A short update on the energies

By now you have all become adjusted to being constantly adjusted, and as such, this feeling of discombobulation that you will experience from time to time will become more familiar as you start to settle in to this state of being constantly un-settled. You see, the flux that we have discussed so many times earlier is not about to calm down, but that is for a very good reason indeed, namely to keep you moving ever forwards. We are aware that for some, what you experience as being unsettled will feel unsettled in ways that you might think of as negative but it is in fact the other way around. For you are being helped to get free from anything that may stand in your way, and in order to set you free from any limitations, you must literally be shaken loose in every way. So expect this sense of instability to become a permanent presence, at least for the time being, and take it for what it truly is, namely a sure sign of progress.

Again, mankind has been taught to expect as little turmoil in their lives as possible, or in other words, mankind has been taught that a sense of immobility is what you should seek for. And no wonder, as upward mobility in the energetic sense of the word was to be shunned, that is, according to those living amongst you who saw all of the benefits they could reap from keeping you all fixed within those narrow confines that they described for you. But you are no longer affixed to any of those old ideas, and so, you have become nomads in the best sense of the word, constantly moving with the flow and following the trail the light has set before you. And so, you have ventured out from the dark and narrow tunnel that mankind has spent so many lifetimes holed up in, and you have entered the flow in every sense of the word. For this river of light will not stop, and neither will you, and together, you will make a whole lot of changes happen over a wide area indeed. Not just geographically and restricted to your planet and to this timeline, no, this goes far wider and deeper than that.

For you act as catalysts as we have told you earlier, and even if you think that what you do is an endeavour that will benefit all of mankind, the effects of all of your achievements will go much further than that. And yes, again we refer to both locations and timelines, for this is in all aspects a multidimensional operation, encompassing so many levels that you have yet to envisage. And so we say keep going with the flow, no matter how fast and intense this current will become, for you are build to take this forward rush in every way. In fact, your whole being will begin to thrive in this constant change of atmosphere as it were. In other words, it will be like finally having full circulation restored to your entire being after having lived on an incredibly restricted flow of energetic fluids for lifetime after lifetime, and even if your body may still exhibit some symptoms set on by this sudden influx of light, it will soon start to exhibit signals that it is indeed beginning to flourish once again. You might even call it a second flowering if you will, and we think that many of you will take the underlying meaning of that word flower. For this is all about the aspects of you that are such an intricately crafted set of interconnected algorithms, sequences that interact in such a way, your whole being will start to respond to them in ways that can be hard for you to even comprehend at this stage. Remember, you are a far more complex being that what this seemingly humble and frail vehicle you are currently ensconced within may signal to the casual observer, and now, that underlying complexity will start to come into action in every sense of the word. For you are literally unfolding now, like the true flowers of life you really are. And this is not just a decorative flower we are talking about either, for this is all about abilities and strength and indeed attributes that will begin to change your world from the inside out.

So take some time to digest these words once again, and then, take some time to take a good look at that wondrous being you really are. Try to see yourself, not with the eyes, but with your spirit, and then, we think you will all find a way to become more than a little awed by what you find within. For you are like a cathedral of light, all compacted into this small package walking around on this planet, and if we say that you are indeed far more impressive than anything you can behold anywhere in your universe, we would be understating the case. For you are more than that, and so, the grand miracles you are waiting for have already happened, but they have happened on a scale that is so minuscule, your entire universe could be likened to a small pinprick of light if it was compressed to that same density of information that you are carrying within your frame.

In other words, go within, and keep going, for you have a long way to go if you want to come to the bottom of this. And what do we mean by that? Simply that there is so much more to you than you can grasp at this moment in time, but now, as you start to slowly open yourself up to these secrets you carry within, you will begin not only to grasp it, but to fully embrace it all. And it is indeed more than a handful of glittering light dear ones, for you are the bringers of dawn in every way, and so, what you carry within, is in itself enough to light up your entire world and everything that surrounds it. So rise and shine as they say, open your mind to the fact that you are starting to flower for the very first time ever on these shores, and the combined display of all of you will truly match any heavenly garden of delights.

So again we thank you on behalf of All of creation for being who you are and for doing what you do. You are shimmering fountains of light, ready to erupt at any moment now, and when you do, what you bring forth will bring sustenance and relief to the most barren of fields, and this in turn will set this whole word of yours aflame with a light that will cause this entire planet to finally bloom the way it was intended to do.

598 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Just popping in to say hello. I returned late last night from a 5 days trip (756 Miles / 1216 Km). I thought any travel outside of B.C. would stop but life is still wooing me to new adventures! We drove through the town my Dad was born in and spent two days in another that Mom had been in. This trip felt like I both honoured and closed doors on that part of my life as “daughter.” I’d never visited either place before. I slept through miles of the journey, happily floating in dream land. The rest of the time I took a caffeine energy drink so that I could aid my friend with staying awake and be of some company! On Saturday we made a 2 hr visit to a zoo and I came home with falcon and owl feathers from the grass. One cougar (born in captivity) wasn’t happy. The big cats often appear frustrated to me in zoos yet I doubt these two would survive in the wild. I send him loving understanding. I have lived feeling caged in during my earlier years.

    There is still a little snow patches (glaciers) high on the Rockies. They always amaze me when I see them close up. There were so many amazing shapes and skylines filled with their majesty. Yet there was also a quiet peace in the immense skyline on the flat Prairies, especially as the sun was setting in the clouds. The lakes were scattered everywhere in the mountains (sloughs in the flat lands) and even a few small waterfalls caught my eye. Wildlife was hidden from me except a loan coyote who stood watching the truck pass.

    I had one pretty exciting hour on one of the evening drives when I pulled out my ‘shaker egg’ and started ‘jamming’ to the music. This is new to me and a stretch away from dancing. I hope to transfer this new connection soon to my small new drum and then to my djembe drum. I had them with me but didn’t use them. Perhaps I will awaken my creativity/home/income with my drum.

    I am restless right now and probably a bit impatient so I’m learning to flow with this part of my journey without resistance. Saturday I start a one week dog/house sit with new contacts. I met a woman who has not had a fixed address for 3 years… instead of saying she is “homeless” she says, “Home free” and Home is where my “arse” rests. She told me I could borrow the terms 🙂 On Sunday I turn 62… how strange this lifestyle feels.

    Working with my breath continues to be part of my daily awareness. Am I perceiving the newness around me? Am I co-creating my days? Will invisible doors soon become visible? How do I create a physical home/income when I don’t know what either looks like? These are the questions I sense even as I slowly let go of them. They often come back though to nag at me! Meanwhile I find such comfort knowing that you are all “here.” Thank you with much love, Nancee

    p.s. Amy what part of Canada do you live in??

    1. Amy lives in Calgary…

      (she said in an above post re: a video posting to Facebook containing Calgary street sign….please correct me if wrong)




        1. I’ve visited once — 23 years ago….and it didn’t look this pretty back then:




          “Calgary made its way onto two top ten lists for international architecture of 2012.

          …we are definitely proud of the transformation Calgary is experiencing with public art and architecture.

          The Peace Bridge was described by Azure Magazine as follows:

          “The steel structure spans 130 metres and connects the downtown core with residential areas on the other side of the Bow River. Painted a brilliant red on the exterior and white internally, the long, lean structure has a glass roof and integrated linear lighting for night-time illumination. A dedicated bike lane runs down the centre with foot traffic travelling along elevated sidewalks on either side … a reported 6,000 people are now using the bridge daily, a much higher number than expected,” ”



        2. Thanks Kiera and Amy… I just passed around Calgary on my fast trip to Saskatchewan! Kiera if you see this maybe we can meet the next time I head for the B.C. Coast 🙂 ~Nancee

    2. Nancee I live in Calgary

      Do I understand you correctly that you’re from BC? Lucky woman! My family is all at a cabin between Kelowna and Vernon right now…so wish I could be there…but I too am having issues with income…you’re not alone on that one

      Anyway, you’re Journey sounds fantastic!

      Maybe we can meet up some day ❤

      1. Interesting….one of my plans is to buy a small vineyard in Kelowna (husband’s best friend lives there) and grow grapes specifically for Ice Wine:


        But the “large labour force” required for picking rapidly within a limited time window sucks ass….so I may have to revise this plan.
        That is, until manifestation of Abundance revs up even further and I have many millions to throw around….then I won’t have to care about the size of my labour force of pickers.

        1. Seriously? You, too? Small vineyard is on my “to do” list. Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario or Central Ohio. Soils are similar and produce nice ice wine. Bring on the revving up of that darn Abundance manifestation …………….. LOL!

          1. Arrrgh….get thee the hell off my frequency wave.

            Now here’s the ideal scenario — you get your arse out of flat Ohio and/or humid Ontario, get over here to B.C. and you, Amy and I will get a place together in Kelowna. Nancee is also invited.

            Here are some Kelowna homes we deserve to live in:



            Hey, did you know Jared and Jensen are partners in their own wine company?


            Story goes, Jensen’s a wine lover, and Jared was clueless about wine (typical Sammy (grin) ….so Jensen drags Jared around to a shitload of B.C. wineries tasting wines and Jared got hooked — became obsessed with wine after that and decided to start his own Wine Company.

            Here they are, caught in the act:




            Real Time Check-In: Jensen Ackles in Langley, BC, Canada

            New Jensen Ackles sighting at a winery in Langley ..So they actually are planning a winery http://t.co/SQS4E27nlZ


            1. oh oh oh, hey hey hey… (waving hand in the air) butting in here to ask unceremoniously and inelegantly if I can come join, too?! have been trying to get my husband to move to most-beautiful Canada especially since GWBush was pretend prez. No duel citizenship, but hubby has worked as creator (and “silent” director) of award-winning animation shows up there. And and and I can pick grapes with JJ. Besides I’m lots of FUN with close friends and make people donkey laugh. 😀 😉 ❤

            2. —- fell in Love with Canada when skied Banff. you have grizz bears, too; they’re one of my totems. (swooning in silliness) 😀

        2. Ice wine eh? That’d be the one kind of wine I actually like the taste of

          Sure would be a beautiful area to live out one of your dreams

          Who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to just gather up some of your other timeline selves to help with the picking 😉

          Are you in Canada too Kiera?

          1. Amy!
            My heart is and always will be in the Muskoka Lakes region of Ontario. My family is there. Mom took a detour to Ohio and I ended up being the only US-born citizen in the clan. Miss being up there terribly at times. 🙂

              1. Wish I had dual citizenship! The clan emigrated from Austria to Ontario in the early 50s. My mother stayed behind for a few years, and couldn’t get a visa later. Some distant relative sponsored her for passage to Ohio. Long story ……..!

            1. My mom tried living in Ontario when she was in her 20’s, almost died from the humidity in the summers, and ran back here to BC.

              My husband and it seems like everyone in my current neighborhood came from Ontario.
              I asked them all, why did all you Ontarionians (is that a word?) move out here?
              They all say they got sick of too much snow.

              We rarely get snow here.

              1. I gotta have snow. Our log cabins gets totally buried up on Wilson Lake. Love it! Feeling the shift to September deep in my bones already. Bring it on! Hope you have a restful night.

                1. That’s what one of my former best friends said, when she moved from Ohio (away from her entire family & many great grandchildren even), to the place she always longed to be — San Francisco.

                  After the move to California she said she “misses the snow” in Ohio….and that was the only thing she missed.

                  I told her to move closer to me, because unlike San Fran, we get snow for a day or 2 (week at most), then it melts by the time we get sick of it.

          2. Yah, the Vancouver BC ‘burbs — on the edge of the Fraser Valley Mountain ranges.

            Precisely where the “Percy Jackson” movies were all filmed.
            And is also known as “Purgatory”, in the TV series “Supernatural” .



        3. I’ll come and pick some grapes, Kiera! 🙂 I love BC! I Visited Kelowna a long time ago. I love Canada, lived in the Sault for 3 years, 1/2 a year in Toronto, visited Calcary, Vancouver, etc. If I were to do the same trip all over again I would be able to visit Amy, Nancee, and you, Kiera.

          Oh, brings back great memories. When I was in Kelowna, I stayed in a small Motel with a big old beautiful tree in the courtyard (Tulip tree I think). I hooked up with 2 swedish guys to share the cost. It was pretty cool. The daughter of the owner of the motel drove us around and took us to one of the beaches, we had a lot of laughs. Live just flowed during that holiday.

          Boy, I can’t wait until we are able to travel around the globe without passports and to be able to live in any country we choose, without needing any visa’s or anything.

          I’ve never been to South America, but I visited AH in Memphis last fall. Now that really felt like coming home… 😀

          Thanks for bringing back these memories.

          Love, JJ

          I see a lot of photographs on the Pond. How do you post these, please?

            1. NOW I see:
              I got a new avatar after changing my email-adress (did not know that this would happen)
              … and my comment is awaiting moderation 😦

              sorry JJ, wanted to give a rapid answer to you

              technical stuff always finds ways to surprise me 🙂

    3. Falcon and owl feathers! Very special gifts! I have hawk and owl feathers here along with many song bird feathers too. I keep them all around my home in special places. And the coyote! Some good medicine Nancee! I have a Native American drum given to me by my dear friend. We can get together around the pond soon and have a good time! Home is where the heart is and you certainly don’t sound homeless. I think you are bringing home to everyone you are with Nancee. 🙂 I always love seeing you here! Happy early Birthday! ❤ Denise

      1. Happy birthday Nancee!
        I keep learning so much here. I just gazed at all the new photos and new comments, feeling so much love and connection. Blessings, blessings, blessings.

        Home free. Love that too. See the crop circle photos… the canoe, the chalice, the centered you/us … flowering and floating, yes I resonate, nice progression from above, and within since the last ones posted… for you, one more copy here, and yes I realize this is the same as the one I posted in general for us… just want to make it easeful and graceful for you dear traveler to see.
        ❤ Monica

  2. hey! sorry–were you waiting for me?
    well sometimes y’just gotta step away,right?
    y’know,get some air,hopefully a little ‘perspective’-
    that is,another one!
    what more could there possibly be to say,by now tho,right?
    anyways,whatever was before is done-now we can start fresh…let’s say we know nothing…what does it look like,assuming nothing is as it looks,right?
    it feels like a riddle..
    a peculiar itch that’s difficult to scratch!
    and never no resolution,never no nevermind…
    that’s a’ight-it don’t make no ‘nevermind’!
    cheers to all you great internet-folk,
    you’re a special bunch,tho,why i bet elton ,if he wanted to,
    could get a message to paul,asking is he alright,right?
    last we heard,he was sick in japan,cancelled shows,yadda-yadda…
    oh and hey,how have you been,elton–obviously! Sir elton,i should say,right?
    YEAH! we’re,uh,in uncharted waters,crew!
    hatten down the batches,right?
    it got so dark earlier,and rained,a nice warm summer rain…
    summer sure has gone quick this time around!
    winter’s a bear! i would love to be guests in the hallow earth theory
    –that would be a dream-come-true
    maybe even all our friends can be there-

  3. Big hugs everyone! Today begins the new phase of my life with both my beautiful light being daughters away at university and while I miss them dearly because we are so close, now I see the time opening before me not as solitary and lonely but more blessed time to do all the things I want to do and have quiet time to listen and go within on my own eternal schedule. To get to know the new within me, or should I say the true within me that has been there all along.

    I welcome this time of change with open arms and I thank everyone who sent love or kind energy and assistance for the incredibly busy and tumultuous times over the last few weeks of preparation. It was much appreciated and helped me tremendously!

    Now on to the new–bring it on! Hugs all! Alex

    1. Blessings on your New, Alex, and on your family in this next phase of your lives together. May I flow as gracefully as you are when it comes time to send my daughter off. Thank you for modeling that!


  4. Hi,
    I have used same technique as this link below for a while now, at least the top three:) Wanted to test it on myself before giving advice to others.
    I do it when I don’t feel myself, need to clear and focus on my heart. Often I am under influence of thoughts and energies around me.
    This really works wonders.

    1) You can say: if this is not mine, please leave. Say it three times for good measure.

    2) Imagine a line of light going up out the top of your head connecting you to the highest source of truth, love and light (whatever name you use to call that is up to you), and going down through you, down to the core of Mother Earth.

    3) Say I am filled with love, I am surrounded by love, I am protected by love and I am guided by love.

    4) Say I am aligned to my best possible self, best possible reality and best possible movement forward on all levels.


  5. Here’s kind of what I mean when I say the organs are all one thing doing different versions of the same thing

    The lungs take in air to be fed to the body via the bloodstream

    The stomach takes in food to be fed to the body via the bloodstream

    It’s like the organs are doing the same thing according to different states of matter or density…gas liquid and solid

    This would then fit with the rainbow of the chakra

    The higher organs dealing with etheric matters and the lower organs dealing with more dense visible physical realm matters

    And I guess the center organs…the middle (CORE) blending point where life happens…deal with the liquid state…which is the state of matter where life thrives

    Then again the inside of the body is very liquidy all over


    1. You reminded me of another sensation I had yesterday while on my lake. I always like to place both hands on the sides of my Kayak in the water – barely touching. It is a great Joy I feel in the life of the water. Yesterday I felt the connection of that water with my own blood. It was fascinating and I did not know what to make of it. As we are instructed though, not to think about things too much. I truly just en-joyed it 🙂 and the movement of both that inner and outer liquid. I knew it (the water) was en-joying it too!
      thank you!

      1. That is powerful stuff Areeza

        It’s all liquid inside and out

        I’ve come to feel like I’m walking around breathing in liquid like a baby in the womb

        And what you said above about “all this body stuff–yuk!”…lol!

        That’s exactly how I have felt about it my whole life which is why it’s making me laugh that my other levels are trying to bring something through via this kind of information

        You have no idea how hard it is to have to look at the pictures I’m coming across…bleh!

        I have a feeling though if we could see it all at the tiny crystalline level it would look beautiful…like diamond galaxies everywhere

        Thanks for inspiring that vision…maybe I’ll have an easier time looking at the pictures 🙂

  6. Vinny

    I hope you see this here…my phone is acting up so I can’t scroll to our conversation

    This is more on what we were talking about

    The CCs say here:

    “…your whole being will start to respond to them in ways that can be hard for you to even comprehend at this stage. Remember, you are a far more complex being that what this seemingly humble and frail vehicle you are currently ensconced within may signal to the casual observer, and now, that underlying complexity will start to come into action in every sense of the word. For you are literally unfolding now, like the true flowers of life you really are. And this is not just a decorative flower we are talking about either, for this is all about abilities and strength and indeed attributes that will begin to change your world from the inside out.”

    It occurs to me that perhaps you were experiencing conscious awareness of two of your timeline selves simultaneously…becoming aware of your multidimensional flower self through the breath

    Having said that you’ve given me a related insight

    This pattern I feel with the organs would be the flower of life–what I call the dIAMond CORE CHRYSTALL–as everything is that same structure played out over and over in larger and larger and smaller and smaller versions

    So why would the organs not be structured in that pattern?

    I don’t know the mathematics behind the flower so I can’t see what I’m trying to see that way

    But I do know there are 78 organs but 13 major ones

    So I think maybe the 78 are all grouped into the 13…like I was saying the heart lungs and brain may be all one…group…and maybe the stomach the two intestines and the bladder are one…etc

    I don’t know as I haven’t extensive knowledge on the organs…and I’m not sure where this is trying to lead me…but…well it’s interesting anyway 🙂

    1. Yeah it sure sounds like you have untapped potential kicking in Vinny

      It’ll be beyond interesting to see what we are when we’re using 100% of what we have available within ourselves!

      What are we morphing into??? 🙂

    2. Dear Vinny!

      Your lightbody is getting “jump-started” within your physical body. It’s part of the rewiring process we all go thru. We have/will have two places where we breathe from. I’ve been breathing like this for quite a while. And no – I can’t explain it. I simply trust and allow the process as I go along!

      Big hugs, Son!

      1. I posted this for those who may be awakening from rigid and or controlling circumstances Michael. To understand the differences between REAL freedom in worshipping in spirit and in truth and the types of behavior that result when we are or have been subjected to a cult and its practices. It was a follow up to the Stockholm syndrome article. NOT meant for what we do here in sharing love and light and benevolent visualizations, sounds, music, art.

        Sometimes ritualistic trauma is deeply buried in the subconscious.
        Meant to help the awakening process is all. Does that make sense?
        ❤ Monica

        1. This just makes me sad, that folks are in the old illusion even without the trauma of an outside influence. They believe!
          And it is their path, when they desire to change, I will be there. With gentle love and compassion.

          1. Yes Michael. I agree it is sad, and love and Light is still the real solution, through the shadows and deep valleys…this thread supports those awakening from this kind of darker illusion as I read it, so like the beautiful images and maps Kiera posted, it helps with navigation OUT and upwardly expanding into JOY, our true natural joy.

            I saw this first thing in traveling the web this morning, and I see a boat kinda floating on a bubble in this latest crop circle, so of course I immediately was with us all in the Pond!

            Usually I just show the image and would ask what you saw, without influencing your perception with my own.

            Since we have a seemingly prolonged window here of dialogue between Aisha’s posts, exploring deep stuff internally, I feel compelled to write my first impressions of this. I also see a chalice type of image, almost a self made container, open and centered floating on a self generated bubble. Human me expressing.
            ❤ Monica
            The images…

  7. Hi Aisha and ponders, this was a great update. Finally got to read it last night. With classes every week now and much reading involved I am not able to keep up here as much. Things really are moving fast for me and others. I can see it from those two places again…the one inside of me and the one on the outside of me. Still just trying to keep my eyes straight ahead on my own path and keep walking. Much to get me side tracked, but I just keep moving on and pushing through as I feel this is really the time to step into the new for myself and hopefully others around me will follow and step into their own newness as well. If not I will move into my own space and what will be will be. I had a wonderful meditation last night in which everyone here was a bright star shaped light body. Our arms, legs and heads had light coming out of them and it extended out to each other as we formed a net pattern over and around the earth. We were floating in space, connecting, and flowing energy. It was cool! Later I connected with my twin flame and together we conceived and birthed Joy! This is really exciting for me. Not sure how to explain, but I believe this is really good news. Everything must be moving along as planned. So here is to Joy! For everyone! Reach for those stars ponders! Grab one and hug it close!
    Love to you all!
    Denise ❤

    1. Dear Denise,
      We’re missing you here but I understand. When there are responsibilities you have to concentrate on that. I love what you describe, amazing vision. Reading your sentences, I once more realized that I’m longing for the group meditation. I sometimes do it, imagining that I’m at the pond with all of you but for some reason I never have vivid images like the ones I have during the monthly meditation. Perhaps it’s the CC’s hand that makes it that powerful. Good luck with all your work and pls. say to us sometimes. ❤

      1. Miss all of you too Tjen! ❤ I think most of us here would like to be here all of the time meditating and sending good energy to each other and around the world. I believe we are doing it anyway. We just aren't necessarily conscious of it. How else could we be as connected as we already are here? 🙂 Beaming out a bright light so you all can find me wherever I may be. ❤

      2. its also our own group focus Tijen at close to the same time I think. That makes the difference. I bring you all with me more regularly now. I can be floating on my lake and looking at the clouds and we are all there. Don’t care to have any more alone time! Just All-One time 🙂 🙂

        1. Dear Areeza, I think I do the same. These days I just love floating on the Aegean Sea. And in the evening, before I sleep, I remember those moments and imagine myself floating on light on our pond. I feel that the light is healing me, bringing me more awareness and knowing on the new world.

        2. I feel the same…’All-One time’. ❤ 🙂 A real need to connect as we do in the ethers. It is like home to me. The pond is home to my heart! ❤

    2. Hi Denise,

      Love your post and glad you popped in! About 10 years ago, before I “knew” about ascension and the limitless potential we have in this lifetime, I received inner guidance to name my counseling practice “Full Joy.” It felt so right, even though my ego kept protesting that it was false advertizing—pretty cocky to claim that such a thing was possible! I went ahead and named it that, and my own life since then has been such an unfoldment of more and more of my own joy. I understand so much more now of what my HS meant by gifting me with that name for what I offer. (I don’t have much of a counseling practice at the moment, but my website is still fulljoy.us and it’s still a good label for the rest of what I do.) Joy is definitely my personal note in the symphony we’re all co-creating—so I feel such delight when anyone else mentions it or uses the word joy in what they name themselves! And your post had such a joyful vibration, Denise!

      Joy for all indeed!!! And so it is.

      So much love,

      1. My ex husband, David, loved the word “Joy” and he lived by it.
        He had a saying I recall now:
        “I take unconditional Joy and delight in participating in the creator’s creation”.
        with Love and Joy, Areeza ❤

      2. Thank you for sharing your story Sherill! I hadn’t connected to my twin in a long while so it was amazing to be shown that I am on the right path with joy in the now and future. As you say we have to follow our inner guidance. ❤ all of us sharing our stories encourages us each along. 🙂

    3. that’s so wonderful Denise! All of it!
      And your vision fits my own – of us all as lit up Vitruvian men/women all around the Globe! coolness
      I always said I wish I was simply a round ball of light….all this body stuff…yuk! LoL. but, do like the image of the star shaped light body 🙂 ❤

    4. Good to hear from you Denise! I find it so comforting to always feel my Pond friends are somehow always with me… though it is nice when we can keep up with the many comments. I too have been away a lot lately. Hugs to you, Nancee

      1. I think many of us have been busy. Always miss people when they aren’t here or when I am not able to be here. Like you, I like to keep up as much as possible. ❤ always with each other though. 🙂 love to you Nancee!

          1. GRoup HUg?! Here I am ANd every cell of my being …. inside and outside me …
            HUg YOu … and everyone who wants/needs it RIght NOw … LOve to everyone … JOYful LIght ❤

    1. Yes. What you do is copy and paste into the comments page a webpage that holds the picture in it.
      In order to see your picture here it has to have an http web address.
      You can not simply paste a jpeg or other actual photo file onto this page.

      You already discovered that. 🙂
      Many free email providers have inner office programs where you can use a blank page and copy and paste away your photos and videos.
      Face Book does. So does Google.

      I think of my main email address as my main mooring in cyberland. The homeland so to speak. But over the years it has been helpful to create new email addresses. To organize my own life.

      As journalists we all can use more than one address.

      I can not tell right here what your email address is, but Aisha knows as this is her blog.

      You can keep writing with your email you used to post this question AND get an address at these social media places to create new pages to post with the email address you use here. Different colored yarns so to speak. Hope this helps. ❤ Monica

      1. Great help <3! Thanks a lot Monica 🙂

        That´s a little bit tricky for me – because I do not really like all this "technical" computer stuff – but I do understand the things you explain.

        I had a website but closed it two month ago. Maybe I will get there such a blank page. I will try …
        but maybe I will find a better (means: newer) space for such things as pictures …

        By the way: I like your term for us on the pond: "(As) journalists …" :-))

      2. Tried to answer two times – but comments are not published.
        So I keep it simple:
        Thanks a lot Monica! ❤

        1. HAHA :-))… my first 2 comments are NOW published … a little bit delayed … where have they hidden? ;-)) … MAGIC MAGIC everywhere … crazy little things are happening :-))

          L O V E to everyone, ENJOY :-)) ❤

  8. GAIAPORTAL– August 25, 2014
    Energetic “transitions of grace” are enabled from all levels of being.

    Such transitions preclude what some would call “aggressive” aspects and encourage direct conclaves of Light bodies.

    “self”-aggrandizings are re-directed to “Self”-awakenings.

    Higher Light potentials, aligned with Higher Cosmics, are re-tapped to enable these transitions.

    Formularies are re-written.


    1. not only did everyone forget about judith durham
      they also forgot about hank marvin of the “Ventures”

  9. ❤ SOULSTICE RISING: Moment by Moment; Step by Step…more New – 8/22/2014 ❤


    “…Because we are so firmly in the New, we are not to create the way we always have, for that is merely recreating old constructs. Instead, we are to create in a new way. The best way is to decide how you want to feel; not in thinking of the details, but to just focus on how you want to feel and then Be that. It is so much simpler than worrying about how or when or what. Can you trust that how you want to feel is creating the future in each moment? Can you trust that the details will be managed by your Soul? Can you let go of managing everything and trusting that all is unfolding perfectly for you? Can you allow life to be simple?…

    “It is so obvious now that if we dwell in the past, it feels uncomfortable. If we dwell in the future, it feels uncomfortable. Know that past and future are in the present moment. Our addiction to “needing to know details” must be let go of, for it keeps ego-mind strong. When we are in Trust that all we are intended to know is right here; right now, we free ourselves and strengthen our Heart’s guidance. If you don’t have an answer, then it isn’t aligned with your evolution to know something. Let it go and trust that if it is for your highest unfolding, you will receive an answer.

    “As you have probably guessed, all the downloads and shifting to a higher consciousness is ongoing. Yes, we do have those times when we get a booster rocket attached to our progress and yet, it is ongoing…ongoing releasing and integrating, and ongoing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifting. Less and less are asking the question, “When will it end?!?” Ascension is ongoing; it is infinite. When one reaches one stage, another begins. This is why it may feel as though you keep beginning and repeating what you thought was complete. It is because we, like the Universe, are a spiral. Each download of Light reveals deeper layers until we are at our very core and the building up then occurs.

    “We are moving at mach speed and is why it is important to stay in the Moment. For only in the Moment will you see what you are becoming, what needs release and how far you’ve come. Don’t keep track of it, for that is how the old holds you close to it. Flow through the changes and realize that whatever happens is purposeful for you in beneficial ways. If you try and make sense of it, you get lost in confusion and fogginess and fear. So move quickly through anything that calls your attention to it.

    “While we are firmly in the New, we still are moving through layers of density. This can feel like an ebb and flow of energies. One day you’re high on Love and the next day, there seems to be darkness and feeling lost. This is all the way it is. Don’t judge yourself when in those dark places, just release the underlying belief and remind yourself of the Truth…”I AM ascending…” and Be Gratitude, for all occurs in Love. The flower in Winter does not worry that Spring won’t come. Be the flower. Trust…”

      1. Ey Lin, i am not a vegetable, i have legs.
        Hö hö.
        circus nomads moved
        to Bremen, we do a week
        with kids in a Psychiatry.
        Keep shining beautiful Lin. Thanks for your support, Bica lies in the sun and smiles woof

        1. Love, JOY & Hugs all around… and sweet nose kisses to little Bica.
          In appreciation / Gratitude for all you are doing, Michi. xox ❤

    1. Thanks for sharing Lin

      Even though we can know these things and know them from many different angles it always helps to have another angle

      Today I went through some more dark after a brilliant night last night and even though I repeated to myself some of what I’ve been saying here to others…it just didn’t quite cut it

      Seeing this now is exactly what I needed

      We are One amazing machine!

        1. Monica I can’t get the video to play…saying its a private video

          I will try again when I get to a computer as maybe my phone isn’t allowing it

          Thank you ahead of time!

          1. Thanks for telling me Amy. I made it private in the settings. When I opened it here in the blog it worked but maybe that is because I made it. Let me consider how best to send it to you, while staying safe. Peace dear word smith. You are wonderful. 🙂

          2. So now this video can be viewed here.
            More learning by doing…listing a YouTube video as private, as it was before, only allows those with YouTube accounts that I send it to access. Unlisted means it is not listed as public and therefore anyone who sees the link can look at. Public means the search engine lists it. So anyhow you all can see it now. ❤ Monica

    2. She writes daily updates on her facebook page. This is from yesterday:
      “As we wrap up this rather intense Lion’s Gate (Aug. 25), we are also in the Dark Moon phase. While Luna is quiet, Gaia is adjusting to all the intense energies that have been flowing into Her, which resulted in a fairly large earthquake in Northern California (Sonoma/Napa) area. And of course more is going on throughout the world and within us.” (My friends said there was a 5.1 earthquake near my winter town yesterday. So yes, there is movement below our feet!)

        1. There had also been an earthquake in Iceland – or let it say clear: there were more than about 8.000 earthquakes in Iceland since Aug. 15th – and the scientist are”irritated”. I don´t know much more details – but one: it is an volcano (-area).

          1. I guess these are expected series of “disasters”. I was reading the channelings and they talk about a difficult three months in terms of wars but then there will be peace talks they say. Would these talks solve the issues? Especially in the Middle East? I doubt. It depends on the people of the world to insist on peace. There will be more and more work for the lightworkers.

    3. I have sensed this difference but could not yet put it into words. So appreciate this Lin ❤
      While reading it, I got a sense of having both feet on the new shore and it flowing much better. I saw too that if I stay put too long my feet could get stuck in the sand with those ebbs and flows of the ever changing tides. Still just going with that fast current here !
      Love All, Areeza

      1. not sure if you all can see my comments? it says at the bottom of mine “Your comment is awaiting moderation”?
        please let me know if I am visible…. thanks ! 🙂
        (I don’t use my full log in at work)

  10. Remember dear Ponders, CC’s said messages could come in many ways. I got a message today, actually few minutes ago. I cried with joyful tears. Let me tell you:
    In a month Turkey will host the Women’s World Basketball Championship and my team is playing prep tournaments. Today they won against Australia and became the champion of the tournament. No I didn’t cry for their victory. I cried during the interview with the captain. This is what she said: “We love each other so much. We love to play together. That’s the key to win.” You might ask what’s so special? Pls. concentrate on three words: “love” “play” “win”. Listening to her, I once more realized dear sisters and brothers of the Pond, if we want to create the new world, we must love to play together. That’s the key to win. Love is the key. And I saw the light in her eyes which was the bonus. Of course she was the MVP (most valuable player) of the tournament. I think she is, because she said LOVE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. I love you all, I love playing with you all and I know we will be celebrating the NEW WORLD all together, joyfully, in LOVE and LIGHT. ❤

    1. Nice Tijen! 😀 Love ❤ Win * Play 😀
      Love = All
      And congratulations with the tournament, how exiting this must be for you! Thanks for sharing this :*
      Love to you sweat Tijen 😀
      X Katja

      1. Dearest Katja,
        Thanks, yes it was nice that they won but it wasn’t so important since it’s one of their preperation games but more important was the message I got. ALL WE NEED IS LOVE… bab babababab… All we need is love love, love is all WE need. 🙂

    2. Absolutely brilliant Tijen…I couldn’t agree with you more…thanks for highlighting this message for us 🙂

      Life becomes very interesting when you suddenly realize its a bunch of messages in action

      I love it because I love to read and so life has become one big novel for me

      I love hearing what others are reading in it so thank you ❤

      1. Yes, definitely dear (h)A(r)M(on)Y,
        I like playing with words. Many years ago, someone did this fortune telling for me. She said, “hmmm you’ll be putting letters together like the mathematicians put the numbers”… Yeah, I like doing that 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Oh me too Tijen! I love playing with words! They are IAMagicALL! And I love what she said about the mathematician thing!

          We can be matheMagicians 🙂

          I myself am already a ScIeGNtist 🙂


    3. Thank you Dear Tijen ❤
      I Love to play with all of you — tumbling around with you all in this Pond — ahhhh……and are we not 'refining' ourselves as fine gems do in that playful tumbling! And you could not have just one gem tumbling by itself… no,,, you need the rest to complete the process….just like your Basketball Team! We All Win. We All Shine brighter together.
      This is not just one star in the sky…..
      I was thinking all this on Sunday when I was kayaking in my lake.
      C O O L N E S S

      1. Ooopppssss… I think I was replying to you dear Areeza but I mentioned Bixie’s name. Well, you’re all my angels, spread around the world like peanut butter on bread (well silly it may sound and I know it is but I just wanted you to smile when you read it!)
        Dearest Aisha,
        I think it’s time for a new post, we broke the world record of comments on one post 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. I’ve made since the beginning of my awakening in 1986 so enormous progresses. The more positive I can see myself and my life – and these are my progresses – the happier and more beautiful became my life.

    Yesterday I watched the video of Kryon here in this blog – I did not understand everything in my head, but I know what Kryon says.
    He speaks about the intuitive self.
    This morning I thought to my intuitive self and saw a a door handle.

    ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

    Ich habe seit dem Beginn meines Erwachens in 1986 schon so enorme Fortschritte gemacht. Je positiver Ich Mich und mein Leben sehen kann – und das sind meine Fortschritte – umso glücklicher und schöner wurde mein Leben.
    Gestern schaute Ich mir hier in diesem Blog das Video von Kryon an – Ich habe im Kopf nicht alles verstanden, aber Ich erkenne was Kryon sagt.
    Er spricht über das ‚intuitive Selbst’.
    Heute Morgen dachte Ich an mein intuitives Selbst und sah eine Türklinke.


  12. The heart:
    The ONE as Two
    The two relative Poles…the in the out, the old the new, the positive the negative, etc.

    The lungs:
    The Relati*o*n*ship
    The 3rd that must exist for the 2 to exist as 2 and ‘not 1’…which exists everywhere in BEtWEen the two poles and is the blend of the two in action…the breath of life

    The brain:
    The obSErvEr
    The 4th that must exist for 3 to exist…to give it the necessary ‘outward’ definition
    There are 4 levels of consciousness…subconscious, conscious, superconscious, supraconscious

    Wonder how the rest of the or(gan)chestrati*o*n* fits in


    1. Wow Amy! Incredible! This makes a lot of sense here! I’m gonna keep this one to meditate on!
      Thank you for your gift!
      Love and gratitude to you sweet sister!
      ❤ Katja

      1. You are most welcome Katja! Thanks for seeing the sense in it and I hope your meditation brings you great insight

        Love and gratitude back to you infinite-fold ❤

    2. I love this Amy, you are very gifted with word imagery, and yes I think you are correct about the heart/lung connections…distinct yet operating in tandem.

      Focusing on the elemental, I am noticing today how thought influences my awareness; of the quality of light in my environment, air, water, soil, wind, natural surroundings. Emotional states of my mate, neighbors, fish, and plants inside and same outside.

      I told you all about my 4 ms; music, meditation, massage and motion as being primary ways for me to feel good and stay healthy.

      So let me tell you how this works for me.

      I did a thorough self massage a few days back. This resulted in feeling all of my soft tissues and where tension had been stored…natural tensions that built up over this move we made, and fielding the responses of an anxious and well meaning extended clan. Some massage therapists and energy workers say we store anger in our asses! Oh excuse me, gluteous maximae…,my ass was sore! From refraining in reacting, my ass needed serious release of anger glands holding back…

      Anyhow I use very few pharmaceuticals, occasional but very, very few over the years because I attune to natural remedies for the most part.
      But I have found one natural supplement really helps and that is fish oil capsules, source of omega threes and what I call the golden oil for the body system because it just makes you feel mmm inside when the levels are right. And you are the one to know, but you can use a little or a lot and get results for various issues. Flax is a vegetable source.

      I began using them when working as an inpatient charge nurse in a psych ward many years ago now. And anyhow I just ran out of them this summer or they got misfiled in our travels so the levels inside dropped, but the solar flares increased, and our support online did too, so I let it be.

      But yesterday I went and got some more. And started taking them again, and I came through the low wave of energy recharge and flushing out the glands and tissues, and into a new sense of rebuild of the body temple on the inside. You do not need to wait for results when taking a supplement your body may need for health and balance. The effects are as immediate as the feeling of satisfaction after a good meal.

      The 4 ms are tried and true for me, and I see they help others too. Tapping Solution advocate Pat Carrington is an elder in psychology that works and uses only supplements and the tapping and her wise therapeutic self. She is aging gracefully and thriving,

      Love and light, Monica ❤

      1. Monica thank you for all this wonderful information…it makes total sense to me

        I feel like there’s so much from you I am here to learn and then put into practice

        That’s always been my weak point—getting myself to do anything with the physical aspects of myself and I know that’s kind of one of my next steps

        Time to get off my ass before too much anger can accumulate there lol 🙂

        Thank you my sweet!

  13. It’s interesting how there are 4….chambers to the heart

    2 right and 2 left

    And it’s even more interesting how the 2 halves of the heart are not actually directly connected

    The blood leaving the right half goes first into the lungs where it is oxygenated (breathed to life) and then and only then does it enter the left half

    But that doesn’t make sense to me

    Why would the heart…the home of the CORE (of ONEness)…be structured and reflective of separation?

    So it’s almost like the lungs are actually a part of the heart…not just connected as all parts are connected in some way…but an actual part of the totality of the organ that is the heart

    It’s like it’s the 3rd half of the heart

    And it’s the half that directly interacts with the outside (of the body) world and the inside (of the body) world…it’s where the inner and the outer meet and exchange…life energy that flows in and out of the body

    And interestingly enough the lungs don’t directly connect with each other either (I think)

    The heart’s halves are ‘separated’ (connected) by the lungs and the lungs are ‘separated’ (connected) by the heart

    Even their functions are two different versions of the same thing

    One is circulating blood in and out and the other is circulating air in and out…and it’s all in tandem and completely entwined

    It’s also interesting how the two lungs are split into 5 total lobes…the right 3 and the left 2

    So if you combine the 4 chambers of the heart and the 5 lobes of the lungs

    You have a total of 9 spaces…chloambers…9 which is 3 3s…the WHOLLY 9

    I wonder how this correlates to the brain…perhaps that is the 4th half of the heart…maybe it’s all heart


    1. Dear Vinny

      That is BEYOND fascinating!

      I have not heard of such a thing before! Very exciting!

      I’m not sure if that would be connected to what I’m talking about but I wouldn’t be surprised

      I’ve been loosely playing with the idea that the organs are all one organ in different versions of itself

      I feel a pattern in there

      And when I was reading up on fascia (the body’s connective tissue) I remember reading something postulating that the muscles were really all one muscle with the fascia basically…indenting shapes into the muscle…like pressing lines into clay to give it shape and form

      To my thinking…if all organs are one organ then perhaps they can perform each other’s functions…in our evolved bodies…perhaps

      Either way it sounds to me like you’re experiencing an evolved function

      I’ll let you know if I have any more insights

      Thanks for sharing Vinny

      This just got a whole lot more interesting 🙂

  14. We all have a special talent. Everyone is gifted in any area.
    Many people’s giftedness is seen outside and we admire them very much for their skills.
    Because there are athletic–acrobatic giftedness, mental giftedness, arts giftedness … (mind, body and soul).
    But there are also internal giftedness that no one can see, often not even the gifted self.
    Now many people are incarnated which have the talent to find God – in themselves. I count myself among this group.

    ❃ ❀ ✿

    Wir alle haben eine ganz besondere Begabung. Jeder ist in irgendeinem Bereich hochbegabt.
    Bei vielen Menschen ist die Hochbegabung außen zu sehen und wir bewundern sie sehr für Ihr Können.
    Da gibt es sportlich–akrobatische Hochbegabungen, mentale Hochbegabungen, künstlerische Hochbegabungen… (Körper, Geist und Seele).
    Aber es gibt auch innere Hochbegabungen die niemand sehen kann, oft noch nicht einmal die hochbegabten Selbst.
    Jetzt sind viele Menschen inkarniert welche die Begabung haben Gott zu finden – in sich Selbst. Ich zähle mich zu dieser Gruppe.


  15. The Lion of the gate has a very loud roar the past several hours!
    I am awake now. To bed yesterday after work (did not have an easy time of it even driving home — eeesSHHH!). Cold washcloth on head… finally to sleep for 4 hrs. Slept most of the night and again for hrs today. Very difficult morning it was in my disturbed Beingness. Then…. knowing the Love must come and come and come and transform any and all disturbance as many times as necessary. determination…with Love.
    Peace is coming. And my peace lily is blooming for the first time! Was a house warming present 5 years ago and has never bloomed. I asked it to when the time was right. Two blooms….one opening today.
    Regarding change i see in the mainstream: a coworker Friday was disturbed when she saw the color had changed on her software screen on the PC. Program she uses daily and just did not like the change. from dark blue to light blue. I smiled. She could not let it be. She called over a technician even. they tried to reset it… no go. She was so disturbed it cracked me up. I got her laughing about it too. I said… ‘well, the Universe is once again asking you to be flexible.’ Then her cell phone shut itself off. Immediately I saw her deceased mother trying to get her attention. Not a minute later she is telling me of a dream that she had the night before. And it had her deceased parents in it. She said she was climbing the stairs to the attic of the house she lived in with them. She got to the attic and recognized the left side room… But…there was a room to the right with interesting antique items all over that she had never seen before. Her parents were there. Then, a strange man appeared and he seemed to want to have an item or more. She was disturbed and asked her mother to stop him. I told her she should keep going with the flow of this dream (its offering)….its gifts, the ‘new room’ being like an opening of new consciousness within her perhaps I said. I told her to just keep aware of other changes like what she experienced that day. She was also very full of energy the whole day…an excitement. Others I spoke with experienced disturbance from customers acting out…..high energy day…Friday. People wanting to yell and ‘get it out’ I would say. Others just excited with high energy and wanting to share.
    Just wanted to share as when it hits the ‘mainstream’ folk, it is a good sign.
    Love to my pond family, Areeza

    1. Time post:

      Angel Number 441 indicates that your thoughts and beliefs are rapidly manifesting into material form; therefore ensure that you keep a positive and optimistic attitude and outlook to ensure that you manifest ‘good’. As you create your experiences and realities with your beliefs and thoughts, your positive energies, intentions and actions will manifest your expected results. Ask the angels and Archangels for guidance when you feel you need some help with maintaining a consistent positive outlook and attitude.

    2. Blessed flow-er day to you Areeza.
      Ahh Peace…. love the idea of balance!!!
      Reminded of calming pooling water.

    1. Dear Monica,
      Just before I read this article you sent me, I wrote an email to my dad, explaining to him how I feel about his behavior. I don’t think I’ve ever told him these things before. I am angry, yes. Angry because it was always about him, about his way, and we never ever talked it over when there was a conflict, and there have been many.

      So yeah, this article is right on!


  16. Hi sweet Ones,

    I just read that i wasn’t the only one yesterday with severe negative feelings…
    Bad headache, bad old negative issues surfacing, boy I was ready to throw in the towel, call it a day, call it quits, just finally end it, forget about passing the open windows, I felt “that i just wasn’t big enough”. Didn’t follow up on those feelings of course…
    This morning I crawled out the hole, feeling like having survived a shipwreck.
    Body stiff and sore, bad headache and all.
    My kids and my ex-wife came to visit for my birthday; I barely had enough time to get some cake and coffee from the grocery store.

    Still reeling with it all…

    JJ (52 today)

      1. The math is too hard for me, Tijen (at the moment), but the birthday gift is just wonderful! I thank you for this.


        1. JJ I used a trick, just checked the days of the year in numbers but it was so late and my mind doesn’t process information at night, I couldn’t add 195 to 365 🙂

    1. oh, something to celebrate – that´s great – I l-o-v-e to celebrate –
      so: HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear JayJay!
      Enjoy enjoy enjoy
      Heartfelt Hugs to you ❤

    2. ❤ Happy Birthday, JJ ! … a little late. Big Hugs to envelop you, Dear One.
      The JOY will return. With my Love, xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

    3. some Judy C for your birthday JJ…. I was just sitting here dipping into the Pond in the late night relaxing time with the cats. 🙂 Judy was performing in Ireland. It was so cool to see how the cats reacted to her singing! thinking of you Amy and you Michael here on that! then, this song came to me again so here it is: enjoy JJ and everyone. A Blessed year for you JayJay as you flow with our family of light – boldly shining as no beings have ever shone before as Teasy said!

    4. Happy belated birthday, JJ! Just a few months older than you here. 🙂 Surrounding you with love!

    5. I know it’s late to still say this but I don’t care 😉 I love birthdays so I wish you JJ, a lovely and happy birthday! I’m happy for you that you finally could write to your dad what must have been for so long on your chest… You desurve all the love, and this means also mostly from your self to your self and by telling your dad how you felt, I think you gave your self the biggest birthday gift you could give your self and that is Self love ❤
      Love and blessings to you JayJay 😀
      X Katja

    6. Happy Birthday dear JJ!

      The universe and all of creation celebrate this day in great love and gratitude for you and all you are and I am happy to be a part of that

      Much love to you ❤

    7. JJ I just returned from my trip to Saskatchewan and missed your birthday!! I’m glad you had time with your girls on your special day. Our birthdays are only a week apart 🙂 I thought of you on my trip when I saw some beautiful photo ideas of the Rockies and later the wide expanses of the Saskatchewan and Alberta skies at dusk. The GPS is just a straight line down the middle for miles and miles 🙂 I must say I appreciate living with the lakes, trees, hills and mountains of B.C. Late birthday blessings to you dear JJ. Love, Nancee

      1. Dearest Nancee,

        I LOVE BC!
        Thank you. Love you!
        You just keep in traveling, don’t you? I’m so glad for you.


        1. How long in the wilderness does it take to get here?
          Seems pristine and secluded. Plus of course breath taking!!!
          I’d parachute in!!!!!

        1. beautiful Canada ❤︎ I’ve been to Ontario. I ice skated on frozen lake with a broom stick saw huge fishes swimming underneath, I would like to be there again and I will !!!! thank you Kiera❤︎

    8. Hi JJ,

      I’m a little late to the party, but one of my friends always says birthdays should be celebrated not for a day, but for a week or two, and should be called “birth FESTS.” So a happy, happy birthfest to you, dear brother! (And I hope your seas are calmer now after the shipwreck-feeling.)

      Lots of love,

      1. Dear Sherill,

        I don’t like birthdays very much, but I do like this birth-fest thing!

        And yes, I do feel much better!


  17. Kryon ~
    Intuitive thought ~ Synchronicities ~ Co-Creation ~ what’s next for 2014 ?
    learn to ‘Understand It’, ‘Know It’, ‘Practice It’ & ‘Use It’ ….It is ‘All’ Already there inside of You…..just waiting for You to Open the Door !

    1. when you choose to ‘Open the Door’….the ‘Door Stays Open’…always adhering to the sacred balance of partnership within choice, acceptance & allowance…..
      the human ‘Merkaba’ & Creation Source Power of ‘3’, ‘6’ & ‘9’……
      Kryon ~ what is inside of You

  18. Hello everyone.
    This is my 72nd favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Miyuki Kajitani – I want to be a Rouge (Released Date : Mar.05, 1997)

    Lyrics : ttp://j-lyric.net/artist/a0079b0/l008b6f.html
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  19. The last few days were a bit ‚hard’ for me and there is no external reason.
    I missed the beautiful feelings of joy and – now I feel them again.

    ☼ ♪ ♫

    Die letzten Tage waren etwas ‚hart’ für Mich und es gibt keinen äußeren Grund dafür.
    Ich vermisste die schönen Gefühle von Freude und Dankbarkeit – heute fühle Ich sie wieder.

    Heart Greetings

    1. Another correction:
      I missed the beautiful feelings of joy and gratitude – now I feel them again.

      My computer sometimes deletes whole words – I can not so good use the touchpad 😀

      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        1. Thank you very much dear Tijen, hmmmm, the cookies taste so delicious …

          Just now I have decided that I now feel loved and happy again only me … because the negative feelings nerves so much and are soooo tiring … phew 😀

          ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

          Danke sehr liebe Tijen, hmmmm, die Kekse schmecken so lecker …

          Gerade eben habe Ich beschlossen dass Ich mich jetzt wieder nur noch geliebt und glücklich fühle … denn die negativen Gefühle nerven so sehr und sind soooo anstrengend … puuuh 😀

          Heart Greetings
          BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          1. Dearest Bixie and all,
            Yesterday I felt so mad at some injustice which took my attention for all day. It continued at night and I was really down thinking of it. Then I had a bad bad headache which still continues. I came to an understanding that the system is trying to pull us from the old in different ways. If you insist, it gives you headache until yo/ let go. What do you think, does that sound logical to you?

            1. I only have headaches when my thoughts go in a low frequency.
              I scold then always that my heavenly companions sting me, but it can also just be a discrepancy in the energies which causes this pain. 😀


              Ich habe nur dann Kopfschmerzen wenn meine Gedanken in eine niedrige Frequenz gehen.
              Ich schimpfe dann immer dass meine himmlischen Begleiter mich stechen, aber es kann auch nur eine Diskrepanz der Energien sein die diese Schmerzen verursacht. 😀

              Heart Greetings
              BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

              1. I experience this for years.
                If I let my thoughts unobservant wander off in low frequencies then it makes ,prick’ ‚prick’ ,prick’ in my head, that will then have more and more until I brought my thoughts back in order.
                Sometimes I scold it, but it is only for my protection.

                ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

                Ich erlebe das seit Jahren.
                Wenn Ich unaufmerksam Bin und meine Gedanken in niedrige Frequenzen abschweifen lasse dann macht es ‚pieks’ ‚pieks’ ‚pieks’ in meinem Kopf, das wird dann immer stärker bis Ich meine Gedanken wieder in Ordnung gebracht habe.
                Manchmal schimpfe Ich darüber, aber es ist nur zu meinem Schutz.

                BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        2. Another thing I’ve realized:
          I’m now so spoiled by the universe, with all the many wonderful experiences, that I’m pretty upset if I do not have them for a couple of days.

          I’m just no longer willing to live without magic and without miracles – never again. Therefore, I give my best efforts to quickly return to the highest frequencies 😀

          ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

          Noch etwas habe Ich erkannt:
          Ich Bin inzwischen so verwöhnt vom Universum, mit all den vielen wunderschönen Erlebnissen, dass Ich ziemlich sauer werde wenn Ich sie ein paar Tage lang nicht habe.

          Ich bin einfach nicht mehr bereit ohne Magie und ohne Wunder zu leben – nie wieder. Deshalb gebe Ich mir die größte Mühe schnell wieder in die allerhöchsten Frequenzen zu gelangen 😀

          Heart Greetings
          BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          1. Oh Bixie my dear, miracles are everywhere. Everything around us is a miracle. It’s up to us to see them or not. Just focus on the miracles, you may be missing some these days. And one more thing. Sometimes when I wake up, before I get up, I tell myself that “something very special /a miracle will happen today” and it happens because I start paying attention to things around me and I start seeing miracles in normal things. (Of course I can’t keep doing this everyday, my name is not Pollyanna) 🙂

            1. Yes, dear Tijen, I’m always looking for miracles, but I also can’t see them every day – and than I miss them so very much ❤

              BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

                    1. Oh yes, and we got rained out of there: a HUGE thunderstorm came down on us. We made it out of there to some cafe for shelter just in time. 😃

  20. in the throws of some big energy the past couple hrs. terribly difficult to remain here at work with this. headache, body heat, nausea, dizziness. fun. LoL. not! well,,, home to put cold washcloth on head and into bed.
    Hope it is not this bad for anyone else today. If it is — Hugs ❤
    …have to remember to come back and share a dream from a co-worker. she is not aware consciously of what is happening so its interesting ….other people at work also noticing today was 'challenging' energetically.

    1. Dear Areeza, have a cool and windy dream to blow your condition away. And flow-ery too, of course. We need more blossoming flowers of love on these shores. ❤

    2. Hi Breeze~
      Yes I too have been awakened at early dawn the past two days with sweats breezing through. Thought you would like to know. Glad to know I am not the only one lol…reminiscent of “the change” but that phase passed awhile back, and this does not last. Maybe because of our Pond bathing and hand holding? <3Monica

  21. from spaceweather.com today: (besides solar flares – which I can feel and prompted me to check out space weather)
    “MYSTERY IN THE OZONE LAYER: More than 27 years after the Montreal Protocol regulated chemicals that destroy ozone, a damaging compound named carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) is still surprisingly abundant in the ozone layer. “We are not supposed to be seeing this at all,” says NASA atmospheric scientist Qing Liang. Countries around the world report zero emissions of CCl4, yet the amount actually in the ozone layer corresponds to 39 kilotons per year. Where is the compound coming from? Some of the possibilities are discussed in a NASA press release.”
    So…what came to my funny mind right away is: its the residue from the casting off of our carbon based bodies!! yeah!! LoL 😉

  22. So rise and shine as they say. open your mind to the fact that you are starting to flower for the very first time EVER on these shores. and the combined display of all of you will truly match any heavenly garden of delights.



    My daphne flowered today…..bellissima!

    Love and Light to the Heavenly Garden of Delights

    Breathe it in.


  23. Beloved Ponder’s of Light
    Such a feelin’s coming over me
    There is wonder in most everything I see
    Not a cloud in the sky
    Got the sun in my eyes
    And I won’t be surprised if it’s a dream……
    I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation
    And the only explanation I can find
    Is the love that I’ve found
    ever since you’ve been around
    Your love’s put me at the top of the world.
    I heard this beautiful song on the radio on the way to work this afternoon.
    I’m sending this song of love and light to you all.
    My soul family of light.
    I see you and I feel you
    Holding hands
    In my meditation tonight I was in a cylinder of white light with electric blue edges, but I had no edges and felt like I was not breathing.
    The Peace was so profound.
    Have been off my head all week!
    Loving you
    Holding you
    Thanking you
    Let’s hold the LIGHT

    1. Yes! ❤ and Your Love, Bronnie, helps keep me at top of the world! thank you – I will hear that song and think of you on my own travels this morning. 🙂

  24. Last year I felt the strong electric zapping shaking sensations coming up from my lower vertebra to upper in slow motions. I was sitting at train station alone talking with Seth ( jane Roberts seth), I looked around I saw some people standing in normal manner and it seems nothing is happening to them. It lasted about few minutes or may I felt longer.

    then last year when I was in deep communications with non physicals I realized that is what people call kundalini. or is not?


    1. I would say ‘yes’ Tomo. I have had this and one time it was extremely powerful when I felt a snake come alive and uncoil from the base chakra. It then moved up my spine and placed its cobra like head on top of my own head. I was amazed at the power I felt in the moments it lasted. I started like your experience and I just straightened my back and it happened.
      I Love that you speak with Seth! As you know I read probably all the Jane Roberts books — as well as one written by one of her/Seth’s students. I do not recall the name but if you have not read that one… its a must! In it, she told of the Seth sessions and how one time these Giant Beings appeared at the window to peer in at them! The whole book fascinated me as much as Jane’s did.
      Love to you this day Tomo ❤

    2. Thank you dear breeze ❤︎ you are wonderful I’ll find it *\(^o^)/*
      I am following lots of uniiversal breadcrumbs since birth which I may tossed along my path with connected consciousness (my non physicals / ET selves) to remind myself of who we really are. my life is full of fun obvious breadcrumbs when I think of it. I am sure lots of us have been feeling expecting in own unique ways*\(^o^)/* & Sometime I feel I act upon my endless dreams just to feel the unexpected serprises, the sensations for to feel more exciting miracles ! tomo

      1. Above I mistyped
        It is not
        It is

        ” I am sure lots of us have been feeling and in own unique ways *\(^o^)/*”………….ha~~

          1. Dear Tomo,
            I have the same ‘problems’ with my ‘Angel-ish’.
            I translate my posting and read and read,
            and when I sent it I still see errors …

            Heart Greetings
            BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

            1. Thank you!!!!!! Tomo for being.
              This video was just what the doctor ordered today. And…
              You hit the nail on the head, Rang the bell, opened the door, lifted up the lid, broke into smiles, reached the top of the hill, broke the dawn, flashed as the light, ….made my heart sing!!!!

  25. I surprise myself every morning again and again with the different puzzle pieces. One day, they paint a picture for me.

    This morning I knew why men and women are not different and why I had chosen my parents. Has nothing to do with ‚karma’ or ‚salvation’ but with personality development.

    Ich überrasche mich morgens immer wieder mit den unterschiedlichsten Puzzle–Teilchen. Eines Tages ergeben sie für Mich ein Bild.

    Heute Morgen wusste Ich warum Männer und Frauen gar nicht unterschiedlich sind und warum Ich mir meine Eltern ausgesucht hatte. Hat gar nichts mit ‚Karma’ oder ‚Erlösung’ zu tun sondern mit Persönlichkeitsentwicklung.


    1. That’s beautiful and wonderful Bixie ❤ I'm so with you on the puzzle thing! I sure miss talking with you here…it lights up my day to read the things you have to say

      I love you Dear Bixie

      1. Dear Amy,
        I have also missed our conversations here and I thought it was because my ,angel-ish’ is not so good understandable.
        Because I do not know the english idioms, I translate always the German idioms literally into English, I think that sounds sometimes pretty strange 😀

        The pictures and articles on our extraterrestrial siblings in the higher dimensions showed me very clearly that men and women almost not differentiate at the higher levels. Partially I knew it already, but now I’m sure.
        The extreme differences in the bodies and the extreme behaviors in the third dimension allowing the souls a wider range of different behavior patterns and serves to personality development.

        And I knew what I thought until now ,why I had chosen this parents and living conditions’ was all nonsense. My main interests are more creative way.
        I had chosen my parents me to learn to sew and to develop myself artistically and technically.
        Exactly these parents allowed me that.


        Liebe Amy,
        Ich habe unsere Gespräche hier auch vermisst und Ich dachte es läge daran dass mein ‚Engel–isch’ nicht so gut verstehbar ist.
        Da Ich die Englischen Redenwendungen nicht kenne übersetze Ich immer die Deutschen Redewendungen wörtlich ins Englische, Ich glaube das klingt manchmal ganz schön schräg 😀

        Die Bilder und Artikel über unsere außerirdischen Geschwister in den höheren Dimensionen zeigte mir ganz deutlich dass sich Männer und Frauen auf den höheren Ebenen fast gar nicht unterscheiden. Teilweise ahnte Ich es schon, aber jetzt Bin Ich mir sicher.
        Die extremen Unterschiede in den Körpern und die extremen Verhaltensweisen in der 3. Dimension ermöglichen den Seelen ein größeres Spektrum an unterschiedlichen Verhaltensmustern und dient der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung.

        Und was Ich bisher dachte ‚warum Ich mir diese Eltern und Lebensumstände ausgesucht hatte’ war alles Quatsch. Meine Haupt–Interessen sind kreativer Art.
        Ich hatte mir meine Eltern ausgesucht um nähen zu lernen und um mich handwerklich–künstlerisch weiterzuentwickeln.
        Das ermöglichten mir genau DIESE Eltern.

        Heart Greetings
        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        1. Oh Bixie!

          I so appreciate all the effort you put in to communicate here! I didn’t realize you had to go through such a process

          I have absolutely no problem understanding what you’re saying

          And please don’t take this the wrong way in any way, but the way you say things is part of your charm for me…I love the way English gets translated through you

          Angel~ish couldn’t be more appropriate

          Everything you say tickles me right in the Rainbow Being in the black and white heart…including the way you say it

          And…I wanted to say something else…I may be way off base here but

          Back when I wrote you about the 3 empty flower pots from Germany, I hope you didn’t take that in any way to mean that I was suggesting you or what you talk about is empty

          They’re just empty because we use them as decorations…we don’t tend to use flower pots in our house…but they’re so nice looking that I put them where I would see them a lot

          I was just so excited to find out they were from Germany because of our connection!!!

          You are anything but empty as I’m sure you know

          You absolutely bubble over with Joy and I can always feel it inside when I read your comments or think of you at all

          You have a very strong and delightful energy and I am grateful to have you in my life

          And not only do I feel the JOY of you but our interactions always lead me to great and exciting insights, which is one of my highest JOYs

          What you are saying about your parents and differentiation and the soul having a broader range of behavior patterns…you have no idea what that adds to the part of this CO Puzzle that I’m working on

          Talk to you soon Bixie! 🙂

          1. On the black and white beings I have seen more – but first I want to paint a picture – I write when it’s ready ❤

            BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        2. Oh no, dear Amy,
          I never had a problem with the pots and I had not even noticed that they were ‚empty’ – that I had probably overread.
          No, my problem was very personal and I was ashamed a little bit about my bad ,angel-ish’ that I’m perhaps not understandable … all reactive stuff, but now it’s gone again.
          I wrote no answer to the flowerpots posting because I don’t know exactly where you live and I didn’t want to write anything wrong. I think it is the USA (?) and I have a husband on the other side who comes from the United States.
          That’s my connection Germay–USA. But we never met when he was still in the matter – otherwise I could better English 😀
          Be most assuredly that I never had ‚violated’ feelings at anyone here on this blog, because you are all so wonderful, loving, and full of light.
          If I ever have a ‚problem’ then only with myself.

          ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

          Oh nein, liebe Amy,
          Ich hatte nie ein Problem mit den Blumentöpfen und Ich hatte gar nicht bemerkt dass sie ‚leer’ waren – das hatte Ich wohl ‚überlesen’.
          Nein, mein Problem war sehr persönlich und Ich schämte mich ein wenig über mein schlechtes ‚Engel–isch’ dass Ich vielleicht gar nicht verstehbar bin … alles reaktives Zeug, jetzt ist es aber wieder weg.
          Ich schrieb keine Antwort auf das Blumentopf–Posting weil Ich nicht genau weiß wo Du lebst und Ich wollte nichts Falsches schreiben. Ich denke es sind die USA (?) und Ich habe einen Mann auf der anderen Seite der aus den USA stammt.
          Das ist meine Verbindung Deutschland–USA. Wir begegneten uns aber nie als er noch in der Materie war – sonst könnte Ich besser Englisch 😀
          Sei Dir ganz gewiss dass Ich bei niemandem HIER auf diesem Blog jemals ‚verletzte’ Gefühle hatte, denn Ihr alle seid so wundervoll, liebevoll und lichtvoll.
          Wenn Ich jemals ein ‚Problem’ habe dann immer nur mit mir Selbst.

          Heart_Light Greetings
          BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          1. Dear Bixie,
            Your “angelish” is much better than mine and I say it in every sense of the word (quoting the CC’s). And today’s offerings to you are homemade yogurt and Aegean figs, as sweet as honey. Much love to you. ❤

            1. hmmmmm …. yummy – I’m happy about it.

              It’s like I wrote in my post – it is MY ‚problem’ – I still have a rest problem with ‚inadequacy’ of the past and I think I’ve almost redeems it.
              Many smacking Greetings

              ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

              hmmmmm …. lecker – Ich freue mich darüber.

              Es ist so wie Ich in meinem Posting schrieb – es ist MEIN ‚Problem’ – Ich habe immer noch ein Restproblem mit ‚Unzulänglichkeit’ aus der Vergangenheit und Ich denke Ich habe es fast erlöst.

              Viele schmatzende Grüße
              BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

                1. Dear Monica, I like it so much to see this beings at night, they are laughing to me.
                  I call them “chocolate marshmallow beings” because they look like this sweets.
                  They look so cute ❤

                  BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

                  1. Happy to see you happy Bixie!!!
                    I had a thought recently that when we are looking for truth (marshmallows are it.). or at least food is. TV has lots of programs, but the highest energy ones have food in it, I would say!! Especially the cooking ones.
                    Looked over your timeline “pictures” what an amazing inner life you live.
                    Thank you for sharing it with us!!
                    ❤ ❤ ❤

                    1. Thank you very much dear Michael for your post.
                      Yes, food is love.
                      I had this realization even in the supermarket and a woman a few feet away from me was looking at me in amazement.
                      Telepathy works !!!

                      I like most watching Zoo programs at the TV.
                      Love always goes there through the stomach and the zoo keepers love their protégés so much, I enjoy the beauty of that living beings and the relationships between humans and other species.

                      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

                      Danke sehr lieber Michael für Dein Posting.
                      Ja, Essen ist liebe.
                      Ich hatte diese Erkenntnis einmal im Supermarkt und eine Frau die einige Meter von mir entfernt stand schaute mich verblüfft an.
                      Telepathie funktioniert !!!

                      Ich schaue mir am liebsten Zoo-Sendungen im Fernseher an.
                      Liebe geht dort immer durch den Magen und die Tierpfleger lieben ihre Schützlinge so sehr, Ich erfreue mich an der Schönheit der Lebewesen und der Beziehungen zwischen Menschen und anderen Spezies.

                      Heart Greetings
                      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          2. Good stuff Bixie 🙂

            I knew you were going through a rough spell as many of us have been doing lately…

            I think we just both thought the other wasn’t saying anything to each other for different reasons

            I thought maybe I came on too strong and so was just giving you space

            I’m glad any misunderstanding is cleared up…I have so much fun with you!!!

            And I am so happy you’re connected back to your joy and spreading it here in full force again 🙂

            I LOVE your picture…its so adorable yet filled with wise and brilliant information that I can feel swimming around in my head

            Thanks Bixie

            Oh and I’m actually from Canada which is just above the USA…so close enough

            We’re very similar countries…unfortunately we get all the cold weather and snow over long winters

            We do however have springs and summers

            It’s funny because so many Americans don’t have a clue Canada even exists and a lot of the ones that do think we are a bunch of eskimos living in igloos lol!

            One of my friend’s dad works at the border and said that one day this American guy came to the border in the middle of a hot August day with a bunch of ski gear and when he looked over to the Canadian side he asked “where’s all the snow?”

            Lolololol!!! I’ll never fail to get a laugh out of myself when I think of that…I mean did he really think that the weather followed some imaginary map line??? Hot on one side and arctic on the other?

            Canada…the land of the forgotten people 😉

            1. I had two incarnations in Canada
              and I would give my right arm for
              another one. May creatoress bless B.C.

          3. LOL beautiful story dear Amy …
            I know now why I had held me back so – my intuitive self told me „continent America – but not USA” and so I was confused.

            I see Canada often in television, there are many German immigrants about their experiences in television is reported.
            Oh, Canada is beautiful, I love the nature that I see on TV and I also know that it is just as warm in the south of Canada, near the border with the United States, how on the other side of the border 😀
            I had a few strange days with myself and then the strange shyness – but now it is again as normal as possible.

            ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

            LOL wunderschöne Geschichte liebe Amy …
            Ich weiß jetzt warum Ich mich so zurückgehalten hatte – mein intuitives Selbst sagte mir “Kontinent Amerika – aber nicht USA” und so war Ich verwirrt.

            Ich sehe Kanada oft im Fernseher, es gibt viele Deutsche Auswanderer über deren Erlebnisse im Fernseher berichtet wird.
            Oh, Kanada ist schön, Ich liebe die Natur die Ich im Fernseher sehe und Ich weiß auch dass es im Süden von Kanada, nahe der Grenze zu den USA, genauso warm ist wie auf der anderen Seite der Grenze 😀
            Ich hatte noch ein paar seltsame Tage mit mir Selbst und dann noch die seltsame Zurückhaltung – nun ist es aber wieder so normal wie möglich.

            Heart Greetings
            BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

            1. I just see:
              „I know now why I had held me back so –“
              and for me that looks very strange but I didn’t notice it before.
              Perhaps like that is more understandable:
              „Now I know why I had been holding back me like this –„ 😀

              BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
              I AM learning by doing 😀

              1. Yes Bixie, me too. I am learning by doing. Fascinated by making media on my laptop and with a cell phone. Marrying old ways of expression through paint and voice with these new ones.

                Maybe one day Aisha can post a map showing roughly where each of us “pillars” of light reside. Not precisely for safety, but what time zones and regions of mama Gaia we are holding our Light.

                Yes we may be floating, boating, diving, or even flying candles, but we have areas on the earth herself we plant our feet in general.

                I smile reading your exchange, you and Amy. We all live in the northern hemisphere and our homelands are feeling late summerish, tipping into fall. I mean you, me and Amy and Michael L. and Vinny…Breeze, Caroline, Aisha of course, many, many others who have stepped forth onto a written presence on this blog and then the silent majority listening in.

                Others live closer to the equator and I am intuiting JJ and Tomo and Tijen are closer, from other land masses nearer to that midline; the equator. Then globe trotter Nancee has tripped the light fantastic to blog her way from down under back up to Canada/North America. 🙂

                While we play, play on with Google Earth. A free tool the collective tax payers of the usa helped fund in actuality. Our play tool!

                Rooted in California, land of venture capitalism, Google was born and raised. Google uses NASA technology to beam to us virtual photos …With and without the borders and boundaries humanity has superimposed as we see our earth.

                Bixie my Swedish grandmother always told me she thought Americans were woefully untrained in geography. 🙂
                ❤ Monica

                1. Synchronicity in here dear Monica!
                  Just few minutes ago I was reading the information Ponders gave about themselves and thought it is time Aisha publish another world map of the ponders. Don’t know where but I remember seeing a map somewhere in the blog. I’m not any closer to the equator more than many of you. I’m on latitude 36 and I found this is the list of places on the same latitude (US examples are CA, NM, TX, AZ, NC):

                2. Dear Monica,
                  I have a Swedish great grandmother I have traveled with in different incarnations. She died young – age 31 – from TB here in the Adirondack Mountains – Saranac Lake (they hoped the climate there would help). My grandmother was born in NYC – Sheepshead Bay. So, she lost her mom at age 7 and her Dad at age 9. Adopted by very nice people with a large family.
                  Nice connection – I always loved that I have ‘a pinch of Swede in me’ as my grandma used to say! 🙂
                  I too have suggested that Aisha or some one here could put together a map showing all our pin points of light residence.
                  Love, A XO

                3. What an interesting link dear Tijen.
                  Germany lies mostly between latitudes 47° and 55° N (the tip of Sylt is just north of 55°), and longitudes 5° and 16° E.
                  I live on the 50° latitude.

                  ❃ ✿ ❁ ✿ ❃ ❀ ❃ ✿ ❁ ✿

                  Welch interessanter Link liebe Tijen.
                  Deutschland liegt größtenteils zwischen den Breitengraden 47° und 55° N (die Spitze von Sylt liegt nördlich von 55 °) und den Längengraden 5° und 16° E.
                  Ich lebe auf dem 50° Breitengrad. 😀

                  BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

            2. I have a statistic in my own blog, where I can see from what countries the visitors come from. I had already published a few months ago my statistics to show which countries are represented here.
              Since my blog is unknown visitors come only through the link on Aisha’s blog on my blog. I have also published the picture thereto.

              Ich habe eine Statistik in meinem eigenen Blog, auf der kann Ich sehen aus welchen Ländern die Besucher kommen. Ich hatte schon einmal vor einigen Monaten meine Statistik veröffentlicht um zu zeigen welche Länder hier vertreten sind. Da mein Blog unbekannt ist kommen nur Besucher durch den Link auf Aisha’s Blog auf mein Blog.
              Ich habe auch das Bild dazu veröffentlicht.

              BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  26. This has to do with the ET stuff some of us we were talking about on the last post…

    The 7 Races are actually 12

    Which means to me that in becoming the 6th Race which blends with the other 5 Races and becomes the synergistic 7th Being/Race

    We are actually BEcomING the 13th Being~Race

    And so we have the 1 and the 3…the 1as3as1


    Plus 13 adds up to 4…which for me represents the doorway that leads into the INfini(e)TERNAL 8th and WHOLLY 9th…the dIAMondCORE CHRYSTALL BEING

    It’s a 4 door

    Kiera’s vid from yesterday

      1. You’re welcome Song 🙂 These videos always bring me to a whole other place :)…I’ll go get another one you may or may not have seen…but it played a large part in my transformation and it fits with the down and Up thing we’ve been discussing…makes the whole thing beautiful exciting and INspiring…be back in a bit

          1. as said: no more karma, no more contract – just manifestation of who you really are here on Earth and that IS Heaven on Earth 🙂

      1. Yes thank you Kiera and Caroline (Caroling eh Tomo? That misspell is just PERFECT!!!) and thank YOU Tomo!

        God I love you guys!

  27. WOW and WOOF WOOF, I feel the energy and excitement building daily and the resonance with the info is , as always, right on beam. I am replying from my business domputer ( that was a misspell) , i’ll leave the pun, but my mind is really kicking into gears I wouldn’t have believed possible just a few short weeks ago. I do feel like a flower that’s “hitting it’s bloom”, and know that , as always , THE BEST IS YET TO COME. Thanks Aisha, CC’s and Everyone (AND THAT MEANS YOU). LAUGHING , AND DOING THE DANCE LIGHTLY, jim.

      1. Ha! Perfect thing for my eyes and ears to land on MIchael! Isn’t she awesome! Her and the Piano Guys (if you’ve heard of them) have found a way to make music something it’s never been before

        1. Hi Amy,
          Give me a hint about the piano guys???
          I find artists usually by inspiration.
          So if they are relevant I’ll find them!!!
          At the exact perfect time!!!
          Ha !!! You could be that initiator of perfect timing.
          Love and light

          1. So exaCCt Michael!!!

            That’s precisely what I do…when it comes to posting/sharing–or even just listening for myself–a song/video, I never think ahead of time about a song or an artist…it’s always completely inspired and spur of the moment

            Each song/video I come to or that comes to me is like the next dot on the treasure map I’ve been following…and it either comes through something popping into my head ‘randomly’, or being inspired by something, or in situations like this…where you’ve asked me to go look for something

            And always I receive messages and insights from them…incredible synchronous messages…many of which have been not just to me but to other people (this is has all been on Facebook btw)

            I’ve even noticed strange things go on with the videos…in fact these videos are what first allowed me to outwardly see some of the strangeness of this new reality we are creating (I use the word strange in a positive sense…love strange!)

            Such as just today I posted a Bashar&Abraham&Kryon video

            And in it there is a part with a street sign post with a bunch of major world cities on it

            This time last year I watched that video countless times and almost every time I watched it I looked closely at that part as for some reason I was curious to see which cities were there and it took many watches to see them all as it goes so fast

            And then one day I spontaneously posted it to Facebook and when I watched it again I noticed on the street sign that Calgary was on it…Calgary being where I live

            And I was just…stunned and mystified as I watched that video so many times before and closely watched that part and somehow or another I missed Calgary all those times???

            It should’ve been hard for me to miss…and I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss it…it just wasn’t there before I posted it

            I’ve since figured I must’ve switched to a timeline where Calgary was on it

            I’ve also found that some videos that I searched for back in the fall 2013 that were definitely not there are all of a sudden there when I check now…and yet some of them were uploaded as much as 7 years ago…so they should’ve been there in the fall of 2013…but they definitely were not…and I have a stranger story than that that happened recently but I’ll save it for later as I’m trying to learn to keep my messages shorter

            Anyway this kind of stuff and SO MUCH more has gone with this trail of videos (most of which are songs due to my all consuming love of music)

            And tonight when I went to find a piano guy video to share with you I was kind of wondering but not thinking about it (if that make sense) which one would be the perfect one…and I knew it as soon as I saw it because it…’stood out’ as always happens when I find my videos

            As I watched it I knew why it was perfect

            You and I and everyone here is in COllaboration

            And this particular song I’m sharing is a COllaboration between the Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling…which I had completely forgotten about

            It’s a beautiful Symbol…except OUR’s is a Mission Possible

            Perhaps you and I will end up collaborating on our way of expressing music :)…I’m not saying for sure…as we both know these things happen from NOW to NOW and by inspiration in each new moment of NOW

            In any case thanks for listening and enjoy the song and video both my friend
            1 ❤

            Actually I may have to post one more from just the piano guys…it's bliss

            1. So if I said, it was blah would you believe me……………..Not.
              That was so humerous, smiled through out the whole lovely video.
              Been a while that I watched music that made me smile!
              Really Thank you Amy for sharing this. We can have serious songs and deep feeling songs and even funny one too!

              1. Well if it’s blah that’s okay too 🙂

                It’s actually not one of my favorites of the piano guys musically…it was just what wanted to be posted

                The Paradise one I chose for its music 🙂

                Things get chosen by me on different levels at different times if that makes sense…I just go with the flow and let the magic show 🙂

                It’s interesting to me to see what the different levels of myself have to say by what ‘they’ choose…I never thought of that before…there’s a bell of INsight ringing in my head

                Thanks Michael 🙂 ❤

                1. Light bulb moment Amy!!
                  We pick what is being inspired for the whole of us.
                  Hopefully for the direct person or persons, but always, out into the universe,and the whole of us.

                  This pond has many pieces of the puzzle, we are really fitting together!! Wonderful to observe!!

                  1. Couldn’t have said it better Michael

                    The information of the whole runs into us and through us and we pick up what’s needed and add what is needed somewhere else and the whole thing is a brilliant system if I do say so myself

                    Every little thing we do is not just for our self…it all affects and benefits the whole

                    The way I picture it is that I’m just a kid playing in a sandbox…but I am attached to Godling Playing in a Un’I~Verse~All Starbox whose movements directly reflect on much larger and smaller scales the movements I make at this level

                    But living on this level I don’t have to directly pay attention to the moves I am making throughout the universe…I just to get play here and know what I play here makes it to wherever it needs to go…and the more fun I have with my moves the more beneficial the universal moves I am attached to are

                    And it is so delightful to know that I’m not playing in this sandbox aka Pond all by myself…I get to build the Sand~Star~Castle with so many wonderful people and Souls and to see the different pieces from all over fit together so…mind-blowingly is my deepest and highest delight

          2. This one here is the first of the Piano Guys I ‘stumbled across’

            It’s so powerful…I feel the INfinite potential (Energy) of Life course through me when I listen to it

            Like I’m standing at the edge of a cliff and I’m about to jUmP and soar

            And really it’s another beautiful COllaoration…this time between 3

            The Piano Guys
            Alex Boye


              1. Dear Dear Dear Heart Monica

                This is so sweet and beautiful and so creative!!! Bless you and thank you infinitely for what you are doing and who you are BEing

                I wish I could put more of how this makes me feel into words…but I don’t want to…lessen the expression…I hope you can feel it

                I want to say though that the picture of the Heart almost blew me out of my chair

                I’ve been trying to understand something all day to do with the forces and charges in the universe and the furthest I got with it ended up with me drawing four circles in that exact arrangement…and what I was seeing was very very significant…seeing it now in a heart shape is…clicking something into place for me…thank you!!!

                I can’t get into anymore than that as I don’t have enough of my picture put together yet…don’t want to birth the baby before it’s ready 🙂

                Oh and while I’ve got you here

                I wrote a looong comment on the last CC message…I’m not sure if you read it but in case you didn’t

                Part of it was a reply to you on what you said happened with you and your husband in your car

                A few nights before that I had my own version of the same thing happen with me and my cats

                I had been planning on writing about it on facebook but stopped every time I thought about it as the timing was off

                Then the night before I got your reply I ended up writing it and then got up the next day and saw what you had written and I was just stunned! Wow!

                You and I seem to be timeline surfin buddies among other things 🙂

                Thanks again for the sharing of your Divinely Beautiful Self ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

              2. Oh you better believe it! I’m almost starting to get the feeling like people are gonna start walking out of the videos into my living room…and I just got that feeling while watching your video again :)…don’t come through yet its too messy in here!!!

                  1. Me neither! Something like that is bound to happen soon…we can just…teleport in and out of the universal movie screen and hang wherever we want 🙂

                1. Thanks Amy! Tears of happiness. Truly, I am so glad you like the heart. This project has been ripening for 3 years amidst some obstacles that only made us stronger. Tim likes being the silent partner…he is kind of like the wife of the psychiatrist brother in Fraser, lol, you hear about him but he is kinda timid when it comes to the camera, but he took the video. 🙂

                  The medium I used was mainly acrylics which are water soluble, and for the purple I used some nail polish. I had contacted the military about the project, those who own the Purple Heart logo for military valor and never heard back from them.

                  So I put things together as Kryon urges us to do.
                  I used the tools in my recovery that helped me help others. Those core tools are journaling and using our authentic selves in service to others.
                  Creating a new purple heart symbol that is inclusive of those loved ones who have survived the effects of military style trainings and upbringings and the associated rigidity that may be necessary on a battle field, but that is not as useful in creating domestic bliss, well, this symbol I am hoping says, speaks to those energetically who need to feel some validation for the storms of torment they may have suffered through to get to today, that is how I am hoping it helps. To be all inclusive…some traumas are birth related. We can not possible even understand them until years later with hindsight and compassion for ourselves as we emerge…

                  I will look back at your responses Amy again. I am delighted to read about your experiences, and yes we seem really in synch! LOVE, Monica

                  1. That’s so beautiful Monica

                    I honestly believe we go through these traumas so that we can find creative ways to heal ourselves of them and then use our experience to help others through their own healing

                    Journaling and service to others is precisely the avenue I’ve inadvertently used

                    I’ve written countless words in private that helped to a certain degree but it wasn’t until I started doing it publicly that the information and the insight and the understanding and the associated healing really took off

                    I guess I kind of made my journaling my public service itself 🙂

                    Bless you for sticking with through your challenges this past year and for allowing them to strengthen rather than stop you

                    Life knew what you were capable of and so gave to you what It knew you would use to thrive and create in ways that would help so many others and I find it precious to see you in action

                    And btw…hilarious what you said about your husband! What was that character’s name?…anyway funny! I guess that’s why he disappeared from your car rather than the other way around 😉

                    Maris! that’s the name

                    1. *by this past year I meant to say the past 3 years since you began your project

                    2. Yes, Maris! I wanted to say Mavis but that wasn’t right so thanks Amy!

                      Tim grinned when I told him that. We are mates for sure. He is so Quietly supportive of my journalism which Distinguishes him from the pack.

                      I honestly see what you mean.
                      In a way this blogging is somewhat like a “talk show” in that I notice a few of us actually get up here and write, with multiple folks “listening” in as it were. Loving group dynamics and sociology, I feel I can rely on my own observations directly seen and experienced as wisdom~ often hard won wisdom!

                      Tim and my family know I zealously guard human rights. Even family human rights!
                      So I don’t post their stories. They know if they want to complain about anything I have written my response is~ hop on the blog yourself and write or post or say what you like!

                      It is touchy though. The healing comes as I deeply introspect about where a boundary or loyalty begins and ends.
                      Two examples: someone asked Aisha what her sister’s name is and she responded, with a heart symbol. I thought that was diplomatic.

                      My dad was, along with others in my family, sent the post about police abuse in St. J and he typically writes me early in the morning…I think we are in synch that way, dad and I, dawn lovers, anyhow he wrote that he thought that the content of that post should be given to my family and counselors.

                      I wrote back thanks and blessings.
                      My point here is anyone motivated could find out our extended family’s names, but we exercise free will and boundaries around those issues by guarding our social media gateways.

                      I feel perhaps angry or righteously indignant when a family member violates that, but an entirely different feeling of rage when I perceive it is someone outside that inner circle of trust.
                      When I worked at the pediatric clinic in Hanover, NH there was this threesome; Ann, Jim and me who formed the JAM team; a nurse, doctor, and social worker to help children who we suspected were being abused at home.

                      This was in the early nineteen nineties. We formed a team because we were a teaching hospital and there was a vacuum in addressing this growing problem.

                      Anyhow what I am recalling in these beautiful late summer days here is this resurgence of memories of working there then.

                      Because this “work”, this Pond gathering work which is so playful too, is another expansion of our work then.
                      What I noticed then is after we had formed the team and word got out that we really helped people, on Saturday mornings in clinic, a family would come in with a child with an ear infection….and just as that was being treated and I was about to walk out the door to see the next ailing little person, a mom or dad would pour out a story about a dream they’d had that floridly depicted abuse they had suffered as a child.

                      So I began researching this. And lo and behold, many, many trauma survivors were very successful adults as we define it in the “real world”.
                      They fulfilled Maslow’s hierarchy of need; had food, clothing, shelter, a job, and only then would these dreams and sometimes flashbacks surface. So, in my own lived world experiences I saw this pattern emerging.
                      Anyway the transition or integration of becoming nurse to healer I think is when we apply the wisdom of our own woundings and the feelings those evoked into a compassionate awareness of signs and symptoms that are subtle and others may not pick up.

                      There are times to tell. In safe spaces, to mature elders dedicated to ending abuses of all sorts. Military families in general I will say have been trained as families to be loyal and also to keep some secrets.

                      As the veteran returns to the homeland there is an adjustment.
                      He or she may return to a family where abuse was the norm and passed on from generation to generation.

                      Spare the rod and spoil the child is an old saying, biblically derived.
                      And women were not viewed with much more rights than children, often considered to have the same rights as pets and animals.

                      So there is the concept of good steward and bad. Good slave master and bad. All the duality we inherit as a now global village.
                      Tim trusts me. That I only reveal that about him he would not object to, to folks he knows I have deemed trustworthy. To heal and end traumas and abuses wherever possible.
                      To restore sanity, balance, and inner peace.

                      We love each other. Very different each one, yet we complement one another.

                      Like you and me Amy. We zing! From Calgary to New England, and I have to say Michael L. you have been a huge encourager to me too. I THANK you sooooo much! Monica

                    3. u wrote once that “through suffering we learned of how not too”.
                      Some of us are just natural born empaths and we took on some pretty challenging things. I think we all agree that we knew consciously when we were turning things around for our own selves, we were helping the whole on a massive scale. It helped to get thru it with our dedication and determination. No one said it would be easy! Our Love is the reward all the way around — our Wisdom has kept us stead fast on the path.
                      I thoroughly enjoy your thread here Monica, Michael and Amy!
                      So happy to be part of your wonderful energy ! ❤

            1. just found out I will be seeing a band that opens for Coldplay. a friends coworker’s son’s band. local party next month. coolness 🙂

                1. Just a thought………AM……AM…fill in the blanks.
                  Amy, Areeza, Monica, Me…….interesting….. what may we be creating in the future???? Besides loves beating heart!!!

  28. “You see, the flux that we have discussed so many times earlier is not about to calm down, but that is for a very good reason indeed, namely to keep you moving ever forwards. We are aware that for some, what you experience as being unsettled will feel unsettled in ways that you might think of as negative but it is in fact the other way around.” now a i know the mening of this, and this too We are aware that for some, what you experience as being unsettled will feel unsettled in ways that you might think of as negative but it is in fact the other way around.” total mind blowing.im completeply exausted like never before. Love to you all ponders.

    1. Thank you Eduardo 🙂 I’m so happy you are a part of our Family. My mind is blown too…lets both get some rest ❤

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