Welcome to the January Gathering around the Pond, Sunday January 4

Dear family of light! 2015 has begun, and this Sunday, January 4 at 21:00 Oslo time we have a new Gathering around the Pond coming up, the first opportunity we have to dive into this new year and these new energies as a collective. This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“Once again you stand before an event that will help to secure not just your connection to these very new energies but that will also help to anchor these energies in such a way, your whole planet will benefit from them. You see, as you passed through that doorway that separated the past from the future and yesteryear from the new, it also served to catapult you all into this very new energetic moment of NOW. And through that, you also initiated a sequence of separation and realignment that will enable you as a collective to nourish yourselves fully from this wondrous new source of sustenance that is now in place here in your very new environs. And as such, you will in turn serve as a portal that will enable so many of your fellow men to follow in your footsteps. For you have already begun to immerse yourselves in this truly fertile sea, this cauldron brimming with potential, ready to be imbued by you all. And when you once again step up to the challenge to intertwine your separate energetic strands during this collective event you have given the name of the Gathering, you will once again help to construct a veritable ladder of energetic filaments that will enable so many to elevate themselves even further up this path of harmonics.

Again, we speak in parables, so let us just say that you will once again come into your true role as pioneers, for you will once again prove that 1+1 equals a vibrational quotient that far outnumbers its individuals components, and as such, you will begin to stir this already churning energetic pot into a froth that will lift all of the energetic ingredients to a new and ever loftier height. And through that, you will literally set off this new year with a blast that will far outnumber and indeed outshine any other kind of fireworks that has been set off to mark the occasion of entering this new and so far virgin territory of 2015.

For this year comes with an enormous potential, a potential that also outnumbers anything you as a species have encountered so far in your evolutionary process, and thanks to the likes of you, this potential will begin to be activated immediately. For remember, a potential is inert until consciousness engages with it to cause a kind of friction that enables these unattached particles to come together in a way that will begin to form a new form of life. So once again we say know that you are all an invaluable component in this highly potent mix of energetics. For without you to stir up this pot, not much would be happening on this Earthly plane that could claim as its origin this new and highly advanced brew that holds these new energetic frequencies within them. For without the likes of you, mankind would still be siphoning off the last dredges from the stale mix of obnoxious fumes that so many have based their entire existence on for centuries. But now, you have all been sufficiently fortified by your preliminary interactions with the forerunners of this new and highly “flammable” mixture of potent potential that has been made available to you, and so, you are more than ready to begin to partake of the nutritional value they represent, not just for you as individuals, but also for you as a collective.

For this year will be a year when the focus will be very much on the collective, and on the way that you as groups of various kinds and sizes will be encouraged to pool your resources in many new ways. For now, the process will no longer be one of individual cleansing, clearing and general maintenance, now it will be all about restructuring, recalibration and of realizing more and more of the inherent potential that is already in place. Remember, there is no longer a state of lack on this planet, and we do mean that in every sense of the word, for you already possess any and all resources you might care to think of – and then a whole host more. For you already have it all at your disposal and as this year goes by, more and more of this will become apparent to you all. For as the weeks and months begin to unfold, it will be as if door after door will open up, and out will come a veritable flood of discoveries, and most of them will be followed by an exclamation of “now why didn’t we think of that before?” And the answer to that is simply this: because now you are ready to rediscover what has been there all the time, literally hidden in plain sight, but the old blinkers of inbred limitations have held you effectively in check. And so, up until now, you have only seen the small sliver of reality you have allowed yourself to see. But now, the blinkers are off, and you will begin to see, know and understand the full scope of the potential that you are already literally immersed in, and so, one by one the new ideas perfectly suited to bring the New World come alive will arrive as if from out of nowhere in so many fertile minds all over this planet

For remember, it is you who have prepared the soil for all of this new growth by allowing the old toxins to be removed, and not only that, you have also cleared away all of the old and dense growth that stopped the light from penetrating all the way down to the surface. And last but not least, you carried those fertile seeds that have now been planted in this newly fertilized soil, and now, as the proud and proficient gardeners you really are, you will finally be able to see the fruits of your hard labour come into life on all sides around you.

So again we thank you all for bringing yourselves and the rest of Creation to this moment in time, for without you, no new growth would be possible, and mankind would be one step closer to that day when the last gulp of fresh air and the last sip of potable water would be consumed. But thanks to you, you have started on a new cycle, one where new life will spring forth in abundance, and it will thrive in the bright light of freedom and under your tender care. And thanks to you, not only this planet but everything around it will take a deep breath of gratitude, for you are not an isolated spark of life in an otherwise deserted void. You are an intrinsic part of all that exists, and so, the resurrection of mankind and the wondrous planet on which you live will breathe new life into us all.

For this quickening that is taking place here will literally serve to heighten the pulse of life in All of creation, and as such, your actions are even more magnificent than you can even begin to understand. But even so, it is all made up of seemingly small tasks such as this first collective event of this year that will take place this upcoming Sunday, and as such, it carries far, far more weight in the equation than what you might think if you see this solely from your “down to Earth” perspective.

So again we say know that what you bring to this collective event may not seem to be much if you only take into account what your recollection after the actual event may or may not be, for what you do, is indeed something that will bring this whole and complex endeavour literally another quantum leap forward. So once again we have no words to adequately describe the gratitude that your services will generate literally near and far, so let us simply say that without you, the light would never be as bright, and without you the future would not be as promising at it is now, and without you, the dreams would never be more than just that, a wisp of hope in a sea of despair. But thanks to you, the light is going to continue to magnify, the future is already here and the dreams have already started to come alive, and for that, you deserve all of the accolades you can get. So take some time to acknowledge your own greatness as you once again set the intention to be part of this collective effort carried out by this grand collection of glorious souls, the ones that are making history happen by allowing themselves to take the future into their own hands and hearts.”


I have gotten the first taste of these very New energies, and it was not a small sip from a dainty glass, more like a powerful torrent of crystalline, sparkling energy, so this photo from my trip to the mountains last summer came to mind immediately when I searched for a photo that can match it. This energy also has a very distinct feel of focus, of a momentum with a purpose, an energy that is here for us to USE it. So I invite you all to be a part of this very first Gathering in the very new year where we, “this grand collection of glorious souls” – or perhaps we should call ourselves The Construction Crew – will come together to “take the future into our own hands and hearts” and continue to co-create this New World. I am so looking forward to seeing you all there 🙂
Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 06:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 04:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 05:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 07:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

226 thoughts on “Welcome to the January Gathering around the Pond, Sunday January 4

  1. Hi Aisha, I’m quite surprised at your excitement about Cern, have you researched the negative aspects and consequences of this project? From what I read about Cern it can have a catastrophic outcome for the planet. It doesn’t resonate with me to try to achieve something for the sake of curiosity or to prove a theory when the answers to everything are already within us. The money invested in Cern could have gone into projects to rehabilitate our planet instead. As someone who experienced ascension in 1996 I know that we have the potential for all knowledge within us when we are ready for it. Is this not the purpose of ascension, to experience the God within us instead of science spending so much money to tell us what we already know/are? Besides, they can potentially create a program which can be misused for malevolent means. I am of the opinion that science has thwarted the ascension process through the pollution created in our waters, food and air via chemtrails/geoengineering and HAARP, altering the frequencies and vibrations of Gaia. Are the scientists working on Cern connected to Gaia enough to notice that she is dying from all the pollution and oxygen deprivation? I think that if they weren’t left brained ego maniacs trying to know God through their brains and not their Heart they would be more concerned right now about trying to stop all those greedy from doing anymore damage to our Gaia. There is only one way to know God and that is through your Heart. No matter what anyone tells us, we still have to become self realized through our own journey, which science cannot replace.

    1. Dear Irene! I have watched this documentary twice now because something deep inside of me tells me that the work being done in CERN is extremely important. I am certain that the LHC will help to give us information that in turn will enable “brilliant minds” all over the world find solutions to the problems we as a species have created that is affecting not just us but this beautiful planet that we live on.
      Aisha ❤

  2. Dear brothers and sisters! I just had to share this trailer for a documentary about CERN and the Large Hadron Collider entitled “Particle fever”. Norwegian TV aired it last week, and if you get a chance to see the whole thing I really recommend that you do so. I was literally blown away by it, not just because of the scientific impact of the work they do there, but also because this whole project is a gigantic global co-creational effort that in many ways resembles the work we do as a group. Not only that, CERN is also sharing the data they collect freely through the CERN Open Data Portal. “Launching the CERN Open Data Portal is an important step for our Organization. Data from the LHC programme are among the most precious assets of the LHC experiments, that today we start sharing openly with the world. We hope these open data will support and inspire the global research community, including students and citizen scientists,” says CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer.” I have a feeling that some of the “fertile minds” the CCs refer to are amongst the thousands of people working at CERN, and I do not think it is a coincidence that the LHC is scheduled to start up its second three-year run in March this year after a two year shut-down for “maintenance and improvements” 😉

    Aisha ❤

  3. I feel immense joy and gratitude for this wonderful time and sharing and to be part of the Pond even though I don’t know anyone in the physical who seem to know everyone else. Also so happy that I came upon this website as it resonates with much of my work. I have been participating with you since then. Thank you Aisha and CC’s for your gifts of sharing. I will spend my Sunday in joyous preparation of both internal and external space to be fully present at my midnight here in Abu Dhabi, UAE. How enormously beautiful Life is, to be able to create our futures, that we are a part of. I send you all much love.

    1. Dear Vearle Avni,

      “…and to be part of the Pond even though I don’t know anyone in the physical who seem to know everyone else”

      You know – I just know everyone else here by their heart and soul and have never met anyone in physical 🙂 That is the miracle of LOVE 🙂 ❤

      Looking forward to meet/see/feel you at the Gathering dear friend 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. “Our first wave of acceleration – the first in a powerful series – arrives on January 4.

    Now is not a time to rattle on about predictions, preparations or repetitive advice. Many of us are feeling a new level of expansion, activation and multidimensional merging.
    We have created the brand new paradigm of our own experience, merging all that is Now through an ancient Solar template. Feel it, own it, expand it.”

    ~ Sandra Walter

    Georgi Stankov:

    “Today Anthony informed us one more time that we should expect a huge energetic peak this Sunday, January 4, 2015.

    He refers to the following information from NASA which I shall publish below.

    Please observe that this rapid ascension period started with a Pluto alignment. I remember this time very well as I had a more than 6 weeks severe broncho-pneumonitis due to huge ascension wave from the Source as can be read on this website and many of you were also hardly hit (hit hard) at that time.

    Now we have a similar huge shift and another alignment with Pluto. I am not good at astronomy and astrology, but this coincidence struck me immediately and I wanted to share it with you.
    Obviously we have now exited the section of the ascension stream with the dangerous rapids and now flow more fluently to higher frequency levels.

    Rick, whom we recently met in White Rock, has just written to me his take on the current very fluent energetic situation:

    Hi George,

    As we know, we are constantly Ascending and what I got last night, came as a surprise, hence why I informed you quickly, and perhaps to see if Carla was getting anything similar.

    After I sent this email to you last night, I asked some questions and received some more insight into what was transpiring.
    Here is a summary.

    I was told we were going into a “gradual” shift to a higher timeline starting within 24 hours from last night and continuing for the next month.

    I was told, because of some unforeseen circumstance, that we will be not continuing on this timeline and will be gradually transported to another timeline during the next month.
    I asked if it was alright to share this information with you, and was given a definite yes.

    The sensitives will feel and know the shift is happening, but the Not Awakened destined to come along, will come along, BUT AGAIN BE OBLIVIOUS TO WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING AT THIS TIME.
    Whereas more are rapidly awakening, it is affecting future events at a rapid pace and is causing distortions in future timelines.

    I was also told that we are to not fully disclose yet, who we truly are, that there are still other events to happen in order.

    I was also told that detoxing of the human vessel is important for many as we transcend and will effect this morphing of the shift.

    I am told to stay where I am presently at for several more days and to not affect certain smaller timelines by interactions with others in more populated areas.
    FYI, I am presently at a lake in the mountains where I have been cleansing negativity from this node. Two small incredible vortexes of energy, being represented as impressive funnels of wind have appeared here so far as a result, at calm wind conditions. As part of my purpose, I am told to wait these next several days, for something to happen, before I move from here?

    This is what I got, and as most times, not let known more, until after the fact, when the realization assures and confirms the prior action. I do not know if this plays a part with you and Carla, other than I was told it was alright to share with you. I will be interested in seeing if Carla got anything similar.

    Thank You
    Love and Light, Rick

    Both Carla and I resonate very strongly with Rick’s assessment and feel that we are now approaching the point of no return, where huge transformations should be expected.

    Carla sees with her third eye a massive energetic wall in the Universe coming towards this earth that will engulf us in the next few days. This is what Carla just wrote to me:

    Dear Georgi,

    I fully resonate with Rick’s information here. I have felt us cutting away or leaving timelines over the past several weeks, just to hit a plateau about a week ago, in preparation for a major upward expansion, coming over the next few days, I am unsure when this will happen, but it’s coming up fast.

    This all coincides with Anthony’s information, that the alignment on the 4th of January will be the new “re-set” which is the word that I have heard for a few days.
    I am getting that we are best to withdraw as much as possible from any interaction, with anything, and this is maybe why Rick has been guided to avoid densely populated areas as well.

    Interesting times!


    We hope to get more information on this phenomenon in the next few days, but we always get such information after the actual energetic process is accomplished and the results are known. And we are not there yet. But probably after Sunday we shall be more clever.

    And here is the astronomic report from NASA which Anthony sent to us in confirmation that there will be a huge energetic shift on Sunday in conjunction with this rare planetary alignment of Pluto.”


    1. “Strange natural occurrences are happening in the world today. But nothing more magnificent than the one you will experience on January 4, 2015.

      According to British astronomer Patrick Moore, at exactly 9:47 PST AM on January 4th, Pluto will pass directly behind Jupiter, in relation to Earth.

      This rare alignment will mean that the combined gravitational force of the two planets would exert a stronger tidal pull, temporarily counteracting the Earth’s own gravity and making people virtually weightless. Moore calls this the Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect.

      Moore told scientists that they could experience the phenomenon by jumping in the air at the precise moment the alignment occurred. If they do so, he promised, they would experience a strange floating sensation.

      Astronomers have long been aware that there would be an alignment of the planets on that date, when Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto would be on the same side of the sun, within an arc 95° wide. But now they are guaranteeing the occurrence as the gravitational effect of the other planets on the Earth’s crust is maximum even at their closest approach.

      But don’t get too excited. If you think you’ll be able to float around your house, you’re wrong. But, if you jump in the air at 9:47 AM PST, on January 4, 2015, it should take you about 3 seconds to land back on your feet instead of the usual 0.2 seconds.”

            1. I also indicated what time my Swedish friends on Facebook can try jumping out of bed tomorrow morning – and perhaps linger in air a bit longer ;)))
              Exciting times now dear tomo 🙂
              Love you ❤

      1. “During an interview on BBC Radio 2, on the morning of April 1, 1976, the British astronomer Patrick Moore announced that an extraordinary astronomical event was about to occur. At exactly 9:47 am, the planet Pluto would pass directly behind Jupiter, in relation to the Earth. This rare alignment would mean that the combined gravitational force of the two planets would exert a stronger tidal pull, temporarily counteracting the Earth’s own gravity and making people weigh less. Moore called this the Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect.

        Moore told listeners that they could experience the phenomenon by jumping in the air at the precise moment the alignment occurred. If they did so, he promised, they would experience a strange floating sensation.

        At 9:47, Moore declared, “Jump now!” A minute passed, and then the BBC switchboard lit up with dozens of people calling in to report that the experiment had worked!

        A Dutch woman from Utrecht said that she and her husband had floated around the room together. Another caller claimed she had been seated around a table with eleven friends and that all of them, including the table, had begun to ascend.

        But not everyone was happy. One angry caller complained he had risen from the ground so rapidly that he hit his head on the ceiling, and he wanted compensation.

        Moore’s announcement was, of course, an April Fool’s Day joke. It became one of the most celebrated April Fool’s Day hoaxes of the late 20th century. ”


        Aisha ❤

        1. Dear Aisha ❤

          Thank you so much for a much needed good laugh :)))
          I´ll definitely set the alarm clock at 6:47 tomorrow morning 🙂

          Love & joy ❤

    2. Thank you for posting this, this really stood out to me.

      “Whereas more are rapidly awakening, it is affecting future events at a rapid pace and is causing distortions in future timelines.”


      “I am told to stay where I am presently at for several more days and to not affect certain smaller timelines by interactions with others in more populated areas.”

      Again last night was another weird one, not bad, just weird.

        1. I think it relates to this part, B.

          “I was told, because of some unforeseen circumstance, that we will be not continuing on this timeline and will be gradually transported to another timeline during the next month.”

          and this part here,

          “that there are still other events to happen in order”

          There is nothing else being said. I asked my HS and zilch nothing either other than the thing about ‘time loops’ and that has been weird, and i don’t have the comprehension of it yet. Those time loops could be the distortions actually.

          1. In my opinion these movements already started. Weird it is. I am so thankful that life works – after all. Everything seems to be planned and is taken care of 🙂

            Thank you dear elven for your answer. I really appreciated it ❤
            Love & light ❤

  5. No wonder it’s so incoherent if different aspects of yourself are on both ends of the same thing and the inner voice is trying to solve it out to linear mind. Haha! Got it. Now it’s starting to make sense.

  6. “The other hand worships, the other hand prays”. So the roman dude did the other, the indian woman did the other. A o’key! Those two can have peace now.

  7. Hi Dear Family,
    Looking forward to our kick off 2015 Gathering, I Am 🙂
    Been very tired but interesting things started happening yesterday (Jan 1st)
    I will not say much even though I do not like secrets. I also seem to be kept from forming it into words anyways.
    I think the energetic part of my experience was a ‘trial run’ for Sunday’s gathering ….so, I will just let it be and see.
    There was also a visual aspect as I lay down to sleep last night…and it was one that I seemed to be able to ‘maneuver’ differently and I believe will become more and more ‘effective’ as we move forward.
    Sorry to be vague. I really cant put a good spin on it all just yet. Today, I was just taking it easy and catching up a bit here.
    I am also struggling with the feeling of just being a stepping stone or step on the ladder for others who will reap the benefits of our labors in the future. I know some of u share in that feeling. I intend to stay positive. It has been challenging though.
    Love to All ❤

    1. Don’t worry Areeza, you are the bright energy, as we all are.
      We preform our songs and dance together and it presents it self as Love.
      and love is all there is, big and getting bigger!!!

      1. Love his work!!!
        Also Go Pro is revolutionizing how we see this complex world…connected!!! 🙂

        1. Shit — so that’s what they are also using as mounts for the animals — like the amazing Eagle flights?


          “Featured Mounts
          Mounts are a big part of the magic in getting epic GoPro shots. From riding waves and riding motorcycles, to hanging with your kids—there’s a GoPro mount designed to help you capture it. ”



    “My Dearest Sisters,

    The most happy and healthy and prosperous of years to you to us and to the World. I was just texting with Julian when I got this message from HER, the Great Central Sun Alcyone:

    The energies of the Great Central Sun are here and hitting the Planet they are the tide of transition that is coming, a wave of huge proportions.

    She, the female energy of The Pleiades, is bringing this about.
    She is now making the cosmic movements that will unset the PTB and make them the PTW.

    Her greatest task at this moment is the complete turning on of the Prime wavers —

    who are small in number less than a 1000 —

    and the movement of the 33000 that are the 1st wavers.

    We are to do little to nothing over the next 7 days other than to bring ourselves into a state of grace within and to hold our selves to what we know as truth.
    No magic, no running to save anything or anyone, no nothing energetically other than possibly uniting our selves together.

    Come into your own source energies and remain there until the 7th.

    All will be made clear!


      1. thank you kiera & thank you all & thank you aisha💓
        such a great timing to have another gathering !
        see you all at gathering Jan 4 at 21:00 Oslo time ❤︎
        sharing ❤︎

        1. ~

          “I will now let you in on a little preview, of something to come….in your year of 2015.

          In one of our transmissions, we will bring in — a young Being from our society — who has absolutely NO IDEA what your society is like.

          (audience in agony noises)

          And you’re going to get the opportunity to “explain” some concepts to him…and let’s see how THAT goes.”

          ~ BASHAR

          1. Hahahaha!!!!! This reminds me of the classic last scene with the little girl in “Ascension”, the mini-series. Loved the loose pigs on deck, too!! 😉

        2. Awwww…..look at this…..so wish we could already do that, Now.

          Quote tomo and B, perfect words: “exciting and Great!”


  9. So, during the last few nights there has been some ‘silly buggers’ messing around in the energies, it seems with the unfortunate side effect of disrupted sleep time and other things that may have made people question if they were being attacked or sinking back into ‘old stuff’ when they were not. HS said the past week the focus shifted from releasing “thought forms” to closing down timeloops. If this has come up for anyone else then timeloops is why.

    Tonight however, the energies are far more stable in the emotional and mental fields, so hopefully this phase is done with now.

    1. “….may have made people question if they were being attacked or sinking back into ‘old stuff’ when they were not.” I have been there too.
      Thank you for sharing dearest Sister ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. GaiaPortal, January 2:

    “Star enchantments have been unveiled.

    ….blah blah….etc..

    Gaia manipulations are finished.

    Awaiting final instructions.”

    I’ll give you final instructions, you verbally lubricious Lyrans! Here are your instructions —

    Fully overlay the upper 4D and 5D Earth reality templates, and



    “The general area of the “birth” of the humanoid race. All humanoid races in our galactic family have genetic roots connected to Lyra. It is the symbolic harp upon which the song of humanity is played.”

    Prenesene poruke, March 22, 2012:

    “The following information is a composite of knowledge that I have gathered through other Felines from my homeland galaxy of Lyra & Vega star systems – slowly we are connecting with each other.

    There are a few of us here on earth at the moment but I know there will be more of us here in the coming days, so you will probably be become acquainted and more aware of a presence in due time.

    We are here to help and assist you with your emancipation and the Ascension process.

    The Lyrans are a race of humanoids that have been in existence long before the history of Earth began. We come from many planets associated with the star system of Lyra. We are very humanlike in our appearance. You would not be able to tell us from any other human if you were to pass one of us on the street.

    In fact we are responsible for the seeding of your planet with the humanoid looking being that is associated with Earth. We are perhaps on the average a little taller than most Earth humans and our skin is not as dark, but those would be the only differences between us.

    There is some information out there that says we are now Pleiadians, but that is in fact not true. We would be considered cousins to them in a manner of speaking, but we are not one and the same. We worked a great deal in conjunction with the Pleiadians in seeding efforts not only on Earth, but many other planets as well. In that respect we share a great deal in common with the Pleiadians. In fact many Lyrans have lived many lifetimes as Pleiadians.

    We exist on a higher-level plane of existence than earth is presently on at this moment in time. In fact we as a race have transitioned to this higher plane successfully in relatively recent times.

    This is one of the reasons we have a keen interest in Earth at this time because of Earth’s own ascension process taking place now. This also is why there are many Lyrans incarnate on Earth at this time so as to be of assistance to the Earth and Her peoples in this time of transition.

    We are here to help show the way, because of our experience. In a sense we have a parental role to play with the peoples of Earth and we are watching you grow and mature.

    There are several clues that would point to the fact that a person is a Lyran living on Earth. These clues have more to do with the personality than with the physical as our morphogenic form is very similar with humans from Earth.

    The person will have a sense of mission. They will know at some level even though they may not be able to put their finger on it that they have a specific purpose for being here. The person will be drawn to the stars. This may take the form of being interested in astronomy for example or reading science fiction or being attracted to science fiction movies and the paranormal of all sorts.

    Also the person will sense that there is an underlying truth in these books and movies. It may feel like you have been a part of something like you are reading or watching.

    These people also know that the human is capable of so much more, but knows that they have been lied to about the human potential.

    The person will also have a sense of underlying authority. People will tend to gravitate to you and trust your thoughts, judgments and opinions. The person may not be in a high position of authority, but nonetheless people recognize your authority. There will also from time to time be issues with authority or rather an aversion to authority figures.

    There is a certain amount of sternness and seriousness that goes with this type of person.
    They will not “suffer fools gladly” as the saying goes.They tend to do more observing than talking. This type tends to be loners.

    Not that they do not have family and friends, but they are comfortable with themselves and do not always need everyone around for fulfillment.”

    1. “Here are the Traits of Lyran starseeds as follows:


      Those Lyrans who have Vega as their planetary origin are self sufficient, independent, proud and strong willed. There is an outer smooth energy and appearance of strength and capability.

      Those from Vega tend to be knowledgeable in a wide variety of areas, they may be trivia “collectors” for information concerning their areas of interest.

      They have a variety of talents and capabilities, are quite creative and often have an ability to combine creative expression with intellectual expression.
      They may be artists, designers, inventors, architects or in current times may work more closely with creativity through new or expanding technologies.

      Their methods of working with technology will differ from many, as it is based more on “feeling” than on intellectual understanding. They do well at beginning projects, but less well at completing them.

      Those from Vega are travelers who seek variety, challenge and understanding of the many questions they have within.

      They may become bored easily. They tend to analyze, question and doubt all which they do not understand, does not meet their belief system or simply does not “feel” right.
      This understanding will not be of a practical, logical nature. It will be an inner comprehension that will be more a “feeling” that leads to “knowing” instead of a technical understanding.


      A Lyran race that is elvish in appearance, having a strong affinity with the Nature of a given planet, they have a tendency toward Nature magic or energy work, demonstrating great capacity in this area of psychic ability.

      A cautious people, it often takes time to gain their trust. They have strong directives and principles and practice within a specific heirarchy, and those within their society that are especially talented in specific areas often excel in the heirarchy’s structure above others.

      Although their race is of great intellect and talent they are known to hunger for further knowledge.

      They are known for their artistic talents and great architecture. They prefer peace but will defend themselves from outside attack if necessary.”

      1. Thanks Kiera,
        A great deal of this sounds like me, and I have been told my energy is Lyran. No idea what to do with it (if anything) still.

  11. Thinking about the dance scene in the movie “singing in the rain”.
    It dawned on me that just walking down the street in any city at night would brighten up the street lamps.
    So much light we all have!!!! Our light is so Amazing!!!!! <3.

  12. This will be my first Gathering, and I’m so very grateful to join at such an amazing time. The energies in Alaska have been so inspiring – even on cloudy days there is such a feeling of lightness and excitement. Deep gratitude for this wonderful connection!

  13. As always thank you Aisha! I am so looking forward to Sunday! We are now a small group of friends here in my life who come together energetically every Gathering, and we just love to do this work not only for our selfs but for the rest of the world! It really gives purpose and dept to our lives! It’s also fascinating to talk about it afterwords and to find out so many similarities in our experiences 🙂 We already were good friends but doing this has brought us even more together as we are growing together. So in the name of the small group I am part of, thank you Aisha, you don’t know how much you have changed our lives, how much you have made our worlds bigger and how much we no longer feel alone or disconnected… Your blog has been a gateway, a door, where love came true and started to shine so brightly in and on places in us, we didn’t no existed. So happy new year from us, thank you also for the beautiful New Years message, it was tear shedding 🙂 and we hope to be together with you and the rest of this fantastic souls, for many more wonderful Gatherings to come, and who knows, as you said in your New Years message we will see us all in the flesh one day 😉 and until then, in the stratosphere of enlightenment and love ❤
    Katja and friends 😉

    1. Dear Katja and friends! From my heart to yours – thank you! Thank you for these beautiful words, thank you for stepping through this gateway and for allowing the light that has been waiting inside you to come out 🙂 YOU are making this world bigger, brighter and more loving, and I feel so blessed to be allowed to witness your emergence.
      With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Thanks for your words Eric. Lifts my heart on a particularly depressing day! Yes, Highest Good for ALL Life! I’m looking forward to the gathering!

  14. Thank You Aisha & CC’s *…..LOve this !
    a message with more than a stir, a little kick or even a few small twitches ! Happy New Born 2015 to All & a 1st 2015 Gathering to ignite a New Glorious Flame to fan out upon this world….sure we All can now feel a slightly new energy momentum being brought forth & converging with fuller comprehension on how to use the God given tools that are swirling inside us !

    “a potential is inert until consciousness engages with it to cause a kind of friction that enables these unattached particles to come together in a way that will begin to form a new form of life”

    “we have no words to adequately describe the gratitude that your services will generate literally near and far”……ahhh Yes that word thing again…..
    so may I help with……

    *more than words*

    reaching up to the highest heights & diving deep into the farthest depths below…..pulling it All together in perfect ‘Balance, Harmony & Compassion’ for the betterment of All Life & All of Creation !
    Love to Ya All !……Bev*
    (busy undecorating ~ cleaning up now, geez!..catch up with you later…Bev*)

      1. Dear Bev! You inspired me to repost the comment I just posted to yours under the previous message from the CCs:
        Thank you so much for sharing this! This image and your words have been popping up for me repeatedly over the last couple of days, and I have been guided to share this clip from the film “Particle fever” about CERN that talks about this literally on a “subatomic level”. As you say it so wonderfully “the living ‘Magic’ growth of Creation that is fully here & now has to attach to something….& that something is with us & our ‘Intentions’ !!!” – perhaps we can liken ourselves to the famous Higgs Boson that is literally at the very centre of the Standard Model of physics 😉

        Aisha ❤

  15. As a farmer looking out on his fields as nature grows. happiness, and pride.
    Lets remember We are creators of energy like this!!!

  16. Hi there Aisha and thanks for channeling! ust what I needed to hear. 🙂 ❤ I'm doing an energy clearing sound vibration workshop earlier on sunday, this will fit nicely with th Pond later in the evening and the full moon early Monday morning… things are on the move! I've had HUGE shifts take place the last couple of days. And energy is rocketing through – it's like a fireball or comet descending from the Cosmic void into my body, straight through. Wow. Happy to join in with everyone! ❤

  17. Reblogged this on Adele and commented:
    “So again we thank you all for bringing yourselves and the rest of Creation to this moment in time, for without you, no new growth would be possible, and mankind would be one step closer to that day when the last gulp of fresh air and the last sip of potable water would be consumed.” … 🙂 …
    If only these words are enough to rip a big smile of joy from the heart! … 🙂 …
    All of this message of the C. C. it is important, it’s like a loving caress in our heart!
    See you at the Gathering of Sunday, January 4th, dear brothers and sisters Ponders! … 🙂 …

  18. Pot to be stir up, a Calderon. What is inside,this energy, is more then gold, but maybe the flower of life. So we stir and whirl and mix and let unfurl, new energy, so cool!!!!

    1. We are the stirrers!!!!

      This is us.
      Ready to take a dip in the pond, see you all there!!!! :0) 🙂 ❤

      1. Thanks for this Michael. We used to make such strong whirlpools as kids in our round, upground pool like this one.
        was great to let it carry you along afterwards 🙂 ❤

  19. Hello Aisha and Afathon the Wayshower! Happy New Energy portal of crystalline light! Feeling it! Sunday at 3pm can be hard for me to stop and tune in (kids etc.), so I just say hey CC’s tag me in when it all happens and it works! Particularly strong response this time! I was just reminded by them to continue with one of my favorite mantras Om Mani Padme Om…as that is one of several which affects not just myself personally, but uplifts the entire collective as well. I Am having much experience of late of encouraging and uplifting the younger Lightworkers, which is wonderful. If I were to be categorized, I’m an ‘Indigo scout’ so there are many fewer in number of similar aspect in my generation, and more than once I have wondered why is it that I came in as a light worker so much earlier? It’s because that by now in my mid 50s I have more wisdom than I had in my 20s, clearly, and I am finding myself being accepted and even respected by theses young people (what a concept! :p). It’s pretty much online at the moment, but I’m feeling so much changing for me in my personal life that I hope to expand into that Wayshower space in my immediate life as well. Is there any way to write to you aside from commenting here? Thank you, and much love to the Pond!

    1. Dear Carmel, is there a way to see the things you share online? A blog or website or facebook or smth alike? Thank you for being an Indigo scout. 🙂

    2. you are a first or second waver. You are a forerunner. most here are.
      I have had the Om Mani Padme Om come to me as well 🙂 ❤
      Love to you and your essence – With many Blessings for your work and beingness!

  20. Dearest Aisha and CCs ❤ ❤

    Aisha – you couldn´t have choosen a better image to show the joyful, powerful and energetic flow that is on now 🙂 Glorious 🙂 ❤

    Thank you very much. See you on Sunday 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


    PS. Today I watched the most beautiful film on TV; "Lysleite" by your landsman Tor Sivertstöl that honours Mother and the light in Norway in the most amazing way. Unfortunately the film cannot be shown all over the world but here is a video with one of the beautiful songs. What a wonderful world to live in 🙂 ❤

    1. Dear B,
      I had a beautiful experience while watching the video. I was holding my iPad close to my face to see the lights well without my glasses so when the screen darkens, I was able to see my face clearly. When the scene of the bright stars started, I saw stars in my eyes and my face among the stars. Suddenly I felt a deep longing and missed my home there, at one of the stars. It made me cry for a while but it was also a calming and soothing moment. I thought I may be away from home but I still have things to do here on earth, and relaxed. ❤

      1. Dear TIjen ❤

        This morning I have had a really long google session about star system little bear and the polar star that I always had a great attraction to. I also ended up on a wiki page about Kallisto where a painting of Jupiter and Venus reminded me of a mighty old painting that I have. After having cleaned up and glued the frame, that loosened in one corner, it now sits beside my bed 🙂

        Strange what a statement about weightlessness at 9:47 AM PST can lead to 😉

        See you tonight ❤

        1. B, do you think with all the changes in the energies and all, are we remembering our roots (should I say seeds)?

  21. Dear Aisha and friends, this is so intensive! I feel those energies too. I sense how for me the process that once felt so endles, the merging of my body and soul comes to and end. I am so much looking forward to begin the outer work with all of our fellow humans.

  22. An hour before receiving this latest post I awoke from my siesta here in Spain to receive a picture of a new born baby entering the letterbox of the house I am looking after in Baza, Granada. Tonight I leave for my own house in Cocentaina, Alicante and Sunday at 21.00 I’ll stand in the Riu Serpis which my house sits above and join you all. xxxxx Stew

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