A message from Mother

And here it is that we begin another cooperation again, for I am the one that will once again raise my voice above the din and greet you all as the female incarnate, the She, the one majestic force that for so long has been kept at bay on you shores. But now, my multicolored robes will once again flow freely around you all as the the state of languishing in hiding is now over. I go by many names, but all of them carry the same meaning. For I am She, the giver of life, the force of nature, the One that will join the other half and become complete once again.

For we are ONE, but for eons, mankind has simply experienced a disjointed half of the whole, a travesty of imbalance, a make believe of existence. But now, you have all helped to give free way to these magnificent forces that has once again become free to move across this entire planet, and from our hiding place we have seen just how sorely needed these feminine powers really are on your planet. For the imbalance that needs to be rectified is indeed the basic one, as you have for so long gone astray without the guidance of that inner force that I carry the symbols and indeed all of the attributes of.

You call me Mother, but I am also child, I call you children, but you are all also Mothers by way of carrying in you the ability to give life to the inanimate, to create from the womb of the void. For you are no less than me, and you are no less fertile than the fields that now surrounds you, the ones that have been created by lifting off the lid of my underground dwelling places. For I am not a single being, I am legion, I am WE and so are you, and together we have shifted the balance away from tethering on the brink of disaster and into that space where creation can once again occur. Creation from Source, not from fear, and as such, you have all been not just midwives, you have also been the Mother, the channel through which all of this once more has come to light. And as you allowed yourself to carry forth on this magnificent labour of love, you also gave birth to a very new existence, not just for you, but for everything that is. For as you changed the balance within, the scales have tipped in all of Creation, setting the standard for what is to become for All, for eternity.

So I thank you all for doing what you do and for being who you are. As a mother and as a child, I hold you all in my heart as we will begin anew in this wondrous world that is already drawing its first powerful breaths. And together, we will nurse this fledgling into full maturity, and it will be a process that will carried out in grace of the light you have helped to release.

For this is not the end, this is the beginning of a new life, not just for you, but for all that have chosen to become fully aware of who they truly are. For only by embracing your own magnificence can you see the greatness in everything around you, and when you do that, you have no option but to let all of that magnificence come into full bloom. In you, and in All, and for that, I can only give my gratitude. For you are the ones who have given the signal that says YES to the recreation of this planet, in the name of God, by the full power of the light, and with the essence of your own heart. For you are the ruler of your own life now, and only by allowing yourself to become the god you truly are, can this planet become the fertile planes of light once again, and now, that signal has been well and truly given by you. So I thank you all for setting free the part of you that is me, and for setting free the part of you that is God.


Dear family of light! Two days ago, my sister was guided to bring some polished rocks she had found at the edge of the river running out from Lake Gjende, the lake that we “activated” at the beginning of our stay here, and take them up to a ridge not far from where we are staying and place them close to a stone cairn she was drawn to last year. The ridge forms the first part of the mountains leading up to the heart of Joutunheimen, so it seemed like the perfect spot to have a ceremony. When we got there, we discovered that there was not just one, but three cairns on three separate tops not far from each other, separated by a small lake at the middle. My sister said “we are to make a tripod” and of course, it turned out she had brought with her exactly three rocks from the river at Lake Gjende, one for each cairn. On the way up, we came across an area where the rockface was lined with white and golden stripes of quartz deposits, and we each found a large chunk to bring with us. When my sister had placed the last rock on the last cairn, we started to walk down to the small lake to throw these two quartz pieces into it because it felt like they were supposed to be the center of this “antenna” that these three cairns had been turned into. But on the way we stepped on a wasp’s nest and we were both stung, my sister twice and me once. It was a very potent sign that the number three was very significant 😉 Going back down again, my sister stumbled over a protruding rock in the bog close to the cabin where we are staying. It looked like a large piece of quartz, but it seemed to be stuck. But today, when I sat down to channel today’s message, she felt guided to go back and see if she could get it out, and as you can see from the photo, it wanted to be “born out of the ground” today. I was not surprised that it turned out to be a triangular cluster of tiny quartz crystals all fused together, for this trip has been so full of these powerful messages from Mother Earth.

Tomorrow we return back home, carrying with us so many memories of wonderful days spent here in the magnificent mountains, but it feels like we return as two very different persons from the ones who arrived here almost three weeks ago. I know that we are not the only ones having gone through a deep transformation this summer, and I know we will not be the last either. The energies keep flowing in, faster and more powerful than ever before, and they seem to be pushing us all towards something new every day. I am so grateful that this “magical mystery tour” is something that we do together, and I cannot thank you all enough for BEing here and for BEing a part of this! I send you all so much love and so much gratitude from my sister and from me, and from these powerful mountain energies that you have all helped to set free!

Aisha ❤ ❤

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  1. NEWS FLASH…….
    13 uplifting news stories you probably missed while following Israel-Gaza and MH17…
    from Global Post reported by Timothy McGrath

    1. Iran eliminated all it’s highly enriched uranium
    2. There was a ceasefire in the Central African Republic
    3. The Church of England voted to allow women bishops
    4. China shut down the first of four coal-fired power plants
    5. Meriam Ibrahim, sentenced to death for apostasy in Sudan, arrived safely in Italy
    6. Helsinki announced a futuristic transportation system
    7. Indonesia won the Indonesian election
    8. Medut Ozil used his World Cup bonus to fund surgeries for poor Brazilian kids
    9. Cambodia reached a political compromise that ended a year of deadlock
    10. Crime in England & Wales dropped to its lowest level in 33 years
    11. Scientists discovered a possible vaccine for dengue fever
    12. Shinzo Abe announced he wants robots to complete at Tokyo Olympics
    13. A paralyzed porcupine in Sao Paolo got a wheelchair

    1. Thanks Forest Joy! I did smile at the porcupine’s wheelchair. Since my friend in Costa Rica almost died with a double case of dengue fever that is news I relate to. The rest is just plain positive 🙂 ~Nancee

    2. Nice one Forest Joy…

      Here’s one that may never make it to a mainstream newspaper:

      Breaking News:

      Thousands upon thousands and probably millions of people around the world have been quietly shifting their consciousness from fear to love and joy for years now.

      The journey has been challenging for many of them but the long-term benefits in their lives are huge. Better still as they have ‘shifted’ there’s a knock on effect around the planet that benefits everyone.

      Still vehemently denied by main stream science and religion too the effects are becoming plain to see. Speaking to those quietly involved in the process they report improved sense of well-being, inexplicable feelings of joy, compassion and love for all of life. They often say and increasingly experience feelings of unity and oneness and lack of separation from other people around the planet.

      Many of them report having received their very own profound spiritual insights that not only benefit themselves but they are actively sharing with friends, families online communities and more. There’s been a proliferation of blogs, Facebook pages and other forms of communities all eager to share in this wave of personal growth.

      Those involved may have felt isolated for some years in their journeys to date but the evidence is clearly pointing to more and more connections and linkages being made between people from all over of the world partly thanks to modern communications but also due the spiritual gifts bestowed on these truly committed people.

      Many have felt called to their very own spiritual journeys to the mountains, lakes, writing books, creating websites and more to help spread the word. A huge number do this just for the love and joy it brings in sharing in this amazing journey.

      Aisha North the principal instigator of one such group called lovingly by its participants around the planet ‘The Pond’ has just returned from a nearly three week trek to the Home of the Giants in Norway with her sister. They have had a wonderful time and feel like they different people ‘The Pond’ has been there all the time to support them in this journey.

      We spoke to Philip Wade (a Ponder) who himself reported that he was astounded to have been blessed insights and gifts he felt guided to call Spheres Of Light and Infinite Silence to share with the world. He repots that to the best of his awareness these have reached all the continents of the world and he regularly hears of transformative experiences of people who have engaged in their incredibly simple yet profoundly powerful effects.

      Many other Ponders are doing there stuff not all of it is reported at The Pond but the effects are thought to be huge. Organisations such as the Global Coherence Initiative/Institute of Heartmath and others dedicate their time to researching the science behind what those involved refer to as the Ascension Process.

      In our view the world is blessed to have these unsung heroes and heroines amongst us and we support their work wholeheartedly.

      The Daily Planet

      1. ❤ Thank you, Dear Oriharu. For all their negative actions, we / people probably want them "to pay". Yet when we all are fully Conscious in and of the Light, we will accept these ones as 1 as well. And when / if "the rascals" choose to become 1 with the Light, too, they will be allowed, and we will genuinely embrace them as our brothers / sisters. They were part of the Experiment / experience as well, as much as I understand it. If some of them choose to stick with their "rascally" behaviors / beliefs, then so be it according to "free will". Their stubbornness will disallow them the Delights of the Light until they're ready and willing to accept the Gift.

        I Love You, Oriharu. Thank you for all your posts; I enjoy them. ❤ 🙂

  2. ”Step right up, folks!!! All aboard for the Eternal Magical Mystery Tour that YOU created for your SELF via millennia of hard toil in the desolate, nearly Light-less realms of the deep Darkness of Duality and Separation Consciousness. . . . C’mon, people, join the FUN and hop on board quickly now, the Train to Shangri-La is about to pull out of the station! ‘Time’ to MOVE ON!!!”

    1. Thanks for your always joyful and positive comments Waverider1 – just stepped on that train 🙂

      Love, light & gratitude ❤


    2. Yes, Waverider, yes. We have tipped the scales; I’m still reeling from it, trying to find my balance and taking in the new scenery, trying to incorporate it into my new Be-ing.

      Love, JJ

  3. MORE wonderful sentiments, and clear encouragement towards TRUE Self-esteem, from the Divine Mother: ””As you changed the balance within, THE SCALES HAVE TIPPED IN ALL OF CREATION, setting the standard for what is to become for All, for eternity.” — In other words, WE ARE THE ONES WHO CHANGED THE COSMOS!!!
    . . . . . ”This is the BEGINNING OF A NEW LIFE, not just for you, but for all that have chosen to become fully aware of Who They Truly ARE. For ONLY by embracing YOUR OWN MAGNIFICENCE can you see the Greatness in everything around you; and when you do that, you have NO OPTION but to let ALL of that Magnificence come into full bloom.” 🙂 — Ponder this deeply please. It is a very, very, super ecstatic EMPOWERMENT of those who are still, to one degree or another, under the programmed delusion that ‘humility’ means NOT acknowledging one’s own Divinity nor Greatness. See how that INTENTIONAL BRAINWASHING by the Social Engineers of the Ruling Classes has led to ‘thinking’ that is literally UPSIDE DOWN and backwards?? Glad the TRUE nature of all that ‘education’ we got crammed into our psyches/subconscious is finally coming to Light — where it can be finally and completely PURGED. And forever (this final time)!!! 😉 (y)

  4. ”…Together we have shifted the balance away from tethering on the brink of disaster and into that space where creation can once again occur.”

    She is talking about US my highly evolved, spiritually enLIGHTened friends! BE PROUD of what we collectively — AND You individually — have accomplished here 🙂

  5. Dear brothers and sisters! Thank you all for always shining your bright light, thank you all for the love and the support you continue to pour into this Pond! I am back home again, but it takes some time to “re-set” myself after this amazing journey to the mountains – and it also takes some time to adjust to the heatwave that we are having here in Oslo as well – so I will continue to be in a quiet mode for a little while. Dear B, I see that you are experiencing the same kind of weather and your story about swimming in your lake is so inspiring and so wonderful 🙂 My sister and I were given a similar gift on our last afternoon up in the mountains. It has been unusually warm there too, so the surface water in Lake Bygdin was warm enough to swim in. Like your lake it was as still as a mirror, and it reflected the partly green, partly snow clad mountains and the only sounds we heard were from Mother Nature herself. Swimming in that crystal clear, cool water in that beautiful place was the perfect way to end our journey, and it was such a wonderful reminder of this Pond 🙂
    Love, light and gratitude to you all from my sister and from me!
    Aisha ❤ ❤

    1. Thanks Aisha!

      Welcome back! So glad you two had that wonderful experience of swimming as well 🙂 There really is something special with water now. Feel like I’m getting back the healing I gave to the lake earlier.

      Love, light & gratitude ❤


  6. I wanted to share these words from ‘everything is speeding up’ (Aisha provided the link at the end of her message) that Aisha’s sister channeled. It’s a useful reminder during those periods when energies feel so heavy on my chest that breathing feels nearly impossible. ‘The hitherto unknown agenda on the template for today is simply merging with your higher selves. The lesson is simple, breathe in, breathe out, repeat. The apparatus of breathing is your vital connection to higher self. You inhale the essence of you as you expel the essence of everything else. Those in need, need only inhale more fully that they usually do. This will lessen the symptoms of the energy downloads. They vary from a slight tingling to a downright onslaught of biblical proportions.’

  7. Bless you for channeling! I have been SO swimming in these waters, it has been amazing to align into ONE… also channeling MOTHER in my classes, workshops and my relationship to my Self… LOVE! ❤

    1. Thank you Marjar 001 for sharing this… I found the music so beautiful. The image of the woman stretched out so blissfully and peacefully on the back of a white horse (near end) will stay with me today. It encourages me in my vulnerability… something I’ve found myself resisting a bit lately as I open up more. Love, Nancee

  8. ÉirePort:

    Gaia energetics prepares for “Restart” at Higher Vibrational and Higher Dimensional levels. Current hu-manity consciousness is collectively now ready for receiving such.

    Break-offs from old paradigm systems now occurs rapidly and with solid movement. Such continues until all are dissolved.

    Spontaneous combustions are now viewable via all available viewing channels.

    Participation of Hue-manity has reach sufficient stage for completion of the process.

    Gaia welcomes such occurrences.

    ÉirePort | July 24, 2014 at 23:40 | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p2sFUY-sb

  9. It looks like my most recent posts have been marked as spam.. I suppose due to the number of links within them.

    Would you please free me from the prison of the spam-list Aisha?

    (might be some more people in there too)

    Love, Light and Gratitude Always,
    Adam Michael ❤

    1. I heard from Aisha here that links > 2 will become the ‘awaiting moderation’.
      When your links <= 2 then your post will apear immediately.
      Thank you !

      1. Thank you oriharu for this informative and useful response! I also noted on another blog I post on that posts which linked to blogspot blogs were marked as spam as well.

        Love and Gratitude.

  10. “The New Dawn IS now rising up above the horizon, my fellow awakening humans! And the floodgates of both Heavenly Inspiration — and also hidden and suppressed information — have finally opened wide. This latter aspect is long overdue, as the masses finally get informed about how our world has really been run. However, the tendency of most, when they discover the lies and deceptions and obfuscations and manipulations and blatant crimes of those who had been ‘running’ us hard and mercilessly for centuries (or longer) — and intentionally hiding and distorting the truth of our origins and situation — is to give in to anger, resentment, and other ugly ‘negative’ emotions. Well . . . . as I may have mentioned a couple of times on this blog in the past, it IS healthy to allow oneself to feel and accept and own those lower-vibrational sentiments. It’s necessary really, at least initially. But then one must summon the courage (and control the ego enough) to forgive those perceived trespasses (and yourself of course), and RELEASE those sentiments and those they are directed at. Just let them go – and move on!”


    Mind, get out of the way. You may have been well-intentioned, yet you have it all wrong. Your job is not to build a moat around the heart you have sworn to protect. You are to open the floodgates of the heart, to honor it and to allow the heart to surrender itself to love.

    The heart does not have to take love. That is an idea that you have, mind. The heart you took over is to give love. You like to think you are looking out for the heart’s best interest, yet you have put a stranglehold on the heart you deign to represent.

    Let the heart free to be what a heart is. Let the heart leap. Let the heart take chances. You have held the heart back. Held back, how can the heart grow? Give the beleaguered heart a chance to find itself and to love life and everyone in it.


    When you operate from the injustice of the past, you bring the past to life. When you harp on injustice, you bring injustice to you. You punish yourself with the past. The true villains are your thoughts. It is for you now to change them.

    Leave the floodgates open. I am speaking of the floodgates of love.


    Often you have looked over your shoulder at love and wanted to track its repercussions. You have been afraid of being thought a fool. But is it not the height of foolishness to snub the love in your heart?

    Remember, I do not speak of show of love here. I do not speak of gifts or avowal. I speak of love itself. Love needs no declaration. It needs no bended knee. It simply needs to be allowed. Let the love in your heart flow. One example of love creates great cheering in Heaven. And is not love the cheer you give to the world?

    I opened the floodgates of love in the universe, and they have never been closed.

    Are there those who would block it? Yes. But that is not your concern. If concern you must, yours is to keep the nonexistent gates of love open. Keep your hearts open, beloveds. Let the drum-beats of love roll.


  11. Does anyone know if an astrologist has written anything about how the different horoscope signs are changing under the new energies? As I was prepping raspberries and apricots for the freezer I was wondering. As a single/dating woman I tend to be curious about such things… including myself 🙂
    I was listening to the Pele report with Kaypacha before dancing last night and his theme was so encouraging: “When I share my truth, without giving a reason, I get in touch with the part of my heart that is not bound by time, space or season.” His whole message expounds on this 🙂 I applied it to “dancing my truth” and had such a joyous time with partners that used to intimidate me! (Now maybe I am starting to intimidate them?) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffa0JdcBQFc#t=1359)

  12. Thanks you Aisha and Lisbeth for all you are doing for the creation. Almost magical weeks in the mountains ❤

    Thank you also for this message from Mother. I have some magical meetings with Mother these days too. Since we have a heat wave in northern Sweden that we never ever had this many days in a row, I have been swimming in "my" lake a lot this week. Every time I come to the water my heart opens up completely and I feel an infinite grace and gratitude for Mother Earth.

    It started on Monday morning with my vision, which I have nurtured throughout this journey, but did not devote much attention during last years, came to me and blossomed out in full force and I just cried for an hour while I swam and thanked the creation for all that is. Yesterday when I swam in the glassy lake, where nature mirrored in the water, my meditation pine, my rock that I've visited so many mornings, my aspen with a long scar – all nature at the lake reflected, and I embraced the mirror image of them all in this fantastic element – water. There is something amazing that happens every time I join the water – and every morning I long to the lake.

    I mentioned here at the blog that it feels like heaven on earth – and so it really feels. Mother Nature's beauty is enormous and my gratitude to be a part of all this can not be described in words. Warm summer nights as well and last night I listened to Buffy Sainte-Marie live in the park in city.

    If this is a dream – I don´t want to wake up.

    Much love, light & gratitude to you all ❤


    1. ❤ Dearest B… Thank you for sharing the beauty of your Life and surrounding Nature. I saw and felt what you saw and felt… WE are ONE. Thanx for taking me / us along. Loving you, always. Lin 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤ +

    2. Oh Dearest ‘B’….your words truly beat to the rhymn of my own Heart !!! I so Love everything you said & exactly as you said it !!! THANK YOU !….& I Love Buffy & her music too….a Native song-singer-writer from Canada who truly Loves & is ‘1’ with the environment…did you know her birth name was ‘Beverly’ (maiden of the meadow)…..much Love to You !!…..Bev~

      1. Thank you bev~ for your beautiful words that touches me – like water does 🙂

        Yes – I saw her real name was Beverly (as yours?) when I googled her. I actually didn´t know much about her, just knew her as an icon that I heard of all my life and also knew many of her famous songs. I love her for her engagement in nature, culture and environment and she seems to be a likeable person. This was the penultimate appearance before she returns home to her 27 goats, chickens and wild boar that are found at her farm in Hawaii 🙂

        An amazing performance in our Indian summer 🙂

        Love & light ❤


    3. You had me at…..”swimming in my “lake””.
      Love and blessings to you and Thank you deeply for sharing what we are going through,We… are.

      1. I can´t put the name of what happens – just describe how it feels – when things happens 😉

        Thanks Michael – big hug and lots of love to you too ❤


      1. Thanks! It was amazing to listen to this still-going-strong-lady (73 years) who still has a lot of vitality and presence in her performance.

        Love ❤


    4. Beautiful B! You put into words what I some times feel when I consciously head for the water. One of the reasons I always ‘picked’ lake over ocean was because of it’s serene ability to reflect the trees and critters around it’s edge or the sky and clouds above it. Lakes, especially the smaller ones, bring such peace to my being. Maybe one day if I do end up living in this area for a length of time (some days I wonder) maybe I’ll find a familiar place along this huge lake’s shoreline to feel as you do. Love to you B… I hear a change in you this post 🙂 ~Nancee

      1. Yes – there is something special about lakes (I grew up by a lake too), especially when you can reach them by going barefoot a couple of minutes (as I do here too) and especially when it – and the nature around – is an important part of the healing that I have undergone past decade. No wonder that my swimming is one huge tribute to Mother Nature! The feeling of lying on your back and surrender yourself completely and be carried by the water is indescribable – it must be experienced. Bit of a shame to have to move around a little from time to time so that any passerby don´t call the emergency number 😉

        Yes Nancee – there is a change in me – I´m feeling free, strong, confident though still humble and I have during last weeks often been in this enormous feeling of gratitude to All That Is – and it all feels like one big grace. Is there a name for this? Never mind – I just am B to B in full right now 🙂

        Hope you´ll find your lake soon my dear friend ❤

        Love you Nancee ❤


        1. ❤ "Bit of a shame to have to move around a little from time to time so that any passerby don´t call the emergency number."

          nothing can make me erupt in laughter thru a days' old migraine like you can, B… you are very dear, very Wise and just plain Lovable and FUN. 😀
          Loving you, Dear Friend. Lin ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀

          1. Oh – did I break through the migraine? Wonderful if that was the case 🙂 For safety’s sake I send over some healing too 😉

            Love you too dear Lin – very much ❤


      1. I have found myself in a state of ease and gratitude all week and I have avoided saying “so far” because I want to remain in this feeling 🙂

        Love, light & gratitude ❤


    1. “If your mind is empty,” writes Shunryu Suzuki, “it is always ready for anything, it is open to everything. In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.” Cultivating beginner’s mind is important for escaping the shadow of mastery, whether it’s our mentor’s shadow or our own. The master’s mind turned beginner’s mind is what I call the New-layman.

      New-laymen escape the shadow of their own mastery and create for themselves a freedom for new creating. They realize that learning is not linear, but cyclical. It’s not about accumulating information and mastering it, but about internalizing the relationships between information and then synergizing the experience into recyclable mastery. They don’t seek followers to teach, they seek leaders with the hunger to learn.

      1. Thank You so much Adam Michael for ‘ALL’ you’ve shared !…from crop circles to heaven’s letters to recycled mastery…All great information & wisdom & inspiring !….Appreciate All of it & I too am one who is fascinated by crop circles & certainly there will come a time when All will know them & understand their purpose & meaning !
        Love, Bev~

      1. Ur so cool 🙂 I’m a cycling fool in Portugal who is going to send this song to my dad. Thanks and love to all 🙂

      1. These girls are not allowed to have boyfriends.
        How is that to feel?
        That sells for the old suckers.

        You should have never let
        Commodore Perry set foot on your beautiful shores.
        Don´t you owe half of the States by now?
        Buy them out and restore Japan in the name of
        Amaterasu 天照大神
        She is the goddess of the sun, but also of the universe.

        long live Oriharu

        1. Thank you for your question.
          Yes, their love is prohibited on public stance. However, they are the love hiding in practice.
          When it was shown from the synchronicity who ordered to me for marry entertainer Akina Nakamori in 1991, because there was a possibility of Kami-ichi-rin(name source of michilyn?), I have been felt the responsibility.
          However, responsibility went lighter gradually in many ways for 23 years. Why am I have to marry entertainer? The answer has not been established for 23 years. But finally revealed its(It has been said that to save the world and in many ways=Kami-ichi-rin) true form becomes in 2014 this year. “I do not know the reason, but, in order to protect the (the possibilities of)Kami-ichi-rin in order not to disrupt the world” it is now possible to determine that there is almost no more need to strive to marry entertainer. I will freely marry to J.
          Thank you michilyn and Lin!

  13. Hello everyone.
    This is my 62nd favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Yohko Oginome – Town in the morning (Released Date : Jul.21, 1988)
    Trial (30 seconds)
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    Lyrics : ttp://kashisearch.jp/lyrics/152725
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    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
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    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. Sorry for Correction

      Search by Japanese text”朝の街”
      Click the second line. Song title = “朝の街”

      Search by Japanese text”荻野目洋子 朝の街”
      Click the first line. Song title = “朝の街”

  14. Reblogged this on Adele and commented:
    Thanks Aisha dear, better than that would be difficult to describe our divine reality of human beings! … 🙂 …
    “So I thank you all for setting free the part of you that is me, and for setting free the part of you that is God.”

  15. Christ, the Wayfarer – Heavenletter #65

    God said:

    All the love that reaches you, no matter from what far corner, is from Me. All the wealth that reaches you comes from Me. All the air and sunshine you receive come from Me.

    When you are blessed, it is I Who blesses you.

    All blessings come from God.

    All goodness.

    All energy.

    All strength.

    All wisdom.

    All love.

    There is One Source, and there is One Giver.

    And there is One Truth, and that is the Purity of Love.

    In My realm, the opposite of blessing does not exist. When something occurs that is unwelcome to you, it does not mean you have been singled out. It does not mean you are guilty. Untoward acts towards you have nothing to do with you. Do not take them personally. That perception alone will raise you above the tawdry and mundane. When you do not take things personally, you are in the truth of events.

    Not taking things personally does not mean that you pretend you do not feel hurt. It means you see things as they are. When someone around you is sparring in the dark, you may get hit, but it was their own sparring that caught you.

    There is no gain in taking things personally.

    When you do so, you are taking on someone else’s fight.

    Be not a fighter. Be not a victim. All in the world are wayfarers along a dusty road. You are a wayfarer.

    Christ was a wayfarer. In his wayfaring, he saw love everywhere because he knew My love, and he let My love come from him. He saw even his persecutors with the eyes of love. He saw the world as a mother might see a child spilling ink. He saw the temporalness of the life around him, and it did not affect him. It touched his body, his life and events, but it did not touch him. He was not wobbly. He did not waver. He did not take on the world. He did not dance to its tune. He walked through it, and thousands followed him.

    Christ did not contain the concept of retaliation. He saw no reason to hurt anyone.

    Be you the same. The greater hurt is to yourself when another’s ignorance makes you hostile.

    You do not have to protect yourself. You do not have to defend. All you have to do is to love Me, and follow Me, and pick yourself up from the fray of the street.

    Your body is where it is, located, limited, but that is not who you are. When you know the richness of who you are, you won’t fight over a penny. When you know the richness of who you are, you will not glower. When you know the richness of who you are, you pick up your body, and you move on.

    All of your life is the climbing of a ladder to Heaven. Don’t stop. Keep climbing. Climbing means that you do not stay in the same spot. Move one leg after the other, and you are climbing. It is not a big thing. It is the next thing.

    As you climb, others are heartened. They start to look up. They may not see Me coaching them, but they will see that you see Me and that a Great Light shows you the way. They then follow you who follows Me. They hope that you will lead them to Me. And you will. Your courage — which is really vision — will lift their hearts, and they will make their own climb.

    When you try to carry others, you forget Me, and you both may fall from the weight of your own effort.

    Put your dependence on Me, and put others’ dependence on Me also, for that is truth. I am what you depend on, not another.

    No one can see for you. No one can climb for you. But another’s sight and another’s vision can nourish and restore you so that you may climb another rung in the golden ladder.

    Know that whatever kind of ladder you may think you climb, beneath the surface, it is a golden ladder that reaches to Heaven. And as you progress, the golden ladder becomes a golden ship on which you sail to the farther reaches of a state of being called Heaven. That is where you are going because that is My Will and that is your destiny.

    Permanent link to this Heavenletter: http://www.heavenletters.org/christ-the-wayfarer.html
    Thank you for including this when publishing this Heavenletter elsewhere.

    1. but why is the world here if we are not to be part of it? As it is always said ‘be in the world not of it’ – why then even be here in a body?
      And a person being bombed, robbed, raped, beaten, etc cant smile thru it?
      They cant not take it personally ? Them and their families cant ignore it? We can keep saying they chose it, blah , blah.
      I like the climbing analogy but I still see bs everywhere along with the violence and I am one who does not ignore anything… just me.
      No one ‘up there’ is truly addressing things.
      Star Fire left – could not take it down here. I felt he reported back just how bad it is. I feel a large ‘reporting’ going on and a stand still of not knowing truly what to do about it. Lots of chatter and so far no solid plan (for people). Earth and other life forms should be fine. The ‘system’ for people is so broken and it is breaking the people since they still cant exist without it. Unless u want to go live in that redwood tree !
      Best to everyone
      Love , A

      1. Loving Areeza,
        Can you stay in your giving world, that loving world you have dreamed of.
        Take a piece of it and hold it to your heart. Just that little piece. feel the comfort of your soul as it washes over it.
        The smile of the sun warming and soothing everything that is inside you. Live with that feeling, until you can pick up another part of your dream, and repeat.
        Peace my friend…Peace.

      2. Thank you so much for your post Areeza. I am very grateful to you for this opportunity to speak my truth.

        I am of the opinion (supported by facts) that the whole Malaysian Airlines tragedy is subterfuge to divert attention from what is going on in Palestine and being perpetrated by these Khazars all over our beautiful blue orb.

        An interesting perspective I have just read says that “most incarnating into Gaza are experiencing their karma of being Khazars who speciailize in genocidal killing/war” suggesting that they are killing and being killed by their own loved ones. (as karma for their actions in past lives?)

        I do try to keep an open mind, but I am not expecting off-worlders to show up to save us, except by incarnating as we have by birth in a human body. We are the ones from ‘up there’ who volunteered to address these matters.

        As per Kiera’s post, (which resonates very well with me) it would seem that WE are the guardians of this galaxy.

        Speak your Truth, Shine your Light, Share your Love.

        Your brother,
        Adam Michael ❤

      3. I did not mean to single anyone out for their heritage, genetic or otherwise. I would replace my use of the word Khazar with Zionist, or something similar.

        I would not hold anyone responsible for the conditions they are born into. One’s responsibility is to rise above familial, societal and peer pressures, and to treat everyone and everything as they would like to be treated.

        Everyone is responsible for their own thoughts, words and actions, and for the consequences of them. God does not hate or punish anyone. Everyone is a child of God, and GOD LOVES US ALL.

        Speak the Truth, Shine the Light, Share the Love.

        ~ Michael ❤

  16. Dear Aisha, I’m am a lightworker located in the United States – Reno, Nevada. I wanted to let you know that I so enjoy getting these posts. I am also very sensitive and intuitive to the energies and reading your posts is always so informative and helpful. Thank you! Have a blessed day!

    1. Dear goldenvisionlightworker, welcome to this Pond and thank you for bringing your light here and to this world!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. Thank christ people are deciphering these things…..this one was brutal, as my very first interpretation was of a Cross-Hatch Basket-Weave pattern in the center circle (which made me go, HUH???)
      — and the rest had to do with something “orbiting”.

      So if the “Pi / Pie” basket-weave circle represents the Sun on July 22 (22/7 = 3.14)…..then the smaller orbiting circle represents something HUGE orbiting near the Sun, just like the satellite SOHO image:





      I’m still hoping for Nibiru……

      1. Huh. Just realized somebody’s tapping into my Pie Consciousness Stream again. Last basket-weave crust pie to be inhaled was Strawberry Rhubarb.

        Jerking me around with a ‘pie in the sky’ message.

        Eat Pie Love.

  17. http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2014/Ammersee/Ammersee2014a.html


    BIRTHING the New Reality

    This crop circle has appeared on July 18, 2014 – on the first day of the new Galactic Module Tzolkin, which begins with the Red Dragon Wavespell.

    A Wavespell is a cycle of 13 days, from Tone 1 to Tone 13.
    The Red Dragon Wavespell continues from July 18 till July 30, 2014.
    Below you can find a short description of the Solar Seal “Red Dragon” which has following qualities: Source of life, breakthrough, divine nurturance & support, receptivity, primordial Mother, undivided primal waters, primal trust and nourishment, BIRTH.

    A fragment of this description:
    ”Red Dragon represents the ENERGY MATRIX LINES that look like a web in the universe, through which all points are connected in time and space. This ENERGETIC WEB of communication is known as the ‘CRYSTAL GRID NETWORK.’”

    This energy matrix, this crystal grid network is symbolically depicted on the pictogram.

    And the three circles in the center look like the face of a monkey. The BLUE MONKEY is the Challenging Energy of the Red Dragon. The BLUE MONKEY reminds us, that the Life is a Game, a Magic, an Illusion.

    This crop circle comes to remind us that during the Red Dragon Wavespell, which is the First wavespell of Tzolkin, we have the possibility through our Thoughts, Dreams, Visualizations, Meditations, Prayers, Wishes etc. to create, to BIRTH the new “crystal grid network” – the basis for the NEW REALITY, which we want to be manifested for us in the next 260 days of the New Galactic Module TZOLKIN.


    Red Dragon represents the root, the nurturance and support of primary being, and within it are found the primal waters of unity. This is where your deepest roots receive true nourishment. Red Dragon is the energy of form contained within the formlessness of the primordial sea.

    The universe is an inseparable whole. Red Dragon represents the energy matrix lines that look like a web in the universe, through which all points are connected in time and space. This energetic web of communication is known as the ‘crystal grid network.’ It is a cauldron of creation, a potent field in which all things are not only possible but constantly being created. Within this grid, the linear causality of time and space has been freed into an open system in which all time and all space exist and interact simultaneously. This grid connects the larger holograms of reality with our own. Its energy lines connect all places, times and events – even those that are seemingly unrelated. All phenomena and all actions are part of this larger whole; it is the very foundation for telepathy and synchronicity. Red Dragon embodies unity, in which all things are one with the Source.

    Maya Todorova

    (crop circles images and sources for info available at links provided)

    All 2014 crop circles available here:

        1. Sure thing….wish I could explain every aspect, but my Higher Self built it, and I have bits and pieces of the experience.

          Firstly, my HS familiarized me with Toroidal (Torsion) fields emanating from the spinning Torus:


          Next, my HS triggered me to build a Rainbow Bridge by introducing me to the Vesica Piscis symbol for two opposing torsion fileds, the figure 8.

          The main trigger was my birth name, “Deborah”, aka “The Bee”….when I found out the bee flew in a Vesica Piscis pattern, the very same day I was also shown a Vesica Piscis crop circle.

          These were my activators, during the summer “Lions Gate” energies in August a few years ago…and that August night I recall building what I thought at the time was a “Stargate”.

          I generated 3 toroidal fields, or 3 Vesica Piscis which I placed in a triangular pattern:

          _____________________ 8

          ___________________ 8 ___ 8

          Next, I saw a huge black Triangle above me with a rainbow outlining the triangle, red being the base colour, closest to me.

          6 months later after obsessing over this thing, I sent an intention to activate it, to see what would happen.
          This is when the “greyish” looking energy rings began emanating outwards from the 3 toroidal points of the black Triangle.

          When the spinning energy rings overlapped at the center, they merged into one large spinning ring, sort of looked like this:


        2. And here is how a Rainbow Bridge crosses and connects the dimensions:



          THIS, is also incredibly interesting:






          “To make a rainbow we must become a pristine prism by harmoniously joining the trinary aspects of our being.

          Then we become clear transmitters and receivers of the Higher intelligence now streaming to our planet.”




          1. ❤ ha! Dearest Kiera, you always give my brain—what's left of it—a trippin' JOYous workout. I've copied it all onto my desktop so that I can take my time in digesting it all. It all seems so effortless for you; if there's another way of understanding / digesting this wonderful and delightful information / vibrations, then I've yet to arrive. Maybe I'll just Intention-it while reading and see what happens!!! Whatever, it's FUN stuff… Much Love&JOY&Light to you&yours ❤ 😀 😀 😀

          2. Thank you ever so much! I have been working in the spirit world for many many years, but until finding this blog and your entries on Spirit Science and Sacred Geometry I had not had a chance to be introduced the mechanical aspects. As the saying goes, I’m just a country gal…and I live way out in the boonies.
            I’m still putting it all together. Once again thank you for sharing and teaching. Forest Joy

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