The manuscript of survival – part 428

You see the changes happening within you with your inner eye, for so much of what is going on now, is taking place in that inner landscape of yours. And even if some of what we are referring to is indeed happening to your physical body, most of it is happening in a space that is not defined by any such boundaries. In fact, most of what is going on now is taking place in those parts of Creation that mankind seems to think do not exist at all, or perhaps only as figments of your imagination. Well, let us just say that in this, you could not be more wrong, for the space we refer to, is indeed far more real than the illusion your currently look upon as your reality.

Let us explain. Mankind has for eons gotten used to the idea – for that is truly what it is – that for something to be “real”, it must be tangible in some ways. In other words, it needs to register in your mind by way of your five senses, and so, you have narrowed down your scope more and more. In fact the more adept you have become at detecting even the most minuscule of particles with your technical equipment, the less inclined a large number of the population on this Earth have become to believe anything that does not come up for scrutiny in this kind of way. In other words, mankind’s spiritual development has in so many ways been arrested by your technological development, as in large swathes of the populace, the reality wayshowers like you have already stepped into will be scoffed and ridiculed at any opportunity that arise for them to do so. Have you given any thought as to why this seems to only multiply in some? Perhaps it is to do with the fact that they themselves feel an inner stirring from these hidden chambers within, and so, in order to eradicate that fear of, for them, the unknown, they will do what they can to erase those selfsame stirrings in other. So again you see the polarization continue to strengthen as the light continues to gather momentum, but again, trying to stop the light by resorting to the same old “weapons” of ridicule, persecution or silence in the hope that these notions will die out are no less than follies. For you all know so well by now that what you have started to unlock within yourself is simply a tiny little part of the vast force field that actually penetrates all of mankind, and now, you stand before a new chance to help to liberate even more of that force field.

Again, no one can be forced to open that door they have tried so hard to forget even existed within them for eternity, but now, you will all help to set into motion certain significant events that will make that door more prominent within all. And so, more and more of your fellow men will begin to take notice of what it is that is calling to them deep within the confines of their hitherto restricted world view. For they will begin to take into consideration that their world view, the one that is limited to “what you see is all you get” will start to crumble, and when it does, many will crumble alongside with it. You see, not everyone is prepared to really take in the truth that this will uncover, for it will fly in the face of everything they have taken for granted. Not just the empirical facts and figures that for so long have been touted as the “laws of nature” but also the notion about mankind being the single intelligent species in existence – not just on your planet, but in All of creation. We know that for you, this will be old news, for this is what has guided you on your journey from the very beginning. But for many others, the simple fact that everything they have believed in – in every sense of the word – will begin not simply to be questioned, but literally to be proven wrong on all accounts, will simply be too much to bear. And so they will shut down, and step away from it all.

This may sound dramatic, but remember it is not given that every single human incarnation living on this planet at this exact time have given themselves permission to commit themselves fully to the reopening of these inner portals this time around, and so, what they will choose, will also be defined by that decision that they made on a higher level even before they ventured into a physical body this time around. We say this in order to remind you all that no matter what takes place in the weeks and months ahead, know that it is all happening for a reason, so too the more personal effects this may have for some of you. For you are all sovereign beings, and you are all instructed to follow the plan you yourself were so instrumental in setting up even before you started to step down from the totality of your being and entered this current physical vehicle that you know as you in human form. And so, you will simply do what you came here to do, and so will everyone else you see around you. For even those you might think devoid of a soul all have one, and it is just as brilliant as yours, but the life choices they make are also guided by a higher part of them just as yours, no matter what they set themselves to do in the time ahead.

We give you this reminder now because we do find it prudent to do so, as what you stand before now, is such a major shift it will serve to stir up a lot of different reactions. For as usual, when the tide of light comes in at such a force as it will do now, it will once again begin to literally push a whole host of buttons in every single one of you, and in every single one of your fellow men. Granted, the outcome of all of this will not be instantaneously noticeable, nor will it necessarily manifest in just the way that you might think. For the light will do what the light always does, push the scales and tip the balance, sometimes one way, sometimes seemingly in the very opposite direction, but the one thing you need to remember is this: no matter what actions that will be initiated because of this incoming flux of light, they will all serve to bring mankind closer to Source by allowing them all a chance to find a way to disclose what it is they have been carrying with them for eternity.

In other words, the chain of events that soon will be set into motion will begin to spawn so many viable offspring by way of vibrant fields of energetic interactions that will begin to take place between hitherto unconnected individuals, and this in turn will affect a wider and wider circle around each and every one of these individuals. Again, we speak in somewhat convoluted terms, but we think you by now have begun to grasp the fundamental part of this message. You stand before a grand unveiling of mankind’s own abilities to reset and resurrect ancient veins of creativity, connectivity and compatibility. For you are creatures capable of great achievements, far far greater than what you can currently observe around you, and now, this will truly begin to come out in the open, in every sense of the word. For you will begin to receive information that has been kept hidden, and some of this information will indeed come in a very concrete form, not just as in messages like these. For you are still very much creatures bound by that old maxim of only what can been seen can be true, and so, your eyes will finally begin to see the unseen, and your hands will finally be able to touch the unknown in ways that you have not been able to do before. But as these hidden treasures begin to surface, they will in turn initiate a vast process of resettlement amongst you all, and when we say that, we do mean all of mankind. For what is beginning to emerge will change not only your future, but also your past, and with it, the whole foundation of mankind will begin to shift and rearrange itself in a process that in itself will serve to unsettle so many before you all start to find your true bearings once again.

We venture to guess that you will already begin to see proof of this announced even in what you call your mainstream media. For the news will also begin to contain real news, not just the usual mixed bag of disinformation and distraction, and so we say, keep your eyes open and let your heart guide you, and we think you will all begin to unearth some of these treasures yourselves. For remember, some of what we refer to will be like hidden gems in a whole mountain of trash, so keep your wits about you and follow the scent of interest coming from the most unexpected of corners. And again, remember to share whatever it is that you might “stumble upon”, for this in turn will serve to lead another group of like minded souls more directly to the source that is waiting for them. And so, this process of uncovering and of evolving will begin to rapidly unfold, and we think you will all find yourself caught up in the excitement fairly soon. Just remember, what excites you might incite another, for many of the old “truths” that will be relocated to the scrapheap are truths that are holding up quite a few of your fellow men, perhaps even some of those closest to you.

So do not be surprised if what delights you will turn someone else to despair, but you must also remember that you should never let that deter you from finding your truth. For this is all about the continued quest for the truth, the one that has been hidden for such a long time, but is finally being allowed to come out into the light again. But as you all know so well by now, the full force of the light will be too bright for some, and so, they will once again do what they can to turn their back on it, and for some, that will also entail trying to pull as many as they can with them as far as possible into the lingering shadows. So once again we say remember to focus on the light, and you will find all the confirmation you will ever need there. For your heart will once again be the guide that will take you back to your own core, and there, there is never any doubt, nor any hesitation, for then, you will at all times simply KNOW just who you are and what amazing feats you and this whole collection of wonderful individuals calling themselves mankind are truly capable of. And now, this truth will begin to crystallize more and more as these hidden treasures begin to emerge, some of them from the sea, some of them from the land, but most of all, from YOU.

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  1. All that is all that is in all, Christ, budda, non physicals, physicals, we are here, I am here, I am grateful &happy ❤︎ I just sent kids schools getting ready going long day work, I saw this video inspired me so I share. Good day or good night to everyone, love Tomo

  2. Hehehehe …. sorry … my comments are not attaching where I’m putting them. I’m kind of reeling right now all over the place. I just love it!!!! Laughing in hysterical joy. Don’t know why I’m surprised.


    1. Anna Helen…let me say it…I can’t even even even!!! AH!!! I am blown away beyond words WAY beyond words that it is you who gets all these Symbols!!! Its too awesome!!!

      I remember back when I first started commenting here, you replied to me with something very LOVING

      And on top of being GRATEFULL for that…I could not get over the Synchronicity and Confirmation of your name in relation to past life stuff I’ve had going on for years

      And all this stuff I wrote about here…I had the same people from a past life(s) come to me to tell me that what I~We have done has healed them…jUSt like I’ve been seeing

      I don’t know if you’ve heard of Johanna Sullivan…who went by Annie Sullivan and was Teacher and I FEEL One Soul to~with Helen Keller

      Helen Keller was deaf-blind and Annie herself was very visually impaired, and the two of them spent a lifetime together accomplishing feats SO important to the World against huge odds and through so much adversity

      And Annie (the most AMAZING Teacher ever!) went through a horrible horrible childhood and part of it was a trauma of the same type as what I went through

      And when I had this Arcturian stuff come up…I felt a Teacher guide me to the whole ingestion of Knowledge thing…like One standing at my desk pointing over my shoulder at the text I should be reading in order to answer a quest~ION I had asked

      Anyway…there’s just SO MUCH

      Thank you SO MUCH for all this COnNE*cT*ION and COfiRmAtION and LOVE

      And thank you MOST for the Welcome HOME to US ❤ ❤ ❤ …<3 ❤ <3…<3 🙂

      O my Heart is all I can say

      That and OMG!!! This is SO EXCITING!!! I most definitely can't wait to meet you in person…in pErTson 🙂


  3. Heck, I left out the rainbow… and the – whatever!!!! Just DITTO, girl, ok??!! Just plain YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  4. I can’t even…. my god…

    2 yrs old – yes! Lifetime of fog – yes! Knowing “they/we” were healing, not harming – yes! Signs everywhere – yes! 2009/2010 – yes! ORION – hell yes! Big Dipper – in an unusal way, yes! Arcturians – yes! Letting go of twin flame – yes! 7 – yes! 3’s – yes! Kings/wisemen – yes! Fertile field/meadow – yes! Meaning of my given name – yes! … can’t even type more right now …

    Sorry for length of post? No, please don’t be, sister.

    Love yoUS

  5. ALLright…the tale

    I will attempt to keep this as short as possible (good luck!…sorry Aisha! I believe the spam filter will probably catch this one too) while still letting it flow

    It is connected to much…and it is very much triggered by the comments made by Anna Helen and Caroline

    Just recently I had my heart(chakra) ripped open by a heartbreak involving having to let go of someone I LOVE with ALL I am…someone I believed to be my Twin Flame…and who still feels that way to me

    This event finally ripped open an old wound placed in my heart and my entire chakra system from a traumatic event I underwent at around the age of 2…a wound that never healed properly for the poison festering underneath

    And currently I am doing my best to keep my EYEs and Heart on the horIzON as the CCs mentIONed recently…and not on the detritus of my past

    This is all linked to an experience I had back in May of this past year…which in turn is linked to experiences I had back in August of 2013…which in turn is linked to a Journey I was told back in May of 2010 that I would be going on

    In August I had some major experiences involving who I like to call jeshUaS, ETs of many kinds, and something to do with a Scientific discovery which is somehow involved in helping to BridgE Science and Spirituality…in what I like to call a spirituALLience

    Throughout these experiences I started connecting more and more with the Greys…who from all I had heard of them, seemed to be negative

    But for me they…they were “here to help me heal” (from what, I did not know until a month later when this trauma from my past was unearthed…the trauma that led to a lifetime of bleak greyness…a fog of depression and despair)

    And from these Grey experiences what I got from them (in part from what I’ve heard from Bashar and in part from my own INner experiences) is that they are Us…from an alternate reality where they/we went down the ‘wrong’ path and essentially destroyed them/ourselves

    And that they have been coming to us and doing what they’ve doing (abductions and whatnot), things that seem to be negative but are in actuality positive as they have been doing these things in order to help us to not take that same destructive path

    In a way…they are the Dark versions of Us that must exist in order for the Light versions of Us to be able exist

    And what they seemed to be saying is that I and others have taken on much of the garbage (abuse of all kinds, addictions, mental illness, etc etc etc) that has gone on throughout mankind’s history—what was shown to me as “The 7 generations of Man”…in order to heal it in ourselves and, via vibrational relations, heal it all the way down the line…all the way down the past generations…and by clearing it from ‘back there’ and from here and now…also ‘healing’ future generations as the poison will no longer be around to taint those will come after

    And the Greys also seemed to say that in us taking the correct path in our reality…and by allowing them to help us do so…they too would also be healed…be given Life Anew…be turned from Grey which is a blend of black and white back into the Rainbow…All the Colors that make up Black and White

    I don’t know how accurate any of this is…but it just keeps coming back up


    Later on in May…after having listened to many CC messages on youtube in the intervening months…I had a major mind-blowing experience involving jeshUaS…which indicated incarnational relations

    And I got up the next day and said to myself without thinking about it “If anyone can confirm this for me it’ll be the always exaCCt CCs…I’ll bet you anything there’s a new message on youtube”

    And when I saw the title of the video “An update and a powerful confirmation” I just about exploded!!! Powerful confirmation was right! All in just the title!

    And when I listened to the message and heard about all the scientific stuff and remembered SEEING stuff about Science in August at the same time as SEEING stuff about jeshUaS…well let me tell ya! I got my butt to the Pond for the first time right then…til then I had no idea about this BEAUTY~FULL COmm*Un’Ity*

    Meanwhile…I mentioned here not long ago about how in 2010 I had a Body Talk energy healer tell me my bodymind&Soul communicated with her that I would go on a Journey that began on a mountain top and ended on a beach

    Well this Journey began with me on that mountain top surrounded by pathways that would lead me into the Valley of the Living of my Dreams and my Life at last

    But she said I was surrounded by a Grey fog created by something from my past that was blocking me from seeing any of these pathways and from living my life

    She said one day I would see a path and take it (which it turns out was coming into contact with Bashar in July of 2013 and the path was the pathway up the Vibrational Frequency Realities…all the way UP to the vibRAtION~ALL FREEquency REALity of GOD~DESS)

    And I would go down into the valley and find myself in a desert…which it turns out was the desert of isolation

    Which would then turn into a meadow…which it turns out was the CLEARing of this past year

    Which would then turn into a jungle…which it turns out was the chaos and lostness of the stuff…all the crap from my past and subconscious, brought up from the CLEARing

    And would end up on a Beach where she saw me underneath an ASTOUNDING Orange sky (what I just recently like to call an oR*A.ngeL.*L. skEYE), communicating with all these REALms and dimensIONs and BEings

    She also said she saw 3 symbols at the beach that were very significant

    1. Rainbow (which I REALize now is what the COntrast~Blending of Light and Dark look like in HIGHeREALities as opposed to the grey it looks like in denser realities)

    2. The number 7

    3. Something to do with “the left”

    So in May of 2013 I had all these Symbols appearing in my life right at the exact of my jeshUaS experience and the powerful confirmation…and then the “History of Creation part 7” came out…and I was blown away all over again

    Especially when I read that it had actually been channelled in October…which is right around the time I first heard the CCs…however I never saw any of the “History of Creation” missives and did not even know they existed until part 7 in May

    Okay…so this is all background to show how SIGNificant what I’m going to share next is

    The day before this Part 428 came out I realized that as much as I wanted to end my lifetime of suffering, I was hanging on to the pain because at least the pain still kept me connected to this person I LOVE so VERY DEEPly…that if I let go of the pain…if I got over this person…then I would truly lose them forever

    And I asked for AngeLL assistance to get this part of me to agree to let go of the pain and let myself heal fully

    And then I left for work and something happened which I posted about on Facebook and am once again going to copy and paste it here instead of retelling it

    This will show why what Anna Helen said is OMG!!!

    I took two pictures of things I stumbled across which I will post here now and wrote the text below it on these pics:


    A SIGN inside of an old phone booth A~cRoss the StrEEt from the end of the 10th StrEEt bridge

    A SIGN I’ve never seen BE4 as my route to work takes a different path than when I lived in Bowness…which had UFO spRAY painted all over the place

    This SIGN 2 is spRAY painted…

    And it’s linked to the Grey ETs…who are linked to the greyness INside me…the greyness that goes back the ‘7 geneRAtIONs’…that I’ve BEen shown are in pARt(icle) BEING HE~ALLed wiThrOughAS me…

    I do not CHOOSE to heal—to let go of this pain and suffering at last—jUSt 4 myself…but on BEhALLf of ALL creatION…

    And the other SIGN I saw not 10 seconds later…jUSt COnfirms that

    I trUSt in WHO I REAlly AMy…

    And that letting go and finALLy ALLowing my heARt to HE~ALL…will not lead to more pain…but to the HEAVEN I have COme to B(E)RING 2~4 Earth

    I WILL…
    UP to my Given~CHOSEN nAMes and their meanings

    I AMy

    AMy= BE~LOVEd
    Roussel= Brown(which symbolizes Earth)

    And that REALly says and encompasses a LOT…from this whole lifetime…and many other lifetimes I am COnNE*cT*ed to

    I also want to share one more thing that happened recently as well as it feels COnNE*cT*ed to much of what this missive says

    About a month ago I started having AMAZING synchronicities revolving around the “3 Kings/Wisemen of Orient Are” which COnNE*cT*ed to the Arcturians…all of which led me to StUNning RevEALatIONs

    I won’t get into the detail of how and why these things COnNE*cT*ed…but I’ll just say it has to do with the WISEmen and with what I found out at that time about the Arcturians being regarded as very Wise and very much Teachers…and with the fact that they apparently don’t eat food (lucky!!!) and instead ingest Energy and Knowledge

    And then about 2 weeks ago or so, I had something come ThrOugh which I wrote a quickie about on Facebook which I will also copy and paste here…and it is this that makes what Caroline said OMG!!!

    I wrote this on a mediation video that was channeled from the Arcturians…I believe I’ve posted that video here at one time or another…VERY powerful:

    Vibration of the Fifth Dimension

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
    UPload of a d(I*)O*wN*LOAD jUSt NOW

    COnfiRmAtION of message reSEEved

    wRitEC.*O.*R*(E*)D~I*(O*)N*g of most COnscioUS tRAns*missION* SOfAR

    Details minimALL
    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    OrI*O*N* first primARy COnstALLatION

    Switched to Big cUP (Big Dipper) for past 8 yeARs

    Spent wH*O*L*E(Y*) pASt yeaAR in a locatION that face(t)d North and ALLowed PERFECT View of Big cUP as it made its WAY A~cRoss night sky from WEst to eASt

    Face(t)d a pARk with no obstructions to view of wide open sky…looked like a 180° domed I(A)Max movie ScrEEN…like planetARium

    MesmerEYEzed by Big cUP…not knowing one of the BIG SEcrEts was down a little and to “the left”…

    To bOOtes and ARcturUS

    ARcturUS HIGHLIGHTs in this tRAns*missION* the INgestION…IN(c.h.)ge.s.t.(R.A.)I.*O.*N.* of KNOWledge

    And COnNE*cT*s with @R*A.nge(L.*L.) skEYE and the NEWly added PEACE…

    Ancient Texts

    KNOWledge IN(c.h.)ge.s.t.(R.A.)I.*O.*N.* is in p*ARt(icle*) to do with Ancient Texts and ARti~facts…

    That is ALL 4 NOW

    Thank yoUS

    BEginnING and IN

    And that is the tale told

    Sorry for the length as usual…and thanks for listening

    I love yoUS All…and I FEEL AMAZING things BEcomING
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Tears. Ditto what I just said. Wrapping my arms around you, Amy, and you too, AH!!! I love you Both! Eternally!!!
      Blessings and gratitude,

        1. Oh Tijen! For some reason I thought I saw your comment further down

          What can I even say that would do jUStice to how I feel? You have meant SO MUCH to me this past few months…and REALly past few Eternities

          You too draw such dIAMond tears from my Heart

          I still wonder at moments what I did to deserve such LOVING Angels in my life…TRULY…the DIVINE BEAUTY I feel from yoUS

          SOOO in LOVE with you I AMy…SOOO GRATEFULL

          Please allow me to give you a Heartfelt as never before HUGe HUG and kiss from HERE to tHERE…until I can do so in person…this One’s more REAL anyway as we know by now

          I looooooove you and thank GOD~DESS EVERY MOMENT for you
          ❤ ❤ ❤

          1. I take all your hugs, kisses and love in humble gratitude dearest Amy. “I want for you what you want for you because I love myself too” (quoting Janet Bray Attwood)

      1. Oh Caroline…all I can say is what I’ve already said and will probably say many more times here

        But this time, thanks in no small part to my precioUS family here, I say it with so much more access to the DEPTHs of my Heart and the expansION of my Soul

        I love you SO DEEPly and COmpletely

        And an INfinite number of Universes could not hold the gratitude I feel for yoUS

        Sweeet Caroline
        Dah dah dah
        Good times never felt sooo GoOD

        Pretty sure Neil Diamond had you in his Heart when he wrote that song 🙂 ❤

    2. thank you dear IAMstAR ❤︎ for sharing your experience ❤︎
      It seems like you had a quite journey & I feel you have much inside of you.
      I have no place to say anything about your experience but to share mine.
      My constant interaction with grays started consciously (wake state) since 5 yrs old to 19 yrs old. Not only grays my life is full of many kinds. I used to think so naturally so did not ask why the way it is. As I grew up I start to wonder why am I experience in rather clearer ones, but then it was not important. it is now here spread all wings all magic possible. I realized it all start from me. I know this does not make sense to probably anyone… but I am here being choosing good feelings that makes me feel good❤︎ My life in a way, it is fun experiencing out of ordinary things but you know what it is normal for us all to do now !!! so we might as well EN joy❤︎ thank you for reading whoever reads this, thank you, tomo

          1. Michael! Somehow I knew I had missed something from you!

            Thank you for your everLOVING words, BEAUTY~FULL Heart and Generous Spirit

            We have All of Us lived eventful lives…beyond meaningfull…and REALly…the REAL EVENT~FULLness and MEANING~FULLness of~for Us All is jUSt BEginnING

            I LOVE you SO MUCH and FOREVER Dear Michae; ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Thank you for sharing tomo ❤

        Just came in from a wonderful morning by the lake where the leaves are falling now. So beautiful 🙂

        Love & light ❤


      2. Bless you bless you bless my Loving Tomo

        What you say makes PERFECT BEAUTY~FULL sense

        And it’s exactly where I am at now

        Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this…it touches me SO DEEPly…I just want to give you a big hug and a kiss

        I love you I love you I love you!!!

    3. for what it is worth
      my twin flame and i have interconnected for many many lifetimes.
      we have been each others parent, child sibling, we have been friends, enemies, rivals, opposing generals in a war of swords, that was a very long time ago, i’ll guess the 15th century. i can’t see that clearly into it to be sure.
      twin flames are everything to each other. we did not get where we are by leaving anything out.
      you give the others a lot of credit, one of my guides is impossible to describe, the closest thing we have on this planet is an insect, he looks no more like a bug than we look like frogs to him
      oh well
      i give you a lot of credit

      for you

      1. i must correct an error i made.
        i referred to the indescribable guide as a he
        she was slightly offended, oops, my bad.
        but then i cajoled her with the question
        ‘how am i suppose to know/’
        she insisted on this correction
        then she showed me some female parts which i don’t know anything about, live and learn

        1. Each person, Otmn, has to be complete, the yin and yang of it!!!
          She /you are now seen!!! 🙂 splendidly!!!!

            1. actually the first time i felt this way was 48 years ago
              it is not important how long it takes
              we will not stop
              and now, i am not nearly as alone as i was way back when

        2. And Otmn

          I can’t tell you how honoured I am that you would say so much to me

          I hope you can feel it when I tell you that nothing has ever been SO COmforting…like a big bear hug from someone in a warm woolly sweater after being stuck out in the cold for days on end

          Truly way beyond words I couldn’t be more grateful for you and everything you say here

          Twin Flames are EVERYTHING to each other…and we didn’t get here by leaving anything out…cradle my heart why dontcha?? That’s all I need to know…and it delights me to know that we leave nothing out…the FULLEST experience with my Twin…no matter what’s in that FULLness is exactly what I DESIRE…like I just…can’t put it into words…but that’s EXACTLY it…I wanted it ALL

          So thank you for that dear One

          And I cannot fail to mention how hilarious!!!!!!!! you are. What a wonderful laugh you have given me…she was offended eh? Made you come back and correct your error…I know just what you mean 🙂 LOL!!!

          And that video! SO PERFECT! You are SUPER TUNED IN aren’t ya? Thank you for the standing ovation…second one of my life and by far the best 🙂

          Can I just tell you how much I love you? Cannot wait! to meet you in person and get a physical bear hug from you
          ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. Dear Otmn, Once many years ago in a vision I had of coming to this planet, I looked like a giant preying mantis in some sort of black skin. Upright on two legs, with a Very long thin body.

    4. What you tell is amazing dear star!
      I (think trough a dreem i had) that my twinflame is not incarnated. So i let go of her this spring. At about the same time i met a girl, i thougt she Fell in love with me, at least i did a little later. Now about the moon on 8 Oktober i started to feel incedible pain in my heart when ehe was around. It seemed not to stop. Yesterday she met my flatmade i live with(they are friends, i know her throug him) and it seemed AS if the pain became less and less. For the first time in month she seemed to feel atracted to me again. In the past days i let go of her due to the incerdible pain in felt in her presence. It felt linke there was some karmic stuff bin released… Remided me no your storry…

      1. Johannes! WOWOWOW! Exactly! I felt that pain right from the moment I first realized I LOVED my Twin in this lifetime…about a month after us meeting 9 years ago…the very first moment I realized the LOVE, I felt it all the way through an endless hall of mirrors…and I felt that same pain in there…like I could sense this stuff happening NOW coming…and like it was coming from stuff from before

        And it haunted me for years…until I finally realized what was causing the pain…a VERY purposeful pain…one I will forever be grateful to my Twin for

        What an Angel to be this in my Life…and this LOVE will never ever end

        What’s beautiful is that now that the purpose for the pain has been fulfilled…it is gone…but the LOVE will ALWAYS ALL WAYs remain…and in fact it is SO MUCH MORE now…even if we never see each other again…even if I have to watch my Twin in love for eternity with someone else…….well okay there’s a twinge of pain still here…but mostly…I just LOVE…and care only about my Twin’s evolution and happiness and REALzing their own DIVINE LIGHT

        If I had to choose between being with my Twin and my Twin waking UP…I’d choose the awakening

        I finally realized and reMEMBERed again that beneath the pain over what happened between us…the greatest pain was the idea of my Twin not knowing their own LIGHT…and settling for less…being treated as less

        And I take this opportunity to send ALL the unconditION~ALLy LOVING LOVELIGHT IAMy ThrOugh my DIVINELY AMAZING INCREDIBLE BEAUTY~FULL Twin…wake UUUP!!! 🙂 I DESIRE 4 you that you reMEMBER your PRECIOUS LIGHT

        Thank you SO MUCH Johannes…I can’t even tell you what you’ve done here for me

        Such a BEAUTY~FULL family We Are

    5. Dearest Angel Amy ❤

      I am deeply touched, honored and humbled by your tale that now joined the healed water that I will unite with the water in the lake today – to be spread to all the waters in all sentient existences in the universes ❤

      Bless you Amy for sharing your tale ❤


      1. Wowwwwww B

        Your words…your BEAUTY~FULL like never before words…and your picture to match…SOOO breathtaking

        I can’t stand this! I just want the Group Hug Aisha mentioned NOW!!!

        I love you SO DEEPly

        B is SO PERFECT


        I love you achingly like I do my own Earth Mother

        Thank you my Love ❤ ❤ ❤

    6. Dear IAMystAR, dear brothers and sisters – you ARE stars, all of you! I cannot thank you enough for being who you are and for doing what you do. For what you do, you truly do for ALL.
      With my eternal gratitude, LOVE and joy
      Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Dear Aisha & Sister!

        I guess you are about to leave for Crete soon. I wish you and your sister a safe and nice travel ❤

        This morning I was down by the lake taking pictures from all the colors that still are left in nature. When standing by the shore a lot of leaves jumped into the water and joined the other leaves that had united with the water before. It all touched me so deeply because I thought of our light family around the Pond and people now coming into the waters – one after the other – and my heart was overwhelmed by love and joy.

        I embrace you all in Crete with my love and light ❤


        1. This is so beautiful B. The photo, your message.
          This morning I meditated on: “TODAY I’M OPEN TO THE PRESENCE OF MIRACLES” and here they are, in all forms, in all ways. All of you are miracles and your presence makes me feel so lucky. Thank you all for BEing the light BEings you are. And thank you once again dear Aisha for making this possible for all of us, Ponders. (I love calling us Ponders) 🙂

          1. Thanks TIjen!

            This day has been a most amazing day – again. As you know I love to be out in nature and a couple of hours ago I had a healing water ceremony by the lake.

            I suppose there is not a coincidence that Dr. Emoto choose to leave now. I send my love and gratitude to him for all his work to show us the intelligence of water ❤

            I send love and light in water to you ❤


            I feel so privileged to have nature around the corner.

          2. It definitely is a blessing to be near the nature dear B. What a great way to live isn’t it? And thanks for the ceremony! I do water ceremony everyday, when I fill the water jar. Just a little one, just to remind the water (may be I don’t even have to do that but it feels good) to return the qualities of it’s source and ask it to bring healing and good energies. ❤

        2. Dear sister B! Thank you for your beautiful words, thank you for this amazing image! I see the leaves forming a bridge across the Pond, just like we link up in order to make the journey easier for all of us, and for those following in our footsteps 🙂 My sister and I will leave for Crete tomorrow morning, but you will all come along with us on this magical journey 🙂
          Love, light and gratitude from my sister and from me, Aisha ❤ ❤

          1. Thank you Aisha ❤

            I am already with you all – have actually felt the expansive energies due to this event that will occur during this weekend 😉

            Much love & light to you ❤


            PS. Will there be any channelings next week?

      2. Aisha…there will never be words for how much I love you and how DEEPly and INfinitEternALLy GRATEFULL IAMy for all you have been and ARE…in my life and everyOne’s life here and everywHERE

        For what was BEgun ThrOugh you and all the LOVING sUPport you share with Us

        I jUSt simply cannot wait until words are not needed at all so you can SEE and FEEL what has gONE on INside thanks to you and all you walked through to bring this Pond into existence

        Just WOWOWOW!!!

        I AMy sending ALL the LOVE IAMy ThrOugh you and everyOne in Crete and All of Us STARS all over this BEAUTY~FULL Planet

        I can sure feel the Spheres Of Light in actION and tomorrow…is it already tomorrow over there?…anyway its going to BE and ALL~REAdy IS an INcredibly Powerfull LOVELIGHT show…WAVEs ALL over creatION

        SO EXCITING!!!

        BlEss yoUS and thank yoUS FOREVER
        ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. And Ray…BEAUTY~FULL Ray of Sunshine

        Thank you Dear Heart for sharing that with me…thank you for sharing your Heart and your tears…they are mingling with mine

        And let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I LOVE the things you write about here

        What a BRILLIANT Being you are…so FULL of LOVE Knowledge and Wisdom

        I LOVE you and send you a HUGe HUG and a kiss
        ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Thank yot for the protestants, lutheran atoms get by with them well! Gotta go to Ireland. My most proud visiom had to do with romans and secret oaths of andruids.

  7. Okey grid. Germans went out, silenced. Met this Belfastian Irish Gary. Had a good time. Wise man with a soul. Nice to meet these guys with open humous. God bless.

  8. Mmmm… now there’s 6 germans screaming in this bar. Das gegen man! Bitte. Ein fräulein ist schön! Ich komme dast ein schön fräulein, guut guut!

  9. JJ has offered to pick me up at the Crete Airport. Although I had faced my fears of getting a taxi until they no longer felt emotionally charged, I can’t put in words how comforting it is to have a friend meet me. Thank you JJ!!

    An encouraging Oracle report for today 🙂 Great way to start my travels. (my shadow is in Leo)
    Those with the Black Moon in Leo fear change but they are the change-makers. Their energy (and their creations) naturally change the shape, order, and status of things. They enable us to see the world in multiple ways. The fears of the Black Moon are always nonsense because they have us fearing our true nature, distorting the truth of it.

    I didn’t understand the above about “Shadow side/astrology”… Alex shared the ebook info with me over a year ago and I really appreciate it.
    Love to all… hopefully pictures will follow our outings… If I have time I’ll put them on my blog which will be easy to view.

  10. What is saw today during my walks around Chania was very profound. Many, many (if not all) people I encountered today felt “dead”. It was so sad, but I feel it must be so in order to change. It must be part of the shift. Many, many people I saw were alone, just like me. I feel people are longing for the change, they long to be connected. People are tired of the old ways, I can feel it.

    Love, JJ

      1. Sometimes they do! During the protests last year, so many “new” things to Turkish society happened. It was a sad time but also a great time in so many ways. When people occupied Gezi Park in the center of Istanbul, some people prayed and some did yoga in the same place, leftists and rightists built baricades, atheists and religious’ served food together, fans of football clubs who are the biggest enemies, escaped from the police together and they even wore t-shirts with the combined symbols of the 3 largest soccer clubs with the words: “united since May 2013”. Black and white, dark and light is always together in this country. That’s why it’s so tiring but also miracles happen momentarily.

      2. So important to open up to people around you. I felt like hugging all my friends in the choir and big band tonight at our rehearsal and on Sunday I will also “hug” our audience by singing 🙂

        Big hug to you all ❤


        PS. JJ and all Ponders – remember what CCs said about you spreading your sparkling light wherever you go 😉

      3. Wow… ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. From my heart ,love and light to you dearest ones of this Pond always in all ways. Gratitude and thankfulness to Aisha and CCs for the blessing of this message so needed now. Love, Jean

  12. Stefan I understand these teaching well and what they are used for.
    It is a view of the body, soul and holy ghost. That some may believe in. The soul and holy ghost may have different words that are used for these in different places around the world. This is used to look at this belief or show it in a way to change what a person may believe or how they think. to find a balance when they are having a problem with this. This has been used for a long time in many different ways. Many have died in the past for believing in what isn’t accepted by the powers that be in charge. Those who believed the earth wasn’t flat or what the stars revolve around. You either believe what we say or be quartered and cut up and feed to the crows and pigs. The teachings that only the priest that is ordained can interpret the bible that was written by those that were put in place by the powers that be for the purpose to control the masses. Burned at the stake for using medicine to help cure the sick.

    Things have changed a lot through the years, but many of the old ways are still around just used a little differently to get what is wanted by those who prey on the weak and demand what they think is accepted by all or else. I just think their is much more to life than a human body form that can only think what is taught by those who go to collages that is funded by those who control what is taught that wish to have total control over the masses.

    People will always seek a meaning of life that is more than just labor to survive. What the masses accept is what will win in the end. Even if true or untrue. So the war of the minds of people who push for what they believe in will stay its course until the end. New creations don’t come from schools that only give you a basic knowledge of what is studied. It comes from going within the thoughts of the mind and adding one block at a time to your new creation and going to others that are trying to create something in the same field with their thoughts to see what they have come up with. Will the freedom of thought lead to the knowledge of humans creation. I think it will in time and even discover the true creation of our galaxy and universe. What you wrote above is challenged by the latest of theories that are in place and can be proven with math that tells no lies but is still incomplete because it deals with unseen energies that still can’t be seen and studied with main stream science.

    There are a few who know how this unseen energy works. That have created projects that work and can be made by others and studied. Even though the energy that is created in some of these projects come from a unknown source. It still works. From some of these studies all life works within this principle of unseen energy source. Thought is a energy that runs through the brain that can be seen and changed with different energy fields that activates the brain in different ways. We can relate our thought process to different unseen energy fields but should always retain a balance when doing this. It is much easier to write something some can relate to other than writing a lot of words that most would not understand at all.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch “zurück zu Ihnen, liebe Bixie 🙂 Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns Teil Ihres Hauses. Sehr schön 🙂

      Viel Liebe ❤


      1. ~laughing~

        Thank you very much dear B ❤
        Tack så mycket kära B ❤
        Danke sehr liebe B ❤

        Bixie 😀

  13. When I was a member of forum FARION in Nifty-Serve of PC communication in Japan from Nov 1991, ARION missive had been issued which contents was danger. The word of ARION had going to demand implicitly to give top priority to the truth than social standpoint. For instance, ARION’s 9th prophecy( and the last(12th) prophecy( was the content to criticize the channeler(Keiko Kitagawa). Then, almost member pretend to unaware it. Maybe, one of the rare person I had been in the behavior free from the forum FARION but following the truth as I think.
    I came to select the side of true standpoint as I think which mean almost loss(in human world). I think, we humans are committing to support for the major object.


  14. Hello everyone.
    This is my 90th favourite Japanese song from ttp://
    Toshinobu Kubota – The Sound of Carnival (Released Date : Jul.28, 1999)
    Lyrics : ttp://

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
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    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  15. Dear Stefan, thank you for sharing this! It certainly shines the light on our “journey” from a new angle, at least to me. “Maybe what is sought is all there is. Perhaps the beloved that is longed for is already constantly happening . . . it never went away . . . the seeker did, to look for it. ”
    Aisha ❤

  16. Re the Maori Water ceremony:

    “There is great power in the sounds of words known as Karakia (chant, prayer, mantra, meditation). When this is recited in, over, around or across water, the intention of the Karakia travels instantly to where it is directed to go. For those who cannot get to a waterway simply recite your prayer and intention over a bowl of water in your home. Know that all water is connected.”

    Since I will be over water a large part of the trip to Crete, I will be reciting this beautiful prayer. I don’t plan on watching a movie or fooling with anything electronic—it feels so right.

    I Love your post above, Aisha, and the gorgeous photo. Thank you. I’ll take along a copy of that also with the prayer. I Love you so much. See you&sis soon—carrying each of you in my Heart to Crete. And just this second, received a deja vu experience. Coming Home.

    Much LOve&JOY, xox Lin ❤ 😀

    (hi, Nanc, saw your email… see U soon! ❤ )

    1. Wonderful idea Lin!! I have hand written the poem and will be speaking it on the plane as well! My flight takes to the air in 8 hrs. 🙂 Yesterday the pain raged but let off late evening. I picked up some Arnica homeopathy pellets and some magnesium 🙂 I’ve had lots of practice communicating with pain lately! The excitement started yesterday, that’s early for me :). Time to do final prep!! I haven’t heard from my ride for a while. ~ Love, Nancee

      1. Wow, imagining how there are planes flying across the warters of earth with people in who pray for it is amazing. Thank you for that! ❤

  17. One of my passions is Spiritual Astrology, specifically the one based on the system of Carteret. I have not being doing it for ages but I have done a few reedings now and as I see what it’s has not only given me but also others, it is like receiving a little gift from the stars who finally give you this roadmap of the road which you soul has decided to walk on in this life. It tells among other things, what your life’s purpose is (north node), what your spiritual channel/gifts are (Lilith) and which fear/primal trauma you must overcome so you can attain this channel. The books I use for it are written by Bastiaan Van Wingerden and are available in English. Now why do I tell this? Well for every Ponder here who wants to know in short is Spiritual Astrology, I will find it out for you and give it to you. Why? because yesterday while I was reading some of your messages here, Anna Helen Foster was talking about her transformation in this new being, and what hit me was to my feeling that she was becoming herself again; the ONE she has always has being but this time in the flesh! And immediately Spiritual Astrology popped in my head. Among the things I mentioned above, it also tells you which being you mostly have been true the ages… So I thought, could it be that this form of astrology does not only tell with which colours you came in this life to colour your life-book with, but also tells you wich colors you can BECOME in the flesh? Like some people are born with the channel to be able to at al times connect with the home of the Archangels and this because they where one in the past; does this then mean they actually can again become one but this lifetime not only on the inside but also on the outside in the flesh, becoming therefore there essence again in the flesh?
    It’s a thought of course! What do you think?

    Now I was guided to make in short for every Ponder who would be helped or who was curious of his Spiritual Astrology, to make in short for him/her a description of it. So if you feel called to this, mail me your date of birth, the hour and place of course! It’s from my hart and soul that I’ll give it to you. If you need this peace of your puzzle, than it’s yours. I know what it gave me so for you my family, it’s a little gift. I can not make the full description because it would take to much time for me, but as you receive the short version and you would have the need to know more details, the books of Van Wingerden can easely give you the rest of the info in a very manageable way has I will have done the guiding work. I can not tell you when you will have it, has I don’t know how much I will have to do, but you will have it in time 😉

    Love to you family of light!

    1. Dear Katja! From my heart to yours – thank you for being the conduit for this “little gift from the stars”, and thank you for offering this gift to us 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    2. Because of the many, many reactions of this post! I will have to end this time taking gift 😉 I trust that those who really need this have already sent me there data and like all things there comes a end… Otherwise I’ll be busy for a year lol and I have also other work and obligations… Love to my brothers and sisters of the Pond,

      1. Dear Katja,
        Thank you so much for the generous gift you gave us. I’m one of the lucky people who got this beautiful gift. I’m so grateful for what you did for me. I wish you abundance of everything you wish to have. Hugs and love to you dear sister. ❤

  18. Dear Aisha and Constant Companions,

    For me this is the most significant message to date. It confirms my personal experience and chimes exactly with what is happening in our Cretan community. I have recently found two profound wells to drink from, hidden in plain view, one relating forward to the science that is to come and one backward to a very different human history that seems likely – even if upending many apple carts!
    I wonder sometimes, why I ‘waste’ so much time in Facebook debates with thoughtful people who are materialist and often atheist, and trust ‘tangible’ and ‘logical’ science above all. I think the answer lies in the message above. On both sides of the fence between those who see (and always have seen) certain things, and those who ‘know’ such things cannot be, the tectonic plates are shifting. This leads to much expression of feeling (wrapped up as logic). But I do sense strongly that – as the CC’s say above – the everyday certainties are abut to become less certain.
    Sitting by a huge tree last week with a Peruvian Shaman, and watching him call up the wind was something of a case in point. The gathering in Crete that is now just starting, is another.
    So my greetings to all those sitting even now at the pond. Think of us on Sunday when Philip leads his seminar.
    My love and greetings to you all

      1. Dear Nancee! I will plump up the pillows in your seat and turn down the turbulence to make your journey as smooooth as possible! See you soon in sunny Crete!
        LOVE, Aisha

    1. Dear Murray! Thank you so much for sharing this! Your words send shiver downs my spine, for they help me to see so much clearer what this upcoming trip to Crete is all about. And dear Lin! Thank you so much for sharing the link to the Maori Water ceremony that is taking place at this exact time! For when I read it, so many of the bits and pieces of information I have been given lately fell into place. Not only that, it is also such a powerful confirmation of the latest message from the CCs about ancient information emerging, from the land, from the sea and most of all from US.

      For we are ALL these “profound wells to drink from, hidden in plain view,” that you speak of Murray, we are all carriers of this ancient wisdom that is far, far more advanced than what we see around us today to quote the CCs. And this wisdom is literally in our own DNA, it comes from the stars, and it is also carried in the water. And now, that huge well of wisdom is being activated again all over this planet, through ceremonies such as the one carried out in New Zealand and by other indigenous people, by ceremonies carried out by people gathered here at the Pond, and by other groups and individuals like us all over the world.

      To quote from the invitation to the Water Ceremony in New Zealand: “The Waitaha Water Gathering happens every 50 years and has happened for thousands of years, always behind closed doors – this year is the first time in recorded human history that the Water people of Earth are opening up their libraries, and are inviting us, the modern world and other first Nations, to bring our wisdom to their Gathering place for they know deeply that this is the time window in which we need to act with peace and understanding – and to join with them in a global water ceremony wherever we are.”

      “WE ARE WAITAHA, THE WATER CONTAINERS OF THE CREATOR; BRINGING MESSAGES OF PEACE, FROM THE ANCIENT ONES. Until now we have hidden our beginnings and all that followed, in the shadows. In this way we protected our knowledge in the silence of the schools of learning. Tuatara is the keeper of knowledge. We lead you past our ever vigilant caretaker and invite you to share the words and wisdom of our ancestors. For it has been decided it is time for our treasures to be brought into the World of Light. Haere mai, nau mai..”

      “The Waitaha were the last migration of an ancient people of peace that traveled the globe before history deemed it possible, and mostly by sea. They migrated to avoid being trapped into war cultures, and to explore this beautiful planet for their descendants. They consider themselves related to the Tibetans, the Hopi, the tribes of the Salish Sea area, the Celts, the inhabitants of Lake Titicaca and Easter Island, Hawaii, and Polynesia and are direct descendants of Lemuria.


      For this is all about WATER as Bev has shared so many times, and so it is perhaps not by accident that this weekend some of us gather for a SOL event on an island 😉 And it is not by accident that so many of us have been drawn to water again and again in the last few months and weeks. As you may remember, my sister and I have been guided to perform ceremonies with water several times lately, both up in the mountains and by the sea, and when we did the first ceremony by the spring in the mountains, my sister were given these exact words “water carrier”. Yesterday, I was guided to go to one of the places close to my home where I usually do my ceremonies. It is the same place I saw the Hercules airplane flying low over my head the last time I did a ceremony there, so I knew that it was somehow connected to my trip to Crete. This time, I was sent to collect WATER of course, and the water I collected there was mixed together with the last remnants of the water from the mountain spring that we brought down to Lake Gjende. I just knew that I will be asked to bring a small bottle of that water to Crete and be called to do a ceremony there. So when I read these words shared by Murray and Lin this morning, I just smiled and said “thank you” to you both! 🙂

      A few days ago, I was given these words during a meditation : “Listen well for the bell” and I knew they were connected to this upcoming trip. So Lin, you see why I nearly feel off my chair when I opened the link you shared about the water ceremony and it guided me to this Waitaha Water Prayer:

      “Let my spirit, my deep mind travel
      to the spaces in between the water patterns
      Let my heart beat echo the tinkle and bell sounds
      of the water deep inside of my body
      Let me hear the memories of the Gods and Goddesses
      Let me hear the memories of the Angels, and Ancestors
      Let me send my voice into every atom of water that is in me,
      Water that is in front of me, behind me, around me, above me
      Let all the forms of water hear my resonance in this time and forever
      Carry my blessings and wishes to the highest mountains, to the heavens
      Then let all the living and the dying creatures and humans hear the sounds
      of the joy of creation resonating in every sentient form in this universe and others
      to be the sound that sings forever and eternal in the mind song of Creation.”

      For this prayer sums up everything I have been shown 🙂 What a magical time this is for us all, and what a wonderful gift it is to be a part of this Pond, this living, breathing, vibrant body of wonderful wise WATER contained within so many shining souls!
      With eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. thank you dear sisters ❤︎ fascinated to hear all amazing and variety of water ceremonies. I just simply love water so much in ocean, in bath tub, in pool, drinking, feeling, all makes me feel good always. I hope you all have wonderful magical time in crete❤︎

      2. Dear Aisha!

        Your message goes deeply into my heart and soul and touches me very much ❤

        Thank you eternally for your presence here and what you are doing for us all, for Mother and for Creation ❤ ❤ ❤

        All my blessings to you and to all my light family and a special blessing to you all who will be co-creating in Crete ❤

        Love, light & gratitude ❤

        PS. The picture is so amazingly powerful – thanks!!!

      3. Profound sharing Aisha. Connected we are!!! (Yoda)
        What a tremendous prayer,,,, going there now!!
        Have a calm and peaceful trip, fluffy pink hearts surround you on your journey!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      4. The passing of Masaru Emoto this past week seems especially powerful now. The knowledge he made available to the world is immeasurable. You will be missed here Mr. Emoto but I have no doubt that you are still very much present in the waters of the Earth and certainly in our hearts.
        Blessed Be.
        Suzanne ❤

  19. Something I realized last night while reading the book I mentioned on manifesting and remember what Aisha said in return my message the other day. Lets say I have a headache or I need 5000 dollars for something. There are two endings to the story. I may continue having a headache/ won’t get that money or I’ll be healed/get that money. Manifesting means believing that time is non linear. Is that so? Could you share your beliefs/experience in that? Thank you.

    1. Yes, dear Tijen,

      I also found out that I have two choices.
      A past in which I would have had unpleasant experiences or past in the I had experienced only good and beautiful (regardless of which version I previously held to be true).
      I decided for the version in the I had always experienced only the most beautiful of all and the greatest of all, and therefore nothing can unpleasant be ‚restimulated’.
      I feel so much more comfortable than ever before. Someone said in a Channeling (I think it was Tobias): „The future is the adjusted past”.
      By I decided that I had never experienced something bad or negative, I clarify my past.
      So I bring my life on the highest plane and go so to speak ,out of the top’ into the paradise. This is my ASCENT.

      ♥ ☀ ✩ ♥ ☀ ✩ ♥ ☀ ✩ ♥ ☀ ✩

      Ja, liebe Tijen,

      Ich fand auch heraus dass Ich zwei Möglichkeiten habe.
      Eine Vergangenheit in der Ich unangenehme Erlebnisse gehabt hätte oder eine Vergangenheit in der Ich nur Gutes und Schönes erlebt hatte (ungeachtet dessen welche Version Ich früher für wahr hielt).
      Ich entschied mich für die Version in der Ich immer nur das Allerschönste und das Allergroßartigste erlebt hatte und deshalb kann auch nichts Unangenehmes ‚restimuliert’ werden.
      Ich fühle mich so viel wohler als jemals zuvor. Jemand sagte in einem Channeling (Ich glaube es war Tobias): „Die Zukunft ist die bereinigte Vergangenheit“.
      Indem Ich mich entschied dass Ich nie etwas Schlimmes oder Negatives erlebt hatte, kläre Ich meine Vergangenheit.
      So bringe Ich mein Leben auf die höchste Ebene und gehe sozusagen ‚oben raus’ ins Paradies. Das ist mein AUFSTIEG.

      Heart Greetings
      I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

      1. Dear Bixie,
        What you’re saying is a real eye opener.
        Do you know I created a facebook group called: CREATING THE FUTURE GAME and invited my friends and whoever else is interested, to join me to create our future.
        Thank you my dear.

      2. “… By I decided that I had never experienced something bad or negative, I clarify my past.
        So I bring my life on the highest plane and go so to speak ,out of the top’ into the paradise. This is my ASCENT…”

        Yes, I couldn´t agree more to this ❤

      3. perfect at the 10th hour dearest Bixie. just perfection put to words for my eyes to gaze upon…. and more so for my heart to pump straight thru ! XO

    2. Tijen, it’s funny you mention your headache in combination with the need of money! I myself had one really bad one until yesterday and I had it for days! My homeopath gave me Bryonia 9CH to take one 3 times a day until gone. Why do I tell you this? Bryonia is for really bad headaches and among other things good for people who suffer from money-worries. I don’t know if you actually have those worries, but I can tell you I thank God he made Bryonia because the minute I took I, my head got better and better until after a few hours it was finally entirely gone!
      I hope it helps you sweet Tijen!
      Love to your beating head!

      1. Thank you Katja! How interesting! I had no clue they’re related. I don’t think I’m worried for money but who knows, may be underneath somewhere, I am. I shall dig that.
        But my headache is better because I had a manifestation this morning to have a healthy and happy day. So far I’ve felt much better than this morning, in both ways 🙂

        1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 cool,
          I manifest that these words written right here, right now, will change the world into a loving community of Beings!!!!
          ❤ ❤ ❤ And it is so!!!

  20. Beloved Ponders
    I have arrived in Crete.
    I feel so expanded I can barely contain myself.
    Thank you Aisha and our Constant Companions.
    Bring it on, let’s play in this illuminating light explosion!!
    I love you exponentially with all my being!!
    It is so stunningly beautiful here it brings me to tears!
    Only LOVE is real.

    1. History of Minoan Crete

      Geography and Economy of Crete

      Crete Location mapThe island of Crete is located in the center of the eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe. It measures about 200 Km from east to west, and between 12 to 58 Km from north to south at its narrowest and widest distances, making it one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean sea.

      Crete’s largest modern town is Heraklion (35° 20′ latitude, 25° 08′ longitude) and its landscape oscillates between tall, rugged mountains, gentle slopes, and plateaus, which are framed by the Aegean coast line to the North, and the Lybian Sea to the south.

      The temperate climate of Crete with its short, mild winters and its dry, warm summers, along with the fertility of the Cretan plains produces sufficient food supplies to support an affluent local population, and for exports. The inhabitants of ancient Crete –whom we call Minoans– produced a decentralized culture based on the abundance of the land’s natural resources, and on intense commercial activity. While the island appears today completely deforested, in ancient times timber was one of the natural resources that was commercially exploited and exported to nearby Egypt, Syria, Cyprus, the Aegean Islands and the Greek mainland.

      Besides timber Crete exported food, cypress wood, wine, currants, olive oil, wool, cloth, herbs, and purple dye.

    2. Bronnie, thanks for letting us know you’ve arrived safely. So now Philip, Sue, JJ and you are in Crete. It fills my heart with joy as if I’m also there. You are all our eyes and ears at the moment, BEing in Crete for all of us.

    3. Thanks for posting Bronnie!! I will hold these words dearly during the 25 1/2 hr commute there. It will help me enjoy the journey more. See you soon 🙂 ~Nancee

    4. Dear Bronnie! What a joy-filled, energizing SPLASH you make in this Pond! I am so glad you have arrived safely – looking forward to see you there 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  21. Hello dear ones. Finally able to catch up a bit and of course I have a big giggle in my heart and a smile on my face. The last few months, everything in my life has shifted and changed in profound ways and things that I thought would remain constant have become fluid. As a pisces the flowing has always been easier for me than for others and in the past two messages about pulling up the anchors and not looking back I realize that in the past 2 weeks such a tremendous flow of change ramped up that I am in a completely different space.

    then we come to todays message and it speaks directly to me in so many ways I have to laugh even more…looking at the media and the daily news for the kernels of positive energy and new discoveries and stuff is my daily job now. To share the energy of love and the news that reveals the shift to others as well as sharing JOY at being alive has become my role and I am falling in love with it day by day. Some of my previous connections have fallen away, but I always seem to come back to the important ones, like this Pond and my dear Lisa Gawlas and the oracle report and matt kahn…the circle I entered years ago may have gotten smaller, but the information coming through my higher self has grown tremendously. I trust ME beyond all things and adore the messages from those who also TRUST their ME on the same level. Inner resonance, instant resonance, complete connection.

    See the light dear ones and be the light and give the light, but don’t force the light…much love and blessings to you all and extra special blessings on those traveling to Crete for this wonderful gathering of pond souls. I do hope you will all share photos because it would be totally awesome to put a face to the energy you all exude!

    big hugs! 🙂 Alex

    1. Dear Alex! Thank you for embracing your new “daily job”, for it helps to lift us all up and away from the disinformation and distraction the CCs speak of. “See the light dear ones and be the light and give the light, but don’t force the light” – amen to that, sister!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

    2. “See the light dear ones and be the light and give the light, but don’t force the light”.

      Thank you Alex for your always insightful messages.

      Much love ❤


      1. Thanks to you Alex and all who are posting along with love and light as we go…blessings on the travelers and those who remain to hold light where we/you are. It is so helpful, so healing. My LOVE is in every suitcase and is WITH you all, smiling and embracing, ❤ Monica

  22. Dear Family,
    I will be off-line and away in a quiet place in nature’s solitude until the end of next week. With any luck, I may “see” some of you in Crete. 😉
    Love & respect to ALL!

  23. Leave early tomorrow morn. Blessings to you all. See you in Crete! Hi Ho! now where’s my Pegasus… oh, there he is…
    bye bye
    xox Lin ❤ 😀

    1. Haha Lin, Pegasus is the name of a Turkish low cost airline :). Happy travels my dear, arrive Crete safely, content and with no sign of tiredness.

    2. Dear Lin! I have packed my love and my light in your carry-on bag, and I have instructed it to keep you safe all the way to Crete and back 😉 See you soon!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  24. I love you all so very much, you are the bravest of the brave, the few that left your perfection behind to protect our mother and her children. It was, and is an act of love. Welcome home, love each other, love the elements, love all of the animals, let your love be the foundation of all life.

    Remember we are all one, and that goes far and wide.


  25. the cc said

    “Well, let us just say that in this, you could not be more wrong, for the space we refer to, is indeed far more real than the illusion your currently look upon as your reality.”

    i say “wishful thinking”, get yourself a body and try it
    are you waiting for something significant ?

    “pulling wool over the eyes” is an ancient expression
    but wait , no , i get it .
    i absolutely lied to the investigating detective.

    but yet,
    he heard the truth
    what a person says is not what the other person hears
    it always get twisted,
    so i told him lies,
    he heard the truth
    these new downloads are powerful

    1. since i wrote this the energies have been flowing in non-stop
      i guess since the super moons or perhaps the eclipse things are changing rapidly. before, we would get a download and then a rest before the next one. now, the energies just keep flowing in. i feel like a brand new person again and again. the images, the insights, and all, is flowing in so fast that by the time i understand one there are more, it is mind boggling, but in a good way.

  26. I often receive messages that are then reflected in these postings, sometimes verbatim. I work with my light or auric field regularly and expand it and send light from it where ever healing is needed. Today, the light took on a whole different quality like … A shiny mesh which was organic and malleable! Still light as a feather and bright but more substantial. And one of the accompanying words was “sovereign”. Awesome synchronicity. I work diligently with Amazonian shaman who are healing the waters near Fukishima. And I work with the angels who are helping the medical staff in w Africa. I also work for peace in many hearts worldwide. Namaste! Love! Munay!

    1. Dear Krista! Thank you for putting your visions into words! And thank you for helping the light to penetrate deep into the darkest of corners and the deepest pockets of fear!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  27. I find this delightful, too.

    “Is it possible that there is no question and no answer?” feels very true to me…

    Thank you!

    🙂 AH

  28. Hello, greetings to all of you
    I love what I red today. Another hopeful post. I already found out that something is changed in me….

    It was beautiful sunset, I was in the garden watching the Sun coming down but still very luminous. In one moment I found myself looking at the yellow disk pulsating in the middle of the circular sparkling rings and I was very comfortable with the light. I looked at the grass, it was green, looked at the Sun it was bright in the first second and again very comfortable to watch after…Next morning I tried to look at the morning Sun – the same thing… Never before I was able to look at the Sun strait and be at ease. No blinding effects, just the very joyful feeling to look at it.

    And Tomo, you are right, meditation is not something you can do in a certain place only. Because it happen to me years ago in the hospital when I crying my eyes off over the body of my very nice uncle, father of my best friend. Suddenly I come to a place in silence I was calmed down and told that he will have one more year and now me and my friend have to go home…So we both left the hospital. He got better, come home and stayed exactly an year.

    I have no habit to meditate. Just time to time when I’m painting or restoring something I have that kind of experience… not forced by any wish to do it. It just happens.
    Hugs for you all

    1. Thank you, Maria. You have much Wisdom and JOY. I can see why Nancee speaks so highly of you. Have a good day. xox Lin ❤
      (you will be with us in Crete) 🙂

      1. Hi Lin
        thank you. We all are from the same material, that is why we feel each other very close. Despite of the difficult times we are in now, we can show our goodwill to feel close to each other.
        I’ll think of you when you gather in Crete.

    2. Some one told me that if you gaze at the sun 45 minutes before sunset and sun rise. You won’t have any damage to your eyes!!! Enjoy! 🙂

      1. Hi Michael
        I’m open for suggestions and someone suggested that you can check your affinity to the light looking at the morning and evening Sun…So I did.

    3. Dear Maria!

      I LOVE your post so full of warmth and trust. I hardly meditate either – I “meditate” while walking, working and so on – it comes naturally. My work in the garden yesterday was like a long meditation all the time with the golden leaves around me and me too paused to looked at the sun for a long time and it felt so wonderfull. This morning I woke up remembering it all and I cried in joy and thankfulness – again (I actually never was a crying woman earlier 😉

      Yes Maria – something changed in me too. Thank you for your post ❤

      Love ❤


      1. Hi Birgitta
        you evoking a lot of emotions in me too, thank you.
        Your pictures of the Autumn with yellow lives on the trees and on the ground…I used to walk in the park for 6 years as the Academy studio where there. I loved to walk on the carpet of leaves and feel their smell and the special freezing air around…
        Did I live in the past too much?

        1. What is past and what is now? It all IS.

          Send you another leaves carpet with water, which I was led by Lins URL and Aisha’s message to honor with a ceremony at the lake today.

          Big hug and much love to you Maria ❤


        1. Morning dear Tijen 🙂

          Have been down by the lake this morning – incredibly wonderful colors. Last days to catch them!

          Love back to you ❤


  29. Funniest part is that by leaving my fingerprint now I can look back some day and say to myself, what an uncivilized, ignorant monkey I was/have become. Don’t still know which way!

  30. Hmm… My co-workers seem to read this too. Hi all! Well technology isn’t in the way of spiritual devevelopment, I’m meditating on my cell phone sitting on recliner, buddhists are doing it on statues, officeworkers on their computers etc. etc. Just give yourself a free space to argue yourself, others, all. Don’t just be pragmatic “take it all in” kinda zombie. Life’s good!

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