A short update on the energies

The adjustments that have been undertaken recently will help to bring you all up to par as it were with the continuation of incoming energetic fluctuations, and so, even if some of you will still feel some temporary physical setbacks as the full scope of these energetic encodings enter your being, you will soon find yourself emerging from the fog as it were in every sense of the word. You see, as the ongoing inoculation if you will will continue to increase not only in magnitude but also in velocity, you will also continue to increase your abilities to incorporate them at an ever increasing speed. For now there is no holding back this flow of endless illumination, and so, as you continue to take in more of these energized particles with literally every breath you take, you are also in a continuous flow of expansion and eviction. In other words, as you continue to grow with this flow, you also continue to exhale whatever it is that your body has been holding on to, the detritus to use a familiar word of your former existence, and this will continue to exit your physical vehicle.

This process in itself is not without its interesting side effects as some of you may be able to testify to, for it will at times feel as if you have been running a marathon or moving a mountain during your sleep. And in many ways, this is actually what you have been doing, as you are all doing a formidable work of lightening your load in this way. And so, as day follows night and in the blink of an eye seems to be followed by a new day, this process continues to speed up exponentially, and you can almost be likened to shooting stars now by the amount of debris that glitters in your wake. For if you could see this from our perspective, you would see yourself as a shining pinprick of light gathering speed, while a trail of glimmering stardust shimmers in your wake as you continue to separate yourself fully from your old being.

Again, this process is something that has not been done before, for unlike others going through a similar process of upscaling their energetic vibrational field, you are doing so while fully immersed within a physical body. And so, you are truly the brightest stars on the firmament in every sense of the word, and you are also the ones who have been chosen for this very task by your abilities to fly as high as you are doing. For this is not something that is taken on by chance, but by a divine design, a design that you yourselves have been instrumental in putting together.

So again we say know that all is well, and you are fanning the flames of your booster rockets even as we speak, the better to accelerate your speed even more as this week continues to supply you with even more fuel for your engines, and so, all you have to do, is to allow that old field of dust that is still trailing in your wake to finally let go completely from your field. For even if this evacuation process of the old is beautiful to behold, and the detritus from it can be mesmerizing to observe, it is also of the greatest importance that you do not let yourself fall for the temptation to crane your neck and look behind you too much. For what you need to do, is to focus on the horizon ahead, and the more you continue to look backwards, the more tempestuous your journey will be.

In other words, let yourself fly away from the old and focus your inner vision on what lies ahead, not on those shimmering and alluring glimpses of your past. For they will only serve to slow you down, and remember the incoming shower of sparks will only serve to push you that much harder if you are facing in the wrong direction. So give yourself the leeway you need in order to let bygones be bygones, and set your sight on the uncharted territory that awaits ahead, ready for you to come and reclaim it. For it may seem unfamiliar to you at the moment, but the space that awaits you is more familiar to you than what you can envisage at this time, for it is indeed the primordial sea of energetic potential that beckons ahead, a place you used to know like the back of your hand, and a place that is so eager to welcome you back home into it.

And so, the more you let yourself forget what is trailing in your wake, the sooner it will let go completely from your sphere of influence, and the faster and lighter your journey forwards and upwards will be. So let go, and let the flow of incoming light continue to push you in the back so you can get reunited with that former version of you, the pure one, the all-encompassing one, the one that is devoid of inhibitions, limitations and lies, the ones that is pure and simple light and potential, but this time, it will be all this and it will be held within this familiar container you call your body. And that dear ones, is the goal you are aiming for, and it is within reach for every single one of you, and it is far, far closer than you perhaps think.

282 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

    1. Haven’t heard her voice in so long, Thank you Michilyn.
      Just click the title is this on can’t be seen!!!

          1. Heart and tears in full motion here Michael!!! THANK YOU for this video with dear Celine as well as Elvis who are so intimately associated with my vision that I cherished for over a decade now ❤

            Love you ❤


          2. Dear Michael! You are simply AMAZING at finding and sharing the perfect video to any occasion and to every single person here 🙂 Thank you!
            Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

            1. Aisha and B my gift it seems here, is music that reminds us and moves our heart. Thankful to have this gift made easy with such gifted folk to inspire you/ us/ all!!! Our pond vibrates with energy that touches everyone who visits as one amazing song!!!💖 😄

      1. Thanks Michael for helping me view this video. It makes me think of the zorba dance that I learned many years ago. Maybe I´ll join our friends in Crete in that dance? 😉

        Love ❤


        1. YES, please, Dear B! Step right up. Just watched again the movie Zorba with Anthony Quinn… always love that dance at the end. AQ was the perfect man to play that role. xo Lin ❤

          1. kewl, thanks for reminding me a great memory.
            i saw the stage play with Lila Kedrova and Anthony Quinn and there’s is another lady i apologize for not remembering.
            they had the most unbelievable way of changing scenes, all the lights in the theater would turn off, the audience was in complete darkness for about 1 second.
            the lights would come back on the the set on stage was completely changed,
            how the * + did they change the entire stage in 1 second,
            let’s see, that must have been, hmm

  1. Laying out a Labyrinth

    The knowledge of how to draw a “classical” labyrinth, and how to transfer that skill to the construction of a full size labyrinth on the ground, has been passed from one generation to another for thousands of years.

    Here’s the foolproof method for drawing the classical labyrinth and creating a labyrinth of your own…

    There are many books and websites which illustrate the method of drawing a 7-circuit/ring classical (Cretan) labyrinth by starting with a “seed pattern”. This page goes beyond that by suggesting practical ways of creating full-sized versions which can be walked or run with little more than a ball of string and some pins.

    The Seed Pattern

    First, however, let us start by looking at an animation of the basic drawing process:

    There are two key factors to using this method successfully:

    (i) remembering the seed pattern (the cross, corners and dots)

    (ii) practice, practice, practice!

    This is a great way to create “freehand” designs outdoors – here are a few of the ways I have done this:

    scratch the design on a sandy beach with a stick;

    use large pebbles to make the design more resilient;

    use sticks to make the pattern in a woodland glade;

    use mown hay to show the walls.

    The advantage of this approach is that you can create a labyrinth in just a few minutes with whatever is to hand.

    However, things get a little more complex if you want to create an accurate classical labyrinth, with truly circular arcs and regular path widths.

    For an indoor labyrinth I would recommend a path width of at least 1 foot (30 cm) for solitary walking or 2 feet (60 cm) for more comfortable walking, running or group activity – this gives a labyrinth that will fit in an area of 15 feet (4.5 m) or 30 feet (9.0 m) in width. For outdoor locations, a minimum path width of 1½ feet (45 cm) is recommended, and obviously if you have the space, a somewhat larger path width can be selected – especially if you are expecting a crowd to walk your labyrinth! Do note that the geomantic centre of the labyrinth is not in the geometric centre of this area, so be careful to plan the layout procedure if indoor space is at a premium.

    These instructions are scalable to any size and work on a path width of 1 unit – whatever that unit might be.


    when i says move on,
    i means move on


      1. Ok, you self-proclaimed “brat from hell,” I’ll answer you. 🙂 Haven’t you learned patience in all those 35,000-some-odd years you’ve been doing this?

        All affectionate joking aside, I actually was going to respond to your comment last night but my kindle battery died and I couldn’t get the dang thing to charge. Again. Oh, well – everything in its proper moment, right?

        So! This info is particularly compelling to me personally, especially this: “a 7 circuit/ring classical (Cretan) labyrinth by starting with a ‘seed pattern.’ ” And while I don’t have a whole lot of interest in building one to walk (though that sounds cool), I know well that I am walking my own internal labyrinth, so this post is very symbolically meaningful.

        Thanks for sharing, man.

        Glad you “passed” and of course you knew there was never a question that you would…


        🙂 AH

    1. Dear Otmn, dear AH! Major tingles here when I read this: “a 7 circuit/ring classical (Cretan) labyrinth by starting with a ‘seed pattern.” I cannot even explain it, but I just know this is so important for our upcoming trip. Thank you both!!!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤ ❤

  2. I get these kinda prelude-dreams, which kinda give an energy boost of somekind by music and “movies” which wake me up. After a while back to sleep and on we go. Nice program, kind makes you know what’s next.

  3. It is so close… My dreamworld is getting cohesive, and focus gets online by it’s self. Not drinking helps alot. Beautiful. People there have funny, surprised faces whenever closing by. No interest except wandering there and teleporting around. Beep-beep! Hehe, dreams do come true!

  4. thanks for all your support, it helps.
    i have been tested again, i pass, i stay in my nonjudgmental heart space.
    all is/will be well. let’s move on. it is just 3d stuff anyway.

  5. Eduardo,I’m in my 20s also. Been reading the messages for more than two years. Bienvenido.. I have no job and $28 in my bag a baby and a 11year old son. The universe is providing and I know it will provide beyond my wildest dream . Trust and faith. Here you will loved and supported unconditionally.

    1. Much love to you both Yani and Eduardo<3 Staying in your heart, allowing you to be in YOUR light and love is the very best thing to do whatever chaos is around you – because you are both LIGHT and HOPE and so very important in this ascension process – even when it is frosty outside.

      My love and light is with you both ❤


  6. i think one thing, you all old agers with profissions that gives you money forgot how to create a son… and are thinking thath you are the certains.kk let me get out of that prision like was saind before….

    1. Dear Eduardo,

      If you were guided here, of course it was for a reason. 🙂 I am 46 years years old with no profession and no money. Certainty? Heck, no. Trust and faith? Yes, definitely. As far as your age is concerned, please let me tell you that my 14 year old daughter teaches me more every single day than I can imagine ever teaching her! You have just as much to share as any of us old farts. 😉

      Love to you,

      🙂 AH

      1. ok, if you seek peace right .
        here were i live thats horrible, and i knnow you daughther is giving you messages, congratulationns to him..and to you..love to alll

        1. about parents i have my drunk father and brothers that aren’t fuckin for notihing( may they be right kkk) my mon is on other geografical location…. no mon durinng the last years.. hehe

    1. Dear Eduardo!

      LOL!!! Now you have come to a place for old golden dragons with big hearts of LOVE and LIGHT – hehehe.

      Just joking dear friend 🙂 Of course you are at the right place at the right time and you are called to be here with YOUR piece in the puzzle. Maybe there are other pals in the silent background at your age (though I think Johannes might be about your age too) – I don´t know – but anyway I know that I love that you are here ❤

      Much love, light and gratitude for your being here dear Eduardo ❤


      1. How strange!
        B, your love was so strong it made me cry! I mean reading your words, my body filled with love.
        How can you explain such a thing?
        I know I know, we feel these things all the time but it’s not like what you believe you know.
        I was looking at the screen and love permeated from the screen and embraced me. The feeling was so strong tears started falling down.
        I love you woman!
        And I love you too Eduardo!
        See, may be you’re here just for that!
        Sometimes doing certain things -even though it sounds strange to us- may change somebody’s life for good.

        1. Dear TIjen!

          I just can say that I felt so much love when I was writing to Eduardo so I cried myself. I did now too;) ❤

          Love back to you beautiful woman ❤


    2. Dear Eduardo! Know that you are so loved, and know that age is not a separation, neither is gender, nationality or any other “label”. For you are here as YOU, just as we all are, and you are here for a reason too, so I am so glad that you allow yourself to be seen by the rest of us. We all have different backgrounds, and our lives up until we all met up here have been and will continue to be different, but we are also ONE. As the CCs describe it, we are like separate spokes in a wheel coming from our own unique place, all coming together to form a whole that not only unites us but helps to make us all stronger. Dear brother, I do hope that you can feel the love and support from the rest of this “wheel” that you are also an important part of!
      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

        1. ❤ My heart loves yours dear tomo ❤

          I managed to catch the sun at the lake this morning 🙂 2C here, fresh and a bit chilly wind and my heart rejoiced with the school class who came out to play for a while 🙂

          Much love ❤


          1. I’m home ❤︎ sometime I just hug shower water takes all my tensions from work disappear in second. 2 Celsius is more than chilly !! it is freezing in freezer ! I live in city, I envy you are living in such beautiful nature place & I love watching all beauties from your photos. thank you dear B❤︎

  7. Just outside, strange sensations going on. A feeling like, “something’s up”, something is about to happen. Very little breeze, a few clouds make it slightly overcast, but sun shines its white light thru a little. Very, very quiet. Some birds are out, just a few hummers and doves, crow here and there, no sparrows or rens, no bird sounds. No dogs barking, no traffic, etc. Feels very much like how it feels in high mountain country where there’s no city life—never felt that before, here. There’s definitely an “expectation” in the air… not ominous, but big, big change is coming that doesn’t feel “bad,” but will feel good—eventually. Just thinking out loud. (Otmn and Nancee, you are hugged warmly and safely in Golden White Light) xox to everyone Lin ❤

    (it's sort of like the sensation I had in early, hot summer where it felt like autumn, "The Harvest"—maybe this is what jumping timelines feels like?)

    1. Further, it feels like I can walk around the corner and come upon a large cascading mountain water fall, I can even hear it. I don’t believe there’s anything like that in Crete, so I have no idea. It feels like I’m in the high mountains. This is VERY WEIRD, very strange. If it is a timeline jump, well, frankly, I kinda like this one… I Love the mountains, the trees. 😉

      1. I’m feeling the quietness, too, except for a strong wind in a few trees. And Lin – I woke up to the images of a waterfall and a serene hill overlooking a village. The water seemed gentle and somehow healing in a unique manner. It felt familiar. Safe travels, dear Sister. Much awaits for you in Crete. Btw – Maia was the mother of Hermes. 😉
        Loving you always,

        1. wow. Lovely strange, ‘eh. haha shy Maia. Was reading about Hermes, too, you big-boned beauty with eyes in the back of her head! I appreciate those eyes. Love you right back, Big C. 😀 ❤

      1. Almost done packing. Had to refigure as it’s going to be raining Sunday, 19th, until we leave for home on Wednesday— so 1-1/2 days of Sunshine and that’s ok. I think Nancee & JJ will want to go swimming… I’m ready, too. Maybe we’ll see both you & AH together in the seminar. I’ll be the one applauding. 😉 ❤

      2. I think you’ll feel the presence of all of us Lin! Great, yeah you must swim in the Aegean. They say if you swim there once, you’ll find the eternal life 🙂 (No, I’m kidding but it’s so cleansing and healing to swim in the Aegean, it’s not like the ocean so don’t skip it.)

        1. okie dokie.
          (I’m coming from “JAWS” country, so I’ll be glad to swim in the Aegean vs the Pacific… THAT’S why I don’t watch scary movies—I still see that girl see-sawing across the surface of the ocean and then… zip, poof, pulled under! A shark would probably spit me back out… too feisty. 😉 ) ❤

          1. Dear Lin! I’ve been checking the weather forecast too, and it seems to change from one hour to the next so we might not get any rain at all. No sharks either, for that matter 😉
            Aisha ❤

            1. geez. well, then, maybe I’ll just have to pull a Nancee and go nude!! 🙂 I keep packing, weighing, unpacking, packing, weighing. Maybe I’ll just go see B… it’s one temp there—cold!! I’m gonna be patient, I’m gonna. No distractions for this one over silly suitcases full of silly clothes. And if anyone gives me any problems at the airlines or Customs, I’ll… pout.

              (are we having FUN yet??!)

              THANK YOU, DEAR AISHA… like a Boy Scout, I’ll be prepared. Look forward to seeing you soon! 😀 ❤

  8. Last october more magic started in me in my realities.
    I just found this video today. & the star mark I recognized from here !!
    thank you Isabel, I certainly had lots of fun last October to November receiving bunch of telepathies from who? probably myselves in all Ds to shake me from core to reawaken me & I am very happy now. and thank you❤︎ !!I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATGOVZEdQpw

      1. all fun non physical magics led me to wonderful you❤︎
        and I always am thanking you, love to you aisha helping to become more who I am. love tomo❤︎

          1. You just made me a better mom, a better person in me ¡¡
            Love absolutely can change things instantly.

            I really would like to say thank you from my heart ❤︎ You are so precious & you are us. I have no other way to express my gratitude & love feeling I have now inside …..but if I express it would be…. we are really one co creating with all non physicals all the time & with all of us in all Ds right now ❤︎

            when I listened to saint Gabriel last year, I feel like Abraham hicks/ Mrs. Esther hicks herself speaking though saint Gabriel. & I still do sometime. well, we are all from one place, aren’t it.
            thank you dear santa Michael ❤︎

  9. Thank you, Aisha and CCs. I’m suddenly having a strong urge to get rid of a lot of my clothes, keeping only what totally resonates with me. Must be part of this “continuing to separate myself from my old being” the CCs talked about. Here goes! Blessings all.

    1. Welcome to the club, dear Sherill 😉 When I look at some of my clothes I think “who chose that?” Even some of my all-time favorites have found a new home by now, and at times it feels as if I could just walk out the door and leave everything behind without missing any of it.
      Adding my blessings to yours!
      Aisha ❤

        1. Dear sherill and Aisha! Here is another one who bought two new shirts this month because I thought none of my old suit me. I cleaned out my closet last spring, but I suppose it will be even more boxes of clothes for recycling in the time ahead 😉

          Love ❤


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