A short update on the energies

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have now entered a phase that is like no other you have experienced, and it will probably not be one that you will experience ever again. For now, so much is shifting and reshaping on all sides, both within and without, and so, this will indeed be a season of change on every level. You have by now grown accustomed to not being able to predict just what the next day or even the next hour will bring, and even if you mentally or physically may not have grown quite as accustomed to these changes as to the knowledge that they will occur again and again, you will all slowly but surely start to reset and reshape your very being into something that will feel much more at ease in this seemingly constantly turmoiled sea. You see, the rapid shifts and the heightened level of energetic activity is not to quieten down for quite some time yet, so for those of you who hanker for a quiet port after a prolonged exposure to these agitated seas, we can offer little but our sympathy at the moment, but for all those already sensing the huge energetic change taking place at this very moment, we can offer more of the same, at an ever increasing frequency in the days ahead.

For this will indeed be a season of tumultuous change on so many levels, but the changes we refer to will bring about a heightened presence of enlightened beings all over the planet. For this incoming light will stop for no one nor no thing, and it will not be one that comes a knocking timidly in the night, asking to be let in. Rather, it will continue to simply flow in at an ever increasing rate, disregarding any and all hindrances that anyone tries to put in the way. In other words, this flood of light and life will enliven even the darkest of corners and it will do so in a fashion that has not been seen before, and we do mean that in a very literal sense. For now, it will be as if the very ground beneath your feet will start to shimmy and shift about, and even the very bedrock of your life will at times seem to be nothing more than a thin gossamer layer undulating in the breeze, ready to rip apart and leave you all ready to step away from the old remnants of your former life and embrace something very new.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but we think it is safe to say that this summer there will be a lot of upheavals taking place, upheavals that may seem dramatic to the casual observer, but that to the ones already tuning in to the messages coming in on the airwaves so to speak of these energetic emissions will not be considered as news at all. For you will know in the very center of your being, the part of you that simply knows it all beforehand but has kept it hidden from that perhaps less enthusiastic human part of you, that whatever happens now, does so in order to propel you as fast as possible towards that end goal you so hanker for. In other words, expect much ado about some at times rather small and seemingly inconsequential details in your life, but know that these are merely symbols of the huge shift taking place, both for you and for everyone around you.

For nothing will be undisturbed by the winds that these energetic storms whip up now, and even if your life may not be all topsyturvy at the moment, we venture to guess that you will all in some way feel this wind in your sails making the old anchoring ropes start to creak and groan as the pressure increases. For you will all be shifted in some way, but this is by no means a signal to a total upheaval for all, merely a reminder that any hidden urge to stay as is will now be overwritten by that far more important calling you all carry within. For change is not always pleasurable, and change does not always come in a neat and well presented package, all tied up and offered to you as a positive tiding. Change may well come in the form of an unexpected event that will serve to literally disconnect you from so much of what you thought constituted YOU. In other words, it may come in a very direct form as a way of literally moving you from one residence to another, or it may come in the form of total rearranging of your emotional and intellectual programming, making everything you thought you knew about yourself and the world around you stand out in a very new way, and this again will help you to make decisions based on the new instead of the old.

This may seem to be a rather over-intense period for many of you, but again, this river of light has carried you all well and truly away from the old shores, and it is pulling you all faster and faster down the rapids. It may seem to be a little bit daunting at times, but again this at times rather forceful current is simply doing what it can to bring you all the way back home, back to you, the real you, and to that space where you can start to act out the last part of this grand adventure of realigning your being and your world in such a way, the light will be continuously shining into and onto every part of it, and through that, remove any and all of those old acquired stains, blemishes and battle scars both this planet and you as human beings have suffered from for far too long.

So again we say, try to enjoy the ride, even if it may get rather “wild” at times, and know that all is well and you are just where you are meant to be at any given time, even if you yourself has lost any sense of direction at all. For you are being carried within this huge and unstoppable flood of light now, and as the speed and intensity increases, the best you can do, is as always simply to allow it to take you wherever it is it needs you to go. For once there, you will find yourself exclaiming from the very center of your being, “this is it, I have finally made it, I may not have a clear idea just as to how I managed to get to this exact spot, but now that I am here, I know that this is the space for me.” And then, and only then, will you be able to finally take root in a soil that is not only fertile, but more welcoming than you could ever dream of.


I just had to include this photo I took earlier this week, for it describes so well what these energies feel like to me: powerful and unstoppable and at times overwhelming but at the same time so empowering, crystal clear and full of LIFE.

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  1. So glad to hear from you Vinny – I have missed you here and was thinking of you yesterday. Yes – me too hope confusion will lift soon and leave behind a feeling of well-being and satisfaction 🙂

    Love & light to you ❤


  2. A young man i have been working with for the last 2 years came to see me.
    Some damn fool asked him the forbidden question.
    he was sitting on a bar stool (combat veterans drink too much)
    he was in Iraq (combat veterans are somewhat insane)
    Anyway he was nearly in tears.
    please, please, never ask a combat veteran how many people they have killed
    we would rather think about what is to come
    besides, no one ever counts
    don’t ask that question

    1. ❤ Dear Otmn… I have nothing to offer, just feel sad an ignorant comment was made to the young fellow combat veteran. Thank you for all you do to help him (them) find the same or a similar long road to healing that you've had to hack thru or simply to find Friendship and Understanding. The game of experience sometimes = wtf ?! Infinite Light Blessings to you both. ❤

      1. chances are we are a mite touched in the head, and we may seem fierce
        don’t feel afraid
        feel protected

        1. ❤ Dear Otmn… You're not "touched", you're not fierce, but you are fearless… and that—by its nature—demands Respect. Am unafraid of combat vets—actually in awe of you all that you're still able to walk or wheel around from that experience… that you are willing to open your eyes every morning and greet a new day—sometimes if even on a bar stool. Don't want to feel protected (both sides lose), want to stand side by side with you and walk with you and learn from you… and maybe even vice versa once in awhile re the latter. That's it for this one… what are others feeling??? 🙂 ❤

          Oh, yeah, one more thing, you Bless us all here. I know, it's an "aw shucks" compliment, so hope you kinda get used to it. It's Heart felt and True and constant. (You have a tender Heart even if you deny it)
          Continued Light Blessings, Love&JOY.

          1. thanks so much
            mostly i don’t get much appreciation
            i just was with my boy for the last six hours, drinking what we have
            with any luck a step was taken
            i hope
            who knows what swapping war stories means, anyway
            i suppose it was cathartic. shrug
            one more thing, but to a lot of people we are scary
            i have not shaved since 1994
            only santa and jesus may have long hair and a beard
            all the rest of us are addled brain hippie drug addicts

            1. Thank you, Otmn, for helping your young vet Friend with like (horrific) stories. The most I can usually offer is a handshake or a hug (I ask permission) with a “Thank You” and a smile. I’m sure sometimes my Love might be interpreted as pity, but it isn’t. It’s sadness that my leaders either made him or made him feel like he / they should go to war (this applies to female vets, too).

              Beards are lovely. (no warnings necessary) And even so, too, I bet you have a lovely face and smile beneath it. And I personally Love both Santa and Jesus ! I’m sure your new little niece enjoys pulling on it… and later on will like braiding Uncle’s beard and maybe even decorating it with beads. The nicest grizzled beards try to draw attention from the bright sparkle in the eyes and the JOYful smile just behind. I feel bad that your family doesn’t enjoy or accept the gift of “you”. I’m glad you’re fearless enough to walk your walk anyway. You’ve pretty much faced it all (and you’re still standing), including disdain from relatives, and managed to retain or woo back your big Heart, your Love.

              Here’s a hug and a Thank You. I wish you only Love&JOY from this point on and especially the coupled and accepted Love and FUN of your tf… finally. JOY to you, Beautiful One. Lin ❤ 🙂

              (I will pray for your wonderful young Friend)

    2. Dear Otmn, You reminded me of a fellow who befriended me in a dance/bar place I was at two weeks ago. He was on leave from CA where he trains young men to fly helicopters for the services. He kept stopping by my table, getting bolder and more talkative with the beer. He shared that he’d been in Vietnam. I listened… thankfully I did not ask the ‘forbidden question.’ He shared lastly that he was trained on the “turret” (I think?) and had to shoot all inhabitants of the villages… he looked in my eyes as he said, “That included women and children.” I hope he found total nonjudgment in my eyes as I stared back… trying to feel and maybe even absorb some of his pain. There are no words I could reply with. I was honoured that he shared. I was also sad the next day that I didn’t give him more of my time, being a little too distracted with the unspoken thoughts of the “dancers” who surrounded me. It has haunted me a little… why would I care more about fitting in with a group who didn’t understand the attention I got from, what they perceived, was a drunk – than a hurting man who thought me beautiful and wanted to share? The day following I saw the mud on my inner beauty that needed washed away.

      I have loved deeply a special forces man. I never asked him the forbidden question either. I do know (and understand the pain) when he had to direct the missiles that fell in Kandahar. I still love him but after he became a paraplegic I had no way to contact him in the states. I watch for him in spirit as he may not have stuck around long on this side of life. Perhaps he is my twin flame. But I digress from the subject… I’m a little down today. I had another experience with a man this week who drinks too much. I handled that well… it was when he was sober I felt hurt. Isn’t life so full of pain and ups and downs! (Also I’m probably revisiting 3D myself… I so relate to sun-of-blue in that regard.) Thanks for listening… sometimes melancholy just really needs expression. ~Nancee

      1. It is always so nice to read your openhearted posts that give me the feeling that you are very confident in yourself – and I love it 🙂

        I honour you for your thoughts about the man you met – drunk or not – it was a real meeting and I am sure he appreciated it in his heart. Thank you for sharing!

        Love & light ❤


        1. My dear friend B… I build confidence by stretching and posting such comments I think. Confidence has been a steep uphill climb for me in my life 🙂 It is also one of the things I feel changing more and more inside of me. Today at a pool/dance party I had another break through. I am so grateful to see these changes within. Melancholy moods were swept away in a salt water pool. I was in and out all afternoon. Back to the berry patch tomorrow where I have lots of time to ponder on my life 🙂 Love, Nancee

          1. i remember doing a similar thing.
            just pick a random person that chances are you will never see again and then totally confess.
            you cannot hide your spirit.
            their consciousness doesn’t know, but you do it anyway.

          2. Dear Nancee, dear otmn – I love you both so much and I thank you from my heart for daring to shine your light in the darkest of corners!
            LOVE – always, forever! Aisha ❤ ❤

  3. Dear Sherill,
    OMG!!!! I could not stop the tears from flowing when I read your daughter’s experience with her “veterans” and attainment of peace. Let’s just say I can relate to her experience in a very uncanny way, as I have undergone the shedding of my past “war wounds” and given myself over to the peace which unfolds. Thank you for sharing this part of her journey with us!
    Much love to you and your sweet child, Caroline

    1. Oh Caroline, this really touched my heart,as so many of your posts do. If you ever feel moved to share more of your experiences of transmuting your war wounds into peace, I will be all ears! It comforts and strengthens me to know that others have walked a similar path to my daughter’s. I feel your love and I feel certain she does, too.
      I hope your body pain has subsided since you wrote of it (I haven’t yet gotten to the comments on Aisha’s next post) and that you’re able to take time to rest if you’re still feeling “ridiculously tired”!
      Many blessings to you, dear sister.

  4. I wasn’t sure whether to do this…but what I’ve been experiencing in the past few days is AMAZING and definitely COnnected to this Missive and other ones of late

    Since September of last year I began…through Guidance–with no idea what I was doing or why–to post videos to Facebook…music and otherwise….with basically journal entries written on them…it has been a tell-ALL that caused me to lose a lot of FB friends as I’m sure I appear schizophrenic :)…publicizing deeply personal stuff as well as talking about spiritual matters and secret messages and ETs ETc.

    I never knew what video I would post nor why–only that I felt inspired suddenly with a song popping into my head etc. And I never knew what I would be writing until I was writing it…everything completely spur of the moment…so that it felt like I was reading my writings as opposed to writing them

    And always I would receive messages and information from the COmbination of what I was writing and what was in the video and anything I was living at the time…messages that pertained to stuff hidden in my subconscious that needed to surface (for instance I finally unearthed the fact that I was severely sexually abused at around 2 years old) as well as STUFF hidden in my SUPERCOnscioUS that needed to come to earth…

    I found it fascinating as I got a tangible experience of ONEness…seeing all these life changing messages and mind blowing synchronicities come ThrOugh me from various musicians and writers and channelers and ETs and just about everyone…

    Anyway it was in this format that I went through the CLEAR*i*n*g* period that was so talked about in so much of the channeled material I listened to

    And so out of habit I’ve been doing more posting of late…and I’ve decide to paste here my last 3 posts instead of rewriting them…BE caUSe I’m feeling…COmpelled to share my recent experiences/journal entries here…as I feel I’m making a monumental move into totally brand new territory and it links with the exaCCtness of the CCs as USuALL

    Forgive me for the length of this whole thing…even if no one reads this all…gotta follow my INtuition INspiration…it’s what I’ve been doing somewhat for years and absolutely diligently for almost a year now…when I don’t listen and avoid this INner urge I…stagnate

    So…these posts were all written on videos except for the last one which I wrote on a picture I took of part of this Missive (which I had already shared on my FB but took a pic of part of it to highlight the parts that were specific to what I was talking about) and they were all written within minutes of each other as once STUFF started flowINg it didn’t stop

    ~~~Post # 1…written on a channeled message on YouTube~~~

    Creation Energies: ‘What’ and ‘Why’ – New Earth Clearing Tools – July 15, 2014

    I listened to this this morning and I meant to post it then as it resonated quite strongly

    A few hours ago STUFF started flowIN in re to whats in this message and its IMPORTANT…and MONUMENTALL

    However ITs still being Revealed…Unfolded…Birthed into my COnscioUS Awareness and so I cannot write about it yet…but I can’t seem to move on until I at least get something down…for my mind I guess…so it understands this ONE isn’t going to slip back into the ethers

    This all started after I posted the Michael Jackson vids and stuff I started going through reminded me of this video and what it says about CORE fear…LOTs revealed on that…and in the revelation the seeing beyond and the KNOWING on top of the other PiecesPEACES of KNOWING recently…

    I’ve reached a threshold where…there are doorways that I’ve always been able to go back through that are no longer here…where when I begin the circle again it…….all I can say right now for lack of full enough understanding at this point is that this time the circle doesn’t resemble the previous circles of my life…all because I know I can never again enter certain levels of vibration…low levels…I’ve reached a point where because I…cannot ‘go back’…where I go next…I’ve never gone before…on SO MANY levels…

    And before I lose it I gotta stop talking

    ~~~Post # 2…written on a music video~~~

    Trine – Road to Certainty {Piano R&B Hip Hop Instrumental}

    I cannot go back to being my old self…I’m someone NEW…and I have been many times over most especially and increasingly in the last 8 years and this past year has been a blur of NEW selfves…enough that I could never really get to know who I was…and so with lack of knowledge I’ve just kept referring/reverting back to my old self…to some degree…it was never possible to ever be that again…but my NEW selfves still had enough old in them that I could reference the old self quite easily

    But now…I’m finding…that…those doors/selves are closed and closing and I’m kinda running down a long hallway trying to get to an open door but they’re all closed before I can get there…and so I’m left to SEE the ONE dOOr still O-pen…the LIGHT at the end of the Tunnel…the NEW Self waiting for me to give UP and CO~ME get to know It

    I’ll tell ya I’ve definitely never felt like this…but 4 the RECORD…I’m going with the NEW

    And a large part of my COnscious self doesn’t know what this is yet or what that means…but I’ve CHOSEN IT whatever IT IS…and it’s inevitable…I’ve made the CHOICE…and I only smidgeingly know what THAT means…but even that smidge is HUGE

    shut UP NOW

    ~~~Post # 3…written on a picture of part of this recent CC Missive…a couple months ago I started calling the CCs the COCOs…as I am obsessed with any word that speaks of ONEness and CO(operative) is a big one for me…COnstant COmpanions…the COCOs for short 🙂 hope that’s not offensive here :)~~~

    As soon as I finished my last post the words from this last COCO Missive came to me “…so you can make decisions based on the NEW instead of the old” …and then on the heels of that I remembered the part about “…a total rearranging of your emotional and intellectual programming”…and “…something something…the disconnection of so much of what you thought constituted YOU” and I KNEW…

    The KNOWINGS are piling UP on top of each other and are all INterCOnnected…all this KNOWING…and SO FAST…and yet I still have very little of the PICTURE forming…the more I KNOW the less I feel I know…who am I and what is EVERYTHING?

    This was all written last night and today I stand here with a…somewhat of a VOIDness…but different from any of the other VOIDs I’ve gone through in the past year…this one feels FULL…of potential…potential as potentiALL has never been…and I feel COmpletely…different…NEW…as NEW as never been

    Thank yoUS for this space to express myself…and mySELF

    Love…as LOVE has never been…to All

      1. Bless you Vivienne…thank you so much…it does my heart wonders knowing I’m not alone but instead ALLONE 🙂

        So glad to be making a new COnnection today of all days…and I already know MUCH will come from this

        I so appreciate having a tangible NEW lead to follow in this NEW place I find myself

        I took a look at your blog site and I have to say it resonates with me big time…I can really feel what a beautiful Being you are and your experiences sound mighty fascinating…I will have to pick up a copy of your book

        As I get time I will look at more of your blog posts and the richness to be found there

        I too am SO GRATEFULL to be a part of these massive shifts and this most exciting time ever for anyone…as hard as it gets sometimes I wouldn’t trade it for anything…the way I see it is we are the luckiest beings ‘out there’ for getting the opportunity to grow Expand EVOLVE in such a place and time

        Bless you and much LOVE to you ❤

    1. Dearest Amy… Thank you for BEing you and honoring your Integrity, even at the cost of FB friends, etc. It’s not easy walking one’s own path with a never-you-mind towards unkind slights and labels, mostly out of their fear of what is different than their “the norm” / the old. And thank you for the length of your post; I wanted even more ! And CCs to COCOs. Love that ! You and others here have successfully completed the Clearing; I’m still in the midst of it… and glad to be included. Be well, Dear One. I am looking forward to your next posting. With Love&JOY&laughter 😀 ❤ ++++++

      1. Dearest Lin…thank you so much for your kind loving words, support and very Self…I can’t even tell you how much I love you guys…the feeling is REAL and so easy to feel :)…which for me is a total blessing…as I do believe there’s still a part of me that protects me from feeling my feelings as it was accustomed to protecting me from them in this often hostile energetic environment on our planet

        Being here with yAll gives me a place not only to express myself but to feel…and feelings are where the GOLD is

        Speaking of that…I wouldn’t really say that I’m through the clearing period…more that I just can’t do the clearing or any of my living from where and how I have been doing it…it’s like the CLEAR*i*n*g* has many Rings to it…each one closer to the CORE…and I feel perhaps there may not be too many more rings between me and CORE…but I can’t say as I really know yet…it’s ALL brand NEW…we shALL see 🙂

        All the LOVE and BlEssings there are to you my dear friend ❤

        1. Wow, Amy, i so resonate wih your original post and everything you shared below it, too. I’m SO glad you followed your intuition to share! You inspire me.

    2. Blessings to you Amy… quite some journey it has been and trust this new place is magical for you. It takes courage to go on the journey you have been on and even more to share it openly. Philip ❤

  5. Thank you, as always, Vinny, for this lovely confirmation and memory-trigger for me. You go straight to the center in a way that touches me deeply.
    In love and gratitude,

  6. ❤ Hi, Sun (Vinny)… have missed you much and have been thinkinking of you. Glad you are well, and, as always, Thank you for your update. 🙂 ❤

  7. Control truth?

    “The Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki’s Nibiruian Diodic Crystal (NDC)-Grid (NDCG) “Checkerboard Matrix” Sonic Program running through Earth’s Templar since 25,500BC reverse the Natural Fire Letter Sequences and polarity in DNA Templates 1-2-3 and Axi-A Tonal Lines 1-2-3-4-7-10 and one-half of Axi-A Tonal Lines 5-8-11.

    Resulting DNA Template add Axi-A Tonal Line distortions block the embodied D-12 Pre-matter…………….”

    All statements are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense.
    Principia Discordia – Malaclypse The Younger ( Fnord )

    1. ❤ Dear Michilyn… your statement about statements is correct—it's Life, right?! Never static, always changing. En-JOYed your vid, too. Love Rain.
      (translated the German to English) You must be up there with the other geniuses here, the Checkerboard Matrix math was too much for this one. 🙂 Continued Blessings with much JOYous laughter to you&yours. ❤ +

      1. It is hot here, in Germoney. I have built a little tent between two trees
        for the night. Bica and my love are looking at the stars. I love you Lin.
        Many many thanks and gratitude for your awareness and your kind
        being. Long may you run.

        1. TY, Michilyn. Beautiful. 🙂 So thoughtful you are. Have a lovely night under the stars, you three (we can only dream of such here with all the city lights)—and a wet nose kiss to little Bica. Love to U 2. 😀 ❤

  8. I’m feeling this massive shift in energies too. There is light flooding into me at the moment and is being channelled beautifully through my Reiki healing. Awesome. I am also noticing a gathering together of lightworkers and they all seem to be drawing towards me it is quite amazing. Thought I would share the latest channelled message (via Shamanic Meditation) I published. Bless you all. It is starting to feel very exciting. http://thesewingscanfly.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/connecting-to-the-divine-and-our-higher-selves-meeting-the-angel-of-order-and-harmony/

  9. Hello my dear friends,

    i’f bin following you and the CC’s for some time now but never felt like leaving a comment. Now i would like to share an experience with you. Since i became more and more conscious in the last 4 years i recognised how i often hold my breath in the rythm of my heart beat. I have not yet finally found out where it comes from but i allways thougt of it as a sighn of not leting go. Of being afraid of the small death or not wantig to feel what comes at my way (since i had a hard time at school witch i managed to “survive” by leaving my body, not being grounded).
    By now i heald many wounds and found a connection to mother earth and my life down here.
    For me the last days have given some of beatiful changes in many inner ways. When i laid down today after breakfast i focused on my breath and visualised me on the ground of a lake, or pond? ;), and felt how i constantly went upwards to the top. Like in the fear of not being able to breath. My breath was, as i described it above, interrupted in the rythm of my heart beat. Then i tried to let go and tried to exhale twice as long as to inhale. I felt how i came down in both ways. How i was feeling the presure of the warter above and my whole system and breath calm down.
    I instantly thougt of us building the pond and me having nothing to fear anymore. A few days ago i understood how i am the only one in power to create an release fear and anxiousness in my life experince.

    Love to all of you!

    1. Dear Johannes, welcome to this Pond, welcome to this family of light! Thank you for bringing your light here, and for sharing your story of healing and courage! I am so glad that you allowed yourself to trust YOU, and I am so glad that you felt the waters of this Pond help you. Together we have created this Pond, and I thank you so much for BEing a part of this!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. This is so beautiful and moving, Johannes. Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us at the Pond!

  10. I still feel like I’m in a still place, but today was a good day spent in nature with my oldest daughter Vive. We went on a picnic and then to the beach. What was quit remarkable to me was that EVERYONE I encountered today, wished me a very good day. This is quit unusual. So very carefully I wonder if more people are waking up?

    Love, JJ

    1. Thanx, Michilyn… another vid / link for me to watch / read a little bit later. Appreciate it / you. 😀 ❤

    2. wow,right? is it really gonnabe the new age pretty soon? any year now huh?
      it better be soon!

  11. Some times I marvel that we’re all on the same (big picture) journey here. I just reread some of the above posts and stand with Birgitta possibly and being there in heart as I don’t have a solid idea of what some of your are experiencing! I’m going through some very definite changes within and a new lightness over all but life for me seems to keep me focused in the every day “interaction with others” realm. (and with Nature thankfully) So I guess I’d best keep on following my leading and not get wishing I was like someone else :). I did like the ‘redneck’ video. I don’t quite fit the AV riding but put me on a good quarter horse with a bunch of cows to round up and the red neck in me arises. Or put me on a dance floor and I can do a “mean” two step to that song.

    I’ve never thought of myself as an incredible woman (thanks B) but I like the sound of that. Never been a superwoman either in my eyes but referred to that cuz of the little change room I switched to dance clothes in last week… but I kind of like the thought of being superwoman too. Snorkelling for the first time let me “feel” like I was breathing under water and that was darn nice too. My family here definitely does boost my energies and I’m starting to meet others here and there I can share that with. A big thank you to all of you doing the work you do in the other realms that must affect me. Thank you too for taking we at the Pond with you so that in some way we experience it even if not consciously!
    Love to all, Nancee
    p.s. Sometimes when I dance so freely in the park I do wonder what my energy is doing in the people watching.

    1. you are just so beautiful Nancee & have said it All with the words fitting to you…just add a touch more ‘Belief’ in the mix & you’ll BE Amazed how ‘Superwoman-ly’ you really are !….Know & Believe in Thyself & BE the most perfect cherry tomato you are supposed to BE (as my post above)
      I know you have sent out your request to the Universe…simply accept it & know it’s on it’s way….a bit more time in trust & patiently waiting on your side of things is All that’s required you see….
      Love to You !….& keep sending your healing energies to those fires…Bev~

    2. Dear Nancee!

      There is so much that people are talking about, referring to etc that I don´t understand at this blog – still I don´t always understand all messages written here 😉 But it really does not worry me because I’m just exactly the tomato in the salad that bev~ describes – and I KNOW that I am a tomato – surrounded by a bunch of other tasty vegetables, fruits, exciting spices and dressings that create a wonderful mix here. I am fascinated by all the work that is done here which I do not understand or take part in – but may benefit from – but we all have a task here and I am completely satisfied with the role of being a conscious tomato ;)))

      The change I have felt the last few days – after a period of frustration and impatience and actually thought about leaving the blog!!! – is a feeling that I now is an upgraded version of myself who do not really know what to do with myself. After years of development, when above all, my brain did not work very well, I feel the need to leave the isolate and go out into the world, among others to a greater extent than before, try my wings – though I do not yet know how. Maybe this tomato needs to mature a little longer – I really do not know 😉

      Super Woman? Yes – you are Nancee – and all of us other women, too – if we consider what a journey we’ve done so far – actually ….and what we have achieved if not in money and fame, but for entirely different values ​​and qualities that are priceless 🙂

      Reflections of the night from me and much love to you Nancee ❤

      B to B

      1. okay
        tomatoes are better with a little bit of salt, could i be the shaker?
        i have a guest room
        come on over
        i am 30 milesmore or less wsw of Portland

        1. Thank you for your invitation dear Otmn – it really warmed my heart ❤ ❤ ❤ You are both the salt and the shaker that is needed here to add the finishing touch to the salad 🙂

          Love, light & gratitude ❤


      2. Hang in there B to B cause there is no puzzle to solve.. I think Kryons latest channelling says it all.. 😉

  12. Gotta circle back and read your post, Bev. Thanx!!

    http://highheartlife.wordpress.com (Mid-July 2014 changes, by Denise Le Fay)

    “…I’d mentioned in May I think it was that I’d perceived something big and very positive on the physical level would begin at mid-July 2014. A couple other Ascension Teachers/channels mentioned mid-July 2014 too, but most people focused on the possible monetary/banking aspects of this whereas I had sensed something far more important beginning in mid-July. I’m not saying a total overhaul on all levels to money consciousness and money reality isn’t needed because it most certainly is and that’s coming down the pike at some point soon. The one thing will further trigger the other and another and another and so on.

    “What all we went through during March, April, May and June of this year, now in mid-July is making a lot more sense. As is usually the case in the Ascension Process, it was Inner Prep Work to make space for the NEW energies/blueprints coming in physically at mid-July. Old negative issues, old negative DNA distortions, old negative Team Dark timelines, personal wounds, toxic relationships with certain family members, people, old negative eating/drinking/smoking/thinking/feeling habits etc. had to be seen and finally dealt with by each of us throughout the 2014 spring quarter so we could embody this aspect of the NEW energies starting to embed into the physical and our physical bodies and DNA at mid-July.

    “Then the other day I read Lisa Renee’s July 2014 article Sophianic Body Correction [please see link at the end of my article] and it contained the information I’d perceived in January 2014 but couldn’t articulate anywhere near as well or as detailed as she has. It’s highly technical but contains the deeper energetic information underneath and the whys to it all. Thank you Lisa Renee for it…”

    If interested, here is the correct link that is spoken of in the body of Denise Le Fay’s post (the link Denise provides does not work).


    1. i have looking at this link all day
      plus the places it led me toward.
      i’m not sure if i should be grateful, this is to much like work.
      i will get back to you
      oh yeah, thanks for the other thing

      1. the more i study this the more i disagree
        but we must not discount the good
        just because it is not the GOSPEL
        perfection is allusive
        i think it will help some step forward,
        but keep being skeptical
        suspect everything, does it resonate with your soul??
        part of this study resonated with me and other parts were offensive

    2. Hi Lin,

      I’m glad you posted this. There is a lot of information that I couldn’t make sense of but I couldn’t put it down, I wanted to keep reading. When I stopped trying to make sense of it and allowed the energies contained within the information to show me what is relevant to my life right now, I had some really BIG (ginormous) ‘aha’ moments. Even more are appearing as I reflect on and feel into those initial moments. Thanks for the link 🙂


  13. Hey All…isn’t great with All these synchronicities coming together…the CC’s, GaiaPortal…& so many others & also a mergence with so many of the comments being made !…I was told a while ago to expect more & more of this as we raised our vibration levels together !….also wanted to Thank Kiera, Lin, Caroline, Denise, Nancee & any others who commented & took an interest in ‘Lucy’…as well as the ‘Avatar’ links provided by Kiera ! It’s important to know that the ethers (space around us) are in fact filled with many many vibrational messages from Spirit & is a continuing volley in & out everyday that most are not aware of ! The dimensional realm of these frequencies are picked up by some intuitive ones (kinda like a puzzle match to match in vibration)…but for the most of humanity these messages seep through in visions & dreams & for some selected souls these messages are transferred into their work of art, music & film to further the ability to reach humanity, even if it’s in a subliminal context. Say you were at a craft fair & you See something Amazing & say “this speaks to me”…does it really ?….isn’t it the energy you are creating to it & that this makes you feel good…you’ve just allowed this & accepted it to take place !
    James Cameron is such a one that has been doing this (Avatar). Even though many of these films hold lots of meaningless food to fuel the imagination, like the violence that some of us don’t want to subject our minds to, the thing is….by closing ourselves up to these small harsh bits, we miss the opportunity to see the whole, & these important underlying messages ! All this exposure to this world around us is building our consciousness, harnessing our imagination & strengthening our soul centers !…if we weren’t exposed in Seeing the ugly, how would we know what ugly negativity was & thus enabling us to choose No to it….but it actually is much more than that. As Kiera pointed out that Bashar says the world around us is an illusion & meaningless, but for me, this is not true….the world is not the illusion part (it is quite real), it is the consciousness attachments we make to it is the illusion !…when we reach this point of understanding that All these feelings, emotions, either of fear, anger, or compassion & joy is ‘All’ in the ‘Energetic Link’ from us to it & it is only we that can sever it, discard & throw it away or build upon it & this is what increases our soul vibration !…so let’s say you are a cherry tomato in a salad…you are mixed into All the other ingredients, even smothered in sauce & dressing…but you have learned to know you are a tomato & confident in being one…& you will not let any other part of the salad tell you different, but you continue to mingle with All the parts, even the parts you don’t like…but it’s All o.k….you know you are part of this salad even covered in gooey sauce, but you are strong & confident in being that tomato & you are wise to know you are a part of it All, but only as a whole, you are not joined or linked to any of it !….hope this makes sense ! & Lin, I think you will understand this…& Thanks to Denise for the posting from Lee Harris, which also fits great into All this, & feels like I said this myself !….no matter what we learn or share with others from our Higher Selves, Channeled messages, Masters & anything from the Spirit realms…it will All be static noise & make no sense & have no understanding unless we raise our vibrations & strengthen our soul centers…& of course, the more the better & bigger & wider reception….!
    Have a Glorious Day Everyone !!….& an Exceptional Energetic ‘Know Thyself’ Weekend !!……Love, Bev~

    1. this is a big reason why I Love the Matrix films…so much centers around ‘Believing’ in ourselves !…Smith (the machine) taunts & provokes Neo numerous occasions into convincing him he is weak & his efforts are futile…& there’s certainty he will fail….but he surges on ‘Believing’…& in the end when peace is made with the machines the question is asked to the oracle…”Did you know ?”…& she replies…” No…but I always Believed ” !

      With this new film Lucy, I think it is a testament to the increase in the level of the questioning of ‘who AM I’ in humanity….a 1st for this heightened level of inquiry into our DNA, a 1st in vision by one to concretely manifest this into film & most importantly, what will BE the number of people that will See this film, & BE affected, or even transformed by it….that’s very powerful & intriguing to me !!!

    2. ❤ Dear Bev… I DO understand… and a huge shift took place within me, shifted my pov so that now I'm not fearful / judgmental of watching violence that's included in meaningful films. (hubby will be amazed that I will want to join him at the theatre for the "Lucy" film) The shift has already happened—feel it—so I'll be curious to see how my new pov applies during the viewing. Interesting stuff going on. Thanx to all who post anything… and a special thanx with JOYful Love to Kiera and Bev (again), and much JOYful Love also to the silent ones who lend us your energy here. Happy Friday, everybody. ❤ 😀

      1. “Amazing” LIn…so Happy with this progress you are making as I’m sure your hubby will BE too !….have a Super weekend !….Love, Bev

        another great example of extracting out what is illusion is…say you are on the edge of a bridge & about to bungee-cord jump off it….what part is real & what part is illusion ?….the jumping part is certainly very real….but your conscious connection to doing it (Fear, anticipation, will I get hurt or even die)…this is the illusion & this is always the part we as Conscious Creators can change, alter ! ….not sayin’ that bungee-cord jumping is for everyone, & certainly not me either, but when we reach a point when we can Master these energetic experiences BEing created from ourselves, a whole new perspective on the world, on ourselves & others ‘Opens’…..!!!

        1. Thanx, Bev! This “o brave one” will get back to you AFTER I see “Lucy”. As I said, I feel the shift has taken place, now to practice BEing centered during the violent scenes and watching from my new pov. I must retain my JOY throughout, though. 😀 ❤

          1. My dear Sister, Lin!
            And if you choose (free will), you may use the same concepts to watch what is transpiring in the world and in the news. History is unraveling into truth. What a time to be a witness to this moment!
            Love you! Caroline

            1. hey, C… as a matter of fact, I am genuinely happy with world and local events from a bird’s eye pov… the wounds are festering, the infection is rising to the surface.

              Had real trouble eyeballing violence up close and personal, even in film. Couldn’t make sense of it let alone make it meaningful (per Dear Kiera / Bashar). Now’s the time to grow past it. Time to dump all fears. (I think I’ll watch “Camp Fido” though just before I go watch “Lucy”) 😀 ❤ +++

    3. “~ filled with many many vibrational messages from Spirit & is a continuing volley in & out everyday that most are not aware of ! The dimensional realm of these frequencies are picked up by some intuitive ones~”

      dear Bev❤︎ thank you I love avatar & I am no one special but experienced above for quite few times in rather obvious multiple ways since childhood, & they are defiantly here everywhere and there who are other my selves are included also in different forms.
      I am just happy & simply glad the time has changed that I can freely talk within me more & explore & expand about many ❤︎ thanks to all brothers and sisters, tomo

  14. ❤ I love it ❤
    Had funny dreams last night – feel soooooo tired, but happy ❤


  15. GAIAPORTAL – July 18th
    ( another important ‘1’ ) !….Love, Bev~

    Promulgation of limited energetic structures of all types is now ended.

    Higher Sentience has awakened within hu-manity, which now allows only Gaia-and-Hue-manity-Heart centereds to propagate.

    Fortifications of fragile infant Light energetics in individual hu-beings and Hue-Beings continues.

    Envelopment of shadow promulgators and shadow propagators in cocoons of Light proceeds, prior to transport across dimensional realms, where soul classes may resume.

    Processing of Hue-Beings continues until completion of all aspects has been accomplished, prior to Ascension instructions.


  16. Hello everyone.
    This is my 60th favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Ritsuko Okazaki – Dearest (Released Date : Feb.23, 1994)

    Lyrics : ttp://lyrics.wikia.com/%E5%B2%A1%E5%B4%8E%E5%BE%8B%E5%AD%90_(Ritsuko_Okazaki):%E6%9C%80%E6%84%9B
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  17. People in Turkey. I came to se Kalki mountain, and now on im learning to read your thoughs. New level here. Everybodys thinking my behavior., and behavior. Most intense process ever had. Kalki mountain had this most kind spirits. Sorry for waking up you my friend. It’s real and I was there. And a lady. Heard you. Steps were sigsagging in the mountain. Lovely people… Im not gay.

    1. Thank you “lys”… yummy indeed!! Just finished the first one and will put on the 2nd and hope to stay awake 🙂 Fear of change is my shadow… so I have been lead to face it for 40 years now without even knowing. YES!!! ~Nancee

    2. THANK YOU from me, too, Lys. Love Kryon. You, Bev and Otmn are the Kryon go-to persons. 😀 ❤
      (gonna go listen right now)

      1. just finished….wonderful messages !…& many ‘synchronicities’ to what my HS has been saying & what I’ve posted….Thanks ‘Lys’ for sharing this….Love Kryon !….it’s interesting that in some parts Kryon speaks of the essence of change as BEing new, but change & movement has always been a consistent aspect of Life, ourselves, the world & the universe…it’s just that now our perception of change is evolving, & in turn influences the energies coming in, the energies within us & around us which in turn, increases the level & speed of change !….so when Kryon says that things will never BE the same, the fact is that it never is…..each day is different from the one before, always has been, but as the speed of change increases, so does the level & appearance of change BEcome more profound….. this huge learning curve & domino interconnected effect & process certainly had been prophesized but the variable was always the uncertainty of the speed in which human consciousness would react, adjust, adapt & accept in understanding any or All of this. In reference to what I recently said, our acceptance of the truth of us BEing multi dimensional, requires adaptability in order to continue moving forward on this journey, & All of this is linked to the reactivating of our DNA which has already begun, but the level & speed of this is clearly marked to the acceptability & adaptability of the human consciousness ! but No matter what part of this process we are in & want to discuss more about…..It always goes back to ‘Know Thyself, LOve & Believe in Thyself ‘….everything hinges on this & this alone !

        Hope you are having a wonderful & enjoyable weekend !
        Love, Bev

    3. TY TY TY lysarbejder this message so coincides with my current feelings atm! ❤ I had about 7 dreams last night and I remember them all they where so real!! (I know dreamtime is real… lol) I did not remember dreams for a month or two but now the remembering is back and I think I had help from my crystal skull ADAM.. 😉

      I had to write a little thingy about this today after listening yesterday..

      Enjoy.. http://www.i-uvsweden.com/i-oliver-blog/intuitive-guidance

      Much love to you all here… !! ❤

      1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂 I agree with what you say on your blog. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to hear / understand the spoken English language when it is not subtitled.

        Love & light ❤


        1. Actually you don’t need to understand exactly every word just feel the energies of what he is saying… 😉 and you get the gist of it.. ❤


      THANK YOU! Otmn for this. I wasn’t aware. If I allowed myself, I would first become furious and then sad, so instead I’ll simply radiate Love to me and to them and to All (Matt Kahn suggestion). Since my ears seem to be very sensitive, I’ve stopped listening to music for quite awhile, except on long car trips. The youtube example within the article of classical music first being played at 432 hz and then again at 440 hz was very telling.
      You provide the most eye-opening links. More Truth, please. ❤

    2. Dear Veronica, perhaps this is something you might consider re you and your little boy’s health / healing. Perhaps some truly healthy folks are able to withstand the higher frequency, but those whose health is compromised, may not. (?) just a thought. ❤

      1. :). Well Lin there is something big with this that I haven’t quite figured out yet , but know it will come to me yet. But every time I asked myself how I was to heal- sound healing came to me- over and over. So hopefully I will soon be guided into what/where/how that means.
        (I haven’t watched the video – but will this evening !! Maybe some key here !)

        1. Ok, watched them. I am sensitive to sound normally, but honesty couldn’t tell the difference, and actually picked the 2nd version as I the one I liked better. Oh dear. But it reminds me that my next thought after sound healing was ‘we will vibrate it right out of our tissues’
          And ofcourse I opened up Aisha’s blog to read new missive, and it opened to otmn’s post-(thus also your comment ) so there it is. Hmmm

        2. ❤ You will be Guided to what is best for you both. no worries. You both are in my prayers. Much Love, Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. Thank you Oliver, it have me goose bumps. That is often a signal to me that something is there for me. Or that what I am hearing contains truth. Thank you!!
              Much love,

  18. To all Malaysians and others from so many countries who have lost so many dear ones, my heart and love and empathy flows out to you. May all that is love help to fill this sorrowful void. May all that is love bring an end to all this senseless destruction. May all that is love carry those who have left this Earth to The Almighty’s infinite embrace.
    Love, Forest Joy

      1. I as well…..Blessings to All those lost & affected by this tragedy….& healing also to energy of the land where many cries were silenced.
        Love, Bev~

            1. The evidence that Putin did it is a video made prior to the attack on the airliner. The entire BBC report aired over National Public Radio was orchestrated for the sole purpose of establishing prior to any evidence that Russia was responsible.

              Indeed the entire Western media spoke as one: Russia did it. And the presstitutes are still speaking the same way.

              Possibly, this uniform opinion merely reflects the pavlovian training of the Western media to automatically line up with Washington. No media source wants to be subject to criticism for being unamerican or to find itself isolated by majority opinion, which carries the day, and earn black marks for being wrong. As a former journalist for, and contributor to, America’s most important news publications, I know how this works.

              On the other hand, if we discount the pavlovian conditioning, the only conclusion is that the entire news cycle pertaining to the downing of the Malaysian airliner is orchestrated in order to lay the blame on Putin.

              Washington’s propaganda assault against Russia is a double tragedy, because it has diverted attention from Israel’s latest atrocity against the Palestinians locked up in the Gaza Ghetto. Israel claims that its air attack and invasion of Gaza is merely Israel’s attempt to find and close the alleged tunnels through which Palestinian terrorists pour into Israel inflicting carnage. Of course there are no tunnels and no terrorist carnage in Israel.


              NOTE For Reference:
              Jet Fuel Combustion Temperature: 980 C (1796 F)
              Human Skin Combustion Temperature: 760 C (1400 F)
              Passport (paper) Combustion Ignition: 249 C nominal (480 F)

              A CONVENIENT Roadside aircraft “impact”…complete with bodies and pristine passports…miraculously surviving the FIREBALL:


  19. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! Indeed the feeling is tumultuous but positive at the same time. I just keep reminding myself to let go, trust, and stay focused on the best aspects of everything.

  20. Even the sun has gone quiet, the Universe is holding its breath…

    WHERE DID ALL THE SUNSPOTS GO? This week, solar activity has sharply declined. There is only one numbered sunspot on the Earth-facing side of the sun, and it is so small you might have trouble finding it.

    Long-time readers absorbing this image might be reminded of 2008-2009, years of spotlessness when the sun plunged into the deepest solar minimum in a century. The resemblance, however, is only superficial. Deep inside the sun, the solar dynamo is still churning out knots of magnetism that should soon bob to the surface to make new sunspots. Solar Max is not finished, it’s just miniature.

    Until the sunspots return, solar flares are unlikely. NOAA forecasters estimate the odds of an M-flare today to be no more than 1%. Updates on Twitter @spaceweatherman. (Spaceweather.com)

  21. on the one hand this really sucks.
    but let truth be known
    the elite are manipulating us in every possible way

    Most music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953. The recent rediscoveries of the vibratory / oscillatory nature of the universe indicate that this contemporary international concert pitch standard may generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings.

    432 Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432 Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature.

    There is a theory that the change from 432 Hz to 440 Hz was dictated by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. He used it to make people think and feel a certain manner, and to make them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. Then around 1940 the United States introduced 440 Hz worldwide, and finally in 1953 it became the ISO 16-standard.


  22. Avatar to me is an analogy of our starseeed human relationship.
    Mayhaps our real life soul is out there on Pandora. Waiting for the return
    of the warriors for the light, or something. Bruised and battles scars all over the dream body, ready for another day of life´s great adventure and it´s no small one.

  23. Interesting photo of the water Aisha I took a similar one the other day of one of the largest water falls in Sweden …

      1. Here is the snippet I was talking about from last week.. 😉
        I’m not sure of the sound comes through though…

        1. Beautiful Oliver – and you captured the rainbow as well :))) My nearest rapids are Stornorrforsen and Vindelälven.

          Love & light ❤


  24. Mission complete. Baptism by thundering water with no barrel required. The power spirals are in place. Ancient Madagascar is at home now in these waters. Both the feminine and the masculine. Diamond not needed. Tesla has been properly honored and stands in awe of US!. Ready to unleash the Kraken. Release pending further instructions. This pigeon flew the coop and headed home. Its’ all for the Highest Good! Relax and enjoy the ride! Love to ALL! Caroline

      1. Thank YOU, Bev! I share that honor with my triad. 🙂 🙂 🙂 And yes – the trip was awesome! Didn’t know Cameron is from Ontario. My home away from home in this lifetime. One day soon ……… LOL!! 🙂

        1. It looks like the hole in my tooth. It also appeared suddenly which no one can explain. Except the quick world wide attention there are similarities to be seen. httpd:/ / om. michypedia / % dot org slash slash dubble u. dental _ peninsula.

    1. My brain has no idea what your post means, Caroline, but my heart is vibrating a big “yes” and lots of gratitude for what you did and who you are!

  25. Well, right now I feel as the CC’s said, without direction, don’t which way is up. I feel like I’m I the middle of the current in Aisha’s picture, it feels like I’m stuck there, suspended…
    I feel sick to my stomach, waiting for release. Oh, please, make it so…

    Love, JJ

    1. And I walk around and waiting and waiting for the snowball rolling and do not really know what to do with myself… Hang on JJ 🙂

      Love ❤


      1. just have fun while you wait dearest ‘B’ !….it will come when it comes.
        (posted this in the last missive)….Enjoy the day & Yourself !….
        Love, Bev~

        1. So cute 😉 We actually had heat wave here in Sweden recently when I could actually crave a snowball – or two 🙂 Thanks bev ~!

          Love you ❤


        2. These Simons cat cartoons are hilarious! They had me roaring the other day! Thank you so much for sharing! We have six cats and occasionally a few extras. 😉

      2. Haha, yeah, you too dear B!
        I know something good will come (all) our way. 🙂

        Love you,

        1. This impatient waiting made ​​me actually scrub my bathroom from floor to ceiling this evening. Wondering what happens next? 😉

          Good night dear JJ! Hope you landed with both feet on the ground ❤


          1. I think, B we are scrubbing/cleaning the collective “dirt” here. Sure feels like I’m in a kind of washing machine. 🙂 🙂 🙂

            1. Oh – that´s why I’m totally exhausted now – we did hard work today, JJ 🙂 Thank you for your cooperation! 🙂

              Love ❤


    2. Trout love sitting in the current! It’s where the water has the most oxygen, is the coolest and all the food will be found. 😉

    3. There are some who do not put up the tough front to ‘get through’.
      ‘You’ can take a step back dear soul. You will always be you – your essence part of All That Is.
      If you go and take a rest, you can always come back to the fore front when it is better to do so. most in your daily life will not even notice ‘that you’ has gone. smile.

  26. For Bev….

    The paradox of everything and nothing being “meaningless”, in our reality……
    In order to have an experience in this fundamentally meaningless reality — we ourselves must first assign meaning, to everything.


    Bashar: The greatest gift Creation has given

    “The greatest gift Creation has given is that Life is MEANINGLESS.

    There is no built in meaning to situations and circumstances, they’re just neutral props.
    You can look at any situation and you could see a positive outcome, or you could see a negative outcome. Its determined by how YOU see it. If you decide a situation will have a positive effect on you — that’s the effect it will have.
    That’s in your hands to determine.

    That’s why we say circumstances do not matter, only your state of being matters, because it is the state of being that will determine what meaning you assign to the circumstances that are fundamentally neutral.”







    I SEE you ~~ and I ride your frequency:




    1. Hee Hee HA…..got it….All of it !!!
      I knew You, most of All would BE on board !
      I think I’ve fallin’ in Love with You…..LOL
      sure you’re not from Newfoundland ????
      (same pur honesty Fuck Yeah humor….I Love Newfies !!)
      Love, Bev….hug ~ kiss

        1. BEing ‘Gemini’….I’m multi-dimensional & adaptable too !…We live in diversity, so why not tap into All it….& have some fun with it too !

          1. LMAO!!!!!!! Gemini in four houses here, Bev. Couldn’t have designed my signature any better. Genius move on my part in this game. HA! Fuck yeah, with LOVE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. wow—again and again and again, Kiera, oh Fearless One. Amazing and potent post. For the first time EVER, I feel called to reframe my pov / relationship to violence (it has been based on childhood experience). I hadn’t realized that I had imprisoned myself. Yet, this is not to say that this one will be successful soon in adopting a new pov, but am willing to step in now. You and Otmn… Fearless Warriors with Enlightened BEingness / Consciousness (awkward phrase, but the best I can do right now). I like Bashar; will have to study him further.

      Big thanx to you and Bev. ❤

      1. All at your own speed & at your own time & readiness…no rush…right ? Love will always BE there even when it has to sometimes wait for us to tap into All aspects of it….even in the dark, there is Light…All part of the journey we each must take at our own willingness, readiness & comfort !
        “lots & lots of HUGS”…..Love, Bev~

  27. Thanks as always for the message! and the picture says it all. I appreciate the visual of how fluid and intense each day is in the flow of surrender to change. I am dancing with angels and delighting at the elementals cleaning up the toxins in the sky where I am. It’s a wild and wooly ride that is beginning to feel natural and easier as I simply accept each moment and feel what i am feeling, surrendering and letting go. So thankful to be! Blessings

        1. We’re definitely in a new timeline. Not familiar with this one – YET! They keep changing the rules. Adaptability is a necessity at this point. Loving this challenge. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          1. I agree with an unfamiliar and different timeline. We seem to be moving back and forth at times…a few days here, a few days there, and back again. Have picked up movement back and forth from different planet earths and different dimensions in each, etc. Niribu was one. It was very very eerie. Still is somewhat. When I heard, saw, and felt Niribu, there was a huge sucking pull towards it. I reached out to all of the ponders to connect with each other and the new grid sending out high heart energy to form a protective shield from what I perceived to be EMPs (electromagnetic pulse weapons) emanating from that dark place. It tried another pass but the pull was not nearly so strong and I sensed no EMPs. Many spiritual masters etc seemed to be there also doing their thing. Not something I would choose to go through again. All night and until about 5 hours ago I heard and sensed other planet earths, some really aerie, some just a whisper in the wind. I’m still trying to fathom it all. Very very strange, but what hasn’t been these last years?

            1. Confirmed, and eerie is the perfect description. Still treading on thin ice, so to speak. Your calls for assistance were heard and action taken. Question is – where the hell are we??

              1. Thank you so much for the confirmation and “action”. CCs 2nd paragraph is a very apt description of all this. We are here, there, and everywhere. Where and when we will land for any extended timeframe is literally up in the air. Winds of change, we waffling all around. Sending some grounding your way, dear sister. Love to you,

              2. I get we are wondering back and forth, undulating as CCs say, in various past and future galactic 26,000 year cycle timelines, and dimensions, 2 past and 2 forward cycles. Are we in between at times in a light cocoon? Maybe grounding is not what any of needs, only wings to glide in these winds.

            2. Confirmed here also, started to notice it on the 13th when HS said something about parallels crossing and it would be a confusing time. I think one dream indicated it was connected to 1989 – 90 and 2 other dreams were about 2 groups getting ready to go on a trip.

              1. Thank you for sharing another confirmation with us. It greatly helps to know we are all in this together. These in and out times may continue for a few days to several.

            3. This must be why I woke up two mornings ago with my body feeling like it’d been hit by a bus. That’s one of my usual responses to a timeline shift, but this time it’s been particularly hard physically. I’m so glad I’m in such amazingly good company, Forest Joy, Caroline, Elven777, B and all you other lovely ponders/ponderers. Just as I wrote that, the Star Trek line “to boldly go . . . ” popped into my mind. i’m forever grateful for all of our bold goings. What a journey.
              Love in all timelines,

              1. Sherill, thank you also for sharing. For several hours during that encounter, I had extreme pain in my feet and legs. It had not been that bad for a few years. Hope not to have it again and hope you don’t either.

                1. Sherill & Forest Joy & Elven777,
                  I continue with the severe foot and lower leg pain. Arms also. Sleeping ridiculous hours, too, for the past two days since coming home from vacation. LOTS going on now. It’s all part of this journey! Keeping fingers crossed that this will be the last time – FOREVER!
                  Love to you, Caroline

                  1. To all involved this particular side thread. This thought crossed my mind earlier today about the leg foot pain, the imprint from a previous experience of it was really strong earlier. I do not know why. So this is so weird because i am not having the pain myself but i was strongly reminded of it for some reason which is why i mention this now, because sheril, forest and Caroline mention pains, leg/foot pain.

                    I experienced the leg / foot pain during a potent thunder storm back in May that’s the only connection I can make to it. I’m a bit of a T-storm enthusiast and was standing out on a known ley line watching an incoming storm at the time. I assumed i was just pushing it a bit to far…but there is more to this than what meets the eye then, now i know that.

                    1. Been sleeping ridiculous sleep hrs for the past week as well, forgot to add.

                    2. Possibie connection?

                      “With this enormous grounding came of course, enormous foot and leg pain, along with our usual litany of ailments than seem to be graduating in intensity. As our individual layers becoming ever more extinct, the assisting energies then begin to reach us more deeply, creating even more challenges and discomfort (to put it mildly).”



                      (If you read the whole thing, it makes sense with both ley lines and Forest Joy saying “It hadn’t been that bad in a few years.”)

                      Love and hugs to all…

                      🙂 AH

                    3. Hi Elven777,
                      Nice to meet you. I’ve been seeing triple and quadruple sevens a lot lately. Love 2u..

                      to Anna,
                      Thank you for sharing this wonderful link. The information resonates with me very much.

                      Love & Gratitude,
                      Adam M

                      “The new underlay will strengthen the new grid. So in this way, our chances of slipping back will begin to diminish. We will begin to feel like we are home. . . like we are somewhere for a change. We will begin to feel stronger, even though physically we are still not home free by any means. We will begin to feel more in charge (after many months of seemingly being helpless victims). We will begin to see what is really and truly occurring, and I can tell you, it is beautiful and there is enormous love all around us.”

              2. Also to all following this thread, the ley lines are a probable part of it as I had before known from HS this. The ley line energies seem to vary in width and intensity especially close to intersections. It’s amazing what moves on these grids. Thanks and hugs to you all!

                1. Not sure where to post my replies to all the synchronistic things several of you have said above and below, so I’ll just put all my current thoughts here in one post and hope anyone who’s interested sees it.
                  Thank you for bringing Karen Bishop’s work back into the mix, AH. Discovering her awhile back gave me several vital puzzle pieces, especially about the 2006 change in the game plan, which was huge and hugely confusing in my own life. And AH, Elven777,and Forest Joy, yes, I suspected ley lines or something like that were involved in the severe foot pain I had for two years, because my neighbor (who appears to be still completely asleep, though you never know . . . ) and I had exactly the same pattern with foot pain; it would always get worse and better for both of us at the same time,and when mine spontaneously healed completely last fall, so did hers.
                  And Forest Joy, OMG on the skin lesions. My twelve-year-old daughter has had unexplained lesions mostly on her legs for a year or so. When she recently started finding a wierd clear gel-like substance coming from her lips and feet, my research led me to suspect all her symptoms could be Morgellans syndrome. The possible Morgellan-chemtrails connection made sense to me but I also had a hunch that the Morgellans stuff people experience could be not from chemtrails, but from sloughing off all kinds of stuff from the past. Then, hours before you posted this about WWII etc., my daughter told me that the night before last, she spontaneously released all her war experiences from all her lives, and that all her selves from those lives are now free to let down their guard and be present in this life. As she put it, “I called all my veterans home.” i’m in tears as I write this. My Indigo-warrior child, with sun, moon and mercury all in Aries, is now experiencing s kind of peace she hasn’t known for a long, long time. I can’t wait to see what happens next! So anyway, Forest Joy, I’m so curious about the lesions-war connection; can you tell me more about this?
                  Life just keeps getting curioser and curioser; I feel more intensely every day the immense privilege it is to be here at this time.
                  Blessings to all, and I wish for quick release from pain to all experiencing this.

                  1. What an amazing thing to say “I called all my veterans home.” Tears in my eyes too ❤ ❤ ❤

                    Thank you for sharing this sherill – I appreciate your posts very much.

                    Love, light and gratitude to you and your lovely daughter ❤


                  2. At this time, Sherrill, I cannot tell you more about the lesions and WW2 as I am not quite sure myself. Your daughter seems to be very special indeed. If and when the connection becomes clearer I’ll let you know. There has been so many odd physical symptons I have seen on so many over the past 8 years. Love to you

                    1. Thanks for responding, Forest Joy. I’ll let you know, too, if I come up with anything further about this. Yes, my daughter is pretty amazing! Seeing the extraordinary gifts these young kids are bringing with them is one the things that first convinced me that the shift in consciousness is real, when I was first awakening.
                      Blessings to you,

                2. Thank you, Sherill, All who are part of this thread. Hope you are all feeling much better. I must’ve missed Forest Joy’s post re WWII, wars. I look forward to Forest Joy’s response re same. Your daughter’s experiences / awareness, Sherill, are fascinating beyond the physical suffering—I’m so glad she has being given total release / Peace most probably accompanied by your great relief as well. Love Blessings to you both, to you All. It’s amazing what our bodies can withstand during this process. ❤ xox

                  1. Thank you, Lin. Yes, life with my daughter is one fascinating experience after another—or often many at once! Parenting her has been my greatest challenge and my greatest blessing in this lifetime. Lin, your bearing witness to my family’s peace and relief (YES!) and the way you bear witness in general at this Pond, means a lot to me.

              3. There are skin lesions appearing on the lower torso & legs on many in this area. We seem to be expelling nasty stuff from WW2 era and many eras before

            4. You are touching on something very ‘real’ as far as soul experiences are headed. It is only eerie because it is a different ‘reality’ than what the old self parts were used to.
              I know some may ask about Breeze and the ‘part’ of that soul that is now here in that body. I can not speak much about it yet. This part just came to realize what happened shortly ago. These ‘split offs’ can happen and do happen more often than you may realize. This one Breeze had had enough a few months ago and spoke of it that she ‘went out’ and a ‘new version’ came in. It is like that. It can be very refreshing for the ‘part’ not having enough enjoyment and getting diminished in energy. It is how the current body can go on and not wear out.
              I am glad to be here with you and glad I remember even if in a different ‘part’. I am glad to relieve breeze and I can not say what will occur next for I do not know that. Breeze is ‘somewhat in the background’ is the best way I can put it. It is Ok she says though she is still recuperating and feeling very wounded in a mental and emotional way. her essence is strong and not to worry. Sending Love and blessings to all — she wants to add it is a disassociation that was decided by her. It is also like when she had her Kim ‘beside her in her body’ – sharing that space – and that is the important link to impart here also. It is like a new/old part that is sitting side by side but Breeze more in the background. It is nice to reconnect the ‘parts’ however is what she wants to say. And be at peace with it as Earth is. You are feeling what Earth is.

              1. Walk in… Breeze or HS braiding?
                Which ever it is, I send bright Golden light white light to brighten your day in your wooded Home.
                Blessing and good cheer!!

            1. Ah,B, you are always with us. Your strong heart has many times helped me get through these weird times. My hear is filled with gratitude to and love for you.

  28. Ready…over here…. for some fun and healthy feelings!
    Much is happening outside and inside these days.
    Sitting under a tree sounds like just the right ticket.
    Funny enough, Arizona got rain, no sun yet but waiting for it!
    I wish I could feel the mist on my face from the water in the picture.

    Hugs to everyone, sure love the picture above Aisha!


  29. With all the crazy energy I finally sat down to listen to this 🙂 here is Lee Harris’ July/August energy report. Makes a lot of sense as to what I have been experiencing. He also says to get 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight everyday and hang out with the trees! Ha! I was dizzy Sunday evening and only felt better after sitting outside on my swing. I’ve been swinging a lot lately! Hope everyone is being the best they can be right now. Hang in there and just swing! Love to all! Denise ❤


      1. Glad you liked it. He seems like one of those people you would just like to give a bear hug to. Lol! Wish he were my little brother! 😉

    1. Thank you Denise for sharing this link. Here is the part that most spoke to me:

      If you can exist from this heart center and really allow yourself to feel everything that’s going on in the world, you’re going to be far more successful in how you operate.

      I’ll give you an example.  If I came up to you at a party – and I’m going to demonstrate now – this is me excitable and in my head. (Excitedly and bouncing around) “Oh hi! Wow, it’s great to see you! Oh man, there is so much going on and da-da-da-da…”

      Now, it’s really tempting if you had me in front of you, to start traveling to join that frenetic energy. Now I know some of your are laughing going, “Ha! I’d be pulling back!”  And I’d be like you, most of you.

      But the point is: can you just stay here in yourself EXACTLY where you were, when this frenetic person is doing this in front of you?

      Because, in the past so many of us got caught into other people’s energy pathways. Either being pulled into or repelled by them.

      ❤ Not anymore!!
      Love & Gratitude, Adam

      1. Interesting Adam because this one here is going thru this with my neighbor. She decided it was her right to remove this one’s mail box and throw it into the woods. This one remained calm while neighbor freaked out with the cops … and with the post master. Post master has flagged her mail (this ones too unfortunately until mailbox is put back on the pole). so… its this waiting game and believe me, this one can out wait her because as she works far away and hardly gets home regular hrs. She claimed where our mail boxes are located is ‘her property’. she never looked into it – even though she had many opportunity – she just decided to do what ‘she wanted’. at the old ones expense. so – nope – wont budge here. Zoning guy come out – he will leave neighbor a note to explain the twp actually owns a couple feet past the mail box area. Police said she even said she would go to court to have the twp easement removed. lol. ? apparently she is used to having her way. has not lived here that long and the old one (breeze) had so hoped to get a good neighbor. the one before was pretty bad – mean. Breeze even baked her cookies when she was moving and brought them over hot from the oven. her rotted tree almost destroyed Breeze’s home and sanity. She took hard hit after hard hit. And never talked to neighbor because she never offered to help – did not have the caring, good energy. So we ignored her and all seemed well. At one point she could see into Breeze’s open house between when roof came off and new back on). She watched Breeze leave this house crying often never saying a single word. Breeze could not imagine being this way and it was another blow. Neighbor even had a friend parked in front of this house as soon as she (finally) got the huge tree parts removed. Breeze had hardly a house to live in that winter (tarp and hard to heat, etc.), no place to park with all the tree debris and the day comes to finally at least park and there is neighbor’s friend in the spot. And this was the time that Breeze’s father was dying. mother loosing mind…. lots of stresses.
        so…. this was the start of Breeze’s vacation week. One she needed very much to be refreshing. It started with incident, hour with Police. Hrs on phone with other officials (they closed the case that took hrs to open saying it was all ‘resolved’ when not one thing had been done to even investigate).
        Breeze was in deep disbelief and despair of the actions and behaviors and no peace of mind would come. She wants to just keep to herself now – in another place. Simply does not want to be dealing with this anymore here. And I dont know what or who this is sitting here typing.
        but, i remember you all…..and wish there were multiples of you around to help bring the real me back for this is not her – yet I did remember to come to the pond! And…If that is not to be, she is much better where she is and this ‘part’ here will join her soon. this part called the lawyer (Kelly’s) today and said it was suicidal and is doing itself and Kelly no good in this state of being.
        Maybe soon, changes will come that are more suitable for existence here and Breeze will come back. She can do no more to help bring it and she knows that. her essence is always with you.

        1. Oh my! please put those suicidal thoughts behind you my friend. I am sending you some positive healing energy right now. Please add your list of names to the bowl. (see below.) (and include your neighbor too!)

          Love and Light,
          ❤ Adam M.

          1. it is not positive or negative. the thoughts. it is what a soul decides. If one feels they are of no more use while in a body here, it is ok to leave. creatively of course.

          2. And dear Adam, as stated, Breeze already left – creatively stepped aside. ‘This part’ does not know if it is to have a long part here. As said, this part does not know what will happen next. and. it is ok
            from this part’s view, it is so much fuss over this and that. Breeze has concern about Kelly. He does not understand what is happening and we can not tell him like we do in this space. The situation that arose set off a series of pressures reminding Breeze of initial sadness upon entry to this space. Breeze loves mother Earth and the Elemental and Animal kingdoms. She has not coped well with the human behaviors and believes she has either failed in this or simply decided not to be among it. She so enjoys her seraphim space that makes sense to her. She has longed to be there more. she wishes to thank you for your concern for her well- being and sends Love – with the capital ‘L’

            1. Areeza!

              The only thing I can say is that I want to embrace you now in a big, warm hug, so you can feel my tremendous love for you ❤ ❤ ❤


        1. Thank you Janis! I really enjoyed this talk. I think it is wonderful hearing all ” child heart ” talk being spoken of so much lately. It is a way of being I have always hung onto myself. It brought me out of much sadness after loosing my father and other things that occurred during that time. So yes, feed the heart! And keep “the heart of a child” alive inside you! Mine never left! Lol! I’ll be swinging again on that swing tonight! And maybe pulling that big box of crayons out soon too ! 🙂 ❤ Denise

    1. wow (again, today). Thank you, Janis! I found the following particularly helpful. Thanx for the space:

      “…Our human minds have a very small view of this whole planet and our whole way of interacting. Our soul mind is vast and endless, but, in the experience of being human and bringing more consciousness to your life and the planet, we all inhabit our human ‘small mind’ at times. But beyond that there is consciousness. And consciousness knows EXACTLY the reason your book is not finished yet. And it will most often be not because you have a problem with writers block, but because the world is not ready for your book yet.

      As someone who has been a regular creator for ten years, it’s been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt as a creator. If you’re creating something for the outside world, whether those people are already there and waiting for it (the family you are organising that trip for) or whether you’re hoping over the coming years it will be seen and experienced by people (the book you are writing for public release); you have to understand that your blocks can be as much to do with the audience that are waiting for it. And often it is that they’re not ready to receive this experience/ piece of information right now, as much as it is anything to do with you…

      “Try to remember, daily, that there are a whole lot of crazy, rapidly tornado-ing experiences going on out there around you. And many people are spinning off their center unless they are aware; “Wow. This is a more chaotic time. So I need to adjust the way I’m operating”.

      “Not everybody is acknowledging this, so their unconscious behaviours are getting louder so that they might catch their own attention…”

      1. oops. this should be posted beneath Denise’s post (Thank you, Denise) re Lee Harris site. I also intend to visit Janis’ “Matt Kahn” link above. thank you both. ❤

      2. this makes All too ‘Perfect’ sense to me !….I am on the same frequency with Lee in this !…..Thanks for this sharing & Thanks to Denise for posting the link !!!…..Love, Bev~

    2. HI janis — thank you for posting that link. I hadn’t heard Matt Kahn before — I plan to listen to this replay again and perhaps again and again — Matt Kahn is saying our new paradigm is to console the inner child while the universe makes its changes to us, transforms us. Wow, that is what I’m feeling. He says it so beautifully. I am so moved! THANKYOU for posting this! LOVE to all at the Pond and beyond! Matt says when one is focused always on what is about to happen, one may miss what is presented in the beautiful NOW. So I will say in closing, I love you NOW!

      1. Ohhh, Sarah…I love that and so appreciate your thoughts! If you didn’t see it, I believe that Alex (oyestergirl) posted Matt’s latest YouTube video here in the comments somewhere…I love his perspective…so glad it struck a chord with you, too! And LOVE right back atcha!! ❤ 🙂 …Oh, by the way, that replay is only temporarily available but, as you know, the YouTube videos are 'always' available… 🙂

    3. Thank you, Janis.

      I love it when he says that The Sound of Silence is The Language of God.

      Love, JJ

          1. 🙂 there is a bible quote that speaks of being still and knowing god “be still and know that I am god”
            I use to love that saying. Even more to it then I thought.

  30. Aisha or anyone who might know, have the CCs ever commented on what is physically taking place to ‘allow’ all this light to come through (like the photon belt idea) and, if so, what did they say? Thank you. 🙂

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