The manuscript of survival – part 429

Once more we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the way that you continue to embrace these ever evolving and rapidly unfolding sequences of events that were initiated during the week of gatherings that took place a short while ago in Crete. Again, this was indeed something that involved a much, much larger number of participants than those collected under the same roof or even in that specific geographic location. For not only was that crowd more than outnumbered not just by all of the otherworldly beings that came together in that same space at that same time period, for in addition, a whole host of souls took part in what can only be described not just as a global but also as a truly cosmic affair. For in this, we can in no way overstate the importance of what took place during that one week period of staged events, for it was indeed something that had far reaching repercussions not only geographically but also time wise.

You see, as you entered that time period here on this planet, you also entered what we can only describe as a pocket, or perhaps bubble would be a better word for it, of linear and non-linear sequences of time, all coming together for the very first time in such a way, what was undertaking during one of them, affected also those more free flowing ones. So what took place during that week of coordinated events did not simply affect life in your timeline, it also managed to literally jump over into other and far less linear concepts of time than the one you are all currently experiencing. Let us explain. You see, during this period, the sea of time can be likened to a frothy foam, one where individual bubbles of cosmic time are thrown together, seemingly haphazardly, but with a carefully orchestrated plan behind all of it. And so, as you went about putting into action those seemingly small and unconnected pieces of the puzzle that you as individuals were given to carry out during that same time frame, what you did had a far reaching effect, one that literally crossed over into so many other sequences of hitherto unconnected timelines. And so, as one spark may jump from one cable to the next without any parts of them having any direct contact at all, what you set into motion in your timeline affected so many other timelines as well, setting off a veritable firestorm of interconnected events that in turn served to sever that hold the Old world had not only on you, but also on your forebears and indeed your children’s children’s children in an ever widening ripple of time sequences.

So again we can only say thank you – not just for your willingness to step forth when asked to do so, but also for your tenacity. For this was not a one-off thing that was concluded as that week was concluded. No, this is to all intents and purposes an open spiral that will continue to unfold and evolve as your timeline continues to roll out, and every day you add another layer of intricately wedded pieces to this spiral, making it ever wider so that it in turn can encompass ever larger swathes not just of humanity, but of All of creation.

Again, we know that our words will be met by hesitance and perhaps even incredulity, but let us just remind you of this simple fact: everything you do now is connected to everything else that was shaken into motion as you set forth to set yourself free. And as you finally managed to open that hitherto closed door that stood between you and the New, you created such a huge surge of energetic realignments that it can only be likened to the most complex of what you describe as the “domino-effect” but in this, more pieces were set into motion than any record breaking event that you yourselves may have witnessed on your TV-screens or anywhere else. For what was previously unconnected has now become connected in a very new way, and for some of you, the results from all of this coming together has already become more than obvious. For now, you are truly multi-dimensional and multi-faceted beings, capable of travelling at a speed that far surpasses the speed of light and capable of feats that would seem to be more than impossible just a few short weeks ago. For as you decided to step across that divide that separated you from the new beginnings that you have hankered so for, not just during this lifetime, you also ignited so many of the underlying layers that are contained within your own merkaba of light, you each became like a veritable troupe of time acrobats, all contained within that single bubble of existence that carries your signature.

We know that this will be more than a little bewildering for most of you, but let us simply say that as you became ONE by stepping into the New, you also split into a myriad of parts that individually will continue to carry out the work that was set into motion by that one single YES you gave not only to yourself but to All of creation. You see, you are indeed more than just the forerunners, you can also be likened to the special forces, beings capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks that crosses over any and all borders of abilities, and unlike the rest of creation, you can do so while currently being housed within the confines of that seemingly frail human body. Not only that, your ability to split into a myriad different compounds at the blink of an eye can only be explained by diving into the field of fractals, and yes, we do mean that in a very literal way. And so, we do think that a large number of you are already beginning to understand in what direction we are trying to direct your focus. For even if many of you still will struggle just trying to take in the magnitude of what has taken place energetically over the last two weeks, we know that there are some amongst you who have already started to literally tap into this never ceasing source of numerical information that you can now access and that is housed just within your own energetic field. For as that door to the New was opened and you gave yourself permission to access it, you also gave yourself permission to access the totality of your being. And as you did just that, it began to not only unfold, but to multiply in a way that can be likened to the sequence of a fractal equation. In others words, your field of influence and your field of intercommunication started to come alive in such a way, it will actually continue to unfurl itself in ALL dimensions, and before you get lost in this billowing sail of seemingly impenetrable information that we share with you now, know that you are more than capable of not only accessing, but also in controlling this formidable source of information. For you are old hands at this, remember, you were chosen for this very task because you are the true experts in this combination of linear and sequential computations that in turn gives birth to a very fluid movement of energies, one that is capable of penetrating every single barrier of time that has ever existed.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but the significance of what we are sharing with you is simply this: you have accessed your “mainframe” to use a word that will perhaps help to explain the force field we speak of, and through accessing this, you will be able to re-compute the underlying algorithms that control the timelines in your area in such a way, you will be able to literally figure out how to reset them all in such a way, the past, present and future will become one single fluid sphere of interconnected information. And when that system is fully set, you will no longer have to contend with any of the old programming that still clogs up some of that interstellar space that you inhabit. In other words, you are not only Masters of Love, you are also Masters of Time, in ways that will be hard to fathom in that single dimensional layer of your being, but that will start to seep into the other and far more advanced layers of your consciousness at an ever faster rate. And when this begins to permeate your being more and more, even those human parts of you will begin to truly take this into the equation. Again, we like to play around with the words, not to add to the confusion but simply to allow the deeper parts of your consciousness to begin to fall into place so that it in turn can begin to focus more on the tasks ahead. For they are indeed many, and they are in their very nature so complex, you have little or no ability to truly to understand them at your current level of capacity. But as we have already told you, the motion that was set into motion just a short while ago will continue to increase not only in speed but also in magnitude, and so, what was incomprehensible just a short while ago will begin to be not just understandable, but also doable in every sense of the word.

For you have come to the stage where what you do will literally help to change not just your world, but so much more of this vast interconnected fabric that constitutes All of creation, and in that sense, you are indeed Masters of the Universe. And before you begin to think that these words carry within them some rather ominous echoes from the past, let us simply remind you that when we say Masters, we allude to the fact that you are at heart nothing but light, and through your many sojourns here on planet Earth, you have finally stepped into your true roles as Masters of Love, and it is through this capacity that you now can begin that last and most impressive part of your assignment: to recreate the fabric of the universe through your willingness to let this newly acquired expertise of love permeate ALL that you come into contact with, and through that, setting off the vibrations that will bring everything else into tune.

It may sound like a task too large to fulfill for anyone, let alone a group of human beings recently arriving within their own self-created space of harmonics, yet, it is nothing less than what you are about to embark upon, and there is no one in All of creation that have any doubts at all as to your abilities to succeed at this. For in this, nothing has been left to chance so we will simply remind you of this: what is to come has already come to pass, but in order for it to truly become, you must take all the necessary steps that have been set up for it to come into being. And for that, we could not have picked anyone better suited than that glorious group of souls that have come together on this little sphere of light that you call Earth, but that the rest of us simply refer to as genesis 2:0.

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  1. p.s. we also perform the quick nightly the clearing and protection ceremony that Anna Merkaba shared with us via her typed report. When we first began, I would get dizzy and even nauseous with hot/cold sweats; that stopped. After returning from Crete, we started up again, and I again experienced the same dizziness, nausea and hot/cold sweats and had to stop temporarily. When we do it, we verbally include all Ponders, Mother, all humanity, all living things.

    1. Thank you dearest Lin for sharing Anna’s post…a great one, YES !…(but Note, see what I said to Maria above)…& I am always thankful for All you do for the Highest Good for All of Love & Light !…..Love, Bev oxoox

      1. Dear Lin, Birgitta and Bev
        thank you. I’m sending you my good wishes.

        This is something I shouldn’t let come out of me (see Kiera’s note about victim) but I can’t help myself…”select few ” was in the ground of well known sect’s landing. I’m just allergic of the meaning of it. In the moment I hear that a small group will be…whatever, or a chosen/ select few… I’m in alert.

        Let’s forget about it, I am with you.
        About a cat: abandoned by the previous people who rented the opposite house 9 years ago, this little black beauty was starved completely. I thought they took her with them back then but 4 months ago she come to beg for food and I’m feeding her ever since. The other day I called and she come slowly limping. Somebody kicked her. This, combined with negative reception of “select few” words, is the moment that created my unhappy comment…

        Something different now: I come to an author Gordon R. Dickon and his novel Arcturus Landing (1956),first published as Alien From Arcturus. Compering with all I know now, I’m amazed how he knew the things more than half century back in time. In other hand I had experiences that I dreamed about something only to wake up and find out later that I already was in certain place with certain people in my dream. May be he was there too…
        Be well

        1. I hear ‘You’….really I do ! & I Thank You for returning….you truly are Loved here & All that you are doing is for Love….& I surely know that ! My very 1st kitty was also abandoned by his owner in our neighbourhood that moved away & just left him….really how can people do that…such unacceptable behavior !!! I took him in & instantly became part of our family & he was loved & spoiled with much affection right up til he became very sick & died. He meant so much to me & I know he came into my life for a reason & I continue to help feral cats, & have adopted several more….I now have 5 !….I’m so sorry your little kitty has had to suffer in this way….but I know you will do your very best to help & make his/her life more loving & comfortable, & I also believe this has happened to you too for a reason….we don’t always know the whys of things, but often these things happen to instill in us to be better caring kind souls. You must not let ‘select few’ bother you as, as long you are doing being who you are & confident in that you are loving & kind & helping in the ways that matter in assisting any God’s creatures….all is well ! I am not familiar with this author, but I shall look this book up….sounds interesting…Thanks !….Keep Shining your beautiful Light Maria !….Love, Bev~

  2. ❤ Thank You, Dear Kiera, for all that you posted. I have had a healing and clearing reading by Anna Merkaba and from my pov (I don't speak for anyone else–not everything works for everyone), it helped both me and my husband hugely. It is expensive, and I weighed investing in this healing / clearing for 4 months; I'm glad I chose to go ahead and my dear hubby agreed… he doesn't always. I also purchased and carry with me everywhere the metatron tool described above. It works for me probably because I believe in it. Again, this is my sole an soul perspective.

    My Love to you, Kiera. Thanx for all you do, are doing, for the Highest Good of us All including Mother. xox Lin



    – Metatron’s Clearing & Protection Device – As told to me by AA Metatron –

    Activates automatically at 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. everyday drawing source energy into itself and then dispersing this energy to you evenly throughout the day.

    It protects up to 13 feet of space in every direction, remember that your own sphere of influence is 18 miles in each direction and coupled with this tool you will amplify this energy creating a vacuum of clearance which will expand exponentially.

    No matter what method you use in 15 minutes after you clear space, unless you have something in that space to keep the POSITIVE energy flowing to neutralize the negative, everything will come back. That is why its always great to have something near you that will neutralize this type of energy and bathe you in love and light


    Anna Merkaba, November 10, 2014… (excerpts):

    … “For the portal into another universe from which humanity can indeed travel into another dimension has been uncovered, the portal of magnificent proportions has indeed been recognized and uncovered by those who hold the sacred keys to the universe.

    “And as such, the portal has indeed been guarded. Nevertheless, such portal shall remain closed until a moment in time when the rightful key holders of such informational decrees, the ones and only ones that have been preordained to occupy the sacred space of the creator, shall come forth and release the hidden informational decrees held within.

    “For only the chosen few who hold the true knowledge of the creator shall walk toward the portal and unleash its mighty power for all of humanity. And so until such moment in time, that it will indeed be plausible to take such action the portal shall remain a mystery to those who have found it.

    “Much of your scientific world shall step foot next to the portal of no return, and yet there will only be a select few, a handful of those who are indeed reading this message, that shall walk confidently into the portal and release the hidden energetic awareness to all of humanity.

    “For indeed there are those of you holding the keys to the portal of knowledge, bliss, abundance and health, the portal that shall open into another universe. And once unleashed, the informational decree from within the depths of time and space shall engulf all of humanity, restoring the peace and harmony and balance within their hearts, bringing a peaceful resolution to the major horrific experiences of your world into balance. Into the true essence of love and light, into the true understanding of that which is.

    “And so, in divine right timing the key holders of said portal shall be called upon to step forward and allow the communication from the divine to bathe you in eternal knowledge of such mission at hand. Let it be known that you shall be tested, and only once you pass the ring past not [protective ring], shall you be granted access to said portal and knowledge by the highest council of your being.”…

    1. “…and only once you pass the ring past not [protective ring], shall you be granted access to said portal and knowledge by the highest council of your being.”

    2. I don’t like an idea of “…select few”…too familiar 3D practice I encounter all the time.
      I know the people who are innocent spirits who struggling between the one who taking advantage of them. They living their lives rightly without any knowledge of…all – science, physics, High self etc… So
      they will just watch the one ,,select” one going in higher realms…That is the one we have to wait for? If so, I have to rethink what is going one here and be a rebel I was all my life…In between, I’m going to feed one stray cat and care about her injury- someone kicked her so she barely walking. That is what I feel is important instead of wandering who will enter 5D. Have fun anyway, I’m disappointed and leaving you to continue talk about all that stuff…you will not miss me anyway.

        1. No Kiera
          I’m not a victim, only the one who is living in some other places where is judged as “not ours”. This doesn’t make me a victim, only oversensitive to certain kind of expressions. End believe me, I feel the difference very sharply. What I can do about it is to close myself in small loving circle and do what I love to do. Can you understand this? I doubt, you do…but this is you. I’ll at least try.

          1. Dearest Maria (& ALL)….I believe you have taken the wrong conclusion from Anna Merkaba’s message as it was certainly delivered in power & truth !….when some messages come in regarding the selected few, it speaks of those that truly understand the ‘Christ consciousness’ !…so in fact Maria you are doing nothing wrong & are shining your unique expression of the Christ energy !….for ever I have always asked myself “what would Jesus do or say ?” when confronted with any ponderings or questions I might have….& I just recently read this by Lisa Renee who includes this very thought……..”In the Christ principle, what would the Christ do? How would the Christ think and behave as a humanitarian? What is my responsibility in this moment to be true to my heart, to live ethically and in harmony with Life?
            This ethical thinking and virtuous behavior will ultimately protect you.”

            so I hope you stay dear Maria…& please keep shining your Light as perfectly as you already are doing !!!!!
            here’s the link to Lisa’s posting (a long one, but she always has great insight & delivers with a kick in your ass truth & honestly….I like that & sometimes that’s just what some of us need….a swift kick in the ass !…lol
            Love, Bev xoxox


      1. Dear Maria… what I posted is what only one person channeled. It may or may not be true. If you choose to leave, your presence will be dearly missed. And Thank You for voicing your independent self. And also Thank You for so kindly and lovingly caring for the little stray cat that was so terribly abused. Be well. Continued Love Blessings. Lin ❤

      2. Dear Maria,

        I respect and honour your independent opinion on everything that happens. It is very important never to hand over the command to the other’s thinking and convictions – albeit they are regarded as true and spiritual persons.- without listening to your own heart, your own belief. I thank you for being a TRUE YOU ❤

        Love, light & respect ❤


      3. “Much of your scientific world shall step foot next to the portal of no return, and yet there will only be a select few, a handful of those who are indeed reading this message, that shall walk confidently into the portal and release the hidden energetic awareness to ❤ all of humanity.

        “For indeed there are those of you holding the keys to the portal of knowledge, bliss, abundance and health, the portal that shall open into another universe. And once unleashed, the informational decree from within the depths of time and space shall engulf ❤ all of humanity ❤ , restoring the peace and harmony and balance within their hearts, bringing a peaceful resolution to the major horrific experiences of your world into balance. Into the true essence of love and light, into the true understanding of that which is."

        Does it matter who´s opening the door???

        1. ❤ that is what i felt too. I feel like there was some missunderstanding. I think it is about some who open the door, but for every one. To open the door not to be closed ever again.

        1. That was a pic from my walk yesterday when the sun peeked through 🙂 Here is another pic from today with grey skies.

          Thanks tomo. Love you too ❤


    3. Dear Vinnny,

      Who will be chosen I actually don´t care about. I have solid confidence that the creator and the gatekeepers will make the right choice in this matter and none of us will know (or not ?) – until the time is ripe. Sometimes my own perspective slows down to be only us around the Pond who have been /are lightworkers/wayshowers when there are thousands upon thousands more who have this mission.- though I would like to volunteer as I said to Kiera 😉

      This message was very powerful to me and it is really interesting – isn´t it? It makes me think that our goal is near now. I´ll have to read the whole channeling now 🙂

      “And so, in divine right timing the key holders of said portal shall be called upon to step forward and allow the communication from the divine to bathe you in eternal knowledge of such mission at hand. Let it be known that you shall be tested, and only once you pass the ring past not [protective ring], shall you be granted access to said portal and knowledge by the highest council of your being.”

      Love, light & joy ❤


        1. Nature has treasures every season and everywhere although the sky is dark and you just can imagine that there is a sun.

          It fills me with great joy and gratitude to be able to walk in nature and capture Mother Nature’s creations – even days like today when camera flash is necessary to take pictures. The water created many beautiful ice formations last night 🙂

          Thank you bev~ much love back to you ❤


    4. I know how this outer protected ring is guarded. It is protected from leaving and coming into this ring. I have raised a guardian from birth in my thoughts. I have ridden on his shoulders to travel around the galaxy in my dreams. I have read the ancient words of those of old that have talked about this. They have shown me how to keep the guardians from harming me by being of fluid movement with the waves of space. I know only those who embrace the knowledge of truth and love for all life and have accepted this are allowed to pass these guardians. Before humans will encounter these guardians they have to over come all their fears. In my younger years I thought I had to fight all the shadows within this space. You will be tested to your inter most feared thoughts. As I became older I saw that all shadows were of my own making. They were just a learning process that had to be over come within. These guardians can see the inter core of everything that come within sight of them. You can only pass them if you have the knowledge of creation and have a love for all life. That was given with creation and is a part of all creation.That has no fear and is a gift of this knowledge when accepted. When you have this gift you have a inter knowledge that all will be ok even in the worst of times in your life.

      This is why there were some who came in the past to give humans hope of this freedom of fear that instilled hope and love in their hearts. With the oppression of some. Hope is all they might have at times to help them get by in life. I give thanks for those who came before me to help all of the human race that instilled hope and love in their hearts for the future of their children and those who come after.
      We are all a part of the same creation. We are all linked together in this creation. We are a part of everything when the core that is within everything and everyone of us is opened. All truth will be unhidden and can be accessed at will, Humans are a very special creation that have a given birth right to this. We as a whole can and will achieve this birth right. The start is to open your hearts and mind to love for all life. Know that all humans have this right and can achieve this with a little help from those of you that are blessed enough to give help with the love within each of you that is shared to all.

      Love and blessings to all

    5. I volunteer too
      actually felt like something like this was happening last night. i held the cat as i lay down and said i want to take him with me.

    6. The moment before i read this i wrote in my little book: “The breath is the gate/portal” coincidence?

  5. You know, don’t follow my shit. I’m not here for any other reason but to test my self. Not even that, maybe fool myself. Something you did by by being you, and those quarz you threw to the lake. I mirror my nightmares to my consciousnes.

  6. Hello dear ponders,
    In the past i was pretty ungrounded, now i begin to land more and more on lovely mother earth. I found out that through breathing the right way i can ground my selfe.
    I would like to know if any of you can give some hints to that subject or maybe can recoment any teacher or webside where i can find out more?
    Thank you!

    All is love
    All is loved
    All is loving 😉


    1. Thank you dear Johannes❤︎
      some say the biggest teacher is contrasts.
      I don’t know any teachers but here is AH breathing meditation⭐️

    2. Dear Johannes….what you refer to is called ‘Earthing’ or ‘Forest Bathing’ & is very important & most beneficial for all of us !….here’s one link, but if you google the words I highlighted you will find lots of sites & info !…Love, Bev

    3. Dear Johannes,
      I do a simple breathing technique.
      exhale fully
      breathing in deeply with a count of 4
      hold to a count of 8
      breath out deeply to a count of 8
      repeat 4 times
      its a nice, cleansing breath technique.
      there is alternate nostril breathing:
      plug one side of the nose with your thumb while breathing in the other open nostril.
      now hold breath for a couple seconds and plug up the open nostril while releasing the breath thru the other nostril.
      breath in thru that open nostril and keep going in this way back and forth.
      repeat as many times as you wish – – it can be used as a meditation or with mediation or before meditation.
      🙂 ❤

      1. Thank you Areeza. This nostril thing now came a couple of times to me. I think for some reason. I actualy did some kind of that back in school, not knowing it was some buddist meditation. I will learn about that.

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  8. Now that the russkies are hard on practising all kinds of attacks all over the globe you you can hear the collective having a breath of relief; nukes are the biggest campfires, woot!

  9. People used to sit down at campfires and tell stories to eachother and have cool visions about fairies and big kick ass monsters. I see fucking videogames, cellphones and tv-shows.

  10. There’s lot of juice in this one. I just read a news article about information warfare Putins putting up to. Lot of it is like this message, asymmetrical info and blah blah blah. In the head memories and shit are fractals and pixels. And now you look around and all the people are different tv-programs running around. Bit of this and that. Tv and screens surely fuck people up.

  11. If you guide through anything other than your own example, it crosses over into the category of control. If you say, “This is what I’ve found that works for me, try it if you like.” That’s guidance. If you say, “This is what I’ve found works for me, and if you don’t follow it, you’re in trouble,” that’s control.


    Excerpted from the workshop: Sedona, AZ on August 31, 2002

  12. Just wanted to say taht all I even intended to post today was this pic

    As it has to do with a KEY to a PORT~ALL which is all about the T*RUEH*EARTC*HRYSTALL or(gan)*tREA~SURE~chest*~RA~IONE and IT’s REALatION to REALity cREAtION and I’ve since seen how it has to do with how WEachave our own individual reality but how we and our realities are stillinked IONE with the COllective REALity…

    To do with something I FEEL is my Life’s Theme as Bashar would put it…an understanding of REALity and how even tho we’re in our own bubble universe…we’re still ACTuALLy Interacting wiThinrOughAS each ‘other’s bubbles

    How we’re not truly alone in our bubbles….

    How it is that WE’re ALLIONE as opposed to alone

    I still only have pieces of what I’m attempting to SEE and understand…but I’m getting ClO~SEER and I KNOW a lARge pARTicle of my DREAMs is to put my PEACE 2gAthER and ALLd IT 2gatheRING with the PEACEs of the SOU~ALLs I LOVE SO MUCH

    I love yoUS and I miss yoUS and I jUSt want to get back to REAL CO~creatIONE with yoUS

    So IONE2 the pic

    Will shARe more when IT gAthERs more WH*O*L*eY* withIN me


    I thank yoUS 4 myOUR sUP~PORT~ALL in my storms….4 the POWERLIGHThoUSe yAll are 4 me

    I can’t wait to GIVE&reSEEve a REAL&TRUE HUGe HUG with yoUS

    My Heart wants nothing more than to jUSt BELOVEDOING IONEness with yoUS

    I hoped to have more to add 2 this already but I allowed myself to be distracted

    And I’m not kidding when I say that I feel like I run into a knockout electric fence when the LIGHTnINg~fouRmAtION STA*R*t*S stREAming wiThinrOughAS me

    I know I need to get better at meditating…INterCOnNEcTing…and I CHOOSEE 2 DO that…not just for me but everyIONE me and my Life touches

    In whatever WAY MAY work 4 me…I CHOOSE IT

    Thank yoUS


  13. The LIGHTnINg~fouRmAtION is SO MUCH that it knocks me out when I try to SEE IT

    Like I’ve run into an electirc fence and I come 2 not knowing how much time as pased or what even gif me

    Then what came thru comes thrue in spurts as time padres

    How do I stay awake 4 this STUFF? And see the WH*O*L*eY* picture ALL at ONcE

    I’m tied d pieces swirling about I. My head and never being able to hot them together

    I want to be able to SEE what’ll lolling at

    I dRAw diAgRAMys to try to organize it in my mind but then a billion other bibles o pictures form from them and my head feels like its onna explode from the sheer ALL~MOUNT~AIONE of informations swARming and zapping about

    I need a multidimensION~ALL COmputer to WEE IT from all angles

    ONE where I can love the pictures around and SEE what the look like together

    Like cresting all the layers separately and then placing them 2gAthERing and SEEing what the separate lAyERs are actuALLy forming

    You know like trhose seethru overhead sheets on those old projectION Mahoneys in school

    dRAw up each layer on one ShEEt each in different colors and then stack then together and see what they ARE aSIONE

    Excite create a computer softawARe progRAMy that can create it ALL

    Each layer being one dimensION

    You know line I USEED at SAIT…Autocad or plant 4D

    ExSEEPt in this case it would be ALLtocad or ALLpant INfiniteternALLD(imenSIONE)


    Just want FREEflowingcREAtION~ALLbilities&wRITEs

    jUSt want 2 BELOVEDOING what I cAMes here 4


      1. me 2 ❤︎ I am a human & a powerful human & have lots of contrasts teaching me everyday but filling gaps is part of fun too, I too love you just the way you are❤︎

  14. No matter what I am able to express CLEARly

    No matter what is allowed to flow thru this NEWCLEAR~pIONEd of cREAtIONE

    ThIS~REALly what is at the HE~ART and IONtEntION of my cREAtIONEs



    And not the least of which

    The PEACEJOYLOVEnLIGHTnINg SEnsE of Amy humor

    What may be mistaKEnlY perceived as negativity


    Sometimes it takes sARcasm to REALease and he~ALL the so~cALLed darkness

    Do yoUS undeRstAnd NOW?

  15. 11:11 – double gate day ! 🙂 and all day yesterday, I thought it was 11:11 ! LoL…(see what happens when ya dont have a job job)
    ….so I got a double double gate days!
    first 11 = I open my own heart gate – a sovereign soul Being offering All That It Is on Planet Earth
    second 11 = I greet heaven’s heart (heavens gate is always open 🙂 )

  16. It’s 11/11 today. Here in the states it’s Veteran’s Day. We honor the vets of all (unnecessary terrible) wars. Tip of the hat to Otmn and to all Ponder vets here… and there/everywhere. You all took part in something that would’ve scared the hell out of me. I would’ve broke.

    Be well, Continued Blessings. Accept/allow as much Love as you can. xox ❤ Lin/Amyrah

    1. Amen to that….’Lest We Forget’… honoring all vets, all lives lost
      in service & those continuing to serve…Love & Protection to all ‘Life’ that still remains in harms way………..Love, Bev~

  17. I Am Love, Light and Divine Innocence ♥ ☀ ✩

    We now got back our divine innocence.
    Duality was ‚the evil’ (low frequencies) and ‚the good’ (high frequencies).

    To come out of the darkness, we HAD to be ‚good’, ie living the high frequencies, because we went ‚out above’.

    Above the duality is neither ‚good’ nor ‚bad’ because here we are INNOCENCE.

    BIXIE 😀

  18. Haven’t read any of the comments yet but I’d like to thank you dear Aisha for sharing these special messages. Few days ago, I woke up with the word RESET in my mind, clearly. I didn’t know why I heard that but now, reading the manuscript, I know why. I’ve been away for two weeks. I was with new and old friends and my days were filled with love, laughter, hugs, good food, sharing the secrets of this life, through a very special system called family constellation. After the retreat, I spent more time with more friends and went to Kaunos a very special place in the Aegean Coast (anyone can google if you’d like to know why it’s special). There I stayed with friends who are experiencing communal living in a beautiful area. It was soothing and healing to be there, to be with them. I’m back home but wanting to return. Just wanted to share why I’ve been quiet lately. I missed few posts and hundreds of comments but I’ll start reading them when I have time. It’s good to be back. Missed you all my dear Ponders. ❤

    1. I/We missed you too!! 🙂
      Nice to hear you were in a calm, Joyful place.
      Sounds like Home is where ever you are.
      You really are in the Now!! ❤

      1. Thank you Michael! I am in the NOW yes, I’m very hungry! Trying to clean up my body to open more place for LOVE. 🙂

    2. I am glad you are back again and that you had a good time:) There was a void since you left.

      Many people seem to be drawn to Greece and the Greek islands now. My sister and brother in law has established a contact there after their visit last summer and a friend of mine and her husband sold their house and are now sailing around the Greek islands.

      Much love Tijen ❤


      1. Well, forget about Greece and be drawn to where I am so we could spend some time together. Missed your photos and calm messages dear B. 🙂

      1. Thanks dear Leothilda. It’s good to be back to the circle of friends. I just love this feeling of LOVE and being LOVED and LOVING us all 🙂

      1. It is wonderful really my dear. It doesn’t work out well all the time but my friends find the way to make it work. My friend Begum is experienced in gift economy and creating circles (they use circles for problem solving as well as sharing feelings and dreams and needs). I think they’re on the right way and I hope to be a part of that little community some time. How are you doing?

        1. really glad you had a good/fun time TJ. how am I doing? hmmm….that could be a really loaded question/answer. I Am good for the most part. It just feels like a holding pattern on Earth again. The Big Lull. Some people I talk to feel clueless as to how to even start to describe how they are. I tell them it is time to Be Love, Loving and Know they are Loved ! 🙂 ( thank u Aisha!)
          I have been sleeping a lot. trying to be ok with that too.
          Much Love to you in transitioning to being back at your current home base , ❤ Areeza

          1. That’s a good attitude. If we’d all know that we are love, we are loved and we are loving, there would be less problems and more LOVE on earth.

  19. oh wow…hey all y’all
    wow i did not know that dolores cannon had recently ‘crossed over’ as they say
    two of my own uncles also just recently crossed over as well..
    it makes me wonder how many of us will still be here
    by the time this world is no longer recognisable,
    like we’ve always been told would happen,
    and for it to still look much the same as it always did,
    at this late date in late 2014…well it’s just weird!
    it’s like we’re on some kinda wacky timeline
    welcome to my wacky timeline,all y’all!

    1. Dear Arctourist,

      Have you not seen how easy it is now to determine the vibration you want to live in?

      Have not you noticed the feeling in you when you decide to spread your light to everything and everyone around you though feeling down and it is dark outside – even during the day?

      Have you not experienced the feeling in you when you see begging people around you and in all your own power decided that now enough is enough with all suffering?

      Have you not seen the domino effect that happens when you open up towards your fellow human beings?

      Have you not experienced that even the sun peeking through the gray clouds when you decided to acknowledge your own power?

      I have – today.

      Love & light ❤


  20. Thank you, this touched me deep. It sounds like we loose inertia(hope this is the right term). When time and space become one, we become one. Like magnets being pulled together interdimentional connected, experiencing even faster evolution. Conciousness widens and things become so clear and obviouse.

    How exciting!

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