A short update on the energies

The days may be growing shorter on one half of your planet, but the amount of light is ever increasing. So too today, as your wonderful benefactress the Sun will continue to send out her generous gifts of loving emissaries, all sent out to touch every heart on this planet. Granted, whoever these rays of light encounter, they will be apt to react in all sorts of manners according to their genetic make up. For this is in every aspect both a collective but also an individual process, all set up to maintain the needs of every individual being involved in this huge and complex situation, and so, what will serve to fire up your neurons in such a way you will find yourself hard pressed to even sit still, may serve to put another being to bed in a very literal but also beneficial way.

For now more than ever, it behooves you all to listen to the needs being announced by your physical body, for even if this process also involves so many layers of your being not encapsulated within said physical body, this time, we urge you all to keep closely connected to that physical aspect of your being. For as we have told you again and again, without this seemingly inconspicuous and humble container of flesh and blood, you would not be able to do the important things you came here to do, so remember to honor this humble vehicle in a way that better reflects that marvel it truly is. For it is not a mere collection of interconnected cells just acting out business as usual. No, this fleshy container is actually more than a blessing in human disguise. For this amazing construction is so filled with a kind of intelligence you humans think belongs to your mind, when it is in fact the rest of your body that classifies as the truly competent one when it comes to this important part of the whole operation.

And now, it is working hard, literally 24/7 in order to keep you up to date with the current influxes of energy, and so, we will remind you once again to take good care of this wondrous vehicle that you inhabit. And so, if it asks for more rest and relaxation, please find it in you to give it that without thinking yourself lax in any way. For you do a lot of hard work simply by allowing your body to take charge and lead you onwards on this path. For it is not merely a fleshy container enabling you to literally walk you talk, it is also your trusted companion, the most constant one there is for this Earthly sojourn. So keep up your friendly conversation that you have already initiated and let it know that you are listening to what it is it has to tell you. For if you do, you will find it more than a friendly and exceedingly helpful confidante, it is also your most valuable ally here in these realms, and so, best not ignore what it is it is trying to tell you.

So take time to tune into that part of you that is the part that stands between you and the rest of humanity. For this body is your shelter in the storm, in every sense of the word, and it will do what it can in order to take you all the way to the stars and beyond. And yes, we do mean that in a very literal way too. So as the Sun continues to beam good news to all of you, remember that there is a need to take heed to the response this will engender within this physical container of yours, so keep you ear to the ground as it were the better to heed any calls for action or inaction or anything in between in these next few days. For we venture to guess it will be more than a busy period for you all, and even more so for your wondrous bodies. So take time to take good care of yourselves, it will make this part of the journey a more enjoyable one in every way.

238 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Hello everyone.
    This is my 80th favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    KEY OF LIFE : In the morning glow (Released Date : Apr.21, 1995)
    Lyrics : ttp://j-lyric.net/artist/a021584/l006e74.html

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  2. I knew your work was not over, dear Vinny, for you have just helped to fire up this planet again with your amazing ability to just be you in the way only you can be. Thank you for your willingness to shine your light in the exact time and space it is meant to be – always 🙂
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Last night, using the “Hexagram of Witchcraft” again, I asked who is a psychological attack. I was able to get an answer at last(at this time). It was not the alien nor super power. He expelled me from Subud by five years harassment(about 1985~1990). I can’t understand. He was a man who put on airs the devil. He said hate the holy. He insisted murderer had done it in good faith. I can’t understand. Was shown in a dream last night, it was he that had been forgotten. It was only one person. You should be able to protect against such attacks by using the technique of ARION.

  3. Just wondering, are others getting survey requests and more ads when using comments at Word Press now> I also note that when using Google for searches I am getting Yahoo searching now. I think Google swallowed Yahoo. Anybody else? Weigh in with comments about ads?

    My website for INEDA is built in a free place in cyberspace. Angelfire is a company. They started by giving away free email addresses like so many web based companies, then phased out the email addresses. But retain websites and domains like mine built there.

    The thing I put up with, as do all angelfire domain site holders, is they pay for our free sites by using ads they place on our web page template pages.

    For example my site has a banner ad at the top. I do not place that ad there, angelfire does.

    Ditto with an annoying side ad that opens as a little tv on the right side.

    But it is the price I pay for having a free website.
    It seems over the past week some major deals were cut with major internet players like Google and Yahoo.

    Anybody? Just noticing, not complaining. 🙂 Monica

      1. oh my,
        you are here,
        you must think it is tomorrow morning.
        it’s a bit after midnight here.
        i must go to bed.

    1. Dear otmn, thank you for sharing these amazing images! It is my dream to go up north and see this for myself one day, but hopefully we will get a small taste of it when we go to the mountains away from the city lights this weekend 😉
      Aisha ❤

    1. You know I was tired last night, making up words and just leaving them like that~I meant to say This. Anyhow, splendid everyone. It is 7 ish am here on Monday morning. September 15, 2014. I write this so folks can visualize how each of us in in our current meridian on our current Earth globe NOW.

      In the US, we had primary elections already and kids are back at school. There was a frost last night and I snapped a still photo as I got up to make coffee, pray, salute the sun, and start my week with you all.:)

      My sense is here we have a growing group. Some have known each other online for over a year now, and one couple became a couple here online through correspondence.
      And have yet to meet in person? Am I correct? But will meet in Crete?

      I think that is great. I love seeing the internet potential work out this way.

      I love the dialogues and the excitement and anticipation of this apparently first Ponder meet up if it could be called that. Is that right Aisha?

      Perhaps not completely because I recall Nancee saying something about meeting Ponders in Australia.

      So maybe Nancee is our first travelling in the body glove Ponder Ambassador.
      Aisha is our founding exemplar introducing us to the CCs and each other consistently and compassionately lovingly a brilliantly great writer with amazing humor that zings!

      Kind of like modern clans of the Cave Bear series, we gather…physically, metaphysically, mind to mind to heart to heart to heartmind, heartmind, flipping switches, running currents and alternating them, running updates and programs on computers that mediate conversations and audiovisual media through machines running on crystals…yes and we become crystalline clear ourselves in our liquid body glove…oooh it is exhilarating! Have a wonderful pre-equinox fallspring day all! ❤ Monica

      1. Right, Monica,
        she visited me and several others. And if she wants to come again, she is welcome in our family.

      2. Dearest Monica,
        I love your letters describing your surroundings. I’m one of the “curious” types who also wants to know many dear ones here on the pond. Yes we do meet monthly and we chat daily but again, I love the human touch. Real chatting, real hugs, real laughter… I love that. So I’m looking forward to the Crete meeting so much myself. And other meetings after that. I have a feeling there will be more to come. I mean who wouldn’t want to see her/his family?
        As for now, I’m feeling awkward, somehow “out of touch”, “out there somewhere but not here”. I always feel this way during transaction times. Since we have two addresses, my mom and I move twice a year, back and forth to the summer house then to the winter house. I love living alone so I go back a month earlier (at least 3 weeks this time) than my mom, so that I can live freely, without feeling like I’m in jail. When she’s home, I live in a small room, because of the layout of the apartment and because I don’t want to hear her tv. After a while it gets so depressing I start looking for a place to go. This year, luckily there is the Crete meeting so I leave home just after she arrives. When I come back, I’ll see what happens.
        So yes, I’m on the move. I look around, trying not to forget anything, packing. Today, I swam last time, I talked to the sea, the mountains, even the clouds, saying goodbye, hope to see you again next year. My poor garden, I do not take care it much these days. I know it is the end of the season and I know my mom cannot take care of it anyways. I just picked a bag full of jujubes from my tree, to take with me. I went to the farmers’ market one last time, said goodbye to my beloved farmers, got something to take with me and for my mom, had my last breakfast at a small cafe on a side street with some savory pastries a couple makes next door.
        That’s pretty much it. I’ll be on the bus all night (as I’ve mentioned before). It’s not my favorite way of traveling but due to the distance, flight prices and lack of good connections from our little town, I had to choose land travel. Well, another night,spent on the ride. I’ll be home tomorrow morning. Won’t have internet access unless my neighbor shares his password with me until my line is reconnected. I love you all, I’ll miss you all. Hope you’ll have wonderful days this week, and miracles happen. (Pls. share if you’ll have some miracles, I’d love to hear). Much love to all of you.
        (I’m adding a photo from the Alhambra Palace/Granada. The palace had some peaceful courtyards. This is one of them)

    1. WELLLLLLL DONE, VINNY!!!!! Thank you! with Heart applause and with lots of Smiles&Hugz&Love attached ❤

      And to YOU, Dear B… YOU are always in my Heart, and always have my Love. I so wish I had thought to visit you in your beautiful Sweden, but maybe even if I had, perhaps the cost would've been just too much… but that doesn't mean that it won't happen, just not this time. Loving you every single day, my Dear Friend ❤

      And Dear Michilyn, I think I understand your post, but maybe not. We in the U.S. have had a rough run in recent years also. I just don't talk about it much. This is not being defensive, only hoping understanding will enter the pix. Your kind and Inspired and Loving Heart are such a part of this Pond. You / We are all working hard / diligently for Mother's restoration / Ascension and our own in one way or another. In terms of money cost, I really haven't the reason to be going to Crete, resort for the rich and famous. Yet here I am, and still feeling like HS is Guiding me there. AND still in a daze. If my darling hubby weren't so very caring towards me, this trip would be impossible. If Dears Philip and Aisha&Lisbeth were holding this Gathering (for All—there in person or not) in Antarctica, I'd still be signed up, just with heavier clothing. 🙂 Like I told Aisha, maybe I'm called to be there simply to be supportive (in the background), and if so, that's truly fine for this one. I Am happy to say I finally learned in Life (via a so-silly 7-year lawsuit+), like Vinny said above, to drop all plans and listen to my Intuition. Time will tell if I heard correctly. Re a silly phrase: on my deathbed, I KNOW I won't have ANY regrets. Re Dears Anna Helen and JJ, they, too, are on their chosen paths. I don't know what agreements they made pre-incarnation… they failed to seek my goofy, romantic counsel at that time, so I choose to be completely supportive with my Love and anything else that I can provide if they should ask. And, you, Dear One, if you need my support along with other Ponders down the road, count on that, too.

      With Love to you All from a goofy, "girl" woman with a smile as big as Wyoming right now, xox Lin 😀 😀 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤ +++++++++++++

      1. p.s. I forgot Murray! I forgot Murray! With big thanx to you for all you’re doing, too (I’m saving your book [Time Sphere: A Timepathway], to read on the plane) I look forward to meeting you. xox Lin ❤ 🙂

        (I hope to hear more about the free-energy invention out that way)

      2. Dear Lin! No need to excuse yourself? Ancient Greece is a good place to begin with and, of course, you long for meeting real and heartfelt people, like yourself.
        I, myself, will PONDer where to go or what to do that day. Still time…
        But you made me smile as big as Michigan 😀 😀 😀
        Love to you, dear sister ❤

        1. 🙂 I’ve been to Michigan once—truly beautiful country, lucky you! Wherever you go or whatever you choose to do that day, know you will be with us at the seminar, Leothilda. There are no separations now, Dear One. I’ll be one of the ones looking forward to see just what the energies actually do in that room! 😀 ❤

          1. No, never been to Michigan or the States for that matter, though I will some day (my son´s half american), but the name is similar with Michilyn. That´s why the joke. 😉
            Yes, we will definitely be together all of us that day, in body, mind and soul. Still, first I need more time to acquaint myself with the group. That feels more right for me. With the CC´s and All of Creation as supporters it will be just perfect for everyone, being there or not. 🙂
            Love to you, dear sweet compassionate Lin ❤

            1. oops. I didn’t get the joke. Re Michigan Michilyn, his Heart, his Integrity, his Soul, his JOY are as big as that U.S. state and bigger. He Shines. Along with his Bica pup and each in his group, his troupe. He’s the Lamplighter for little kids (and grown ones, too).

              Thank you, Dear Leothilda, for the opportunity to state it.

    1. MY favourite:


      “Good Bye, Hard Life
      Don’t Cry Would you let it ride?

      You can’t see the mornin’, but I can see the light
      (Try, try, try to let it ride)”




  4. For the alchemists here an interesting community: http://blueemeraldalchemy.com/sunspace.html
    or as Eliphas Levi the old son of a shoemaker put it: “Judge not; speak hardly at all; love and act.”-
    Which brings me to the real and fake twin partner issues.
    “The idea of twins, soul twins, twin flames and the like is a fabrication of human minds that perpetuates (this) illusory seeking.”
    Be that as it may, Like JJ and Aisha I have shared a human womb
    for some month in an aquatic acrobatic accomodation.
    I therefore know that there is no separation, we are one, except zero, of course. I do also see it as a fault to put ever more energy on
    distant illusionary web friendship, that only lead to disapointment.
    Otmn has wayshowed here the right direction, without following the signs, himself. To AHF I can only say I will never forget how you portrait JJ in his kitchen cleaning in woman clothing, and I didn´t liked it then and I did not like your comment on the difficult situation he is in today after leaving his family for you. Sounds you are heading for an illusionary skype divorce.
    Some shit is different here in the United States of Europe, excluding Norway and Switzerland and you haven´t been to Greece yet after the Crisis. I don´t like either that the esoteric specialists always end up with trips to magic mediterreanean islands, stuffed with olives and red vine.
    Meditating and opening some more fancy portals on long forseen calendar dates, while the thin layer of hates vibrates at the same speed than yesterday at the end of national states and the return of the empires.

    Don´t grokk this? No? 42 is not the answer, it was 43.

    Why so long a speech, because on my mobile the replies to replies are just a line of letters, a matrix field of nonformation. Unreadable crap.

    for Jay Jay, Aisha

    Aren´t we still to become someone else entirely, dividing the human part from our heroic Pandora self? Don´t you think this brings up some problems? Sound of another domino falling.

    1. “The idea of twins, soul twins, twin flames and the like is a fabrication of human minds that perpetuates (this) illusory seeking.”

      in our case, we have discovered parallels and coincidences in our lives that predate our meeting in the flesh for 30 years. I had not talked to her for some months, and yet i found that she had put a scratch in her car the same time i did. I did it on my tree. she did it on the side of her own building.
      besides we were not seeking each other when we met. she is free to do as she pleases, as i am. I ask nothing from her, she just gives it freely, as i give to her. so if it is a fabrication, i have no doubt that neither of us is the fabricator.
      actually, i prefer not to define it.

    2. BTO, baby….

      Making fun of your “stuttering” brother….can only be a GOOD THING! Haaa



      “Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet is unique in more than one way. First, it ranks as the first song with stuttering vocals to reach the number one slot on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching that plateau in early November 1974.

      However, few realize the interesting story behind the song.

      The Canadian group was led by Randy Bachman, and featured his brothers Robbie and Tim, as well as Fred Turner. The band’s first manager was another Bachman brother, Gary.

      The song was never intended to be released with stuttering vocals. Randy sang the stuttering vocals to poke fun at his brother Gary, who had recently stepped down as the band’s manager.
      It was done with the intention that it would be given to Gary and no one else.

      Randy Bachman once said of the situation, “He stuttered. We thought, just for fun…. We’d take this song and I’d stutter and we’d send it to him. He’ll have the only copy in the world of this song by BTO.”

      However, their record company, Mercury Records, felt that their soon-to-be released album Not Fragile lacked a potential hit song and asked if the band had any leftover songs. Randy told the record executives, “We have this one song, but it’s a joke. I’m laughing at the end. I sang it on the first take. It’s sharp, it’s flat, I’m stuttering to do this thing for my brother.” He agreed to include the song on the album only if he could re-record the vocals.

      The record company hated the second version with the non-stuttering vocals and insisted that the stuttering version be released, much to the chagrin of Randy. It became the band’s only chart-topper. ”



      1. wow. The way of Spirit are indeed mysterious to 3d minds. Thank you, Dear Kiera. Just never can tell when one is moved to just create from the Heart. xox Lin ❤ 😀

        1. More stupid random information — my parents met BTO at a party in the early 70’s, as they were all in the music business at that time.

          Randy Bachman, when asked what he thought of my mother’s songs — said that he was not impressed with her music because it,

          “Had no depth.”

          I agreed COMPLETELY with Randy.
          Of course this enraged my low frequency father….he had the same amount of “depth” as my mother did (compatible frequencies), and I could never tolerate my mother’s Pop-corn songs.

          Yet at the very same time, I’d go orgasmic over BTO’s music.

          (My brother, shortly before his death, called our mother’s music “Pop-corn”.)

          And when you listen to BTO’s stories of where their music came from, they basically “channeled” it directly from their higher selves…it would simply come to them, out of the blue, unexpectedly, when they left themselves completely OPEN.

    3. And for the alchemists:


      The Philosopher’s Stone + 42: The answer to life, the universe and everything =

      On page 42 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry discovers he’s a wizard.




  5. **** I’m booked for CRETE!!! Thank you Lin for sharing about your plans which motivated me to look again at going. After I selected my planned flight some how the cost dropped $150. No complaints here on that… I just kept saying thank you thank you as I quickly booked it. I will be arriving after 25.5 hrs on Sat morning at 6 a.m. and leaving on Wed morning on Lin’s flight. (Managed to catch her 2nd flight too… I’d asked her for her itinerary). I’m still at the Coast and will return to Kelowna then come back one month. I haven’t even told my daughter and son yet 🙂 Now to catch up on the blog. Breeze I hope you can find a flight and join us. I never consciously dreamt that I’d travel again so soon. Finally Phillip I’ll find out in person what SOL is. Love to you all, Nancee

    1. yipppppppeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaay!! 😀 ❤ xox

      (watch out Adele and Tijen… I owe you both emails, have still been tying up loose ends re travel needs. Donkey-laughs and bear-hugs all around!! FUN&Loving serious Spiritual work lies ahead with all the group. No pressure, Breezie, and honestly, everyone, I didn't pressure Nanc either—but I'm beyond delighted… as I was when I "met" Adele & Tijen!! curiouser and curiouser… )

      A note for Johannes and JJ re Sacral Chakra… I don't know if what you spoke of applies to me/female, but I had constant chiropractic sacral problems all my life up until about one year ago—problem vanished. The info you both shared is important and appreciated—Thank you again. xox

      1. This is so awesome to see these friendships blossoming! How great to use the internet this way. I too just looked into getting my passport updated and Tim his for the first time. Our itinerary is closer to here though, Montreal and Canada to start with, ground travel instead of flight at this point in time. we have friends with a business there and they need some help with moving and things. I love Canada and have missed going there. It is only about 3 or so hours from Vermont where I have a node so to speak~
        Anyhow I see the emergence of a travel agency and cooperative amongst us and this to me is absolutely marvelous! Yea travelers and pillars and Light Houses, each of us has our thing or set of them to do and keep beaming along the pathways…love you ALL ponders, Monica

        1. I currently live in Memphis, TN, and he lives in Holland. Yes, we have met in person twice. He came to visit me in October of last year. In December of last year, I went to Holland (my daughter and I were going to move there). While that did not work out the way we expected, it did aid both of our expansions greatly and we have continued growing closer and stronger in our relationship ever since. No skype divorce on the horizon at all, no matter how it may appear by the glimpses of “us” seen here at the pond. 😉

          I have decided for personal reasons not to PLAN on going to Crete at this time. Should it still happen, wonderful! I am “picturing” myself there, as are others who have a desire to go. Should it not happen, still wonderful! My heart and spirit will be there, and my body here grounding the energy. I will leave it up to JJ to say whatever he is doing regarding the trip.

          Love to you Monica. I always enjoy everything you share.

          🙂 AH

    2. Nancee,
      I’m thrilled!
      But are you coming for 4 days? All the way? You ladies are amazing but I wish you could stay a bit longer. It’s one of the best seasons to be at a beautiful island and you’re spending lotsa money on your flight and spend hours and hours on the flight…
      I’m looking forward seeing you all who have booked their flights and are still thinking on it. I’m definitely in, though I haven’t booked anything yet. I will though, very soon 🙂 (Lin my dear, don’t worry for the e-mail. I’m on the move these days and perhaps I won’t even have internet access for few days so I don’t mind waiting for your reply -It’s always fun reading your e-mails)

      1. I know Tijen on the 4 days… I focused on matching up Lin’s return flight so that I wouldn’t react to spending so much on just four days (after arrival). I know that in some ways this is crazy. I spent 3 months in my last two big travels. Perhaps I am not able to absorb more than 4 days 🙂 (I will spend close to 50 hrs alone in travel and airport time.) For me right now it is about meeting in person precious souls I’ve come to love and being a part of SOL etc. Trying to plan anything more than I felt like taking on. I also return to the possibilities of snowy winter roads through the mountains when I return home from this trip. I’m looking forward to meeting you! ~Nancee

        1. Dear Nancee
          say HELLO to all from me…
          I’ll be glad to be there too but sometime it is just not possible.
          You all – have a good time together.

        2. I think you’ll be there Maria. I mean I know I’ll be seeing you and giving you a hug. The rest, doesn’t matter much. 3D is 3D you know 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. and TO LYS (lysarbejder, I always have trouble remembering your selected full name—I think you said it means “Light Warrior or Worker”?)

      Nanc, Breezie and me have been using your recommended travel site:
      http://www.momondo.com. So, A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU. With Smiles&Hugs, and Light&Love&JOY… xox Lin ❤

      (wish you were joining us in Crete) 🙂

      1. Lin, I would LOVE to meet up with you all in Crete! I even checked that website numerous times for travel to there (including a flight home via Copenhagen to visit my son!). It’s the expense right now which seems prohibitive, but I know that’s an ‘upstream’ thought because the Universe is abundant & limitless.
        I’m visualizing ‘just showing up’ 🙂
        xox ~ Dorrit

        1. ❤ If it's ok with you, I'm going to visualize you "just showing up" also. As I understand it, there are plenty of beds in our rsvp's, and plenty of arms waiting to hug you tight! Don't worry about anything else, we'll make it all work. Loving you, Dorrit, in person and also in Oregon. Every time I take my daily cell salts now I think of you. ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

            1. (if you’re serious, Lys, down the road a bit, then you should notify Ingrid (and of course Philip here at blog) who is responsible for booking Philip’s SOL / IS seminar on Sunday, Oct. 19th at: Booking:
Please contact us for more information and booking:
 by email: ingrid.orizon@gmail.com
… I think that’s the only thing that you’d need to do in advance. 😀 ❤

    4. Dear Nancee! I am so overwhelmed by this, and I cannot wait until we all have that group hug in Crete 🙂 WOW – this is becoming more and more “unreal” in the best possible way as it all begins to come true 🙂 You are a “seasoned traveller” already, but for you and Lin to literally cross the globe in order to be a part of this is such a powerful confirmation to me that what we are doing is having a huge impact, one that will affect more than everyone gathered here at the Pond. And for every one coming to Crete, there must be hundreds anchoring these same energies in their area as well, for this is truly a “world wide event” 🙂 I am so looking forward to see it all unfold, to experience SOL, and to see so many of you in person!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤ ❤

  6. I meet a lot of sad people today. I am one of them.
    Will I ever learn…? To Trust…? So many pieces in me still not healed, pieces of myself are missing, are lost. They are scared. Lacking confidence, lacking trust. So who do I disappoint: myself, and my other Half. I’m so sorry. Don’t put your trust in me, my love. You’ll be disappointed. Haven’t I already proven that? I’m no better than the rest it seems. My intentions are good… That is the one thing I do know.
    Forever yours (sorry),

    1. I absolutely refuse to comfort you and to buy in to your “woe is me” attitude. I have had ENOUGH of that, do you understand me? You MUST learn how to comfort yourself instead of constantly reaching out to others to make you feel better.

      And to the pond at large: You may think me harsh. I do not give a damn. If any one of you chimes in here to send love and light to JJ in his time of “need” after this comment has posted, then you will feel the wrath of the Divine Feminine herself. So please do this man (who IS my own soul in another body, so I have EVERY right to say these things) a LOVING FAVOR and let him comfort himself for once.

      And this, folks, is the true power of the “AH effect.” Bitch on wheels when she feels it’s necessary.

        1. No problem, my friend. I do realize that it is really not my place to tell anyone else if they should/should not offer comfort to another. However, this is an extremely unique situation I find myself in. There are several of us here who have incarnated Twin Souls. In my and JJ’s case, though, it is no accident that we met here at the pond and are BOTH “members” (for lack of a better word). It has given me extensive and valuable insight into my Twin’s “process” by having intense one on one interactions with him privately every single day for the last year AND to observe what he chooses to share here, what things jump out at him from everyone’s comments and how he replies to others’ comments. In this particular instance, knowing and loving him so much as I do, I truly felt that “help” from the pond would not actually be helping. So I quite forcefully suggested that. This – issue – he is referring to is something we have discussed in many ways, both gently and loudly, in private, and from my perpective, it just doesn’t seem to be sinking in with him (he is constantly blocking his own self-love by putting himself down). So today, when he brought it to the public arena again, I felt, “Ok, maybe if I meet you THERE with this, it might reach you in a different way.”

          And JJ, my love, forgive me for speaking about you as if you are not here. I mean no disrespect. You know me well enough to know that this is something I would have no problem saying to you directly. And I once again thank you for all of MY issues that you have helped me see and examine.

          Love to all.


      1. DEAR LORI
        I think you have found yourself!
        You are an INDIVIDUAL and what affirm one!
        You have my admiration!

    2. dear JJ ♥︎
      Please be easy & sleep, sleep, sleep until you don’t wanna be sleeping anymore. You are not alone in this. I am not stable being in high frequency 365 days. There are some days I completely stop I allow myself to stop then after loooooong sleep every time I remember it was not my job to think.
      I trust I believe so I can see. In my case. To put long my angelish in short,
      I love you JJ that is I wanted to say ♥︎
      Please be easy & love yourself.

      1. & it is only my truth & I experienced big time so I know.

        We are all really really connected. Surround you wothin you there are bunch of beings ready to obviously love & want for you to start receiving all your happiness endlessly.

        loving yourself ( = us = matters) is the right frequency that you can start receiving more love miracles from everywhere forever.

        I hope I used ok angelish.
        It is my truth.

            1. ♥︎……….♥︎…………♥︎………..♥︎……….▲……….♥︎………..♥︎………..♥︎……….♥︎

          1. Hello dear tijen, good evening ❤︎

            It is 20:38 here ❤︎
            how is your fantastic day so far ?
            I played well today with all other kids outside❤︎

            I feel so fortunate & wonderful being with you, with aisha & with everyone so fantastic here.

          2. Dear Tomo,
            Sun is still shining, birds chirping, a soft wind brings air from the mountains and the sea, is a bit active but not so much. It was so beautiful today, I couldn’t get out of the water. Perhaps it’s because this is my last day here. I’m packing, trying to get ready for a long trip tonite. Not to my liking but I had to do it this way. Well, tomorrow is a new day, isn’t it? ❤

    3. Impolitely sticking my nose in… The time for self-flagellation in private and public is over, Dear JJ. Perhaps you keep going back to it because it “feels familiar”… New behaviors, new ways of thinking and BEing will always feel horribly uncomfortable and awkward and silly and even at times, humiliating, BUT ONLY AT FIRST. So what. We’ve all been there. Heck, I’m STILL there at times. Beating a dead horse will get you no where. Step up, choose better for yourself out of self-Love. Team Dark will absolutely loathe you for cutting off their regular supply of self-negativity. If they’re still around, they’ve been getting FAT off your daily practices. Make them go elsewhere. Remove their (and your) hook in your mouth. You deserve better.

      YOU indeed are Loved and Treasured here… but you gotta do the stepping up… that’s the hardest part, but only at first. Besides, look who is your teammate, your tf… look at her power, her strength. That’s YOU, you’re a single entity! YOU have that in you. Take charge so that you can join in the playtime or maybe even go fishing for golden trout with hooks that don’t harm. Loving you, xox Lin ❤

      1. Love is all there is. Thank you Ron.
        “The most loving, giving and compassionate people you will experience in your Earth plane existence are the ones that have ‘been there, done that’. They have walked through fire, bear deep scars and know the pain of loss, abuse and betrayal intimately……yet they are still willing to extend their hand and offer assistance regardless of the circumstance. Why? They know the dark side and what it does, but they also know that a flame is still flickering deep within and, once it has been fanned, can continue to grow.

        For those of you experiencing despair; the help you have prayed for is coming! When it arrives, it will be tempting to turn it aside just as you have always done. Instead, know that I heard your cry and sent this seemingly unassuming soul to aid you in your movement back into the Light. You are not alone…..you are never alone! ~ Creator

    4. Today i stumbled across a whole bunch oft issues i have. It all relates to selfelove and sacral chakra. I think it has to do with old dominant male energies being transformed. Wie as male are confronted with a shit load of gilt. But AS Anna says, the only one how can help you an long term is you selfe. I use to have a walk in the nature when i feel not loveable. I try to feel exactly what it is what is disturbing me in my own picture and when i feel it, i dive into it and allow it to be, to be loved by me and i ask Saint Germain to help me to See and love and eventually let go. Dont run away from you and your resposebility, in the beginning it feels so Bad, but its the only way though the Tunnel, just one way so hard but still so easy.

      1. Old dominant male energies: sounds right to me. Thanks for this. I’m working my way though it, somehow. I’ve also been shown a lot of stuff about World War 1. Men being sent onto the battlefield to be slaughtered. 20000 men in one day. Execution for deserters, many, many executions. Old monarchies fighting each other. Germany being punished after the war ended, setting the stage for revenge: WWII. Old countries being split up. New countries such as Irak, Syria, Libanon etc being formed. Blah. So much…… WWI: death toll 10000000!

        1. Dear JayJay, place a beautiful red rose between yourself and these scenes. Hear this softly: They are “Shakespeare’s theatre,” no more.
          Much love to you ❤️❤️

              1. AH just reminded me that I was the one who found it and shared it at the Pond. 🙂 Interesting. 🙂 Thank you again, Johannes, for bringing it to my attention.
                So this channeling is all about the male energy that needs to be rebalanced.
                I, myself, have lost the ability to create. I am limited, in that I can only fix things, instead of creating anything. I can copy/mimic what others have created, but I Am lacking the capabilty to take creative action myself. This is due to the oppressed/distorted male energies within me. This is also true on a collective scale.
                We are getting there/I am getting there, but not quite.
                Jeshua says that healing the Inner Child is key here. Thank you, AH, for helping me with that. I had started it, but I need to do it much much more.


                1. You are very welcome! For me its about my emotions and my ego, my boundaries. I am starting to love those things more and more, its all about selfelove for me. Loving my male energies. Balancing ego and spirit.

  7. Thank you beautiful Tijen, Kiera, Michael, Breeze, Aisha and sister, ALL the Ponders, Alex, Vinny, Philip, Katja, Aimee, B,Caroline, bloggers reposting, tomo, those who comment and those who tune in, I found this video fantastic. I often stop to listen to musicians in public places with resonance like a train or subway station, a channel under a roadway leading to a beach, natural cavernous spaces. So lovely.

    I awoke today feeling refreshed and went downstairs to make coffee. Slowly. Feeling the long work out from two days ago, but happy. Tim snuggled in on the bed still, this is our little rhythm, I get up, nature calling, and move along in a small ritual I find soothing, the bathroom stop, making coffee, looking out the window, thinking inwardly, communing with you all as I saluted the sun silently, taking in the beauty of the surroundings we chose.

    My laptop and iphone are plugged in in my room across the hall from Tim’s room where we sleep together now on air, feeling so firm and high off a simple greay painted floor. The tree house room. It feels like a tree house. That is my/our observatory where I can continue to take photos.

    I thought of the amazing ceremonies Aisha posted in China of their youth.
    And this privilege of weaving light and love and expansions of awareness to one another here. Listening to our bodies and nature.

    So, I am off. Even if you look at the frame frozen on my last video you/I can see the orb. It sits in the sky just above and between the words pin and point. The words are white, the orb looks like a partially sucked hot ball, a candy, only if it was black licorice. Almost like a tiny moon when it is new with little light reflected on it like the sun. Please see if you can see it too. Love you all, Monica

    1. Good morning to you too my dear Monica!
      Sorry I’m not too chatty these days. I’m getting ready to move back to the winter house. I’m away for 5 months so I’m excited (but also sad that I’m leaving the sun and sea here. It’s the best time of summer, most people are gone already, the sun is not that strong, it kisses you slowly, the sea, so calm and caring… My jujube tree is giving it’s tastiest fruits this year. I pick 5-6 of them every day and eat. I’m packing. Tomorrow evening I’m going to the terminal for an 11 hour bus trip but I’ll be home then.

        1. ❤ Your Big Heart Energy itself does a lot of talking, B. Always here, always felt. You B the Rock!!! Our Rock. Loving you. xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤ with permanent hugzzzzz

          1. Thanks dear Lin 🙂 I really enjoy yours and everyones joy in going to Crete and the sacred event there although I don´t always answer your posts ❤ I follow you all the time in my heart, but I prefer to be a little quiet now and let things unfold as planned. A lot is happening around me now, and currently I am the observer who prefers to wait and see. As you know, I am not that very talkative kind of person 😉

            Much love to all of you – including AH & JJ ❤


      1. Oh I know Tijen, these brilliant days near the ocean when the tourists have gone home and the kids are in school. I hear you, blessing you on your way, we will understand each others’ rhythms.<3 Monica
        I just made this for you~ 🙂 Monica

      2. Dear Lin, B, Monica,
        Thanks my dear women. Your presence in my life… Of course along with othe amazing people on this loving circle. I’m blessed! 🙂

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