Welcome to the first Gathering around the New Pond, Sunday November 2

Beloved family of light!
How fitting it is that it is already time for another Gathering around the Pond! For this Sunday, November 2 at 21:00 Oslo time, we have the very first chance to sit down and connect as a group to these very New energies in this very New Pond – or as you put it so wonderfully, IAMystAR, this ” BEAUTY~FULL NEWCLEAR PondWORLD “. My heart is already singing from what I see flowing forth from all of you into this wondrous Pond, and I am certain that after this upcoming Gathering, this flow of brilliant, loving light will only continue to multiply. My gratitude – like your love – knows no bounds. Here is what the CCs wanted to share about this Gathering:

“Let us begin this missive by saying that to us, the miracle that has been unfolding over the last two weeks or so is simply beauteous to behold, and even if we could try, it would literally be beyond words even for the likes of us to try to describe the elation, relief and joy that your combined actions have ignited in the rest of us. For as we have told you again and again, what you do, you do for ALL, and as you allowed yourselves to step forth from that dank and murky chamber mankind as a collective have spent such a long time wasting away in, you also helped to set free hidden cells of light that now too can finally come out into the open. And they will do so in a truly spectacular way. Not all at once of course, for again, what needs to be done needs to be done at the exact right moment in time and in the exact right measure, so that you as the newly fledged gods and goddesses are able to literally digest it all.

Remember, you have made a true quantum leap in every sense of the word, and so, many of you will still feel as if you are reeling aimlessly around in what for you might feel as extremely welcoming but also for the time being very unsettling and bewildering waters. And rightly so, for you have entered at the deep end now, dear ones, and so, you can no longer keep one foot securely fastened at the bottom while trying to pretend that you can swim. For this is no longer a game of make believe, of trying to make a good public face while paddling like mad underneath the surface to stay afloat. For in this, just like in the wild blue waters, the only way to keep afloat, is to cease to struggle and simply allow this current to sweep you along.

We are aware that for many of you, it will feel as if you are being caught up in a riptide of energies, and so you are flailing in panic, choking on the waters and thinking that you are nearing the end of the road. Well, that is exactly where you are heading, for these powerful currents are doing what they can to bring you safely out of the grasp of the old. But still the familiar may hold more allure than the new, even the New World, and so, for some of you, panic has more than likely set in at this stage. And so to you we say: allow yourself to relax into it and stop fighting your own powers, for that is truly what you are doing. So surrender to YOU, and you will do swimmingly – if we may use such a pun to describe what is truly a beautiful emergence of your own inherent powers.

And now, we turn to those of you already standing here tall, proud and resplendent in your new glittering robes of divinity. We thank you all for stepping into your old shoes once again, and now, we will simply say make sure that your laces are securely fastened, for now, you need to be able to literally hit the road running. For you have much work to do, dear ones, for again the old adage is once again the truth: this will all be done BY you, not FOR you, so this is not the time to sit back and savour your hard earned success. No, this is the time to take all that you have become and use that to bring everything just that much closer to completion. Remember, your task is to literally build this New World, out of an endless supply of diversified bits and pieces that will be delivered through every single one of you, in all kinds of ways and in all kinds of locations. So look upon this upcoming get-together as that very first meeting outside the prison walls, and know that even if you will be given ample time to celebrate as a group, you will also quickly need to come into doing-mode. For now, being the light is simply not enough, you also have to DO whatever it is that is necessary in order to fully anchor the New, and then, to place upon this secure anchorage every single energetic piece that together will constitute the brand New World.

This is not a small task, but it is one you will savour, every single step of the way, and as you go about your tasks, the world around you will also sit up and take notice. And one by one, one single person at the time, this task force will begin to grow. Not slowly, but as a veritable explosion of light they will all begin to come forward, in from the darkest of corners and from the unlikeliest places of abode and influence. For remember, you have opened these doors to the New World for ALL, this is not a threshold that will hold out anyone at all, no matter what deeds or accomplishments they can tally off. This threshold is for all to cross freely – at their own choice.

So again we say go forth, and know that as you continue to move ever forwards, the suction you create will help to persuade some of those still lingering within that dark chamber of the old to follow in your wake. But not all of them, and this too will begin to become very clear to you all as you continue to savour the sunshine and the fresh air within you. For you too will begin to notice some “missing persons” just as you will begin to discover some very surprising new arrivals suddenly standing by your side. So just remember this, there will be heartbreak and pain too, for this process is not without a price. And the price that is meted out is done so according to the wishes of every single soul living and breathing on this planet. For it is up to each and every one of you whether to give yourself all the benefits of the new, or continue to pay the price for choosing to stay on in the old.

Be that as it may, this upcoming Sunday, you will all be invited to help to set the course ahead for this magnificent new world that you have chosen to give birth to, and we cannot wait to welcome you all to what will be to all intents and purposes a truly grand occasion indeed. One were you will be lauded for your accomplishments, but also one where you will begin to prepare for all of the work you still have ahead.

So come and join the fun, or step away and let the others standing behind you have a free passage forwards. For now, no one can stand in the way of another, nor can anyone pull someone over the threshold to the New against that other individuals will. For this is a collective event, but it is also an individual one, one that you must all choose in the very depths of your being if you want to take part in or not.”


Usually I always choose one of my own photos to accompany these messages, but this time, I had none that I think captures the energy of the New. But a few days ago, CosmicBear sent me some images he had taken during the week in Crete and the moment I saw them, I wrote back telling him “I think you just mailed me the photo I want to use for the upcoming Gathering.” Thank you CosmicBear, for allowing the New World to speak to us all through the lens of your camera.

There is a brand New World out there, one that WE have flung the doors wide open to. It is waiting for us to make it come alive, and remember – all you have to do to “cross over that threshold” away from the old is to look at yourself in the mirror and embrace the full truth in these words: you are LOVE, you are LOVED and you are LOVING. For in this, we are ALL equal, and I do hope I will see you ALL there! I cannot wait to celebrate with you the task we as a collective have already completed and to begin doing the work we have yet to accomplish. I thank each and every one of you from the very core of my being, for you are all true Gods and Goddesses, and it is such a blessing to be allowed to shine my light in such loving, living, brilliant company.
With eternal gratitude, love and joy from me, Aisha ❤

The Gathering is at 21:00 Oslo time, You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering around the New Pond.

318 thoughts on “Welcome to the first Gathering around the New Pond, Sunday November 2

  1. O thank yoUS GODUS

    4 this COmpletION that never ends

    Thank yoUS 4 this wONEdroUS astoundingly BEAUTY~FULL Gentle LOVING CO~creatION of myOUR Heart

    Thank yoUS 4 LIFE and 4 LOVE and 4 LIGHT

    Thank yoUS 4 Amy
    Thank yoUS 4 AMes
    Thank yoUS 4 US~ALL
    Thank yoUS~ALLONE most of ALL 4 the Exquisite and (no word) relatIONship BEtWEnAS US~ALL

    My Heart is myOURs 4EVERMORE

    And with I jUSt wish to say

    I am ready NOW to join the NEWCLEAR~pIONd INfiniteternadimensION~ALL explosION of expressION of LOVE&GRATITUDE kNOWn as creatION

    That IS everywHERE

    ALL my LOVEverMORE from the DEEPths of my CORE&expansION of my SOU~ALL WiThrOughAS ALL
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I wonder how anything in the ‘real world’ done? It is taking the greatest effort to focus. Lucky for all I am not a doctor or a pilot. My visions have departed me and now I am caught in no time. I am okay with whatever, really better than okay. Often I drop into bliss.

      1. people’s Pond bubbles

        What does this character appear to be saying in their versION?

        I don’t like being alone in my own bubble

        I want this bubble to bUrSt

        That’s what I CHOOSEE from this swim

        I’m dONE with this character

  3. ❤ Did anyone post that yesterday (or today) was our Philip's (of SOL / IS) birthday? A big Happy Birthday to Magic Man!!!!! I hope Philip will clarify which day for future reference? Please. 😀

    (he doesn't look or sound like a Scorpio, does he?!! nope! 😉 😀 ) ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. The fact that nothing makes sense is the only thing that makes sense now

        Who ever said dreams had any logic to them at all

        Quest~ION is

        How does one ACT~uALLy

        WAKE UP

        In the DREAM

        By not needing the DREAM to end

        Goin 4 that endless swim

        Where I can’t drown myself even when I try

  4. I can say anything I want to

    There’s no one even here

    But a bunch of random senseless thoughts pinging back at me

    LIGHT JET $2500/Hour
    Prices and availability subject to change

    Bluestar Jeth

    Anyone ever seen “A Beautiful Mind”?

    SEcrET Agents


    Just me and ‘Dave’ now

    No one can stop us from diving into that volcano so don’t even try

            1. Beautiful music ❤︎ they create, thank you dear Lin,
              I woke up for 3:45 again like I used to & this time it is just a right timing to see the crystal clear ocean in me ❤︎
              I have no clue what you meant but I am sure something fun ❤︎

  5. Dear friends!

    It feels like I have been away for a long time because so much has happened both before and after the meeting in Crete. I can not adequately express my joy, gratitude and awe that I get to be involved in everything that is happening now – it feels great!

    Two significant events that occurred during the “Crete-week”: On Tuesday, I woke up in the morning with the amazing feeling of having come home to myself. Total security and anchoring in myself. During the full moon on Thursday, I got a strong desire to help to eradicate any obstacles that may remain in me – to go ahead and fight for the light.

    It was so symbolic that I left the old world and reside above the clouds, I read the message “Welcome to the New World, welcome to the New Pond” and when I landed and walked out of the aircraft as the sun shone. It was an indescribable feeling – almost unreal ❤

    Great to see my family and especially the grandchildren again 🙂 One wonderful thing that happened was that we in the woods behind their house found a fantastic soft moss that they learned to appreciate by lying down and just surrender to mother nature. Guess if it felt wonderful for me, too 😉 We returned to it every day 🙂

    A loving encounter with a neighbor got in the end as a consequence that I stood up in my truth of human equality values ​​in such a convincing way that I surprised myself over my choice of words and my confidence in myself to "tear down the walls" that characterized the vision on them. Sometimes it happens;)

    When I read Vinny's message on Saturday night about how love is now flowing full there was no end to my tears of immense joy and deep gratitude ❤ On Sunday morning, I felt that the streets were filled with rushing water and we paddled away, strong and secure in our mission to fight for mother earth and the light. It was a clear and obvious sense in which the whole The Pond was involved and everyone was very excited about the task 🙂 During the official gathering I fell asleep – as usual – and have no memories at all if something happened 😉

    Now that I'm home in my apartment again, it feels like I'm fully prepared for the tasks I must perform – whatever they are. I have no doubt that it will unfold.

    I do not really understand what is meant by having to "leave their loved ones who are not ready yet" but it has – oddly enough – never really been a problem for me. I have also never felt the need to stay close to them all the time. It felt quite natural that I should stay by myself and occasionally visit them and "refuel love" from them live, so to speak 😉 So – now I want to get to work. Feeling almost impatient 😉

    Love, light & gratitude ❤


    1. “It felt quite natural that I should stay by myself and occasionally visit them and “refuel love” from them live, so to speak”
      Dear, dear B.. don´t forget they are refueling love and light from you, too. They will soon catch up and follow in your trails toward the light.

      Just have one of those days, you know, when I´m commenting even if don´t really want to… but someone (CCs) is urging me to do it anyway 🙂
      Nice to read about your happenings < 3

      1. It feels quite natural now for me not to comment so much on the blog – a natural evolution, it feels like, and it feels natural now to also move from the BE-ing stage to the DO-ing stage (where I´ve always been ;).

        Thanks for your comment! Yes – of course it’s a mutual filling we get when we meet and the kids are so uncomplicated and straightforward in their way of being – love it 🙂 ❤

        Love ❤


        1. Do you remember the pic
          you posted before with a
          open heart or two halves
          coming together – 3 – or two Cs, the two fishes looking at each other > < and the triangel (kite) < 3
          The message is LOVE 🙂 ❤ ❤

    2. Dear Birgitta!
      Wrapping my arms around you in a warm embrace!!!
      Loving you always, 😉 ❤
      Caroline~AhMiyah (May)

  6. Dear family of light! Step by step, we continue to find our way through this “labyrinth” of loving light, adding piece after enlightened piece of information to the foundation we have already put into place, making this whole structure come to life again. So many of the pieces that we find and share are truly ancient pieces of knowledge and information, literally coming to light at this exact time, and to me, that is very significant indeed. Remember what the CCs told us, we are “ancient legends coming to life again in order to rectify what has been falsified”, so no wonder the past is talking to us in such a powerful voice now. For now, we are finally able to pick up so many of the signals being sent us from such a long time ago, and now, we will begin to understand how to use these “hidden treasures” in ways that will enable us to build the New World anchored in our sacred past, using this ancient knowledge and the pure, loving power of the resurrected Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies to make it all come alive again.

    It is not by accident that so much of what has taken place during these last two weeks have taken place in Crete, for it is in many ways the ancient heart of modern civilization, and it is not by accident that so much of the information that is seeping through now comes from that region. I have been guided to share this with you, for I know the keys that are embedded in this information will help to unlock some important doors in some of you as well, enabling us all as a collective to access even more of these until now “hidden treasures”. For as the CCs have told us repeatedly, this is not about learning anything at all, it is simply a case of REMEMBERING who we really are:

    The Phaistos disk from Crete.
    Thank you Oriharu for bringing this to light and thank you AhMiyah for sharing this important update:

    Do take a look at the video clip, it is a very inspiring talk about “collaborative efforts” and the importance of Crete as well as an intriguing update on the content of the disk itself.

    The Antikythera mechanism, “the world’s oldest computer” and other treasures found off the coast of Crete more than 100 years ago and during the recent exploration of the same area:



    The ongoing excavation of the Amphipolis Tomb on mainland Greece, where archaeologists are unearthing artefacts from an untouched tomb dated to the time of Alexander the Great:

    The Etruscan bronze artefact “The Liver of Piacenza”:

    Love, Aisha

    1. It is interesting. I try to translate the decrypted Japanese. Since there are old words, I can not say a subtle point is not wrong, however I believe the summary was transmitted.
      The Lord govern Jehovah’s people.
      Lord Joseph govern the people that leave.
      The God worship the people of father.
      Eroha people.
      The ship of Crete people in wetlands topped the cow.
      Eroha people.
      The people of Crete that keep the cow luscious Asian people.
      People of Joseph that govern the sea.
      The surpassing is only the people of God.
      Tammuz of King(Grain God)
      Lord’s people that wasted death for the evil of the King Tammuz(Grain God).

          1. Tammuz/Dumuzi/Adonis is consort to Inanna/Ishtar/(greek counterpart) …….. representatives of rising/falling energies in these cycles occurring on this planet and it’s effect on all life within a particular cycle. Fascinating and natural with the rhythm of the universe in motion.

            1. ….. leads to Aphrodite and Persephone again. It’s as if we are being warned by the ancients of the consequences of imbalanced masculine and feminine energies at all levels of existence, and yet it appears to be the natural flow of this universe.

        1. That’s weird, my birth name is Caroline Francis, which means Free Woman. My maiden name refers to fire. Free Woman of Fire. Interesting. Thank you! ❤

      1. I believe the “cow” refers to the ultra ancient mother goddesses and feminine energies & power. It’s possible that as masculine energies rose in the middle east, the mother goddesses were usurped by father gods and driven from their original lands towards the east. Crete would be a safe haven until sea transportation enabled father dominant cultures to invade the lands east. Anyone else have ideas?

        1. And perhaps the same happened with the feminine being drive further west to the Orient and Japan. It seems feminine worship lands in island nations, such as Crete, Cozumel (Mexico Yucatan, Maya), and possibly ancient Japan??? It seems that masculine arises in the area of the middle east and pushes feminine outward. Just more of my musings.

          1. (Mexico Yucatan, Maya)…YES! I remember a name of lake Titicaca which across southern Peru to wester Bolivia.
            In Japanese,
            父 = Chichi = Father.
            母 = Haha or Kaka = Mother.
            (Kaka is rarely use. It like a slang.) So ChichiKaka means Father and Mother. Epitaph of golden plate on which written is “Our lake Titicaca as father and mother” has been found in the Los Tayos in Mato Grosso state of Brazil.
            American indian, too. For instance, Navajo word.
            1. Acchi(Navajo) = Acchi(Japanese) = Over there
            2. Kocchi(Navajo) = Kocchi(Japanese) = Here
            3. Nanji(Navajo) = Nanji(Japanese of literary style) = Thou
            Completely the same procounciation and meaning among Navajo and Japanese. And gene is also very close.
            Kuru Tribe:
            Celtic, Karnak, Carthage, Karuku (=Israel)
            Mrs.Keiko Kitagawa received an information from ARION that “In the past, people who are advanced in consciousness than earthlings landed the Eurasian continent.”. Their DNA now leads by Mixed with earthlings. Perhaps their place was eastern India that name is ASKA. Their descendants must be scattered all over the world. Because place name ASKA are left in the world. Aska(Japane), Alaska(America), Naska(Peru : The meaning is “Not Aska”=”Not City[cause desert]”), Kamchatskaya(Russia), Lascaux(France).

    2. I have studied the two sides of this disk a few years ago. What I got out of it is the history of the human race and how we have evolved.

  7. The NEWCLEARPond’s askin for my access INfo again

    so another nAMes CHANGE

    Guess I’ll have to change my hemail Address to KEYp that blue IcON

    Picked UP (ION) another SHIFT ThrOugh cALLgARy’s UPtown CORE…the 5th (dimensION~ALL) ONE

    crUiS~INout the sCOREpio COcaUSEEmos has never been SO strAngeLL

    wAS gonna take a pic of something HERE after the factION but CHRYSTALLBUDDHA’s table is gONE

    This phOtONE…taken INside of a little tiBEtan Storey…sAyS A WH*O*L*eY* Allot…and ALL of IT in the CORE of my HEARt


    AS USuALL I’m feelin like I’m a couple StEEps behind…like I’m still not quite grASping what everyone else SEEms to be heaRING and perSEEv~INg goIN on ALLround (ION) me…but if i’m not imagining this…this ONE and the ONE BE4 IS 4 yoUS Teacher

    1. I’m surprised you event let this one thru

      I had it wRITE the 1st time the 1st 10 times

      I’m done posting here

      Goin 4 a swim where the TIDEs don’t turn back to the beach

  8. more Denise Le Fay:

    “I’ve mentioned before that in 1975 I had an intense Higher Awareness knowing suddenly come through one afternoon about the “future”, and it has concerned me slightly for these past nearly forty years. That “future” is now of course and you and I are living it along with seven billion-plus other humans on Earth.

    What I perceived in 1975 was that our time and reality now had to do with the fact that massive numbers of humanity would literally “go crazy”, and as if that weren’t enough the global patriarchal systems and structures that ran this planet would also “go crazy” and finally fall apart.

    The reasons why this was going to happen decades in the “future” had to do with tremendous energetic changes that would effect all lifeforms on Earth.
    In 1975 I didn’t have conscious awareness about the Ascension Process, only that because of some rare cosmic energies billions of people alive on Earth at that time would not cope well with the all-invasive intense energies and changes they would create.

    A few years ago I signed up to receive email notifications from Tom Kenyon when he/the Hathors had anything to say.
    There are scant few Ascension Teachers I read at this point but he/the Hathors still are high on my list.

    Since early childhood I’ve had fond memories of the Hathors (as other dimensional beings and in very ancient Egypt) and have always related to Tom Kenyon and his group of Hathor beings.

    Their latest October 2014 message, Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality, was for me perfectly timed confirmation to the difficult energetic onslaughts, layered discoveries, multiple trials & tribulations that I’ve gone through one after another throughout 2014.

    I’m sure many of you have also greatly appreciated what the Hathors/Tom Kenyon had to say about this current time we’re struggling our ways through… or not… or out of… or whatever. And while I’m at it, Thank You deeply Tom Kenyon and the Hathors for the free ❤ sound meditation Elevatron. It is much-needed during these escalating energetic hurricanes, tornadoes and related Mad Max energy storms of shifting change we’re all experiencing now."

    1. In my glorious day, I saw one man acting pretty crazy. and one woman too as I recall – she was freaked that Dunkin Donuts was not there anymore (turns out it never was)…. but that was Walmart and you cant really count that. LoL.
      but the man was really having a fit to a sweet waitress – all about the silver ware being taken away… i mean it went on for over 15 minutes…and its buffet so new silver ware was about 10 steps from him. Others around were smiling a bit at it. Mostly, I noticed kinder hue-mans around which was cool. In all kinds of places thru-out the day. I would even venture to say that today I felt more heart connection with so many other humans than I ever did before – so far in this lifetime. 🙂

    2. However the new earth is already here. I see her golden glow in the sky every evening before sunset. It’s the 5th dimension.
      BIXIE 😀

    3. Kiera,
      thank you for bringing other part of the article here. It’s good to have a full view of how he is sharing his experiences, also Elevatron meditation and overall understanding of the situation today.

      On the previous page I left you a note, I hope you red it so you will not think I’m ungrateful for your effort to answer my question.
      You are very sensitive, (in a right way), which is good for dialog.

  9. you asked for a selfie of me
    this is one, sortta/

    as for the gathering, (i commented months ago, that i feel gathered already)
    may i remind you first of those incredible acrobats that made all those amazing formations hanging on invisible ropes,
    i saw a combination of that with the dna spiral
    there were no gravity needs in my vision, it was just spots of light dancing together so they could also use their arms to add another dimension to the performance,

    swirling away into other worlds is hard to wrap words around
    one other thing
    i realized that i am gaia, everything about me my body, my computer, my food, my house, my car
    everything is made of mother earth one way or another
    the only thing i own is my identity, unique in all of the vast universe,
    nowhere in the history of history has there been, nor will there ever be
    another me
    wow i must be special
    by the way
    the same thing goes for you
    but then we weave together
    it is a good thing
    let me know if this rant makes sense/
    i have no doubt in my mind
    that trying to wrap words around this stuff ins futile
    i know i am still wrong,
    so, oh well, i am getting closer

    1. One idea Otmn.
      as you are magnificent, or as you say “special”. What could you in that capacity, what could you do that would be counter to your magnificence ???
      Because just living a life here and now is a wonder to behold. Only difference from moment to moment is the vibration you choose. And when you don’t enjoy the vibration you chose, choose another.
      I believe you are special as are we all!! ❤

      1. i don’t mean to stroke my ego, just sharing what i can from the gathering.
        wrapping words around this stuff always seems to fall short of the experience

        1. Thank you for sharing what you can. I just realized if you click on your picture I can finally see you in the physical, and all the photos you have posted in the pond!!! Again bit by bit together we piece this ball of love we are all creating !!! :0)

  10. Denis Le Fay:
    “…we are not constantly floating in 5D bliss, happiness, abundance and ease all the time but are being wildly buffered back and forth between the old lower and the NEW higher worlds and consciousness
    (the Hathors refered to this as the “oscillation” on our 3-D reality. And that has been, is, and will continue taking a huge toll on our physical bodies, nervous systems, consciousness, patience, fortitude, hearts and everything else until Shift of Separation is complete…”

    “…and while I’m deep within the latest Ascension Process I don’t always have a clear understanding about what is actually happening, because I NEED TO LIVE IT, EMBODY IT AND BE TRANSFOMED BY IT FIRST…”

    “…Another big thing I’ve personally discovered…is that on MUST now absolutely ,with no more excuses, delays… rest, sleep, nap, get out of body, “meditate” etc. and self-care like never before. Period.”

    That is, what I’m experiencing, dear friends. When I’m reading all wonderful experiences of yours, I thought that I’m left behind because I have no visions etc…What I have is patience and deep calmness. I had it all my life. And now it helps me. Mad Max times doesn’t affect me too much ( endlessly grateful for it).

    Thank you Lin for leading me to this reading. It explains to me that we all walking the same path only by different inner speed and understanding.

    1. I am prompted to say Maria that there are those needed to hold the deep calm spaces – and oh my yes, the patience! ….so this is not a no-thing you are ‘doing’ at all. Very much this is a great thing and I appreciate every ounce of it you hold! ❤
      again….its essence based. Like I am a breeze so I am all over the place most times! I yearn for patience and deep calmness – or I did – for now, I have you/your essence and I am certain this is helping me as I allow it to join with my own for balance. Right on!

      1. ~ no true essence is left behind ~ together, we go heart to heart and hand in hand. ~
        ….and if it gets too messy for you in mad max land, I will swish a nice, fresh breeze through to clear it out for you! 🙂 ….just call out my name…. and you Know wherever I Am……

          1. Oriharu,
            Just saw a cloud face in the sky with Oriental features, plus a large Z like the mark of Zero next to it. Wonder how that fits into the pond!!! 🙂
            No horse yet!!!!

  11. Tale from the ‘main stream’:
    I Love to go out and ‘test’ the new waters lately!
    Today, Kelly and I had errands. First to the unemployment agency to prove that I am me. 🙂 The woman behind the counter not so joyful upon arrival. She was dealing with a man who immigrated here. He was confused. I – my essence – just being its Love all around seemed to have an affect. But I want to say more so that my essence tapped into the true essences around me – and easily – yes, easily the Love Connection was noticeable . The woman’s demeanor changed quickly. Once I appeared in front of her, she was calm and simply asked for what was needed. I had brought so many things it was funny as all I needed was SS card and License. In my envelope, I had also placed three snickers bars. I presented her with one and she lit up! It was just the right time of day for one 11:00. She was very grateful and her smile added more to my own Light. I also gave one to the security guard on the way out.
    Next: to a Japanese buffet – all u can eat and we ate! we so enjoyed all the food and desert and the waitress’s smile and warmth. next: Walmart to pick up prescription. On the drive there — Bliss Drive — ahhh….! I never noticed the name of that little back road before. I saw the word “Breeze” three times. Everyone – all day – just so kind – so Open ! So warm and embracing. Magnificent! And an older man who was sure he ‘knew me’. 🙂
    We talked like we did know one another. what fun! And finally to the A&P market and the check out boy was jubilant! It just went on and on all day. great day ! XO Areeza

    1. there was also a sign for Kelly I want to mention. We park in handicap spaces now. well, one of the signs had “yo” written on it. His Dog’s name was Yo. She was his other best Love of his life 🙂
      I felt like she was there to say – I see you Daddy – see me?! still with you – Loving you all the way~!

  12. Dear Aisha and pond, as I sat outdoors to meditate at the gathering it was a beautiful 50F day with sunshine. I heard a little bird calling me to the woods and watched a honeybee buzzing about the green patches in front of where I sat. When I closed my eyes I saw water reflecting back light on a pond. Then once again I saw in my minds eye the large circle. It got bright and started shining like the sun in yellows and orange. The the two crossed lines appeared over it again as well. It is like a wide x over o! 😍 ok…lots of symbols here. The lines extend out beyond the circle and can also give the image of two triangles with the top one upside down. Well, this is exactly what I recieved on the day of the eclipse. I continued to sit and draw up the energies I recieved on that day…the ones of such an abundance of vibration that I was extatic with joy and orgasmic. The energy isn’t as strong as it was, but it is still inside me. Nothing new here, but thought I would post it. Hope everyone is doing well. I have not been able to stay at the pond much, but will hopefully find time to continue reading and maybe comment. I have been staying with the energies i had been receiving late summer and fall up to the eclipse and will continue to do so. I am in much inner thought and moving with the continuous flow. No other way to be these days! 😊 Love to you all and in all you do! ❤ Denise

  13. No words adequately describe my NOW experience. Profound does not come close to what I am experiencing – the birth of the new multi-verse. Living in this silent center of ALL and observing the new creation unfold. Each of us a necessary component of the whole operation in motion. Silently observing and experiencing death and birth simultaneously. Pure unconditional love. Acceptance. Compassion. Complete lack of judgment. Bliss and not bliss – The passage. My only thought is one of curiosity of where I will find myself in this new collective experience with US. All. No-thing.
    ❤ May (Caroline) ❤

  14. I went into a dream state with my thoughts. I saw the earth was covered with roots of the old world. My wife was with me as I ran from root to root cutting them. This went on for a long time with my wife running behind me watching. When I got to the last root she said to me cut it and let the new tree of life begin. I cut the last root and watched the new little tree push up from the earth and start to grow with its beautifuf shining leafs. I said its small now but will grow into a giant tree full of love for all live on earth. This started new thoughts to come to my thoughts that was looking at the beauty of this new world and what would come to pass. With no roots or chains to bind us to the old world everything will change. This dream lasted most of the night. Parts of this dream would awake me to think about this dream. Then I would go back to this dream and it would start all over again. I don’t know the full meaning of this dream yet. I am sure more is to come from this dream throught the next few days.

    Love and blessings to all

  15. Thank you.💖
    I have felt and am feeling this..tiredness..this feeling of I can’t take it anymore..
    But I’m also experiencing wonderful moments of bliss..of being embraced and filled with pure Love and the knowing that all is well.
    Last night during the gathering around the Pond I stepped into an enchanted place..where I bathed in a sea of crystal clear water..I had unzipped and taken off my physical costume..I had lovingly put it down under a tree..I was glowing..and felt how my energy pulsated through my being.
    The water felt almost electrical in a good way..I dived into its embracing clear energy and saw the water-spirits swim all around me..they were so happy.
    I saw stars in the water as well as in the sky..The sky was filled with beautiful spectacular colours and sky-spirits. I was in awe..in bliss.
    I turned around and looked at the trees, the mountains in the background, and all were glowing with an iridescent light.
    I saw other beings like myself too.
    I saw the earth-spirits, the fire-spirits all dancing with joy and love.
    I saw my physical body being taken care of..cleansed, rejuvinated, by angelic beings
    of pure love. I felt so humble and so grateful. I stepped up from the crystal water and stood infront of my human form..and Reconnected..Realized how wonderful my physical earth body truly is.
    Our physical body is sacred..it is a gift from Mother Earth..I felt such a deep harmonious connection with Mother Earth and All that Is..I felt the consciousness in everything..the Heart Connection..I experienced Oneness within the Wholeness. Wholeness within the Oneness.
    I re-entered into my dense physical form with love and gratitude. I knew that we from now on we would co-operate..
    I had a deep insight about the meaning of polarities.
    I experienced more.but I cannot find words to describe it or share it.I hope it will be heartfelt anyway.
    When I came out of this profound meditative experience..My whole body was tingling..I drank some swirled water and went to bed..to integrate what I had experienced. I slept many hours.
    I am tired today..but I also feel that something has changed and are changing within me and within us all..
    Everyone will experience this differently.
    But love yourselves..be gentle and kind to your whole being..Your Body is sacred..honor it. We are multidimensional multifaceted beings..💖 to 💖
    Somehow I feel that the Compassionate Companions fits into this experience.
    Because that is what I felt..

            1. The singlemost constancy in this ever-evolving tale has been their compassion!
              (and look — even I inadvertently did a mirror reversal with heart symbol! 🙂 )

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