A message from Mother

And so here we are, and once again I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak to you all through this channel. And once again I say be well dear ones, and be happy, for you have accomplished something that no one could have hoped would happen so quickly in this time and age, for as you stepped forth to lift the mantle of darkness from my shoulders, you simultaneously set us free from the anchors that have held us all tethered to the old. And now, we can all sail freely into the blessed waters of tomorrow. For now, we will no longer have to step away from the greatness that we all have carried hidden away for such a long time, and as we together swim out into the wide open waters of love, hope and joy, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for giving your lives to this act of liberation.

For you have cast off your old roles as preservers of this secret, and now you have taken upon you the role of the seeders and the seers, the winged ones that will criss cross this entire planet and show your brilliant colours to anyone that chooses to lift their eyes and behold the splendor that you so rightfully carry with you for all to see. And as you shine, so too will I, for I need no longer hold my true colors hidden either. And together, we will turn the light up in every heart that chooses to open itself to this splendor that we represent, the same splendor that is also their rightful heritage to claim, if they so wish. So again I say with all that I am thank you for setting me free, thank you for setting yourself free, for we are ONE in every way you can think of, and just as you are in me I am in you, and now we have become one in a way that can never be separated again. For now the light will shine with a new vigour, and the signal of liberation has been sent out far and wide, flying like thin gossamer wings, but these wings are strong enough to carry all of mankind to the same lofty heights of wonder and bliss that you are all heading for.

And so, the wings of change will continue to lift you ever higher, and so too me, as we all continue our spiraling motion of love ever upwards, ever onwards, lifting every single soul on this planet along with us by giving every single one of them the possibility to fly just as high as you will be doing from this day forward. For there is no need to keep oneself anchored to the ground any more, and the more the hearts open, the faster these winds will left them all up, up and away from anything that serves them no more. And so, what was began a long time ago can now finally start to approach its conclusion as this saga continue to unfold at an ever increasing rate. For like the wondrous blossom of the lotus gains its power from the deep roots it sends far down into the mulch, so too have you gained your strength from tapping into the deep reservoir of love and light that has been lying and waiting for you under your very feet. And now, no matter how high you do fly, remember that this connection will never be broken, for the very ground that you step upon will soar under your feet, lifting you even higher as you unfold your wings and embrace these winds with all that you are.

So again I thank you all for doing what you do, and for being what you are, shimmering lights, brilliantly hued, making up the entire rainbow, a reflection of the purity of the light that you not only receive, but also continue to send out in a never ending stream of blissful tendrils that will continue to caress this Earth and touch the hearts of everyone they connect with. So I leave you all with my loving caress and with my thankfulness that is on such a scale, it will never run dry, nor will the endless river of light that flows between us do. So lift your eyes to the sky, and send your hearts soaring up and above the horizon, and know that together, we will all fly as high as the highest mountains, and when we reach the top, we will continue to lift above and beyond that blue line on the horizon. For nothing can stop us now, dear ones, we are forever one, we are forever free.



I just had to repost this image that Katja shared earlier, for I think it goes perfectly with today’s message. Thank you, dear Katja, for finding it!

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  1. My dear family of love,
    I’m eternally grateful to you.
    Every day you send me your love in different ways.
    This morning, when I was swimming, a white seagul flied over me, joyfully.
    I knew it was you.
    I smiled in awe.
    Today -as a good morning gift- (although it’s much later than morning for many of you) I’m adding a photo I took in Beirut/Lebanon. I loved the street art there. That probably was the only way to clear the remnants of war. The city still carries the heaviness of war but youth find a good way to forget. They color the walls.This was one of the doodles I saw during my stay there. I’m wishing you peace in all means:

      1. You mean lost lost? That city (and most cities in the region) has a lot of sorrow, yet they’re trying to forget war. Beirut is a huge construction site. They’re rebuilding the city.

        1. That’s good to hear!!! Out of the ashes the Phoenix will raise again.
          That’s a nice image in my mind.
          Peace and calm moments sent to you dear one!
          Michael L.

        2. Thank you dear Michael, same to you.
          Yes, the city is being rebuilt but I don’t know if it’s better now or not. They’re demolishing all the places that makes Beirut Beirut. They’re building luxurious residencial buildings for ex. and they have gates and guards that seperates the people who live there from the others. But still, there are nice neighborhoods. I especially liked the artistic quarter, Gemmayzeh, which keeps it’s charms.

  2. Hello everyone.
    This is my 79th favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    GAMU : Love is ephemeral (Released Date : Sep.25, 1980)
    Lyrics : ttp://j-lyric.net/artist/a0020ef/l00093e.html

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. I love the picture of Gaiaportal.
      After the ARION prophecy was fulfilled triple(forum FARION⇒ in Japan ⇒ All over the world), I made one file from gratitude in 2003.
      Picture of the background’s very similar to the picture of Gaiaportal. I think it is because they know almost everything, it’s a representation that sympathetic to my expression.
      Picture of the background is drew by Mr. Kusaba Kazuhisa.

    1. There are currently two Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) heading toward our planet and their combined arrival is expected to spark severe geomagnetic storms.


      According to study published in the New Scientist back in 1998, there is a direct connection between the Sun’s solar storms and human biological effects.

      The conduit which facilitates the charged particles from the Sun to human disturbance — is the very same conduit which steers Earth’s weather —– the magnetic field. Animals and humans have a magnetic field which surrounds them — in the very same way the magnetic field surrounds the Earth as a protector.

      Electromagnetic activity from the sun affects our electronic devices and human electromagnetic field. We are physically, mentally, and emotionally altered by electromagnetic charges from the sun, our body can feel sleepy but also become highly energized.

      Psychological effects of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) are typically short lived and include headache, palpitations, mood swings, and feeling generally unwell. Chaotic or confused thinking, and erratic behaviors also increase. Solar storms can drive our emotions and maximize it to both good and bad side – the point here is to be aware of it.

      Pineal gland in our brain is also affected by the electromagnetic activity which causes the gland to produce excess melatonin, a hormone which can cause sleepiness but it’s also known that some people have opposite side effects, usually those that are aware of the effects.”

      i have been feeling unplugged from most everything, perhaps this storm is the cause. i read everything in the comments.
      Bev, i went out looking for earwigs to give a close examination. if they have wings i didn’t know. never seen a wing on them.
      of course when i want one, they are nowhere to be found.
      no worries

      1. Thank you Otmn for your sharing that explains my unconnection, headachy and emptiness. Yesterday morning I felt like a “mighty queen” ready for whatever awaits me and then in the afternoon spinning around and wonder where I really am and where to go. The lurking headache has persisted since September 11 when Mother’s message was on its way. What a comeback it was for liberation and love at this very special date :)))

        Lov…..sorry… smooch 😉 ❤


  3. ha ha ha 😄 it doesn’t matter what your name is !! or what you think !!
    This ‘ll echo in my mind all day I know it ✨off to work thank you dear kiera you have good day too & it doesn’t matter what …..❤︎

    1. dear monica❤︎ beautiful art !! I think it is wonderful you are taking actions for your excitements & dreams. I imagine that us postal service contact & see your art soon ❤︎

  4. Dear Tomo, dear Areeza,

    vou are so lovely ❤

    Thank you very much for your loving responses ❤

    Bixie ❤ full of joy and love and light and good feelings 😀

  5. Just before the sky again was full of golden (!) rain clouds ☁

    Matter is divine.
    Matter (mater = mother) is crystallized light

    I don’t know what exactly does it mean, but I find this thought so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you.

    ☁☂☀ ☁☂☀ ☁☂☀ ☁☂☀

    Gerrade eben war der Himmel wieder voll mit goldenen (!) Regenwolken ☁

    Materie ist göttlich.
    Materie (Mater=Mutter) ist kristallisiertes Licht.

    Was es genau bedeutet weiß Ich noch nicht, aber Ich finde diesen Gedanken so schön dass Ich ihn mit Euch teilen wollte.

    Diamond Greetings
    BIXIE ◇

    1. Oh – I forgot to write:
      In the higher levels the entire matter is surrounded by a golden light (Ramtha).


      Oh – Ich vergaß zu schreiben:
      In den höheren Ebenen ist die gesamte Materie von einem goldenen Leuchten umgeben (Ramtha).

      BIXIE ◇

      1. Thank you dear Bixie ❤︎ I saw true beauties in golden shimmering rays and state of being I am, we are, mother is matters so choose good feelings so we always can fly to infinite ❤︎

    2. If I could spend eternity in the company of your dear, sweet, ‘ever soothing to my soul’ energy Bixie, I would want for nothing ever again. ❤ ❤ ❤ soothed aaaahhhhhh smiles from me 🙂

  6. I have been developping an EA of MT4. Day is job. Night was debuggin the EA. Most time using. I couldn’t have read the recent posts. Interest has been attracted to the Telepathy shapes of Arcturus.
    “Each of you is very good, even excellent, in giving to others what they need but it is now the time to daily do good to yourselves.”
    “The days of sacrificing your own development to help others are no longer necessary, as all souls now know where they are going and what is expected of them. The time has arrived when each soul must apply itself to its life plan, doing its best to achieve its goal. ”
    So I decided to stop for concentrate it from pouring time. But, I can give you free EX4 file If you are satisfied with the test version to people who had a great sense of expectation in very, please email me. The need for money is also gone so come gradually.
    ‘Hexagram of Witchcraft’ is now ver3. This must be stronger than ‘Circle of Witchcraft’.

    1. Yes, dear Oriharu,

      since yesterday I have in my mind:
      „For they know not what they do“ is no longer true.
      Everyone is called now to take responsibility for his actions.
      Seit gestern habe Ich in meinen Gedanken:
      „Denn sie wissen nicht was sie tun“ gilt ab jetzt nicht mehr.
      Jeder ist jetzt aufgerufen Verantwortung für sein Tun zu übernehmen.

      Diamond Greetings
      BIXIE ◇

  7. Beloved family of light! I have just seen something that made me sob from joy, for it affected me so deeply (thank you, Caroline!). These images trigger something so profound in me because when I look at this video, I see what I have seen in my visions again and again. For this is US, this is the Pond, this is what we do by coming together and by activating that amazing grid of light that connects us. Through it, we create magic not just here at the Pond, for our collective light ripples out and ignites the great torus of Creation. Elliez, you described seeing something very similar during last Sunday’s Gathering, but I think we will not be the only ones feeling the effect from this video all the way into the very center of our being.

    With eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. There is everything in:
        the grid, the Flower of Life, an event horizon, a wormhole, the spirals of galaxies, X, diamonds, waterfalls, seeds and humans …. ❤
        It's so beautiful ❤
        Bixie ❤

        1. Yes, yes, yes! 😀 I have seen it once more and I am crying again, it is such a powerful display of so many familar images that activate me on SO many levels.
          Aisha ❤

    1. Tears, that feed the pond of life. I am blessed, and on my birthday to boot.

      And now my loves I will do something I never thought possible, for when I came here I took a vow, a very old one at that. You see I bow to no one, I have lived that life on both sides. But now my loves I bow to you.

      You are the angels of life, and I thank you for the best day of my life.

      -) -Mark

    2. OMG Aisha!!! The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! It’s like a visualization of our light grid – in every way! We are all one big organism that can create the impossible. I wonder who created this show?

      So grateful for your sharing ❤ What a reminder that nothing is impossible 🙂

      Love & light ❤


      1. It says it is the 2nd annual, summer youth Olympics, this one in China. Has more of an educational bent to it. with sports!!!

    3. It’s everything I/WE have seen in the same sequence …… and the last final piece of the tip and the light/flames bursting up and out is what I’ve been seeing for a week. Are we really that close??

      Funny thing about it – my cousin sent this to me by accident in an email blast. 😉

      Love to ALL!

    4. Shivers, tears, just amazing… Thank, Aisha for posting this video.

      When the performance starts and the tower is first being build, the shape of it resembels the shape of the vertical rock pillar I saw during the last Gathering. What I saw was a slender multicoloured rock pillar rising from the Pond: all the different colours I now see, are being represented by all the different people that are part of this pillar. 🙂

      Much love,
      JJ ❤

  8. Thank you dear beautiful Mother of ours, the feelings are mutual 😉 ❤
    Our lovely Aisha, this couldn´t have been without you. You´re the right person chosen for leading us all in this acsension process, together with the CC´s.

    Here´s a picture to you from my little close-by park where I live in Malmoe – "Mother Mary holding Gaia in here arms", called the Madonna tree in the neighborhood. It´s the only blodbok in the park with wonderful red leafs. I´ve been ONE with the whole tree and the feeling was incredible mighty and strong, feeling the roots down into Mother Gaia as well as the height all the way up and out in every branch she has. Now writing this, Michilyn´s comment the other day comes to mind. And of course, we are all telepathically and emotionally connected at soul level.

    Will try to shoot some clearer pics of her to upload another day.

    Bless you all ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you for sharing this picture. I love these wonderful, mighty trees which are so firmly anchored with their roots in Mother Earth.

      Much love, light & gratitude ❤


        1. Oh it takes my breath away~ Beautiful, are you in Sweden then?
          ❤ Monica
          I believe that is where my Farmor, Lins was born.
          I feel the tree…and this rare sisterhood…yet genetically we ARE linked as my father's name is Wollmar, his mother's name was Facht, Ingrid Facht, or Lins was what her friends called her. My father was born in Stockholm and his dad was born in Gothenburg I think, his mom Malmo. Both my grandfather and uncle are named Stellan which means star.
          Looking at the map with a bird's eye view, Oslo is not far away.
          We likely are really genetic cousins, so our humor and likes and dislikes are similar.
          I look at the map and have Googled Wollmar and note there is a street by that name in Stockholm…there are living cousins across the Pond…
          Also my own personal affinity for Danish and Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch cuisines…love chocolate and eating outide and all of that.
          Glad to know the photos feed souls. Me too! ❤ Monica

          1. Outide and outside! lol, we love the sea, all we women and men here present…things watery and icy and shiny and sometimes frigid!
            Ice cold beverages or steamy hot…skol~ <3, not really skol, that was a vicious and barbaric toast, Namaste we say now in a mainly vegetarian celebration of LIFE~ Monica 🙂

          2. Dear Monica,
            thank you for sharing. Yes, I´m born and bred in Malmoe. 🙂 My aunt Isa, whom I´ve never met, was married to a Erik Wollmer, with an e, and they had four children together.
            The tree is really a mighty one and you cannot fail to note the power she has, yet there´s a lot who misses it when they´re passing by.

            You can Google – Rönneholmsparken


            I felt the connection with you the other day, when reading about your place and our friends in the sky 🙂 I felt like I was there and even now, it´s so clear, and will one day in the future make a visit. You know, my son´s father (we´re separated), is from Denver, but he lives in Malmoe and we haven´t been over the “pond” yet.

            Lots of love to you ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. Your journey will set off some important vibes, dear Vinny, so thank you for allowing yourself to “heed this call”. I am certain it will be a trip to remember – in the best possible way 🙂
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  10. Brothers and Sisters, thank you for giving me the best birthday in my life. For 13 years my birthday brought out much pain, and that pain is now gone forever. From my heart to yours, I love this pond. I have hidden far to long. We and the Mother are one, you know it, I know it, the elements know it, the animals know it, those on the other side know it, spirit knows it, after all we are ONE. We just forgot.

    My love to all.

    🙂 – Mark

    1. Dear Mark! We forgot, but now, we will always remember, we will always be ONE. I love you, dear brother, and I thank you for allowing my heart to get to know yours.
      Aisha ❤

        1. Did you see it too Michael? This I probably took on 3rd St between 6th and 7th but not so sure, it’s been 7 years exactly. But if time is an illusion, yeah, why not?

  11. Sometimes the outside world, when we let it, puts us off balance and has us leave ourselves behind – lost in the shadow side.
    Sometimes there are happenings that mirror what we need to pay attention to within as well. Mostly, I think the latter part is going away as we keep more and more Present with our true selves. How can we be offended? Our True Beings hold nothing to be offended or roused by.
    These days, it seems it is even more uncomfortable when things unrelated to our True Nature occur. For we do know our true nature now and it IS to abide with us now and forevermore as we wish – as we intend. Staying with it — there can be a challenge. Father Sun, Sister Moon, Mother Earth and more who hold us in Love – our true form – never left us — they stay — We Can Stay.
    Here are some more things to help. I have been looking for some help for myself this morning – so I share these Zen reminders that I turned to:
    “You can’t face yourself or turn away from yourself because you’re ‘it’. What do you need to understand? Can the eye see itself?” ~Janet Jiryu Abels
    “If you have no affairs in your mind, and no mind in your affairs, then you are unoccupied, yet animated, empty, wondrous. But if you allow yourself to stray from this state, all words will deceive you”. ~ Te-Shan (my favorite today 🙂 )
    “When thoughts are exhausted you’ve arrived at the source where true nature is revealed… in that place there is no difference between the world and the principle, and the true Buddha is manifest.” ~Guishan (this one is pretty darn helpful too! )
    Blessings to All now and forever — We Are One In Love —
    >prompted to turn the calendar for one more -for Sept 14th: “When the voice is gentle, so is the echo. When the figure stands upright, the shadow is straight.” ~ Guishan
    >from me: when the heart is true — so is its Love (Lovingly Loyal to itself – wink Lin) — remain straight and true no matter what. no more looking outside for/of Love – perfect Love has no fear (no discord). Be Love, Feel Love, Live Life is a mantra I used when I had Lymes. Love reflects Love reflects Love…..
    > “Here is your wondrous gift” ~ this is what a co-worker just now said as she placed some work at my desk! woah. cool. what an interesting thing to say!

    1. I love and appreciate your ponderings Areeza. I´ll never be able to put my into words like you do – or maybe I don´t ponder at all 😉

      Love ❤

      B to B

    1. this was the song I meditated to when I was a teen~!
      It was the one that gave me the best experience
      It is the one that first brought me to truly FEEL: Ahhhh! The Love and The Light!
      Thank You! ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Than you, breeze, and glad you like it as much as I do! It took me 3 months to figure out how he was playing it at the time. Turns out he re-set the strings to a different tuning (and this was before YouTube where you can watch someone play it). I believe we are re-tuning right now, for to paint our new canvas. Thank you, Aisha, for putting it so eloquently!

        1. Dear zorro, thank you so much for sharing this song, it brings up so many memories for me 🙂 Yes, I think we are getting ready to paint our new canvas. As otmn said a little while ago:
          “now we cannot be lost
          it is only left to do that we color it
          so hey kids, try to go slowly and carefully fill in the colors with your crayons?
          the lines have been drawn.”
          Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

  12. The premise that so many people come from is that good isn’t natural; good must be demanded or manipulated or orchestrated. And we say, good IS natural! It must be asked for, and it must be expected — but Good is the only Stream that flows.

    Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in Tarrytown, NY on Saturday, May 15th, 1999 #253

    Die Überzeugung, die so viele Menschen haben, ist die, dass Gutes nicht selbstverständlich ist, dass Gutes gefordert oder manipuliert oder organisiert werden muss. Dazu sagen wir, Gutes IST natürlich. Es muss erwünscht sein und es muss erwartet werden, aber Gutes ist der einzige Strom, der fliesst.

    1. Yes dear Bixie Lamb – Good/God/Love Is the only stream that flows ❤
      some follow it, some flow with it, some drink it daily, some drink it occasionally, some ignore it, some try and fight against it, some pollute it.

    2. ++++++ good IS natural! It must be asked for, and it must be expected — but Good is the only Stream that flows+++++++ thank you BIXIE pixie !!!!!!

    3. Yeah! Good is natural! Exactly! So simple…good is natural…and that’s why it feels so good 🙂 Thanks Bixie! You are so obviously a natural at feeling good and sharing that around with us lucky ones ❤

  13. Reblogged this on Adele and commented:
    How much kindness and support from the words of the Mother!
    We are always a little confused and disoriented, but by Aisha, we have followed and supported with infinite intelligence in our individual journey of growth.
    Thanks Aisha, thanks Constant Companions, thanks only Mother / Father of All That Is in Creation Complete.
    A hug smiling and grateful. … 🙂 …

  14. I took this photo in Varanasi, by their beloved “Ganga”, around sunrise, last December. We had a boat tour to see the sunrise which is a sacred time for Indians. They salute the sun with their prayers you know. I call this photo “morning serenity” and wishing you a tranquil day if you need one. Hugging you all.

    1. Tijen you capiture all beautiful moments ♥︎ Thank you ♥︎ I will Salute sun in the morning may make the big difference in my life(o^^o)

      1. That is a wounderfull idea Tomo, I’m going to do the same so I can invite the light into myself and into the world each day! Let’s do this 😀

      2. Dear Katja,
        Intention is so important, I’ve at least learned that in this life. So yes, when you invite the light into yourself, you will be light itself…<3

    2. I don’t know about that dear Tomo. I’m not the greatest photographer but I do enjoy taking photos. Sun salutation is a good thing. I wish I could get up with her 🙂

    3. Thank you for this moment of serenity, dear Tijen! It helps to bring my pulse back to normal after spending my day in a maelstrom of busy people 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. HA! yep, you’re right… you absolutely know your own b’day. 😀 AND here’s the kicker, I even wrote it down on the calendar for next year!! Making all the travel arrangements, etc., and trying to keep up here has undone me. This a.m. I felt I should take a break from all media for a week or so to collect myself—definitely going to do that pretty quick. I must collect myself; I don’t have access to the lovely Nature that you all have, and when I did, I was pretty much always in balance. The energies here feel so heavy lately, even when the skies are clear of crud. ok, whine whine. I see the beautiful photos here of your home areas and I want to cry. (not very sunshiny of me, but I do so miss the Trees, the Mountains, “The Green” when I can find it)

        So, just know this you all who posts Mother’s beauty (Aisha & B + others), I drool, often with tears of Gratitude, at your pix. They soothe my Heart and my Soul. Love&Blessings to you all. xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

          1. We have plants and lawn in backyard with a medium size lemon and fig tree and same in front yard . And yes, you’re right about the house plant. Thank you. But I’m talking NATURE like in Aisha’s, and B’s and Otmn’s full moon pix where Mother’s Energy is sooo huge you can be enveloped by it, you can get lost in it—like a giant soft HUG… waves and waves of HUGS. The Energy is so pure and clean. And at night, so many stars one would go crazy if they tried to count them… here, the stars can be counted if I wanted.

            Forgive me, Michael… rarely do I get to this point. Probably time for another trip to the trees. I have sooo much to be Grateful for. No time for whining. So, yep, a trip to see my trees. Now I have a plan. Thank you, Dear One. I’m going to be quiet now. With Much Love to you… Lin ❤

        1. So glad you enjoy our pictures ot Mother. I always wanted to show people the majesty of Mother Nature.

          I will try another way to share a pic with you – hope it works.

          Love ❤


            1. Oh – just for MY knowledge – is the other pictures in the same folder at OneDrive visible to you too? Please let me know – just try to re-learn 😉

              Love to you all and to Mother ❤


              1. Thanks Michael! Then I´ll keep to Photobucket until I know how to choose the images I want to share 😉 Birch??? – yes part of the pic… 😉

                Love to you my dear friend ❤


    oops–didn’t mean to be yelling!
    thanks for all the messages and channelings so far!
    i would appreciate some more ‘clues’ as to what to look for,what to maybe avoid,or what-have-you–
    y’know,from a real source who can really see more or further or better than ‘we’ can,if such a source exists!

          1. It was cute! I shared it with my friends who need to see it. Thank you dear Michael (why do I want to call you Maykel? There must be something to it 🙂

            1. Well the kundalini energy is moving south from here in the north. So…..this Latin singer could be on your mind. I could be so lucky to be that young!!!

    1. I also want to introduce you to our friend Ashe – just above you here 🙂 🙂
      allow it to come together for you Arc… let the sun shine in

  16. Thank you, Aisha!

    Such exciting times! Wanted to share what came through me yesterday.


    It’s all about the now. Ascension can only be experienced in the moment, with each breath. It is not in the future. It is not connected in any way to your past. It won’t “happen” after you find/do/see/learn/experience/create ________.” It’s already here. The minute you correlate man-made ideas of time with ascension, you place barriers between you and the experience you long for.

    When you become frustrated, tired, and discouraged about all that you see in this matrix that is the human experience, you create distance between you and our highest and all-knowing creator self.

    Wayshowers and Bridgebuilders are beyond needing to reassure themselves or others that this existence is holographic or a matrix.

    What you are now prepared to embrace is that this human experience, in all its illusion, is the greatest gift you could have ever hoped for. Celebrate the magnificence of the matrix and its role in your transformation back to the Light. This sacred journey is the greatest honor ever bestowed. If you are still in the process of shedding the idea that your human aspect is the enemy, I ask you to remember the rest of the story. It has been your greatest teacher; and created the greatest story ever told.

    You all took on hundreds of roles and characters. No need to hold onto ideas that imply levels of (what humanity has deemed as) “greatness.” Lovingly surrender this thinking error, and move on to loving all as ONE, and seeing the beauty, strength, and divinity of every soul. You are they. They are you. What you see in another soul lies within each soul. You are all equally great and noble, and will make it home. Celebrate the diversity and also the unity in each soul’s contribution to this sacred event. Be in the center of this Joy. That is where ascension lives.”

    1. thank you Asha — A friend who channels said about 15 yrs ago that we were to embrace the unity within the diversity.
      I agree with all you have said here. Blessings! Love, Areeza

    2. Asha — this is some majorly craptastic GOOD STUFF, coming through you…this is high level.

      Would you mind if we took it further?

      Can you put the question I’m about to ask you out there, and see what comes back to you, and through you? And share it with me?

      OK….so let’s say that we have reached this level of endless appreciation & gratitude for taking on the Human Experience.
      And that we LOVE teaching others, and in so doing we LOVE being taught by all others (no matter how dark & nasty-ass they may be)….and that we continually celebrate all others as simply being our self-reflections as all are ONE.

      Let’s also say that we are constantly appreciating & living the “Now” moment, (always doing the happy/happy/joy/joy dance)… and we know & experience that we are Ascending in the Now moment, and we have tossed the programming of Linear Time out the window.

      And let’s say that we are fully aware of how the illusion operates and we no longer focus on it, we have achieved complete acceptance of it and of what its contrast is teaching us and offering us as Choices….and we no longer see it as being external outside of ourselves. That we know the illusion only changes, when WE change.


      So let’s say we have already lovingly surrendered to all of this.

      My question is — what comes next?

      Because the drive to continue evolving past this point of Awareness & Surrender & Gratitude, is always there.
      The drive to continue on and outwards, further and further in ever greater expansion of Consciousness and unlimited creativity and experimentation….becomes only stronger at this level.

      So what is the next stage?

      1. She returns!!!!!!!!
        Welcome back Kiera………………. I see your still pushing!!!!!
        Love and Giggles!!!!

          1. Sooooo Kiera……..Did a lot of traveling also????
            Course I’m stunned by the amount of travel Lindsey does and then to make a video of her travels into a choreographed video, pretty unique!! It brings the planet so much closer, together! 🙂

            1. “Sooooo Kiera……..Did a lot of traveling also????”

              Yes, in all of my other human incarnations….. (HS has allowed me to “see” and be some of them again — seems like so far my human distribution has been 50% men, 50% women)….for instance I’ve been a female prostitute, an Asian girl, a lesbian, some kind of Islander, a variety of good-looking young men (straight AND homosexual), and an aged white male “Optometrist”….

              And cripes, yeah….Lindsey is a very special Frequency-Raising musical BRIDGE – lightworking Connector extraordinaire.

            2. More laughter coming Michael, for Bruce Lee “words of wisdom”!

              “Be like water, my friend…”

              FUN FACT: Bruce Lee couldn’t swim. He never learned to.

              And neither can I….I still can’t swim, also had the same being pissed off getting thrown under the water experience, as Bruce….man, this is too funny…



      2. what is next?
        I ‘m imagining it will be always joyfilled fantabulous beyond anyone’s imagination♥︎ ( you don’t wanna be seduced if you already knew how & what~ Bashar). Hi dear kiera🎶

            1. Gawd, you guys are adorable…well, it was my Higher Self who led me to some Energizing assignments around the Internet — I always just let it lead me around.

              Apparently it’s always been my contract to “do” the entire Internet and all groups inclusive….to hop around all over the place like some dang spiritual Grasshopper.

              There was a huge up-shift in Frequencies yesterday, and thanks to the machinations of my Higher Self manipulating me to immediately work on certain people (for instance a particularly unpleasant dark one out of the blue from Georgi’s group, serving as an old energy Echo), I now could tell this Frequency split was coming, days prior.

              So whenever I drop out of “sight” don’t worry about it, it’ll be a good thing….you’ll know something big is in the works.

              1. Ahh in the silence we shall “hear” you Kiera!!!!!!
                What an exciting, lighting, stick it ………life!!!!
                You must have been a pip in those other lives!!! 🙂

              2. I love you Kiera for who you are and for what you are doing ❤

                I was about to say to those who expressed concern about you, that the last person you need to worry about is Kiera – for she knows how to take care of herself 🙂

                Much love, light & gratitude ❤


            2. Dear Kiera,
              When you get used to having someone around and loving that person, you want to know (may be it’s just me). Next time I won’t get worried, instead, I’ll wait patiently to hear the outcome ❤

            1. Glad you’re ok, Kiera! Wondered where you vanished to. Be well, O Feisty One, and add to the symphony of Laughter & Love !! 😀 ❤

            1. Ha! “It doesn´t matter” – that´s what I say to myself when I´m not able to take part of all shared videos, channelings etc ;)))


      3. my answer: That Is when Love Is finally Enough
        “Range after range of mountains
        year after year after year….
        I am still in Love.”
        I Am ‘Still’ In Love

          1. My day started out in tears.
            Now ~ tears of JOY
            Thank you my Loving, Loving Angel Friend ~ !
            ❤ LOVE YOU ❤
            and All the Loving Energy at the Pond where I am instantaneously lifted
            ~~Hugs All Day~~

            1. Michael, I saw a small cloud half hour ago, when I went to the beach after sunset. It was like wings but heart shaped. Not the full heart, the upper part only. Was quite pretty. I thought of you. I thought all of you actually, because all the ponders where there with me.

        1. “Lucy”! I saw the movie last night Bev! My dear christian sister didn’t enjoy it much (though agreed the graphics in the first half are wonderful)… of course she doesn’t handle talk of evolution 🙂 As for me… other than the ending comment which left me going… oops… WHAT??? I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also felt like you were right there watching it with me. That is cool. If you got the ending more clearly than I… feel free to drop an email: nanceed@gmail.com Love, Nancee

        1. or maybe it simply is…you reach the point where you can answer all your own questions…..& there’s no hidden meaning attached to why I said this…..think about it…..

        2. Aaaaaaaghghhhhh!!!! — that’s what my son, that funny little buzzard, keeps telling me over and over and over…………every day for the past 6 months he says to me,

          “The answer to life, the universe, and EVERYTHING — is 42.”

          (head in hands)

    3. Thank you for sharing this message dear Asha!
      For the last few days, I was quite down because of a neighbor issue. Reading your message, I’m taking myself out of it, as much as I could. I think we’ll all learn (sorry, remember) to fly with the support of all these wonderful messages 🙂

    4. I have felt this. I have felt that I was no better than anyone else. I too could be the thief, the murderer. I am the unwise, made wise by circumstance. I’ve been told: NO, you are doing it wrong! There is no wrong, there is only experience. There is just being: to be joyful, to be in suffering, to be killed, to be hurt, to be a traitor, to be a hero, to be, just to be, to experience all that. All of this matrix was created so we could experience ALL those things.

      “move on to loving all as ONE,”

      ALL is ONE.

      We are SOULS – in a human body. We are SOULS having a human experience.

      We are DONE with the experiment.

      We are FREE!

      FREE? What is that? What does that feel like?


      But we will.

      If we allow.

      If we let go.

      Of everything.

      Even ascension.

      Let go of the past.

      Let go of what is still being played out.

      It is of no importance.

      It is just smoke.

      Smoke from the aftermath.

      Step away from it all.

      Step into yourself.

      Take a leap.

      Of faith.


      That it is already


      It has been here

      All along

      Ever since the 2012 portal

      It’s no joke

      It is


    5. Wow…you gave me the shivers Asha. Thank you so much for sharing this. I can’t tell you what this message does for me.

      Bless you and thank you ❤

  17. Oh dear Aisha! I wish I could give you a HUGe HUG!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much these messages from Mother mean to me. And I can’t thank you enough for having gotten yourself to a place in your life where you can bring this Divinity through for us all. Bless you and thank you SO MUCH…and thank you Beautiful Mother, whom I love SO MUCH

    These messages themselves and the Divine Timing of them…priceless priceless priceless

    The past couple of days…in the midst of so much difficulty…I have had synchronicities revolving around the GOD~DESS…and I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing…but now with today’s heartfully beautiful message…I KNOW…and I feel returned to Loving arms

    Katja thanks for inspiring Aisha with that picture! It’s SO PERFECT and really says it ALL. Wonderful!

    And to B and Michael and Bev and Tomo and Vinny and Areeza and Bixie and Denise…I just want to say that I received all your loving and caring replies to me and I just finished replying to you all but in case you don’t check the previous post I’ll just say here again how SO VERY MUCH your love and your kindness means to me and my life and I couldn’t be more grateful to and for you and everyone here in this Beautiful Family

    I love you all SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH

    With that I wanted to post a little song that has a little to do with Rainbows…Rainbows and Love…I feel that Rainbow Love when I hear this song and I feel it when I read these messages and I feel it when I think of you All ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. Me too Lin! There’s just something about his voice–like you say especially in this song–that…triggers such deep feeling…almost a memory of something…a memory of Home 🙂

    1. Dearest Amy,
      If your name was ANY, I’d say you’re the sweetest cANdY but cAMdY doesn’t make too much sense. (But it can make you laugh) 🙂

      1. Make me laugh it did Tijen 🙂 I have so missed our wordplay. Thanks for givin me a little cANdY to sweeten up my day my sweet lady 🙂

    2. Dear Amy! That HUGe HUG has made it all the way to Oslo and I hope you feel it coming bouncing back to you 🙂 The flow of the Sacred Feminine is getting stronger, and I am so glad to hear that you feel wrapped in those loving arms too!
      LOVE – always, forever.

      1. Sure did feel it Aisha 🙂 Bouncing all the way back to Calgary like a stone skipping across the top of the Pond 🙂 I am beyond thrilled that the Divine Feminine is getting stronger. With Her back, Heaven cannot help but take over ❤

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