The manuscript of survival – part 426

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have by now already accomplished to pierce a few holes in that membrane that separates you from your own greatness, and like stars on the firmament, these small apertures will begin to exude a powerful light that will begin to attract you attention, but also the attention of others. You see, you are not just here to discover your own greatness, you are here to utilize that high voltage of light to create change on a vast scale, not just for your planet, but for All of creation. And before this adds to your already considerable pile of reasons to begin to think yourselves unworthy of all of this attention, know that you are far above and beyond anything that we can heap upon you of our most lavish of praise. For you are truly gods in your own right, but still, the rediscovery of this lies somewhere off into the future, but now, you will at least begin to get a small inkling of it by the light that will begin to seep through these small apertures you have created for yourself.

And so, this will also begin to equalize the pressure if you will between that small and cramped compartment you currently abide within and the enormous and light filled space that is yours to enter whenever you manage to pick up your courage and determination enough to stride across that divide you still seem to find insurmountable. That is, your mind still thinks so, but the rest of you is already starting to venture closer by the day and indeed, by the night. For so much of this process will be governed by your higher self, that part of you that sometimes seem to be such a distant relative you have no idea it even exists, while at other times you feel yourself comfortably immersed in the sweetness of yourself and you just know that you are finally home. Well, the two of you are indeed about to get better acquainted now that these small openings will begin to assist these get-togethers in a very new way. Remember, your hesitation will indeed serve to slow down the pace, but also know that your higher self is already confident in your own success, and so the two of you together will find a way to overcome those obstacles the human parts of you still try so fervently to invent.

For as that old separation begin to come to a close, the nearness of your own greatness will feel almost overpowering at times, and instead of seeking towards it, you may find yourself trying to shrink back from it, yes, in every sense of the word. For you will feel literally to small to contain it all, and no less too limited to even begin to understand it, but again, this is not something you need to understand. In fact, you will be far better off not even trying to. For this is not an intellectual task you have given yourself, a riddle that needs to be solved by your human counterpart. No, this is simply something you have to allow yourself to carry out with every ounce of your being, and without any hesitation at all. For you can stand in your own way if you so choose but you can also choose to simply step aside and let your own greatness carry you all the way home into you. Again, the choice is yours, but remember what your human mind still thinks of as free will is indeed under the jurisdiction of your own higher self. So whatever your heart tells you, is the truth, and whatever you mind tries to make of it, is simply a figment of your imagination, and it is not something that can be construed as part of your free will at all.

Again, you are all sovereign beings, but when we say that, we refer to the totality of your being, not of that one small part of you that goes under the definition of your human ego. And so, for many of you, an inner turmoil may erupt at one point or another, that is, if you try to go against your own free will and fight too hard to keep an old an limited idea of yourself still running your actions and your intents. For that can too easily happen, and the reason is also easy to explain. You have been so programmed to listen to that same small inner voice literally lifetime after lifetime, so you look upon it as the symbol of you, when it is in fact merely a whisper from those uttermost layers of your being. So this time, make sure you give yourself the benefit of doubt whenever this old and so-called “voice of reason” begins once again to pipe up with all kinds of suggestions why you should not allow your own greatness to truly begin to shine through. For that is not the voice of reason, that is simply the old storyline of illusion, and now, you have been given the task of ripping asunder that old veil and unveil the real you that has been sitting behind it waiting for you to finally claim it back as yours. For it is you in every way, and now, the time has come to step boldly forth and say “THIS is me, not that small fragment of humanity that currently enables me to be present here at this grand occasion, these momentous times, not just for mankind, but for All of creation. And thanks to me, this opportunity has finally come about, and now, I will do everything I can not to stand in my way nor any other’s, and I will add my considerable weight to this already rolling wheel that is bringing us all into the new and away from the old”.

For that is why you are here, to amplify the change by adding all of your being in one seamless package, by connecting what has been separated and by allowing every single part of you to come together into one coherent, magnificent ONE, housed within the relatively tiny body of a human, but carrying within you the power of All of creation. So step aside and let your own greatness take the lead, and do not let your own ideas of smallness hold you back any longer. For you are made to shine brightly dear ones, and now, you have already started to allow this brightness to seep out into the open. And remember the faster you allow these openings to widen, the less the pressure will be, and vice versa. For you determine the speed, but the speed also determines the intensity of your own process. So one again we say allow the flow, and know that it will help to you float through these rapids faster and in a much more comfortable way, if we may use such a word for a process that is indeed bar none the most important and the most complex ever undertaken by anyone. Bu that is why you are here, and that is what you are more than capable of.

After all, you have been hand picked for this assignment, because you are truly the ones who have what it takes and then some, and so, it is not by accident that you find yourselves at this juncture now, for that is what you have been preparing for, seemingly forever. So give yourself the leeway you need so that you can find a way to tune into those parts of you that are already well under way in accomplishing this gargantuan task, and let those parts of you still insisting you are not good enough step back and fall silent. For you are so much more than that hesitant voice, and we know that you know this too. For you all have it in you, and now is the time to let this power be unleashed from that straight jacket it has been kept in for far too long.

Remember, it is your old programming that is trying to make you fearful of your own powers, for you have been well taught to think that what you can sense deep within you is something that must be avoided at all costs. For what you sense approaching is a change so profound any so-called “normal” human being would automatically shy away from it, for that is what you have been taught to do. For you have been well trained to avoid change at any cost, and to stay obedient to this at all times, and so, whenever that inner strength begins to seep out, so many of you will literally step back from it because it seems to intimidate you and even threaten your very existence. For you think it may destroy you, but it will not. It will simply destroy the illusion that has kept you trapped within it for lifetime after lifetime, so no wonder you might cringe at the very idea. Remember, mankind has learned to abhor change, but your task is not only to initiate but also to succeed in changing everything that you up until now has looked upon as reality, and now, that truth is literally beginning to seep out from your very bones. So no wonder you may feel yourself fluctuating between elation and anxiety at times like these. Just know that you all know exactly what to do and how to do it, and now the question is simply this, when will you be ready to actually allow it to happen?

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    1. Thanks – love that girl of fire !

      Let’s talk about our part
      My heart touch your heart
      Let’s talk about, let’s talk about living
      Had enough of dying, not what we all about
      Let’s do more giving
      Do more forgiving, yeah
      Our souls were brought together so that we could love each other


    2. ❤ Loving you, JJ… so very much looking forward to seeing you soon and hugging you tight (it will be like hugging our sweet and feisty and beautiful Lori, too) Loving U both so very, very much xoxoxoxoxox Lin ❤ 😀


    – Judith Kusel
    September 26, 2014



    “Mankind at certain times have always stood before immense epochs in their history, where the collective stood before the portals of the next dimensions and then had to either step through this portal, or were left behind.

    Whether this was in the civilizations before Lemuria, and Atlantis of afterwards, there were always times when the higher paths, and the higher evolutionary states could have been reached, but then the self-destructive tendencies which haunted mankind since the first time, would re-emerge.

    Therefore it has been declared that this time round this would not be allowed to happen. It was declared that this time round enough Light workers would be activated who could step through those portals, and then bring in those necessary octaves of rising which would allow the New Earth to truly settle in, without outside interference.

    A lot of souls therefore, who were highly evolved then volunteered to assist the planet through this new epoch and ensure the full anchoring in and blossoming of the New Golden Age.

    The transition phase then has now begun – the phase when the old is making way for the new and therefore now the frequencies and vibrations of the planet are undergoing immense upgrades and with it the upgrading of mankind is simultaneously happening.

    These upgrades have then come through the continued blasting of solar flares from the sun amplified by those from the Great Central Suns and therefore also from the Inner Sun of the inner world. Even more so, the Photon belt has moved in, and is helping to amplify the energy shifts even more.

    As this moves the earth into much higher octaves of frequencies and vibrations, this will affect all life and life forms.

    It needs to be known that some call this ascension, but ascension means essentially that one switches from one octave of Being, into higher octaves of being, each octave consisting of 12 tiers of dimensional states, with the 13th the platform to obtain the keys and codes and the momentum to carry one through the next portal into the next octave of Being.

    It is therefore imperative now to become aware of the soul and its higher role within this whole revamping of mankind. As much as a soul is pure energy, it carries within it certain frequencies and vibrations which form the soul patterns, and vibrate at a certain tonal chords and soul colors.

    When these then are amplified up to a certain level, the soul is then ready to step up in frequency and vibration, by starting to tap into ALL its other soul parts, and unite as one, and then step up even more to unite with its entire monad, or Soul Group, and then even more amplified.

    Some Soul groups, form part of a greater Over-Soul group or Cluster, and these then form 144 000 of such soul groups within the central soul octaves = one could liken this to a type of confederation of soul groups who work in tandem or conjunction with each other and form part of an overall cosmic pattern within the greater framework of the cosmic creative Soul patterns.

    It is therefore no accident that twin flames are being pulled together for immense higher service work at this time and this will be amplified in the next few months and years. It is the call to step up in much higher service, and one which is truly there in selfless service and never to self-service.

    It is also no accident that soul families are being pulled together, and those souls who have always worked together within the nucleus of special assignments.

    For example: Some of these nucleus not only includes the triads form within one soul, as of 12 to 13 flames, but also forms the nucleus of the triad within the triad within the triad.

    This is the sacred triad on which the whole of creation is based: Isis, Osiris, Horus.

    These triads are considered immensely sacred and holy and have incarnated to bring about massive shifts in the octaves of consciousness on this planet. They have been drawn together in the last few years, and will start working together; the twin flames within these triads now combine their sacred flames in total dedication to higher service.

    The soul group most involved with this is the Illumined Ones, and they are the nucleus of souls who have immense service work to do here.

    They work in tandem with the Loving Ones, and the Graces, and these in turn form a triad for these soul groups form a triad within the greater 144 000 soul groups.

    It is then that all of these souls have to awake to that which is there deep inside of them and they have to work towards stepping up in service work and in higher soul activation and they hold collectively immensely important keys and codes which need to be used in those higher octaves of Being.

    Again, no more so than the Illumined Ones, who hold the central keys and codes and are there is one group in particular who have taken upon themselves immense work in this regard.
    It takes on the responsibility of leadership; it takes on the mantle of integrity and truth and absolute purity of intent.

    It is therefore in general then that these souls will know if they fall into these categories for something deep inside of them will resonate with this.

    The New Golden Age is the Age of SOUL-FUL living, and truly living from within the heart and soul.

    It is imperative that a soul wakes up to their own soul self, and to its highest soul mission and purpose, if it has not already done so.

    The more the soul is activated from deep within, the more the heart energies open up and the sun of the Heart is activated. It in turn is activated by the Central Sun bringing in the higher octaves of frequencies, transmitted via the cosmic heart and into the earth heart and into the soul heart. Again, here the Cosmic Heart, Earth heart and the human heart energy centers form a sacred triad. Heed ye this!

    The Golden Age has at its core heart the SUN – the heart-sun.

    Awaken ye then to the immensity of the Epoch – the greatest Epoch in human history!

    Such-like has never happened before and is bringing in mass rising in frequencies and vibrations such as this earth has never known!”


      1. Yes, Kiera, what I saw at night was the first one – some of them – in gold. The very first beginning …
        Bixie 😀

    1. THANK YOU Kiera!!!

      I´m so grateful to you for sharing this and that I was able to read your post 😉 Now Sun is waiting in a blue sky outside and I´ll have to let it in 🙂

      Love & much gratitude ❤


      PS. Yesterday I honored and thanked the old me as I buried a while ago in the form of a shed snake skin.

      1. ❤ Just BEAUTIFUL, Dear B… I feel and see your Heart here. You really are something. Just Love you… xox Lin ❤ 😀 +++

        1. You know – smooches sounds to me like boxing (smocka in Swedish 😉 so I give you a soft and friendly smooch back today 😉 ❤

          Love you Areeza ❤


    1. Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin said:
      “This nuclear explosion was so forceful it blew the surface off Mars. This is when Earth experienced the Flood. The Mars waters were pulled into Earth’s atmosphere and landed in our Seas. Before the Nuclear explosion in Maldek Earth’s surface was 66% water and after the Flood which lasted a year of Earth time it was 75% covered in water.”
      And I added comment about Flying Saucer of SaLuSa to my post today.
      Love & Peace,

  2. Finally had a chance to read this missive and I wanted to thank everyone who shared their love with me yesterday about Maggie. I buried her today in the yard by her cat brother Magik. Standing hip deep in the earth helped me tremendously.

    A number of years ago I started to say different prayers at night. I let go of the prayers of my childhood and my mother’s religion and started to say prayers in my own voice and ones of deep gratitude for being alive.

    I then started to say to myself, every night–I am a divine sovereign, free will, eternal creator goddess being. At first it felt strange and even a little weird, but whatever came up, I loved myself deeply through it.

    I now believe it completely. I know I operate in two different planes at least and in this reality, with this body I have not yet gotten my full bearings and that is OK…I know all will unfold divinely as it should.

    For anyone who is doubting themselves, please please view Matt Kahn’s emotional oneness video. It will help tremendously…that small voice inside is really scared you will leave it behind and not love it and so it tries to hold on to you…when you love that inner child–EVERYTHING changes.

    huge hugs! Alex

    1. Big Love Blessings to you, Dear Alex. You are a JOY in your being-ness; I appreciate all that you share. Be well. xox Lin ❤

    2. Thank you Alex. I’d never listened to Matt Kahn’s video before: I did similar ‘work’ with myself a few years back but never understood it this way before. Wiping tears of joy and understanding away as I type. I’m not sure that I was doubting myself… I have however struggled with emotional balance my entire life. I honoured that “innocent” part of me by finally going to Australia… I was ripe to really connecting what he was talking about with “ME” tonight. “The Innocence within masks itself as shadow.” WOW… answers a whole lot of confusing questions within. Love, Nancee

    3. Dear Alex!

      You really are “a divine sovereign, free will, eternal creator goddess being”. Much love coming your way ❤ ❤ ❤

      Thank you for being YOU and for being a part of our light family ❤


      1. I echo your words dear B. Thank you Alex, for being YOU and for shining your light in such a way it makes it easier for us to find our way through this. LOVE to you and to your family!
        Aisha ❤ ❤

    4. “Love The innocence” , “Trust The Innocence” comes to me again.
      We have gotten so hard. at least in some ways — and we had to or we could not take the brutality that happens on Earth every day. If we did not keep a part of us away from that, we would surely not survive mentally/emotionally and finally physically. I am clueless how to not keep up that guard in living here. Its still here. Its not an illusion as it would be so cozy to be. The suffering happens. When will it truly end? When will Love completely rule?
      thank u and bless u Alex. Thank you for your Loving heart.
      I too know who I am on ‘other planes of existence’. its this one here that sucks most of the time. how can I bring the whole me here? I feel it shrieks from the crap here! lol. But, that is my life quest and not one single day has gone by I don’t think on it. Not one day goes by I do not talk about it to my HS, to my guides and angels, to my source. Not one day goes by I don’t do my darndest to Love, Love, Love IT ALL Into Love ~! and some days I totally suck at that last part. 🙂 I never shut up about it though!

      1. “The suffering happens.”
        I’m sorry for it. There may be multiple persons I think nowadays. They can not swear to God. Therefore they don’t want to talk with me. Because I ask for it to the other person when it is absolutely necessary. Of course, vow to God is valid even an anonymous person. Therefore, they are act in hiding in the shade.
        They are believing destruction deeply. They never distrust destruction. There is a way to reflect any curse. The curse will be return to its source(person). So if you use ARION’s PAPIE TOSSYU,
        the damage is theirs. Then they will believe(or know) the destructions on them deeply. So they will believe it and become unusable it.
        I swear to God that I don’t set monkey business to all kind of “Circles of Witchcraft”.
        Lie does not exist in all my sentences of my home page except mistakes or memory differences(or other thinkable possibilities). I have always stated vow to God(at the page top of this next URL) of the contents lie does not exist in my homepage.
        Be peacefulness,

  3. i just got home from the hospital, the dogs told me they were hungry
    the nurses and doctors job is to keep her alive, they are working valiantly
    to keep her going
    our heart connection told me she wants out
    we will see///

    it has been a long time coming,

    stay in your heart and dance

    1. Dear Otmn!

      I can only agree with what my other friends in our light family have expressed to you. Profound things happen when your parents are about to leave earth life – I know – but it’s also part of our development. I’m with you, your mother, Sally, and others around involved. Just let the river flow my dear friend ❤ ❤ ❤

      Log, light & peace ❤


    2. Dear Otmn! Keeping you and your mother in my heart as I dance the dance of love, of light and gratitude. Thank you for BEing you dear brother, thank you for shining your light so brightly, shining the way for your mother and your family and for us all.
      Love and the biggest smooch ever from me, Aisha ❤ ❤

  4. Hi Breeze I just finished reading the posts from previous page. Hope Kelly is doing better. I think I recall you saying he wouldn’t consider acupuncture, but it does work miracles. My mom was able to gain use of her hand two different times with acupuncture both due to injury. I went in the spring for my shoulder and was amazing. My dad even went. Friends have used it with success after stroke too. Love to you Breeze and many hugs! ❤ Denise

    1. thanks D — I will read this to him later. The poor man has been thru so much. He said to me last night how he could handle all the other things… but this… its just putting him over the edge. I get too sad when I really think on it. I don’t understand the whys of any of it. Hes such a loving guy with such a broken body.
      Love and hugs back D! ❤

  5. You are doing well, Otmn, even with all the chaos, the change and the big, empty house. I hope your mom is able to be made comfortable physically and provided the space to feel at Peace mentally and emotionally both in the hospital and in rehab if the docs decide to send her back. Take good care, O—alert and aware—on your back and forth trips… no distractions.

    Thank you for sharing your Wisdom also—when I’m working on myself with focus, I often do tend to push too hard (myself only). I liked hearing tell my mind to stfu (so my Heart can lead and feel the JOY of the process). You are kind; I hope you are as kind to yourself. Loving you back in your big young Heart, xox Lin ❤

  6. where to begin/
    mother was doing well and working on recovery until she collapsed unconscious. however she was in the midst of nurses and specialists. no better place to keel over, but in a hospital. she’s in the hospital now. they found a blood clot in her broken leg. a clot didn’t make her collapse so they are running more tests. oh well, she’s getting her moneys worth from her insurance premiums. /faint smile/
    all but my oldest nephew are living in fear, i keep getting phone calls from the christians who are stressed and fearful, their imaginations are running away i calm them down and somehow just say the right words without thinking about what i will say. at a deeper level i connect with them at their heart; and then the right thing to say pours out of my mouth. i hear it for the first time at the same time i speak it
    these fresh new energies are starting to look amazing
    i have been calm about the situation, it brings up new challenges, like what do i do alone in a 3400 square foot house/
    i had my first conscious contact with the energies in 1966, at the age of 15,
    our church was doing an event titled Roll The Stone Away
    as we were putting up the signs and posters for the event, it hit me
    “like a bolt from the blue”
    the stone in my heart rolled away
    i had no idea what that meant so i started trying anything and everything i could do to understand what it IS
    i got into amazing situations, some of which i know my guardians saved my life, like when i fell off a cliff or when the bullets missed, like Maxweel Smart used to say
    ‘it missed me by that much’ when he was holding his thumb and finger an inch apart.
    it has taken me a long time to be where i am
    so please relax, don’t worry about what to do do or the speed of your ascension
    that is your mind pestering your heart stay in your heart and it will all unfold like a lotus blossom or a caterpillar/butterfly, tadpole/frog, fertilization/baby, the lower self/ higher and higher
    it will never stop until we are all united and complete
    there are many more ascensions to higher and higher levels that may take us millions more experience and all the time thereis, because when we get there everything in the vast universe will be
    no time left anywhere,
    your impatience is slowing you down.
    i reiterate,
    stay in your heart and it will be all good no matter how much our bodies hurt or all the bull stuff in our minds that needs to learn to stfu
    so thank you all for assisting me these few years since i found Aisha on Mayan Matrix
    i have no doubt you have each help me go faster up the steps.
    i need to go to the hospital, but first i am here now
    they think she will go back to the rehab in a few days, but what she doesn’t realize is she may not get out of rehab for 2 months
    she wants to go home, her mind tells her it’s the farm, her heart is asking if she is ready to ascend/die
    loving you

    1. oops i for got to include this is supposed to be up there
      oh well
      just so you can have a taste of how long it has been

      i hope you’re dancing

      1. Up and dancing! Thanks for the motivation (and update). I needed that little energy release from both your sharing and the dance time. I even grabbed my little black shaker egg. I seem to have a new friend in it these days. ~Nancee
        p.s. It’s nice getting to know you better

    2. “at a deeper level i connect with them at their heart; and then the right thing to say pours out of my mouth. i hear it for the first time at the same time i speak it
      >>wow is right Otmn. you wowed me with this and I feel it in my own heart.
      As long as I have you with me on the journey/s, I am juuussst fine 🙂
      Seeing myself sitting with you on your porch in your Now times – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do ! You help my mind stfu. much needed 🙂
      “…because when we get there everything in the vast universe will be
      NOW”. Awesome !
      Much Love, Areeza — and healing hugs to your Mother — And to the Christians too!

      1. and I don’t mean just what you say is awesome. you are an awesome soul. Blessed to Know you and Be with you ~! ❤
        ~ more hugs ~ you got the smooch already ;0

    3. Dear Otmn, my heart sends hugs to you dear soul. ❤ It isn't ever easy facing the release of a parent even one that hasn't been easy to be with in life. My husband and I struggled with both sets of parents and his oldest sister in and out of nursing homes and hospitals all at the same time. Our moms recovered, but it has still been a struggle with each of them. Your humor will go a great distance for you. 😉 As for those Christians I think many of them are bamboozled (not sure what is up). I think you may be walking on water soon dear one! 😉 And this does not surprise me! ❤ ((hugs)) Denise

    4. big hugs Otmn and light energy to your mom for strength and courage on her own soul path. I agree with you, we all need to take a deep breath and relax….much love! alex

  7. Hi Breez nice to see you!
    Yes of course. I’m Ori, too, three. The music is not on YouTUBE now. Shakuhachi also Koto is also a really nice sound. Yes. And it is Shoh”笙” I would like add another. This instrument is “portable pipe organ”.

    Prototype seems to have occurred in China in 3,000 years ago. But it have to meet a good melodies.
    Good peace to all of you! ❤

  8. “Well, the two of you are indeed about to get better acquainted now that these small openings will begin to assist these get-togethers in a very new way.”
    Sometimes the Companions Constants are expressed in a language that fascinates me!
    A hug smiling and grateful to you, dearest Aisha and C.C. … 🙂 …

  9. ahhh… nice to see you here Ori – may I call u Ori ? I like how it looks.
    I listen often to a CD at work. it is called ‘Lullaby for the Moon’.
    Japanese music for Koto and Shakuhachi.
    Well my favorite is the third and HS said… “well, take out the CD and see the title silly”. LoL. It is Kuon No Hikari: ‘Eternal Lights’…. ahhh , how about that! 😀 ❤
    it is all meditative, spiritual music of Japanese Koto, the plucked stringed instrument, and Shakuhachi is the bamboo flute for those who wonder :). It is very soothing and mellow and helps my day here.
    Love your day Ori my friend

  10. CCs said.
    ” and like stars on the firmament, these small apertures will begin to exude a powerful light that will begin to attract you attention, but also the attention of others.”
    Fuji Fabric – Light Flight (from 00m56s) [Light as Dots]

    Sphere – GENESIS ARIA (from 00m33s) [Light as Dots]
    Yoshikuni Dohchin – It’s a new day [Light as Dots]

    BUMP OF CHICKEN – ray [Light as Dots]

    BUMP OF CHICKEN – firefly [Light as Lines]
    LUNA SEA – Rebellion [Light as Planes]


  11. Love and light to all of us as we hold hands together with thankfulness for the beautiful message today through Aisha from our Constant Companions. Jean

    1. (‘cuse me, instantaneous donkey-laughing here, Bixie—your “pixie-ness is showing… and your Wisdom.)

      Thank you both, Paul, and Bixie for this info. Paul, I hope your wife and no one else were seriously hurt. It must be frightening for those who have not a clue about what is happening. Probably a lot of doctor appts with a lot of tests in store. Thank you for all you’re doing, Paul, especially for the young girl. Believe me, I’m not laughing at the situation, just with Bixie BEing her JOY-filled (and wise) self. My Love to you both. xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. My slightly easy-going answer referred only spontaneously to the last sentence.
        We can often help the people only telepathically – and I know very well from my experiences, that telepathy works very well.

        Bixie 😀

        1. I know, Bixie. I was being playful and teasing you. And I do know telepathy works. I appreciate what both you and Paul stated. JOY to you xo Lin ❤

          1. Yes, dear Lin, I wrote that not because of your writing 😀
            I just wanted to clear what I mean – for all ❤
            I like to play with you in so much love and joy ❤
            Bixie 😀

            1. Pauls posting reminds me on telepathy – and that it is communication from soul to soul – not through the head and not through the mind.
              From God to God.
              God in me honors God in you ❤

              Bixie ❤

  12. There seems to be an increasing amount of falling-over-ness & passing-out-ness happening in my awareness.

    It started with just one person in my family (my wife), and happily, we are well enough versed on what is currently happening on our little floating spaceship Earth to not be concerned by it, but in the last 3 weeks, I have seen 4 different unrelated people, on 3 separate occasions experience unexpected (and for the purposes of 3d reality, unexplained) loss of vertical-ness.

    That is, they pass out for no apparent reason, sometimes to the great surprise of those around them.

    All of these people are fit, healthy and with only one exception, relatively young.

    I am not at all concerned by this, but post here by way of reporting on the state of my awareness. When I am present at any of these events, I try to reassure, and radiate calm. This evening it was a young girl, and I could tell she thought she’d done something “wrong”, so I calmly let her know that it was okay, and she wasn’t in trouble.

    But how do you tell people “It’s OK, it’s just upgrades”?

    (relax, the question was rhetorical)



    1. Dear Paul, thank you for this “heads-up” – and thank you for BEing there in such a wonderful way for those who suddenly get thrown by these upgrades 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Aisha and Paul,
        I posted to Denise above that more people of all ages are experiencing “falls” for no apparent reasons in my neck of the woods. Be safe, everyone!
        With love,

        1. Hi Caroline, this is curiouser and curiouser! Ha! As I had absolutely no warning I was going to fall until I was facing pavement. I didn’t even have a reaction to get my hands under me. It was strange so I will warn everyone to be extra careful and I too don’t plan on doing it again. 😉 if this keeps up we will have to create a device that goes around ones waist with multiple hands jetting out! 🙂
          ❤ Denise

        2. A rapid movement through different Timelines.
          A memory-loss gap being experienced between the shifting off of, then back into, this Timeline.

          Suddenly being experienced, this past week.



    2. Paul, hope your wife is ok. I fell over a small fence that goes around my sisters front porch to keep her small dogs in. I have stepped over that many times and step over baby gates in my own home daily. Really don’t know how it got me, but I planted my face on her sidewalk. My sister is still wondering how I managed to due such a good job at it. 😉 I didn’t pass out at all and no vertigo. I think I look like I’ve been downgraded! 🙂 ❤ Denise

    1. “Elementals of Light precess to Higher Vibrational levels as completion of Ascension protocols for Gaia collective takes place.

      Masters of Illusion cannot exist in the current energetic structure of Gaia. That term is meaningless.

      Freedom of perception now is experienced in all hu-mans and leads to engrandizing of individual energetics.

      Precession completes as Gaia Light grids solidify.

      Portals of BEingness open rapidly for all.”

      (a nice one B 🙂 and fits this missive! )

  13. A few months ago I had a dream that I was like a scientist in a laboratory, I was working with a large group of people who were all busy in their own spaces. I was sitting at a bench and in front of me was a scientific petrie dish containing a membranous bubble . The bubble was slightly flattened as it rested in the dish. I had an instrument like a large needle to push wholes in through the bubble’s membrane. I continued to push the needle in through the bubble’s membrane with a few hard pushes . It was quite strange because I had to use some real force to make the small holes. I was confused about this dream for a while. I had to think about it often over the next few days. Eventually it came to me that, In the dream, the I that was the me person in the lab pushing the holes through the membrane, was in fact my HIGHER SELF. My higher self was creating the apertures in through the tough membrane that contained the ME that writes this. The bubble is the illusion that contains both the individual and the collective human experience.

    Today as I read this inspirational message I laughed and I know without doubt, that my higher self is indeed helping me by pushing light in through the illusion. And that I AM my higher self.

    Many thanks to Aisha for these uplifting messages that always go so far to reassure and comfort, not only me, but everyone who reads them.
    with much love. Michaela.

  14. Dear Vinny… I feel I know now how to step into my own Light, am taking the first steps and asking for Guidance from there. I will share more about it when I know more. (I believe mine involves not just visiting with HS, but actual walking it in reality) You kicked the spurs that began the process… the spurs were gentle and not painful, the illumination / Truth was, briefly, and then made me smile and laugh. Throwing off the armor and walking FREE fully in the Light will take courage. (no, it’s nothing “way out there” from the norm or my daily Life, but foreign to me) For me, it was a thread of incidents throughout my entire Life that kept nipping at my Achilles Heel… and I couldn’t run fast enough. A very dear girlfriend from my acting days now living in Arizona helped me toss the blinders today. I have to actually DO IT before I speak about it, share it out loud, otherwise I might shrink back.

    [ Ha! I’ve always had an easy time meditating, etc., but since the big house lawsuit, have not been successful. Always movement, taking action was difficult… I did it, but it was like walking thru waist-high mud. Funny, I was called into “act-ing”; meditation blocked; and since then forced to learn how to walk easy / taking action in this Life without mind-numbing analyzing at every step. It’s all so darn funny, now that I’ve opened my eyes, at least in this one area. Now to go walk my walk, but with a good sleep and a big, JOY-filled hug to HS, inner child, and innate. I find myself funny… your donkey-laugh funny. 😀 ]

    Rambled a bit there, but so what, huh? no worries. Thank you, Vinny, you help more than you know. Much Love to YOU&yours. In the meantime, I do hope you’ve been successful in stepping into your Light. You Shine all over the place. xox Lin ❤

    1. Lin & Vinny!

      You both shine all over and make me feel as refreshing as the increasing wind which started this morning 🙂

      Love to both of you ❤


    2. Dear Vinny… You know what they say: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” I have a feeling you&Shorty will be reaching your destination sooner than you think. Mine may take me a little longer, but at least now I have a direction… and it may be Step 1 of a few steps to be taken in the coming weeks of big changes forecasted. I do look forward to meeting you in your “full” Light, Vinny, as I cannot even imagine how dazzling that will be (and I don’t mean that in a Hollywood sort of way). Simply, your Light is already Bright… and NO!, I’m not blowing smoke, as “they” again say. You KNOW I’m speaking Truth. You’ve worked H A R D. In the meantime, I do hope you feel better. Take good care. This comes with Love attached. Lin ❤

      1. It has been very clear to me Lately. People are attracted to me for support, talking, healing and massage. Not to any significant extent but noticeable difference. It has sometimes felt as a challenge to put myself first, as the spin of energies could be more than enough, but has been working well so far and my helpers in the Universe are doing a good job – as well as the Pond 🙂

        Love ❤


            1. ❤ DAMN, B… I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVE YOU! xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤ (I'm singing in my head, my Heart—you wouldn't want to hear me out loud—and my body is bouncing along in pure glee… gonna be a profoundly JOY-filled day for us all) dee dee da dee dee da dee… gotta go get a wet-nose kiss from my Dickens)

    3. Dear Lin, dear Vinny! Thank you both for “talking your walk” – for sharing these words that help me to SEE so much clearer!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤
      PS: you have both worked hard, so I hope you get some wonderful R&R with or without your “partners in crime” 😉

      1. Hey, Vinny, Aisha… there is definitely movement with my embracing my new (Guided) direction. I don’t know how this works yet, but last night before going to sleep and just after Guy&I did our cleansing / purifying / Blessing ceremony (included asking for special protection for ourselves/Dickens throughout coming day, especially driving, and also for all Ponders and throughout the Light grid around Mother / humanity, animals, etc.), HS visited me in my body, feet to head, so Lovingly, too. And there were fireworks briefly of Lights, Colors, Geometric shapes, the expanding Black Hole, and some friendly BEings. I felt enveloped in a Cloud of Love. It didn’t last too long, maybe 10 minutes, but I felt HS AND my darling inner child especially were very happy, along with innate energy. There hasn’t been too much act-ion yet in my new direction, except my decision to embrace my new Self-image (and decision to embrace ANY action warranted by my “new” original Goddess Self, the one I’ve been dodging and throwing away all along). As you can tell, I’m struggling a bit with the words because the experience (or probably re-experience of the forgotten) is new to my earthly understanding. Of course, I’m overwhelmed with Gratitude and Love, including for you all, and especially Aisha&CCs for providing all the beckoning doorways framed with Love&Light&JOY. Only a fool could say no to that and not cross over the threshold and walk on thru to even more Light from the other side. The hu-man act must be chosen, faced and taken alone, but with the palpable, invisible surrounding incredibly Loving Protection and Guidance supporting us, we are hardly alone. Much Love to each of you. Every night I remember you all in our prayers, with special prayers by name for those who are facing immediate challenges. xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀

        1. Dear Lin, thank you for managing to put this into words! I am so touched by what you share here, and I know you are blazing a trail for the rest of us 🙂 As you so say “The hu-man act must be chosen, faced and taken alone” and I can so relate to that, but also to “with the palpable, invisible surrounding incredibly Loving Protection and Guidance supporting us, we are hardly alone”. So thank you shining sister – for everything, always 🙂
          Aisha ❤ ❤

  15. At night I saw the black, the invisible light.
    An elongated being arose out of the black.
    Around this being floated transparent–golden spheres.
    In the spheres was a core ❤

    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    In der Nacht sah Ich das Schwarz, das unsichtbare Licht.
    Aus dem Schwarz erhob sich ein längliches Wesen.
    Um dieses Wesen schwebten durchsichtig–goldene Sphären.
    In den Sphären war ein Kern ❤

    Heart Greetings
    I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

    1. interesting. I have been seeing black figures ‘flashing’ by me – to the left side – for a week or so. Sometimes they look like a cat size. sometimes a butterfly higher up – always very quick and I don’t catch them to see them clearly.

      1. Yes, it comes from the left side ❤
        And it was not clearly to 'see', I could only see that it was long and had eyes.
        But I felt it was beautiful ❤
        And the spheres were amazing ❤
        I love it ❤
        Bixie 😀

        1. this morning on my way to work, I saw a very, very fast speeding bird like object. It was golden and it zipped in front of me and then disappeared. if not for the color, I would have said a bat as they fly fast. sometimes its like new creatures Are amongst us and it does take one to a new reality in those moments 🙂
          Enjoy Bixie ! xo

          1. and thanks Ori for posting this below as reminder !
            CCs said.
            ” and like stars on the firmament, these small apertures will begin to exude a powerful light that will begin to attract you attention, but also the attention of others.”

    2. A few days ago I had asked the question „how did I look when I was just born from Prime–Creator, as I was still very, very new, was not traveling through the universe’s and hadn’t created me any body?”
      I think what was shown to me last night was the answer to this question.

      Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      Vor einigen Tagen hatte Ich die Frage gestellt „wie sah Ich denn aus als Ich gerade aus Ur–Schöpfer geboren war, als Ich noch ganz, ganz neu war, noch nicht auf Reisen durch’s Universum war und mir noch keine Körper erschaffen hatte?“
      Ich glaube, was mir letzte Nacht gezeigt wurde war die Antwort auf diese Frage.

      Heart Greetings
      I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

      1. ♥︎ bixie♥︎
        A Little prime creator me is stumbling jumping shifting laughing smiling having fun since♥︎

  16. Right now I it’s very hard for me to describe what I experience.
    This is not only the language barrier, because therefor I created me Google, Bing,, etc.
    I can not really write it in my native language, because
    I KNOW WHAT I KNOW – I feel that it is like that – for ME
    but my head does not understand it and therefore I can not put it into words.
    Maybe the head needs a little more ‚time’ to come along 😀

    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    Momentan fällt es mir sehr schwer zu beschreiben was Ich erlebe.
    Das liegt nicht nur an der Sprachbarriere, denn Ich erschuf mir ja Google, Bing,, usw.
    Ich kann es auch nicht wirklich in meiner Muttersprache schreiben, denn
    ICH WEISS WAS ICH WEISS – Ich fühle dass es so ist – für MICH
    aber mein Kopf versteht es nicht und deshalb kann Ich es nicht in Worte fassen.
    Vielleicht braucht der Kopf noch ein bisschen ‚Zeit’ um mitzukommen 😀

    Heart Greetings
    I AM BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

    1. Best ever thank you dear Bixie♥︎
      hearts know, feel and flow with natural rhythms. And also with i know what I know & even know the not knowing♥︎

  17. Many thanks to you Aisha and CC’s and much gratitude as well for all your being. ❤ This missive as again leaves me with much to think about and add to my current experiences. Change yes has been on going for a decade now, but it seems to be more of a whirlwind these days. I just have to take it in stride and tell myself, " this is all for the greater good". The flow is tremendous and the syncrinisoties just keep pouring in regarding my own path. Still it is difficult to see ahead on my own path as it has been often covered and out of reach for so long. It is good news from the CC's that things will open up even more so my path will be clear and easier seen. Everything they say goes along with what I have been experiencing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And if I may ask for healing light to be sent my way it would be greatly appreciated. I took a tumble this evening and fell smack on my face. I hit the paved sidewalk and have a egg size lump above my eye. Can't believe I did this and can't recall when I have been this banged up. My husband is out of state on bussiness so I am home alone to care for the pets. Thank you all. Much love sent your way for all each of you do on your everyday and night. 🙂 Denise ❤

      1. Thank you Michael for reminding me to take arnica. I always forget and all though I didn’t see your post until today I remembered to take it at 11:30 eastern time. 🙂 seriously! ❤

        1. Dear Denise,
          Something odd is going on, for I too took a spill yesterday. I was standing up after finishing shaving my legs in the bathtub and lost a few seconds of memory. Next I was tumbling out of the tub, breaking the fall with my shoulder and the wall. This was felt very different from a typical energy “hit” in which a touch of vertmomigo occurs. Or when you suddenly remember where you are while driving. Feels like a new phenomena. So very glad you are OK. Be careful of concussion, and watch for symptoms.
          hat’s coming from my work with brain trauma patients. And see Otmn’ post below. I now have many people of all ages experiencing “fall” for no apparent reasons.

          1. “vertigo”! Can’t type on this silly phone. Need to find that computer mouse of mine.

            Michael – I also used the arnica for my shoulder. Feels good today. Perhaps we should all stock up on it??? Geez ….

            1. ❤ omg, Caroline, Denise, Everybody. This is eye-opening info.

              I hope you're ok, Big C, and that you, Denise, are confirmed A-ok.

              Michael L.'s comment about driving is scary. I ALWAYS use intention for a safe, JOYful and uneventful drive to each destination in my Jeep; I'll be extra careful and ask for even more Guidance and protection—especially that I don't harm anyone. I will also ask for Guidance to dispel fear re this info.

              Thank you All… please do take good care each of you. I will also add in my focused daily morning intentions and prayers and during our nightly energy cleansing / protection ceremony that each of you, everyone, are protected from this point on. Much Love, xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

          2. Thank you Caroline. I posted some below too. Hope you are ok. I will be looking out for any symptoms for a while. ❤ love to you Caroline! Denise ❤

          3. Dear Caroline,
            I’m sorry to hear about your incident. Hope you are ok now.
            The Trinity Esoterics’ last channeling could be the answer. They’re talking about the balance. It’s a different kind of balance may be but it may apply to all. The link was given here before but if anyone wants to read, I think it’s worthy reading:

              1. ❤ btw, Tijen… this confirmed my feelings to stay away from family members. I just knew it was a Blessing for both myself and them… how else would they see that disrespectful / unkind behavior is totally unacceptable and how else would I realize that I deserve to be treated with only respect and kindness… there may not be any Love on their parts, but that's ok as long as there's the other 2 ingredients all around.

                I only last week received the true and final confirming feelings my mom is—finally—ready to transition over. We "talk", but not in person. She's always been psychic (like us all). So I tell her I Love her that way, but not in person—too nasty. I think she's finally getting that.

                Last week I suddenly felt so very bone tired and just devoid of any feelings for either negative situations OR happy situations… there was no "color" in anything 3d anymore. For a minute I thought, geez, I'm not a quitter; where's this coming from? Nothing Life-changing had occurred. Then it dawned on me, I was picking up on my mom. She's ready. And then received news that she had indeed told my sister the same thing. She's been an attention-seeker in this lifetime, so after not eating anything and losing a great deal of weight and trying to scare everyone for quite a time recently, I guess she's ready. I do Love her, folks, I'm just not buying into her or my older sister's nasty behaviors any longer… or anyone else's either. They've learned and I've learned thru this situation… we've successfully accomplished what we agreed to do. I KNOW that, and I Love them dearly for it… just not in person. 😀

                Ain't Life Grand, baby!! Be well, Dear One… I will miss you in Crete, but hopefully in the springtime or ??? I'll see and hug you. ❤ 😀

                1. Yes, I so relate to this, Lin. About a year ago I told my family I no longer choose to spend time with people, including them, who so heavily/constantly judge me and my daughter. When I was feeling sad about the resulting estrangement, and regretful that I had “failed” in my role of serving as wayshower for them, my HS said, “You ARE serving as wayshower by doing this!” Blessings and love to you, Lin, and to your mother and your whole family, as you navigate this transition.


                  1. Blessings in return to you and your daughter, Sherill. Our NEW way of BEing totally goes against the indoctrination we were subjected to. So, at times, doubt (and strong judgments from relatives, etc.) try to squeeze in, but we held strong and listened to our Hearts. Step by step literally we’re allowing more Light into the situation and also into each person involved (even the criticizers). Taking this action with a daughter by your side must require even more fortitude to stand for the wellbeing of yourself (and her). I Love You, Sherill, and support you in your walk (of Love&JOY). Love takes strength and commitment—and it, with respect and kindness, is changing everything. You both be well. ❤ +++

              2. Dear Lin, what a story you’ve got in your basket. We all do don’t we? I’m glad you found the way out. Hugging you dear Lin. Oh well, we’re together all the time anyways. What is missing is just a 3D body and that’s ok isn’t it? 🙂

                1. Ha! Yes, and, yes, we’ve all got them in one form or another. I’d like to hear a replay of the “conversations” that took place on the other side before incarnation where we agreed to the “situations” in this lifetime and why EXACTLY my Soul / my Guides were inclined to think the Path chosen would be really good for me / us. I’m not complaining (any longer), just seriously curious is all. Maybe the Path chosen isn’t even the one I’ve walked so far!! Maybe it’s completely different than this one! omg. Wouldn’t that be an “Hello!”
                  A great big fat donkey laugh. Truly, this is one amazing board game… talk about creative! (shrugging like Otmn here) ok. all’s well that ends well. Love U ❤

                  1. Now I’m really donkey-laughing, Lin, because all day I’ve been wanting to find time to come on here and share a funny image I had last night that’s similar to what you’re saying here. It was prompted by the threads about headaches, falling down, and Breeze’s about her and Kelly’s body stuff. I thought, “If I had to have headaches there’s no way I’d go through with this,” and I was mystified and curious, like you’re saying here, Lin, about what the process was of deciding. Why did I get to go through really strong skull expansion stuff accompanied by vertigo, but no pain? Pondering this, I suddenly imagined us all filling out a form before we came here this lifetime, with boxes to check off for what ascension symptoms we would say yes and no to. Or maybe like ordering from a restaurant menu: “Yes, I’ll take a big dollop of vertigo with my skull expansion, please.” “Would you like any pain along with that?” “No thanks, just the vertigo.” Apparently, though, I did say yes to foot pain, shoulder and upper arm pain, joint stiffness, weight gain, and a long list of other menu items. My husband’s path has been a lot about naturally deepening meditations, expanding light and joy—with almost no body stuff at all. He and I have laughed a lot over the years about what each of our souls seem to enjoy doing most: he remembers lives of being a shepherd-type, sitting in a beautiful nature spot peacefully playing a flute. Meanwhile, I’m cavorting in the deepest darkest places, transmuting genocide and all manner of other fun stuff. Just in this lifetime I’ve cleared fundamentalism, emotional abuse, cancer, punitive child-rearing, poverty, and more. Like you, Lin, I’m no longer complaining—and I really deeply get that this IS what my soul does for fun. I absolutely love playing with you all!


                    1. Dear sherill & Lin!

                      Is it not a very good sign that we can now look back and sum up our trip and our choices we made so long ago? It’s been tough choices for most of us, but we have managed it because of the spark of light that always survived and now unleashes like wildfire.

                      Our work is now in the final stages and it is time to put away the tools and enjoy the reap.

                      Much love, light & joy ❤


                    2. Ha! Sherill, I like the menu idea (I must have gotten greedy, as I really, really like the idea of your husband’s—of being a shepherd in a beautiful meadow playing a flute! literally LIVE and learn 😉 ) Cramazing B and Tijen… I Love you both along with Sherill to pieces—with tight hugs that will knock your socks off (if you wear socks 🙂 ). Time to be silly, enjoy the day with lots of FUN & over-the-top JOY. ❤

                2. Dear Lin and Sherill,
                  I was gonna say something related to your stories but then I read B’s comment and realized what I had to say is nonsense. B, you’re right my dear. If only we could accept and move on, then there is really only rock”n”roll baby. Have a day full of gigantic laughs and rays of joyful sun on your skin. ❤

                  1. Dear Tijen!

                    NOTHING what you or anyone else say here at bhe blog is nonsense!!! Everything is said for a reason. Now it is time for our hearts to speak out loud – without restrictions or thinking that we are unimportant. Just see the greatness in yourself dear Sister and let it flow 🙂 ❤

                    Much love, joy & rock´n roll ❤


          4. Uh oh – this sounds interesting in the wrong kind of way… Glad to know that you are doing OK Caroline, and Denise, keep taking good care of yourself. And the same goes for the rest of us!
            LOVE to you all!
            Aisha ❤

        2. Gosh if it wasn’t no serious……….:). yes have get some more gel, kids come home and it’s gone!!!
          But seriously we do drive, some us a lot.
          This is not safe.
          Don’t know who the safety angel is ,but since we can call for help anytime……..HELP safety angel…. our family in fainting!!!!!

          No more monkeys jumping on the bed??? No clue just came to me 🙂

          Love and love some more, sweet healing!!!!

          1. been taking Arnica every day for a week now. Kelly cant take the homeopathic pills…. so I do have the gel and oils as well that I rub on him each day.
            Arnica is wonderful. I will post the oil one I have as it smells fabulous too! hopefully I will remember once I get home. brain not in tune today.
            >>anyone having ‘gut issues’? Pain in the mid area. Just feels sickly and heavy and yuk. tired again too today even after a nice sleep. weird dreams though. looking thru Kelly’s father’s ashes (no, we don’t actually have them). And his girlfriends (nope, never met her). There were strange objects in the ashes. the girlfriend’s had sea shells it looked like in hers. colorful. not sure what it means. His father in the beginning of the dream was ‘laid out’ as in a funeral. The table he was on began to shake violently. After the third time, it came to me he did not want to be buried. I went over to him and he spoke to me. yes, he was dead. His eyes remained closed but he clearly spoke and I tried to get Kelly’s attention to it. Note: his Dad does try thru me to get to Kelly. They did not have a good relationship. I am this ‘go between’ often with people when it comes to that mediumship communication.
            anyway…. it felt really powerful talking with his father and him telling me to have his body cremated. (It was about 8 yrs ago). and then sifting thru his and his girlfriends ashes after accidentally spilling them. again, no idea what this means but it was a vivid dream. They were both younger in the dream too. I only met his Dad once just before he died – he died a bit unexpectedly – though not in good health and at the hospital. He was much like Kelly in his manner and he said how much he liked me so I was very glad to have at least be with him for one day.
            >maybe the ‘difference’ in the ‘content’ of the ashes has meaning ?
            He is trying to tell me something.
            Love to All ~ have a good day/night XO

            1. I hope you are feeling better now my friend ❤

              I woke up with headache this morning knowing that "something" is on its way. After reading the blog (which takes a couple of hours 😉 I spent my time outside trying to understand what I read in the local newspaper 😉 Hard to concentrate so it took a very long time but I thought it was very good to be in the sun, taking it in with all senses and in the afternoon the headache relieved and I let loose with rock / pop while I cooked carrot soup for me and my neighbour 😉 There are rapid changes between the extremes sometimes ;))) Carpe diem 🙂

              Love, light & ease ❤


      1. I’m so glad to hear that Denise. When we were kids, if it happened, our mothers would chew some bread and put it on the lump and it would help but I didn’t think you’d try it so I didn’t mention it then.

    1. ❤ Dear Denise, I too just sent you waves of healing Wholeness to your entire body and each cell and space around each cell. You are Whole in the space of Love. I hug you with quiet JOY and give you my Love. xox Lin ❤

      (p.s. re Spring meet up on east coast, I believe Ponders are knowing and allowing it will happen with no exact plans as yet… hoping I can fly there either on a plane or via Cap'n Kirk teleportation method 😉 to join in… I Love you, Dear One) ❤

      1. (popping in before Denise… Soooo beautiful, Dear B. I Love these pix, I Love your energy in them. Hope you are feeling better by now. Loving you, always xox Lin ❤ 😀

        1. YES!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Lin and every single member of this indescribably wonderful light family – and ALL of Creation ❤ ❤ ❤

          Infinite LOVE ❤


          1. ❤ B!!!! This vid spoke LOUDLY to me, so much JOY energy in it, every single second. I bookmarked it to have along with Big C's Camp Fido. Remarkable. Thank you for sharing. I Love You, Dearest B, but then you already know that. Just Lovely, loving. Will carry it with me into dreamtime.

            (Dickens is pacing around my chair and bumping me to let me know it's bedtime, so shut down the computer… he doesn't like it when I'm up late—wants everybody resting, fast asleep. He thinks he's the "daddy". Just love our little white fluff of fur and JOY. See ya tomorrow, B. Wishing you the Brightest of days ahead. En-JOY! 😀 ❤ )

                  1. 🙂 Morning, B (afternoon for you)… I had a lovely sleep–Thank you! Haven’t been sleeping much in the last week so just flowing with it. Thanx again for the “Infinite Love” vid above… it really is special and on my computer desktop. It’s 8am here so I think it’s already 5pm in Sweden—supper time, yum. I hope your day brought you JOY and FUN. Soon you will be posting pix of your snow-covered trees / birches and a frozen lake (so you can walk on water again) 😉 . Be well, My Sister. Loving you, xox Lin ❤

                    1. So nice Lin ❤

                      Hope the winter will take time. It was very windy at the lake today as you can see in the yellow grass tussock. A pine tree had fallen across my path. My theme for today was "honouring the old me – welcome the new one" .

                      Love ❤


                    2. another gorgeous pix, B… my Soul loves them. A question: what is the flat, black device planted on the upper portion of the 2nd tree in the background.. do you know? L

                    3. I didn’t discover it until I published the picture 😉 It looks like the remains of a birdhouse sitting there earlier – but will check it later.

                      Love ❤


          2. Dear B – this is just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this love-filled, joy-filled video! I echo Tijen – this is what we want to BE, this is what we want the world to BE 🙂
            LOVE, Aisha

      2. Oh my gosh B! Your pictures are amazing! I love “the path”! Were you not feeling well B? Hope you are better now. Can’t have all of us down at once. Love to you B! ❤ Denise

        1. I had some tough days that eased yesterday. Today I´m waking up with headache – something on its way? Ups and downs you know 😉 Hope you are not completely bruised dear Sister.

          Much love ❤


      3. I saved this picture B! I keep looking at it and appreciating it so much as well as your words – ‘with you on the path’. much , much Love from me ❤

    2. Dear Denise! When you read these words, I hope you have had a long, restful, healing sleep floating in the loving waters of this Pond! May this day bring you a soothing respite from the energetic whirlwind you have been tossed around by!
      Love, light and a soft embrace from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Thank you Aisha, I did sleep well. I know it is because the pond was holding me. 🙂 ❤ I can't think of anything better then healing waters of light to be surrounded and immersed in here at the pond. 🙂 Much love sent back your way dear Aisha! ❤ Denise

    3. oh my! Falling flat on ones face is so not a fun thing !
      Wand tapping !
      Love, A
      ***Love that pic B!*** (reminds me of the Lane I used to live on – nothing like a secluded dirt road thru the trees! Cats used to walk it with me and so looked forward to it)

      1. Thank you for the wand tapping Breeze. I can use all the healing energy I can get today. Feeling rather beat up. More bruises popping up as the day goes by. Strange, as all I remember was hitting my head and seeing that concrete before me. I went to the doc today and she thinks as banged up as I look I should be a ok. Apparently I have a hard head. 😉 They wanted to x-ray my knee not my head. This is why I rarely go to doctors. The swelling went down a little before bed, but still have an egg size knot on my brow with scratches. Love to you Breeze and keep that wand at the ready 🙂
        ❤ Denise

        1. wand is on auto pilot now ! 🙂 🙂
          for everyone!
          and me!
          so glad u are OK my dear sister of Light ❤
          Kelly had no balance this past Sunday. He has trouble as it is… but it scared him. I mentioned yours and others issues with it here. I can get a bit mad at the Universe for allowing these things — and not giving us more of the boosts and relievers we so need on All levels — and at the same time asking more and more of us! … eeeesh! In the back of our heads didnt we always know it would be this way though. I dont want to get more riled up. LoL. That wont do any good I know. I don't feel very well today so I am not in the greatest of moods. I just want to Be someplace else way too often.
          Today begins the lesser time for courier run. 2 days per week (was 5, then 3) and more work load to carry. not fair and they know my situation. just really bites. I was told it would be less days per week due to less work. it is not so. more work and less pay. ? how can companies do this to people? no conscious – ness
          Love you!

          1. ❤ It's changing, Breezy… I have no proof, but there will be a 180-degree change by the corporations soon. Unimaginable, yep; but it's coming. Count on it!!!!!!! In fact, EXPECT it, and that moment will arrive even sooner. Somehow I KNOW this. It's happening. Just try to dance your way thru the coming days with an effervescent attitude that will probably puzzle your co-workers. FUN, 'eh? yeah. Be the fizz and sizzle in the office. Bring your own version of Radiant SunLight into that shadowed environment—let your Soul sing, maybe even with words out loud (softly of course). That would get 'em. It's all ok, Dear Breezy. In that office building BE as if you're an actor on stage, your inner Light is fired up and ON!! Lighting up the entire building. YOU are that expansive and Powerful, you know. It's time, Breezy, to share the Light BIG TIME. It's long past time waiting for others to shine the Light on us. YOU. ARE. THE. LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! so dump that mood and just BE!!! SHINE ON… IN THE NOW. I refuse to take anything other than that from you. If you come back with a "but, but, but…" I tell you now I will refuse to hear you and will ignore your false defenses. That's the "old, 3d" un-reality. PUMP IT UP, DEAR SISTER. From what I read from your posts, you got it in spades. Time to own it. Period. Loving you JOYfully, immensely, overwhelmingly, your sister in Light, xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

            (and here's a donkey laugh to boot—go share it)

              1. ❤ YES!!!! Absolutely Beautiful, Michael L. Thank You!!! And Jesus is my Beloved Brother. yaaaaaaaay, a NEW World is HERE. The Harvest has taken place. omg, it's wonderful. NEW Energy abounds. I Love You, Michael L. Have a great day/evening ahead—I forget where you're located? Continued Love Blessings to you&yours. xox Lin ❤ 😀

        2. ❤ Denise!!! No more falls; you're safely in my Heart and my prayers now. I see you completely Whole (as you already are, you know) in record time. Actually see, feel that, too… and your mirror will reflect just that. I know, easier said than done stuff, but do it anyway. I Love you sooooo darn much. The Light is on inside you. Shine On, Dear One. xoxoxooxoxoxo Lin ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀

      1. Thank you Sherill. Your added healing energies have gotten me over the worst I think. I was so glad I made it home to take care of the animals. Of all days to fall flat that was not a good choice with husband out of town in Wisconsin and my mom and sis unable to help as well. I was asking myself what I was supposed to learn from this. I think as you said I need to care for myself. Much love sent back to you Sherill! ❤ Denise

  18. I haven’t read the missive yet but wanted to share this with everyone who has been sending prayers.

    It’s been a harrowing night but we went together with christina and peter to help maggie on her trip to summerland. She really deteriorated today and was lunging to the right and falling over and it was just unfair to even try to keep her a second longer. I was pleased with the loving treatment of the staff and they were able to give us maggie back so we can bury her here with her brother magik our black cat. Feels much better. Already felt on her and her joy at being able to see, hear and RUN again. She was the fastest dog I knew besides a greyhound and when you googled our house on google earth you could see her race track on our front yard! from space! lol…so I will get up early tomorrow and bury her and then move forward with what needs doing.

    huge hugs and thanks for the strength, energy and prayers…Alex

    1. Oh, Alex…my love is with you! Your sweet Maggie is young again and will be watching over you all. I wish I could of seen her race track from space. 🙂 Surrounding you all with loving light and peace. ❤ Love always, Denise

    2. ❤ sending you, your Beloved, Christina and Peter and little Maggie at Home now waves of quiet joy and quiet Peace and Love to envelope you each and give you each a restful, deep healing sleep tonight. Much Love to you, Dear Alex, as you bury your sweet little one tomorrow morn next to her brother. I LOve You. xox Lin ❤

  19. just about to settle down for bed… and I am hearing music! it is beautiful. inside.
    not the single or a couple tones. its music! I would Love to hum it into a recording but I have to get to bed and its will just Be There/Here 🙂

  20. WOW
    mega ❤ always
    XXX OOO Aisha CC's – Every seemingly single One of Us
    even my guy when I read this now to him, can no longer deny who I Am (he may deny who he is still for the time being) but not the facts of what I have been saying and what is said here…and it is just way too much of a coincidence any longer to say all of us here – and light workers elsewhere – (and by the looks of it folks all over the planet!) are not knowing and unfolding this thing! Its raining Truth!
    Kelly knows the dreams I have had and what I have said about my great shamanic experience and how it has been coming up strongly for me lately— then I read this missive to him. This is indeed a very nice way to go to sleep 🙂 Blessings All and this aspect of All sitting right here typing says Thank you All ! Love Is Life ~ Life Is Love

    1. Dear sister – reading your words was definitely a very nice way to begin the day 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this – in every sense of the word 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

  21. Wow, wee. Powerful Divine heads up. Yes, I’m listening…just working on allowing THE FLOW. INTENSE time. Exciting, but wow intense. Thank you Aisha and the CC’s ❤

  22. Dear Vinny, what you see is beyond amazing and it is just perfect 🙂 Thank you for sharing it! I have slipped through the egg timer once before, so I think your partner in crime will find a way through it too 😉 All (s)he has to do, is to dissolve into particles and then reassemble again on the other side.
    Aisha ❤

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