The manuscript of survival – part 424

As mankind started to evolve, so much of the inherent abilities they came in with, started to decline. This will sound like a contradiction, but this is in fact exactly what happened. For mankind came to be as a perfect species already programmed to attain great heights by their own abilities to climb further up from their very humble beginnings, and in this, you were all set to become the shining beings that you have so longed for to be. But alas, an intervention came to pass, one where other interests were injected into your very bloodstream, and where your future was re-tailored in such a way, it would suit those that came in looking for a way to serve their own interests. And the rest is history as they say, except for the fact that even if these intruders tried as hard as they could, they could not eradicate that shining center of your being, no matter what tricks they resorted to. And so, what was suppressed in the name of blatant manipulation and extortion has once again been set free, and it has been set free by the likes of you, wonderful beings capable of extracting themselves from that mire of fear so many of their brothers and sisters have suffered under for lifetime after lifetime.

Make no mistake, you have also had lives where you walked deep in the valley of the shadows like the rest of mankind, but even then, there was something inside of you that kept you going, and that kept this glimmer of hope alive within you. And so, you came in again and again, patiently waiting for the right time for this little spark to burst into full flame. And now, finally, the time has come, and even before you were born this time you knew beyond any lingering shadows of doubt that this time, the time would come for you to stand up and say “no more, I will not be led away from my true self anymore. For now, I will stand tall and proud, cast off the shackles and learn to fly again”. And so you did, and here you all are, already shining in your resplendent robes of light, but still, you have more to offer this world and All of creation, and this is what is literally becoming apparent to all.

For now, those hidden deposits, that deep vein of shimmering golden light that you have carried safely tucked away for every single journey you have taken to this shore, now, that vein will finally begin to be exposed for the treasure it really is, and already, your willingness to explore this hidden resource will have far reaching consequences, spreading out even beyond your known surroundings. For you are tapping into a repository that will again help to seed anything and anyone it touches, and so what you are doing, is literally to set off a veritable feast of fertility, where the spores you release will set to work as soon as they touch down on a suitable “surface”. And even if you think this world of yours has been turned into a barren wasteland of disillusion, mismanaged and destruction, we can only say think again. For this world is still as vibrant as they come, but as we have told you again and again, the surface you connect to through your human capacities to take in information will seem to be less than fertile in so many ways. But that is again simply a case of what you see, is not what you will get. For you have managed to burrow yourself underneath this stifling layer of old and solidified energetic imprisonment and you have sent down roots deep, deep into the fertile fields that abound under this wafer-thin membrane of non-light that still covers much of the surface of this planet. But again, if you want to think of this is numbers, think of an infinitesimally small percentage and then cut that in half, and that will constitute the small number of energy “contaminated” if you will of the vast pool of vibrancy you really have at your disposal.

For you have already managed to shake off that layer of dust that made you feel close to suffocation, and so too has your planet, and together, the two of you will ensure that the rest of this old and stale covering will start to disintegrate once and for all. For you are all expanding now at a rapid pace, and as we have mentioned earlier, your sphere of influence is advancing too, and already, your individual spheres are interlocking in a way that has ensured the establishing of enlightened corridors all over your planet. So even if there are still some parts of your world suffering under a heavy mass of negativity, you can travel the globe and still breathe the fresh air of freedom. And the reason for this is simply the fact that you have allowed that small spark of light you have carried with you to get that first tantalizing taste of fresh air, and so, as you opened the doors to the light that came streaming in from the outer reaches of Creation, that small spark jumped at the chance to finally grow into a roaring fire, a fire that cleansed not only you, but also the planet you live upon.

Make no mistake, you are not finished with this ritual cleansing, for there are still some very stubborn stains that need to be exposed to the light and to the freshest of air before they will let go completely, but that task is one that will be accomplished by your continued willingness to let the light shine unhindered and unfiltered through your very being. And not only that, it will also be accomplished by the fact that the very ground you step upon will add even more strength to this already highly effective mixture of enlightened energy and truly enlightened beings that tread upon this selfsame soil. For you are partners now in an endeavour that spans the ages, and in an endeavour that straddles the continents, the deep expanses of the sea, and the very air that you breathe. And so, as you have managed to reunite yourself not only with those inner expanses within, but also with those inner expanses of your wondrous globe, you will have no problem furthering this expansion of light so that it will touch the feet, the hearts and the minds of every living creature that resides here.

For the doors that you have opened to your innermost treasures are intrinsically linked to those deep inside the womb of Mother Earth herself, and together you will literally pro- and co-create the new. For as you step forward on this glorious path of light, you give birth to new ideas, new solutions and new opportunities wherever it is you choose to shift your focus, and as such, you are literally a walking propagator for the new life that has already started to take hold on your shores. So together you are making history happen again, but you are making it happen in the way it was intended, through light and through love, through joy and through a harmonic conversation between you and the heavenly body you all inhabit. And the tune you are playing out in unison now is truly a song of the utmost beauty and perfection, yet, it is still only a small tasting of what is yet to come. For you have still a way to go, but that path ahead is already quivering in anticipation from what it is you will bestow upon it by way of creativity, ingenuity, compassion and devotion. For you are sowing the seeds of love with every step you take and with every breath you draw deep into your lungs. And as you continue to stride confidently forward, you will feel the wholehearted support not just from every one of us literally hovering around you in the unseen realms. You will also feel the unending support of your very own Gaia, the Mother of your heart and the life beneath your feet. And through that, the new world will arise, for the seeds you continue to sow so generously will all take to root as they find fertile soil and an abundance of nutrition no matter where they land and no matter how far flung you scatter them.

So go forth and procreate, and go forth and co-create the land and the sea and the air of your very dreams, and know that no matter how lofty those dreams are, they are none too big to come into being. For you cannot dream too big, nor need you fear accomplishing too little, for none of those options are applicable any more. For you have managed to set your goals without limits, as only a human mind is still restricted by limitations, and you have long since stepped away from the confines that a human mind still holds so many imprisoned by. So simply continue to allow the flow to take you wherever it is it wants you to go, and know that wherever that is, it will be the place you heart has been dreaming of, for eons. So once again we wish you god speed on your journey, and once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation for being who you are and for doing what you do. You are walking your talk, and you are doing it with a confidence that gladdens our hearts mightily.

For no more are you those timid creatures devoid of self-confidence, for you have found your inner core, and you have found that you are not lacking in any way, and for that we cannot thank you enough. For you are the ones making this happen, and it is through your courage of rediscovery that all of this has come about, and now, you will continue to surprise and delight not just us, but mostly yourselves. For we have known all along just what feats you are capable of, but for the longest of times, you though yourselves incapable of anything at all. You did not need to prove it to us, but you did need to impress yourselves a little bit before you truly started to take this truth for the truth it really is. But now that you are finally starting to remember your own greatness, there is truly no stopping you. So keep on keeping on, and keep reminding yourselves of the magnitude of your accomplishments. For you are the true creators of your own lives now, and that is a feat that no one can take away from you. Nor can anyone stop you in your tracks from attaining even more of your longed for new lease on life. For the future is yours dear ones, in every sense of the word, for you are the ones already making it come into being by creating your dreams by way of breathing life into them – every day, every hour and every second you walk on these shores.

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  1. Hello everyone.
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  2. The miracle of life in matter – there has never been anything more magnificent for me.
    I have brought three children into the world and I felt God so close.
    I said, “I can understand God as well – there’s nothing grander than to create new life and I was involved 3 times in that.”
    Over the last few years of my awakening but I understand the second page, the continuation of the miracle, the second circle of the 8 or the infinity.
    Pregnancy and childbirth are the incarnation of God.
    Ascent with the body is the continuation, it is the becoming God of man.
    It is the completion, the return to our true state of being with the gift of physical life – a human body.
    From this perspective we bring God a wonderful present – our physical body.

    ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞

    Das Wunder des Lebens in der Materie – nie hat es etwas Großartigeres für Mich gegeben.
    Ich habe 3 Kinder zur Welt gebracht und Ich fühlte mich Gott so nah.
    Ich sagte: „Ich kann Gott so gut verstehen – es gibt nichts Großartigeres als neues Leben zu erschaffen und Ich war 3 Mal daran beteiligt.“
    Im Laufe der letzten Jahre meines Erwachens aber verstehe Ich die 2. Seite, die Fortsetzung des Wunders, den 2. Kreis der 8 oder der Unendlichkeit.
    Schwangerschaft und Geburt sind die Menschwerdung Gottes.
    Aufstieg mit dem Körper ist die Fortsetzung, es ist die Gottwerdung des Menschen.
    Es ist die Vollendung, die Rückkehr in unseren wahren Zustand des Seins mit dem Geschenk des physischen Lebens – eines Menschenkörpers.
    So gesehen bringen wir Gott ein wundervolles Geschenk mit – unseren physischen Körper.

    Golden Greetings

    1. Last night was shown me a golden „X”.
      Unfortunately I still do not understand it, but there is a message. 1 + 1 = 3.
      1 circuit and 1 circuit and the third part is the middle.

      ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞ 8 ∞

      Letzte Nacht wurde mir ein goldenes „X“ gezeigt.
      Leider verstehe Ich es noch nicht, aber da ist eine Botschaft. 1 + 1 = 3.
      1 Kreis und 1 Kreis und der 3. Teil ist die Mitte.

      Golden Greetings
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        1. Yeah I’ve said a few things about this 1 + 1 =3 stuff…it keeps coming back to me in new ways…and being a little foggy right now…I’m not sure where I’m at with it…perhaps this is a signal to look at it again…bring myself out of the projections of the 1s and into the CORE of the 3rd…the CORE of Clarity

    2. Ewww WOW! I love that Bixie! Ascending and bringing our bodies back to God while they’re still alive instead of through ‘death’ as a Gift to God…because this way God can live AS God…but with a body so God can actually experience GodSELF through our Being

      You’re so FULL of BRILLIANT G*o*ld* Bixie ❤

      1. ~laughing~ thanks dear Amy ❤
        I had always you posting about the 8 and the infinity in my back of the head, now Im' ready for it.

        Bixie 😀

        1. Uuuuh …
          let me try again:

          ~laughing~ thanks dear Amy ❤
          I had always your posting about the 8 and the infinity in my back of the head, now I'm ready for it.

          Bixie 😀

          I need to stop for today – too low concentration level.
          See you tomorrow ❤

  3. LOL Vinny :))))

    Tough gate keepers – are you kidding? No hesitation now my dear old friend – now we blow all dykes!!! I´m so satisfifed that we are on the same road because NOTHING can stop us now. I know there is a Sun in the Blue though there are mighty grey clouds today.

    Here we go Vinny ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. My lovely light family – thank you for always around me and helps me with my mission to spread love and light ❤ You know that I love you all even if I fail to respond to your messages – you are always in me and with me ❤

    It feels like I been gone for an eternity and a lot has happened on the trip. I try to be brief when I tell afterwards. Wonderful day with my son's family, where I got fantastic deep conversations about life with both my daughter in law and my son – separately – and my daughter in law hugged me and thanked him for the talk when I went off :))) One funny incident was when my youngest grandchild (Matilda 5 years) mimicked me by leaning with one hand against a tree and stood and muttered something (LOL) Her older sister asked me what I said to the tree, and I explained that I thanked the tree for what it does – and they accepted my explanation fully 🙂 Can see the smile on their parents face the next time it happens on their forest walk 😉

    Gospel Festival was amazing and we have about 1,000 singers (including children's and youth choirs) from across the country and even from Oslo. Wonderful Gospel Singers of Cleveland and Chicago were invited and it was a really liberating gig outdoors in a park with Cynthia Nunn Quartet where even the seemingly most restrained people threw off his backpack and started dancing, Fabulous late summer days and meetings and feelings of oneness 🙂

    The surgery at the hospital went perfectly and my wonderful doctor had apparently once again a fight for me to get my embolization done without letting other emergency cases. I just love him ❤

    While waiting to meet my anesthesiologist, I sat on a bench in the sun after visiting a wonderful park nearby. As usual, nature opens my heart and suddenly I felt a great heaviness and sadness come over me. There was a lot of repair work going on all around the hospital area and a lot of digging in the soil around me. Understood that it was not my grief but all the grief that was around who "came to light" and I asked Mother Nature to take care of it all and recycle to love and joy for all people. When I came back to Mother Nature the following day to continue my "work" she's already spread out green, healthy leaves across the earth :)))

    For some reason, I asked my anesthesiologist about my ECG was ok (usually never do it – my heart has always been strong 😉 Guess what she said? "It's ok but your heart is responding differently to incoming impulses" !!! Are you kidding? Talking about substantial evidence !!!

    When I left the hospital I was filled with a new strength and feeling that now it really is harvest time. Picked an apple in the park and a rose hip from the park. Wednesday evening when I got home to my daughter's family again, I suffered a tremendous feeling of stress that did not release but persisted throughout Thursday and I spent hours with nature and the water to help. I threw my rose hip full of seeds into the river and it was a symbolism to spread all my innermost desires which I have had on my trip to come true now. A very powerful occasion and feeling!

    The feeling of stress persisted all day (thanks Michael for the "healing song" 😉 while I went and picked some things up in the house. When I went to the horse stables in the evening I spoke to nature throughout, hugged the old powerful oaks and asked them to give me strength and wisdom, and the horses / Nature finally lightened me up. Realized afterwards when I read some comments that it probably was not just that I got into my daughter's family's tough energy field that affected me, but it was also other things going on too.

    I got to meet my grandchildren even individually these days and it's been absolutely wonderful 🙂 Yesterday morning I went out with my oldest grandson (Jonathan 9 years old) on a long walk in nature and on a boardwalk leads over the marsh and we spoke of the unseen around us, the dependence on nature, energies, and I asked him if he could understand that it was true what I told and he responded immediately "Yes – I can." I knew it when I saw your drawing of the tree and the hammock earlier this summer, I said. This – my first grandchild – is a very special light worker ❤ ❤ ❤

    It really happened so much and even though it is not new that tough energies of judgmental, controlling, domination and stress in my daughter's home (it has been so throughout the decade they've been together). Could not help but tell her that it's tough to be in an environment where lightning storms all the time rolls around and you never know when it gets its outbreak. Although I did not consciously react emotionally during the time, so I must say that I feel very worn out today, woke up early, cried and danced away the pain at the bottom of the spine (which increased significantly during the trip).

    There have been tough days with loved ones and the only thing I can do is love them, envision them in the light, draw them to the Pond and hope that they come up on the highway faster and easier than I did because I've actually set clear markers with love and light and swept away a lot of junk on the road. But the choice they have to make by themselves.

    Expressing myself short ? All is relative 😉 Now I just want to sink into the pond and become enveloped with your love and light. Thanks for listening – I needed to speak out.

    Love, light & gratitude ❤


    1. Dear B, all that sounds so wonderfull exiting. Especially what you experienced with the little ones around you. In saturday I have bin on the 1 birthday of a friends daughter. It was so beautiful to have her on my arms and seeing how she went crazy on the Lapislazuli around my neck.

      1. Yes Johannes – the little ones are the best ones 😉 and I always have amazing experiences with them. I never hesitate to sow my seeds in them at all times because they have a pristine soil where germination is good 🙂 I´m sure the little one-year-old felt your warm and lovely energies as well – they usually do 😉

        Love ❤


    2. Thank you for sharing your journey B and wonderful to see you back here. The little ones are open to the magic I see. May the seeds grow into mighty oaks! Philip ❤

      1. Thank you for your words Philip ❤ Yes – they are the new oaks that grow with great force now and will give others power along the journey.

        I would like to say that I am very happy about the event on Crete in October – will be with you in my energy and joy for what you achieve ❤

        Love & light ❤


        1. Bless those young Oaks!

          It will be wonderful to add your energy to the event. I will make some suggestions nearer the time about how people may join in remotely so to speak… Philip ❤

    3. ❤ Dearest B… welcome Home, but you never left our Hearts. Thank you for taking the time to articulate your journey so well and with such lively and Loving energy. You have and you do lay down markers for your family (and for the rest of us)… in time, Jenny' Heart will lead her to the trail. The Sweetness of the kids is always a Blessing to all of Life. Loving you always, xox Lin ❤ 😀

      1. Yes B. Glad you are home and thanks for the log of your healing journey.
        I often find a bit of strength in the fruit, the petals, certainly Nature’s gifts, and your description of your family and grandchildren.:)
        ❤ Monica

        1. Thanks Monica!

          Well – I smuggled in a fragrant sprig and a few rose hips to the hospital as it felt important to have nature with me although they had to stay on the ward 😉 The second rose hips, I have thought dropping off into “my” lake later on. Since nature opens up my heart every time I go out I am so affected by its energy all around. When I went out with my grandson yesterday, I had a tough job to keep the tears back in the encounter with nature. So is it for me these days 😉

          Love & light ❤


          1. I hear you sis. Me too, so many gratitude tears…so much deep connecting with you, I have learned or remembered that the term shaman actually grew out of the north countries…Siberia I think, really north! Moving through humanity’s life streams and rivers and watery pathways through time. I have come to view us as modern/ancient shamans one and all with this Light work and play here.

            Resonance, the tears are our watery selves in gratitude…
            Lovingly WITH you dear B, Monica ❤
            Oh and the polar ice caps are thickening again…good news!

    4. Dear sister B – so lovely to see your brilliant light shine here again! Thank you for sharing your experience with us, I can see that you continue to scatter the seeds of love and light far and wide even when you are in places that seems to be “barren”. But they are not barren after you have allowed your heart to embrace everything 🙂 I send you a soft embrace in return, the waters of this Pond will support you so you can hopefully relax a little bit and refill your own “batteries” 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. I can not even imagine how I would be able to embrace all of these barren lands if there wasn´t The Pond that constantly replenish my batteries and supports me in the storms. Thank you my dear Sister ❤

        Love, light & gratitude back to you ❤


      1. Thanks Michael for seeing my strength 🙂

        Yes – I am a strong woman, have always been, but now with the very important difference that I allow myself to show my vulnerability as well having loving friends to lean on 😉

        Love & light ❤


    5. Dear Vinny!

      I think you exaggerates my ability somewhat 😉 Thanks anyway 🙂

      When I tried to rest a while, I started to laugh when I thought about how we could manage the gatekeepers. You know – I think we two could be an awesome combo that would surprise the most inveterate gatekeeper so that they fall backwards out of pure confusion and just let the passing free 🙂 Yin & yang, black & white, short & long, control & cluelessness – all at unprecedented lightworking combination ;))) What do you think? 😉

      Love, light & joy ❤


    6. More then wonderful to see you here again B! Thank you for sharing so much here. You bring tears to my heart with your experiences. You are so very special B! Glad all went well! Your grandchildren bring hope to my heart. And you being in this world now, brings me much comfort. And thank you for this song. It is just what I needed today along with your messages. ❤ Denise

      1. Dear Denise – thank YOU for your warm and comforting energies here ❤ It is because of your and everyone else's unconditional love here that I dare to go the whole hog and be myself in complete security. Without the love that is here, it would not be possible.

        I feel completely relentless now in my fight for light and love, albeit it today feels like my brain float away with the wind all the time. However, I am grateful that we sometimes happen to get a joint association so that I can reply to your message ;)))

        I appreciate your love very much Denise ❤


  5. Well now I guess it’s only a matter of having the next shitstorm hit the shore, skip to the next life and learn all this again on the go. Hopely before my other feet is six feet under like now, and brain too busted to learn anything new properly. This incarnation thing is soothing, it kinda removes the need to be that perfect all the time ;). Hehe!

  6. I thought of my delta waves and the photon belt. Through my thoughts of delta waves looks the light and my environment quite golden.
    I wondered also if the image what had been shown me the day before yesterday was perhaps an incipient photon belt.
    John Lennon spoke in his channeled book about „Two little Rings in the heart”. Golden circles as an 8 or the infinity sign. Divine photon light?
    I remembered again that the earth should be almost two years in the photon belt already and that there was the intended delay so that more people can ascend.
    Perhaps we are entering NOW into the photon belt?
    And as I looked out of the window I saw again a bright rainbow above the roof opposite.

    ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

    Ich dachte an meine Delta–Wellen und den Photonenring. Durch meine Gedanken an Delta–Wellen sieht das Licht und meine Umgebung ganz golden aus.
    Ich überlegte auch ob das Bild das mir vorgestern gezeigt worden war vielleicht ein beginnender Photonenring war.
    John Lennon sprach in seinem gechannelten Buch über „Zwei Ringlein im Herzen“. Goldene Kreise wie eine 8 oder das Unendlichkeitszeichen. Göttliches Photonen–Licht?
    Mir fiel wieder ein dass die Erde bereits fast 2 Jahre im Photonenring sein sollte und dass es da die gewollte Verzögerung gab damit noch mehr Menschen aufsteigen können.
    Vielleicht treten wir JETZT in den Photonenring ein?
    Und als Ich aus dem Fenster schaute sah Ich wieder einen leuchtenden Regenbogen über dem Dach gegenüber.

    Heart_Light Greetings

    1. CCs/Aisha:
      „For now, those hidden deposits, that deep vein of shimmering golden light that you have carried safely tucked away for every single journey you have taken to this shore, now, that vein will finally begin to be exposed for the treasure it really is, and already, your willingness to explore this hidden resource will have far reaching consequences, spreading out even beyond your known surroundings.

      Translation Roswitha:
      „Denn jetzt kommen all’ jene Anteile ans Licht, die du auf jeder deiner Lebenszeiten sicher und geborgen vor den Eindringlingen geschützt hast. Es sind die Adern, deiner inneren Gegenwart, aus schimmernd goldenem Licht, die du vor deren Zugriff bewahrt hast.
      Und diese Bahnen wurden nun von dir freigelegt und schon bald wirst du sie als den Schatz erkennen, den du solange in dir geborgen hast. Und deine Bereitschaft, dich diesen verborgen gehaltenen Ressourcen, diesem unendlichen Potenzial in dir zu öffnen, wird nicht nur für dich sehr weitreichende Folgen haben, sondern auch weit über die dir vertraute Umgebung hinaus.“

      ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

      these are the golden lines shown me again and again.

      Möglicherweise sind das die goldenen Linien die mir immer wieder gezeigt werden.

      Golden Greetings
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  7. Have a GREAT SUNDAY, everyone ❤ ❤ ❤ xox Lin … and

    Some FUN, hilarious & playful, stuff for those who have a few silliness minutes on a Sunday:

    … scroll down to: Best Love Quotes On Pinterest:

    “Never Love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.” — Oscar Wilde

    [ I say Love them even more… and if you’re extra sensitive, from a distance ! 😀 ]



    [There’s also a beautiful 8-min. vid Love story of a spouse experiencing Alzheimer’s]

  8. I haven’t read this missive yet but my day wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t pop in to the pond on the morning of my birthday. I “danced in” the first 2 hours of my day (midnight to 2)… what a great start. Actually it was my fourth day in a row of dancing… one night was outdoors at the park. I am really starting to understand that dancing is so much more than dancing in my life. (Thinking blueprint release here.)

    Today the wonderful people at Croc Talk (posted a ‘support request’ a while back to hold space for financing for them) are putting on a special birthday showing for me, my family and a few friends. Since he is the only person (known) who has really established communication with his crocodiles this is special. I can see myself involved with this group down the road ‘if’ their proposed plans to move manifest as they picture an educational petting zoo there… of course they don’t know yet that I’m picturing myself as a part of that 🙂 !

    I look forward to catching up on this missive but must get ready for my day. Love to all of you and big thank yous for those who have already sent birthday blessings. A g/f taught me years ago to include people in celebrating my birthday with me (or in my case my birthday week!) and I find such Joy in doing so!
    Love, Nancee

    1. Happy happy Nancee,
      The word joyful dancing in the dictionary, has your picture before it!!! 🙂
      Your a wirler and twirler. A never ending Ball of light energy and magical too.
      🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Michael you words made me smile… and yes I am a joyful dancer though I’d never really thought of it that way. I often notice myself break into smiles even when dancing with myself… as I never feel alone when I dance. My body needs a little magic tonight after 4 nights of dancing it is complaining a wee bit 🙂 ~Nancee

        1. Peace is rarely debilitating, it probably is satisfyingly tired.
          Love light, light lightly on your shoulder!!! ❤

    2. Wishing you a wonderful birthday in the company of your family and your friends, dear Nancee! I hope you will have the cance to dance to your heart’s content 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  9. ❤ Hap Hap Happy Birthday to Dear Nancee
    Hap Hap Happy Birthday to Dear Sally, I believe (is that correct, Sally?).

    Laugh-it-up and Live-it-up and dance-it-up you two… all day long and all year long. Take an extra big helping of chocolate for me!!! 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

  10. Abraham:
    “There are those that say, if you do the uncomfortable thing long enough, it will become comfortable. But we are really not encouragers of that. We are encouragers of coming into alignment, and then taking the action. We are encouragers always of getting rid of the fear; we would never want you to keep doing things that you feel fearful about. And maybe the path of least resistance is just not get on the horse. Maybe the path of least resistance is to get on a different horse — but we would never move forward in fear.”
    Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in Billings, MT on Saturday, June 21st, 2003 #240
    “Manche Menschen sagen, dass man etwas Unangenehmes nur lange genug tun muss, damit es angenehm wird. Wir möchten dazu aber nicht ermutigen. Wir ermutigen Euch, in Ausrichtung zu kommen und dann zur Tat zu schreiten. Wir ermutigen, dass Ihr Euch von Eurer Angst befreit, und wir würden nie wollen, dass Ihr etwas tut, was Euch Angst macht. Der Weg des geringsten Widerstandes ist vielleicht gerade, sich nicht auf dieses Pferd zu setzen. Vielleicht ist der Weg des geringsten Widerstandes, sich auf ein anderes Pferd zu setzen – auf jeden Fall würden wir nie auch nur einen Schritt in Angst tun.”
    Good to know …
    To climb again on the horse does not mean to climb always again on the same horse, but to choose another horse and continue riding.
    Gut zu wissen …
    Wieder auf das Pferd zu steigen bedeutet nicht, immer wieder auf dasselbe Pferd zu steigen, sondern ein anderes Pferd zu wählen und weiter zu reiten.

          1. I would post the short video of the Movie Legend where Jack saves the world from darkness, by reuniting the unicorns horn cut off by the darkness. But two pictures of unicorns is enough. Thank you ladies for showing us magic!!!!! ❤

            1. Thank you Kiera for reminding me that there are classics, that most of us have been acquainted with.
              We have never really been alone, we have walked the same path, just living on different streets.

      1. Oh yes, dear Amy.
        I also have a litte white Unicorn.

        And I need this Quote today – after my not so nice experience last night, I decided today that I don’t get angry about it again, but that I prefer to occupy myself with the photon energies that feel so good.

        Heart_Light Greetings
        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        1. Oh yes,
          let’s leave our old, tired horses of the past
          and climb on our white unicorn and fly ………. ❤

          Heart_Light Greetings
          BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

              1. Guess you are right 🙂
                Her horse had a flu today and her daughter too. There are different expressions for energies being stirred 😉

                Love you ❤


        2. I know exactly what you mean Bixie. I’ve been going through another brutal rough patch and in those times all one can do is throw everything out but the Magical

          I just love UN’I*cO*rN*s…so many magical words in that one word…not to mention unicorns are magical themselves 🙂

  11. Dear Vinny! You are not the only one feeling “hollow” and empty, but I think it can be because we have somehow “released bits and pieces of the blueprints” like the CCs mentioned in the previous message. For I saw you two nights ago, you were a part of one many circles of people I saw spinning like shimmering galaxies in space. We were all facing outwards, and as we spun around, small bright fragments were coming out of us, like seeds of light. You are one powerful being, but if you feel weak, you can always recharge your batteries here at the Pond. And if you need some extra energy, just say so and I will make sure you get a large helping of it 🙂
    LOVE, Aisha ❤

  12. Good morning Ponders~
    I have been reading your comments and looking at your pics and videos and surfing where I do in the am here, and thought you might enjoy these…

    I FEEL the love expanding and growing as we swath our baby mama earth vision with this lovely white/gold/violet flame we continue generating as a whole group.
    And the eager anticipation of the meeting in Crete.
    LOVE<3 Monica ❤ 🙂
    Eager eaglets…:)

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