The manuscript of survival – part 424

As mankind started to evolve, so much of the inherent abilities they came in with, started to decline. This will sound like a contradiction, but this is in fact exactly what happened. For mankind came to be as a perfect species already programmed to attain great heights by their own abilities to climb further up from their very humble beginnings, and in this, you were all set to become the shining beings that you have so longed for to be. But alas, an intervention came to pass, one where other interests were injected into your very bloodstream, and where your future was re-tailored in such a way, it would suit those that came in looking for a way to serve their own interests. And the rest is history as they say, except for the fact that even if these intruders tried as hard as they could, they could not eradicate that shining center of your being, no matter what tricks they resorted to. And so, what was suppressed in the name of blatant manipulation and extortion has once again been set free, and it has been set free by the likes of you, wonderful beings capable of extracting themselves from that mire of fear so many of their brothers and sisters have suffered under for lifetime after lifetime.

Make no mistake, you have also had lives where you walked deep in the valley of the shadows like the rest of mankind, but even then, there was something inside of you that kept you going, and that kept this glimmer of hope alive within you. And so, you came in again and again, patiently waiting for the right time for this little spark to burst into full flame. And now, finally, the time has come, and even before you were born this time you knew beyond any lingering shadows of doubt that this time, the time would come for you to stand up and say “no more, I will not be led away from my true self anymore. For now, I will stand tall and proud, cast off the shackles and learn to fly again”. And so you did, and here you all are, already shining in your resplendent robes of light, but still, you have more to offer this world and All of creation, and this is what is literally becoming apparent to all.

For now, those hidden deposits, that deep vein of shimmering golden light that you have carried safely tucked away for every single journey you have taken to this shore, now, that vein will finally begin to be exposed for the treasure it really is, and already, your willingness to explore this hidden resource will have far reaching consequences, spreading out even beyond your known surroundings. For you are tapping into a repository that will again help to seed anything and anyone it touches, and so what you are doing, is literally to set off a veritable feast of fertility, where the spores you release will set to work as soon as they touch down on a suitable “surface”. And even if you think this world of yours has been turned into a barren wasteland of disillusion, mismanaged and destruction, we can only say think again. For this world is still as vibrant as they come, but as we have told you again and again, the surface you connect to through your human capacities to take in information will seem to be less than fertile in so many ways. But that is again simply a case of what you see, is not what you will get. For you have managed to burrow yourself underneath this stifling layer of old and solidified energetic imprisonment and you have sent down roots deep, deep into the fertile fields that abound under this wafer-thin membrane of non-light that still covers much of the surface of this planet. But again, if you want to think of this is numbers, think of an infinitesimally small percentage and then cut that in half, and that will constitute the small number of energy “contaminated” if you will of the vast pool of vibrancy you really have at your disposal.

For you have already managed to shake off that layer of dust that made you feel close to suffocation, and so too has your planet, and together, the two of you will ensure that the rest of this old and stale covering will start to disintegrate once and for all. For you are all expanding now at a rapid pace, and as we have mentioned earlier, your sphere of influence is advancing too, and already, your individual spheres are interlocking in a way that has ensured the establishing of enlightened corridors all over your planet. So even if there are still some parts of your world suffering under a heavy mass of negativity, you can travel the globe and still breathe the fresh air of freedom. And the reason for this is simply the fact that you have allowed that small spark of light you have carried with you to get that first tantalizing taste of fresh air, and so, as you opened the doors to the light that came streaming in from the outer reaches of Creation, that small spark jumped at the chance to finally grow into a roaring fire, a fire that cleansed not only you, but also the planet you live upon.

Make no mistake, you are not finished with this ritual cleansing, for there are still some very stubborn stains that need to be exposed to the light and to the freshest of air before they will let go completely, but that task is one that will be accomplished by your continued willingness to let the light shine unhindered and unfiltered through your very being. And not only that, it will also be accomplished by the fact that the very ground you step upon will add even more strength to this already highly effective mixture of enlightened energy and truly enlightened beings that tread upon this selfsame soil. For you are partners now in an endeavour that spans the ages, and in an endeavour that straddles the continents, the deep expanses of the sea, and the very air that you breathe. And so, as you have managed to reunite yourself not only with those inner expanses within, but also with those inner expanses of your wondrous globe, you will have no problem furthering this expansion of light so that it will touch the feet, the hearts and the minds of every living creature that resides here.

For the doors that you have opened to your innermost treasures are intrinsically linked to those deep inside the womb of Mother Earth herself, and together you will literally pro- and co-create the new. For as you step forward on this glorious path of light, you give birth to new ideas, new solutions and new opportunities wherever it is you choose to shift your focus, and as such, you are literally a walking propagator for the new life that has already started to take hold on your shores. So together you are making history happen again, but you are making it happen in the way it was intended, through light and through love, through joy and through a harmonic conversation between you and the heavenly body you all inhabit. And the tune you are playing out in unison now is truly a song of the utmost beauty and perfection, yet, it is still only a small tasting of what is yet to come. For you have still a way to go, but that path ahead is already quivering in anticipation from what it is you will bestow upon it by way of creativity, ingenuity, compassion and devotion. For you are sowing the seeds of love with every step you take and with every breath you draw deep into your lungs. And as you continue to stride confidently forward, you will feel the wholehearted support not just from every one of us literally hovering around you in the unseen realms. You will also feel the unending support of your very own Gaia, the Mother of your heart and the life beneath your feet. And through that, the new world will arise, for the seeds you continue to sow so generously will all take to root as they find fertile soil and an abundance of nutrition no matter where they land and no matter how far flung you scatter them.

So go forth and procreate, and go forth and co-create the land and the sea and the air of your very dreams, and know that no matter how lofty those dreams are, they are none too big to come into being. For you cannot dream too big, nor need you fear accomplishing too little, for none of those options are applicable any more. For you have managed to set your goals without limits, as only a human mind is still restricted by limitations, and you have long since stepped away from the confines that a human mind still holds so many imprisoned by. So simply continue to allow the flow to take you wherever it is it wants you to go, and know that wherever that is, it will be the place you heart has been dreaming of, for eons. So once again we wish you god speed on your journey, and once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation for being who you are and for doing what you do. You are walking your talk, and you are doing it with a confidence that gladdens our hearts mightily.

For no more are you those timid creatures devoid of self-confidence, for you have found your inner core, and you have found that you are not lacking in any way, and for that we cannot thank you enough. For you are the ones making this happen, and it is through your courage of rediscovery that all of this has come about, and now, you will continue to surprise and delight not just us, but mostly yourselves. For we have known all along just what feats you are capable of, but for the longest of times, you though yourselves incapable of anything at all. You did not need to prove it to us, but you did need to impress yourselves a little bit before you truly started to take this truth for the truth it really is. But now that you are finally starting to remember your own greatness, there is truly no stopping you. So keep on keeping on, and keep reminding yourselves of the magnitude of your accomplishments. For you are the true creators of your own lives now, and that is a feat that no one can take away from you. Nor can anyone stop you in your tracks from attaining even more of your longed for new lease on life. For the future is yours dear ones, in every sense of the word, for you are the ones already making it come into being by creating your dreams by way of breathing life into them – every day, every hour and every second you walk on these shores.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you dear Aisha and CCs and ALL the wonderful beings who are part of this great adventure to ONENESS.
    It is very true that the way ahead has become very clear, for me it has really been only a short time.

    Anticipation is so exciting and if this is only a tiny taste of what is coming to ALL then WOW, we will really be flying.

    I send my LOVE to ALL and Thank you again for what you(we) are doing.
    I LOVE you .

    1. Dear Ernie! Thank you for adding your beautiful words and your loving energy to this Pond – and for posting your comment at exactly 14:44 πŸ™‚
      According to “The message of the 444 Angel Number sequence is that you have nothing to fear … all is as it should be, and all is well. Things that you have been working on or with will be successful. Repeating Angel Number 444 is an indication that you are being surrounded by angels who love and support you and their help is close at hand, always.”
      Yes, we really will be flying πŸ™‚
      LOVE, Aisha ❀

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    … and so it is! … πŸ™‚ … …
    “And so, what was suppressed in the name of blatant manipulation and extortion has once again been set free, and it has been set free by the likes of you, wonderful beings capable of extracting themselves from that mire of fear so many of their brothers and sisters have suffered under for lifetime after lifetime.”

  3. You reference to empty reminds me of this line from a Miten and Deva Premal Song…

    “The light of emptiness shines all around.”

    Philip ❀

    1. πŸ˜€ ❀ Dear Kiera… omg, you're a walking library and provide sooo much to us all. Thank you for your commitment to Spirit, to growth and to Love.
      Continued Blessings to you&yours. ❀ ❀ ❀

  4. Question Dear Family.
    As we are to get down in the “dirt” of Gaia, does anyone feel where she is headed at this time! What is she pro-creating anew?
    Each of us co-creates, I just have a little trouble embracing where she is headed.


    1. Ok, ok…..but I asked my question first you know – why you gotta put a question right after mine, anyhow….but I forgive you…

      Purpose –

      There’s a few things going on.

      For one — We are taking what we are learning here and bringing it back to the higher dimensions.

      For instance, I now have huge orchards in the higher dimensions filled with experimental plants, flowers and trees that I’m creating there, based on combining the DNA of the variety of plants I’ve experienced on Earth.

      Easy to instantly manifest shit there out of purer non-deteriorating/non-degrading Energy, and easy to manipulate the DNA.

      One of my orchards consists of large sections of a multicolored plant that looks like a combination of Poinsettia, burgundy leaf Canna Lily, a Fern, and Persian Shield.

      Persian Shield:

      And surrounding this weird pretty plant I’ve created, are orchards of Cherry Blossom trees that my dead mother planted/created, to contribute to this orchard garden.
      It also has a mountain backdrop.


      Another purpose — we are evolving ourselves through this process, like the lady in the vid says, to become higher level teachers, or guides, or collective councils, or creator gods in various universes….

      And the purpose of lifting Gaia to higher dimensional states in which we have restored powers of creation to enable us to experiment in all positive ways on the new planet(s) — as there are parallel versions of Earth always — and see what we end up creating.

      Also, this entire Earth thing is a big-ass EXPERIMENT.
      One that went right at first, then due to free will became screwed up….but even that I think, was part of the experiment — as it was left alone to be observed.

      If you want to know more about the higher dimensional perspective of the Earth Experiment, I’d advise reading Dolores Cannon’s books — as she has compiled SO many descriptions from the Akashic records through her patients Higher Selves, of what has been going on higher dimensionally when it comes to Earth.

      1. Dear Kiera! I can’t answer your question because I have not had any experiences with Will Berlinghof’s Cosmic Awareness, but I can say thank you for once again sharing so much interesting and inspiring information! A Native American shaman I met a few years ago pointed me in the direction of Jacque Fresco and The Venus project, and I am so glad for this reminder πŸ™‚ WOW to your garden project, you never cease to amaze, and yes to the “Earth thing is a big-ass EXPERIMENT” πŸ™‚ I remember being somewhere off Earth looking down at it, and being so mad because I had to go back there so I asked what’s the point of all of this, why do all of that crazy stuff happen? Is it because God is bored? And the answer I got was “no, it is because God wants to taste it all” and then, I got this quick rundown of things I had “tasted” in previous lives, the good, the bad and definitely the ugly… πŸ˜‰
        Aisha ❀
        PS: I don’t flap my arms either when I “fly”, I seem to be more like a mix between superman and a helium balloon, sometimes doing impressive air acrobatics while at other times I float not so impressively slowly upwards to the ceiling.

        1. I had a similar, is it because We/God are bored? discussion with my low frequency deceased father during one of his rare enlightened states. (The man had sporadic moments of genius, and I took advantage of that as often as I could.)

          I had to carefully choose what he could possibly relate to (had in common with), in order to raise his awareness step by step.
          As I anticipated, one of the few things he decided to accept was Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute.

          However, he still filtered out most information re: Bob Monroe and latched onto whatever supported/reinforced his Belief System in clinging tenaciously to the human “reality” & ignoring the higher dimensions.
          And in this case, he latched onto what Robert says about going “Home” and being “bored” there at 48:00 in this video:



          Because of that, I had to introduce to him the opposite idea — that the experience of “Boredom” is mainly a product of the Earth human experience, due to the introduction of “Time”. And being tied to such a restricted focus.
          That this is one of the few places, that we can actually feel what the concept of Boredom, is.

          (That shut him up for contemplation, as he hadn’t considered that)

          And that unlike the human experience, in the higher realms there are infinite possibilities for exploration, because All-That-Is does not become “bored”, of experiencing and tasting itself….in all possible ways.


          You have no idea, how much I dearly want to hear about your “ugly” experiences…out of the good, bad and ugly

          1. I briefly had the music from the film The Good, the bad and the ugly come to me recently though it soon passed.

            1. sang that tune to Kelly yesterday! waa waa waaaah! LMAO now. we had on Hang em High – Clint Eastwood and Kelly was making fun of the background sounds…. coolness

          2. Dear Kiera~
            Thank you for the beautiful images and videos of these newly birthed places and the unicorns. I have always felt deep affinity with unicorns and found a carved one with a brass horn in an antique store on the isle of Nantucket off the coast of Massachusetts where Michael L. lives…so many synchronicities!
            Since then I have seen the pattern of that horn in nature repeatedly, in trunks and roots of trees as examples, after mean Irene the hurricane hit us in 2011….
            You are a powerhouse of visionary inspiration and Light us so well, touching spark to spark, arcs, rainbows amazing light signs that Bixie posts and others of course. Ponders keep on rockin’ and rollin’…joyful nation of rainbow builders all!
            Today in the US we rest from labor theoretically….so peace BE as we BEam. Love and Light sisters and brothers, ❀ Monica πŸ™‚

      1. Dear Kiera,
        If you could repeat your question as I can’t find it?
        That being said, Thank you for your enlightening answer to my question.
        I have such an image of you creating with magic hands, with multicolored lights radiating From them…..poof!
        Sounds to me like you are a master creator, and so much fun.
        Thank you for sharing it. :). :). πŸ™‚

        1. We are all of us creating when we leave our bodies during sleep….it’s the “forgetting program” of the veil or your Higher Mind that prevents you from remembering it….

          (Oh, my question was about Cosmic Awareness & how people felt about this source.)



          1. ❀︎hoping to play with you all in dreams! It is an exciting time to be here on earth I can’t wait to be & see more and more wonderful surprises in new world we create. Thank you Kiera, Aisha, brothers and sisters ❀︎

    2. Michael L.
      thank you for this post. It’s good when someone can speak for the one who feel restricted because of variable reasons: in my case the language- it’s not the first one. This lady is expressing the same feelings I have, I agree 100 % with her. There is not necessary a lot of words to explain the purpose of life. It didn’t even cross my mind to do it…I just live, paint, create, reading what others have to say and mostly don’t have a mouth full of love-words…just let love to touch my heart when it happens to occur. Curiously it remind me the conversations about Art. I always left the place and let others to talk about it. It was very long time ago. I just painted Art no Art…Anyway. Maybe I’m shy to show emotions…

      p.s. And Kiera, if this photo is yours, your face is beautiful. Just for a good portrait.

        1. Yes, Michael,
          since I was 13,(now over 66). And restoring, gilding, writing…I just can’t stop. I’m better than with words. Love music and teaching my grandson mathematics… Too much to do and I have to be quick. Second half of life is a little risky, you know…
          And I don’t care about the purpose of life because I know my
          G-son will have an inspiration… I’m happy.
          Take care and a lot of good wishes, Michael.

          1. Dear Maria,
            This song came to me and I thought of you and your love of music.
            This is for the all the hearts of motherhood. Thank you Mom.

        1. You are welcome, Kiera,
          I have to thank you for giving me an aesthetical pleasure to
          look at the photo.
          Take care

      1. Dear Maria! “I just live, paint, create, reading what others have to say and mostly don’t have a mouth full of love-words…just let love to touch my heart when it happens to occur” – I think you have mastered the art of being a human BEing πŸ™‚
        Aisha ❀

      1. Wow, that is good. I had a friend who’s style of drawing is similar
        but he liked humour… Imagine: a criminal before the judge. The judge asking: ” Are you’ve been accused before?” “No, your Honour, always after”.
        Not sure about right language but I hope you will get the point.

  5. OPEN QUESTION about Cosmic Awareness – to EVERYONE here


    Has anyone here had any experiences with Will Berlinghof’s Cosmic Awareness, (CA, and not the former CAC)….and what are your feelings about this source, regardless?
    What do you feel about the information that is coming through?
    Feel free to be completely open — I would love to see all opinions out there.

    What is your heart saying about the frequency level they are currently at?

    I have this ongoing curiosity about this source that is not letting up.

    I’ve been sending some higher dimensional questions of general interest to their Questions of general interest for Cosmic Awareness Email address on their site, and have received back this old system 3D-type of response:



    “Questions are answered from members of Rainbow Phoenix only – unless you book a private session with Will and Cosmic Awareness.

    If you would like to become a member, please go to the website and register, then your question can be addressed”

    in light and service
    Will and Callista



    Some recent background I am aware of, is of Callista originally partnering up with Georgi Stankov in 2011, before meeting Will.

    Georgi and Callista were acting like dual souls, such as he is now with Carla Thompson from Vancouver.

    Callista was even lovingly describing to Georgi how she was receiving visions of the 2 of them working closely together in Atlantis, and that she saw Georgi working as a High Priest of Atlantis.

    A sample correspondence from Georgi’s site:



    November 19, 2011

    Dear George

    This morning I woke up with a firm conviction that now is the time to make our own decisions on how this situation should progress, and not be tied any longer to the vagaries of the GF or whatever.
    I am convinced the GF is in some disarray because of trivial rivalries between the various groups. I think a lot of our work in the past few days has been trying to convince them to take some sort of positive action. This was confirmed to me this morning after I read the latest Report 29 (how appropriate that is 2+9 = an 11).I am in complete agreement with Ute and your stance on this matter.
    I am so fed up to the back teeth with this whole stagnant situation that I will willingly release myself from this clay vessel if that is what is needed. However, it was my intention to ascend with full consciousness within a light body form and that is what I am demanding from my Soul. I have worked hard and long to awaken humanity and prepare my light body. I have lived in a state of compromised health and subsequent borderline economic conditions. I am not complaining about this past environment because I believed it was a necessary condition BUT IT CANNOT CONTINUE.

    I am as cross as two sticks. I am at a point in my life where I am throwing up my hands and saying WHAT MORE AM I EXPECTED TO DO? No-one is listening to us! Maybe this whole scenario is designed to make us stand fully in our power and dictate our own terms – after all, we are here on the ground and we are the best authorities to assess the situation.

    Desperate times require desperate measures. How much more desperate does it need to become before action is taken?

    In love and light and determination




    But then Callista went on to dump Georgi’s keister and shortly after married the more positive Will Berlinghof….cutting off contact with the more negative Georgi.

    The spiritual soap opera continued after that, with a few personal CA channeled public attacks between the 2 groups.

    1. Hi Kiera, I think I’ve seen and read 2/3 Cosmic Awareness documents that were forwarded to me by friends. From what I can recall one was something to do with the missing Malaysian plane and another about some political manoeuvrings or concerns about some conflict and probably more. If this is the same one I can’t say I got a lot out of them and didn’t feel drawn to following it up in anyway. I am very choosy about what I read ‘channeling wise’ it either resonates for me or it doesn’t and I soon switch off if it doesn’t feel pure. Not sure if that is much help but that was my experience. Philip ❀

      1. Yes, that’s what I wanted to know — if people at the frequency level of this group, were at all drawn to the energy of that group’s Timeline.
        Thank you so much, Philip

  6. What a wonderful message that resonated so strongly with me like the call of the love warrior within us all! Also many blessings on the really cool SOL meet up in Crete! Awesome news for all participating (and we here will hold the space for it in spirit!)…Giggling with glee! Big hugs!

  7. this photo is an immature Osprey exercising her wings. She had never left the nest at this point in mid-July. only females have the dark pattern across the breast area. males are all white there. I’ve been watching the nest since April, before the eggs were laid.
    this line from today’s message reminded me of it.

    say β€œno more, I will not be led away from my true self anymore. For now, I will stand tall and proud, cast off the shackles and learn to fly again”. And so you did


    1. Sublime. Reminds me of Abba’s “Eagle” song.

      I fly a lot in the astral dream state — when I first started deliberately flying about 30 years ago, I’d describe to people how hilarious it was (none of them flew),
      because I would be flapping my arms like wings to lift off and then keep flapping to offset the downward drag….now I realize I was feeling the low frequencies in that dimensional state dragging me down.

      Now, I don’t “flap” anymore, I’ve noticed….

        1. Michael!!
          I’m not an angel in this incarnation….I’m a worker bee — plus we know Kryon is 100% right about the angels…

          But here’s my Sarah McLachlan theme song, always has been:



          1. OK, I see now, you are that!!!
            I heard once that, God send us nothing , BUT angels!!!!
            That’s why I love what shows up!!!

            1. Michael I think I know where you heard that about angels πŸ™‚

              If so, I think the term angel was being used within the context of how we perceive angels symbolically (as Divine Helpers) more so than who/what angels are ‘literally’

              He was saying that all people and all events and all circumstances show up in our lives/realities in order to help us create ourselves and our lives in relationship to those people and events

              Which of course is the only way we can create ourselves—in relation(ship) to something ‘other’ than ourselves…the only creation is CO~Creation

              Even our so-called ‘enemies’ are angels in that they are, on some level, willingly playing the ‘bad guy’…willingly reflecting something back to us we need to see/experience for whatever reason

              Essentially at the Soul level…we’re all friends and helpers aka ‘angels’ in the (co) creation and evolution of ourselves

              And that is why I too love who and what shows up!!!

              That combined with what he also says about seeing the PERFECTION in everything…faithfully and diligently SEEkINg the PERFECTION in all moments…and maybe even especially the so-called ‘bad’ moments

              The ‘angels’ and the PERFECTION spurred on my love of what shows up…no matter what it is…unconditional love

              And just 4 the heck of it…here’s my Sarah theme song for the past 8 years especially…this one’s not only mUSicALLy aWEsome…it’s LOADED

            2. I think that’s what Kryon was getting at with his talk of Angel(s)

              IThey are of such a HIGH vibration that IThey cannot be put into words or human description…IThey cannot be put literally…the best we can do is to view and describe IThem symbolically…unless of course IThey come blazing into your living room as a flAMing bALL of LIGHT…then you’d SEE a lot more than Symbol πŸ™‚

              1. Don’t worry Amy — I am fully aware of what Michael meant.

                My responses in turn have a different specific purpose, than to simply reflect back and amplify the original response.
                Because as you say, we are each other’s Teachers (who will never be on strike ;D

                Christ almighty, you and that fire theme……Bev with water, you with fire….reminds me of “Airbender”….

                (Here, you little fireball — have some more Fire Wine…..)



                1. Kiera there would be no putting anything past you πŸ™‚ I think I was more clarifying things for my own thinking…and using your guys’ conversation to do it…so thanks! πŸ™‚ And thanks for the vid as per usual. You blow my mind Kiera. As in fiery explosions πŸ˜‰

                  And you’ve also triggered something with this fire and water thing…fire that doesn’t burn…liquid that carries no resistance……I can see something but not quite see it…sometimes I feel like a blind person who is very aware of everything going on around them…but can’t see any of it….annnyyyyway

                2. And speaking of using your guys’ conversation—if I was sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong…if it was inappropriate I apologize

                  I just get triggered/excited by certain ideas and…go off on a tangent where I can see outwardly what’s working its way through me inwardly

                  In any case you guys both are Teachers to me in this and helped bring out the Teacher in me from whom I learn so much ❀ I had some amazing insights on this all which I almost wrote about here…but I think for once I'll just zip it

                  1. Dearest Amy,
                    No offense can ever be taken when you give your love right here, from my humble opinion!!!
                    I know exactly where you are coming from and honor your words as you use them to up lift. I don’t write as polished as you! So it’s so nice to see those same thoughts I have in a long paragraph, which I would say 3 in words!!
                    And I do understand where Kiera is starting from( love) and I’m trying to stay with her thoughts as she zooms around presenting an ever expansive life.
                    I would of course love to hear your insights, even if you feel like a blind person, because you are very aware!!!! πŸ™‚

                    Love and light, lighting up, loving up! ❀

                    1. Thank you sweet Michael. I envy you the ability to express yourself in 3 words instead of 3 paragraphs…kind of why I decided to just zip it for awhile πŸ™‚

                      Love you Michael ❀

                3. hmmmm…..interesting yet again…I just watched this movie last night. A fantasy film but yet some important underlying messages. The balance of the Earth is held by a life bond between the moon spirit & the ‘Water’ spirit…2 sacred fish that live within a sacred spiritual place guarded by the northern Artic ‘Water’ tribe. Of All the elements, the Spirits chose ‘Artic Water’.

                  1. Hi Bev,
                    My kids said it wasn’t very accurate to the animi”s story they watched on TV.
                    I guess more study is need from me to get the whole idea.
                    Thanks for the direction.

              2. You were meant to stick your cute always-belonging nose in this particular conversation, just so we could start this chain reaction of “Fire” and “Water” idea….yes, so that you could “trigger” yourself,

                And you’ve also triggered something with this fire and water thing…fire that doesn’t burn…liquid that carries no resistance……I can see something but not quite see it…


                The amazing thing is, it’s actually not ME who triggered you — for us to even have this conversation (which would activate something in you)…..first your Higher Self/Mind has to have a discussion with MY Higher Self, and permission has to be given for me to be able to activate you this way.

                Nothing is done at our level, without permission being given first at the higher levels of our being. An agreement is always made.

                So your Higher Self gave the permission, to my Higher Self, to give me a “nudge” to present the Fire/Water idea to you, as a kick-start.

                (And Bev is pondering this Fire concept too….which could indicate that you are closely connected in the Elemental realm…)


                I had some amazing insights on this all which I almost wrote about here…

                Uhmm….uh…..I absolutely ADORE/go orgasmic over/get off on “amazing insights”? (hint hint)

                1. Hi Kiera,
                  Was I in the meeting too????
                  I know the answer,,,,,, just being a pain.
                  πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

                  1. Haaaa!!

                    Like Robert Monroe says at the end of his video,
                    “We would like to shake that Maker’s hand, and say what a magnificent engineer s/he is, what a beautiful designer s/he is…”

                    Well, I also want to shake the hand of YOUR Higher Self, Michael — because what an incredible instigator and facilitator s/he is.

                    I keep seeing this happening with your HS, over and over…


                    1. Kiera, each night Bam we are back to work after a hug and a handshake !!!!!
                      Your the second person in my life to “see” my s/he HS.
                      Similar response (firer y) and vocal!!
                      But I like your expression, Instigator and facilitator.
                      I Like to stir the pot, so I can reach in and give my guests the goodies within!!
                      Yup, still makes I/us a pain!!

                2. Fascinating as ever Kiera…I keep forgetting we have these silly Higher sELVES running around doing things ‘behind our back’ πŸ˜‰

                  I would love to share my further insights but I’ve just been too disconnected to do so…which is another reason I decided to zip it for a bit

                  I’m just not ON right now so I figure it’s better just to soak up the wisdom of my BRILLIANT Ponders until the connection comes back online

                  And I SO appreciate all your brilliant insights and your endless reams of information…who needs google with you and your Higher sELF around? πŸ™‚

                  Love you Kiera and thank you

          1. Hearts out to you in your remembering Aisha.
            It was a poignant story, wasn’t it.
            One of my all time “growth being” songs!!!

            ❀ ❀ ❀

      1. … and I dream I’m an Eagle
        … and I dream I can spread my wings
        … flying high, high like a bird in the sky
        … over mountains and forests and seas

        Beautiful song. Philip ❀

    2. Awesome, Otmn. I just love birds of prey. I love all birds, but there is something about them that is just… something I cannot describe. πŸ™‚


      1. Vinny my dear, do “look alike” have to mean appearance only? (Not a good sentence but I’m sure you know what I mean.) πŸ™‚

  8. Every time I make a bad judgment, these fellas of unseen come by to show otherwise. Now had a good chance to look up to the realms and there it was. Green, yellow, purple, blue markings on a sky continuing miles away. It’s flabbergasting to see all the colours coming alive there. So that’s awakening? Now I really need to reach my hands onto it… come on me, some cojones! Really crazy dreams abound, had these joysticks on my hands and had a wild fly around there earlier. I love how the sense of gravity pulls and throws my stomach around!

  9. Think Big – start small
    LetΒ΄s surprise ourselves with our own inherent greatness.
    I needed this encouragement, anyway.
    Yes it has been bad in this or that life…
    I never forget the one in England hanging in this cage.
    But we made it up to here,
    even if I donΒ΄t get New Hampshire humor right away, be free or die trying.

    itΒ΄s our life and instead of following the road of Safety
    we just take the next exit called Risk.

    with Bica Binelli – a portrait of the artist as a dog

    [video src="" /]

    for Lin

    1. next try ice photo bucket challenge

      Ines and Bica Binelli
      Michilyn choose the blue t shirt,
      the other guys prefer not to be mentioned,
      because the cops are looking for them.
      Bunch o homeless circus nomads…

      good luck in Crete, I wonΒ΄t be there,
      mayhaps next time on a mainland location??
      Yamas, mes ami

      happy prolonged summer any how

        1. Yes Tijen~ Me too. Lovely photo replies.
          Michilyn the New Hampshire folks drink a lot and light off explosives and are not forced to wear seatbelts, unlike surrounding States…
          Anyhow I think they should change the State motto from Live Free or Die! To Live Free and Fly!

          To FREE spirits!!!!! LOVE ❀ Monica
          Love your songs and performances. Nothing freer than artistry wherever we are~ πŸ™‚

      1. Yamas back to you, dear Michilyn-with-the-shirt-the-color-of the-sky πŸ™‚ Keep flying high, your ability to bring brightness to the greyest of days and the gloomiest of corners is such a gift to us all!
        LOVE, Aisha

    2. πŸ˜€ Hi Ho, Michilyn… great way to begin my day—a walk with bouncy puppy Bica Binelli ending with a closeup of her nose! ha! FUN Thank you for the smiles, photo and vids. Onward FREEDOM. Continued Blessings & Love for you all. ❀ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      1. Your fabulous spirit will be there with us though Michilin… I’ll take SOL wherever the magic calls Philip ❀

  10. Manuscript 424, 44 comments up till now. Cool.

    Great missive from the CC’s. Thank you, Aisha! πŸ˜„β€οΈπŸ˜Š

          1. … and your picture of the water in your Gravatar is from Crete is it not as I recall you saying???? Be great if you do manage to get there both of you… Philip ❀

            1. Yes, that picture was taken in the waters at the south part of Crete.
              We are trying to get there, Philip! πŸ™‚
              We might be staying somewhere in or near Chania. Should be a nice area to stay, right? I haven’t visited Chania before. When I was in Crete last year, we stayed in Rethymno(n).

              1. Hi Jay, Jay & AH wow, wasn’t expecting it would be possible for anyone really but great if you can be there. Murray may be a better advisor on this since he lives there but Sue and I are staying in Almyrida the other side of the bay from Chania. Less built up, plenty of accommodation choice reasonable prices if you shop around a bit and not overly touristy still quite a lot of Greeks. Good choice of restaurants and very reasonably priced. Only 15-20 mins from the Orizon centre but so would Chania be as well I guess.

                The centre itself has some apartments which look quite nice. We decided since it is also our holiday without the now grown up kids to go for a Villa. If you need any website pointers… I could ask Sue … she did all that this time. ❀ πŸ™‚

                  1. Yes, Almyretha is good, Chania is also. Easier to park in Almerytha – but Chania is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! I can advise on hotels in Chania if you decide to go that route. Both are equidistant from Orizon.

                    1. Murray,
                      Is public transportation possible if anyone wants to stay in Chania and attend the workshop at Orizon? (I haven’t done any research yet. If there won’t be a group reservation I then go for Couchsurfing hosts which I almost always do.)

                    2. Hi Tijen,
                      There are buses that go past Akrimios – but I have a car and am no expert on those. The buses will be those going to Kalives, Rethymno, Iraklio …
                      There are many taxis in Chania so that is also an option.
                      Chania is a totally charming city and a lovely place to stay – and if you are in Almirytha you ahve a travel problem also, just in the other direction!
                      Bus timetables for Chania are on the internet (look up Ktel Crete
                      JJ is planning to stay in Chania – so a shared taxi might be very cost effective for one day at least. (Or car hire for one or two days!)
                      Good luck – looking forward to meeting you
                      ❀ Murray

                    3. Thank you for the information Murray! Oh no worries, I’m an experienced solo traveler anyways, and love researching stuff before I arrive any place so I’m sure I can gather the information, will also write you if I need more info. I’m also looking forward meeting you and everyone else. It’s really magical how things are happening πŸ™‚

                    1. Dear Aisha,
                      Yes, we will check it out.
                      See you there! (It’s quite unreal!).
                      ❀️ JJ

                  2. Wow… it will be wonderful to see you both there. I see Murray and Aisha have provided some avenues of enquiry so that may give you enough to go on. If you want any others let me know. Gosh this is truly turning into an international event… I’d just imagined sharing it with the local Cretan International community and delighted at this new turn of events… I’ve just heard that someone from Italy wants to come but doesn’t speak a lot of english… anyone know Italian? Philip ❀

  11. And so it is

    “But now that you are finally starting to remember your own greatness, there is truly no stopping you. So keep on keeping on, and keep reminding yourselves of the magnitude of your accomplishments.”

    -Mark πŸ™‚

    1. Love, light and gratitude back to you, dear ohnwentsya! Thank you for the way you continue to share your insights along the way πŸ™‚
      Aisha ❀

  12. CCs/Aisha:
    “Make no mistake, you are not finished with this ritual cleansing, for there are still some very stubborn stains that need to be exposed to the light and to the freshest of air before they will let go completely, …”

    Oh yes, at night I AM cleaning and washing again and again πŸ˜€

    Thank you for this message ❀

      1. ~laughing~ but does it also clean inside?
        Or makes it only a white vest? πŸ˜€

        The old advertising spots are so funny.

        BIXIE β™‘ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

  13. Wow! Very excited to read another page from the Manuscript!
    Thank you CCs and Aisha β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
    And yes, I also have Crete in my Vortex — and if not there in October, Philip, certainly there in my heart β™₯️
    Much love

  14. I love how the CC’s messages arrive (in Ohio) just in time for my morning coffee. I read the words and feel the energies while my mind is still clear. And I touch my core, if only for a moment. Often it’s a brand new place within that is touched, one I’d forgotten all about. I drink in the cool, refreshing waters of the Pond and feel buoyed and supported as I go out into the world interacting with coworkers, rush hour traffic, sales clerks, the world of politics (I work in city government), medical systems (oh how I’ve tried to avoid that — yes, I hear you, avoidance only energizes that which we want to avoid — and now that system has appeared as part of my dog’s, then my son’s path), and all the rest of daily life. I read most all of your posts… ha! I more than read them, I wrap myself up in the beauty of what’s beneath and within your words. My love and appreciation to the CCs, Aisha and every Ponder here, both seen and unseen. What you bring to this space in immeasurable.

    1. “I more than read them, I wrap myself up in the beauty of what’s beneath and within your words. My love and appreciation to the CCs, Aisha and every Ponder here, both seen and unseen. What you bring to this space in immeasurable.”

      A perfect and beautiful expression and experience of what I am talking about with the research I quote above… thank you Anita… ❀ Philip

    2. Dear Anita, your words make me feel like I am a part of your life already πŸ™‚ And as Philip has described so wonderfully above, I really am – as you are a a part of mine and everyone else’s here at this Pond, all literally energizing each other πŸ™‚
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

  15. Great news:

    Spheres Of Light is going to Crete!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 

    A wonderful series of synchronicities has led me to be able to share the profound gift of Spheres Of Light on the wonderful Island of Crete! How fab is that!?

When Murray mentioned he was on Crete only hours before I went there on holiday in June I knew then there was a reason I had just caught his post… and so it unfolded! Huge thanks are due to Murray for putting me in touch with a wonderful lady Ingrid Margarita and Ildiko Berecz who run and coordinate the centre this blessed event will take place.

    I knew from being a small boy that I always wanted to go to Crete and only got there for the first time last summer. Sue and I loved it so much we went back this summer. As Sue put it, felt like the Island was opening up before us welcoming us with open arms!

    Any Ponder who just happens to be on or near Crete on Sunday 19th October would be most welcome. We can have a wonderful day together. It is FREE.

    You can see the event details and the centre website here:

    and on facebook here:

    The registrations will be handled locally in Crete as Sue I don’t get there β€˜til a week before but do let me know if you are interested:

    Blessings and Spheres Of Light/Infinite Silence be with you all,

    Philip ❀ ❀ ❀

    1. … and for those who may not have seen this yet or are wondering what a workshop may be like see these people in the video below sharing their experiences in their words… spreading the love!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ Philip

      1. This sounds BRILLIANT Philip! I would SO love to be there! Bless you and your Spheres of Light…I can feel them all the way here

        Much love to you ❀

      2. Hi Philip~
        I watched this clip and can see each one speaking has their aura manifesting as a nice healthy looking white around them. What about others? Can you see the subtle light bodies?
        Blessings, Monica ❀
        I will for sure be with you all in Crete in Spirit!

        1. I’m delighted you spotted the aura’s not only white but I see purple too… the room is perfect for being able to see the colours with its white walls. I’ve seen quite big light shows during some of the SOL engagements during the workshops… sometimes I see them vividly other times not so much… but I know they are always there! When I go deep in a one to one with someone it tends to become a golden white light which I take as a key signature of SOL… Philip ❀

    2. I am so looking forward to this event, and so is my sister, for we will both be taking part in it πŸ™‚ During our visit to the mountains this summer, we were shown that the time had come for us and for Philip to meet in person, and when I told my sister that he was re-visiting Crete in October, she immediately answered “that is where we will meet him”. And through one more incredible string of synchronicities, that is exactly what will happen! I know it will be an amazing experience to be able to take part in this SOL event dear Philip, and it will also be the first time we will have the chance to meet not only you but also others that we have come to know through the Pond. First of all, Murray, Ingrid Margarita, Ildiko and all the others at the Orizon centre, but also the others who will be able to come and take part in this. I know that so many of you would love to come, hopefully, some of you will have the chance to do so, but I also know that some day not too long in the future, we will all meet up in person. Until then, we will continue to deepen our connection through events like this so that we are all a part of everything that happens no matter where we are. So thank you Philip, Sue, Murray, Ingrid Margarita, Ildiko and everyone else involved for making this happen!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

        1. Fabulous Tijen and so looking forward to meeting you – visa permitting and all that! Philip ❀

          1. I’m really really looking forward to this, I know it’ll be a powerful gathering dear Philip and Aisha! I don’t know how much time everyone would have but may be we can organize a few day trip so we can spend time together, have some rituals, visit the special energy places to meditate at those places. (I’m sure CC’s will show us the way along with Murray and Philip) May be we can rent a place together, or stay at the same place to enjoy each other’s companionship more. Perhaps Murray would help us in that? As for me, I have to appy for a visa which I don’t like to deal with but Philip did a SOL magic πŸ™‚ so I’m sure everything will go smoothly and I’ll be there with you all πŸ™‚

              1. If everyone is there, I can also stay in Almyrida for few days to spend time with you guys. How long you’re planning to stay? I think I’ll have to stay in Crete for at least a week or more. My story is calling me. As I told Philip and at a reply to JJ, years ago I started writing a story. It came to me through a dream and I fell into it but since I’ve never been to Crete, I wasn’t good in writing the details about the places so I let it sleep. Now that I’m getting excited about visiting Crete, I opened the folder and started writing a bit last night. I think it’s about time to move on to literature which has been my calling for a while. And I have a feeling what I’ve learned at the Pond (from all of you) will be a part of it too. Hurrayyyyy!!!

                1. Hurray it is, this is getting so exciting πŸ™‚ We will arrive in Crete late on October the 18, and we will stay in Almyrida for a week, until Saturday the 25. I am not surprised that your project is starting to “come alive” now, there is definitely a sense of new beginnings in the air πŸ™‚
                  LOVE, Aisha

                  1. Haha Aisha dear,
                    I was reading your note but I brought the last part together and it became: LOVE IS IN THE AIR!
                    Isn’t it wonderful? We’ll be witnessing a wonderful love story (which I’m very happy for two beautiful souls) and my story is also a love story, but a different sort. So yes, love definitely is in the air πŸ™‚
                    I’m looking for flights etc. I don’t know when I’ll be arriving but I have to get there before the event anyways. Perhaps a day or two in advance as well. We’ll be in touch with the details anyways. There is still 1.5 month to go. It’s gonna be great!

            1. I see Aisha has provided some suggestions as has Murray and the Orizon centre itself is certainly a possibility.

              I guess Murray may know some sites we could do a shared trip on together. Will explore this with him via email. We’d certainly need more than a day to meet properly as the workshop is quite a full day if I am to do it justice in sharing with you all! ❀

              1. Thank you dear Philip! I haven’t started doing any research yet. I’ll apply for the visa when I get back to Antalya in mid September (or a bit later since they usually give you the visa starting the date of issue). In the meantime I’ll start reading about Crete. I’d love to spend as much time with you all as possible.

      1. I am overjoyed for this news Aisha! See my post below! πŸ™‚ ❀
        Jumping….Jumping….Jumping!!! Love, Denise

        1. Denise, Lin, Caroline – I am jumping for joy too, dear sisters! I know you will be in that circle alongside my sister and me in Crete, all connected together as ONE amazing, pulsating sphere of de-lightful light!
          LOVE, Aisha ❀

      2. ❀ Blessings & FUN to you&Sis and all Ponders who will be going to Crete this time around. Like others, I will join you in Spirit & Laughter. Exciting!!! πŸ˜€ ❀ ❀ ❀

          1. I KNOW, C !!!! I can feel the pure, dancing, estatic HUGE JOY of it all arriving in ever-increasing waves. Loving you always xox Lin

      3. Sue and I are so excited deep within for this forthcoming trip and event and meeting you both and others too.

        I remember that moment when I first came across the Pond and read the date you’d first got the manuscript of survival message – it was an OMG moment… for it was the same week as SOL came through… no coincidence then. Magic is unfolding… for us all whether there in person or spirit. Blessed! ❀ Philip

        1. Dear Philip! I think this will be an OMG moment too – like two rivers converging into one after three years, or perhaps I should say 1 + 1 = 3 πŸ™‚ As the CCs like to remind us, “everything you do, you do for ALL” so I am certain that on October 19, you do not only bring SOL to Crete and to Orizon, but to a far, far wider audience than just those physically present in that room. I can’t wait to experience that magical moment come true!
          Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

          1. Definitely a 1 + 1 = 3 moment, event and more… I love that analogy of the rivers… Crete here we come! ❀ Philip

    3. Jumping for joy reading your post Philip! Tears too for all those able to meet in Crete! Then I scan down and read Aisha’s post and more jumping and tears! I can’t tell you all how happy I am for this! I will be with you all in spirit. πŸ™‚ ❀ All love, Denise

      1. You will, you will and that is just perfect. I am going to post something about how powerful that is soon! The energy builds as the event approaches. Philip ❀

      2. Being there in Spirit… may be more powerful than we truly realise… I’ve been reminded of something this morning to share to add ‘weight to this…”

        There is actually research going on around the world about the power of intention/focus/attention/awareness… and a very exciting one is this that I came across about 5 years ago when involved in my precursors to SOL – recollective healing but everything is energy and the research is equally applicable to any high frequency energies…

        William Tiller PhD a scientist but also a very spiritual man was invited to study the effects of these energies. He measured what is called the ‘free thermodynamic energy’ in the room a RH seminar was going to take place from a few days before, during and then to a few days after. What he found astonished him and at first though his instruments had gone wrong. He repeated the experiment and the same result and no many times the same result. Get this…

        As the seminar approached the free thermodynamic energy started to rise and rise reached an incredibly high level peaking throughout the seminar days and then gradually tailed off again. Converting that measurement into something we call all related to i.e. actual temperature … the shift in energy from the low to the high equated to over 300 degrees Celsius difference. In his own words “That is huge.” Scientists as you know aren’t given to expressions such as this so you can safely say it really is huge!

        This is but one factor in why such dramatic shifts in consciousness, healing etc occur when engaging with powerful energies such as this. People report to me that SOL is the purest thing they have experienced…

        …no surprises its pure consciousness and as the CCs put it “Consciousness and Energy” are two sides of the same coin! What you experience of that with SOL is what YOU are ready for so you don’t blow your fuses so to speak!

        Now… lets connect that with Crete and indeed this Pond in general and beyond. What causes this massive climb in energy? Your INTENTION shifting your ATTENTION and ultimately your AWARENESS of this deeper energy/truth.

        As peoples INTENTION/ATTENTION turned to the event as it approaches the energy climbs and climbs. Their sustained focus at the event keeps it at this astonishingly high level and then as their attention shifts again to ‘normal life’ afterwards it drops off.

        So as the event on Crete gets closer my friends this WILL happen – I feel and see it every time I run a SOL event, every time I see someone one to one and most days of my life for my awareness of SOL is a pretty much ever present now. The collective focus will serve to magnify the effect hugely no matter where you are in the world… remember the seminar … people travelled from all over to be there.

        So whether you can be in Crete in person or not your focus, intention/attention and ultimately your AWARENESS is going to add to this magical party! How fab is that ❀

        So many here say they feel the energy of the Pond… no wonder with so many peoples focus on the love and joy here, same with the monthly meditations… and the more you engage with SOL the stronger its presence becomes for you.

        Enjoy and embrace the gift. SOL and Infinite Silence. It IS YOU. SOL IS. YOU ARE. WE ARE.

        Simple yes! Deep gratitude for we all doing this together. Philip ❀

        1. Ha the auto editor above has made an interesting adjustment to the word I actually typed which was reconnective putting it as recollective… its been doing this for days as its a word I use for other purposes and most times I catch it and alter it. This time I missed it and … here’s the thing… ultimately it is a RECOLLECTION of who we really are. Nice ONE spirit! Philip ❀

        2. Dear Philip,
          I totally agree with you. I was going to New York in mid April and before I went, a friend sent me the link for Tom Kenyon’s New York event Tree of Life. It was going to happen on May 31st. I’d still be there. I thought it’d be great to be a part of it, I enjoyed his work, his sound meditations (of course I wasn’t aware of him until my friend sent me the link). As the event got closer I wasn’t still sure because of the cost of it. I’d never spent that much money on a day event. No matter how much I tried to forget, it kept coming back to me and finally, just few days before the event, I got my ticket. The excitement kept growing. The day of the event, there was a long queue since it was an open seating event. I talked to people who came from Singapor, Canada, Boston, Tennesee and other places. The excitement kept growing. And during the event the energies were so high, the experience great. After the event I recorded the meditation music he published on his website on my computer. I kept meditating with it for so many days. Even he said the Energy would continue for 24 hours, for me it was much longer. I had a similar experience during and after the ten day Vipassana meditation retreat I did many years ago. So I know the SOL retreat will have a similar effect. I’m looking forward to it.

            1. I think we all experience this Philip, one way or another. Sometimes don’t have a name for it, sometimes too busy to recognize but I believe it’s a gift given to all of us. Or may be just a spoonful of honey so that we know a little about the “real” thing.

    4. Of course I will be with you in Spirit on the lovely isle of Crete, my friend!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Perhaps there will be another workshop brewing over the winter here in North America by Springtime next year! Loving you & Sue always! Caroline

      1. Yes we’ll be counting you in Caroline… and would love to do something in North America… who knows… love to you and Mark. Philip ❀

        1. USA, East Coast in spring would be wonderful. May be I can do that one too since I’m sure I’ll visit my nieces again. They’re in NY but I can travel.

    5. ” … go forth and co-create the land and the sea and the air of your very dreams, and know that no matter how lofty those dreams are, they are none too big to come into being.”
      We are each just where we should be. And that is where we can create. The only boundaries are those of our own sense of limitation, for it does indeed appear that the time is NOW.

      You can imagine how thrilled I am that Philip is bringing Spheres of Light to our community in Crete and that we will be joined by Aisha and her sister. Those of us living here know how special this island is, with its powerful energies, fiercely independent people, deep history and wonderful food and music!
      At our last meditation group at this month’s new moon, we had 20 people and 14 different nationalities.
      I am happy to answer any questions those of the Pond may have about Crete
      If you think you may come it is best you contact Ildiko or Ingrid direct, through the Orizon Centre (details on Philip’s post, and they are easy to find on the Internet). In October it is easy to get accommodation that is good and inexpensive. Also many low cost flights are still running.
      It looks like October will be an amazing month!

      1. … and much gratitude is due to you Murray for sharing with us this opportunity and putting me in touch with Ingrid and Ildiko… the way you describe the Island resonates and adds more magic for me… I recall when we first went last year and called in at Knossos and I was amazed at how many nationalities were there… so I offered SOL to them all… that seemed to be a profoundly good reason for the trip.

        Really looking forward to meeting everyone! Philip πŸ˜€ ❀

      2. One of the many things that struck me about Crete as I sat down to read a guidebook on our first trip there last year… the opening lines talked about its vast historical importance not least because of its strategic position between Europe, Africa and Asia… a good spot for energy to radiate from I felt! Exciting!!! Philip ❀

      3. Dear Murray! Thank you for sowing those first seeds that inspired Philip to initiate this event! For the comments you posted here back in June sparked a formidable fire, and it is so wonderful to see how so much is starting to grow out from that. Crete seems to be such a powerful place overflowing with a natural and a spiritual energy that has attracted a lot of wonderful people to settle there, and I feel so blessed to have this chance to experience it myself – and most of all, to finally get to meet some of the shining souls who live there πŸ™‚
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

        1. You are right, Aisha, something is growing here. Many, many people from all over the world, but especially Europe, live here or pass by frequently, who are carrying a vibrant light. At each of our fortnightly meditations there are always some for whom it is a first time – and a special time.
          One of the great joys, when we leave the yurt (a realised vision of a wonderful French healer caled Joelle) is eating together afterwards. Everyone brings food – and it is always a feast in the best sense of the word.
          Crete has been a cross roads in history and a prize. It is also where Zeus brough Europa – so indeed it is the start of Europe from one point of view.
          We are so looking forward to all who are coming to visit – for the first time or who are returning. There is much to see and do here and I am sure it will be easy to arrange whatever suits different people’s needs.
          You and Philip may wish to give thought to using translaters – so that those who only speak Greek can also benefit. this is easily arranged and works remarkably well – and will be done entirely for free.

          1. Most definitely something is definitely growing… I know with SOL I’ve often said expect the unexpected or the words I was given… ‘living from the heart is living in the mystery’ so this is off the scale in terms of how it seems to be unfolding and no doubt all will unfold perfectly.

            Funny you mention the translation thing Murray. As I’ve just mentioned above there’s an Italian lady who’d like to come. Interesting that a Greek translation could be FOC… it would probably mean I’d have to lengthen the event a little to allow the extra time. Will email you about the possibilities… certainly be good to reach those whose homeland it is after all. Philip πŸ™‚

          2. Dear Murray! The chance to experience being a part of a community like you describe it – that is what my sister and I are looking forward to the most! Not only will we be able to meet up with you and the group you connect with, but it looks like we will establish a “temporary community” of Ponders in Almyrida while we are there too πŸ™‚ There will be a new moon on October 23 so hopefully we can all take part in one of your fortnightly meditations and the communal meal as well. It would be a great opportunity both energetically and otherwise to boost this amazing new growth πŸ™‚
            LOVE, Aisha ❀

            1. Dear Aisha,
              I had thought the same – about the moon! You will love the ambience of Joelle’s farm with her lovely yurt! I am very excited that so many Ponders are coming. It will be a real tribal gathering.
              I was at Akrimios both yesterday and today, just loving the view across Souda Bay.
              As they say in Greece “Ola kala” – “It’s all good”
              ❀ Murray

  16. “For you are sowing the seeds of love with every step you take and with every breath you draw deep into your lungs.

    So go forth and procreate, and go forth and co-create the land and the sea and the air of your very dreams, and know that no matter how lofty those dreams are, they are none too big to come into being.”

    …. and on this note see my next two posts: ❀ ❀ ❀

    1. Those words stood out the most for me too Philip! “So go forth and procreate…..they are none to big to come into being.”!!! Right on! I just love the CC’s! Thank you Aisha! Hugs all around! ❀ Denise

          1. I wish Philip, I wish! I’m not an artist. I’m a writer, sometimes can take good photos but not super good (at least good enough to use on my books). These are from internet.

  17. So be it. Thank you CC’s, thank you Aisha, thank you all soul brothers and sisters. Sharing a photo I saw on a friend’s FB page:

          1. I didn’t see that JJ, thanks for showing me (and I’m very happy that both you and AH are coming to Crete. I think it’s gonna be an amazing gathering and who knows, your love may be an inspiration for me since there is a story I started writing many years ago but I let it wait until I visit Crete. So may be it’s time) πŸ™‚

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