A short update on the energies

The times they are a’changing, and for so many of you, these are no longer words devoid of meaning. For not only the time, but everything about you has started to change now at such a rapid rate, you would be hard pressed to keep up with it all. So again we say that no matter what happens in this upcoming period, try not to try at all when it comes to hanging on. In other words, allow the flow – or perhaps we should use the word flood – to take you with it, for the more you resist the harder the pressure will become. So once again the optimum option is to desist resisting and to allow the magic to unfold at its designated pace, no matter how fast paced it may be. And believe us when we say that at times, everything around you and indeed about you will be reduced to a blur, a seemingly indistinguishable mass hurtling forward at such a speed, you will feel like no more than a cloud of particles merging with the energetic environment around you.

Again we speak in parables, for what we speak of, is not of you ceasing to exist per se, but rather of an obliteration of all of the old programming that used to be you, to such a degree not even the faintest imprints of them will be able to survive this complete transition. And where will that leave you, you might ask, and rightly so. For this transition will not be without its own challenges, for remember, you have all to some degree staked out your lives according to all of these now outdated signposts, and as these will be relegated to the scrap heap alongside so many of the old components that used to constitute your very own version of reality, you might find yourself floating in a void of emptiness.

For even if you dream of nothing else than to be free of everything that has been holding you down, know that as soon as you are fully liberated from these old clutches of yore, you stand there seemingly bereft of anything familiar to grasp on to. And then, we venture to guess more than a few of you will begin to struggle mightily to keep your balance. Do not think we say this in order to impart fear in any of you, rather, we say it in order to prepare you all for what lies ahead. For what lies ahead is something that will literally challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before. For even if you have taken this journey step by step in what at times seems to be an excruciatingly slow tempo, the fast forward conveyor belt you are about to step onto now might lead a few of you into thinking back on that old pace with fondness and even longing. For now, it will no longer be a slow and gradual climb, you will be elevated so fast it will be like being thrown out into a trajectory that takes you so far above the old atmosphere, you might be apt to lose your breath for more than a few moments.

Again, this is not said in order to give you a reason to hesitate before you take the plunge, for you have already taken the plunge, so what we are referring to, are the first signals of the effects of this leap of faith that you have all consented to taking. Remember, this is your choice and no one else’s, so our task is simply to help you better see where you will be heading in this upcoming period. For now, the sand is literally beginning to run out in the hourglass marked not only with the year 2014, but also with the coding that used to constitute not only you, but also the reality you live in. And soon, the hourglass will be turned on its head to start anew – with a new year and indeed a very new existence for so many of you. And yes, the very act of being turned on its head is also one that will apply to you.

For you will find so many things literally turned not only upside down but also inside out, and every direction in between, but the world around you is not what will be the most unfamiliar and perhaps even daunting aspect to wake up to. No, what we are referring to, will be your inner landscape, for that is about to change into something that will feel almost eerily unfamiliar at first. But again, it is all a process of elimination before you begin the process of reconstruction, and as such, you will all in the time ahead literally land in that void that may seem endless and almost frighteningly so at first. So know that all is well, no matter how alone you might feel, like an astronaut floating in space, fully untethered from his spacecraft with nothing in view except an endless space on all sides. But do not forget, you will not be cut off from that at all times ever present voice within, the one that will guide you through this step of the process, the one that will guide you safely home to your new home, the one that has always been there, waiting for you to arrive.

For this will be a transition period for all, longer or shorter, according to your own personal programming, and so, we wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit about how it will be at one stage or the other in this upcoming period. For as this year comes to a close, so much more will do the same, and at times, it will be as if you are surrounded by doors slamming close or even in your face. And so, you might feel more than once that you have outstayed your welcome, but that is simply not the case. For this is all about closure, as in untethering yourselves fully from all that ever was, in this life and in the former ones, not just as individuals, but also as a part of the collective. Remember, at this stage, what you do as individuals, you also do for the collective, so we wanted to advise you yet again not to take anything personal, and we do mean that in a very literal way. For this is not about you, but about literally checking off every single remaining object – or perhaps we should say objection – from the list, the list that needs to be completed before take off, if we might use such a word. For you are all on the runway now, and just like pilots you are going through every single item that must to be looked into before the engines are revved and you are good to go. So for some, this will be a busy time indeed, as you have been chosen to perform quite a few of the itemized tasks remaining, while for others, you might find yourself almost unsettlingly settled already.

Again, this is at all times an individually managed collective process, so it does you no good to compare yourself to others in this. Know simply that everything that happens now, does so for a reason, and the reason is all about completing everything that needs to be completed in the short time remaining before take off is announced. So make sure to stay connected at all times to that very center of your being, your own “center of command”, your very own home away from home if you will, the place that you can – and should – always turn to no matter what happens around you in the upcoming days and weeks. For that is where no questions will be asked, for there are no more question, just a pure and loving silence that tells you beyond any shadow of a doubt that all is well and you are exactly where – and who – you are supposed to be. And that is all you will ever need to know, for then, you can simply keep breathing and continue to BE you in the way that only you can be. And that is why you are all here, to be what the very essence of you tells you to be. And when you do that, everything else will fall into place, and it will do so in a way that may take your breath away, but it will do so in the very best way you can think of.

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  1. Dear AishaI have not received any notifications since 1/3/15. I may have inadvertently blocked your mail or stopped notifications.I was on your site yesterday and clicked on “follow ” on two occasions and nothing came from youNot sure if you can do anything at your end. if not I can go onto your site twice a month.Love the messages you bring forth. Best wishesTom BeakeySenior PractitionerAmatsu Shinden Jutsu VisceralAmatsu Seitai & Amatsu AnmaKinesiologistReiki Master

    Mission Statement.To enable people, to bring light, health and harmony into their lives. To bring light and love into the lives of all, so we can progress on our spirit pathway in harmony together.

    1. Dear Tom! Welcome to this Pond, and thank you for bringing your light here! I think you should check the settings on your e-mail account, it can be as you say that the mails from wordpress get stopped there, or try to register again. I hope it works out for you!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  2. i know, i have posted this before with a favorable response,
    oh well;

    Transformational Truth 5

    We may liken truth to a mountain, and the various interpretations of that truth to different paths leading up to the summit. Many people are traveling along all of these paths and every one, while he is at the bottom, thinks his path is the only one; he sees only a small part of the mountain, and may therefore be justified in crying to his brothers, “You are wrong! Come over to my path; this is the only one that leads to the top.” But as all these people progress upward, they will see that the paths converge at the top and that they are all one in the ultimate.

    Max Heindel


  3. thought I had something to say
    perhaps something “witty”
    tho’ of late
    I’ve been feeling really shitty
    the rabbit hole has taken me
    tossed me round and forsaken me
    but I am still here
    the reasons’ nowhere near clear
    they say we’re changing the universe
    their hats are off
    to us
    makes me want to cuss
    what a ride
    what a ride
    but I know tomorrow
    i’ll take it all in stride
    that “damnable” stick-to-it-ness
    “charge that hill” they’ll say
    we are right behind you
    and guess who
    will be the 1st one thru

        1. Horse statue in the distance or just a tree!!
          Peaceful feelings come to mind! Morning has broken!!!

    1. Dearest member of this glorious light family ❤ I hold you tight to my heart to provide some support during these last and very tiring steps up to the peak of the mountain ❤
      Love, light & respect for all that you are ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. This mornig i woke up and the dream i just had was me and some others on tricycles going a straight way up a hill. It was exhausting but i was very close to the top.

        Hug you ❤

        1. We are all like children on tricycles here 🙂 Here you get one last puff up the hill you brilliant brother of love, light & life 🙂 ❤
          SMOOCH ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Someone screwed the void of being emptiness on wikipedia too. It’s the exact opposite. I’m just using this as a mean to program myself to get to the void, it’s the jumpboard to ALL the FUN! You really should check out http://www.astralpulse.com to see all the fun they’re doing. Just floating in the void itself is way cool. Shout out something cool and the magicka gives you a ride. I think all the else is just a matter of belief. In the void, where its darker than dark, you have none. It looks the same to everybody.

  5. Has anybody else had a problem with plugged ears? It’s not a loss of hearing, as the hearing returns. Has been occurring for about 1-1/2 to 2 years now. Is this an ascension symptom? Loud roaring sounds began to come to me about the same time, and I said no to that. I can hear tones off/on, too. ?????? Thanx. 😀 xox Lin/Amyrah ❤

    1. Dear Lin ❤

      The "jingle bells" started in my ears at the beginning of my journey and they never stopped – sometimes more, sometimes less. At times it sounds like swallows twittering 🙂
      Love you ❤

      1. ❤ Dearest B… as I said to Vinny, I will listen for the different sounds. Jingle Bells and twittering swallows will be most welcome! 😀 Love you, B ❤

        1. THANK YOU Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

          I thought I might have been flying a little too high and that you would perceive me as flippant as I responded to your serious question.

          If it is tinnitus you mean, I have tried many different visual techniques and relaxation exercises – without success. A medial woman I met even suggested that I would put oil in the ears (and I actually tested this too) ;~S

          Much love to you dearest Lin ❤ ❤ ❤


          1. ❤ Hi, B… please never worry about anything you write/say. IF… IF, I needed clarification, I'd simply kindly ask you. As for the plugged up ears, I'm taking Vinny's suggestion seriously and listening. It might be like my resisting living in L.A. due to its overcrowding energies. But now that I've been exploring the nighttime energies in meditation and under the stars while the city sleeps, it's a whole new ballgame and sooo much FUN & JOY. I remember Lori/Anna Helen used to have a lot of fun under the stars also. I've had to change my sleeping habits, but so what, it's FUN!!! I was stuck in silliness, and now I'm unstuck. Where I couldn't meditate inside, now I can outside. The ears might/most probably only need a change in attitude and approach to discover something new Spiritually. I'm co-creating here as a Goddess, so gotta take a Lighter look at things. 😀

            Never, ever worry, Dear B. Your Heart is Pure… and along with that, you're sooo darn much FUN!!!… and cute, too! 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

            (thanx for all the "beauteous" 😀 pix you take/post. Love them, B.)

  6. Off to see my Mom….ugh….who’s rectum is hanging out again but larger.
    sorry folks…. i know …not good image. … what to do about it? not sure.
    She already had surgery. Kelly has this issue now too since injury. not that bad thank heavens. He joked about it just now on his way out. I said I would tell Mom and her rectum he said ‘hello’. He said ‘Rect-em, It damn near killed em!’ Hey! we have to keep the humor. yes.
    He said – ‘take a picture’. I said ‘not on your life’. or… we could…send it around as our Christmas Card. Not rudolph’s red nose the caption could read. such is the still life.
    I am on Such a High though! This Day has much Joy In it – regardless of any type of assholes the could show themselves!!
    oh boy… yeah… i better get going now.
    Love Be And Be And Be ❤

  7. Do not be afraid of happiness
    There is no
    Neither here nor elsewhere
    Da di da di da, da di dam

    We are going to die tomorrow
    Do not say anything
    Marital happiness
    Remain local crafts

    Let yourself go
    Time for a kiss
    Hmm, I’ll love you

    The treasure is not hidden
    It is just there,
    at our feet unveiled
    It almost makes us fall

    This is damaging that we live Only once
    This is the time of a joy that is offered to me like you

    Let yourself go
    Time for a kiss
    Hmm, I’ll love you

    A little salt in the sea
    Change nothing
    We love it, we bury
    There is a hand and is tightened

    Do not be afraid of happiness
    There is no
    Da di da di da, da di dam

    Let yourself go
    Time for a kiss
    Hmm, I’ll love you …

    Let yourself go
    Time for a kiss
    Hmm, I’ll love you …

  8. It does take a lot of confidence to kiss and bless ones own deeds. Universe is doing exactly as told, even when I don’t even know what I’m asking seeing it is what I asked. It’s really multilayered like whaaa?! I had one time when a “knowing” was telling me what happens next. It was exhilarating, but scary as I didn’t know if I have any control over it at all. Now there’s no knowing, but a hunch I do have control over my life to some extent. But control, either like knowing, wasn’t the ultimate source of happines. Come on heart, confidence and faith.

        1. sorry ….. beautiful ❤︎ B

          born into reality I couldn’t quite understand why I am here.
          but now things are much different, my heart feels something much extraordinary joys are happening now & will continue to flow❤︎

  9. Hello there,

    I have been hanging around since before this all began and I have waited until just this moment to introduce myself here.

    I am most blessed and filled with gratification to be here at last.

    Love and Light to everyone ❤

    1. Dear Nilus Xander Shaeira! Thank you for bringing your light here, and thank you for giving me this opportunity to welcome you to this Pond and to this family of light 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Oh yes thank you Aisha for your warm welcome. It means the world to me, this time of new beginning the likes of which not seen before.

        I did mean to mention that I go by my middle name and so you can just call me Xander.

        Thank you once again,


      1. ~ Xander ~ I Like to say this outloud
        Very strong. Very nice 🙂
        Welcome Dear Xander out into the Open here for all of us to enjoy your splender~! xo

  10. Oh, I may be in the ship’s mess watching old Mystery Science Theatre 3000 but if the alarm goes off I suppose I will be read. :o)

  11. Me, too, Vinny. I have a mystery illness which is just the ‘mud being flung off my merkabah’ as Aisha said in a comment here. Stuff just isn’t working that used to work. Appear, disappear. Getting better, hope you will be soon ❤

  12. Hi evreyone, 🙂
    Thank you aisha for your latest post. Most of the time I remain silent here, but I do participate in my own way.
    I have felt sensations of “buzzing” or shiverings in my body for over a year now. It comes and goes and turns upp att diferrent parts of my body. It feels kind of good but weird. Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Thank you dear sun sun ❤︎ it has been like whole my body is in clear sphere feeling everything in every cells with my heart in timelessness*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

      1. Thank you 🙂 Good to know that I am not alone in experiencing that kind of body symptoms.

        All light to you ❤

  13. Thank you all – this post gave me “ground” that everything is perfectly well,and Im happy now. I wish to see you all and hug!

  14. ❤ Guy&I be taking part in healing/meditation with Native American shaman from Washington state in couple of hours for Mother's ley lines and for all of U.S. west coast weather, especially California drought. Notified only last night. Have spoken to this lovely, dedicated gentleman on phone several times previously. He has traveled North and South America extensively arranging/leading healing medicine wheels for ley lines and in his travels has supposedly seen/experienced free energy machines used by indigenous tribes. If given the opportunity, will kindly question him. The group providing this gathering is new to me; coincidentally, the location is a few blocks from big house/property that Guy&I healed/restored (improperly "restored"/sold by previous owners) that was sitting on Northridge earthquake ley line of 1994.

    Exciting times, lovely, Loving energies everywhere. ❤ xox

    1. WOW Lin!!! Here we talk GREAT synchronicities!!! Thank you for being WHO you are and WHERE you are ❤ ❤ ❤

      PS. Does Rainbow Eagle mean something to you?

      1. ❤ not sure in the way you're asking, my Dear Friend, but eagle is a totem of mine and I've always loved rainbows/vivid colors of the rainbows… they've come to me in visions. why do you ask?

        (gonna go get ready now to leave in 2 hours… Loving you, always) ❤

        Re the group meditation in a few hours, I'm not putting any expectations on it, yet very much looking forward to it. I will take Infinite Silence into it (Thanx, Philip 😀 ). xoxoxoxoxoox BBBBBBBB

        1. Dear Lin,

          I don´t know what happened tonight but I have been out on a ride.

          I think I was called to join you&Guy in a way but didn´t know how and what about. I think it was the Native American Rainbow Eagle who called on me. I have met him live at a seminar here in my town in October 2003.

          I have been among rocks and cliffs, singing and helping water to come forth, tried to get the naked, sterile rocks that I saw during The Gathering thrive with greenery, tried to share a flat rock with my lightsaber to help light to seep through. Our Nordic Eagle met the US Eagle and everything was very powerful. I used sounds and held my hands on some rocks in the meantime. The water began to gush on the heights but down the valley water flowed like a black oily mass that Mother Nature helped me to drop down into the earth in a vortex to be transformed. Then water gushed very free. Afterwards, my son Stefan came up to me and with him came a multitude of redeemed souls 🙂

          I fell asleep on the couch afterwards to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 (Nobel Concert;) and woke up at allegrettot and was fascinated by the amazing interaction between the leader and the symphony orchestra, where I saw all of us as different parts of the symphony orchestra. Before the concert started the leader had emphasized the interplay between science and culture 😉

          This was a very powerful experience that lasted for an hour and when I looked at the clock it showed 7:40 PM.

          This Lucia day has been remarkable to say the least and I feel very grounded, happy and grateful ❤

          Love & Light ❤

          B to B

          1. ❤ My B… My Love for you is immense… and continues to grow!! You bring so much JOY, Dearest B, to us All, to me. You are paving the Love Path for many, many ones awakening to follow. I will look up Rainbow Eagle. Still processing the days events so will post later on that… especially after I meditate later in Infinite Silence within the star's energies outside while the city sleeps. I'm so grateful to have finally found what works for me on a daily basis while we live here. My Heart feels at home now. The JOY and playfulness are returning. Ain't Life Grand!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox Loving you (Loving All) 😀 Lin/Amyrah

            1. Dearest Sister of Love, Light & JOY ❤

              "My Heart feels at home now" = OUR heart is at home now ❤ ❤ ❤

              How can I thank you enough for leading me to Rainbow Eagle – again – you whiteheaded eagle from the land "over there"

              I love you – always ❤ ❤ ❤


              Translated from Swedish Wiki;

              "Bald eagle forms a species pair with the European sea eagle. Species pair consists of a white-faced and a ljushuvad species with approximately the same size. Havsörnen also has an overall lighter brown plumage. This species pair differed from the other eagles in the beginning of the Early Miocene (about 10 million years ago), which last, but may have done so already during the early or middle Oligocene (28 million years ago). The latter requires that the oldest fossils have been found really belongs to this generation. [11] The two species parted probably in the Pacific, where the sea eagle spread westward to Eurasia and the bald eagle spread eastward to North America. [12]"

              Read about it in English at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bald_eagle

              See eagles in my home county:

              1. ❤ Dear B… your Nordic eagles look almost exactly like the lone golden eagle which I've seen around our house twice recently! (very unusual) This leads me to think perhaps that Guy&I going to see the Native American healer yester morning was to urge you on your own wonderful and powerful healing spiritual journey for Mother that you led yesterday.

                It turns out the healer we went to see was given time only to demonstrate a quick practice he does at his medicine wheels. He Blessed each of us and sang a healing prayer and rapidly issued us wonderful spiritual info. This was the first time I've met him. He was the first speaker, and after 4-1/2 hours of different speakers and no break in between, G&I left immediately to search out a restaurant and relax (we'd also taken part in group exercise—Guy said "you owe me 🙂 )!!! As we all (approx. 40) were sitting in a large circle, it would have been rude to leave. There were several wonderful speakers, but my ears were acting up again and getting plugged up so I couldn't hear everything. If I had known the setup for the meeting, we'd still have gone to meet him, but would've been prepared for the lengthy session.

                Before the session began, we did get a chance to speak to him for about 5 minutes, again, my ears were plugged. In mid-sentence in asking him about the free-energy machines, HS impressed upon me with absolute Clarity that the time is not yet right for this information—like it or not, there is still greed in the world although being reduced rather quickly. He responded in the same vein. And he has indeed seen the gift of free energy at work for indigenous peoples. When the greed is no longer a threat in the remaining world, free energy will be made available to all (of course we already know that).

                I will take part energetically in his next medicine wheel on the 21st in another part of California, only a couple of hours away.

                When I saw the kindly/Peaceful face of "your" Rainbow Eagle online, I immediately felt a kinship. If he were based in Southern California, I'd make effort to participate in his workshops (he lives in Caroline's neck of the woods in Ohio).

                I'm purposely not naming this healer as there has been reports of fraud online which I do not want to perpetuate or be a part of any rumors, but in keeping my mind open as the truth presents, it may be because he doesn't sugarcoat anything to the general public who may not be ready to hear the truth of us as gods/goddesses/multi-dimensional beings, how we were enslaved, no time/space, etc. In fairness, he has also had wonderful reported/documented successes for Mother with his medicine wheels.

                Sooo, Thank You, Dear B, for the healing that did take place, just in your part of the world. ;D Loving you, as always, xox Lin/Amyrah ❤

                1. Dearest Lin – thank you for your message and for your co-creation – and I really hope it is not just in my part of the world that healing did take place 🙂
                  Love you – always ❤ ❤ ❤

                2. thanks Lin for helping me get a feel of your experience.
                  Glad you asked about free energy too! 🙂
                  And I have a feel for Rainbow Eagle too
                  He looks So much like my long time Indian Healer friend.
                  ❤ Hugs

          2. “Until we have the courage to ask questions about our spiritual roots, whether they are froma Christian, Native American or other traditions, we will remain separated from our true spiritual identity. It’s not about finding the most pure form of Christianity; but more about how each individual can experience Yeshua personally.”

            Rainbow Eagle

          3. Beloved sisters of the light! Thank you both for fully embracing the very essence of who you are, and for allowing your inner light to interact with Mother Earth in such a powerful way, bringing healing to ALL. I love you more than words can say, and I send my gratitude to you and to everyone who took part in this truly magnificent event.
            Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. Dearest Sister/s/ ❤

              I thought I was re-born last Sunday – but it was just the fortaste 😉

              The morning prayer that I posted has been a hidden key that I got in the beginning of this latest (last?) journey. It has been with me all the time but not until this morning when I wrote it on the blog I deeply realized why I have photographed almost every leaf and rock in nature in my beautiful neighbourhood ❤

              I am so very blessed and so greatful above words to YOU, to ALL my Brothers and Sisters, my forerunners and to My Holy Spirit, Creation and everything that I don´t even know the name of 😉

              Sun and Mother is waiting for me 🙂 ❤ I wish you the very best of days today. This is the very first day of the rest of MY LIFE ❤

              Bless you ❤ ❤ ❤


                1. Thank you dear Aisha ❤

                  I have been out and taken care of by Mother taking a lot of wondrous images of all white snow powdered spruce tree angels surrounding me, but my camera won´t let them out into my computer 😉 You just have to imagine them with the sun spreading its varm yellow and orange colors like Advent candles in forest glades – very hopeful 🙂

                  Love & light ❤


                  1. not B’s but I had to post an image of candles on snow covered trees –
                    with a Happy re-B-Day Wish 😀
                    Blessed BE Our B for the beauty she brings and the beauty She Is 🙂
                    Much Love – from this sister in oneness wonder ❤

                    1. Dearest Sister in oness wonder ❤

                      Thank you for this beautiful picture and your "Happy re-B-Day Wish" that touches my heart very specially this yet wondrous morning that still need some reindeer lichen on 😉
                      Love is reflected to you ❤ ❤ ❤

              1. Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems like you are going through something very wonderful 🙂 //Glad tredje advent// En landsyster

                1. Hej min kära landsmaninna och tack för hälsningen 🙂
                  Ja – det är verkligen under över alla under som händer nu 🙂 Släpp tömmarna och häng på – Rudolf hittar vägen hem – om vi ska hålla det på ett skämtsamt plan 😉
                  Stor kram och en massa kärlek till dig ❤

                  1. Tack 🙂
                    Haha helt rätt! det skämtsamma planet är det bästa planet. Förhoppningsvis följer jag snart ditt exempel.

                    Massa kärlek tillbaka till dej ❤

              2. Thank you dearest Brother ❤

                It feels a bit unusual here and I've gotten a little cold – but quite okay 🙂 While I ate dinner my candlelight suddenly lit very tangible and then quenched and my landline phone up called my brother´s mobile phone, even though I only had THOUGHT that I would call him. He asserted with certainty that it was I who had called him and he was a bit puzzled about how things are because last Sunday I baptized my cell phone in the church's baptismal font 😉 So – a bit unusual and bumpy but I will certainly get used to it 🙂

                Thank you for asking – or….did you??? 😉

                All my love to you ❤


    2. Thank you, Amyrah, for all you are. Thank you also for this information as it comfirms an awareness I have been and do now feel. There has been a whole lot of stomping happening for Gaia balancing by native peoples in prescribed intervals at specific locations. My heart felt gratitude to them, you, and others that are so doing. I have done a few dances myself! 🌹

      1. p.s. FJ… I also do Native American dancing after my starlight meditations, but only under the long porch so that I don’t scare any neighbors in the dark early morn hours. 😀 ❤ The worst I can be doing is entertaining the stars and my Angels/Guides with my enthusiastic, Heartfelt attempts, I hope. 🙂

        1. I want to know when you dance in front of everyone!
          I will let you know when I do 🙂
          people need to see our Joy
          and take it up for themselves
          flash dance mob all over the world
          what if everyone all over the world did get up and dance – at the same time. Mother Elohi and Father Ra would Love that show!!

          1. Hi, A/Breezie… I’ll step aside and allow you to dance in public for us both and with others and will JOYfully lead the applause for you. For me, I send out my dance JOY under the stars and under the porch in perfect quiet where I feel the Love of All. I’m dancing with no one and everyOne. Even our neighbors’ watch dogs know me now and remain peaceful. So JOYful. So perfect. Be well. 😀 😀 ❤

            1. Beloved Sister ❤

              I just love you so very much like all your pieces to the puzzle 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤
              Would really like to join you in your dancing under the stars – may I?
              Love, joy & happy star dancing ❤ ❤ ❤

              This constellation is the one I'm most familiar with:

              1. ❤ haha Dearest B, you (by name) have been with me in meditation since I began star meditations… in fact, I bring all Ponders with me. We are all aspects of each other, of the One. When I see "you," I see "me"; when I feel, hear, sense, appreciate, Love "you," it is "me". Btw, "we" are gorgeous Lights! ;D Loving U, always xox Lin/Amyrah ❤

    3. Well, Amyrah, you all must have put a lot of spirit into it!
      There was whole lot of racket here.
      Booming and banging and humming and zinging!
      Ooph da!
      Now smooth sailing. What a difference!!!!!!!!
      One major meridian here balanced, two more to go.
      Yahoo! Way to go!
      Whoo! Whoo!

    4. Dear B and Lin and All:
      I found this in just one single search using B’s words. I have been lead to things so immediately, it is just wonderful these days. 😀
      “There would come a day of awakening when all the peoples of All the tribes would form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit”.
      “The Warriors of The Rainbow would spread these messages and tell all peoples of the Earth or ‘Elohi’. They would teach them how to live ‘The Way of The Great Spirit.”
      I suggest reading this in its entirety:
      From: http://www.firstpeople.us/FP-Html-Legends/WarriorsoftheRainbow-Cree.html
      >>My Kelly is part Cree Indian on his father’s side and I was lead to this web link when you, B, said ‘Native American Rainbow Eagle’. thank you B for leading me/us on this one! And I am thankful and in more understanding of my linking up with Kelly – for this beautiful Cree energy! I will share this with him tomorrow.
      It also reminds me of ‘The Great White Way’ phrase that came to me not too long ago.
      This is also really important for me as it points to another sign I had received long ago with a rainbow spectrum in the sky …in a craft was I, with American Indians and they were telling me of important things to come.
      The sun dogs I started seeing stirred it up for me as I have long waited for ‘the signs’ to appear.
      I am so truly happy this time is Now and we all link up with it! It is truly astonishing but really it is yet so very Natural…but I will never overlook the loveliness of each of these moments. I am so grateful for what I was shown long ago that remained with me and for all of you who have brought so much to Light for All!
      (I think I may call the Earth ‘Elohi’ now as it rings so beautifully for me)
      Love you All so much ! ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Thank you Areeza ❤

        When Lin said something about that they would meet a "gentle Native American" I immediately thought about Rainbow Eagle who was a very wise and gentle old man, who talked about the Native American nine prophecies that constantly been derived to our humanity and that we now experience the ninth and last prophecy who say that humanity have two choices; to follow Mother Nature – or not.


        I bought a prayer, by an unknown author, that he sold. I have framed it on my wall:

        "A morning prayer

        Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear iin the winds, and whose breath gives life to all in this world, hear me!

        Let me walk in Beauty and to see the Beauty all around me.

        I will respect all the things You have made and my ears will be sharp to hear Your voice.

        I grow this day in wisdoom that I may understand the things You have taught All people on Mother Earth.

        Help me to learn the lessons You have hidden in every leaf and rock and in every experience I have today; to sense, identify and understand even the unseen.

        From this moment on, I realize that I have Free Will, I am a Child of Creation, with Rights of my own, and the SOLE MAKER OF MY DESTINY.

        Everything that I have any contact with today, I bless, I am of one heart and one mind with all that is Divine. I live and let live.

        This is the 1st minute of the greatest day of my life, filled with miracles, health, wealth, wisdom, love and joy.

        This day belongs to ME. So Be it!"

        I tremble and I cry as I write this – because my heart recognizes ❤ So Be it – AMEN ❤

        Love & light ❤


        1. Dear B
          I saw Rainbow Eagles picture a lot during my search for the picture I posted below. He looks SO much like my healer friend…. who happens to be Mohawk Indian 🙂 They could be brothers. maybe are ❤
          ~Bless you and this glorious day~

        2. This is truly Beautiful B
          and just how it all comes together… Lin’s voyage… You and Rainbow Eagle….
          And how You Already Do Live This Prayer – Dear Birgitta!
          You have been reborn to your truest of true natures ! – probably some time ago – and only now have recognized it!
          Face to Face ~ Heart to Heart ❤

    5. You were right, Vinny… the medicine man allowed info to come into my consciousness re free energy machines as that’s what I was working so diligently on. Now I can put it to rest. When it’s time, someone else will bring it/them into being for all; I no longer feel I failed or wasted valuable time. And what I had to offer him was personal as it would reveal his name if I wrote about it. You are tuned in, Dear Soul man. You are a Treasure here. Thank you for you, thank you for all that you do for all and for all that you bring here. With my Love, Respect & Gratitude, xox Be well. Lin/Amyrah ❤

      (I hope I have the privilege one day of meeting you in person 😀 )

  15. Beloved family of light! This journey just continues to unfold in the most unexpected of ways, and this morning I had another profound experience as I was once more guided to go into meditation. But unlike yesterday’s “Pond gathering”, this time it was very much a solo journey, and for more than an hour I experienced something that I can only describe as a rebirth. I could feel how the energies worked through every single part of my body, and even if I have had so many of these “downloads” or “upgradings” earlier, once again it was unlike anything I have ever felt before. It was a powerful yet also a blissful experience, it was so thorough but at the same time so loving, and I really felt like I was being held suspended in this shimmering golden net of capable and caring “hands”.

    I heard two clear messages during it: “quantum release” and “cease to bee”. The first one I “saw” as a release of all the old programming in every single cell of my body on a “sub atomic level” like the CCs referred to earlier. The second one I was shown meant “cease” as in the closing/termination of the old and “to bee” means shifting into a very new life, and the “bee” refers to “in the way of the bee” (hello Bev!) In other words, a shift from an “unnatural” / imbalanced state of existence to a new and fully balanced one fully anchored in the “natural intelligence” of Mother Nature. At the end, I saw myself inside a revolving door, and I could feel how the energies worked their way through my entire body all the way from the top of my head and down to the toes, moving slowly from my right side over to the left, and I could “see” the door closing to the old. Then, an opening appeared to my right, and when I exited through it, I saw myself as this tiny new born foal curled up in the hay. I sensed the presence of a huge loving creature, the mare that had given birth to me, and she was gently nudging me with her nose, telling me that everything was OK, and I should just take all the time I needed before I even tried to stand on my long and gangly legs. It was such an overwhelmingly wonderful sense of being completely immersed in LOVE, and at the same time such an overwhelming physical sensation of having gone through something so profound, I was unable to move and it took almost two hours before I could even get out of bed.

    I am still trying to come to grips with everything that happened this morning, but one thing I know for sure: I am not the only one who has been or will be taken through such a profoundly transformative experience during the next few days, and as the CCs told me in a message just now, there will be many, many others who will be celebrating their own “rebirth” before this year comes to an end. They also asked me to remind you all that even if some will have a very conscious experience of going through this “rebirth”, some of you will have little or no recollection of it at all, but you will all KNOW deep inside of you what has happened.

    I send you my love and my gratitude, and I thank every single one of you for the way you continue to BE here, with words, with images, but most of all, with your never ending LOVE.

    With all my love – always, forever
    Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Dearest Sister on this amazing journey ❤

      My heart rejoices with gratitude and love without limits when I get to share your experience ❤ ❤ ❤ Rest now in your loving care you fabulous newborn "foal" 🙂

      My love for you is infinite ❤


    2. Feeling called to share once again the ‘words’ or ‘pointers’ that came with the ‘remembering of Infinite Silence:

      Infinite Silence

      Out of the Infinite Silence springs forth
      Pure Consciousness
      Out of no thing comes no thing
      You are No Thing
      Pure consciousness expressed in infinite variety
      One with ALL that IS
      A mosaic of infinite colours
      Beingness expressed
      The observer and the observed
      All in One
      One with ALL
      A drop in the Ocean
      And the Ocean in a drop
      The Prime Radiant
      An Infinite Sphere Of Light
      Infinitely powerful
      You are Truth experienced in as and through your beingness
      One with ALL that IS
      Infinite Silence

      Philip ❤

    3. ❤ Thank you for that, Dear Vinny. I move in my own different, unorthodox way than most people, too. It's much easier for me to no longer resist it and now just enJOY it. My Love to you as you go about your work on your path. I feel your Love; I feel your JOY… for Mother, for All. My Love&JOY to you, Dear One. Keep 'em laughin'. xox 😀 Lin/Amyrah

    4. A dream I had a few days ago points to this perhaps happening for me.
      I was told not to post it right away. I have felt changed ever since this dream. Like a weight was lifted and new, calm, steadiness set in.
      Now’s a good time to share it 🙂
      I saw two buildings….both on pillars and water beneath.
      The one to the left was the one I ‘thought’ I was supposed to fix up and live in. Water was leaking from the shabby roof and I became disillusioned by it and pretty upset. I realized how much it needed and it also seemed pretty dark inside.
      All of a sudden, my Dad swoops down into it and tells me he will take care of it for good! He smashes the whole structure hard and it falls down into rushing river waters below. I see it so very clearly being washed away…stone fireplace and all. 🙂
      Now… I immediately look to the building on the right. It is taller…more of a barn type structure. I see it has a lot of light in and around it. A much better place to ‘live’…lots of potential…and I think to myself “I never saw ‘this one’ as a contender to live in, yet It Was Always There….right next to the other one.
      Thank you dear Sister!
      And A Joyful Birth Time It Is right after this dream, I saw many clouds blowing really, really fast in the sky…Kelly was sitting facing me and I said ‘you should see whats going on behind you!’
      It was so clear – all of this – and the feeling so strong with emotion.

      1. Dear Areeza!!!
        I’m SO elated for this breakthrough and very important step into a new way of “being”!! 😉 YAY!! ❤

        1. Dear C
          There was also am important dream of a witch creature following me all over the place~! I kept feeling that even if I locked the doors behind me…each time she could still get in. It was a Really creepy feeling.,
          Well, finally at the end, she and I just faced each other.
          She changed right before my eyes! She even said how tiring it was to keep up the ‘old wicked energy’! She simply decided to stop it and ‘change’. 😀
          This was taken as work I was doing for this energy on the planet and I felt a success and relief in waking. ❤

          1. Shadow integration ?

            One line from Gaia portal today says,

            “Shadow realms have dissolved and may not be reformed as Cosmics will not permit.”

            Happy rebirth to you also 🙂 ❤

    5. Dear brother! We are like the warp and the weft, all of us strands or beams of different colours meeting and separating at defined intervals to form this magnificent new fabric of light 🙂 What a magical process of co-creation this is! Thank you for the way you continue to help us all to see the “bigger picture”, for that is easy to miss out on when the process in itself is so intense.
      Sending you so much LOVE in return, and I have added some extra soothing energies to that hard working physical body of yours 🙂
      Aisha ❤

  16. “I was on my ass, sitting on the floor” — Seems to be an “ass” theme suddenly synchronizing here. (chronic gastric laugh pain)

    “to those who have tasks to do over the next few wweek’s” — You mean “years”, right? It’s been years…no break

    “Hopefully those with sick body will be well by then” — Nope, no break with that one either. (sending a big Thumbs Up to all those non-suffering Higher Dimensional beings, currently watching this channel)

    Merry Everything, Vinny!
    Love you


    posted December 13, 2014

    “In other words, everything the dark cabal is doing now, no matter how insidious and outrageous, is being used against them.

    This reminds me of a joke we used to say as children with respect to the famous Mao Zedong Quotations in the 50s when I lived under communism and this man was very highly revered:
    “If you sit on the toilet and feel how a dick prick is penetrating your asshole, do not move as not to make it more pleasurable for the enemy.”

    This is exactly the advise the dark cabal currently vehemently reject – the more they undertake to unleash a new WW3 (read here), the sooner will they experience their total fiasco.

    That is to say, now instant karma is the valid law of All-That-Is on this timeline, where the divine prick is already deep in the cabal’s asshole and any movement they make is punished in a very painful manner.

    Sorry for this outspoken comment, but extreme situations demand extreme presentations.”

    ~ Georgi Stankov


      1. ❤ Now THAT'S what donkey laughing looks like, feels like… I don't know if the rest of us look as cute as these seals do, though. 😀 Love U, Kiera. Thanx. ❤

  18. the flow of energy blew me out of myself today
    i went into a void where there was at first only an out of focus blur,
    as i adjusted myself to accept a new experience things began to come more into focus
    it was the pond, but not; there was no imagining or visuals.

    This place was an interactive web of consciousness,
    or strings of light flowing from one pattern to another
    there were bright pulses of light moving along the strings,
    sometimes the pulse of one string would touch another pulse and become very bright,
    there were sub-patterns, different strings would come together in different
    areas, to form different symmetries of pulses .
    i wish i could find that old drawing of a guy on the edge of reality, poking his head into another dimension.
    i think i peeked through the gateway for awhile.


      1. thanks,
        this is the one i was thinking about
        after a short search i found it


        ‘Context in Flammarion’s book

        In Flammarion’s “L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire”, the image refers to the text on the facing page (p. 163), which also clarifies the author’s intent in using it as an illustration:

        Whether the sky be clear or cloudy, it always seems to us to have the shape of an elliptic arch; far from having the form of a circular arch, it always seems flattened and depressed above our heads, and gradually to become farther removed toward the horizon. Our ancestors imagined that this blue vault was really what the eye would lead them to believe it to be; but, as Voltaire remarks, this is about as reasonable as if a silk-worm took his web for the limits of the universe. The Greek astronomers represented it as formed of a solid crystal substance; and so recently as Copernicus, a large number of astronomers thought it was as solid as plate-glass. The Latin poets placed the divinities of Olympus and the stately mythological court upon this vault, above the planets and the fixed stars. Previous to the knowledge that the earth was moving in space, and that space is everywhere, theologians had installed the Trinity in the empyrean, the glorified body of Jesus, that of the Virgin Mary, the angelic hierarchy, the saints, and all the heavenly host…. A naïve missionary of the Middle Ages even tells us that, in one of his voyages in search of the terrestrial paradise, he reached the horizon where the earth and the heavens met, and that he discovered a certain point where they were not joined together, and where, by stooping his shoulders, he passed under the roof of the heavens…[6]

        The same paragraph had already appeared, without the accompanying engraving, in an earlier edition of the text published under the title of L’atmosphère: description des grands phénomènes de la Nature (“The Atmosphere: Description of the Great Phenomena of Nature,” 1872).[7] The correspondence between the text and the illustration is so close that one would appear to be based on the other. Had Flammarion known of the engraving in 1872, it seems unlikely that he would have left it out of that year’s edition, which was already heavily illustrated. The more probable conclusion therefore is that Flammarion commissioned the engraving specifically to illustrate this particular text, though this has not been ascertained conclusively.’



  19. “The master recognizes that they are bigger than any of that, so they are not afraid of negative thoughts, that take the form of fears, sadness, anger and the like.
    They recognize that it’s just all energy, and that they are excellent movers of energy.”



    by Elizabeth Farrimond

    Posted on December 11, 2014

    Your days, your lives of hiding are over. There was a purpose to hiding your light in the past, but it is a new day. You are safe. The world is safe now for what you have to share.

    If you are in your balance of masculine and feminine, and you are trusting your wisdom and knowledge, which, if you are reading these words, you are trusting more and more, you will attract the right energies, the right people to you and your teachings.

    No more excuses, that you are not ready, or you have issues, problems, or someone else is keeping you from your spiritual work. Many of you are walking your talk, and even so you have your moments of doubt.
    As long as we are human there will be doubts.

    Your teaching may take the form of classes, writing a book, a website, a blog, art, music, a business, a product, or it may be the way you live your life, just being in the moment and enjoying the sensual qualities of life.

    You may be in the process of healing your physical body, or bringing your finances back into balance. It may be just getting reacquainted with your soul self.
    Wherever you are, you are ready. Ready to share what you have learned, what you are going through. Do not underestimate who you are. Do not compare yourself to those still deeply entrenched in the world of materialism at the expense of their soul.

    Do not be tempted to compare yourself with those in the esoteric who seem to channel entities. Everyone has their area of specialization.

    Our soul speaks to us in a subtle voice, or through feelings. You are channeling your soul even when you do not realize it.
    Whenever you are doing something that brings you pleasure, you are channeling your soul.
    It could be a walk in nature, singing, and any of the simplest acts of joy. Your soul is always there, but the easiest way to connect with her is through feelings, especially joyful ones.

    But sometimes you have to go through the darker ones to get there.

    And you are deeply honored for doing so. Very few humans are bold enough to feel on such a deep level.

    Why do you think psychiatrists dispense antidepressants like candy? Isn’t it interesting that people will go to dangerous lengths to avoid those dark feelings?

    The whole movement to ‘think positive’ in an attempt to bypass the sadness, the anger, and the other so-called negative feelings is in misunderstanding of the law of attraction.

    To get to the joy we sometimes are required to sift through the not so joyful feelings, and to understand that slapping on a happy face when you are sad or feeling hopeless isn’t going to work.
    It’s the understanding that we are energy movers and we are able to transmute any feelings and any energy.

    So it’s time to release any notions that you need to be totally clear of any negativity before you are worthy of being a beacon of light for others. You are not the thoughts and feelings that pass through you.

    The master recognizes that they are bigger than any of that, so they are not afraid of negative thoughts, that take the form of fears, sadness, anger and the like.

    They recognize that it’s just all energy, and that they are excellent movers of energy. And that eventually they have developed a relationship with their mind, in which the mind is more background noise.

    If you are looking for living examples of those who are walking their talk, who have come out and who are sharing the wealth of wisdom that they have, there are plenty out there.

    But there are so very few who are on the leading edge of the new energy.

    This is why it is so important for those of us who are on that leading edge, to share what we have learned thus far.
    Do not let anyone convince you that what we are doing has already been done. This Ascension is a totally different Ascension than has been done in the past. This energy is a totally new energy that we are in.

    We are the first to go through it, and we are the first to figure out how to use it. It can be quite challenging, quite frustrating at times. But it can also be quite exciting and rewarding.

    Those on the other side of the veil are waiting for us to teach them a thing or two about this new energy.

    To be the first ones to go through this. After all, who can we look up to? Who can we defer to when we are confused and feel lost?
    Of course there are those on the other side who have tremendous wisdom and they are there in support of us at all times. They act as guides and assist us with the energies when we request it.

    But a lot of what we are doing is new even to Spirit.
    Yes that’s right Spirit, God, whatever you wish to call it, does not have all the answers. Spirit is expanding as we are. Spirit is coming to know itself as we come to know ourselves.

    So, if you think that you are just a student, just someone who is way in the back of the line, well guess what? You are not. You are not.

    No my friend you are in the forefront of this dimensional shift. You are at the top of the hierarchy of those who are moving into the new energy.
    No, there is no real hierarchy of course. We are all equal in terms of spirit. However there are those who have decided that they wanted to take the plunge. They wanted to be the first to go into this new energy.

    They had lifetimes of preparation for this. This is not something one decided in this lifetime. You are an old soul. You have lived many lifetimes, and you have been preparing for this lifetime well in advance.
    So please give yourself the credit that you deserve. Please do not ever underestimate who you truly are.

    Some would call you fearless, some would call you crazy. Either way, you are on the most incredible path that anyone has ever been on. And humanity will be following. Everyone will have to go through this process sooner or later. You are paving the way for those others who will be going through. But because of your hard work you have made that path easier for those to follow.

    There is not enough room in your house for who you truly are. There is not enough room in the community for who you truly are. There is not enough room in this world for who you truly are.

    You are that big. You are that expansive.

    The embodied master isn’t particularly interested in saving anyone, or being involved in any type of spiritual work.
    They just want to be here on the Earth plane and shine their light.

    Sometimes that comes in the form of teaching others, sometimes it’s just walking down the street with a smile on your face, appreciating life.
    But, even if you have no particular interest in being a teacher in the traditional sense of the word, in the sense of sharing your wisdom with others, at least acknowledge who you truly are.

    And that goes out as radiance, as light for others to feel into. So that they can also choose that for themselves.

    And that single master has more effect on the Planet than millions of people trying to solve issues like war and crime and poverty through pushing and protesting.

    That Master walking down the street has more of an effect on the Planet than any organization or religion, if those organizations or religions are not truly connected to spirit.

    So walk like a master and talk like a master… and when you can’t seem to do that, please do not be hard on yourself.
    For the master is also accepting of his human self in all this.

    ~ Elizabeth Farrimond

      1. Aisha, I wanted you to know how much I have always appreciated your channelings. Though I have my guides, your ability and willingness to share has lent great encouragement. Thank you so much. Regarding this particular share: I had an experience, (I bi-locate, travel interdimensionally) just a couple of nights ago. Lightworkers were gathered at my home. We were given instruction and lists. I do not recall the specifics of the instruction, or the details of the lists. But, now after your channeling – I understand. This lends meaning to the experiences that have occured since. So incredibly helpful. You are a blessing. ~~~~~Love & Light~~~~~

        1. Dear Darlene, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here and to this world, and for BEing a part of this amazing collective effort 🙂
          Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

      1. Hi… if I might respond… The image is of Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion… “She Who Hears the Cries of the World.” The vase or jar in her hand contains “pure water, the divine nectar of life, compassion and wisdom.” Long a favorite being of mine. 🙂

    1. Hi Kiera, many thanks for sharing such a powerfully empowering force of a message.

      So many messages here are carrying the light of perfected truth, such an honour to be part of such a wonderful gathering.

      Please excuse me while i share this

      the lady of the pond holds Excalibur aloft,,, excaliber is a sword, a sword is symbology for an Ankh, an Ankh is a very usefull interdimensional portal activator, symbolizing ISIS,z,(zero point) powerfully empowering messages purposefully and intently grounding the energy of the perfected majesty of the one.

      Many sincere thanks and magnetic blessings of perfection

      1. Ahhh Yes!
        I had been thinking yesterday of The Lady Of The Lake and how likened to our dear pond mistress here 😉 and of Excalibur and the connection.
        nice ❤ thank you
        Blessings to All

      1. no more need for ambitions in the Now I Am ! 😀
        There is no-thing to want to be. and Hope sounds
        like the word ‘try’. Ought is ‘shoulding on yourself’.
        that was why I put it
        My true essence is not any of those things because I simply Am
        ❤ XO

  20. this above image came up for me earlier. So here is it now.
    “For now, the sand is literally beginning to run out in the hourglass marked not only with the year 2014, but also with the coding that used to constitute not only you, but also the reality you live in. And soon, the hourglass will be turned on its head to start anew – with a new year and indeed a very new existence for so many of you. And yes, the very act of being turned on its head is also one that will apply to you.”
    >> this really interests me in this hour glass (our glass i typed first)…because I kept seeing it the past few days. I saw it with the sands inside going up when it was turned down, etc….telling me that measurement of ‘time’ was going to change quickly now into something else…or a stand still point and then a merging of past/present /future. At one point, I saw the sand going up and down at the same time….fixating in the middle and becoming a solid (and reading from the CC’s now how important it is to stay in our ‘core center’). I first saw the hour glass image when I merged the two 3’s together – forming the 8 and how it looks like an hour glass. At that time, I kept seeing things turning and facing each other….just like the 3’s. There is yet more to this. Its this mirroring thing….this match game thing. still a theme for me to process fully. And, the best part is: I am So calm, collected and trusting about all of it. These new energies fit like an old glove. I feel more at home every moment.
    Ok… good night now…. I think ;P

        1. “And yes, the very act of being turned on its head is also one that will apply to you.”

          Is exactly how I am feeing today…

          This is weird but i had a vision of seeing the sand and some sand dunes, and there was a breeze blowing hard, holy shit a ‘breeze’! so some of the sand was airborne and surfing off the dunes because of it. Something about the sand was said but i was so tired i forget what it was.

            1. lol haha exfoliate = friction.

              Watching the video makes me think of the friction the CC’s talked about.

    1. Hi areeza, and fellow stars :-),,

      there is an interesting aspect with the hourglass,, it is the effect of it going 180 degrees, half of 180 is 90, if you take the grail cup and spin it 90 degrees to “face” you, you get the solar disk.

      Of course a reflection is a 180 degree rotation viewed in another plane, especially our 3d plane, and we can view our understanding of the waking and dreamtime activities with the same 180 degree missunderstanding. We are bringing our dreamtime state to what we percieve as the waking time state, because our earthly understanding has it the wrong way round,( as we know,,,,what we think is sleep is realtime activities and actually while i am typing this message i am in fact fast asleep in dream time 🙂 )), a 180 twist in the light of knowledge, which will be untwisted in the shift.

      Soon we will awaken to the morning of the knight that simply carried us from one world to the next.

      Magnetic blessings of peace 🙂

      1. Outstanding
        And…I woke this morning trying to ‘reel/real in’ those images that seem oh so alive these days ! The more you try to hang on to em, the more they seem to slip away. So, trick is to allow them in a way that they keep rolling and unfolding.
        This mornings visions had many ‘pathways’. small, fairly narrow, dirt ones. When I would get excited and want to follow them, they disappeared. Each time I tried not to try. LoL. I even threw I large ball or something that actually seemed to look more like dark luggage bag out in front of ‘me’… and just follow ‘it’ along the path.
        This is getting quite interesting 🙂 ❤
        ooOO…. and can you imagine when we turn and face ourselves in these seemingly sleep state visions!!! Ooo Yeah
        Love U Mag Blue !

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