A powerful connection

Beloved family of light! My sister and I have just been through such a powerful experience, I have asked her to help me to share it with you. For this morning, my sister asked me to come and look at something she had been guided to connect with, and it was about Tintagel on the West Coast of England. I felt tingles all over my body and I told her “this must be so important, for there has been a lot of talk about King Arthur and Merlin at the Pond the last couple of weeks”. She was not aware of this, because she very rarely read anything that is posted here, not even the messages that I channel. After I had read through the link she showed me, I said to her that I felt we should sit down and meditate together. She agreed, and we both felt guided to prepare by taking the time to light incense and read a prayer to Mother Nature and using my Tibetan singing bowl to mark the occasion. We also brought in three feathers that we have been gifted over the last two years, an owl’s feather and an eagle’s feather from the area around Lake Gjende and a hawk’s feather we found during our week in Crete. We also brought the two pieces of yellow quartz we found at Lake Bygdin this summer, one for each of us.

This is what my sister has to share about this:

When I woke up this morning, I felt the need to connect with my yellow quartz from Lake Bygdin. Immediately, I got an image of the pyramids of Giza, and I felt I was standing in Tara’s photo. I could feel the desert winds blowing in my hair.

I then got the image of the energetic pyramid of the Bygdin/Gjende-area, and I thought – maybe I should connect with more pyramids? The word Tintagel entered my head. Tintagel?? I asked. I knew about the name, that it was a place in Cornwall, but nothing about it. Don’t you mean Glastonbury, I asked. But the name Tintagel persisted. So I “saw” the energetic pyramids of these three places, Egypt was very much in the middle, Lake Bygdin/Gjende-area on my left, and Tintagel on the right. I saw two interconnected pyramids in each place, like the Merkaba, with one pyramid on top of the other, but with their points touching. These pyramids started spinning, pulling all the energies into the Egypt-pyramid, pulling in all the dense energies but also the light energies. Then I fell asleep.

Waking up again, I had to get up and google Tintagel + Spiritual. To my amazement, I found out that this place is deeply connected to Merlin and Arthur. I felt a deep connection to the place, looking at the photos of the rugged coast and the waves crashing in. I found a very interesting article about a spiritual experience someone had here. I told my sister about my experience and showed her the articles. She suggested we sit down to meditate, and I felt guided to hold my hawk feather from Crete in my left hand and my yellow quarts from Lake Bygdin in my right.

Immediately, I got an image of myself standing on the Tintagel island, with winds blowing in my long hair and long robe. I was facing the ocean and holding Merlin’s sword in my hands up to the skies. The sword was golden, the sword of Absolute truth. I was guided to plunge it deeply into the cliff – and this time it shall stay there, not be pulled up by anyone.

There were lighting bolts coming down from the sky through the sword and into the ground. I could see not just Tintagel, but the British Isles from above. They were black and the lighting spread out all over, like a network of golden fissures, or like veins of golden blood reaching out everywhere.

“We are cleansing these isles of their dark and dense energies, from their wars and strife,” I sensed. We are purifying the history, like panning gold, we are washing the grit and soil from the golden nuggets of ancient wisdom. I could feel this purification going on, and I got the image of the British Isles from above again, this time it was like the Northern light – or a shower of Gold light emitting from the isles and up into the sky.

At this point, I could feel the feather slipping in my fingers. But I wasn’t dropping it, it was leaning over to the right, and touching the quarts from Lake Bygdin.

So – am I supposed to create a connection from Tintagel to the Lake Bygdin/Gjende-area? As this thought formed in my mind, the word BRIDGE appeared. I sensed a golden tunnel, looking like the tale of a dragon, shooting forth from Tintagel to the source in the mountains where we had the water collecting ceremony this summer.

This connection brought the pure, blessed waters from the Norwegian mountains to Tintagel, accelerating the cleansing process of the British Isles. And then I was reminded of the fact that my hawk feather was from Crete. I could now see how a connection, an energetic bridge was formed, connecting Tintagel to the pyramid mountain on Crete, and from here to the source in Norway. I started working on the energetic circulation, with the words “We are love, we are loved, we are loving” going counter clockwise from the purity of the mountains, to the Blessed Isles to Crete. I feel we have now established a strong purification process and connection between these three points. The dense energies are being cleansed and all the old and sacred knowledge is being shared and spread at the same time.

And so it is.
I am Afathon – the wayshower.

This is how I experienced this: When I connected to the energies, I could feel this powerful spiraling motion going through me and I saw myself standing out on the rocky promontory of Tintagel, wind whipping through my long, dark hair. Then, I could feel the energies starting to move more straight down through me, and I felt myself becoming taller and straighter, like a needle or a hollow reed, and I knew my task was to simply channel these energies down into the Earth. Powerful emotions came up and washed through me, and I struggled to stay still, but I knew that this was not from me, it was something that was coming up to be released from the collective. Suddenly I heard the words “dialysis”, and “the blood of the land” and I just knew that I was a part of something that literally cleansed this part of the world by allowing the light to come in and remove the impurities that had been embedded there for so long.

This continued for a while, and then I heard the words “the love of the land” and it was like the piece of yellow quartz from the Norwegian mountains that I was holding in my hands started to pulse and becoming warmer and warmer, and I was instantly transported to Lake Gjende. Then, I heard the words “the lady of the lake” and I saw the huge piece of clear quartz that I had deposited there in the summer of 2013, and I could hear the words “purified”. I saw myself lifting this crystal clear “dagger” of light up from the lake and up towards heaven, but then, I suddenly knew that I was supposed to plunge that “dagger of light” straight down into the ground, and that is what I did. I could see the dark ground starting to splinter where the crystal was embedded, and through the cracks a bright, white light appeared, spreading outwards, and I could see how this light started to pulse and I knew it was literally the new, purified life blood of Mother Earth starting to flow. I saw myself straightening up again, and from my hands I released a huge eagle, and it flew up to the skies above the snow clad mountains around Lake Gjende. Then, I turned into that eagle, and I could feel myself soaring upwards on the winds, floating over that beautiful landscape and it was such a powerful sense of weightlessness and of total freedom 🙂

With eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

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  1. Funny how nothing is sure “out there”, but the freedom to ask. Telepathy you know. I’m just a phonecaller. Nothing om my belt, but ill mind. I hope this is my first and last life. Don’t get stuck on beliefs.

  2. Dear Ashia,
    I also thought there might be a gathering. I will be there!!!!

    I was having a Christmas lunch with my coworkers and listening to their jibber jabber. Knowing that I am one of the originals who created this plan for humanity to survive and reach a point where they could “thrive”, I was wondering if any of them had any inkling of what is really taking place on the planet. Would they even understand if I tried to tell them or would they think that I am crazy. If I spoke of King Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere would they laugh and say that is just a legend. It never really happened.

    After lunch I am driving to the grocery store to purchase Christmas cookies ingredients and I was wondering if all of this is really real. Maybe I am just way out there but then a buzzard flew over my car, very low. Then shortly after 3 more came flying out of nowhere, very low as well. Buzzards are one of my totems and spirit communicates through them many, many times. Whenever I am doubting my reality one or more will fly over me.

    I go inside the store and head for the baking isle looking for flour and I stopped dead in my tracks….King Arthur Flour…..on the shelf…can you believe it??? I do not remember seeing that brand before but there it was and I bought a bag to remind me when I doubt.


    1. Nice Ellie 🙂

      Sometimes I feel like en eremit in a bubble who grows in my beliefs, feelings and experiences and sometimes I go out among people and just spread my light and all that I am in a jubilant joy. I always hope to meet other people who are in the same experiences as I am – but that’s not often. I am so happy that you and everyone else are here on the blog – otherwise I would be quite alone in the bubble 😉

      Love ❤

      1. I see a little bluebell flower at the center of the cocoon. Waiting for spring, so she can bloom. ❤
        Nature speaks in all seasons.

              1. Sooooo sticky too. 🙂

                Honey buns sticky!!!!

                For Lin and Nancee……..side of chocolate sweetness. yum yum!!! :0)

                1. ❤ did somebody say CHOCOLATE! I'm t/here and ready!! Have FUN, you three. 😀 Much Love. xox Lin/Amyrah ❤

    2. Hi Ellie. What a great story :). You will enjoy using King Arthur flour. It’s simply the best. I will picture you feeling the cookie dough as you blend it with your hands, smelling the cookies bake in the oven, tasting them and sharing them, delighting in the sensual experience each step brings you. Oh, these will be the best cookies ever as you pour your love into the entire process. ❤

  3. Just wanted to add a thought here from Sanat Kumara,(I’m not really familiar) at franheal.wordpress.com. Hope this inspires. ❤

    Allow these abilities now to come forth, for they are needed in this grand awakening of all Humanity. Place your hand over your heart and decree:

    ‘I now hold within me all that I need to create within my reality the perfect life and creations that model and enhance my deep essence and purpose and being, that as it unfolds like the petals of a beautiful lotus flower, it creates Harmony and Abundance, and for not only myself but for all. And in that comes Perfection and Purity of my unfolding of my Divinity.

    ‘May all Humanity experience a deep awakening now, and with that a sense of Peace and deep purpose for the well-being of all.

    ‘And I thank Creator with all my Heart for this chance to experience imperfection, for in that is yielded and created my Perfection and Wholeness, for in illuminating anything keeping me from realizing my wholeness within Creator, I am born again into Wholeness.

    ‘I ask for all my aspects to come into my Being with effortless Grace, and for all Humanity to experience the same, and together and always we come together in Wholeness, the individual and the collective, and experience a deep explosion of awakened Bliss and Harmony, forever and always.


  4. From Maryann Rada

    Planetary Message from the Isis Collective: Be Born Anew

    We are Isis. We are the soul group of known entity Isis. We have been part of the story of humanity on the planet you know as Earth. From our collective energetic soul comes form in times when the people of Earth need to become reborn. Isis has been in your history before as mother, and she embodies the natural form of love which cannot be denied. Remember that she has been part of humanity’s transformation in the past, in the time when the world changed its pattern of expression, when the time arrived for men to move forcefully into the light of the sun while carrying their shadows within themselves. Since that time, no trace of what had been before has remained intact for long. The spirit of the mother cannot be denied, however, and as long as there remains some ability for humans to transform themselves from ignorance into understanding, as long as there remains some sense of pain to be healed, the loving mother you have heard called Isis will return to help you emerge into life anew.

    Where has the one you call Isis been, as the world has devolved into senselessness and abuse of self and other? She has been in the form of knowing within the heart of men and woman that the deeper pain has yet to be revealed. Her presence has moved as light through the dark of night in the minds of people seeking to find the way back to human expression in wholeness of being without the limitations of what has obscured the way. When the time comes to be born, there can remain no obstacles between the soul and life itself. In this, Isis has been the conduit for the passage into life, and she will be again, for those who are ready to journey through that transition. You have to decide for yourself what you will do when the moment arrives to answer a call from the farthest reaches of soul to where you stand, a human of Earth.

    Know that we, the soul collective of Isis, surround the world now, and so we are present for every individual, as present as Nature, as life itself. Enjoin our response to your coming-of-age experience, and you will have our support in choosing transformation, rebirth, life. We will help you through the process of letting go of death-as-life and the illusion of limitation that hinders envisioning your way forward. When you are ready to discard the labels and artifacts of self-definition, you are free to see your own being more clearly and with greater love. The one you know as Isis is present in the age now; she lives in many who are assisting in planetary rebirth. She is also present to any individual who, like a child, is ready to welcome the love of mother into their very being.

    We are everywhere as Nature is everywhere and as life is alive. We welcome you to enter into this time of transformation with the joy that nature welcomes the impulse of the planet’s life and the sun’s warmth and the love that is the current of universal integrity, alive and well. As you pause to think on this in the days ahead, remember how to see with the eyes of the heart and the heart of the mind, and you will come to know who and what the one you call Isis truly is. We align our awareness with you now and remain, in service to love, to greet you in a new light, within.

  5. Dear family of light! The CCs were right when they said that this period will bring some challenges, for after Monday’s incredible experience both my sister and I have been floating around in that void they described in their latest message. It is a place – or space – we have all been more than once before, but this time it is as if the only thing I can feel, are the last few pieces of everything I know, including myself, slipping away, just like the sand in the hourglass the CCs talked about. At the same time, I can feel myself literally becoming lighter too, and last night I dreamt about being able to fly again, so there is this mixture of emptiness and detachment almost like a heavy numbness combined with a sense of being uplifted. The body is a bit perplexed too trying to figure it all out, so even if it feels as light as a feather it also feels like a tub of molasses, telling me to take it really, really slow. Thankfully, today everything feels a little bit brighter, and when I opened the curtains this morning, I saw a clear blue sky over a frost covered forest, and on the lawn, one of our neighbour’s children had made two “angels” in the snow before she left for school. It was such a wonderful start to the day, so I wanted to share it with you as a way for me to thank you all for the light and the love that you continue to share with me and everyone else here at this Pond 🙂

    This is a very special period, not just for us as individuals but also for this planet, and as I have already told you, I had a feeling we would be asked to come together and “pool our resources” at least one more time before this year is over. And this upcoming Sunday, December 21, the CCs have asked me to invite you all to take part in a Winter Solstice Gathering at 21:00 Oslo time. I know it will be an important event for us all, and I know we will get more information from the CCs about it in a day or two, so this is just an “advance notice” from me. I am really looking forward to have the chance to connect with you this Sunday, for I think it will once again be a powerful experience for us all 🙂 Mother Nature is calling me to come out and join her now, so I will put on my winter clothes and go for a walk in the forest. My sister will be joining me, and I will bring you with me as well 🙂 I wish you all a wonderful, light-filled day!
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤

    1. So – it was this message I was waiting for before I will join you and your sister in Mother Nature 🙂 Come along – sun and Mother next :)))
      Love ❤

      PS. Writing this with winter clothes including knitted cap on 😉

    2. Thank you Aisha for the update!! I’ll be there.
      Wild horse couldn’t keep me away!!! Or a bunch of Spanish bulls either!!
      What an extraordinary snow angle…feels like a sword-ed one, ready to Be !!!

    3. ❤ Dear Aisha… what a beautiful snow angel—impressive talent and delightful, Hope&JOY-filled gifts for you&Afathon! Thank you for sharing. For now, take good care, both of you, and Thank You for All that you do. I'll join you and all on Sunday with JOY and enthusiasm. (My own molasses period has finally passed—after Crete until Monday. phew.) Have Fun walking in the snow and the splendor. With my Love to each of you, xox Lin/Amyrah ❤ 🙂

    4. Meditation on 21st see you all there. Beautiful snow angel! Thank you for keeping us posted. Hope you all are enjoying peaceful and healing time in the woods….always makes my day to be in nature even for a few moments.
      ❤ Denise

    5. Dear Aisha ❤

      I was very much in a hurry when I replied to your message earlier today because I really wanted to catch the sun rays before they disappeared behind the tree tops. I hope you managed too 🙂

      How nice to be greeted into the new day by a beautiful snow angel 🙂 I will almost be up among the angels during the gathering on Sunday, though in an aircraft 😉 How fun – I was in an aircraft, in the same direction, when I read your message about the New World too 🙂

      I am also floating around in a state that does not allow much Christmas preparations these days 😉 Since the beginning of this month, I have not even been able to read my newspaper because the brain is fully occupied with everything that is happening now. I realize that I can unsubscribe now because the only task it has nowadays is to show me what day it is;)

      See you on Sunday evening 🙂

      Much love and gratitude for your message ❤


    6. see the nice sword to the left of the snow angel ❤
      yes to the 21st. getting heavy stuff 'away' yesterday and today in prep
      I realize how I clear the way for 'things' to come through – not just for myself.
      I kept thinking of Sunday as a Gathering day. so it is ~Blessings ~

  6. weird, i saw a shadow move across my curtains about 1 hr ago, and then the wind got up in a really eerry way, it sounded like thunder, but wasn’t thunder, its a angry weird as hell wind.

    1. Shadowy crow light things were flying around me – very fast for a few days.
      seems to have subsided now.
      think of the movie Ghost. They were smaller though and more in the air.

  7. so…a huge sword fighting energy was going on all around me….mostly above me.
    I say ‘how is it I am so important they want to destroy me?’….’and you fight so mightily for me?’
    I immediately am told to type in “Queen of the Isles of Ra or Re”
    >I would suggest reading this whole thing for they (some dark ones) really, really strongly did not want this to be put out in the open – at this time especially….and especially here.
    This is the last paragraph which summed it up for me
    “There were no more battles on the Nile or in the land of Egypt; and Osiris rested quietly in his grave, which (since Seth could no longer disturb it) Isis admitted was on the island of Philae, the most sacred place of all, in the Nile a few miles upstream from Elephantine. But the Egyptians believed that the Last Battle was still to come – and that Horus would defeat Seth in this also. And when Seth was destroyed forever, Osiris would rise from the dead and return to earth, bringing with him all those who had been his own faithful followers. And for this reason the Egyptians embalmed dead and set the bodies away beneath towering pyramids of stone and deep in the tomb chambers of western Thebes, so that the blessed souls returning from Amenti should find them ready to enter again, and in them to live for ever on earth under the good god Osiris, Isis his queen and their son Horus.”

    link: http://www.egyptianmyths.net/mythisis.htm

    1. LoL… boy! are there some pissed off dark shadows fleeing!
      No worries for me…I Am Guarded and so Are You !
      All this sword energy and Camelot, Lancelot, Archangel Micheal, All the ‘mythic’ Gods and Goddess’! good reasons folks!!
      I now see the swords placed honorably by their hearts
      another battle won – In The Name Of All That Is !
      In the Name of ALL THAT IS

      In the name of all that is we come together.
      In the name of the stars and galaxies;
      in the name of the planets, moons and the sun;
      in the name of all that is we come.

      In the name of all that is we come together.
      In the name of the ocean and the sea;
      in the name of the mountain, desert and plain;
      in the name of all that is we come.

      In the name of all that is we come together.
      In the name of the buffalo and bear;
      in the name of the turtle, eagle and whale;
      in the name of all that is we come.

      In the name of all that is we come together.
      In the name of the cactus and the fern;
      in the name of the flower, tree and the herb;
      in the name of all that is we come.

      In the name of all that is we come together.
      In the name of the elements of life;
      in the name of the soil, water and air;
      in the name of all that is we come.

      In the name of all that is we come together.
      In the name of the children of earth;
      in the name of the Spirit breathing in all things;
      in the name of all that is we come.

      ©2001 by Jan Novotka’s Music LLC (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

    2. Hi Areeza 🙂 way kool and then some,,, still playing catch up as time seems to have speeded up to the point there is either no time to do the things i used to do in a normal working day, and even if there is i am sooooo spaced out, (which is actually my prefered state) that i do not have a clue what is going on in 3d at all, it’s all just one big whirling wotnot ;-)) and theresure isn’t enough time to rabbit on about all the amazing stuff you are bringing to the fore there, thank you so very much. i know we know each other from way back, but i do not know the details at all,, likely there is a reason for that,,i can tell you that i am creation, but i cannot interfere with your pathway!

      horus is set to return :-)) i am his father and i have spoken to him many times, he will be born unto my partner (sandy) and will manifest his own birth,(not through the (ship canal) and by the way, any child that is born by cesarean section is not applicable to maritime law (roman law) as they have not “birthed” through the “birthing canal”. anyway,,,, horus will manifest himself outside of the womb and he will be the first born in the new world in this manner 🙂 He knows you tooo Areeza,,, and once again i am clearly told i am not to interfere with your path, protection aside :-)) Centurions will battle anything for a laugh 🙂

      Now then i could rattle on about Egypt and then some alas i must refrain some, i can mention pyramid cats to you 🙂 wow are they something a bit special ! When i first recalled entering Giza with God, he pointed out the cats to me, i allready saw them lining the walls sat in splendid feline finery on their plinths, as we strolled in… i know what they would have done had i not been who i am, i have seen them 🙂 they are grand indeed 🙂 (highly inclined to morph, and then some 🙂

      Moving on, before i drop down a warren hhmmmm ahhh yes the hares ! all this druid stuff going down here :-)) where was i…….. hhmmmm what my eyes miss, is deliberate lolol this was a treat 🙂 thank you very much…

      Queen of the Isles of Ra or Re

      is a little island off the scottish coast ( sotland~ scotia ( i am rushing as have to nip out, but have to do this first….

      pharoahess scota ? egyptian queen i’m sure it’s scota,, i have the book here somewhere,,,

      back to this little island,,, Islay Known as “The Queen of the Hebrides”…

      Guess what they got there :-))))) a bloody great big vortex pure and natural 🙂 and a very kool ancient round church 🙂 stunning (google shows it up ) sooo i did some warmy uppy stuff,, and then plonked me sword down through the roof of the quaint little church and buried it deep in the ground,, charging and wot nots abounding,,,(i always turn my sword 90 degrees when i do those thrusty things,,, it helps to unwind the twisty bits 🙂 anyhows,, moving on sharply to the vortex,, i performed a similar trick only this time with merlins amythist key :-)) short story quick,,, up came the loop end of a ankh which was spinning like a top and i had some fun working out what it wanted me to do till i eventually twigged ahh go get a jug of sea water and pour it in the hole where the spinning ankh loop had appeared from…all sorted and no time to reminisce on the follow up energetical antics…however,,, it’s fair guess to suppose it’s connected to amenti :-))

      i gotta read more of your words yet,, so follow up to follow 🙂

      hhhmmmmm,,, i dont like doing this,,, but it’s gotta be done..


      that is my blog, have fun,, i’d go back to the period this time last year, if it was me ! ? ###

      Many deep thanks Areeza,, it is not my place to call you sister of the light,, but i have no idea why that is :-)) you are indeed guarded, and guarded well, and there is always a reason for these things :-)))))

      Mag blessings blue out 🙂

      1. It has been a couple of hazy, crazy days for me as well dear Mag Blue
        After the experience above, I felt strong though it surely was something to be in an atmosphere such as that one – have not taken part so consciously in this type of ‘battle’ in quite some time past.
        Then, I awoke with deep sadness today. Later some anger mixed with what I can only describe as sheer disgust of not being able to delve completely into what I Am. Immediately. More of an impatience and intolerance that I have ever felt. No more of this mixed breed stuff do I want!
        Absolute in-extinguishable Light, I would catch fire to be as one with you. Burn with you and away all that is not of you.
        I so appreciate your response. I knew you would ;P
        It is fine to call me by what you know of me. my true essence 🙂
        There is still a little haze over what I would know completely of your essence too but its not enough to keep me from feeling it in a complete way ! if that makes sense.
        My soul mate, (lets call him Doc Divine), and I connected this day. He has been ill for quite some time…(I am really having my fill of the ill though I feel so strong myself, mostly)….I am so adaptable, its amazing sometimes!
        anyway…here below is what he wrote today. I share it because of what you see with me regarding The Light (and a constant one at that)
        what he wrote today, helped me greatly in salvaging the parts of myself that were falling into despair:
        From my Doc D whom I have been in contact with since 1991 in this life:
        “My dear friend you talk The light. It has already come. You are the torch and the light is coming and has been coming From you. You need not search it. You will find it follow when you really begin to accept it. You see DJ, I have also seen your light and maybe I tried too hard to let you know this light you shine had attractive brilliance that goes thru all you come near our touch, you enlighten with richness. Now look inside the years parted – review it and you will see what I have been seeing for many years. Years of endearment of Love Light Energy, you are! And I say as Jesus may you close one door for a better door will open – with honor I accept the change and the courage to face the challenge, Amen X £”
        More on all of this of course my close companion, Magnetic Blue One!
        So glad for the realization of you… at this most auspicious time ;O
        I am spinning wildly inside and the day beckons to awaken once And For All. Yes

        1. Golden Goddess 🙂

          Thank you

          Creation was quartered, halved and halved again in a hidden manner, you lead me to Amenti, the halls of creation are once again open and they lead straight to Source.

          The Amethyst key unlocked part of it, over the next 48 hrs the coding was released thank you.

          i have to say,,,, i am very impressed at the synchronicity and pure heavenly timing of what occurs thank you in bowed reverence.

          Druidic indeed 🙂

          Acorns into Oaks, Oak trees are sooooo multidimensional a tree symbolizes the still point 🙂

          Mag blue blessings 🙂

  8. And now that I might possibly have done a few more out-of-body-show-in-the-airs people are screaming “poltergeist, evil spirit or satan” like no end. I like flashy ufos too, but I cannot do that, sorry! My color is black, as my dreams seem to be mostly too. Not everything is as it seems.

    1. you are doing a lot of energy work on that area. because you can take it.
      It is honorable even if it seems nightmarish too much.
      I have mostly nightmarish dreams. because I can bear it too. I blow them away each day.
      I send a gentle breeze to you brother
      one day, the dreamer will stay awake in his paradise of truth

  9. I started to study this spiritual stuff to get rid of nightmares, not to get more of them or get used to them!

  10. You know all this is just a… Goosh! Anybody wonder why I like void? You read sword and spell stuff and it gets on you. Then you watch the news and it’s the same with modern weapons. Who ever got this idolizing saint/king/magician stuff is wayy off. You ever think what people worship it’s all rotten. I want colours dancing and nice music. Second you put a head on it and two hands, its all pissing contest. Yugh! Yo I want out! Now! I know I am a madman but what is the choise? Suck it up? Sure… Its tasty too! I miss my fun dreams too, where did they go?!

  11. That is cool. I’ve been trying to locate the dude with the helmet and the gibberish language they spoke spoke around in my vision. Saw later a king of sort and some lady lying down on a ground near a coast. I kid not. Lots of bodies, seemed like a battleground.

  12. more regarding the pentagon:
    “According to Geometry, the Pentagon is the last of the solid forms
    for one simple reason, it is the last form you can make
    out of the other shapes that fits together perfectly.
    Build something with square blocks and after a certain point it has to be supported in some manner .. ditto the circle ..
    even the pentagram given it’s shape .. not the pentagon. You can stack pentagonal shapes into each other until your blue
    in the face, and it will remain stable .. it is finite .. all sides can be measured to a concrete finished number.. like the square ..
    but more versatile as its shape leans into itself .. and holds the item built from them .. stable
    Now what does that mean in Esoteric terms ?
    It is the square .. with more.. a square in Esoteric terms
    is the basic elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air .. alone
    The Pentagon adds more .. like its kin the pentagram .. it adds
    Spirit .. the spark of life, what makes a thing living
    It is an attempt to bring spirit into a basic elemental form
    but in a fashion unlike the Pentagram ,which has no end,
    the Pentagon is finite.
    “There is nothing in the world with
    any independent existence:
    all is bound together by
    an unalterable chain of causation.”
    When we stand in the middle of the Pentagon, the womb of our humanity, from this form
    we can reach out into forever, as all things are linked to each other.
    This is what the pentagon trys to show us.
    Even if it’s not a perfect circle.. it’s a little more kin to the Soccer Ball, but that’s Ok..
    To be human is to Feel like the Universe’s Soccer Ball once in a while : )
    If ya know what I mean , hehehehehe
    Despite the fact we are bound in Human form, we can reach beyond that limitation,
    this is the lesson one may learn from it.
    The Pentagon that is the Center of the Pentagram which we use as our symbol is this concept .. (Vitruvian Man 🙂 bottled by not contained )
    Our senses are not enough , we must transcend them, even thou we are limited to a human, finite state. As the Pentagon is able to do, by its very nature, to reach out beyond its finite limits, into forever .. 🙂
    .. May you enjoy the ride ..”

    (I see the dragon inside – fiery – igniting the magic inside ! Just as in the vision I had around the last Gathering)

    1. methinks the fire of the dragon dream ignites the k (night) who (which) carries the dreamer to awaken in the new world, which is just about finished having it’s anchors torqued 🙂

  13. There is much information to feel my way through here and I haven’t yet made my to all that’s been shared. I look forward to taking in all that you have expressed through words and images. Since reading Aisha’s powerful connection, two things keep coming to mind: 1. The name Pendragon (who called in Merlin) means head dragon. Ellie reminded us that the dragon represents pure sexual, creative energy. Kryon’s recently told us, from London, that many secrets are held in the UK and now ‘it’s time to release all the secrets of the mystery schools.’ Me thinks we’re doing just that, particularly those around sacred sexuality. Another word in my head is ‘magic’. Seems the definition of that word has been twisted throughout time. It simply meant multiple. Merlin was master at being in multiple realms, places, timelines,… That’s what he taught. He reminded us that we are Magi.
    2. I keep seeing a beautiful flowing of orange and yellow colored (representing the chakras 2 and 3) pentagon shapes on a white background. I have no words to go with this image but wanted to share it in case colored pentagons mean anything to you all 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Merlin also reminded us that we are beyond time; we are timeless. Why strive for looking, feeling or being ‘young’ when we can achieve the ultimate experience of timelessness while in physical form.

      I am giddy over what you and your sister experienced, Aisha. ❤

      1. The flowing of orange and yellow would make sense….i think there is a massive connection between the solar plexus earth work last week, and this.

        1. Oh, thank you. My kidneys were talking to me all weekend and that made sense once I read Aisha’s post. And now we’re flowing :). Wow.

    2. Dear Anita,
      I found this image and at first it made me laugh for it being a soccer ball… I saw it as Elohi – Earth – and I thought instantly how the main part of the game of soccer is to get the ball to a ‘target place’.
      Isnt that what we are aiming for with our beautiful Earth Ball ?! and our selves.
      And… it has to do with the Pleiades. I always felt that my home there was so connected to this planet here – that it even could have ‘birthed’ her. I have said Earth is our baby.
      I dont claim to be correct on anything I ponder – I just share what I ponder 🙂

    3. oh my! Anita, I was lead to something important for me personally right after posting the pentagon ball. I looked at one other picture that lead me.
      I will share the link below – but mostly I awoke asking for help with my sisters ex husband (still my brother to me). He lives right up the road from me.
      Yesterday she told me he wanted to have his right hand cut off! It is in such pain! It started with one finger – turning white, then purple – now the entire hand. I usually am good at getting to the source of issues. I kept thinking of blood clots, etc. But doctors have found nothing to explain it.
      This morning I awoke hearing him say: “I would give my right are to bring my daughter back”. This is Kimberly – my sweet niece who passed 8 months ago.
      well… long story short…Kimmy was very much into Burning Man. She went to the festival just about every year.
      The link tells me she is telling me something… that I Am onto what is behind Bob’s health crisis. Now… how to help him ???
      Any others thoughts on that is welcomed ! Thank you ❤

      1. Wow! thank you for your sharing that expands my perspective and is jiggling around in my being as I put some pieces together.

        When I read the words you shared about your niece and your brother, the first thing that came to mind is something I heard Kryon say on my hour drive into work this morning (yes, it takes that long to make the transition into and out of my work world, lol). Perhaps it’s a gift for you, dear Areeza. Kryon was honoring the experiences we have as humans on Earth, in awe that we lower our vibration and put ourselves here to share love in the many ways we do. Kryon recognized the many losses we’ve experienced in the past few years and wanted us to know that those we love are returning ever so quickly now. They can’t stay away <3.

        This is only paraphrasing Kryon's words from what I felt and heard, there is no "correctness" here, either. Simply an expression of love, just as you gave in your post :-). There's nothing like it <3, is there?

      2. ❤ Hi, A… just one of many options I think could be for your "bro", Bob, to become aware of the "permission" he gave to the Universe re his right arm and then lovingly and Intently withdraw it—he's not helping Kimmy by losing a limb. And like Anita said below, she will most probably be returning soon. Aside from the pain and the horror of his creation, it may be a powerful introduction to him re his own power amid the NEW. Perhaps maybe Kimmy is even helping him thru this experience/opportunity to awaken. Abruptly, yes, but there is no "time" to lag now. Just thinking out loud. My Love to him and to you. ❤

        1. Thanks Lin
          Kimmy wont be coming back here. she is a Universal traveling now.
          that is what she wanted. That her parents know and that is why it is so hard for them. I am connected to her still and always shall be. It is more difficult right now for her parents.
          They both say they only wish to join her soon. maybe remain here a few more years. I get that there is nothing I can say to Bob. He is not open right now. Kim is always sending her Love.
          I also feel he could be diabetic though I thought they would test well for that given the health crisis. Diabetes has to do with “sweetness in life” – Louise Hay again ! 🙂 Both he and my sister Karyn (Kims mom) do not have this.
          I am very in touch with the ‘other side’ , people guides will even talk to me when their human is not listening. it gets very busy. I say what comes and thats all i can do. Karyn understands.. she just does not know how to be joyful in her grief. Not yet and that is what Kim would like her and Bob to do… really live their own happiness regardless of her. XO Lin

    1. Arthur Lee and “Ten Years After” at Woodstock, 1969

      what a guy, eh?
      Nanceeshares didn’t get wiped out in the landslide that made a new lake in British Columbia did she?

      1. you don’t neeed to correct me, i know i’m lying, but what better way to tell the truth?
        seriously, lying works best.
        hush child

  14. Dearest Great Northern Twins Afathon and Aisha and ye many visionaries,

    You make my heart sing! You make my heart dance with joy! Dancing! Dancing! Dancing! I heard the drums from central and southern Africa first. Spirit friends and coworkers were calling to join in the dance. How could I resist? From Central America came Grey Eagles high pitch “Eeeeee! Eeeeee! Come with me! Come dance with me!” I could not resist! I grabbed my pipe and away I did go. Dancing! Dancing! Dancing! Fingers flying making music with my pipe and my feet flying. More and more joining in. More and more and more! Long long lines of of all ages, colors, cultures! Dancing we formed rings around this blue planet. We didn’t stop there. Dancing! Dancing! Dancing! Center ring dancers stepped and stomped in rhythm and came to a lighted doorway.

    “Come on! Come on!” We Three Eagles called, our arms waving them in. Come in! Come in! We are dancing to the stars!” Suddenly I was way above watching with eagle eyes. And what did I see? A moving long snake like line of many peoples dancing, twirling and spinning over the RAINBOW BRIDGE. Dancing, Dancing,dancing, dancing along the Milky Way!

    Two years ago March many were ushered over the Rainbow Bridge to a new earth. That day many here at the pond shared their beautiful visions. I remember our Lady carrying me as a babe over the Bridge In her arms. On the other side, She gently placed me on a ground covered with green grass beside a shining blue river and a rainbow in the distance. I looked around in delight. But there was no one else there. I asked if this was the new earth. She nodded yes. “Where are all the people?” I asked. “First you must Build it”, she said, “and they will come.”

    Maybe they have come dancing into this new world we have been building.

    You are all so beautiful. I salute you all.

    Forest Joy

    1. ❤ omg, Forest Joy, I Love your post! It's filled with so much ALIVE Light Energy—many layers! All I can say is Thank You… and when you're ready, "More, Please." SHINE ON, Beautiful Lady, dance, dance, dance, music, music, music! With my Love, JOY, & Gratitude… and more JOY, xoxoxoxoxo Lin/Amyrah ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. so
    if you are considering getting a flu shot this year, you should know that it does not work and it kills some people.

    today i am a little bit angry, oh well, this too shall pass.

    now we learn that they refuse to try, i know, really it is impossible to clean it up. oak ridge, Tennessee, they just dumped their nuclear radiation waste into limestone caves, Dulce New Mexico, is where they did above ground a-bomb tests in the late ’50’s/early 60’s and it will be off limits for 100,000 years.
    they say nuclear power is inexpensive, but they never include the cost of maintaining quarantine zones forever
    grr Hanford has caused a serious amount of thyroid problems, meningitis, and countless other problems for those of us who live down stream from the radiation in which leaks into the Columbia River.
    but our lawmakers won’t fund any effort to fix it.


    at the moment i feel dangerous,
    confession: “i never, not once, took a prisoner. no, either let them go or not”

    1. I hear and feel ya Otmn ~ I got on the edge of going ‘postal’ myself.
      I am still not quite off that ledge.
      What to do, what to do
      I know we have done a lot of clean up – but I am wondering now on ‘what level’ exactly and when it will truly affect this level we are still breathing on.
      Much Love to you — keep holding my hand from time to time my dear!
      ❤ Hugs

      1. By 2015 things change if they haven’t started to already and Areeza, about the disability fight you are in, reapply and keep applying to it while unlatching to the personal feelings and emotions it conjures.

        Remember it is not a fight about proving anything or proving to them that the disability exits. All the paper work is done and shows a disability exists, but remember that is not what the fight is and lack of proof of the disability is not why they reject people. The system is corrupted and designed to be this way.

        Even when the feelings it provokes of threatening your very survival and security, that is exactly what Matt Kahn says we are transforming and learning to release. Security and survival are the two themes everyone in incubation has been dealing with.

        Matt kahn says when we get tired of seeing it and constantly clearing on a personal level, we realise it is not actually always personal or our personal stuff at all, but that of the collective unconsciousness. That is the defining moment of realising that being a cosmic janitor for the collective unconscious is not something we want to be forever. It very quickly starts to change at that point, which is the point kahn says most of us are at, from now to early new year. A tipping point if you will is happening and the cycle of incubation is ending.

        Just remember you are dealing with a corrupted system and every thing it provokes is the same threats to livelihood and security as anyone else who has been through it, and that is aiding what is being cleared once you detach from it and see as transmuting these survival issues for the collective unconscious.

        Here’s the video again

        1. My favorite part about this video is when Matt Kahn reminds us that it is already done, we are now experiencing our own embodied enlightenment in this sensual Earth realm as an entire planet ascending. How cool is that? How amazing we are.

          1. 🙂 yep and I like how he says the experiencing of it is just us creating a story as we go along.
            To wake up to the story is to start narrating it.

        2. My Dear Elven,
          I appreciate what you say. I, however, can not detach from my suffering man. He only wants to make it until 50 now. that is only 1.5 yrs from now.
          So…what good is the disability and law suit if he is dead ? This is what they hope for… the sick system… that you die first. I can not say in words how much it disgusts me… nor how much I abhor being privy to so closely in my life once again. This time, more horrible, for my beloved suffers.
          There is just so much pain a person can live with and he does not know if he can do this much longer. This is why he does not take the pain meds for once that starts, he knows the outcome.
          I did better in other lives suffering my own self – in my own person than i do in handling the suffering of those around me. I died for causes and I am sure it hurt. That was much different than this. I can not die for him to live and be at ease.
          I totally did detach from this system thing in complete faith that relief that was to be his Would come – if not in less pain in body – than in moneys to help him enjoy what is left for him.
          I have no faith this day I am sad to say. My heart is near as broken as Kelly’s body.
          The law suit part of his ordeal was also postponed today – for the second time. Again, they just hope you will die first.
          To not take it personal? I shake my head.
          Blessings of Love to you now and always my sweet sister – I know what is in your heart for me

          1. correction. its 1 yr and 2.5 months.
            they know they have gotten to me and they say ‘break, just break already!’
            Through my tears I say ‘fuck you’…’you break through that damn hard shell around your own heart!’ You think by enchaining me, you gain something? what a joke. Your grip is as weak as ever.
            My heart will never break – nor will my soul sell out.

              1. Angel Number 404 indicates that you are being surrounded by helpful, loving angels who wish to bring you peace of mind and joy of heart.

                Angel Number 404 is a message that the angels and Archangels are with you, encouraging and guiding you. They are offering you inner-strength and support to enable you to get the work done that you need to in order to attain and achieve your goals and aspirations. They know and understand that you have been toiling diligently towards your goals, and encourage you to continue on your current path to achieve the success and results you desire. Work with the angels to ensure success in all of your endeavours.
                >>these angels will be very busy then. I am only going to rest and let them take the reins for who knows how long. I know them well and I trust only in them that they will keep me safe from the dark energies that come ready for the pounce when we are feeling down. I give unto them, my life blood to care for and keep pure – and my Kelly’s too if he will but ask.
                take care everybody – Love you

                1. Dearest Sister Areeza ❤

                  "I can not die for him to live and be at ease."

                  I hear you, and this sentence and sense is a shared touch between us ❤ ❤

                  All my love to you and Kelly ❤ ❤

          2. No, no, gosh no, I didn’t mean detach from him or anything heartless like that. Detachment is not exactly healthy either.

            Everything you are feeling is valid and releasing something. I have had experiences with the system too, i know first hand the stress of it and the way it can provoke deepest issues of security and survival. It does for everyone who goes through it or with a loved one. Please don’t mistake me for some yapper yapping off the latest new thing from some guru, for i am talking from experience of it myself.

            What i meant was the system is crooked, and when dealing with a crooked system, the one power you have is to look at what your reactions and triggers are, find the root of these triggers – like ‘security and survival’ and make a conscious note that this is what is being triggered by this crooked system. The moment you consciously do this, you start to unlatch from the security and survival programming. I hope this makes better sense.

            In other words, don’t take the rejection of being denied the disability personally, meaning don’t take it as ‘them not thinking the disability is severe enough’ or whatever bs reason they give. Because that is not why they rejected your claim. Its all BS at the end of the day, what I’m saying is they wrongly lead people to believe it’s about being able to prove the condition with evidence and truth, when it is not. The system is designed to knock you back several times no matter what evidence is put forth.

            When triggered to fight for something like this, most people go through hell worrying and believing they are not being believed, and feel they under personal scrutiny and that their integrity is being ripped apart especially when sick or disabled.

            The system knows that a certain percentage of people will be intimidated or paranoid and opt out of reapplying just based on the psychology alone. It is utterly appalling and I feel for anyone who is going through it I really do. But the fight is not about proving ‘anything’ for them. So it’s always going to be the wrong way to approach the fight is what I’m saying.

            The real fight involves looking after yourselves by keeping a positive attitude about the outcome of the claim, and not focusing on the worse case scenarios. It helps a lot not to take personally the reasons they are rejecting it while the rounds are being conducted.

            After a few or several reapplications the disability will be awarded, it always is. It’s not a case of “what if”, like they string you along to fear. That Matt Kahn video is about the best advice for almost any situation, it can be applied to anything, and i hope it did not come across insensitive to your position Areeza.


            1. But i know that my dear sister. that is what i said in my answer.
              Its lack of being understood that does bother me. I know u r not insensitive, etc. of course.
              Re-read it. I just did and I thought what i was addressing is really clear.
              what i am saying is by the time they get around to what is fair for Kelly,
              he will ‘maybe’ be gone from this earth plane. So what good is it?
              He hardly cares as much as he used to as he is in too much pain.
              that is what I was saying.
              the system is the system. I have gone thru it for most all my adult life so i am very familiar with it. As I said, I had simply put my trust in the Universe to really help this time… to cut thru the red tape, or no red tape etc… to help us continue on without so much stress. Timely. I let it go and trusted.
              It did not come through for me . or him. Very disappointing when we know how much is still being asked of us here. What I was saying, I thought it was clear… was I did have complete positive thought and none other. Kelly did not – so that i get. Its his broken body he is living with though… I am not in his body for I would be outta here long ago if i were in that bad of shape. My own physical pain is not something I can deal with or will deal with ever again.
              The timing is the outcome of concern is what i have tried to say. I am too tired to explain it anymore but thanks anyway for the concern. Truly , I Love you. It does not matter who understands or not.
              I dont take what the system is doing personally in the way u may think. Kelly probably does. Again, its his body. Having to even be in the sick system is more than most anyone can take anymore. I am more than over it. Its too appalling to even wake up and have to look at one sheet of paper on it. Unlawfulness. Lack of rights or freedoms that are truly and justly ours. To live life fully in our joy.
              I only feel for his pain and the waiting on relief that may or may not come – in Any form.
              As said, money does not give answer to his pain. (there is no surgery than can perform. 4 drs now… 2 specialists. only drugs and he is not interested.) It only gave a way to enjoy life while he still can. timing. this is all i am talking about. It is a constant issue for most of us. time the illusion…. whatever. its still there. How long can he live with what he is dealing with? The system has no care of this,,, I know that completely. I expect nothing different from what is broken. I only expect divine intervention. and on that, i have been let down more than a few times.
              I had my fight as seen below. I have no more I will fight with.
              its over. Life or death. it makes no difference. so, i have great power in that. I do my job, here or there.
              If I have to say goodbye to one more Beloved person or animal or even plant, Well, I will have to bear it for its my commitment to do so as best I can….and I have more in me to endure it than most. Loss. Its the worst to endure of human or even hue-man Beings. Nothing is really lost, etc. yeah yeah. if it hurts, it hurts. If any-thing hurts, I will know of it. Just as I know of the Love.
              You more fortunate ones… God, I pray you dont fly so high you forget.
              I will stay as long as it takes for everyone to remember. I recall that commitment. Until all truth is known and lived, I will remain. That is the Goddess Areeza.

        3. I would like to add here a personal view.
          It is great that we have access to so many information by contact with those intelligences. We have a lot of work to do in our physical environment in order to help Earth in its ascension. That’s why we came in a physical body. Not only to anchor those energies on earth, but to restore all the damage made by domination and exploration.
          There’s infinite intelligences in plant’s kingdom, animal’s and element’s kingdom and they’re easy to access now that we have received and develop so many perception/communication skills. We have big masters all around, eager to share what they know. Eager to find an opened enough human to tell their stories and teach what they know about this amazing planet out of all the human illusion.
          it’s pure love, very clarifying and I know those who had experienced it, will feel the warmness. There’s very sophisticated lessons about all that is. All you need to do is to connect and allow those beings to talk to you.
          I understand that we miss home. I wake up every day on a bad mood since very young. I know it’s because i don’t want to go back to the human illusion, for this world became too heavy. But there’s more than the human delirium in this orbe and those magical aspects of life on Earth are calling us to help.
          Try to connect yourselves to the nature much as you do with all this fabulous guidance and intelligence from the stars. You will find out how both are telling you the same beautiful story, on which we are all very important parts, under different perspectives and lectures.
          We past long years focused on elevating our vibration, to enter the mist of our spirituallity, noticing how crazy and hopeless our societies became under this slavery system and we spent a lot of energy trying to clean it. We past a long time urgin to go back home and just leave it behind, searching outside for the tools that can help us to ascend home. We did it and we’re now holding those amazing tools, this brand new vision.
          All I want to ask you is to look back to these creatures and connect with them. I would highly recomend those of you who never did it to start a garden or a relationship with plants.
          Plants are the best way to start because it requires a totally different communication, one that will serve you to communicate with any other being. Plants are very hard to connect with because it takes much more time to build the bridge and it’s all about human perception of time. As we can’t see them moving in perceptive time lapse reality, we can’t tune into their rithm at first. It takes time and the plant will allow you access very gradually. basically your first lesson will be all about time lapse perception. A lesson that will serve you on the perception of many different spheres of time simultaneously. It will clarify the natural process of building structures in long term using now at it’s full potential, beyond many other lessons, including manifestation.
          As you finally get connected with the plant, it will lead you through the most peaceful, sensitive and poweful knowledge on Earth. It comes from a kingdom that served us as our big healers, those who is still fighting gently to keep us and this world safe from our own destruction.
          The time has arrived. We built full access and connection with home, we’re anchoring important energies and we’re receiving more and more blocks of files.
          Let’s just remember that we’re having the glorious opportunity to enjoy this physical environment and help to bring heaven back to Earth.

          I love you all,


          1. AMEN to what you say Carlos ❤ ❤ ❤

            Nature has been – and still is – my greatest healer ever. I am blessed with nature all around me that many don´t have, but I also experienced that my indoor plants have helped me during my journey, most noticeable when my anxiety was so high that it felt like burning my brain out. Nothing but Mother Nature could ease my pain in those days and still when I join nature my heart is opened and cleaned in the most wonderful way ❤

            Thank you Carlos. Much love & gratitude ❤

          2. Plants were the first I connected to upon arrival here.
            I sang seasonally based songs to all the ones growing around my childhood home.
            I communicate with them still every day. ❤
            They offer the most solid form of communion for me.
            I feel their joy that I recognize their consciousness.

  16. For Aisha-Morgana, some Lady of the Lake pics….my contribution to this interesting situation even though I do not feel part of this task.

    (that is, unless there are HD dragons involved, in some way.)

  17. Dear friends,

    I have been up all night (slept on my sofa last night 😉 and edited my recent photos. Then I started to read your exciting comments but I think my brain had enough tonight 😉

    If you want to get more injections of heartfelt love you can watch this very uplifting and hope bringing video ❤

    Love ❤ ❤ ❤

  18. December 21st, 2014 – TWIN SOUL REUNION- DIAMOND GRID Frequency – AA METATRON and AA MICHAEL

    Channeling BY ANNAMERKABA on DECEMBER 15, 2014


    Link to enlargement of the grid/drawing of The Constitution of Man:


    …”If you look at the diamond grid, the base of the structure of the diamond in the etheric looks like two intersecting triangles, it is identical to the seal of the Solomon, the formula which was used to build the Egyptian pyramids is the same as the formula for the diamond grid/solomon’s seal. As you all already know our body and our whole universe is simply a frequency a vibration of sound, through sound comes the physical aspect of being.  Through sound as I am told we create matter. Up to this point our whole existence brainwave and our bodies were vibrating on the sun, fire, masculine energy scale (a pyramid pointing up) whilst the feminine energy was lurking in the shadows (a pyramid pointing down). At this point of convergence, at this point of the opening gateways of December 21st a phenomenal light of the feminine and masculine energies will do a “little dance” if you will, swirling around each other in preparation for a grand merger. The merger of sacred unions on both the etheric plane and the physical plane. All of this that is about to occur is of incredible significance. There is so much meaning behind this channeling. And I will attempt to disclose all that I have been informed of…

    “Since we all have both within us. Instead of 2 individuals meeting what we will witness is 2 pairs of polarities merging into ONE. Each one containing both feminine and masculine parts, which creates one whole. So in essence what we are seeing on  “micro” level which is our human experience is the merging of 2 wholes into 1. Forming a Vesica Pisces.  Which represents the coming together of 2 to create a 3rd. It is the entrance to the WOMB, and the passageway to the birth. In sacred geometry the Vesica Pisces is the Universal Womb, that which births all of creation.

    “What we are about to witness truly is a birth of a new world. All shall then be balanced and brought into equilibrium, which is precisely what we are all trying to achieve here on earth at this moment. The balance between two incredible powers of masculine & feminine energies.

    “With the entrance of the goddess “feminine energy” which has finally arrived here on earth. With earths entrance into the photonic belt of light, with the assistance of our galactic families and the upgrade of our DNA structure, we are finally going to be able to truly and fully step into phase 2 of this mission. Phase two which I have spoken about before, the CO CREATION, RECALIBRATION, RE BIRTH, BALANCE.

    “What will it personally mean to you? As many of you have found yourselves recently moving away from your significant others, your relationships ending abruptly, you changing your locations, vocations etc., ALL of this was done in preparation of what is to come and that is you being moved into position in order to finally assimilate these new energies, release everything from the past, and literally step into a DIAMOND grid, to become akin to a diamond and from there shine your light onto this world as it was meant to be shone. But, you are not going to be doing it alone, as you are going to meet the other aspect, another part of your soul (if you have not already met them) and begin to swirl in the ascending spiraling energies of eternal love and light. For those who are already with your “other half”, prior to the portal of Dec 21st you will see an increase in arguments in your relationship, where you will need to face various aspects of what is NOT working, release and let go. No matter what will come up for you in this cleansing period if you truly are with your other part you will work everything out smoothly. Even if it may seem that your relationship is about to end, it will not, and you will be pulled back to each other instantly as you have released that which was standing in the way of your final merger.”…

    1. Thanks for posting, it is good info. I have been seeing the transformation unfold like this as of yesterday.

      The black and white flame merged together swirling out of the triangle into a higher unified white flame. Then settling into a sphere inside the triangle with the ying / yang geometry. This is very exciting to see progressing !

    2. Thanks so much for posting this Lin….& was my 1st read of the day….very significant !….truly a great one from Anna & I can resonate with it ‘All’….especially –
      “Because as most of you know the twin reunion is never a smooth ride, as you both must bare all that you are, to the other, standing fully naked if you will, knowing that you must become completely free of all “impurities” that you’ve picked up along the way to this meeting, releasing and letting go of debris that are preventing you from merging together. Being with another part of your soul is the most turbulent and wondrous experience to be hold.
      Please understand that this is not happening overnight, it will take time for everything to fall into place, however the beginning of this great change has finally arrived, and we are ready to step onto this next phase of human advancement towards the light.
      As you move into your diamond grids remember how a diamond is formed, and please understand that you too will go through a similar transformation if you have not already. However, once you pass through what my beloved Metatron likes to say “a ring past not”, once you move through the void and into your diamond self you will pull to yourself all the attributes of a diamond.”

      & a very significant image too….called image ‘9’ !….don’t forget to notice the Water, the Lotus & the Honeycomb grid !

      so I’m being forged through Fire & Water right now & much like that tangled mountain of Christmas tree lights on the floor, slowly being untangled to bring new illuminating Light to the bare tree….a merging of Dark & Light, Physical & Spiritual…..sorry but this part isn’t much fun & lots of aches, pain & discomfort & crankiness !…..but I do need to say that I’m feeling far more like ‘Obsidian’ right now rather than ‘Diamond’ !
      Hope you All have time to read this post from Anna…..
      Love, Bev xoxo (mostly offline)
      Obsidian – a rock I have always identified with & been drawn to & often wear a heart shaped rainbow Obsidian necklace

    3. Thank you Lin for the Anna Merkaba chennelling ❤ I like her channellings and the way she explain things 🙂

      Synchronicities come thick and fast now. This morning they called me from the eye clinic at the hospital and offered me an appointment for an eye examination a few hours later because they had a cancellation. During the walk to the hospital, I realized that it was no coincidence that I was led by Ellie to the song "In her eyes" earlier this morning 😉

      Two young medical students, a man and a woman, examined my eyes during a couple of hours and we had a very nice time together 🙂 They sent in very bright light in my eyes and I asked if they saw some star constellations. "Yes – Little Bear" replied one of the students jokingly ("Little Bear was formerly called dragon's wing and was part of the constellation of the Dragon (Wikipedia)")

      "…a phenomenal light of the feminine and masculine energies will do a “little dance” if you will, swirling around each other in preparation for a grand merger"

      The students even thanked for my visit at the hospital ;)))

      You know Lin – I don´t understand all that is happening now but I think I´m gonna love this New World :)))

      Love, light & gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. ❤ I'm right there with you, B… I am Loving the NEW feelings/etc. now, too. Just kinda quietly snuck in for me as I wasn't experiencing all the other phenomena that everyone else is/was. Happens at other times–quietly and privately, it seems–not when it's happening for others. An Otmn "shrug" is called for here. 😀 ❤

        1. Dearest Sister of Love, Light & with the greatest Compassion that I have ever experienced ❤ ❤ ❤

          "….and as the CCs told me in a message just now, there will be many, many others who will be celebrating their own “rebirth” before this year comes to an end. They also asked me to remind you all that even if some will have a very conscious experience of going through this “rebirth”, some of you will have little or no recollection of it at all, but you will all KNOW deep inside of you what has happened."
          Aisha in December 13, 2014 at 13:14

          Please let me play for you the most substantial song that helped me on my journey my Dearest SoulSister. My love for you is eternal ❤ ❤ ❤


          1. ❤ B, My Dear Friend, I have no words, my Heart is full for you, for us, for One. As I said before, I Love you immensely, Birgitta.

            Now with words, thank you for the beautiful song with so much feeling and also for the photo of this little Christmas pine standing so tall–with icing–among your birches. You do have a way with a camera, B… you speak thru your camera lens. I find it interesting that you went for an eye exam for possible concerns, as your pictures offer only absolute crystal-clear Clarity in visuals and Intent. Loving U, B, my Sweet, Strong, Powerful Light Sister. xox Lin/Amyrah ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂

            1. Thank you dearest Lin – thanks!!! ❤ I am also so very pleased that you can "read" my pictures. I am honoured ❤

              Eternal love ❤ ❤ ❤

              Your sister of the Northern Light

              1. B
                More and more you are catching the feeling of the heart of nature, your nature!!!! ❤
                The calming heart of nature. Radiating even in its cold sleepy state, Winter.
                As always much love and gladness I have viewing your loving perspective on these feelings.

                1. You really are a nice supporter Michael – and you know – I love it – and you 🙂 ❤
                  Good night – I´ve been working overtime here 😉

  19. I am becoming more aware of a connection to working with what we think of as ‘Merlin’ energy, dragon lines and dragon songs. I plotted Tintagel in Google Earth and turns out it is in line with L’Anse de Meadow in Newfoundland (viking site) and then straight across the country to Vancouver Island where I live. I have become aware of various spots on the island and the B.C. Coast that are connected as well as a large area surrounding Nanaimo holding the codes of a golden city. If anyone is interested more in these findings, please contact me as you may hold some pieces of this puzzle as well.

    1. You don’t say….well I’m right next to you in Vancouver (Maple Ridge). So we are in line with “The Rock”? (grin)

      Hey….do you know of any connections re: a so-called Lemurian portal along the beach in White Rock?
      I heard of some people going there simply to meet with other higher dimensional beings (for instance, groups of ET’s including the Mantis ET’s)

      And I’m also very strongly connected to DRAGONS. Actual higher dimensional dragons.
      If that means anything.

      1. (SacredExplorer & Kiera, Thank you for this!!! I don’t have any information to offer at this time, but am extremely interested in this discussion… personally, I’m drawn to Mantis ETs) ❤

        1. Variety of witnesses seeing the Mantis Being wearing a “purple cloak”.
          They like purple as much as I do.

          People without FEAR, describe them as having magnificent intelligence, serving as gentle mediators.
          Known as “the Ancients”, very busy with the human hybridization program since ancient Egypt at least. Many thousands of years, they’ve been working on creating viable human hybrids.

          Simon Parkes here looks like he has some of their DNA — seriously, he looks a bit like a Human/Mantid hybrid:

          1) Although there appears to be a large variety of extraterrestrials in the form of insects, the most common and advanced species appears to be a giant insect creature, two meters (6’6″) tall that resembles a Praying Mantis.

          It should be noted that experiencers feel that this type is no insect, but rather an intelligent, gentle-spirited, but somewhat “hyper” and jerky-moving, human-like lifeform, both males and females.

          2) These Beings have long, narrow faces, with long, narrow, large eyes, sharply slanted upward and outward in an almost narrow-V position, given an almost insect-like appearance.
          This comparison is heightened by the Praying-Mantis types’ extremely thin, long torsos, long, extremely-thin arms which are usually crooked into a sharp bend at the mid-joint, with the hand and fingers/mitten sloping almost vertically downward from the “wrist”, and legs also bent at an almost right-angle at the mid-joint, creating a crouched pose. The overall effect is the characteristic “Praying Mantis” look.

          1. ❤ whoa. fascinating. but the video made me decide to withhold positive judgment towards the mantis ETs, their existence/Life. Thank you, Kiera, for finding/posting this video. Eye-opening to say the least. My sensibilities were shaken up.

            xox Lin/Amyrah

            1. Wasn’t that fantastic? That was another Higher Self dump right in my lap.
              Yes I know what you mean — luckily I no longer have any sensibilities to shake up, and I always maintain Neutrality. Which is one of the lessons of this video, I now know…

              Most of it was confirmation of what I’d heard from other sources, but also a lot of great new info and detail. I hadn’t known about the hybrids failing due to “insanity” issues; I hadn’t known at all what an interaction with a Reptilian would be like, and I loved that.
              Of course thoroughly loved the Timeline information, how they have to coordinate each individual’s Timeline, and then how they slowed down time for his wife.

              That the Mantids operate with a hierarchical Master/Slave mentality is not surprising to me, since I pretty much expect that system to be ever-present in the 3rd and 4th dimension realities.
              And its how the humans on Earth were started, in the first place….same agenda.

              You just can’t avoid that shit, unless you shift out of it, to 5th dimension unity.
              You can see that they have no plans themselves to evolve to the higher dimensional levels — their entire focus is still on a de-populated 4th dimensional Earth of the LOWER Timelines…one that has experienced NWO destruction from the Archons (low frequency Reptilians/Greys + Mantis intermediators + Human Reptilian hybrids (Illuminati)

              But what IS wonderful about the Mantis race, is their high level of Spiritual Consciousness. It’s relatively high, compared to the other races of the 3D/4D realm.

              And it makes you appreciate humans more, when you see what unlimited potential we have, to raise our Consciousness and evolve like mad, if we so choose. I think this is all tied in with the fact that we as a species are overloaded with EMOTION.
              Emotion is the key to granting easy access to the higher dimensions.

              1. a dragon green hybrid child was looking through me like I am so close to them. or I may know them from somewhere. thank you dear kiera❤︎

          2. I had a really, really cool interaction with a Praying Mantis when I was a teenager. I was stoned so that made it very intense. I just looked deeply into its eyes and boy did they say so much ! I thought ‘intelligence’ right away. It had absolutely no fear. studied me as much as i did it.

              1. I once stayed in a house on a certain island which seems to be or was a hot spot for them. This island was divided in its energies and territories and there was always always always something going on. And not always good things, being this was smack bang in the middle of some of the worse times.

                And every night the mantis energy would permeate the building and I’m guessing anyone with an open enough eye / clairvoyantly, would have been able to have seen what i did. I saw them energetically in their full form and they had the strongest mental and third eye energy i had come across at that point in my life. They make it easier for you to see them because of that frequency and clarity they emit, they know exactly how to tune into you very finely, but it is all mental energy, there is no like heart or root energy.

                Anyway, Each night the same one would sit in my third eye and we would just look at each other. It watched me the entire time, even when i slept i felt it there and i didn’t know whether it was displeased or just curious. I had the impression this one was a very high ranking mantis, and while i was neutral to them more than anything, the things going on in sleep time and in life at the time in life were not so great. So my opinion of them is undecided and of course having only experienced one group of them doesn’t mean they represent the whole. Got to remember that with any group. But i see them as neutral beings for the most part.

                1. thanks for adding this. I thought of the Mantis’ energy as being very ‘mental’ as well. I did not feel its heart energy – only the intensity of it’s mental focus.
                  maybe thats why the female eats the males head after mating!
                  or….to nourish the new babies

              2. In my Back Yard! where I grew up – the Mitchell Mansion — hehe. as it was termed by my grand parents who bought it. Huge old Victorian in Blairstown, NJ.
                Founder was a cool dude actually… many Blairs-towns are around the USA. Did many things – from grocer to railroad mogul. He settled in our area – buried there – lived very long, fruitful life.
                >also K, I saw a brown Mantis (well, they change to suit their surroundings) at a friends new house recently. Told him and his wife it was great energy to have it – at their door !
                >oh,,, yes,,, was I bold to be getting high right there in the backyard 😉
                made the experience awesome though !

                1. Cool Areeza,
                  One was on the boardwalk railing at the shore in October and jumped onto my camera to get a better look at me, as I was getting a better look at him/her !!! :0)
                  Have them at my house also. 🙂

                    1. Ho hum folks, i have a different experience with “the mantis” beings,,,i mentioned the one i work with very often, previously 🙂 you might know him as kryon maybe but i cannot say for certain,, i know him because he is the techinical co-ordinator if that is the way to describe him/her of our reality :-)) He is the most beautiful, funny, genius one could ever have the fine chance to meet, and i would imagine all have met him…

                      He is the colours of the most magnificent rainbow and is charming,witty and utterly amazing.

                      i have worked with him for many years, i relayed the story in a comment on here, describing his jubilant happyness at “finding us on the cosmic radar” if that is perhaps the best way to describe it. It was a moment in history that happened jan/feb time aprox.

                      There are no bad or negative ET’s not in the least, they were just made up as cover for the black ops bs. leastways not here,, there was once,, you know that,, though they weren’t “bad” they were just doing what they thought was natural for them to do,, that was another time and place.

                      They hacked our hologram, they ripped a tear in what we think of as spacetime or ether maybe, right above england, that is right where it started, i stitched it back up a while ago with God, and a couple others, it was the equivalent of our reality having a heart attack if you like, our reality is a snow globe, a frequency circumferencing earth you are about to see beyond it :-))

                      i am in communication with a higher version of them, or them in a higher state of being,, maybe both,,,i have had it explained in some detail and shown to me the condition of the mind set that did it,, folks ,, you don’t know what cold is.

                      i suspect when it happened they were as surprised as we, anyhow they just followed they’re game rules, which were slightly different to ours,,, the rest is mostly sillynesss made up to condition our low vibration.

                      Eventually a deal was struck and a new temporary game was created, you are in it 🙂

                      perhaps this question, a question that certainly arouses great enquiry in my mind, may help us place our reality in a slightly different light…

                      we accept that this state is an illusion born out of a dream, indeed even while i am typing this i consider myself to be dreaming,, my waking hours are my dreamtime and my sleeping hours are my real time, the time i walk in my power without question,, thats dreaming for ya :-))

                      The question therefore is….

                      Where is the one who is having this dream that i am experiencing?

                      answers on a post card addressed to ~ The Other Side Of The Veil, Galactic Central (i believe postage might be free there you know :-)))

                      Excuse me a moment, as i would also like to say,,,,,i know of parks, he is in project avalon forum (among other platforms) and i was a contributor there for a while a few years back,(till i discovered their game, he came as i went,, but i know him,, i know his game too, FEAR,,,, False Evidence Appearing Real.

                      Passing view points on any species without that experience being in the first person sense is fear… Show me a service to self et,,, i have met millions, never yet met a service to self et,, never even heard of one..

                      never met a bad one or a one who wanted to invade or take me or anything, and i have been in a few craft mind,, so have you all, never was taken though,,, thought i was at one time,, back in the days when i lived in fear frequency…

                      Mind you what i am relaying here is nothing more than my own personal sense of reality, i guess if one believes in things like bad et’s then that is ones sense of reality and it is a pathway i honour, but do not share 🙂

                      For me personally, i see moving out of the frequency of fear surrounding our star brothers and sisters is a major step in realising self sovereignty, oneness in equality equal status. Bad guys good guys is the old game.

                      Magnetic blessings of peace folks ( no more wars) (“war is over if you want it” )

                    2. a wink and nod to Mag Blue
                      you are a being I understand
                      I am investigating becoming a sovereign being – freedom
                      from rules inflicted upon us – on this world plane I am speaking of. Freedom from the enslavement.
                      I have no wish to remain here unless I can Live free. 100 percent.
                      Have disks and papers to read thru on obtaining sovereignty. Seems quite a few thousand people have done it already.
                      Our founding fathers intended for it that way.
                      yet…they did not have paved roads, cars, etc. back then. As soon as more technology and industry came, more rules came and they slid in those taxes, etc. enslaved the people – greed began to rule.
                      So, I do not even know if its worth doing the paperwork. yes, yes, I am free…the real me. Still living here though as I see the words being typed ;P
                      It still sounds so much easier to me to just nix the body to obtain complete freedom. I can only see a reason to keep the body to help the Earth – that always made sense to me – to help Anchor the light and all that – but not the rest – the nightmare of working and paying bills and not having enough free time to enjoy. seeing people and animals suffer.
                      I dont care if its all an illusion, it is still a very sad one. I have been thinking of myself more lately – perhaps my job here is done.
                      I would love to go to sleep (which to me is the awake – real me – too) and not come back to this if I have done my Earth work – completely that is… for i want to be sure She is really OK – Elohi/Earth – and I have fulfilled my commitment to her. I dont know what kind of commitment I made to ‘people’. I long for my kin.
                      It seems more tumultuous than it is worth to stay here and keep waking up to this. I mean maybe the next generation will emerge better because of what we have done for Earth. ?
                      for me this is, well, not a happy life in the body.
                      so, Mag Blue: when do we turn inside out if that is what is to be? so we can live our peace here without nixing the body. Is there really a need to keep a physical body? As you say “who is it that is doing the dreaming”.
                      We always have our consciousness.
                      I have little joy while out of sleep – waking to this nightmare set up is no good. Many say this and that has changed… energetically , ley lines, the grid etc. yes…. but are people saying ‘wow! this is great here!’ Same ole rules apply for most. I see and hear a bunch of real tired folks.
                      Some have it better and thats great if they can enjoy it more. Majority still have a sucky ass life.
                      In my last ditch effort, I am begging again for the real change from God itself – any beings that can get here and make a true representation that will be unmistakable – come and show the show of shows because the hr is getting beyond late.
                      thanks and blessings

      2. Dear Kiera,
        I am deeply connected to dragon energy as well. I am a dragon on another timeline but not sure what that means but would love to know. Dragon energy is sexual energy in it’s purest form and very powerful for creating. I was told that I am here to balance sexual energies in the form of man and woman. I “know” this is true. Dragons do not have the same emotions that we do but they are guardians of planets. When a planet is put in the care of dragons, the dragons feel what the planet feels and because of this they cannot do any harm to the planet. If there is a race already on the planet who is doing harmful things to that planet then the dragons have 2 choices available to them. The dragons can either enslave the race or destroy the race. Chinese stories about dragons portray them as benevolent but the later European stories portray them as destroyers. Maybe in Europe humanity was doing harmful things to the Earth and the dragons actually were trying to kill them. It makes sense.


        1. Thank you dear Ellie for this very explainable message as I never knew anything about what that dragon energies was about.

          BIG hug and a lot of love ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. There are millions of these “dragons” here and up north after the heavy storm last year. I am very attracted to themj and always thank them for what they are and what they gave us ❤

              Thanks for your appreciation dearest Lin – love you ❤


    2. So then moving west from Newfoundland, both Montreal and Ottawa would be just south of this line????? I think this is correct.

      1. AhMiyah, the dragon/ley lines often go on a relatively straight course zooming out, but the actual line up close is not straight at all. Google leyline maps of Britain. When I was in England and Scotland two summers ago, we were following the Michael and Mary lines, in which, for example, in the famous site Avebury, the lines run together, when suddenly one of the lines makes a sudden turn, I’d guess at a 45 degree angle. (Avebury is particularly powerful because both Michael and Mary lines run right through it, even the bus driver said that site makes him woozy in the head! 😋) The lines were traced by dowsing…and what’s so interesting is the that even after the land was Christianized these lines were respected, or maybe at least it was intuitive guidance which caused many churches and shrines to be placed directly in these lines. (There is a church in Tintagel called St. Michael’s, who is AA Michael, where there is a stained glass window showing Jesus and a definitely pregnant Mary Magdalen!) The last thing I wish to share on the thread is that there is a book I bought there called The Sun and The Serpent by Paul Broadhurst and dowser Hamish Miller, who is the modern day person to document these lines. Lots of terrific stuff if one is so inclined, but the writing is fairly academic also. Not light bedtime reading either! Great illustrations of the maps, will happily share if anyone can tell me if a photo can be uploaded? I’d have to be able to do from a smartphone. Thanks all!

        1. Actually, my interest is with the leylines involved with Lakes Ontario and Erie primarily in Canada and in Ohio, US. Thank you for the info on the dragon energies.

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