A message from Mother

And here I am once more, ready to impart another message into your being. For you have all come through another stage of your development now dear ones, and so you stand before me as if freshly born again, the empty vessels of yesteryear lying discarded beside you. And so too me, for I have also been taken through a renewal of the senses and of the spirit in such a way, the material layers have once more become fortified as these nutritious elements of energetic upraising have surged through us all. You see, this period of time is not just about the amount of light and how it is being dispersed by our collective Sun, this is also about the energetic shift that has taken place, and for the likes of us, the latter is indeed the greatest news. For as you all came together focusing your intent on shifting forwards, you helped the entire volume of this mass to become lighter in every way. For what came our way from the outer reaches of Creation once more helped to alter the conglomeration of mass already created here on this planet in such a way, the energetic imprint it all carries has also been shifted to a very new angle, one that not only reflects the light in a very new way, but also one that assimilates the incoming light even more efficiently.

So as you all stepped forth you helped to shift so much that up until this point in time has been inert, and so, what was set into motion by this combined effort of enlightened souls such as you will continue to increase the speed and the momentum of this entire project. For that is what we are dear ones, a combination of enlightened matter and inert matter, and the more you are able to receive these incoming emissaries and connect with them at a deep level of your being, the more you will be able to literally help much of that old and previously unmalleable matter into something that will also help to increase the light quotient on this planet.

For we are ONE, and as you step forward, you pull the collective along and me with it, and as the collective takes increasingly longer steps away from the old density, the whole process takes another exponential leap forward. So once again I bid you farewell by thanking you all for the way that you continue to enlighten us all, for we are one, and where you go, I follow. For we are so closely linked together in every way and on every level. You are the enlightened ones, but you are also the treasured ones, for the light you all carry in your heart is making that heart expand to such a degree, it is literally carrying with it this whole planet, and so too me. For the part of Creation that I am speaking on behalf of is also a part of you. It has always been so, but for many a generation, our connection was so faint it was close to extinction. But as you chose to once again turn your eyes and your heart towards the light, our connection was once again rekindled, and now, it is blazing as brightly as a shining star on the firmament. But still, we do have quite a ways to go together in order to once again attain that perfectly balanced kinship we used to have, but from the what these last few days have shown, your actions are a true and formidable testament to the depth of your commitment to yourself, and to this partnership that has been so long in coming to light again. So once again I say thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do. You are the children of the light but the light is also your offspring, as so much of it springs forth from that well you all carry within, that well that is now once again flowing freely.

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  1. Life as we know it has many misteries. Even if our galaxy were to collapse in upon itself life would begin again. The light chambers will always be around as chaos settles it will send out its light to experence life again with thoughts of advancing the forms of life. This will never end. This is creation of form to experence life. Without forms we are nothing but floating thoughts in a sea of black and white. To me the purpose of life forms is to advance in form until the form can maintain itself in a form of pure energy that will live forever and know every thought that has ever entered into a form. From this a balance will be made to achieve a perfect being that can become anything they wish. From this form they can create what ever they wish just from thought by working with the particles of chaos to bring them into a balance of creation.

    Any and all life forms could be experenced at will. Is this not what is done now only unknown to most human forms that unknowingly have a disire to achieve the same thing. The human form is one of the greatest forms that has ever been created. Are there some who may be aware of what could happen if the human form achieve this before they are ready. Yes many are aware of this. So love your fellow human. Let all advance in knowledge with love as your leader. Be at peace with the world you live in so this can be achieved. Our world is on the threshold of a greatness that the human race has seen in the past but chose chaos instead of love and paid the price for this. Learn from the history of the past that is everywhere around the world. Don’t repeat the same thing again. Be at peace and have the power that is only dreamed of. Let these dreams come true and be the pure energy being of love that you were meant to be.
    Just a few thoughts from the old man.

    Love and blessings to all

  2. ‘Photon Belt Update’… just in from ‘Anna Merkaba’…..really ‘Amazing’ !!!!
    Please Open Link at the bottom……
    Love to You All beautiful Co-Creators….& of course our magnificent Mother-Earth, her Beloved Creatures & All the wondrous precious elemental Kingdom !…….Keep Focus Within ~ Keep Going ! Love, Bev~

    “For the portals that are being opened by you, the portals that are bridging the gap between the present reality of your selves and the reality that you wish to merge with, are once again generated by your very own hearts. And hence, we repeat that the activation of your internal grids is the most important step that you to take toward oneness and unity.
    For only through the clearance of your own heart space, through the activation of your own heart’s DNA, and clearing out that which no longer belongs, will you be able to become that which initially you have come here to be……..And so and thus, comes a moment in time, when you are to take action, action of your respective roles, listening carefully as you are being guided to maneuver the seeming darkness of your world, for the chaos that you are experiencing is simply a recalibration of energies, for the two worlds of your divine selves are merging into one complete whole into one complete understanding of life, into one compete understanding of reality.
    For you are GODS, GODS of your creator selves, gods of all that you see before you. And as such, you are to take active roles in the co creation of everything that you wish to manifest into your reality………..”

    “Many upon many ways of being shall be revealed to you in the days to come, much of the information that you are eagerly awaiting shall be brought into your psyche by your own higher selves. Much of this information is already readily available for your taking, much of said information shall magically manifest from within the space codes of your heart.For you are the ones that shall go deep within and extract such information from your higher selves, for you must fully understand your present reality in order to comprehend your mission here on earth.”

    Photon Belt Update :

  3. (I took this photo on my birthday, 2 years ago. We were in Kruger National Park with my friends and we woke up at 4 am to see the wild animals doing their morning rituals. It was one of the most special birthdays I’ve ever had.)

    1. Dear Tijen,
      I am a bundle of light energy just like the sun, as we all are. 🙂 🙂 :).
      Thank you for sharing your most special memories. As in the movie Avatar….I See You!!!

  4. didn’t i/
    i thought i told you before that we will not stop

    quit it
    this feeling sorry for yourself has to Stop
    you are honored to be chosen

    1. that’s pretty ‘whack’!
      hey is it still here now–sometimes it seems to go away…like what year was this…i thought everything was black-and-white ,that long ago–you know it’s only been forever a million and one times already!
      return to forever actually got back together,did you hear?

  5. Hi Mother! Hi Aisha! Hi Ponders!

    Just wanted to drop a line and say I love you All and you’re always in my thoughts and in my Heart ❤

    And what can I say about Life these days?…OMG OMG OMG…cRAzyAMazing INsanely INtense wONEdroUSness!!!

    And REALly there are no words for what Life in this NEW Dawn is and is BEcomING

    I am exciTINGLY deLIGHTed and grate~FULL for all of this and for all of yoUS

    I will be around here more once I finish my move and buy my new laptop which has IAMagicALLy become possible 🙂


    Have a very Blessed day BEAUTY~FULL ONEs
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. ❤︎❤︎❤︎ BEcomING ❤︎❤︎❤︎ always, thank you dear Amy❤︎
      sounds nice new lap top ! & moved new start always so exciting!
      thank you for wonderful video
      it is 8 am my day off here, before busy days start tomorrow,
      thank you for remind me to take a moment to relax, now I am ready! , tomo

    2. I´m so happy for you Amy – my heart rejoices 🙂
      THANK YOU for this incredibly wonderful song that goes straight to my heart ❤ ❤ ❤

      Yes – it really feels like a new dawn. Three swans had remained in the lake in my home village – even though they would have moved now. It felt like they wanted to show up to me – my very first conscious Spirit Animals, given to me at the beginning of this journey ❤

      Love, light & hope ❤


  6. Dear Vinny, dear Areeza! A double WOW from me for what you have shared here! Thank you both for seeing this and for sharing it!!! And Vinny, for one who said he had “done his part” – you seem to be working even harder now than you did before. To use your own words: well done you 🙂 And yes, it was a beautiful experience to feel the newness of the mother energies, but it was also a rather overwhelming one 😉
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤ ❤

      1. Thanks Vinny! Yes – I love the surroundings where I was born. This view is from another mountain we climbed with a view of my home village ❤ ❤ ❤

        Love ❤


        PS. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh 😉

    1. Dear Vinny, now I am shaking all over! For I do have an idea where the yellow rock can be! Lake Bygdin and the area around it is a source for yellow quartz, and I was guided to buy the quartz ring made by a local silversmith from this particular type of quartz back in July. He also told us where we could find these beautiful pieces ourselves, and we been guided to bring back as many as we could find. Here are some of them:

      LOVE, Aisha

      1. When the energy from your ceremony reached this area it came through rocks, specifically a golden sandstone like the darker quartz above. This sandstone is high in quartz. It surrounds us in high bluffs in large layers, in gravel deposits, and as river rock.

      2. Dear Vinny! Thank you so much for this confirmation! I have already been shown that I must bring the ring and some of the quartz pieces with me to Crete, and both my sister and I know that we are simply “temporary custodians” for them all.
        Aisha ❤

      3. ❤ Aisha, Vinny, B, C, Forest Joy… upon a request, my younger sis a few years back brought me a river rock (sandstone/quartz) from the High Sierra Mountains where she/hubby pack in during summers that looks almost the color/shape of yours (2nd photo: 1st rock). Wonder if Customs will allow it thru? I'd be most happy to place my foot on it during seminar, Vinny. Also, it used to feel heavy to me, and when first picked it up just now, it felt extremely light, but has returned to heavier feeling. It now seems to be fluctuating between light and heavy…?

        1. Maybe I’m to leave “mine” behind in Crete somewhere? Happy to do that, too. Curious (maybe to me only), the latitudinal line(s) for Crete are between 35-36 degrees; the latitudinal line for California High Sierra Mountain area “my” rock originated at is 36.25 degrees. Just thinking out loud.

          1. You know – today I was led to go to the forest – again 😉 Felt so scatterbrained and unstructured and needed help of Mother. When I went, I instinctively brought a stone which I carried with me from the mountains of my home village. Down at the birches I knew suddenly that I would place it at the roots of my birch trees as a symbol of union of different areas energies – like us here on the blog are united in our energies. It was a very tearful and powerful experience that gave me peace and satisfaction afterwards. Now I think that I´ll have to go back and really have a good look at that sandstone 😉

            Stones / rocks are really fascinating.

            Love ❤


          1. Then Egypt with the pyramids and other structures built from various stone materials in deliberate layers are in that general range also? And other structures in the middle east. Interesting.

        2. I think it will be interesting to look for sandstone/quartz-stones along the shores in the time ahead before winter arrives 😉

          Love you Lin ❤


      4. I collect the yellow/tan sea stones at the beach 🙂
        I have collected all white ones too and they are on my granite back splash (I had them leave it ‘raw’ – uncut so it is ‘wavy’). Looks nice with the black peacock granite and white soft stones.
        I was just contemplating what to do with the yellow ones last night.
        bad head pains again today so I have been quiet here at my desk.
        closing on parents house in an hr.
        was there to say goodbye to it after work yesterday. did a blessing in all directions… and gave thanks for the times there.
        Love, A

        1. Areeza!
          They will be significant in a way that is still a bit unclear. I’m sure more will be revealed moving forward.
          Hugs! 😉

        2. And it sounds like your brain is beginning to integrate the left and right hemispheres with rewiring work. Monitor it and drink tons of water! “C”

    2. A few days ago (I think), I heard the single word, “yellow.” I just chalked it up to another WTF moment in this process 🙂 and forgot about it—til I saw this thread.

      Love to all,

    1. Dear Vinny!

      I have been immersed with Mother Nature by colours, rocks and water this week and I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy Mother in her most magnificent robe just before it is time for her to drop the leaves and prepare for wintertime.

      Cheers for Mother ❤


      1. Cheers for Mother Nature and cheers for you, dear B! Thank you for sharing Mother’s blessings in this beautiful image and in your words 🙂 And I agree, what a gift it is to be able to witness the changing of the seasons, it is a glorious fireworks before the stillness of winter envelops it all in a blanket of snow 🙂
        LOVE, Aisha ❤

  7. Sun Dogs being seen daily in the sky here. And by folks who did not believe me (and/or did not see them) when I was talking about the abundance of them. so that’s cool too.

  8. I was writing below as you were posting so I just saw this.
    thank you Vinny — a nice confirmation.
    Love and hugs

  9. Transmutation of “The Fall” of the Angels is going on. The place where humanity (before it even was humanity?) started to get lost.
    >I would say this is very good because that means we have transmuted the energies all the way back to where they started — where the land of the lost began.
    Just saying what I can about it. It came strongly yesterday in many more words… but as fast as it came… it went.

    1. Yes, Areeza, thank you. I have heard new souls arriving daily preparing to be born on this New Earth. And yes, some seem to be transmuted from “the fall”. Messages seem to be entering my thoughts intuitively that an important anniversary is tomorrow. Something to do with “the Fall” and a time in the beginning of an interim galactic cycle. An area on the Iraqi and Syrian border seems to be importantly involved. Maybe together and with others’ help it will become clearer. I get it is in the mythology of the local peoples, but I have not quite grasped it yet.

      1. Also, The higher dimensional sound of some of our many galactic helpers arrived in my consciousness a few hours ago. They apparently began arriving earlier today. I believe this does indeed have to do with this anniversary.

        1. Forest Joy and all,
          Yes to the sense of today being some sort of anniversary or important marker, and to the increase in sounds. Fascinating stuff!

          1. ~ ditto on todays date ~
            woke up feeling that way about it too. I felt the need to calculate something like xxxx was this many days/weeks/months/yrs/eons (lol) before this anniversary date.

      2. Breeze & Forest Joy,
        There is so much activity going on that I can’t separate anything to feel into it. Began in the morning and has peaked two or three times. So much noise! I’ve heard something about “a do-over” and “it’s do-over” time. A lot of confusion, too. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Could be interesting.

        1. Thank you, Caroline, for your confirmation. I am sure it will all become clearer. I have had threads of this showing up for some time, but in a busy world the threads sometimes aren’t woven together very quickly.

          1. I’ve had several dreams about gruesome genetic experimentation in the past few months, also, from the Cradle area. Maybe it’s connected? I’m going to try to get some sleep. Rest well.

            1. Forest Joy, Breeze, Caroline – this must be linked to what you have shared here earlier Breeze about the Sinjar Mountains and the Yazidi people targeted by the ISIS forces, one of the causes for the recent military intervention in that same area:





              It also brings to mind the Middle East Transmission Event you mentioned Caroline:


              1. oh yes! that brings that part back to the forefront of my smush of a brain. lol. thanks so much. not supposed to take too much in I keep feeling as well but I knew there was something else there. 🙂
                Love xo

    2. Tears sprang to my eyes when I read this, Areeza—a common sign for me that I or someone else has hit upon my own deep truth. (I call them “truth tears.”) I had already guessed that you and I might be on the same thread or project at this time because my recent experience so resonated with what you were sharing in the last Aisha post (hard for me to keep up with responding in our fast-flowing blog river!) about heaviness, trapped-ness, and feeling like part of you couldn’t take the imprisoned, 3D parts of your life anymore. (I hope I’m not mis-quoting you.) It’s been a rough week or so for me in some ways, but I had a sense that I was working on something big and should just hang tight and not fret about it. This post of yours and the responses to it are helping me begin to understand with my conscious mind why I’ve been feeling lost, confused, and mired in dense energetics—while also focused, hopeful, and more grateful than ever to be here. Thank you all. This is huge stuff we’re doing/being. I’m so glad to be connected on this blog along with our more etheric connections! Eager to see what’s next!

      Love you, Areeza and all!

      1. thanks again Sherrill — and for the connection! 🙂 much Love from me for it!
        I have been having a really rough time. on so many levels it seems. physical was not too bad – but today’s head pain (left side head ache) is brutal. cant wait to get home and rest. supposed to be a nice weekend for us here in Northwest Jersey – so for you too 🙂
        Enjoy! xxx ooo and thanks again for helping me by understanding too – I felt so horrible I was not sure again whether to post about it. It does all have its reasons as we look at it from all angles. The suicidal thoughts (not wanting to be a part of anything anymore) brought up the ‘Fall’ energies in me/around me and pushed stuff out from that time in history perhaps. There was my own personal sensation of ‘The Fall’ but it passed so quickly I do not and should not recall it. The very best way I can sum it up is to say I felt like a Giant ‘SPUNG’. Like lots of shit was spewed out all over and it was a good opportunity to ‘mop it up’. I wonder if that relates to anyone else here too?? in this way? That accounts for the ‘heaviness’ some felt. I felt things being sucked up everywhere I was. Not exactly by me ‘to take in’ of course – just a lightworker joint effort in our areas – we took advantage of it in other words. I did not fret too much even though I thought we were supposedly over with that stuff. arggh! I was not that upset – and if it was to really give another big boost then I was all for it. If it killed me, I did not even care. It was like so what – f’it! whatever! 🙂
        Sometimes I think if I had to do this all over there is no way I would… but that is the lower end of it talking because I am so tired again these days. The higher end says different and knows all there is to know.
        Treat yourself this weekend in a nice, relaxing way my friend ! That is my focus.

        1. Hi Breeze,
          Nasty left fore side headache for me too. Began a couple of hours ago. It’s weird….just keeps moving around, but I’ve had much worse. Feel happy though! Hang in there!

        2. i hear you, Breeze, on all of this. So glad to be connected with you through all the peaks and valleys of this longer-than-expected process. Hey, my husband is in Northwest Jersey right now–at a weekend craft show where he sells his music CDs and wood flutes. I like knowing that some of my pondmates are nearby geographically!

          Love always,

  10. Our Mother said.
    “you helped the entire volume of this mass to become lighter in every way.”
    Mass Become Lighter! UFO ! Because I am an earthling, it is not so much tied to the laws of the universe(It must be exist). Therefore, I want specifically state it.
    ELECTRON IS THE KEY !(ttp://oriharu.net/jgan.htm)
    From “THE AWESOME FORCE” Chapter12
    ttp://oriharu.net/jlog19_THE_AWESOME_FORCE.htm (This is the translation from American Book.)
    “Gabriel Lippmann that won the Nobel Prize has been established this principle at the end of the 19th century.”
    “this principle” means “The magnitude of the charge of mass is determine the magnitude of inertia of mass.”. If you reduce the mass = removes a large amount of electrons from the material, the positive charge increases. In this case, regardless of mass also has decreased, inertial mass is to INCREASE.
    There is no description of what was an experiment, but there was a missile that came back to Earth through the Van Allen belts. This missile has lost weight most, this phenomenon lasted for a while. Then I remember the sentence “When the rotation of the three spheres is stopped, the disc is light enough to be tilted to have the edge even by children.” in “BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS”(by Frank Scully:1892-1964). The missile and the Saucer must have been a state in which electrons are filled. Much electrons may absorbed in all nuclears of material.
    I linked about water filled with large amount of electrons revive the lake, a few days ago.
    There was a news “It has been repaired recrystallization happening when irradiated with weak electron beam to silicon which is damaged.” in Nikkan Kohgyoh(=Daily Industry) Newspaper Jul.22, 2004(P33). This phenomenon similar to Pyramid Power(=The resuscitation of a razor blade). It may be the same principal.
    Medicine Dr.Masayuki Matsu’ura has researched and develop over the course of 25 years “Arbitrary Waveform Generator = AWG”, is effective in diseases of about 400 or more types of clinical reports of physicians effective healing rate of 94 percent or more. International patented in 12 countries such as the United States, Russia, China, Canada, EA, Mexico, Hong Kong, South Korea, AWG is a patent application already in 138 countries around the world. Most important thing must be increasing electrons. Waveform may also bring a meaning in this state.
    When Gurdjeff have a cup of water and concentrate to it for some time then the water became a cure illness water. As scientific fact, integrated light = electron. They say light is increased exponentially nowadays. Electrons will increase “in our bodies” in this lightened era. It is the awakening consciousness speaking of Gurdjieff.
    What is electron? Electron has a strange property that spin. Spin of electron is 1/2. This means it returns to the original position by 2 rotations. This topology is Mobius Ring. I think there is some relevance to something beyond the 3D this “wonder topology”.
    Why Gurdjeff could create “electrons” by awakening consciousness? Because our consciousness is in the area of quantum, so I think. It will be changed the nature of water, the electrons will lighten the mass.
    Mrs. Keiko Kitagawa who was the channeler of ARION had given one keyword. When she said the keyword, she floated in the air for 3 times. But because she did not use in monitoring circumstances, all 3 times she consumed, record does not exist.
    This little Russian girl must have awakening consciousness.


    1. SaLuSa said (perhaps commented to this missive):
      “Everything you can possibly think of can exist as nothing is new or what you call original thought. You can link with what was and interpret it in another way, which is how technologies are re-introduced in a New Age. For example what you call Flying Saucers which are planetary vehicles are not equipped to go into Deep Space, and not new to your Solar System. As knowledge and understanding of them grows so you will find that very “conveniently” they are your Inter-planetary vehicles. Matters are speeding along so that when you “come of age” everything you need will be available to you. You are Cosmic Beings in your infancy and are evolving very quickly so that when you have full consciousness, the Universe will be yours to explore.”

      1. Previously, it seems to have been using the AWG in Takahara clinic.(Not doing now)
        3-5-2-2F, Ningyoh-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuh’oh-ku, Tokyo, Japan
        According to the page of Takahara clinic, AWG radiate electron wave to the flesh for concentrate from 4 direction.(Cross Fire Technology)
        Asias Corporation
        477-11, Higashimikata-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka
        e-mail : reception@asiascorp.com
        The 69 kinds of frequencies are used in combination in certain rule.

  11. ❤ Hello All… a brief message before I begin my day, re my pup Dickens, he's doing absolutely fine now, still a little wobbly and slower, but I feel he had a stroke, could barely walk at first and then not at all, was dazed, panting heavily. The night before was panting and pacing, could not be comforted. I don't know if it was the incoming Equinox energies? Anyway, the reason for this note is after posting here and receiving your loving energies, he began to do much better. Of course I took him to the lawn, but the escalating SWIFT change in his little body I believe was due to your generous, abundant Loving energies sent his way—helped along with all the other actions that I was taking. And as Alex said, his little Soul with our Blessings will make his own decision about its timing of departure.

    The Power of the Pond's Love and generous Kindness is not to be underestimated.

    With our deepest, Loving Gratitude and wet nose kisses from Dickens to you all, xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. really ‘Fabulous’ news ‘Lin’ !….Thanks for letting us All know ! & wet nose snuggling kisses back to you & Dickens (from the little puppy love part in me…heehee)……!….Love, Bev~

      1. Good news Lin~ So glad Dickens is feeling better. Yes the Pond is so soothing to bathe in, I felt you all last night as another round of wave energies moved through me, but less intense, and knowing all is well, less disconcerting too. Bless you/we ALL, ❤ Monica

          1. Dear Monica, dear Areeza! Some extra LOVE coming your way from me! It has been some “stormy” days for us all, and I am glad to see that you both seem to have managed to sail through this one as well.
            Aisha ❤ ❤

    2. CRAPTASTIC!!!!!! (Oh … that’s Kiera’s line.)
      You know what I mean. 😉
      Loving you, Guy & and that feisty little bundle of fur always!

    3. Thank you sincerely to you all with my Love. Your HUGE Energies brings the otherwise 2d/flat ordinary words, happy faces and red hearts to LIFE—they dance, sizzle and dazzle like fireworks. amazing. When I shield and then unshield myself/our home, I can feel your Energies again… just a curiosity test. I’m also becoming telepathic like those of you who already are (we always were, I just didn’t believe/accept it strongly enough). When I am able to teleport (like a lot of you), I’m coming to see you, Dear B—first on my list. 🙂 ❤ (a wave to you while you're with your family)

      Big-Time Loving EACH of You, xox Lin ❤ 😀

    4. Dear Lin, glad to hear your dickens is doing better. Our maggie on the other hand had her first seizure today and it was so upsetting to me, though she was up quickly. My dad is a medical intuitive and he said she has brain metastases. We already knew she had some form of blood cancer and through agreement with her spirit chose to allow her to transition at home. She is comfortable now but completely disoriented, I almost feel as if her spirit has already left, but her body has stayed. I spoke with her and told her we would be ok if she decided to leave and go play in the fields by the rainbow bridge. My prayer for her is that she decides quickly and with ease and grace because it is so difficult to watch her suffer. Love and energy for her journey would be greatly appreciated. Big hugs all. Alex

      1. We are all here for you, Alex & Maggie & Family. Surrounding you with gentle, supportive energy. Hugging you all in my heart.

      2. Dearest Alex… I’m joining the others Ponders in enveloping you both, you all, in Golden White Light and my Love. And I’m planting gentle ethereal loving kisses on her sweet little nose. Blessings, Alex, for allowing Maggie a quiet, loving transition at home. You’ve been a good mama. ❤

  12. Dear Aisha,

    As always, my gratitude is flowing to you and your sister for your beautiful service to All.

    Blessings, dear sisters! And blessings to all Ponders as well. Have a beautiful day (or night), dear ones.


  13. Also Re Crete: My guess is that beyond the workshop with the local Cretans and international community there people may want to have more time to chat/connect outside of the workshop. To do SOL IS justice… the workshop is a fairly full day from 10am to 5pm with 1/2 hour breaks morning and afternoon plus an hour for lunch.

    So I was contemplating a couple some ideas:

    1. The Orizon centre has a Taverna on site with pool I think and anyone wishing could stay after the workshop for a evening meal together say at 7pm or timing to suit. I’ve checked with Ingrid and they could accommodate this if people wanted this.

    2. Almyrida (about 15/20 mins) away by car where I think most may be staying. There’s a good choice of greek restaurants right on a beautiful sea front that could accommodate a large group at the drop of a hat.

    3. Or just wait until you get there to decide which may preclude option 1 but not sure.

    These are only suggestions so that people can chat/connect more on the day so its up to you. I merely offer the ideas.

    Rather than discussing all this here you can email me at: philip.wade@gatewaylocation.org

    Blessings, Philip ❤

  14. Re Crete there are around 22 booked via either Facebook (15) or direct email to Ingrid at the Orizon Cenre (7). There are a further 7 down as ‘maybe’s on Facebook’.

    The room, I am told, can accommodate about 30 max in the format I normally use for the workshops. I’ve run several events with this number and it works very well.

    I’m advised there may be others from the Pond planning to come and as I’ve not been able to read many comments for about two weeks I’m not totally up to date. So if you are planning to come do be sure to let Ingrid at the Orizon centre no for sure via either email:


    or if you are on Facebook you can confirm there also:


    If for some reason you can’t come do let ingrid know so that others may benefit from the space.

    Sue and I are really looking forward to meeting you all and sharing in the gifts of SOL IS. Blessings, Philip ❤

    1. Dear Philip! It is so wonderful to see how this event is coming together! Thank you so much for bringing this gift to Crete and to us all, and thank you to Murray, Ingrid and everyone at the Orizon Center for setting it all up 🙂 I am certain the effects from this SOL event will ripple out all across this Pond and beyond!
      With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  15. Sending SOL IS blessings to All who wish to receive! ❤

    It's been a rather full on few weeks family wise and now settling down a bit so not been able to get here apart from a moment or two here and there but always with you 'in spirit.' 😀

    1. Thanks Philip! I really could need some SOL IS at the moment. Tried to catch up this morning after my arrival home from my visit at my home village with brothers and sister but realize I have to be off the blog yet a while because it feels like the energies from autumn equinox is still going on in me with full blast.

      Love & gratitude ❤


  16. Dear Aisha, dear Philip and all friends who’ll be in Crete on the 19th. Though I wanted to be with you so much, I’m not able to be this time. So many reasons but mostly because of finances (will cost more than I’d planned to spend) and my demotivation to travel at this time in my life. I know it’ll be a blast. I’ll be following you with my fellow Ponders who cannot make it. But I’m still hopeful for an Eastern US meeting in spring. And who knows, may be some of you will want to enjoy the winter sun here in Antalya after all my promotional efforts. 🙂 (And Philip, I think you’ll come to Turkey to teach SOL. That’s how I feel. I’ll be delighted to help organize it. Thanks so much for doing SOL for me to be in Crete with you all.)

    1. Hi Tijen, its important to do what is right for you! I know you will be with everyone ‘in spirit’ anyway! There’s a time and a place and perhaps Crete isn’t the right moment for you. 🙂

      When I set up the event on Crete it was simply to share SOL IS as part of my holiday there with the local community. It’s turned out rather differently but that’s part of the beauty I feel. So go with the flow or even glow with the flow that is perfect for you Tijen. All is well. ❤

      Who knows may be I will come to Turkey. Not a place I have been thus far and it always sounds so 'exotic' – a local friendly face would be wonderful. 🙂

    2. Thank you Philip! Hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday and a great gathering with our blessed and beloved friends. Well, check it with Sue, if she wants to visit Turkey as well, this might be a good opportunity to do both. Fall and spring are great times to visit. Summer is always crowded, touristy and of course hot, especially for the south coast. First thing is first, you finish the Cretan meeting and we’ll talk for the other later. May be we can make it as a gathering also. 🙂

    3. Dear Tijen! Your energy will very much be a part of this too, and even if I have to wait a little bit longer to see you and to give you a big hug, I know that day is not too far off. For we will meet – when the time is right for us to do so as the CCs like to remind us 😉
      LOVE – always, forever!
      Aisha ❤

    4. Dear Lin, dear Aisha,
      Thanks for your warm and loving messages. I feel sad but also I believe this is the right decision for me. I’ll continue loving you virtually for a bit more but what is time anyways??? 🙂

      1. Sweetie, we all must follow our path which is perfect for each of us! If you come to New York on your travels to the US we can hook up and have some fun! 🙂 Big hugs! Alex

      2. That’d be great Alex! I’ll definitely be in NYC to visit my family. I think it’ll be after mid March. I’d love to meet whoever is around the city. A big hug to you too! ❤

  17. Hello everyone.
    This is my 83rd favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Kyohko : 24TH OR 25TH~TWENTY-FOURTH OR TWENTY-FIFTH~ (Released Date : Dec.01, 1989)
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    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. If you knew how many times in this life time you have come back to this living reality. You not only would, not fear death you would say, “Wow I really have something wonderful to get done”. 8 times I have done that!!!
      I was a little head strong in my youth!!! 🙂



    From the Spirit point of view, PHYSICAL reality is the more “dead-like” state.

    You become MORE of who you are, in death….it’s actually expansion, into more of yourself…




    1. yeah well,
      i’ve been dead lots of times
      sitting on a cloud, playing the harp, gets as old as quickly as playing poker with kenny rogers
      \i need something to do, c’mon get me a body and a planet to live on
      let’s get up and dance

      wtf are you waiting for/
      oh wait,
      i already know
      you are waiting for you
      don’t wait for me

        1. Oh…& 1 more thing, there’s nothing wrong with the perfect magnificent planet we live on, she just needs us to end the abuse & lots & lots of TLC from all of us…the sooner, the bigger, the better !….. Love, Bev~

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