A short update on the energies

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have entered another one of those intense phases, where you will be as if churning in and out of a veritable maelstrom of different frequencies. This may sound more than a little daunting, but believe us when we say that you have all been well prepared for such an intensely transformational upheaval such as this. For once more you stand on the threshold of a huge leap in you vibrational frequencies, one that will bring you up to par as it were with so much of your ethereal surroundings. In other words, we think you will find yourself in familiar fields in a very short time from now, as what has been initiated now will indeed transport you if not physically then at least energetically to those lofty abodes you so hanker for.

Let us explain. As we have told you before, this process of attaining higher and higher status as it were vibrationally does not entail for you to leave your physical body behind. That is, it does entail for you to be able to exit it at will if you will in ways that will enable you to come and go as you please. Not by way of exiting said body as you all do when the time comes for you to leave this incarnation altogether, that is, through the usual process of dying. No, what we refer to now, is the process with which you will be able to BE here in every sense of the word while simultaneously frequent other, more intangible layers of Creation. In other words, what is opening up wider and wider now, are those portals through which you will be able to transport you being, that is, those parts not composed of material stuff, your soul or spirit or the part of you that is not a fleeting one, but the permanent one. That is the part you will be able to go around with as it were, as in witnessing events taking place far from your shores, and indeed taking part in events not taking place on your shores, the better for you to be able to restore the same conditions back home. In other words, you will be carefully instructed in going to and fro other dimensions in order for you to bring back information in ways that will be far more direct than the more roundabout way you disperse information now. You see, as you walk about as living antennas, broadcasting energetic information near and far through the vehicle of your body, you also carry with you energetic imprints that will awaken so much around you. Both within your fellow humans, but also in those parts you might consider as inert in every way. But now, you will also put to the task in other ways, as in being asked to join in “in person” as it were in gatherings that will take place off your planet.

Again, this may sound like no more than hyperbole to some of you, but that is in fact what will be set into motion more and more now. For as you awaken, and yes, we do mean that in a very literal sense, you will also become more and more able to stay tuned as it were whenever and indeed wherever it is that you “go” when you are not in your body. You see, you are already seasoned travellers, and you have not been confined to your earthly vehicles for a very long time. For you have all been going on many a lofty excursion for quite some time now, but as yet, not much of what has taken place during these outings will have registered in the human parts of your consciousness. But now, as the new levels within you will be made accessible one by one, you will also start to find yourself taking part in what will at first seem to be snippets from a dream-like state, but will soon start to magnify and solidify in ways that will help you to better grasp what it is you are here to do.

For you are the connectors and the transponders in so many ways, and now, that will start to become even more apparent to you all. Not just for some hitherto intangible streams of energy, for now, you will all start to see and feel and know much more of what it is that you are so busy bringing back and forth. Remember, you also act as transmitters, not just receivers, and what you bring in you also bring out, and vice versa. In other words, through you a veritable flood of information runs constantly, both back and forth, from the outer reaches of your consciousness and into your human parts, and from the outer reaches of creation down to your planet, and back out again. For this is not a one way street, this is in all aspects an ongoing conversation that is taking place, where bits and bytes of information are constantly being shifted back and forth, the better to serve you, and the better to serve us to help to serve you. In other words, you are not only the ones grounding all of this incoming information, you are also the eyes and the ears on the ground, the ones that report back to the other side of the veil just how everything is faring, and so, you play an indispensable part in all of this. And now, you will become more of an observer into your own everyday life of being this all-important link between the two worlds.

So stay tuned as they say, and stay open to the fact that you will be brought more and more into the know. For you are already well versed in all of this beforehand, but you have as yet lacked the abilities to literally tune into it all. But now, that will change, as the floodgates have been opened yet again so that the full force of the light will be able to remove those “safety catches” that were installed in order to help you through the first part of this process. In other words, you will find yourself accessing more and more of the full spectrum that envelops you all, and as you do that, more and more of what you are contributing to all of this will become apparent to you. At first, you will find it hard to believe, but by and by, you will find it in yourself to truly take it all in, and we venture to guess that you will all be more than a little blown away by what you will find within your scope of abilities, and we also think you will be more than a little amazed by what you will find already there on your “track record”. For it is already more than impressive, and it will only continue to grow as you learn to grow fully into your shoes, and that is indeed something we are all more than eager to be able to witness.

301 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Wow… I finally popped into the Pond to see that there’s been two new updates since I was last online!! (I read through most of the comments.) Is my life ever going through interesting times right now and with less computer time! I was at a Roots and Blues music festival all weekend and danced in new ways to new styles of music. I was barefoot on a little patch of grass with one big grin on my face. I met a musician this past month and now own a little shaker ‘egg,’ a ‘metal drum with a built in tambourine, (has some fancy name) and a tambourine. I’ve played the egg… the other two are waiting for me. They’re early birthday presents and I’m taking them on a trip across the prairies of Canada to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Wednesday. (5 or 6 day trip) I hope to go somewhere quiet and remote under the stars and play my drum to some CD music. Here’s to creating!!

    Aisha I was drawn to this: “You see, as you walk about as living antennas, broadcasting energetic information near and far through the vehicle of your body…” THIS is what I feel has been happening for me the past few days talking with my friend. I have always felt inspired when I get passionate about some subjects but lately I feel words and feelings just flooding through me. I have been overwhelmed, excited, calm, ruffled… a rising sense of all is well filters in here and there. Nothing outwardly has changed in my ‘world’ yet everything is changing. I am awed.

    When I returned to day my grandchildren rushed in with, “NANA, Nana… we’ve been waiting to tell you… Apparently my 4 year old grand daughter saw a water snake last week when camping and caught it!! My 7 yr grandson was a bit more afraid but did hold it. They saw the bird I like with the orange feathers (flicker woodpecker) and they think a beaver! I was so excited for them that Nature/Mother is revealing herself to them in such special ways and they are noticing and desiring to share with me.

    I thank all of you who hold my family in ‘prayers.’ My daughter continues to face the anger daily here in this house with such a calmness and strength. Her “ex” will not leave and has made it almost impossible for her to leave. He will not agree to any terms of the legal papers. Yet Vicki quickly calms herself and trusts that the “high road” will eventually carry her through. I never expected to be still living here after 3 months. May a buyer show up in perfect timing for this to all resolve itself.

    August 31 is my birthday. What an incredible year it has been!!

  2. it is mating season for the grasshoppers. they rub there legs together, making a scritch, scritch, scritch noise. when multiplied a hundred times it becomes an annoying roar of noise.

    friday afternoon i encountered a man who was full of anger and hatred. he started raging at me about what, i don’t know. i tried talking with him in a friendly way. he would have none of it. he was looking for trouble, but he didn’t get any from me. i guess he wanted me to react like him and get angry back at him. nope, i took a lot of negative energy from him, only offering positive in return. i’ve been working on transmuting the ugliness into light. that’s why i have stayed away from here, i see no point in spreading misery around, life is hard enough already without people making it worse on purpose. I will soon get my giggle back. i know that the nastiness i took from him is something he will never see again. i was actually sickened by the heaviness of the hatred. i have said many times that i didn’t want to leave anyone behind, but that guy, maybe so.
    in our area there has only ever been one crop circle, and i’m fairly sure that it had something to do with college students and beer. the only way i will ever see one is if they place one nearby.

    and then the first sentence of the latest message.

    “Let us begin this missive by saying that you have entered another one of those intense phases, where you will be as if churning in and out of a veritable maelstrom of different frequencies”

    amazing how it all unfolds just like it is supposed to.
    so please be careful, it can get dangerous out there

    1. “so please be careful, it can get dangerous out there”


      That is FEAR talking.
      The human lesson you are to master, is to be careful what THOUGHTS you put out there.

      And there is no actual “out there” — out there, is the illusion. You are creating that bubble reality of yours, along with the reflections that come at you for learning/testing purposes.

      It all comes from inside you.

      1. i have no fear
        the other guy had fear
        fear makes people dangerous
        by “out there” i only mean somewhere other than the farm, it’s geography
        thanks for caring, but you are wrong

        1. besides he was half my age and out weighed me by about 50 pounds
          had it gone on another step i would have had no choice, but to hurt him. i am 63 years and disabled, there is no way i can get into a fight.
          i can only take them out in the first 3 steps.
          it has happened before
          the last time someone attacked me i blacked out for a few seconds, when i came back to my senses my attacker was layed out on his back on the floor.
          spirit takes care of me

          1. That happened to me once Otmn when I was younger and use to drink when I was in my early 50’s. I only remember someone jumping on me then 5 others came to help him. I didn’t remember all of what I did. But the next day A man came up to me and said you hurt 6 people pretty bad last night. All were on the ground and couldn’t get up without help. I fought a lot when I was younger. Two of my older brothers taught hand to hand combat in the Marines. One taught jungle warfare training. We were 4th degree black belts as young teenage kids from all the training my dad gave us. I was taught to never use this to hurt anyone but only to defend myself. I have never drank again sense this happened. I have never wanted to harm anyone all my life. Even at my old age it would be very easy to disable someone in about three seconds that knows no defense. I never saw my brother us their skills to harm anyone but only to defend themselves. Attackers most of the time hurt themselves by your reactions to defend. I see trouble a mile away and never feed it with more trouble. I felt I failed my fathers training by hurting those people while I was drunk. I made a promise to never lose control of my actions again.

            Love and blessings to all

            1. the last time i started a fight i was in the 9th grade, age 14
              i only defend myself, as i said above life is hard enough already

  3. I can ‘t wait! I have been straining to perceive/experience/be conscious of all that I am bringing back to this body. I know I have so many things to do, but I can’t organize me visualizations or see them clearly. Everything is fuzzy. Am I trying too hard? Please advise!

    1. Hi! Here’s a cosmic message for the Cosmic Messenger!
      Some things you’re not letting happen right now because the timing isn’t perfect for you. Some you’re not letting happen because you are very aware of where you are. But all things, as they are happening, are happening in perfect order. And if you will relax and begin saying, “Everything in its perfect time. Everything is unfolding. And I’m enjoying where I am now, in relationship to where I’m going. Content where I am, and eager for more,” that is the perfect vibrational stance.
      — Abraham
      Much love 🙂

      1. YES – thank you! That’s what I reminded myself this morning as I was very shaky after being awaken in the middle of the night and unable to sleep further. It must have been a big doozy coming my way 😉

        Love ❤


  4. Loving us all as the sparks of light that we are join hands and hearts to radiate love, comfort and abundant peace to all who are longing to know and experience the Reality of love in their hearts now. Jean

  5. Thank you all for your good wishes and loving thoughts and words. Yes, I’ll sing out my love and joy on behalf of everyone so it will resonate long distance around 😉 I am humbled and thankful that you are always around me ❤

    Love, light & gratitude ❤


    1. Have a wonderful joyous trip & lights are all together always , please be easy rest well in recovery healing, Thank you always to your beautiful heart & love ❤︎



    Separation of phase levels appears in all media of energy.

    Prescience of Light Beings enhances velocity of awakenings.

    Transitions to appropriate-for-each levels of BEingness occurs rapidly at this moment.

    Resolutions of long standings occurs rapidly at this moment.

    Penetrations of Cosmics occurs rapidly at this moment


    With LOVE all around ………………

  7. Dear Aisha, Cobra’s global group (http://2012portal.blogspot.com/) has been holding weekly meditations for several yrs now, certainly since 2012.
    He has just posted this:
    “Time has come for us on the surface of the planet to reach a new degree of unity and cooperation, regardless of our personal differences, to assist the planet in its transformation. Therefore the Light forces are issuing a call to all meditation groups on the planet to join together and create a powerful field of positive energy.
    The idea is to have a worldwide meditation once a week at the same moment, where all groups and individuals can do their own meditation in their own way. If we are all meditating at the same moment, a very powerful coherent resonance field is created that can really start transforming our collective reality.”

    It occurs to me that if you were willing to have the monthly Gatherings become weekly meditation gatherings of the Ponders, we would probably dovetail with the intention Cobra has put forth. Personally, I see no conflict with this lofty notion. Would love to hear what other Ponders think….. 🙂

    1. I informed my meditation group as well. I’ll be happy to join. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meditate with so many people around the globe. Thanks for the information Lysarbejder!

    2. Dear Lysarbejder, thank you for sharing this! All group events like these global meditations are powerful manifestations of light, and I hope that everyone that feels called to take part in any of them do so 🙂 I have not been given any new guidance about the monthly Gatherings around the Pond, so I will keep them as is until I do, but in today’s message, the CCs also ask us to connect deeper, so we will see what happens in the time ahead 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Aisha, I so appreciate your integrity to hold true to the guidance you receive from your Self & CCs! I deeply respect that.
        It was but a thought so I’ll continue to hold the vision, playfully, as we go deeper & deeper. 😊
        Much love from me, Dorrit ❤️

  8. Hey All !…..Caroline posted this link a few days ago by Sandra Walters & I feel it is very important to re-post as it has valuable information to where we are at this time & the ‘Now’ energy & also interesting that it holds significant ties & connections to recent crop circles (See the one I posted on previous page)…Love to All !…Bev~ (should I say….’Exciting Times’….& then some) !
    Thanks so much Caroline !!!!!….pieces falling into place….
    Excerpt ~
    “Currently you are experiencing the activation of divine HUman DNA templates within the planetary grid systems which have been guarded, sealed and in some cases forgotten for hundreds of thousands of years. This is a passage when those templates, which are similar to layered sacred geometries, work in harmony with the energies now coming onto your planet. One could not be activated without the other. It is the combination of templates, new light and the intent of the ascending HUmans which creates this activation. Many of the same people who created these templates are now in physical form and visiting sacred sites on the planet, vortex areas, and some more remote locations, in order to activate templates which were created by large collectives specifically for this time.”


    from June to September these energies are being divinely expressed within the crop circles !……here’s a mind blowing one, so elaborate !….formed in late part of June & is very significant !

      1. I wrote this yrs ago:
        “In the Glimpse of foreverness lives the eternal eye, faithfully watching as each moment unfolds”
        I have been brought to that phrase a lot lately.
        C — I counted too!!! 🙂 🙂 24
        thank you!!! Love, Light, Blessings All

            1. Was looking up my favorite scene from the original film, where Daniel figures out how to activate the Stargate and then they do so … came across this.

              1. 😉 hehehe… I very much need to say here that Daniel didn’t “figure it out,” he added his piece of the puzzle to something that was very much a group endeavor 😉

              2. Rapid unification of it all, even including synchronicity of all of Bev’s crop circles.
                Beautiful. A video orchestra.

                “If all of these criteria are properly met, we may be able to travel through the stargate….and be freed from this prison planet.

                The question is, are we ready?”

                The answer is, Yeppers.

                1. gonna help transform this prison planet and others in similar circumstance. 😉 the free energy would sure help right about now.

  9. Splendid! I often think of and try meeting up with you and chatting and exchanging our unique energies in love. I look forward to bringing more of this back with me after. Thank you Aisha.

  10. The food we eat is used to produce the energy the body needs to heal itself and keep the body healthy. The human is full of negitive and positive thoughts. We are exposed every day with many negitive views of what is going on in our world. The wars of religion. Those in power ruling the world with corruption. That instills fear among the masses because of greed and power over others. By our actions we make choices everyday with judgements of what we see in the world. We either like dislike or don’t care about what we see. The judgements of what is right and wrong in our minds is what all wars are fought over. For the last few hundres years wars have been fought over resources and religions of our world and who controls them. Those who want control over these start all the wars. Why does someone want this much control over the masses of the world. Is it greed or just a lust for power. Or is it just to kill off some of the population of the world. The less the population the easier it is to control the masses with with fear and oppression.

    People of this world are just now becomming awaken enough to think for themself instead of letting religion and corruption of our world powers tell us what to do and think. This has started a movement through our the world. People are making the choice of what is right and wrong. Some are still making this choice from religion that tells them what to think and do. The leaders of this world are using this as a way to help them keep control of the masses because of their corruption greed and power over others and world resources. Many of these resources are not needed if the knowledge of cleaner ways to provide energy would be taken off the hidden shelves and used to help all the world without greed. I see the world everyday and how people are like zombies that only have thoughts that are given to them by others. They seem to have no mind or thoughts of their own. Their thoughts are controlled by others with hidden intent that many can’t see.

    The little spark of energy that lives within all of us as an observer until we awaken of its present and let this energy help us to higher thoughts by learning to communicate with this energy. That lets all life live and funtion. Without this spark of energy light. We would still be single cell forms. The human race is going through growth pains trying to rise to a higher level of life it was meant for. The only way to do this is embrace this light energy that is within all of us. This energy has been with us from the time of all creation. Watching as the different forms become aware of the energy that lives in everything. As we awaken and become aware of this energy. We are able to work out all the problems of life and advance to a higher life form. Not only form but in our thoughts of the love of this hidden knowledge that we discover.

    Sometimes the problems of the world seem to be overwhelming.
    We are making progress as Aisha said. We just need to embrace this loving energy. And through the heart of thoughts try to help others. There is no limit to what we can do.

    Love and blessings to all

  11. Thank you, dear Aisha/CCs

    What a powerful and uplifting message! YES, bring it alonge, I am ready for it… NO MORE WAITING, PLEASE :o)



  12. Dear lovely friends!

    I always enjoy reading your posts and this morning it was more special than ever 🙂 So much joy and love – my heart almost flows with you 🙂 ❤

    Thanks to the rain that made me stay reading your posts instead of going to do some errands in city before I leave tomorrow morning. I am going to meet my family and join Stockholm Gospel Choir Festival in the weekend, and on Tuesday 26 it is time again to make the fourth and, as I have INTENDED, final embolization in my vascular anomaly in my face. I won´t be able to answer actively on the blog, but I will send you my love and intentions all the time 🙂 I´ll be back September 1. See you later 🙂

    My deepest love and gratitude to all of you on this volcano-of love-blog 🙂 ❤


    1. Dear sister B, wishing you a wonderful trip and a speedy recovery after your surgery! You are surrounded by love and by light no matter where you go, and I know your light will shine into the hearts of everyone you meet 🙂
      Big hugs and much LOVE from me, Aisha ❤

    2. Love and prayers go with you, B. How wonderful to be with two great bunches, family and a rockin’ sing in’ festival. You’ll be filled with the Holy Spirit! She and we will be with you as you have the “anomaly” taken care of. Wishing you much peace, love, and Joy on your journey,
      Forest Joy

    3. ❤ I Love You, Dear B… Ditto all above. You are always snug and cozy in my Heart. You will bring so much JOY and FUN to your families. (will be thinking of you at the Festival, and for sure will be holding your hand at the time of surgery) ❤ ❤ ❤

    4. Healing wishes, Strength & Positive Energy to surround you during your surgery & oodles of Love & Brightness BE with You on this journey & We All will BE thinking of You & patiently awaiting your return Dearest ‘B’ !!!!!!
      Love, Bev~

    5. Dear Birgitta!
      Beautiful Sister, will be holding you and your beloved birches in my heart. Enjoy Stockholm – I can “see” your voice raising up to the clouds in pure joy. And Godspeed to a quick recovery!
      Loving you always, my dear friend,

    6. Hi B to B! Wishing you a healing journey. We will all be with you for sure. I am still waiting to have that tea party! 🙂 my thoughts and prayers are with you! Love, Denise ❤

    7. Lots of healing love B, I’m sure that with the high energies surrounding us at this time, all will go well and will regenerate even better than “normal”!
      In my heart, a candle is burning for you ❤ dear sister
      Katja 😀

        1. Dear B~
          May all proceed with ease and grace, the hands of your surgeon helpers and their hearts guided by infinite loving light.
          Peace, calm, serenity, we ARE with you dear lady.:) ❤ Monica

  13. “I can’t be held back any longer ” It’s time to embrace the river of love and realize that you have always been a part of it ❤ ❤ ❤

    So much love to you Vinny ❤


  14. What an amazing message! So much fun in store for us! I have often spoken to a dear friend who can “travel” astrally and I once even saw her light walking down my staircase! These things are not only possible, but are the reality of many beings currently incarnated and to be able to travel at will and remember all we do and see is amazing!

    I have been noting a definite focus and increased detail when sending my consciousness to different locations and feeling on them and the picture that pops into the inner viewer is not a memory of that space, but almost like a video camera view-detailed and true to what is happening there in the now moment. Very cool stuff!

    I used to remember all my dreams and then lately I have had almost like dream amnesia where I know I am dreaming and doing stuff but wake up with absolutely no memory of it…hopefully that is shifting and as the CC’s say we will all have more access to our “extra-curricular” activities!

    WhooT!!! 🙂 hugs all! Alex

    1. Hugs back to you, dear Alex, what an amazing experience you have had with your friend 🙂 I am certainly looking forward to “seeing” more of this myself 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

  15. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! This is interesting because it appears that many more of us will soon be joining those forerunners like Denise le Fey who have long been aware of and able to report on such multifrequency adventures. I know many of us here have experienced the snippets of recall the CC’S describe. I think like everything else the more people doing something, then the easier it gets for all, as our experience and information permeate the morphogenetic field of humanity.

    1. That is exactly the message I get from Spirit and Star Beings. Both are very grateful for the work I am doing, for as you say, “the more people…the easier it gets for all” More of us need to realize that it is available to everyone. All it takes is finding the right frequency. And that is done with meditation and sometimes (like I’ve been finding out with my clients) all it takes is meditating with someone who has already been doing this! It’s a very amazing time and I come out of each session with more and more awareness of ME and of all the others in this Universe. They are asking for our help and need it. Love from this side of the galaxy! Donna

    2. Dear ohnwentsya, dear Donna! I agree, pioneers such as you Donna blaze a trail for others to follow. As the CCs remind us, whatever we do, we do for all, so thank you for being one of the trailblazers Donna 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Caroline, you posted this at 03:33. That was exactly when I was woken up by another huge download 😉 The energies feel calmer now, so I hope everyone will have a smoother sailing today!
        LOVE, Aisha

  16. I was right there with thoroughly enjoying an absolutely glorious day until a few hours ago. Then WHAMMY! Some wild energies certainly blasted through!

  17. I keep getting pulled away, but when I came back the energy here at this pond feels tremendous!!! Can you imagine what it would really be like if we all actually met in person? Do you think there is any place that could handle all of our energy together? 🙂 I wonder. Thank you Aisha for your on going support. This update is very interesting. Hoping to know more soon! As always sending my gratitude and love to you and everyone here! Denise<3

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