A short update on the energies and a short update from me

Dear brothers and sisters of the light! This has been such an incredible weekend for me and my sister. It was wonderful to be able to spend time with our parents, and it was perfect to be by the sea to connect with the powerful energies that have been coming in during the Lion’s Gate portal. Not surprisingly, we were guided to the perfect place to do just that only a short walk from our parent’s house. Two years ago, we literally stumbled across something that we now know is a huge vein of milky quartz that looks like it erupts from the surrounding rock in a cascade of whiteness, like a glacier coming up through the ground. It runs for many, many meters, narrow at first but wider as it goes almost all the way down to the sea, and it was the most amazing experience to sit there and meditate. We were drawn back to it every single day we spent at our parent’s, and yesterday, we were guided to do a ceremony there to anchor the completed Lion’s Gate energies into Mother Earth. I brought along my crystals and the piece of golden quartz that I found at Lake Bygdin this summer, and first my sister and I stood out in the sea while I held these under the water to connect with the energies there. Then, we put the still wet crystals down on the vein of white quartz and sat beside them and connected to the quartz and to the Pond. I said a short incantation and just as I finished it, the Sun broke through the clouds. On our first day there, I had found a huge piece of the white quartz almost hidden in a crevasse beneath the vein itself and I had picked it up and placed it on the rocks. I suddenly knew that we were supposed to release that piece of quartz into the sea, just as we had done with the piece of golden quartz that we released into the river near Lake Gjende earlier this summer, so I picked it up and we carried it down to the sea, following the vein of white quartz. It stops a metre or two from the sea, and now, my sister and I “completed the circle” by throwing that one piece of it into the water while blessing it. It was a powerful moment, and I still get shivers running down my spine when I think of how it looked lying there in the crystal clear water, deep down but close enough for us to see the bright spark of it on the bottom. We hiked to a small cove nestled beneath some steep cliffs nearby, and when we got there, the Sun came out again for a short while, just enough time for us to take another swim in the cool clear waters and really be ONE with the sea 🙂

Last night when I was back home again, I picked up the piece of golden quartz to connect with the energies once more before going to sleep. I realized that now it carries not only the energies of the mountains and the lakes, it also carries the energies from the ocean and that huge deposit of quartz, and I just as thought that, I got a huge surge of energy through me. It was as if I melted into the quartz, becoming one with that glacier of white, becoming ONE with Mother Earth. Suddenly, I saw a crystal skull made from the same kind of white milky quartz as the one by the sea, and I just knew that this was an image of me. For we are all like these crystal skulls, carrying with us so much energy and information and now, all of this is finally starting to come to the surface once again. It was a powerful image, and it was the perfect way to end this weekend 🙂

Bilde0444 kopi

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This morning, I sat down to channel, and here is the message that came through:

“You have perhaps already ascertained that there has been a shift in the atmosphere, and that is entirely correct. For as you have completed another cycle of intense energetic transformations, you have also completed a huge task that in turn will leave you a little bit more leeway in the time ahead. Let us explain.

For now, as you exited that tunnel of energetic fluctuations you have given the name the Lion’s Gate portal, you will also in some ways encounter smoother waters for a while. For what was brought in throughout the period of this so-called portal enabled so much to literally fall into place, and now, we gather that you will all in some way feel these new bits and pieces of your recently discovered virgin territory start to come together in a less turbulent way. And so, as you start out on this new part of the road ahead, we think you will find it an easier one to travel. You see, you have all helped to smooth that way by allowing these powerful energies to come into contact with the surface of this planet in a very literal way, and through that, you have enabled so much more of the supportive system already in place to come into being by being activated by these same energies.

For as we have already told you on numerous occasions, so much of what is aiding you now will be systems that have been embedded into the very core of this planet a long time ago, above all by your willing participation lifetime after lifetime, and now, it will be very much all systems go. So take some time to sit down and take a deep breath, and see if you can sense this shift in your surroundings in any way. To many, this shift will bring with it a heightened sense of connectivity and an increased ability to sense the “unseen” that surrounds you on all sides, while for others, this new “air” if you will will bring with it new and exciting opportunities to connect with others, either directly or through your electronic networks. For as we have told you again and again, the threads you have spun all across this world, this glorious web of light will now be activated in such a way, it will literally help to bring you all closer, both in a direct sense but also on an energetic level.

In other words, as these systems we refer to start to gain more momentum, so too will you find yourself speeding down this new super highway of energetic connections, and so, get ready to experience the ride of your lives as they say. For now, so much will start to become apparent to you all as the light is being switched on in room after room and in heart after heart. And so, even if the energetic upheavals will quieten down for a while, you might find yourself even more busy than before sending out messages and receiving them, both within the parameters of your own consciousness, but also out in the ethers of your so-called social networks that you have already established in places like this. And so, do not be surprised if something starts to knock on your door, a certain kind of urge that will lead you to seek out into unknown fields of interest, unknown places or even meet up with some unfamiliar faces. For now, it will all start to feel like home to you, as the doors you have helped to open will beckon you to enter and bring you back into contact with everything you thought you had lost contact with forever. Or even everything you did not even know was close to your heart, but will now start to emerge clearer and clearer into your mind, so that you and the parts of you that have been waiting for you to find them again will become ONE again.

We know that this is not a message that will seem to be news to so many of you, for you are old hands at redefining yourselves by now, but again, you ain’t seen nothing yet as the saying goes, for now, the system buried deep within this planet, this incredible homing device to call it that, will ensure that you do not get lost on the way, but instead, you will begin to make a beeline for what you have been trying to find for so long. For now, it will begin to become crystal clear to you all, in every sense of the word, and so, as the speed picks up, so too will your enthusiasm and excitement, and we venture to guess you will all find much to be excited about in the time ahead.  ”

Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

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  1. more on Significance of the Photon Belt:
    “Our species is changing as a result, however this information has been hidden from the masses (world scientists decided for themselves that they wouldn’t share this info. with us).
    Because of the photon belt, our bodies are all changing. ALL of our bodies.
    Some of us are aware, and most of us remain unaware of this process of solar system changes.
    The significance of the photon belt is that our entire reality on this planet is going through a quantum shift.
    The brain mass that has remained dormant in each of us is being awakened, and our memory of our true heritage is coming back.
    Our DNA is changing from carbon-based to crystalline DNA.
    Those who will not regain consciousness at this time, will continue their lessons elsewhere, as a new Golden Age is being established on planet Earth (Shan).
    Purity and detoxification is very important at this time, as they are keys to your participation in the new Golden Age.
    Purify your thought, emotions, body and experiences in order to attract the Golden Age to you and your loved ones.
    Any control you feel you have over other people whether it may be financial control, emotional control, physical control, spiritual control…..your belief in these past realities are becoming today’s illusions.
    It is deemed that no human shall ever control another human being once our collective consciousness achieves a certain higher vibration, and that vibration is rapidly being achieved..
    Both dark and Light are like quicksand at this time……they both have a pulling effect.
    This pulling effect may be causing some discomfort……make a choice and be more comfortable.
    If you consciously choose dark, you shall reap the rewards of being the Creator of your own physical demise (and shall be reincarnated elsewhere).
    If you consciously choose Light, you shall reap the rewards of being the Creator of your own physical transmformation from 3D homo sapien, into 5D homo Christos.
    These words that are guiding on on your computer screen may assist you, however your real power is achieved through your focus (thoughts, actions and intent), on Self-mastery.
    In the old 3D world, people gained power by dominating others, in 5D people gain power by mastering the timeless exquisite art of Self-love.
    Canadian Indian….with a fond appreciation of the Galactic Federation
    of Light and Archangel Michael.
    Indian in the machine home in the Netherlands is Gea’s place
    http://snoedel.punt.nl (updated with Lighted messages everyday!) ”
    Source link: http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/space/photon_belt/news.php?q=1202492581

  2. thanks for making me look at Aisha’s shadow more closely because I see wings, a perfect shaped arrow pointing to her heart! (>way cool!<) and a cloud halo hat 🙂

  3. Dear Vinny… I think this is why they do what they do with me while I sleep. Once they got me at work. hard, hot, sharp tin prick into the top of my head. I was like… ‘no way!’… ‘you have to wait until I get home for this!’. it immediately stopped… and started up again after dinner…. only slightly and I surmised into the night it was complete. At that time, it was to make me more psychic because I was surely ‘tested’ later… and passed 🙂 🙂
    All the best to you sweet heart ❤

  4. This is soo cool that you mentioning skulls cause I’ve got to know them 2 months ago and have now 2 crystal skulls to keep as a gatekeeper.

    One of the them ADAM I always carry with me. The “crystal” skull consciousness is drawn to some people in various forms.. had the most mind boggling experience last weekend where the skulls showed me how powerful I actually AM…


  5. I AM so happy to write here with so many international friends ❤
    When I often write "thank you dear …" then that's no social courtesy ‚to be nice’.
    I feel the appreciation and thankfulness in my heart and I’m really very, very happy about it ❤

    ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

    Ich Bin so glücklich hier mit so vielen internationalen Freunden zu schreiben ❤
    Wenn Ich oft schreibe „danke liebe …“ dann ist das keine gesellschaftliche Höflichkeit ‚um nett zu sein’.
    Ich fühle die Wertschätzung und Dankbarkeit in meinem Herzen und Ich Bin wirklich sehr, sehr glücklich darüber.

    BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♡

  6. wish I could remember the pretty poetic words that accompanied my overall Loving feeling with you All this morning on my drive in.
    Imagine an impossible to hide, impish grin from me when I think of you all and feel the Love.
    So grateful for the reverberation that rings out from my being… all day long…because of All Of You! Dear Pond Mates of mine. I am saying that I Am One most fortunate Soul! ❤ xo ❤ xo ❤ xo ❤ xo ❤ xo ❤

    1. We carry our selves with our selves, brightly.( Ponders)
      Thank you Areeza for reminding us of that!! 🙂

      1. ? ~laughing~ just to try and catch the ’16’ — plus 1
        Dear Areeza – I don’t understand it 😀

        Heart greetings
        Shining BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

        1. lol… its just my 16 impulse lately 🙂 I just am in Love with 16’s !! so I wanted to post at exactly that time. just anything at all. Love you!

  7. Just before I had one more personal challenge in my letter box and took a few minutes to deal with it.
    There your memory „The only way out is through” came just right.
    Now I feel that my power is more and more freely.

    I have decided: „SO! Enough is enough. From now on, my light shines not only mentally and energetically but also physically.
    From now on my physical body is for all visible shining. I don’t hide my light anymore.“
    I feel the power behind these words.

    ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

    Gerade eben hatte Ich wieder eine persönliche Herausforderung in meinem Briefkasten und brauchte einige Minuten um damit umzugehen.
    Da kam Deine Erinnerung „der Weg hinaus ist der Weg hindurch“ gerade recht.
    Nun fühle Ich wie meine Power mehr und mehr frei wird.

    Ich habe mich entschieden: „SO! Mir reicht’s. Ab jetzt leuchtet mein Licht nicht mehr nur geistig und energetisch sondern auch physisch.
    Ab jetzt leuchtet mein physischer Körper für alle sichtbar. Ich verstecke mein Licht nicht mehr.“
    Ich fühle die Kraft die hinter diesen Worten steht.

    Heart greetings
    Shining BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

  8. Am reading Sandra Ingeman’s September newsletter. This part caught my attention and I’m guided to share it here:
    “I know many of you experience personal challenges and are also touched by all you witness right now. I do believe that movement is key to coming through. As I use as one of my daily mantras, “The only way out is through.””
    For the whole article:

    1. Yes, dear Tijen,

      “The only way out is through.”

      That I also have learned ❤

      Heart greetings
      BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♡

        1. My pleasure dear Bixie, my pleasure!
          I was reading it and thought we could all value from it. And now I’m off to reading your link. (Have you ever tried a Shamanic journey? I have, many years ago. They say you see your guide animal and I saw an owl along with my dad. I want another one. And I was just reading a post from a friend there are some shamanic healing circles happening in Turkey. I was researching about it.)

          1. mine was a buffalo- my first trip (starting with a hawks guidance). I got in buffalo’s powerful body! it was for healing my heart energy – intention to find my power and stay in it. I was running very fast in an open field in Montana. I felt his whole body! Saw thru his eyes! amazing! (My physical body still in this area) Loved it! have had a few – was told I was a ‘natural’ at shamanic travel – so easy for me. I have The greatest drumming cassette for it — need to upgrade it to CD

            1. Dear “summer” breeze,
              I was thinking of trying it with an online recording. I’ve tried online (self) past life regression few times which was pretty successful. Why not this? It’s always best in the nature though, along with nature’s sounds. I had mine when I was volunteering at Rowe Camp and Conference Center (Rowe, MA) many years ago. Also the “sweat lodge”, another very powerful ritual! Missing those days!

      1. No dear Tijen, I have not yet made a shamanic journey.
        But all sorts of other journeys. Once I was a young man with bare feet and a herders crosier in my hand, I went through a very rural environment, the people were all much smaller than I and we were all very, very lovingly and kind to each other.
        My favorite, that is really connected with my heart, is my white dragon being. When I discovered it in a paint program on my computer I loved it immediately. But I also love other animals such as birds and bears, so I don’t know what is my guide animal.

        ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

        Nein liebe Tijen, eine schamanische Reise habe Ich noch nicht gemacht.
        Aber alle möglichen anderen Reisen. Einmal war Ich ein junger Mann mit nackten Füßen und einem Hirtenstab in meiner Hand, Ich ging durch eine sehr bäuerliche Umgebung, die Menschen waren alle viel kleiner als Ich und wir waren alle sehr, sehr liebevoll und freundlich zueinander.
        Mein Liebling, an dem wirklich mein Herz hängt, ist mein weißes Drachenwesen. Als Ich es in einem Malprogramm auf meinem Computer entdeckte liebte Ich es sofort. Aber Ich liebe auch andere Tiere wie Vögel und Bären, deshalb wüsste Ich jetzt nicht welches mein Führungstier ist.

        Heart greetings
        dragons friend
        BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♡

    2. Tijen — you exploded an entire power generator last night! For real. I had gone into see my email msgs. there you were 🙂 I was glad to see you and feeling the connection made…. was about to type back and BANG! the electric transformer down the road from my house exploded. we had no power for about 4 hrs. I just went to bed because it was 8:00. First, I smiled and went outside to listen to what I believe is an owl (makes a pretty loud, interesting noise each night). Thanks for contacting me — I don’t look at emails all that often anymore — but will keep in touch for sure !
      Hugs – Love, A

      1. Sweet breeze that brings love from far far away, you’re so delightful. Sorry I left you with no energy but you have to see it from the brighter side: you have enough light to enlighten everything around you. Why do you think you need an electric transformer my dear, I’m asking you, why???

        1. well… my guy still likes the TV 🙂
          I have not figured out how to plug myself into every electrical appliance or apparatus – just yet! 😉

          1. oh yeah…. and there is the issue of my hair. haha HA
            >the need for an electric hair tool I am referring too. if Kelly did not Love the long hair so much, I would be back to one inch all over ! and auburn color! but, I have come to like it too

  9. Dreams:
    At night I saw a cube, it was filled with stars, in the middle was a brilliant core.
    Then I painted in a dream stars.

    I was in an ice stadium. I wanted to climb over the side fence and got stuck, my scarf fell inwards on the ice. Embarrassing.
    I realized: No, I’m not 100% professional. I’m not a machine, not a robot and so I do not want to be.
    My current cognition of the day:

    ❤ In order to be able to live 100% of my head – so I mean my full mental capacity – I want first of all to live 100% of my heart – and there IS a clown in it. ❤

    Heart means for me: feelings, laughter, joy, and the joy to learn angel-ish (and now I think even often in angel-ish)!.

    As already Tobias said so beautifully: „Humor is a sign of the light" 😀

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    In der Nacht sah Ich einen Würfel, er war mit Sternen gefüllt, in der Mitte war ein leuchtender Kern.
    Danach malte Ich in einem Traum Sterne.

    Ich war in einem Eisstadion. Ich wollte über die Seitenbande steigen und blieb hängen, mein Schal fiel nach innen auf das Eis. Peinlich.
    Mir wurde bewusst: Nein, Ich Bin nicht 100% professionell. Ich Bin keine Maschine, kein Roboter und so will Ich auch gar nicht sein.
    Meine heutige Erkenntnis des Tages:

    ❤ Um 100% meinen Kopf leben zu können – damit meine Ich meine volle geistige Kapazität – will Ich zuallererst zu 100% mein Herz leben – und da IST ein Clown drin. ❤

    Herz bedeutet für Mich: Gefühle, Lachen, Freude, auch die Freude Engel–isch zu lernen (und inzwischen denke Ich sogar oft in Engel–isch!).

    Wie bereits Tobias so schön sagte: „Humor ist ein Zeichen des Lichts“ 😀

    Heart greetings
    BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♡

  10. Something interesting this way cometh, it seems…

    From Gaia portal:

    “Streams of Higher Photonics align for transmission through selected Gaia portals.

    Such portals will be selected with in-built time flex as final adjustments are required.

    Severance from prior Light influx plans has completed, as prior methods were evaluated as non-optimal.

    Progress toward final Photonic activation of Gaia continues.

    Ultimate Light Influx portals will show themselves to all as activation moment nears.”

    Keep glowing and flowing, shiny ones.



    1. THANK YOU!

      “activation moment nears”….jeez Paul, don’t get me all excited.

      Well, I actually DID see the massive downloading of the Codes, on August 17 (that was incredible) — so there is potential here.

    2. Can you feel it yet?

      To me it feels like a warm loving hug. For the last couple of days, it has been palpable. In my life its obvious external effects have been accelerating for the last 2 weeks. It is quite a ride.



      1. oh yes ! a nice warm hug! I have never liked intense hot weather. Well, I left work a couple days ago and it felt just like that : nice warm embrace. just full of love… just Full period. I felt it all over. I looked at temp gauge in car and it was 92 which normally I would not enjoy. Thanks Paul! Love, A

          1. No, I was born and raised here, I live in Melbourne, but it would be a great place for a holiday 🙂

            1. Haha, I thought you were from one the Scandinavian countries. Finland was my guess.
              I would love to come visit you in Melbourne! I touched down once in Melbourne on my way to Sydney.

              1. OK JJ fess up, guy or gal? 🙂
                I too LOVE Australia Paul and yes I can SEE you are a guy!
                I named my daughter Sydney because I wanted her to have a name that glowed as a city of light, which Sydney is. I also wanted her to have a name that was ambiguous about sex so she wouldn’t be discriminated against for her sex. I will repost the Summer video here so you can see her.

                NOW unlisted, not private. You can see it I think now. 🙂
                ❤ Monica

                    1. JJ, you could be a Lemurian princess 🙂 And giving it a bit thought, it made sense to me. Monica, could you possible see me in one of my past lives? I could be a “cute” Japanese “gentle”man 🙂 And Michael, has anyone said you’re the funniest dancer 🙂

                    2. Court Jester Michael 🙂
                      Geisha Dude Tijen 🙂
                      Lemurian High Priestess JayJay 🙂
                      Lemurian High Priest Anna 🙂
                      I just hope I did not give birth to any of you — lol. or maybe I do — holding any of u as tiny little babies… aww

                  1. JJ and all, I did my blond research which is necessary when you are me lol! I went and read the People of the Pond section Aisha so graciously put up here. So I know you say you are a guy and have a wife.

                    It is funny because this is what I see in common with many of us writing here at all. Globe trotters. A lot of globe trotters or Free World Travelers as a friend, another Michael doctor friend told me we were when we worked together down in New Zealand.

                    If not physically, metaphysically for sure!
                    Most of us have worn numerous hats and costumes, a few say they are one gender now and migrated from one to another which of course is done these days with surgeries and drugs and hormones, then there are the hermaphrodites and the transvestites and all those playing between the two main flavors…lmao!

                    I do not care really! Not an issue…just in conversations I would like to address you as the current gender you are wearing out of courtesy~ 🙂

                    Blond research; what I do when I oops! Make a wrong turn, have to make a uturn, stick my long foot in my mouth etc. Tim can tell you, it happens all the time! Well not all the time, but I have a stock of blond jokes I can tell you that!

                    Like how do you know a blond has been on the computer? (You can be a male of female or hermaphrodite or transvestite blond it is not gender specific)… White-out on the screen. That only makes sense if you use that liquid stuff in a bottle to erase booboos…:)

                    LOVE you one and all Ponders! Whether you write here or not. BIG GROUP HUG! ❤ Monica

                    1. Haha, Monica, I thought you were joking when you asked me what gender I am. 😃
                      I’m not with my wife anymore, we got divorced. I’m with AH now, although we are several thousand of miles apart.


    3. ~~~Photon Belt has always intrigued me ~~~
      source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/universo/esp_cinturon_fotones_5.htm
      Photon Belt Updated – from the Galactic Federation
      via Sheldan Nidle
      “At this moment, in your solar system, an intensifying series of energies is streaming in from the matrix of star-gates that we have established. These energies are causing your Sun and your outer planets to vibrate very differently and are encouraging them to alter their traditional electromagnetic emissions. Moreover, they are generating ever-increasing amounts of graviton emissions from your Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.
      Scientifically, these events are creating vast hyperactivity in your Sun and, particularly, on Jupiter and Neptune. These patterns are resetting the energies spewed out by the Sun to her various daughter planets. In turn, Jupiter and Neptune are currently acting as her ‘controls’. A new matrix which can act as the regulator for the solar system, is thereby being formed. With this new matrix, we will be able to restore all the planets in your solar system to their original condition fairly quickly. We are also about to complete our adjustments to the vast band of Light that you call the ‘photon belt’.
      Many of you have heard of the photon belt. Your government’s scientists have been tracking it secretly for well over fifty years. To sense it requires special equipment related to your highly secret nuclear weapons program. When modified for radio and optical telescopes, it brings into view a vast organized belt of Light that extends for many thousands of Light Years.
      Most of it remains at a frequency much higher than your instruments can detect. You are presently lying in a void that you will leave in the next few years. As you near this exit point, the powerful energies in this belt of multi-dimensional Light are greatly affecting your Sun and a number of nearby stars. We see this belt as one of the main springboards that is catapulting you toward us.
      One of its key signatures has been a series of immense energy ‘waves’, recently seen by your scientists, and which occur throughout our galaxy. Along with other energy traces, these waves are being misinterpreted as remnants of the original ‘big bang’ explosion. In fact, they are merely signs of the powerful influence that the ‘photon belt’ has exerted upon our galaxy.
      In reality, your science seriously misunderstands gravity and even, electromagnetics. The speed of Light is just as much a barrier to our technology as the speed of sound now is to yours. The only true limit, as such, is the ‘speed of consciousness’, which exists simultaneously throughout Creation.
      Similarly, gravity, electricity and magnetism are each multi-dimensional in scope. Consequently, your present scientific constructs discount most of their true effects. These constructs need to be severely overhauled. Fortunately, many of your more advanced theoreticians are beginning to ‘see the light’ and discover the immense folly of the past followed by Kepler, Newton and Einstein.
      The answer, lies in forming a science based upon consciousness, the limitless multi-dimensionality of physicality and the gracious, ever-loving hand of the Creator. Herein exists the true basis for science, and an instrument that can guide us toward the Truths that surround the reasons underlying physicality’s creation and the mechanisms that unfold its destiny.
      Once these things have been fully considered, you quickly discover the multi-verse within physical Creation. This conscious energy sea is the sum of all the realms we inhabit. By going from one to another, you simply set up the conditions that form each reality. When you do the calculations, you set your adjusted energy fields and poof! you move from one level of reality to another. Each cubic centimeter of physical Creation contains more energy than that given off by your Sun in a nanosecond.
      Imagine, the power of this minute block of energy! Also, imagine how many of these cubic centimeters of Creation are lodged within you! That is how amazing and wondrous you really are. Each of us contains this immensity. What you lack is the mechanism to understand it and the learned ability to use it. These are the reasons for your present transformation and why your current reality is mutating at an enormous rate.”
      Let us return to the photon belt and contemplate it with new eyes. It does not exist without a reason. Its purpose is to act as the prime regulator for galactic change, by coordinating its movements with a natural energy cycle from within the galactic core. At regular intervals this core spews forth an enormous, extremely intense energy wave that is intercepted and transmuted by the photon belt.
      When required, this energy causes star to nova, planets to change their orbit or even their very nature – their atmospheric content – and become arid, semiarid or water planets. Consequently, each galaxy’s divine plan painstakingly carries out the spread of physical life and its controlled evolution. Everything in Creation happens according to the sacred edicts of its specific divine plan, which a galaxy’s Spiritual Hierarchy watches over. For this to be accomplished, Heaven forms countless Orders, Councils and Administrations.
      A photon belt regulates these waves, moving about in a set pattern that is established by how the galactic core operates. In your particular case, the Milky Way galaxy runs in roughly 13,000- and 26,000-year cycles. Hence, the photon belt rotates around the core according to this pattern. Each emission of galactic core energies varies in intensity and dispersal pattern because it needs to affect every section of the galaxy in a specific way.
      This energy leaves behind a special pattern that encodes each section of the galaxy with a distinctive ‘timetable’ – that is, the way each star, planet, dust cloud, et cetera, will react and carry out its part of the divine plan. Each aspect of a galaxy also possesses a schedule for its unique unfolding. These events shape the very nature of physicality.
      Physical Creation has a divine pattern that is set, in every way, by the divine plan. Consider, how detailed this plan is. Each sentient Being in Creation, whether a planet, a star or even you, possesses such a plan! All of them are carefully meshed together in perfect sequence. What results is an immense whole – the multi-verse itself.
      Each reality has the potential to form the subsets that are needed to manifest a greater reality. Surrounding it are billions upon billions of other galaxies that possess a shape either quite similar to or vastly different from our own. Imagine how rich are the experiences contained within this enormous mix! “

        1. thanks! I think there was just the one link above though…. its all good! 🙂 sorry for all the space I am taking up today…. well,, you know, not really sorry. LOL Love, A

  11. An exact likeness of my oldest step-daughter just appeared out of nowhere….so freakishly exact, I sent it to her on Facebook for her enjoyment:



  12. Dear Aisha, CCs, and Ponders,

    Last night after reading this amazing update, I wondered to myself whether I should write a long post with a story of how my day exactly matched this message, or whether I should just say “WOW” and leave it at that. It’s hard for me to resist expressing in words, so even though I was very tired, I wrote the long story—and then deleted it by mistake!

    Soo . . .

    Love always,
    Your grateful sister Sherill

      1. Caroline, Michael, and Breeze,
        I don’t know how to make those cute little hearts and smiley faces, but I have a big smile on my face and big warmth in my heart at your responses!
        You all make my heart sing!

  13. Dear Vinny! Thank you for everything that you do! Sending you a gentle hug from me, I hope these energies will treat you less rough from now on!
    Love, Aisha ❤

  14. My dearest Ponders,
    You know it’s new moon and today I witnessed it’s appearance on the sky around sunset time and I waited at the beach, until it set on the sea, just by the Mytillini (Lesvos) Island. It was so amazing to be a part of that precious moment. When it shyly appeared on the sky, I started praying for all of us to have enough power to release the old and welcome the new. I gave each one of you a big hug, to thank you all for shining your LOVE upon us. I’m so glad that our paths crossed. Deliciously yours 🙂

      1. Hi Monica
        I red your post about library’ s self- education. There is what one man dear to my heart said about it.

        “I spent three days a week for ten years educated myself in the public library, and is better than a college…You can get a complete education for no money. At the end of 10th year I had red every book in a library and I’d written a thousand stories.
        Ray Bradbury
        Take care

        1. I read it too Monica and Maria… thanks btw Monica!
          I agree that college is not a must for everyone to be successful. I know some friends kids who are still living at home – mid twenties – after college – cant find good jobs, etc.
          Trade school seems a good way to go.
          I wish I had more time for the reading – like I have said, my work day sucks up over 10 hrs each day… then, I get home and only have a couple hrs to myself and my eyes are in no shape to read anything or even watch TV (which I care little about these days).
          anyways….. I have my inner wisdom which I will most likely never receive monetary value of… and that is fine! I read from my own inner manual and guide and love stories… all of it! its all there ! 🙂 ❤

            1. oh… and Monica I feel a strong kinship with you too 🙂
              I realize I do spend time at your place. Even if its just sipping a cup of tea at your counter or in a comfy spot someplace.
              With others here as well. and you are all welcome in my physical as well as ethereal space at any time~! >Anyone want to help me pull some weeds this weekend ;P (I bless them before I pull them)

              1. Hi Breeze
                do you remember you was interested where your step-son is ?
                He is not in the company you know anymore. He changed for another one still in Sydney.
                Otherwise, I wish you easy pooling the weeds and a lot of good energy coming to you.

    1. How beautiful, dear Monica,
      I send one of the stars, I have painted last night, to you ✩

      BIXIE ♥ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♥

      1. I am just sobbing with overwhelming joy and gratitude for you dear Bixie! Thank you soooo much! Hugs, kisses, I would give everything for you all, EVERYTHING for PEACE ON EARTH and our reunion in real time in our bodies. It is gonna happen, I swear it shall!
        ❤ Monica

      1. JJ, it’s a nice place isn’t it? Though it’s a Greek Island, it’s very close to Turkish coast. Islanders come to Ayvalik (on the Turkish side) weekly for their grocery shopping, having a hair cut, buying their baklavas etc. They even buy furniture from here! When I was there some years ago, few times I walked to the closest part to Turkey where my Turkish mobile got signals so I could make local calls. 🙂

    2. LOL… smiles…. see my email to you below….. I can totally assure you we had enough POWER! we blew a transformer at my house – Just at the time I received your email – about 8pm my USA time. coooooolness! 🙂 😀

      1. Oh god whad did I do again??? Areeza, did you think I’m a Japanese guy also? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sending giggly love particles towards you, 5:28 pm Turkish time 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Hi All

    Just wanted share a little story–as short as possible–and a little song to go with

    I have dropped somewhat to the lower end of the cycle and I feel my old self-isolating pattern trying to take over…and I find the best way to override that is to…share myself even when I don’t want to…perhaps especially then

    Not to mention talking about positive exciting things helps get that feeling flowing again


    The past week or so I have become aware of this little…Ion in my Heart that I can feel speaking to me and can actually ‘see’ with my inner eye when I close my eyes

    Since another comment I made at some point, this Ion calls Itself my Chest~RA~Ion (RA for the Sun God and RA as in raw…as in the CORE stripped of all extraneous layers)

    I can’t actually see anything visible but it’s like I can see an ‘outline’ in the dark of a little ball…and it’s got different…substance to it than the darkness around it

    Anyway sometimes when this Ion speaks up it’s just…Itself…and sometimes it has the personality of someone

    I have had this ion appear to be people I know–like my passed father–and sometimes it is someone I can’t quite make out but who is very familiar to me…I wonder if some of them are you guys 🙂

    And the way the personality shows up is the little Ion will turn into what I visualize as a little yellow ball…and the ball will have a certain hairstyle or things like that that tells me who it is

    For instance the night before last, someone very funny showed up, and I knew who it was because the little ball became a happy-face ball with a pair of those fake glasses with the attached fake nose and mustache…the kind you would buy in a joke shop

    And as I see these things I can feel who it is

    Most exciting to me is that I know this little Ion~bALL is the CORE…the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel

    And I know that now that I am perceiving it in a tangible way, I have opened the door to the CORE and that now that a pinprick has been…poked through, that that pinprick can only get wider and the LIGHT brighter

    Thank you for listening to my or(gan)Chest~RA~Ion story and here is a beautiful song with a beautiful poem

    Have a beautiful day or night depending on where you are ❤

    PS. Caroline if you see this just want you to know that I felt prompted to watch Noah a couple weeks ago and feel the same way about it 🙂

    1. Amy!

      This is magnificent! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you for sharing! And your Light is ever growing hotter and larger and is HUGE in your heart.

      Surrounding you with LOVE!

      PS – There is SO much in that movie!

    2. OMG Amy if this is a lower cycle you are going through ,,,,just Wow.
      Poem was perfect…..Perrrrrrrrrfect!

    3. WOW Amy, thank you so much for allowing yourself to “override” your instincts to isolate yourself and share this blazing piece of light!
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    4. Dear Amy, I am very delighted. I also see a tiny face, that laughs at me. I wrote once in my ‚stories’ on my blog about it.
      This face pays attention to me very well and protested by loud sounds in my left ear, or by ,sting’ in my head when my frequencies decrease.
      So far I did not know who it is.

      ♡ ♡ ♡

      Liebe Amy, wie mich das freut. Ich sehe auch ein winziges Gesicht, das lacht mich an. Ich schrieb einmal in meinen ‚Geschichten’ in meinem Blog darüber.
      Dieses Gesicht achtet gut auf mich und protestiert durch laute Töne in meinem linken Ohr oder auch durch ‚stechen’ in meinem Kopf wenn meine Frequenzen absinken.
      Bisher wusste Ich nicht wer es ist.

      Heart greetings
      BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♡

    5. Amy I am crying…tears of JOY again. I just gifted myself a listen to this this morning after wiping egg off my face of course!

      No longer alone, solitary with all these expansive abilities…to reconnect with each other.

      No words can possible express the depth of my appreciation for you all.

      No. No words at all.

    6. AWEsomeUS and CooLness Amy!
      I will be utilizing this for myself a bit I think. I have had something going on in my heart area (well, all my life I have had heart energy issues – good and not so good in vibrational movement). Lately it Has changed to something new. I was just trying to describe it to my sister a couple of days ago.
      At one point, it was almost disturbing like a pre-panic attack. I just sat with it, became quiet and that was just before having my most extraordinary experience on my Lake last Sunday. I also wondered if it was a ‘news flash’ about the CA Earthquake that happened that morning – maybe even the same time I was on the Lake!
      This morning I had it again — little pangs of panic with the heart skipping and feeling a difference in energy vibration for lack of better way to put it perhaps. I do not get into full blown panic attacks these days like I used to years ago. My mind is much more under control in that regard and the new energies are more supportive of my Beingness and all that.
      So…. I will examine this even further now!! thank you Amy…. for letting us into your heart too! A place to travel as well !!! don’t ya all think ?! Nice. 😀

  16. Dear Aisha, Thank you for sharing your trip…and your crystals are just so beautiful. Mother nature at its best…I always receive your messages with much joy & gratitude. My love to the CC and my soul family 🙂

    1. It’s beautiful Michael! Thanks to you and of course thanks to Monica who let us know about this special song. It says so much, doesn’t it?

      1. You have a heart of Gold Tijen for saying that. And Thanks to Monica for spreading the love to us all.
        I find my self the song writer,
        singing to my higher aspect of me.
        A feminine side. 🙂

        1. Dear Michael,
          I’m afraid you’ll be the co-star of my dream tonite. I don’t know which side of you will be present, the feminine or the masculine. 🙂

          1. No problem…..because me is you and which ever you shows up, will compliment each other, as we dance!!!
            Course I only dance in dreams, but if I did it would be a tango!!

            1. I don’t tango as normal me but in dreams, you know everything is possible Michael! I had an interesting dream though. I was visiting a place. They say it’s not an “intentional community” but it is one. It’s like a township. People work together and live in harmony. I visit their gardens (they grow fruit and smth like palm trees but they’re small) and the food packaging rooms. People seem to be happy. There was a guy who asked me to stay another night. Was it you? We walk on the streets, he’s showing me around. I woke up in the middle of the dream and normally I do not continue dreaming the same dream but I did this time. While walking, we get to the farmers’ market which is one of my favorite places. I want to visit the market, full of vibrant colors. He doesn’t like the markets much so we decide to meet at a certain time. Then I woke up…

              1. Thanks Kiera!
                Somewhere in this entanglement of threads I read that women in other galactic cultures were/are the captains of the ships, the lead navigators and this is coming into focus for me here, now. Women navigators, explorers, hunter/gatherers… like the character in Clan of the Cave Bear Ayla, leading the way as a woman in this current contextual matrix is Ayla-like I would say. AAYla pronounced that way in contrast to Eyela, my grand baby girl.

                Wink, wink. OK so now I gotta ask~ Tomo?
                Tell me more about you so I get a feel…:)
                ❤ Monica

  17. thank you dear aisha❤︎ thank you for the beautiful pictures, it is indeed incredible views and to see such beautiful huge vein of milky quartz !! I can’t help imagining being there now & embracing beautiful nature stones air sounds ❤︎

    1. Dear tomo! The stones, the air, the water and the sounds of Mother Nature are already embracing you 🙂 Your energy is also in that sacred place, as is the energy of every single one from this Pond!
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  18. Dear Bey,
    I thank you again for the Kryon channelings – now many things are so much clearer to me.
    Now I know why I always saw all the doors and now I know why the White being always stood as if it is waiting for me.
    Now I’m really in a position to live my light, my Akashic Field – before I tried it as well as possible, but the most important was missing. Now it is here!
    Thanks ❤

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Liebe Bev,
    Ich danke Dir nochmals für die Kryon–Channelings – jetzt sind mir viele Dinge so viel klarer.
    Jetzt weiß Ich warum Ich immer all die Türen und Ich weiß jetzt warum das weiße Wesen immer da stand als ob es auf mich wartet.
    Jetzt Bin Ich wirklich in der Lage mein Licht zu leben, mein Akasha–Feld – vorher habe Ich es so gut wie möglich versucht, aber das Wichtigste fehlte. Jetzt ist es da!
    Danke ❤

    Happy Greetings
    BIXIE ♥ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♥

      1. ~laughing~ dear Areeza,
        not everything was so much clear.
        In the English part I wrote ‘Bey’ instead of ‘Bev’
        Sorry dear Bev ❤

        BIXIE ♥ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♥

    1. I found just now an advertisement in the mail for a 3–part welcome gift ∞ ♥ ☼
      And as I just before went to the supermarket was directly in front of me a cloud that looked like an elephant from the side – I immediately thought of Kryon because the video I last called up had an elephant as an image.
      On the way back I noticed again why me had been shown over and over again a book. I didn’t and didn’t understand it!
      Now I know it again: Almost 20 years ago I had read about the Akashic records and I painted them for me as a book – and had completely forget it.
      But the term „Akashic field” is also much more real to me. Now everything fits together. ∞ ♥ ☼

      ∞ ♥ ☼ ∞ ♥ ☼ ∞ ♥ ☼ ∞ ♥ ☼ ∞ ♥ ☼ ∞ ♥ ☼ ∞ ♥ ☼ ∞ ♥ ☼ ∞ ♥ ☼

      Ich fand vorhin eine Werbung im Briefkasten für ein 3–teiliges Willkommensgeschenk ∞ ♥ ☼
      Und als Ich vorhin in den Supermarkt ging war direkt vor mir eine Wolke die aussah wie ein Elefant von der Seite – Ich dachte sofort an Kryon weil das Video das Ich zuletzt aufgerufen hatte einen Elefanten als Bild hatte.
      Auf dem Rückweg fiel mir wieder ein warum mir immer und immer wieder ein Buch gezeigt worden war. Ich verstand und verstand es einfach nicht!
      Nun weiß Ich es wieder: Vor fast 20 Jahren hatte Ich von den Akasha–Chroniken gelesen und Ich malte sie mir als ein Buch – und hatte es völlig vergessen.
      Der Begriff „Akasha–Feld“ ist mir aber auch sehr viel realer. Nun passt alles zusammen. ∞ ♥ ☼

      Happy Greetings
      BIXIE ♥ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ♥

      1. Dear Bixie! I love the way you navigate this path by all of the different images and messages you find all around you! And I just know the Universe loves to communicate with you in this manner 😉 It is so inspiring to be able to witness it!
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      2. Dear Aisha, thanks for everything beautiful I may experience on your blog here. Here is so much joy, love, light, fun and games and I’m very happy to be a part of it ❤

        Dear Bev, me is flooding sometimes the heart with gratitude and it flows through my fingertips ❤

        ﺴ۩๑ ﺴ۩๑ ﺴ۩๑

        Liebe Aisha, danke für alles was Ich wunderschönes hier auf Deinem Blog erleben darf. Hier ist so viel Freude, Liebe, Licht, Spaß und Spiel und Ich Bin sehr glücklich ein Teil davon zu sein ❤

        Liebe Bev, mir fließt manchmal das Herz über vor Dankbarkeit und sie strömt durch meine Fingerspitzen ❤

        Heart Greetings
        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    2. Dearest Bixie…really no need to thank me as if this has helped you upon your journey than that’s most important for me to hear & I am thankful that I was able to provide a means for that help !….I truly enjoy & have also benefitted from many of Kryon’s channelings too so you are not alone !
      Love Blessings to You & your continued Expansion !…..Bev~

  19. Kiera –
    Do you mind if I email you about BC, wineries, the Boys and some other matters. I gonna be busy with my husband’s family up from Florida over the next 4-5 days. Btw, did you see Georgi’s latest? omg

    1. Of course not — if whenever you feel like it, please do. No expectations.

      I guess you won’t be surprised when the reply back will be ‘Deborah’. Like Areeza said, I feel joy going with my soul name.
      But the birth name Deborah contained triggers/activators (and even lessons) for me, so I now know why it was chosen prior to birth.

      Georgi! Yes, I saw and got my daily dose of fond giggles. I love the guy, he always feels like one of my kids — but at the same time I so appreciate the genius aspects of his mind as well.

      AND he saves me from doing much political research of the low frequencies, thanks to it being his passion and focus.

      Few years ago I posted somewhere on the Internet that I loved what an utter PARADOX he is — how to be so egocentrically unaware of oneself, self-deluded and naive, yet so enlightened in many areas at the same time.
      His male energies are phenomenal.
      His female energies….he’s just beginning to touch on. It’s the exact opposite representation of this forum, with the female energies predominant.

      1. well… hey there… my birth name is “Debra” …..short version 😉
        ….you know,,, our name means : “Bee” in biblical terms
        ❤ Debra Jean

  20. From Dana Mrkich, Aug 25, 2014:
    Sun’s Mojo re-ignites our mojo —
    If you’ve felt like you’ve been losing it over the last few days (losing your temper/patience/marbles), or flip-flopping from inner crisis to outer explosion to inner calm to outer excitement you’re not alone.

    The Sun has found his mojo again with a series of M-class flares since last Thurs/Fri with the most powerful of those recorded today. I’ve caught myself thinking ‘I can’t have another coffee I’m still buzzing from the one this morning” only to realise I didn’t have one in the morning! That’s how solar energy can feel – like adrenalin rushing through you.

    We’ve come to a time where push has turned to shove when it comes to being/doing that which is truly in alignment with our truth, our heart, and our most authentic feelings. This isn’t necessarily about having grand epiphanies about why you’re here – rather it is the day to day way you go about living life that is being pulled into sharp focus. When the day to day is clear, it tends to naturally lead you to whatever your ‘big picture’ path is.

    I’ve found that I can no longer ignore those little (big) inner nudges that have been saying: close your eyes and have a few minutes at least of meditation time every day, drink more water, get to bed earlier, get into the appreciation/gratitude zone when you need to feel centred, and read things that you feel inspired by not agitated by. Those are all little things but accumulated over many weeks and months, they create the ‘big picture’ landscape of my health/clarity/energy flow/receptivity to higher guidance and so on.

    What have your inner nudges been telling you lately? You might be feeling called to make some changes in your routine or diet, to add, change or delete some things off your schedule or daily menu. Write a list today of those things that have been tapping you on the shoulder, and commit to doing at least a few.

    How are you feeling, and what is on your list?

    1. Thank you for posting this. I resonate strongly, because for the past couple of weeks I have been eating differently, making my bed every day, picking up after myself, getting my closets in order and doing the dishes as soon as I’m finished with them. For me, chaos personified, this is a major change. Nice to hear that confirmation.
      Thanks to Dana for writing this and to you for posting it here.

    2. I resonate with this too and I think one of my ‘ways’ here is to assist with the day to day dealings. I had lofty ideals…and honestly still do. I have come to feel this grounding in daily life with daily folk I am in contact with. Keep it simple stupid is a saying I never much liked… but it helps in slowing me down to address what is right smack in front of me !
      Like Song said, I find myself cleaning up the dishes – tidying up more – clarified space around me feels good. sometimes lately I just eat whatever the heck is there because I still need to feed this machine 🙂 I like to eat more ‘light’ foods – nothing too heavy. Went back to eating ice cream when I feel like it and no problems. It seems if it brings me Joy, its good.
      ~Follow your Bliss All~
      Thanks lysarbejder! good stuff

    3. Although I live only few hundred meters (just a block or less for my American friends) away from the sea, I ignored it most of the summer but these days I enjoy to swim daily. It’s so healing. Also the sunsets. I go to the beach, sit by the sea. I guess I needed more water energy!

    4. Dear Dorrit, thank you for sharing this! I could definitely feel the buzzing from the extra helpings of energy the Sun blasted our way 😉
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  21. Thank you Aisha & Sister for the wonderful work you did during the weekend – and for absolutely amazing pics !!!

    All is well with me. Thank you all for being with me ❤ And yes Philip – it has been a very sacred journey so far 🙂 I will tell you all later.

    Love, light & gratitude


    1. Dear Birgitta,
      So wonderful to see you here tonight! 🙂 You are so loved, Sister. Rest easy in the Pond energies. Placing you in a soft wreath of birch leaves and gentle support. See you tomorrow,
      Love you!

    2. Dear B,
      This morning when I was swimming in the cool and clear sea, for a while I just laid down and enjoyed just being and felt the water was healing me along with the sun. Whatever I accumulated this morning, I’m sending you. Please accept. With much love. ❤

      1. Thank you Tijen! I accept with love and joy 🙂 I’m so glad you were able to surrender completely to the water and let it carry you 🙂

        Love & joy ❤


    3. Dear B, I am so glad to hear that you are doing well! Your very presence generates so much love, you are like a small fire warming up a huge hall 🙂
      Lots of love coming your way from me!
      Aisha ❤ ❤

    4. Healing Wishes to You Dearest ‘B’…so glad you are now in recovery mode !….We Love & Miss You !…& look forward to you sharing All that has happened in the past few days !…..Know You are always surrounded by Love !….
      Love, Bev

        1. ❤ don't worry about it, Dear B… just recoup and en-JOY your "time" with your kids and grandkids… sooo many HUGS for you !! 😀 😀 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

              1. More synchronicity — sounds familiar…..thank you Ra


                “Remember, Dear Ones, the important saying: “What you oppose, you strengthen.”

                In your hours of quiet meditation, turn away from any thoughts of darkness and pain.
                You will do what is necessary to create alternatives to darkness in your active hours, but even then, without any awe or fear of the dark, do it with an eye to the creation of Goodness, Prosperity and Love for all.
                Only in this way will we change the world into the Paradise on Earth which has been prophesied for thousands of years.”

                ~ Ra

  22. re my repetitive 16:
    ‘The repeating Angel Number 16 is a message that your angels want you to ask for their guidance and help in regards to the material aspects of your life. Listen to the
    messages from your intuition and inner-wisdom as the angels are currently letting you know which choices to make and which steps to take that will ensure that you and your loved ones will have all that is required to maintain and sustain your daily needs.

    Angel Number 16 encourages you to maintain a positive attitude whilst the angels work with you to full-fill all of your needs.’

      1. abun-dance …see and feel the ‘dance’ in it!
        In the past I was not completely grateful and wanted more or something different in order to enjoy life and relax more. There was not unconditional Joy nor unconditional gratitude. There has always been unconditional Love however.
        I found the value of being grateful for what I have…. (still a bit of a task in consistency – not always wanting all those something elses) all the blessings in the Now moments….and still intending for much more a-bun-dancing adventures! with more ease and Grace ! ❤

        1. Beautiful Breezy Areeza (man, that sounds exquisitely sweet and fresh) — a huge HUG to you again (in spirit realm and here).


          The inconsistency seems to be part of the process, as we naturally flow up and down….but the more you give yourself a “kick” back into gratitude awareness of the Now moment, the easier and more automatic it becomes.

          So we are not to feel bad about being inconsistent.

          A masterful use of Duality is to turn it instead into a POSITIVE, to add more positive energy and *momentum* to the process…..for example, feel good about the fact that you are noticing that you are being inconsistent.
          That you have so much awareness now, you can notice such a thing happening & immediately change/transform it.

          A neat trick also is to ask your Higher Self (Higher Mind) to take over for you, in giving you that Gratitude awareness kick in the butt — the same way it keeps you from rolling out of bed at night or it may continue to wake you up at a specific time every day/night. You have basically programmed yourself to do this.
          So it’s the same thing exactly, you can “program” yourself into pretty consistent Gratitude, and do it much faster if you work together with your Higher Mind.

          And best of all — all those “something elses” that you want?
          You do that as well! Focus on those, as much as you can.
          Like Abraham-Hicks says all the time, “Focus on what you WANT!!”

          Because it’s both, it’s always inclusive — we are mastering Imagining/Feeling what we WANT…..while at the same time, appreciating the Hell out of what we already HAVE.

          I’ve been practicing this process for less than 4 years now….and I went from having massive “inherited” debt (from my husband’s divorce, buying out his ex’s share of the house, Child Support, Spousal Support, unbelievable Credit Card debt — I ended up taking on his humungous debt load)

          I went from swimming in someone else’s debt, to amassing an incredible amount of wealth in comparison.
          I hesitate to say the general amount so that no one reading this who is still currently struggling with income will feel like punching me in the head (wink)…..

          But I do say it with unconditional love to you, to let you know that it actually WORKS.

          Now I’m off to the dentist to have one of the most blessed days I can imagine…uhm….perhaps after the dentist?

          1. we have that in common as well — taking on husband’s debt. did same with my ex – child support…all of it. Glad u turned it around too 🙂
            Thanks for your offerings K — and if u want to share more of how u got incredible wealth– in laymans terms. 🙂 yeah… I don’t need to know the amount! lol
            hope your dental visit was quick and painless ! Love, A

      2. Dear Kiera! Thank you for the abundance of enlightened words and beautiful images you so generously share!
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

        1. Awesome Aisha, if it weren’t for the dang dentist I would be replying to you back about Banff, Jasper, Whistler, as Higher Self sent me information about that and you last night.

          Later though…and reciprocation of FEELINGS (and to Michael, and Tijen…)

          1. Kiera dear,
            What a strong and special woman you are.
            Recently there was a meditation series I enjoyed (by Janet Bray Attwood). In the meditation she keeps repeating:
            “I want for you what you want for you.”
            So I do want for you what you want for you my dear.
            Be well.
            (I love all the images and words you posted in the last few days. Thank you so much, from the deepest parts of my heart.) ❤

  23. [KRYON:]


    “There’s basically 2 kinds of Lightworkers — one is a SPINNER, and one is a WORKER.

    (The Spinner)….And the drama just reeks, spins from you, and you splatter it everywhere you walk.
    …And your answer is always the same — “I have my TRUTH, and my TRUTH is my TRUTH, and this is my work on the planet.”

    And I want to tell you — that is old work! And it’s not working!

    Because the real work, Dear One, is to fit in and have the love of god seen in your life….and not the drama of what YOU think is important.

    You’re interested in this, you’re interested in that….to the degree that you have cast out, ANY sense of Balance, that you could possibly show.

    That’s your free choice, and if you want to sit there and spin, you can.
    But that spin is OLD.


    …It’s time for show, and not tell.
    And you’re gonna be aware of the test by how many you collect around you who you never had before who see BALANCE in you.

    Every master who walked the Earth collected those of not like mind — but those who were attracted to Balance.”

    ~ Kryon – (channeled by Lee Carroll)




    1. Thank You Dearest Sister for All your Light work & truly is a valuable asset to All here….but your mastery of the Push energy may not end in the results you perceive. Kryon’s words are meant for the betterment of All & not for one’s own agenda. I have confidence in that the Light will reveal & expose the singular Truth of All things…no more…no less…& no need to twist & distort that which is the true structure of Creation…..even Kryon’s words can be misinterpreted by our 3D minds. Confrontation is not my way & will continue to BE that way as it has no part in the harmonious flow & balance of the higher heart & mind…it is but simply a game that has been played out for centuries upon the 3D realm which only & always results in great loss, division & suffering that has imprinted upon Earth for far too long. I will continue to assist Mother in exposing the Truth as best I can & will continue as I am so asked to do…no more….no less…it is the path specific to my soul journey in protecting & celebrating Mother-Earth & her elemental kingdoms which is the sacred & celebrated manifested structure of Creation that provides the means for All physical Life to exist upon her & within her & our very means to BE here. I offer my unwavering Love, Support & Blessings to You Dear Light Sister & strength & resolve upon your continued expansion…. We are ‘1’ …more than you know & we will co-create together, but in ways you have yet to understand.
      Love, Bev~

    2. thank you dear kiera❤︎ showing kids balancing, dreaming, enjoying & taking actions and balancing, balancing, kind, compassionate, LOVE. ❤︎❤︎❤︎

  24. Dear brothers and sisters!
    First of all, a BIG BIG hug is coming to you, dear B! I hope everything is OK with you and that your surgery went well today! I was planning to BE here today and to thank every single one of you for your kind words and your wonderful contributions to this space, but its seems like the time ran away from me and as I write this we are already approaching 100 comments (and by the time I have finished writing it, probably well past 100…) to this post so I will try to sum it all up here 😉 Tijen, I had to smile when you likened me to the “salt in the soup”, because SALT was such an important element in this journey (hello, Bev! And it is in fact me in the photo 😉 ) We left for home not long after our swim in the ocean yesterday, and we both felt the need to not take a shower before driving back because we wanted to bring that sea salt back home with us. And also, the crystals still have the salt from the ocean on them, and I know it will stay like that until I am guided to bring them somewhere else to “rinse it off” or use it in another way.
    Kiera, I just love the photos you have shared from BC and from Calgary! My sister and I have visited this area several times (Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Whistler, Vancouver) and it always feels like coming home – perhaps one day it will be just that 😉 I agree with what so many of you have talked about already, I know some day we will meet each other in person! I have to say that you were all very much present for me during this trip, especially every time we went out to be by the ocean. We went out to see the sunset twice. This is on the south east coast of Norway, so the Sun goes down “behind you”, and not into the ocean, but it was so wonderful to see the colors change and to see all of the lighthouses up and down the coast starting to light up and show the way. We even saw a spectacular thunderstorm far away on the horizon, and when we checked it online, it turned out it was all the way over on the coast of Sweden, several hours away by boat.

    I am so glad that you can feel the energies from the photos! Monica – thank you for explaining how to share photos in the comments here by linking a web page that holds the picture in it. As you say, wordpress does not allow including any jpg or other types of files in comments, only directly into the in the posts, and that is why I can share them like I did today.
    Areeza, Tijen, Monica – you asked if I could publish a map showing all the “pinpricks of light” the Ponders make up all across this globe. I wish I could, but the wordpress stats page only generates a map showing the countries all “visitors” come from, not exact locations, but I shall try to find a way to share that world map here. (As of today, this blog has been viewed 2,022,719 times, and average view pr visitor pr day is around 2,2.)

    Bev – I felt the same way as you about the “pause” in the energies the CCs mention in today’s message, for to me, it definitely seems to have speeded up more than slowed down! At least, after coming home yesterday and for the first half of today it was incredibly intense for me, but it has eased off a bit now so it was perhaps it was just a case of getting “settled back in” after being immersed in the “sea of quartz-energy”. Alex, thank you for confirming that we seem to have a “break” until September 3 or so – just in time for the next Gathering around the Pond …;-). And best of luck to you and to your children on your “new part of the road ahead!

    It is getting close to midnight here, and it feels like my brain wants to go to sleep now, but let me just finish off by thanking you all once again for the wonderful “soup” you make with your loving words, your helpful hints, your choice of music and the images you share here – all the “bits and pieces” that together make up this Pond that nourishes us all 🙂 I love you all so much, and I am so looking forward to the day when I can look into the eyes of every one gathered here and say the same 🙂
    With all my love and gratitude, Aisha ❤ ❤

    1. Thank you, thank you, Thank you.
      I felt when you wrote that you sat down with your crystals,,, that….. energy you were sharing. ❤
      Which when I observed the 2nd picture I felt was you.
      So with gratitude, and love in my heart, wishes you Sleep well tonight!!!

      1. Yes, me too Aisha~
        I thought it was you in the photo.:)
        I am bursting with love and joy because Michael sent me this on Google+ and I really want you all to see and hear this…tears of joy, yes, a bit salty too, well we are mainly watery and spring forth from the ocean of love that embraces us. ❤ Monica
        I first wrote ovean…hmmmmm just too obvious!

        Ah Aisha~ I sooo look forward to real meetings in flesh and blood too. Hasten the day! Maybe we all could lay aside a little abundance in some form to devote to a gathering at a place on Mama's body to hug and kiss each others' necks. 🙂

        1. Dear Monica, thank you for this happy song 🙂 I think we have all decided to meet up already, so the Universe will do what it can to make it happen!
          LOVE, Aisha

      2. Dear Michael! I love the way we are connecting now, this beautiful energy flowing back and forth between everyone here so effortlessly, abundantly and lovingly 🙂
        Love, light and gratitude to you!
        Aisha ❤

        1. Flow-ering back to you Dear Aisha.
          Miles and miles of folks with smiles is what I see!!
          🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 L) O) V) E). Happy happy.

    2. Just by looking at your Beingness on that rock (I absolutely knew it was you), I was able to connect even more fully to you and your sister’s experience. thank you so much! I travel so many places with so many of you here. Love, Areeza

      1. Dear Areeza! I love to travel, but the experience has grown into something even more profound now that I am being sent to so many special places in the company of people like you 🙂 It is such a wonderful gift to feel the presence of so many enlightened souls by my side! And to give you a little gift back, I will post this comment at a special time 😉
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

          1. Hi Breeze~
            I feel so connected to you and Amy and Michael and all, and just wanted to say a couple things this eve. as you unwind from work.

            Tijen in Turkey is heading for bed as it is that time for him, and wrote me his email so I could give him the video I posted in the last Update on the energies…
            I had it listed as Private at first which means only those with YouTube accounts that had the webpage could access it.
            Since I am not working for YouTube or Google, just enjoy their products, I felt that was not something I want to insist anyone do…join YouTube.

            So the next option is unlisted, and I changed it to that. Anyone with the thread can look at it, it just is not listed in the Search engines now. I am sure my family does not mind me sharing their images with friends, as I am so very proud of my family and love them. I LIKE to share photos of them, from time to time. 🙂

            And they post away on their own FB pages and elsewhere, so they are not reclusive or camera shy by any means.
            I also wanted to say Areeza that line in Good Will Hunting comes to mind when speaking of formal education.

            A dollar and a public library card can get you all the education you could want….well there is value to apprenticeships of course. I had to learn procedures on real people by watching and then doing in nursing. But you get my drift.
            I have the deepest admiration and love for those self-educated geniuses in the world and you/we are legion on the planet.

            Also one more thing…not knocking formal education either…I could not have worked in nursing all these years without the formal credentials, but the healing tools used here are FREE and powerful and certainly ceremonies and rocks and minerals and healing go far beyond any college walls!

            I walked away from the elite Ivy League places I attended at graduate level without a degree. Took the classes, could care less about the sheepskin lol. Most higher educational institutions actually will let anyone sit in on lectures for free, a little known secret of abundance here in the U.S. ❤ Monica

            1. Dear Monica,
              Hope this won’t let you down:
              I’M NOT A MAN MY DEAR!
              And really, my country is not what you saw/heard on a movie. You know movies are movies, they always exaggerate things. Come and see it with your own eyes. You may fall in love with it 🙂
              Much love to you,

              1. Haha, I knew you were not a man, Tijen!. When I read that Monica said that you were, I just could not believe it, but apparently you and her have been e-mailing so I thought you might have told her thru e-mail. Whatever.
                I certaily fell in love with Turkey when I visited there (with my ex-wife) about 10 years ago. Amongst several other place we visited Lake Egirdir, where the son of the hotel-owner took us in his open truck full of lemonade an beer bottles through the mountains to the nearby villages. It was just great! The people are SO friendly in Turkey.


                1. Haha it happens to me all the time. Especially if it’s a business correspondence I sometimes have to write (Ms) next to my name. I’m glad I don’t sound like a man to you JJ 🙂 (would that change anything? no, not really, our hearts are the same, we’re equally glamorous!) I’m glad you had good time in Turkey. Turkish people are really hospitable, they love guests. (I’m not so Turkish in this manner, at least not always) 🙂

              2. Ooooh so sorry Tijen! It is a new name to me, I have no idea why I thought you were a guy! lol, I am blushing and embarrassed! Please accept my apologies! Not that being a guy is a bad thing of course, just shows how you/I can get a notion in our heads that sticks until reality unsticks it! Again, so sorry. Please forgive me.

                Send me a pic if you like. I send my image out because I know my children and family and friends feel closer to me when they can actually see me elsewhere on the planet. And visa versa.

                LOVE to you dear woman, and to the men too. 🙂
                Still lmao!!!!!!!! Actually until you said you were from Turkey I pictured you as a Japanese guy! GO FIGURE…Tim would say no matter what color I dye my hair the blond will come glinting through!

                NOW a bit more from Kryon spoken to folks in the middle of America…
                This is his latest channeling on his website. The direct mp3…

                1. A Japanese guy? Oh Monica you’re so funny! I’m laughing hard! What made you think I’m a Japanese man? That’s so cute! If you’ve googled Aegean Sea is, you’d know my wherabouts. That’s ok. We had something to laugh which is a good thing isn’t it? So my darling Monica, I’m hugging you as a woman all this time 🙂 🙂 🙂

              3. LoL… I was worried I had you pegged wrong and maybe u were just a real sweet, soft kinda guy! haha….. Monica… not laughing at you dear one- at all! its just funny. I had Michilyn as a woman! for a month or two! ❤

                1. (S)he’s not??? Michilyn is a guy? Maybe that’s why the blue and pink caps on babes from birth, hey, hey!
                  OK Michilyn is a guy.. like the ad Michilyn man…lol I remember stuff with word associations…lmao!

                  I have no idea why I saw Tijen as a guy other than maybe I associated her with all those postings from Japan awhile back.

                  But it raises some interesting ideas does it not? What sounds feminine or maternal? What sounds masculine or paternal?

                  Hmmmmm in 432 Hz… listened again Amy to the gorgeous music you posted on the blog, the piano music this morning as I wrote you all.

                  I KNOW where the Agean is silly! That much I know. 🙂
                  I just have to laugh at myself so much! You did tell us you lived in Turkey. Anyhow, onward, onward, dancing in the light Lightly.
                  LOVE ❤ Monica 🙂
                  Oh by the way, now when I get letters in my email from promoters or political candidates or any other organizations I send them music. Like this music, the piano music. Love to do stuff like that. 🙂

                  1. Dear Monica you are so loved for being you. Don’t worry about what you see, for I love you, what ever you “see”.
                    My take on this word play on a name.
                    It is to blend the different energies we all have, male and female. You would never see my heart in the wilds of this world, but here….. it exists full blow.
                    Thank you. Thank you all.
                    Tijen, this event gave me a chance to see you as you really are. In this 3d life time…. a,,,,, woman.
                    🙂 🙂 🙂

                  2. we’re all just melding together anyways!!! 🙂
                    your ass end… my ass end… whats it matter ?! LoL
                    I do have a nice trunk so I will share that body part if one of u gals could share some nice tits. never had those… would like to know what they are like!!! haha. maybe not for to long… nice and compact can be good in older age i am finding out.
                    What would I like from you guys? hmmm… I really don’t know! as far as body parts that is!!! ok… I think I need some lunch

    3. Beautiful You, Aisha ! Thank you to you&Sis (again). LOVE to you both. Glad you both had a great visit with your family while accomplishing so much Light work. Much Love, Lin xox ❤ 😀

      1. Dear Lin, thank you for adding your light to the journey we had to the sea! Whenever I connect to the Pond, especially during one of the ceremonies we have out in Mother Nature I feel this whoosh of energy surge through my body 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

    4. Aisha, thank you so much for this latest wonderful post with all its pictures of that amazing quartz vein and the story of your experience there. Sounds as though it couldn’t have been more positive and profound.

      I so appreciate you, the cc’s and the other ponders! It’s so good to have found this community! Thank you for the resonance.

      Love, Song.

      1. Dear Song, I am so glad that you have joined this family of light! It is amazing to think how we have come to know and love people all over the world because we have all opened our hearts to the light, to ourselves and to each other 🙂
        LOVE, Aisha ❤

    5. Dear Aisha,
      A friend of mine was saying, “I didn’t know happiness tears were real but yeah, now I know you can cry of happiness”. I do cry of happines now, reading your words. So much love is beaming from/through you, I can’t help but think it’s the love of the SOURCE, the CREATION. It is in a way, we are the CREATION, we are the SOURCE.
      (And about salt in the soup: In Turkish we have a saying that goes, “having salt in the soup” if you help someone with something or if you put energy in smth. you say “I wanted to add salt to the soup” So perhaps that’s why I used that expression.
      I’m so glad you’re gone to experience what you’ve experienced and did but I’m so glad you’re back. Is it selfishness?

      1. Dear Tijen! We reflect each other’s love, that is why there is so much of it here at the Pond 🙂 And you are not the only one crying from happiness either! Yes, you are right, we are the CREATION, we are the SOURCE!
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

        1. It’s very true. This morning, I closed my eyes and gave each one of you a hug, one by one. Even this filled me with joy. I can’t imagine real gatherings. Fireworks of love will spread around the world 🙂

          1. I saw you and Michael and Denise and at least one other….Monica? joined with me around a nice campfire when I was falling asleep last night.
            hugs for the company (along with I am sure some enlightening chatter) you guys! ❤

            1. And I saw you during my sunset ritual dear Areeza. I invited all of you to enjoy it with me. And did you get my hug few hours ago? 🙂

            2. Ahhhh Thank you Areeza, truly.
              Because in my youth I was always in folks dreams ……I was the one getting run over or pushed off the cliff…the fall guy!!
              Which is OK with me as I very rarely remember dreams. ( I know I’m weird being here with all you excellent dreamers!!!).
              So will from now send upon sleeping warm hugs to you all, and always!! ((Hugs))

    6. Thank you so much Aisha. I loved the story of your journey with the crystals and loved the purple amethyst—it’s color is so beautiful.

      I took a photo last week of rainbow colors in the clouds and the clouds are in the shape of what looks like a dove or it could be and angel. You can clearly see wing formations. I am trying to find a way to share a link to it. I do have a facebook account, but I don’t use it very often, just not enough time, however, maybe I can figure out how to post it there and then include a link here.

      I love reading all the responses here and send my love out to everyone, but lately I haven’t had time to get through all of them, but I think of all of you nonetheless. My garden just exploded with produce this year and I have been canning, freezing and now off to make salsa! The pears are almost ready to be picked, but we have these huge attack bees that I’m dealing with. I never see them until the pears are getting ripe and they just hone in on you and come after you. They are bigger than wasps and honeybees. I’ve been sending them love every day and hopefully they will be peaceful this year.

      Blessings to all,

      1. Dear Brenda, thank you for sharing! I hope you will find a way to share your photo as well, it sounds wonderful! This has really been a summer of abundance here too – including the wasps 😉
        Love and light from me, AIsha

    7. Thanks ‘Always’….Dearest Aisha for ALL that you say, do & share ! You are so Appreciated by us ALL !…..Crazy busy day for me…so it’s a quick fly-by & wanted you to know ‘Sorry’ I thought the 2nd photo was your Sister but sure it’s not the 1st time you’ve heard that ! Your energies are surely close & intertwined I feel…..I have triplets in my family (2 nephews & I niece) & I don’t get to see them very often…a couple times a year…but the boys are so identical I constantly get them mixed up….it must be an amazing experience being a twin or a triplet…..hope you are nicely settling back into home & will chat later !…..much Love to You !!!……Bev~

      1. Dear Bev! I am feeling much more settled now, a long walk in Mother Nature today did the trick 😉 And no, you are not the only one having trouble distinguishing between my sister and me, no one, not even our parents can tell us apart on old photos. I have joked about that perhaps they have switched us without even realizing it when we were small. I hope you have time to take a pause and enjoy your day!
        LOVE, Aisha ❤

  25. Aisha, if u see a post from me in the ethers…like three times….LOL… just leave it in the etheric because I would say it is not meant to be here yet for some reason. ❤ !

  26. For All the Rock Lovers here! 🙂 Should have known there are many here. ❤ Here is an awesome resource book for all the "metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom". It gives you everything you need to know about 100's of rocks and their vibration, color, makeup and use in many ways. There are some minerals you can NOT make elixirs from. This book tells you. "Love Is In The Earth -A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals" by Melody. It says this book is available world wide so I am guessing it comes in many languages. The woman I spoke of in Asheville, North Carolina, USA is Sarah Thomas. I believe her schooling is from ancient teachings that at one time were not shared. She has an acupuncture office and also teaches classes about minerals. http://clarityacupuncturenc.com/?p=902 Here is a page, but not much info on her site as it is more for her acupuncture business. There are a few articles about rocks though and when she is having classes again and rock foraging. Would love to go rock hunting with her. She has so much energy as this is her passion. Love to All! Denise

  27. [SETH:]

    “… The approach should not be fear of war but love of
    peace; not fear of poor health but concentration upon the enjoyment
    of good health; not fear of poverty but concentration upon the
    unlimited supplies on your earth.”

    ~ Seth – TESS8 Session. 337




    “We say again – you can get rid of NOTHING! What you invalidate you empower absolutely.”



    [KRYON:] Visualize the Perfect Solution

    “Visualize in your mind the perfect solution without knowing what it
    is. [Audience laughter.]

    How do you do that? Here’s how: Visualize yourself peaceful, as if it was finally over…not just suppressed, but over. Take the now out of linear.

    Make time advance to a place in the future where you say, ‘Oh, we got through this’. Feel the peace without worrying about future events.
    Feel the peace of something happening, which indeed is finally working and has wisdom. You don’t have to remember how it happened – just feel it!”




    Visualizing/imagining things the way you would prefer them to be does
    not work if you contradict your visualization!
    How do you contradict your visualization? By visualizing what you want and also visualizing what you don’t want.

    This totally nullifies the creative potency of your visualization!



    Example #1: If you want health, don’t visualize being healthy and also visualize not being sick, because then the focus on “healthy” is contradicted by the focus on “sick”.

    Example #2: If you want world peace, don’t visualize peace and also visualize no more wars, because then the focus on “peace” is contradicted by the focus on “wars”.

    Example #3: If you want wealth, don’t visualize being wealthy and also visualize no more debts, because then the focus on “wealth” is contradicted by the focus on “debts”.

    Example #4: If you want to lose weight, don’t visualize being thin and also visualize getting rid of excess fat, because then the focus on “thin” is contradicted by the focus on “excess fat”.

    Contradictory vibrations are very common here on earth, and are a strong reason why many people are not manifesting according to what they think they are visualizing!

    How Do I Know When I am Putting out Contradictory Vibrations?

    By your FEELINGS!

    While Visualizing What you Want, your emotions are your indicator:

    Negative Emotions = Resistance = You are also adding Thoughts about
    what you don’t want.
    Positive Emotions = Allowance = You are Thinking and Visualizing
    about only what you do want.

    So, if you can visualize what you want, and be feeling only happy positive emotions at the same time, then you are Creating according to your Preferences!



    1. Yes… all this very, very important. thanks K
      My ex used the positive so much — when I had Lymes he said put it in past tense… you had lymes… you dont then bring it into your future. He was great in so many ways… yet, i see in what you provide here how he ended up in the nursing home. He did hold on to the past hurts alongside the positive future focus.
      I set my mind to the future me – living with only that which fits perfectly with my true Being. And I do actually feel this wonderful sense of Joy and peace in a fullfillment of all my dreams. …it has steadily gotten stronger day by day.
      ❤ A

      1. and Now has the bud opened. Some may feel exposed and strange at first. There is this opening going on and the fast flow carrying it all. All the way babies!
        An open flower only embraces the elements supporting it – trusts it – no use fighting nature!

            1. big D I T TO on that Mikey 🙂 🙂 ❤ >what a lovely treat to greet me first thing in the morning dear Kiera~!
              >>I hesitate only for a moment before sharing that I woke up too early this morning and stressful thoughts were creeping in…and then all of a sudden (I knew it was you) and we were holding each other – no words spoken – soothing our souls together and I just think its so special to have this confirmation and connection. >Hugs<

            2. and also that you saw my vision of the open flower when I wrote what I did – flowing gently down the stream. I just have no words to say how my heart is touched in this extremely special connection. just ahhhhhh AHHHH….merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily….life Is but a Dream

            3. and to see my soul name like that! I have never seen it or experienced it like that. No one other than you beauties here address me with it.
              It is also StarFire – my counterpart – that steps in from time to time to write certain messages…like the flower one above was both of us together 🙂
              ~Love is all around~
              ~have one of the most blessed days you can imagine sweet Kiera!~

      1. i watched below in 2010 now It is more than I imagined more than I feel & I am grateful to everything. Wen I think of open contacts it is all valid, so far I have experienced few in own way. it was all enjoyable & specially created for each individual to fit how the contact goes. and it is all enjoyable blissful. Meeting selves in own unique ways.

        1. We were both watching this in 2010, in the same “space/time”.
          Possibly watching at the exact same time — wouldn’t that be something!

          Oh yeah, those space-time reality “echoes” that come back at you…they are a real PITA.
          I can recognize them right away, now, so I make sure to change my response pretty damn fast so as not to keep on attracting more unwanted echoes.
          It’s been working so far…

          1. Yes♥︎ Loving, appreciating those echoes & it is pita (pitb) at same time! I recognize them much quicker than before & when I do I raise my right arm & tap my left shoulder in my mind♥︎ Enjoy ignoring realities & being more and more crazy creative that is my wish♥︎ You are shinning and sparking like diamonds, the diamond rays *\(^o^)/*

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