Welcome to the October Gathering around the Pond, Sunday October 5

Dear family of light!
Once again the energies seem to have to amplified considerably over the last couple of days, just in time for our monthly Gathering around the Pond. For tomorrow at 21:00 Oslo time we have the opportunity to come together as a collective for another one of our powerful group meditations, and this is what the CCs have to say about it:

“By now everything has accelerated to such a degree, we gather that many of you will feel hard pressed to keep track of it all, and even more so of the continuation of time. For now, you will all feel the shifts happening on such a vast scale, the time in itself will constitute a great part of these changes. Be that as it may, the time has once again rolled around another circle, and you are once again at a juncture in your lives that you have designated for another one of those get-togethers that serve to serve you all in so many different ways, while at the same time, these occasions serve to underpin this whole process of transformation even more so. And as you face another one of these communal get-togethers that you have been staging for quite a while now, you also face another chance to speed up this process even more, and so too the concept and indeed the actual rolling out of time. For as you sit down to connect, you will once again fire up another set of cylinders if you will in this gargantuan machine of change, a machine that is fuelled by the light, but that is entirely enabled by your willingness to serve as the all important mechanism that is the real hub that this entire operation literally circles around. For without you, everything would indeed come to a standstill in every sense of the word, and now, as you once again have taken it upon to you bring another level of this whole operation into action, we can only add our well deserved praise to this whole congregation of enlightened souls.

For your ability to speed up this process by what you allow to be transported through your physical vehicle has been increased to such a degree, you will once again kick start another important series of events just by your willingness to take some time to put your collective focus on this process. And so, we will once again extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for bringing in so much more fuel to this blazing fire by your very presence on these shores, and by your own decision to literally become one with this process of change. For again, it was up to each and every one of you to choose your involvement this time around, and the choice you made before you even came into being in this current physical embodiment was to give a resounding yes to All of creation when you were asked about your willingness to come in and be the firestarters we asked you to be. For the fire that has been burning in the very center of your being, hidden out of sight for such a long time, has now finally started to blaze brightly, and as you once again come together to pool those hidden resources of yours in a very new way, you will make that inner fire catch hold in so many more all around this planet.

For you set the example for everyone that has that inner urge to find their own way out of the shadows they have been lingering in for so many lifetimes, and now, as the shadows seem to lengthen and the days continue to shorten on vast stretches of your planet, that inner fire of yours will be such a welcome sight. So again we say know that you are so important in this whole process, and the light that you not only help to carry, but also take such care to spread around so generously is starting to take hold in places that up until now have been looked upon as almost impenetrable. But thanks to you, the circle around your fire is ever increasing, and after this upcoming collective session of enlightened co-creation, that light will continue to blaze ever brighter in the very heart of mankind, and in the heart of your planet.

For remember, you are are not taking part in an isolated event, for what you do is so closely linked to the procession of similar events taking place on this planet, and every single one of them serve to strengthen all of the others in an intricately linked line of fires that continuously grow in strength and stature, like blazing beacons signalling from every single mountaintop on this planet. And the signal they are sending out is the same: the time has come to stand up and breathe the fresh air of freedom, the time has come to step away from the old yokes of yesteryear and to walk boldly forward, fuelled by the knowledge that the light you see flickering on the horizon is simply the first signal of what is to come. For these fires, although small and innocuous looking to some, are in fact the opposite. They are just the first ones breaking through the surface from that all-encompassing blazing cauldron of light that has finally been uncovered beneath your very feet.

For you have helped to set free the inner fires, not just within you, but also within your planet, and now, more and more cracks will begin to appear in that old crust that has been trying to keep it all doused down for eons. But now, it will no longer be contained, not within you nor within your own planet, and together you will all begin to blaze in such a way, it will ignite not just the hope but also the passion in so many others and soon they too will be blazing brightly by your side.

So once again we say on behalf of All of creation, thank you for allowing your inner fire to take hold, and thank you for allowing that inner fire to come to the surface. For in doing just that, you are helping to set your entire planet free, and you are helping to relight the fires in every single soul inhabiting this planet with you. And together you will make this happen by the simple act of connecting like you do this Sunday and every single day afterwards. For the fires that will be lit this time around will never go out, they will simply continue to grow ever larger and ever brighter.”


Thank you to each and every one of you for adding your “fuel” to this fire! I am so looking forward to see you all blaze away on Sunday when we once again come together to add even more light and more love to this planet 🙂

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤



Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.


551 thoughts on “Welcome to the October Gathering around the Pond, Sunday October 5

  1. “I floated out in a dark void, but I could see other “embers” in the distance, and I knew that this part of the Gathering was a “solo journey” for every one of us.” [Very true, dear Aisha!]

    Dear Aisha and dear brothers,
    just arrived at the Pond, also I have seen a large circle of people around a huge fire.
    They were “people of flesh and blood,” they were sitting on the ground and kept connected through the arms on his shoulders, and we were all truly connected in a “hug smiling” … 🙂 …
    I asked myself:
    “Why, I see people in the flesh rather than essences of light?”
    And I got this response:
    “Because the two parts of yourself are coming together completely!”
    Only now, I have read that in the comments before the Gathering, many Ponders talked about their parents and their places of origin. That they spoke of their family history.
    Well, everyone has the “emotional knots,” of joy or pain, which are derived from family ties.
    Sitting around the fire in the Pond, I felt clearly that in my heart the “ice” of pain and blocked emotions was melting off towards the relationship with my mother and my family in general.
    So it was explained to me:
    “This is the purpose of this Gathering of October 5: dissolve in your hearts the bars of ice holding them captive and prevent the full spread of your light.
    Each of you has accumulated many experiences and skills in everyday life, and still learn new things. The difference will be that after this Gathering her do everyday will be perceived by other people with a lot of power, light and love. In this way you will know you as trailblazer – lead the way! ”
    A hug smiling … 🙂 …

    1. Dear Adele, now you “blow my socks off” as Denise said earlier! Thank you so much for sharing this powerful confirmation and affirmation!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    2. Just wonderful Adéle ❤

      "In this way you will know you as trailblazer – lead the way! " Thank you for sharing this ❤

      Love ❤


      1. ah…. I ask myself would I go to the path on the right or the left?
        I want to go straight ahead into the wooded unknown and make my own path. 🙂

    3. Yes, it’s true.
      Thank you for your explanation, dear Adele.
      I had been wondering why I had written AGAIN about my past –
      it was a new and different perspective.

      Heart Greetings
      I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

      1. …. 🙂 …
        Dear Bixie,
        each of us is a “piece of the puzzle” and being able to clearly communicate among ourselves, we help all of us to see a part of the “big puzzle” increasingly wide ………….
        A hug smiling … 🙂 …

    4. ah yes…! thank you Adele ! ‘wipe the slate clean’ comes to me in reference to my own blank sheet of paper experience. nice. Love to you ❤

  2. For the Gathering I went to the lake with a lawn chair. (It’s at noon here.) We have lot size (width) areas set aside between homes for lake access. The water was a few feet away and so calm today… stretching away from me as far as I could see. I didn’t overly connect consciously but I did see an image of me far off playing on my djembe (drum). I then saw the same vision as last month of looking down into pond water with its golden colour filled with sunlight dancing through it. I felt an image more than saw it of dancing around the bonfire but mostly I knew I went to drum. I must say I felt encouraged to read of people seeing/hearing drumming!! No one else came to this beach for the whole hour I was there yet the sun was shining and there are swings etc for kids. Near the end of my quiet time the wind started to blow and ripples appeared on the lake. I wish I’d taken a picture to share!!

    Many thanks to all sending healing energy to my body at this time. It has returned on and off today but tonight it has lessened considerably. I’ve had body pain on a daily basis since I was 2 yet this burning and neck pain (and clicking and thunking) has been a bit more than I can handle. My concern in asking for help is based on the 26 hr flight/airport sitting ahead of me in ten days… then a 20 hr trip back so soon after arrival.

    I enjoyed the many posts from everyone! 🙂 Love, Nancee p.s. Please hold my daughter in your loving energy… things have gotten very emotionally challenging tonight for her. Thank you

    1. ❤ holding you both & kids in LOve, Nanc. Take good care. Try not to worry about the flights / Crete. Loving you, xox Lin ❤

    2. Thanks for sharing Nancee ❤

      When I started to send healing to you and your daughter, it was a lot of feathers – both light and dark – who waved off negative energies around you both. They are still around you. You are embraced in Mother Earth's greenery and are cared for ❤

      Much love to you and your daughter ❤


    3. Sending LOVE to you and to your daughter, dear Nancee, our powerful drummer woman! Thank you for sharing your water vision, I can really SEE it too!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

    4. I know I could not well handle even 17 hrs! so God Bless you and Lin on your journey! At least u two will be together on the return. that will be really nice for you both. I wonder if u could take a small rice or bean filled neck pillow that the stewards could heat up for you?
      want taping for your aching neck and body… and for your dear daughter!
      ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Preparations for Crete, new site and other stuff mean I’m not able to come here to read and post. Sue and I leave on the 11th Oct and back on 25th October and likely will be off line for the whole period. ALL is very well indeed and know that the Pond is in my heart…

    Will share more at the perfect ‘time’ emerges…. Philip ❤

    1. You are always with us Philip ❤ Good luck with all your preparations and I hope you will share the new site address before you leave for Crete.

      Love & light ❤


      1. Hi B & everyone thanks for all the replies. The site is unlikely to go live before Crete as I am awaiting some ‘back-end’ technical input and that’s best not rushed. So will share as soon as it’s ready! Philip ❤

    2. Safe, Happy, Fun trip Philip and Sue!
      my ❤ is always with you and All at the pond and beyond
      Love, Areeza

  4. Wonderful to read of your experiences all!

    So glad you found or realised the Infinite Silence JJ – beautiful.

    Tijen – this comes for me to share with you:

    Be still and know that day and night
    Dark and light are ONE Holy Circle

    It’s from a Teize chant and very pertinent to SOL IS

    Great visions Aisha and Vinny and all.

    Mine is very simple as usual but it was a profoundly deep sense of connection not only with the Pond but ALL. The body felt a strong and loving energy.

    The connection was deep, beautiful with a sense of ISness… Infinite Silence ness if you like!

    Blessings, Philip ❤

  5. did i tell you lately that i love you
    but you already know it
    i doon’t want to bore you with redundancy
    what/why is it so difficult to accept //
    i dunnno
    it must be a girl thing

    1. I know you’re playing, O, but

      For whatever reason, unlike the Heart, sometimes the “ears” have trouble hearing / receiving the “I Love You”s
      Even if we do know it (we’re loved), boring? Noooo. Never.
      A girl thing? Hardly. Nahhhh.
      It’s the stoopid 3d Life we’ve lived. Trying to find that damn zipper so we can simply unzip the heavy fear cloak and walk out of it is challenging, maddening, at times. But then the JOY returns, just like the Sun, and we stand up and try again, ready to sing our unique song.

      (Take good care… you are Loved, appreciated and treasured. And oh, yeah, I especially liked your phrase above: “shit fuck damn”. poetic. Moved me straight into a donkey laugh. And thank you for THAT!!) Gonna go meditate and then slumber. 🙂 ❤

  6. Wow Vinny, your experiences always amaze me! I love your description of the light. Sounds like you are speeding along quite fast. 🙂

  7. lyrics Linda Perry “The Garden”:
    Would you like
    To slip away into the garden
    Where mystery flies
    And magical vines
    Twist and turn inside your mind
    It’s a blast
    Here at the ole whimsical gardens
    Where everyone dreams
    Grand illusions are freed
    From the constant poisons that we breathe
    So tonight, we’ll lay in the garden
    Where we’ll bury our souls into the ground
    Then tonight, we’ll pray in the garden
    Where we’ll lift our souls from out of the ground
    Just relax
    And we will feast on your emotions
    Open your mouth and let it come out
    Every single word will form a phrase
    Don’t refrain
    Are you so full of so much anger
    Every stitch on your lip starts to itch
    Until it all comes pouring out your lids
    So tonight we’ll lay in the garden
    Where we’ll bury our souls into the ground
    Then tonight we’ll pray in the garden
    And we’ll lift our souls from out of the ground

      1. so glad I am re-discovering Linda Perry. What a talent and so moving and Full. She is a great song writer – had helped many new talents come about.
        Kelly learned one of my favorites from her on his guitar yesterday (he can look at a tune once and get it down pat). I can sing it as Linda’s pitch matches my own. It is her “What’s Up” song…. whats going on…. and I say, hey yay yay yay

        1. In the 80’s I learned to play guitar but have not continued since then and I have regretted it later. Think it is so wonderful to be able to use the guitar and sing among friends – or by yourself 🙂

          Love ❤


  8. Hi all~
    It was 3pm here in New Hampshire and I joined the Pond as a rolling joining; driving along into Laconia on a beautiful sunny afternoon, having taken a journey to get Jake the puppy Tim and I have adopted. So I sensed and saw in my inner imagination Ponders floating again in the Pond, splashing and playing as in late summer fun, again, similar to other visions of past gatherings, so joined again when we got in the house and I could sit on my futon, Jake next to me, he seemed most tuned in also. Tim’s delight and happiness is JOYful, and we felt the energies all about us on the lakes and ponds we passed during this time. I saw the sysiphine man roll the big boulder over the tipping point and felt a big AAAAH! rose up from the crowd that had been pushing it.
    More affectionate puppy bonding into the evening. Well that’s all for now, back to cuddling, LOVE and Light and sparks all over the world unifying this Peace, ❤ Monica

    1. Thank you for sharing this, dear Monica! “I saw the sysiphine man roll the big boulder over the tipping point and felt a big AAAAH! rose up from the crowd that had been pushing it.” – this is really interesting, for I do feel like a huge shift or “lightening of the load” occured during the Gathering 🙂
      LOVE to you, Tim and puppy Jake 🙂
      Aisha ❤

      1. shit fuck damn [
        you have to push the little utube icon in the bootm corner to see this
        i hope you do
        go figure

  9. hello again,friends!
    well,i must say,we expected more,but with one thing and another,we were tryin’ to outdo each other in a tug of war….

  10. With all of us with love and peace that passes understanding, with loving thanks to Aisha and CCs for the gift of this message. Jean

      1. oooooh, B… these pix DELIGHT my Heart just before I go meditate, then sleep. Bless you. thank you. From your collection on photo bucket, I especially loved the basket of freshly cut bright, Sunshine yellow daisies, minus the longer portion of their stems, sitting on your outside table. So playful, hopeful. Just happy. I so en-JOY your arrangements. 😀 ❤ 2 U xox

  11. Hello everyone! 🙂 It was a BeaUtiFULL day today! I sat outside on our deck under the trees and listened to the wind chimes as I did the meditation. I chose a few bits of music during as well. I will post those later.

    The meditation opened with geometric shapes again. I have been getting shapes for a couple of years now during dream time and meditations. Anyway, they were on a background of bright yellow, golden yellows, oranges and some red. The first shape was a triangle, then an eye formed inside it. There were diamond shapes, circles within circles, a triskle shape, diamonds within diamonds. I then saw within my left eye a pattern of bright yellow dots on a dark background. They would flash and flicker. It looked like a constellation of stars. There were sometimes lines drawn in bright yellow connecting the dots. Then there was an arc of light across the constellation and flashes of arcs. It was kind of like lightening. Eventually there were light blue dots connected with lines in sometimes a T shape.
    Then I saw doves. We were all doves flying above. I was then transformed back to human dressed in leggings and a flowing top of layered material. I was dancing with the doves. I then saw children from all over the world ushering in peace. The peace would come from the East…Asia..India…mountainous area. It would push across the Middle East. I saw people with drums smiling. They were drumming for peace. We the world sang, we danced, we drummed, we laughed. We the people of the pond looked on like the stars. We are both those looking on and those dancing on the Earth. 🙂

    Peace, Love, Joy and Light! To everyone! I love you ALL! ❤ Sunflower Within!

    1. Dear Denise! Wow, now it is my turn to say “you knocked my socks off here!” 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! I get tingles all over when I read this: ” I then saw children from all over the world ushering in peace. The peace would come from the East…Asia..India…mountainous area. It would push across the Middle East.” May it be so!! And yes, ” We are both those looking on and those dancing on the Earth.”
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  12. My Gathering experience was this:
    I went into the Pond and underneath the surface I saw a lot of tunnels in the “banks” of the Pond, under the “water surface”. I decided to follow one of the tunnels, and it went straight ahead, and I was going at high speed. At one point I knew it would go on forever, and I stopped my forward motion, and I found that I was in a place of what I can only describe as Infinite Silence. There was just nothing there, a place if nothingness, but at the same time it felt extremely peaceful, and full of potential.
    I fell asleep after that, I think. I was lying in bed when I went to The Gathering.
    That basically it. When I woke up, I found that a friend if mine has sent me an article of the amazing healing qualities and multiple practical uses of baking soda; sodium bicarbonate.

    Love to all,
    JJ ❤️

    1. Hi JJ
      yes, baking soda + maple syrup, using soda without aluminium (the other is sold usually). The good one you can buy in health shop. The name will be different in your place, just ask. And this is a efficient cure for cancer.

      1. Yes, we even have bought it, but we hardly use it. Too reluctant, because I could never distinguish it from baking powder. Now I know the difference. 🙂
        Never heard of it using it with maple syrup. Is that just for the taste?
        I think I’ll start giving it to Vive (and Lara). I’ve also heard that it could be combined with magnesium powder?

        1. No JJ
          no only for the taste. It is well easily assimilated by the organism that way: you rather find it in Internet, there is exact dosage of both- maple syrup and soda. You have to caramelise them carefully to prepare the mixture, which can be used more that once. Watch not to overheat – is just too bad (as a taste).But I know about your daughter Vivi, so good for her is to buy apricot seeds (vit. B 17). Bitter seeds but enormously helpful against cancer. Find the article,is out there.
          Many good wishes from me to you and family.

          1. Yeah we tried the apricot seeds, but they taste absolutely horrible. 🙂
            I’ll have a look at how to mix the maple syrup with the baking soda.
            Thank you Maria!

            1. Sorry JJ
              all what helps is horrible. You should try Black seeds… you will see…But always you can cheat the taste combining “horrible” with something pleasant -honey may be. If it helps -just try.

    2. Dear JJ
      This is closest to mine:
      “Giant blank, white sheet of paper”
      We went for a ride along the Delaware River on an old steam train – about 25 minutes from home. The ride started a couple hrs before gathering time and we were home before dinner.
      >I saw the blank white space last night and again this morning and I knew ‘that was going to be it’ as far as my experience. so that was that.
      It was a beautiful day to be out….a bit chilly and windy….but nice and sunny.
      Had a near panic attack last night when I could not breath properly – felt like I could not get a good full breath and a heaviness lay upon my chest. I get this way at this time of year – lung issues. Always hope I will miss out on it… but nope, I am in weazy mode. I cleaned the house yesterday so that really kicked it into high gear… boy, when I lay down it was horrible. Felt like my lungs were filling up with water. Took some remedies for allergy, mucous and anxiety relief and finally fell asleep – exhausted. This experience brought back a past life trauma of being held under water until dead. I think I dealt with that (hopefully for the last time as I thought I had finished with it before). That life was probably the most traumatic.
      Love to you All and I will read your Gathering experiences soon.

      1. Bee pollen Areeza sometimes works for me.
        But I’m sure you have remedies already.
        It was a pretty day!! ❤

      2. A white out…interesting. Breeze, I too have been having difficulty breathing the past week. The change in weather and whatever is floating around in the air. Hope you feel better soon. ❤ Denise

    3. JJ, I liked your meditation. There is a lot there to think about in the infinite silence. Wonderfully quiet under the water. A womb like experience. 🙂 A great place to create. ❤ Denise

    4. Thanks for your story JJ! It makes me think of the picture I took yesterday showing still fresh greenery underwater 🙂

      Love ❤


    5. Dear JJ! “At one point I knew it would go on forever, and I stopped my forward motion, and I found that I was in a place of what I can only describe as Infinite Silence. There was just nothing there, a place if nothingness, but at the same time it felt extremely peaceful, and full of potential” – a big YES!!! to that 🙂
      Aisha ❤

      1. Yes, dear Aisha and thank you, I was there also! In the black void and it´s there we can create a new life for ourselves. That´s how the All of Creation started, I think. Love ❤

        1. “…it´s there we can create a new life for ourselves…” No, I´m wrong here I know…
          But in the beginning there was nothing – a big void. It really felt as that, nothing and everything at the same time. The Infinite Silence, yes 🙂

  13. Dear brothers and sisters! Once again this was a Gathering unlike any of the others. It started off with everyone gathering around a fire, a fire that grew larger as each and every single one of us put their “fuel” on it and then stepped back and joined the circle that was standing around the fire. I got a sense of an ancient ritual, where what we gave to the flames was the old parts of us we no longer needed, and I heard chanting and drums being played. Then I saw something that looked like a space rocket taking off, and one by one, the people standing in the circle flew off into the air like fireworks. I did too, but very soon we changed from rockets to floating embers, and it felt so peaceful. Suddenly it felt like I was being turned inside out, and I saw myself as a popcorn popping, just unfolding out from the small hard shell that had contained me, and I got an image of the seeds that can only begin to grow after having been exposed to fire. I floated out in a dark void, but I could see other “embers” in the distance, and I knew that this part of the Gathering was a “solo journey” for every one of us. I saw myself as a small collection of cells, like an egg that has been fertilized and had just started to divide into new cells. It was such a total sense of absolute certainty, of knowingness, that I will know exactly what to do every step of the way in order to grow fully into the “new me”. During one stage, I could literally feel all of the sacred geometry that is involved in the development of an embryo from the very beginning and through every phase, just like inthis image Kiera shared earlier:

    It was a powerful sense of change in my body, like I was literally being reborn completely free from all the “old dross”, and it was as if I was shifting and changing shape throughout the whole process. As I started to become more aware of my surroundings and it felt like I was “re-entering” my body, I sensed that my lower back, especially on the left side was so sore and tender, and my sister told me she felt the same strange sensation in the exact same area, almost like it was vibrating on the verge of cramping up. She also told me that her whole Gathering was very similar to mine, a sense of “floating” like a lighted lantern amongst many others but still very much “on her own”, the same feeling of breaking through the old shell and a mixture of serenity and confirmation of her own powers. She had also seen the same vision of seeds being literally brought into life by the fire.

    While I was “floating” like an ember in space, I looked down and saw the fires spreading all across our globe, like molten lava flowing in beautiful patterns in the night, and there was a sense of celebration, dancing and ceremonial music accompanying it.

    Thank you to each and every one of you for making this fire burn so bright! It is time for me to go to bed now and ride these energetic waves even further out I think 😉
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤

    1. Oh my gosh! I just posted…you knocked my socks off here! I will have to read others later…dinner and husband is calling. Check out what I got! I a, shaking my head here. Can’t wait to read others. See you all soon! ❤

      1. I posted so quickly here. Should also say I think it is awesome all of the confirmation you and your sister received. I always feel good when what I get gives me the extra confidence to push me onward in what I am doing. But it shouldn’t come to a surprise to you with all the amazing synchronicities going on. You both are bright stars! Thank you for being the wayshowers you are blazing the path before us. Love and gratitude always, Denise ❤

    2. ❤ Thanks Aisha! I also were in different places, not so clearly though. Except for in the end when it felt as being uplifted into intense light (my thought: lightshhip), went through it and out into the very dark void floating weightlessly. The only light was from my own body and my energies 🙂 Then unfortunately my cat disturbed me.
      Afterwards thinking of Philips words: in the infinite silence 🙂
      With love to all ponders ❤

    3. Interesting Aisha that when I was reading how u saw a space rocket taking off, what I sensed were the lighted Chinese lanterns like what u said later that your sister saw! I remembered the ones I saw during the night-time, ocean side ceremony we had for my niece in CA.
      Even my experience being a blank white sheet of paper and JJ’s a nothingness place ‘full of potential’ …. now seem to link up
      ❤ xo

  14. My experience was interesting. I was both there and away. And there was both light and darkness. I saw a gazelle, who was looking at me curiously. I had a feeling that she represents purity. I couldn’t see much of the pond and my dear ponders. At the end I asked what I have to get from this experience. The answer was: ” there will always be dark as well as light.” I asked what I should be doing. Of course I got the simple answer: “stay centered.” I’ll probably know why I had that experience when we read the post gathering message from the CCs. (I may be away from internet until tuesday evening in case you’ll be missing me.) 🙂

    1. Thank you Tijen!

      Of course I have to read about the gazelle in my little book Animal Language:

      “Be brave, stick around and learn from the experience. My gift to you is to feel courage.

      The gazelle showed me that when I was brave enough to face my fears with love, so they disappeared ”

      Much love ❤


      1. Thank you B. It means so much to me, I mean knowing what it means. I love gazelles. They’re so beautiful and innocent looking (may be not, if you ask for smaller animals in the forest). ❤

        1. I have no gazelles in my forest either but there are some trees growing tight and in winter with partly snow on them I see them like gazelles 🙂

          Much love to you Tijen ❤


    2. Dear Tijen, thank you for sharing this! “I was both there and away. And there was both light and darkness” – it resonates very much with what I experienced 🙂
      Aisha ❤

  15. Yust discovered this Beautifull Blog & feel all the way at home here already. Thanks Aisha & All for Cocreating this together. I `m feeling Lots of Warm Fire within & so Fine ! Yust shared this from Meline`s Blog where I mostly read your posts from Aisha ) on my FB like this : Wherever you are at whatever time available to you, Gather around the Pond & Celebrate the Fire Within that has brought us to this Point in Time & Keep Blazing & We`ll make this World Feel Alright 🙂 Love is All that is Real & the rest is yust fear to be left behind. I Love you All equally my friends We Are ONE Humanity doing All we can, to set things Right ,Each in our own Unique way, We Are Miracles of Transformation .Have a Wonderfull Week ahead . I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti .OM

  16. Good day/night to all of you.

    it’s a very early morning here. My cat is watching the birds outside. The sky is clouded, it will rain all week long…Even that the spring is visible. Every plant is full of flowers (with camellia still flourishing). The grass is still green yet, (will be burnt in the few months to come)…
    God, I love this time of the year…

    I don’t know how to send you a pictures, I’m just reading your conversation but I’m sending you my good wishes and I’m close to you all in my heart.

    1. Thank you Maria for your nice message from another corner of the world 🙂

      So amazing to realize that you have spring when we have our autumn 🙂 Then Mother Earth is in her fullest colours all around 🙂 Here in Sweden it is autumn now, we have had some frosty nights a week ago, but it’s still quite warm during the days. I am grateful that we had a lot of sun so far this fall but as you see in the picture, it was pretty gray and overcast yesterday.

      Best wishes back to you Maria. You are in my heart as well ❤


      1. Thank you Birgitta
        all your photos are beautiful. Autumn is special too. When I’m thinking all around, all man in my life come in this time of the year… silly me…why I’m thinking about it?!
        Hugs to you

        1. I met my ex husband a couple days after Thanksgiving. I asked to meet him. He asked to meet me…. we both asked on the same day to meet our future wife/husband! true. and so it was. He had met a lady earlier in the day and though… hmmm maybe… then, met me later and said oh, yes 🙂
          I chased him away at first. I had gotten back from a trip with my gay friend (we both decided to ditch family that Thanksgiving and had a great time at and Inn in the Pocono’s -Pennsylvania). Upon arriving home feeling a bit sad I did not meet anyone new and I absent mindedly left one of my bags behind the car tire. About that time, Dave (who lived next door) came to ask if I needed help with my bags. I thought,,, ‘oh, its just that married guy next door’ (he was divorced – two sons). I said no thank you.
          I went up to tell my Gram about my trip (was lucky to live with my fathers parents in same big ole house)…. well, I kept thinking of Dave and his smiling eyes…. I was standing by the window and he came up my walk with the bag in hand!
          Dave decided not to marry me at one point two yrs later. It was at that time I met my soul mate, Robert…. Autumn time once again 🙂
          I have the coolest photo of Robert ‘hidden’ in the corn stalks…oh no, that’s right he has it now… he wanted this little photo booklet he made for me at that time returned to him as he missed me so much.
          We still talk once in awhile.
          The other main guys, I met in Spring. Kelly is my May guy — February briefly but I was not yet ready at that time. Full moon on a May evening…. I went out on my own and said first guy I see may be the guy… it was Kelly 🙂 had our first kiss on a mist filled hillside.
          Have I ever told you guys how much I Love the Mist! oh , yes. Got married on a misty morning to Dave too.
          ok… that’s my little story of life for this day.
          Enjoy all ❤ Areeza

          1. Dear Areeza
            obviously we all have autumn man in our life. I suppose it is an old pattern dating back in our agricultural past: the wedding is
            after the crop is taken home, festive season is beginning and the married one have a time to be with each other until the spring work begins on the land…

            Anyway, me too love the mist, please, find my note to Caroline above about my first encounter with a Czech land.
            Hug to you ( I almost wanted to say your real beautiful name)

    2. Hi Maria… I was thinking of you a lot this morning. An email will come SOON. What a beautiful description you shared. I can picture your cat looking outside too… my mind is blank right now but I know her name! Big hugs to you and the family! You are not forgotten. ~Nancee

      1. Dear Nancee
        She is Ruby (our princess),amasing hunter: no small insects can be safe when she is in the garden. When she appeared with a moth half in her mouth,I tried to save it but she didn’t want to hear about it. In other hand she gives a break to the mouses and birds – just watching them.
        Thank you for your kind words, we are as you know us. Only Max changed the school- left the private one for a very good public school and is happy there. Good for My daughter too, money will find a better use. We thinking about you too, Nancee.

  17. Dear family of light! The Gathering is in less than an hour, so I will be stepping back now to prepare. It is dark outside and I just heard an owl calling from the hill opposite our house. It feels like the perfect signal to step into the silence 🙂 See you all soon!
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  18. Thanks Aisha & CC’s & Thanks to All my beautiful Light Sisters & Brothers ! In keeping with the ‘Fire’ theme, I’d like to add another kind of ‘Fire’ to the mix….Nature’s kind that is strong, brilliant, beautiful & warm, yet touchable, embraceable & nourishing to others !….the kind that absorbs the power of the Sun & radiates out to bring Light & Beauty to our surrounding ailing & injured world….this is Mother’s Fire ! This is Fire Light pure & true that no dark energy can distract, separate or conquer…she Lives to blossom her full beauty upon the world….glowing safe & clean & the best part for me is that she provides lots of nourishment for the ‘Eyes’…for the BEEs & even the birds !….a Perfect Fire !……may we ‘All’ Shine like a brilliant field of ‘Sun~Fire~Flowers’ & radiate our highest strength in our soul intention out into our world…..may you All be filled with Great Vision Today !!!
    LOve You All……Bev~

      1. Oh, Bev! Your sunflowers are the colors in my meditation today. 🙂 very beautiful! The bees are enjoying the wild flowers here as well. Not much left though. Early winter here I believe. ❤ ❤ Denise

        1. Interestingly, sunflowers are called moon flowers in Turkish but in some areas it’s called “the one that looks at the sun”. I have a friend who mentioned that in their region, they call it “the lover of moon and sun” (of course all Turkish names). It has many local names in my language and I love them.

    1. Dear Bev! Thank you for sharing these vibrant images and the powerful words! My sister and I have spent the day at our vegetable plot, harvesting vegetables for our soup and gourds and sunflowers to adorn our table for tonight’s Gathering 🙂 We only picked two flowers, the rest we left for all the bees that still come to feed off them 🙂
      Aisha ❤

      1. Beautiful Aisha 😉 I bought a small pumpkin like yours at the market yesterday – it will surely be seen here as well 😉

        See you soon 😉


  19. All this talk of fire has lit a smile on my face! Burn on, bright brothers and sisters! Out to hang the laundry on this sparkling sunny day, and later to the Bonfire at the Pond!

    1. Me too!! I love the whole process of hanging laundry out to dry. So peaceful and centering for me, and wonderful way to begin the day.
      Hugs! 🙂

      1. ditto
        dont like it when i have to use the indoor dryer
        that first night you spend wrapped up to your nose in the newly wind blown, fresh air blanket…ahhh…. i dont use sheets. even in summer. dont like them… i actually use light weight, white hospital blankets. :0

    2. How wonderful to be able to hang the laundry out in the sun. Always remember my mom making it and the scent of wind-dried laundry is absolutely wonderful. Recall that she also used to whiten linens on the snow during early spring. Lovely memories 🙂 🙂

      Love ❤


      1. me, too, B! The smell of fresh wind-dried sheets is heavenly, just as memorable as the smell of the hair and breath of babies. yum to the Soul. ❤ xox Lin

        (Hi, Mark… I'm from California)

              1. Wow, I started a laundry thread—what fun! Caroline, I really enjoyed hanging laundry with you yesterday morning! One of my closest friends used to also be my neighbor (I love it when that happens), and we were always bonding over the laundry-hanging. Laundry has always been my very favorite household task. It was fun to hear the reflections of all you other laundry-line lovers, too; I thought of you all last night as I snuggled into bed in my fresh-smelling pajamas! 🙂

                1. LOL!! That’s so funny. Maybe because laundry involves water? Who knows!! I despise dusting. Ha!! Talk about procrastination. We are silly in human form at times. 😉

                    1. Well, or IN our dusty homes. Cute image I just had, tho, of our homes being so dusty we have to escape them and sit on the roof.

  20. My genes are partly French, because my father’s family came from France. This is my affinity for Southern Europe.
    I have lived from 1986 to 1988 in Denmark and I especially love the Nordic languages. This is my affinity for Northern Europe.
    My soul twin Ron, who now lives on the other side and traveled around the whole world, was born in the USA. This is my affinity for America and for the whole world.

    And I really wonder why my angel-ish is still so difficult for me.
    Because I always heard since I was very young (ie in the 1960s) only English music.
    It is almost native language!
    And strangely enough, I can write almost all English words correctly, my right, pictorially working brain can deal better with the language than my left, handles the word meanings.

    In one of my other incarnations I had lived in Ireland.
    I have slightly access to my other incarnations, sure I only know of Ireland and Japan, and also a previous incarnation as ‘Lilli’ in Germany (1937-1949).

    I feel a deep yearning for the Vega in the constellation Lyra ❤

    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    Meine Gene sind teilweise französisch, denn die Familie meines Vaters kam aus Frankreich. Das ist meine Affinität zu Südeuropa.
    Ich habe von 1986 bis 1988 in Dänemark gelebt und Ich liebe vor allem die nordischen Sprachen. Das ist meine Affinität zu Nordeuropa.
    Mein Seelenzwilling Ron, der jetzt auf der anderen Seite lebt und der rund um die ganze Welt reiste, war gebürtiger US–Amerikaner. Das ist meine Affinität zu Amerika und zur gesamten Welt.

    Und Ich wundere mich wirklich warum mein Engel-isch immer noch so schwierig für mich ist.
    Denn Ich hörte seit meiner frühesten Jugend (also in den 1960ern) immer nur Englische Musik
    Das ist fast schon Muttersprache!
    Und seltsamerweise kann Ich fast alle Englischen Worte fehlerfrei schreiben, meine rechte, bildhaft arbeitende Gehirnhälfte kommt besser mit der Sprache zurecht als meine linke, die Wortbedeutungen verarbeitet.

    In einem meiner anderen Inkarnationen hatte Ich auch in Irland gelebt.
    Ich habe nur wenig Zugang zu meinen anderen Inkarnationen, ganz sicher weiß Ich nur von Irland und Japan und auch noch einer früheren Inkarnation als 'Lilli' in Deutschland (1937 bis 1949).

    Und Ich fühle ein tiefes Sehnen nach der Vega im Sternbild Lyra ❤

    Heart Greetings
    I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

      1. ~laughing~
        Thanks to Google Translator, Bing, Woerterbuch.info etc.
        I ‘m very creative to use these translation tools 😀

  21. Since I hide very well, and I so long to know this, please help me out here. I am Mark, I live in IL, USA. And tust me, looking at endless corn fields is not a vacation destination. 😉

    On a human level I am Irish, English, and Native American Indian.

    My love to you all, oh wait for the moon on the 8th, you going to love it!

    Your Brother, Mark


    1. You are already `out` Mark. Also “in” at the same time. It depends on where you look from and how you look at it. Sending love to you from Antalya, Turkey. ‘<3

    2. Hi Mark!
      I think we met last night. I “see” people in different representations, such as a teddy bear for Nancee or a sky blue shirt on black background for Vinny. A big ear of golden corn with half of the husk peeled back came to me last night. The symbols go away once I’ve discerned their individual vibration. So happy to meet with you!!!!! Oh, I’m half Austrian and half Czech living in Ohio.
      See you in a few hours again! 😉

        1. LOL!!! Oh B, are you familiar with the Peanuts cartoons with Charlie Brown? In the beginning, you were Charlie’s little sister named Sally. She’s stubborn and feisty and determined!!! Now, I simply feel your smooth and steady vibration. Like the rock that you are!!! 😉

          By the way, your photos bring my beloved Canadian lake memories to life. The birches, lilypads, color of the water. Sometimes I can hear the wind blowing through the trees.
          Thank you, with LOVE!!!

          1. LOL Caroline :))) This was very funny 🙂 I had to google Sally and you are quite spot on 😉

            “Sally has a good heart and a strong moral sense; like her older brother she is extremely sensitive to the unfairness of life”

            “In the winter, and most of the time in the later years of the strip, she switched to a shirt and pants.”
            CHECK (though I always wear pants 😉

            “For example, she says” fiddles broke out “in place of” violence broke out, “or” controversial French “instead of” conversational French ”
            LOL, LOL, LOL. I don´t check this one yet – that´s for my dear friends around the world to decide ;)))

            Thank you Caroline – I really appreciate your your similitude of me 🙂

            Much love and see you soon ❤


            It was dark and cloudy in the afternoon today, but the smell of the swamp was absolutely lovely 🙂

            1. Oh – it smells wonderful!! 😉

              I wish I could figure out which one of us shows up to me wearing those silly fuzzy, pink bunny ears that people put on their dogs and cats at Easter!!!

              Love you!

            2. Oh wow B! We have a swamp here too. I use to walk to often with my dog. I haven’t been to it in some time. Maybe it is calling. 🙂 love to you B! Denise

            3. Cool B… just today I discovered with my friend a swampy bird sanctuary! There are board walks through this one and it looks like a great place for me to spend time. Mind you sitting by our gorgeous big lake is rather a nice place… but swamps have more wild life I can see. Love, Nancee

      1. I hear people voices I think, more than see them as anything.
        I hear Otmn clearest of all. I so wonder if i am correct. I Love hearing Otmn as a matter of fact!

          1. oh but please… u were a good driver in one of my dreams 🙂
            actually, come to think of it we were parked…..no real hanky panky…. don’t get too excited. LoL
            hugs back

      2. Hi Caroline,
        jesti pak mluvis cesky?

        I lived in Prague for 26 years. Love this town. First three months I walked the streets with my head up because almost every building is an art object…Later it helped me to work on the scaffold with my head up…restoring the ceilings. I was well trained… Anyway, I was lucky to be there for so long.

        1. Hi Maria!
          I know two words in Czech, for fish and beer! 🙂 My father was born near Blatna. Visited several times when I was a child. Never in Prague. Spent time in the Carlovy Vary(?) area. What I remember most is the richness of the forests. My uncle would take me mushroom picking. It felt like heaven!!!

          1. Dear Caroline
            I spent two years restoring in Blatna also in the castle near it.
            Beautiful nature. End of November they emptying the lake and the fish is ready for Christmas. It’s a very big event there in this
            region with cascade of lakes full of fish. It’s like a theatre: around the lake the people watching fisherman working, have a bear, sausages and the band is playing…

            I’m not Czech born but I love this part of Europe. I come from a beautiful country but when the train entered Czech land one early morning end of August and I looked out the window, my bread stoped for a second…a light blue fog stayed close to the ground, a contours of the trees and plants just sited on top of it and all that reflected in the water…I was going to study in Academy of Fine Arts and my education began this early morning to continue for almost 30 years…

            Karlove Vary are a sample of the top of the architecture skills in
            Europe at the time. Rich, complex and tasteful. I was there visiting only…

            And yes, everybody but me picking mushrooms. I’m afraid. My professor told me not to, he said: “All mushrooms are edible, some of them only once.” But I wasn’t interested to try it.

            Lucky you to have even distant memory of this beautiful garden of God.
            love back to you

            1. Blatna’s castle is one of my favorites!! My aunt lived on the outskirts of town, a short walk from the castle. Eating in the cafes close by always transported me to a place of magic. The vaulted ceilings and cobblestone!! There were swans in the water, too. That’s so funny about the mushrooms!! 🙂 My father continued the tradition of picking here in America. Beautiful bonding moments for us. Thank you for reminding me of special times. May we all have many more!!!

    3. My boyfriend used to live (interestingly enough given my name) in Breeze, Illinois. Do you know of it? I visited once with him to see his father. seemed a nice town with a wonderful large reservoir.
      My ex came from Chicago, Illinois.
      Welcome – with Love, Areeza (breeze that blows through the ages)

      1. We now live in Northwest New Jersey where we both grew up.
        Kelly has a bit of Cree Indian in him along with Turkish from his Dad (his last name is ‘Turk’ and yes, they have family crest linking them with THE Turks. All Irish from his Mom.
        I have Scottish, English from Dad (with a pinch of Swede from his mother who’s own mother was born in Sweden – her name was Marie Elise Munson – i was not sure of how to spell ‘Munson” so i just now got up to look at the antique tin box with her hair placed in it – she passed away young and they gave locks of her beautiful (still is) auburn hair to her only daughter (my grammy). My mother’s family is from Germany.
        It is indeed interesting to see our Earth born lineage — as well as star born. I am Pleiadian.
        any others here know their star born lineage?

        1. Hi Areeza
          I’m interested to know who to say thank you for keeping me alive , which was VERY hard work. Unfortunately I have no idea.
          You are lucky girl to know your star nation.

    4. Ha! Endless cornfields! My dad was raised in Nebraska. 🙂 We used to drive through endless wheat and then corn fields to go see family. My heritage is all mixed up….Irish, Scottish, Dutch, English, French, Native American and heaven knows what others. I’m in Atlanta, GA, USA. ❤ Denise

    1. No, dear Tijen,
      nothing hurts me, but I also feel this strong energy pressure in my head.
      Interesting comparison with the flight 😀
      Bixie ❤

    2. It feels like that. Especially at the end of a long flight, when the plane is landing the pressure gets worse. It does feel like that exactly. (I’ll listen to Bashar just now. I wonder what he says.)

        1. I do have headaches sometime partially because of my straight neck & mostly stress makes my neck and shoulder muscle so stiff. I know what I need !! more exercise and drink lots of water will help me well, but you know I have so many excuses ha ha.😃

        2. Dear Tomo, I have headaches once in a while but I wanted to mention it since it happens today especially (the gathering day), along with the pressure in my ears, which is not so common for me. I wonder if the energies are high today. That’s what I wanted to know. (But yeah, we all have so many excuses, don’t even make me start my list here. LOL)

          1. oh I understood thank you !! humm your version is headache, mine is vertigo today !! is it because of beautiful blood orange moon day is coming soon? I don’t know much about prophecies, but orangish red moon sure looks pretty. I hope you get well from your headache. love tomo 😃

      1. Thank you B, thank you Sherill, feel better after a warm shower. And of course knowing that an important gathering is happening shortly, I must get prepared 🙂

    3. Yesterday my whole body was in a huge press. No headache, no pressure on my ears, but tension in all of me. Today it is ok again 🙂

      I send my love & light to you dear Sister to ease your headache ❤

      Love ❤


    4. I’ve had pressure on and off—sometimes head, sometimes whole body—for a week or two. May today’s Pond Bonfire melt all your tension away, Tijen! See you there!

    5. Dear Tijen! Both my sister and I have been experiencing lots of tension/pressure in the body these last couple of days, but it has eased off today. Hope you will feel “lighter” soon!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Aisha,
        I think having tension and pressure has become our normal. I just don’t know what is due to the energies, what comes from my body. I’m menopausal also so my body temperature goes up and down constantly. Well, not much to do, except for accepting it. 🙂

        1. Dear Tijen
          find in internet : VILCACORA. This is a South American plant.
          Andean Medicine Centre in London is distributing it. Ten years
          ago I had these problems. I ordered the treatment and have nothing ever since. You look for Andean Med. Centre or Vilcacora and you will find there contacts: call them or send email,There is a doctor and he will explain you what you need.

          1. I recall now when u mentioned that remedy to me dear Maria.
            Thank you for it again. I am doing well as far as menopausal stuff goes. so far , so good !
            All the best to you TJ! wand taping ! ❤

          2. Thank you dear Maria, Breeze, and all. Maria I think I heard of it. Would be difficult to get it in Turkey but my condition I think was temporary. But thanks. It’s good to know.

    6. Yes, I have had vertigo and head pressure in sinus area above eyes. Head feels weird. Was concerned it was from hitting my head, but could be allergy for me too. It is more then the usual feeling I get though. Hope we are all better in the morning. Speaking of which I better hit the sak. Be well Tjen and Tomo! ❤ Denise

  22. I’m born in December (on 12/12/1952) and I have always loved most the December, everywhere the golden glow from the inside out, from the houses in the night.
    For me, December was always the golden month, much brighter and more radiant than the loud, daylight-filled summer.
    December means to me warmth, comfort and my inner being.

    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    Ich Bin im Dezember geboren (am 12.12.1952) und Ich habe den Dezember immer am meisten geliebt, überall das goldene Leuchten von innen heraus, aus den Häusern in die Nacht.
    Für mich war der Dezember immer der goldene Monat, weitaus heller und strahlender als der laute, tageslichterfüllte Sommer.
    Dezember bedeutet für mich Wärme, Behaglichkeit und mein inneres Sein.

    Heart Greetings
    I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

    1. This morning I woke up with the words:
      At first I thought „well, that’s even a statement about me”.
      But then I realized that it was of the being that sends me for 22 years a face in my eyes.
      I asked so many times „who are you?” and to me once, the word “SPIRIT” was shown, but I was never sure which ‚friend’ of love and light accompanies me.
      While I am writing about in my Word diary I get some confirmation that this is so.

      Today is one of the most significant days for me – and there are more and more.

      Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      Heute Morgen wachte Ich mit den Worten auf:
      Zuerst dachte Ich „na, das ist ja mal eine Aussage über mich“.
      Dann aber wurde mir bewusst dass das es von dem Wesen kam das mir seit 22 Jahren ein Gesicht in meine Augen sendet.
      Ich fragte so oft „wer bist du denn?“ und einmal wurde mir das Wort „SPIRIT“ gezeigt, aber Ich war mir nie sicher welcher ‚Freund’ der Liebe und des Lichts mich begleitet.
      Während Ich hier in mein Word–Tagebuch darüber schreibe erhalte Ich einige Bestätigungen dass es so ist.

      Heute ist wieder einer der bedeutendsten Tage für mich – und es werden immer mehr.

      Heart Greetings
      I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

    2. I totally feel you Bixie and I was born on 2/8/82! I love December! The magical energy, the warmt of a hot coco, big sweaters, cocooning, the lights, the sweet romance of the fireplace.,,, I don’t know why but to me December feels like a gate that is the most open at this time, a gate of love and light. I feel the “safest and most carried” during this month 🙂
      Love to you sweet Bixie and can’t wait to meet you and the others again in a few hours :-))

      1. Yes, dear Katja, like a Gate.
        Specifically “the days between the years” – from Christmas to New Year’s Eve – are particularly sacred, they are the climax of the year.

        Heart Greetings
        I AM BIXIE ❤

  23. Hi old agers,
    Leaving the limitations behind
    Exploring freedom, on the road
    again to light and sunshine.
    Had a fire burning yesterday
    warm and cozy, bright and CO2
    Let’s kéep da fire burning. Cough,cough.
    Greetings from the Netherlands

    1. Love, light and a big hug back to you and your wonderful travelling group of “firestarters”, dear Michilyn! Let’s jump through the fire tonight 😉
      Aisha ❤ ❤

  24. It is with the greatest of honor that I bow to the bravest of the brave. Thank you for keeping our dream alive. It is a blessing to walk this path together. I love this pond, and I love you!

    If you feel comfortable with it please write your Country in your comments, Thank you, your the best.

    😉 Mark IL, USA

          1. Nice to meet you Birgit 🙂

            I suspect that my parents were inspired to name me and my siblings by the princes and princessor who grew up in our royal house at that time 🙂 Our Queen Silvia (Sommerlath) was born in Heidelberg. Her father was German and her mother came from Brazil.

            Love ❤


            1. Yes, dear Birgitta,
              my uncle called me always
              “Birgitta from Sweden” 😀

              We all have lived in all countries – we are internationally ❤

              Heart Greetings
              I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

              1. Who knows if/where / how our roots are wrapped together – and then we meet in the here and now in this time 🙂 So very nice indeed bixie :)))

                Much love to you my namesake ❤


                    1. Perfect pic for this discussion, dear B 🙂 It represents the connections we have both on the physical map of the world and in the non-physical
                      Love you ❤

                1. My genes are partly French, because my father’s family came from France. This is my affinity for Southern Europe.

                  I have lived from 1986 to 1988 in Denmark and I especially love the Nordic languages​​. This is my affinity for Northern Europe.

                  Bixie 😀

          1. Kelly’s sister lives in La Grange – right next to Lake Erie – so it looks on the map. never been there. his mom is there now too. 🙂
            And i will always remember that feeling I had while flying over your area Caroline. On our way back from my Arcata, California. ❤

            1. So, that was weird. When I saw the word Cleveland above, I heard “haven”. It’s somehow tied to that feeling you had flying overhead in the plane.

              Yes!! LaGrange is about 35-40 minutes from us, next county over. If you and Kelly are ever out this way visiting his mom and sister, we could meet up here!! 🙂 xxoo C

              1. cool 🙂 I thought that was about how far it was. His mom is really liking it there so this is a very good thing – though Kelly misses her a lot. Not sure if he can travel. He is hardly able to walk now.

        1. I think it is much alike our light family. We will also achieve the most amazing and unexpected results when love prevails 🙂


    1. I bow to you dear brother! Thank you for adding your light, your LOVE and your wonderful spirit to this Pond and to this Gathering, Mark!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. thinking of you, O… be well. Holding you&mom in quiet, Peaceful Golden White Light and Love. Now off to meditate and sleep. Take good care—be good to yourself. no worries. xo Lin ❤

    1. Otmn may your “in a day or two” come quickly. I see we posted at the same moment.
      I met Dr. Hook and his ‘group’ on a ferry to Vancouver Island about two years ago. I didn’t know who he was at first but two of his band wanted to meet my ferrets. So there I was talking to them in the belly of the ship outside the pet door. He was polite enough to shake my outstretched hand. I’m not too sure he liked my dear Meashe and Bandit though. 🙂

  25. I saw the bonfire and Aisha’s post seconds after making my long comment to Michael last night. I immediately slept and woke up to comments about the fire. I noticed just now that our dear B had written the day prior about a bonfire in one of her comments. I’m sitting here smiling that in the last missive many of us tossed some of our own fuel on that fire that is burning. Fire is a powerful element especially when aided by Air. (communication) Earth is represented in the wood itself and Water is symbolic of our emotions. Those rather raw emotions are now being consumed by the passion of our fire… our love. This is rather simplistic but you know what I mean.

    Today I feel the light consuming some of those dark scary places within the depths of my being. Michael I love you… thank you for jumping on board my wee roller coaster ride. Seating me at the front of the ride shook me up a bit but by the end of that ride it was so lifted up! (The roller coaster was the only ride I ever really enjoyed at our exhibitions.) Some times those darn valleys and highs are what are needed to shake things loose… bring out the laughter, tears and screams!

    Much love to all that reached out. I always hoped to get to the place of maturity where I don’t need to share emotional lows. Now in this moment, I am grateful to any immaturity if it brings such a beautiful, uplifting response from my family here.

    As I read through comments tonight I kept rotating my neck and pressing and talking to my body. (The pain had shifted to the neck today.) I feel a lot better. I asked for anything that needed released that may have come in from past lives to also leave. I bathed in the love of the Pond and I feel better… not 100% but I have relief from what was rather nasty to cope with today. I even laughed and shared with my daughter about how I brought the “Not being warm and fuzzy” comment here… how it had snowballed. We discussed what it meant to her. She never meant it as a ‘downer’ in any way after all. (duhhh I kind of knew that.) All is well. I felt an inner wall crumble inside me.

    I danced last night… I’m going again tonight. My girlfriend is bravely facing some of her stuff and appreciates my company. Again I will ask my body to free itself in the dance. Sitting doing nothing has been the worse so I will venture out. The Gathering is in 16 hrs. The bonfire is lit… fire burns brightly full of magic. My friend always told me that magic is just another word for transformation. So here’s to transforming.
    Love, Nancee
    p.s. Otmn if you make it here tonight I’m leaving a big warm hug. It’s not quite as powerful as a tantric orgasm perhaps… but maybe just apply some good ol’ imagination 🙂

    1. Dear Nancee hope you read my post to you at the last missive.
      So happy to hear your dancing was outstanding last night.
      Sending loving hearts of energy ❤ to give strength to your body for tonight's dances!! Meet you at the pond tomorrow!!!
      ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Hi Michael I sent a “like” on your reply to me on the last missive. Perhaps you didn’t get it 🙂 (I think it arrives by email from the notification link that we both discovered.) See you in a few hours at the Gathering. ~Nancee

    2. Dear Nancee,
      When I saw The flickering dancing flame in the picture Aisha posted, I thought of you, So free and graceful on the dance floor moving with energies in your own beautiful rhythm. You are so beautiful dancing in a beautiful life in a beautiful world.
      Love, Forest Joy

    3. Yipiiiiiiieee Nancee 🙂

      I am so glad and grateful for your feeling better ❤ and that even this solid old rock was stirred by the fire 😉 Thankfulness 🙂

      Happy dancing my dear dancing queen ❤ ❤ ❤


      1. (have a lovely day ahead, B… see you at the Gathering. Love your photos, in fact bookmarked your photo bucket site. Thank you! Going to go meditate now and then into gentle slumber. Love U always, xox Lin ❤

        … and I saw the pix of you, too! Wonderful!! ❤ 😀

        1. Thanks LIn – sweet dreams ❤ See you at the Gathering 🙂

          Oh – nature is marvellous – you see what you choose to see – and everything just IS 😉

          Love back to you ❤


    4. Dear Nancee, thank you for BEing you and for shining your light in the way that you do! Thank you for adding fuel to the fire – in every sense of the word 😉 – for it is helping to enlighten us all! Continue to dance, play your drum and let your walls crumble dear sister! I am so looking forward to see you shake loose around the bonfire tonight!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    5. Liked this posting 🙂 Loving the scary places within you and when “seeing”, with focus on your loving heart, will get you through the fear.
      May you always feel better and better ❤

  26. i am only able to believe that this missive could come true
    only if i bury my dead mother
    and yet
    she is holding on
    to the illusion


    1. Dear Otmn! Sending you both my love and my light as you wait for your mother to allow herself to slip away from the illusion and step into her eternal light.
      Aisha ❤

  27. I can’t get to B and Forest Joy’s comments at the moment, but I was riding on the Freeway of Love with Aretha 2 nights ago, and remembered this great song, too. Had me dancing in the driveway under the stars in the wee hours (not unusual for me).

    Anyone care to join me in an international mob flash?

    Love y’all!

    🙂 AH

      1. Dear B,
        What a collection of images, to be proud of, Thank you for sharing them here!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. I have a new guy question… could someone please explain or point me to answers about… ‘what’…’where’…’why’…’who’…the CC’s are?
    I am very intrigued by this.
    Thank you….allen.

    1. Hi, Allen, and Welcome… further to Breezie’s response, an energetic / non-physical collective group of entities who channel these missives thru Aisha. The channelings began in August 2011, I believe. You can check it out in her Archives. Hope you’ll join us at the group Gathering (meditation) tomorrow which occurs every first Sunday of the month. ❤

    2. Dear Allen, why is this a guy question? I can only speak for my own experiences; every time a read a missive I see our ancestors, which I refer to the Lemurians. A see them often, they´re funny, making faces, showing hearts etc. I tell you, if you haven´t seen them yet, go in the archive a few months back from now and read. Eventually you will see them yourself. Firstly eyes in between the lines. Maybe you´ll see something different 😉

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