Dear family of light!
July has been a transformational month for so many of us, but now we have entered August, and with it comes a new opportunity to connect even deeper. For today, at 21:00 Oslo time, it gives me much joy to once again invite you all to another Gathering around the Pond, our monthly group meditation. This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“By now, the traces of energetic renewal has become apparent to so many of you, and even if this season has already brought you many a fruitful moment it is by no means over. And now, we will once again take this opportunity to remind you that you have another one of those intensely beneficial get-togethers scheduled, and this time, we venture to guess it will be one that will make its mark in so many ways. You see, as the weeks have passed since the last time you took the time to connect in this circle of light that you have formed on these shores, the energies have brought you all to a very new place, and so, what you will bring with you into this circle this time will be even more powerful than the last. And, as is always the case whenever you take the opportunity to pool these accumulated energies together, you will find that the effect they have on you all will indeed be one that once again will prove the point that 1 + 1 equals 3.

You see, your sphere of influence has also grown alongside your ability to drink even more deeply from this fountain of light that is gushing ever more powerful on your shores, and so, whenever you take a deep drink of it in unison, you will also serve the heighten the outflow of light to such a scale, it will indeed power up not only you, but also all of those that come into your field of energy. And by now, it has certainly outgrown the most hopeful of predictions.

In other words, as you prepare to connect again through this interconnected grid of energetic filaments that you have so painstakingly enlarged through all of your diligent work, we have also prepared a package of information that will be delivered through this vast network of intercommunicating lines that by now criss-cross this entire globe, so as you open yourself up to be a part of this collective event, you do so not just for yourself, but you do so for all. We know that this will not be news to any of you, for your journey has long since taken you past that point of mere personal conquest, if we may use such a word, and it has brought you deep into the field where what you sow is for the benefit of this entire globe. And now, the seeds that will be distributed alongside this empowering shower of light carry so much of what will constitute the very fabric of your future. For now, you are no longer preparing the foundation, that has been laid well and truly into place, and so, what you will partake in during this upcoming event can be more likened to the raising of those first impressive beams that will mark the beginning of that magnificent structure that will soon stand upon you shores for all to see.

Again, we speak in parables, but what we are trying to say is simply this, you have now entered the phase of constructional creation, whereas you all will be kept busy adding piece after piece of enlightened material around what up until now has been looked upon as mere dreams. For now, you will begin to make it all visible in a way that will silence all those dismissing what you do as no more than fantasies. For you are here to make those dreams come into being, and now, you will finally begin the construction of the new out of all of these seemingly jumbled bits and pieces that you have received earlier. And even if this at this stage may seem to be more than a daunting task, and one that is so far impossible to get a clear picture of, know that it will be a task that will come natural to you all. For this is why you came and this is what you will love carrying out. For this is truly the beginning of the phase that will set you all to work doing the things that will not only make your heart sing, but that will make so many of your brothers and sisters all across this world and even beyond sing out in joy alongside of you.”


Bilde2235 kopi


I hope you will all join me for what I think will be another powerful event! We have build such a strong foundation together, and now, it is time to begin the joy-filled work of “connecting the pieces” that will help to make our dreams come into being.

Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here:

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.