A short update on the energies

As you have already noticed, the tides have indeed changed, and so, the standstill that many of you have perceived up until now will become a veritable flood of light that will serve to carry you all to a very new destination. As a always, the word destination does not necessarily denote a new geographic location, but for some, this will also be the case. You see, what was carried out by you and by a whole host of other wise souls such as yourselves over the last week or so was nothing short of a magnificent miracle of rebalancing this entire planet. We know that for some these words will seem to be overly dramatic and overstating what has taken place, but in effect, the truth lies on the other end of the scale. You see, what has happened now, is a permanent resettlement of the energetic distribution within your entire planet, and as such, what has been oppressed for far too long will now start to flow freely once again, and you will all be carried along on this at times abundant flow of enlightened presence.

For this is not just a new energetic frequency, this is to all intents and purposes a very new presence that will encompass you all and literally take you under her wing. We use the word “her” deliberately here, because what we are talking about, is the final liberation of the female presence on this planet, in every shape and form and in every way you can think of and then some, as we are so fond of adding. And this time, this will be more apparent than ever, for a whole new way of thinking and acting will start to imbue this whole world of yours, one where the old and outdated modes of oppression by fear or by any other means will begin to dissolve under the onslaught of the power of this divine light that is coming out of the very core of your planet, and the very core of your being.

For as this planet shifted, so too did you, and as the secret wells that have contained this hidden energy for eons were finally uncapped, so too was the well you have all carried within you, waiting for just this moment to come out into the open again. And so, slowly at first, but then more and more urgently, this inner light will start to exert its influence on any and all it comes into contact with. Again, we use words such as onslaught, but this does not mean a battle as such, it is merely to signify that this flow of inner love will be unstoppable and relentless, and anything or anyone trying to stem this flow will find themselves thrown off their feet and swept away by the power of it. For just like when the snow melts in the spring, any restrictions downstream will quickly be swept away as the current starts to build up, for the increased pressure will erode any hindrances that restricts the flow, and so too it is with this.

So again we say that know that all is well, and we are once again beholden to you all, as without your combined efforts, this would not come about. We know that for some of you, there will still be very much a sense of bewilderment and puzzlement, for before this hidden layer was successfully liberated, you were all held in a sort of seclusion so that your energetic influence could be better focused on the task at hand. But now, that immense joint effort was more than successfull and it has been completed to such a degree, you will now all be let loose as it were to begin to explore the brand new territory that has emerged alongside all of this inner light coming out.

For just as the spring flow brings with it a new layer of alluvial soil to be dispersed far and wide by the torrent of flowing water, so too has this released flow of light brought with it so much fertile land to the surface, ready to be tilled and plowed and taken into use by you all. For this brand new layer of energetic possibility is there for you all now, waiting for you to take it into possession, and this time, what you claim as “yours” will simply be space that will be utilized to grow a brand new form of crop that will sustain the entire planet. In other words, we speak in parables as usual, but we think you will get the gist of the message. You are being given free reins to step out and take stock of your new surroundings, both energetically and in all other ways, and then, we ask you all to take some time to ponder just what you can use your part of this new “arable land” for. For what will be your crop, what will be your gift to mankind and to All of creation? That is what this is all about, planting and growing by aid of the light something that will aid all of humanity, not just serve a chosen few. For this land that we speak of, these brand new acres of opportunity cannot be laid under by anyone fueled by greed or fear or any other form of old density programming. No, this land will only serve the greatest of causes, the one of sustaining the new world and the peoples inhabiting this world, and so, what comes from light will only serve the light, and nothing else.

So take your time, but know that whatever you choose, you will do so from your heart, for this is already a choice you have made in the very core of your being. And wherever this flood of light will take you, it will be to the place you have chosen to go in your effort to help this light to penetrate ever deeper and ever wider, not just for mankind, but for us all. So once again we say on behalf of All of creation, thank you all for doing what you do and for being who you are. You are magnificent in every way, and now, you have given your Mother Earth the love and the light she has craved after for such long time. But now, it has finally been set free, thanks to your efforts. So as you take some time to ponder the way ahead, also take some time to applaud your own efforts, for they are indeed incomparable to anything ever carried out on these shores or even beyond.

527 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. It has been a very long time since I posted here at the Pond. Adam has been in contact with me over at Petals, and sent me this link which I read. I have been so involved in spreading Light, and Love, to as many as I could possibly reach, that I arrived at a point of utter exhaustion just this week. I stand here at a crossroads as well, with an extremely huge decision afore me. Do I do nothing, and believe in this message knowing that the work that has been done, will finally produce the results some of us have been working so hard for? The surrealistic feeling I have had of late, that nothing around me is truly happening, and what is happening is a direct push from the dark, has me so numb, I honestly don’t know what is up or what is down. Can I really believe again that the energies will resolve things for me and sweep away all that I have been battling against for so long? Will LOVE truly be the Ruler of this World, or will this World actually transcend higher into an New One? I have observed much GOLD and ORANGE tones in the twilight sky, and took some images of some that evoked such feelings of reverence I wanted to fall on my knees in Complete Adoration and Gratitude. I did so in my Heart, as I stared at the sky, looking at a scene as if LOVE Herself parted the clouds and shown the Light of Heaven down to me. Is this a sign for me that the darkness I have been keeping at bay, and have been pushing back, will finally be taken care of, that this immense responsibility I have been given, I have done my part, and now Higher Source will take from here? So many questions from one very exhausted woman who has given her life to Walk the Path of Love and not deter from it. The past months I actually lost all Hope that the New World would even manifest, that Hope that nothing could shake me from. Well, from all I have been through that Hope was destroyed. My eyes tell me the dark has overtaken and in fact, is the victor.

    I thank all who read my humble words and I ask that you are Blessed for it, taking the time to read them. I have walked through more nightmares since I have been actively not involved with this Pond, taking me to this day, I was ready to concede that all my efforts did nothing. I followed the guidance of my Heart as with all things I do, and WHY I was so guided, is still not clear. But, today I post. With Love from my Heart and a huge thank you from Adam for sending me this link, Yours in Love, Amy

    1. Dear StarSister!

      I can not give your some good advice – for you know them all 😉 Anyway cannot help but say drop the yoke and allow yourself to just rest in the flow of love that is around you at the Pond. You have given so very much to so many people (including myself) and my feeling is that you now need to take a break and just take care of yourself. You´re so much worth it !!!

      All my love, light & gratitude to you my dear Amy ❤ ❤ ❤

      B to B

      1. Dearest Sister, how do I just drop the yoke which has my dreams all wrapped up in it? I’ve been pulling back, not posting as much, and decreasing the replies to the hundreds of people I interact with. This morning, after reading your reply, I just simply let go. The “battle” I was called to, I am finished with. The dark has been fierce, and many an occassion I have been given opportunity to turn to the world for resolution as a means to seek help. BUT! The answers are not in this world, not of this world, but are founded in LOVE. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for reaching out to me. I am so grateful. Love, Amy

        1. Dear sister Amy,
          My heart goes out to you in your journey/path. Warm loving energy embraces are sent to you a warrior of light, which you are.
          Real love has no expectation, and anticipation. Only the Joy of the chance to give it !!!
          Relax and enjoy the sun on your face and the grass at your feet. This unconditional love rejuvenates me all the time.

          1. Dearest Micheal, I do believe it is time for me to again jump back into the Pond, for the Path I have been on has been arduous at best. Bless you for your Love you have given me this day. It is truly charished. (((HUGS))) Amy

      1. Tears are pooling in my eyes. I am in need of refreshing and to the Pond I return. This world is still so hungry for Love, yet, it fears it. Just this morning there was a release in my spirit, a letting go, that the dark I had been pushing back, is now out of my hands. Bless you, Aisha. Love, Amy

    2. Amy!! 😀
      I am so thankful, so overjoyed that you have decided to swim with us again!!

      All your efforts have not been in vain. I can truly tell you that is a fact. I know because your efforts have done so very much for me!

      You give freely from your heart and you have brightened the lives of so many of us here at the Pond and on your blog Unfolding Petals.

      You are a constant reminder of Love, and of all that is Beautiful in the world.

      With Unending Love and Gratitude for All that You Are,
      Your Friend, ❤ Adam Michael

      1. Oh, Adam, ADAM!!!! How tears form in my eyes. To hear that what I have done has not gone for naught, brings sheer JOY to my Heart. IF you understood the massive undertakings I have done, the sacrifices I have willingly accepted, all for Petals and the Labor of Love. Adam, how HOW can I thank you properly for saying what you did to me? Thank you seems to shallow, so inadequate compared to the incredible LOVE I feel for you in my Heart. Bless you a thousand times over for these words! I don’t hear words like this often, but when I do, my Heart SINGS out YES! LOVE RULES!!!! I am too, your friend, and I am so honored that you are in my Life. (((HUGS))) Amy

        1. Dear Amy!

          I certainly agree with everything Adam says about you. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again – you have meant and mean so much to so many – and I’m glad you’re with us here on the blog again.

          Just got to think of what someone has said that it is not always the words one says that you remember, but the feeling one leaves behind – and the feeling you left in me has been invaluable ❤

          Love, light & gratitude ❤


          1. Dearest Sister, I humbly thank you for your words to me. I have traveled far and wide with my messages of Love, Beauty, Truth, and Peace. The push in my Heart will not let go, so I follow. Bless you for reaching out to me in Love. (((HUGS))) Amy

        2. The sentiment is mutual Amy 😀 You honor Me with your words and bring tears to my eyes as well. There is nothing shallow or inadequate about you or your words.

          LOVE RULES!!!! Agreed!!!!!! 😀
          Bless you Amy.
          Your Friend,

          1. Yes, my friend, LOVE rules. And someday that shall be very evident and those of us who have worked so hard and without fail, shall celebrate and become ONE, holding one another with tears of JOY and relief!!! Bless you, Adam! Love, Amy

      1. Beautiful pictures – thank you.
        That’s what I want to see live in the universe ❤

        Bixie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    1. Thanks Adam!

      I especially like this one:
      “Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. You were born to your Earth plane to learn certain skills to help your soul grow. You may not be done yet, however, you have made excellent headway and The Universe applauds your efforts every day. You are LOVED! ~ Creator ”

      Love & light


  2. Was given an unexpected inner visual the other day in meditation:

    Suddenly I saw a new Highway (as in Road) being constructed. The workers were just ‘tidying up’ the Earthworks (i.e. moving of the soil) and one last area of soil was moved into place. It was the stage before the surfacing would start going in. It was looking very neat and tidy and ready for the next step!

    What this I’m seeing and then it dawned on me just as quickly!

    It was a new HIGH WAY as in Higher Way!

    Even more cool the ‘Earth’ (as in mother Earth) Works finishing touches were in place ready for the next phase!

    What a great affirmation of where we are. Loved the way it was communicated very appropriate way of showing it to a former Chartered Civil Engineer I felt. Neat.

    Philip ❤

    1. Perhaps it is the new higher way of our new Cosmic Orbit for the next 26,000 years. Maybe the pavement begins at Conception Vessel Point One. Hope it is one smooth ride!

  3. Darn Canadian water. Gets my hair every time I’m here. And all of the spinning! Now I look like a half bald tribble stuffed in a dryer on high! 🙂 Where’s Spock when I need him! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Mission not impossible. Back to the waters I go………
    Love you guys! Caroline

    1. Reminds me of my friend’s poodle that comes out of the water, shaking off the water and running around in euphoria :)))

      Love you too Caroline ❤


    2. you make me think of Camp Fido, but only in the water! JOY, JOY, JOY to you on your vacation, Dear C !! ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀 😀 😀

  4. oh hey-i just can’t wait for your 60th-favorite ‘japanese song’
    are you in japan? have you heard what happened,what’s now happening,and what might still happen at fukushima–i think people should get away from japan-from what i’ve heard,there’ll be no stopping the radiation and millions and millions of people and animals dying on acct of it…
    ironically,nowhere on earth is safe anymore,it just might be possible to live longer,away from northern japan at least…the pacific ocean is already dying,just from fukushima,nevermind a million other contributors of pollution….
    it’s a dark,rainy morning,i didn’t wanna get up today,i need to be cheered up or something….i’ll look for a song to hopefully get us thru to the next thing

    1. that’s one way of looking at it… here’s a big, fat (((HUG))) for you, Dear One, if you want it. 🙂 ❤

      1. haha-hey thanks
        yeah exactly…another way of looking at it,might be like,dang,what took so long,and isn’t it miraculous we’re still here,still sorta okay…

        1. ha! I know, I’m an eternal optimist, Arctourist. but I wouldn’t be here without that outlook. I’d have been filled with, oozing hate and long gone. a lot of sh*t we’ve ALL been thru along with Mother. there’s a celebration waiting just ahead. I’m bringing the balloons; I hope Vinny brings the cake and coffee, and Otmn hands out tickets for bridge leaping. I may not remember as much as everyone else at this moment (but I will 🙂 ). I’m thrilled, filled with JOY like a little kid at 3d Christmas to see movement. (The alternative of continuing on as we have been is just too much to even contemplate) Be well, my Dear Light Brother, and Thanx for being honest. Continued Blessings to you, to All. ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. hey… FUN, Michi! Bom, bom, bom with balloons. i AM having a wonderful day, too. You & your Beloveds (including little Bika, I think that’s her name) have a wonderful night. 😀 ❤

    2. Arctourist- I’m super pissed off today myself. I seem to be going in and out of this since learning of my own mercury poisoning as well as my sons. Super pissed that most of earths people could give a shit about most of everything. They constantly spin what is actually dark to look light so people just follow right along. Aaaaarg, so mad. I want my sons bright eyes and face back. I know in my heart this will happen, but I want it RIGHT NOW dAmn it. Off to stamp about. Oh, and sorry no cheery words for you – maybe later…..or tomorrow…I will have some for us. Thank god Lin that u r an optimist 🙏

      1. Dearest Veronica… you get damn mad!! Mercury poisoning is horrible. When it affects adults (you and AH), it rattles me. When it affects babies/kids like your little boy, watch out. That’s when I become like a mama grizzly bear. I will keep you both in my daily prayers. You have a very sweet Heart, Dear V. Take good care of you both, as best you can. You are Loved and Treasured. ❤ ❤ ❤ +++

        1. You took the words right out of my mouth, Lin! Veronica, i am holding a vision of you and your little one clear, whole, and healthy, every cell in your bodies thriving and joyful. Much love to you,

          1. Thank you Sherrill!! Many blessings back to you. I know how strong love and prayers are when offered from others. Thank you oh so much. It feels good to think others will hold this space at times when I lose my positivity/balance and crumble in tears. Today my 2yr old got a bunch of blood tests, they had to prick his arm twice. He was the bravest little boy ever.

        2. Oh Lin thank you, your love just washed all over me and made me feel so much better. This issue feels so lonely some days.
          Thank you for your kind kind words. And thank you so so much for your prayers, I appreciate that very much.
          Love V

          1. only one step at a time, Dear V, and only one day at a time. Don’t count them; just keep going—it’s not a race. You and your dear baby will get to restored health. Your baby picks up on your Energy. Be very gentle and Loving with yourself. With great Respect & Gratitude & LOVE for what you are doing. You are amazing, V… don’t forget that. ❤ +++

  5. hey well,let me guess what the cc’s will say next time…something like…’well now you will have noticed more days having gone by,,,,’ yadda yadda yadda….
    uh huh,uh-huh,uh-huh?
    when will they tell us something we don’t know,right?
    seriously,why not just wait until that’s possible!
    no offense,but gimme a break!
    i don’t really care–make something up…give people more ‘homework’-they just love that!

    1. cool band,cool song!…it’s too bad that joey,and the other guy-johnny i guess?> in the band really hated each other for the last many years,on acct. of johnny stole joey’s girlfriend or whatever…that’s a drag! i watched a long documentary–i had never been a fan of the ramones,but i can totally appreciate,now,what they did,and how they did it–they truly turned out to be one of the greatest of all time,despite so many things you would think would’ve prevented it…
      i guess it just goes to show,there’s no avoiding ‘fate’-
      what does everyone else think?
      i can apppreciate an argument against the idea of ‘fate’-in fact i’m not totally convinced,either way,is it real,is it not—who knows…

  6. Hello everyone.
    This is my 59th favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
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    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. hey,excellent! it sounds rather like olivia newton-suzuki!
      thanks-this dark morning got a little brighter,for a few short minutes!

  7. Since yesterday evening I feel happy and alive again, I can laugh about myself again and I feel really good.
    When I woke up I saw again the great black bird, he is huge – it’s the invisible light (no darkness at all).
    I saw myself with my husband on an escalator, which was decorated with flower bows to go on 7th Heaven.

    ❤*¨*•.¸ ¸ .• ♥✿♡✿♥•. ¸ ¸.•*¨*❤

    Seit gestern Abend fühle Ich mich wieder glücklich und lebendig, Ich kann wieder über mich lachen und fühle mich so richtig wohl.
    Beim Aufwachen sah Ich wieder den großen, schwarzen Vogel, er ist riesig – er ist das unsichtbare Licht (keine Finsternis!).
    Ich sah mich mit meinem Mann auf einer Rolltreppe, die mit Blumenbögen geschmückt war, in den 7. Himmel fahren.

    Heart greetings ❤

    1. Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in Orlando, FL on Saturday, February 15th, 1997 #194

      ☀ ☽ ✩

      „A dream is a manifestation. Just like what you live is a manifestation, but a dream is quicker and easier to achieve, and not so troublesome if there’s something you don’t want.“

      ☀ ☽ ✩

      „Ein Traum ist eine Manifestation. Genauso wie das, was Du lebst, eine Manifestation ist. Aber ein Traum ist schneller und einfacher zu erzielen und es nicht so ärgerlich, wenn es da etwas gibt, was Ihr nicht mögt.“

      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. My cognition of the day:

        „Bliss is the being state of love.”
        It is my natural state of being.

        No one can be blissful and thereby do sinister –
        it would not be in its mind.

        ❤*¨*•.¸ ¸ .• ♥✿♡✿♥•. ¸ ¸.•*¨*❤

        Meine Erkenntnis des Tages:

        „Glückseligkeit ist der Seinszustand der Liebe.“
        Es ist mein natürlicher Seinszustand.

        Niemand kann glückselig sein und dabei Finsteres tun –
        es käme ihm gar nicht in den Sinn.

        Heart greetings ❤
        I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    2. „LET’S SHAKE ON IT!“
      Just now I went along the street and and thought that I live forever in the state of bliss with Ron, Soul BixRon, there drove a car slowly round me on the parking bay. On the side was a hand, beside this hand was written „LET’S SHAKE ON IT!“.

      In recent times I had always seen a hand next to me, I always thought it was a greeting like „HELLO”. That it could be a promise I realized only today.

      ❤*¨*•.¸ ¸ .• ♥✿♡✿♥•. ¸ ¸.•*¨*❤

      „HAND DRAUF“
      Vorhin ging Ich die Straße entlang und dachte daran dass Ich für immer den Seinszustand der Glückseligkeit mit Ron lebe, Seele BixRon, da fuhr ein Auto langsam um mich herum auf den Parkplatz. Auf der Seite war eine Hand, daneben stand geschrieben „HAND DRAUF“.

      In letzter Zeit hatte Ich immer wieder eine Hand neben mir gesehen, Ich dachte immer das sei ein Gruß wie „HALLO“. Dass es ein Versprechen sein könnte wurde mir erst heute klar.

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  8. Holy Smokes! Whatever is coming in from the cosmos now is about knocking my socks off. NOAA SWPC mentions a glancing CME. I get that and more form our galactic center. The noise in the higher dimensions for me is very very loud. Anyone else feel it or hers it or whatever?

    1. Yes Forest Joy, oh yes.

      Whatever it is, I feel it. In my dreams, in my waking awareness, in my sense of time and space, I feel it. Still wouldn’t say I am familiar with it, but that will come, when it is ready.



    2. Hey joyful one. Looking at your time signature I was hit by the same energy which was wicked crazy. The energy was almost like I used to feel years ago when I would have a panic attack. I even felt my pulse but it was not elevated and so simply relaxed into my heart center. I told my beloved that the energy of the Super Moon was strong but this was something else, probably a solar flare or CME and sure enough you confirmed that. Feeling a bit better after communing with mother nature and some sacred herbs. Big hugs–oh yes, the higher dimensional sounds have moved from just my right ear and its morse code like nature to being above both my ears now and a very high and consistent tone….cool beans. Flow my sister! Alex

    3. I had that in June before I was going to Crete on my ‘mission’ / holiday Forest Joy… blew me away for about a week or so but has settled now. Philip ❤

    4. Yep, Forest Joy, my 12-year-old daughter and I both felt something huge coming in at around the same time you were posting. Felt like it was frying my nervous system while at the same time I felt waves of joy and anticipation. We both had a wild night of dreams. I still feel jittery but even bigger joy-love waves. It was fun to find your message and the responses. Love you all!

    5. Yes, yes, yes. I was awake at the time you posted this. I was awake from 3-5am this morning with what sounded like an orchestra of high pitched sound in my ears. Been hearing that for the last couple of days. I’ve also been awake around 3am the last couple of days.
      During the day I’ve been feeling kind of detached from my body, especially yesterday when I walked around outside in observing mode.

      Love, JJ

    6. Dear all,

      I have posted only a couple of times here but enjoed a lot of following your discussions here. My sincere thanks to everyone contributing in this pond, so much appreciated!

      Maybe this is a bit off topic, but maybe it is related to these incoming energies?

      I would like to ask your opinion what is going on with my meditations. For a last a couple of days they have been even more very intensive. Right after I connect to my higher self (or source) and heart of earth, palms of my my feet and hands get really hot. I also feel this energy, golden light energy, when it descends into my body. I have had this meditation method for some time but I have never felt it physically. It is intensive! And also so the energy I get from earth. Now, when I write this my feet are tingling :-D. Well, and I also have these feelings in my head like something is crawling, or rewiring, weel a lot thing going for past few months.

      I have only got into this stage few times, but now it is constant. I see this whirling vortex wth sparkling “particles” around it and it changes colors from violet to bright green, golden and so on. It feels good. When the scene or colors are changing, I sometimes feel really intensive energy going through my body, I kind of get “into this vortex” in the same time. Or it becomes me?

      That heavy vibration/feeling flash through my body is familiar to me, it started half an year ago when I started to ask while meditating releasing/transmuting energy blocks, beliefs and limitations.

      My intuition says that “bigger me,” is entering and getting more space in my body. Now it is somehow more expansive. it is difficult to explain, but I feel like there is a lot more space inside me now.

      I feel so much compassion for many of you, since I really believe that there is a lot of folks here that have done enourmous “grounding” work for higher energies in earth for past years, and I thank you for that. I might be a bit “newcomer” so I applogize for my questions.

      But I really like to understand what is going on (with me/universe). I feel it is good. But my life has sucked for last year and I have pretty much lost my interest for everything that used to be important, LOL (career etc.).

      But love and compassion for everything that this precious mother earth is carrying, people included, has exploded ❤ ❤ ❤

      Much love to everyone, I appreciate your answers!
      Tina, Finland

      1. LOL, there are lot of spelling mistakes in my post. Not my native language… I apologize.

      2. Hi Tina!

        Thanks for your post! Unfortunately I can not give any explanation as to what you describe – because I myself do not experience as much (or do not always understand that / what I am experiencing;) – but I am also extremely grateful for the great work that many have done here – with Aisha in the forefront, and certainly agree with what you say “But love and compassion for everything that this precious mother earth is carrying, people included, has exploded ❤ ❤ <3" That's for sure!!! 🙂

        Much love, light & joy ❤


      3. i don’t know that i can answer your question.
        i feel energy waves coming up out of the earth.
        connect to soil
        feel the energy
        let it go with the flow
        TAG! you’re it

    7. Thank you all for these great confirmations. It always good to find I’m not totally bonkers. These cosmic waves are showing up in a type of muscle testing on my patients today in specific meridians of Qi: Kidney, lateral branch of Urinary Bladder and the Ren (Conception) meridian. While the first two have been a standard for picking up cosmic and earth waves, the Ren is involved for the first time in 6 years. The entry point appears to be Ren 1, the first point on the Ren (Conception) channel. This is significant. However, I am not exactly sure of the how and the why yet. However, it is the first point on the Cosmic Orbit.

      These waves appear to be activating the new lecithin in specific endocrine organs. I am thinking of a video posted in a earlier missive by Bev, I believe, on H3O and changing polarity. The video is rather vague in my mind right now, but I remember wondering when viewing it if that process could be involved with the change and activation of our new lecithin. I do get that this activation is a part of the our new light body. But if I ask if this concerns “my” light body, the answer is “No.” If the question is if it concerns “our” or “God’s” light body, the answer is “Yes.”

      On the higher dimensional tones, I hear many different ones and can hear many at one time. Some are from inside the planet. Some are energy lines on the surface of slightly above such as ley lines or Schuman’s Resonance. Some are from various cosmic sources. Some can be a mixture of both in our higher atmosphere. Some are various spiritual beings and entities that are residual or have returned. Each has its own resonance. These all can vary in intensity. Sometimes there is an amazing symphony. It is fun to figure out who, where, and why? It can be done with practice.

      I have felt many different types and intensity of waves thru out this process, but this was little different. Thank you all for sharing. It’s wonderful to know we have so many perceptive ones who gather around this watering hole known as the Pond.

      1. Yes….!!!!
        (posted this before too)

        “Just like the planetary body, we also have a personal Recorder Cell that receives and encodes communication from spirit and hooks us up to multidimensional mind. As we raise our vibration, our Soul’s records begin downloading into us on a regular basis, especially when a certain piece of knowledge or skill is needed.
        The Recorder Cell is a crystalline interface that generally sits on either side of the head, just above the ears. It is usually on one side or the other and sometimes both. It is linked to other areas of the brain, especially the pineal gland.
        It is through this receiving faculty that we take in and decode higher dimensional frequencies in the form of light language. Often, downloads come in the form of geometries and tones. They are usually encoded within our energetic framework until the appropriate time when the information is to be translated and used.
        When the Recorder Cell is in beginning stages of activation, you will often suddenly just know things or spontaneously express great wisdom, and then later, wonder where it all came from ”


        Actually the 4 postings below this one ~ hold great information too !!!
        Crystallize Your Avatar Hologram
        Prepare for Atomic Mutation
        Shifting into Immortal Morphic Resonance
        Morphogenetic Field Implosion

        LOve to You Joy & Everyone !……Bev~

  9. Hey Aisha! So much has certainly been realized these last few days. I trust you are receiving as well. Our new light bodies have arrived. Picked mine up the other day. Fits great! I AM applauding my efforts here. Thank you and the CC’s for the shout out! Donna

  10. I think we all have a little snake or dragon in us all. The older I get the more I lose my scales faster than they will regrow. Many don’t know human skin is small over laying scales that lose scales and rebuild them twenty four hours a day. Mine seem to work with the cycles of the moon. Full moon always makes me lose more skin cells. New moon starts rebuilding skins cells faster and the losing of skin cells slows down for about three weeks.

    1. THIS is the dragon that’s in me:

      (and due to terrible energy rashes for the past year, I’m losing my skin scales 4 – 5 times a day. Skin cell creation is hourly.)


      1. i love this
        all the more reason that folks should pull their heads from out of the fertilizer dispenser
        the list of anomalies goes on all day
        seek and find

  11. “The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  12. I think the sun may be going through its polar shift and may be a little unpredictable in its flare ups. Over all it will be getting a little cooler over the next few years with its burst of flare ups from time to time. Will our little minds ever be able to control such a thing. Only as a whole will this happen in the near future. There are no full fledge gods around that I know of that wish to have form to have such control that has been willing to show themselves in public. May a few be hiding in the shadows and playing with sparks and just waiting for the right time to be known. Maybe maybe not. Just have to wait and see who pops up and deems to be a god for the salvation of mother earth and the different forms of life she tries to maintain while being beat to stop. Will the human race ever stand up with enough people to stop the madness running through mother earth. Only time will tell or is there really no such thing as time as some say. There is only the now as others may say. What ever make the best of what ever you want to call life. Everything changes. I see a lot of changes coming fast. Just remember you can only work with what you have. And remember chicken salad isn’t made with chicken shit. The chicken came first or was it the egg. Ask Otmn he might know. I’m just bored and writing about crap.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. chicken or the egg?
      the creationists would say that god did some hocus pocus, abra cadabra, and presto there were chickens.
      evolutionists would say it was just a series of accidental mutations, and when that seems weird, they add a few million years to the equation and ignore what doesn’t fit.
      I think evolution is a technique of creation. The world created in seven days and done; posh, that’s ridiculous!
      creators create things, they never stop creating.
      So i think there was a mutation, but not random and accidental, but under the control and guidance of the creator.

    2. Thanks ‘Ray’ for this from yet, another wonderful wise ‘1’ ! & interesting that you’ve asked about the Sun, as I was going to ask as well….the Sun certainly does feel & looks different lately, especially in the morning, & especially today’s morning at rising….HS has been telling me ‘look to the left, then look to the right’….didn’t really know exactly what was meant by this, but I sense it is regarding the Sun. I haven’t picked up on the rainbow colors yet, but I have been noticing shadowing from my house is changing & this I notice in relationship to my gardens. The shade garden on the north side normally only has early morning Sun & now it has Sun longer into the day…seems the point at which the Sun rises & the arc of travel over the sky is different for this time of the year, plus there appears to be a softer & wider radiating glow which you can See more of in the early morning……I have no other concrete information ‘yet’…but I do know Nature is changing, & I am Seeing it !….sure something will transpire in answers soon….thought I’d share with you what I know now…..& you spoke a little while ago about sharing of the mind & possible imprinting of thoughts with your wife (or something like that)….& just wanted to tell you, that it’s quite common, with many people to be able to do this, that spend extended amounts of time together….like reading one’s mind, especially this ability is there for the one’s that are intuitively sensitive. It has a lot to do with our auric field, & the stronger it is, the greater the thought impression or transference or recieving is made. For instance, I can read my hubby’s thoughts often & the standing joke is ‘I know you better than you know yourself’ !…..but the other day we were in the car driving, & my HS decides to start telling me something about Australia…this went on for a few moments, & then out of the blue hubby starts singing the Kookaburra song ! (He has family there, & spend time in Australia when he was a young boy) There is great power within the auric field grid of Life, that we are All connected to, the same means in which channelers (like Aisha) receive their messages, & I’m sure you know this already !…..Gotta go….Love to You & hope you are enjoying your summer so far with your Loved ones & your projects !….Love, Bev~

      1. oh you guys,
        the sun is not doing anything different than it has ever done
        the earth wobble is becoming more extreme
        hold on tight we have just barely started.
        the wobble will only increase until everyone and all will see it
        no way to deny it
        that””s what is about to happen
        folks are waiting for a sign
        look up
        it is staring back at you

    1. Thank you Tomo, that fits wonderfully to today’s quote from Abraham:

      Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in San Antonio, TX on Saturday, January 29th, 2005 #193

      ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

      „When you talk about what you want and why you want it, there’s usually less resistance within you than when you talk about what you want and how you’re going to get it. When you pose questions you don’t have answers for, like how, where, when, who, it sets up a contradictory vibration that slows everything down.“

      At night and on waking I heard words:
      "It's no longer about the whole thing, it's about you"
      "It has been changed"

      ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

      Herzlichen Dank Tomo, das passt wundervoll zu dem heutigen Zitat von Abraham:

      „Wenn Ihr darüber sprecht, was Ihr wollt und warum Ihr es wollt, dann ist normalerweise weniger Widerstand in Euch als wenn Ihr darüber sprecht, was Ihr wollt und wie Ihr es bekommt.
      Wenn Ihr eine Frage stellt, auf die Ihr keine Antwort habt – wie das wie, wo, wann und wer – so bringt Euch das in eine widersprüchliche Schwingung, die alles verlangsamt.“

      In der Nacht und beim Aufwachen hörte Ich Worte:
      „Es geht nicht mehr um das Ganze, es geht um Dich“
      „Es hat sich verändert“

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    2. The last few days were strange for me. I felt like I was in an empty space, not knowing where I should go now.
      I was a little angry and a bit frustrated, old stuff which still came up.
      Thanks to Abraham I remember again: “Never ask questions – make joyful decisions.”
      Yes, I want to do this.

      The moon I could see well from my bed, through a hole in the clouds, these clouds had inside a rainbow-colored boundary.

      This morning I saw again the black heart, it looked and moved like two wings.

      ❤*¨*•.¸ ¸ .• ♥✿♡✿♥•. ¸ ¸.•*¨*❤

      Die letzten Tage waren seltsam für mich. Ich fühlte mich wie in einem leeren Raum, nicht wissend wohin Ich nun gehen soll.
      Ich war ein wenig wütend und ein bisschen frustriert, altes Zeug das noch hoch kam.
      Dank Abraham erinnere Ich mich wieder: „Stelle niemals Fragen – triff freudvolle Entscheidungen“.
      Ja, das will Ich tun.

      Den Mond konnte Ich von meinem Bett aus durch ein Loch in den Wolken gut sehen, diese Wolken hatten innen einen regenbogenfarbenen Rand.

      Heute Morgen sah Ich wieder das schwarze Herz, es sah aus und bewegte sich wie zwei Flügel.

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    3. Thank you Tomo… I found this very encouraging! Some days I have wavered in trusting I will connect with income when the time is right and a place to live. “If I can be happy in anticipation of what is coming…” that’s when I rendezvous with what I desire to receive. I am listening to this for the second time as I type. 🙂 “Getting in the vortex is what the art of allowing is…” Love, Nancee

      1. What type of play are you looking for Nancee- for income? I can add it to my visualization for you 🙂 if you have a visual for yourself and shared it already I’m sorry I missed it and would love to hear it again.
        Much love ,

        1. Thanks Veronica. I like your choice of words… playful interaction with either humans, plants or animals (or all 3) would be fantastic. It’s funny though. Just minutes before reading your comment I released all expectations about what type of income source I wanted to HS and my ancestors (who I’ve asked to help locate a home base for me). I have no visual (which is not unusual for me). After listening to the Hilarion video posted above I was joyfully stirred. Maybe you can visualize a joyous me 🙂 Then I can come into a vibration level equal to the income source my heart is watching for… which will free me to rent a new home space. Meanwhile I’m off tonight to the raspberry patch/farm until Friday. It seems people would rather ‘we’ picked and they payed more than me running a U pick. Love to you and anyone else holding space with me. ~Nancee

          1. dear Nancee, Veronica, Ray, Bixie, flying Black hearts, joyful visualization, yummy raspberry, chicken & egg ! , all fun stuffs thank you, it is morning time here, I am with magic wand ready to have fun! & filling gaps with magic wand❤︎ ( if I post twice…sorry) have a wonderful now brothers and sisters, always thankful to you all really!, tomo

    4. And don’t forget that once you are a “vibrational match” and in the “vortex”, thanks to “Law of Attraction” all of your “cooperative components” come together easily in “vibrational alignment”….so that you can continue to “fill in your Grid”.

      Oh there’s more, of course there’s more I know it…I just can’t remember them all right now….

    5. ….ah yes, here’s more….thanks to your “emotional Grid” you are constantly launching “rockets of desire” into your “vortex” of creation as you “sift through contrast” — always increasing your “in-the-vortex” “vibrational escrow”….

      Somebody please stop me.

        1. Yes creative freedom rocks….oh crap!!
          How could I have forgotten the “High Flying Disc”????

          And OMG, what about “tuned in, tapped in, turned on”?

          (aarrrrrgh…banging head on desk)

  13. The sun rises northeast of my home through my north facing windows. The moon is southwest of the south side of my home. Its about 35 degrees from going down in the west. The colors are dimmer on the south side of my home in the mornings. My home faces perfectly south and north. I set it up this way to watch the sun in the mornings and where it rises in the mornings.

  14. Something strange is going on with the sun. I look at the rainbow colors everyday shining through my windows. In the past they have always shown the colors from right to left or east to west. Today for the first time I see them from shining up and down or north to south. I have never seen this before. Just wondering if anyone else can see this. The super moon is still up maybe this might have something to do with this.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. i disagree
      in the beginning the earth was seriously damaged, the result of a collision with another planet
      we are just the lucky piece that broke off and took a lot of water.
      we have been trying to fix it for , i dunno, something like 4 billion years,
      oh well,
      whatever it takes
      we will fix it
      aw, shucks
      we are almost done
      i think the film is smalch, hmm, that might not translate, “sophistry”
      is probably the proper word,

  15. from Denise Le Fay
    “As I’ve said before, any time Team Dark—human and nonhuman—amps up their negative, distracting, derailing, fear-mongering, focus over here people and not over there efforts on global humanity, it’s always an indicator that some very positive, very high NEW Divine Ascension related energies are about to arrive on Earth for humanity. That’s why Team Dark becomes so obviously active in the physical world again; they desperately need to ‘Smash & Grab’ as many human minds (human mental focus, thoughts etc.) and human hearts (lower frequency emotions such as fear, hatred, religious zealotry, warring, killing, death/dying, getting even etc.) as they can to literally perpetuate and fuel their negative agendas on Earth. Why? Because Team Dark cannot sustain any of them without human minds and human emotions constantly focused on and literally fueling them. Due to the Ascension Process however, Team Dark continues losing more and more humans every day to the current Ascension waking up process, meaning they’ve been greatly amplifying their efforts over the past years to not let humanity escape them and/or utilize these potent Evolutionary Ascension Energies.”
    more at http://highheartlife.wordpress.com/

    1. INTERESTING THINGS TO NOTE at this time:

      1. Although Denise Le Fay has been in bed with Cosmic Awareness for quite some time…..she is very deliberately NOT mentioning, not focusing at all on CAC’s mid-July forecasts for possible catastrophic Earth Changes, along with realized parallel timelines containing Nibiru.

      Instead she is limiting her discussion of catastrophe to her very favourite focus of all — “Team Dark”.
      As do 2 other Susans that I personally know, as well as Georgi Stankov.


      2. Denise Le Fay is right now spiritually “growing up”, and after decades of playing with her beloved Team Dark, is now ready to finally let all that go by making like an Ascended Master, and IGNORING Team Dark:

      Denise Quote:

      “Do not get suckered into this old Team Dark tactic this summer. Sure there are parts of the world going mad (again) at the moment but that doesn’t mean you need to help it by mentally and/or emotionally focusing on any of it. Quite the contrary.
      What’s required of the awake and aware folk is ignoring it all and intentionally and consciously creating/visualizing/intending over the top of all that insanity.”

      3. Vancouver, British Columbia hot spot:

      Now Georgi Stankov is also sitting right on top of me, as well as his Carla Thompson — as they both work the coastal White Rock area portal — supposedly a major “Mu” portal that was in use during the time of Lemuria.

      Georgi is the one initiating the Invocation-for-Ascension call right now for Light Workers to integrate the Gold-Violet flame of St. Germain:





      4. Cosmic Awareness, being one of the first to reveal what was in store for mid-July:


      “There is also a reason why this Awareness is recommending this at this time. It is seen that the month of July will bring certain events into full action, events of a political/economic nature, events of a natural nature/ physical nature.
      And that as these events truly occur to propel humanity into a state of extreme crisis for many– not to sense and feel the connection with Mother Earth, not to know of the intimacy that truly exists between the
      Divine Mother and all of her creatures will create a much more difficult transition through what may well be a crisis period for many.”

      Click to access 20140604P.pdf


      5. GaiaPortal is telling us that finally…..”The Snowball is ready to roll.”


      1. Hi Kiera !….
        try not to get yourself stuck on #3…there is an agenda, but not necessarily all coordinated thru them as they like to say (I have to get caught up in the readings of the last few months) I honor & respect them both but as it was from the beginning, they get so entangled with esoteric energies, that they do See the Life of Creation that exists around them…& there is so much more to this than Team Light & Team Dark.
        #4 Cosmic Awareness is quite accurate. I’ve had these visions before & I’ve pondered many times ‘how are so many sleepers going to awaken & will they want or even accept the truth ?….HS always says ‘they will awaken themselves’ (just like a timer that’s preset) & as CA states to those that do not accept alignment… “will create a much more difficult transition through what may well be a crisis period for many.”
        #5…always ‘Love’ Gaiaportal !…I think my hailstorm video I posted is appropriate.
        I think it was Denise that posted a link to torsion energy earlier, & do hope you had a chance to look…a lot of great information in that one !

        sending wishes for your further expansion Dearest Light Sister & always know that whenever you feel stuck, know it is you that stuck you, & know it is only you that can unstuck you….sure you will understand….sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.

        Some of the greatest laws of Creation are the most simplest ones….Great Knowledge & Wisdom that many have sought after, fought after & sacrificed for, forever surrounds you All at All times & is no secret, this Knowledge readily reveals itself to those with Allowing Eyes & Loving, Trusting, Patient Hearts to See & Feel the fullness of this Truth be made known & this revealing of Truth, self will know this as Truth.
        Love to You Kiera !….Bev~

        1. Wait, what was #3?

          Oh yeah, Georgi and Carla…..I’m STILL wondering what is going on there, as they are being assessed very cryptically by others.
          People are afraid to provide details about them. I’m not.

          I’ve heard from a couple sources that they were being played with by Team Dark (so very highly plausible) — but people are afraid to open up and say more.

          They are entertaining and funny as hell to watch in action…..I did carefully put in my 2 cents worth with Georgi over the years, to hopefully assist in evolving further past the Ego, but he was not ready to integrate what I sent (incredibly subtle as it needed to be), and he ended up with pride displaying ME as an Ascended Master as well as himself.

          I would not use the word “stuck”…..to me Georgi & Carla are a delightful mystery to solve.
          I point my attention everywhere I can. My focus is wide.

          “Stuck” is not what we are….we are deliberately LIMITED in this restrictive Earth experiment. We are The Masters of LIMITATION. We did this to ourselves.


          Glad to hear it about Cosmic Awareness, because it always feels to me as if they are spot on. Even when they are being trashed & bashed due to changed Energies and Outcomes.
          The accuracy has been remarkable to observe, but to do this one must also be aware of all other probable realities that could come into play when observing their predictions.


          Most “sleepers” didn’t even come here at this time, TO wake up. They came for the unconscious ride.
          There are simply too many immature & young souls on the planet to expect any significant awakenings.

          Because of this, like you say I’ve also pondered the fact that these souls will require chaos & catastrophe, in order to be removed from the ascending Earth timeline(s).


          And yes, I DID catch Denise’s amazing Torsion Energy link, thank you so much, & thank you dearest Denise — I was making love to it late last night…..

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