The manuscript of survival – part 425

This message will perhaps shake up a few of those old misconceptions that still survive even in some of the enlightened circles. You see, this has very much to do about the very nature of things, and when we say that we are actually referring to the state that makes everything come about or rather come into existence in a way that enables you to perceive them. For existence and the definition of it is indeed a very convoluted subject, as what seems to exist to a human, is merely the tiniest tip of the proverbial iceberg compared to what really is out here. You see, or rather, you cannot see so much of what truly IS, and even with the most sophisticated of your equipment, you have only started to scratch the surface of Creation. Or perhaps we should say you have only seen one tiny layer of that huge and complex structure. And so, mankind go around with some very set notions in their minds of what IS and what is indeed possible, and so you continue to see everything from an extremely narrow perspective.

We know that this will make many of you nod your heads in agreement, after all, you are the ones who have persistently been seeking outside of these narrow confines for a very long time now. Yet, you have still not managed to come very far from that somewhat humble beginnings you started your quest from. And no, this is not said in order to rile you in any way, or for us to try to imply any kind of superiority over you. Far from it, this is simply intended as a reminder that you still have so much to search for on this quest for answers. And yes, this may frustrate you to no end, for what you can sense if you truly prick up your senses is a field so vast, it makes it almost unbearably irritating at times not to be able to see it more clearly. And so, you may kick out in despair or you may simply pull back your feelers and content yourself with exploring the field you have already crossed before. But by doing that, you are actually allowing yourself to narrow down your own field of potential in a very tangible way. You see, you are the only one who can go where no man has gone before, and if you resist letting that tantalizing whiff of knowledge lead you on, you will only serve to slow down not only yourself but all of mankind.

Again, this is not any form of criticism, rather it is an important reminder for you all to continue to push through those boundaries you still have when it comes to your own abilities to seek perfection. And when we say perfection, we do not mean that in any superficial way, rather, it is to remind you all of your own greatness. For you already are all of those things you cannot even begin to believe is true, but still, you have yet to truly own that greatness, to take it fully into your possession once again. For this cannot be done by anyone else but you, and in doing that, you will help to open the door for everyone else that might find the courage to enter that same hall that you have so boldly stepped into. You see, someone has to take that first step, but up until now, so many of you have hesitated at that very doorstep, and for one reason or the other, you have chosen to step back in the hope that someone else may take the lead. But now it is our task to remind each and every one of you of your own responsibility in this whole operation. For as we have told you again and again, what you do, you do for all, so too in this.

In other words, the more you choose to hold yourself back, the more you will actually serve to slow down the process for all those following in your footsteps. Remember, you are the wayshowers in every sense of the word, for you act as the vanguard for a whole host of others, and so, whenever you think yourself unable to complete another step on this journey, you slow down and so do all those behind you. For you are indeed trailblazers in the right sense of the word, and that is why you are here, to find a way to overcome your own inhibitions. For you can already fly, but for all of your lives you have done nothing more than run at top speed at the most. You see, you are so much freer than you still seem to think, and for many of you, the old idea of disbelief in your own abilities is still anchoring you very firmly in that old way of thinking and acting. And so, look upon this as a kind of shaking of the tree, an impetus to give yourself that extra push you need to push yourself off that branch you have been clinging so tenaciously to for such a long time now.

For you are more than ready to fly dear ones, but like a timid fledgling, you sit there waiting for the right opportunity to do so. Well, that window of opportunity has been standing wide open for quite some time now, the sky is clear and the wind is indeed favourable, so why not make a firm decision to cast off once and for all? You see, you will not crash nor fail, for your wings have been constructed to carry a far heavier weight than yourself. For you will be bringing so much more with you into the air when you finally dare to soar, for when you lift off, all of humanity will feel themselves being pulled along in your wake. So once again we say do not make yourself smaller than you truly are, and stop stopping yourself by questioning your own inherent qualities. For you are all shining examples of souls that know no limits at all – in every sense of the word, but still, you have an ability to override that truth with some carefully chosen words of discouragement whenever the opportunity to truly shine your light arises.

This does not mean that you are merely shadows of yourselves, hiding in the corners at all times, far from it. For you have lifted yourselves and this world a far cry from that old and dreadful state you used to linger in, and with every step you take, you continue to spread that inner light of yours far across the land. But still, there is something within you that continues to keep your light just that much dimmer than it truly is, and now the time has come for you all to adjust your wattage if we may use such an expression. You see, you do not lack anything at all, except perhaps the courage to truly shine as brightly as you actually can. So now, we do hope you will all remember to take some time to look at your own light in the light of this truth, and we venture to guess that what you see if you truly acknowledge your inner greatness, will be a far cry from the meager supply of light that actually reaches the outside. Not that it is far too small to have an effect, but it is simply a small taste of what you have to offer yourself in the way of enlightenment. And when you dare to offer your own inner light freely to yourself, then you will also automatically begin to share that immense powerhouse with the rest of mankind, with the rest of this world, and with the rest of Creation. And remember, it is sorely needed, for this planet has been left to survive on the merest scraps of light for far too long now. But now, thanks to your ability to once more connect to Source, there is no more lack of resources on this planet, as long as you all allow yourselves to truly shine at your very brightest.

284 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 425

  1. “and if you resist letting that tantalizing whiff of knowledge lead you on, ”
    For my case, “tantalizing whiff of knowledge”=”a knowledge from Breeze” was a link to Yazidi which introduced by Aisha.
    I knew “Tawsi Melek” and “Peacock Angel”. It was very important informations. I didn’t know it that contrite. After read it, I remember abnormal actions of US forces to the Iraqi history or religious area in the Iraq war.
    When President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, such as if the message to me I had been watching TV. Or, TV crew interview about the war to children of about 10-year-old position of Iraq. It was a country that the answer was obtain quickly from small boy as “not that a human being”. According to Treasury Secretary O’Neill (at that time), from the front of the 911, that Bush was planning the invasion of Iraq.
    Or US forces looted selectively 30 points valuables of the National Museum of Iraq, why was incinerated the list?
    Why US forces have ordered to bring the collections of the Museum to the Iraqi people? It is your obsession to the museum a lot.
    I think I know why the United States at the time gave a name of me=oriharu to organization name are likely will be hostile from the local people.
    “What is ORHA?” (likely will be hostile from the Iraqi people)
    “What is Oligarchy?” (likely will be hostile from the Russian)
    (I have been using name ORIHARU from 1986. ttp://
    I have been setting a Maitreya cross from about 2000.
    When you click the cross(page top), detailed cross jpg-file will be appears which appearance is like a peacock like. It contains my younger sister’s birthday(Nov.26), too. Then she was a channeler of “Gozu Tennoh(Cow’s Head Emperor)”.
    In the Japanese entertainment world, Ringo Shiina(her unit name is Tokyo Incident) was sympathetic to my discovery I also appreciate. They released one album titled “Breakthrough” about one month after. And there is a picture of Peacock which mean as me from 1991(also appreciate too) by other aspect.
    Tera Love to Yezidis! please.
    Thank you to all ponders.

    1. There is a mark “2 cross in one” at upper left of lower half in the circle symbol of Peacock Angel.
      There is the same mark at the left top of the stone plate(?) on the right one of the collections of the Iraq Museum.
      In fact, Maitreya Cross emits ray of seven, its shape is the shape of the Japanese KANJI character light=”光”. This is very important point. Thank you for advertising !


  2. Hello everyone.
    This is my 84th favourite Japanese song from ttp://
    KinKi Kids : Chunk of Love (Released Date : Nov.14, 2001)
    Lyrics : ttp://
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps:// )
    (Added 2 Circles :
    (Thank you for your e-mail! I noticed it today!)
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  3. Dear Aisha,
    This morning, after meditating, I again visited the pond. You and your sister were there. When I looked at you two from a distance, you looked like a mountain. Your energy, when it’s combined, grows so much more, becomes a mountain. And I saw the new moon on the peak. After this vision, you and I hugged each other. I felt the energy, felt wonderful. We hold hands while we’re facing each other, making a circle. Two stones appeared in our hands, one was blue, the other green. I took the green, you took the blue. We threw the stones to the pond. As soon as they sank, the pond covered with a veil of mist, which we knew meant more light. And another thing. I used to dip in the water of the pond and then feel the light around my body but now being around the pond makes me feel the same. So I don’t need to dip in the waters anymore (may be it’s due to the season, I don’t know) Have a “lightful” day dears! 🙂 ❤

    1. Dear Tijen, I cannot even begin to say how much your words mean to me! Thank you dear sister of the light for seeing this and for sharing this, it is such a powerful confirmation for me and for my sister, it has us both in tears of gratitude and joy 🙂
      Love, light and twin hugs from my sister and from me, Aisha ❤ ❤

  4. HELLOOOOOO DORRIT / LYS… have you decided if you’re going to Crete? Hope you are. Lin ❤ 😀

    (If so, you'd better hurry and notify Crete personnel and Philip, links above… I know you mentioned finances as a huge consideration)

    1. Bless you, Lin! Thank you for continuing to hold me in the light of the Crete gathering! 🙂
      At this moment in time it seems that I will be connecting with the Pond from Portland. This is fine, as I know everything happens in divine timing.
      In addition, I get a ‘contact high’ from all those who are going!
      Much love, Dorrit

      1. ❤ If not in Crete, well, then, somewhere else soon!! I'm going to hug you one way or the other, nose to nose. Be well, Dear Dorrit / Lys… I Love you very much. xox Lin ❤ 😀

  5. Vinny,
    I hesitated to write this but I felt like I have to.
    You can ignore this message if you wish.
    It may or may not make sense.
    I don’t know.
    At the end of my meditation tonite, I wanted to visit the pond.
    You were sitting on a yellow quartz, a big one.
    Six ladies from the pond were lifting you and the stone.
    The key was under it.
    I was the only one around who is not lifting so I gave you the key.
    You had to hold the key on your heart to release the blockage.
    You started shining.
    There were to holes behind you, like half meter behind.
    Two holes, one after the other.
    Your light beamed through the holes.
    I couldn’t see any further.
    That is it.

        1. Seven is a strong number (and my birthday) 🙂
          Have a wonderful circle dear B, you may have another one -in spirit though-
          Much love to you.

        2. YES!!!!!! 😉
          Enjoy the journey tonight with your Sisters, Birgitta. You may be in for a few surprises!!
          Loving you always,

    1. Dear Tijen, dear B! I have shivers all over my body when I read your vision, Tijen, for it brought up B’s shamanic women’s circle that will meet up tonight. And B, Vinny’s “key holder”, thank you for allowing yourself to listen to your inner guidance and resume your work with this circle at this exact moment in time! As you say yourself, it IS needed now! Tijen, your light is SO bright now, thank you for everything that you bring to this!
      With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤

      1. Aisha, Tijen, Caroline!

        It really was a well needed circle tonight – especially for the new young women who joined us.

        Tijen – “Six ladies from the pond were lifting you and the stone”. We were finally six women who participated 😉

        Dear Sisters! This has really been a mesmerizing day – in every sence of the word 😉 and I am totally exhausted but very contented.

        Love & gratitude to you and all my light family ❤


      2. OMG! So you ended up being six? And this morning, I had a vision of being in a circle with a shamanic drum in the middle. But there were four women, who are from different directions. I imagined that they are you, Lin, myself and either Bronnie or Maria who are (as far as I know) from Australia. I had a feeling that looking at where we are geographically, we were making a cross. But I wasn’t able to concentrate much this morning, I couldn’t see/feel more. Hope you rested well dear B and all the experience sank in you well enough to bring much knowing and joy to your life.

        1. Dear Tijen!

          The leader of the circle marked the four cardinal points with different animals representing wind, water, fire and earth with ourselves in the light in the middle. With sun and moon will be seven – hence some of the magic with the figure 7, we are all part of the medicine wheel.

          Thank you Tijen ❤


  6. It’s just too unbearable to open your eyes and have the memories back, this body and all of it after peeking behind the veil. Just a safe mechanism of some kind. All the time I wake on the other side I just want to get the hell out and far away. Waking to this side… There’s no words for that…

  7. ❤ Dear Alex… you're probably with your sweet Maggie, so just want to say I hope she's comfortable, and that you&Loved Ones are at Peace as much as possible. She's been a member of your family for so long. Blessings of Love, xox Lin ❤

  8. In light of what the CC’s have said this time, I am making myself available to do personal Song Portals for people. These are songs in “Light language” that provide openings into multi-dimensional realities through sound and encoded words. If you feel you might like to have me sing a song portal for you, you can send me an email: (Half of all donations go to either Playing for Change or to Dreaming Zebra…both groups support music and arts education/supplies world wide.)

    Once I receive an email, I’ll send some additional info to help you receive the most from your song. After I do the song, I’ll send you an Mp3. If you live in North America, you can also include your telephone number so we can speak in person. (Be sure to say what time zone you are in and good times to call)

    I’ve been singing these songs for years and am only now ready to be more available. I invite you in this wonderful community to tune in to see if you might benefit from participating in such a process and to let me know, if you feel a resonance.

    Love and Blessings, Song

    1. ❤ THANK YOU, Dear Monica, for the links, and especially for the Kryon link. What a great way to start the day. 🙂 Enjoy your day with your Beloved Tim in your beautiful Vermont. Laugh-it-up big time today. Lin ❤ 😀

  9. Oh my oh my oh my
    WOW!!!…has never been more accurate

    I’ve been wanting to respond to this but every time I ponder it a zillion words want to come flying out at the same time…a zillion and nONE

    All I can say is

    I HEARt that CCs…I HEARt that!!!

  10. Beloved Ponder’s of Light
    Thank you for sharing your angst and your struggles, your joy, your insights and your delight in Mother Nature. I share all with you . The new moon is in full splendour tonight!
    I love you and hold you.
    Love and Light
    Song of the day
    Stairway to HEAVEN

    1. Dear Bronnie, I have to echo my own words: We are the wind beneath each other’s wings 🙂 Thank you for lifting us up with your beautiful energy and your loving words!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  11. Hi All… I received an email from Philip Wade early this a.m. re the Free / No Charge SOL / IS seminar in Crete on Sunday, October 19th. There are 22 people already signed up and several “maybes”, with space for only 30 total. If you plan to be there, please sign up now with Ingrid and then please let Philip know as well at the provided links below. If you show up and the space is filled with local people and / or reservations, then you most probably will be turned away.

    “Please contact us [ In Crete ] for more information and booking:
by email:
call Ingrid Margarita at (+30) 697 414 3598

    “And per Philip Wade, the facilitator [and originator and designer of SOL / IS] of the Seminar: Any Ponder who just happens to be on or near Crete on Sunday 19th October would be most welcome. We can have a wonderful day together. It is FREE.

    “You can see the event details and the centre website here:

    and on facebook here:

    The registrations will be handled locally in Crete as Sue I don’t get there ‘til a week before but do let me know if you are interested:

    Thank you. Lin ❤

  12. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! It’s funny how your and the CC’s messages always seem so exactly tuned to what I am experiencing. Amazing, really. I’ve been rereading a book called E Squared about how we have the ability to manifest all of our dreams, desires-anything we focus on. Like most of us I keep getting tripped up by my own “programming”. Automatically accepting limits that are no longer real if they ever were. It’s odd to see this and realize it’s not just me-that I’m not especially ridiculous or slow, just in the same place as so many others. I wonder why it’s so much easier to have faith in one another than it is to believe strongly in ones own self?

    1. Dear ohnwentsya, thank you for sharing this interesting observation! Yes, we can be VERY good at “making ourselves smaller”, so we do need to remind ourselves and each other of our greatness. We are more than great, we are magnificent, and we are ONE 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

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