
    I was enjoying the red rocks of Sedona, AZ and Algonquin Park Canada and even a pub in Dublin!
    ok… back to reading the missive. ❤

  10. This pond seemed to have a different, more active flavor for me. The energy flowing through me was best described as a powerful river of golden crystaline light. Clearly the energy wanted to be directed… so I directed it lol. Plenty of places. The visual aspect was amazing, and the energy had a tough love, no nonsense, healing quality to it.

    Many thanks to Aisha and everyone here sharing their respective experiences. Here’s to an amazing new year for all of us!

  11. Our community is joined in mysterious ways.
    The teaching just given (above) resonated with me in a deep way. I have been experiencing discovering all sorts of friends and friendly ideas as I research a new novel. There are so many – in different walks of life – who sense the awakening and who are part of it.
    One idea I have been looking into is Intelligent Design. I doubt there is anyone who reads this comment who does not know that our cosmos is a ‘Divine’ Order – even if we may differ in our ideas of what that might exactly mean. The people bringing these ideas into the scientific community are meeting huge resistance, but their work is of immense importance as a bridge between two worlds that struggle sometimes to communicate.
    On the alternative ‘spiritual’ side there are pioneers who very bravely are swimming against the flow of popular ideas (consensus reality) and in so doing are forging the new world we all sense. The CC’s offer guidance about ‘not moving the boulders’. That is indeed sage advice.
    I can see that we must ourselves now be part of an Intelligent Design as we form our new molecules of thought and action. Most of us have a sense of our immediate purpose. That is so clear from the postings here. Following that with a spring in the step and a lightness of heart must be the way. For clearly only we can do our part of the task (and the Akashic Record is there to show what we did!!)

    After writing this I will go and join a group who will meditate in Joelle’s Yurt (some of you know where I mean) celebrating the Full Moon. That is one important molecule for me.
    I wish all who read this the most beautiful and productive New Year. May we form Sacred Geometry of breathtaking beauty as we move forward into 2015.

    Thank you Aisha as ever for the tremendous spirit and energy you put into this. Your photo is most apt (the one of the fast flowing river exploding into beauty).

    With love to you all. ❤ 😀 ❤

    1. Thank you for these inspired words: “a spring in the step and a lightness of heart”. I still had a thoughtform floating around that my light flavour was too light, needing to be bolder (as in a boulder rather than a spring!). Hahaha! 🙂 ❤ Margarita

  12. thank you so much Aisha and the CC for this wonderfull event yesterday.
    It’s so nice to share with others what happens with everbody : ). It is for me like a book with every time a new chapter. This time when we are all around the pond again a golden pilar was in the middle and above a wonderfull city was on the top. But the golden pilar with this beautifull city went down in the earh and we all looked at it and there was a hole with beatifull colors. At the same time we all were lifted in a bubble who were spinning. Everybody has his own bubble. Some bubbles were together some alone. When we arrived my bubble burst and i was in a meadow with a stunning low building on it. Ohh I was so exiting this was the building of my dreams. When i went inside it was empty but so beautifull. I got the time to decorate it because a lot of people have to arrive here. Than i fell asleep.
    I hope next chapter its full of people : )

    love for everybody

  13. Thanks Aisha, our sweet sister, for the gathering at the pond. I also want to thank the others gathered as well, in sharing their light, love and experiences. Also as a side note, I have read where some are having a difficult time with thoughts of what they would determine as negative, or previous happenings they do not want to go through again. If you call on our brother Master St. Germain, he has the violet flame to help transmute the energies you do not want, to more positive energies. Sometimes this has to be done quite a few times, as there can be many layers, but in my experience this absolutely works. Just thought I would share for those that aren’t aware of this tool. Love and light to all, with no tomato for Aisha lol.

    1. yes dear friend – I call upon St Germain and AA Michael. Not as often as I used to. I appreciate the reminder to use the violet flame.

  14. thank you dear aisha & dear CC❤︎

    ~coalesce into larger and larger conglomerations of “spirit and body-matter”, you will literally give new life to this planet, through your ACTIONs, through your REACTIONs and through your very manner of existence, and it is through this that real change will come about. ~ 💓

    thank you dear aisha, I re crystalize much fun exciting now new pages ❤︎


  15. Don’t get completely consumed by vibrational snobbery, keep your energies high and yourself protected for sure. If noone leads the lost to a better path they will stay lost and nothing will change. Remember this is a win all or lose all situation. Those who want dominion over you are counting on your innaction to stop them.

    “Stand in your power, speak your truth.” – Max Igan

    [audio src="http://thecrowhouse.com/dl/MaxIgan_Creating_The_New_Tribe_Surviving_The_Matrix_AVR_Jan02_2015.mp3" /]

  16. https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/author/eireport/

    “Precipices reached and transcended.

    Life forms of all Higher Dimensionals now activate for the finals.

    Centricities have collected and assumed necessary formations.

    Flights of passion and flights of joy are the sole travel options.

    Comprehensive upgrades near completion.

    Comprehensive global comprehensions are at home.

    Expressions of Light come with ease.

    Beings of Peace continue.”

    1. “Precipices reached and transcended.”

      Synchronicity with GaiaPortal.
      Was about to put up a climbing the “precipice” fantasy pic last night, but the resolution sucked, and couldn’t find a better pic.

      But very happy with these instead:

        1. Thank you for this image. I am a Capricorn, and yes, this image resonates, as does your message. M ❤

  17. Beloved family of light! My body feels as it if has been in a tumble dryer all night, but my spirit is soaring high 🙂 I want to thank every single one of you for what you have added to this amazing collective manifestation, and I also want to thank those of you who have shared some of your experience with the rest of us here at the Pond. If you like me have not yet had the time to read through all of the comments you can find them here.
    With eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you, Aisha. I have not had the time to read anything, so will do so now… while wanting to acknowledge that your message of today helped ENORMOUSLY towards my understanding of what my participation was. 🙂 I was sorely tempted to start to berate myself for not being more fully active, yet now see how I offered the wisdom of the mantis, which I have been following recently. These words today dispelled that temptation (phew! 😉 ): “For that is another important reminder we want to share at this stage: your task is not to clear the way in any manner of fashion, your task is simply to allow the light to propel you forwards, and then it is up to you to find the way to utilize this forwards momentum to fulfill your tasks at any given time. And remember, it is easy to accomplish this if you at all times remember to follow your own inner guiding. For that voice will tell you beyond any measure of doubt when to step to the side and when to charge forward, when to hold back for a little while and when to grab on to an opportunity that approaches you from any given direction.” ❤ Thank you so much, and eternal blessings to you/us. Margarita

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