A short update from me

Dear family of light!

This trip to the mountains of Jotunheimen – “the Home of the Giants” – has definitely been a magical one for my sister and for me. It has been a journey through outer and inner landscapes on so many levels, both personal and collective, and it has been powerful and transformational in ways that are hard to describe, but two nights ago I got this message “Now there will only be WE”. To me, this signifies that we as a collective have shifted away from the old ego based, fear based timeline, but we are still very much in transition into the new so the journey is not over yet ;-).

There have been so many synchronicities and so many wonderful messages from Mother Earth in the form of unusual encounters with wild animals and birds, and I do not think I have ever felt so small and at the same time so connected to something so immense as I have during these last two weeks. Everything around me is vibrating with life, even the rocks feel alive! We still have a few days left of our stay, but I wanted to give you all an update on what has happened this last week, for you have all been very much a part of it.

As you perhaps remember, during our first couple of days here we completed the first part of the work we had been told we were supposed to do while we were here. It was about “connecting the waters” by carrying some of it from a small spring and bring it to Lake Gjende, and I posted a short summary of it and two photos in “Welcome to the July Gathering around the Pond”. The CCs told us beforehand that we would be asked to do more work like this while we were here, but that it would be in a different location. It was no surprise that this also involved working with water, as water has been the main focus all through this trip, and it was all about “exchanging information in all sorts of ways beyond words”.

Earlier this week, my sister and I were guided to visit a local silversmith. There, I found a ring that was inspired by the mountains around Lake Bygdin, a huge lake situated between lake Gjende and the place we are staying. It also had three small golden quartz incorporated into the design, and the silversmith told us that these were actually from Lake Bygdin. The energy in that ring was so powerful and I knew that not only did I have to buy that ring, it also confirmed that Lake Bygdin was the last of the local “power nodes” we were supposed to work with. The silversmith had shown us how the quartz looked like before it was polished, and he told us we could find them in the sand along the shore of Lake Bygdin. We went there the next day, and we found a few pieces that we brought with us.

Two days ago, we were guided to go back to the river we had visited earlier. It is a powerful one, flowing down a steep mountainside to join the waters flowing out from Lake Gjende, and it has the most amazing energy. We did two ceremonies there, and in both places I connected to the collective energy of this Pond and “added” that to this “river of light” so that our combined energies would have an even larger impact on this world, helping to cleanse away everything that does not belong in the New World. At the last place, my sister and I released the largest piece of golden quartz from Lake Bygdin into the torrent together while we said a blessing. It was a powerful moment, but we also knew that it was not the completion of our work here.

That came yesterday, for then we both knew it was time to do a ceremony on a mountainside overlooking Lake Bygdin. We had hiked up there for the first time last week, and the view there is magnificent. On the horizon, two huge mountain peaks stand out, creating what looks like a portal, and the first time I saw them a felt a huge surge of energy through me so I knew that this was an important place. As we hiked up the mountain, we saw a female grouse right in front of us, and the way she behaved, we knew she was guarding her chicks. She just stood there, perfectly still looking at us to draw our attention while her one little chick scurried into hiding. She continued to stand still and on guard as we moved away. It was such a wonderful thing to see, and it was such a powerful message of love and protection from Mother – for today and for the future for us all :-).

We found the spot to do our ceremony, it was “guarded” by what looked like a magical wand made by an old and weathered tree root, so we sat down and prepared ourselves. I once again connected to the collective energy of the Pond before I recited a prayer to open up this immense portal in the mountains, turning to all of the four cardinal points and to Mother Earth and the sky. When I read out the part of the prayer addressed to Father Sun and Grandmother Moon, my sister suddenly saw the pale half moon in the sky, directly above the mountain making up the left side of the “portal” at the other end of the lake. It was such an amazing confirmation, and we both knew that when the moon had passed over the other mountain we would be finished with our ceremony, and that is exactly what happened. I used my singing bowl while reciting an incantation, saying that the sound was the signal that the light could no longer be barred from anywhere on this planet, it will flow freely forevermore, making this world a world of light and a world of peace for eternity. Then, I struck the bowl once and gave it to my sister so she could do the same, and then I struck the bowl one final time while she held it. When we had finished, the moon was directly over the mountain making up the right side of the portal, and then, it disappeared behind the clouds.

We hiked all the way to the top of the mountain, and as we stood there marveling at the view, my sister looked up. Above us, two huge eagles were circling slowly around each other and around the Sun. After we had watched them for a minute or so, they slowly drifted away in opposite directions, one to the east and one to the west, towards the portal. When we had hiked halfway down on the other side, we stopped for a little rest near a huge rock. Suddenly, a huge blue dragonfly appeared, flying between us and around us and then it landed on the rock we stood next to. We finished the hike down at the beach at Lake Bygdin and there we were given the gift of finding a large piece of golden quartz in the sand, a wonderful way to end a magical day!

My sister and I both have a sense of completion now, at least when it comes to the “collective events” that we were brought here to do, but like so many of you can testify to, there is definitely not a sense of completion when it comes to the flow of energy. This journey to the mountains may be coming to a close, but our collective journey is picking up even more speed. Thank you all for being our “fellow travelers”, it makes this adventure so much more enjoyable, amazing and inspiring in every way! I am really looking forward to what we will be manifesting together in the time ahead 🙂

With love, light and gratitude from my sister and from me, Aisha ❤ ❤






If you look closely at this picture, you can see the faint half moon above and to the left of the small cloud in the center.

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  1. Guardians of the Galaxy….


    Maam Te‘ Elias
    channelled by Jahn J Kassl


    first published on July 22, 2014


    I am MAAM TE‘ ELIAS,

    from the Universe of E’, Regent of Light realms, which are responsible for the balance of Creation. I am the “first” brother of the universal Logos E’, the guardian of the heritage of humanity. And as such I condense myself today into form and Gestalt, so that humanity can partake of my presence.

    I come, in order to initiate your arrival with us and in order to attune you to the actual dimension of your work. And I come, in order that with joined forces we may give this galaxy, the galactic Logos E’ SU AN AMARIS, the necessary stability, so that the worlds can separate from each other and a new universe can emerge.

    Today you were lifted up to Guardians of this Galaxy and this means that today the great elliptic ring closes itself. The human Being, once breathed into reality, now returns back to the origin and to the starting point of his birth.

    You descended to the deepest and darkest matter and now you soar up to the highest. An infinitely long arch, which completes itself here and now; it occurs in these days and in the middle of the presently dissolving Orion culture.

    I have come in order to give you back to yourself, in order to bring you earth and to transfer this Galaxy to your wisdom, strength and Love; now, as you depart, in order to bring wisdom, Life, Light and Love as new Creator Gods to all worlds, which were created by you.

    Before you begin the new, the old, the past will be fulfilled – in the Now. Birth and death happen at the same time and yet the constant becoming and passing away are only part of the illusion, as a limited experienced Being.

    Garment of Light

    And these limitations lift from you and are discarded, taken off, like worn clothes, because the “garment of Light” is handed to you, of the Light where from you came from an infinitely long time ago.

    The Guardians of the Galaxy take on the guardianship for this world; and all souls, all beings of this world, receive awareness of this appointment of enabled human Beings, who function as galactic Regents from now on. It behooves me now to accompany in your presence all further events of the galactic departure, so that the change may happen on a stable energetic foundation, until it is fulfilled whatever has been required.

    This world is returned to the original seed of souls, and you, the light warriors of the first and last hours, represent this.

    Under God’s care, in the presence of Heaven, in the wisdom of all, which perform the sacred service for this world, you have returned and the world has been given back to you.

    Decreed, mandated, created – according to your almightiness and your creative power, which is hereby given to you. I remain among you, because together we return to the Source of All-That-Is.

    The day is close, when the course of the worlds on all levels will be perceptible for every life and may be experienced.
    To escape the illusion, to obtain reality, as Gods, who rise up above this world.




  2. this is comment 302
    Aisha thinks these things are short
    i don’t think short is the word.
    yakety yak
    women sigh
    gotta love ‘them


    1. okay its time to go back and start reading again wherever i left off
      i want to hear everything you say
      btw i am grateful for all of you, i love this site
      chances are you won’t hear me say that much
      i would rather love you than talk about it.

      1. :). Love right back atcha Otmn. I love saying it lol
        Am sooooo grateful too, would be in such a different place without y’all, thank you Otmn and everyone!!!!!!

        1. wjat time is it/
          no wait,
          i don’t want to know, but i made it to the bottom of the comments
          you guys are something, for sure
          today the world feels jeavy on my shoulder

          who said they doubted me,?
          be careful

          1. Otmn I so enjoy your posts… they make me smile, some times think, occasionally shake my head… giggles, playing in the dirt and tadpoles with growing legs (woke up thinking of them this morning)… and of course Janis. We feel your love… even when you feel alone here at the pond. It seems just you and I are left on here many an evening. We do share the same time zone 🙂 I’m off to soak my weary body. I picked 40 lbs of raspberries today and carried the flats up and down the hills from the patch. ~Nancee

  3. ❤ Thank you, Aisha/everybody—-and sorry—-for the length of this post, thought it important / worthwhile—-hope so. Only excerpts below, see link for full article, please ❤


    EXPERIENCING ANY MID-JULY DISTORTIONS? + Time Lines Info–detailed (by Denise Le Fay, 7/20/14)

    “… what began around July 14th —mid-July— with July 16th, 17th and 18th becoming much more negatively amplified. However, the human Collective is finally reverberating their rapidly growing anger and frustration over the insane actions and endless murder done by those patriarchal people on the Decending Earth world. (The horrors will continue getting worse and worse as one way to force humans to “wake up” and choose which world and reality they honestly want to live within. Many people need this as it’s the only thing that will reach and activate their hearts. Be strong and let them
    “wake up” and choose on their own. This is so important and so empowering to each individual that needs to go through it.)

    “I had mentioned a few months back that I’d perceived something big was going to arrive within this physical dimension and world around mid-July 2014. Cosmic Awareness also mentioned mid-July as being another important milestone and/or turning point and this has certainly proven to be the case these past few days! I won’t and don’t need to go into any details about the two latest negative patriarchal events that happened these past few days; the intentional downing of a civilian airliner and murder of all on board, and the ground invasion in Gaza.

    “Over the years I’ve referred to what more and more people are today very much aware of as the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. Certain other Ascension Teachers have called it other names, used other terms, but we’re all talking about the same Ascension related events. Celia Fenn has written a couple of very helpful articles, ‘Time Travel 101′  and ‘Time Travel 102: Navigating Timelines’, talking about this topic. If you haven’t read them yet I suggest you do as they’re very good and accurate and do much to help better understand what some people are experiencing now. [ following are two links to Celia Fenn’s Time Travel 101 & 102 ]



    “Because Hollywood has done much to mess with everyone’s ideas about so much, most people believe or expect things like “time travel” or “time jumping” to be VERY different from what it actually is. However, that was Team Dark’s intention all along and they’ve used and continue using Hollywood very effectively to perpetuate whatever negative distortions, negative thought forms, belief systems, mind control and literal reality creating they want the masses to buy, in more ways than one.
    “As you can see in my illustration, the Angel is dragging planet Earth up the Ascension stair-steps. What I want you as a Volunteer, as a Forerunner to remember is that you, that I, that we not only go up these stair-steps but that we also go back down some of them too…

    “My point is that many of you have done this type of work, this working on timelines from other dimensions but also from this dimension and physical body as well. We often don’t give ourselves enough credit or even conscious awareness that we’re working on timelines when we time jump or time travel from the current “time” now in this physical world and body into the near “future” now in the NEW physical world and then back just a bit again. Look at the Angel illustration above again and see yourself running up some of those stair-steps to do some work at that level within that point of the timeline and/or multiple timelines, then running back down a few stair-steps to this current version of “you” in this physical now “time”. Is your brain hurting at this point? Sorry if it is but this is where many of us are now in 2014 and we need to be much more consciously aware of this fact. This is who we are and a very big part of the Work we do as incarnate Volunteers/Forerunners/Lightworkers etc.

    “Back to the mid-July 2014 business. From one point of view the Earth world and people who are not ready or desirous of utilizing the current Ascension Energies to evolve into the NEW are riding the Decending Earth world with its timeline. From another point of view, the Earth world and people who do wish to evolve and are utilizing the available Ascension energies are indeed energetically, vibrationally Ascending their living physical bodies within that timeline. Two primary Earth worlds existing within two radically different levels of energy, consciousness, frequency, focus and timelines; one Ascending, the other Decending. There is zero shame or guilt or superiority with any of this, only personal choice at a time of great and wide choice for every soul.

    “Because we’re completely within the NEW in 2014, even though the Decending people and consciousness with their matching war tools and belief systems etc. are still around us, know that these two primary Earth worlds with their like-frequency, like-consciousness populations and different timelines are definitely separating from each other faster now than they’ve incrementally been doing since 2012. Once we entered the NEW energetic blueprints that existed within 2014, this Separation of Worlds & Timelines has amplified and accelerated in both worlds. This is also why many of the Forerunners have been extra busy working on multiple timelines from multiple dimensions both while awake and while asleep including this physical world in 2014. We’ve been needed to tidy up, close down, rework, readjust, tweak, redirect etc. different timelines for multiple reasons…

    “We’re getting more familiar with how this feels and functions and learning how to not panic because we don’t know where we are or what year or decade or season it is and so on. Go with the expanding flow of everything into the 5D and higher NEW and expect to occasionally not have that old egoic, left brained death-grip on “reality” like we all did. This getting lost in time occasionally is actually just us in these Ascending bodies and consciousness having to repeatedly reset our navigational devices inside ourselves to a very NEW and much larger 5D place and timeline so don’t feel bad when you experience this “symptom” or side effect.

    “We’ll end this with the old reminder to keep your HighHeart on the prize and NOT on whatever violent, insane things the Decending patriarchal world and people are doing. You are where your consciousness is so know where it is and take responsibility for it because others desperately want and need your consciousness, focus and emotions to continue fueling and feeding their violent warring world. Use your consciousness and HighHeart creativity to continue feeding and fueling the Ascending world you want to exist within…”

    1. Wowie-zowie, Lin! SO helpful to me today to get this confirmation of so much that I’ve been experiencing. Thank you for posting this!
      Much love,

  4. “….is to love the one in me who doesn’t want to surrender the control, for it is as valid an expression of me as any other”
    Dear lawynne – you said this in the older comments and I just think its fantastic~! thank you and bless you, Areeza ❤

  5. Thanks Aisha !….such a beautiful journey you both are on & so pleased you are able to this together…these close knit Nature experiences accompanied by the powers of Spirit are meaningful beyond words I think !….& beautiful photos too !…can only imagine that it is 1000 X more exuberant in person !….taking a little breather myself to delightfully embrace Nature’s summer season beauty & bounty….a glorious time of the year to really feel & touch & celebrate with Nature & her creatures…Nature is Creation & Creation is alive…living, breathing & existing all around ! (& Yes even the rocks too…silently sun bathing…absorbing & radiating warmth & cosmic glow)
    Love to You both…..Bev~

  6. The last few days were strange for me. There was still so much stuff from the past came up – I hope that it is gone now.

    Yesterday I was surprised that no one was posting – I completely overlooked that there was a link „Newer Comments” 😀

    Last night I went through my room marveling at my desk with my computer, as if everything is new and I would have never seen it like that before.

    This morning when I woke up I saw again the black heart, prime–creator, it looked as if it put its arms around me.

    For some days I feel in front of the abdominal region a sense of touch. The invisible light hugs my body.

    ❤*¨*•.¸ ¸ .• ♥✿♡✿♥•. ¸ ¸.•*¨*❤

    Die letzten Tage waren seltsam für Mich. Da kam noch so viel Zeug aus der Vergangenheit hoch – Ich hoffe dass es jetzt weg ist.

    Gestern wunderte Ich mich dass niemand mehr postet – Ich hatte völlig übersehen dass es da einen Link gab „Neuere Kommentare” 😀

    Gestern Abend ging Ich durch meinen Raum und staunte über meinen Schreibtisch mit Computer, so als sei alles neu und Ich hätte es so noch nie gesehen.

    Heute Morgen beim Aufwachen sah Ich wieder das schwarze Herz, Ur–Schöpfer, es sah aus als legte es seine Arme vorne um mich herum.

    Seit einigen Tagen fühle Ich vorne in der Bauchgegend ein Gefühl von Berührung. Das unsichtbare Licht umarmt meinen Körper.

    Heart greetings ❤

    1. What still felt a little like a beautiful dream, that I enjoy very much, is real.

      I’m getting more and more aware that it really IS. It is real. I feel so beloved.

      I’m enthusiastic: In my imagination are sounds and music in the air: „Here comes the sun … little darling …“

      ❤*¨*•.¸ ¸ .• ♥✿♡✿♥•. ¸ ¸.•*¨*❤

      Was sich immer noch ein wenig anfühlte wie ein wunderschöner Traum den Ich sehr genieße ist real.

      Mir wird mehr und mehr bewusst dass es wirklich IST. Es ist real. Ich fühle mich so geliebt.

      Bin begeistert: In meiner Vorstellung sind Klänge und Musik in der Luft: „Here comes the sun … little darling …“

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

        1. Wow Nancee, I just have read your ‘gravatar’.

          You wrote: “I have often noticed that I can not write unless my heart is reaching out to connect to another… yet there is a growing knowing in me that I reach out to a part of myself in you.”

          Yes, I feel the same. I can only write if my heart is free. In recent days it has not been possible for me, but today it’s flowing again <3.

          Heart greetings ❤
          I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. “…..here comes the Sun…and I say…. It’s ALL Right!….do do do do do do do do do do do do do do 🙂

          1. Yes bixie and Areeza – really feeling good now, heatwave, swimming in the lake many times a day like a child on summer vacancy :() This is my song in these days

            Much love ❤


              1. Thanks Adam Michael!

                Yes – happy, happy I am 🙂 Everything feels so good right now, I drop my plans all along, and only do what comes to mind and everything runs perfectly. Feel infinite gratitude for all that is and has been. Right now it feels like heaven on earth 🙂 Hope you can feel the same Adam 🙂

                Love & light ❤


                1. Didn’t mean to pass over your comment B..
                  I had decided at the time to drop everything and go out to play. 🙂

                  Heaven on Earth, Yes. I Know what it feels like.. I Know it is true. Another detox / better eating / better care of myself and I’ll really be feeling it and seeing it again. 🙂

                  Love and Light to You too!! ❤
                  Gratitude and Joy,

            1. Nice ❤
              I think of the BixRon Galaxy –
              there is summer (May) and the sea,
              and music in the air …

              BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  7. Sometimes I wish this was like f/book where you can click like on people’s comments. I’ve enjoyed reading/watching everything that was presented today. (Though that’s a bit of a stretch Otmn with the last video 🙂 I can offer a hug though!)

    Thank you everyone for your comments earlier. Since timelines became a bit of theme on this page I wanted to share my first experience with altering a time line. I went to my 20 year school reunion years ago. I’d been very shy and my wish by grade 12 was simply that the popular kids would say hello to me once in a while in the halls. I considered most of my peer group more popular! I had recently left 19 years of the pentecostal movement and was in high gear for change and adventure. I sat on a table top (instead of cowering at a table in the cafeteria where another of my ‘old group’ was sitting again!) I basically opened up. I listened to stories the guys shared about me. I didn’t remember any of them! I realized that it was ME who had put up the wall around me in high school… my fears pushed others away. I laughed and interacted at the reunion and on night 2 I danced and laughed some more. (I was a wall flower at school who rarely danced.) I left feeling really good about myself. A few weeks later I realized that I had changed the last 20 years. I remember being that shy hurting teen but I could no longer FEEL any of it. It was like I’d gone back in time and erased all the hurt. I smile inside when I think of high school now. Some could say I did some inner healing but it is so much more than that. I’ve always shared that something ‘quantum’ happened that weekend. I never intended to heal the past… I just went to LIVE the now and show the real me. It was pretty cool results! Love, Nancee

    1. Amazing & really beautiful life story Nancee !….sure these touching experiences many can relate too & be inspired by them !
      Love to You !….Bev~

    2. Thank you Nanncee ❤

      Reminds me of a time a few years ago when I showed a friend a photo of me in my teens. She thought that I would frame the photo because I was really good looking. I have all my life thought that I was thicker than my classmates, bigger and clumsier, always had a complex because I was "fat". But when she admired the picture and told me I looked good, I suddenly changed perception of myself, looked at a lot of other photos of myself when growing up and realized I was a little chubby when I was little girl, but never ever "fat". After nearly a lifetime I changed my perception of myself in that respect 😉

      Love you Nancee ❤


      1. Great realization B, and Nancee.
        That said, like in the movie the Lion King, where the monkey witch doctor hits Simba on the nose and says no worries with the pain….It’s in the past!!! Here is a video about no worries.

    3. Wow, Nancee, thank you for this, not only is it an awesome story but it really clears up for me how when we stand in our wholeness now we rewrite the past. I’d never seen this so clearly until now. 🙂

    4. Like it! and believe it ! and I have experienced it to because I was super shy in school. 30 yr reunion last Oct, I was the best looking woman there! more youthful and energetic and happy…l and a snobby girl (snobby back then too) put herself in charge of taking pictures that night… welp, she never took a single shot of me! she was so jealous of how I aged compared to herself :0 the look she gave me! lol. was too funny. I tried to approach her kindly and got the brush off. so what. I connected with the ones I was meant to and it was like your story of how some remembered me in a diff. way than I did ! coolness 🙂

  8. i have warned you before not o leave me alone
    welcome to my world

    thanks for your tolerance.
    hug me again

    1. shit thats not right once of the muppets ois enough\sorry let me try it one more time
      erase, erase

      1. if you can toleralte these stoners for an hour,
        then welcome to my world
        my tadpoles are sprouting legs
        so like i said before, your opinion of me is none of my damn business
        who do they think they are, trying to stand in judgement over me
        i am grateful that at least there is one place i can rant in peace

          1. and smoochies for you too! 🙂
            Kelly and I when first together used to say ‘smoochies’ when we were saying goodnight on the phone 🙂

    2. HA !….I Love this guy !!….& a really talented chef too….lol…..he can cook for me anytime….as long as he cleans up his own mess !…hee hee
      one of the best Muppet characters !…
      Thanks for the laugh Otmn !….Love, Bev

    1. it was 20 minutes before noon. in portland
      we all need to take a break
      those 58,000 who died in the jungle never met the
      SWedish Chef

      hug me
      lighten up
      light up

    2. please no zetatalk here on the holy pond.
      What is your own opinion in this issue?
      I think Russia has lost a lot of area after 1989.
      Areas which used to protect them, then.
      No wonder they started Olympic games in that region.
      Or took back Chruchtchews present, Krim, back.
      I think they are drawing a line.
      If east Ukraine doesn´t want to be part of the EU,
      then they have the right do do so.
      When “nations” are at war, then there is a price,
      just like the price you pay when your favourite fashion company
      is burning 250 people in Pakistan, emergency exits closed.
      If it is cheaper to cross a war zone, they will do it.
      When “They” shoot an army plane nobody cares, if big business looses
      a B777, then the moaning is big. Yes, sorry for the loss of lives,
      but don´t spirituals agree that they all choose so and even knew in
      advance what would happen?
      Obama is not Reagan, Bush 1 or Bush 2, mayhaps you get your” Peace Dividend” now??

      wish I kept my mouth shut.

  9. t’s tell the truth once
    i did not live thrrough it to wussie out now

    On the day a civilian airliner was shot out of the sky by a missile, what clues exist as to the hand on the missile and the agenda at play? Material from the aircraft, in pieces on the ground, will be useless in this regard, nor will any black box recorders provide information as the pilots and instruments were silenced instantly. What is KNOWN is what US satellites saw, what a Spanish air traffic controller working in Kiev saw being reported, what eye witnesses on the ground saw, the date on a recording claimed to be of a rebel conversation, and the fact that the Ukraine was having difficulty suppressing the rebellion on those in southeastern Ukraine.

    US satellites confirmed it was a missile, but delayed stating the SOURCE of the shot, an odd and very telling delay. Why so long in computing the trajectory? In that a Spanish air traffic control agent reported Ukraine military admitting the missile did not come from rebel areas, and in that this agent has now disappeared, we have our answer. Yes the rebels had a captured BUK but per a Ukraine official report, it was considered to be non-operational. Of course, the Ukraine also had the BUK, capable of rising to 33,000 feet to disable a plane. The Ukraine quickly put out a recorded conversation of the rebels bragging, but analysis of this recording shows it was made the day BEFORE the shootdown.

    Creating a tragedy to induce partners to enter into a war is certainly nothing new. The US has been accused of doing this at Pearl Harbor to allow the US to engage during WW II and the Gulf of Tonkin incident allowing the US to engage during the Vietnam war. Only months ago an incident with poison gas in Syria
    was shown to be an attempt to draw the US into a war with Syria on behalf of Israel. Despite the vote showing that the majority of people in the southeastern Ukraine region want to be considered Russian, the leadership in the Ukraine is furious that neither NATO or the US is fighting on their side. In that Putin was reported to be overhead on the same path as MH 17 just minutes before the shootdown, this is also an attempt to aggravate Putin to engage.

    The world will resist these attempts, but the truth of who actually shot down MH 17 will likely never be admitted by the west

    1. Which plane? Which planet? Which army? Which time? They may all be right in each of their own parallel universes in different times and dimensions. After all we seem to be weaving back and forth, in and out, up and down. Each and every scenario is being played out as we traverse all the planes. Does it really matter? What matters is where do we go from here at this time at this place. It is so important to keep moving towards the old adage of peace and reconciliation. Our thoughts, prayers, intentions, and meditations towards those goals are still so very very very important.

  10. does anyone know how to protect electronic apparatus from ground surges??
    we are not to far from Gaia waking up and frying all the stuff from up from the ground wire??
    how do we save ourselves from something that has never happened before
    i dunno

    1. if you have wood floors & have lots of house plants, you shouldn’t have too many problems, if you don’t…put several glass jars of ‘Water’ around the perimeter of your house floors & get some plants….you know already…the dirt thing & has good absorption properties too, but best when wet & a plant living in it ! ….Love, Bev

  11. AMAZING!!! Thank you both too for having us all together, no matter what or where 🙂
    Embracing you all in Love, Light, Joy and Gratitude ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. ❤ Heavenletter Excerpts:

    There is Reality. It does exist, and you can have it.

    With a snap of your fingers, you can awaken now. You can awaken to a different world, a different world simply because your vision got wider and deeper. A different world will appear before you when you see differently. You are the one who sees what you see. Perhaps you see what you say. You could say it is a magic world you would awaken to. You can awaken to it. It would be a kind of magic for you to see the world differently than you do.

    I shall snap My fingers, and you will become more alert. I snap My fingers now. There is light shining around every object and every person you see, but you haven't seen the light. You are love, beloveds, looking at love. Somehow this has been forgotten. How could love have been forgotten? How could your eyesight have become so blurred?

    There is Reality. It does exist, and you can have it. You can more than aspire to it. You can reach it simply through love. Give love for all you are worth, not to feign it, but to remember it, remember who you are and what it is you are on Earth for.

    Silently remind yourself that you are on Earth to love. You are not here for anything else. The one subject to learn is to love.

    Remind yourself daily that you are on Earth to love. Love is not really a commandment. It is a statement of Reality. When you let the false idols go, love remains. The glitter of the world fades, and love takes its rightful place and the world is brighter. You are lighted within, and the world emulates you.

    Accept. You cannot hide your light much longer, beloveds, no matter what. Now is time to flip over your loyalties.

    Now come out into the sunshine. You are ready now.

    From: http://heavenletters.org/come-out-into-the-sunshine.html


    1. btw..
      the part at the end of the heavenletter which says
      “Now is time to flip over your loyalties.”
      to me means to embrace Love and Light.

      I have not perceived any problems with that on this blog! 😀 ❤

  13. Ha, just had an amusing experience! I didn’t get chance to comment on all the discussion about timelines, dimensions and different realities recently but now I’ll share this.

    Half an hour ago I found myself catching up on comments at the Pond relating as I thought to Aisha and her sisters trip to the mountains. Finding some from people I hadn’t seen here for a while I said hello and then responded to a few more comments. Something struck me as ‘odd.’ Not sure what I noticed first but then I saw that the dates on the comments was 23 July, odd I thought then it dawned… it was 2013 comments relating to the trip last year which my email update had grouped into two posts and I’d clicked through on the earlier one!

    Apart from being amusing I realised and felt the energy there a year ago was different, very different not as refined not as clear…

    So if you get some seemingly out of synch comments relating to last year you know why! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Which leads me to share this:

    There seems to be a huge amount going on at nights again (after something of a pause for me) with the most bizarre dreams flitting between different realities, timelines, dimensions the vast majority with people I don’t know or recognise yet my presence there seems significant. I was reminded of something the CCs said about ‘time’ some while back:

    We’ve been so used to thinking linearly a, b, c, then d, e, f etc but what I feel we are experiencing sometimes now is non-linear. It’s like we are going back to say ‘a’ and tweaking what was unfolding there so that ‘f’ is more effective and sometimes may be even going to ‘z’ and seeing – ‘no that’s not quite what we intended – so then adjusting other things at various points along the journey. I trust you follow what I mean! ‘Time’ being very malleable!

    Philip ❤

    1. Philip I felt, before I even finished reading what you ended with that you were doing exactly that with time by going back one year here at the Pond. Somehow you brought the energy of NOW back into a year ago and deposited it through comments into the “time line.” I think we will all receive a ‘quantum” surge from that. You tweaked our past which will affect today in some beautifully profound way… I’d guess through healing some areas more deeply. Even as I type this I start to be excited. I wrote a poem just prior to coming here, to a new friend. I rarely write in poem type flow yet I so enjoy the flow of it within me. I wrote this not long after your above comment. I was being more vulnerable via the poem, which lead to a healing time within. So dear Philip… perhaps you tweaked my time line. I thank you… for it feels too true to ignore. 🙂 ~Nancee

      1. Goodness Nancee how wonderful and beautiful that this ‘little journey’ between times has been so helpful for you. We’re all in this together so if this little sojourn has helped that is a blessing indeed for us all.

        I know what you mean about poem flow. I’ve had spells of that and sometimes I get blog flow when I feel called to write or share something about SOL / Infinite silence.

        What a wonderful experience Nancee Philip ❤

      2. Dear Philip, dear Nancee – thank you both for sharing your insights in this! I love the way you “accidentally” jumped back a full year, Philip! Interesting the way you perceived the energies, and I agree with you Nancee, Philip has deposited a kind of “timecapsule” back there that is already boosting us all! We are changing the past and the future as we change the NOW 🙂
        LOVE, Aisha ❤

    2. Very insightful comments about changing the “time-lines” Philip and Nancee!

      I think (or rather I know) that some if not all of us are doing precisely this.

      Love and Gratitude to you both!!

    3. I think these are only available if you are subscribed to their mailing list, which I am.

      Thanks Gloria! 🙂

      Daily Inspirational Message from Humanity’s Team
      – July 21st, 2014

      How is it possible to slow down time? Doesn’t it seem like it is speeding up consistently? The key may be to change your paradigm of what time is. Is time a linear, fixed entity that is determined by the clock? Or are their multiple spiraling timelines and dimensions to life? Ancient cultures saw time as a constant spiral, and some felt it was even possible to go back and forth in time. Instead of getting so complex and into the realm of what is possible, let’s see what is practical.

      If you truly look at time, the only reality exists in the present. There is no past and there is no future that is real. Therefore if you choose to remain in the present moment at all times, that moment can expand and will soon encompass your totality. When you are completely in the present it is possible for time to stand still, as you are absorbed in your passion and your joy? Whatever aging occurs outside of you doesn’t have to affect you. Why not try living in the present while connecting to the dimensions that are outside of your sensory experience. Instead of being hurried and harried by linear time as measured by clocks, why not play with time and see how it can be used to serve your joy instead of enslaving you in drudgery.

      ~Ted Murray

    4. Lol, Phillip! A wide array of people I have no idea who they are have been appearing in my dreams also, especially after just closing my eyes at night or dosing during the day. The colors and people are so vivid. Even a fluffy light brown puppy with white ring neck hair and paws showed up this morning as I dosed off. She promptly peed on my carpet. Glad it was only a dream! The daytime dosing is new for me as all my life I have seldom napped. Also I have noticed the sound of what I get are past souls entering and blending into the noosphere. Lots of mingling going on. And a lot of body tingling and mind swirling going on with me today. We continue with goofy times here, there, and everywhere.

      1. Awww! Your carpet was christened by a puppy??? Now that’s – by far – one of the cutest things I’ve heard in all of this (bleep’in) insanity. Love it!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    5. Yes – I understand what you mean, but sometimes I wonder if it is normal age-related changes or not when I find my green smoothie out on the porch an hour after I started drinking it 😉

      Love, light & joy ❤


      1. OMG, B!!!!!!! You have me donkey laughing!!! Thank you, with LOVE!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Caroline

        1. Thanks Caroline 🙂 There’s so much crazy stuff here so sometimes it is easier if you can just laugh heartily and loud for a while 😉

          Love you ❤


    6. Really glad you said this here Philip. A few days ago, I was downloading pictures from my camera to the laptop. I was labeling them and the folders to place them and noticed that I put 2013! > I actually had to check my pc time/date ! I mean I truly did not know what year it was for a few seconds!!! I got a little scared thinking of my mother’s dementia. lol. do I have it starting? all that. Then, I got the feeling it was “OK” and just part of the timeline stuff going on. so this is cool and thank you for more relief for my brain ! 🙂 ❤

  14. Hello everyone.
    This is my 61st favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Yasuyuki Okamura – Out of Blue (Released Date : Dec.01, 1986)

    Lyrics : ttp://j-lyric.net/artist/a001c7d/l006017.html
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    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. ha! had seen this before… even so, I’m in the half that missed the gorilla and the exiting player and the color-changing curtain… while netting only 13 out of 16 passes! complete failure. 🙂 😀 Thanx, Michilyn for the morning laugh. ❤

    2. I got the 16 right but how the heck did I miss the gorilla 🙂 He is very obvious. I think a part of me felt the curtains change colour but consciously missed that. Still didn’t see the one in black leaving. I think I get the point. ~Nancee

    3. Wow, this was VERY good!!! I missed all three events because I was completely focused on counting those passes — as I was ‘instructed’ to do of course! EXCELLENT metaphor about the ‘tactics’ of those who do NOT want us to lose our ‘focus’ on what THEY wish us to place our exclusive attention on 😉

  15. Dear Aisha, I’m a bit “late” (but timely of course) in adding my thank you to your latest post. The pictures are so powerful and I too perked up at the mention of the wand in one of your places. Of course there was much pleasure in reading about the birds and animal confirmations. It excites me to hear how you brought the Pond into your ceremonies!

    My entire body has been wiggling within on and off for two days. I tend to think it’s from the lap top but it feels so much more than that. Maybe others are experiencing this. (Like restless leg syndrome but it travels up the back and all over.)

    I couldn’t seem to stay out of the pool at a small gathering I was at today. There was much laughter as my grand children were there and we were playing with water guns. I have definitely seen growth in my confidence and fun factor… may this “infection” spread far and wide. My emotions still rise up for teary moments and I’ve been pondering on the separation of emotions and feelings. It’s an interesting topic.

    Love, Nancee
    p.s. Will you get to bring the last crystal you found home with you?

    1. Dear Nancee, I am ready to destroy myself. I am vibrating with all kinds of energies. Some want/need to love, but somthing in me won’t allow it, and the forces battling each other are about to rip me apart, no they are about to blow me apart. God help me. Surely this must be the end.

      1. nope, not the end of you, Dear JJ. But “The End”, yes. (thank you, JJ, for whatever transmutations you’re performing with the energies—Be well, with Continued Blessings!)

        Nancee, have had dancing legs, feet for weeks. woweee. Water guns!! So much FUN! Kids are so dear… and the grown-up ones, too! 😀 I was over-joyed with what Philip said, and I like what you said in response—always Elegant, Nanc.

        Love and Blessings to you three +. 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. Just breathe in deeply, JJ, and go for the ride. Last night I would have sworn this body was being slowly pulled apart on a medieval torture rack. Now tonight I plan on dancing with bare feet in the grass under the stars! 🙂
        Warm, gentle hug! Caroline

        1. Sounds like what’s happened to me. The tension has eased off, finally. All weekend and today has been agony. Thanks for reaching out, Caroline. Also thank you, Lin, Breeze, AH, Aisha, Nancee, well everyone I guess. I’m gonna try to get some sleep.

          Love, JJ

      3. totally relating to this JJ and Nancee. It is like this tug of war – but not a war of course in that way. It can feel somewhat like torture though at times. I feel like I am starving inside. Before this, I was hungry and enjoying food with no problem. Now, its like I am famished and feel all ‘jittery’.
        ❤ Group Hug ❤

        1. Yeah, haven’t enjoyed food for a couple of days.
          Today I feel totally different. The squeezing has stopped, and I actually feel happy and ready for…good things. I went skating outside in Mother Nature today. Something I haven’t done in a long time. Also had a nice telephone call with AH, it felt really playful and nice.

          Love, JJ

          1. brightens our day to hear it! Keep going with the Joy JJ – u deserve it! 🙂 Love to you and AH , A/S

        2. i’m so relieved to see that I’m in excellent company as my body makes its way through these labor pains! Last night my chest muscles were so sore I might have called 911 if I didn’t have a strong intuition all was well. And woke up this morning with no chest pain at all. Still sore swollen joints but a smile on my face! Love you all.

    2. Dear Nancee! I can feel how your spirit is starting to dance more and more – no wonder your confidence and fun factor is growing too 🙂 Thank you so much for being a part of this magical journey in the mountains! We left the wand behind at the place we did our ceremony. We placed it next to the incense stick we left there still sending out the holy smoke as a way to mark it as a sacred place. I am certain I will be guarding that last piece of quartz for a while, I have already been guided to use it to connect with the powerful energies here, so I will be bringing a piece of the mountains back home with me 🙂
      ❤ Aisha

      1. Thank you Michael 🙂 This made me smile. My grand daughter (4) got up and danced free style with me at the park last week. I enjoy encouraging children to express themselves in movement instead of just twirling them around in circles… though they do like that. I remember how shy I was as a young person (and adult for that matter) and marvel what the dance has done for me. Love and a dancing heart to you, Nancee

  16. Hi Aisha,

    I run the blog infiniteshift.wordpress.com and often repost your articles as a service to my readers. Thank you for all you do and for all you are.

  17. Oh beautiful, beautiful. Thank you Aisha for sharing this and these beautiful pictures. Thank you also, Aisha and your sister for performing this powerful and healing service for ALL ❤

    Love and Light,

  18. Thank you dear Aisha for including all of us here at the pond in your beautiful service to the light of this amazing being that we are blessed to live on. I am feeling the deep connection and am flowing with the energy and water right back to you. ❤

    1. Dear Lisa, thank you for adding your bright light to this Pond, thank you for making the waters of this river run stronger and clearer with your energy!
      LOVE, Aisha

  19. Thank you Aisha! It always uplifts my hart when I see in my mailbox that you have posted a new message! This blog really feels to me like a survival guide that helps me true this huge energetic transformation period, this amazing journey to a heaven on earth. I really am great full to you for your loving work you are doing here, also thank you for sharing with us your wonderful journey /vacation and for all the important work you did up there :-))
    Thanks to your pictures I could even more enjoy by feeling the energy of the places you have been! It al so incredible ❤
    Love to you and your sister and everyOne in this Pound ❤ 🙂 ❤

    1. Dear katjamilants, thank you so much for adding your light to this Pond and to this world! It is so amazing to think about how we have all found each other and reached out together to form this family of light 🙂 Love and light back to you from my sister and from me, Aisha ❤

  20. Aisha thank you so much for this and everything

    This update was the first thing I laid eyes on when I woke up today and when I read the part about the bird and Mother it touched me DEEP in my heart and I just started crying…and I asked right then for Mother to…COnnect with me today

    Meanwhile my earthly mother is watching a baseball game with the Toronto Blue Jays playing (Blue Jay being a bird) and I watched for a bit with her and remembered yesterday when another Blue Jays game was on a couple of pidgeons were walking around the diamond holding up the game

    And just a few minutes ago a big magpie landed on our deck and me and my mother and my cat sat there watching it walk around…watched as it finally stepped up on the railing turning her back to us to show off the beautiful rainbow colours in her feathers…and with her head turned the side watching us out of the corner of her eye…almost as if to see if I was picking up on the Message she brang as herself…and there was just this BEAUTIFUL…profound Silence…around the bird…that’s the only way I can explain it

    I felt this Silence…this LOVING Silence DEEP in my Heart…same place as when I read your update…and I started crying all over again…and haven’t stopped yet

    Thank you for helping to tap this Well of Waters in my Heart and for…bringing me closer to Mother

    jUSt thank you so much

    1. Dear sister, thank you for sharing this, thank you for letting the well in your heart flow freely! Your tears bring healing to so many, not just to you, and when you discovered that loving silence within, you opened the doors for others to find theirs.
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. Bless you for your healing words…it’s funny what you say about healing here because within minutes of finishing my comment earlier the skies opened up and a deluge of rain (tears:) poured down and I instantly COnnected the rain to the tapped Well in my Heart and my own tears…I was coming on here just now to maybe add this rain thing here and when I saw your healing comment I just couldn’t resist

        Thank you for this COnfirmation and for the tender mUSic this all plays in myOUR Heart

        The SACREDness of LIFE FLOWerS like never BE4 ❤

    2. Blue Jays at my house have been making themselves Very noticeable the past two days ~!
      early this morning three were making a lot of noise just outside my bedroom window. they have never done that. there has been one in particular that sits high on a branch looking in at me in the living room — chirping loudly — much excitement about ‘something’.
      so, this is of much interest. I tried to speak with it. Will keep u posted.
      I also turned to see a single Doe right behind me yesterday. slowly making her way up the road with not a care.
      Spent time out on my lake here in late afternoon. Single Blue Heron (they are usually alone)….hands in water….hands on lily pads …..connecting…..ahhh
      thank you~! XO

      1. Dear Areeza,
        Very often there are one or even two blue jays making themselves heard when I talk to my beloved AH on the phone. Also often I/we hear a bird that sings, that sounds like it’s saying “pretty, pretty, pretty”. Most likely it’s a Cardinal.

        Love, JayJay 🙂

      2. Here in Northern Arizona by Sedona, we have been seeing bright red Cardinals hanging around out by our garden.

        I am seeing birds having such fun in wind currents or misty rain, they seem to get very busy and excited just before it rains.

        Well, we are in Arizona so rain is a wonderful event to all beings here!

        I bet Blue Jays are very pretty!

      3. Well that’s aWEsome!

        I don’t know about where you’re at but here in Calgary AB Canada Blue Jays are a rare site…I always consider it special when I see one…and 3 for you! Magic number that one 🙂

        The last time I saw a Blue Jay was the day the message from Mother was posted here…two of em landed in the tree right in front of our deck…LOVIN this Blue Jay COnnection 🙂

        Say hi to any you see for me 🙂

      4. I haven’t seen any blue jays, but friend of mine saw a blue butterfly yesterday.. pretty unusual for this area. I can’t recall ever seeing one around here. 🙂

        Ss glad you’re back Areeza!!!

        ❤ Adam

        1. My Kimmy came in the first time for me after her passing – the date was April 17th I even remember – with blue butterflys! So glad when people mention them and blue dragonflys too! 😉 ❤

  21. For those of you who would like a bit more detail about what I just wrote above, about the Floodgates of Higher Energies now being opened up wide, and Where we are headed, etc. — you can find some here in a post I put up a few months ago. The first link within that post is to my ‘floodgates’ article of 2013, which describes what I felt was ALREADY starting to sense/feel ‘way back then’ (hahaha!). I hope you enjoy my ‘old’ perspectives on what is NOW actually happening in Full Force . . . . . http://waverider1.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/dont-look-back/ 🙂

    1. I enjoyed reading this very much.
      However, not everyone is on Facebook.
      Too bad and too happy to loose such a wealth of information.
      I personally have no need for Facebook as many others.
      Sad note to end on but understand the move UP!
      Thank you Waverider1
      hugs, Terri

      1. FB, despite its APPEARANCES (and blatant commercial consumerist slant), has proved to be a very effective TOOL for masses of humans to communicate with each other immediately and simultaneously over any and all Earth distances. It has served its True Design wonderfully, though it shall soon no longer be needed ;-). EVERYTHING happens for a Go(o)d reason, you see. Unless you believe in a tyrannical, jealous, horrific ‘god’, how could it REAL-ly be otherwise???

        1. Precisely.

          This tool was well-planned by the Higher Dimensionals, to be implemented right at this time, so that we would not be left stranded as disparate entities trying in vain to connect to each other.

          In being able to observe the connective Power of Facebook in action, I once helped lift and support a beautiful (& at that time emotionally struggling) just-barely-emerging Lightworker , Mathew Hart,


          who lives near Darryl Anka (BASHAR) and collaborated with Darryl on some Life after Death film production.

          Mathew at this time was also just beginning to learn higher dimensional concepts from attending BASHAR conferences, and it inspired him to go on Facebook & start a FB group for the very beginning level Lightworkers (baby Lightworkers? you could call them)….he called it
          “The Beautiful New World”.

          This is the level he is at, and he attracted 3,600 beginning/emerging Lightworker members on Facebook.


          Just a few other Lightworker groups on Facebook include:




          Ascended Masters & Higher Realm messages — 845 members

          STARSEEDS — 34,169 members

          Awakened Warriors — 2,395 members

          Earth Sensitives Mastering Ascension — 9,394 members

          THE GALACTIC FEDERATION — 23,829 members

          Galactic Free Press — 20,528 members

          11:11 GATEWAY TO ASCENSION — 15,108 members

          FAMILY OF LIGHT — 16,065 members

          Pleiadians — 27,341 members

          The Fringe Thinkers — 11,648 members

          LIGHTWORKERS of the World — 34,451 members

          The Anunnaki Earth Council — 7,062 members

          Awaken to the Shift — 19,628 members

          Enlightened Indigo Child — 14,097 members

          Ascended HuMan of 5th Dimension — 4,748 members

          Bashar , Kryon, Adronis, Treb, Ishuwa — 3,356 members

          Abraham Hicks Vortex Group — 24,616 members

          Arcturians -][- Sirians for Ascension — 25,552 members

          Sacred Geometry, Merkaba, Lightgrids
          and Crystal Energy — 649 members

          Dolores Cannon — 1,113 members

          Bashar*Inspiration — 4,200 members

          Bashar — 23,536 members

          1. Thanks for that list of FB groups 🙂 I just ‘liked’ one (the largest Bashar group), and joined the other (Arcturians – Sirians for Ascension) — since I AM directly related to Bashar, AND AM both Arcturian and Sirian (I’m quite the Cosmic Mongrel, lol). I was in Suzanne Lie’s 5D Leadership Group that formed almost exactly on my birthday in 2012, which was made up completely of us Arcturians (though that Aspect of my Soul make-up is not a run-of-the-mill Arkie 😉 ).

            Regardless, thanks for the info. Our New Roles for the Collective and Terra are being activated NOW, as we lead those Awakened HU-mans into the ‘Promised Land’ of our 5D home away from Home . . . . . . . starting NOW!!! (y)

          2. ❤ Thank you AGAIN, Kiera… you are unlimited in your knowledge and retrieval of info. amazing.

            And thank you, also, Waverider1… your message wonderful message resonated. ❤

        2. I’ve started using facebook too recently.
          Not sure if it’s a good thing for me or not, but I suppose it depends on how I decide to use it. 🙂

  22. ”…The Light could no longer be barred from anywhere on this planet, it will flow freely forevermore, making this world a world of light and a world of peace for eternity.” That is PRECISELY correct, Aisha!!! THAT was the ‘goal’ all along — and now it is DONE! What we shall see and experience in the next days and weeks shall be ‘only’ a material AND collective human energetic realm MANIFESTATION of that fact. So, as Saul (via John S.) suggested to us in that post I put the link to above in my other comment, all that’s left for us to DO for this current moment of Now as this all unfolds (blossoms) across the planet, is to sit back for a moment or three and in-JOY, or even in-BLISS, the Greatest Show Ever on Earth . . . . .. YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!!!!! 😀

    And your other powerful intuitive understanding also feels absolutely spot-on to Me, the part about how the mission of Us ‘flowing the Energies’ is not yet ‘over’. Of course not, as THAT ‘phase’ of Terra’s and our Ascension has only just BEGUN!!! (Started once we got the New Earth Grid (re)constructed and powered up — a theme the CCs mentioned several times of the past two years as the ultimate Energetic goal if my memory serves me right 😉 ). In ‘linear time’, this flowing expansion of the Energies on/in Terra/Gaia shall continue for at least another 1,000 years, but in an Energetic environment of Peace, Love and complete Collective Harmony…… 🙂

    1. Dear brother, thank you for adding your light to this! I see you there on the crest of that energetic wave, riding it with the biggest grin ever on your face 🙂 Your exuberance is infectious!
      Aisha ❤

    1. “Pleiadians are responsible for stepping into the Native tribes (Aboriginal, the Americas), to bridge the Solar Christ Consciousness into the planetary grids, so you can imagine what a cosmic shaman straight from the stars would feel like.”
      Yes! oh yes I can imagine what this feels like absolutely 🙂
      Thank you Dear Caroline. Breeze here.
      I knew yesterday that you would come thru here with something to explain what is occurring. I say everyone would gain much in reading it and allowing for the integration like I and others have.
      For me, I was pushed to step back and allow a male counterpart to come forward. I realized who it is that came forward. It is Star Fire! This divine male aspect of my soul who did come forward for one of the Gatherings ! He informed me today that he also likes to go by the name “Simeon”.
      What I, Areeza, wanted for my vacation time off was to go to that cave experience Sandra Walter speaks of. I wanted a deeply cleansing shamanic experience. When the neighbor acted up – it actually served to push me out! which is what i needed (and asked for). Star Fire stepped in like a true Prince Lancelot 🙂 taking such good care of me! And I want to stress that the male aspect doing this at this time for the female is tremendous! and a wonderfully healing ! A wonderful re-union is taking place of the divine male and female.
      so, as Sandra says also that the turmoil is dissolving quickly and help is constant AND Conscious ~ yes a beautiful, refreshing thing.
      Love to all — to bed now, Areeza and Star Fire (remaining in body form for now – made that choice again at this crossroad point today).

      1. I so love the name Simeon. I googled it just now and come to find this:
        “Simeon was the old man who recognized Jesus as the Messiah.”
        and Simeon means “sign”.
        now, That Sure IS Powerful !
        and I am now thinking of Star Fire and the Star of Wonder in the sky that night Jesus was born.
        Me thinks I am more blessed than I had realized
        LoL and I have always liked old, gray men. giggles

        1. OK finally confirmation that our HS is a twin energy of yin and yang proportions.
          Sounds like in this life time Areeza your male aspect is more in spirit. This makes sense at so many levels.
          So do I call you A/S. As the one you really are?
          Some one recently has a belief that her path is finished here on earth at this time. So she is letting her body be used as a walk in.
          Fun time we all live in!!!!!
          Blessings to you’s

          1. Eliza? She’s so beautiful! Will miss her when she leaves. A former mentor is a walkin – so weird when the “switch” takes place. 🙂

            1. Caroline,
              A question just popped into my mind.
              Eliza did create an environment where walking out was the end result. Do you believe that more folks will just walk out??
              Hmm guess each of our paths are different, and when it’s time it’s time!!
              What changed with your mentor, Caroline?

              1. ❤ Beautiful, wonderful, Magical information, you all. I can relate only slightly. Areeza / Star Fire glad you're back. Hope to hear / learn more from you 3 + 1. Love Blessings to you. ❤ +++++++++++

              2. Yes, more of us will “walk out”. Don’t know how common it actually is, though. Some just want a very brief experience of living here, or helping out and then moving on. My former mentor’s maturity level blatantly changed. Ha! Within a few weeks he was getting addicted to womanizing, sex, cigarettes, drugs, swearing and so on. It was like Yoda meets Jim Morrison on steroids. Some of us have a difficult time with addiction when we get here and go overboard, particularly if we don’t have enough experience in solid physical form. It was weird to watch. Thankfully, his life circumstances were such that no family or friends were hurt by the behavior and change. They tend to be “loners” for that reason.

                1. I never thought about that,
                  not a higher vibrational walk in.
                  OK, that makes walking in much more complex.
                  I’m praying that Simeon is your twin soul Areeza, only greatness will flow from that union, the whole you.

          2. I have to get the thoughts straight on it… more later. have to head home. left my kayak in the truck… oh yeah… to the lake! both of us…hehe
            would say Areeza is being mentored and watched over by Star Fire and I feel others will come too from time to time.
            I do not think it is a ‘walk in’ like some have had where they ‘totally’ step out. its an integration is the best to put it at the moment but I will certainly be sharing more as it comes.
            Love you and All,,,
            >>>call me the breeze… I keep rollin…da da da 🙂

      2. Dear Areeza/Star Fire – thank you so much for BEing here, thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us!
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      3. Simeon(Gospel of Luke)
        “Simeon at the temple is the “just and devout” man of Jerusalem who, according to Luke 2:25-35, met Mary, Joseph, and Jesus as they entered the temple to fulfill the requirements of the Law of Moses on the 40th day from Jesus’ birth at the presentation of Jesus at the Temple.

        According to the Biblical account, Simeon had been visited by the Holy Spirit and told that he would not die until he had seen the Lord’s Christ. On taking Jesus into his arms he uttered a prayer, which is still used liturgically as the Latin “Nunc dimittis’ inmany Christian Churches, and gave prophecy alluding to the crucifixion. ”

        1. Thanks Forest,,, I found this too and I can not explain the feeling it gave to me. I can go from feeling overwhelmed (for short spurts) to feeling really underwhelmed — for longer spurts unfortunately. Rough, uneasy day today so far. very uneasy. not sure what its about. or if its just me or outer energies too. If I could only go to a place of solitude and not to this work place, I would be so much better. I am at a loss as to what to do. Everything longs within me to run for the hills! 🙂 Love to you always my dear friend! ❤

      4. I have been told in the last few days. That through the ages my ancestors have traveled around the world many times breeding with all the races on earth. I was told that my blood line contains all races on earth. I think many of our ancestors have done this. Maybe this is why I receive so many messages from different links.
        That are so different in the subjects that I receive. I try to limit my contacts with the negative links. But listen to what is said. I try to only allow the positive links that show ways to fix the negative links in a positive way that is good for all. I just try to always look at how I might help to fix a problem in a positive way. This has worked out well for me and stops all the negative feelings by replacing it with a positive feeling that has a healing effect for all involved. All the elemental spirits are very friendly in showing how they all work together as one. The only thing about the elementals is when someone uses them in harmful ways it harms all of the elementals and our environment that can affect all of us in different ways. One elemental can do very little without the help of other elements. I have noticed that our science is getting closer to understanding dark energy.

        It is believed by many that the so called big bang came from a single point. This is a belief just like what they know about dark energy. It can’t be seen so it has many different theories as to what it is and can do. Dark energy is a family of subatomic particles that is throughout what we know as the universe. Just like a particle can be in more than one place at a time and seen or unseen. This shows these smaller particles can communicate with each other at a much faster rate than the speed of light. This also means they always know what the other particle is doing or thinking. This means these particles share the same thoughts. Science can’t see the smallest of these particles and just call them dark energy because they are unseen because of the limits of our science. No one knows if there is a limit to how small these particles can be. So much is just unknown to our science. Is this family of particles what created our universe with the laws that control the movement of matter and creation of all we know. Or is there even smaller particles that did this that are unknown to our science. One day all this will be known. When that day comes we can all share the same thoughts about life and our universe as we know it. This will lead to a one world government and religion. But to do this the truth must be known to stop all the wars and control over others. I see this time coming and ask with a pure intent of love all will happen with peaceful outcomes for all.

        Love and blessings to all

  23. Big hugs Aisha and blessings to you and your sister for your service to our mother and to all that is. I got chills reading your beautiful journey and while I was in the Swiss alps a number of years ago I felt similar to how you felt up in your mountains. These ancient beings and portal protectors are alive with energy! They help us, but we can also actively help them through ceremony and our constant loving on the body of the mother. Enjoy the rest of your stay in your mountain home and surfing this energy! Big hugs! Alex

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