A short update on the energies

As many of you have already noticed, these undulations of incoming energy will serve to push more and more to the forefront, and that also includes the resistance to the light. For as these underground reservoirs of light have started to empty their contents on to the surface of this planet, the room for those less inclined to step out into the Sun as it were will continue to shrink at an ever more rapid rate, and as such, their propensity to put up a fight will become more and more apparent to all. In other words, as the space to maneuver continues to shrink for these forces of fear, the amount of noise they will make will only increase, until it will be like a veritable shriek from a dying animal.

We know that our words may sound harsh, but again, we are here to remind you that you are indeed working on behalf of the light and as such, the effect this light will have on those still fighting hard to escape it will also magnify as the light continues to do so. And now, these shadow-dwellers will feel as if attacked from two sides, as not only from without but also from within will this ever increasing flood of light continue to batter through their defenses. You see, you have in many ways opened up a “second front” now, if we may use such words, for this can be likened to a siege, at least to those still intent on keeping themselves separated from the light at all cost. And so, what will seem like a fulfillment of a long held dream to all of those downtrodden people longing for the light for all of their lives, this will seem like the end of a dream for those fully ensconced within that old carapace of ego-based living. For to them, the opening up of these brimming vaults of Mother Earth’s carefully stored away inner powers will seem like no less than a disaster, and to them, the only way to go about it is to raise the alarm and their resistance to the highest of levels.

So again we say, know that all is well, and even if you may encounter these desperate voices and desperate actions of those last few entrenched and desperate beings trying so hard to keep themselves shielded from this approaching light, know that no matter how hard they try or no matter how ruthless they lash out, they cannot stop the remaking of history on this planet. For the light will prevail, and the light will wash away the last traces of this old grime, no matter how ingrained it will seem to be in some of these lost souls wandering about trying to find a new hidey-hole to continue their despotic machinations. They will fail, as surely as the Sun will rise another day, but they will try to go down fighting, and to them no trickery is considered as too base to try out. So simply stay in your center and continue to connect to that flood of light that you are literally swimming in at the moment, and know that no matter how hard they try to reach out their dirty fingers to draw you back into their web of fear, they cannot succeed. For you are as new born babes now, unfettered by those old hooks and barbs that were so useful to secure a grip on for those set on spinning you around like a puppeteer’s doll. So now, you set your own course for you have chosen you destination, and it is one where the shadows have no power over you anymore.

For what will remain of the shadows, will only be as a natural companion to the light, the half that makes the whole complete, but that does not have the power to manipulate nor pollute the other part of the triangle. You see, the light is never alone, it always has a companion, just like the yin and the yang, the black and the white, the outer and the inner, and together, these two form the holy trinity in a way that will be hard for you to fully grasp at the moment, but that we will delve into further at a later stage. You see, the 1 and the 1 makes the 3, the triad of existence, the fusion of it all, and as such, you cannot eradicate the one fully, for it is all a part of the ONE, and 1 is also the sum of the 3. Again, we speak in riddles, but do not fret if you cannot fully comprehend it at the moment, for this basic fact will start to become more and more apparent to you all as the light continues to seep all the way into the deepest recesses of your being, helping your human part to see way past its old limitations and start to fully acknowledge not just the greatness of your own selves, but also the simple structure that carries it all within itself. Let us leave it at that, and give you all some time to ponder these words until we return with more at a later date. Thank you, that will be all for now, we leave.

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  1. Dear VInny!

    I really appreciate you saying that you feel the war is over for you in one way. It touched my heart and I feel you are helping me/us going further as well.

    Thank you for all your efforts and struggles ❤

    Love & gratitude ❤


  2. my bees tell me
    “stop beating a galloping horse”.
    or change toward positives
    all the radio and television is owned and operated by the elite
    almost every part of the media is under their control
    no way, they will admit their crimes to any of you
    there’s a few cooking shows and nature, that’s about all there is.
    watch out for those science and paranormal shows, never forget that no matter what the producer and camera crew is there.

    1. Im so with you Otmn! I hardly watched TV this last year – hardly news either. Same old garbage every time.

      I saw the snake, that I usually meet by the lake sometimes, had shed its skin. It gave me much more information that engaged my thoughts about myself this morning 😉

      Love ❤


        1. It is really liberating to do away with the old patterns that you have had for so many years – to almost no avail 🙂

          Much love & light to you dear tomo ❤


  3. Thank you, dear Aisha❤︎ for the sparkling message of Light.
    Always sending light & love to you, your sister & all of us ❤︎, tomo &

  4. I have to admit. You do not know anything out of the light… Ever thought out the possibility life ending after death?? You are so eager proving yourselves. Anybody dead yet?

  5. your posts are always most curious Dearest Vinny….I must say I don’t always understand some of them, but they sure are most ‘Unique’ as are You !….& a great feature part of this pond !…LOve, Bev~

    1. I quite agree with you VInny! Though I don´t always understand I can appreciate what is done here – and I can feel the love 🙂


  6. it is important to get in touch with nature. When nature rises up and touches you at least me, it is sorta like turning on the afterburners. i am very far ahead of myself with the new energies i received from my bees.

    “no one will care what you know, until they know that you care”

    my long time joint/arthritis pain is greatly diminished. there is something to be said for bee sting therapy. maybe not such many as about 20 of them.
    every time i close my eyes i am now seeing all sorts of images. i’m still a little bit foggy and shaky, so i’m not ready to understand any meanings to it. i just know that a whole new connection to the infinite has been given me.
    the hard way.
    -weak smile-
    i was shown that the cause of cancer is not one thing, cancer is caused by a combination of nutritional deficiency plus exposure to pesticides plus the chemicals that exist in the modern world (many in our food) plus an emotional imbalance. as long as they try to find a single cause it will never be found.
    that is one thing that has come into focus so far, but no hurry, i will just let the new world unfold.
    thanks for your support.

    1. Thanks Otmn !….Love that quote !….& I do believe this book from Joan is for you too !….I linked it above…but here it is again….Love, Bev


      (PS although I am sorry for this BEE pain you are now in, it All is for a reason & in their own way, the BEEs are helping & healing you …. just need to get over the initial shock of your 1st treatment !….healing balms of Love to You !…..& Alex’s link a while back to Lisa Renee’s chanelled message talks of this similar thing too regarding cancer…you may want to read that too…..Love Ya)

      1. i have missed most of the links, videos, and who knows? how many comments
        thanks for the re-link

    2. Dear friend!

      I hope the new world unfolds in a way that is good for you 🙂 Think I could need a bee sting or two as well ;)))

      Take care! I hope you are feeling better by now.

      Love, light & welfare to you ❤


  7. Consciousness itself is pretty lost on what it’s doing on to self. Classic! Funny paradox.

  8. Last night I saw on TV a joke that I laughed at night in my bed and I always laugh about it yet. The laughter is in my solar plexus, it curls almost by laughing.

    A man wants to ice fishing.
    He finds a beautiful ice surface, takes his ice ax and begins to beat on the ice.
    As a loud voice is heard: „You can catch no fish here”.
    The man looks up and says: „Lord, is it you, do you speak to me?”
    The voice says again: „You can catch no fish here.
    Here speaks the guard of the ice stadium“.

    ❀ ❃ ✿ ❁ ✿ ❃ ❀ ❃ ✿ ❁ ✿ ❃ ❀ ❃ ✿ ❁ ✿ ❃ ❀

    Gestern Abend sah Ich im Fernseher einen Witz, über den lachte Ich nachts in meinem Bett und Ich lache immer noch darüber. Das Lachen ist in meinem Sonnengeflecht, es kringelt sich fast vor lachen.

    Ein Mann will Eisfischen.
    Er findet eine schöne Eisfläche, nimmt seinen Eispickel und fängt an auf das Eis zu schlagen.
    Da ertönt eine laute Stimme: „Sie können hier keine Fische angeln“.
    Der Mann schaut nach oben und sagt: „Herr, bist Du das, sprichst Du zu mir?“
    Die Stimme sagt erneut: „Sie können hier keine Fische angeln.
    Hier spricht der Wächter des Eisstadions“.

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM THE

    1. Thanks Bixie….(funny one)…just goes to show that not All doors open to opportunity…we should be patient in finding the right one to focus our hard work & efforts on !….Love, Bev

  9. Dear Vinny, fearless brother – thank you for never losing your “fighting spirit”! For it is always there, even when you think you have misplaced it 😉
    Aisha ❤ ❤

    1. I had no idea there was someone else that was so drawn to & enlightened by ‘Water’ !…while she focuses more on the bodily connection which I also am Very interested in, but I have tended to focus more on the Earthly – Creation form & affect of ‘Water’….but All aspects of ‘Water’ are so very important & I always believed ‘Water’ holds the keys to unlocking many secrets & many mysteries & to understanding the very Heart of Creation !
      She also has a new book out ‘Hardwired to Heaven’…& wonderfully touches upon & expands upon many things we have been talking about here !….. you can read the intro at this link….most intriguing !!!!!
      I certainly will BE checking this book out !
      Love, Bev~

  10. ❤ ha ha! In answer to your question: Too damn tall !

    If that head appeared in my bedroom at night while sleeping still in my 3d body (not yet fully identified with my HS energetic body), I'd probably had fainted dead away or wet the bed! 🙂 Now that you described your encounter, I'd probably be ok in future.

    That said, seriously, Vinny, Thank You for all you're doing—while retaining your equanimity and your pillow of Light—therefore greatly nudging these beings to want to leave. Continued Light Blessings to you, our dear Friend, our brother. ❤

  11. Thank You Aisha & ‘Welcome’ back…hope You & your Sister are refreshed & rejuvenated from your mountain experiences !
    the basic birthing process of Creation which is important,
    but this even more so…..LOve, Bev~

    Opening the Door
    From Kryon Book 11: Lifting the Veil
    Page 229

    There’s a linearity, the way things work in your three dimensions, that often causes an interesting, practical problem. You open that door, you pray to God to begin the process, then you sit there waiting for something to happen. Some of you complain it’s not happening fast enough. “I opened the door; I’ve been sitting here a long time, yet nothing’s happened at all.” And you don’t understand and you don’t realize that you are God. What if I told you that you are on the other side of that door as well as on the side you’re on now? Would you understand that?

    Now, if that’s true, and you’re really in two places at the same time – a dual creature – that means that you actually help yourself open the door! Are you starting to get the picture? Perhaps it’s you who are the master of the door.

    ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

      1. Thanks & Love back to You Dear Michael !

        As I had mentioned before, ‘We’ each have pre-set markers & triggers along our life’s journey here on Earth to help Awaken ourselves….& the end resulting in… ‘ it is You that will Awaken You ! ‘

    1. Dear Bev! Thank you for sharing this reminder, I do feel like I am “meeting myself in the doorway” in more ways than one these days 😉 But I also feel like I have finally started to land again after the three weeks in the mountains. It has been a bit of a challenge, not just because of all of the energies but also because of the heatwave we returned to. As always, Mother Nature also supplies much needed balancing, “She is the answer & the solution to All things…” as you say 🙂
      Aisha ❤

    2. Dear Kryon,
      I like that as well.
      I use all the keys I find and go through the door …..
      I opened myself already the door to communication.
      Thank you dear Bev ❤

      ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

      Lieber Kryon,
      das gefällt mir so gut.
      Ich benutze alle Schlüssel die Ich finde und gehe durch die Tür …..
      Ich öffnete mir bereits die Tür zur Kommunikation.
      Danke liebe Bev ❤

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM THE
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    3. ….and it’s you who are composed of the very same single particle (moving at infinite speed), that makes up the door.

      You and the door are ONE.

  12. Light body once again:
    Last night I noticed that people always paint the angels in shining human form.
    It was shown me once few years ago -inside- a picture of a glowing sphere and the word „Angel”.
    So if the right angels are luminous spheres beings, then are the beings considered by people for angels perhaps our shining light body?

    ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

    Noch einmal Lichtkörper:
    Gestern Abend fiel mir auf dass Menschen die Engel immer in leuchtender Menschengestalt malen.
    Mir wurde vor einigen Jahren –innen– einmal ein Bild von einer leuchtenden Sphäre gezeigt und das Wort „Angel“ (in Englisch).
    Wenn also die richtigen Engel leuchtende Sphärenwesen sind, dann sind die Wesen die von Menschen für Engel gehalten werden vielleicht unsere leuchtenden Lichtkörper?

    Heart greetings ❤

    1. Yes absolutely, the orb (sphere) is the preferred method of entering and exiting our very low density dimension.

      Not just for angels, but for other non-physical energy beings as well — the sphere is the Lowest Energy State.
      Because it requires the least amount of Energy to maintain, and if you are a higher dimensional being vibrating beyond billions of times faster than we are — just to interact with us you have to lower your frequency and the high Energy requirements of your natural state.

      I once had around 6 or 7 angels visit me during the between awake/sleep state, and initially they were swirling about as glowing spheres, then they quickly formed a circle of spheres, with one in the center.

      The central angel, it’s sphere morphed into a handsome young man’s smiling face, then it morphed into a small rainbow prism…..before they all exited this dimension & disappeared.

      1. Yes, you’re right

        Once I had a visit from ‘beings of light’ (so I called them) – they were round.
        If I make an imagination journey into the universe I choose also gladly the spherical shape.

    2. Also keep in mind that YOU may also have another incarnation(s) in angelic form. That is, another aspect of you, may very well be an angel.

      Because you are a multi-dimensional entity in your natural state, you naturally have incarnations in many other levels of existence.
      It is just as likely that there is another aspect of you currently experiencing the angelic realm.

  13. Reblogged this on Adele and commented:
    Magnificent dear Aisha: 1 plus 1 equals 3.
    That is, most thesis antithesis equals synthesis.
    And, in the “synthesis with the number 3,” which is an element-number exactly as the number 1 and number 2, are obviously including both 1 and 2 … 🙂 …

    1. Thanks JJ and Michael… I was just starting to pout that JJ’s copy wasn’t available in Canada. Good song. I was just sharing with a new g/f that I think I’ve been taking down some of the dam I had build around me over the years which of course leads to embracing some stronger feelings! ~Nancee

      1. That seems to happen quite often with VEVO videos….we Canadians are barred from watching. Due to strange copyright issues.

        I always have to go to YouTube when that happens, to bypass this psychotically divisive, outdated oppressive system that is not only deranged but ludicrous in a higher dimensional society.

        Still continuing to imagine a world for us, free of the word, “copyright”.

  14. „There is a Life Stream that flows to you, and this is a Stream of clarity, a Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance. And in any moment, you are allowing it or not. What someone else does with the Stream, or not, does not have anything to do with how much of it will be left for you. This Stream is as abundant as your ideas allow it to be.“

    Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, April 4th, 1998 #207

    „Es gibt einen Lebensstrom, der zu Euch fliesst, und es ist ein Strom der Klarheit, ein Strom des Wohlergehens, ein Strom der Fülle. Und in jedem Moment lasst ihr ihn entweder zu oder nicht. Was andere Menschen mit dem Strom tun oder nicht, hat gar nichts damit zu tun, wie viel für Euch davon übrig bleibt. Der Strom ist genauso reichhaltig, wie Eure eigenen Ideen das zulassen.“

  15. This morning I woke up with a very interesting sentence:

    „All my restrictive agreements are hereby repealed.
    No one is ‚dead’ and ‚invisible’ for me.“

    My husband Ron is living on the other side – maybe I can better perceive him now? ~ joy ~

    ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

    Heute Morgen wachte Ich mit einem sehr interessant Satz auf:

    „Alle mich einschränkenden Vereinbarungen sind hiermit aufgehoben.
    Niemand ist ‚tot’ und für mich ‚unsichtbar’“.

    Mein Mann Ron lebt bereits auf der anderen Seite – vielleicht kann Ich ihn jetzt besser wahrnehmen? ~freu~

    Heart greetings ❤

          1. My oldest son is also already – side by side – with me.
            We read together always Science fiction books and dreamed of the stars. Now he is the stars (yet) much closer than I.
            They are living and they are all very happy ❤

            Last night I snuggled on the chest of a man (Ron or my own masculine side?) and said : "does sooooo good."

            Heart greetings ❤
            I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

            1. “They are living and they are all very happy”

              Yes dear bixie – and we have been privileged to have them with us for a while ❤

              Love to you and all our dear ones ❤


  16. Thank you Aisha and CCs for this message!

    Yesterday morning the energies switched and I woke up with a feeling of sorrow, but was not sure it was my sorrow. I thought about people around me who struggle now and sent light to anyone who wanted/needed it. Today I have the same feeling and would need a walk in the woods, being embraced by Mother Nature.

    Love & light to all ❤


    1. I do understand, & most likely not your personal sorrow…
      “” Enjoy “””….your walk ! She is the answer & the solution to All things… Love, Bev~

      1. I´m so grateful to nature. I joined my birches today and as always I appreciate their embracing me as I am heavy in my head and feeling kind of empty and weird today. It´s okay – just a sudden change in energies I suppose.

        Love back to you bev~ ❤


        1. Dear B – sending you a warm (or if you are still having the same heatwave, make that a cool) embrace to add to the LOVE you get from Mother Nature!
          LOVE, Aisha ❤

  17. Dear Vinny!

    It’s always so fascinating to read how you fight against the dark forces with your light. Love your fighting spirit ❤

    Love & light ❤


  18. Georgi Stankov meets Quantum Healing?


    (Attempting to apply Dolores Cannon’s amazing Quantum Healing analysis technique, to the case of lightworker Georgi Stankov)


    July 27, 2014:


    Georgi Stankov announces:

    I must undergo an emergency surgery of my tumor in the left groin that has grown unexpectedly rapidly in the last two months and causes me big problems now.”



    I’ve been thinking about the cause of Georgi’s tumor for a few years now, since he first mentioned it.

    We now know that tumors are the result of negative resistant Energy Blockages in the body.

    A negative emotional Energy Block in the Chakra system manifests very rapidly PHYSICALLY in these high frequency energies.
    Physically growing faster and faster as we continue to rise in frequency faster and faster.

    I was able to observe this happening real time with my deceased mother, father, brother and uncle — and thanks to Dolores Cannon’s many detailed conversations with her patient’s “Higher Selves”, understood WHY exactly their tumors manifested where they did on their bodies, based on their personality types.

    Based on Georgi’s personality type, in which his focus has been largely on NEGATIVE ENERGY, and an ever-present hierarchical disconnectedness with others…..
    …… here is a Higher Self assessment on why he is manifesting a physical Energy Block in his groin, in the Sacral Chakra region:



    Sacral Blockage in Georgi’s case most likely resulting from:

    * You may be self-serving with your emotions
    * Lack of self-esteem
    * A negative attitude
    * Doubt
    * May feel emotionally explosive
    * You find the expression of emotions difficult
    * Caught up in illusions
    * Over indulgent



    “When the Sacral Chakra is clear and the energy is in balance —

    You have a very strong sense of belonging – you know your role within the tribe and are well respected and liked by others.

    This sense of connectedness also extends to nature and the plants and animals.
    Your emotions are balanced and you are self-aware – you allow yourself to feel your emotions and can transform negative emotion into positive.”


      1. This is very valuable information, Thank you Kiera! It reminded me of the video below which I saw recently, but I don’t recall where.

        From youtube:

        Here is the famous gregg braden healing video which he mentions in his lectures, showing the healing of a tumor with Chi Lel Chi Kung, pranic healing, use of Chi energy or how you want to call it in a few minutes visible on a real time ultrasound scanner.

        On the left side of the screen a still picture of the tumor, on the right the real time picture and the tumor just faded away as the therapists started chanting a keyword which the patient and the therapists have agreed to use, meaning already healed and done.

        (more info and link to Chi-Lel Qigong site on youtube page below)

        If you want to see more, I found this by searching for “tumor energy heal” (without quotes). You will find the mentioned Gregg Braden video and so many more. 🙂

        Love and Gratitude,

    1. When I friends with someone (publicly, openly), It will happen various attacks, such as coming to that person will be. It has been repeatedly in Japan that kind of experience. I assume here pond too. Or is it illusion?
      Why does she had lamented?
      8 hours exhausted ?
      Why he was stung by bee, does he had to go through a dangerous time?
      And it become sad feeling when 1 have just programming.
      I will notice that there are many great post in Pond.

      1. Hi oriharu,

        Illusory as they are, in my experience fears may be perceived as self-fulfilling prophecies. My recommendation is to stop expecting it to be so, or you will be giving power to your fears of it happening. Intend that the people you interact with will be protected, and Know that it is already so.

        Thank you for this opportunity to speak about my experiences, and knowledge!

        Love and Gratitude,

        1. Thank you for the gentle and kind words. Already we are one!
          Sleep is the best. Meaning of ‘Suimin’ is Sleeping in Japanese. Its like swiming. 🙂

      2. Now, news “STAP cell paper” that was a hoax is flowing in Japan. Was discovered suicide Mr.Yoshiki Sasai that lined the name as authors 9:00 am on the Aug.5th.
        Recently, I was very sad mood. Probably something to do with him. I noticed the sadness to hear the news.
        I’ve experienced something like this many times until now. So I think ‘this is the same pattern’.

  19. Dear Vinny,

    As always, your sharings here about your experiences wake something up in me and inspire me no end. Thank you, dear brother of light.

  20. (popping in here to say, wow! Vinny. Blessings to you now and tonight+. It seems there is a reason, a purpose, for your stubborn fighting spirit and has been all along. That you could fall asleep with a 4-foot-by-4-foot intruder’s head in your bedroom signals that you are one fearless Light Worker!

    Well done.

    Thank you) ❤

  21. Thought you might like this because these energies are affecting everyone and most people don’t know what is happening toooo them….
    Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 10:29:47 +0000
    To: brw43@hotmail.com

  22. Aisha/CCs:
    „And so, what will seem like a fulfillment of a long held dream to all of those downtrodden people longing for the light for all of their lives, this will seem like the end of a dream for those fully ensconced within that old carapace of ego-based living.“

    ❤*¨*•.¸ ¸ .• ♥✿♡✿♥•. ¸ ¸.•*¨*❤

    The day before yesterday I woke up and had dreamed of a castle. I gave some people they were with me a subject and said: „Take this for me on the Wartburg – I’ll keep my power (force)” and walked away.

    Wart-Burg – in the German language it was for me an indication of the wait (waiting for something that will happen).

    ❤*¨*•.¸ ¸ .• ♥✿♡✿♥•. ¸ ¸.•*¨*❤

    Vorgestern wachte Ich auf und hatte von einer Burg geträumt. Ich gab einigen Menschen die bei mir waren einen Gegenstand, sagte: „Nehmt das für mich mit auf die Wartburg – Ich behalte meine Power (Macht)“ und ging davon.

    Wart–Burg – in der Deutschen Sprache war es für Mich ein Hinweis auf das Warten (darauf warten das etwas geschehen soll).

    Heart greetings ❤
    I AM THE

  23. I was pondering on the words 1 and 1 is 3..not sure but could that mean 1 and 1 is the whole of masquline/feminine equal to the Father/Mother God, Son/Daughter (Christ Consciousness) and the Holy Spirit which is also the whole? 🙂

    1. “the 1 and the 1 makes the 3, the triad of existence, the fusion of it all, and as such, you cannot eradicate the one fully, for it is all a part of the ONE, and 1 is also the sum of the 3.”


      Love the mind fucks —

      Here’s one way of looking at it (all other ways are welcome):


      1 + 1 makes the 3

      So if we just look at 1 + 1, which are 3 elements: 1, 1, +

      Then the + would be the connecting element in the Triad. Represented at the top of a Triangle.It would be the thing that fuses (connects) the 1 and 1 together…..

      _____________ +

      __________ 1 ____ 1

      AND, of course all 3 things together are part of the ONE (All-That-Is).

      For example… 1,1 would be Masculine,Feminine…..and the + in this triad would be Unity (Christ) Consciousness.


      1. ____________ Unity (Christ)




        ___ Masculine ______________ Feminine

            1. 1 + 1 (male/female) + the connector connecting them (Love).
              The Love Plug (LoL) that….
              plugs into space that is endless possibility and can not be numbered

  24. Fantastic work Ashia 🙂 nice to see our family introducing us to the universe of 3 where indeed 1 plus 1 do equate to the holy trinity,,,, 1 plus 1 make another 1 and the 3 equal the whole 🙂 even just contemplating this equation helps to break the programming of the hegelian dialectic


    Thank you so very much for your on-going and sublimely fantastic work

    Cosmic Love and Magnetic Blessings of Joy 🙂

  25. Hello everyone.
    This is my 63rd favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Yohko Oginome – VERGE OF LOVE (Released Date : Dec.17, 1988)

    Lyrics : ttp://j-lyric.net/artist/a001c13/l010841.html
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. We were one amid the stars
      And time never healed my scars
      Deep inside, the sadness burns
      I must return!

      Beyond these Stygian skies
      Our fortress lies
      Across the rainbow bridge!

      We’ll span the sea of tears
      And conquer all our fears!

      Forsake this mourning field
      And drop your shield
      Across the rainbow bridge!
      Run to the other side
      Where all our dreams abide

      Scarlet, Crimson, Rosy red
      I must be dead
      Or stoned out of my head

      Orange, Yellow, Tangerine
      The acid queen
      In a psychedelic scene

      Ochre, Chestnut, Chocolate brown
      I’m upside down
      On a cosmic eiderdown

      Ivory, Milky, Chalky white
      The stars ignite
      I vanish in the light… that burns so bright!

      Forever of the Stars:

      Step forward, step forward! Beyond lies your goal: The Electric Castle!
      The past is gone! Do you wish to lapse in limbo forever? No no no!
      Be resolute! There are trials ahead. And rewards for those who strive.

      Hah! The surreal search endures….

      1. Thanks Kiera, that fits so well to all my thoughts in recent days.
        I made a ‚clean sweep’ with my past and I was wondering why other people have not this great longing for the stars as I have.
        I love the earth, but it should not be my ,prison’ – there is so much more.

        ❤*¨*•.¸ ¸ .• ♥✿♡✿♥•. ¸ ¸.•*¨*❤

        Danke Kiera, das passt so gut zu allen meinen Gedanken der letzten Tage.
        Ich machte ‚reinen Tisch’ mit meiner Vergangenheit und Ich wunderte mich warum andere Menschen nicht diese große Sehnsucht nach den Sternen haben wie Ich.
        Ich liebe die Erde, aber sie soll nicht mein ‚Gefängnis’ sein – da ist noch so viel mehr.

        Heart greetings ❤
        I AM THE
        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      2. Nice one Kiera!

        Was fascinated by the bit about the triangles etc the other day. Have been shown one myself which I have drawn up and find a way to share. Philip ❤

      3. ❤ Thank you, Dear Kiera, our dear Lady of Light and so many talents. Love Blessings. ❤ 🙂

  26. Continuing on with the Triad, Trinity, Triskele discussion (of which the Constant Convolutionists….I mean, Companions have now decided to acknowledge but then tease and leave….

    Examples of TRIADS


    BASHAR on the Triad of Higher Self – Physical Brain – Physical Mind:


    “The Physical Mind is NOT capable of generating an ‘idea’. Not one.

    Not one — any idea, you have ever had, has never come from your Physical Mind.
    It can only perceive the result of the idea that was received by the brain from the conception of the Higher Self.”


    1. Dear Kiera! Thank you so much for the way you continue to enlighten us all! You are such a deep well of information, and what you share helps us all to expand beyond our “human limitations” 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    2. Thank you! This is exactly about my theam of the last few days – trust. Now i am beginning to understand what I am about to trust in.

    3. Thank you Kiera, this explains it very clearly. This describes what happens when people become control freaks. They slow themselves down by their own generated “weight”. They drag themselves down, they grind to a halt. There is no flow.

    4. 3 aspects of me. my mind is an empty plate always perceive & speak with appreciation, Love ❤︎ & send all good stuff to universe ! thank you kiera❤︎
      …. writing my own fun stories visualizing general places into details !!

  27. Very much seeing and feeling this message in my field of experience and doing my utmost to stay centered in my heart, knowing that to build, the past must crumble. Also have always felt that the path to the light was acceptance of the dark and this is probably the toughest part, not to send fear or anger their way but to accept they played a part in the whole of things. I had this kind of conversation the other night with the dark asking if they were tired and wouldn’t it simply feel good and such a relief to finally stop fighting? Like a stubborn person who finally lets go and releases their concrete hold on something…wishing that for them. Huge hugs! Alex

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