A short update on the energies

By now, the incoming energies will begin to register in many of you, as they herald the flux that will accompany next week’s portal of the Equinox. Yes, this is indeed another one of those numerous occasions when mankind get the chance to take another step up on this seemingly endless ladder of ascension. For we are well aware that for many, this process may seem to be endless, and that is indeed understandable. After all, this what you knew from the very beginning would constitute your life’s work this time around, and so, it is not by accident that you have been guided through this process in increments, seemingly minuscule at some times, while at others you truly commit yourselves to a true quantum leap. And this time, we can indeed guarantee you it will not be one of those infinitesimally small steps ahead, no this time, it will indeed be a mighty push in the back that will propel you all forwards in a giant leap. And so, whatever happens in the upcoming days, know that it will all be in order to prepare you all in the best possible way the better for you to be able to receive these bountiful gifts of energetic emissaries already heralding their arrival.

And so we say again remember to listen well to what your physical body may request in the time ahead, but also to the singsong of these incoming frequencies, for they are already starting to vibrate through your very being. And the better you are able to tune into these beforehand, the more approachable you will seem to be. And so, whatever it may be that needs to be done for you in order to speed up your forward momentum, the easier this process will become if you once again allow this light to interact with your being in a relaxed fashion.

You see, this is not about forcing anything, neither for you nor on our side of the veil, for this is indeed a process that will be tailored so that it fits perfectly to each and every one of you. And now, you have all come to a stage where you are no longer idle spectators or simple recipients of these wondrous energetic signatures. No, you also play an active part in the goings on in the form of actively tuning into your being the better not just to listen, but also respond back. This may sound confusing to some of you, for you will think you have no idea at all just how to respond to these incoming vibrations, but not to worry, for you all know this literally in your very bones. For this is indeed something that is old knowledge to all of you, and as such, this is not the first time you have done this, but it might be the first time you have a conscious understanding of what it is you actually do when you start up this multi frequency dialogue that is about to begin on a truly global basis.

Remember, you did not come here unprepared in any way, but this is all about allowing your old memories to come up to the surface again after having spent literally lifetimes hidden at the deeper layers of your consciousness. But now, it will all start to come to light again, in every sense of the word, and just like any skill you might have learned while still a young child, this too will suddenly seem to come naturally to you. For it is indeed simply something you have forgotten you knew how to do, but as soon as you start to tune into these brand new signals coming in, something will begin to stir within you, seemingly by its own accord, and you will find yourself literally swimming in familiar waters.

Be that as it may, still it is indeed imperative that you all remember to step away from the outside noise and step back into you in a way that will allow you to literally tune into yourself before the main broadcast if you will of these incoming signals begin to arrive. So once again we say do not let your focus be pulled away from you in the time ahead, even if there might be more than a little disturbance both in the near but also in the distant reaches of your surroundings. For as usual, whenever the light quotient begins to rise here on this little planet of yours, it also serves to stir up those still trying to make everyone ignore the light and rather focus their sight into those still dim and dank corners that they prefer mankind to hover about. So again we leave you with the reminder that whatever it is that tries to distract you from maintaining your focus on you inner world, do not let it take too much of your time, for this time, it is indeed of the highest importance that you follow the golden rule of maintaining a close and intimate connection with you own core.

For that is where the keys will fit perfectly, those keys that will be delivered to you all during this upcoming period, and if you are not ready to receive them yet or you simply allow yourself to drift away from you, then those inner chambers where these old skills lie waiting for you to find them will remain shut for a good while longer. And after spending so much time and so much effort getting to this point in time, we do hope you all will grasp this wonderful opportunity you get to really speed up your own progress in a very special way. So again we say go within, and sit down with yourself and prepare to listen in, both to what you have to tell yourself about your abilities to connect both to the inner and the outer worlds, but also to those signals that will come knocking on your door in these upcoming days. For these signals will be faint at first but they will indeed pick up both in magnitude and in frequency, and the better you are at preparing for them by allowing that inner dialogue to begin, the faster you will begin to have a true conversation with these incoming signals of the highest importance.

Again, this is not to make you feel uneasy about your ability to catch these messengers in flight as it were, rather, it is simply to remind you not to let yourself scatter your focus too wide, lest you should be too overwhelmed by anything that happens outside of you. For that will be very easy in the time ahead, as there are those still set on distracting you in all sorts of ways, and the only one who can choose where you choose to look, is you.

So let these incoming waves buffet you enough to remember to stop and refocus in a way that will enable you all to find the tune you have been looking for for such a long time now. For we know that if you let yourself open up to this, you will all find yourselves singing perfectly in tune with these incoming energetic emissaries, and together, you will make up a heavenly choir that in turn will help to retune this entire planet once again. Remember, whenever you reach another rung on this ladder of frequencies, you also serve to bring so many others along with you, and the more of you that allow these signals to act as those inner keys they are meant to be, the faster this process will go.

So to sum it all up; to increase the speed of this whole operation, we ask you all to slow down your own speed so that you have the time and the opportunity to simply stop in your tracks and listen in to these signals that have already started to reach your shores. And when you do, we venture to guess that you will all feel how your very being starts to hum in anticipation for what comes next. So let yourself sing along dear ones, and do not be afraid of singing out of tune, for you will all reach perfect pitch in the blink of an eye as soon as you allow yourselves to open up to this heavenly conversation.

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  1. I’ve been made comments and research in political and economic fields from 1998 to 2013. This is because, ARION urged to do so in people. But, finally, politicians came narrowed my freedom by legislation by targeted to one person(=me). There are such lot of circumstantial evidence.(Aspect of my interpretation is not certainly is likely)
    Politicians will take to crush it when I said the importance of something. Longer, my activities will now output the results lead to trouble of a large number of people. Around that time, I felt that it was informed “the job is over” in one channeling message exactly.
    It was urged by using a double-sided negative, positive. Then, I came to the Pond. Because I felt that called by the CCs.

  2. Zen Mondo:
    A student asked: “What is Love?”
    The Master replied: “I ask you : What is Love?”
    The student was silent.
    “This is Love” the Master says.
    The student was still silent.
    The Master said: “You ask me, I ask you. This Is Love”

  3. Hello everyone.
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    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. “Oh my gosh, it certainly has been intense lately, hasn’t it?”

      ~ Soulstice Rising


      Nah — same old, same old — except for Synchronicities speeding up even more and starting to explode, one after another.
      The indication that “Time” is collapsing.


      “The Equinox is another jumping off place. Picture yourself standing on a cliff and then flying off in Trust. ”

      ~ Soulstice Rising


      ALWAYS love doing THAT one! Always…




  4. “If time is not actually linear, and frequency being wavelength over a period of time, then how does frequency/vibration operate in a nonliner, or more importantly, “no-time” environment?”

    ~ anna helen foster



    Excellent excellent, did I say EXCELLENT? question!

    Here’s an amazing answer throughout this entire video:

    “ANYTHING, Anything aside from The One….MUST experience some degree of what you are talking about (sense of time/space), or it wouldn’t be represented as “different” from The One.

    It’s just a matter of degree.”

    ~ Bashar




  5. Quote:

    “She’s got that –
    ‘I do this all the time with semen’
    -Look on her face lol”

    ~ Glenn Haygood, YouTube Commenter




  6. So, hi all, I just wanted to share with you what I saw in the night skies last Thursday after Tim and I met Jake, our new family member…

    This one was puzzling, my movie making software kept scrambling…
    anyhow short and simple here. My node on the planet now…
    ❤ Monica

  7. thank you dear Johannes❤︎ parents love in us loving children (feelings) in all color rays in harmony, beautiful ❤︎

    1. thank you dear tijen❤︎ it is beautiful site & today I somehow woke up now 3 : 45 like I used to do I look for audio❤︎ Wonderful day to you❤︎

    1. Dear Johannes! It can´t beat the original light energies ❤ In the meantime, still nice if you need a soft boost 🙂

      Exact equinox at 2.29 am Aisha time 🙂

      Writing this I saw CC´s in my coffeecup 🙂 Good coffee 🙂

  8. “Things for you to think about. ” – Kryon/ Sept 14th, London channeling:
    ‘Awareness precedes change. This is the Awareness Cycle. Next comes change!’
    This is wonderful; the ‘Merlin magic’!!
    Take a listen:
    [audio src="http://audio.kryon.com/en/Lond-Main-14.mp3" /]

            1. thank you dear ana ❤︎ I always love & appreciate your posts and guiding to all & for me too. though I use angelsh I am glad that we all can share love. thank you, tomo

          1. thank you dear lysarbejar❤︎ i just got home from long hour work so this wonderful posts i am so glad ! it is 21:00 I will take shower and listen to all you sent me until I go sleep it will be a fine night & dream thank you lysarbejder❤︎

          2. dear Lysarbejder❤︎ I listened to the kryon mp3, thank you it is indeed wonderful!
            we are really unlocking all knowledges of the real powerful human-ness & crop circles (real one or not) is one of the indications and all are consciously telling us it is time to open more doors to know to share who we really are ❤︎ It is wonderful feeling indeed thank you Lysarbejder ❤︎

            1. AH’s painful lack of Higher Dimensional detailed explanations, expanding elucidations, and CLARIFICATION — can lead to perpetuating common human ignorance,

              eg. That crop circles truly are made by drunken reprobates standing on planks…




              1. “eg. That crop circles truly are made by drunken reprobates standing on planks…”
                Hmmm. I don’t recall that Abraham said this. But then you were not privy to the rest of the reply — which wasn’t included in this clip.
                But rather than argue over insignificant intellectual non-productive analysis of what has no relevant outcome, let’s get out of our mental space and back into our heartspace where true worthiness really lies, eh? 🙂
                Unconditional alignment = freedom

                1. That was glorious facetiousness (pretty damn funny, too ;D
                  and I would LOVE to hear the rest of the clip.

                  A very loving thing to do, instead of what was done, would be to make me “privy to the rest of the reply.”

                  But anyhow, I was referring in general to all of AH’s channelings….which over the years other people have asked the very same thing, and she has replied that she provides no details because people “find that confusing”.
                  This could be backfiring, as we continue to expand our awareness and intelligence.

                  I also consider everything productive in some way — and every single experience as relevant.

                  And finally — signing a deliberately confrontational message full of negative spiteful unsolicited patronizing advice with “Peace”….is the ultimate in irony.

    1. Wow! Fabulous Rampage!!
      Thank you, toma, for posting this one. I hadn’t heard it before.
      FUN FUN FUN being the creator of my own reality!!
      STEP 4 Living!! Ha!
      So happy we are ALL in this together!!!

      1. This is what cloud formations have been looking like for me lately.
        some are like ‘funnels’ – smallest to largest opening

    2. “There was a nearly-full moon and while the men were inside the mustard-seed field (no tramlines) Robbert suddenly saw a dark shadow and felt “something mystical” was watching them, and then saw a large owl which swooped down very low over the formation, circling it three times—counter-clockwise—in the same direction as the flattened plants.

      Robbert had the distinct feeling that this owl’s consciousness included, or also contained, a bigger consciousness which was observing the men and was also “energizing” the new formation.

      [it is a fact that Robbert, himself, can cause birds to go to sleep simply by focusing on them, so this idea that the owl may have represented a consciousness capable of affecting its surroundings doesn’t seem so outrageous to him.]”



  9. Oh CRAP!!!!!!!!

    Not “Hall of the Mountain King”…..please noooooooo

    perhaps something morelike this

    hey kids!! no matter what happens
    do not lose your giggle

    1. Yeah…”In the Hall of the Mountain King”….one of my son’s favourite songs of the past 4 months, as he surfed the net it was background music for something on YouTube, he became happily obsessed with it, asked me what this music was, while humming it to me….I had to research Edvard Grieg for him and also sing it to him at bedtime while he uses my back as a drum accompaniment.



        1. Funny, my husband had said — “Oh yeah, that’s the music to Fantasia, with Mickey Mouse and the water buckets…”

          And I also thought I remembered the same thing….that music would have been perfect, but Disney didn’t use it for Sorcerer’s Apprentice?
          I think they screwed up big time with that one….(maybe in a parallel reality)



  10. i talked to the surgeon right after he set mom’s leg. he tells me it all went well, she’ll be out of recovery in several more hours. then she will be moved to a rehab center for who knows? how long. my sister doubts that she will ever be able to come home.
    so it looks like i have the farm and this big ol’ house all to myself.
    the cc’s told us to expect a big push in the back.
    ya think?
    oh buddy, oh wow
    i guess so.
    i took my bee smoker, filled it with sage and smudged the entire house, trying to cure the negative energy.
    i explained to mom’s cat what was going on. he always sat on her lap, and was distressed when he couldn’t find her.


      1. Wow Otmn… things are really transitioning now in your life. All the best in adjusting. I’m glad your Mom is doing well. When Mom landed in rehab I think it was dementia that blocked the recovery. She didn’t realize that she was to focus on getting better and so didn’t. It will be interesting whether your Mom does better in that area! I hope you don’t have too far to drive to visit.

        As for the self portrait I immediately saw a large cat (looking to the left) in the shape of the stump 🙂 But I’m always seeing shapes in wood and hope to carve something one of these days.
        Love to you, Nancee

        1. Nance did you know that all the higher dimensional beings can only be seen in 2d and 3d with the right light in 3d as a 2d face and rarely a 3d body. They take forms in many things as faces. If a body is seen know you are blessed with this vision.

          Love and blessings to all

    1. Sounds like you are going to get some peace and quiet. Unless the cat is upset. Bach flower essence in the kitties water may help her adjust. Big hug to you otmn.

      1. I add my hope and thoughts for your Mom’s recovery Otm. Did you know you can make your own Flower Essences too? Some are edible? Just by putting blossoms in a glass bowl, a clear glass bowl in the sun for an hour or so, or until you feel guided to harvest the water, and then filter it through a coffee filter or some such to remove little flower parts, and keep in a glass jar such as a preserving jar used this time of year for canning and preserving fruits and veggies.

        Over time you will recognize which blossoms call to you in your own environment and there are many just there, quietly waiting to be used.

        A Mother essence is preserved simply with half essence water and half white vinegar. Actually any vinegar will preserve them, roughly half water and half vinegar but the taste is acid of course. You use only droppers of the essence, in a homeopathic way to tune up the body in an electrical fashion from the flower essence which is the highest vibrational portion of any plant.

        An alternative preservative for flower essences is Red Shiso. It can be ordered through Johnny’s Seeds in Maine, usa, AND ALSO it can be bought sometimes as a dried herb to use as an infusion for the essences, again 50/50. Dropper bottles of glass tinted in cobalt blue preserve the essences for daily use. They are like homeopathic remedies in that they can be used in tiny amounts to stimulate change in a healthful way at the electron level of function.

        In nursing I have used essences personally and professionally over a long period of time… over ten years, even over twenty years…eating blossoms in season as I came to know and trust them,. eg. squash and pumpkin blossoms, Nasturtium blossoms, sunflower petals are a few to name, and include them in salads. Some of these are good as sprouts too and can be grown in cities in planters and rooftop gardens. The essences can be explored and researched online… there are now hundreds of essence practitioners and makers.

        The wonderful thing about them is they can be added to tea water, coffee water, bath water, pool water, hot tub water, bowl for animals that drink, in misters for plants and in hot water for sponge baths for those ill and bedridden. Or even in a coma and unable to eat orally, the essences can be sponged onto the patient if they are that ill.

        Blessings, ❤ Monica

        1. By the way, I have some Red Sumac I have harvested this weekend, a good source of immune system building during the Fall season if anyone wants some. Email me. I will send it to you. 🙂 Monica

          It is used in cooking and to make tea.

    1. Tijen I saw this on f/b and showed my 4 year old grand daughter Audree. She asked me to reply it two more times. I’m not sure she followed the meaning but she sure was receiving the energy it was spoken in! ~Nancee

    2. I love it Nancee. At first I thought may be the family taught her to say those words but it seems like it comes from her heart. What do you think?

      1. It is possible she was ‘taught’… if she was she ‘got it!’ That’s what the message is all about… if you don’t know… LEARN it 🙂 As a “retired” Toastmaster (public speaking group) there was a big difference between me just memorizing a speech and connecting in my heart with it. Once I connected I impacted my audience. (Prior to that I simply impressed them.) Hugs, Nancee

        1. Great little clip Tijen~
          What I do with some of your wisdom is send it as a reply to many… World Wildlife Foundation, many news threads, and those looking for my support online financially and with my vote.
          She is great medicine! Oh I sent her to the FBI too~ 🙂 ❤ Monica

            1. Haha Monica, I think I was in a “nonunderstanding” mode yesterday. Was feeling weird. I felt so sad, as if I’ve lost someone dear to me. A feeling of loss. Then I read this:
              “You may feel absolutely defeated, raw, vulnerable, hurting, depressed, and lost to mention a few. And yet everything that you feel is absolutely for your most powerful transformation and so the best thing you can do is to surrender to what is.”
              Ascension: Soulstice Rising

              1. Oh Tijen, I felt some of that yesterday too. Thank you for the INsight. Our group here is so helpful to me and I am sure others. It is so heartening to KNOW you are there, I DO think of you all the time just as I lay down and when I first awaken. I drifted off last night feeling the Pond’s embrace of our WHOLE globe, especially after the Peace meditation.
                Perhaps you were feeling as an empathy, much sadness and loss being released in the environment emotionally, releasing what is finished, harvesting the crops, there is always a bittersweetness to Fall I feel. But alongside the sense of deepening and darkening nights, in the day there is that back to school feeling many have of learning something new.

                1. Dear Tijen,
                  Maybe it was just the influx of 130,000 refugees running from terror this weekend to Turkey. ??? It could have been that.

                2. Michael, I try not to watch the news, it breaks my heart so much and my heart is too tired of these stories. About the numbers, there are different opinions, some say it’s much less but I bet more and more Syrians will try to cross the border. And thinking my government and some of my fellow citizens (I can’t find words to show my anger towards them) are supporting this hating group of terrorists. I try to stay calm and sane. I don’t want to go back to my hatred and anger towards them and similar violent groups but knowing what is happening (and may be also not knowing) it’s so difficult to stay centered and loving. They’re testing me/us!

                  1. I’ve been there Dear Tijen.
                    It took me time, but what I have come to realize, I can’t change what happens outside of me at this moment. I can be the energy source I wish to give and see. So even if crap happens, I’m still giving my love as a loving being. And nothing and no thing can change that, but me. ❤ ❤ <3.
                    PS as they test you smile and love what shows up!!!

              2. Dear Monica,
                I wish I knew what the reason was. It could be one of it or all of it. Feel better today, especially after meditating. I had my first meditation an hour earlier than the peace meditation, which is our regular Reiki energy sending meditation with my Reiki group. We do it 3 times a week. For the peace meditation, I tried to listen to the audio, watched a bit of the videos, sent prayers, imagined that we’re a whole bunch of people holding hands around the globe… Then of course I joined my light family by the pond! 🙂

  11. Vinny/sun_of_blue, and others, I have been saving this info to post for you. Life got crazy and it got buried under other things. Perhaps this can add to some of the conversation above. It is taken from the book “God Is A Verb…Kabbalah and the practice of mystical Judaism “. By Rabbi David A. Cooper. I will post a bit more later. Have to get on with my day. ❤ Denise

    No Difference Between Good and Evil….. Light and Dark

    "The essential message that Rava communicates is that good and evil is not a dichotomy at all, is not split between opposites, but an enclosed universe of curved time and space. A Möbius strip gives us a graphic example. If we take a strip of paper and, before attaching the ends, we twist one of the ends to its opposite side, we have a möbius strip. Now if we pick up this strip and start drawing a line, we will end up with a line on both sides without ever removing the pencil from the paper. The two sides geometrically are one.
    This is not to say that good is really evil and that evil is good. Not at all. Rather, that each has the spark of the other, and if pushed too far, this spark can be ignited.
    The complexities of the question of evil push us to the limits of reason. At these limits, we must extend beyond the mind and draw upon resources that surpass the intellect. We do this through contemplative exercises, meditation, visualizations, study, and intense devotion. In this process, we move to a new mind-state. Only with a revitalized perspective can we gain insight into the issue of good and evil. It is therefore said that when enough people accomplish this understanding of the nature of good and evil, we will enter a new era of awareness. Indeed, the mystics say that Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, is really like Purim, and that Purim itself represents what things will be like in the era of the messianic consciousness. "

    1. Hi Vinny, I am not of any religious or particular spiritual group. No intentions here. I read lots of different books and materials and just take from each and throw out what doesn’t work. I thought it was one view of light and dark using a geometric shape. No more then that. Hope I didn’t offend. Sincerely Denise

      1. Thought we had a discussion on the continuum of light and dark some time back. This was in regards to that. Sometimes things are lost in translation….my mind that is. 🙂 please pardon.

    1. Oh CRAP!!!!!!!!

      Not “Hall of the Mountain King”…..please noooooooo — synchronicity gone way too insane!

      Synchronicity INSANITY — that’s what it has become now. This must mean we are now so far down the rabbit hole, that even the hole is starting to collapse, doc.




  12. what is strange is that most of the time i do not listen to Wagner, but when the shit hits the fan, i turn back to him.

        1. i just watched it again he has a white bow tie, 4 buttons on his cuff, gold cufflinks, on and on,
          but yet he can’t keephis glasses up
          where’d i leave those pliers,?
          me fix
          my insanity has no where between here and jail to go

      1. i have no idea what you are referring to
        start your story from the beginning.
        all i can understand is that you are upset

        may you walk in peace

        1. Eduardo did you read Otmn’s earlier comment about his Mom falling and breaking her leg? Your comment sounds like you might be referring to the verbal criticisms Otmn some times receive because of her religion? ~Nancee

    1. Hi, Caroline,
      Yes, it’s very interesting. I have been watching a similar process in our bodies, especially those of us who were exposed to high doses of highly radioactive fallout from nuclear weapons use and testing during and after WW II. I have mentioned the radioactive elements Uus and Uuo in a previous post. These remnants of nuclear explosions along with the usual Uranium, Strontium, thorium, thallium, gallium, etc had lodged in our bodies taking over and disrupting normal physiological processes. Many of these elements are also in the electromagnetic solar and cosmic rays. The rays from Andromeda satellite galaxy MH32 was especially loaded and toxic 5-8 years ago further assaulting our already radioactive toxic bodies.

      Cadmium and Caesium are also in rays from our Sun, various other star types, black holes, galactic centers, etc. With Earth’s weakened magnetic field higher concentrations have been entering and affecting This planet and all her inhabitants especially, I observed, 3-7 years ago. Plus I believe there was more recent human made radioactive Caesium and Cadmium released in our atmosphere from not only the Japanese reactor meltdown but from North Korea weaponry than was reported. Also my patients seem to have been and still are being affected by human made radioactive electromagnetic pulses and other pathogens.

      How much these affect inhabitants I believe depend one’s geographic location, underlying geologic strata and groundwater, various communication technological used in the area, and one’s ancestral Qi. Each can be helpful or harmful. Tis no wonder some of us reported joint and nerve pain, rashes, hair loss, urethritis, colitis, etc..all radiation poisoning signs.

      I will continue in another post

      1. It no fun being a doctor and watching your patients suffer in epidemic conditions all with similar symptoms occurring and changing at the same time. In addition West Nile came on the scene at the same time. More MS and other neuromuscular degenerative disease arrived as high cancer rates. Those in their late fifties and sixties most affected.

        Back to nuclear waste eating bacteria. By using a combination of various Chinese medicine modalities and an allergy desensitizing technique I was able to enable the body to Rid itself of radioactive toxins. This process seemed to involve various combinations of miasma type bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses including West Nile and polio helping various biochemical reactions needed to break down and form new compounds more readily eliminated from the body. They also seemed to keep each other in check so none could overwhelm the body. In addition they seemed to be used in

        Two other compounds thought to be toxic, sodium flouride and sulphur dioxide, also seemed helped this process. Indeed I found in my research flouride is used to reprocess uranium. The earth also could be using similar methods. The CC’s have hinted at earth doing just that. As the earth is finally regaining herself so are her inhabitants. After the radiation clears the body, These miasmas, no longer needed, also exit the body going from the interior to the exterior. In fact miasmas seem to be leaving all in the area. The process is not easy and there are some very sick people as the pathogens move through the different organs and meridians.

        These statements are of course hypothesis and theory, but backed up by observation, conclusions, and results. It has been fascinating, frustrating, exhilarating, saddening, crying, and very long siege. I But I see success on the horizon now and it can’t get here soon enough.

        1. Very interesting Forest Joy. I hope to read more of your experience and research. I have been learning some about vibrational medicine as well. Have you been using homeopathy and flower essences? The Dr. Teaching our classes has been successful with extremely difficult cases using homeopathy after a good nutrional diet was followed for a few months and then continued. Certain foods she has found really boost the immune system like broccoli, spinach, spiralina, chlorella, lactobacillus were tops. She has been trying to repair the body and rid it of mercury, aluminum and other toxins that entered the body via vaccines. Your modality sounds to be different. Can’t wait to read your post. Thank you! ❤ Denise

          1. Hi, Denise,
            There is much much more to this. I definitely did not introduce any new pathogens into a person. They were already in the host and active from time to time. All treatments were arrived at with full testing and consultation with the patient utilizing a neuromuscular technique, the basis learned in NAET classes. I use almost exclusively Traditional Chinese Medicine including herbal medicines, acupuncture, tui na, Qi gong, food therapy, etc. tis better to be a master of one healing tradition rather than a know a little of many. There are just a couple of homeopathy medicinals I have utilized from time to time and some basic vitamin and mineral supplementation I also refer to MDs, DCs, reflexogists, NDs, PAs, etc if needed. A few of my patients do utilize essential oils. I have never had the need to bring that aspect into my practice. TCM is so encompassing. One can use stones, crystals, wood, metals, etc. There is even the Ba Gua which among many things has a star type map. There is still so much more for me to learn in just TCM.

            1. And this process has taken many years with many many treatments for some and a few for others. The time length from start to finish has many variables. The constant exposure definitely slowed the process.

              1. Hi Forest Joy, amazing! Truly wonderful healing you are doing! The information I am getting is being applied to animals. The flower essences were Bach Flower Essences different from essential oils. So much for me to learn it will take the rest of my life. I just like reading and hearing about it all. Healing is definitely an art and a gift. You obviously have the gift. I feel I will be leaning towards vibrational healing via plants, stones, color, sound. Much love to you Forest Joy! For all you are doing! ❤ Denise

        2. You are my hero! Oh – and the rise of so-called mitochondrial disease in epic proportions, particularly in teenagers. We all have it to one degree or another. Bless you!

        3. Thank you for articulating this Forest Joy. I do so appreciate a doctor’s perspective here and how it affects you as you see these parallels and come to aid the symptoms while at the same time seeing the need for macrochange in societies who have become globalized as a result of clusters of us health care providers either being derailed from our work by occupational hazards such as predatory males in the hunt mode and wars and conflicts that are stirred up to distract us from the toxics being released by war crimes and criminals perpetrating them.

          The War zone shifted over these years and being endemic; households were under siege as more and more television channels blared more and more bad news from increasing numbers of channels all the while distracting the consumers who became increasingly lethargic and lazy from the foods and meds being pushed in mainstream media while the usual arenas of entertainment in sports, stand up comedy, and movies and sit coms and dramas spin out endless drama, some real, much based on sheer illusion to keep people in all walks of life slightly on edge and fearful.

          And we are on the first swing into the Fall season; the major new television programs. The new episodes and seasons.
          Knowing media is a very major source of pathological thought problems, therein lies the solution, right here, right now too.
          I appreciate you Forest Joy. Keep on, keeping on, and PLEASE keep publishing your own acute and chronic observations in your practice. You are indeed in a more geographically assaulted area of pollutants for sure than I am. But a nurse and a doctor talking on the East coast about medicine and nursing in America is surely a good thing in the context of this fabulous interconnected team of scientist/journalist/healing energy folks here with Aisha and the CCs guiding. LOVE you woman…here is another post by someone else helping with the whole…

          1. Dear Monica,
            We are actually in a less polluted area than most. We are beside the last free flowing major river in the USA with very little heavy industry. Our tap water is excellent. The problem lies in the geographic deep beneath us and the deep seeded groundwater. The incoming space and cosmic weather in combination with the electromagnetic fields from beneath the ground with the radiation from the atomic mess (which is all over the earth) messes with us. We also where 3 heavy duty earth meridians meet above and several below ground. According to my brother with a doctorate in geophysics was once where two Silurian tectonic plates met. We live on an island like uplift. Now we are no longer an island surrounded by water. In addition it is the only strata in the world visible above ground that shows a distinct line where the dinosaurs died out. So we have that very ancient calaminity effects also. Except for those 3-8 years ago and the lingering effects from it has been a wonderful and healthy place to be. It is getting better and better now.
            Or it were not for the atomic fallout of the 50’s and 60’s, the rest of the factors would not have been that bad. As u can tell, I love this area.
            Thank you so much for your kind reply and encouragement. Life is so grand and I am so glad to be able to share it with all you wonderful Ponderers

        4. Forest I know most science stay away from restructuring water with different frequencies for different problems with the body. There have been a few studies with restructured water to reduce radiation in the water contents of the bodies cells. So far good results have been made with the blood of humans to help repair the body. Even the radiation within sea water can be lowered. The problem is no one can yet prove why restructured memory water can do this. No one can even prove water can retain memory. There are many theories about this but no one can prove it to science yet so it can be accepted. There are theories that any sickness of the body can be cured by this. Russia has done the most studies on this so far. It is used in Russia today for many different things. Water can be used to create an electric charge that can be storied and used as a power source just from the movement of water without heat. Theories state that water exposed to different magnetic frequencies can help farmers get better food products in less space with less water by using this. Its a shame that if someone in this field strays away from the norm of science beliefs. They are put on a black list. A man working on this is the one that shows that light escapes from black holes. He mainly works with different properties of magnetic fields that all particles have and how they relate to each other in different ways. Matter, anti matter, and dark energy.

          Love and blessings to all

        5. Dear Forest Joy!

          My heart rejoices at your amazing work with your patients / clients and I give you all my love and support ❤

          Love & gratitude ❤


      2. Hi Forest Joy,
        please, do it. I’m very interested. Seems nobody can avoid harmful effect of radiation, in Europe it was Chernobyl in 1986 or 1987, I was in a garden, barefoot, working without gloves.
        My ankles and wrests got swollen. I didn’t know why at the time. Chernobyl was no so far from Czech. Now I know what it was.

      1. But isn’t Aisha going mountain climbing?

        Who will clear the “spam” then? (scream) O god….does this mean I have to shut my big fat long-posting Pie Hole and restrain myself to non-spamage-like wee posts?

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong, Caroline. I haven’t even read the link you’ve posted here, but from the title of the article and your comment, I get the impression that you are saying you don’t get overly angry about hazardous/nuclear waste because there is a natural organism “transmuting” it. (?) If so, I completely agree, and I feel this occurs within our energetic/emotional/physical beings, as well.

      🙂 AH


      1. YES!!!!! Kissing you on the lips right now. Of course we can help it along on a macro and scientific scale, but we all need to focus on clearing our OWN stuff so that the flow increases with ease NOW. Hence the importance of the equinox. The smoother the flow of back/forth energies, the more spontaneous healing occurs on ALL LEVELS of the cosmic onion. 🙂

        1. Even Fukushima was harmless, just radioactive plutonium isotps.
          transformed by esoteric energy. Can we bury our atomic waste in your backyard? Spinach is the answer.

          The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab is a toy lab set that was produced by Alfred Carlton Gilbert and sold between 1950 and 1951.[1] A product catalogue describes it as follows: “Produces awe-inspiring sights! Enables you to actually SEE the paths of electrons and alpha particles traveling at speeds of more than 10,000 miles per SECOND! Electrons racing at fantastic velocities produce delicate, intricate paths of electrical condensation–beautiful to watch. Viewing Cloud Chamber action is closest man has come to watching the Atom! Assembly kit (Chamber can be put together in a few minutes) includes Dri-Electric Power Pack, Deionizer, Compression Bulb, Glass Viewing Chamber, Tubings, power leads, Stand and Legs.”
          The Original Advertisement
          Gilbert Cloud Chamber, assembled

          The set originally sold for $49.50 ($461.43 in 2014 US dollars)[2] and contained the following:[1]

          Geiger-Müller counter
          Wilson cloud chamber
          Low-level radiation sources:
          Alpha particles (Pb-210 and Po-210)[3]
          Beta particles (Ru-106)[3]
          Gamma particles (possibly Zn-65)[3]

          1. Hi, Mich,
            Seems my above reply to Maria went to the wrong place. You are most likely being facetious as of course there is harm done. And spinach is not always the answer. It may also be contaminated. There have been times in the last few years when only canned vegetables were safe for my patients. Spinach in any form was not. There were times only meat and potatoes were prescribed. The variety was big factor at times. Amazing root those potatoes. Hey, how are they to juggle?

    3. Really good news Caroline. Some how I too felt I had already heard it. And your post triggered thoughts on fairly recent dreams in which the “news” was ALL GOOD news! I get these things and use to write them down, but most of the time I am not awake enough to write and go on about my day just being until something triggers the memories again. So in one of my dreams there was a place that had all good news. I can’t wait to be there soon! 🙂 ❤ Denise

      1. The same happens to me. I’m finding more and more triggers, too. Almost daily. BTW – a shaman once told me that “I see you and Denise in Egypt. Are you planning a trip to Egypt?” At the time, I thought it was my friend Denise she was referring to whom I don’t associate with anymore. Now I know better. We are there! 😉

        1. LOL! I would love to go to Egypt….see all those amazing places, feel the energy! I don’t think it will be for a while though. To much going on over there. More then we think. Like you said we are already there! 😉 So…how much more trouble do you think we can get into?! 🙂 Thoughts of some of us together are kinda scary!! 🙂 Love and light back to you dear Caroline!

    4. Good news! I want to register the related news, too.
      The article of reducing a radiation by iron bacteria which discovered in Seikan Tunnel in Japan.
      http://www.asyura2.com/14/genpatu39/msg/622.html (Written in Japanese)
      Decontaminate with “iron bacteria” eating cesium inhabiting the Seikan Tunnel, and test it; in three days to a one-third decrease (Aug.04,2014 NHK)
      It decreases, and a radiation dose of the mud tells a 1/3 that this researcher wants to repeat an experiment on various conditions for practical use saying that there is a property to take radiocesium in bacteria inhabiting the Seikan Tunnel when a researcher of Hakodate-city tests the decontamination in a rice field of Fukushima.
      These bacteria “are the iron bacteria” which there is a characteristic to eat metal, and inhabit the Seikan Tunnel.
      Mr. Yoh’ichi Kadokami specialty, there is a property of iron bacteria to take up radioactive cesium, and there was some effect on decontamination, molecular biology experiments in rice paddies in Fukushima Prefecture Minamisoma researchers in the private sector of Hakodate was conducted.
      He performed the experiment with a company of Sapporo-city and checked a change of the quantity of cesium which I spread the seat that bacteria were in approximately 50 square meters of rice fields, and was included in mud.
      As a result of experiment, it means that “he was able to reduce a radiation” dose of the mud to a 1/3 from an average of 66 becquerels to 22 becquerels in three days until Aug.3rd.
      The gate mistress who commanded an experiment “the predictive above-mentioned result is given, and is glad”.
      Furthermore, he tested it on various conditions and told, he wanted to connect it with practical use.
      (↑translated from Japanese……↑)
      I saw these videos in 2 articles at http://www.keelynet.com today!
      article1 : 09/20/14 – Colloidal Silver a ‘cure’ for Ebola?
      article2 : 09/16/14 – Magnetic Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood


    5. Good news! I want to register the related news, too.
      The article of reducing a radiation by iron bacteria which discovered in Seikan Tunnel in Japan.
      http://www.asyura2.com/14/genpatu39/msg/622.html (Written in Japanese)
      Decontaminate with “iron bacteria” eating cesium inhabiting the Seikan Tunnel, and test it; in three days to a one-third decrease (Aug.04,2014 NHK)
      It decreases, and a radiation dose of the mud tells a 1/3 that this researcher wants to repeat an experiment on various conditions for practical use saying that there is a property to take radiocesium in bacteria inhabiting the Seikan Tunnel when a researcher of Hakodate-city tests the decontamination in a rice field of Fukushima.
      These bacteria “are the iron bacteria” which there is a characteristic to eat metal, and inhabit the Seikan Tunnel.
      Mr. Yoh’ichi Kadokami specialty, there is a property of iron bacteria to take up radioactive cesium, and there was some effect on decontamination, molecular biology experiments in rice paddies in Fukushima Prefecture Minamisoma researchers in the private sector of Hakodate was conducted.
      He performed the experiment with a company of Sapporo-city and checked a change of the quantity of cesium which I spread the seat that bacteria were in approximately 50 square meters of rice fields, and was included in mud.
      As a result of experiment, it means that “he was able to reduce a radiation” dose of the mud to a 1/3 from an average of 66 becquerels to 22 becquerels in three days until Aug.3rd.
      The gate mistress who commanded an experiment “the predictive above-mentioned result is given, and is glad”.
      Furthermore, he tested it on various conditions and told, he wanted to connect it with practical use.
      (↑translated from Japanese……↑)
      I saw these videos in 2 articles at http://www.keelynet.com today!
      article1 : 09/20/14 – Colloidal Silver a ‘cure’ for Ebola?

      article2 : 09/16/14 – Magnetic Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood


  13. Interesting …
    Lady Gaga talked about working with Tony Bennett (they released a jazzalbum these days)
    … amongst other things she said working with Tony was really freeing for her after the experiences of working in studios (for her pop albums)
    … In studios she “felt like a bird in a cage” because people there told her what she has to/should do
    … instead of that Tony “gave space to her” … he even “encouraged her to act free”, authentic, self-determined, aso
    … she really sounds happy 🙂 …
    like freed from old (3d) ways … not new to us 🙂

    If you want to listen to this (short) report – it is mainly in German (only Lady Gaga and Tony talk in English):

      1. sorry for posting it 2 times 😦
        didn´t plan it 😉
        Think it happend because of the title
        🙂 🙂 ❤

        1. “””… instead of that Tony “gave SPACE to her” … he even “encouraged her to ACT FREE”, Authentic, Self-Determined, aso
          … she really sounds HAPPY 🙂 …”””

          thank you dear JJ♥︎
          I truely believe & know we all came out here to enjoy our life.
          I experienced big ways. it is not only us here & we are truly more than connected with us and evertything ( i know you know).
          Since that I knew why they (non physicals) say ” once we know the love ( we are all loved so much) noone leaves from love” & it is true,
          It happens ( miracles, communications) when I am in right frequency.
          I must say it is so much fun & so blissful♥︎
          I smile to appreciative contrast & ignore what I dont prefer. it is a indeed game isnt it ♥︎& sometime it gets us & filling gaps is fun magic.
          love you jj thank you for this wonderful music, tomo

          1. “…I must say it is so much fun & so blissful♥︎…”
            you are so right, Tomo! Thank you for your words!
            [… by the way: I am not JJ but joyful light :-)]
            lovehugs ❤

      2. Gosh, Joyful Light, I really enJOYed this music vid with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. This is truly about creating something beautiful. It’s the Masculine and Feminine energies, not working together, but being free together in this magical, wonderful, natural dance of creation. It’s lovemaking in action. Free and beautiful. No expectations, Anything Goes.

        Love, JJ ❤

        1. Wonderful said JJ!
          Me too, I love this music (vid) and their – as you named it – lovemaking in action.
          Another interesting sentence, Lady Gaga said: “Tony only wanted two things from me: my voice and my friendship” ❤
          Love to you JJ!

  14. Today finds me thinking of the “darkness” vs the light again. (Something above triggered these thoughts I think.) Three years of pondering has not brought full clarity other than I know I don’t associate darkness with evil though perhaps with fears. Right now I picture my dear departed ferrets Meashe and Bandit. How they loved to go into dark tunnels… or roots of trees when I had the courage to turn them loose in one. Yet they brought such joy and light to my life. I was once told that ferrets knew how to cross back and forth between the “worlds.” So I ponder… they had no fear of the dark and seemed very familiar with it. Perhaps through decades of captivity they learned to understand and accept the light! It is very pressing for me as a “lightworker” (I don’t like labels) to understand the dark as it seems to hold a key to me fully embracing the light work we do.

    This week, while at the coast I faced doing something that at age 22 I was too intimidated and fearful to do. My experience involved a lowly populated nudist beach as the sun was taking his last hour of light before sinking into the shoreline. The ocean lapped at the sand only 10′ away. The sun laid an inviting pathway before me. I released my fears; I basked in the freedom within that I found. I celebrated my birthday, 2 weeks after, in the essence of how I arrived in this world. Those that have already done this come celebrate with me; those that hold ‘hangups’ or fears I invite you to tap into our energy and feel your own release. A tiny part of me is asking, “Are you REALLY going to hit the post button?” YES… Love, Nancee

    1. Nancee, good for you! It’s essential to reclaim our freedom in every way now. My own feeling about light/dark is that when we focus only on “light” in this world of duality, the darkness also increases, so I maintain a state of neutrality as much as I can. I still have preferences, I just don’t demonize darkness. Darkness isn’t in and of itself “bad.” Against a dark night sky, the stars shine bright. Being in the dark when one is unafraid can be very restful.
      Years ago in a deep meditation, I was told to become an artist of contrast, like a basket maker weaving a beautiful design of light and dark reeds. One thing I’ve noticed now that I’m just loving and accepting every aspect of myself, is that my formerly “unacceptable” thoughts are becoming conscious. This gives me a lot more of myself in awareness, so I can lovingly teach the judgmental, negative me that it is lovingly accepted, yet can learn new ways if it likes. I can see that I don’t “act out,” because these thoughts and feelings now exist in my awareness, so they can’t affect me unconsciously. & I really love the idea of us all becoming artists of contrast.

    2. Perhaps it would be helpful to you to consider darkness as absorption of light, not the lack or absence thereof.

      🙂 AH

      1. Brilliant genius, you just described a Black Hole — the doorways (tunnels) between Universes.
        And they serve as Balancing Energy re-distributors between Universes — pulling excess shit in one end, and pooping it out the other side.

        According to new equations, the light and matter that Black Holes absorb and seemingly destroy is actually expelled… and becomes the building blocks for galaxies, stars, and planets in another reality.

        It doesn’t collapse into a single point, as has been predicted, but rather gushes out a “white hole” at the other end of the black one.




        1. 😉 !!! Yes. And I feel this to be at the core of our eneregetic fields. A black/white hole that is constantly “circulating” energy. Emission, absorption. Projection, perception. Intention, attention. Creation, experience.

          1. I’ll see your “Yes” and raise you a “2 Thumbs Up”!

            You’re not the only one who feels this, and I’m noticing that Nassim Haramein who is proposing this as well in the scientific community is being attacked like mad by the cabalistic Disinformation Specialists….that usually happens when you get too close to the mark in this “reality”.
            I think he’s hit it right on. Same as you have.

            A black/white Source-connected hole at the core of everything in existence, creating the interconnection between All-That-Is, as well as circulating energy to and from Source — feeding back to ever-hungry Source all Experience/Energy.

            1. Let us both expand and contract this at once. I feel that there is only ONE core. Not simply connected to Source, but AS Source. I don’t even feel that we are overlapping “singularities,” as in the Flower of Life symbol. More like fractals within the WHOLE. That we only perceive ourselves as “aspects” of Source in order to have the experience of our own individuality and that of others’ individuality. Same goes for “different” realities. It’s all one reality which we choose to experience from infinite perspectives.

              1. I don’t even believe there is “Father/Mother,” just Source. No masculine/feminie energy, either. I feel that those are simply human words and labels; attempts at understanding and explaining how we as Source experience SELF.

                1. Source is the highest level, where all divisions become ONE again. No separation, no duality. Highest frequency level.

                  All duality divisions that you mention occur in the lowest levels on the outermost perimeter of the big-ass Source Onion.
                  These are the lowest frequency levels.

                  1. Yes, and what I am limping toward here is more along the lines of our concept that “masculine and feminine creative forces cooperate in tandem, in balance, to bring consciousness into matter (or into an experience).” To me, these “two” energies feel the same, that we are just trying to explain to ourselves how Source creates. But perhaps that’s still “covered” by the statement regarding duality at a certain frequency. Which leads me to yet another wonderment. All of human physics is based on our concepts of time and space. If time is not actually linear, and frequency being wavelength over a period of time, then how does frequency/vibration operate in a nonliner, or more importantly, “no-time” environment?

                    1. “All of human physics is based on … [4] concepts.” As Kryon told us awhile ago: There are SIX laws of physics. Numbers 5 & 6 are quantum. Therein lies your answer…..

                    2. “If time is not actually linear, and frequency being wavelength over a period of time, then how does frequency/vibration operate in a nonliner, or more importantly, “no-time” environment?”

                      ~ anna helen foster



                      Excellent excellent, did I say EXCELLENT? question!

                      Here’s an amazing answer throughout this entire video:

                      “ANYTHING, Anything aside from The One….MUST experience some degree of what you are talking about (sense of time/space), or it wouldn’t be represented as “different” from The One.

                      It’s just a matter of degree.”

                      ~ Bashar




                  1. ❤ Love Is Love ❤
                    we can break it down to one thing: one tone – one source – one frequency – one vibration
                    — or we can say it is a gazillion somethings
                    and Love Is….

          2. Doesn’t the one Source core, divide itself into fractal-like aspects — each of which also contain a Source core…each division slightly different, but each one containing all the information of the Whole. Including a core.

            And wouldn’t all of these divided different-perspective aspects be interconnected through their Source cores, to form the great universal “web”…


            The Flower of Life and the overlapping singularities of it I’ve always thought of as a building tool. At least for this particular universe.
            It’s playing with lego building blocks, for instance the Flower of Life contains the 13 Non-overlapping circles which is the blueprint of this universe.
            These 13 circles/spheres generate Metatron’s Cube, which contains all the crucial geometric platonic solids that make up everything in THIS existence, including water, minerals, organic life forms, sound, music, language….

              1. Yes, but something has always bothered me about the Flower of Life and Metatron’s cube. Again, they feel like the human struggle to understand by having a diagram or symbol. It doesn’t even feel spread out in a great universal web to me at all. Like there is only the Source Core, and everything layered on that in the Big Ass Source Onion is entirely Source’s Great and Vivid Lucid Orgasmic Dream of Itself. Very real AS its own imagination. So attempting to understand it all is at the same moment fruitless but also part of the enJOYment of the experience of the dream. Speaking of dreams (and time, and being human), it is now 9:00am here, and possibly this “one” could use some sleep!

                You’re fabulous!

                🙂 AH

                1. LMFAO. So I am headed to bed in an attempt to get a little sleep (yeah, right, good luck on that one, sister). I notice a spider bite on my left arm. It resembles nothing less than a miniature volcano. I start poking and prodding at it because it is simply too fascinating to ignore. Suddenly it erupts and “shoots off” directly into my right eye. Surely I am giving myself a message in this! Oh, god. I advise myself to shut up now.

                  Love to all…

                  🙂 AH

        2. Yes I agree with you. Our galaxy has been eating matter and sending it back for billions of years. Energy can’t be created or destroyed only changed in form. The black hole single point theory I have never believed. Their was an explosion of creation but much different than what is taught. Also the black hole when expelling and converting the excess matter that enters into it. Is like a engine that can move our galaxy through space. This is why science thinks everything started with a big bang. I think they are wrong. Dark energy pushes away gravity pulls in. Its a never ending cycle of the recycling of mater into energy that is inturn returned to the creation of matter from the dispelled energy. By the way it can come out of both ends. One end positive energy the other end negative energy or both positive and negative from both ends. It returns every thing to its original state of form before the creation of matter. This recharges the outer limits of our galaxy. Then gravity takes over and creation starts all over as it is pulled back to the black hole over billions of years. The excess is pushed out into space past the limits of our galaxy in its original form as dark and light energy that can form new galaxies. To me all energy has dark and light energy. It is just some can be seen and some can’t. Even dark energy has light in its core.

          Love and blessings to all

      2. “White holes are the exact opposite of black holes. They expel matter into space at intense speeds with immense energy.

        There is a paper written in 2012 that argued that the Big Bang was a white hole itself.

        Unlike black holes, white holes cannot be observed continuously and can only be observed at the time of the event. It also connects a new class called y-ray bursts to white holes.”





        1. I love all this metaphysical info Kiera~
          This morning I woke up at dawn on the East coast of our North America and felt Fall. Our home is on the second floor of a building with a third floor for bedrooms, one on either side of the stair case.

          They are full steps, the home is contained with solar heat we conserved through the night the way we opened and closed doors and windows over that time yesterday, Friday.

          I had that old nostalgic feeling about fall being here, the weekend, the sense others had settled in, to new
          /old dorm rooms, that the empty nesting travels had occurred and a large shift in the wheel of life in our northern hemisphere is moving along on schedule. It was in the forties last night with a frost here on the roofs this morning. Cloudy and overcast with some light coming through the bedroom window.

          Tim is 8 years younger than me. He never had the experience of living away from home in a college dorm room as the gentle step upward and outward from his home.

          Born in California he was brought to Barre city in Vermont at a very early age, before he consciously remembers. So he grew up wild and free in Vermont, working in the quarries and later as a produce manager at a local supermarket. He rebelled against public school education because he is too smart for the mainstream indoctrination and skipped school a lot, although he got his High School diploma.

          fast forward to today, a Saturday morning during the fall equinox weekend for us. I lay there on our cloud inside looking outside with Tim, myhoney, warm next to me. That cozy cocoon of warmth you hate to leave knowing it is a weekend morning, that delicious lazy feeling you feel next to a mate as you know the seasons are changing and things are moving along naturally. So…I reached over and tactiley, telepathically got closer if you catch my drift, creating a fresh early autumn memory and feeling confident in skills I was wondering if I may have forgotten in sweatier, warmer weather not that long ago.

          I had made progress with local Town officials in Milton where Angels Landing is on Friday. I had banished an early rising energy wave rivulets of anxiousness with reframing and making a now memory of newness I much prefer. Then got up and made us both mocha, feeling the room air downstairs in the kitchen/dining/living carpeted areas where Phish is, up on top of the refrigerator now so is water stays warmer from the ambient heat from cooking with the electric stove and oven.

          So this morning I read about white holes and black holes, balance and darkness and light, and think to myself, yes, there is warm and cozy cuddly darkness where love is made and biological life is spawned and seeded and fertilized…and there is cold evil darkness devoid of light and heat and love…two very different flavors of darkness. I will always welcome the former as one who loves the changing seasons, and day/night circadian rhythms of life, watching living creatures and plants grow, and loving the cyclic nature of natural change and growth and development with waning , withering and deadening of husks to make room for new growth and change and more yield in season…with fallow times and wintery times to freeze what needs freezing. Even with snow and ice, sun reflecting light to us hungry souls.

          So thanks, Kiera. And all Ponders. By the way Breeze, my comment about protruding disks in the lower back and healing…Tim has had the condition since I met him after a motor cycle accident ten years ago that left him in a coma for a number of weeks.

          I began getting to know him by social coffee meetings first and later, offering massage with an electric massager, fully clothed in the company of friends. That was going on 7 years ago now.

          Tim walked with me through the second major felony trial I had to go to as the prime Witness for the State. He knows much about crime and punishment in these two States in Vermont and New Hampshire. Prior to his accident he was trained in martial arts so is open to mind/body discipline which is not always the case with mates.

          So in the course of our 7 years together with one off prior to reuniting for the past year and a half, I have struggled with him over back pain issues as he has with me and my front chest issues of pain.

          What we have learned together is time in divided doses helps.
          So does lovemaking when he is on the bottom and on his back. This is relieving and does not strain his lower back.

          The pain has lessened over the years… It is due to I think a combination of things. He recognizes total bed rest deepens debility.

          That he has to move some each day, and to balance it with rest. So we have gone on walks together, bike rides, etc. He does do these stairs every day and I believe that helps. Sometimes we walk to the local store and that is good. He still smokes but has a desire to quit.

          We both knew moving was a stress and settling in is relaxing and stabilizing and this reduces the pain and times when he feels it.

          Watching our fish is soothing. Staying in touch with grown children and grandchildren is soothing if not always reciprocated. Benign neglect feels psychically ok. At least we all know we are alive and breathing! Not only that, but when we can post these pics so quickly, pics are really worth a thousand words and do relieve anxieties. Technology we never had before to interconnect and reduce any sense of isolation if we so choose to use it that way.

          Looking forward to having a new puppy in our lives is joyful. Yes we still have challenges, but life would be kinda boring without some.
          LOVE you all, hope this helps Breeze. A bit graphic but backs and fronts are involved in making love and they are related.

          There is the tantra too…between times I knew touch in a sensual way was important between times…just the gentle no words touches that mates give each other.

          Then there are all the meals, whole foods, supplements, the salt baths, these all help. Companionship. Knowing you are in your berth for planet earth together, journeying through the day and night together, that is what is cozy to me about home and gently being in warm cozy darkness. LOVE to you all, Monica

          1. Only in TX? 90% of the mothers (or perhaps babysitters) I’d seen in Park Slope parks were looking more to their phones than their kids. It was pretty surprising to see that.

          2. Thanks M… sounds very, very familiar with myself and Kelly.
            I just thought of acupuncture for pain relief but he is not into it. I massage him daily. He does what he wants. He is an active type and always will be no matter what. At the shore this weekend, he is the one going down a hillside to the Bay to turn over rocks and see whats underneath 🙂
            Love you and all your on the home-front and beyond comments my Light friend ❤

            1. Back at ya Breezy! Well it looks like a potential gathering for us Eastcosaters, usa in the spring with Tijen and maybe other Ponders, in Vermont, or New Hampshire perhaps? LOVE you woman, ❤ Monica

        2. Most of the theories on white holes and black holes has changed in the last few years. They have discovered light can escape from black holes. White holes are older theories from 1965 to 2007. A white hole has never been seen in real life the videos are made to try to explain the theories of white holes. Most science today accept that light does escape from black holes. A white hole is nothing but a super charged black hole with excess energy. It is like mother earth releasing her excess energy into the outer atmosphere. Black holes do the same thing only in a much larger scale by breaking down the particles into much smaller particles that releases much more energy. I have read most of the theories on this. What I say is from my theories not from what others have said in the past. You have to remember that 99% of all theories are proved only partly right in time. Every eighteen months knowledge as a whole doubles. In some cases it can double in 3 days in certain subjects.

          Love and blessings to all

    3. Thank you Nancee for hitting the post button.
      The naked part of this post is just a way for us to see you being yourself.
      Dancing naked….how wonderfully colorful your aura is, the energetic you!!!
      You present a special freedom, to give to your self as you give to us.
      Peace to us all, that we really show who we are!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    4. Freedom!!! Yeah Nancee! Nothing better then skinny dipping! Under a summer moon! 🙂 Joy filled Birthday! I may have to consider this for mine next year. It’s going to be one of those big ones. Hats off to you Nancee! And other articles! 😉

    5. Hello Nancee, nice to hear from you again. Lots of syncronicity with me/recent events.

      Re: “darkness” vs light. Lightworker etc.

      These are labels. Such things speak of the idea of separation. We are all lightworkers, there is no light and dark, there is only one. No thing can EVER be truely destroyed, everything is eternal, all will be known. Somethings we actively choose to engage in again and again. Somethings we actively choose to not ever experience again.
      It’s the feeling that is important, you co-create from the heart, emotion is the universal language. Not as clumsy as words.
      We are perspectives of reality, but we see only a band of it. As we filter out lower bands it opens up room for higher perceptions.

      Peace and love -x-

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