A short update on the energies

The anticipation is starting to grow yet again, as you once again approach an interesting bisection of energetic pathways. For now, the river you have been following for such a long time will start to split up into smaller sections, while at the same time the interaction between them will increase. This may sound more than a little contradictory, but let us explain. For as you have all been carried along on this mighty river of light, you have all been imbued with the same frequencies, but this in turn has sparked some very individual responses within your own systems, and rightly so. For as you all came to be in your current bodies, you also came in with your own unique sets of blueprints as we have discussed earlier, and now as those bits and pieces of blueprints have been activated and set into motion, you will all be shunted off in the direction that will best serve your purpose in this whole and infinitely complex endeavour. For you all play an important part in this enormous production, but in order for you to carry that out to the letter – or rather letters – you need to have access to those parts of this huge and complex energetic field of transformation that serve your needs. And so, from now on, your journey will continue to be a very connected one, but it will also start to become even more unique in all sorts of ways.

This does not mean that you will once again be shifted into a channel that will leave you drifting through an empty and solitary space, far from it. For this is not about separation, this is all about diversification, and so, you will find your path starting to converge with others in an interesting way. For you all have a unique purpose in this, but you also have a whole group of others that you will carry out your mission with, and as such, you will all now be comparted together if you will in ways that will enable you all to start to increase your abilities to connect and to carry out those specific instructions you came here to fulfill.

So as the days and weeks come and go in the time ahead, you will find more and more that your path ahead will start to crystallize in a way that will help you to see further afield, and even if this means that you might find yourself in very unfamiliar territory from time to time, we also venture to guess that you will find other like minded souls there already, or perhaps arriving just after you get there. This can be in a specific location, but it can also describe a state of mind. In other words, this is not to signal that you will all start to traipse around your world, searching for a friendly face in a mass of unfamiliar faces. No, this is simply to prepare you for the fact that you will all feel compelled to do something in the company of others, and that company can also be in the ethereal space.

In other words, you will all be called to connect in groups, great and small, by coming together in person or simply by connecting through the airwaves or electronically if you will, or by sitting down and allowing your higher selves to correspond with each other in a more direct manner than before. And so you will each find yourselves carried along in your very own body of water, and this part of the river of light will be your part of it, but not just that, it will also be a body of water that will help your energies to mingle much more freely with that of those you have come here to act out your part of this enormous operation with.

So take heed as it all speeds up, lest you forget to look around and see just what it is that will be drawn to your side of this ever widening river, and we venture to guess you will all find some interesting people and projects starting to come into your line of vision. And remember, you cannot go wrong, for you all carry with you the codes that will be activated at a given time, and when they are, you cannot help but to be attracted to the right kind of places, the right kind of people and indeed the right kind of projects that will help you to fulfill your part of this transformation. And no matter what it is, we can guarantee you that it will all be very much to your liking.

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      1. A better answer is that I tried to wake my slumbering Internet skills to publishing an image that could fit into Aisha’s message about a new energy wave coming in. It feels like my brain needs a hefty boosting to cope with this 😉

        Love ❤


  1. my gratitude to all of you should be expressed more often
    don’t hold your breath
    but if you are being assaulted, be glad i’m there

  2. I have moments when I feel an incredible sense of freedom, like I used to feel as a kid, when a summer storm was blowing in, right before MOM called us kids to “come in”. And I knew I wanted, more than anything, to stay “OUT IN IT”, to experience the energy, the unexpectedness of the moment, “the WHATTHELLISCOMINGNEXT” of it all. We are there now, and “WITHWIDE-EYEDWONDER”, We go down the rabbit-hole. Laugh, and Dance, jim

    1. Oh yes, dear Jim, I feel the same (not always but more and more).

      This I noticed yesterday for the first time.

      Today in the morning I sat down at my computer and feel powerful energy streams flow out of my heart area.

      Throughout the day I think of delta-waves, they feel so good and they open my consciousness piece by piece.

      ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞

      Ach ja, lieber Jim, ich fühle das gleiche (nicht immer, aber mehr und mehr).

      Es fiel mir gestern zum 1. Mal auf.

      Heute Morgen setzte Ich mich an meinen Computer und fühle mächtige Energieströme aus meinem Herzbereich fließen.

      Den ganzen Tag über denke Ich an Delta-Wellen, die tun mir so gut und sie öffnen mein Bewusstsein Stück für Stück.

      Bixie ♥ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♥

  3. Seems it is time to post this video with all the talk of Spheres/Eggs and more. I came across as part of the messages leading up to the ‘Ascension Thursday experiences’ I shared here earlier this year (I know you will remember that share in particular Caroline)…

    Spheres/Eggs and more in this video just watch how full of imagery it is… it blew me away the first time I saw it and still does every time… so resonant with Spheres Of Light as the Golden Egg and more… enjoy… you might want to watch more than once. For obvious reasons this one will linked be on my new site:

    1. Thank you dear bev, now with your review I’ll have much fun seeing Lucy thank you ❤︎ Thank you dear Phillip, I just woke up & saw this soooo beautiful !! full of imaginary indeed . With this spheres in me I know It will be a wonderful day !! Thank you❤︎

    2. So profound for me, Philip. So much of what I “see” when I close my eyes. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. █▀█░ █░░░█░ █▀▀░ ▄▀▀▄░ ▄▀▀▀▄░ █▀▄▀█░ █▀▀
          █▀█░ █░█░█░ █▀░░ ▀▄▄▄░ █░░░█░ █░░░█░ █▀░
          █░█░ ▀▄▀▄▀░ █▄▄░ ▀▄▄▀░ ▀▄▄▄▀░ █░░░█░ █▄▄

        2. this is nothing like my DMT experience.
          much to linear
          the frequencies are close to right
          and yet
          not quite
          there is no return from DMT
          if you take some be prepared to never be the same again

        1. Probably many have been using the natural pineal DMT 100 % since birth & shifting crossing being in multi dimensional world ❤︎ seeing similar things here, there & everywhere 😃

      1. So I believe I love what shows up.
        I love the video, and the message.
        The path…….maybe not yet!!!! 🙂

        1. Gosh I really wonder if Bach could create not just from notes in his mind, but with spiritual images, whole feelings!!!
          Thanks for sharing this otmn. 🙂

  4. ***Breeze***

    Hope you see this, because I can’t get to other comments.

    Passport! If I had to do it all over again, I would go to the closest U.S. Post Office branch and ask for guidance there. They can tell you how much it costs, what documentation you’ll need, how long it will take, etc. Then if you decide to proceed, some branches require an appointment for the processing, and others take walk-ins (I’d ask which branches are which upon my initial visit). I did mine on-line and ended up running all over town anyway, plus the on-line method was very confusing (to me – but I’m not all that internet savvy). I ended up at the walk-in branch of the post office anyway, during the final steps of all the red-tape, because you have to take a sworn oath in front of a specially certified govt official that the documentation you’re providing is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge. During this final step, I found out that these postal branches are a one-stop deal. They’ll do your photo and everything. Also, they told me I could have gone just across the state line to Arkansas and gotten the whole thing done in one day instead of mailing it off, though that would probably have been an extra fee. Live and learn. 😉

    Happy passing and porting!!!

    Love ya, girl ❤

  5. LOL Vinny 🙂 You really make me Laugh Out Loud :)))
    If it helps you may of course use my name in the name of love, light and rocky BEing 😉 And please don´t stand aside because my love wants to reach you 😉

    Your old and eternal friend from the Nordic countries

  6. Thank You Dearest Sister & CC’s for this message & it ties quite nicely into my now moments of thought…key BEing…~
    “For this is not about Separation, it is All about Diversification”
    Taking a few vacation days so am absent from the pond right for now & obviously will take me a while to get caught up with All the comments from my fellow ponders ! …but wanted to stop by for a moment to share my experience with ‘Lucy’ !
    I went to See ‘Lucy’ last night….too incredible for words to accurately describe, but I’ll try ! Did it change me…Yes & No…would it change you if you seen it…can’t say…but I’m beginning to understand more & more as HS continues to remind me that ‘This is about Me & You’….as it surely is an individualized journey for each one of us & although we try to share our feelings, our experiences…others will never Feel it or See it in this existence of singularity, & the individualized way it affects us personally. I will continue to take what I learn & evolve in accordance to that allotted frame of time placed before me…as in this now in the physical existence ‘1 + 1′ = anything or nothing depending on what I choose & how I learn…’1 +1’ is nothing more than a construct of man, of time & illusion….do I expect you to understand what I mean by all this….maybe, maybe not….

    ‘Lucy’ is a movie experience but it is up to each one of us to choose to see it & experience it, or not….to know how to separate the fiction from fact & the creational knowing of abilities & possibilities. Our evolving will not be sped up within a 24hr. package of time as we don’t have leaking bags of mind altering blue crystal drugs in our gut….but we can choose to evolve quicker by allowing the creational learning process to BEcome part of us, taking it’s guidance, knowing, believing & trusting that this unique individualized journey is taking us back to the point of creation where All questions will BE answered which we have learned by now that All these answers already lie within ….when we reach that point that we not longer have those millions of questions, & are focused more on simply allowing this knowledge to flow within us than we are in fact directly linked to creation energy !

    Knowing that now only 10% of our brain is activated & we each have the ability to change that…. Knowing that dolphins & whales have 20% activation of their brains & they choose to live in harmony with creation while we slaughter them & pollute & radiate their oceans making their lives sickened & their home unfit to live in. As ‘Lucy’ quickly evolves each stage is briefly explained as her powers increase, but the important thing she indicates is that All is energy & communication…even between each living cell of our own bodies or to cells of another’s body, any form of life !….& by tapping into this knowing flow of energy, through All things…whether it is a computer, phone, power lines for electricity…doesn’t matter, All is energy & a part of the whole, All information about anything & everything, even the thoughts & memories of others, & All other life forms can be accessed …. All is energy & communication…& the construct of time is one of the most difficult to grasp as it is an illusion of singularity of slotted moments of sensations & experiences from past to present….on a phone call to her Mother she says…”Mom…I feel & I know everything….I can taste your milk you fed me when I was a baby & I can feel the thousands of kisses upon my face that you gave me”. This is quite important….as it is the legacy of who we are, the energy we create & give & how we affect others….a recorded imprint that lasts forever ! The industrialized world of mankind is all built on the illusion of separation, power & greed…& does not fit in or apply to the sacred harmony & balance of creation. As the brain BEcomes more enlightened & activated we learn that, & that anger, fear, hatred, power, greed…even 3D desires are all part of separation & keep us from unifying into ‘1’ in which unification is the basic intent of creation. Learning & Gaining Knowledge of Life, of Creation always flows towards ‘Wisdom’ & that is the Key of the foundational path that We All travel if we choose to BEcome Enlightened !
    Love to ‘All’ & will catch up later…..have a Glorious Enlightened Day !…Bev

    1. oh & the & Action Scenes are ‘Riveting’ & ‘Sensational’ ….Loved them !….but a little advice…stay away from that mystery buttery topping they put on the popcorn…I thru-up most of the night & still feel quoozy…..& ‘so it is’ !
      Love, Bev

      1. Dear one,
        Could you analyze a few other movies?
        You deconstruct , and then construct , into loves abundant information, amazingly.
        One more question if I may?
        I came across a term, cloud beings. Have you? ❤

        1. Hi Michael…you truly are so kind with your words !….Thank You Sincerely !….I actually don’t get to the theatre as often as I’d like, but then again there are a lot of either silly dumb-downed films or too much sex & violence which a lot of people seem to gravitate to & certainly I’m not interested in filling my brain with any more pollution & garbage than I have to !! HA….regarding the ‘cloud beings’….can’t really say, but there does seem to an increase towards ‘disclosure’ of extraterrestrials & other life forms as of late….I seen this a while back, can’t really say if it’s real or not, but it sure looks very intriguing !….may have interest to you…..Love, Bev

    2. Dear bev~ – your post touches me very much! Thank you for your words.
      I´m so grateful for your being here with us ❤

      Love & light ❤


      1. Oh Thank You Dearest ‘B’ !….I’m so grateful for You !….I have to get caught up with your news….will catch up with you in the new post !
        Love, Bev~

    3. Fab Bev… made sense to me! I’m glad you’ve shared some insight about Lucy… i’d seen it advertised here and, of course, they only show the sensationalised bits so left me thinking is it worth a watch… sounds like it is. Philip ❤

    4. Bev I’ve been watching for your movie review. Well done… you explained so much without giving away the movie. I’ll have to see if it’s on when I visit the coast in a week or so; maybe my sister will go with me as we used to have a movie afternoon. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Love, Nancee

      1. Oh I do hope you do…the best film I’ve seen in a while & it really relates in so many ways to what we All are saying, doing & feeling with Ascension & our talks here at the pond !…..& certainly I wouldn’t want to give away the plot !….just wanted to give everyone my take in collaboration with HS on this film & highly recommend ya all see it ! The thing that still stays with me is how absolutely, completely Fearless she became when her DNA began to activate & completely consumed & driven for knowledge & expansion of her mind & soon the downloads began coming in at super-sonic speeds…just purely Amazing to watch all this !…& left me with so much to think about !
        Love to You !….Bev

          1. Thank you sweet B❤︎ Playing with beautiful wild dolphins every single day for about one week is really life changing for everyone & become once again the purest kids state !! I’m sitting at ten o’clock❤︎ This fabulous voice & music is by beautiful Emmy Moreau / Bashar communication. Kids & I love her music so much❤︎

            1. Wow !….Appreciation & Admiration for Creation & a new way to BE !…..Love it ! Oh you are so Blessed to have had this 1 on 1 experience !! & I know the thrilling feeling of being that close to whales !….much Love to You !!!!!….Bev

              1. thank you dear Bev & I love you❤︎ as a single mom it was a life changing trip for both kids & me joined Bashar dolphin trip. I have never imagined before to actually be a part of dolphin family because of all my limitations I had before in mind, but since then now I live in love more I feel so much more appreciations, tomo❤︎

  7. my spine says it is like my measuring stick. Its twinges get my attention to the level of light I am experiencing at any given time. And when i feel twinges in the kidney area, it references ‘purpose in life’ (this also in accordance with Chinese medicine – organs as energy centers way of thinking). So… Living my Light and True Purpose In Life are a must I would say. oh boy. Need constant Love Baths to keep this up!!!

    1. yes, thank you dear breeze, you are so true to yourself and I think it is wonderful !! I just read Soul Speak – The Language of Your Body by Julia Cannon (Dr. Dolores Cannon’s daughter who teaches quantum healing hypnosis in world now) & it is a wonderful book and most of all it is a very easy to read !! , tomo❤︎

      1. Julia Cannon is awe-inspiring….former nurse, and is even sharper/faster than her mom — she alone can start the ball rolling to revolutionize the medical system.



  8. I was outside again and that refreshed my mind immensely.
    What I at my weekly walks to the supermarket (to walk about 15 minutes) experience!
    First, I saw a very close, conspicuously close, big, thick, white cloud and welcomed the light siblings in it.
    Then on the way home I saw a white, large aircraft flying into another large, white cloud.
    It came from the southwest and disappeared in this cloud.
    When I looked up again 2-3 minutes later, came out of the same cloud a the same looking, white, big plane and flew to the northwest. (!)
    If it was really the same airplane, then it was flown at an angle of 90°!
    A little further on was a white car next to me and I noticed the letters „Connection Cable” 😀
    Oh I love that ❤

    And I love it to write here in Aisha's blog.
    Here I really can write what I feel – it's like a home for my soul.
    I love you all ❤ ❤ ❤

    „Love thy neighbor as thyself“ self means to me: Love yourself as your nearest (partner, child, friend).
    And I still had a few problems. Yes, I wanted to love me and I did all that was possible for me.
    But I had still not completely understood.
    Today I understand what it means to ME:
    I love my personality.
    I succeed in more and more, because I lately make sure to have only positive, beautiful, romantic, magical, joyous thoughts about me, about my TO–BE–SO–HOW–I–AM.
    Therefore now I can love myself as a personality much more, almost as much as God ever did.
    Dear friends, we are all on this path, to fully develop our great, unique personalities and so to be unique, individual gods.


    Ich war wieder draußen und das erfrischt meine Gedanken ungemein.
    Was Ich bei meinen wöchentlichen Spaziergängen in den Supermarkt (ca. 15 Minuten zu gehen) alles erlebe!
    Zuerst sah Ich eine sehr nahe, auffällig nahe, große, dicke, weiße Wolke und begrüßte die Lichtgeschwister in ihr.
    Dann auf dem Nachhauseweg sah Ich ein weißes, großes Flugzeug in eine andere große, weiße Wolke fliegen.
    Es kam aus Südwesten und verschwand in dieser Wolke.
    Als Ich 2–3 Minuten später wieder hochschaute kam aus derselben Wolke ein genauso aussehendes, weißes, großes Flugzeug heraus und flog in Richtung Nordwesten. (!)
    Wenn es wirklich dasselbe Flugzeug war, dann war es in einem Winkel von 90° geflogen!
    Ein Stück weiter war neben mir ein weißes Auto und Ich bemerkte die Schrift „Connection Cable“ 😀
    Oh Ich liebe das ❤

    Und Ich liebe es hier in Aisha’s Blog zu schreiben.
    Hier kann Ich wirklich schreiben was Ich fühle – es ist wie ein Zuhause für meine Seele.
    Ich liebe Euch alle ❤ ❤ ❤

    „Liebe deinen Nächsten wie dich Selbst“ bedeutet für mich: Liebe dich Selbst wie deinen Nächsten (Partner, Kind, Freund).
    Und damit hatte Ich immer noch ein paar Probleme. Ja, Ich wollte Mich lieben und Ich tat alles was mir möglich war.
    Ich hatte es aber immer noch nicht ganz verstanden.
    Heute verstehe Ich was es für MICH bedeutet:
    Ich liebe meine Persönlichkeit.
    Es gelingt mir mehr und mehr, weil Ich in letzter Zeit so sehr darauf achte nur positive, schöne, romantische, magische, freudvolle Gedanken über Mich, über mein SO–SEIN–WIE–ICH–BIN zu haben.
    Deshalb kann Ich Mich als Persönlichkeit jetzt viel mehr lieben, fast schon so sehr wie Gott es schon immer tat.
    Liebe Freunde, wir sind alle auf diesem Weg, unsere großartigen, einzigartigen Persönlichkeiten voll zu entfalten und so einzigartige, individuelle Götter zu sein.

    Heart Greetings
    Magic BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

    1. I also love beautiful you & your cutest joyous fantastic magical personality❤︎
      you always take me to places that so comfy. from a great god TO–BE– ♥︎more me ♥︎I–AM tomo

      1. d i t t o — in both your cases — you are wonderful pixie fairy dusted, de-Light-Full energies! Love to you both with hugs and kisses from me

        1. Dear Areeza, I just found also your posting here and I love you too very much – it’ s sooooooooo great to be with all of you ❤

          ❤ Bixie ❤

      2. Dear Tomo, I also love you very much ❤

        Yesterday I saw on TV a great documentary about Japan and its people.
        I love the Japanese people so very much and I was even once a Japanese woman – in another life.

        ❤ Bixie ❤

        1. One more thing, dear Tomo,
          yesterday I had missed you and in the evening I thought of you and sent you greetings.
          Today then I first saw your postings and you answered me ❤
          I think also our connection is working very well now ❤

          ❤ Bixie ❤

          1. thank you dear pixie❤︎ you are so sweet, you are everything, me, ETs, non physicals, angeles,rainbows & all of us. I was thinking about this coming gathering how will I be saying hello to you, do I hover in sky or fly around pond…. then number 7 came up. then I checked about number 7. it seems it is a n interesting number in numerology in bible !

            1. now that song (Domo Arigato Mr Roboto) is in my head:
              The lyrics translate into English as follows:

              Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
              Until we meet again
              Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
              I want to know your secret
              (Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto)
              Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
              Mata au hi made
              Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
              Himitsu wo shiritai

              You’re wondering who I am
              (Secret secret, I’ve got a secret)

              Machine or mannequin
              (Secret secret, I’ve got a secret)

              With parts made in Japan
              (Secret secret, I’ve got a secret)

              I am the Modern Man

              I’ve got a secret
              I’ve been hiding
              Under my skin

              My heart is human

            2. Sorry Bixie, couldn’t spell what I really say.
              Domo Arigato (gazaimus) phonically spelled.
              Nice song Areeza!! 🙂

    2. You really are a Master of explaining feelings and experiences bixie 🙂 I must say that I feel much more confident with myself too – because of loving myself and by that follows faith and trust to a much greater extent 🙂

      Love ❤


      1. Yes, dear B,
        I know that just since today how important it is to love the personality we are ❤

        ❤ Bixie ❤

    3. I think that was the reason why people were deflected, their interests were controlled, have been unified … to prevent that the personality develops individually and in full bloom – the Personality of God – self-sufficient and powerful – and never manipulated.
      WE are on the way …

      ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

      Ich glaube, das war der Grund warum die Menschen abgelenkt, ihre Interessen gesteuert, vereinheitlicht wurden … um zu verhindern dass sich die Persönlichkeit individuell entfaltet und voll erblüht – die Persönlichkeiten Gottes – autark und kraftvoll – und niemals manipulierbar.
      Wir sind auf dem Weg …

      Heart Greetings
      BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

    4. And it gradually becomes clear to me how my personality has developed.
      I gained experience in all cultures in the Star Nations and on earth.
      All this is in my Akashic field to which I previously did not have access in this lifetime.
      And there’s some very nice:
      Since that dissolved the mist of fear he is there – my little, inner joker.
      He had to be used to be more or less lived in hiding and been waiting to will finally be freed.
      He tells me the whole day funny stories and I have a lot of fun.
      It’s true – Humor is an attribute of the light. Welcome, my dear joker. I love you ❤

      ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

      Und mir wird allmählich klar wie sich meine Persönlichkeit entwickelt hat.
      Ich sammelte Erfahrungen in allen Kulturkreisen in den Sternennationen und auf der Erde.
      All das ist in meinem Akasha–Feld zu dem Ich in diesem Leben bisher keinen Zugang hatte.
      Und da ist noch etwa sehr Schönes:
      Seitdem sich der Nebel der Angst aufgelöst hat ist er da – mein kleiner, innerer Scherzkeks.
      Er hatte früher mehr oder weniger im Verborgenen gelebt und darauf gewartet endlich befreit zu werden.
      Er erzählt mir den ganzen Tag witzige Geschichten und Ich habe eine Menge Spaß.
      Es stimmt – Humor ist ein Attribut des Lichts. Herzlich Willkommen, mein lieber Scherzkeks. Ich liebe Dich ❤

      Magic Greetings
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  9. Good day everyone! ❤
    Woke up with the sharp pain farther up my spine. And this time, it was right in the middle of my spine. interesting. While in the shower, I asked that it please ease up as I have to work all day. It immediately stopped completely. I think I was 'almost finished' with it anyways… left overs from last night. LoL. Upper right arm 'twittering' on and off still but that does not bother me. Breath is fuller and easier today 🙂

      1. Dear breeze, I’m glad you are stretching & I’m sure you are already doing it but please be easy and let your body have time to heal ❤︎tomo

  10. Reblogged this on Adele and commented:
    Aisha dear,
    when I read about the meeting in Crete on 19 October that we talked about Philip Wade I quickly realized that I have to be there too!
    Now I read the message of the Companions Constants and … confirmed that it happened to me exactly what it says here!
    A hug smiling and grateful …:-) …
    “So take heed as it all speeds up, lest you forget to look around and see just what it is that will be drawn to your side of this ever widening river, and we venture to guess you will all find some interesting people and projects starting to come into your line of vision.”

    1. For informations for the 19 october in Crete
      by Philip Wade
      “1 day workshop by Philip Wade

      Spheres Of Light is a profoundly simple, yet powerful, spiritual gift to aid in Elevating Human Consciousness.
      It is an energetic bridge to pure consciousness that is both within and around us – rather like the fabric of the universe!
      It is here for all of humanity.

      Spheres Of Light is accessed by a heart-based intention alone. By giving yourself permission to engage with Spheres Of Light you set in place a powerful chain of events that aligns your energy field with your innate essence and purpose. If you are looking for personal, growth, transformation, change and shift in your consciousness – this is for you. This gift will assist you on your spiritual journey home to the innate beauty within you.

      As you ‘listen’ to and follow the inner messages you receive you become your own most effective teacher and spiritual guide. Engaging with Spheres Of Light raises your consciousness bringing spiritual-growth, insight and healing consistent with the shifts you make. This all unfolds in a way that is unique to you which could be anything from immediately noticeable energetic effects to a slower unfolding. It also creates a chain reaction via a process akin to osmosis for all of humanity.

      By engaging with Spheres Of Light we are following Gandhi’s advice to “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

      Philip Wade & The Spheres Of Light / Infinite Silence
      Spheres Of Light was gifted to Philip who immediately shared it with a group of seven Founders in August 2011, as an aid to elevating human consciousness. Philip received the gift through a series of insights and dreams added to by others, and this ongoing unfoldment continues – through them, and all who engage with Spheres Of Light. You can find out more about this unfoldment in their Blog articles, and also on their Experiences page where they invite you to share your what’s happened for you. More details: http://www.spheresoflight.org

      In May 2014 the gift was profoundly deepened through another spiritual experience which guided Philip to refer to this insight as Infinite Silence which is intrinsically linked with Spheres Of Light.

      Time & date:
      Philip Wade will share with you this gift in a free workshop from 10am to 5pm with an hour for lunch and 1/2 hour breaks morning and afternoon.
      October 19, 2014

      The programs will take place at the Orizon Center at Akrimios that can be found near the 11 km on the National Road between Rethymno & Chania, Crete, opposite the turn to Aptera.

      Program costs:
      The Spheres Of Light workshop is free for all participants and is a donation based event. We welcome donations supporting the basic cost of the workshop and efforts to maintain the place and keep our events running. We suggest you to bring some food and/or drink to share, but we can also provide lunch with local organic food at a cost of 10 euro and drinks all day (coffee & refreshments) for 5 euro during the workshop. Accommodation for overnight stay is also available upon request.

      Please contact us for more information and booking:
      by email: ingrid.orizon@gmail.com
      call Ingrid Margarita at (+30) 697 414 3598

      1. By Philip Wade
        “Well so far we have 2 people from Norway [Aisha and sister], one from Holland, one from the USA, one from Italy [Adele from Turin] definitely coming and another from Turkey in addition to those already in Crete booked in. Not all of these are on Facebook so the numbers are already at least 10 definites that I know of. I trust they are all letting you know Ingrid Margarit and Ildiko

    2. Dear Adele, this is great news! It looks like we are going to make our own “temporary community” in Crete in October! If you come, I hope you will be staying in Almyrida as well, that way, it will be easy for us all to meet up. My sister and I will be there from the 18. to the 25. of October. I am so looking forward to see you!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

    3. As we’ve discussed on the email Adele it would be lovely to see you there. Almyrida is certainly worth considering for accommodation, a lot of choice, very pleasant and close to the centre. Going to email you again now and thanks for posting the extract from my facebook posting below… Philip ❤

  11. The river of no return.
    Still you can jump from
    one river to the the other.
    Here we are planing for
    group fusion for the next
    year. All the freaks do shows
    ensemble. All together now.
    Meet you on Sun day.

    1. Love that old black & white movie with Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe, “The River of No Return”!! (thanx for the memory) And your gravatar changed… looks like a blossoming flower. 🙂 Wishing you a Fun week ahead, Michilyn. 😀 ❤

  12. I just recently found this site…I thoroughly enjoy what I am reading.
    I’ve a question.
    Does anyone else gather that we humans…are building another Earth… someplace…a new Earth to replace this one?

    1. Dear allen, welcome to this Pond and thank you for bringing your light here! I think what we are doing here is part of making this New Earth come into being 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Yes, and it gets even more convoluted for the human mind, because versions of 5D Earth already exist right now….since all parallel realities exist NOW, simultaneously.

      But we humans are following the linear process of this thing, just for the experience of going through it — although my preference would be to toss the slow process out the window and INSTANTLY MANIFEST myself into this already-existing 5D Earth (I mean, ONE of them, the one that my frequency will match itself to)….as there are already existing parallel versions of 5D Earth of different frequency levels.
      To match to people (& groups) vibrating at different frequencies.

      Now I give you Dolores Cannon, who is slowly being trained to think multidimensionally with respect to parallel Earths — initially, she was only given information coming through her clients of Earth only splitting into *2* Earths….as an oversimplification for the human mind to be able to digest:

      Dolores Cannon:

      “I was describing the vision that Annie Kirkwood had about the Earth splitting into two Earths. How, as the one divided into two separate Earths the people on each would not be aware of what was happening on the other. Those who had raised their frequency and vibration would ascend into the New Earth as it evolved and lifted into a different dimension. Thus becoming invisible to the ones “left behind.”





      C: The energies that are coming in have the ability to transform the vehicle (body). And it will start to be different. It’s going to look different. It’s going to look… well, younger comes to mind.
      It’s going to look smarter and younger. The cells of the body, the vibration of the body is changing, and is matching the vibration of the incoming energy. And the physical changes will be next.

      D: What will those physical changes be?

      C: Oh! The body’s going to change to be lighter. And I’m getting that it will look taller. It’s not that it’s going to be taller. But the energy from within is somehow going to become visible on the outside. And it will make the body seem taller, elongated, slimmer. And more transparent.

      D: Transparent?

      C: Yes. It’s a pioneering thing.

      D: Is this the way the people on Earth will be evolving? (Yes) Will everyone make the changes?

      C: Yes, because the people have all been given that choice. If they want to
      evolve with the Earth, they will evolve into this new human being. It will look different. And that’s what this experiment is about. That’s why Christine and others are moving the ones who don’t want to evolve with the Earth.

      They are going to leave. (Almost crying) And bring a lot of pain to their families. But the people who are staying must hold the light. That’s a big job.

      To get divorced and separated from these things that are happening now. And these things are going to continue to happen until the cleansing is complete. Those who are here to stay, are taking this race of people into a very new and different civilization. Those people are being tested now, to see if they can hold the light when there is disaster, and not be sucked in. They’re the people who will move ahead with this planet.

      D: Almost like a last test?

      C: Yes. The testing is going on right now.

      Whatever each being needs to test them, to see what they’re capable of giving back to this program; how firm their commitment is. How willing they are to serve. That is all being tested now.

      D: So each one is having their own individual test?

      C: Yes. And the people who are finding it tough now are the ones who are staying. They’re the ones who are going through the tests.
      But some of them are not coming through.

      D: They’re not passing the test.

      C: No. There are some who are not.

      D: This is what I was told by other people, that some would be left behind. (Yes) And I thought that sounded cruel.

      C: No, it’s not cruel because each soul is given the choice. And if they are not moving and evolving, it’s because they are choosing not to. And they will reincarnate into another place of their choice.

      And it’s all right. Because it’s only a game. They’ll stay in the Old Earth.

      The New Earth is so beautiful. You will see colors and animals and flowers you never imagined possible. You’ll see fruit that is perfect food. It doesn’t have to be cooked. It’s just eaten as it is. And everything that the being needs to nourish them will be there. These new fruits are developing now with the help of the Star People.

      …You see, the new Earth is not this dimension. The new Earth is another dimension. And we will move into that new dimension.
      And in that new dimension, there’ll be these trees that have purple and orange in their trunks. And there will be beautiful rivers and waterfalls. And the energy will be brought back. There will be energy in the streams and the water that goes over rocks and sandbanks. And it hits the Earth.

      It creates energy and will be straightened out in this world. Many of these streams have been changed and straightened out to make them navigable and nice. That’s taking away the energy from the Earth. The Earth is going to be cleansed. I’m seeing water.

      D: Does this have to occur before the Earth shifts and evolves into the new dimension?

      C: I’m seeing us stepping through. (Startled) Oh! What I’m seeing is that the people who are going to the new dimensions will step through into this new world.

      D: While the other one is being cleansed?

      C: Yes, yes.

      D: What do you see about the water that will happen with the cleansing?

      C: (A big sigh) It’s not going to be shown to me.

      D: They don’t want you to see it?

      C: No, they won’t show me that. What they’re showing me is… an opening? And we step through. We step into, what looks like this Earth, but it’s different colors. It’s different textures. At first it looks the same. At first only. And then as we look around, we start to see that it’s not.

      It’s changing before our eyes. And it’s so beautiful.

      D: But this is not the spirit side? Because the spirit side is described as being very beautiful also.

      C: No, it’s the new Earth. It’s not the spirit side. It’s the fifth dimensional Earth. Some people will pass through before others. I’m being told to tell you now that Christine has been there several times. There’s a group going to go through now. And she’ll be bringing more through.
      And they’ll be coming and going a bit until they go for good.

      D: Then the others will be left on the old Earth?

      C: Yes, the ones that are choosing to stay will stay.

      Cannon, Dolores (2011-06-01). The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth





      1. Yes, one of my latest favorites. Although I enjoyed reading her books, this is the only one I could finish. Sometimes it’s too repetitive and I get bored of reading things over and over again but this one was quite impressive. Thanks for bringing it back to our attension dear Kiera!

        1. I’m with you Tijen. I get bored with her books to. Most of them only hint at anything new. None of her books give any full information on her theories or other theories. All her interviews are to promote her books for sell. I do like to read what she says but always with a grain of salt. Very interesting lady. Most of what she talks about is used everyday by many people and world leaders that seek to control others and what they think.

          Love and blessings to all

          1. Exactly Ray, isn’t it? It bothers me so much, all this selling stuff. On her interviews too. She keeps telling the same things over and over again. She keeps saying ET’s (or whatever I should name) chose her to spread their word but I mean is she really chosen or is this a sales pitch? I think she plays her role very well. At the beginning yes, it’s interesting but afterwards you get tired of the repetitions and all the me me me stuff.

      2. thank you dear Kiera, isn’t she great ❤︎ I so appreciate Dolores !!
        Without here existence & her experiences I am not here the way I am to day.

    3. I have always felt ‘somewhere else in the background’ all my life.
      Now that the veil has lifted and Earth un-quarantined, I straddle the multi-dimensions a bit differently. I am more aware of the one that suits me best as Kiera would say on that. It is side by side with this one – I guess the still 3D one. For example: just this morning I am in the lunch room and a co-worker comes in complaining of an array of things…. about work. The old me was able to understand all of her grievances. The real me was in the conscious seat just observing it all. It was almost difficult to stay focused on what she was even saying. I felt a shifting sensation back and forth. A real nice ‘slow down’ energy was ‘off to the side’ for lack of better way to put it….and I wanted to go Be with that one! — LoL — but did not want to be rude and just leave her and appear all zoobed out as I call it.
      I am not in a position to say exactly anything of what is happening. I am just observing. Love to you! Keep Being with your true self – the one who’s energy feels oh so good and observe everything else from that stand point. Its the best seat in the house!! 🙂 Areeza

      1. want to add… something else I have noticed lately. When I speak, it can seem ‘automatic’…and I almost hear it ‘afterwards’. The person or persons I am speaking with usually respond positively in these instances. It is very pleasing 🙂 Like the wise old soul is just doing its thing! naturally !

        1. Thank you for bringing that out!!!!!
          I’m letting go …of my brain,,,,,and flowing.
          Going to catch your wave your riding, Areeza!!!

          1. and you , dear B, are such a wonderful support in your own right~! for all of us! you do have this lovely planted rock energy. It helps us tremendously I know that.
            Was thinking of you on my ride. So happy to see you Being so well 🙂
            cheers to us all for steppin on thru to the other side! (still really don’t have a clear idea of the whole thing in progress… but… still with the momentum! ) ❤

            1. Dear lovely Sister!

              If it wasn´t for you and others here I wouldn´t have had the slightest idea what was going on and in what direction I would go. Okay – I have always followed my heart but these last couple of years I really needed your loving landmarks to navigate through this unknown land towards enlightenment. So happy you thought about me today 🙂 You are often in my mind as well pondering about the big change I see in you now 🙂

              All my love to you and Kelly ❤


              1. we are Blessed B – and everyone – ‘That’, we have absolutely no question about! so glad we all found one another and have assisted in each other’s growth! Its just… BE-autiful!! 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤

  13. Caught up sort of , i think. lol. geez… you guys are rolling all right!
    A Very Happy Birthday Nancee~!! I was celebrating a nice old gents b-day yesterday as a matter of fact. his name is Wilbur and he turned 68. A friend of a friend who invited us for a nice picnic. It was a nice, normal day. Lots of the good ole bad food to stuff my face with ! 🙂 Love to you Nancee!! XO
    and dear Monica ~~ thank you so for looking for me ~ I am here. I dont go on the laptop much on weekends. had today off from work so I am catching up now.
    Crete~~!!! oh my, if you all only knew how much that is a special, special place for me. I have dreamed of going there (again…was in past life) since I was a young girl.
    Tijen! could we room together — u think ? I need a passport. How does one go about that ? I have never left US. If I could do this thing for 1,500 or so , I could swing it. that sounds a tad unrealistic? maybe. Flight would cost a lot it seems. room, not so much.
    I know I will be there one way or the other… but,,, I turn 50 on Oct 16 and it just feels like I am to go – someplace special
    I am dreaming 🙂 Love and goodnight all, Areeza

    1. Wow Breeze! I think you should go! You may be able to get your passport on line. It varies from state to state. We got one on a days notice as the usual way had a long waiting list so we went downtown and in person. First get a passport photo taken. Walmart does them and some places do the picture and the passport. Make sure you know how long it will take them to get it to you as like us you may need to go in person. The reason you need it may help it along faster. Ours was for a bussiness trip. We had to tell them why we were leaving the country…and they say we live in a free country. Anyway….go for it!!!

      1. Catching up here today too…ha…idont know that I am ever caught up here. Feel bad sometimes about it. By the way I did catch that I was on your dream at a campfire or something! Cool! I have been wanting to roast marshmallows all year! 🙂 ❤

    2. Oh I am going very tingly Areeza… you will know for sure if you are meant to be there but the tingles are telling me something! As others have said there’s reasonably priced accommodation. Philip ❤

    3. oh man you guys are great! I feel this way and that. It would be so cool for sure. Long way to travel alone. Kelly, I could not afford to take with me — he would be upset and I would have to deal with that. Like said though to Lin and others — that Loving Loyalty to self — what a wonderful way to live! Either way, its all good. Love you all so much. Isnt it delicious to be so wanted and appreciated ! never received much of that in every day life but you folks here are just so de-Light-Full! 🙂 ❤ enjoy the day!

      1. You know I keep getting tingly with the the idea of you being there. With your permission I will ‘invoke’ SOL to support the creation of the highest outcome for you… you can bet its already on the case but a little pure intention sends a message to the grid. Philip ❤

          1. Cool consider it done and the highest good whatever way it is for you will unfold. Blessings Areeza. Philip ❤ 🙂

    4. Dear Areeza! I really, really hope you will be able to make your dream come true and join us in Crete! And if you do, make sure to book your flight to Chania – that is the closest airport 😉
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

    5. Hey there dear Areeza,
      Give yourself a special 50th b.day gift, you deserve it and it feels so good to treat yourself for a special gift. As your loved ones to help with the travel cost instead of buying gifts and you’ll handle the cost easily. Last year I went to India as a gift for my 50th b.day which was great. It feels good to be able to treat yourself with special gifts!

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