A short update on the Gathering

And so it is with the greatest of pleasure that we can welcome you all to the New, in every sense of the word. For as you once again came together to pool your resources in the way that only you can, you once again managed to establish yourselves on a very new level of existence, one that has been unattainable for mankind up until now. But now, you have arrived, and alongside you a whole new world has come into being. We know that these words may be thought of as nothing more than fanciful pleasantries to those still mired within the old subsets, but to those of you already pulling in that enticing and oh so fresh new air into your lungs, you will be more than willing to agree upon these sentiments. For you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the world you awakened to bears little resemblance to the one you left behind a few short hours ago.

Again, looking at this from a purely superficial perspective, nothing at all will seem to have changed, but again, the changes we refer to are so deep and so profound, they affect you all literally on a subatomic level. You see, this shift out from the old and into the New world is not one that is undertaken by way of hovering spacecrafts appearing before you to whisk you away to some hidden planet somewhere far, far away deep out in space. No, this transmigration that we speak of, is one that is undertaken by way of literally jumping from one frequency to the next. And even if the distance between these two stations is almost impossible to measure out by way of your rather crude ways of calculation, it is indeed equivalent to a very literal quantum leap, and the chasm between the two opposite stations could not have been deeper.

You see, what we are talking about, is a shift that is so profound, yet it takes part on a level that makes it nigh impossible for you to detect with any kind of apparatus you have yet to even develop. Yet, through that most discerning apparatus you already have at your disposal, namely your very own heart, you will know within every fibre of your being that what we talk about is indeed already a reality. For the shift that took place during that oft-mentioned and rightly lauded get-together you call your Gathering was such a monumental success, it will rank very high in the annals of mankind, once they get published in their entirety. You see, what you did has already changed so much, so yet again your old history books may as well already be relegated to the scrap heap, if such a thing even exists anymore. For you have already begun to fulfill your own dream of creating your very own paradise, one that will be the home of countless of your fellow humans too. For this is not merely something you did for your own amusement or indeed benefit. No, this is something you did for ALL, and now, the time will come for every single soul in existence on that old version of your world to take it upon themselves to go deep within and dig out that old contract they made with themselves before they entered their current body in that ancient version of your world that still goes by the name of Planet Earth. For remember, having a dual citizenship is no longer an option, so this time, it comes down to every single individual to make that choice, and to make it by way of the choice they already set down before they committed themselves to be present here at this very time in space.

For this time, you all came in fully aware of the fact that you would be given the option to act on that choice, for this time, it was not simply a matter of completing yet another one of an already seemingly endless line of human lives. No, this time, it was all about making a decisive decision, whether to agree to be a part of the upward spiraling effort, or whether to simply adhere to that already downward accelerating one. And yesterday you all stood there at the still point in between the two, for you where the focal point through which this incoming ray of light shone, and through this lens the light was scattered into a myriad of options, and so, you had the choice, and what you chose, was to lift yourselves to the highest available option. For you chose the bandwidth at the far outer reaches of the spectrum, and by doing just that, you set the pace for this upcoming process to one that far surpassed our expectations. For you declared yourselves ready and able to complete this journey in such a manner and at such a pace, the old timetable could once again also be relegated to the scrap heap, alongside your own history books.

You see, as we have pointed out again and again, this is done BY you, not for you, and even if the incoming light cannot be stopped, you can – if you so wish – slow down the effects of it. But the price you pay for this is indeed an added increase in intensity, for just like water held up behind a dam, the accumulated effect will indeed greatly magnify. But thanks to your splendid ability to carry through on your decision, you managed to almost outrun the light in your quest for pulling ahead of the flood. In other words, not only did you manage to push away every single one of the obstacles put in your way by some of your more hesitant fellow men, you also managed to increase the velocity of the incoming light by adding your – perhaps in some quarters – under-estimated formidable energetic “weight” to this forward propulsion, and by doing that, you literally completed what can only be deemed as the most impressive home run ever.

Forgive us for using these perhaps somewhat flippant phrases in describing what can only be termed as not just a life altering, but also a time altering event, but it is indeed also time to not just reflect a little upon what happened, but is also time to literally tune into the very lightness of it. For it is truly an event of the most joy-filled kind, especially for all those of your fellow men already hearing the cheering from their own core, the one that will begin to emerge from the very depths of themselves telling them “now I DO have a choice, I no longer need to complete this downward spiraling cycle that I entered as I entered this physical body in this very physical world. Now I have a new home I can move to, should I so wish to do so”. For remember, it is indeed up to each and every single soul to make that choice, that is not something we or you or anyone else can make for them, no matter how hard it may be to have to witness the outcome of any one single soul’s choice in this matter.

For the new world is for all, but it is not a place anyone can be forcibly moved to. It is a place that you must choose to relocate to, by allowing your heart to lead you there. It can be a process that takes as little time as blinking your eyes, or it can be a process that takes a lifetime, or even more. Be that as it may, the road towards tomorrow will be a long one for some, it will be an exhilarating short one for others, but for you, the journey is already complete. For you have already arrived, but again, you will have little time to rest on your well deserved laurels, for now, the work will once again start up, and it will do so with a brand new fervor, one that is perfectly suited to your brand new energetic environment, and one that is also necessary for the monumental tasks that await you. But alongside these tasks follows a deep sense of joy and wonder that is even greater, so we would not be surprised if we see you rubbing your hands in eagerness to literally begin to dig into it at the earliest of opportunities. After all, you have proven again and again that you would rather push ahead than linger when it comes to completing the tasks that beckons. For you are beings more than capable of doing, and in this, your very essence is one of getting this done – in the very best way and at the earliest of opportunities.

So take a little time to simply look around you, and also take a little time to peruse what you have left behind, and do to forget to take some time to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for a task well done. For it was YOU who did it, no one else, and so, you well and truly deserve all of the accolades you can get, and we certainly hope you can be more than a little generous with it towards yourself this time. For we do think you still have a way of not allowing yourself to truly see your own greatness, but this time, it is indeed high time that you all rise to the occasion and do just that in honor of who you are and in honor of what you have already accomplished. For it is nothing short of magnificent, and so too are you.

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  1. Thanks. This video has some interesting ideas. I was not able to get through it all last night as I was just to sleepy. I’ll try later today. Thank you, Areeze, for posting all the research you have been engaged in. Guess you have a new day job and we certainly are a beneficeries!
    Love and light,
    Forest Joy

  2. ❤ Just received a bit of Sunshine with your SciFi news and Kiera's pix of (Denise's) golden heart-shaped sunflower… I swear it's smiling at me. 😀 ❤ Thanx to you 3 with much Love and quiet JOY.

    1. ❤ 🙂 so many good vibrations here always from everyone! Perks me up to come hang out at the pond. Love to all! And many thank yous to Aisha and everyone!

  3. Hi All!!!
    I can’t stop laughing!!! So, we have a TV station dedicated to science fiction called SciFi. Get this – a new miniseries titled “Ascension” is scheduled to air on Monday, December 15!! And it is a 3-day event! Another synchronicity via the entertainment industry!!! Gotta love it!!!

    The synchronicities are really ramping up in many neck of the woods!!

    Smooches! ❤

    1. Will look into taping this show. We get that channel too. Amazing how things are catching up. Hundredth monkey! Here we go! 🙂

  4. When I woke up this morning the words ” home is where the heart is” came to me. Denise La Fey just posted today.


    Hope my comments made some sort of sense this morning as I have been awake since 3:30 AM again. Sorry if they are not congruent. My right brain seems to do all the thinking these days. When my left brain try’s to join in nothing seems to make sense. Perhaps the two will come to some sort of balance soon, but for now as far as my process is going it seems to work better if the right brain takes over. There is a free flowing there, a sense of ease, and easier to stay in the heart; however, I may not make sense anymore! 😉 a big thank you to everyone here and group hug! Stay in that heart space. ❤

    1. Ahh, perfect!
      TY to you, too…beautiful sunny one with battling brain halves.


      “As we Forerunners continue to embody the NEW Light Codes or blueprints and more of Source/God/All That Is into these physical versions of “us” incarnate on Earth now, the old lower consciousness folks are increasingly loosing it in different ways.

      The rapidly building contrast between the old lower and the NEW higher is shocking, painful, frustrating, confusing, and at times downright unbelievable in its sheer absurdity. That was me being polite about this!”

      ~ Denise Le Fay



      Wait for it……wait for it — you know it’s coming…..




      1. Ahhhh…I love it!! ❤ 😄 BIG THANK YOU! I had thought about using a gravatar like this sunflower with the heart in the middle. Yellow sunshine and hearts! ❤ ❤ ❤ Denise

  5. Already read this sevetal days ago, but felt compelled to read it again. Also, wanted to make sure to say Thank You! this time to you, Ausha, The CCs and All :)!

    In the Energy of Love,

  6. “Co-opted Energies have been returned to valid energetic “owners”.

    Placations no longer effective, at any level.

    Fortifications continue as the new realms are prepared.

    Gaia collective stands ready for eruptive Energetic and consciousness ascension.

    Flash points have passed. No longer required.

    Spreading of wings takes place at this moment.”

    Still the last sentence is a favourite ;))) ❤


    1. I drew a picture of a pair of wings….

      The story behind Dream #2

      Date: May 29, 2009

      “Just the other day I was asked again what my song “Dream #2” was about and where and why I wrote it. Some of you might not know the title because it isn’t mentioned in the song.

      Most people know it from the first line “I drew a picture of a pair of wings because I want to fly”. The usual way a song is titled is from the chorus hook like my song “Every Bit Of Love”.

      I don’t really like to explain what a song is about because from my experience when I do give in and tell, it upsets some people because they already have an interpretation that gives them a sense of “getting it” on there own and a lot of times it’s not the meaning I intended but is meaningful to he or she. That said here is my “Dream #2” story and I’m sticking to it.

      In the late 60’s I was living in Montreal for the winter season taking a break from my summer job singing on CBC TV’s “Singalong Jubliee”.

      I was living in a little basement hole-in-a-wall down near the university. One night I was having a glass of wine with a beautiful girlfriend of mine just kicking back and “chillin out.”
      I remember she had to leave the room for a few minutes and while I was sitting with a drawing pad doodling (I’m also an artist.)

      I started to draw a pair of wings on the paper and was getting an unusual feeling inside – well it could have been the wine but whatever it was it felt good. Just then my girlfriend came back into the room and asked me what I was doing and I said (without thinking) I’m drawing a pair of wings because I……want……to…fly. While I was saying the words my heart started to pound and I was getting high on the words and I said to my friend “don’t say anything.“

      I started writing as if I was being dictated to by the writing muse. The words to most of the song just fell off the tip of my pen. I grabbed my guitar and started to develop the melody right there and then.

      What can I say, I’ve always believed that “Dream #2” was given to me by the gods to pass on to those people who dream of flying not just in body but like a metaphor for the striving of the spirit to reach higher ground.

      A child is trying to tell his parents that to fly you have to believe so hard and think so high you can float like a feather but you have to learn to let go. His mother loves him and says, sort of, “that’s nice dear” but his father thinks he is wrong to be living in a fantasy world. This does not deter the child’s spirit or his seeking higher ground.

      “Dream #2” has been studied in some university classes in Canada and has many stories of inspiration accumulated around it over the years. “Dream #2” has received the SOCAN Classic Award for over 100,000 Canadian radio performances.

      The gods were right about this one, it connected with the hearts of people. I’m blessed to have written such a song.”

      ~ Ken Tobias

      1. Thanks Kiera !….a great ‘wisdom in flight’ image & I Love ‘Ken Tobias’ & this song ! ….adding & sending this special one to you & to anyone else that needs a little extra heart touch in ‘Getting through December’…. Love, Bev

        1. ~ My heart has grown cold, my love stored away

          ~ I’ve been to the mountain, left my tracks in the snow
          ~ Where souls have been lost and the walking wounded go

          ~ I’ve taken the pain no girl should endure
          ~ Faith can move mountains; of that I am sure
          ~ But faith can move mountains; of that I am sure

          ~ Get me through December
          ~ So I can start again

    2. Thanks ‘B’….always appreciate your posting of her messages….& it appears you have been appointed in doing so…..a great one for sure !….I am attached more to…..“Co-opted Energies have been returned to valid energetic “owners”……ties in quite nicely to the newly endowed assistants I was speaking about……but the spreading of wings for flight is always a potent moment……Love, Bev….xoxoxo
      (I think it’s nap time again…..lol…sniffle…)

        1. I could never do much from work when I used to spend the most time at the pond.
          That job was such a weight – i can not tell you how much freer this feels!
          🙂 ❤

  7. ❤ Soulstice Rising, The 12/12 Gateway, December 10, 2014



    …"I hesitate to use the term, that many have adopted, “the new normal.” Nothing is or will be normalized again. We will continue to grow, expand and evolve so that each day is a brand new opportunity to Be More. Each day of purposeful choice brings us closer to Soul-merge.

    We may discover that we have universal beliefs such as death, illness, aging, lack, work for a living and others that have been hard-wired for eons. Do you suppose that these are illusions?

    That may seem impossible, but is it? Aren’t we moving from what we thought was impossible and into a time of anything is possible? Are you willing to see where your hard-wired beliefs are and begin to loosen your grip on them, allowing them to transform into possibilities and probabilities?


    Does God age? Aren’t we God-beings?


    "For years we have mentally dallied around with our Power. Now it is time to Be It! This means to stop doing meaningless things. If you don’t have Joy, Passion or energy-expansion for something, it is not for you. Be true to who you say or think you are. Rise up and Be More. See that every conscious and unconscious thought creates the next moments. We have transcended separation and that means we have stepped into our Power to decide and choose how we want to live."…

    1. Thanks Lin….an inspiring post from Soulstice Rising !…..”Each day of purposeful choice brings us closer to Soul-merge.”……the joining with our higher being, the joining of the ‘9’s through manifesting the ‘3’ P’s…..Possibilities, Probabilities & Potentials…
      All through our intentions & our choice in growing awareness of being filled with complete Trust, Belief & Faith on our continued path of acquiring creational wisdom !

      1. Hey Bev ❤
        we dont have to acquire it – it is inherently ours 😀
        We are awake, its all right here, right now
        my one liner above makes even more sense to me right now….
        it is saying to shine our presence out loud and on purpose….

      1. ❤ The silly Truth of these made me lol at the old and radiate Love for the New (and the old). There is so much JOY to participate in. Thank you, Kiera. ❤ 😀 xox

  8. I also have to come back and post a couple of dreams from the last two nights. Seems I have been very busy keeping my after hours job still.
    Love you All ❤ good day/night

  9. while i remember it: I am receiving these one liners — I see them (and hear usually) during semi-sleep states.
    Many come and go…. this one i latched onto this morning:
    ” dont show up your step – step up your show! “

  10. Eric’s link lead me to Pleiadian Tachyon Energy (I clicked on the advanced pleiadian technologies link). ….so….this may help some. you can google it and look at different Tachyon products if you feel it resonates. Just about every night, I intently ask that my body be placed in what I call ‘The Healing Chamber’….it most probably has this Tachyon Energy in it. (see: http://tachyonis.org/Chamber.html) interesting !
    From: http://www.guidancefromthemasters.com/store/p85/Tachyon_Orgone_Zero_Point_Cozy_Soft_Plush_Blanket_Throw.html
    Tachyon comes from the Greek root for “high velocity,” as tachyon is faster than the speed of light. Tachyon is zero-point energy – also known as God energy. Tachyon energy can provide enrichment in your life. It can assist in providing integration, love, peace and harmony in our relationships. Tachyon can create free and flowing wholistic (body, mind and spirit) energy that results in a continuous experience of well-being. Once upon a time, our bodies held tachyon energy; however, due to the state of our environment and food sources, we are now depleted. Human beings and domesticated animals suffer from degenerative dis-eases. Tachyon materials have the potential to restore your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Tachyon energy is necessary to maintain a good level of well being.
    Tachyon is the place of miracles and creation, as it can provide better stamina, vitality and performance under pressure. Who isn’t under pressure these days? Stress is a word that is used regularly to describe how one feels. Tachyon can improve circulation and can balance the energy in your body. Tachyon supports natural healing and wellness by strengthening your resistance to the impact of stress.
    >thinking of getting this tachyon blanket – my cozy, fuzzy one I sleep with is wearing out anyway and its not tachyon 🙂
    I have been fortunate to not be experiencing much discomfort these days 🙂

    1. just be careful in which pyramid you are linking up with….the pyramids of the 2nd civilization were built for power in control & enslavement, & we are still at an infancy stage in truly understanding pyramid power. My HS had explained it would be best not to link up with any pyramid unless we sensed the certainty they held the energy of the 1st civilization….built for complete harmony to all the chakra energies of creation that benefits All Life & for the higher good of Mother-Earth !….
      Love, Bev

  11. Now our chief of staff is figuring out whether or not to mobilize more reservists. Saw that saw that saw that, myself in m62s. Send me the query!

  12. Grreat Info there bev, thanks for posting.

    Where you said,
    “& Mother-Earth is connecting back to Source via ‘Meru’….the most important Pyramid upon her body & referred to ‘the Naval of the Earth’ ! ”

    Does this connect to the earths solar plexus?

    1. the entry point is the naval or similar to the solar plexus, but Mother-Earth’s chakras are much more sophisticated than ours…at the point of entry she can simultaneously activate all the others…she remembers & knows what is coming…there is always cosmic communication….she is ready to receive
      xoxoxo Bev

  13. The pond is buzzing with lots of great information…Thanks to All !….but ‘Adel’ touched on something very important regarding good & bad pyramid energies, ‘Areeza’s 3-6-9 & our 666 carbon connection & ‘Stefan’ posted 2 perfect visuals ! All really great sharings….but it is true that much of this has been known of for quite some time, but it is in our understanding it’s full meaning is what’s been lost. Now that we are being made working * worthy assistants to the driver….our memories are slowly being activated.
    Indeed numerical sequencing codes, DNA, Human & Earth chakras, nature physical growth, sound vibration, Water, Moon, Mother-Earth & the Sun are more linked to Pyramid Energies in a physical as well as a symbolic sense more than we know…..but we must not be fooled in freely giving/sharing our soul energies to those of the 2nd civilization as they are not the true Pyramids…only those of the 1st civilization are in true sacred creational harmonics with our Soul chakras, the Earth Chakras & Cosmic chakras to Creator Source.
    037 – 111 – 333 – 666 – 999 within the realm of physical is aligning to the 7th, 9th & 12th cosmic sun grid…..but the connecting link is through the ‘9’ the sacred part of the triad. Our physical ‘9’ connecting to the creational ‘9’….our physical pyramid within to our higher state of being….& Mother-Earth is connecting back to Source via ‘Meru’….the most important Pyramid upon her body & referred to ‘the Naval of the Earth’ !

    I recently came across 3 important posts from Judith Kusel (Cosmic Ripple Effect, 12 Central Suns & the Pyramid Connect, Ancient Pyramid Energies) that give some additional information to this linking up of energies…..all quite valuable I think…..See her link below if you would like to read more….
    Love to All !, Bev~ (& yes…home with sore throat & cold sniffles too today)


  14. Dear brothers and sisters! It never ceases to amaze me the profound effect a few words or an image can have, and my journey has definitely been affected in a wonderful way by what you have all shared here over the last 24 hours or so. It is as if I can hear the “click click click” inside me as one more key is slotted into one more lock, and I have been kept very busy indeed by the flood of energy and information that your comments have helped to unlock. So once again I send out my love and my gratitude to each and every one of you, for this amazing collective process of true enlightenment is only happening because YOU have chosen to be a part of it 🙂

    I have been given this message repeatedly in the last few days: “friction makes light, friction makes life” and the image I “see” is once again the Northern lights. Northern lights are caused by charged particles, mainly electrons and protons, that are invisible to us until they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. That is when the “friction” they encounter there turn them into the magnificent, multicoloured displays of light we are all familiar with. I have also been told that the “added friction” we can feel now because of the increasing energies are not to slow us down, but to actually enable us to channel MORE light and through that create “new life” in the time ahead by helping us to release/ heal whatever it is that is still present creating blocks on an individual and collective level.

    Vinny wrote this in a comment yesterday:
    “A big part of this week is all about getting the chakras up & running
    so don’t worry anybody, this is a well thought out plan
    what ever you are going through at the moment
    is just getting you ready, for the big one on the 15 Dec”
    I know I am not the only one feeling the anticipation increasing as this week continues to unfold and the energies continue to expand and increase, but as Vinny also reminds us “the only thing that would stop us, is if the body gets burned out”. For the work we are doing now, is not just for us as individuals. The work we are doing is literally on a global and a galactic scale, and I think the energies we are connecting with now are beyond anything any one of us have ever encountered before. So it definitely needs to “be taken in increments” as the CCs say.

    But yes, it does put a lot of extra strain on the body for some of us, so it is important to take the clues that we are being given about how to make sure that the physical body will be able to cope with this in the best possible way. For me, it is about being out in Mother Nature as much as I can, and I have also been guided towards using sound to help me. This morning, I did a “sound bath” by playing a CD of Tibetan signing bowl music composed to “treat your chakras with delight and balance the energy centers”. I have also been listening to Tom Kenyon’s “Elevatron”, you can find it here if you scroll down on this link:
    This video from http://humanvortexproject.com/video/ is a soothing combination of sounds and images, hopefully it can help to ease the effects from the “energetic friction” for you as well.

    For WE are the ones making this change happen, and we are doing it by BEing in a physical body. And to quote from Vinny’s comment once more: the stronger the body is, “the more ground we can take, we can take this anywhere we want.” So remember to look after YOU, and also remember that the waters in this Pond are so filled with LOVE they can support us all at all times 🙂
    With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. “friction makes light, friction makes life”

      And friction between individuals, serves to illuminate to the greatest degree….

      “I have also been told that the “added friction” we can feel now because of the increasing energies are not to slow us down, but to actually enable us to channel MORE light and through that create “new life” in the time ahead by helping us to release/ heal whatever it is that is still present creating blocks on an individual and collective level.”

      Woops, and there ya go….exactly what I meant….

    2. Dear Aisha ❤

      Let me tell you about my beautiful dream that I woke up with this morning,

      I saw the blog as it lt looks like here on internet and a short while ago the researching couple May-Britt and Edvard Moser (Nobel Prize Laureates) published a post about the hexagonal shapes / patterns that they have seen emerge in their research with their rats. After their message, there were a lot of comments from us at the blog and they formed different indefinable pattern, each quite different. These different patterns looked like the different patterns that stearic from candles can form when it flows down from a candle on a piece of paper and take shape. Now we could lift up and put together these candle patterns and one of the leading cooks from Nobel Prize banquet could blend them together into one amazing unity in his oven 🙂

      May I propose a toast for Alfred Nobel :))) ❤

      Love & light ❤ ❤ ❤



        1. Thank you, dear B. There has been so much radiation toxicity arriving form both natural and human made activity. I shall look into this technique as soon as possible.💏

        2. B to B – thanks so much. These comments introduced me to Tom Kenyon and I am relying heavily on his sound healing to support me. His work is awesome! I had not seen that link and am so glad you called it to my attention. ❤

      1. Dear B! I am so blown away by your dream! Did you read the comment I posted late last night about the Mosers and the hexagonal grid they described in their research before you went to sleep? If not, I am even more astonished at this synchronicity 🙂 For that is how I see the future, as a collaboration between trained scientists and “people like us” where we can channel information they then use to make discoveries that will benefit all of humanity 🙂
        A toast to Nobel – and all of us!
        LOVE, Aisha ❤

        1. Thank you Aisha for the confirmation ❤

          Ever since I first saw on TV for a couple of weeks ago about the hexagonal grid that they have found in their research I saw the connection to what is talked about here on the blog. It is just that I cannot explain it all in the way you can dear Aisha 😉 And yes – I read your late comment last night before going to bed and responded to it too though my brain was a little exhausted by watching the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony almost all the day and hadn´t been able to go out for a walk because of the heavy raining and hard storm.

          Today I had a much needed walk in the forest and collected some stones that wanted to follow me home 😉 Then I took some rainwater that I healed with a combination of Tom Kenyon light medicine ritual and sounds and the water prayer that you referred to for quite a while ago. It felt very good but it made me need a nap now 😉

          Thank you Aisha for your respond ❤


          PS. I found a spaceship parking too 😉

    3. Thank you Aisha for the links. I hope you and everyone will be feeling better soon. The area around our home seems to be pretty good, but when I venture out the energies vary. I have had a few days of take care of me time and I can see I will be in need of a few more. I have to share how wonderful the people have been once again at my places of shopping near home. I think this area has been flooded with many people that are carrying the light now. It is an amazing feeling to be surrounded by love from strangers. I sense this is happening in many places around the world, pockets of loving people of light and in places where one might think it the least likely place. The troups have made it through! The special forces can take some R and R (rest and relaxation). 🙂 love, loved and loving as you say, Denise ❤

  15. Dear friends,

    I have just listened to the speeches of the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo today and my heart is filled with immense joy, gratitude and hope for the world’s children and for all the mankind. I enclose links where you can read their speeches and soon you will be able to see and hear their beautiful and strong speeches, filled with immense love and light ❤ ❤ ❤

    Infinite love and gratitude to Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi for their blessed work ❤ ❤



    1. Ormus, The White Powder Gold, The Philosopher’s Stone.

      THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE — White Powder Gold Secrets Revealed:

    2. WHITE POWDER GOLD (Mono-atomic Gold):

      “I just want to pass on some information I have come across which may well explain shapeshifting and much else, too.

      I have been chatting today to Brian Desborough, my scientist friend in California, and we have been discussing mono-atomic gold.

      This comes in the form of a white powder and has a two-dimensional atomic structure (one or two atoms working together) while regular gold has a three-dimensional structure (ten or more atoms working together).

      Without going into all the scientific detail, when you consume this mono-atomic gold by mouth or injection, it increases the current carrying capacity of the nervous system by ten thousand times.

      This would allow a person to process fantastic amounts of information like a super computer and when enough has been absorbed it would allow them to consciously move through other dimensions and shapeshift because suddenly the brain is activated to open those vast areas that we do not use in today’s world. It aligns the brain cells so they all start talking to each other again.

      More than that, if you consume enough of this mono-atomic gold your physical body would become luminous, I’m told, so explaining the ancient accounts of the reptilian gods and children of the gods who “shone like the Sun”. Mono-atomic gold can be made from regular gold and it can be processed from certain ores, many of which are found in places like Arizona in the United States.

      This, I suggest, is the true meaning of the references to gold and gold mining in the Sumerian Tablets and not literally mining for normal gold, unless that was done to create the mono-atomic variety.

      This substance gave – gives – the reptilians amazing abilities to process information and shapeshift because of the staggering amounts of energy they can hold and process. I am sure the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, and Phoenicians etc. used this, or more accurately, their ruling elite did, thus giving them a mental potential denied the general population.

      The same continues today. This was one of the big secrets held within the Mystery Schools and passed on into the top levels of the modern secret society network.

      Mono-atomic gold also has unbelievable healing properties in that it aligns the cells to carry phenomenal amounts of light energy, thus dispersing the blockages and imbalances we call disease or illness.”

      by David Icke


      1. sorry kid,
        but this is bullstuff
        what it does is wrest control of you from you

        never let anything control you, only you
        you are it

        1. O, But couldn’t this white powder gold be a catalyst for growth as the DMT experience was for you? (Not challenging, just curious re your thoughts). Thanx.

          1. i see it as an invasion you can’t get it out, ever, once it gores inside you
            there is a lot of criticism on it
            do a search on the downside of it.
            on the other hand i think mono-atomic silver has promise

            1. Maybe there’s always a tradeoff, an experiential price to pay with any chosen “thing” outside of ourselves. The decision is ours.

              Then there’s Matt Kahn’s pov that if we mindfully open our Hearts to unconditional Love, we will receive all anyway… just a different and more Joyful, kindly route, maybe.

              Thanx for the info and the braincells tickle. ❤

        2. Sorry to burst your Reality Bubble, Otmn, but here’s how it works:

          You literally EXPERIENCE whatever it is you BELIEVE.

          And your personal “reality” bubble supports and validates and reinforces your beliefs. Whatever the hell your beliefs may be.

          So lets take a good look at you:

          You are a “believer” that you are powerless enough to “lose control”.
          You believe you can be taken over and controlled in a NEGATIVE way by the illusion that is outside of you:
          i.e. you say “i see it as an invasion you can’t get it out”.

          You are practicing Negative Pessimism, instead of Positive Open-Minded Skepticism.

          You are swimming strong in the Negative Frequencies, my friend…..and you refuse to climb out of the cesspool of the old, lower 3rd dimension energies and dry yourself off.

          If that’s your final decision, then so be it.
          AS YOU WISH!

          (thx Michael ;D

          I will be taking my leave of you now.
          Our frequencies in the nearest future will be separating too much for me to be able to interact with you without me literally feeling physically “sick”.
          There is already too much of a discrepancy, between our frequencies.

          My love to you….and good luck with your chosen Timeline.

          1. i will stay back with my 87 year old mother for as long as she has left.
            if that makes me lag behind all of you, so be it
            besides i led it awhile, i had my 15 minutes of fame
            and maybe now i get to learn forbearance
            we will see

            1. O, you have beautiful country, your pups and even the nighttime stars to aid your journey with Peace and a quiet, gentle Joy as you support your mom. I’m glad. Be well. Much Love to you both.

              (if there is even a “lag behind”, you won’t be there for long—and your pups will provide the respites of 2-3 second giggles throughout)

              We are One. 🙂

            2. You are Living Your Love
              and that Is your intent
              that is all that matters
              and ….you are doing it alongside all the rest of us
              we all belong
              hugs ❤

          1. ….or what you perceive others to be….because there truly are ‘no others.’
            We Are All One – In Love ❤
            You too can help the cause, as you say, by seeing everything as what it Truly Is and holding that Truth. Change happens quicker with Allowance and Love. Thats my own perception.
            If you believe anything or anyone outside of you is, well, first of all really outside of you….thats illusion (a projection that still sees separation and keeps that theme going)….and if you believe that a seemingly separate essence of being from you can slow you down, then…yes, it can be that way as per your own perception.

      2. Diane de Poitiers of Henri 2’s mistress had ingested gold on a daily basis. Her beauty is not diminished even beyond 50 years of age. It is with because looks like sheer is skin by ingestion of gold by one estimate. This is about to normal gold, not white powder gold.

          1. take care. 🙂
            The case of Diane de Poitiers is overdose. But according to Edgar Case’s reading “Ingestion of gold to activate the body’s cells.”.
            In Russia, activated cells by embed the thin line of pure gold(Diameter 0.1mm) under the skin, surgery that make you younger is so very popular. Facial wrinkles is so disappear.
            Video is here(RealPlayer) ⇒ http://oriharu.net/jvideo.htm#au

  16. While announcing the Nobel Prize for Physics, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences stated, “Carbon, the basis of all known life on earth, has surprised us once again.”
    They do not realize how loaded their statement is. For what we have seen in Graphene is only a small glimpse of the wonders that Carbon is capable of. Especially what awaits us in the very near future!
    Every secret has a time. A time to reveal. A time to celebrate. It is now time to reveal this secret of all secrets. The secret of Alchemy. The secret of the Philosopher’s stone, that which transmutes, in a symbolic sense, lead to gold. The secret of the Elixir of Life. The secret of Amrita or Ambrosia, the nectar of immortality! The secret of something we shall label, Ascentium, since its primary function is to aid the coming Ascension. To form a portal into the higher dimension.

    The secret of Carbon-7!
    read on….its pretty interesting what the Sun is doing 🙂

  17. something I am supposed to place here. Just came across it on David Icke site – posted by ‘barbitone’
    “Reality has a “flicker rate” also. But only in terms of the physical body consciousness. I have myself experienced “flicker rates” beyond the physical, in lucid dreaming/OBE and DMT experiences. There are more dimensions when you are free from your body – not less and certainly not none. When the filter is removed all things are volatile and subtle (as the alchemist would say), the mercury – the spirit. You’ll probably notice that in the dream reality, basically what you think happens in front of your “eyes” (eye really).
    The colour and, I guess pixels, are infinite basically – I have noticed that in a really lucid dream – the light source seems to just comes from the “thing” themselves. It radiates from everything. Like a DMT vision. It has more colour depth and a much broader frequency on all levels really.

    The most profound thing really is this “self referencial dynamic” – because everything in creation is about ratio and polarity – asymmetry basically – because it has to keep a current – a vector – a charge – an infinite destination. The prime attractor – it attracts itself so that it can experience itself subjectively.

    To return to VBM – the 3,6 and 9 are triangulating in all directions creating this lattice – 9 is always at the centre of everything and 3 and 6 are the results of the self referntial “will” of “The 9″….. but the 1,2,4,8,7,5 is the flow- the curve – the “time mapping” – these are 3D co-ordinates that are a fractal of the 3,6,9 –
    FNG 1-4-7 = 3
    FNG 2-5-8 = 6
    FNG 3-6-9 = 9

    So numbers behave according to natural axioms of physics – the toroidal flow and the triangulated lattice (64 tetrahedron grid). They are a language for pure energy – above manifest form. “Gods plan”. The pure potential perspective……

    You have to really explore the numbers and the geometry for youself and let it be simple – always come back the ONE and go from there. It’s obvious for instance that time doesn’t really exist because always NOW, which is an infinite quantity, an un quantizable moment. Everything that is one thing is also an infinity of parts – there is no real edge or boundary since everything is interacting with everything – everything is connected to some degree because the very scale of degree is an infinite one. The One is the All- the All are One.
    The alchemists say “solve et coagula” (dissolve and coagulate or seperate and recombine) which is this very thing. The one becoming the many – the many becoming the one. The cadeceus – the staff of hermes – has the two serpents seperating and then meeting in the centre – seperating and recombining – and ascending. The ascention is the continual movement – the infinite change – immortaility. The two snakes are always leaving the rod to a certain point (the perimeter of the torus) and then returing to the centre. Compressing and decompressing. With this sort of knowledge, an alchemist can transmute/transform energy. Once you understand the patterns you can emulate them and vibrate on the same frequency.
    It seems all of this was unserstood in Atlantean and Lemurian ages. They understood energy – and after the cataclysms the knowledge was fragmented and distributed all of the world but had originally a common source. There are lots of different expressions of this knowledge but its all fundamentally the same in its true core.”

    1. “The cadeceus – the Staff of Hermes – has the two serpents separating and then meeting in the center – separating and recombining – and ascending.

      The ascension is the continual movement – the infinite change – immortality. The two snakes are always leaving the rod to a certain point (the perimeter of the torus) and then returning to the center. Compressing and decompressing.
      With this sort of knowledge, an alchemist can transmute/transform energy.

      Once you understand the patterns you can emulate them and vibrate on the same frequency.”

      1. he might , i dont know much about him, what i posted was from some other person posting on his website
        🙂 XO
        glad u got your giggle back on!

      2. We all have a personal agenda…
        And we are all constantly changing, forever.

        Law of Creation (Laws of the Multiverse):

        Change is the only CONSTANT.

        Otmn — this is getting tiresome. The time has come for way faster personal upgrading.

        Ego complacency/stagnation/lethargy/close-mindedness is not helping contribute to uplifting the ascension team energies — in order to shift our asses out of here.

    2. Dear Areeza and Steven! I just “stumbled across” something that I think is linked to the information you have shared, for I have been watching a program about the two Norwegians who were awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their work on grid cells. I was so amazed to see that according to their discoveries, we have brain cells that create an accurate hexagonal grid to help us navigate. Something is making these brain cells fire off signals to create this grid, and according to nature.com “How these cells create the grid structure is still under debate”. Wikipedia says it like this: “The arrangement of spatial firing fields all at equal distances from their neighbors led to a hypothesis that these cells encode a cognitive representation of Euclidean space.” “In geometry, Euclidean space encompasses the two-dimensional Euclidean plane, the three-dimensional space of Euclidean geometry, and certain other spaces. The term “Euclidean” distinguishes these spaces from other types of spaces considered in modern geometry. Euclidean spaces also generalize to higher dimensions.”

      Perhaps this is in actual fact proof that our brains are literally hard wired to detect the Sacred Geometry that is encoded within the Earth’s grid ?!

      This is from an article in NY Times:
      “The grid cells that Edvard I. Moser and May-Britt Moser found in the brains of rats generate such precise patterns that a review article the couple wrote was titled “Crystals of the Brain.”

      The way they function seems complex at first, but once grasped it is extraordinarily simple. Imagine that you are watching a rat running around on a floor completely covered with hexagonal tiles, all the same size. Every time the rat passes the point of one of the 60-degree angles, you press a button to send out an electrical signal.

      You, in essence, are a grid cell, except that you can see the tiled floor, while the grid cell has no eyes, is buried in the middle of the brain and functions wherever the rat goes, no matter what the floor looks like. Somehow, it gets news of the rat’s movement and passes on that news in the form of these electrical bursts.

      There are many thousands of other grid cells like you. And each of them is working the same way, except that for each, the pattern of tiles is shifted just a bit in one direction or another. For some, the smallest tiles are something like 12 inches on a side, although the actual length varies in individual animals. For others, they are larger. Some even reach five feet on a side. All of them together send a stream of signals that track the rat’s position on thousands of overlapping grids.

      At the end of last year they reported that the scale of the grids not only varies, but makes discrete jumps. If one group of cells works on a 12-inch scale, the next works on a scale exactly 1.42 times greater — 17 inches. It is a geometric progression built into the brain, imposed on an irregular world.”

      Aisha ❤

      1. Thank you Aisha for sharing and explaining this interesting research 🙂 What comes to my mind in this late hour is the words CCs said quite a time ago that we are radiating our light around us wherever we go.:)

        Love, light & good night ❤

      2. Hmmm…explains that other knowing of which direction is home. Very interesting that some of us and many migrating animals have the ability to tap into this directional grid. It would pose the question scientifically as to what else are we tapping into. Perhaps it will enable science to be more open minded. Thank you Aisha and all! ❤

      3. a wonderful sharing dear Aisha….you are starting to think like a BEE….I like that !….now imagine this hexagon grid as a dimensional fractal…. slowly at first is best….this grid of creation is the foundation of all life, shape & form.
        Love, Bev

      4. what is expected of what is looked at directly effects what is looked at so it behaves according to what was ‘expected of it’.
        How do we look upon things with a truly clean slate view.
        How to not use the filter of expectation.
        How to not focus on any single piece but the whole.
        and as in looking at a TV screen…we see the whole picture….not the individual pixels.
        just pondering 🙂

  18. ❤ More info to add to the buffet! This from astrologer Carol Ann Ciocco. Quite amazing!

    "We have some important astrological landmarks coming up: (a) on December 15, 2014, the sixth of seven total Uranus-Pluto Squares will occur. We are in the homestretch now and this landmark points to the future, ie Spring of 2015. (b) In addition, the Solstice on December 21, 2015 is a very powerful day – not only is it the Solstice, but we have a New Moon, and the revolutionary planet Uranus will be *standing still* in the sky on that day. There is a lot of mystical and change-making energy for our use.
    [In addition:]
    A Major Energy Portal Approaches: March-April 2015 is going to be a time of massive spiritual opportunity. Here's why:

    (A.) We will have an ECLIPSE PORTAL (from March 17 to April 4, 2015) that is BOTH a Total Lunar Eclipse AND a Total Solar Eclipse. The Total Lunar Eclipse is the 3rd of a series of 4 Total Lunar Eclipses (a Tetrad, which began last March).

    (B.) Within days of this Eclipse window, we will experience BOTH the last (seventh of seven) Uranus Pluto Square (the epochal configuration of our times) AND the Spring Equinox.

    (C.) As if that isn't enough, the Total Solar Eclipse *happens* to fall on the day of the Spring (Northern) Equinox, and it occurs over Iceland (the Farie Islands). Because of this, the shadow of the eclipsed Moon will rise from the Earth's surface and into space at the North Pole. This means that THE MARCH 20, 2015 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE CAPTURES THE MOMENT OF THE SUN RISING AT THE NORTH POLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 6 MONTHS, ENDING THE WINTER POLAR NIGHT.

    Total Solar Eclipses (TSEs) are dimensional portals/re-set buttons on life to begin with. But the timing of this TSE just puts those days between March 17 and April 4 into a whole new realm.

    With the Final Contact of the Uranus/Pluto square sequence (from 2012-2015) occurring just 3 days before the Dawning Midnight Sun Equinox Total Solar Eclipse – only to be followed by a Total Lunar Eclipse within an unusual tetrad sequence – I imagine you can see that the potential for spiritual acceleration and activation in March/April 2015 is off the Richter scale. This will be an exciting time. AND WE ARE PREPARING FOR IT NOW."
    – Carol Ann Ciocco

    1. Oooooh! Wonderful news! Thank you so much lysarbejder! I can’t wait for the new! I have been looking forward to spring since fall began… Now I know why! 😃

  19. I smile in recalling how many times my ex used the 100th Monkey Syndrome in his talks and lectures.
    It Is true – and very cool how monkeys on one side of the planet started washing their potatoes before eating them….and soon across the globe others did same~!
    Collective Consciousness ❤
    and now we have more Love and Light to wash with !


    The 100th Monkey Effect: A Critical Mass:


    “In the 1950′s Scientist began a study with Japanese Snow Monkeys that spanned more than 30 years.
    Their results seem to point to the idea of a critical mass being able to change the consciousness of all.

    This study is known as 100th monkey effect.” (Video Included Below)

        1. i’m trying to say little shit stole it and then i come to realize that i gave my giggle away
          oh well, let sleeping dogs lie

  21. In the past two hours we received news of two deaths.
    Kelly’s Aunt Maryanne and my young cousin Ryan (age 35 – drug overdose).
    For three weeks I have been telling my sister she was going to be calling me about a passing – I could hear it and feel it. Not to say this the wrong way, but I am glad that is out of the way and I dont have to wonder about it anymore.
    I cant say we were close to either of these family folk but we send them our Love for their next great adventures….. ❤ ❤
    ~God Speed to them both~

            1. And What in the Sam Hell???
              I’m being beaten over the head this week, with Tara this, Tara that, Tara, Tara, Tara…..

              What is the meaning of this? (scream)

              Stupid Higher Self, convoluted little bitch/bastard puppetmaster…

              Tara is a female Buddha in Buddhism and a goddess in Hinduism.

              Additionally, “Tara” is also a common male or female name meaning “star”.

              Tara (Buddhism), is a tantric meditation deity in Tibetan Buddhism, actually the generic name for a set of similar bodhisattvas.

              Tara (Devi), a Hindu goddess and consort of Shiva.

              SoulUrge Number: 2
              People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.

              Irish Meaning:
              The name Tara is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Tara is: Where the kings met.
              Also Tara’s Halls, where ancient Bards sang deeds of Irish heroes. The ruins of the Halls are on the hill of Tara, meaning crag or tower.

              Indian/American Meaning:
              The name Tara is an Indian/American baby name. In Indian/American the meaning of the name Tara is: Goddess of the sea.

              Sanskrit Meaning:
              The name Tara is a Sanskrit baby name. In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Tara is: Shining. In Hindu mythology Tara is one of the names of the wife of Shiva.

              Scottish Meaning:
              The name Tara is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Tara is: A hill where the kings met.

              Urban Dictionary:

              Drop dead gorgeous. Used to describe the most amazing person you know. Legendary.

              Tara is somebody to look up to.
              Someone who has been through alot.
              Tara hasnt given up, Shes a fucking fighter dude.

              1. When I see the word Tara – I think Earth – I feel and smell the ground, dirt, >>Terra Firma = is a Latin phrase meaning “solid earth” (from terra, meaning “earth”, and firma, meaning “solid”). The phrase refers to the dry land mass on the earth’s surface and is used to differentiate from the sea or air.
                Tara/Terra also mentioned here:
                from it: “…this beautiful place already exists on a higher frequency that I can access when I am in a certain state of clarity.

                Angels of the Second Planet of Free Choice

                When I read Steve Rother’s channeled messages from the Group, I often wondered what he meant when he said that we are to be the Angels of the Second Planet of Free Choice. Now I know. That planet exists in the “future”, and we, the Crystal Humans becoming Angels, are already visiting that future to assist our children and their children. And they in turn, are assisting us by being born here as Crystal Children.”

                1. .

                  ahhhh… and the date just turned 12/11 (for me here)
                  so it is – back to the future present ! once again ! 😀
                  entering the stargate as a new born starchild ~ to see and hear and feel and touch with New Cosmic Day star dust ~
                  Lets make magic real-ized

              2. Dear Kiera! A couple of nights ago I “heard” a name that at first sounded like “Tara”, but then it was repated a few times until I could hear that it was “Tha-Ri-Raa” or “Tha-Hri-Rah”. I have no idea who/what it is, but I do know it is a name.
                Aisha ❤

                    1. Perhaps the original name of the planet? Or a newly forming planetary reality? Think BIG!!! 😉

                    2. I’m thinking BIG, VERY BIG! Ancient name for the ALMIGHTY GOD, known also by PRIME CREATOR, SOURCE OF ALL, JEHOVAH, WAKAN TANKA, and so on. I get that the word “almighty” is a more precise translation for “REA”. The rest I haven’t colloquized yet.

                1. Thanks everyone so much — so far I’ve been led to 2 videos…this “Tara Rira Ra” video, wherein it says:

                  “Set me free”

                  “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

                  Tara Rira Ra

                  And then was continually sent to pop artist “Raageshwari” because of her apparently famous “Ta Ra Ri Ra Ra” song:

                  And was prodded in this HS goose chase to research the name Raageshwari which means “Goddess Parvati” —

                  Goddess Parvati:

                  Hindu goddess of love, fertility, devotion and abundance. Parvati implies “she of the mountain”.

                  Along with Lakshmi (goddess of wealth and prosperity) and Saraswati (goddess of knowledge and learning), she forms the trinity of Hindu goddesses.
                  In Hindu belief, she is the recreative energy and power of Śiva, and she is the cause of bond that connects all beings and a means of their spiritual release.

                  If Parvati is depicted with two hands, Kataka mudra — also called katyavalambita or Katisamsthita hasta — is common, as well as Abhaya (fearlessness, fear not) and Varada (beneficence) are representational in Parvati’s iconography. Parvati’s right hand in Abhaya mudra symbolizes “do not fear anyone or anything”, while her Varada mudra symbolizes “wish fulfilling”.

                  In some manifestations, particularly as angry, ferocious aspects of Shakti such as Durga or Kali, she has eight or ten arms, and is astride on a tiger or lion.

                  In benevolent manifestation such as Kamakshi or Meenakshi, a parrot sits near her right shoulder symbolizing cheerful love talk, seeds and fertility.

                  Symbolism of many aspects for the same goddess:

                  Parvati is expressed in many roles, moods, epithets and aspects.

                  In Hindu mythology, she is an active agent of the universe, the power of Shiva. She is expressed in nurturing and benevolent aspects, as well as destructive and ferocious aspects.

                  She is the voice of encouragement, reason, freedom and strength, as well as of resistance, power, action and retributive justice.

                  This paradox symbolizes her willingness to realign to Pratima (reality) and adapt to needs of circumstances in her role as the universal mother.

                  1. I don’t know if it connects, but the last 3 days my HS has been repeating lion/lioness over and over. When I read that kali is astride a tiger or lion. It just clicked. Then today “cardinal” was mentioned. So it seems you’re not the only one on a wild goose chase lol thanks to hs.

                  2. .

                    She was associated with the goddesses given the title “Eye of Ra”. According to myth, Ra became angry because mankind was not following his laws and preserving Ma’at (justice or balance). He decided to punish mankind by sending an aspect of his daughter, the “Eye of Ra”. He plucked Hathor from Ureas on his brow, and sent her to earth in the form of a lion. She became Sekhmet, the “Eye of Ra” and began her rampage. The fields ran with human blood. However, Ra was not a cruel deity, and the sight of the carnage caused him to repent. He ordered her to stop, but she was in a blood lust and would not listen. So Ra poured 7,000 jugs of beer and pomegranate juice (which stained the beer blood red) in her path. She gorged on the “blood” and became so drunk she slept for three days. When she awoke, her blood lust had dissipated, and humanity was saved. In one version of the myth, Ptah is the first thing she sees on awaking and she instantly fell in love with him. Their union (creation and destruction) created Nefertum (healing) and so re-established Ma’at.
                    may not relate ? but Sekhmet had the head of a lion

                    1. Last night when i shut down the laptop, i still kept thinking of the Lion as representing the Sphinx and Cardinal relating to the Vatican. Just kept coming to me. the Cardinal as not the bird especially.
                      who knows. ❤ XO

              3. In Japanese,
                Tara is ‘one of the name of the fish’. 🙂
                The last word of the sentence for use as meaning ‘if’. 🙂

            2. We watched part of it too! Lol! Saw the end where Rhet walks out and his famous line, ” Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” Ha! I’m feeling like Rhet and Scarlet right now. Scarlett, “I can’t think about it today, I’ll think about it tomorrow”. 😉

          1. oh….fiddle dee dee
            I’ll think about it (again) tomorrow 😛
            cant seem to pick up where I left off much anymore >>>
            full speed ahead >>>>

                1. 🙂 ❤
                  I am so into keeping things very simple and pure
                  thats the only key that works for me – keeps me clear and open
                  ~Live Love Consciously~
                  ~with complete Trust~
                  that Is really all there is to it
                  in doing that, put out an intent and follow the results
                  God, the way we have complicated you 😉

    1. This is really interesting and I will have to come back to it.
      It made me think about the condensing of time though…. I do not think her perspective on 2000 yrs is actually that long of a time frame. not now.
      I remembered Callemans Mayan Calendar interpretation and I wish I could find the picture of it (I think I only have a hard copy someplace). It has time as indicated on a pyramid structure and how the long bottom part keeps condensing on up – the Nine levels – to the top and at the top what would be billions of yrs at level one is now just days!!
      I could only find this link below with not much time right now (going to watch Rudolph with my guy – tradition for us as kids and now together – we actually drink our hot chocolate from special Rudolph mugs!! and hey! I am as old as this animated show – 50 yr anniversary HD tonight 🙂 I recall watching it – for the first time at the great grandparents house of the young man whom i just mentioned passed away actually – when I was 4 and my eyes were glued )
      OK…anyway… LoL…a couple of pages here explains some of what I am trying to say about time And the Nine Levels Of Consciousness
      thanks again Ms B ! ❤ This Is Important

        1. Hmmm…don’t know if my brain can take this in….looks very interresting. I have to stop waking up at 3 AM.

    1. Hey Maria! Thanks for the information 🙂 I replied with a more detailed response to the conversation on the previous page.

  22. Dear Friends, a new Kryon channeling from Newport Beach was just posted which I heard last night. It was amazing; as example, about the radiation field our solar system is/has entered now that is sending highly charged transmissions of energetic light information to Gaia’s magnetic grid, which in turn is ‘talking’ to our DNA, elevating its potential to 44% (the Master Numbers only come into the human experience as consciousness to that energy awakens). And there is soooo much more!!
    Enjoy listening:
    “Spiritual Evolution, the Coming Energy”

        1. Thank You ‘B’….always appreciate your loving energy sent to me & everyone !…..slowly coming around but the fog & aches are persisting, a bit more down time required I believe……xoxo….Bev

          1. There is a heavy day here too 😉 I am so glad that I managed to unite with nature today though I stumbled in the darkness before I “was finished”.
            BIG hug to you dear bev~ !
            Love ❤

            1. Inspiring B,
              Flowing gently through Gaia’s Body, with calm and Peace in our hearts!!! Water we are!!!!<3 ❤ ❤

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