The manuscript of survival – part 423

For eons, mankind has been defined as consisting of single entities, carrying out their life’s work in hardship and toil from birth to death, for then to cease to exist altogether. In other words, you as humans have been defined as someone simply existing between the first and the last breath you take, and whatever comes before or indeed after that, is a subject shrouded in mystery. Be that as it may, you have by now managed to open your eyes to the fact that a human life as you used to define it is simply the proverbial tip of the iceberg – or even less so. For by now, you have started to tap into the rich vein that constitutes the real you, the one that is not confined within any physical limits, but who has chosen to define one part of themselves as a human.

Let us explain. The notion of a limited time of life that has driven mankind almost to the brink of extinction in the quest for some kind of immortality, either by way of fame, fortune or even infamy, is no longer one that needs to apply to any of you. For you have seen through the make believe that made you all believe in this falseness earlier on, and so, you have chosen to step out from the shadows of mortality and to re-enter the world of eternal existence. For you know fully well that even if the at times frail physical vehicle you inhabit one day will be reduced to dust, you will live on, just as you have done countless times before.

For you are not your body, and even if that is more than apparent to most of you at this stage, you still find time to question this fact whenever said physical frame seems to limit your capabilities to soar above these defined limitations it still seem to hold. Be that as it may, for you will all re-learn how to conduct a limitless life within an apparently delimited physical frame, and as such, the need to spread your wings fully again is one that will be fulfilled for all. You see, you are learning to ignore the old voice of reason as it is called, and instead, you are remembering how to listen to the voice of freedom, the one that is coming from those parts of you that are very much unfettered by the parts that make up your human counterpart. And now, you will all learn how to combine these two seemingly incompatible elements in a very new way, much akin to mixing fire and water without detriment to either.

You see, what you are about to do, is literally to take that fabled quantum leap that will remove you from your old station as it were and let you set your sights on something much, much broader in scope, and yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word. But again, we would like to remind you that you are in this human frame for a very good reason, so what we are referring to, is not about vanishing from the face of this Earth, not by a long shot. For you are still very much to be here, to be the grounded part if you will of this celestial tree that grows all the way up to heavens and beyond. For without you as the roots, this magnificent tree of life could not make it here at all. Again, we speak in riddles so let us try to give you a more detailed explanation. As many of you have seen already, your role as pioneers is indeed so much more than being wayshowers for the rest of mankind. For not only will you be able to prove to them that life as they know it is simply not the end of it, you will also be the ones who will enable this total turnaround by acting as those formerly mentioned anchors, the “missing link” if you will between what cannot yet be seen by the majority and all of the potential that resides here on this planet. For you are the ones making this connection secure, the ones that have established this channel of interaction between your home planet and the rest of Creation in a way that has set this whole plan into action. For you are the conduits that are necessary for it all to come together, and so far, what you have accomplished is indeed nothing short of miraculous, as we have already told you on numerous occasions. But now, you will also start to serve in a much more complex way, as the harbingers of a new dawn, but also as the carriers of the torch of freedom.

Let us elaborate. As usual, we use lofty words but they are not overstating anything at all. For you are indeed major players in a huge and complex operation that has by now very much changed into a new and much more efficient gear. And so, as you walk about, you are literally reigniting some deeply hidden deposits of energetic imprints that again will help to speed up this process immensely. We know that this will not be news to any of you, for this is indeed a subject that we have touched upon earlier but now, we would like to give you a few examples of what it is that you do in your roles as torchbearers for this highly complex galactic event, involving myriads of beings on many levels of evolutionary development.

You see, you have planted your roots deep into the soil on this planet you call your home, and the first of these roots were put down that very first time you entered this realm within a human body. As we have told you earlier, your history as a human goes back a long, long way, and every single time you returned to these shores, you brought with you a new batch of energetic information that was encapsulated and secreted away into the deeper layers of this planet. This will sound more than a little improbable to some of you, but remember, you have never been confined by the physical limits of your body, that is simply a figment of your imagination, and it has always been so. But for eons, you very much carried out this important part of your work undercover as it were, and that includes from your own abilities to consciously connect to the real reason for you to come here in the first place. And so, you returned again and again, planting ever deeper roots every single time, and each time, what you brought in carried with it a vital piece of energetic information that was connected to what you had brought in before. And so, bit by bit, piece by piece, this earthly library grew into a vast underground network of interconnected sleeping cells if you will, all lying there dormant, ready to be taken into full use when the time came for them to be activated.

And now, these lights are coming on, one by one, starting to illuminate a part of mankind’s environment that you have yet to discover. But even if you still fail to notice much of the influence it has already started to have on you all, your abilities to detect it will continue to grow at a rapid rate now. And so, your roles as this hub or vital connector point will only grow in magnitude, as you will be the ones that will be able to access all of this formerly inactive information, and then, you will be guided closely just how to utilize it for the benefit of all. For these treasures are not to be hoarded, they are to be dispersed far and wide, in ways that will bring about such a total shift in the lives of every one that comes into contact with it.

Again, you are not here for the benefit of you as a single entity, you are here to ensure that the collective will and can benefit from this in a way that will bring about a major shift for all of mankind, and so, what you do as single individuals will have implications that reaches far beyond what you today consider as your own individual energetic space. For you are no longer just as small bubbles of light on a vast, darkened ocean. No, you have by now coalesced into a huge, shimmering sphere that encompasses your entire globe. And the roots that you have laid down one by one has also grown together to form a single structure of energetic support that will carry you all in a basket of flexible but sturdy branches of light.

So as you walk upon this Earth, you set off a veritable cascade of sparks that will go off in all directions, and in turn ignite new sparks whenever they encounter another part of this huge network. And just like the signals travelling at the speed of light within the passages in your brain, your initiated “conversation” will fly around this whole planet at an unprecedented pace. And so, every single day, you set off more and more of these enlightened reactions under your very feet, and every single day, new information is being anchored into this vast network from the outer reaches of Creation through your own body. For you act as the connectors, the ones that ensure that the communication between your world and the rest of Creation is seamless, in every sense of the word. And even if you at times will feel less that invigorated by everything that is going on, know that you are definitely not holding up this conversation and indeed conversion of energy in any way, far from it. For at this stage, you have all become so accomplished at this multi-level and highly dynamic way of communication, and now, all it takes, is for you to prick up your ears and start to listen in more.

You see, you are no longer being “kept in the dark” as it were, In fact, you never have been, but to ensure the safety of each individual and indeed this whole operation, you have been kept “un-conscious” of most of this up until now. But now, you can start to listen in as much as you like, for after all, you not only play an important part as the channel for all of this incessant communication, you also put more than your two cents worth in. For you are not simply a messenger, you are also a part of the message, and so, what you will find when you start to manage to tune into it all will be a very familiar voice, the voice of that magnificent, multi-dimensional being that is the real you, the one you perhaps thought you had lost contact with, the one that you perhaps had forgotten all about. But now, the time has come for you to start to listen in to find out so much more about your own roots – in every sense of the word, and in every way.

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    1. Clueless hippies….although, weed would have lifted them quickly to that very state — the upper astral template level, 4th dimension. To experience the incredible Astral energy body sex.

      1. i have not seen any weed since 1973.
        arlo sang about bringing in a couple of k(ilos)
        we rolled out over an ounce of seeds and pulled out another ounce of stems after we broke down the brick of “weed”
        mexican brown, thankfully that stuff is gone
        but then we paid $110 for 2.2 lbs and then we sold 4 finger lids for ten bucks. and so we stayed in smoke and made an extra $200.
        weed is long gone
        Cannabis is the proper name of the medicinal herb.

        1. I used to grow it for a short time.
          Experimented mightily with every technique I could get my hands on. Interestingly enough, the bliss was all in the growing, not the using.
          Shit that was fun….but I no longer have any interest at all, now that I’ve blown through the extremes of that experience.

  1. Wowie-Zowie, the CCs’ messages are coming thick and fast now! Blessings to you, dear Aisha, as you continue to hold your beautiful calm center in the midst of this acceleration! Today in my meditation I heard “Prepare for blast-off!” I haven’t been able to keep up with reading all the posts,but feel all of you lovely pondmates with me constantly, and I with you. I will write more when I can.

    Much love always,


    1. suicide is chicken shit
      besides, it won’t do you any good
      it is like being held back to repeat the 4th grade
      it does not change anything
      whatever the situation was that convinced you to bail out early
      will remain on the lessons yet to be learned list
      so, in some future life, the same problem will reappear until you figure it out.
      sheesh, these kids today

      1. But there are exceptions.

        For example,if you came here specifically to go through the experience of Suicide, then this IS one of your major themes of exploration for this one lifetime.

        It would have been something you planned out in the template level reality before incarnating.
        Since we all pre-plan our “deaths” there, from the higher dimensional level — if you decided Suicide was to be part of your soul contract, you would have carefully orchestrated the details of your suicidal “death” prior to coming in to physical reality.



        1. Through early morning fog I see
          Visions of the things to be
          The pains that are withheld for me
          I realize and I can see…

          That suicide is painless
          It brings on many changes
          And I can take or leave it if I please.

          I try to find a way to make
          All our little joys relate
          Without that ever-present hate
          But now I know that it’s too late, and…

          The game of life is hard to play
          I’m gonna lose it anyway
          The losing card I’ll someday lay
          So this is all I have to say.

          The only way to win is cheat
          And lay it down before I’m beat
          And to another give my seat
          For that’s the only painless feat.

          The sword of time will pierce our skins
          It doesn’t hurt when it begins
          But as it works its way on in
          The pain grows stronger…watch it grin, but…

          A brave man once requested me
          To answer questions that are key
          Is it to be or not to be
          And I replied ‘oh why ask me?’

          ‘Cause suicide is painless
          It brings on many changes
          And I can take or leave it if I please.
          …and you can do the same thing if you please.

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    1. Woo hoo!!

      “Extremes of Light and shadow present at the current moment.

      Gaia supports the visualization of all such contrast points, which exemplify final stages of duality.”

      — GaiaPortal

  4. :`)


    Thank You to ALL
    for the sub~mission
    of these missives.

    For two Earthly perceived years now, I Am
    reading the presentations, through co~sibling Aisha
    and I Am Thank Full for her work as well
    and this goes with saying.

    It is ALL true ofcourse,
    what WE Are here to BE
    and WE all Ways were aware of it,

    There needed to BE a signal
    given by humanity Glob~ally
    to BEgin the process of what
    WE have experienced,
    obviously success~fully.

    This was accomplished through the
    Opening Ceremony
    the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

    [ ]

    as it needed to carry the essence of

    the ” O l y m p i c T r u c e ”

    the vibrational frequency of which
    was imparted via

    the “Olympic Flame ReLay”

    around the Globe.

    [ ]

    {The “online memory” of the ceremony,
    after 10 (1~0 ^ONE WHOLE^ ) Earthly perceived years
    here : [ ] }

    I Am sharing this, as an
    a w a r e n e s s
    celebration of an over~ALL

    EnJoy !


    {The complete ceremony with English sub~titles
    may BE watched here :
    [ ] }

  5. Lol, I’m drunk again. Now I read this Swedis pussy-ass professor of somefucking western institute talking his ass of why Russia doesn’t attack Ukraine because of the lessons of winter war. Always using us as a shield u fucking gays! In my dreams I saw U.S fighters dropping the nukes in front of me, so thanks for a back-up! Haha! And now our president is having a conversation with Putin about sanctions because EU suddenly lost their BALLS!! U fuckheads got any alibi? I got this: westerners and russians, leave Finland a fucking alone. Otherwise I’m gonna haunt u forever!

  6. ❤ If you have time, I highly recommend reading in full the latest post from Denise Le Fay, link below ❤

    “FIRST HALF OF AUGUST 2014”, by Denise Le Fay, August 13, 2014). Excerpts:

    “…For those who’ve been at this Ascension Process business from the start, these changes within the NEW energies are a bit weird in that the entire world population is fully involved now at some level. It’s one thing dealing with ones own issues, fears, emotional wounds, karma, duality integration/resolution, physical and emotional pain(s) etc., but it’s something very different when one has to witness the rest of humanity doing it. For ultra-sensitives, empaths and those with Higher Awareness, it takes real HighHeart to steadfastly hold neutral higher space and allow everyone to go through whatever it is that they must now, which is a lot. What we’re all going through this year is a lot!

    “…I received an email from Debora ❤ on August 7th and she told me that ‘…the first train of Jews pulled into Auschwitz on August 4th…’ Also ‘…August 4th was the day Anne Franke was arrested.’ And that ‘…August 6th Hiroshima Japan was bombed, and Nagasaki on August 9th during WWII.’ Thanks Debora for that information because I didn’t know about those dates either.

    “As the many knots of multiple timelines connected to large negative hotspots such as Earth’s World Wars are untangled and ended, things will ease up and be much less intense and painful on multiple levels so hang in there everyone…”

    1. Thanks Lin !….this really sounds so familiar like how I was feeling when I posted ’08-08 Infinity’ a few missives back regarding the totality of this highway we are now upon the CC’s were talking about….I’ve attached the link below….the sensations of emotional turmoil & upset were so intense I can now see must of had a lot to do with the tragedies & disasters Debra was referring too…………Love to You !…..Bev

    2. I do not experience at all lower vibrational “war energies”, as Denise does, because that is no longer my focus.

      Such energies are of low frequency, and are experienced by those who are vibrating at that level still, and not ready to stop playing the divisive game of “battle” and confrontation.
      They are still immersed in milking the wargames of this reality, and are not ready to stop & move on to higher frequencies.

      She is not yet realizing that she is attracting “battle” in her reality.
      It is why low frequency strangers are attracted to her and attack her in parking lots.
      Which really shook her up, but she is attributing this incident to the current effects of the collective reality around her, and not for what it really is — a reflection of herself, sent by her Higher Self as a message…message being:

      “Do you still want this in your reality?” and

      “Will you react differently and in a higher frequency capacity to this confrontation so that you no longer need to experience these reflections of yourself coming at you in parking lots?”

  7. Thank you, All, for your loving support and gentle wisdom. Will be taking a sabbatical from the Pond and will catch up with you in the near future. Bless you ALL! 🙂 With loving embraces all around, Caroline

    1. Blessings Sweet Sister & may your quiet time BE Mellow Yellow & just Right & Perfect as you want it to BE !…….Love, Bev~ (& please try not to choke or strangle anyone….as I too know this feeling all too well !)
      Love, Bev~

    2. I don’t know if you will see this Caroline but know that the loving support is coming from here too… been rather busy myself and not been able to get to the Pond. Philip ❤

  8. “For you are the ones making this connection secure, the ones that have established this channel of interaction between your home planet and the rest of Creation in a way that has set this whole plan into action. For you are the conduits that are necessary for it all to come together, ”
    >> so we are as walking conduits reigniting – or igniting the new dawn << Well, I do like that very much ! 🙂 and I know this very much in my inner world of wisdom. Don't we all? really — do others here share how we have been linked up to our home planets all along and 'transmitting' information to and from ? I have never had a doubt about that part myself. anyone else?
    Love us all for this and the feeling of what the CC's are saying is finally catching up to what Is for us – and what will actually unfold next! so, I have a bit of excitement happening here.
    With a smile coming outward to greet the new world, Areeza
    Also noting how my vision of having both feet as 'ponds' fits here as well – I had the intention that day of walking around swishing the pond energy all about! C o o l n e s s
    Thanks CCs and Aisha and All of my wonderful brothers and sisters here.
    Lets not take for granted how miraculously we have come here to Be together in this ! Part of me always knew it deeply inside – that there would be a time to come like this – but that does not diminish it one bit! Even if we can not see and feel and experience it all fully – yet – its cool as hell 🙂

    1. According to the Higher Dimensionals, THIS is our “home planet”. Earth.

      Wherever you physically (or quasi-physically) incarnate, that is your “home”.

      When you start thinking like a Multidimensional Being, you realize that you have multitudes of incarnations…..fucking EVERYWHERE.

      In this moment here are aspects of you, (pieces of your Higher Self) living/experiencing many different dimensional levels — not just on other planets in this particular universe.

      What you are doing, when you feel that another place is your “home”, you are actually making a cross-connection to that other incarnation of you that is existing RIGHT NOW.
      You are pulling information from that other aspect of you, to assist you in this Earth reality.
      Whichever one assists you the most in this reality, you will continue to make a strong connection to.

      You are doing this automatically, all the time, without realizing it.
      And the current co-existing versions of you on other planets, and in other dimensions, right now are connecting to YOU as well, to pull from your experience here on 3D/4D Earth.

  9. & so ‘Co-Creation’ & it’s ‘Powers’ to influence & implement ‘Real’ manifested change begins !!! Actually the truth in this has been known for quite some time, but has been hidden from our eyes As well as our minds & All our senses…..but the driving force, the key is always & always has been in trusting & believing in yourself & don’t allow others to de-rail you !~

    “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla

    This is ‘Powerfully Interesting’ !………

  10. Hello everyone.
    This is my 69th favourite Japanese song from ttp://
    1986 OMEGA TRIBE – COSMIC LOVE (Released Date : Oct.15, 1986)
    (Vocal CARLOS is half. Nationality is Brazil)

    Lyrics : ttp://
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps:// )
    (Today was important debugging day of jNESARA.)
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. read thru it all JJ. I must be punishing myself pretty good with this boring human job here. Don’t know why I keep doing it. 🙂 And on the not so happy thought side, I could only think of getting out of the human form to stop having to do it. so I still have yet to leave this prison for I still do not know how to keep my home and buy food and gas to travel. I mean I travel in the astral way … I absorb spiritual nutrients….but u get my drift. I was thinking how much I could be doing to help others if not for this stupid job. I would Love to sit with the elderly who experience dementia — remind them of how they can live from their heart – not just their head — all these ideas I have while I see folks who have the means (no money issues) do not think to help anyone but themselves. Not that its not ok to give to yourself… u get my drift. ok… drifting on back to punishing myself. LoL. I do find Joy where I can until I create the true full-fillment. Love you!

  11. Zen sharing:
    “If you have no affairs in your mind, and no mind in your affairs, then you are unoccupied, yet animated, empty, Wondrous. But if you allow yourself to stray from this state, all words will deceive you.”
    “When the wooden man begins to sing, the stone woman gets up to dance.”
    (for some reason, this one fascinates me) 🙂

  12. No matter what it is, if you really want it, and if you get out of the way of it, it will happen. It must be. It is Law. It can be no other way. It’s the way this Universe is established. If you want it and you relax, it will happen.

    Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in Cincinnati, OH on Saturday, September 21st, 2002 # 224


    Ganz egal, worum es sich dreht, wenn Ihr es wirklich wollt und dann aus dem Weg tretet, wird es geschehen. Es muss so sein. Es ist Gesetz. Es kann nicht anders sein. Es ist die Art und Weise, wie dieses Universum aufgebaut ist. Wenn Ihr es wollt und loslasst, dann wird es geschehen.

  13. Hello lovelies, this next two weeks I may be in and out because I have so much on my plate as I shared the last day or so and I thank everyone for their hugs and intentions for me to get “done” what needs “doing” as a “be-er” thats sometimes challenging.

    As I read this message which is brilliant again I was drawn to the lovely nature of how the CC’s share things that “remind” my inner biologist of something else, some other living system that is represented in their stories and how things come together.

    The minute I read this message I was transported into the depths of the cell and I was thinking of the RNA the messenger of the cell and how there is a structure within the cell called the endoplasmic reticulum which is almost like a network of squiggly roots coming out of the cell nucleus. Some are smooth and some are rough–the rough ones are spotted with packets of RNA, which is like the messenger of the DNA–it helps the cell to express what the DNA wants to express.

    I see the packets that we have deposited over time as the RNA connecting to the network of roots or endoplasmic reticulum connected to the nucleus of the cell or the heart of our blessed mother sophia-gaia–without the reticulum the nucleus would have NO WAY of expressing its desires-the messages could not get out to be expressed!

    so, like in the cell, we have packets of information (light) within us, the alchemy of divine light and the energy of the earth–melded within our heart space into a new form of light and now, as we are connected, we take in the messages of our source through the light of Alcyone, the central sun and our mother-Sophia and we meld them, and then through the network of roots–we share this out into the energy field that expresses as our reality. AS above, so Below–but without the conduit…the messenger…nothing is expressed.


    Here is a link to a pictures of both a plant and animal cell–if you mouse over the cell you can see all the different organelles and see how they are connected…

    So wicked cool! 🙂

    P.S. Bev…..we are the salt of the earth…;) loved your sharing!

    1. Just to clarify, the rNA is contained in ribosomes along the endoplasmic reticulum…its been a while since I was in biology class, but what is interesting is that the insides of the endoplasmic reticulum is called the cisternae–like cistern–which holds water…ties into Bev’s sharing…and the rna that attaches to the ribosomes is called —messenger Rna which directs protein synthesis–which “creates” the structures of the body out of the signals of the DNA…

      and here we are doing this is the expanded field of energy we call reality–I love when we can use metaphors to explain spiritual concepts, but I love it even more when we can use biological systems to explain it as well! Because God/Source created these systems as fractals of the whole and while there is something miraculous in it all, its still basic biology! 🙂

      1. back again to re-read….for me there are certainly some very real links here to Spirituality & Science, maybe some a bit on the complicated side, but most very understandable & makes a whole lot of sense !….Love how you tied the ‘cistern’ into this….& in fact there are many word markers in the bible that tie real life science to spirit & who we are as powerful spiritual energy BEings ! I like it when we can take the fiction or hokess-pokess out of it & see that it is all so very real !….just like ‘Water’ & ‘Salt’….HS always reminds me that so much of this mind /heart / senses expansion is likened to going back to school to re-learn the Truth of Creation !…..& keep an eye on that protein synthesis (building block of life)….as it is going to prove to be also quite revealing !……Love to You my Dear Biology Master !…Bev

    2. Dear Alex, thank you for adding another piece of enlightening information to our “Pond-library”! Nothing is by chance in Mother Nature 🙂 Yesterday, I stumbled across an article on tunneling nanotubes, long and thin tubes formed from the plasma membrane that connect different animal cells over long distances and is used to exchange information and different subtances between them, and they look just like roots too:
      Aisha ❤

      1. All so Amazing, interesting & quite fascinating….& Alex was bang on when she said “God/Source created these systems as fractals of the whole and while there is something miraculous in it all, its still basic biology! “………Absolutely !……Love to You Aisha !….Bev~

    3. Alcyone (All-Cee-whY- One) 🙂
      how I love that Sun! always have a special place for it in my soul heart.
      Thank you Alex and enjoy your Be-ing in your doing ! ❤

  14. “””As many of you have seen already, your role as pioneers is indeed so much more than being wayshowers for the rest of mankind. For not only will you be able to prove to them that life as they know it is simply not the end of it ……”””

    Yep – I sure need to be able to “prove” my abilities pretty darn soon, or my divorce to the Old Earth won’t be the only divorce coming up in the future! Seriously, this business of having to be a “double agent” within my marriage has been pushed to its’ limits.

    When – Aisha & CCs, WHEN will I be able to provide tangible/visible proof that my hubs can see/experience, because this is really straining our relationship now. Getting beyond frustrated. No spirituality in this house allowed – ’cause it resulted in my near death episode in March. Thanks for letting me vent a bit, but I’ve always been the patient one. When can we all come out of the “cosmic closet” without being threatened with the “maybe you need to be back in the psych ward” business – at least in our own homes??? And be able to share the wonder with our spouses/families/significant others??? I get it – I’ve done a huge amount of work at my multi-dimensional levels for the collective and personally. All undercover. The more I slip up and get busted, the more I get threatened with the loony bin!!!!! I’m a celestial being, for Pete’s sake!

    Please CCs – give me a small bone already …..something. Please????

    Much love to ALL!!!!!

    1. ❤ sending you continuous focused LOVE, Huge Hugs, and Light&JOY… and to your hubby, too.

      Dearest Caroline, you must have scared the cr*p out of him in March + rehab—he was so close to losing his Beloved. Trauma (his) causes such strange reactions. We were sitting on pins and needles here until we knew for sure you were going to be ok; I cannot imagine what he went thru.

      Our Dear Friend and WayShow-er, if there's anything else that I can do, just let me know, and it's yours ! Neither of you need this extra stress.

      I Love You, C. xox Lin ❤ +

      1. Thank you, Lin. I love you deeply. But you already know that! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Our friendship means the world to me. HUGS!!

        1. Caroline, I was a closet lightworker also during my marriage. I would leave the house and meditate in my car where there was peace and joy. I spent quite a bit of time on the internet reading channels and spiritual articles, which upset my husband. He was spiritual in his own way but could never get past the Catholic dogma and belief systems. Eventually we divorced, but there were other factors which contributed to that. He was an alcoholic also. Just allow him to follow his own path, but send him energy that he will awaken and step into his spiritual power so you can share this lightwork together. If he does not, do not blame yourself for being unable to save him. He may not get it in this lifetime, and may have to come back. Either way, be true to yourself first. Stand in your truth and believe in YOU.

    2. I hear Ya Sister ! I think so many of us are swimming in that same pool ! shall I just say ‘soon’….but that’s certainly not new news….hold on & certainly we will keep holding strength for each other as truly this is the reason for this pond & I’m sure Aisha can confirm ! I think we All can relate to the ‘loony bin’ threat but really….in the end you simply must trust your own Heart & continue as you feel is best, while being careful walking on egg shells & other’s toes ! It is what it is & often trying & a challenge most days ! Have Faith Dearest Caroline….allow others to free themselves from their own straight-jackets, eventually they will but it’s not up to us to break them free….I do know where you are coming from & I send you my Heart-Love & Support !…….Love, Bev~

      1. OK, you got a giggle out of me. Imagine the stories we’ll be able to share roasting marshmallows over a campfire??? Ha!! Seriously, sending much gratitude your way. Something about this particular missive felt like a slap in the face. Pushed my buttons, which is not an easy thing to do. Again, thanks – with LOVE!! Caroline

    3. Dearest Caroline,
      This trail is indeed a somewhat silent passage. Even though I see continual validation through my steady group of patients, I seldom go into much of what I have discovered to others. It has been too many years and too much water under this rainbow bridge to talk about it much now.
      My husband has always believed in a world beyond what “normal” people see or feel. Before I knew anything of the “Ascension Project” and was clearing centuries of physical, emotional, and spiritual miasmas in myself and patients including him, I would relate to him some,without breaking confidentiality, of all I was finding. Even when I was at my wits end both mentally and physically he was supportive and is today.
      However, I rarely discuss with him or others much of what I find or missions that I undertake anymore. There are two reasons: 1) it takes too much time from a “normal day” that I need to stay healthy and balanced, 2) some of what I discover in my travels (yes, flying is fascinating ) and my work is just beyond what “normal people” can fathom.
      So I quietly go about my day and my work both in this world and beyond. I also know my limits now and do not undertake more than I can handle. For it doesn’t matter how much or how hard one works toward the completion of this project. One can only do what can more or no less. The Almighty expects no more or no less.
      One does not have to do a lot anymore. Just put out the intentions silently throughout the day. Even for the monthly gatherings I just silently give my intention that I will be there however that may be, check in every so often with my thoughts, and go about my day.
      Show and beam love from a quiet knowing heart. You do not need to show yours or the world’s abilities to anyone. What difference does it make if someone sees it. It doesn’t matter. What matters is love and that love continues to grow and grow and grow. And it is.
      There is amazing power in the quiet and silence. Spirituality does not need to be visible to be successful. You know. In your heart you know.
      You have been a front runner and worked in the spirit world long and hard. Now just ride the waves.
      Quietly loving you,
      Forest Joy

      1. ( ‘cuse me, popping in… Effortless flowing Wisdom & Love, Forest JOY. Soothing, comforting BIG energy. Posted at: 05:55 )

      2. I had to smile because I didn’t read your post to our blessed sister Caroline, yet I shared similar comments below–I think we are all learning to flow the love in silence where it is unimpeded by words or human constructs. It flows so much more smoothly and all the higher levels know what to do with it, where to place it appropriately–we try so HARD sometimes when simply flowing works brilliantly–trusting the divine plan is so key! Hugs Joy girl!

      3. Forest Joy what a loving grounded sharing. Thank you. You bring dignity to the day to day life so many of us are living. We can all stand tall and strong in our silence in the strength of your words.

        Caroline I join in all the heart felt comments to you. You are very loved. May you find great comfort in all that was shared with you.
        Love, Nancee

    4. Sweetheart. Sending you a huge hug and thoughts that no one can get inside your soul or your head or heart space to stop you from doing what you want inside of there. While I do not have the same situation as you, my husband is not in the least bit interested in the spirituality that I speak of to those who are interested and who ask me for wisdom. He is an angel here on earth who has no need or desire to discuss these aspects of life. That said, sharing spirituality with those who are frightened of it, or rebel against what you are sharing…how does that expand the heart? I would suggest you watch a bunch of Matt Kahns latest videos on loving the inner child and the amazing changes that can occur within your own heart space and then sharing your lovely heart through your intention, in blessed silence. When you watch the changes in your life as you release resistance to the situation you are in and simply flow the love without any resistance or need to share words…then you will no longer need any proof. Much love sister. Alex

    5. Dear Caroline, dear shining sister of the light! I wish I had the most wonderful “bone” to give you, but I can only add my love and my light to all the wise words that have been shared here already by so many of our amazing sisters. For that is why we have found each other here, so that every one, no matter where they live or what kind of energetic or emotional environment they live in can have a home here too and be amongst family, free to share and free to vent whatever it is that fills their heart. I understand Mark’s concern, but I also understand your frustration, and I can only hope that you will be able to continue to BE just who you are and shine your light in a way that will give you the support you need without adding any extra strain to your life. I love you so much, dear sister, and I walk by your side, every step of the way.
      LOVE – always, forever!
      Aisha ❤

    6. Dear C ~ been wondering about your ND experience and what truly happened with you. Not just for my own curiosity but If you want to share more, I may be able to offer some assistance with your hubby issue. I have always been a very good mediator.
      My guy is also not into the spiritual aspects of life very much – well, not like I am is a better way to put it – he is in his own way which I have accepted. Would be near impossible to find anyone close to what I am like! LoL. Kelly is gentle and that is something I knew was necessary for a successful partnering. He may even be fascinated by me but has never voiced it — other than to say ‘I am a weirdo’ (complement as I take it).
      I know he got a bit upset with me when I was spending so much time in this Pond with all of u. He had that yukky, green jealousy monster creep in big time for awhile there. I told him that this place/space is very important to me – and though he may not understand it, we are a family here and of such like mind, it brings me Great Joy. I think my honest sincerity helped him to understand and I learned also to pace things better between my time here and with him.
      When I share things, I am careful what content I decide to share. Like recently I told him of my fixation on WWII — I told him I was going to go to the pond and see if anyone could shed light on it. Well…ahhhh! There was Lin here about just that!!! See – I told him – do you see how much this place offers me?! I think he is opening up about it more and more. I just let it be and be who I Am. >> In your case, being threatened is another level. So,, we can all talk with you more about it here and see what can be done about that. Always here for you sweet Caroline! ❤
      Love, Love, Love what Forest said here too!! ❤

      1. …and I so get the frustration ! I think we all thought by now things would be so different – easier and more fun for us all. I yell out there – up there – to whatever seems to be deciding the ‘timing’ here. The ‘Event’ ? Like is it talked about anymore? Was the frequency shift ‘it’? I settle back down and just Be the Love. Some days I notice change in people – like yesterday was just ‘gentler’ all around for me.
        But yeah, its getting real old and oh so boring when you know what you really can do and others just don’t see any of it – yet. Kelly was worried about me getting too excited about the changes I expected (and told him were coming and I was born for this time, etc. etc.). He thought ‘yeah, yeah — you will be disappointed’. He always says he ‘lives in the real world’. 🙂 I answer ‘the real world is what you make it’ – ‘got to believe it to see it, not the other way around’. so we go back and forth – but not angrily.
        I also wanted to be younger when ‘it’ happened. sooo… I guess I make myself younger 🙂
        thanks again C for sharing — good things to talk about and share our feelings about how who we are affects not only ourselves but others in our lives — for good and not so good. Love, A

        1. “The ‘Event’ ? Like is it talked about anymore?”


          Only by me, as far as I can tell.

          Last week I sent that one off in a letter to Cosmic Awareness as one of my WTF? questions.

        2. “I also wanted to be younger when ‘it’ happened. sooo… I guess I make myself younger….”


          Yes, you can…. see my postings from the last update on the Unnecessary Aging Process .

          REVERSE Aging does work. You can look like a teenager again, if you want to.
          It’s about the only “perceivable” effect of the Ascension process so far — that freaks other people out.
          Something they can actually SEE. And have no choice but to believe.

    7. Dearest Caroline!

      When I read your post, I feel an anger grow up within me. An anger on your behalf !!! You have the right to be the amazing woman you are without apologizing !!! Let that feeling establish itself within you and turn not away for the divine work you do. Do not take on too much responsibility Caroline – we are many here who support you and help each other in different ways ❤

      My love for you is so great and I send my light and my love for you and your spouse. Sometimes it may be necessary and very clearing to metaphorically speaking beat your fist on the table and address it in all directions 😉

      All my love, light and strength to you dear Sister of Love & Light ❤ ❤ ❤


    8. Have they used “Pyschosomatic Disorder” on you, yet?

      My psycho-negative father was trying to spread that one around with my husband’s enthusiastic support.
      Luckily, the high frequencies of this year took him out…..

      1. Kiera… Even with the proof of your regenerated 16-year-old physicality in the flesh staring back at both the faces of your father and your husband??? At your level of awareness, I’m sure you’ve produced other manifestations as well. Did they just ignore / deny them ????

        1. Excellent questions…..the husband and father have been fascinating to deal with, as there are/were times when their higher selves were coming through and you can sense that their souls are fully aware.

          Then the personality construct kicks in again, quickly, to mask their flash of Soul Awareness.
          I think that has been the most irritating/uplifting/fascinating thing to see happening in action.

          But YES, it was ignore and deny…..but mainly IGNORE. Seems to be the Ego’s preferred method of maintaining itself and its belief system.

          The complexity of the Ego’s denial/ignoring and deliberate suppression of Consciousness becomes bizarre, since I shared the same Out-of-Body experience with my husband once, no twice — OBE’s have always come easy to him.
          Yet I can’t interest him at all in experimenting with it, he won’t talk about it or take it further– even though he does fully acknowledge the experiences. And the fact that he knows he can lift out of body very easily & says he’s always had that ability.

          And he’s also fully aware that he has very strong Precognitive abilities and always has…..and he saw my dead mother appear to him on the street last month….and we’ve both seen the same “Orbs” appearing/disappearing at the same time….and we are basically “telepathic” now, most of the time.

          1. wow. Kiera, you are one strong Lady… to be able to hold your Awareness, Balance and your Power while observing / living within all that. A golden opportunity to grow, yet the frustration level must have presented mighty tempting. again, wow. hat tip to you. Thanx for answering.

            I know you (and others here) are in touch with Caroline via telepathy.
            Please say: “Hi, and Camp Fido” to her for me. Continue to be well with Continued Blessings yourself. Much Love to you (&yours) xox Lin ❤ … keep 'em laughing if nothing else. 😀

    1. I used to have that in my left ear too Pocahontas. I even went to the local library to get a book on Morse Code ! LoL. never did figure anything out from it. glad it finally left me. had it for a while though. hope u can remain at peace with it ! Love, Areeza

      1. Yes, it is an interesting one, this is for sure. Here is a link to some information that may or may not interest you. It has peaked my curiosity, this is for sure. Especially, since I am hard of hearing in my left ear and have had two major surgeries on it. I experience an unusual even with this ear about a year ago now, so this is another reason I am curious. Thank you for your response. : )

  15. just the other day, i was out in a pasture with 7 horses. i was scratching noses and ears and necks. i was surrounded by at least 4 tons of horses. they all loved me and i was loving them. when i finished and turned around to go back to my car there was a sheriff deputy standing by the gate. there were “KEEP OUT” signs on the gate. he was standing on the side you could read and i was on the other side where all you could see was the shiny metal backs of the signs. he wanted to talk to me.
    i crawled under the gate, walked up to him and we talked.
    after about 5 minutes he was laughing and smiling
    i got the impression that he wanted to hug me.
    i taught him something, whatever, i don’t know, it was his lesson.
    i’m not in jail or any other sort of trouble.
    all i am saying is love everything and nothing can hold you down.
    a bunch of other crap is going on in my 3-d world, it cannot touch me.
    this is why i have been quiet.
    you girls! all this love and gratitude you express is unnecessary to me
    it just makes me scroll down and scroll down.
    I already know you are loving and grateful, you don’t have to keep telling me over and over, all day every day.
    I have love and gratitude for all of you, but you already know that.
    ah, women////////////////
    the one thing i understand about them is
    simply just:
    i will never understand women,
    what can i do?
    can’t live with them and you can’t shoot them.

    1. Hi, Otmn, your testosterone is showing. however, the estrogen is rising for the merge, to be completed very soon now.

      and, yes, there are too many hearts and happy faces shared here, and I’m one of the silly culprits, because, darn it, I’m outrageously happy (again). Besides, why would you want to shoot us? We’re adorable.

      I Love YOU, too. Seriously. you make me laugh while I’m learning from you. Seriously. ❤

    2. Otmn you purely are a wonderful combo of cool, warm & sweet ! Loved your pasture experience with the horses & the sheriff ! Believe it or not, but those BEEs have opened up an even more open & lovable guy !….& as Lin said…seriously why would you think of shooting us ? & on the other hand you wouldn’t want to live without us !……Love, Bev

    3. Alright Otmn I resisted as long I could

      Just gotta tell ya that you taught me a lesson today…what you said has led into one of the most important insights of my life so far…and a whole bunch of others have been flowing in since…all of them important, Self-connective and so freeing…which is all I can blab on about it as most of it is not on a mind level

      You helped lead led me out of the fog for the first time today and possibly days…and to all the ( )-AMAZINGNESS I’ve found in this clearing of light

      Not to be all grateful and expressive but thank you…👍👽

    4. If it’s any help Otmn I would be quite content to give my loving and grateful attention to the horses in the field if you’re ok without it :). Great comment amount loving them and changing the ways of the law. If I can’t have the horse opportunity I might stand in the smooch line with Aisha. You do make us smile! 🙂 ~Nancee

    5. it’s just that sometimes women are so frustrating, men just don’t know what to do with them, and so the thought of putting them out of our misery occurs.
      but no, don’t shoot them.
      just love them even if you have no idea why, btw it has nothing to do with vaginas
      and you are correct about the bees, i haven’t told you that i had hundreds of bees crawling on my arms, and the stings were symmetrical, the stings on my arms looked like mirror images.
      so much for the notion that if you get stung once, all the others will attack,
      not my experience
      keep laughing

      1. “stings were symmetrical… mirror images”… you were indeed being Blessed, Otmn. and you were strong enough to take it, gratefully.

        with that many of your bees on your arms, you probably simply lightly brushed this away rather than hurt them after the stinging began… whereas I probably would have been flailing around, upsetting them. that’s control, that’s strength… and that’s Love.

        this one personally will continue to laugh—hopefully donkey laughs—as the alternative is unacceptable.

        Continue to be well, Otmn… and bring us Truth along with mighty laughter, and within it, Grace. ❤ 😀

    1. I can forgive everyone so that no freedom is curtailed.
      Each and everyone of us “arrived here” by our free choice!!!!!


      “As the old order continues to disintegrate, and their hideous secrets are revealed for all to see, understand that what is happening now has been planned for eons. Earth is a free will planet, and all who are incarnate here chose to be here. No one has ever arrived here other than by their own free will choice. Over the eons you have been learning about freedom and its abuse in a state of severely limited consciousness. The vast majority, the collective consciousness of humanity, now understands that free will is a responsibility that has to be exercised with great care and discretion to ensure that no one is disadvantaged to benefit another in any way at all, thus ensuring lives of generous cooperation, peace, and harmony for all.

      This lesson has been very well learned and as a result the old order, the order of control, oppression, and enslavement is collapsing irrevocably. Help to accelerate this inevitable collapse by intending during your daily meditations to share the Love within each one of you by extending It throughout all creation to all sentient beings. When you do this the power of Love reverberates and reverberates joyously and unceasingly bringing wakefulness to all who have chosen to awaken. That is what you incarnated to do, and you are now bringing that task to its moment of completion.

      With so very much love, Saul.

      We are the ones, the one we are looking for!!!

  16. Feeling more than a little disoriented currently, forgetting things that I’d really rather not forget, if it’s all the same to you…

    This morning I got this:

    me, feeling let down by my brain when I needed it.

    HS: The day is coming.

    me: Which day?

    HS: The day when everything changes.

    Oh goodo. Nothing like a little suspense and drama to start one’s day 😉

    I love you all, but am having difficulty including me in that.

    Just another nusing from where I’m at.


  17. I just wish pure flying in beautiful sceneries more. There’s a kind of silence in my being emerging, unaffected by fears. That thing when not knowing what to do. A relief for add or adhd whatever. Maybe finally I can meditate, and not use gridcommands to wipe it clean.

    1. Dear Tonik! The real YOU is emerging, the fearless one, the one that has been there all the time, behind the all the noise. I think you will really get to now each other now 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

  18. dreamt last night of filling peace pipes with liquid – colored – it was like new vapor piece pipes 🙂 🙂
    some one from here was with me. any one? we were with American Indians who sat in a circle around a fire and we were filling their pipes. that is about all I remember. the liquid color I had was blue.
    Love to you all…. will read the missive soon! got the house to myself tonight – Kelly off to help our friend at his house 3 hrs away. what shall I do ? hmm.

  19. All videos are just a white square on my screen. Its set up this way to protect my computer. When I copy and past it scans the site before I can see the videos. Videos are a easy way to put malware or a virus on a computer.

  20. Thank you Aisha and everyone..
    💖 In Every Moment..there is..
    what “We” may call..a Stillpoint..
    where..You can and will Feel..if/when..
    You are Aware and Awake..enough..
    that You All..are Creating..this Moment..
    and..the next..Moment..but that..You also are..
    Allowing..yourself to just step..Into..Whatever Will Be..
    Within..the Moment of Now..
    And..You will also Realize that..
    Within..the Moment of Now..
    Within..the Stillpoint..
    All..of Existence..Exist..

    1. this matches my experience this morning of being in the Now with my body and just slowing things down. I remembered to Love myself as I was simply shaving my legs. 🙂 It was really nice actually. simple and nice and so Loving and brought me to a pleasant space that lasted thru the day.
      A song came to me… will try and find it when I get home and post it here.
      the words “Stay With Me” were in it and that is what started the experience.

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