Welcome to the August Gathering around the Pond, Sunday August 3

Dear family of light!
July has been a transformational month for so many of us, but now we have entered August, and with it comes a new opportunity to connect even deeper. For today, at 21:00 Oslo time, it gives me much joy to once again invite you all to another Gathering around the Pond, our monthly group meditation. This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“By now, the traces of energetic renewal has become apparent to so many of you, and even if this season has already brought you many a fruitful moment it is by no means over. And now, we will once again take this opportunity to remind you that you have another one of those intensely beneficial get-togethers scheduled, and this time, we venture to guess it will be one that will make its mark in so many ways. You see, as the weeks have passed since the last time you took the time to connect in this circle of light that you have formed on these shores, the energies have brought you all to a very new place, and so, what you will bring with you into this circle this time will be even more powerful than the last. And, as is always the case whenever you take the opportunity to pool these accumulated energies together, you will find that the effect they have on you all will indeed be one that once again will prove the point that 1 + 1 equals 3.

You see, your sphere of influence has also grown alongside your ability to drink even more deeply from this fountain of light that is gushing ever more powerful on your shores, and so, whenever you take a deep drink of it in unison, you will also serve the heighten the outflow of light to such a scale, it will indeed power up not only you, but also all of those that come into your field of energy. And by now, it has certainly outgrown the most hopeful of predictions.

In other words, as you prepare to connect again through this interconnected grid of energetic filaments that you have so painstakingly enlarged through all of your diligent work, we have also prepared a package of information that will be delivered through this vast network of intercommunicating lines that by now criss-cross this entire globe, so as you open yourself up to be a part of this collective event, you do so not just for yourself, but you do so for all. We know that this will not be news to any of you, for your journey has long since taken you past that point of mere personal conquest, if we may use such a word, and it has brought you deep into the field where what you sow is for the benefit of this entire globe. And now, the seeds that will be distributed alongside this empowering shower of light carry so much of what will constitute the very fabric of your future. For now, you are no longer preparing the foundation, that has been laid well and truly into place, and so, what you will partake in during this upcoming event can be more likened to the raising of those first impressive beams that will mark the beginning of that magnificent structure that will soon stand upon you shores for all to see.

Again, we speak in parables, but what we are trying to say is simply this, you have now entered the phase of constructional creation, whereas you all will be kept busy adding piece after piece of enlightened material around what up until now has been looked upon as mere dreams. For now, you will begin to make it all visible in a way that will silence all those dismissing what you do as no more than fantasies. For you are here to make those dreams come into being, and now, you will finally begin the construction of the new out of all of these seemingly jumbled bits and pieces that you have received earlier. And even if this at this stage may seem to be more than a daunting task, and one that is so far impossible to get a clear picture of, know that it will be a task that will come natural to you all. For this is why you came and this is what you will love carrying out. For this is truly the beginning of the phase that will set you all to work doing the things that will not only make your heart sing, but that will make so many of your brothers and sisters all across this world and even beyond sing out in joy alongside of you.”


Bilde2235 kopi


I hope you will all join me for what I think will be another powerful event! We have build such a strong foundation together, and now, it is time to begin the joy-filled work of “connecting the pieces” that will help to make our dreams come into being.

Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

364 thoughts on “Welcome to the August Gathering around the Pond, Sunday August 3

  1. Being is to understand oneself…
    Everything changes, however… everything is in the moment…
    Then…The two are 10 times the power of the one…


  2. The older races that came to earth did this around the equator now. Where the magnetic fields return to earth now. I think this may have caused our last ice age because it was done on earth and not in the outer atmosphere. From what I have found about this the energy was used in a different way with crystals to power space craft and tools of the races of that time. There isn’t a lot that can be found out about this. I have read what is out there about this. I wish more information could be found about this. All the older religions have writing about this in some forms. I know there is more about this that may be known but hidden from the masses. Some things can’t be hidden from those who seek to find information with true love intent.

    1. Dear Ray, thank you for what you bring to us all! You never cease to amaze with all that you have to share 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤


    And if everyone shifted to burning “wood”….what would that eventually result in?

    A trees perspective —


    Wake-Up Call from the Redwood Trees:



    Tapping into the Consciousness Stream of Nikola Tesla, would enable you to generate a non-destructive source of Free Energy:


    “Tesla considered the entire globe to be an electrical conductor that could be made to resonate at different frequencies.

    Moreover, the earth had various terrestrial resonances, which could be “tuned” or tapped into, providing planet Earth’s citizens with a clean and inexhaustible source of energy.”


    Tesla’s Little Secret:


    1. ❤ Thank you, Kiera… I understood only threads of it, but it energized me. I'll have to review; maybe I'll pick up more. 🙂 Always appreciate your sharing. ❤

    2. Tesla once said if you run a copper pipe from the north pole to the south pole to encircle the earth. The whole world could use this power to power the whole world. This has a problem with doing this on the earth surface. It would be a field of electric charge that would be like a microwave giving off its vibration that could heat up the entire earth and do harm to life on earth over a long time frame. this would have to be done in our outer atmosphere. If done there with the earth magnetic fields turning inside of this. It could be used to power the earth with power in a wireless way. This being away from earth farm enough would retain a electric charge in two ways from earths magnetic fields and by exchanging particles from the suns particles that pass through this. This would also help strengthen the earth magnetic fields in lessening the heat from the sun. It could become a enclosed protected environment on earth that could be controlled by humans. I have thought about this many times and have wondered if the human race would ever do this for protection from the suns rays and to power the earth. Its has been said that other races have done this with gold for the protection of their world environment. I don’t think we could ever do this with gold but it could be done with aluminum that is easy to get. From the looks of this our world governments are playing with this now by spraying this in our air. I think it needs to be done higher up in our outer atmosphere to be used proper. Aluminum is toxic to many life forms on earth as if falls back to earth and is taken up by life forms.

  4. I was away camping with my daughter and 2 other younger women and their kids for B.C.’s long weekend (B.C. Day) and forgot the gathering. I was moping around unable to stop tears about that time. Sadness instead of joy has been visiting me the past few days. (Ok it’s almost always with me or willing to pop up at the most undesired times.) Perhaps I got to be the ‘balance’ to all the joyous things happening at the Gathering. (I do feel better thinking that is a possibility.) Perhaps I’ve somehow gotten too involved in my daughter’s marriage split. She seems to be doing well. I told her that I might go north for two months and she was upset that I wouldn’t be around to help her move… after all I am staying at her home and eating etc. I’m not going. Strangely Breeze sent me a reply at 14:14 last week and I looked up its meaning. 1414 means “NO.” So I asked that the number be confirmed about the possibility of a 2 month job with horses up north. I went house hunting with Vicki and when she asked the realtor how many square feet a town house had he replied, “14 14.” Imagine the look on my face! Today a text from an acquaintance said it isn’t a good place to work. So I’m left with little time to find an income and a place to live as Vicki will move as soon as things fall into place for her. It doesn’t appear that I will be part of the new home… that is fine but I wasn’t sure which way I was being lead. I presume I will help her move. It seems bitter sweet at the moment.

    So back to camping. My emotions are a little raw. My tent poles decided to HIDE under my g/f’s car so my tent that I’ve used once and waited 3 years to use again landed back in my car. I squeezed in with my new g/f and her daughter. My airbed went flat… the ground is hard and my body ached. Moan, moan… the kids were loud (but also delightful in most ways) and I fell into feeling like the “extra” who didn’t belong. Some old merry-go-rounds are hard to get off. I didn’t leave however and stayed til today. Yesterday just after the Gathering time we also had a thunderstorm. We got the tarp up about the time the downpour stopped. I did enjoy the process however. Oh I must say a little squirrel hung out at the edge of camp as well as a chipmunk. They brought many smiles to my heart. Otmn I thought of you when I carried a wiggling frog back to camp after dark. It managed to escape before morning but it was a childlike time for me.

    TODAY I decided to swim across the Lake. I just started stroking across and didn’t stop. Visions of my ex who molested my children (and my friends’ kids) came to mind. On our first date he challenged me to swim across a lake. Someone brought a log for me to hang on to, to return. Today I did it without help… asking for my memories to be cleansed and healed in the process. Some how that seemed important. I also spoke a little ‘ritual’ grounding for the Earth on that untraveled side of the lake as I hung from an overhanging branch. I’m not a swimmer so I’m feeling pretty darn good about what I did. Thoughts of Bev and water were strong. Some times I just use intention to give/receive what Bev understands about it. Two of the kids with their lifejackets paddled out to meet me on the way back. At almost 62 I did something I’ve never done before. Sad or not… I’m inching forward.

    I’ve been 13 1/2 months now without a physical place to call home. I do long to unpack the few belongings I still have in storage. Or I do long for something and keep thinking that’s what it is. A part of me wishes for enough income that I could just start visiting people and not settle at all. I’m getting good at doing dishes as a thank you for a meal. I’m forgetting how to cook! I like to hope that lack of sleep for 3 nights is all that weighs me down. I’m back at Dave’s. The raspberries made a come back as if it hasn’t been hot at all. I picked 5 baskets this evening before dark. So I return to picking for the next two days until I return to my daughter’s town and a couple hours of dancing. Then what???? Love, Nancee
    p.s. Thank you for the wonderful sharing I read prior to writing. If Denise hadn’t mentioned my name in the above comment I might have chosen to spare you my long “story.” 🙂 pps. My good news is that I always know that I have a smile lurking within… even if it’s just to laugh at how melancholic I can feel!!

    1. ❤ Dear Nanc… I know you're feeling completely vulnerable right now with a new home and a new job out of view—only at the moment—and helping Vicki&kids thru a huge transition… even with the tears, you are handling it quite well. We've all learned from your strength and willingness to live at the whim of the winds, and succeed in the JOY-filled, Love-filled adventure of it. Your wonderful Path. You have an Elegance / GRACE about you, Dear Nanc, (it's just YOU), even during the toughest of times. That Grace is in your thoughts, your language, your Heart, your actions +. I heartily encourage you to continue to share your journey—including this fragile part of it—with us, as you are working your way to your new job and home, and they are working their way to you. YOU are Loved and Treasured. YOU are family, Sister of Light. Please don't feel you need an invitation to participate. To go "quiet" for awhile is great if you need the space, but just know how much YOU are en-JOYed and appreciated… your Presence, even if you are out of sight.

      I imagine you in your Gracefulness floating around the dance floor, Lighting up the space and the eyes of the lookers on with your Lovely Energy. Movement is your Passion. I'm glad to know you'll have a couple of hours of dancing to look forward to.

      Your new job and your new home are already there for you… they began taking form the very moment you Intended them. I Love You, Nanc. Here's more great big Energy Hugs for you… you/Vicki/kids have been, are, in my daily prayers. It's ALL working out perfectly. You'll see. 😀 (((Nanc 🙂 ))) Remember, too, YOU are spoiled… and that's the way it should be !!! Feel it; feel spoiled. 😀 xoxxoxoxoxooxoxo Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

    2. Dear Nancee, thank you for NOT “sparing us for your long story” for I really think you should feel “pretty darn good about what you did”! You continue to be an inspiration by the way you manage to find that inner voice of guidance and follow it – no matter how sad you are and no matter how fragile and “homeless” you feel. You are not inching forward, you are leaping forward, healing your old wounds and setting yourself free to find that place of your dreams. And in the process, you are pulling so many others with you. I know why you have a smile lurking within, it is because you just KNOW the wonders that lie ahead for you, but they will come when the time is right. In the meantime, you just have to keep floating in that constanly moving river of light, for it will bring you to them. And you have already proved to yourself that you ARE an excellent swimmer 🙂
      Love, light and big, big hugs to you!
      Aisha ❤

      1. Dear nancee!

        I couldn´t say it better than Aisha and Lin did. I just want to add that I know very well how hard it is to deal with situations where one’s own flesh and blood suffer from life’s toughest blows. It is indeed times when you are rinsed through the most difficult trials emotionally because we ourselves have gone through similar situations.

        I’m glad you found a lake to swim in order to communicate what needs to be healed. Water is a wonderful healer, I have discovered – especially this summer 🙂 Keep your nose above water and let it carry you forward towards your future. As Aisha said – you are an excellent swimmer 😉

        Love, light & joy ❤


    3. Morning Nancee! I was very glad to see you here this morning! 😉 ❤ please don't feel you need to hold back your feelings. I often wish I was better at sharing as so many here pour out their heart. I hold everyone here very dear. When people aren't here I wonder how they are doing. These changes many of us are going through are very difficult. So many in my own life as well as myself are still trying to find that space or place to be in. You are an amazing leader in all that you do and very courageous. I am so glad to know you during these times. You are already creating just by being you and moving in your energy. The place you desire is already there for you because it is in your heart! I have great faith in you Nancee! Keep that smile in your heart! Love and hugs to you! ❤ Denise

    4. Glad you shared.
      I want to offer you a real warm Hug Nancee — with much Love and a soft breeze, Areeza

  5. Nancee, I wanted to thank you for your post a while back. You mentioned time lines and I hadn’t even thought about it until you mentioned it, but you were right. Thank you! 🙂 I feel as though I am going in so many different directions at times and so this must be the reason. I have been in different dimensions at the same time. Crazy! And crazy me! 🙂 makes sense to me though.
    ❤ Denise

  6. One day when I was young we went to the local marshlands. It was nice just being out in the quiet of nature. In a clearing were two piles of dried hay. Me and my brother were entertaining ourselves just running around.
    The time came to go home and as we left the clearing I was thinking about the day we just spent.
    Then a second memory jumped in. Instead of just running around with my brother. There were other children there. Girls infact. And we had just spent the day climbing over and through the haystacks, chasing, throwing hay at each other.
    I stopped, looked back and saw the two haystacks standing there completely untouched and no signs of girls anywhere. I didn’t question what I could see. I didn’t question what I remembered and what I felt.
    Today I question everything except my heart.

    I have been absent for some time, seems my talents were needed elsewhere. I also had some fears to conquer and a probability wave to push to the limit. Not to mention one night spent in a vortex.
    The world I envision is so far removed from the reality these eyes can see I could probably be commited. I would be worried but I keep seeing 3’s 33’s the odd 333 and 3333 everywhere. Nearing the end of my little excursion I saw 777.

    It is still hard holding all this love inside. I cry on a pretty much daily basis. Too much love to hold, or joy to contain. It has got to go somewhere. Honestly if you all got your thumbs out of your arses and got us up another dimension I could vibrate at a higher frequency and I wouldn’t be having this problem.

    Peace, love, abundance, freedom, beauty, unity consciousness.


      1. I do. I cry most days.

        But one of my purposes is to maintain the highest vibration possible. Don’t think that holding all this in equates to keeping all for my self. I raise the vibrations of others just by being in their presence.

    1. Dear Soul Feather Diamond! With this, we just passed 60.333 comments here at the Pond 😉 Keep shining your light, and welcome “back”!
      LOVE, Aisha

  7. Hello, beautiful friends,
    I’ve just read through all your comments about the gathering and I don’t think there’s a single one that didn’t have some connection to my own experience of the gathering. Our experiences seem to me to be getting even more aligned, while at the same time ever broader— if that makes any sense. I probably won’t have time to respond individually to as many of you as I would like to, but here are some highlights of my experience: I immediately felt such vast joy (yes, orgasmic, Kelly!) that, like Katjamilants, I had to remind myself to keep breathing. Most of my experience, until i fell asleep, was just focusing on allowing the joy and excitement (rather than stopping it from fear of my body being too small to hold it). It was huge and incredibly powerful. Early on, I also saw our bodies, all different bright colors, arranged playfully on a sort of circular platform and I heard that we were forming a “human mandala.” (Seems like several of us had some sort of circle theme going on.) Also, even though it was clear and sunny here and I had no idea so many of you were experiencing thunder storms, I got a very strong sense that we were serving as lightning rods, grounding the energies to an extent that hasn’t been possible before. The lightning feeling was so intense that I think I had to go to sleep to be able to tolerate it. We really brought something down into Gaia and into our bodies that hasn’t been able to dwell here for a long, long time, if ever. i’m overflowing with gratitude for the sharing of this work-play wih all of you bright beings!
    with so much love,

    1. Lightning has been a recurring theme for myself. And I have been seeing it pop up here at the pond too. My mothers friend lives near Sedona Arizona and they had a lightning storm last week that was according to her like nothing she had ever experienced before. She said there was rain, but no thunder. I read that was impossible, but I am looking into it more. When I have worked with lightning during a storm it was used for healing the body and for repairing the earths grid. Then I had the meditation in April working with the lightning. There is a lot to what is going on with the lightning. I believe as you that we are grounding it into the earth. This may have to do with the magnetism of the earth and our own bodies. I haven’t researched it enough to say. Maybe someone here could help out as many have science backgrounds. When I learn more I will post it. Thank you for sharing, Love as always to you Sherill! ❤ Denise

      1. Denise and Sherill!

        I wasn’t sure why I was coming here this time…thought it was for one thing but as soon as I saw your comments on lightning I knew I was here for this!…SO EXCITING!…LIGHTnINg exciting!…as in excited free-flowing particles! 🙂

        This past year I have had SO MUCH stuff with lightning…all interconnected and hinting at HUGE things…won’t get into all that…but it’s funny because sometimes when the energies are intense I get SUPER excited and my body goes crazy and the only relief I get is by yelling “POW!er! ZAP! ZING!” while my arms try to shoot lightning bolts out of my hands… 🙂 …not even joking…I have to do this or else this transformer’s gonna BLOW!

        Anyway…Denise all what you said about us being lightning rods grounding the LIGHT and it having to do with the magnetism of our bodies…just proves to me that we are getting the same stuff as scientists…just along different avenues

        I don’t have an educated background in science…unless you count my own layman curriculum :)…so someone who does would be able to explain this better

        But it is no coincidence that just today I watched a movie on Philip Wade’s suggestion about the Electric/Plasma Universe Model

        I’m still absorbing right now…for me science always takes a few go-rounds with the material and plenty of processing time…but I think I understand enough to say “Denise! You have no idea how exact-on you are!”

        This theory basically states that we live in an Electric universe with electrical currents flowing throughout the universe delivering electricity to everything…like the sun…according to this the sun is powered by electricity delivered from space as opposed to nuclear fusion at its core

        And the electrical currents are what create magnetic fields around things which is what counteracts the force of gravity…giving us the push-pull dynamic/relationship (I’m not 100% on that part…or even 50%…maybe 8%…but for sure it is electrical current which causes a magnetic field…I think…anyway the electricity and magnetism are interconnected…which is why it’s called the electromagnetic force obviously 🙂 )

        Anyway it’s funny that the part of the video that most…jumped out at me…zapped me 🙂 was the part that links to what you’re saying

        The universe with all its components like stars and galaxies and whatnot are like the cities on earth…where all the buildings receive electrical power from a distant power plant which is not located anywhere near where the electricity actually comes out in the cities…in other words something like the sun is receiving electrical power from a source somewhere else in ‘space’…and it gets there in these currents that are flowing everywhere like ocean currents (don’t ask me where the Universal Power Plants are located…didn’t catch that part)

        That’s the part I most understood…and then I see your comment…and I’m like “Yeah!!!”

        That’s what we are here! Transformers and LIGHTnINg rods for the LIGHT of the HEAVENS that flows from our INner POW!er! Plant and we’re grounding IT and flowing IT ALLong the Grid and…we’re basically LIGHTing people’s homes (Hearts) with IT…

        Thank you so much for adding so much to my understanding and I hope I’ve helped with yours

        I haven't had any energy AT ALL today until I read your comments…and now…I'm starting to hear~feel an electric sizzle…now that it's time to go to bed 🙂

        Night everyone! And morning! to those a little ahead of game time-wise

        Oh yeah I'll post that video here in case you want to watch it

        1. Thank you, Dear Amy… I’m off to meet up with a friend and run errands. Am looking forward to coming back and watching your vid. Thanx so much for both, your post(s) and vid. Have a great day ! 😀 ❤

      2. Let’s see if this one works…if it does…Denise and Sherill I’m trying to send you a reply but third time was not charm 🙂

        I’ll try again tomorrow

          1. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention in the reply that hasn’t shown up yet that the past month has been almost a continuous lightning storm in Calgary…not thunder or rain most of the time…just lightning …I’ve never seen anything like it…and many times it starts up right around the time I’m stepping off the bus after work…sometimes perfectly timed…and then I have to make it the rest of the way home without getting struck…one night my entire vision went blinding white…pretty sure that was close one 🙂

            1. Thank you Amy! I stayed up late last night trying to catch up with comments and now I know why too! 🙂 I will have to watch this later tonight. We have friends in town today so I am going to have to get going. No thunder in Calgary either…. Hmmmm….much to think about. Thank you again. ❤ Denise

      3. Human gods….truely amazing…..how much greater could one be then to have greatness and humbleness all in one. No wonder we have been tethered down by so many over time. When the truth comes out we will be unstoppable. The light will reign!
        ❤ Denise

      4. Dear Vinny! I love being a human too, for it gives me the possibility to truly experience the wonders of Mother Nature and to be a part of this amazing change 🙂 And yes, what matters is what we can become! Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for allowing yourself to become such an effective “lightning rod” for this energy!
        LOVE, Aisha

    2. Thank you sherill!

      Yes – indeed something happened during the gathering. Now afterwards I must say that my LOVE is ever expanding like never before – just want to embrace all and everyone in a new amazing feeling.

      Met an old friend to my daughter yesterday evening when listening to music by the lake. Her grown up daughter joined in a wheelchair and me and my friend recognized her as one of the attendees during one of the Sami celebrations earlier in the winter/spring. We recognized this woman in the wheel chair because she was he most charismatic and brilliant participant in that performance and she has been in our hearts since then. I told her mother about this and I felt so much love flowing between us. Just had to tell….

      Love & light ❤


  8. forgot it was a gathering day. I have not been paying much attention to things. Pretty much dis-associated or something like that.
    But, it was 3:30 EST that I looked at a book a friend dropped off. “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. I do not read anymore but I decided to check it out. So, I went outside and was delving into this. I had some thoughts of the Merkaba and of The In Breath and Out Breath of All That Is. I got a sense of what is ‘different’ in the world now is that difference of ‘intention’ with the In Breath and Out Breath. something like that. And the Space Between them. My niece came into my body again as well at about that time. That was very nice. I moved aside more so she could really Be with my cat that she wanted to pet (she has always so loved the fluffy animals). I guess she was missing the human touch with such an animal. My sister and I spoke and it helped her with my sharing of this. More went on within my being but I am not certain now what it was. so,,, I was sort of there,,, if not in a totally, intentionally direct way. 🙂

    1. The simplicity is the hardest as my friend use to say 😉 Just BREATH and BE are the most important reminders that the CCs ever said, and that we are monitored all the time – and finally that nothing can go wrong now. Those words have been my companions that led me to my rock 🙂

      Much love to you dear Areeza ❤


  9. The only little guy with no cloths on a round head but human like. There was darkness around his eyes. He walked up to me as I was looking at him and said who the hell are you. I just laughed at him and wished him well in his torment and went back to work.

  10. this gathering was completely different from any other, i have attended all of them. just before noon i lay down set my intention and was instantly in another dimension. intention is a funny thing in that it does not need any input from the conscious mind. I found myself in the “3” space. say the straight lines in the flower of life. our daily lives are obvious “1” the 5-d of the pond is another “1”. I found myself in the invisible other place. it was monochromatic, like seeing in the dark with only the rods, everything seen in shades of grey like a charcoal drawing. I saw the egg of my auric field pin cushioned with the arrows of the evil that has been done to me purposely, there were a couple of spear points imbedded in it from true magical attacks aimed at me by practitioners of the “craft” . pins and needles were sticking out ll over from the insults and disappointments inflicted by others fears and misunderstandings of who i am.
    I saw the light of the gathering just over the edge of the dimension,like just over the next hill. i was able to connect with you, but in a different way than before. i did not try to pull out the pins and arrows, I simply became conscious of them and a montage of unpleasant memories flashed by in quick cut fash ion.
    after that I was at the pond, but not really, I came waddling through as an invisible prickly little creature, perhaps a porcupine or hedgehog or even a thorn bush. Did any of you see such a thing? did any of you feel a poke or a sting? I hope so. if you did it was the “3” space, not me. I just allowed my intention to try to expand everything. It’s not like i “did” anything.

  11. Dear Vinny,
    You packed a powerful punch at the Gathering yesterday ……… hope you are well. Rest and rejuvenate, my Brother. You will need it! And much gratitude, also. We certainly rocked Her into a long-awaited spin. Well done! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Loving you always,

  12. Every atom in creation is a small nuclear reactor that’s energy can be used in so many ways. Its just knowing how to use its properties to use it in a helpful way.

    1. here a scientific question for the Love
      department. Smoothies, Reiki
      and a hug while u hang in your aerial
      Yoga position.
      How many molecules fit into an atom?

      If in doubt ask Ray, if he is done
      with his floor. He can count them

  13. Just something for a few to think about

    atom – smallest piece of an element that keeps its chemical properties
    •compound – substance that can be broken into elements by chemical reactions
    •electron – particle orbiting the nucleus of an atom with a negative charge (mass = 9.10 x 10-28 grams)
    •element – substance that cannot be broken down by chemical reactions
    •ion – electrically charged atom (i.e., excess positive or negative charge)
    •molecule – smallest piece of a compound that keeps its chemical properties (made of two or more atoms)
    •neutron – particle in the nucleus of an atom with no charge (mass = 1.675 x 10-24 grams)
    •nucleus – dense, central core of an atom (made of protons and neutrons)
    •proton – particle in the nucleus of an atom with a positive charge (mass = 1.673 x 10-24 grams

    A basic electrical engineering equation called Ohm’s law spells out how the three terms relate. Current is equal to the voltage divided by the resistance. It’s written like this:

    I = V/R

  14. ❤ I post this here just after a beautiful Gathering not to disrupt those amazing Energies, but to bring Light (and Hope and JOY about what is transpiring) to those who are concerned about world events of which I did not include excerpts. Further down in the link, the Photos and "free" energy section are probably elementary to some here, but filled me with JOY, so I share it for those interested. Blessings ! ❤ 😀


    (channeled by Matthew Ward thru his mother, Suzanne Ward, August 3, 2014)… Excerpts follow:

    “…DNA and the elements of bodies’ “building blocks.” Within the DNA were photons, which continuously absorb and radiate the light that produces bodies with crystalline cells that contain cosmic consciousness and have the ability to live in the vibrations of the highest celestial planes.

    “Eventually some souls whose negative deeds dropped them from the light used their free will to downgrade the DNA of newer, less experienced civilizations. The changes made dense bodies with DNA containing electrons, which have much less light and vibrate at much lower frequencies than photons. The reduction in light caused corresponding reductions in those civilizations’ consciousness, brain functioning and life span. They lost all knowledge of their Beginnings, their weakened bodies were vulnerable to disease, and their temperaments included fear and all of its negative byproducts like cruelty, greed, anger, lust for power, unjustness, impoverishment, divisiveness and hatred—hatred is not the opposite of love, it is the absence of love, or light. Those are the conditions of third density civilizations.

    “It is not that no bodies on Earth have photons, and an unimaginable quantity is in the atmosphere. But electrons are dominant in the vast majority of your populace—that is why they are lagging in awakening spiritually and consciously—and throughout your world—that is why you have electric and electronic appliances and pay to use them instead of having photons’ “free” energy. The way to ascend into planes where photons outnumber electrons is by increasing the amount of light in the collective consciousness…”  

  15. I came to realize that all of what we are doing is about feeling states. That we are changing everything by allowing our feeling state to align with love. Sometimes the thoughts around it become a distraction for me. I think that my dream or imaging or whatever isn’t as good as others. Then I notice how I feel and realize that something did move. It just didn’t fit my pictures.
    All I can say is that I FEEL more connected each time.
    I want to experience our connection in a way that makes sense to my mind but instead I just feel in love with you. People I don’t “know”, in places I’ve never been; it sounds crazy to my mind but my body recognizes you and I long to hold you in my arms again; to feel your soft breathing on my neck as you sleep.
    I see colors in the sky now each day. When I bring them up to people around me, they say they only see light, that I took too much of something.
    I wonder why we don’t do this more, why we don’t all just move in together and live at the pond, full time. I try to spend each day in that feeling state, each moment, I can feel it now, swirling within my being. When I bring my awareness to it it expands to encompass all, including you. Then I feel your love, your beauty, your light. Can we expand together always?

    1. Pulsing love here. How delicious. The mind will fall in line, fall in love, too… any second now… 🙂

  16. I was in the middle of laying out my workshop foundation with my wife. I spent much of my time laughing at my wife with all her questions about what I was trying to teach her about what and why I was doing certain things in degrees on the layout. I had to tell her why I was putting 40 piers in the foundation and why. My thoughts wondered into the meeting when I felt a present of others doing the same thing. I gave my blessings to all and went back to work in the heat that my wife is not use to working in. I showed her how I could stay cool in the heat just by drinking water and had her feel my body that was cold to the touch in 95 degree heat. He just called me weird and said nobody else can do that. I having fun working at home. I already have several projects on my books to do when I get it built. I’ll be doing some free energy projects I have thought about for years. Three I already know they work. I just have to work out a few details on how I will go about making them.

    I got about half done digging a pond behind my home when a heavy rain storm came and filled it up in one night. Now I need to pump all the water out of it so I can finish the dirt work. I’m doing everything by myself so its a little slow other than when my wife helps a little. I have another 3 or 4 months of works to do. Some of the work on the inside of my home will be done when I can’t work outside. I’m putting in solid wood floors and taking out all the carpet. Its a pain when I have to move all the furniture to one side of the rooms take the carpet out put the floor in then move everything on the wood floor to finish the other side of the room. I try to just look at the end product. That makes all the work worth while.

    All my lumber will be here in 2 more days. I’m doing some stone block work to around my home. All the stone is coming in 2 more days to. The only thing left to buy is some siding and roofing shingles. I’m ordering all the rebar for the piers and foundation today. My workshop will be off the grid with free energy. Now my wife wants me to do the same for our home. That will be a later project. I haven’t done the parts list for all that I need to do that. No solar panels will be used all will be done with energy from the air. One project will be done with wood and water from the energy released from them. The wood is burned in a way that releases a lot more energy that releases no smoke. The gases from the water will be used to even enhance this more to release more energy from the wood. When you use all the gases from wood and water together. The burning process last a lot longer with just a small amount of wood or anything else that will burn. I still have to do some work on how I will store the gasses from the water. The different gasses have to be stored in different containers. Then pumped to the fire source. To enhance the burning. I won’t publish the work I will be doing but will keep the pond updated on it. The great thing is free energy and no pollution.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Really awesome Ray! Free energy and no pollution!! I am looking forward to hearing more. I wanted to put solar panels on our home, but my husband poo poos the idea. I also would love a green roof! 🙂 My husband goes to building conferences for his work and sees all these things, but I can’t talk him into it. One day I will get my way…ha! 😉 You have pushed me onward in putting in tile in our den. I wanted to do it years ago, but as I look at moving everything as you say it is a daunting thought. Going to go for it now I believe as I was just thinking of it again this morning. I have been putting things in place throughout this house lately…a picture on the dinning room, others finally hung throughout as well, rearranging, pulling linens out of closets. It all just seems to be coming together for some reason. It has been waiting for years but now seems to be falling into place. Blessings back to you and your family Ray! Denise

      1. Free energy has been around for many ages just hidden from most. More and more about it can be looked up. Many are just hoax. But the true ones are out their just harder to find. In the 1920’s free energy was made public. Even before that in the late 1800’s. Big business bought them out or made them stay off the market one way or another. You can make them for your home but not sell them to the public without many problems or even death. Things are changing as more and more people become aware of free energy. The best free energy will still remain hidden and off the market until enough people learn it is around and easy to make. Several companies know well of these free energy types. But they will remain in the hands of big business and try to ease these into use so not to cause a collapse of world powers. That could harm the public and the way of life for many. If injected into use to fast this could cause the world economy to collapse. That could harm and cause panic to the whole world. It will have to be injected a little at a time for the safety of the world to remain in balance. Enough are already aware of some types of free energy that more will have to be made accessible to the public to maintain peace in the world.

        Love and blessing to all

    2. Wow Ray!!! You really are a great creator 🙂 I look forward to take part of your further progresses. Thank you for sharing!

      Love & joy ❤


    3. And if everyone shifted to burning “wood”….what would that eventually result in?

      A trees perspective —


      Wake-Up Call from the Redwood Trees:



      Tapping into the Consciousness Stream of Nikola Tesla, would enable you to generate a non-destructive source of Free Energy:


      “Tesla considered the entire globe to be an electrical conductor that could be made to resonate at different frequencies.

      Moreover, the earth had various terrestrial resonances, which could be “tuned” or tapped into, providing planet Earth’s citizens with a clean and inexhaustible source of energy.”


      Tesla’s Little Secret:


      1. You don’t have to use wood. You can use anything that burns. Water could be used by separating the gasses that are in water and burning them this gives off clean air. You can do the same with anything by releasing gasses from the particles around the atoms of anything. A three inch by 3 inch cube of pure energy released from matter or even air or water is enough to power a whole city.

        1. It takes only a fist full of wood used in a crude way to cook with. You store the heat for other things. Oil coal left over fat from cooking. Trash anything that burns can be used. Everything can burn if done right. Its the releasing the energy from something and how that energy is used in a non harmful way that can help mother earth and what lives on earth. Mother earth is always releasing her excess energy up into space in the form of lighting. Look this up its very interesting to see how it is done. This helps energize the outer atmosphere to protect earth from solar winds. You can look up lighting and follow the trail to how this is done. I think their is a few utubes on this by now.

          1. The wood part will only be used mostly in a coal form to get a high temperature of over 1700 degrees for working with metal on a few things I want to do. I could use a number of other things to do this. I know all of Tesla’s work and have studied it for many years. I know how to make some of his inventions and some from others that were blessed with this type of knowledge. I also know how to create energy from other types projects that use air. This has always been around only unknown to most humans through the ages. Its working with particles in releasing their energy in a way that can be used to power the world.

            1. WOW all over the place, Ray ! You’re one informed and exciting person. No wonder you were laughing at / with your wife when trying to explain the building of your workshop to her. I hope your grandchildren are soaking this stuff up from you. amazing… thanx. ❤ 😀

              1. I have six grandkids in collage and seven more to go. All are doing well thank you. Two are taking physics math and engineering. One wants to be a lawyer. One wants to be in business management two others are taking computer programing computer design and electrical engineering. I don’t get to see them much anymore. That’s what happens when they grow up. They have to make their own way in life. They never ask me for help on anything. Two of them may come to spend some time with me this month before they go back to collage. One just got back from over seas where he got a to go to collage for free their. He will go to Texas in Austin this fall. I have a program that I can talk to anyone in the world if they have the same program for $15.00 a month. Up to 25 people can be on it at the same time. I use to have it at 40 People but I no longer need that now.

                1. It is the case with grandchildren Ray – when they grow up, they are so busy with their lives, but your commitment and knowledge and the passion they have learned of you, have surely made tracks you might not expect today 😉 But – as my eldest brother used to say about his sons – I do not understand why they can not listen to me and my proven knowledge, but instead invent the wheel by themselves every time 😉

                  Love your knowledge dear Ray ❤


    1. In my experience Annemieke… it will be no problem… time is an illusion and all that. It’s your intention to connect that counts… as I feel sure you know! Philip ❤

      1. Interesting comment Philip,
        I did not sit down to connect, at the specified time,but an amazing thing happened yesterday. I usually have a sore back ( like every day) so I ease the symptoms by soaking in hot water.Almost as soon as I lay down I went into a meditative state and immediately felt a connection to you!
        This has never happened like that before and I felt that I was projecting an incredibly strong and intense aura of love and light.
        This first surrounded you and then gradually spread to each Ponder.
        Just as I was about to say ” This is not fair. “, there is a whole world out there ( by now I was starting to visualise this event ) the aura spread and eventually encompassed the whole of Gaia, giving love and strength to the whole human race ! I also felt tingles over my whole body and gradually came back to 3D.
        Thank you for the work you do with spheres of light.
        P.S. This happened at 8 am. ( Time does not exist for me. )
        Love to all Phil.

  17. For me it was simple as always… warmth in the heart, stillness, deep, silent and then during the night a message to me “The man with the child in his eyes.”

    Much love to all, we are all creating the shift. Philip ❤

      1. oh and by the way both Lin, Denise and B to B the new site is getting closer and closer and I believe I now have the technology for online sharing for SOL/IS… watch this space ❤ Philip

        1. o boy, o boy, o boy !!! wheeeeee… THANK YOU, Dear Philip ! Continued Blessings of Love&JOY. 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

        2. Oh, wow! Exciting! I better get my computer up and running soon then. I can’t always access things with my ipad. I’ll get on it. 😉
          Thank you Philip!

  18. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
    I was sitting on a bus on my way back home after a wonderful day in the company of 2 good friends..I looked at the clock and saw it was 21:00..Took a seat..and almost immediately found myself in a place that made my heart filled with joy..
    I saw you all..and felt the connection..the energy..I went to a tree and spontaneously put my arms around it..and then..I was sucked into the tree..felt its essence..became all of it..
    I became the flow of energy rising..through the tree..up..up..through the branches..up and above..beyond..exploded..into tiny infinite energy of light..into.. the space of infinite space..being it all..
    I was Consciousness realizing my Wholeness..
    Then I flowed back down through the tree..through its roots..deep..deep down to the core of Mother Earth..I felt..I was One..with this infinite loving nurturing energy..I was One with the Whole of Existence..I was One with everyone and everything…a pulsating energy of all inclusive love…
    There is no words to describe this experience.
    All through this I was still aware of myself sitting comfortably relaxed in the seat of the bus..
    When I..came back..I felt that a huge shift had occurred..and I felt so peaceful..
    Thank you..The Thunder-beings are here now..so will stop.

    1. So lovely mimmi ❤ Thank you for sharing your experience – I really enjoyed and could almost feel it 🙂

      Love & light ❤


    2. Mimmi that’s wonderful! When I was typing my experience I was wondering if anyone else in the group had similar images during the meditation or not. Here I am, reading your words from another part of the world and feeling the oneness in and around the tree. How amazing!

  19. Dear brothers and sisters! I am still very much in WOW mood – both from reading what you have shared but also from these energies. My body and my mind are still reeling from everything that has happened, so I think I will spend some time in silence to “ponder” it all today. I have a strong sense of us having started up something that will never stop now, and it is a wonderful confirmation to see that so many of you share the same images of a wheel being set into motion. Tijen – your image of the three growing out from the woman is such a powerful one, and it also echoes this sense of connection being set up between us and different layers/dimensions that others have mentioned. So thank you to every single one of you for adding your energy to this amazing event! It does not matter if you “remember” anything or if you fell asleep or perhaps even forgot all about it – for you were all there, giving out your sparkling diamond hearts, dancing around the tree, adding to the flow, helping to make the wheel spin faster 🙂 The thunder outside is picking up again, so I take that as a signal to step back and just BE in these energies for a while. B – do you have any potato chips left? I think this is just the day for them 😉
    LOVE to you all – always, forever!
    Aisha ❤

    1. Dear Aisha!

      I am in a big awe for all that happened as well – though not knowingly anything happened 😉 I am so grateful for yours and everyones sharings and as a matter of fact – half the potato chips pouch was left so I would love to share it with you 😉

      Have a nice day with the different energies my dear, lovely Sister of Heavens Light ❤


        1. Dear One – baked? barbeque? – I really don´t know – I just grabbed a bag in the grocery. Special price for you ;))))

          Love you ❤


      1. So funny, B and Aisha, last night a few hours after the gathering, my husband came home from a trip with, of all things, a bag of potato chips, something neither of us ever buys! As I was eating them by the handful, I was thinking, “i really need to let my inner child eat more potato chips, she loves them so much!” Then came here just now to find the potato chip portion of the ascension process well covered already. Thank you both, and me, and my husband, for the laugh and the joy!

        1. Oops, Michael, I didn’t mean to leave you out of my comments on the potato chip party. My other computer is too old to play videos so I’m in the habit of ignoring them! Happy potato chip eating to all!

        2. Really nice sherill :))) I hardly buy potato chips either but had a bag in case my visiting friends would like to have them 😉

          Love you ❤


    2. Dear Aisha, thank you so very much for creating and maintaining this pond of light! I will always be grateful for being here. This is an amazing space with so many wonderful and amazing energy workers! Thank again! An over flowing abundance of love coming your way and to all here!
      ❤ Denise

      1. I wholeheartedly agree with you Denise. Today I’ve been floating around in a delightful sense of gratitude and peace that I shared with the water during my swim. Bliss!!!

        Love ❤


    3. I wish I could meditate longer but I had to do smth so I had to stop somewhere. I doesn’t matter though, as I did last month, I’ll keep coming back to the pond when I feel like/need it and be part of the special energy. I’m also looking forward to the CC’s messages after the gathering. Thanks again for making it happen Aisha.
      I must share this, I sometimes feel like I need more guidance from the CC’s. Their messages are wonderful and encouraging but somehow I need clearer advices. Perhaps they want us to find our way in our own way. Thankfully there are many wise people (including yourself) in the pond who guide us in many ways, knowingly or unknowingly so thanks to all of you for who you are!

  20. I saw us at the pond in the abundance of peace.
    My main feeling was of peace.
    At the pond, it was already a bit darker than here in Germany, we had on all the lights, it was a rim of light spots around the pond.
    Love, light and peace. Above the pond floated a beautiful, soft, white energy cloud.
    I said „Hello“ to all of you 😀
    When I opened my eyes again I wondered where I was here – in my apartment 😀

    ♥ + ✩ = ❃ ❀ ✿

    Ich sah uns am Teich in großem Frieden.
    Mein Haupt–Gefühl war Frieden.
    Am Teich war es bereits etwas dunkler als hier in Deutschland, wir hatten alle Lichter an, es war ein Rand aus Lichtpunkten rund um den Teich.
    Liebe, Licht und Frieden. Über dem Teich schwebte eine schöne, sanfte, weiße Energie–Wolke.
    Ich sagte „Hallo“ zu Euch allen 😀
    Als Ich meine Augen wieder öffnete wunderte Ich mich wo Ich hier war – in meiner Wohnung 😀

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM Communicating

    1. If you drill a hole straight through the earth mother you will end up with me in northern Sweden where I carry my torch;) Thank you for what you do! ❤

      Love & Light


      1. B, that was funny! I have a feeling that if I go down to the roots of my tree, I’ll get there too! I’m not so far away from you, at least not as far as Hawaii 🙂

  21. Thanks for your stories – always exciting to take part of 🙂

    I experienced myself – as usual I must say – nothing. I found it hard to stay awake, nodded after 10 minutes.Got a picture of a rock in water where I saw the rock clearly both the part that was under as well as the one above the water. Nothing more, no experiences or feelings. Gave up and fell asleep, woke up and saw a film about Sugar Man – great story – and ate potato chips 🙂 Then I saw a program where a priest was telling about her profound experiences when she went through a mock pregnancy treated with chemotherapy. Both amazing stories!

    A most remarkable evening – partly because I did not feel/experience anything at all – partly because I saw two TV programs on a row. I who do not usually watch TV 😉

    If I was not so confident in myself in this process, I might think that I fallen off the track, so to speak ;)))

    I have to echo Vinny “I´m not doing anything wrong – it´s just the process” 😉

    Much love, light & gratitude to you all ❤


    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ (love the potato chips 🙂 )

      maybe you're the rock in the emotional waters of the Pond, firmly grounded in Wisdom–half in, half out, Balanced, able to see under the water (both sides), too.
      Love you, B… Lin ❤ 🙂

          1. 😀 Love&Hugs to you, Dear Michael.

            (the Feminine is rising… finally uniting in Oneness with the Masculine… wheeeeeeee 🙂 )

    2. Hi Birgitta
      You will feel and experience it, it will come to you sooner or later. If you take this Pond + CC’s as a family, you know what means FAMILY. This means that nobody is left behind and nobody is forgotten. Anyway…I can tell this because what others wrote about their experiences I didn’t know at the moment but it happened to me months later and suddenly I knew what they talked about.
      Take care

      1. Thank you maria for your warm and caring words ❤

        Yes – I feel you all, incl CCs, as family and know it is all okay if I don´t experience/feel so much during the gatherings. I feel the more daily as I read everyone's messages, including CC's.

        We are all different and have different paths and roles in this process. I have mine and I am so grateful for it – and I am very grateful too that you reached out to me Maria ❤

        God bless you on YOUR path ❤ ❤ ❤


        1. some of us were more about laying that foundation.
          for me, I feel somewhat retired from it all now. not sure.
          I get an inkling that my visions I have held for so long will spring up by the hands (so to speak) of others…and we are all part of it! So its all cool B! Love u much, A

    3. “Steady as a Rock”, “Still, Silent and trusting in its own innate power and strength – it need do nothing, no thing for it IT IS what is IS a powerful creation and creator.” It is YOU. Love it B to B ❤

      1. You bring tears to my eyes and infinite joy to my heart dear Philip ❤
        As always I need others to interpret what happens and to understand what I see and I THANK YOU so very much for your lovely words ❤ ❤ ❤

        Love, light & gratitude ❤


      2. I came to realize that all of what we are doing is about feeling states. That we are changing everything by allowing our feeling state to align with love. Sometimes the thoughts around it become a distraction for me. I think that my dream or imaging or whatever isn’t as good as others. Then I notice how I feel and realize that something did move. It just didn’t fit my pictures.
        All I can say is that I FEEL more connected each time.
        I want to experience our connection in a way that makes sense to my mind but instead I just feel in love with you. People I don’t “know”, in places I’ve never been; it sounds crazy to my mind but my body recognizes you and I long to hold you in my arms again; to feel your soft breathing on my neck as you sleep.
        I see colors in the sky now each day. When I bring them up to people around me, they say they only see light, that I took too much of something.
        I wonder why we don’t do this more, why we don’t all just move in together and live at the pond, full time. I try to spend each day in that feeling state, each moment, I can feel it now, swerlling within my being. When I bring my awareness to it it expands to encompass all, including you. Then I feel your love, your beauty, your light. Can we expand together always?

        1. Kelly, I understand your longing and I often times feel the same but reading your words remind me of being a monk in a monastery. It is much easier to meditate in that stilness, silence but it’s rather difficult to be a monk (or at least a meditator) in a city. And one more thing, I think this energy is needed in different parts of the world for the balance, for spreading the love and light so although it’d be much better on a personal level to live together, it is more valuable to live apart for our beloved earth. I wonder if anyone feels the same way?

          1. Yep…I do believe we are each where we need to be to spread the energy around. It is a wonderful thought to be closer to enjoy each other’s company and give support. Eventually when we do get together it will be an amazing party!! 🙂 ❤

          2. Tijen,

            Thank you, you just demonstrated what I was talking about. The whole comment above was an attempt to describe, or instill, the feeling of being in Love. It was a metaphor. The feeling we get from the idea, or trusting, that each one is exactly where they need to be is very comforting, would you agree? It feels good. This feeling state feels much better than the idea that we need to be somewhere that we are not.

            The CCs might say that it is a higher vibration, but we experience it as a feeling, as a sensation in our bodies. That is how we know it is better, for us, we feel better.

            What I was saying above is that we are creating this new world by feeling better. I was saying that, for me, creation moves in a direction that I enjoy when I feel good. that our experience of meeting around the pond and enjoying what we find there is so uplifting that it is uplifting the world.

            I was further suggesting that we do it more, in fact always. Our connecting once a month is moving creation. Connecting daily, or hourly, or in every moment that we remember to, can only help.

            I was also saying that every thought carries a feeling. It is the feeling that is the language, not the words. Our minds get in the way by trying to interpret our experience and measuring the correctness of it based on useless facts. But the sensation is the song, it is what moves creation. Thoughts about it just get in the way. We would be better off thinking nothing at all than trying to tell a story about it or what it all means. I was suggesting that we focus on the feelings, the sensations that we experience in these gatherings and leave the thoughts about it behind.

            I was saying that the sensations I feel are, well, orgasmic. Like making love to one I cherish and exploding with the excitement of it. I was saying that the images, as beautiful as they are, are pail compared to the sensations of being together. I was saying that I long for it and suggested that we come to it more often.

            What I did not say, but others here have, is that I can access this feeling at any time, just by bringing my attention to it. For our health and well being, it would be great if we could do it more.

            in Love,


            1. Oh Kelly, I can do it everyday, and am and will be doing it daily now that my family responsibities are over and I can fully concentrate on my inner world, inner life which I enjoy thoroughly. But I must confess that I often too want to be in the presence with the Ponders, not only mentally or through our hearts and energy bodies but also physically. Chatting, meditating together, hugging, singing, sharing the experiences, the food, the words, the wisdom… Wouldn’t it be great? I see gatherings though, I know it will happen. I am a couchsurfing member for many years and have been staying with people when I travel which I love. I will be happy to do it with the Ponders when it is possible (by hosting or being a guest).

              1. Have thought much on this ‘hosting’ idea myself. You are always welcome at my home. as are any and all of u! well, small house… so maybe one or two at a time. But I am totally sincere about it.
                The other day when I was sitting in my Kelly’s little log home (it has become a small home – all u would need! – even a flat screen if u wish for that type of enjoyment – a fire built into the patio right outside if u want!)…. I was seeing it as a space for people who wanted to stay with us and have some space for meditation or time with themselves or whatever!
                C o o l n e s s
                So, I too agree with the feeling of both Tijen and Kelly here tremendously!
                Sharing hugs with the two of u as I read/feel your Love written in the words.
                ❤ Areeza

                1. Dear Areeza, thanks so much for the sincere invitation. I don’t know where you live but I hope I can visit you some day. I live in Turkey. In winters I’m in Antalya (of course if I’m not traveling), a Mediterranean city. I share the apartment with my mom. In summers, we’re on the Aegean coast, stay at our small summer house, again with mom. The summer house is much smaller but we can always host one person (may be two the most). When I look for hosts before I go to a place, I always look for a likeminded person, someone either interested in food, do yoga, meditate, do Reiki or similar stuff. I met wonderful people in the last 7 years since I joined Couchsurfing. Now I feel like I have homes all around the world and it makes me feel so happy. I know I won’t be turned down if I knock any of my previous hosts’ door.

        2. I read Kelly’s post and was deeply moved. “Oh yes… this is the way, this is the truth. ” Then I read Tijen’s and Denise’s replies, and my MIND thought, “Yes, perfectly logical. This is something I have told myself, as well.” Then quite strongly and forcefully, a cry surged up from my heart, “Why would my body have to be in any particular PLACE?” And suddenly I felt that this whole concept of PHYSICALLY being WHERE I am supposed to be felt like one big reinforcement and perpetuation of the illusion of SPACE.

          I dunno. But thanks so much to all 3 of you for sharing.

          Love you all.

          1. Anna Helen, last night, at the end of the meditation, for a short while I felt like I was leaving my body and unite with the Ponders in another level. I did though, in my mind but this last sensation was different. I guess it’s all in our mind. we’re the ones who limit ourselves. When we let it be, it will be…

          2. AH, do you think our bodies could be somewhere else and a part of our selves (multidimensionaly speaking) could be where our bodies are now? Do you think we would be able to hold open whatever it is we are keeping without our bodies? Just a thought.
            ❤ Denise

        3. This is profoundly moving to me, Kelly. Thank you. It’s awakening things in my heart that have been dormant and whose rising time has come. My brain doesn’t even know what i mean by that— and doesn’t need to. Love and blessings to you, sister.

    4. B you are the rock! Love everyone’s explanation for you here! You are awesome B! When I go fishing in a river it is the rocks I look for to stand on for balance. Some of them go deep and the fish are under them. Rocks in water share an amazing energy! Oh, and those potato chips wouldn’t happen to be barbecue? Would they? 😉
      ❤ Denise

      1. Oh Denise – you like potato chips too? Sorry I gave away the rest of them to Aisha yesterday ;))) I promise we´ll have another bag to our tea party 😉

        Joy aside – I actually don´t understand all the lovely words that has been said about me – including yours.

        I’m trying to figure out if I’m different today – and I’m actually 😉 I feel a great peace and satisfaction (no wonder 😉 – more than usual, and I love you all – more than usual ;)) So it actually is! But I´m still the usual B to B. It will probably take a while to digest that rock picture/image…

        Thank you for your love Denise – I´ll double it back to you ❤


        1. Tea party with potato chips!!! Yum! Feeling like a kid again already!!! Thank you B! I’ll bring some chocolate pudding with whipped cream too! Oh, and we can’t forget the cookies. 🙂


    5. B, you know the expression, ‘you rock’?! Well, that’s you. You do, and you’re precious and loving and solid and grounded and wise. 🙂 ❤

  22. My inner vision has started to finally kick in (again), with thanks to Alex’s latest Matt Kahn vid and some other things. A lot of movement and Lights,
    a hefty turning wheel with spokes among other things unnecessary to list. A vision occurred at the very beginning of a single long-black-haired Native American in winter skins (covering torso, limbs) sitting cross-legged in front of a fire with arms outstretched straight, shoulder-height, holding a peace pipe offering. He was facing and looking into the northwest direction (felt it) which in a straight line leading from Los Angeles would lead to the Russian Federation. I was in meditation for an hour. That’s all. ❤
    Thank you, Blessings, Aisha. 🙂

    1. Wow, Lin! It seems there are many in many dimensions working for peace. And you were at the pond doing energy work too! Movement in yours too I see. I love all the connections in everyone’s meditations. It moves me to tears. ❤ loving you I your walk Lin! Denise

    2. Dear Lin!!!

      You say, “That’s all.” I say, “Seriously, THAT’S HUGE.”!!! As we become more aware of our multidimensionality, we begin to realize and “feel” how we are working with other “aspects” of our Selves and those of other beings. We do not necessarily have to be aware of “what” we are doing in other dimensions. Sometimes simply “being” here in this dimension is of the utmost importance. It sounds to me that you were “working” with another aspect of yourself (a life as a Native American) in another parallel dimension to send LOVE & PEACE into the Russian Federation. Or, you were working with another here at the Pond. Doesn’t really matter. It’s about tweaking our sense of “linear” into “multi-dimensinal”. Once you get there, linear doesn’t make sense anymore!! Let this “sink in” for a while and see how it “sits” with you. Remember, don’t “think” – try to “feel” it! Only you will know if there is truth in my words for you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Loving you always, Caroline

      PS – We were really cranking that wheel …… I saw it clearly!

      1. ❤ Thanx, C !! It does make sense… and I'm tweaking, I'm tweaking. Big Love back to you—with Sunshine ! 😉 ❤

  23. Feeling better today… I saw us all connecting heart to heart and also each across to the one in front, creating spokes on a wheel of light. It then started to whirl and lift, and looked like what we used to call a ‘flying saucer’, hovering above the lake area in the pic you posted, Aisha. I felt tingles and itching on my crown chakra, lots of energy working there (penetrating my hard head, I guess, huh?!); the flying saucer settled in my head for a long time, and eventually was able to softly and quickly drop down my central channel to the heart of the Earth and back up to again hover over the lake and then down into it. ❤

    1. Awesome! Very powerful! For yourself, earth, and everyone! Several saw a sphere or a cloud over the pond. A lot of work going on. Truely wonderful! ❤ Denise

  24. I have been and am still seeing a whole bunch of interconnected STUFF…and I’m…giving some VOID time to it to let it develop further…like a photo in a darkroom

    In the meantime I started seeing STUFF last night and it continued into my gatheRING Experience and I think I’ll just share what I saw last night as all this talk of Movement is very striking to me…like bolts of Synergistic LIGHTnING

    So…last night and more of my posts on videos sent to FB

    Exist – From One World To The Next ( Ambient Music )

    …WE AER IN the CLEAR*I*N*G* and ready 4 the GatheR*I*N*G*

    WE(A)(L)LCOme HOME


    Instead of “seek and ye shall find”…”find and ye shALL SEE”

    It’s not a stressed search and rescue

    It’s a treasure hunt…with TREASURES ALL A~ROUND…TREASURES ALL~Ready (found) withIN and waiting to BE(come) SEEN ‘Outer’-bound…take with you a UnICOrn instead of your bloodhound…and that’s the last rhyming sound…except…find the TREASURE in that GOLDEN stARdUSt MOUND(tain)

    BE Blessed 4 you are a BELOVEd BlEssING of LOVELIGHT

    (I’m gonna post this video here as I find it too beautiful not to share)


    Back to last night…

    Empire Of The Sun – Alive

    ‘Outer’~bound…bound as in bound together…as in Energy binding together to form matter…the so-called ‘Outer’ world…

    Energy that doesIS SO at the BEck and cALL of the COnscioUSness residINg in the INner WORLD

    Energy that is COmpletely COmpliant….and reliant to and on the COnscioUSness that PROJECTs It

    Like clay but not like clay in that It is not (so-called) lifeless…It is the BRILLIANT PARTicle(s) of LIGHT…the building blocks of LIFE…the UnIts of CREATION

    That only appears to be lifeless…nonexistent…until It is CO~ALL~esced INtO Form

    We are this Energy and the COnscioUSness O~rchestRARarating the mUSic of the Energy



    (today I add to this that we are the mUSic of the COnscioUSness and Energy Twogether…a COnscioUS*(y*)En*e*r*t*i*c* SONG

    Back to last night…

    Empire Of The Sun – Alive

    The PARTicle(s) do not exist ‘out there’

    They exist right HERE…it’s the COnscioUSness that moves

    That is to say moves as in Flows

    And moves as in Moves the PARTicle(s) with and IN Its Flow

    And the PARTicle(s) of Energy that COnscioUSness Flows with is the Energy the COnscioUSness Flows withIN

    They are ONE withIN Each~Other…there is no ‘out there’…not REALly…


    Back to today…

    And what a FLOW IT IS!!!…We are both Flowing and the FLOW…and the WAY We Flow…the WAY We Move…Dances the Energy INtO BEING…from the INside~’Out’

    Just want to express how gratefull I am to be a part of this All and for All yOUR COntributions to this Flow(ing Pond) We are…I wouldn’t see a fraction of what I see were it not for ALL of US…and as the CCs say…I don’t see it just for myself but on behalf of mySELF…which is ALL CREATION

        1. Our thunderstorm in northern Sweden has been moving around all the evening, but no outburst, just a little rumble 🙂

          Love ❤


          1. All these thunderstorms…our outer atmosphere rumbling in response to the all that’s happening in our INner atmoSphere :)…speaking of which…I’m gonna go spend the rest of the day…blending with IT…just BEing (in~with) IT

      1. Thanks Bixie 🙂

        I wanted to get back to you on our last conversation–I couldn’t read your reply on my phone as it was just showing blank screen. So I finally fired up our old dinosaur of a computer and read it.

        I love what you said about the Gold being wrapped around all things

        In the past year or so whenever I’ve looked at the stars in the sky and the darkness around them I started wondering if these stars were a ‘false’ light (false idol) and that the dark around them was the TRUE LIGHT…that we’ve been perceiving it backwards

        I don’t know what kind of science would be involved in that or if it’s at all accurate…right now I’m playing catch-up in the science realm…but the picture you’ve painted with your Butterfly wrapped in Gold triggered that memory for me…which is trying to jar something loose in my brain

        I mean if the LIGHT is closer to ITs true nature the higher the frequency it vibrates at and the seen physical world is at a slow vibration wouldn’t that then mean that things like stars and planets are less like the LIGHT than the stuff we can’t see that vibrates faster?…meaning the stuff we can’t see is a lot closer in definition to the LIGHT than the stuff we can see…and that if we perceived it correctly suddenly there would be a whole lot more light than dark and we would find our Universe is actually expanding into LIGHT?…contracting into DARK and expanding into LIGHT…and I’ve lost myself here 🙂

        I don’t know anymore

        I can actually feel..’something’ moving around in my head

        Whenever I try to ponder something it’s like I can feel something…’pushing new…shapes in there’…shapes where I can look from and perceive things from whole different perspectives…I’ve gone through that before…but with…’one shape at a time’…now it’s like a bunch are forming at once…it’s hard to put into words…like those animal-shape balloons that don’t blow up in a round shape direction but bulge out in many…bubbles of direction…it’s weird that’s all I can say…makes it hard to think which is forcing me to surrender to the VOID of not having a clue so that WHAT IS can come through…something has expanded and I’m at the ground-zero point of understanding what’s in this NEW area of expanse

        Anyway just wanted to say thanks again for the continued triggering in me and for being with me in this NEW Expanse…you feel like such an Angel to me…this is a beautiful SongDance we’ve got going–that we ARE 🙂 ❤

      2. Dear Amy,
        I want you write so much more but I find it hard to put everything into words. I also feel even more than I understand it.
        But I’m trying to write it:

        Stars: In Engelskirchen (Angel churches), a small town in Germany, as I experienced my magical guided time, I found at my front door a magazine with a painted joke on a full page.
        The joke was called „Star-Golf” and showed two angels who wanted to play golf in a white (!) Universe with black star–holes. It was our visible universe inverted.
        It was very impressive and I still remember it very well, but I still don’t know what exactly does it mean.

        Golden lights: That the matter can be wrapped with gold I have seen once about 35 years ago. It was winter, the tall grasses next to our house were covered with snow and with transparent frozen water – it was sunny and everything looked quite golden.
        As I read „The White Book” of Ramtha with his descriptions of the 5th level I remembered it again immediately. Once I was already in paradise and I recognized it. Many of us were already ascended and returned to help.

        Science: With science I have some problems, there are now scientists who look beyond 3-D, but there is still pent-up demand.
        Once I saw on TV a discussion of an astrophysicist with a theologian about the origin of life.
        The astrophysicist said with a wave of his hand wiping aside: „Oh, let’s leave God aside and look at how life in the universe was created” (!): D

        Light: For me there are three levels of light: Invisible Light (looks black for us), visible light (looks look white for us) and non-transparent light (we can not see through it, so matter).
        Our material has been limited to a very low frequency, which lessened our light. During our ascent we increase the frequency of the matter, it will be more visible and invisible light (such as the snow and the water on the grass), so our own divine, inner glow can also create this beautiful golden wrap.

        Whether the stars that we see are ‚real’ or not I do not know. I saw myself in a dream even stand in a triangle consisting of black cloth. The stars were the ‚holes’ in the cloth through which shone the true light.
        I think it is also possible that the stars are really far away ‚suns’ – one day I’ll visit them with my spaceship ‚Sausewind’ and Ron.

        I think it’s important that we do not commit ourselves so much on a strict given world view or universe view and are open for surprises and new experiences.
        We can still ‚fantasize a little around’ because the more beautiful the imagination the happier we feel.

        What gives me inner peace and safety is always the thought: „God is here with me.” That I know exactly, because I always see the bright black.
        Prime-creator is always approachable and I feel his presence. That makes me really happy. Everything else is an interesting and beautiful game.

        ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

        Liebe Amy,
        Ich möchte Dir so viel mehr schreiben aber es fällt mir schwer alles in Worte zu fassen. Ich fühle auch mehr als Ich verstehe.
        Ich versuche aber es zu schreiben:

        Sterne: In Engelskirchen, als Ich meine magisch–geführte Zeit erlebte, fand Ich vor meiner Haustüre eine Zeitschrift mit einem gemalten Witz auf einer ganzen Seite. Der Witz hieß „Sternen–Golf“ und zeigte zwei Engel, die in einem weißen (!) Universum mit schwarzen Sternen–Löchern Golf spielen wollten. Es war unser sichtbares Universum invertiert.
        Es war sehr beeindruckend und Ich erinnere mich immer noch sehr gut daran, aber was genau es bedeutet weiß Ich bis heute nicht.

        Goldenes Leuchten: Dass die Materie mit Gold umwickelt sein kann habe Ich vor ca. 35 Jahren einmal gesehen. Es war Winter, die hohen Gräser neben unserem Haus waren mit Schnee und mit durchsichtigem, gefrorenem Wasser bedeckt – darauf schien die Sonne und alles sah ganz golden aus. Als Ich „Das Weiße Buch“ von Ramtha las mit seinen Beschreibungen von der 5. Ebene erinnerte Ich mich sofort wieder daran. Einst war Ich bereits im Paradies und Ich erkannte es wieder. Viele von uns waren bereits aufgestiegen und kehrten zurück um zu helfen.

        Wissenschaft: Mit der Wissenschaft habe Ich so meine Probleme, es gibt inzwischen Wissenschaftler die über 3–D hinaus schauen aber da ist noch Nachholbedarf.
        Einst sah Ich im Fernseher eine Diskussion eines Astrophysikers mit einem Theologen über den Ursprung des Lebens.
        Der Astrophysiker sagte mit einer beiseite wischenden Handbewegung: „Ach lassen wir Gott einmal beiseite und schauen uns an wie das Leben im Universum entstand“ (!) 😀

        Licht: Für mich gibt es 3 Stufen des Lichts: Unsichtbares Licht (sieht für uns schwarz aus), sichtbares Licht (sieht für uns weiß aus) und undurchsichtiges Licht (wir können nicht hindurch schauen, also Materie).
        Unsere Materie war bisher auf einer sehr niedrigen Frequenz, das minderte unser Licht. Bei unserem Aufstieg erhöhen wir die Frequenz der Materie, er wird mehr zu sichtbarem und unsichtbarem Licht (wie der Schnee und das Wasser auf den Gräsern), so kann unser eigenes, göttliches, inneres Leuchten auch diese wunderschöne goldene Hülle erschaffen.

        Ob die Sterne die wir sehen ‚echt’ sind oder nicht weiß Ich auch nicht. Ich sah mich in einem Traum einmal in einem Dreieck stehen das aus schwarzem Stoff bestand. Die Sterne waren die ‚Löcher’ im Stoff durch die das wahre Licht durchschimmerte.
        Ich halte es aber auch für möglich dass die Sterne wirklich ferne ‚Sonnen’ sind – eines Tages werde Ich sie dann mit meinem Raumschiff ‚Sausewind’ und Ron besuchen.

        Ich finde es aber wichtig dass wir uns nicht so sehr auf ein festes, vorgegebenes Weltbild bzw. Universumbild festlegen und offen für Überraschungen und neue Erlebnisse sind.
        Dabei können wir ruhig ein wenig ‚herumphantasieren’ denn je schöner die Imagination desto glücklicher fühlen wir uns.

        Was mir inneren Frieden und Sicherheit gibt ist immer der Gedanke: „Gott ist hier bei mir“. Das weiß Ich ganz genau weil Ich immer das leuchtende Schwarz sehe.
        Ur–Schöpfer ist immer ansprechbar und Ich fühle seine Präsenz. Das macht mich wirklich glücklich. Alles andere ist ein interessantes und schönes Spiel.

        Many heart greetings
        I AM, I think, I feel
        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        1. Addendum:
          Maybe it’s a matter of perspective.
          We can not see into the higher frequencies from the lower, but we can look into the lower frequencies from the higher.
          What for us – as seen from below – is black = invisible, looks from above white = visible.
          (The rainbow I count to the white, there are the various sections of the white)

          I love it to play with my imagination and I’m very happy that you understand me, dear Amy.
          Thank you for your love ❤

          ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

          Vielleicht ist es eine Sache des Blickwinkels.
          Wir können nicht in die höheren Frequenzen hineinsehen, von den höheren Frequenzen können wir aber in die niedrigeren schauen.
          Was für uns – von unten gesehen – schwarz = unsichtbar ist, das ist von oben gesehen weiß = sichtbar.
          (Den Regenbogen zähle Ich zum Weiß, es sind die einzelnen Teilbereiche des Weiß)

          Ich liebe es mit meiner Phantasie zu spielen und Ich Bin sehr glücklich dass Du mich verstehst, liebe Amy.
          Danke für Deine Liebe ❤

          Many heart greetings
          I AM, I think, I feel
          BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        2. Addendum 2:
          Do you know the two books „star seeds”?
          What was memorable for ever were the definitions of the omniverse:
          „Nagual” (the Unnamed, the zero frequency) and „Tonal” (the Named, the frequencies of love of the Prime–Creator).
          And the sentence: „Where the star-maker looks towards directly creates a sun.”
          I realized for myself that all visible light (including all colors), so the entire Tonal, is communication.
          The entire Tonal IS the communication of God with IT self in all its parts at all frequencies.
          The more love, the higher the frequency, the more beautiful the communication.

          ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

          Nachtrag 2:
          Kennst Du die beiden Bücher „Sternensaaten“?
          Was mir für immer in Erinnerung blieb waren die Definitionen des Omniversums:
          „Nagual“ (das Unbenannte, die Nullfrequenz) und „Tonal“ (das Benannte, die Frequenzen der Liebe des Ur–Schöpfers).
          Und der Satz: „Wo der Sternenmacher direkt hinschaut entsteht eine Sonne“.
          Ich erkannte für Mich, dass das gesamte sichtbare Licht (inklusive aller Farben), also das Tonal, Kommunikation ist.
          Das gesamte Tonal IST die Kommunikation Gottes mit sich Selbst in allen seinen Teilen auf allen Frequenzen.
          Je mehr Liebe desto höher die Frequenz, desto wunderschöner die Kommunikation.

          Many heart greetings
          I AM, I think, I feel
          BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          1. Bixie this just full of WONDERFUL…I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate your views and the way you express them…if words could be a painting yours would be a masterpiece…just the way you put everything allows my conscious mind to take part but without getting in the way…I can feel myself getting stuff on higher levels while I read your words…just in the same way that someone can interpret art and come up with a meaning that might be completely different from the artist’s intention…you leave much room for imagination whilst still conveying coherent and brilliant concepts

            What you said about visible light invisible light and non-transparent light really turned a light-bulb on for me…and I’m just letting myself thoughtlessly absorb it and everything else

            My overall impression right now from all this is that it would appear that we are living in a black hole and seeing pinpricks of the LIGHT on the other side of the black hole…and its almost like we’re gonna through that hole and come out what must be a white hole on the other side :)…I’ve thought of this before but couldn’t quite put the picture together until now

            Whether that’s mostly just symbolic or not…doesn’t matter…as you say its not a great idea to attach to any particular world view…but rather use the pieces we like and fantasize with them

            That’s my style too…pick pieces from everywhere in life and use them to create my own fantastical picture…made even more fantastical by the synergistic blending of pieces that normally one wouldn’t think would connect…love it!!!

            Bless you and thanks again for adding so much more picture to my picture

            I love you so much

          2. Dear Amy,
            You inspire me as well very much. By your posting I remember my experiences that I had almost forgotten.

            Once I had a nice dream experience. (Dreams for me are symbolic illustrations).
            At that time I went so embodied as I am now by a door in an atomic nucleus (I was really, really tiny) and was amazed.
            There was an abyss, not very broad, but deep, and on the other side I saw a black wall, a bright sun and white energy fields.
            Someone said: „Follow the light beam” and I saw from the other side a wide, white beam of light come over to me.
            Of course I went to the other side – with my body.

            ♥ + ✩ = ❃ ❀ ✿

            Liebe Amy,
            Du inspirierst mich ebenso sehr. Durch Deine Posting fallen mir meine Erlebnisse wieder ein die Ich schon fast vergessen hatte.

            Einmal hatte Ich ein schönes Traum–Erlebnis. (Träume sind für mich symbolische Darstellungen).
            Damals ging Ich so verkörpert wie Ich jetzt Bin durch eine Türe in einem Atomkern (Ich war wirklich sehr, sehr winzig) und staunte.
            Da war ein Abgrund, nicht sehr breit, aber tief und auf der anderen Seite sah Ich eine schwarze Wand, eine leuchtende Sonne und weiße Energiefelder.
            Jemand sagte: „Folge dem Lichtstrahl“ und Ich sah von der anderen Seite einen breiten, weißen Lichtstrahl zu mir herüber kommen.
            Natürlich ging Ich darüber auf die andere Seite – mit meinem Körper.

            Many heart greetings
            I AM, I think, I feel
            BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

            1. Maybe I gave my old body, my old life, to the light ❤

              Vielleicht übergab Ich meinen alten Körper, mein altes Leben, dem Licht ❤

    1. Beautiful Amy! I love what you say that we all are the conscious song! Thank you! And I to agree that through being here we are able to reflect and see so much more together! ❤ Denise

      1. Amen Denise! All the notes we make up in and as the Song allow us to hear much more of It when we harmonize the notes together…hearing-seeing…is there really any difference?…it all falls under FEELING…what we FEEL together we see hear and BE together…<3

      1. Bless you Oriharu ❤ that means a lot to me to know the LIGHT has inspired through me…when things are complex its nice to be reminded of the simplicity of what we're doing here :)…you are another Angel among Many ❤

        1. I’m glad you get to say so. In Japan, people of my personal belongings claim “How they don’t have the internet” to me. This mean they have read my home page one or more times and know it.
          Thank you Amy Roussel gentle comfort that your courage.
          Recently, I send many e-mails about ‘Circle of Witchkraft’. I want to get to use to many people. ❤

  25. Beloved family of light!
    The Gathering started in the middle of a thunderstorm, and just as I had used my singing bowl to signal that it had started there was an immense lightning and a huge thunderclap that ended in three loud BOOM BOOM BOOM like a cannon firing off – and from then on, the next hour was ALL about energy. We created a huge vortex in the centre of the Pond, and at the end of the hour of the Gathering the vortex changed into this immense spinning sphere of light with layer upon layer in it spinning in different directions. It was so beautiful! I did not “see” much this time, but the sensation of energy moving through my body in spirals making my head and my upper body move along with it was so powerful and blissful at the same time – and suddenly the time was 21:58 🙂 WOW! Thank you all for being a part of this, I think we have created something together that will continue to live forever!
    Love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Oh WoW! I love it!!! Big smile here! The spinning sphere of light… I saw that too! Ok….just wow!
      Love to you dear Aisha! ❤

    2. Dear Aisha, CC’s and everyone who participated, thanks for making this gathering happen. I started a bit early, around 20:40 Oslo time. When I closed my eyes and relaxed a bit I saw many people are already around the pond, getting ready to meditate together. I saw a young, beautiful woman, who is pregnant with a big belly, lying down in the middle of the pond but her body was so big, covering the pond, her head on the earth, her legs spread, in birthing position and on top of the water. Her womb, big and perfectly round. It felt like she was carrying the new world, the new planet earth, fresh, clean and innocent. Suddenly her womb opened up and a tree started growing from there. It was a joyous moment, everybody who witnessed this moment were all in tears, tears of happiness. The tree kept growing, spreading it’s branches widely. In the meantime, we could all see that it’s roots are also growing towards the depth of the earth, strong and deep roots. This was a huge, wise, old tree with a very wide trunk. It became so big that all of the people around it could touch, could hold it. Holding it, you feel the vibrations, the pulse of the earth, the heart, pounding silently but regularly. Soon we were all in the trunk of the tree. I had the feeling that the tree was connecting the under world to the upper world. It was like an opening to many dimensions, layers… We became one, one big heart, beating with enthusiasm and eagerness to heal the world. During the meditation, I felt the energy in my third chakra, the solar plexus.

      1. Thank you Tijen for your most amazing and powerful experiences during the gathering. As I am in big awe of Mother Nature and her great power I am so grateful that you shared your vision and my heart expands when reading it 🙂 THANK YOU ❤

        Much love, light & gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤


        1. Dear B, thanks for your reply. At the end of the meditation, I asked what these images mean and what I should be doing. The answer I got was to join our forces and help saving the environment.

      2. Oooooo….the tree of life! Beautiful! Thank you Tijen! So much to think about I will need some time to just be still. Thank you! ❤ Denise

      3. this goes with the bean stalk experience I mentioned around the last gathering i think it was. I have kept seeing it. the stalk connecting heaven and earth.
        thank you!
        My sister also mentioned a bean stalk she saw while we were talking a couple of days ago — I had not mentioned it to her.
        more interesting stuff – that is being ‘built’ and noticed:
        so much having to do with birthing and fullness and nourishment of woman. nice.
        the milk and fruit of the earth — then the stalk that makes me feel the male energy — the rooted energy that has now taken in more of the feminine for a real healthy balance and support.
        Full experiences
        Love, Areeza

        1. Areeza, thanks for the story you shared. I like the last part especially. Wouldn’t it be great if female and male energy be in balance? I think there wouldn’t be wars or fights or this much injustice if it was the case.

      4. In meditation I often see myself as being a tree, deeply rooted in the entire earth, crown connected to the whole universe.
        Love, JJ

        1. ❤ HI, JJ ! Was wondering where you were… Glad to see you up and around, doing well, Light Brother. Continue to be well with Love&Hugs of Light&JOY… Lin xox ❤ +

    3. I think I only saw the beginning of the energy, even before it spun.
      I saw a white energy cloud above the pond.

      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    4. Dear Aisha,
      My experience was similar to yours. We also had thunderstorms, and when I connected to the Gathering I was sort of….overwhelmed, the energies took me, and I don’t remember anything about it. I started out sitting upright, cross legged, but at one time I fell over sideways (I was in bed) and stayed like that for the rest if the time.

      Love, JJ

  26. I was at the pond with tents all around the one half just like before but this time there was way too many people and I was having trouble getting through the crowd. There was a dancing black bear on a pedestal like in the circus but then he got off and started to tap dance to jazzy music. He was really getting down. Next we came to a ballerina dressed in a pink tutu and tights. She was on a pink pedestal turning around and around like in a jewelry box. She leaped off the pedestal and leaped around the people.
    Then the crowd got agitated and got pushy. I raised my hand with my pointer finger extended and commanded a lightning bolt to appear in the sky and my finger was connecting with it. I had done this before in another meditation but I was using a rod of some sort. The lightning bolt turned into a long cylinder white crystal rod with a blood red crystal ball on the top of it. It became my staff as I walked around.
    I was wearing a midnight purple shimmery robe and a sorceress hat with my long, curly, red hair falling down my back. I had several others around me which were my traveling companions. Then my robe morphed into a royal dress like worn in the renaissance. It was the same color as my robe and had seed pearls sewn on it and gold trim. My hair was now held up with matching netting which had seed pearls and gold trim sewn on it as well.
    Next I was on horseback with several hundred people. We were riding very fast along lush valley until we came to a stone tunnel in the mountain which we entered. The tunnel was pitching black but our horses did not falter. We rode a long time in the darkness until it leads to an opening into a beautiful place which reminded me of drawings I have seen of Lemuria. Both the men and women wore a wrap around skirt type garment and the women’s breasts were swollen with milk. Every one of us, man and women alike, were nursed with the milk their breasts offered until we were overcome with a deep, deep sleep. When we awoke and rubbed the sleep out of our eyes we saw that the people had left along with all their beautiful surroundings. We slowly mounted our horses and rode home.

    After one of the gatherings I had not posted what I had seen when I meditated. But is was a traveling circus parade which came to the pond. The parade was lead by a loud, brass band with a high step. There was an elephant ridden by a man and one ridden by a women. Both the riders and the elephants were dressed in royal Indian attire. There was also a sword/fire swallowing man, the fat lady, the bearded woman, the tall thin man on stilts, the strong man,the snake man, the fortune telling gypsy, tight rope walkers and a trapeze family. Last but not least I cannot forget the entourage of clowns.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


    1. Well, I love your meditation! Both of them! Playfulness and perhaps a child like heart in it I would say. 🙂 ❤

    2. Nothing shy about your imagination! Hahaha… love this, it’s playful and fun and joyful. 🙂

      1. Thank you for reading my post. I have been told many times that I have a youthful spirit. I tell my grown kids that I am not sure what I want to be when I grow up and I am 60yrs old although I feel very much younger.

        1. Am so happy for you… I am 61 and don’t really remember my childhood, have been wanting to bring my child-like playfulness back to life and it’s not being easy for me. So your post is really important for me, and again, I thank you. ❤

    3. when reading Michilyn above I went to myself, uh huh – so this is the one who has the circus I dream about. Then I come to read yours! I have had a reoccurring dream for a long time now that has our Star Families coming in a greeting with tents and circus like atmosphere. Lots of vendors and a pond… yes a pond was always there to the left side in my vision.
      so… I say this is all very interesting.
      Thank you
      Love, Areeza

  27. This gathering was not the usual for me. It was one of movement and space. I started it by sageing. As I closed my eyes to bless the sage I immediately saw a form of what looked like the flower of life. It was an equal lateral cross form with the circles upon circles over it. I also saw more shapes triangles, circles, etc.. through out the meditation. They were often overlayed upon other things such as my self sitting in lotus position, but also all things that came into view were set within geometric forms. The shapes moved one on top another and twirled at times. I found my self in a gyroscope type shape sitting in lotus position. It moved with me inside it. I sensed I was in a different space vibrationaly then what was around me. Then I started to move my body with the motion of the circles surrounding me. I opened my eyes and saw the rock face of the hearth, the shell that held the sage, feathers, etc and sensed the oneness that flows through all things. I picked up my drum and started drumming….first very slow and then it took off to a very fast beat. I looked up to see the pictures on my wall of horses galloping. The energy tingled throughout my being! All things are rising up on energy and movement. The energy is coming in very, very fast now! It is moving like a stampede! I finished with a dance and realized in that too I was forming shapes. We are rising and merging into new dimensions now! Love and light to all here! Denise ❤

  28. All is well. We are in Wilhelmshaven. The Circus has moved again. The tents are standing. I meditated at an prehistoric place. Hope we can
    finally put hands on some tangable results. Although there
    is more between heaven and earth than education tells us.

  29. OMG I don’t think I ever felt something like this… I have no words! At first I saw everybody holding hands, all very happy and exited 🙂 for what was to come and then the energy started to get in true my hart chakra end then true the rest of my body. The entire time the only thing I could see was a glowing shape that looked to me as the mercaba and it kept changing colours as it was spinning and spinning.
    And then I felt like some energy was holding my hands but then it changed and the energy spread over my entire body that felt heavier and heavier! It was so intense I had a voice remembering me to bread! So I did… Meanwhile I was thinking, Jesus normally this would totally freak me out but I feel fine 😉 and then a voice told me I was doing just fine that it would take a little longer and than it would be over…
    After a few minutes I think, the heaviness stopped and my hart chakra started to get bigger and bigger as a new kind of energy started to work on it. Then I felt the urge to cough so bad and so I did and this felt like a kind of cleans, like some kind of “bad” or old energy that I was carrying with me was taking out of me.
    This all experience felt like a giant download and it was like the energy was telling me that everyone was getting a piece of the puzzle, that kind of piece that was personally to everyone as everyone as his personal task to do here on earth in this reality… Everything would all make sense in time…
    Than I felt so much gratitude and as I was “waking up” it felt like I was in the same place but at the same time in a new dimension, a dimension in the dimension. Everything felt new and filled with so much life and love…
    Now I’m again in my living room and it’s like I can feel both except the loving energy is so much stronger then ever and I can tap into it at any time 🙂
    So this is my experience, I’m curious how others lived this Gathering ❤
    Love and light to you all and thank you so much Aisha and the CC's

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