A short update on the energies

Once more the time seems to have speeded up, and rightly so, for now things have indeed been set into motion that will have an effect far and wide. Let us explain. As we have already mentioned, the last week’s events did indeed put into place a whole new set of coordinates into this gargantuan “machine”, and as such, we have been able to proceed at a much higher speed, and so, these events will continue to unfold in ways and in numbers that may take more than a few of you by surprise. You see, now there is no longer any reason for any of us to sit around and wait for any laggers, for now, so much has been set into motion it will indeed serve to pull the majority along with it in its wake.

Let us explain. As you may already be aware, there is such a thing as critical mass, and in this huge endeavour there have been several instances of this occurring already, but what took place over the last couple of weeks will have the most noticeable effect for you. Remember, this is indeed a process that has been going on for a long time now, it spans over far more than a single one of your lifetimes, and as such, the instance of reaching critical mass has indeed been a recurring event. But again, what took place recently will help to propel each and every one of you towards that “final destination” if we may call it that at optimum speed. And so, we ask you all to pay close attention to what will arrive within your private sphere in these upcoming days, for the signals will be many, and you will all be called to action in one way or the other. Remember, this is a huge collective endeavour, but it is one that is composed of a myriad of singular instances being carried out by individuals, and as such, we venture to guess you will all feel as if your tasks will begin to come in at a heightened speed and in increasing numbers.

For you are all playing a vital role in this, no matter how clear an image you yourself will have at any given time. For remember, you would be hard pressed any of you to even begin to fathom just a small part of what it is that you are actually doing these days – or for many of you – nights. But even so, it is indeed important that you try to stay alert to any signals that may be coming your way, and remember these signals can come in various ways and by various channels. For they may come about by an accidental meeting, or you might feel the urge to be at a specific place at a specific time, or you will perhaps stumble across a book or another kind of written information that may already be familiar to you, but will show itself to have taken on a whole new meaning in the interim. You see, you all have your tasks in this, great and small, but the one thing that unites them is this: you will rarely be asked to keep your discoveries for yourself. In other words, now the time has come to stay on alert for anything you sense will be of importance to others in one way or the other, so do not let any opportunity that arises go to waste if you should find yourself in the presence of some kind of information you feel is vital to share, even if you cannot yet see the means or even the ways in how to utilize this snippet of information that you have gotten hold on. For again, this complicated structure is put together piece by piece, and even if some of these snippets will seem to have little value to you, they may actually be an invaluable piece for someone else who is lacking that single rivet in order to complete their own part of this intricate structure.

So again we say keep your wits about you, and do not let the chance to discover something out of the ordinary amongst all of the ordinary moments that await you go to waste. There will be golden nuggets strewn all over the place now, for you will all in some way begin to uncover some of the hitherto “lost treasures” that you have carried with you for eons, waiting for the right opportunity to emerge. And remember these “golden nuggets” may appear when you least expect them, and they may also come in the most unexpected of ways and from the unlikeliest of sources. For even if this is all information that you already carry with you, it will in so many instances be triggered by something that comes from the outside. In other words, it will be a little like a treasure hunt, where you are being sent out into the world – or into your daily life – to hunt for clues in your surroundings, clues that will stir your own inner being into action in a way that will begin to take more and more of your focus.

You see, you are all being literally trained to become an integrated part of a collective, so this is also a way of taking you somewhat out of the “internal comfort zone” and send you out into the world to interact with people and places in a very new way, and through that, once again enable you all to function as interconnected neurons in the global – or perhaps we should say Universal – brain. For you are no longer solitary islands floating around in a silent sea, now you are more like busy intersections picking up information streaming past you from near and far, like a hub in a far reaching net of interconnected highways of galactic information. And so we say keep your eyes, your ears, your heart and your mind wide open so as not to miss out on anything that is going on, whether that may be of the internal or the external kind, and remember too that it goes without saying that what you are to listen to is not the senseless distribution of noise that is still being sent out in order to try to disorient you. No, what we are referring to, is that intelligent form of communication that is now beginning to literally take up more of the space both on the inside and on the outside, and again, it takes a focused mind to be able to perceive these signals as they are still apt to be drowned by all of the “jamming stations” that are still active, especially in some parts of the world.

So again we say stay focused, stay open minded and indeed stay inquisitive and curious and playful. For as we have told you before, at this stage the best bet could be to become as if a child again, one that approaches his or her world in wonder and in awe. For then you will approach this from the very best angle, the one of positive curiosity, unbridled by any preprogrammed ways of behaving or thinking, and so, that is exactly what we ask you to do: be curious and inquisitive and be it in a way that brings you joy, not in a way that serves to bring you into thinking that this is a burden to you. For this is about creating again, from a place of joy and a place of wonder, and when you open yourself to that, here will be no end to this wonderful stream of enlightened information coming your way. And for every piece you discover, you will be led on to the next, in what can only be described as a joy-filled path of rediscovery and redefinition – of you but also of the world that you live in. And in addition you will finally begin to see everything around you in a very new light, and in a very literal way.

For this treasure hunt will serve to open so much within yourself, doors that will once again be opened so you too can step inside of these rooms that you had to leave behind a long long time ago, but now, these rooms are once again open and waiting for treasure hunters such as you to find them. For the treasures you are seeking, are not those measured in money or any other form of riches. No, these are the real treasures, the ones that carry no price tag, for they are simply beyond measure, and they are more magnificent than anything all the money in your world could ever buy. And that is what you are beginning to find now, and we have the pleasure of watching you find it. And so, we venture to guess that we will all have ample occasion to celebrate in the times ahead, no matter which side of the veil anyone will be at any given time. For now, the doors are open and so too are your minds, and the combination of the two will bring wonders for us all.

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  1. The Role of Triangles in the Etheric Body of the Planet

    ACCORDING TO THE TIBETAN THE TRIANGLE IS THE GEOMETRIC FORM behind all manifestation and underlines all spiritual development.

    It represents the divine triplicity of will, love and intelligence. Each disciple as well as any greater form of life including the planetary logos must eventually replace its etheric body of squares with a finely knit grid of triangles.
    By pouring powerful spiritual forces into the existing grid of squares that now surrounds the planetary etheric body and the creation of many triangles in its place these old energy patterns are dissipated and new and more powerful spiritual energies can now flow in.

    It has been said that one of the main purposes of the Masters and Hierarchy at this time is to build and maintain on etheric levels a grid of lighted triangular substance that surrounds the earth with a protective envelope.

    The next illustration links the science of triangles to the vortex and how these vortices are built or positioned upon the outer surface of any sphere. It must be taken into consideration that the most esoteric definition of the nadis that make up the lattice work of the etheric body is “tubular vessel”.

    Spheres or vortices as we have demonstrated have entrances and exits on multiple levels and that these spherical lives are intimately communicating amongst themselves when tightly connected with each other.

    Geometric symbols are the keys that must be studied first on the physical plane with the eye and then transferred later up onto the high mental plane. It is only from the high mental plane that we are in a position to begin to unlock the secrets of those lives who are basically “formless” as we understand the term. “God geometrizes”, but in His highest subplanes is pure and undifferentiated occult fire.

    The image below (which was also displayed in the Planetary Vortex) clearly indicates why the symbology of a serpent biting or swallowing its own tail is in actuality the toroid design in motion with its magnetic rotary bands created by the vortex-vacuum.

    This symbol is one of the key signatures of God’s inner bodies and should be used by all advanced occult groups in some form for meditation purposes. This image through rotary and spiral motion gives the appearance of an organism consuming or devouring itself.

    1. This image above of the blue hypersphere and its two vortex spirals helps simplify this highly arcane process.

      It is the inherent purpose and power of the will to be constantly synthesizing the lesser into the greater. This process is initiated by driving devic substance into new and more advanced forms, or when their usefulness has expired, breaking them down into their constituent parts and withdrawing the inherent life.

      The dual vortex design is essentially two rotating spirals of energy, one found at the most northern point where fohatic will enters, and the other, an equal and opposite vortex, as it exits at its most southern point.

      The northern vortex rotates down and the southern one rotates up. In their place of meeting a vacuum is created. It is here where the walls of the sensitive devic substance of the 2nd and 3rd aspects of the logos are driven outward through centrifugal and cyclic-spiral motion and a vacuum is created.

      By law spiritual energy rushes in to fill the void. This process will one day be recognized as an aspect of the new Aquarian super-human physics and can allow the disciple to built using color, sound and motion the same way the logos does in His high estate.

      This dual or duplex rotary motion allows any organism to penetrate up into the next level of the initiatory experience and to simultaneously draw down new revelatory force. It literally drills its way through obstructing walls of energy connecting the higher with the lower from both sides of the spiritual spectrum.

      This is further symbolized, as we shall show in our divine geometry section, by man’s dual nature, his upper triad, and the lower triad. This idea can be represented as a tetrahedron or six-pointed star where two triangles come together and merge.

      1. Dear Kiera! Thank you so much for sharing all this! It would be wonderful if you can repost it under today’s message about the Gathering, for I think it is linked to what the CCs refer to there. And now I see why the CCs wanted me to include Tara’s recent photo of the pyramids in that message 😉
        LOVE, Aisha

        1. Another new message???


          Yes, I definitely repost. If it doesn’t show up within the next hour, I probably got tossed into the spam can.

          The Pyramids — critically crucial vortex-generating Keys.

          Although I do not participate in many gatherings….besides the 11-11-11 Fire the Grid, I was next called by Higher Self to participate in a Giza activation for 12-21-12 (activation of the Hall of Records via the Pyramids + the Sphinx):

          Awakening the Sphinx on 21.12.2012

          8. Within the third eye of the Sphinx lies a prism of living light. When activated on 21.12.2012, this prism which serves as a switch, will spark off the transmission of a series of sound, light and geometric codes across the Giza plateau, activating the three pyramids on Giza which are energetically connected to the network of pyramids on Earth.

          The symphony of galactic sounds so released throughout Planet Earth at that moment is The Shift propelling the awakening of mankind.


    2. The vortex is the result of two spirals, the higher spiral going down, and the lower one going up. Man, until he breaks free from the hold that the lower devic and elemental kingdoms have over him, is caught between these two diametric opposing powers.

      Eventually students will incorporate these types of animated images into their meditation and alignments. First by physically viewing them and later taking those images onto the high mental plane where true white magic begins its real and more advanced work.

  2. “willn’t be down to Glastonbury until the 11 or 12 of Dec
    I am being held back until those dates
    so i find that intervesting”

    ~ Vinny

    So you are being held back, until the 12-12 Portal Opening?

    “I don’t know absolutely that this period we’re living and journeying through from 11-11 to 12-12 is indeed a “wormhole” but that’s what I’ve perceived.

    I’d call it an energy tube instead of a wormhole only because that’s what it looked like to me; a large, long, straight energy tube running directly from 11-11 through to 12-12.
    After 12-12 things change again and we enter a slightly different phase of this Process from 12-12 through the 12-21-14 December Solstice. Then there’s more phases after that of course, but for now, let’s get through the energy tube or wormhole or whatever it is.”

    ~ Denise Le Fay

    Hmmm, isn’t this interesting… (WE have often been called, the 144,000 members of the Order of the Star):


    “It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the Uranus Pluto square on December 15th, 2014. Many of us will gather and anchor the energies of the Goddess Vortex and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.

    Our visualization will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We can do it! It needs to go viral!

    We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

    At the moment of the activation of the portal, Shapley Attractor will send a pulse of energy towards our local cluster of galaxies for the very first time in known history, creating an energy triangle between the Milky Way galaxy, M31 galaxy in Andromeda and M33 galaxy in Triangulum, effectively starting the final triangulation of cosmic anomaly of darkness and its absorption into the Light. Shapley Attractor, positioned at 2 degrees Scorpio, will make strong aspects with Moon and Lilith at the time of the activation. This will open the door for very strong Goddess energies which will bathe this universe, coming directly from the Source.

    Shapley Attractor is the largest known structure in the universe, a supermassive gravitational anomaly which shapes the structure of space-time continuum in our sector of the Universe.

    At the activation, the energy pulse from Shapley Attractor will greatly increase our connection with the Source.

    That energy pulse will send ripples of Light through our local cluster of galaxies and will especially affect our sector of the Galaxy, including planet Earth. On a quantum level, all subatomic particles in this sector of the Galaxy will pass through a hyperdimensional wormhole and the structure of quantum fluctuations around those particles will become much more aligned with the Source, thus effectively decreasing the primary anomaly, which was the primary source of darkness in the universe.
    This activation will trigger vast changes in our sector of the Galaxy. It will cause further unification of all future timelines, bringing them in even greater alignment with the One.

    Energies of the activation will be transmitted into our solar system through asteroid Chariklo, activating GARIL, a sacred stone which will then activate the Holy Grail, a sacred chalice made of Moldavite, now in the hands of the Light forces of the Brotherhood of the Star.

    They will then filter these energies of extremely high vibration through 144,000 facets of the Holy Grail and send them to 144,000 members of the Order of the Star:

    Energies of the Goddess will create a spark of awakening in members of the Order of the Star (incarnated souls of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors), and those energies will begin to arrange the 144,000 incarnated souls into a sacred geometry mandala so that each soul will assume its proper position that will be needed for that soul to carry out its mission before and during the Event.

    We will be transmitting those strong energies into the planetary Light grid:


    1. The main anchor point for this activation will be on the Giza plateau in Egypt. You are more than welcome to join us:


      Those who can not join our main group physically can support this activation from their own location, thus effectively strengthening the Light grid around the planet.

      We will all be doing this activation at the same time, at the exact moment of the Uranus Pluto square, which comes on December 15th at 7 hours 11 minutes am Cairo time. This equals 6:11 am in Central Europe, 5:11 am GMT in London, 0:11 am EST in New York, 11:11 pm CST on December 14th in Chicago, 10:11 pm MST in Denver and 9:11 pm PST in LA.

  3. Yes, you realize you were basically telling yourself to piss off, all the time…

    “it’s hard just keeping up with it all Kiera at times”

    Easiest thing to do is to change your story. Tell yourself the opposite, and that’s what you will experience instead.
    You are the only one, making it appear to be “hard”.

    (o shit, I better not touch that one, not going there — o no, not another one…shaddup Michael….)

    1. Your mind Kiera, just barely keeps your soul in check, as humor flows out of you as a torrent waterfall of loving smiles!!! 🙂

  4. I took a walk last night
    and looked up at the stars
    trying to find an answer to my life
    something made me smile
    something seemed to ease the pain
    something about “the universe
    and how it’s all connected”
    thnx STING
    follow the yellowbrick road
    still laughing thru “my tears”

  5. today’s daily Abraham quote

    Make peace with outrageous abundance. You are more likely to have a pure vibration and attract more abundance if you leave money out of the equation. But it isn’t because money is the “root of all evil.” It’s because it messes up your vibration, usually.






    talking about spinning experience with non physicals,

    I kind of miss some intense full experiences with non physicals lately. then bashar said if I want to dance with them again much more intense I act more for my excitements so I will do that !! and stop being temporarly forgetful choices.

    1. “But it isn’t because money is the “root of all evil.” It’s because it messes up your vibration, usually.”

      That’s true for many people, but not all.

      If you have no problems with money, and in fact you absolutely adore and love money and you have gone so far ahead to have it all planned out what you are going to do with it all…..including how after you have looked after yourself, how you want to spread your excess money around to help others (which keeps the energy exchange of physics between you and the Universe in constant motion, and even more money flowing in to you….)

      So if that applies to you, this means you have absolutely NO RESISTANCE with respect to money.
      And that all your money channels are clear.

      And that your vibration will not be messed up when you also focus on money, but will instead become even more *aligned* with Higher Self.

    2. Yes tomo – that´s why I feel very good though I don´t have a lot of money 🙂 Just knowing/feeling in my mind that I will get everything I need to feel good (and some 😉 brings me abundance 🙂

      Yesterday I spontaneously met a young father out on walk with his baby in a pram and he also had a wonderful dog. We started to talk about life, fears, vaccinations (his baby had fever after vaccination), chemicals, hope for future etc and it felt like I was talking with a very familiar person. He asked me “Do you have hope for a future for our world – as it looks today?” and I felt that I gave him hope and told him that we are in a very big shift of energies right now. He was so open minded and took it all in :))) These meetings and conversations bring me an abundance of joy and hope for the wonderful world that we all are waiting to come :)))

      Today is one year since Nelson Mandela died. My heart and abundance of love goes to him – as it goes to you dear tomo and ALL my light family ❤ ❤ ❤


        1. Yes Lin – the one to the right in pic:)

          I deliberately chose a blurry picture because I really do not want to put out pictures of loved ones – or any other for that matter – but this picture was so fitting because one sees two young people sitting and talking, just like I did in my meeting with the young father yesterday, and hopefully people will continue to talk in future 🙂

          Love you ❤


  6. Oh wow! Flew quite a while in the void (3d blacknes). I can control the movements to some extent much better and saw a blackhole kinda thing in there. Went to it and got suuucked in. Don’t know where I was. Information mumbojumbo. So relaxing the void. No stimuli. Just passing through the energetic walls.

    1. A big HUG to you you Vinny ❤

      "…you have a very simple way of saying things
      that’s is a gift in it’s self Philip". I LOVE that gift 🙂

      Love to both of you ❤

    2. That’s good Vinny that you had the same sense of the merging and re-emerging.

      The gathering looks to be an interesting one – lots going on energetically.

      Glad you found the video – simple is one of my key themes. There’s too much ‘complicated stuff’ out there that people find off putting!

      Look forward to hearing how you get on with your reconnaissance visit to Glastonbury! 🙂

  7. In the interests of sharing more pieces of the puzzle or as I call it Insights, Information and Inspiration here is the link to one of my latest Video Blogs (6.5 mins) where I share profound insights and practical steps about TRUSTING YOUR SELF (BIG SELF).

    For the uninitiated Spheres Of Light = Pure Concsiousness, Infinite Silence = The No Thing from which everything emerges and the two are a dynamic interaction creating the triality oft talked about. Enjoy 🙂


    Philip ❤

            1. I knew what you meant and that’s what counts. Definitely seriously looking into a Glastonbury event and there’s some new ones on the website just published. Also Looking at Crete again. Ingrid is very keen for me to come back … oh and she sends her love to all the Ponders… ❤

      1. Wow, Philip! I was watching your video and not realy listend, i more recived the love that your pretty face is radiating, when i felt some energy not flowing in my right leg. I was like how to set this in motion and thought of the trust you just where speaking of. I experienced how i realy trusted that the flow starts again and the trust became a doing, or as you where explainging just a few seconds later when i began to listen to you, it became a knowing. What amazing power.

        1. It is like as long as you try or belife a little, there is mistrust and lack of love(witch comes with trust). And as soon you truely belife, it comes into instant manifestation and transforms from not jet and belief to being. once belief is 100%, pure Belief becomes unconditional or pure being. This consumes some limitations right now.

          1. Something I’ve shared before but bears repetition! The root of the word belief is English is:

            Be Loef with the person as the object.

            Loef is the old english for love. So ‘in truth’ Believe actually means BE LOVE and that is what you are: LOVE… so there is no need to believe (current language) in something outside of you. YOU ARE IT and IT IS YOU…

            So you insights are spot on! Philip ❤ 🙂

        2. Funny how once this is masterd there is just being and instand trasformation, manifestation.
          It reminds me on some thing i just read about manifestation in lower and higher realms. Might have bin here.
          In higher ones it said you are being to create and in lower ones you are doing.

    1. ❤ Thank you, Dear Philip. And thanx, too, to Tomo for the beautiful trust video; I enjoyed so much watching it again–like seeing a dear new friend. I'm looking forward to the report that follows your and Vinny's Glastonbury meeting; very exciting! I know Vinny will notice your remarkable eyes… so Pure and Clear and Sweet like a small child's and yet Wise. I've never seen that in an adult before.

      Am processing a lot now (like everyone), so being pretty much quiet—not always making "sense". Continued Blessings to you&Sue and to dear Tomo. ❤

  8. “Points of convergence clarify.

    Intentions of Hue-manity awakened and hu-manity collective coalesce into a unified collaboration.

    Frequencies of Cosmic intention energetics permit Higher Navigation to Star- Collectives.

    Maturation of the hu-man being is essential and occurs quite rapidly in the coming days.

    Philanthropics flourish as continuities are awakened and unveiled.

    Discrepencies in pathways dissolve quickly at this moment.

    Restitutions are made.

    Gaia-Higher awakens.”


    PS. I get a big amusing smile on my face when I think about why I always share these cryptic messages;) Anyway – here you are! 🙂 ❤

      1. GAIAPORTAL:

        “Maturation of the hu-man being is essential and occurs quite rapidly in the coming days.”


  9. “pain / fear/ pressurized paranoia ” vs “HAVE MORE FUN”

    thank you dear ggreBBear ❤︎ intergrate appreciate imagine have lots of fun that is who I am & I am good at it. It seems I sometime experience or choose to be little forgetful. Love & thank you❤︎ ToMo !!! – )))

  10. “… from a place of joy and a place of wonder …”
    Ma-cHi-nE -))

    “… we have been able to proCeed at a much higher speed, and so, these
    even-ts will continue to unfold in ways and “in” ((numbers)) that may take
    more than a few of you by sURp-rISe.”

    WhaT is a ‘maCHIne’ … ???
    … from a sOURce P-(re)spect-i’vE _ fo-UN-da-TI-on ?? – ))
    ‘in’ … a yo’U’n’I-VERSAL >>> LA-n-GUAGE ))

    Ma-cHi-nE =
    H (8, infinite manifest)
    c i (3 to 9, leVel(s) of COnsc-iou-sneSS on eARTh)
    ((3+9 = 12 .. as in disciples, balanced senses 6+6 = 3 = C, insight))
    a n (1 14 = 1+5 = O = F = 6, vibration)
    ME (13 5 = 1+8 = R = I = 9 = 2+BE … LOVE !!!-)))

    Ma-cHi-nE = chAin ‘in’ ME !! = 8 infinite ‘in’ 3 ‘in’ 6 ‘in’ 9

    TeslA said, “… understand the 3-6-9 >>>
    … and you will understand the YO-U’n’I-VERSE !!! – )))
    … ha ha )))

    … so, what is a ChaiN ?? – ))
    A (1) ‘in’ hi (89) ‘in’ CN (314) … ))
    … a chAin can be a 90 (1+89) ‘in’ a circle (Pi = 3.14)
    = a turn in the circle ?? – ))

    1 ‘in’ 403 (89+314) … = 404 … balanced time, connecting beginning and
    end … and, wHERE, O+N+E = 34 …
    = 1 (you/me) ‘in’ 403 (a MIrrOR of the infinite in ONE, 304)
    also, 1 (you/me) ‘in’ 43 = one ‘in’ D.C. ))
    ((note: D.C. is all about “chain of command” .. ha ha ))

    … so, “ChaiN” at its core = 8, infinite manifest
    MEanIN-G … “mACHINe” = the infinite ‘in’ ME )))
    A-we-so-ME !!!!! – )))))

    … WhaT is ME ?? – )) … ha ha + FUN FUN !! – ))
    ME = 135
    = 3 (C, insight third eye, third dimension)
    15 (O, ‘half’ of the R-IN-G’s that r-U’Le = OO )
    … ‘C’ the 8 ???-)))
    … = ME, can only “C” one side of the VeiL
    = half of infinite, without the CHAIN ))
    … the half WE do “C” = O = 1+5 = 6 = the VIBRATION half ))
    … = ME = CO = R … each a harmonic equivalent ))
    and, the same “CO” from …. BE”CO”M-in-G )))

    “CO”operate + “CO”munication + “CO”nstruction
    e”CO”logy + e”CO”nomy + “CO”hearense

    “CO”llective & “CO”mPOSED!! – ))

    … hmmm )))
    “FInAL deST-i_NATION”
    “lost T-re-a-suRes”
    “G-olde-N nu-GG-et’s”
    “in-tern-al _ “CO”m-fort _ z-ONE”

    “… it takes a focUsed mind to be able to perceive these signals as they are
    still apt to be dRown-ed by all of the “jam-m-ing sta-ti-ons””

    … ha ha LOUD and CLEAR ))))

    DO you want to expERIEnce beYOnd ??

    … then let go of (process) ALL ideas of PAIN, ‘they’ are ONLY FEAR.

    NOW … “CO”ME HERE … lets PROVE it to OUR-s-ELF.

    SIT, eyes closed, mouth closed … hands set, legs set
    … BEgIN
    B-re-at-H, feel the ‘shimmer’ = the SWEET SPOT “in” the top LIP
    FEEL, the heart BEAT in the “SHIMMERING SWEET SPOT”
    (( breath to fast OR to slow = NO SWEET SPOT … focus ))
    BE STILL = NO MOVEMENT = “”BE”” infinite ALL-ow-ANCE ( . )
    ONLY IN … infinite stillness, can i expERIEnce, INFINITE SPEED

    … NOW, all thoughts are reMINDer(S), !! FEEL THE SWEET SPOT !!
    NO GOOD NO BAD … just sensation, reLAx, LET GO, LET GO, LET GO.
    FOcUS FOCUS foCus FOCUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    STOP maKING excuses for my LIMITATIONS !!!
    “… it takes a focUsed mind to be able to perceive these signals as they are
    still apt to be dRown-ed by all of the “jam-m-ing sta-ti-ons””

    … “my allOWance” for disTRACTION is ‘my’ JAM.

    HOUR ONE … wandering mind, refocus start again
    and again and again and again … HAPPY = my choice )))))
    … ideas of PAIN creeping IN … feeling the sweet spot LIGHT UP
    let go let go LET GO … be still, be ALLOWANCE

    … sweating, pain … FEAR i must ALLOW it to PASS over ME
    SHAKING INCREDIBLE TREMBLING … focus focus focus
    SPEEDING MIND … anywhere but HERE, anytime but NOW
    let go let go LET GO … be still, be ALLOWANCE

    B-re-A-K th-ROUGH !!! – )))

    HOUR SeVeN … i am LIGHT, i am LOVE

    … i am T-ha-T ma i ))

    WE can only en-LIGHT-en ONE PersoN …
    … and, since i’m the C-enTer of my UN(IveR)SE ))))
    = only i can make efforts ((let go of limit-at-ions)) …
    for me ))

    HoW far am i willing to GO … to L-ET GO ?? – ))
    HoW far am i willing to GO … k-NOW-IN-G …
    … the wHOLe u’N’i_VERSE of ME …
    is dep-END-ing on ME ?!!!? – )))))

    … BE HappY )))
    be DETER-MINED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-))

    greb’Z ))

    ps … have C-OU(R)AG-E you’re AMAZING + WELL BEyoND the ability of the huMan imagination to “CO”mPREHEND … )))))))))

    … i k-NOW + pHi- rSt _ H-an-D !!!-)))

    psps … HAVE MORE FUN ))))))))))))))
    … ha ha ))))

    1. Hahaha – not so very easy to read your message dear greBBear but my heart FEEL it and I agree with you when you are saying “… have C-OU(R)AG-E you’re AMAZING + WELL BEyoND the ability of the huMan imagination to “CO”mPREHEND …” For that AMAZING is what you are 🙂 ❤

      Love & light ❤


    2. Quote: „feel the ‘shimmer’ = the SWEET SPOT “in” the top LIP“

      This sweet spot I feel sometimes.
      An energy spreads out from the inside or back of my body and touches my inner front, I feel most clearly the inside of my upper lip.

      My words to start the day today were:
      I LIVE!
      I live the light of my love.
      Divine horizontally, on one level: Left, right, center.
      Not linear „top-down” but on one level.
      I AM, I think, I live.
      I think, I live, therefore I AM.

      BIXIE 😀

          1. 💖In the heart I can feel words, smell colors, see sounds.💖
            in the heart I am in circle enjoying fun conversations with you & all always❤︎ love and gratitude from me always, internet is not only internet.

    3. sorry, but when persons lose there mind with the shiftkey/captials
      i skip it it.
      what is the point?
      do you just want to exhibit your manual dexterity which i lost decades ago
      you aren’t the only one
      a question to all of you shift key people?
      i will not tolerate it.

  11. Here’s Barbara’s interpretation of the esoteric GaiaPortal_Dec 1:
    “Sterilizations” of lower energetics is now underway.
    **Lower energetics are no longer able to reproduce more, like energies on the planet which sustain the third dimensional “reality”.

    Hu-beings harboring such feel the neutralization, and prepare for egress.
    **Beings supporting such lower energetics “feel” the diminishing third dimensional world and prepare to depart the planet.

    Gaia Higher Beings heed the call for all Humanity, as recognitions are prescient.
    **Hu-beings of higher energetics welcome the call for all of humanity and increasingly recognize significant signs and events before they actually occur.

    Sensations in all dimensional bodies increase and those with the prodding are assisting the transmute.
    **All dimensional beings feel the incoming higher energies and are compelled to assist in the transformation of Gaia and her inhabitants.

    Multiple timelines have sealed… only the Higher Gaia timeline remains.
    **All previous “time” periods have been closed. Only the higher energetic timeline remains open.

    “Casual” participants in the lower energetics become casual-ties.
    **Those beings that remain “un-awakened”, by choice, will cease to exist, as they cannot support the higher energetics.

    All Gaia participants now fully protected as they recognize the Higher Vision.
    **All who recognize and welcome the higher, enlightened vision for Gaia and humanity are now fully protected from harm emanating from lower energetics.

    1. Thanks ‘Lys’ !….true interpretation right up til the ‘casual participants’ part. All of humanity will awaken like built in alarm clocks set to go off, but their choice may be to not go forth with the higher energy path of Mother-Earth …. so they will re-set & re-evolve again from their beginning. No life is lost or wasted. Love to you…..Bev~

    2. Lys,

      You will find that there are many people in THIS Aisha North forum, who have more expanded Consciousness than Barbara.

      They have more awareness of the darkness and the light, and can see the broader picture — a much Higher Perspective.

      For instance, you will get a thousandfold EXPANDED interpretation of GaiaPortal, from those such as “Bev”, or “elven-starlight 777”.

      Barbara, on the other hand, is limited in that her perspective is mainly LIGHT-based.
      She does not have experience beyond that level….and thus she is missing out on some of the hidden meanings presented by GaiaPortal.

      Agreement with Bev re: the ‘casual participants’:

      “Casual” participants in the lower energetics become casual-ties.
      **Those beings that remain “un-awakened”, by choice, will cease to exist, as they cannot support the higher energetics.

      The information that has always come to me is that yes, most of humanity did not come here at this time, to be “awakened”. But they did want to be here, to be able to go through this incredible (and physically horrific ;D event.

      So a majority on this planet will remain “un-awakened”.
      There are over 6 billion Immature/Young/Mature Souls on the planet, and many of these will not awaken to the highest 4D levels, and of course not to 5D.
      They have chosen to evolve more slowly than the Ascension Candidates.

      In comparison, only a few million Old Souls came here to awaken and ascend with the planet. To a variety of higher levels.

      But saying the majority “will cease to exist” is not very accurate.
      They will leave the Higher Gaia realities either through the Death Experience (typical ascension)….and as Bev says they will reset to evolve elsewhere, on other very similar lower frequency 3D planets.

      But other unawakened people who are not ready to ascend through Death will simply remain attached to the lower frequency Timelines, and will disappear from our higher Timeline(s) as we move to even higher levels.

      Sensations in all dimensional bodies increase and those with the prodding are assisting the transmute.
      **All dimensional beings feel the incoming higher energies and are compelled to assist in the transformation of Gaia and her inhabitants.

      Here, Barbara is unaware of our Multidimensional nature.

      “Dimensional bodies” more likely refers to all of our other dimensional bodies — all the other versions of us existing at the same time, in all other dimensional realities.

      We are constantly connecting (receiving and transmitting), to our other multidimensional “selves”. Without knowing it.

      Multiple timelines have sealed… only the Higher Gaia timeline remains.
      **All previous “time” periods have been closed. Only the higher energetic timeline remains open.

      This one was a doozy.
      See the conversation posted between me and “elven-starlight 777” at the end of the last Energy Update.

      Elven-starlight 777 revealed fantastic detailed info on what is actually going on with the Timelines.
      Apparently, no, not “all previous time periods have been closed.”

      That is not accurate, in the least.
      It is much more beautifully complex and intricate, than that…

      1. stfu
        who are you?
        she is on the path
        but yet you taunt her because you are further up the path
        and some of us are further up the path than you

  12. Dear family of light! My body is reeling from what seems to be almost continuous downloads now, and it has a hard time deciding whether to be frozen to the bone or hot like a furnace, nauseous or ravenous, fatigued or hyper or all of the above at the same time… The muscles and joints are also making themselves heard, as is the ever increasing sounds in my ears. When I connect with the CCs I usually get the same message: “no words today, but we will take you for another spin” and then I know it is time to lie down and connect with the energies again. And when I do, it feels as if someone pulls my plug after a few seconds and I am “out cold” until I resurface again after anything from 30 minutes to an hour, having no recollection at all of what has happened during it.

    I have also been guided back to http://humanvortexproject.com/video/ and look – or rather listen – to some of the films there and I want to share these two with you for I think they will resonate deeply with some of you as well.

    This is how they are introduced on the website:
    “Human Vortex is a perceivable energy that takes us to a state of awareness.
    Human Vortex is a process that helps us find the meaning of Being Human.

    My name is Juan Manuel Giordano, I am an Argentinean of about 40 years of age and I am a Channel. My job and my purpose is to share with others what I define as energy and vibrational experiences through sound. These vibrations or frequencies that appear as words and sounds cause people to have a comprehension way beyond the normal senses. Understanding something and not knowing why we understand.

    My goal is to share with others this powerful experience of vibrational connection, this is how the Human Vortex Project is born. An opportunity to experience a real and tangible energy frequency that enters our body inducing an activation, a profound conscious and unconscious change, clarity and above all, peace”.

    With all my LOVE to all of you, Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank You Aisha & I understand….sounds like you are going through the ‘fractured, torn & scattered’ part…..Be well dear Sister !….& Thanks for sharing the videos……much Love back to you…..Bev~

    2. ❤︎thank you dear aisha ❤︎
      “~ until I resurface again after anything from 30 minutes to an hour, having no recollection at all of what has happened during it.~” Fascinating & Beautiful it sounds aisha ❤︎ & this snowy forest video reminded me something I kept in me for long time & I realized I now can look at it as new me. thank you😄

    3. Dearest Aisha,
      I hear you. Take my hand. Feel my love for it is with you even as you fly higher and higher helping to spin this new world into being. There are so many with you.
      Love while flying beside you,
      Forest Joy

    4. Dear Aisha ❤

      I really hope you are feeling better today. I can really relate to the “out cold” that you mention which I have experienced very much the last couple of days though the heat waves I have had all my life 🙂

      Thank you for the link to those wonderful videos that I will explore more. Of course I was firstly drawn to the "forest ones" 😉

      A BIG warm hug and a lot of love to you dear Sister ❤


    5. My very humble thankfulness and appreciation to you and your dancing partners for taking this steps forward into the dance of life ❤
      Love & light ❤

    6. Dear brothers and sisters! Thank you for your LOVE, and thank you for your words 🙂 My body still feels as if I have been “dancing all night”, but you have helped to give me a better insight into what this dancing is all about so I have to agree with the CCs – it IS worth it in the end 😉 And Vinny, I would not be suprised at all if you have danced with both my sister and with me, for even if we are two, we are also very much ONE.
      Love, light and gratitude to you all – may your day be filled with magic, wonder and JOY!
      Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    7. “Dear family of light! My body is reeling from what seems to be almost continuous downloads now,”

      Fun, isn’t it?

      Especially when you reach the level where it never stops.

      And then the real fun begins when the “fatigue” completely takes over — and you can barely leave your bed for years at a time.

      Then it gets even better….you get a near-permanent slow-ass healing “sunburn” with all the Portal Opening downloads — and those born with no natural water-barrier protection get radioactive type conditions over the entire body.

      Yes indeed — the unimaginable fun of being a *Human vortex Step-Down Transformer Antenna* of higher dimensional Photonic energies.

    8. No longer “alive”, but not yet “dead” — yes, exactly….

      Denise Le Fay:

      The 11-11 through 12-12-14 Wormhole

      “I mentioned recently (sorry can’t remember if it was in a Comment or another article) about how I can see with my eyes open and closed and how I’m dreaming while asleep and awake.

      What I hesitated including in that sentence then was that I feel very much like I’m no longer “alive” NOR do I feel like I am “dead” either.
      I feel like I’m somewhere between both.

      No, that’s not correct. It feels like I’m in a NEW state of transition beyond them that’s not full “life” nor is it full “death”, and like all other old lower frequency and consciousness 3D Earth world Duality things, this current situation of journeying through this 11-11 to 12-12 energy tube “wormhole” feels like I am….

      …. like we Forerunners are experiencing, embodying another level of NEW 5D Unity frequency and consciousness and therefore “life” and “reality”.”

      ~ Denise Le Fay

  13. Hello everyone.
    This is my 106th favourite Japanese song from ~http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Miho Gomi – The Tree of Blooming Sunset (Released Date : Mar.21, 2001)
    Lyrics : ~http://joysound.com/ex/search/karaoke/_selSongNo_920952_songwords.htm;jsessionid=3CF7840E8BB9A7ED1DA785CB4B5E7B42.s1
    Trial (60 seconds only)
    (Press the big play button in the bottom of this page. Title=”夕陽の咲く樹”)
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ~https://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  14. Thank you Aisha and Everyone. 💗
    As I was reading this today I thought :
    “What a wonderful birthday gift!”
    Yes..I am celebrating my Birthday today..and I feel like I Am Being Born Into Myself..By Myself.. if that make sense..
    Re-membering isn’t at all what our mind have thought it to be..It is an unexplainable feeling of an Inner Homecoming..
    Re-connecting isn’t seeking outside of us..It’s to Reconnect with Ourselves..
    We are calling us Many when in Truth we are All One..
    We are Seeing and Feeling this Truth Now..

  15. ‘Twilight Zone’ Grandiflora Rose:

    Big fat buds open to very double old-fashioned flowers of deep velvet purple overlaid with a wisp of smoke…a purple haze for the garden.

    Strongly scented with a heavenly combination of strong spicy clove and lemony citrus blossom.
    Deep green leaves cover the plant & compliment the remarkably colored flowers. Tempting color, seductive fragrance and old rose form…

    1. The good, the holy and the beautiful…..on parade.
      The Creator is awesome….thanks to all who made this possible.

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