A short update on the energies

And so it has come to pass that you have once more entered a new stage of this ever unfolding process of rebirthing yourself and this planet, and as such we would once more like to congratulate you for the efforts that you have managed to put into this over the last few days. For they were nothing if not magnificent, and so, you have once again shifted up into the next turn of the spiral if you will. For once again the horizon has expanded and you have managed to push through one of those corridors that in so many ways can be likened to the birth canal, and so, we venture to guess you can all in some sense feel how the restrictions seem to have lessened somewhat. You see, these “restrictions” are merely the equivalent of contractions, an energetic simile of it that is, one that helps to push you all forwards. And so, the light will once again increase and so too your abilities to breathe more freely. We hope this will become palpable to you all over the next few days, and even if the feeling of tenderness within your physical body may still be very much present for some of you, it too will soon begin to fade away as the energetic layers around you begin to calm down somewhat. As always, this too will be temporary, for this is also very much an ongoing process, but for now, we think you will all feel as if you have the chance to step back a little bit from it all and savour the small respite you will be given.

We know that this will serve to elicit more than a few moans of despair from those of you still very much under the weather from this last giant push forwards, but again, you will all be more than ready to take that next decisive step once it is presented to you. And yes, these words will offer scant comfort to those already already pushed almost to your very limits by this last round of added strain, but again, know that you are all constantly monitored, and so, we can say that you will be kept well away from from crossing over that limit in any way. For even if it may feel as if your physical body is ready to call it quits at one stage or another during all of this, know that it is indeed far, far more advanced and indeed more resilient than you can perhaps envisage. And so, it will moan and groan and put up a lot of noise all the way through this, but it will not come apart. For it has been well prepared for this, and so too have you, and even if you have no recollection of it, you have both been well trained to take on energetic boosts that far surpass the ones you have recently taken on. And so we say know that all is well, and you are well on your way to complete this entire procedure, and what you have managed to complete now, is one of those giant leaps that will be held up as amongst the more major feats ever undertaken.

Again it will be almost impossible for any of you to take in the full scope of this last and wondrous accomplishment just yet, and even if we may once again be duly admonished for repeating ourselves yet again, we would also like to say that that is indeed our task. Remember, you are the ones actually making all of this happen by allowing the interaction between these incoming energies and the wonder of your physical body to take place, while our task is to be on hand and to help you to better see the whole process from the outside. In other words, you can feel every second of this magical process in your very own physical vehicle, and overly so, we hear you say, but for us, we can only observe and comment and fill in some of the surrounding details that can help you to see further than the at times somewhat overwhelming physical reactions that all of this may cause.

And so, we would once again like to extend our deepest gratitude on behalf of All of creation for the way that you continue to surge forward, and even if this forward motion sometimes comes from some rather intense energetic contractions, they would not have any effect at all unless you allowed yourself to be carried ahead on this at times seemingly endless stream of enlightened energy. For it is you who define the speed of this, for it is your YES that sets the pace, and even if you cannot stop the force of the light, you can to some extent slow it all down by digging in your heels and refuse to step ahead. But once more a sufficient number of you decided to set sail and let loose, and as such the forward momentum was greatly increased, and for that we cannot thank you enough.

So again we say well done and well put, for your forward surge also helped to shift some very fundamental pieces into some new slots in this highly complex energetic structure, much like the way that enigma of what you call Rubik’s cube advances towards a completion. For now, the speed will once again pick up considerably, but for now, we venture to guess you will all feel the widening of your field in such a way, you will feel less restricted physically and more able to take a full breath of fresh air. And so, we will once again advise you all to take some time to tune into you and to feel the newness within in any way you can. It may not feel like much at first, but if you stay with it for a while, we think you will all hear the sound of a very new vibration within you, and it is one that once again heralds the New World in a very new way.

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  1. Hi aisha,

    I dont get any emails from you anymore, can you check this out please? This was the last one that i received

    Many thanks Maite

    > Op 27-nov.-2014 om 13:03 heeft aisha north het volgende geschreven: > > >

    1. Dear ribbenswp,

      This happened to me also a couple of times. Go to WordPress and check the links you are following – sometimes they just pop out into the universe – by themselves ;))) Hope this will help ❤

      Much love ❤


    2. Dear B – thank you so much for answering Maite’s question! Dear Maite – I hope everything will work out for you now! B is right, the best way to solve the problem is to check out your WordPress account, for I have no access to any of them.
      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤ ❤

  2. Thanks B! this came at a great time. I think this was brought forward by about 2 weeks for some reason, as something went “enough is enough” last night.

    Total confirmation though on the “multiple timelines have sealed part.” something HS said earlier was very similar and how we were making new tracks now.

  3. “Sterilizations” of lower energetics is now underway.

    hu-beings harboring such feel the neutralization, and prepare for egress.

    Gaia Higher Beings heed the call for all Humanity, as recognitions are prescient.

    Sensations in all dimensional bodies increase and those with the prodding are assisting the transmute.

    Multiple timelines have sealed… only the Higher Gaia timeline remains.

    “Casual” participants in the lower energetics become casual-ties.

    All Gaia participants now fully protected as they recognize the Higher Vision.”


    1. OK, this has been niggling at me all day.

      Putting this together, the focus could very well be on the ongoingly offensive, Powers That Be. They are the ones that have inflicted the most harm on humanity and Gaia.

      If the timelines have “sealed”….then where are this version of the dark Cabal that still plague us with potential harm going to end up — they are now trapped on this Higher Timeline.

      So they are currently experiencing “Sterilization” on this timeline (finally being rendered inoffensive/harmless)….and are preparing to exit, to leave this timeline.

      BUT — if the timelines are sealed, then they can only leave this timeline through the Death Experience.
      Are they the ones being referred to as “casual-ties”?

      And why the loaded statement that Higher Vision humans are “fully protected”….

      All of this could possibly hint at some cataclysmic event — that has always been mentioned by many sources — soon to occur that will wipe out the dark PTB and other temporary casual Low Frequency Humans, leaving us Higher Hue-mans, untouched (fully protected).

      1. A little different but the interpretation i took from it was between the lines and what hs said, was that multiple timelines (not all timelines) had been sealed. HS used the term ‘disabled’ rather than sealed, (they don’t normally use these terminologies when talking about timelines hmm)

        So multiple timelines had been disabled from interfering / merging with gaia’s higher timeline. HS said some old timelines that still carried the theme of ‘separateness’ (could be the cataclysmic ones) were Disabled from affecting the higher timeline, but not only that, disabled from affecting the beings who are due to shift to the higher timeline. Something has had to have happened (somewhere) to require this. Something was going on the night before about “enough being enough”.

        It seems like a clean break away from those ‘separateness’ timelines to give those a chance to shift without being f’d with….That’s just one interpretation of many though.

        1. Dear Kiera,

          As usual I don´t understand much of these messages so I welcome every explanation.

          The only thing I know for sure about me now is that the release that I expected that my insight about my grief would bring to me, is not enough to feel released.

          Love & light ❤


        2. ‘Something was going on the night before about “enough being enough”.’

          Ha — that was probably the echoing vibration of me screaming that very sentiment out to the cosmos….

          Holy shitzba, but you have yourself a very chatty and forthcoming (and detail-oriented) HS. You lucky thing. Wow.

          And with that kind of clarification, that would indicate that we are still to continue shifting to even Higher Timelines, out of this one (thank Christ)….and that this current Timeline will still house the rendered-ineffective PTW who decide to stay, and consequently they could possibly undergo a “Soul download & upgrade” in order to be compatible with this frequency (what most people consider Walk-Ins, but are mainly upgrades from Higher Self).

          That’s a possible speculation, since your HS says there will be no cataclysms on this particular Timeline.

          Thanks! For the fantastic input…

        3. And……….the dark harmful ones who are preparing to leave (egress) could perhaps simply disappear from this Timeline by dropping to lower frequency Timelines that haven’t been sealed/disabled.

          Bah…this is why I always wished that at least one of the great entities of information like Ra or Seth, or Bashar had provided us with a basic course in Timelines 101 — so we could at least follow what the hell is going on, while it’s going on…which sure beats being forced to live in “Crypti-City”.

          1. My understanding too, or they are now sealed into those lower timelines, and ‘disabled’ from throwing loops out to pull others into these lower frequencies.

  4. Maybe I’m being too literal, but Jerusalem is – Hiero – Holy, Salem/shalom/solyma – Peace. So Holy Peace. Less literally, a city of light, and a sign of the new expression of the new earth. Blessings all.

  5. Golden chakra, solar plexus. Root chakra was said to pay 8 years. I’m always ahead of schecual. Thanks for the tips haha!

  6. Hi Folks,, am being a bit obsessed with the word and or number SEVEN just now 🙂

    Came across this beautiful verse percieved as chance by my 3d parts and knowing it is written for me to read and share said poem here in more expanded mode 🙂 i am duly thus sharing 🙂 hope you enjoy and the lock finds the right key 🙂


    Thank you and Magnetic Blessings in waves of seven 🙂

  7. ‘Yes’….this time it is about ‘Balance & Compassion’

    One of the most beautiful birds in the world.

    A devoted compassionate ‘Mother’ …She is

    perfectly balanced in the duality of Black & White.

    She is ‘One’ with ‘Nature’ …

    She is ‘One’ with ‘Water’…

    (photo is by Michael Bertelsen)

    Love to All !…..Bev~

      1. This is the message from Creation thru Zeus
        (the little injured blind owl from the earlier post, that I was asked to wait until others had some time to share their thoughts)…..Love, Bev~

        You look into these Eyes & see the Cosmos…You seek the answers of Creation….all the hidden secrets, all the treasures, all the knowledge of the mystery schools….I tell you, none of these things are as important as your Compassion. You are much more than your ancestors…You are the newly evolved generation of ‘Compassionate’ Conscious Creators & you will abide by these things –
        I was lost & you found me
        I was naked & you clothed me
        I was injured & you healed me
        I was hungry & you fed me
        I was frightened & you comforted me
        You Loved me & Protected me from harm
        I was fractured, torn & scattered & through
        Your Compassion, you made me Whole once again.

        You are the ‘Compassionate’ Conscious Creators of the New, You shall blend duality out of existence, a transformation of balance into a new unified form. Through You the past shall be healed. Through You the future will set course to bring only peace & harmony. Through You the land will be alive again with birthing richness & the Water pure & clean in an never ending abundance. Through your Compassion You will know Mother-Earth as you’ve never known her before.

  8. Dear Aisha & Vinny!!!

    So, Mother called me back to Niagara Falls this weekend for another “working” vacation. There is a chapel dedicated to the feminine in an old Carmelite abbey there. Amazing place – a beautiful wooden statue of Mother Mary stands where Jesus would normally be behind the altar in a typical Catholic church. A 12-pointed stained glass rose shaped window is above her. A reliquary containing a bone fragment of St. Therese, the Little Flower, is off to one side. I lit 3 candles, one for us, for the planet and for unity. Then the spinning began! This was Saturday around noon. Mark and I drove by the Falls and all along the Niagara River until we reached the point where it flows into Lake Ontario. Sublime place. Special energy. I remember thinking the river could be symbolic of a birth canal and the lake a womb.

    By evening, I could not feel my arms between elbow and shoulder, and legs between knee and hip. Felt as if completely dissolved, and yet still fully connected to my body. I sat in bed in the dark focusing on the flames in the fireplace and drifted into a dream state. Spinning faster than ever before. Sounds of tectonic plates crashing together woke me up. I was at the bottom of a WATER vortex seated cross-legged, almost parting the waters as Moses had done!!! 😉 Mother whispered, “I need more space” and more crashing sounds occurred. Drifted back to sleep.

    Finally woke at 6:30 am yesterday burning up, dehydrated, sore and exhausted. This was a collective endeavor with Aisha and others I cannot recall. Thank you, Aisha, for posting your validating experience! <3. And Vinny – WOW to your contribution of chakra info. I believe that the NEW root, sacral and solar plexus chakras will be in new and different locations for the new era. I recall being in red and dark orange light. Are we perhaps creating a new chakra in this location?? Root or sacral?? Will this vortex transform into a major chakra?? For it is already the location of one of the minor earth chakras!!!

    If anyone can add to this, please do so!! If you feel you were part of this collective work, please chime in!!

    BTW – Mother is quite pleased with the outcome!! 🙂

    Love to you All!

    1. Dear Caroline ❤
      So amazing to share your experiences. Thank you! Do you ever have a day off???
      All my love to you and your work for us and Mother ❤

    2. Dear AhMiyah, Vinny and all – I am running out of WOWs – what an amazing process of collective co-creation this is! Thank you for these powerful confirmations, the CCs were right when they said so much of what happens now will literally “take our breath away” 🙂 And still you have not yet been to Glastonbury, I can’t wait to see what will happen when you get together there! I have a couple of more pieces to this puzzle that perhaps tie in with what others have shared here recently also: My sister told me that last night she felt so connected to the Mayas, and the one thing that was shown very clearly to her, was the image of a giant zipper being zipped up “so the two sides fit together perfectly” as she said. I have one vivid image from a dream last night of “new ground” being created around us. To me, it looked like ripples of black rock extending out on all sides, and I remember thinking that this is what it looks like when lava flows out of a crater and literally creates new land, especially when it runs out into the sea. I also found this beautiful video that resonates so much for me, both the sounds, the images and the name of the website it refers to, “the human vortex project”:

      And one more thing; today is December 1, that means we have another Gathering around the Pond coming up this Sunday the 7. I have a feeling it will be a lot of “spinning” taking place then too 😉
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Thank you dear Aisha for sharing this beautiful video ❤

        I found these nice pictures on Facebook of lava building new land

        Love ❤

      2. Touching video, my mind did not understand thing but my heart felt so charmed by his voice.

      3. I will be there, wouldn’t miss it!!!
        Words in the video went right to my core.
        Thank you, deeply, Aisha. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you Tomo for sharing this video.
      Understanding the earths chakra points is illuminating.
      But what I felt deep within me was that there will be a safe place for the blending of the hybrid children into this near future life!!! ❤

  9. Two things came together this weekend: Bashar’s video on weight loss (he asked the woman with the question on how to lose weight, ‘what are you waiting for?’) and feeling into the word kismet (dictionary definition: fate, destiny). Kismet shows us that all past, present and future potentials are accessible simultaneously. Therefore, I AM waitless! There is nothing to wait for, nothing we can do wrong, nothing to get in our way. We are simply experiencing what has already occurred in whatever way we choose to experience it. I’ve heard this many times over the years and this weekend I was able to experience the freedom and joy that comes with feeling it, knowing it throughout my being. Love to ALL.


  10. When I got up this morning I knew why the golden angels wearing my face: it is my body.
    It is the whole self, the union of the Prime–Creator–Soul, the Light–I and the divine Matter-Body.

    BIXIE 😀

  11. I had also a very strange experience yesterday evening.
    I looked at my TV and suddenly a field from the center pushed out in my eyes. It was clear and bright and I saw many dots of color in it.
    I had the impression that it is in the middle between my eyes.
    When it was subsided again, there was for some time an afterglow, right in front of my nose.

    BIXIE 😀

  12. Dear family of light! Thank you all for everything that you have shared! I feel like I am constantly expanding, revolving and transforming now, and I am so grateful for the way so many of you are continuously adding more and more light and information and LOVE to this collective process. Yesterday, I had two more extremely powerful “spinning” experiences. One took place during a meditation I had around 18:00 my time and what I was shown, was a huge vortex in water that went all the way down to the bottom. I do not know if it was a lake or the ocean, but it was a deep body of water and to me, it was a bit like watching Moses parting the water except it was a perfectly round opening and the water was spinning around it. The other one took place between 22:30 and midnight my time, when I was once again guided to go into meditation. This time, I felt myself as a part of a vortex that spun around the Great Pyramid in Giza. It was as if I was one of the numbers on a clock dial, somewhere around the position of 8 o’clock, and I could feel how the energies moved around in a circle, like the hand of a clock sweeping over me from my right hand side, going faster and faster. The sensation in my body and the sounds in my ear just keep increasing, but so far I manage to just “go with the flow” 😉
    I send my love, my light and my gratitude to you all, thank you for all that you do to make this New come alive!
    Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you Aisha ❤ These last couple of days has really been profound and special for me. My head has felt tense and like "Closed due to Development". Like my head was going to crack.

      Yesterday afternoon I felt so very nauseous, couldn´t eat so I went out to Mother who is my rescue – always ❤ I just thought that Vinny was trying to spin Mother´s chakras again and I felt a great need to ground him in the forest 😉 Sorry Vinny – you get second hand information here ;)))

      Yes – I say this in a playful way – but it is actually true 🙂 What else could an old, happy and worn out brain do than take every opportunity to have a nice laugh with my amazing light family 😉 ❤

      All my love and respect to you ❤


      PS. I really hope you don´t mind dear Aisha – and Vinny ❤ ❤

      1. When I started to read your sentence “Yes – I say this in a playful way – but it is actually true”(yet didn’t read it), I felt a bright feeling. Then next I read the sentence. 🙂

      1. Dude! That is such a freaking KICK-ASS COOL picture! Makes me so very happy…..

        and Kiera, what’s with Kripke messing around in MY stream of consciousness now???? Seriously, the storyline between Caroline and Castiel ….. the KISS!!! That’s MY piece of angel tail, dammit!!

        and no, no, NOOO!!! Caz cannot be a walk-in!! I will not allow that. Nope!! Haven’t they learned not to mess with a celestial’s favorite boy-toy character!!!

        Where’s my ice wine? Douchebag!

        But hey – FANTASTIC NEWS from GAIPORTAL!!!! See B’s post below. 😉

        1. Thankies so muchos! (click on it for larger version)

          Thankfully I threw that pic together in less than 15 minutes by using tons of Blending effects, and grabbing pieces from 5 other different pics (water vortexes and waves etc) — and right before bed so I was cross-eyed too….was ticked off that there wasn’t a pic like that out there, showing a Moses Water Vortex of any kind.


          Yeeeeeah……that’s not Kripke, unfortunately (sobbing — about the only time I DO sob, nowadays)

          If Kripke WAS back doing the show again, I’d be in the 5th dimension.

          He left in 2005, which is why it continues to go downhill.
          Jeremy Carver is responsible for the inconsistent mess we are served up now….him and his roomful of writers, which I personally would love to handcuff to their chairs and throw Holy Water on — and force them to read the damn AMAZING SPN FanFiction that’s on the internet — thousands of stories in Kripke’s god-like style, a lot of them even better.

          Seriously, I’ve only gone gaga over about 4 episodes last season, and the freaking phenomenal Season 9 finale, and this season the awesome “Soul Survivor” episode where Demon Dean pulls a Here’s Johnny on Sam, chasing him around the bunker.

          Still waiting hopelessly for the “Mark of Cain” storyline to start up again, but no go — have to wade through SPN Glee/Clue/Bewitched episodes (one funny guy on YouTube called them, “what’s with the one-off Goof-Ball episodes?)

          Cas and Hannah storyline bores me to tears, sorry Caroline! Please forgive, but I can’t help but fast forward it all….just…..can’t….control….my finger from FF’ing through it….

          It seems the show has been turned into a slow-moving Soap Opera to please the horrendously massive now-Female-Dominated Fandom.
          It’s turned away the male audience.

          Hey did you notice that they didn’t know what to do, with the Demon Dean storyline?
          Mostly bad Karaoke. And beer. And sex. And darts. And porn. And Foosball. Oy. Sex and the Bar scene.

          Barely 3 episodes out of THAT potentially great story.
          Even Jensen said this summer, that he sure hopes the writers “flesh out” the Demon Dean character, and devote a lot of episodes to it….because he was really loving it, too.

          But no.
          We must be in the lower SPN Timelines (as Georgi would say, (grin)

          1. LMAO!!!! I told you, the Deanmon episodes were so predictable!!!

            And Jeremy who??? Looks like I need to whip out my handy dandy light sabre …. Yep!! (Bigger grin)

            1. My bad, meant to say Kripke left after Season 5

              Jeremy Carver started as a writer, then left, then unfortunately came back ;D

              “Jeremy Carver joined the team in season three as a writer and also worked as a story editor, gaining a co-producer credit in season five.
              Carver left Supernatural at the end of season five to write and produce the U.S. version of Being Human with his wife Anna Fricke.

              It was announced on April 4, 2012 that Jeremy would return to Supernatural as co-showrunner and executive producer with Bob Singer, as a replacement for Sera Gamble, who was leaving Supernatural to work on developing other projects.”


              So Bob Singer basically lets him run the show — that idjit..
              ..and really smart fans who have been following this (I’m not one of them)…..have stated that Jeremy has really bad sense of “timing” when it comes to laying out the plots/storylines — they say he “just doesn’t get it.”

              Did you say Deanmon eps were predictable? I must’ve missed that. Darn.

              I bow to your Deanmon wisdom, my friend…..

        1. Sure is beautiful….think I’ll repost that beauty owl pic — thankyou ever so much Diana….parting of the seas came in from Aisha, with her Moses/water vision.

          You and Aisha are riding the very same Frequencies.

    2. Vinny,

      What about the ones who contain within them a balanced, male/female Dual Soul?
      Doesn’t matter if that being is physically male, or female….there are some of these humans on this planet at this time.

      I’ve heard from higher sources, that these ones serve as the triangular Apex, or “bridge connection” of a Trinity.

      Very curious — What role will they play, in holding the chakras?
      Can you see anything about that?

  13. Vinny, here’s a shortcut. A beautiful one.

    Merge your heart chakra, with the heart chakra of Gaia in Haleakala, Hawaii.


    “It is the Love Force within your Heart Chakra that accelerates your ability to accept Higher Light and expand your consciousness.

    There is no degree of meditation that will access the higher dimensions if you cannot open your heart to love.”

  14. i am roiling in a vortex, my day to day life is in chaos and my spiritual side has just undergone some intense down loads,
    one dream/vision that i can wrap words around was

    first i saw sparkles of light soon after i saw they were coming closer
    next it looked like so many parachutes, a lot of them.
    they looked like persons coming down for a landing.
    they did not roll when they landed, no, they came down gently only to morph into mushrooms, they established their footing and soon
    baby fungi sprouted up all over.

    did you know that it is the fungi which breaks down and decays the organic matter to the point it can be reabsorbed by the roots of the rest of life

    on the other hand
    i had Thanksgiving dinner with my mother, just the 2 of us in her hospital room.
    My brother-in-law has leukemia and at this point has no immune system, so he must stay away from anything with germs. he is staying home for now. no thanksgiving feast at grandpa’s house. he must stay away from children and animals. this year the holiday sucked a big one.
    My cousin Steve dropped dead from massive heart attack.

    other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

    i be stylin’, this ain’t no thing, just the cycle of life.
    relax, you guys,
    Vinny, please let it unfold like a flower bud or chrysalis, honest injun, you don’t need to stress over any of it.
    my friend, it is what it is,
    it will do what it does when the time is right,
    i dunno when, but i’ll be somewhat ready.

    1. ❤ Hey Otmn~!
      really glad to see you here
      I have still been spending a little time with you on that porch
      Sorry to hear of the cousin's passing
      I spent Thanksgiving with my guy visiting my Mom at 'the home'.
      It was nice actually. I dont miss the big holiday gatherings.
      My ex used to say 'other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?' so that made me smile.
      I enjoy stayin up late in the evenings – quiet and all to myself – accept for my cat , Ink Jet, sitting behind me on the couch arm rest.
      I had a vision like what you describe with all these things I thought were star beings coming down – slowly, from the sky…lots and lots of them. It was about two weeks ago. I did not know how to describe it and it seemed I was outside in a high mountainous area – but I was looking thru a picture window hanging in space. wonder if it relates somehow to your vision.
      Its after 11pm now, and I got started reading at this guy website for a couple hrs. funny how that happens. it all started with The Waltons. Could not believe a guy would be 'that' into them like I am. I was watching the oldes 1972 episodes today and started looking up the 'real characters' online…came to this dudes sight….and he is from Portland but traveled all over the place. I feel like I have spent the past couple hrs on his adventures. pretty cool actually. His name is Del Leu. http://www.delsjourney.com/
      anyway…. i still think it neat how he had this whole section dedicated to The Waltons.
      Enjoy my friend….. keep in touch…..see u on the porch 😉 xo

      1. Walton’s creator, Earl Hamner:
        (and *bless* you, Rod Serling! Who would’ve thunk it)

        Goodnight Areeza, goodnight B………….

        1. what a talented gifted man ❤︎ twilight zone was a great program I enjoyed. He trusted believed enjoyed making all wonderful programs & arts. thank you for sharing this, thank you kiera😃

        1. After I posted it I thought it might be – and that you would tell me 😉 It crossed my path when walking near the river where my daughter lives. And of course I had to read its message:

          “Choose to see your own positive sides. My gift to you is to see your own beauty. Here you have to love yourself exactly as you are right now”

          Thank you for the wisdom ❤


    2. Dear Otmn,
      There is a native american legend about the Alleghewi, an ancient race of giants from my surrounding region. It speaks of a war between the giants and incoming new race of roundheads (mushrooms). Sounds like a metaphor for rising earth energies and descending adamantine particles – those that shake up the dense crap for clearing and transformation. I think you’re seeing part of this process, Areeza. I did some work with releasing the giant energy in central Ohio last month. Sounds similar to what Elven777 has been feeling. Yes, Elven, part of some (all???) of us is the rising giant earth energies. The rise and fall.

      LOVE to All! ❤

      1. Thank you AhMiyah, this is really cool how sharing the bits and pieces really adds up. Thanks it is appreciated ❤

      2. i was bombarded by downloads, it was like falling into a kaleidoscope of geometry and fractals.
        the voice said, “let it flow”
        and now they give us

        and yes those mounds around the ohio river valley are buried dead giants. it is not that big of a secret that there were giants living on this planet,
        but hey,
        they did nott hink they were giants, they thought we are midgets
        so step up,
        the coast is clear

  15. Abraham on Pain

    Abraham-Hicks, 07-09-1995

    Abraham: When you feel the pain, acknowledge what pain is: Pain is help on the way. Pain is what it feels like when the help is flowing, and I’m really not letting it flow – as much as I would like to.

    In other words, pain is a combination of faster moving energy (which is help), and my resistance.

    So, as you embrace the pain (because that means help is on the way) and then try to relax in order to let the help in, you actually relax into the pain – relax into the pain. As you accept the stiffness as energy flowing, then rather than cursing it, or damning it, or wanting it to go away, you say, bless this stiffness, this is help on the way.

    Can you feel the difference in embracing something and in pushing something away? In relaxing in to the pain rather than resisting the pain? In acknowledging the pain as evidence of energy flowing which is healing energy?

    1. Thanks Kiera, I was just talking to a friend about how I have been experimenting with learning to relax into pain in my body. Your post will give my mind some words to focus on while I’m doing that… Like, “This pain is here to help, feel the energy flowing to the spot…” ~Nancee

  16. ❤ (popping in… I LOVE you everybody. Thanx for everything!! With Laughter (preferably donkey laughs), JOY, Love, & Gratitude and warm, tight hugs, xox Lin 😀 )

  17. Dear Dolores, I know you are there here & everywhere❤︎
    your love connected us once again❤︎
    Love & gratitude from all of us here from asia❤︎

  18. From Kryon:

    Now here’s where I want to honor the Human Being: …you are only trusting in a larger scenario. Let me give you an example of what that’s like: Let’s say you had one of the most complex auto engines on earth. Let us say it was a quantum race car with tens of thousands of parts, and you’re here studying one nut or one bolt in that part. Let’s say that the plans for the engine are not known to you, but you are putting the part together anyway. How could you possibly see the whole thing?

    Instead, you’re trusting that the engine works. You’re learning how to make one part, and match it to another, and put it where it belongs. You haven’t even seen the race car! Then… when the race car is done you don’t even know where it’s going to take you!

    This is why we honor you today, because at some level you feel what you are doing. At some level, you are all steering the race car. You are studying the tones to create a third energy, and this very interest in the tones also begins to open time capsules within your own body, with the same big picture! You don’t know where that’s going to take you either.

    That’s the definition of faith and trust, and – an old soul. Blessed is the Human Being who remembers a big picture that they cannot yet see. But they know it’s coming from the Great Central Sun and their efforts continue to build the parts of the engine that someday will bring them to an ascended planet. In the process they will have a longer life, health and love, even without ever seeing it. They never see the HD picture.

    But now let me tell you something. There will come a day when you will, dear ones. It’s the “City on the Hill,” and it will take your breath away.


    1. Thank you Anita ❤ Yes – I am definitely an old soul 😉
      I appreciate written excerpts from channelings – so much easier for me 🙂
      Love & wisdom ❤

    2. ~ laughing ~
      Once I saw the picture in a dream.
      But it was not a race car but a white pickup truck, on the loading area was a baby in a pram. The pickup truck reached the top of the mountain.

      BIXIE 😀

  19. Hello everyone.
    This is my 105th favourite Japanese song from ~http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Maki Gotoh – Whim (Released Date : Aug.21, 2001)
    Lyrics : ~http://j-lyric.net/artist/a0016ec/l0019ad.html

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ~https://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,


  20. Dear Aisha and dear Ponders,
    I am amazed by the synchronicity with which we arrive messages about energy developments of our physical body.
    The Companions Constants, but also in the Kryon channeling of Saturday 22 November, are leading us to consider our part material and physical as the essential vehicle, without of which, it is impossible to do in order to continue on our path of ascension and completion.
    A hug smiling … 🙂 …

    1. Oh yes, thank you very much, dear Adele.

      A few years ago I said to my body:
      „I’ll take you with me to the universe”
      and in response did my body a DEEP breath.

      Here is one more Channeling about the Innate:
      „The Mysterious Innate” http://www.gesund-im-net.de/kryon2013gaithersburg.htm

      (The German translation is on the left side and the English original is on the right side.)

      BIXIE 😀

      1. Good evening dear Lin,
        what a pleasure to meet you here at the Pond of Aisha! … 🙂 …
        I always read Kryon, but it’s the first time I listen to the live with subtitles in Italian: I can understand, but also listen to the nuances of voice that, when the concepts are difficult, has a tone so deep that I can figure out how much will love to help you in those words!
        And, also in Crete, while not understanding the words of Aisha, I perceived their meaning from the “tone” of the voice of Aisha …. 🙂 …
        A hug smiling … 🙂 …

        1. ❤ You are far ahead of me, Dear Adele, in fact, Nancee, too. Nanc had no problem understanding your Italian and English. However, come to think of it, at the airport where you kindly delivered us at 4 A.M.!! for our departures home, I was not having any kind of problem with understanding… and I hadn't slept in 24 hours! (maybe that's the secret for me to finally get my head out of the way. haha Loving you, sweet, strong Adele. I miss you! xox Lin/Amyrah

          1. Dear Lin,
            how often they told the Companions Constants:
            “Each of us is exactly WHERE must be.
            Neither ahead, nor behind anyone else! ”
            You too, and Bronnie, and Nancee, and Aisha, and Philip and all! I miss you and the bond between us was created in Crete unites us even now, beyond the different languages we speak and beyond the distant places in which we live … 🙂 …
            A hug smiling

    2. Remember, nothing’s “impossible”….

      For this Cryon channeling I had to go and Google his first mention of “Innate”.

      My question is, why not simply call the Innate thingy by what it is — The DNA field.
      And it didn’t sound like there was any difference between the DNA field and the Higher Mind (which was not mentioned in this video)

      Less confusion if the Higher Mind were presented as one with the DNA field….and that it’s the Higher Mind/Higher Self dicking with the programming (and re-programming) of the field.
      As what appeared to be happening with all of Dolores Cannon’s subjects.

      As Cryon states: Accessing the DNA requires building the bridge between Higher Self and Physical Self.

      But why look at it as a separation at all, as the “bridge” implies.
      Why not bypass all that lengthy process and merely intend to channel your Higher Self straight through the Physical body — merge with it.

      So the new info that I was able to glean from this, is to simply have a friendly chat with your DNA field/Higher Mind, and ask it to reprogram itself to give you control of it.

      Which makes me wonder, since I’ve been practicing that very thing for years now……WHY HASN’T THAT WORKED???????

      And this question of mine was then answered by this next Cryon video:

      “Your percentage of DNA for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY — is open, to increase.
      It could not, before 2012….it could not.

      You had reached a pinnacle. And by the way, it was frustrating!!!”

      (yeah, no shit)

      “We’ve been with you all the time. We’ve been with you, when you said, “WHY can’t I do this? Why is not this working? What is wrong, here?”

      …You are being re-positioned, for an increase in your efficiency of your DNA. A spiritual handshake that is going to enhance everything you know, and everything you do — to a new level.”

      ~ Kryon

      1. Oh Yup!
        and my head pangs have been telling me a repositioning is occurring.
        yesterday on the left upper – today the right in the back/base of skull.
        December shall indeed be ‘decidedly different’

  21. From Kryon messages I know that it is good to talk to ourself even loud, so not only to think silent, but also to create a sound in the physical universe.

    What comes to my mind is:
    „Words with a holy sound, the Earth rings in harmony! ”

    I think of to the Christmas song „Sweeter the bells never sound”.
    I replaced only the word „bells” by „words”

    BIXIE 😀

  22. Hi Vinny,

    I can just imagine how it will feel with ALL chakras spinning OMG! 😉
    Humming and spinning here .

    Now I’ll raise my Advent stars in the windows 🙂
    Nice to spin with you all ❤

    Love, light & spinning ❤


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