A short update on the energies

As many of you have noticed the amplitude is once again increasing as we all prepare you for that incoming blast of light that will once again envelop your entire planet in this upcoming period. For as many of you know, you are approaching an important time of your year, when you once again enter what we like to call a focal point of energies. For what you call your Equinox is once again approaching, and with it, a whole new set of coordinates will come into being.

You see, this period will this time also come accompanied by a whole host of energetic messengers that will serve to strengthen the foundations for all those seeking balance while at the same time serve to further destabilize those still intent on creating fear in the hearts and minds of humanity. And so, that rift between the two worlds will once again widen, and for those trying to straddle this expanse, the ensuing confusion will also increase.

In other words, make sure to prepare yourselves for this incoming light by consciously going through your entire list of fixations, and we do mean that in a very broad way. For what needs to be fixed should be looked at in this upcoming period, and when we say fix, it is intended to cover the entire gamut from severance of old ties, finalisation and closure, and all the way to fixing up solid anchorage to the new. And so, what may seem to be a long list of contradictions will eventually clarify your situation more and more as you begin to survey the scene that lies before you. Are you entirely free from any old inhibitors, or have some of them started to resurface again? And if they have, have you realised the reason for it, or has your mind started to play out the same old tales of disbelief and diminishment?

You see, as these incoming energies continue to squeeze and pull at you, it will also continue to extract the old and outdated juices if you will, and so, you may all at some time get that lingering sour taste of yesteryear in your mouth. But again it is essential to understand that this is all about extraction, and so, whatever may surface is doing so in order to make it disappear from your foundation, but in doing so, it may serve to confuse you even further. For this time, it serves you all to keep in mind that this is not for you to hold on to and scrutinize, no matter how foul a taste it will leave as it exist you being. No, this is simply something that you need to sever any attachment at all to in order to clarify you for that next step of final separation that looms ahead.

For now, so much will begin to leave your being it may be likened to veritable storm of confusing emotions for many of you, and so, we will once again repeat our old message of maintaining your focus on your inner being, not on your immediate surroundings where more chaos may erupt at any moment. For this period will serve to convince many of you that you might be losing the grip on yourself, but try to keep in mind that if you do, it is because you are meant to. For what you need to lose grip on, is everything that is being pushed out to the very perimeter of your existence in order for it to be able to exit your field completely, and so, if you try to catch it in the flight as it were you will simply delay the departure. And doing that will also serve to increase your bewilderment as soon as the ship you have bordered begins to drift ever further out into those clear blue waters of tomorrow.

For what is leaving you now is something you will need to let go of in order to make that journey outwards ever more speedy and indeed less intense, and so we will once again leave you with this short advice: learn to let go of anything that arises within you that leaves you feeling uneasy, unsure or even unworthy, for it is all part of your old setup, all packed up and made ready to leave you. For if you start to cling to these old remnants in an attempt to unravel the mystery they still hold for you, you will only serve to make yourself more entangled in this old web of insecurity and inability to soar as high as you are more than capable of at this moment in time. And now, as the incoming light will once again start to push the buttons in so many of you, learn to distinguish between those buttons that will serve to increase your abilities to soar ever higher and those that will only serve to slow you down. And now, that will be more imperative than ever, as the proverbial train has indeed left the station and the speed is picking up. And if you continue to try to sort through all of the unclaimed baggage still cluttering up the station, you will make it exceedingly difficult for yourself to literally catch those waves of incoming light that will soon arrive, ready to lift you all ever further and ever faster onwards and upwards, away from the old and into new layers of interesting formations of energetic compatibilities that again will serve to increase your momentum.

You see, this process is like an ever unfolding origami-like structure of interconnected energetic strata, one leading to another in a very detailed sequence. So if you in any way try to hold back the force of this momentum, you will only make it that much harder for yourself. For then, what can only be likened to a powerful but smooth river of light will for you seem to be nothing more than a churning morass of pulsating light, all doing what it can to bring you out of that stale backwater you so tenaciously try to cling on to. In other words, the light will do what it can to give you another mighty push in the back to speed your progress, but if you try to push your way backwards you will find yourself having a really hard time catching your breath or even keeping your head above the water.

So again we say prepare yourself by making that list of what to focus on and what to simply let go of one that truly favors the last category, and then, you will realise that all you need to bring along is you, the very essence of you. That is all it takes, and everything else is indeed optional. That is, the more you think you need to carry with you, the less comfortable this next part of the journey will be, and the more you will be apt to be dragged under by that extra burden you place on yourself. So let go and let be, and give yourself the opportunity to simply allow yourself to float as freely as you can in this ever moving, ever increasing flood of light. And do not think you have failed to do your lesson if nothing untoward at all will surface for you in the next few days. For if you already feel as free as a bird, that is actually what you are. And remember, do not make yourself the disservice of comparing your process to that of others in a way that will make you feel at fault. For that is indeed the surest way to exceed the limits of any “carry on luggage” you might be tempted to try to take along with you on this next stage.

So again we say know that all is well, and again, remember to let bygones be bygones, and continue to keep that uppermost in your mind as these days and nights come and go. For that way, you will learn the lesson as quickly as possible, and the lesson in once again the same it has been countless times before: whatever emerges is not for you to take care of. It is simply letting you know that it is exiting your immediate surroundings, and if you remember to not hold on to it, it will soon dissipate forever.

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  1. Breeze!
    Last I heard from Lin, she was going “off-line” until after the equinox. Sounded like little Dickens was preparing for transition.
    Hugs! 🙂

  2. Earth is a joyride, best drugs in the multiverse. Opens you up and shuts you down. Yo hey God: Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, beginning and the end, the One who said I AM! What’s the plan?

  3. Dearest B… tears flowed freely as I played the song you have posted. “You raise me up…”. As my heart sang along I realized that instead of singing to the “God” of my old beliefs I was singing to my own HS and to the loving Pond people, to nature… who of course are God. You have all helped raise me up this past year plus to ‘be more than I can be.” How grateful my heart is.

    More and more I understand that although I stopped going without to find ‘god’ and I turned inward… I am now learning the wisdom in going back ‘out’. Maybe my “in” is now ‘out and in’ or I look out and feel within. Darned if I have it figured out. The word ‘more’ has taken on a new meaning for me this morning. Take the word more away from the context of more material things to “more of life” and “More understanding” etc….my heart expands. Love, Nancee

      1. Gosh Tijen………put a hundred of those “US’ together,
        We would be bug free!!!!!! And Feeling good about!!!!!! 🙂

    1. Dear Nancee!

      Whether “in” is now ‘out” or on the contrary I just know for sure that you are always “in” my heart ;)))

      Love you ❤


  4. Hi, Kiera… I know Susan’s/Israel (sandusan.com) site is now gone. Do you know if she is ok? In the past, I know you were in touch with her. After she lost her beloved multi-dimensional mentor, she never reappeared. I hope she’s well. Thank you, with Love xox Lin ❤

    (am so tired; going to bed early. You have a good night, too) 🙂

    1. Hi Lin
      Try this:
      Salmat Kasi Da: In Loving Service
      Galactic Federation of Light.

      She is still there. The last update is from April 12. Nothing after this date. Obviously she got wiser: (when you have nothing to say, don’t bother). Anyway…you can find Susan on this link.
      Take care

      1. Thank you, Maria—I’m most grateful. Just want to know she’s ok. I’ll check the site, but won’t disturb her; she obviously doesn’t want contact, and that’s perfectly ok. Take care, Maria. With Love&Gratitude, xox Lin ❤

    2. http://sandusan.com/?page_id=360

      Maria, you are a treasure….

      Lin, I was wondering the same things, as she dropped out of my reality at the same time. With all my negative resistance alarms going off.

      She is one of those beautiful paradoxes I always seem to be attracted to….on one hand she is so deliciously OPEN — and so whenever I wanted to go further with her, she’d basically say, No WAY, not interested…I’ve got this particular Blocking Belief, and I refuse to remove it, so “F” off.

      But she was much more polite than that ;D ….in telling me where to go….

      And I was noticing that she was happily riding the frequency of limitation/restriction/exclusion/fear, along with heavy 3D Protocol and a healthy dose of Dark Energy battlemania.

      So I’m wondering, if this is why she has dropped out of this timeline?

      Since this is how the Universe puts on its Harry Potter Sorting Hat and goes about its frequency “sorting”….such as, if what she is contributing doesn’t have enough positive momentum then she “disappears” from the more positive reality timeline.

      Things to ponder.


      Harry Potter Sorting Hat:




      1. Thanx, Kiera! Couldn’t find her at FOL either. Either way, I hope she is well, whatever her stance. Much Love to you xox Lin ❤

          1. Thank you Kiera,
            I’m talking when I have what to say and I’m reading and observing a lot. I red something what can explain your experience with her(you know who).

            “GF of Light- very negative in their effect on the people who follow it. They are offshoot with GC( Galactic Confederation) which is where all the reptoids and bed guys are coming from.
            Some of our allies’s (they said they are our allies) philosophy:
            Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

            Very familiar, isn’t it? I had a bad eruption of angry notes over one of her intelligent “updates” and my response may caused that she left even before her website was established. Me?…I didn’t write for a long time because a lot of good people coming here, reading and trusting. How to tell them that no everything is O.K.

            I had a bad feeling with you either…for a while. Suddenly you turned up to be a very colourful, beautiful and witty being. Honestly: I like you.
            And because I rarely using a big words, I’d say only: be happy
            with your family, your work, your circle of friends -you deserve what you have. And somewhere in other side of the globe you have a friend…me.

  5. YOU — Source Energy.

    Source Energy before you came forth into this physical body.
    YOU — genius you. Brilliant God-Force you.

    Source Energy.
    Hear it, and try to embrace it…’Source Energy, way too big…source energy, WAY TOO BIG.’

    Well, DEAL WITH IT.”

    ~ Abraham-Hicks




    1. Only during Inter dimentional shifting into their dimention was only indescribable pressurized moments each time & rest were all in harmony.
      I have never imagined the day like now wil become. It will be all exciting and beyond imaginations. as I feel my energy now ^o^

      1. Source we are create everything so effortlessly & fun obvious experiences are more on the way ♥︎ what is not true to self always dissolved diffused blended into love. So I believe I ignore.

      2. Thank you, dear Tomo, for the beautiful video.

        I love this one so very much:

        Heart Greetings
        BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

  6. Oh man, this one is a dynamite leading edge conversation with Abraham, dear Ponders! If you are in the vibrational vicinity, you’ll definitely agree!
    It is especially gifted to the two Abrahamsters I know, tomo & Bixie 🙂
    Much love

    1. Dear Lysarbejder,
      I love you, thank you so much ❤

      Yes, it's true:
      Love/Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ❤

      BIXIE ◇

  7. Hello All

    Just wanted to say hi, keep in touch with the Family here

    I can’t even begin to describe how POWERFUL this update has been for me…it almost knocked me out of my chair when I read it yesterday

    There’s SO MUCH in why this is so powerful…not the least of which is the timing of it

    The past couple of weeks saw me going through much of what the CCs talk about here…being squeezed and pushed…pushed into letting go essentially

    It started when I found out that I would have to find another place to live with two cats to take care of and no visible way of being able to afford such a thing

    This brought up all kinds of pain and terror of abandonment and rejection I had hidden away still…all connected to the trauma I underwent as a young toddler

    This brought up so much in me and it was agony…making it worse was the same old fear that I was failing in keeping up my vibration and falling hopelessly behind…everyone here and everything that means anything to me…essentially ascending…every time this fear comes up it is very very convincing…no matter how many times I go through it…and this time I was almost totally convinced…it all looked so hopeless

    It was a very very difficult time…until I went through enough that I knew it was about just letting go of everything that was coming up…to just let go of anything that didn’t feel good…no matter how my outer circumstances looked

    I found myself saying “God I give this back to you now…all this pain and fear and anger…I stored it all for you…I built it up and carried it around for you…so that when the time came I could return it to you and you could turn this gift of Sacred Darkness into the Sacred LIGHT it REALly is…I give it all back to you…with love and gratitude…may we turn this into the Gift we’ve come to give to our World”

    And as I really started to get into this and really feel it and I started feeling evermore clarity and connection again…I came on here one night and saw something Annemieke and Lin had written about letting go of anything that didn’t feel good…and something Kiera posted from Abraham about focusing on what you want and not what you don’t want…and so much more clicked into place…it was a blessed confirmation…and a blessed connection

    Then I think it was the very next day that this update showed up…and it just blew me away

    And I’ve been walking around in sheer excitement ever since…I am still having moments of the sourness of yesteryear…and I may very well go through more difficulty…I don’t like to put pressure on myself to have anything be a certain way…but none of that stuff has nearly the power it did even a few days ago

    Mostly what I am experiencing now is the contradictions the CCs talk about here…but even those are delighting me because they show me how connected I am here and that I truly am on track…that I haven’t fallen behind and my ‘future’ looks and feels so golden

    Guess I just wanted to share this in case anyone else here might find something helpful in my experience

    Unfortunately neither my phone or my computer is working properly so I am currently unable to access most of the comments here

    But I read Aisha’s comment and gather from what she says that some of you have been talking about your own difficulties…if so…believe me…if I could come through this last phase and find myself brighter than ever…than anyone can come through anything still shining…if I’m off base on what I’m getting from Aisha’s comment then oops…I always try to keep it positive so I don’t want to add negativity here…but I just felt to share…as my story does have a positive ‘ending’


    I love you all and am so deeply grateful to feel connected to you all again

    Can’t wait to see what this final separation looming ahead of us entails…gives me the shivers…but GoOD shivers

    Good day and so much love and light to everyone here at the Pond
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    PS. I hope to be getting a laptop soon…so I can join in here more often 🙂

    1. Hugs Amy. When you read mine and others comments from this latest update, you will feel you are certainly not alone in what you have experienced! Much Love in wand tapings coming your way !!! ❤

    2. Huge Heart Blessings to you, Dear Amy. With Much Love & Gratitude to you for sharing. See you soon on your laptop! I Love You. xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

    3. Dearest sweet one,
      We had a page on the subject of What the hell dose it mater!!!!
      Please read it if you can, because it really, as the “Rock” say…. it doesn’t matter.
      Lighten up…light up..see the light energy all around you, You are that for sure!!! When you can see unconditional love in me that mirror image…YOU… are reflected back, oh oneness you are that too!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    4. “This brought up so much in me and it was agony…making it worse was the same old fear that I was failing in keeping up my vibration and falling hopelessly behind…”


      One less worry/fear for you, Amy…your vibration never “falls” back — watch how Bashar demonstrates with his hands how your vibrational wave is always climbing, and is always maintaining ever-higher wave states. Even when you are experiencing what feels like a “Low”.

      So you don’t have to worry about it, you don’t have to force it.

      Your Frequency:

      “Even though there are Highs and Lows — the “Low”….is always HIGHER, than the last “High”!”




    5. Dear Amy,
      yesterday I also made a decision:

      “God does that matter.
      God knows how it goes.
      God is MY highest state of being “.

      Heart Greetings
      BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

      1. I firmly believe that all will be well again.
        I experienced a similar situation at the beginning of the new millennium.

        At that time a voice was in my head:

        “I trust my God-self entirely”.

        And it has been all good ❤

        Heart Greetings
        BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

    6. Dearest warrior of light & love!

      I read your post last night but was too tired to answer, but sent my love & light to you.

      I echo Tijen in saying “You Are Love”. You are doing very well my dear friend and you will never, ever be left behind – nor will any other warrior of light & love at this Pond – or anywhere!

      You found your track again and I just say – keep going. We are all walking by your side and will support you as we all support each other on this sacred journey.


      Much love & light – and a new laptop 😉


    7. Dear Amy, I thought I had left you a note here, but I guess it went via the ethers. 🙂 Your video is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. ❤ I will be keeping you closer at heart for a while….you and your kitties. I hope you are feeling the love everyone is sharing here. ❤ I am sure it is being sent out every minute on every hour as we cover this globe with gleaming light!
      So much love here, I am just sending you a little more. Holding you up with loving thoughts. ❤ Denise

  8. Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    A family member had a nightmare that I tried to ‘kill’ myself. For me, that was a ‘message’ that I’m letting go of ‘old self’ and doing all the cleansing etc. So .. whatever message/s you may receive from any of your family members or friends .. there is no fear at all .. it’s all about letting it all go of all old energies which doesn’t serve our current journey towards higher consciousness .. although the soul lessons will allow us to retain the wisdom of our soul lessons. Namaste

  9. do not embrace the Dark…’Conquer the Dark’ with Confidence & with the Power that is already there within You…. through All the smoke & mirrors, & the last best bag of trickery…..you will See ‘ the Deal has already been made between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea ‘……..Keep Going…..~

    isn’t it interesting that the final battle takes place in a city façade built by the Matrix of Man & ‘Water’….lots of ‘Water’…….Keep Going….~

  10. Tremendous love to you all. Didn’t get the chance to read this message until today, but my life can attest to the fact that what is described is indeed occurring and as I read this message I was reminded deeply that the whole concept of “processing” and figuring out the “why” of things was a construct set in place to hold us back instead of to allow healing because we then mentally worked with the energy of what we should have been releasing, trying to find out where we went wrong, what we could have done differently etc, and thus we kept that energy within our field.

    The truth…everything is perfect…was executed in our lives at the perfect time for our maximum growth and will leave when it no longer serves our higher purpose.

    I have been looking at certain things though that seem deep down and realize that sometimes I hold myself back because in wanting FREEDOM if something comes up that I feel I should do I don’t want to do it because I think others want me to do it and so to be FREE I don’t do it–subtle ways I have not given myself freedom but allowed others to continue to control me…If I want to do something, I am just gonna do it…LOL I am already FREE…So shipping this issue off along with any worry about 3D and daily life–the universe DOES support me in every moment with everything I need to BE in this moment perfectly–and so it is–all we have is this NOW moment…make it perfect!

    Hugs! Alex

    1. To me, it depends on what was attached to the ‘why’. As a doubting process to limit self than I would say it is no good. When it is of a more constructive nature for a higher intention to be realized, its ok.
      Like my boyfriend said that in Sunday School he was the kid always asking why and how to what they were teaching. They kicked him out. LoL. really, they did.

          1. Hi Kiera
            hard to believe you could be shy but…the people changing.
            Anyway, I love cats- big and small. My cat is sleeping that way.
            Seeing this photo I have a good feeling, thanks.

          2. Ok I’ll bite…….you could have been shy, but your still a lion, and you were just waiting to get out and roar!!! 🙂 .

            1. You not only bit it, you nailed it.
              It was all part of my current life theme to deliberately experience the greatest polarized EXTREMES in duality.

              And to observe/catalogue the process of change from one extreme state to the other.

              1. Kiera dear,
                An you lived through the hyper-drive motion, the process!!!
                That is your gift to humanity. You lived through the process and came out on the other side of the universe!!! Your story is great!!
                Can’t wait to see the space picture your conjuring up right now!!!!!
                🙂 🙂 :).

                1. Don’t get me started on how great it actually is, on the Other Side….and lately, my dead mother has been with me every single night when I’m back in the Higher D’s — last night she threw a christmas-type party for a slew of “children” running through the large mansion…I was unwrapping one of her presents, and the wrapping was a kind of structural artform….and I thought, (with my silly 3D mind), How could she afford this incredible wrapping paper?



    2. ❤ THANK YOU, DEAR ALEX. Love your post and appreciate it so very much because you provided an answer to my Heart re our pup. Yesterday (seems like a week ago) he woke up late and was panting / pacing again (did so during the night before and quieted down), but this time he could hardly walk and looked in a daze. Was on the phone to Nanc, and immediately said bye and rushed him out onto the backyard cool grass in the shade and lay him down for about 30 min. petting and talking to him. Got ice water of which he drank a little. I thought for sure we'd lost him. (Heart Thanx to Michilyn for introducing us to earthing/grounding energies and to Caroline for reinforcement of concept. Also, to Bev for structured water, the best I could do with ice, but with it melting, there had to be a little in the bowl!!)

      There was no warning for this episode. I thought he had a stroke. Was using the Golden Violet Flame big time, and last night, trying to hold back tears and keep my vibes up while not suppressing the feelings (weird), I finally just said, "ok, HS/Light Team, if it's his time to go, then I request/intention that his body be made whole and then allow him to depart Peacefully in his sleep." Checked on him couple of times last night: hubby slept on sofa next to him. Pup was in same spot, different position when I awoke early so I ass-umed he was the same, but still used the Violet Flame on / in him and everyone / everything in the house, including the entire property.

      Then hubby told me pup got up at 4a.m. to go outside, wobbly with increasing strength and dexterity. After waking late and going outside awhile ago, he kept wanting to go back outside. He likes laying on the cool, wet, thick, shaded grass for 20 min. (nod to Bev again reiterating CCs that incoming energies are coming from below, from Mother now). Then brought him inside and fed him cut up hot dogs, his fave—screw his organic nutrient-rich food. Now he's resting and listening to soothing music in living room.

      Here’s the part re your post: only two days ago I was writing a note to some friends who just lost their beloved pup. I deeply remembered the pain of that kind of loss and thought of our sweet Dickens. Thoughts + strong emotions = fast results of same / DRAMA! Learned a good lesson in manifestation today. I now call pup “bouncy boy” for reinforcement and am living in the moment day by day. Even though half my Heart was heavy yesterday, the other half was JOYful. If I hadn’t had my Family here at Aisha’s, all this time and for sure yesterday, it would’ve been a different story. I’ve made progress!! Whatever Life brings, I still will choose JOY so more joy will come. Thanx for listening you all (and for your immense healing/strengthening Love even when you are not aware of goings-on) to one with a very, very Grateful Heart. xox ❤ Lin 😀 😀 😀

      1. “What ever life brings, I still choose Joy” and Joy will come!!!! 🙂
        Just remember, you are the light of that Joy, let it shine!!! ❤

      2. Sweetie, going through the same thing here with our 17 year old border collie maggie. I even said today–stay as long as you want, but know that I am 100% supportive of your journey. Do not stay because you feel I need you to stay, but do that which your heart and soul desire, knowing I will always love you…its a lesson in unconditional love here as well and working on soul contracts…blessings to all who are going through similar things. Hugs! and love to your bouncy boy! Alex

        1. wow. Maggie has made it to 17 so far. Well done to Maggie and to your family. We learn so much from you here, Alex. When it’s Maggie’s time, I hope it’s sweetly Peaceful with a Blessing for all.

          I will have that talk with my little one right now before hubs gets home. I admit to being selfish in the past with another pup and took all kinds of vet measures before it dawned on me in an eye-opening split second I was harming him—I let him go immediately. I was ready to take bouncy boy Dickens in last night to stop any suffering… and husband said let’s see how he does overnight. So, we’ll see. In this moment, all is well—he’s bright-eyed and happy. We’ll see what he decides in the days ahead.

          Thank you for your kind hugs and Love for bouncy boy. I wish you Continued Blessings+ for you&yours, xox with Love, Lin ❤

        1. Dear Lin~
          I am glad you have a young puppy responding to suggestions and ideas you have learned here at the Pond and with Aisha’s writings and this marvelous group.
          I agree the grounding works and I have walked in and out of organized medicine and that includes veterinary medicine too.

          People and animals help each other when they/we are living together as a family.

          I have observed families all over the world, and through all generations because this is my fascination and my passion I would say.

          Most young animals including children of all humans bounce back from being sick quickly. It is taught in medical school in this country, the usa, on both coasts and across the country. 95% of all illness is self-limiting. We as mammals sharing over 80 percent dna with other species, share common traits world wide. Northern or southern hemisphere, eastern or western nation, we all share common traits.

          We do need mother earth to get well. I know this personally and professionally.

          When I had abdominal surgery to remove a large benign tumor in my uterus a number of years ago now, in my 40s, I had the option of trying alternatives to surgery. But it was the size of a grape fruit, a “womb potato” as an irreverent adolescent boy from Pacific Palisades coined it. And so it was. I was on the east coast and working full time as an Evening charge nurse in a small all women’s retirement home at the time in Dover, New Hampshire.
          Tuesday as folks recover from their weekends by Tuesday. I went through elective mainstream medical surgery to have this tumor cut out. Freely. Electively. I donated my own blood in case it was needed. I used Universal precautions on myself. I had it done where I could be driven home five minutes away.

          I recovered slowly and was humbled. I needed the time in Nature to fully recover. Ooodles of it. I used some prescription medicine for pain initially, but very quickly found my body very sensitive to it and transitioned to alternatives rapidly. No more prescription pain meds.

          Lots of time Earthing. Away from a clock, tuned to the winds and sunlight’s path. Pre surgery I meditated and prayed asking HS? to guide the surgeon and team.
          It all went well. I was surrounded by women of the seacoast who had been pioneers themselves, now living the Bob Newhart show every day, dressing for each other, coming down for meals in the main dining room, still driving some, widowed, divorced, single, there was a little old fashioned infirmary off to the side of this large brick home and that was my office space.
          My point in telling this here, now, is that the old and new can work together.
          We always seek informed consent in any above ground legitimate health care facility of any kind. This was what we in the States call Assisted living. Mainly elderly manage their own lives in a group home, with a tiny sick bay, thinking of Star Trek meets Lawrence Welk….
          Puppies get better, time and youth is on their side. Elderly do too, but when 80, 90 or 100 it all really depends on the will to live and the quality of life insisted upon.
          These women liked coffee together every morning at round tables in an inn type setting. No man had ever even thought to apply to live there.
          These ladies and the Administrator, a kindly older white haired lady, made sure I got the surgery I needed with time off to recover in early November before the holiday season, and I was up and working again in time for Christmas.
          We need each other to recover from things we go through. We are helped and enriched by each others’ experiences here online and in person. How great it is to see these exchanges bear practical fruit in each OTHERS’ LIVES.
          Yea for puppy! By the way, Tim and I are looking for a puppy to have and to hold and to share our lives with. So any Ponders know of a puppy in need of a good home with us and Phish and maybe Amy and two cats, let me know. 🙂 ❤ Monica

          It was not emergency and it was elective.
          I got the inside story of which surgeons were the best and had done this kind of surgery the most.

          1. Thank you Monca!

            When I had breast cancer was the most important for me not to consider myself as SICK. I thought “ok – this has happened – but now it’s over.” Surgery, cytostatica and radiation. Since my work was in the hospital area, I chose to go to work after chemotherapy treatments – if I felt that I could – and I could freely choose how I wanted to do and that was very important for me. Of course I recovered at home too but you get my point.

            No metastases. This happened 15 years ago and it has never reappeared since then 🙂

            Love & light ❤


            1. Dearest B… I had no idea! I’m so glad for your strength and that you’re here with us all. I’m glad for the same thing with Monica. Man, there must be all kinds of stories that we all could tell… just for the crazy experience of it! 😀 Enough. Now it’s party time (of course there are more changes in store even at this moment for everyone, but now it’s for Self-Realization purposes. yaaaaaaayyy.
              If this went on for another 26,000 years, it could get a little bit tiresome!! 😉

              Be well, everybody. xox Lin ❤

              1. Bygones are bygones ;)))

                Yes LIn – now it is party time 🙂 Last evening after having had a lovely time with you all at the blog, I was thinking/feeling how it would be when all people in this world are one big family 🙂 The words “…what a foretaste of glory divine…” came to my mind as we use to sing in our gospel choir 🙂

                Love you ❤


      3. Dear Lin!

        I didn’t read until now. Oh my – what an experience – and what a victory :))) Thank you very much for sharing this!

        All my love, light & joy to you, Dickens and Guy ❤ ❤ ❤


        1. Dear B and Dear Monica… Thank you sincerely. I think Dickens has made his decision to go Home. He’s been panting, pacing and shaking a little again since early this morning. I had my talk with him last night (Thanx, Alex!), so now I’m at Peace with his decision—and your vid, Kiera, helped greatly about my caregiving approach. He likes to be held for only a short time, and then wants to pace again. I’m grateful it’s happening now while I’m at home and not away in Crete. Btw, Monica, I call him a pup 🙂 , but he’s almost 14 years old, on Valentine’s Day, a rescue adoptee. He’s my baby, and even now, looks young—silky white hair (a Westie). Much Love, xox Lin ❤

          1. (p.s. soonest I put the music on, he calmed right down and is even sleeping at my feet. So, it’s cut up hot dogs, music, iced water and laying on the grass until he’s ready to leave… no vets. He always has been an independent little squirt that did things HIS own way. 🙂 My Heart is full and grateful)

              1. Thank you, C… still working on your email, watching docu +. All delightful and Enlivening and exciting. Many Heart and Soul smiles.
                You’re always in my Heart and will be in Crete… and SOL. I forget who said both Sept. and Oct. would be filled with many huge changes and growth. So true, and all very good, especially as I (we) commit to being flexible, fluid, in the moment only (new practice for me 🙂 ) Continue to be well, Dear One. With My Love, xox Lin ❤ 😀

          2. Dearest Lin,
            I hope he’ll go to the dog (or god, same letters anyways) heaven in piece, when he is ready.
            If you intend to, let’s have his funeral by the Pond. We would love to be there for/with you 🙂

            1. Hi, Tijen… Thank you for your kindness. I don’t really have funerals. I take our little ones’ cremation ashes up to the mountains of my origin and bury them under a favorite pine tree on the mountain. Don’t believe in death as I truly know all our previous babies are still around us, it’s mostly to make us feel better—that their little remains are all together, including our little canary (“Sinatra”—boy could that tiny bunch of feathers belt out his songs!). Love you, see you soon! ❤

              1. Dearest Lin….I just read about Dickens….truly my heart goes out to you & your precious boy !!…..I so hear your energy, your love, your concern…everything…..I’ll send you an e-mail as soon as I can ! I absolutely can relate to what you are going thru….just keep loving him as your heart tells you, & as I know you have been all his life, he knows that it will be difficult for him as well to leave you….such a sensitive & overwhelming emotional time for all ‘3’ of you…..sending to you ‘3’ so much Love !!!!!!……xoxoxoxo Bev

            2. I thought of a gathering for love and support my dear Lin, that’s it. I hear you and respect your decisions. I don’t like funerals at all 🙂 Yes, see you soon. I’m soo looking forward to it. I haven’t done any work related to the trip but I will start next week, when I put my head together, settled down, when I’m really really living here. At the moment I’m still flying over, not able to land 🙂

              1. Take good care as you collect yourself in your new surroundings, Tijen. And no prob re the funeral—none at all—your Kindness is wonderful. En-JOY your alone time in your home. Will hug you in person soon 🙂 ! xox ❤

  11. Thank you dear B
    Oh yeah, going with the lightwave and still living in the 3D, It is challenging!
    It’s 1.30 am Sydney time, I’m wide awake but exhausted pacing around the house like a looney, body feels hammered, lot’s of heat, itchy skin, discombobulated, elated, pumped and a bit crazy and full of awe and wonder!!

    1. Hi Bronnie~
      I LOVE your city! I named my daughter after your city.
      I think Auzzies are great folks in general, and noting how I am attracted to adventurer, irreverent types and free world travelers. I like Australia and Australians because without exception you/we are all fairly outspoken and love shedding old paradigms and tapes for new. New life, new adventure, new vistas.
      People who find their way onto the web are a kind of vanguard as well. Travelers in chairs or seated on futons or park benches, living room couches, a seat in a library.
      Folks find out very quickly you can “hang” with different crowds online just like in real life and we congregate.
      My partner Tim roves through pool halls and plays pool with a preponderance of Brazilians. So we create virtual cafes, pool halls, casinos, bars, link up sites, research sites, it is all here!
      Anyhow I have fond memories of Sydney and watched Watership Down in one of your fantastic movie theaters when son was a baby, now age 36.
      Syd is the light of my world. She embodies your gorgeous city of Light! ❤ Monica

  12. Beloved Ponder’s of Light
    Mamma Mia!
    What a ride!
    The time between the gathering of the pond and today feels like a heartbeat.
    Today the energies are off the charts. I was driving today and had a moment of having no idea where I was.
    Every missive has touched me so profoundly
    The days are So speedy! and resonating so Loudly! A few days before the message about some of you meeting up in Crete, I was driving home after a conversation with one of my dearest friends I was attempting to speak my truth about our vision of holding the light and realised she wasn’t on the same page .
    I was thinking how much you are my family and how amazing it would be to meet you all in person and look into your eyes and hold you.

    Song of the Day

    If not for you.

    George Harrison

    It’s Spring in Australia


    Jasmine and blossoms permeate the air, have been swimming in my beloved ocean, the sunsets sublime, the breeze is balmy.

    Thank you Aisha
    Thank you our Constant Companions
    Thank you all for sharing your journey

    Sending you all MY LOVE

    and with God’s Grace I’ll be SEEING some of you , in Crete.

    Leaving you with some poetry

    Some Angels Grumble

    Every time a man upon the path
    Does not keep his word
    Some angels grumble
    And have to remove
    a few of the bets
    They had placed upon
    his heart to win.


    1. Thank you Bronnie for your post!

      We all have realized by now that this really is no ordinary trip 😉 It really is a unique achievement we perform where we almost lose grasp of the time, sometimes I wonder what will happen because we have to let go and just go with the light wave but still live in this 3D reality. Without this Family of Love it would have been too hard to make it.

      Thanks for your nice poem!

      Love, light & gratitude ❤


      1. Lol B!! I apparently tried to do just that last week on my trip up to the mountains! I was a little perplexed as to my clocks wierding out, my gps wierding out and my own sense of time and direction, then there were those in my 3d life wondering what was going on with me. I got where I needed to be, but there was some commotion on loved ones end as to where and when of things. Hoping to avoid that in the near future. If it weren’t for you all here I might have to check myself into a ward. 🙂

        1. I can imagine that our loved ones might have a tough time when we have let go completely and just surf on the wave. But – that said – it’s not our problem how others perceive us ;)))
          (Please remind me of this when the time comes 😉

          Love you Denise ❤


          1. I’ll try to remember myself. 🙂 Ha! All is good and as should be right. I’ll tie a string around my finger for us to remember. 😉
            ❤ happy dreaming B!

    2. What a sweet message Bronnie, I share your feelings. This group is becoming more and more family to me. I love the feeling of sharing love, light and laughter with the guidance of CC’s and our dear Aisha. If I’m becoming a loving person, you all have a share in that. I think this way we cover the earth with love and light we feel for each other, like Bev’s and B’s (am I right in ths?) spider web.

    3. * Today, I’ll go wherever I want
      * So I can get drunk in this night scent, in this atmosphere

      * So I can stand out
      * So my black silhouette will shine more under the lights

      * Today is the start of this night
      * Mamma Mia, shine the light like this

      * Start it, it’s time to be ok

      ~ KARA (Mamma Mia)



      1. Korean language, wow Kiera you know Korean too !!
        Koreans are very in your face temperament , kind of like you!!!

  13. Dear Aisha, it has been crazy! 🙂 I have been feeling the “extremes” as you say. The time factor has really been getting weird. The other day I left for my destination and it should have only taken me 30 minutes, but when I got there the clock said it had taken me an hour. No reason for it as nothing to slow me down. Earlier that day I noticed that every clock on my way out the door and in my car and my ipad were all a different time. I can’t seem to grasp the time concept anymore either no matter how hard I try. My since of direction is normally better then average, but it too has been giving me fits. I have to sit still longer to find it. Everything seems to be moving and in different directions. There is a swirling since as well. Even the gps device in my car has been wierding out. 😉 And like you I have been in the mood to just get rid of stuff. Like everything! 🙂 Thank you Aisha for all you do and for providing this space of light! I am eternally grateful!! All my love! Denise ❤

    1. Dear Denise! I just learned a new word “cramazing” and I think it describes this process quite well for it IS crazy and amazing! A while back someone said “weird is the new normal” but I have to say that since then, the weirdness has only multiplied. To me, this is all about helping us to just be in the NOW by removing all the old ideas of time and direction, so I guess we just have to keep practising floating freely in this rapidly moving river!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

      1. I said in a comment to Tijen earlier today that I would try to do something practical but after further commented here a while I gave up 😉 It feels so amazing to be filled with your love and support and that’s the most important thing now. Everything practically arrange themselves enough anyway – it usually always do 😉

        Love, light & gratitude ❤


            1. It feels so GREAT Tijen – thanks 🙂 To spend time with you all this afternoon really lifted me up. Hugs back to you all – known as well as unknown. I send you all my love & light ❤


              1. Love ALL these pictures of Beauty, B… and everyone… and they’re not “flat like 2d”. I can feel the energy of Mother AND the energy of the photographer!!!! They’re wonderful! and I haven’t even gone to the Trees yet, as “planned”. Loving you, B. xox Lin ❤ 😀

      2. Cramazing!!! New word of the ages! 🙂 Perfect! Thank you! No time, no direction…..I thought that was the old me. Honestly I think it is the people around me having trouble with that concept hence all the commotion last week around my being. LOL! Only one understood. 🙂 love you Aisha! ❤

  14. Hello everyone.
    This is my 80th favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    KEY OF LIFE : In the morning glow (Released Date : Apr.21, 1995)
    Lyrics : ttp://j-lyric.net/artist/a021584/l006e74.html

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. Dear Piper! Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for mentioning the Hilma af Klint- exhibition! My sister and I were talking about her amazing paintings just this morning, and I do hope that anyone who has the chance to experience her work in person jumps at the chance to do so. I can guarantee it will have a huge impression on you just like her work had on me, and I am still in awe of the impact these 100 year old paintings have today. You can read about my experience of this exhibition here:

      And here is one of her large paintings titled “Altar pieces no. 1”

      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

  15. Dear family of light! What a roller coaster this is in every sense of the word as the CCs are so fond of saying 😉 This is such a period of extremes, both physically, emotionally and otherwise. One moment an intense feeling of gratitude and joy brings tears to my eyes, then suddenly a rage bubbles up from nowhere. At times, I can barely keep my head up and my body feels so exhausted it is almost painful, and an hour later I am literally running up the hill behind our house and my body feels as light as a feather. I feel pushed and squeezed and pummeled and tense but at the same time limitless and expanding in every direction. My sense of time is becoming ever more confusing as well, and when I try to remember what I did yesterday or since I got out of bed this morning it feels like a lifetime ago. I am doing what I can to listen to my body while at the same time trying to ignore the whiffs of “yesteryear” that sometimes waft pass me. This is quite a balancing act, so I am so grateful to see that there are so many talented “jugglers” here at the Pond who continue to share from their never ending reservoir of love and light, compassion and wisdom, creativity and a sense of humor 🙂 What an amazing group of people we are, and what an amazing place this Pond is! No matter how intense this process is, there is always someone at hand here to dispense some calming or uplifting energies, either through their own words or by sharing an image or a song or a link that will push the buttons that helps us all to soar a little bit higher. And sometimes someone will help to push the buttons in a very different way by sharing something that ignites a heated response from someone else, but this too is all a part of helping us all to soar a little bit higher. For we are all here to BE ourselves and to shine our light in the way that only we can do, and by allowing our unique light to come through, we in turn will assist others in staying true to their light and their path. So thank you all for your honesty and your generosity, for sharing your tears and your frustrations, and for sharing your laughter, your passion, your love and your joy! I love you all – always, forever – and together we will continue to lift ourselves and this entire planet ever higher 🙂
    With love, light, and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Bixie! I saw a magic mountain in my dream last night as well! It was a very special one, surrounded by what looked like shape-shifting clouds but I just knew that what I saw was pure energy, not clouds.
        Aisha ❤

        1. Dreams of mountains …

          Once I dreamed that I was driving in a white pickup truck over the top of a mountain.
          Back on the loading area I had a human baby on a mattress, it layed there protected and beautiful soft padded 😀
          Bixie ❤

      1. Oh, thank you B! What a wonderful song to start my morning with today! I can use all the encouragement I can get right now and so can we all. Love you B!
        ❤ Denise

        1. When I read Aisha’s uplifting message that just came to mind 🙂

          We really need to support each other in this uphill and remind us that we are fine just as we are, we don´t do anything wrong – no matter what happens. It’s not so easy when “you should know /do/ be better by now” – idea pops up 😉

          Therefore I say to you my dear light sister – spit in your hands, roll up your sleeves, go ahead – together we are invincible now :))) ❤

          Love, light & power ❤ ❤ ❤


          1. Thank you B for the reminders! In some ways and on some days I do need reminding “that we are fine just as we are, and we don’t do anything wrong”. I think that might be a big one to grasp for some of us here as we all seem to be striving to and for the light. Maybe that pushing sense I have felt my whole life is coming from what we are all trying to achieve as lightworkers. Perhaps too the perfectionist in me has to do with this as well. Just yesterday I was thinking about how throughout my life I have always had the feeling of being behind even though I was not behind in fact I am usually ahead. Wondering where that comes from. Just pondering here…ha! I believe I am not awake enough to be thinking yet. 😉
            Hugs! Denise

            1. Haha Denise – afterwards I just had to laugh at my comment to you.

              Firstly, I do not know if you are using the term to “spit in your hands” in the US, secondly, it’s probably better to do the reverse – roll up your sleeves first and spit in his hands afterwards ;)))

              Anyway – I too have felt exactly the way you describe it – “throughout my life I have always had the feeling of being behind even though I was not behind in fact I am usually ahead.”. I don´t know where that came from either…

              Love ❤


            2. Dear Denise, dear B! What a GREAT way to express this: ” I have always had the feeling of being behind even though I was not behind in fact I am usually ahead.” Yes, that is so true, and now, we do not need to feel alone out here anymore as we continue to blaze a trail for others to follow 🙂 Thank you to all my fellow wayshowers!
              LOVE, Aisha ❤

              1. Aisha and B, unbelievable that there is someone besides myself with these same thoughts! Getting a chuckle and a few tears. 🙂 ❤ Yes, Aisha we no longer need to feel alone on our blazing trails. Love above and beyond to each of you and all here. ❤ Extremely grateful for ALL here at this bright pond! 🙂

          2. For the tasty morning wake up breakfast you served Aisha lovingly Thank you. Then the song and then the group hug by us all to us all.
            🙂 ❤ ❤ <3. What a day!!!

            1. You remind me of my outburst out on the patio the other morning when I sang “Oh what a beautiful morning” to our new young neighbour couple next house and wiggled my butt in my dressing gown (though we had established a good relationship before ;)))

              Love ❤


      2. I, too, was singing this last night as I was puttering around the kitchen. You, B, have posted many songs many times that have been playing in my heart. 🙂 Wonderful! And thank you for the photo of the tree in which you saw me and JJ. He took a very similar shot of a tree like that not long ago. And it reminds me of the twin trunk birch here in my front yard.

        Love to you!

        🙂 AH

        D.S. xoxoxo

        1. There are twin birches as well as twin souls 🙂 So many similarities from our lives in nature. Thank you for your appreciation ❤

          Every time I see your smiley as a comment to Aishas messages I think of you and wonder why you left the scene, so to speak. I never understood that. On the contrary there is much more I don´t understand either and sometimes I can not always follow up on what's going on, especially when I have been away for a while. It happens so much and so quickly now and just as I think with life in general – it will be as it is supposed to be. I do not have to control everything and now with the "intention-thing" – it is so much easier ;)))

          Glad to have the opportunity to talk to you my most amazing and lovely friend who taught me so much by just being the genuine woman you are ❤ ❤ ❤

          Hope all is well with you and your daughter. I'm sending all my love and gratitude to you both ❤


          PS. The invisible is shown on the rock 😉

          1. When I first came to the pond, it was all about verbal giving and receiving for me. I recently looked back at pond comments for this time last year, because I was feeling like I was experiencing the same type of energies from a different perspective. And my goodness, B. Not only did I post a miilion comments myself, but I replied to nearly everyone’s comments, including people’s “reblogs” (!!!!!) and I often replied even to myself. I was rolling on the floor laughing when I saw this. And of course, all that helped me tremendously at the time. This year, I have been much more in the mode of giving and receiving energetically. By NOT expressing myself and my experiences at the pond, I have truly SEEN and FELT how my energetic communications are actually being “heard” by others and how theirs are being “heard” by me. And it has been an incredible gift to FEEL how connected I am/we are to each other instead of just reading it. There are some other reasons for me not being visible here, too, of course, but that has been the main reason.

            I love you all!

            🙂 AH

            1. It really was a fascinating and breaking through time for me, too – in the good old days ;))) No wonder you left an emptiness after you – but you will always be in my heart forever ❤

              Love, light, joy & gratitude ❤


            2. ❤ 🙂 Glad to see you here a little more dear AH! My love to you as I think of you often being perhaps the closest in location geographically speaking. 🙂 ❤

      3. Beyond words, My Dearest B. Family. ❤ ❤ ❤ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 😀 😀 😀

        I LOve You. Always. xox L

        1. Imagine that all your neighbors also belong to this wonderful family – imagine the day when we are all ONE big family of light and love, where no one needs to feel alone and outside. That would be the wondrous day we all have longed so much to experience. May it be here soon ❤

          Love ❤


        2. I wouldn’t agree more dearest B! Good night to you dear woman, and good night or good day to all of you, wherever you are geographically or else. It’s bedtime for the tired traveler. ❤

          1. Good night my dear friend! This “traveller” is pretty tired too but will fall asleep with a big smile on my face and a heart overflowing with love.

            Good night all beautiful souls wherever you are. Walk in light & love ❤


            1. We in the east coast had a nice rain this morning, but the clouds all day after, were stupendous!!!! Right now they are like your picture B Thanks for sharing……Ahhhhhhhh! 🙂

          2. Michael,
            It’s a cloudy day here in Antalya, it even rained on me, just a little bit, while I was walking back home from the farmers’ market with lotsa good stuff. I watched the clouds in awe, thinking how special they’ve become for me because of you ❤

        3. Tijen I love the images you find. Even in the bottom of the valleys lately I feel that image of standing on the highest mountain with arms outstretched calling to me. I look forward to hugging you when we meet in Crete. Enjoy your home alone time 🙂 Love, Nancee

      4. Oh, B, I am grateful beyond words for this song/video. And Aisha, the same goes for this latest message. And all of you, the same for the ever-deepening connection I feel with you. I’ve been “away” from the blog, though not from the Pond, vacationing at a beautiful, remote lake in Maine (was there with you at the last gathering!), and also dealing with a long-awaited speeding up of my outer life that’s keeping me very busy. My husband and I have just experienced a bunch of out-of-the-blue financial/work miracles in a row. After years of living below the “poverty level,” we’re not out of it yet but can see the light at the end of the tunnel! May ALL experience abundance. Anyway, the related outer doings have meant I haven’t kept up with reading/writing here,but this song and video so perfectly expressed how i experience the giving-receiving here at the Pond, reminding me that the connection is there always. I loveyouall so much (typing so fast I made up a new compound word there, but I like it so I didn’t change it)!!!

        1. Dear sherill ❤

          Isn´t it "cramazing" (the new word that Aisha gave us – just love it 🙂 Leaving the “poverty level” as you call it. What tangible treasures you have in sight 🙂 My heart truly rejoice with you ❤ Now it really is harvest time in many different ways and we all deserve to enjoy 🙂

          Thank you for your appreciation of the video. It came to me while I was reading Aisha's wonderful message 🙂

          Love, light & gratitude ❤


        2. Have to say, i have now watched the video four times and still haven’t “seen” the second half clearly because I start sobbing half-way through and tears obscure my vision. This obviously touches something very deep in me. Thank you again, dear B.

        3. Sherill I so enjoyed your comments! Yesterday I was once again marvelling at how ‘this women, me” emerged from living most of my adult life below the poverty line to the place of being lovingly called a “world traveller!” Now I am going to Crete. No wonder we both wept to the song Birgitta posted!! How did I get to this place? I was in the right place at the right time following my passions (dancing) and had 4 years working a job that provided an income that I could save in. It took 50% of my life (though that time was spent with teens) and here I am. The voice of society says I should save my money as I near retirement age but my heart keeps leading me to GO, to live, to “risk” which of course leads to trust. I am overstepping the silent voice of guilt of what family and friends may think and learning to smile through it all… or wipe tears… whichever emotion happens to surface 🙂 Much love to you and welcome back, Nancee
          p.s. B I’d missed Aisha’s word, “cramazing” so thank you for reusing it. I love it.

          1. Dear Light Family!

            May I introduce the dancing queen and world traveler – Nancee Doan 🙂

            Love you ❤


            PS. The word cramazing is a mix of crazy and amazing 🙂

          2. Dear Nancee,

            Thank you for this lovely comment! So much resonance here at the Pond, isn’t there? Hurrah to you (and me and so many others) for leading the way in following our hearts and risking/trusting. I could tell a lot of stories about that and I bet you could too!

            I’ve always enjoyed your posts but somehow missed that you were a dancer (though now that you mention it, I realize I knew it in the back of my mind). i’ve realized since yesterday that this video has multiple layers of meaning for me, and one of them is the way it shows the deep teamwork of creating a meaningful, inspiring performance. That is one of my soul’s greatest passions, and I haven’t done nearly enough of it in this lifetime–and hardly any at all since my daughter was born 12 years ago. The video has awakened in me a burning need to do this sort of thing. I’m incredibly restless today, feeling like I just can’t get there fast enough. I’m also inspired to put out there to anyone who may be interested that I had an idea awhile back of a multi-discipline performance of some kind that would demonstrate some aspect(s) of what New Earth can be like. As a bridge person, I’m interested in ways to show unawakened/awakening people, in a fun, inspiring, entertaining way, what’s possible for us now. Just the bare idea is as far as I’ve gotten with it at this point. If anyone feels like exploring this, you can email me at sherill@fulljoy.us

            Thanks again for writing, Nancee. I’m so grateful for the way we all fertilize each other here. Have a wonderful time in Crete!

            Much love,

    1. I thank you from my forever soul Beingness for this offering Aisha. Helps a lot today.
      Sending you a soft, gentle, warm breeze today
      Love, Areeza xo

        1. I’m just kidding ,,B,,,but did you put a red magic marker, mark on that yellow flowery middle ?!!! Kind of looks like two eyes and a nose!!
          Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

          1. Hahaha – kidding??? You are absolutely right !!!! I saw there was something – but I really didn´t care – not unusual anyway 😉

            Love ❤


    2. aisha,

      your channellings have been so helpful to me, and I’ve been sharing them with friends whenever you update. thank you for being such a clear channel and for taking the time to share the messages with us ❤ so much love.

      1. Dear spiritual vibrations, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and for helping to spread these messages!
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  16. It was an eventful night.
    Outside my window was a high mountain, right in front of me, it was not a beautiful mountain in nature but a mountain as a limiting wall.
    This mountain was going to dissolve, tons of pieces broke off and fell down from above.
    I got ready to go.


    And there was the topic mother and son. I had a little son and a grown son. My mind and my higher mind.

    Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    Es war eine ereignisreiche Nacht.
    Vor meinem Fenster war ein hoher Berg, direkt vor mir, es war kein wunderschöner Berg in der Natur sondern ein Berg wie eine begrenzende Wand.
    Dieser Berg war dabei sich aufzulösen, tonnenweise brachen Stücke von oben ab und fielen herunter.
    Ich machte mich bereit zu gehen.


    Und da war noch das Thema Mutter und Sohn. Ich hatte einen kleinen Sohn und einen großen Sohn. Mein Verstand und mein höherer Verstand.

    BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

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